S27 Ep1: The Monster of Florence

S27 Ep1: The Monster of Florence

By Shane L. Waters, Wendy Cee, Gemma Hoskins

In the first episode of "Foul Play: Crime Series" titled "The Monster of Florence," we unmask the horrors lurking in the idyllic Tuscan hills. The story begins on a gruesome note with the discovery of Antonio Lo Bianco and Barbara Locci, marking the onset of a series of brutal slayings between 1968 and 1985. This episode probes into the killer's calculated strikes on unsuspecting couples in secluded spots, culminating in chilling surgical mutilations that perplexed investigators and instilled terror in the heart of Florence.

As we trace the sequence of these cold-blooded crimes, the episode reveals the Monster's twisted modus operandi, the palpable fear that swept through Tuscany, and the intense media frenzy that followed. With each account, we attempt to penetrate the psyche of the enigmatic killer and his possible motivations, ranging from sadistic pleasure to cult involvement or a vendetta against romance.

The episode also explores the futile attempts to capture the elusive killer, whose crimes spanned nearly two decades, ceasing as abruptly as they began with no definitive conclusion. Listeners will be left with haunting questions about the nature of evil and the persistence of unsolved mysteries that still overshadow the beautiful Tuscan landscape. Join us as we dive deep into the dark history of The Monster of Florence, in a tale of murder, mystery, and the relentless quest for answers.

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