S2 Ep87: Sister Cathy, Bankruptcy and Betrayal - How Bankruptcy Shields Predators

S2 Ep87: Sister Cathy, Bankruptcy and Betrayal - How Bankruptcy Shields Predators

By Shane L. Waters, Wendy Cee, Gemma Hoskins

Who Stands to Gain? The Complex Web of Archdiocesan Bankruptcies and Sister Cathy’s Unsolved Murder. After funneling an extensive amount of resources into fighting against survivors in Maryland to preserve the statute of limitations, the Archdiocese of Baltimore has now opened a new legal front—filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Astoundingly, the archdiocese seems willing to spend millions more in legal and court fees to essentially carve out their own type of statute of limitations, a privilege that bankruptcy can afford them. This unsettling move is not unique to Baltimore; it's part of a wider pattern with 30 other archdioceses across the United States following suit.

As this unfolds, Shane Waters and Gemma Hoskins reunite in Episode 87 of Foul Play: Crime Series to continue their dedicated investigation into who killed Sister Cathy. Kicking off Season 2 back in September 2018, we've now arrived at a critical juncture that compels us to ask: Who had the most to gain from Sister Cathy's tragic death? In this episode, listeners will be guided through the labyrinthine world of bankruptcy filings, legal strategies, and the disturbing lengths to which these religious institutions are willing to go to avoid accountability.

The timing of these bankruptcy filings is not coincidental; it has the potential to thwart ongoing investigations and silence survivors indefinitely. Shane and Gemma dig deep into the financial intricacies and legal loopholes that these archdioceses are exploiting. Alongside this, they also scrutinize the possible connections between Sister Cathy's unsolved murder and the powerful entities now using bankruptcy as a shield.

As financial power plays become a focal point, this episode doesn't just scratch the surface; it delves deep into the complex machinations that could be hiding the truth behind Sister Cathy's murder. Don’t miss this compelling episode that seeks to unravel the complex tapestry of legal and moral questions surrounding one of the most puzzling cold cases in Maryland. Your engagement and thirst for the truth are what make this work possible. Subscribe, share, and stay vigilant as we continue to seek answers and justice. Thank you for being a part of this journey.

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