S33 Bonus #1: The Zodiac: Melvin Belli - "Please Help Me"

S33 Bonus #1: The Zodiac: Melvin Belli - "Please Help Me"

By Shane L. Waters, Wendy Cee, Gemma Hoskins

In this bonus episode we dive into a haunting chapter of the Zodiac killer saga when the notorious serial killer directly reaches out for help through a dramatic interaction with famed attorney Melvin Belli. On October 22, 1969, in an audacious move, the Zodiac demanded Belli appear on a popular morning TV show, igniting a series of events filled with hope and deception. The episode unravels this bizarre engagement through the lens of Belli and the call-in show, capturing the tense exchanges and the desperate pleas of a caller identifying himself as 'Sam,' claiming to suffer from unbearable headaches since committing his crimes.

The narrative takes a darker turn as it explores the aftermath of the televised plea, detailing a planned but failed meeting between Belli and the Zodiac in Daly City, and the investigative twists that followed. This episode sheds light on the complexities of tracing the Zodiac's calls, the skepticism around the authenticity of 'Sam,' and the chilling realization that the Zodiac’s communication might just be another manipulative game in his terrifying spree. In December 1969, a letter arrives at Belli's office, accompanied by a piece of blood-stained clothing from victim Paul Stine, reinforcing the grim reality of the Zodiac's deadly actions and his cryptic interactions with the public figures he drew into his orbit.

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