S33 Ep7: The Zodiac: Letters & 340 Cipher

S33 Ep7: The Zodiac: Letters & 340 Cipher

By Shane L. Waters, Wendy Cee, Gemma Hoskins

In this episode we delve into the cryptic and chilling world of the Zodiac Killer's communications through his letters and the infamous 340 Cipher. This episode unveils the terror that began with a series of menacing letters starting in November 1969, where the Zodiac threatened the lives of school children and baffled authorities with his complex ciphers. We explore how these letters not only continued to instill fear across California but also taunted the police with clues that seemed almost within reach yet remained unsolvable for decades.

Further intensifying the narrative, the episode covers the evolution of Zodiac's threats from targeted public taunts to more sinister and broad threats, including a detailed plan to create a "death machine" aimed at a school bus. The capture of this period of terror is complemented by insights from law enforcement officials, cryptologists who later cracked the 340 Cipher, and chilling audio clips from the era. As we dissect the psychological warfare waged by the Zodiac through his communications, listeners are drawn into the complex puzzle that has captivated and horrified the public and investigators for over fifty years.

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