Ep 140 - Skins vs. Britannia High

Ep 140 - Skins vs. Britannia High

By Kevin Twomey and PJ Kirby

Kevin chose violence by deciding to start his week off by watching clips on YouTube from the latest instalment of Britain’s Got Talent and of course he sobbed but he also can’t cope with the fact that a song from The Greatest Showman features every 4 minutes. And of course BGT can’t be discussed without mentioning PJ’s brief stint on the show as a dancing cat. Then prompted by the show Baby reindeer the lads discuss stalking; from their own innocent obsessions with the likes of Maxxie from Skins and professional dancer Anthony Kaye to crazy barbz who have started doxing anyone who comes for Nicki.

The Sexual Violence Centre Cork are currently offering their services to victims of stalking in Ireland: visit sexualviolence.ie.

Freephone: 1800 496 496 

Text/Whatsapp: 087 1533 393

Email: info@sexualviolence.ie

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