Would You Eat a Monkey? Osbourne's Wildest Meals

Would You Eat a Monkey? Osbourne's Wildest Meals

By Osbourne Digital Media

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Get ready to spice up your life with The Osbournes - Food Fiascos! We've heard your hungry cries for more Osbourne kitchen chaos and are delivering just that, with a dash of Liquid Death to quench your thirst. Dive into the culinary world of Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly, and Jack as they share what an Osbourne family meal is really like, from their sit-down dinners to their snack-time secrets. Who's the gourmet guru of the family? What's the biggest cooking disaster they've faced? And just how does a rockstar family handle food while on tour or raising kids? Plus, don't miss their take on the best and worst dishes ever created in the Osbourne household.


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