Food 4 Thot x Junk: Podcast Vers

Food 4 Thot x Junk: Podcast Vers

By Food 4 Thot

Hello my little Skittles, have I got some vittles for you: This week’s Junk is a special crossover ep with those gay sluts who love to read, Food 4 Thot! That’s right, we’ve got Fran Tirado, Joseph Osmundson, and Dennis Norris II—nobody’s junior—showing us that Junk can pluck us from the brink of sibling estrangement, Junk can remind us to try with the corny optimism of youth, and Junk can reinforce a meaningful link we have to those we’ve lost, sometimes in ways we didn’t know when they were here. Fran Tirado is a writer, editor, queer community maker, and glitter evangelist. Joseph Osmundson is a scientist, non-fiction writer, total crop Top, and the softest bowl of soft-serve you’ll ever meet. Dennis Norris II—nobody’s junior—is a writer, reader, former figure skater, lapsed violist, and all-star around the way girl. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll eat some gummy peaches, and to finish you off I’ll read a particularly Funyun-flavored excerpt from Junk the epic poem. Brought to you by Tin House Books.

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Fran Tirado, @fransquishco
Joseph Osmundson, @reluctantlyjoe
Dennis Norris II, @theearldenden
Tommy Pico, host @heyteebs
Alexandra DiPalma, producer @LSDiPalma
Kenya Anderson, production assistant @kenya_digg_it

Fran Tirado’s junk is a handmade card from his sister, giving you ransom note from the front and murder scene from the back

Joeseph Osmundson’s junk is his fully-mounted and priced high school photography and the MoMA is QUAKING rn

Dennis Norris II—nobody’s junior—has a framed photo “in this gorgeous silver frame” from their final routine on the ice, but far from their final time at the kiss & cry

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