Smell U L8r!

Smell U L8r!

By Food 4 Thot

On this, the Food 4 Thot season 2 finale, your favorite Tater Thots come full circle by considering the cycles that govern us all. Whether it’s night and day or life and death, we recognize that beginnings and endings are always present. We pay homage to the place where they intersect and examine our greatest moments of change; for where there is an ending (hopefully a happy ending!), any Thot worth their lube will always find room for possibility—a beginning of sorts. So we ask: can we be lost, and yet found? How do we launch ourselves, as queer brown folk, into the lives that are meant for us? And are we forever stuck in a cycle of surviving beginnings and chasing our desired endings?

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Release date: 27 May 2018

Heart UK