Thot Like a Master (feat. Alexander Chee!)

Thot Like a Master (feat. Alexander Chee!)

By Food 4 Thot


Boi, do we have a treat for you: this week, honorary podfather Alexander Chee is on Food 4 Thot. We talk about his new book and the art of how to tell your own story — whether it’s on Instagram, in your writing, or with your girlfriends over brunch. Who owns stories, and how do you navigate telling them? Is telling your own story cathartic? Does therapy make you a better storyteller? The master Chee tells all.

In this episode, we also play a ho-ed up version of Never Have I ever. And! In a very special advice segment, Mr. Chee answers questions from the Thots. What’s the biggest thing he learned about writing a novel? Does being a writer make dating easier or harder? (Spoiler: so, so much harder.)

Get the whole shebang and tune in!


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April 22 2018

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