Call Me By Yr Obscure Gay Memes

Call Me By Yr Obscure Gay Memes

By Food 4 Thot

This week, we brought back our Official Thot Book Club with this season’s selection: André Aciman’s Call Me By Your Name. As is the case with most queers (for both the book and the movie) our opinions were divided. Was the conceit of this movie too white and wealthy? Was the sex a little lackluster? Should queer narratives be required to have sex in them? Did you feel yourself seen in Elio or Oliver (or neither)? What are the technical logistics and realistic constraints of fucking a peach?

This week, we conceive a game called Gay 4 Play, where the Thots have to guess which actors have played homosexually on the big screen. Also, Joe O the Science Ho brings a whole lotta knowledge to this episode with a segment describing why you (yes, you!) should go out and get herpes as soon as possible!

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Release date:
Feb 25 2018

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