Zaddy Lessons

Zaddy Lessons

By Food 4 Thot

It’s a beautiful day in the slay-borhood, and just before we go on a very short break, we’ve got a fat little episode to hold over you adoring thots. This week, we talk about mentors, father-figures, daddies, and zaddies. How do these archetypes enter our queer lives, and how do we differentiate between them all? Tune in as the thots navigate how they found their mentors, but also how sometimes it doesn’t really work out. (Read: We slept with them.)

Also this week! Take a crash-course on how to differentiate your thotty co-hosts as we decipher which is the “Thot Most Likely” to win different superlatives. (Which is the Thot Most Likely to Go to Prison?) Dennis also shares a spicy story wherein he almost gets arrested for public sex, and then temporarily goes blind. (It's.... a lot to explain.)

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Release date:
Jan 14 2018

Heart UK