#46 - Contrapasso

#46 - Contrapasso

By David Willig,Tana Ford

Dave and Tana discuss episode 5 entitled "Contrapasso". Stumping Dave, it means...listen to find out. We also go drink over the definitions of Dolores, Paraiah, and what the boy with the short pants might be. Guard Dog? Spy? Annoying little Shit? Listen to hear the all powerful Ford (Robert) interact with the man in black (and Dolores) and what that could mean. Cheers to the Woman in the White Shoes!


This Drink Looks like Nothing:


Heaven, Hell, and Earth Bourbon Tea

-Equal Parts Cinnamon Whiskey and Wild Turkey

-Splash of Unsweentend Iced Tea

-Sprig of Mint

-Bourbon Gummy Bears


Chill,stir and pour over crushed ice (duh). Garnish with the Mint and Bourbon Gummy Bears...Cheers to the woman in the white shoes and enjoy!

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