#41 Dragon and Wolf

#41 Dragon and Wolf

By David Willig,Tana Ford

In honor of the many couplings in this show getting an added (and often uninvited) character, Westeros Wheneverly presents:





Three ingredients, shaken in equal parts over ice:


Fireball Cinnamon Fire Whiskey

Vanilla Vodka from the North

Apple Juice


Garnish with an apple slice over a rim of cinnamon sugar, especially if you like your unions extra sweet. Though, judging by that Brienne banter these Game of Thrones unions were extra salty.


Staying on point, this recipe was happily provided by our special guest and Wetseros Wheneverly Third - Kirsten! She joins us to nibble sharktoots, sip a beverage and talk all things Season 7.


Join us as we discuss such topics as: Joneys performing that savory Roast Chicken position, is AEGON going to be his real name? Did Sam just steamroll Gilly? #menamirite How about that TheonJon scene? Or Cersei’s inability to murder ANY of her brothers.



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