#40 - Beyond the Wall

#40 - Beyond the Wall

By David Willig,Tana Ford

Tana finally comes back from the great beyond (Comic-Cons) to discuss Two episodes with Dave, Eastwatch and Beyond the Wall. After a huge mess with a food processor we Drink Jonnie White Walker Blue Slushies, play a quick game of "Dave reads Tana's Notes", and get jiggy with the episodes. I mean, come on...Northern Winter Olympics Anyone (thats a Gendry Maraetheon, and White Walker Tom Brady Joke)? Oh Yea...we turn 40!!!



White Walker Slushies

2oz Johnny Walker Black

3oz Blue Curacao

1 floater of chilled peppermint schnapps

Grape Gatorade

Crushed Ice blended into slushy perfection


This drink is a smokey peppermint delight.

Perfect for those moments when the White Walkers drag a dead dragon carcass out of the ice lake using huge (I mean massive!) chain they obviously have spent a ton of time building for just such an eventuality.

Next up?  The Season 7 Finale! 

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