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Forked Up

By Bad Manners

Food, politics, comedy, and culture served up every week by Michelle Davis and Matt Holloway, creators of the bestselling Bad Manners cookbook series.


Wreck the Halls

This week Matt and Michelle explore the mythology of mistletoe, dishwasher soup, and why the FDA had to tell consumers to stop eating dirt. Michelle proposes replacing car horns with beans while Matt considers the gnocchi black market.    Forked Up will be taking a break starting Dec 17th 2021 and return mid Jan 2022. 
17/12/211h 6m

Merry Thiccmas

This week Michelle and Matt explore Frosty the Snowman's criminal record, the classism behind caroling, and how cider was popularized by signing to trees. Michelle questions the media's motives surrounding Santa while Matt obsesses over a mysterious moon structure. Recipes mentioned Chickpea Dumpling Soup and Mulled Spiked Cider from Brave New Meal. Stories discussed || WEIRD MOON STRUCTURE || JACK IN THE BOX BUYS DEL TACO || MAPLE SYRUP SHORTAGE || SUPPLY CHAIN THREATENS CHICKEN TENDIES
10/12/2152m 24s

Mile Fry Club

This week Matt and Michelle talk about the worst meal ever served on a flight, why you should never replace potatoes, and candy canes biblical beginnings. Matt volunteers to drink contaminated water while Michelle stops LA traffic for a pup in need.
03/12/2135m 17s

Much Ado About Stuffing

This week in a special holiday episode Matt and Michelle break down the only Thanksgiving dishes that matter and which should be abolished forever. 
26/11/2127m 38s

Okay Doomer

This week Matt and Michelle explore the secret lives of bone eaters, why we owe our lives to mice, and how onion rings are bad for smuggling blow. Michelle explains how mashed potatoes are a product of prison and Matt wants that salad if you're not gonna eat it.    Vegetable Pot Pies and Potato Swiss Chard were mentioned recipes as part of the Beastless Feast holiday menu.    Become a monthly supporter of The Broiler Room and get exclusive content in your inbox every weekend.   Discussed stories linked below: Chicken Patty Recall Cocaine Onion Rings Seized Alzheimer's Vaccine McDonald's Boycott 
19/11/2152m 42s

The Wellerman Come

This week Michelle and Matt explore how the Environmental Protection Agency isn't really protecting the environment, easy ways to ruin marble countertops, and bribing Florida's food scene. Matt's curious about Russian sodas while Michelle explains the intricacies of baleen whales.    Creamy Curried Parsnip Soup recipe is also mentioned in this ep.    Brave New Meal is now available wherever books are sold. 
12/11/2158m 1s

Brave New Meal

This week Michelle and Matt explore growing food in space, the benefits of bats, and their new cookbook Brave New Meal. Matt gets sentimental while Michelle dismantles bird conspiracies.   Discussed recipes are Lemony Red Lentil Soup and Buckwheat Persimmon Pancakes. 
05/11/2157m 10s

Arkham Kitchen

This week Matt and Michelle explore a world without onions, hacking candy corn, and a popular butcher shop gets the axe. Michelle explains the myth behind razor blades in Halloween candy and Matt has beef with a shady costume store.  Recipes discussed this week are Dark and Stormy Coconut Cream Pie  and Skillet Tempeh Pasta.  Become a member of The Broiler Room.  
29/10/2144m 5s

Deep Fried Music

This week Michelle and Matt explore why everyone is quitting their jobs, how lithium laced soda pulled America through the Great Depression, and what beer will taste like during the climate apocalypse.   Michelle discusses men with questionable thigh tattoos while Matt explains how to fight a cold using sheer willpower. The recipes discussed in this ep are Swiss Chard and Tomato Linguine w Balsamic Glazed Chickpeas AND the Naughty Sour Cocktail.    Sign up for The Broiler Room and get the weekly foodsletter in your inbox every weekend. Brave New Meal is available for preorder now.
22/10/2152m 39s

Get Rich or Spy Tryin'

This week Matt and Michelle explore the history of hot soda, cereal strikes, and the ingredients to a nuclear secret sandwich. Michelle spooks up the studio while Matt defends his favorite costume.  All the recipes discussed including the Potato Breakfast Soup and Spicy Sausage and Cheese Kolaches are available at BADMANNERS.COM
15/10/211h 1m

Sweet and Sour Soda

This week Michelle and Matt explore pork producers weaponizing wokeness, selling bodily fluids on the black market, and the ancient history behind your cardamom craving. Matt explains how a Blade Runner scene inspired a recipe photo while Michelle relives multiple family fires. Recipes discussed in this episode Wild Rice Peanut Ginger Pilaf and Red Curry Noodle both available at BADMANNERS.COM.
08/10/211h 1m

Tombstone Treats

This week Matt and Michelle discuss headstone hijinks, food court freedoms and bisexual senators, alive and dead. Matt welcomes a haunting while Michelle breaks down bay leaves.   Recipes discussed in this episode are Rum Banana Bread and Five Spice Delicata Noodle Soup available at BADMANNERS.COM
01/10/2159m 48s

Dairy Queen Destruction Derby

This week Matt and Michelle explore the end of corporate drug testing, black market whiskey, and what carbon dioxide has to do with the UK food shortages. Matt ponders the nightmarish anatomy of mermaids while Michelle scores some ivermectin.   Also they officially announce The Broiler Room, a return to traditional food blogging on their weekly substack become a subscriber today for exclusive content and top secret recipes.   Recipes mentioned in this episode are Pumpkin Chili and Coffee Cardamom Rolls with Walnuts available at BADMANNERS.COM
24/09/2157m 43s

Pumpkin Spice Pirates

This week Matt and Michelle discuss where bugs go when it rains, useless microwave buttons, and how hemp helps kids. Matt threatens to pull Vice House off the internet while Michelle explores pandemic profiteering.    Don't forget to preorder Brave New Meal and download Vice House for free before it disappears.    Recipes discussed are Tomato and White Bean Soup with Rosemary Oil and Alfredo Garlic Knots available at BADMANNERS.COM 
17/09/2157m 1s

Bologna Bandito

This week Michelle and Matt explore the woman behind modern food styling, a 400 ton gabagoof, and how a bologna border bandit got caught. Matt is embarrassed by men's overall relationship with food while Michelle contemplates the origin of Grimace.  Also Vice House is available now for any preorders of Brave New Meal, you can get both books at BRAVENEWMEAL.COM Recipes discussed in this episode are the Hatch Chile Enchiladas and Buffalo Twice Baked Potatoes available for free on BADMANNERS.COM
10/09/2153m 56s


This week Matt and Michelle explore bullying adults into feeding children, gas vs electric stoves, and dinosaur fart berries. Matt wants to give his car to Will Smith and Michelle wants to stain your marble countertops.   Recipes discussed in this episode are Elotes, Celery Seed Slaw, and Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies.
03/09/2158m 15s

Smashing for Science

This week Matt and Michelle explore the milk crate olympics, the tasty truth behind Tajín, and the hot dog half life. Michelle has to explain to Matt that Martha Stewart doesn't own Martha's Vineyard. Matt takes a look at the Musk family fortune and their anti-union motives. And a new company enters the enemy of the pod bracket.   Recipes discussed are Late Summer Tomato Nectarine Pasta and Strawberry Rosé Pancakes on  
27/08/211h 7m

We All Eatin

This week Michelle and Matt explore cliff diving cuisine, butter vs The State of California, and the concept of Satan.  Recipes for Grains of Paradise Miso Pasta and Watermelon Cucumber Slushie on BADMANNERS.COM
20/08/2144m 22s

The American Aisle

This week Matt and Michelle explore the "ethnic" aisle, why bored kids eat healthier, and which spice is a felony in Florida.  The recipes discussed in this episode are the Grilled Romaine Salad, Summertime Tomato Vinaigrette, and Stone Fruit Smash.
13/08/2140m 38s

Oldest Spice

This week Matt and Michelle talk bacteria birthday cakes, picketing Pepsi, and the link between spicy pirate meat and Russian feet. Recipes discussed in this episode are the Smoky Summer Cocktail and One Pot Pasta Primavera. Watch the full episode on FORKED UP -
06/08/2146m 17s

Hot World Summer

This week Matt and Michelle explore why prison food sucks, how Cleopatra seasoned her bath, and ketchup joins the battle for bun equality.    Recipes for this week are the Spiked Summertime Sweet Tea and the Chilled Coconut Corn Summer Soup. 
30/07/2139m 13s

In the Spaghetto

This week Michelle and Matt examine space tax sanctuaries, Pez pistols, and how eating organic could actually be worse for the planet. Discussed recipes are Green Rice Bowl and Black Bean Croquettes. 
23/07/2142m 57s

Video Killed the Podcastar

This week Matt and Michelle explore the creation of the club sandwich, Frito Lay funerals, and skunks shut down the studio. Forked Up is now available to watch on YouTube. Recipes mentioned in this episode are Nectarine Tomato Cobbler and Carrot Dogs from the Bad Manners 2: Party Grub cookbook. 
16/07/2141m 2s

Toilet Paper Calculus

This week Michelle and Matt explore shoeless shoppers, Tyson foods is in clucking trouble, and the salsafication of America. They also talk about carrots cancelling hot dogs, that recipe available HERE from Leite's Culinaria and the Bad Manners 2: Party Grub cookbook. Sponsored by All33 use code FORKED at checkout for $100 off.
09/07/2134m 26s

Les McMisérables

This week, Matt and Michelle explore frozen yogurt fraud, salmonella shrimp cocktails and how a McDonald's was forcefully occupied to feed a community.    Also 20% OFF EVERYTHING in the Bad Manners merch store until July 5th.      
02/07/2140m 6s

Fugitive Dust

This week,  Michelle and Matt explore a poorly planned pistachio heist, cookie conundrums, and the high cost of mediocre chocolate.    Also recipes for Wedge Salad, Strawberry Shortcake, and Frozen Bananas. 
25/06/2135m 26s

Hugs Not Mugs

This week, Michelle and Matt explore the saga behind Slurpees, legalizing carry-out cocktails and spaghetti protein shakes. 
18/06/2134m 54s

Flight Club

This week, Matt and Michelle explore why you’ve never seen a blue raspberry, ice cream classism and the cost of meat is getting steep.  Plus a brand new recipe for Sweet Corn Vinaigrette Pasta Salad on BADMANNERS.COM
11/06/2136m 47s

Year 1 AV

This week, Michelle and Matt explore how hackers are butchering the beef industry, struggle ketchup and enemies of the pod.  Recipe for Silky Red Pepper Pasta is available on BADMANNERS.COM 
04/06/2144m 43s

Monster Cluck Rally

This week, Matt and Michelle explore the beef with fake beef, getting arrested over cheese and what pizza has to do with child literacy. 
28/05/2128m 42s

Worm Meat

This week, Matt and Michelle explore flaming hot cheaters, the proliferation of plastic and spaghetti trailers.
21/05/2136m 51s

Tiger Bling Ring

This week, Matt and Michelle explore Old York, uncanceling plastic straws and why some cocktails glow.    Also, BRAVE NEW MEAL is available for preorders now everywhere books are sold. For more details, go to
14/05/2151m 28s


This week, Matt and Michelle explore rhubarb barns, the difference between crispy vs crunchy and seaweed sustainability. 
07/05/2146m 20s


This week, Michelle and Matt explore social media mafiosos, locally-sourced toilet wine and pornographic pepper mills.
30/04/2135m 22s


This week, Michelle and Matt are back exploring black market ketchup, ideal ice and tapioca travesties. They also reveal the title and release date for their upcoming fourth cookbook.
23/04/2142m 22s

Teledildonic Delivery

This week, Matt and Michelle explore historic hashish fudge, hepatitis hydration and why wine crime doesn't pay.    Also, there's a new recipe on our site for Chickpea and Barley Soup from the new cookbook The 30 Day Alzheimer's Solution by Dr. Dean Sherzai and Dr. Ayesha Sherzai. 
26/03/2145m 14s

Heisted Again in Margaritaville

This week, Michelle and Matt explore the legacy of David Mintz, cicada charcuterie and the French criminal connection.    The podience can now send questions, thoughts or highdeas to FU@BADMANNERS.COM and don't forget to try the Sweet Potato Rolled Tacos.
19/03/2147m 30s

Burger Clowns and Crowns

This week, Matt and Michelle explore why your grocery bill went up, canned beef inspectors and affordable orgy margaritas. Also, a new recipe for Sweet Potato & Spinach Rolled Tacos is available on BADMANNERS.COM
12/03/2143m 38s

Gruel Oyster Cult

This week, Matt and Michelle explore recipe piracy, the beginning of beer and the patent to play with your food. Also, the new editions of the Bad Manners cookbook trilogy are now available wherever books are sold. 
05/03/2136m 15s

Breakfast Feed Bags

This week, Matt and Michelle explore cocaine cereal, ancient Egyptian breweries and kolache culture.  Plus, a new recipe at BADMANNERS.COM and if you're in a position to help, FEEDINGTEXAS.ORG is on the frontlines getting Texans food, water, and heat since Ted Cruz won't. 
26/02/2135m 16s

Space Traffic Jam

This week, Matt and Michelle explore the uncanny valley, the racist origins of tipping and how pizza is the answer to all NASA's problems. 
19/02/211h 2m

February Flub

Matt and Michelle got buried under dirty dishes this week but will be back next week with a brand new episode.

Porn and Plants

This week, Matt and Michelle explore reverse cannibalism, the father of CSAs and how your internet access impacts your plate.
05/02/2143m 59s

Couch Potato Parade

This week, Matt and Michelle explore millennial discounts, craving cartoon food and why the customer is always wrong. 
29/01/2144m 45s


This week, Michelle and Matt explore working for big wiener, glass flavored hot pockets and historic statesman suppers.
22/01/2155m 59s

Coup Amongst Us?

This week, Michelle and Matt explore organic jail food, anosmiacs anonymous and the big impact of a single grain of rice. Plus a new recipe for Tomato Rosemary and White Bean Soup. 
15/01/2146m 3s

Champagne AND Problems

This week, Matt and Michelle review the year that was 2020 while drinking and burning shit to the ground.
01/01/211h 12m

Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animals

This week, Matt and Michelle talk about how to make the holidays a little brighter. 
25/12/201m 11s

Inescapably Home for the Holidays

This week, Michelle and Matt explore citrus stockings, depression erections and cavemen cookbooks.    Also new merch available at!
18/12/2037m 11s

Chicken Lawsuits for the Soul

This week, Michelle and Matt explore gambling with water, inspector imposters and the Queen's gingerbread flex. 
11/12/2035m 48s

Can I Orbit?

This week, Matt and Michelle empathize with Mars, talk chocolate laws and explore what happens when Walmart tries to mess with Texas.
04/12/2036m 23s

Charcuterie Chalets

This week, Matt and Michelle chat how Tyson foods surpassed Satan, community meat mountains and why every household has paper towels. 
27/11/2039m 54s

Trust But Confirm

This week, Matt and Michelle explore the facade of French toast, huffing vintage air and how some people would rather die than cook. 
19/11/2044m 48s

Pepper Spray Surprise

This week, Michelle and Matt explore the extended McDonald's universe, ordering dystopian dinners and the thin line between food and science.
12/11/2045m 55s

An American Hangover

This week, Matt and Michelle explore the ancient origins of birthday cakes, black market grapes and what pet food and candy have in common. 
07/11/2027m 50s

How I Spent My COVID Vacation

This week, Matt and Michelle explore the ugly side of "fun size," performative recycling and deli meat dangers.
29/10/2034m 37s

Alley Oktoberfest

This week, Michelle and Matt explore ferris wheel fine dining, copyright grapes and how candy companies tricked us all into treats. 
22/10/2054m 51s

Chaotic Neutral Tacos

This week, Matt and Michelle explore how bobbing for apples was just a dating app, why U.S. allies don't want our agriculture and horny onions.
15/10/2039m 20s

Screaming Not Advisable

This week, Michelle and Matt explore potato chip pettiness, skeleton subsidies and bobbing for listeria. 
08/10/2044m 21s

Trauma Exchange Rate

This week, Matt and Michelle explore martian meals, sleepy soda and taking candy from strangers. 
01/10/2039m 19s

We Want YOU

This week, Matt and Michelle rant about the trash train, hellish headlines and the end of buffets.
24/09/201m 48s

Roller Rink Apocalypse

This week, Matt and Michelle explore covid go-karts, peepless holidays and the science of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.
17/09/2041m 54s

Weaponize the Moon

This week, Matt and Michelle explore cremation croissants, the evolution of pasta salad and asteroid defense options.
10/09/2045m 7s

Weapons of Delicious Destruction

This week, Michelle and Matt explore soup warfare, lemonade inoculation and the great heist of deez nuts. 
03/09/2045m 13s

Chicken Bucket Time Machine

This week, Michelle and Matt explore adding plastic to the food pyramid, finger lickin’ outlaws and settle the pineapple pizza debate.
27/08/2047m 11s

Scrimp Boat

This week, Matt and Michelle explore consensual pardons, eating ocean bugs and racist ice cream trucks.
20/08/2038m 41s

Le Piss de Resistance

This week, Michelle and Matt explore xenophobic bread, age appropriate candy, champagne struggles and fighting climate change with piss. 
13/08/2043m 40s

Dial M for Melon

This week, Matt and Michelle muse on loss, the reprecussions of missing critical dick appointments and the miracle melon that’s saved millions of lives.
06/08/2049m 36s

Prepare for Warantine

This week, Matt and Michelle explore the smear campaign against brown sugar, Randonautica crime scenes and the future of printing meat.
23/07/2041m 21s

This Ep is Actually Cake

This week, Matt and Michelle chat wet t-shirt contests, compost commies and tortilla racism.
16/07/2048m 38s

Nacho Origins

This week, Matt and Michelle explore the rise of nachos, meat in retreat and billion dollar deliveries.
09/07/2033m 42s

The Collective Suck

This week, Michelle and Matt rant about the evolution of knives, trench coat capers and yellow jacket potato salads. 
02/07/2039m 36s

Bad Manners. Good Food.

This week, Matt and Michelle rant about candy cigarettes, the history of tahini and electing a Mayor of Flavortown.
25/06/2038m 31s

Last One Out, Hit the Lights

This week, Matt and Michelle chat medieval milk, Covid corn dogs and the end of Thug Kitchen. 
18/06/2027m 38s

Like 7" From The Midday Sun

This week, Matt and Michelle discuss vanilla, how the USDA checked out and dating during COVID. 
11/06/2046m 8s

White People Problems

This week, Matt and Michelle talk about police brutality, racial injustice and why these are problems white people need to fix. Black Lives Matter Act Blue NAACP
04/06/209m 10s

Chicken Wing Divorce

This week, Matt and Michelle rant about pixel protests, rose water pies and getting divorced at Buffalo Wild Wings.
28/05/2043m 12s

COOK'D: Swiss Chard & Tomato Linguine with Balsamic Glazed Chickpeas

This week, Matt walks you through the creation of TK’s Swiss Chard & Tomato Linguine with Balsamic Glazed Chickpeas   Recipe and photo at
21/05/2011m 58s

Haunted Mannequin Restaurant

This week, Matt and Michelle rant about dining with sex dolls, the patent behind Popsicles and how dumpster diving will improve your food photography.
14/05/2032m 48s

Screamy Times

This week, Michelle and Matt chat sidewalk chalk conspiracies, wartime gardens, essential sausage and luxury honey.
07/05/2034m 16s

Stoner Robots and Child Ghosts

This week, Matt and Michelle chat joint rolling robots, the history of desperation pies, quarantine coffee orders and maybe ghost towns aren’t all that bad.
30/04/2038m 47s

COOK'D: Frito Pie

This week, Michelle teaches y'all how to make Frito Pie. Learn how to keep it classy but trashy with this Southern staple. Recipe and photo at 
27/04/2012m 19s

Frito Why?!?

This week, Michelle and Matt chat Hennessy health, FaceTiming farm animals, and where the f*ck Frito Pies came from.
23/04/2027m 14s

Horny? In THIS economy?

This week, Michelle and Matt rant about DIY nut milk versus ten thousand gallons of spilt milk, dramatic brand ads and the origins of matzah ball soup.
09/04/2056m 48s

Sunshine Kinks

This week, Matt and Michelle talk Bunker Bites, the Quarantine 15, and how Real Dolls are the heroes we need right now.
02/04/2047m 55s

Quarantea Time

This week, Matt and Michelle talk what to cook for the end of the world, airlines run out of runway and how corned beef got its stupid name.   Later, culinary wunderkind Nick DiGiovanni guests to chat food’s impact on climate. 
19/03/201h 2m

Gincidents and Juice

This week, Michelle and Matt talk trash apples, space gardening, and what happens when you eat too much fiber.   Later, master mixologist and author Sebastian Hamilton-Mudge joins the TK crew for a drink. 
12/03/201h 14m

Hitchhiker's Guide To The Coronavirus

This week with Michelle out sick, Matt rants about coronavirus, denying science but with benefits, and dick dust on door handles. Preacher Lawson guests to talk about the importance of getting your ass kicked and his popular YouTube show COOKING WITH A COMEDIAN. 
05/03/2041m 48s

Food Nudists

This week, Michelle and Matt chat about who has the keys to the doomsday seed vault, finding milk in places where it doesn’t belong, and dangerous things to do naked. 
27/02/2050m 12s

Sundaes and Street Juice

This week, Matt and Michelle return from a forced hiatus to discuss shitty cereals, dystopian masks, origin of the ice cream sundae, kombucha plastic wrap, lab grown meats, and how poorly grocery stores handle food recalls.   Author Robby Barbaro (FORKS OVER KNIVES) joins to chat MASTERING DIABETES and how to hunt down the cheapest produce.
21/02/201h 7m

Hot Takes: Leftovers, Cookie Crisp and Astronaut Friends

It's a special episode this week as Matt and Michelle weigh in with some HOT TAKES on controversial food issues such as serving leftovers, wet versus dry cereals and what sort of meal would you serve a returning astronaut. Also, we got you covered with the death of US peppermint, nut nutrients and MORE pre-made sandwich recalls!
23/01/2044m 35s

Being A Vegan Man with Gaz Oakley

Fellow vegan cookbook author and Instagram star Gaz Oakley stops by the show this week for chat about maintaining a personal versus public balance on social media, the UK vegan scene versus the US vegan scene and his constant stream of recipe ideas. Check out Gaz's new book, PLANTS-ONLY KITCHEN: OVER 70 DELICIOUS, SUPER-SIMPLE, POWERFUL AND PROTEIN-PACKED RECIPES FOR BUSY PEOPLE coming out this March. Also, Matt and Michelle tell you about the gross foods they like and get you hip to ancient energy drinks, weed legislation repeals and why you should beware of the keto diet.
16/01/201h 1m

The Thug Kitchen Winter Food Guide

In one of TWO new episodes this week, join Matt and Michelle as they help you out this winter with some spectacular meal ideas that you can do without too much hassle. Remember -- soup is not a science. Also, we dive in the whole Golden Globes/vegan meal kerfuffle, wine price increases and gas station sandwiches.
15/01/2039m 18s

A Decade of Food with Thug Kitchen

Happy New Year from FORKED UP! We start off the new decade with a trip back to the PREVIOUS decade, looking back at the food trends of the '10s such as avocado toast, bone broth and others. Also, Matt and Michelle make a few New Years resolutions and share a few of their favorite cookbooks from the past ten years!
02/01/2054m 29s

LET'S TALK SAUCE with Daniella Monet and Andrew Gardner

Happy Holidays from FORKED UP! New parents and podcasting couple Daniella Monet and Andrew Gardner (ADULTING LIKE A MOTHER FATHER) kick it with Matt and Michelle this week for a chat about gender reveals, family recipes, vegan trends and their constantly growing baby.   Also, we have the real story behind Santa's "milk and cookies" obsession as well as new developments in vegan product labelling and Japanese booze research.
26/12/191h 1m

Horny Holidays with Allen Strickland Williams

Comedian Allen Strickland Williams (CONAN, Comedy Central) stops by the podcast this week to hash with Matt and Michelle what are the "horniest holidays." Number five will surprise you! Also on deck: dating neighbors, sex buffets and food boner killers.   Also, Matt and Michelle have the latest for you on all the vape drama, beet shortages and ancient recipes.
19/12/191h 1m

The Joy of Cooking with John Becker & Megan Scott

Joining Matt and Michelle this week are John Becker and Megan Scott, the present curators of THE JOY OF COOKING. John's great-grandmother Irma Rombauer created the book and John and his wife Megan are keeping the spirit alive with revised recipes and tremendous foresight into cooking trends.   Also, Matt and Michelle need you to keep an eye out for exploding sriracha bottles, diminishing SNAP benefits and rising ocean temperatures!
12/12/191h 9m

Jay Baruchel: Gravy On Fries or GTFO

Actor Jay Baruchel (KNOCKED UP, UNDECLARED) joins the show this week to share a few of his favorite holiday dishes, moving horror stories, the NOID and why we all should embrace the union of gravy and french fries.   Also, Matt and Michelle are here to educate you about Burger King litigation, the THREE MUSKETEERS cookbook and the real story behind those George Clooney Nespresso ads.
05/12/1958m 25s

Pecan Vs. Pumpkin with Janet Varney

Comedian, writer and co-founder of SF Sketchfest, Janet Varney, hangs out with Matt and Michelle this week to discuss Thanksgiving foods, tolerating Hollywood, her dedication to her pets and an epic Thanksgiving buffet with crab legs!   Also, get the scoop on the REAL story behind Thanksgiving, illegal bologna and why we are experiencing a horse radish shortage.
28/11/191h 6m

Making Progress with Christopher Ryan

Author and podcaster Christopher Ryan (TANGENTIALLY SPEAKING) joins Matt & Michelle this week for a chat about overpopulation, zoochosis, our reliance on material wealth and the tale of Poo Jeff!   Also, the Pope is in RAGE about food waste, big milk is going bankrupt and watch out for listeria in your sausage!
21/11/191h 38m

Matt Besser's TED Talk for Stoners

Matt and Michelle welcome Upright Citizens Brigade co-founder and comedy legend Matt Besser to the show for a conversation about grilling, our sense of smell and Matt's new weed-based comedy special POT HUMOR. Get it wherever you stream!   Also, Matt and Michelle pay tribute to the original voice of Cap'n Crunch, deride plate dividers and caution against finding metal pieces in your chicken!
14/11/191h 12m

Dulce Sloan Makes Great Kimchi

Comedian Dulce Sloan (THE DAILY SHOW WITH TREVOR NOAH) stops by the podcast this week for a chat about her preference towards making her own Korean food, why she thinks NYC is overrated and how becoming a stand-up comedian was an unexpected career for her.   Also, Matt and Michelle warn you against rubber in your cookie dough, incestuous milk production and a time when we didn't advertise booze on television (it wasn't that long ago)
07/11/191h 16m

Mick Garris: Playing Tag With Your Fears

Writer, director and a maestro of the horror genre, Mick Garris (HOCUS POCUS, NIGHTMARE CINEMA) joins Matt and Michelle in the booth today for a special Halloween episode! Mick goes in-depth about horror filmmaking (might even of made Michelle a fan!), operating R2-D2 at the Oscars and how he has adapted a vegan lifestyle. Also, horror films where FOOD is the villain!   Our hosts are also here get you hip to the murky history of candy corn, a big egg roll recall and why you need to be wary of third party food vendors on Amazon.   Happy Halloween everyone!
31/10/1957m 17s

Lenore Newman: Where Are The Baby Pigeons?

Food expert Lenore Newman, author of LOST FEAST: CULINARY EXTINCTION AND THE FUTURE OF FOOD, joins the show this week to talk about eroding bio-diversity, Nazi cows and eating our food into oblivion.   Also, Matt and Michelle are here to inform you about the latest tuna crisis, Taco Bell having metal meat and why Chef Boyardee is so awesome.
24/10/191h 15m

Cannabis, Sex and Comedy with Ali Weiss

Comedian, writer and podcaster Ali Weiss (VICE, Playboy) kicks it on the show this week to cover the gamut from weed suppositories to therapy to weird health snack reviews.    Also, Matt and Michelle share with you the "joy of cooking," why big meat is getting scared and a huge win for the buffaloes!
17/10/191h 19m

Senior Pet Adoption Advocate Steve Greig

Author and senior pet advocate Steve Greig (THE ONE AND ONLY WOLFGANG) joins our hosts this week to talk about how focusing his energies on older pets helped him ease the loss of his own.   Also, Matt and Michelle warn about weed killer in your rosé, why some scientists can be wrong and where DOES your recalled food product go exactly?
10/10/1958m 47s

Tone Bell's Persimmon Epiphany

Comedian Tone Bell stops by to promote his new film THE WEEKEND as well as his recent encounter with persimmons and a wide range of cucumbers!   Also, Matt and Michelle enlighten you on how to nut your way to health, your right to bear gas and why you should watch out for plastic in your tea.
03/10/191h 7m

Ancient Baking with Seamus Blackley

Video game designer (he created the X-Box!) and baking enthusiast Seamus Blackley created a loaf of bread from a sample of Egyptian yeast that is 4500 years old. Hear all about how he did it as well as his Skyrim obsession and most importantly, how did the bread taste?!?   Also, Matt and Michelle comment on the latest in avocado tech, the dubious history of Tabasco hot sauce and Marie Callender's pies that you should avoid.
26/09/191h 21m

Intergalactic Commutes with Tip "T.I." Harris

Rapper, activist and fellow PodcastOne host Tip "T.I." Harris stops by the podcast this week to discuss gentrification, pescatarianism, commercialized lunar travel and giving back to the community   Elsewhere on the show, Matt and Michelle bring you the latest on swine flu, soup wealth and the expansion of the vegan section in the supermarkets.
19/09/1946m 42s

Embrace Your Weird with Felicia Day

Author, actress and Internet icon Felicia Day (VOYAGE TO THE STARS, THE GUILD) joins up with Matt and Michelle for a chat about croissants, weird beans at farmers markets, her superior homemade broth and the benefits of letting yourself be creative.   Also, let TK get you educated on Jello rights, California locking down on fur trappers, NYC tomatoes and recalling cars of beef.
12/09/191h 27m

The Ha Ha Time with Flula Borg

YouTube superstar and hilarious entity Flula Borg (PITCH PERFECT 2, WORKAHOLICS) joins Matt & Michelle this week for a wild conversation covering Bavarian cuisine to biscuit obsessions and even some self-care tips.   Also, get the latest from TK about Taco Bell fashions, killer algae and radioactive vodka.
05/09/191h 13m

Graham Elwood: Hipsters Love Area 51

The Political Vigilante, comedian Graham Elwood, kicks it with Matt and Michelle for a sprawling discussion about progressive politics, pizza bribes and the dawn of the cyborgs.   Also, our hosts are here this week to get you hip to Jimmy Johns buffoonery, why you should know Alice Waters and how Tyson Chicken is screwing up again.
29/08/191h 17m

Alice Wetterlund and the Alien Resurgence

Comedian and actress Alice Wetterlund (RESIDENT ALIEN) joins the podcast this week to discuss weird hotels, toxic masculinity and the anthropomorphization of country music singers into trucks. Check out Alice's comedy special MY MAMA IS HUMAN AND SO AM I on Amazon Prime Video.   Also, Matt and Michelle celebrate Hawaii, tell you not to drink bleach and report on a giant weed / jalapeño bust.
22/08/191h 20m

Mike Glazer & Mary Jane Gibson Have Strong Milk Opinions

Hosts of the WEED + GRUB podcast — Mike Glazer and Mary Jane Gibson —  kick it with Matt and Michelle this week about Levar Burton, elderly sex, bad trips and fear-based pizza marketing.   Also, our mighty hosts shout out the great Julia Child, get you up hip to the state of salmon cannons and a man who created the most ancient loaf of bread ever.
15/08/191h 16m

Kelly LeVeque and the Fab Four

Holistic nutritionist and wellness expert Kelly LeVeque joins Matt and Michelle this week to explain her Fab Four philosophy, why she considers paleo and the like "tools," not diets and how you can have a better relationship with food overall. Check out Kelly's BODY LOVE book series for more tips.   Also, Matt and Michelle put over Tim Horton's, warn against rubber in your Polish sausage and debunk the myth of Henry David Thoreau's WALDEN.
08/08/191h 15m

Dan Ahdoot Is A Hoot

Comedian, amateur chef and restaurateur Dan Ahdoot joins the show to talk all about his love for food, why comedy and food work harmoniously, his new podcast - Green Eggs and Dan - debuting August 7th, and we predict some new food trends.   PLUS, Matt & Michelle discuss the gangster gardener's community block party in Los Angeles, the history of shredded wheat, the Gilroy Garlic Festival, and the huge rise in avocado prices... and there's a new guacamole imposter hitting the streets.
01/08/191h 20m

Diallo Riddle & Bashir Salahuddin: 7-11 ThunderDome

The hilariously creative minds behind Comedy Central's new show SOUTH SIDE and SHERMAN'S SHOWCASE on IFC - Diallo Riddle and Bashir Salahuddin - join the podcast this week to talk about acapella cults, how 80s movies put kids in danger and why you can't beat the Internet.   Also, Matt & Michelle are your source for penis pills gone bad, why meatless protein sales are rising and what's going on with Florida citrus.
25/07/191h 12m

Amanda Montell: #BeMeaner

Amanda Montell is a linguist and author of the book WORDSLUT: A FEMINIST GUIDE TO TAKING BACK THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Join Amanda as she stops by the show to talk about why people love rules, gender neutral insults and why teenage girls have it all figured out.   Also, Matt & Michelle get you up to date on method-out animals, why Dunkin Donuts is out of its mind and the impending arrival of fast food technology that you're probably not going to like.
18/07/191h 26m

Ali Tila: Down With Grapefruit

A friend of the show, pastry wizard Ali Tila co-authored 101 EPIC DISHES: RECIPES THAT TEACH YOU HOW TO MAKE THE CLASSICS EVEN MORE DELICIOUS with her husband, former guest Chef Jet Tila. Join us today for Ali's tips for home pastry cooks, her meaty cookie preference and a few food hang-ups.   Also, Matt & Michelle beat up on the celery juice cleanse fad, celebrate the time someone decided to slice bread and get you updated on some food bacteria news that you should be aware of.
11/07/191h 3m

Chef Tim Hollingsworth: Final Table DOMINANCE

Chef Tim Hollingsworth is a decorated restauranteur and winner of Netflix's FINAL TABLE and did all with no formal culinary training. Hear about his story as well as tips for home cooks and crafting meals with his children.   Also, Matt & Michelle got you covered on the recent sriracha drama as well as Subway spinning shakes and Uber Eats not keeping it straight.
04/07/1956m 50s

Slutty Vegan's Pinky Cole

Pinky Cole is on a roll with her Slutty Vegan restaurants, bringing passion-infused cuisine to the folks of Atlanta and wherever you see her food trucks. Join us for a conversation about meat Rumspringa, ghost restaurants and breaking down vegan misconceptions.   Also, Matt & Michelle remember the creation of the UPC scanner, give props to Cracker Barrel and analyze the comfort foods of noted Democrats.
27/06/191h 4m

Natasha Case: Ice Cream Lady

Natasha Case is the CEO of Coolhaus, a company that has been creating "ice cream sandwiches named after the architects and architectural movements that inspired them" since 2008. Coolhaus now has two LA-based storefronts, distribution in Whole Foods and has sold their wares at massive events such as Coachella. Hear all about Natasha's outlook on food, business and what flavors they've tried that have not gone so well.   Also, Matt & Michelle shout out the founders of Pizza Hut, slam a few unruly vegans and get you hip to the Taco Bell Hotel!
20/06/191h 15m

Tracy Pollan: Change The Balance on Your Plate

Actress and author Tracy Pollan (MOSTLY PLANTS: 101 DELICIOUS FLEXITARIAN RECIPES FROM THE POLLAN FAMILY) stops by the podcast to share tales of harmonious family cooking, eggplant treats and how you don't always have to go "all or nothing."   Also, Matt & Michelle run the gamut on royal hot dogs, Aldi's banter and Little Ceasars making plant-based options happen!
13/06/191h 3m

Erica Rhodes: Trapeze Artist

Comedian Erica Rhodes (MODERN FAMILY, VEEP) stops by the show to talk about her new album SAD LEMON, living the pescatarian lifestyle and "graduating" from Lululemon.   Also, Matt and Michelle get you dialed in on primitive potato recipes, political milkshake slinging and how Sweetgreen is stepping it up for their employees.
06/06/191h 3m

Tiah Eckhardt: Lingerie Master

Professional model and writer Tiah Eckhardt joins Matt and Michelle this week for a chat about her Instagram confidence, Ned Stark and Tiah's immense knowledge of lingerie.   Also, Matt and Michelle get you educated about expiration dates, the history of food stamps and beef recalls.
30/05/1959m 41s

Vir Das: Become Immortal

Comedian/actor Vir Das (WHISKEY CAVALIER, Netflix) is the guest today, bringing his frustration with American hotels with him. Hear about his quest for good Indian food in the US, how he doesn't curb the international vibe of his comedy for American audiences and how therapy put him on the right path.   Also, Matt and Michelle caution against processed food portions, discuss the latest trade drama over tomatoes and discover how an Austrian McDonalds is your "friend" abroad.
23/05/191h 12m

Matt Armendariz: All About The Light

Food photographer Matt Armendariz stops by the podcast to share tips for making your food look great in your Instagram photos or wherever you post them.   Also, Matt and our TK friends talk about why soup and pudding are not optimal for photographs. Also, Matt and Michelle celebrate the dawning of Spaghetti O's and why garlic is good for you (even more so!)
16/05/191h 5m

Denyelle Bruno: Cooked, Not Assembled

She is not your traditional CEO! Tender Greens CEO Denyelle Bruno joins the podcast this week to talk about her ascent thru the retail ranks, avoiding groupthink and the importance of diversity and kindness.   Also, Matt and Michelle get you in the know about Ramadan, a big chicken recall (watch out for those metal parts) and the history of root beer!
09/05/191h 13m

"Plant Man" Jake Choi

Actor Jake Choi (ABC's SINGLE PARENTS) has always loved plants and is totally down with different variations of kimchi. Hear all about Jake's Instagram thirst traps, working as a census taker and his wonderful rescue dog on this episode.   Also, Matt and Michelle share some good news for SNAP, beat up on the Kentucky Derby and get you hip to America's oldest Italian restaurant (its not where you think it would be).
02/05/191h 9m

Dining With Dignity with Jasmine Crowe of GOODR

Anti-hunger activist Jasmine Crowe started her organization GOODR to help curtail food waste and redirect unused food to those in need. Hear all about her mission to make a difference on this week's episode.   Also, Matt and Michelle warn against the "shell on challenge," dish on CBD-infused burgers and bring you the debut of a new segment called "Total Recall!"
25/04/191h 11m

Listen To Your Body with Danielle Walker

Cookbook author Danielle Walker (AGAINST ALL GRAIN) joins our hosts today to talk about her journey to wellness via a drastic diet change, misconceptions about grain-free products and sharing parallel experiences with Thug Kitchen.   Also, Matt and Michelle show much respect to the creator of Swiss Miss, discuss bans on animal dissections in classrooms and explain how the word "natural" means nothing when it comes to your food packaging.
18/04/191h 9m

Cracking the Case with Billy Jensen

True crime investigative journalist Billy Jensen (CHASE DARKNESS WITH ME) stops by the podcast this week to talk about why the true crime phenomenon appeals so much to women, what his relationship is like with law enforcement as well as his new podcast THE MURDER SQUAD.   Also, Matt and Michelle give props to a cookbook legend and go HARD on Easter food and why horse racing needs to be cancelled.
11/04/1957m 49s

Dad Purchases with Desmin Borges

Actor Desmin Borges (YOU'RE THE WORST) chats with Matt and Michelle about Bloody Marys, Chicago delicacies and being a fat kid (or "enthusiastic eater") at heart.   Also, our hosts take a deep dive into what's going on with gum, McDonald's stepping up for the common folk and the infamous St. Louis-style bagels.
04/04/1957m 21s

An Ice Cream Celebration with Casey Dobbins

Superstar food stylist Casey Dobbins joins Matt and Michelle in the booth today to talk Snoop Dogg cookbooks, growing up vegetarian in Kansas City and why you SHOULDN'T put an egg on it.   Our hosts give props to San Antonio for taking a stand against Chik-Fil-A. Also, there's an avocado recall you should be aware of as well as a Duncan Hines birthday!
28/03/191h 3m

Food Justice with Raphael Sbarge

Documentarian Raphael Sbarge to talk about his film LA FOODWAYS which explores the past, present and future of agriculture in Los Angeles. Learn about the citrus mafia, the internet's relationship with food and the state of food waste in LA.   Also, Matt and Michelle want you to know about mislabelled seafood, new egg risks and bovine escapes
21/03/191h 9m

Putting In the Work with Oliver Gottfried of Oxfam

Matt and Michelle are joined by Oliver Gottfried, Senior Campaigns Strategist with Oxfam, about Oxfam's campaign EAT FOR GOOD and how you, as a regular consumer, can help create positive impact on the environment and mitigate poverty and hunger.   Also, we're tracking the return of Michelin to Los Angeles, beer-naming wars in New Orleans and a shout-out to the mother of the pot brownie.
14/03/1953m 41s

Airwalkin' with Evan Fox of the Yeastie Boys

Food truck entrepreneur Evan Fox talks with Matt & Michelle about his wildly successful enterprise, the Yeastie Boys food truck, bringing delicious bagels to Southern California. Hear all about Evan's trial by fire feeding hungry concert-goers at Coachella, why Montreal has the best bagels and what the BEASTIE BOYS thought of his moniker.    Also, our hosts report that fast food was actually HEALTHIER in the 80s, how sparkling water might be bad for your teeth and...was Stalin a vegan?!?
07/03/1957m 44s

Plant-Based Food Engineering with T.K. Pillan

T.K. Pillan is the co-founder of the popular Veggie Grill chain of restaurants. Join Matt and Michelle as they chat with T.K. about appealing to non-vegans, T.K.'s enthusiasm for new product innovations and his baseball past.   Also, our hosts give a shout out to the origins of the Ceasar salad and Matt finds out where all of his recycling has been going to.
28/02/1956m 37s

Chef Jasmine Shimoda's Burrito Rage

Los Angeles chef and restaurateur Jasmine Shimoda joins Matt and Michelle on the pod to share her unique influences, bland macro-biotic food and why her own breakfast burrito frustrates her.   Also, our hosts break down stories about discovering a tiger while on weed, the Presidential health report and pink slime getting undeserved recognition.
21/02/191h 1m

Henry Rollins Probably Has a Real Nice Stove

Punk rock legend and master orator Henry Rollins joins the podcast this week to talk about life before smartphones, his awkward 2016 Election Night performance and birthday pizza celebrations. Check out Henry's new special KEEP TALKING, PAL through the Comedy Dynamics Network and available on iTunes:   Also, Matt & Michelle dive deep into vinegar Valentines, chunky trademarks and the fake Doritos/Cheetos beef.
14/02/191h 18m

Marcella Arguello is The Woke Bully

Comedian Marcella Arguello stops by to talk about male entitlement, woman crush Wednesdays and her new comedy album THE WOKE BULLY.   Also, Matt & Michelle go hard when it comes to Fyre Festival documentaries misidentifying toast, Rachael Ray bringing back a classic and Tyson Foods being shifty with their nuggets.
07/02/191h 2m

The Darkest Timeline with Natalie Alvarado

Model Natalie Alvarado has an obsession with Phil Collins but that's not all she's got going on. Join Matt & Michelle as they chat with Natalie about skin care, the busy life of modeling and armpit obsessions.   Also, our hosts dig deep into the candy heart shortage this Valentine's Day, a creative tribute to a potato chip giant and Pintrest's 2019 food trends!
31/01/1958m 45s

Overheard with Chris DiStefano

Comedian Chris DiStefano (MTV, Comedy Central) joins Matt and Michelle this week to talk about his obsession with history, overheard conversations, alien ambassador dinners and Chris's new comedy special 38 INCH WAIST.   Also, our hosts get you up to date on beer nutritional facts, the government wanting kids to get fat again and Bon Jovi being a swell dude.
24/01/191h 10m

The Magic of Booze with Zane & Mel Lamprey

Renowned traveller, alcohol imbiber and podcaster Zane Lamprey (ZANE'S WORLD) along with his producer wife Mel, join the show today to talk cults, shot skis, Zane's new show FOUR SHEETS and the danger of too much Negroni.   Also, Matt & Michelle commend cancer rates going down and Taco Bell for wanting you to eat your veggies.
17/01/191h 23m

Jake Weisman and Matt Ingebretson Get Dark

The stars and minds behind the hit Comedy Central show CORPORATE, Jake Weisman and Matt Ingebretson, stop by the podcast to talk about the new season of the show, mining the gallows humor of office work, surviving in Los Angeles and much more.   Also, Matt & Michelle cover the further effects of the government shutdown, chickpea issues and airline cookbooks.
10/01/1955m 39s

Under The Influence with Gina Pollack

Gina Pollack is a documentarian who takes a deep dive into the work of social media superstars and their affect on commerce as well as young people. Join Matt and Michelle as they chat with Gina about her documentary UNDER THE INFLUENCE for KCET's SoCal Uncensored and how it ties in with the food industry.   Also, Matt & Michelle talk about the government shutdown, Chipotle being shifty and an overabundance of cheese.
03/01/191h 4m

A Beautiful Use of Grief with Kimberly Snyder

Wellness author and podcaster Kimberly Snyder (FEEL GOOD PODCAST) stops by the show to discuss the mental and spiritual benefits of going plant-based as well as why its a "smoothie" and not "juice."   Also, Matt & Michelle hash out their New Year's resolutions, put over Del Taco and you wash your avocados?
27/12/1853m 31s

Lauren Toyota Is Hot For Food

Former Canadian music channel personality turned YouTube food blogger Lauren Toyota joins the podcast to talk about her book VEGAN COMFORT CLASSICS, trying to find acceptance into the vegan cooking scene and the challenges of breaking up with your business partner.   Elsewhere on the show, Matt & Michelle question the existence of hot beef sundaes and alluring versions of animal food company mascots.
20/12/181h 15m

It's the Thug Kitchen Q&A!

You asked for it and now its here! Matt and Michelle answer the questions you sent in, covering a gamut of recipe tips, daily routines, pets, coping with the holidays and much more!   Also, our hosts investigate meth in Houston, meat recalls in Arizona and herb-based pet names.
13/12/1859m 9s

Dr. Chris Donaghue: Plant-Based Sex Expert

Host of the new LOVELINE and co-host of THE AMBER ROSE SHOW, Dr. Chris Donaghue, stops by the podcast this week to share some dating tips for the modern age, the importance of discussing sexual health and why portobello mushroom burgers are no bueno.   Also, Matt and Michelle comment on Starbucks banning porn, furor over fried potatoes and El Chapo's jalapeno heist.
06/12/181h 20m

Why Are Giraffes? with Richard and Jazmin Blais

TOP CHEF alumnus and fellow podcaster Richard Blais (STARVING FOR ATTENTION) along with his wife Jazmin stop by the podcast this week! Join Matt and Michelle as they chat with Richard and Jazmin about plane etiquette, sliceable condiments and the existence of giraffes.   Also, Matt and Michelle dig into some recent Campbell Soup controversy as well as the concept of huffing alcohol.
29/11/181h 18m

The Final Table with Andrew Knowlton

Food critic and host of Netflix's THE FINAL TABLE, Andrew Knowlton, stops by the podcast this week to talk about his unique path to food criticism and some tips on leaving a lasting impression on a cooking show.   Also, Matt and Michelle put over some of their favorite - and least favorite - Thanksgiving dishes.
22/11/1847m 37s

Saved By The Meal Prep with Tiffani Thiessen

Tiffani Thiessen (SAVED BY THE BELL, BEVERLY HILLS 90210) has taken the culinary world by storm with her new book PULL UP A CHAIR: RECIPES FROM MY FAMILY TO YOURS as well as appearances on the Food Network and the Cooking Channel. She joins Matt and Michelle today to discuss her passion for meal prep, testing recipes with her children and the odd nature of nostalgia-themed pop-up restaurants.   Also, our hosts discuss Heineken hoarding and healthy food purchase incentives.
15/11/1853m 51s

All Casper Everything with Natalie Eva Marie

Former WWE wrestler and all-around badass Natalie Eva Marie joins the podcast this week to talk about her whirlwind entry into professional wrestling, taking on her entrepreneurial aspirations head on and the mutual appreciation her and Michelle have for Devon Sawa in CASPER. Also, our hosts wax poetic on the political midterms, No Nut November and tainted cake mix.
08/11/1856m 10s

How To Get Into MENSA with Alison Becker

You've seen her in so many things, including PARKS & REC and on VH1. Today, the wonderful Alison Becker stops by the podcast to chat with Matt & Michelle about drunk geniuses, awkward auditions and her stupendous recipe for popcorn! Also, our hosts delve into our micro-plastic intake, Friendsgiving and pay tribute to the creator of the Green Bean Casserole.
01/11/181h 6m

Suzy Amis Cameron

Environmentalist and author Suzy Amis Cameron (OMD: CHANGE THE WORLD BY CHANGING ONE MEAL A DAY) joins the podcast today to discuss how going vegan can significantly reduce your carbon footprint, why dairy is so addictive and her dislike of bananas.   Also, Matt and Michelle celebrate legal marijuana in Canada and investigate escaped animals with pop-star monikers.
25/10/181h 1m

Asif Ali

Comedian Asif Ali had it pretty good in the "crappy job" department with the Brookstone vibrating chairs and everything. But he's certainly hustled to get where he is today as one of the hilarious components of WRECKED on TBS. He joins Matt and Michelle this week to discuss his ascent in the comedy scene, the differences between Indian food stateside and abroad and his father's blunt approach to dining out.   Also, Burger King and Fanta have teamed up for some weird science and Whole Foods is up to its usual shenanigans.
18/10/181h 13m

Tommy Orange

Tommy Orange is a Native American author whose novel, THERE THERE, explores the plight of Native Americans living the Bay Area as they face "challenges ranging from depression, alcoholism, unemployment and the adversity of living with an ethnic identity." Matt and Michelle are really feeling this book so join us this week as Tommy talks about the book and his writing process.   Also, your hosts got you covered with stories about the city of Austin stepping up when it comes to abating food waste, vanilla hummus and sex robot brothels. It’s a diverse palate this week.
11/10/181h 1m

Jill Replogle

Jill Replogle is a decorated journalist currently reporting for KPCC in Orange County. She has focused her efforts on exploring and understanding the homeless situation in Orange County and joins Matt and Michelle this week to discuss further. Learn more about how you can do your part in helping mitigate homelessness in your area.   Also, Matt and Michelle are your source this week for car battery thefts and obesity updates.
04/10/1858m 19s

Esther Povitsky

Comedian Esther Povitsky (ALONE TOGETHER, CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND) stops by the show this week to share her excitement for vegan chili, the creation of ALONE TOGETHER and her beauty podcast GLOWING UP.   Also, Matt and Michelle got you covered on some Arby's rage, weed Coke and Halloween excitement!
27/09/1846m 5s

Lacey Henderson

Lacey Henderson is a Paralympian that is tough as nails and funny as all get-out. Hear about her amazing story, from losing part of her leg at age nine to becoming a world-class long jumper to her dietary outlook for maintaining Olympic-level fitness.   Also, Matt and Michelle are here this week to dish on hurricanes, beef-flavored bath bombs and other edible odds and ends. 
20/09/1859m 19s

Sahara Rose and the Ayurvedic Cookbook

Joining the show this week is best-selling author, health coach and spiritualist Sahara Rose to drop some knowledge about Ayurveda in your daily life, how it can make you feel better and navigating raw food diets. Check out Sahara's podcast THE HIGHEST SELF PODCAST where you get your shows.   Also, Matt and Michelle check in with stories about Domino's Pizza tattoos in Russia, Chick-fil-A entering the home food prep business and protecting animals in California from cosmetics testing.
13/09/1847m 50s

Wellness Magic with Matt & Michelle

Its a special guest-less episode as Matt and Michelle break down some news regarding the red tide in Florida, lettuce making a comeback and being cool and chill to all folks. Then, in a special segment, our hosts break down wellness culture, juice cleanses and following a healthy lifestyle without the need to get extreme. 
06/09/1842m 31s

Michael W. Twitty

James Beard award-winning author Michael W. Twitty (THE COOKING GENE) joins the podcast this week to discuss balancing the discussion between food and race, facing off against critics and how food is crucial in defining one's roots.   Also, Matt & Michelle got you covered on why China loves Budweiser so much, the milk industry bailout and artistic ways to get kids to eat vegetables. 
30/08/1849m 28s

Phil Rosenthal

Television writer, producer and author Phil Rosenthal (EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND) joins Matt and Michelle this week to talk about the new season of his travel/food show on Netflix - SOMEBODY FEED PHIL - as well as the wonders of traveling, raising up the good and supporting the local economy while on a cruise.   Also, our mighty hosts get you up on soy bean tariffs, Xmas tree shortages and how Ben & Jerry's is setting a positive precedent in the dairy industry.
23/08/1850m 57s

Mia Khalifa

Internet personality Mia Khalifa (ROOSTER TEETH) stops by the podcast to wax poetic with Matt & Michelle about metabolisms, average dudes getting cooking shows and her culinary habits.   Also, the crew breaks down the finer points of weed-infused beer and why you should be concerned about the red algae in Florida.
16/08/1854m 46s

Joel Miller & Karl Hess from YELLING ABOUT PATE

Podcasters and overall wild dudes Joel Miller and Karl Hess (YELLING ABOUT PATE) stop by the show this week to discuss aggressive vegetable intake, overrated foods in LA, the joys of golf and play a spirited game of F-MARRY-KILL.   Also, Matt & Michelle welcome Surge back into our lives and confirm that you don't need an ID to buy groceries.

Donal Skehan

Irish television personality, food writer AND singer Donal Skehan is new to LA and everyone keeps thinking his dog is a corgi but it's not. It’s a Jack Russell terrier. Join Matt and Michelle this week as they welcome the charming Donal to the podcast to talk about the food culture in Los Angeles, meal planning, connecting with people through recipes and finding terrible yet fascinating food in strange places.   Also, let our hosts get you hip to some news about tap water and insane breakfast dishes.
02/08/1852m 3s

Angela Davis and the Kitchenista Diaries

Angela Davis wears many hats: mother, food blogger, recipe developer, food photographer. Her blog, The Kitchenista Diaries, is dedicated to taking home cooked meals to the next level. Join Matt and Michelle as they welcome Angela to the podcast to discuss the old days of food blogs, learning how to delegate and finding the common ground with vegan cuisine.   Also, our plant-powered duo covers lunatic vegans in France, the FDA cracking down on non-dairy milk and rose' for men.
26/07/1844m 33s

Bassem Youssef

Bassem Youssef is an Egyptian comedian and television host, known worldwide for his forward thinking in the face of adversity. Join Matt and Michelle as they chat with Bassem about his plant-based lifestyle, being yourself and his new podcast REMADE IN AMERICA.   Elsewhere on the show, our wonderful hosts discuss Chinese tariffs, snack shaming by the TSA and PIE~! 
19/07/1846m 7s

Dr. Mark Hyman

Dr. Mark Hyman is the Medical Director at Cleveland Clinic's Center for Functional Medicine, the Founder of The UltraWellness Center, and author of FOOD: WHAT THE HECK SHOULD I EAT? Join Matt and Michelle as they chat with the good doctor about common food misconceptions, finding the middle ground between going paleo and going vegan and the dangers of soda.   Also, our plant warriors are here this week to get you up on monopolies, cowboy ticks and bogus hiring practices.
12/07/1842m 35s

Chef Todd Richards

Join Matt and Michelle as they welcome Chef Todd Richards as they discuss his new cookbook, SOUL: A CHEF'S CULINARY EVOLUTION IN 150 RECIPES, as well as the continued proliferation of soul food into modern cooking and the influence of music and family in his work.   Also, our plant-based duo are focusing this week on exercising, cauliflower smoothies, America doing GREAT at things and why "smart" homes are freaking us out.
05/07/1838m 27s

Melissa Coleman

Also known as the "Faux Martha," author, designer and baker Melissa Coleman joins the podcast this week to discuss her book THE MINIMALIST KITCHEN, meditation through cooking and her secrets for kitchen organization.   Matt and Michelle got you covered as well, discussing video game addiction, kids going vegan/vegetarian and strip club currency.
28/06/1850m 10s

Christopher Quinn

Director Christopher Quinn joins Matt & Michelle this week to talk about his new film EATING ANIMALS, the USDA and the beginning of the end of factory farming.   Also, Matt and Michelle are all about old-school cereals, regrettable fast food choices and MC Hammer this week....join us!
21/06/1846m 45s


Henry and Ian from BOSH stop by the studio to discuss their new plant-based cookbook, overhyped ingredients and Jamie Oliver.   Also, Matt and Michelle put over Vermont as the new place to be and pay tribute to the late great Anthony Bourdain.
14/06/1846m 30s

Hannah Hart

YouTube star Hannah Hart makes her way to the podcast to talk about creating your culinary to-do list, going on food texture journeys and cooking pasta properly.   Also, Matt and Michelle explore the latest in wine technology and discuss the McDonald's foray into vegan cuisine.
07/06/1851m 39s

Fortune Feimster

Comedian Fortune Feimster is on the show this week to talk about her new film SOCIAL ANIMALS, encounters with Will Ferrell in a sandwich shop, North Carolina cuisine and the secret to great sweet tea (hint: its A LOT of sugar)
31/05/1843m 44s

Barbara & Nicole Boxer

Retired California State Senator and Congresswoman Barbara Boxer along with her daughter, film producer Nicole Boxer, join Matt & Michelle in studio for a deep dive into political comebacks, food culture in California and the necessity for young voters to take action.
24/05/181h 6m

Wicked Healthy with Chad & Derek Sarno

Chefs Chad and Derek Sarno (THE WICKED HEALTHY COOKBOOK) are on the podcast this week to give tips for beginner cooks, talk about their work with grocery markets in the UK as well as how to make some awesome meatless barbecue.   Also, Matt and Michelle dig in to the potential of sky a sky Uber (SKUBER?) as well as a new app that is making sure food doesn't go to waste. 
17/05/1846m 31s

Dr. Michael Greger

Dr. Michael Greger (HOW TO NOT DIE) joins Matt and Michelle to share some super-helpful nutrition tips, how to manage your day-to-day diet, eliminating trans fats, having a healthy liver and most of all, NOT DIE!   Also in this episode, Matt and Michelle look at Amazon's new car trunk delivery system and the potential for sending soil to Mars.
10/05/1829m 18s

Nico Santos

Comedian Nico Santos (SUPERSTORE, CRAZY RICH ASIANS) joins BM in studio this week to talk about retail store uniforms, returning home to the Philippines, Asian food and getting fit.   Also in this episode, Matt and Michelle predict some politics and break down some ill-advised marketing strategies from Postmates.
03/05/1841m 46s

Nelufar Hedayat and Tara Jensen

Its a double helping of guests this week as journalist Nelufar Hedayat joins the podcast to discuss her eight-part docuseries FOOD EXPOSED currently airing on Fusion.   Later in the show, baker and author Tara Jensen comes aboard to talk about her book A BAKER'S YEAR and provide her thoughts on the best avocado toast.   Also, Matt and Michelle take a look at food waste and superstar chef Gordon Ramsey going plant-based!
26/04/1852m 37s

Ben Schultz from MedMen

On this week's show, Ben Schultz from stops by the podcast to talk cannabis in California including the societal benefits of legalization, the health benefits of marijuana and all the different products available for cannabis consumption.   Also, Matt and Michelle discuss the recent Facebook Senate hearings as well as the introduction of a hybrid mayonnaise/ketchup condiment.
19/04/1849m 23s

David Gelb

Filmmaker David Gelb (JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI, Netflix's CHEF'S TABLE) joins Matt and Michelle this week to discuss his impetus towards creating food documentaries and his favorite junk food.   Also, our hosts bring you into the world of the raindrop cake.
12/04/1851m 16s

Kathryn Budig

Internationally celebrated yoga teacher and author Kathryn Budig (AIM TRUE, joins Matt and Michelle this week to share celebrity crushes, tackle overhyped foods and ketosis diets as well as yoga thirst posts. Check out Kathryn's podcast ESPNW's FREE COOKIES on Apple Podcasts.   Also, to start the show, Matt and Michelle take a look at school lunch shaming, Drake the Vegetarian and break room lunch tossers!
05/04/1847m 57s

Rachel DeMita

Model, vlogger and host of NBA 2KTV, Rachel DeMita, joins the podcast this week to talk about her vegan lifestyle that is filled with oatmeal disasters and overall just feeling better. Plus, Rachel and Michelle share cat stories and everyone picks their favorite baby animal.   Also, Matt and Michelle give you the lowdown on high fructose cows, pickle juice slushees and introduce Fast Food For Thought where YOU THE LISTENER get to participate!
29/03/1838m 5s

Laila Ali

Entrepreneur, lifestyle expert and cooking enthusiast Laila Ali stops by the podcast to share her culinary influences for cookbook FOOD FOR LIFE: DELICIOUS & HEALTHY COMFORT FOOD FROM MY TABLE TO YOURS! Learn about Laila's affinity for sweet potatoes, fine tuning your body through cooking and having confidence in the kitchen.   Also, Matt and Michelle discuss the big kerfuffle ongoing between cauliflower and BIG RICE!
22/03/1835m 57s

Chef Jet Tila

TV personality and IRON CHEF AMERICA alumni Chef Jet Tila joins the show this week to talk about the perils of TV cooking, his Kung Fu approach in the kitchen, culinary projects with his wife and the journey of writing his book, 101 ASIAN DISHES YOU NEED TO COOK BEFORE YOU DIE.   Also, Matt and Michelle cover the campaign to end homelessness in LA, Costco's doomsday preparation kit and the cowboy mafia.
15/03/1847m 49s

Carrie Keagan

Celebrity interviewer extraordinaire Carrie Keagan (VH1, UP CLOSE WITH CARRIE KEAGAN) stops by this week to dish about trying to eat vegan everywhere, gross shopping mishaps and getting celebrities to swear.   Matt and Michelle also discuss the proposed "harvest boxes" and how it will effect food stamps and the SNAP Program.
08/03/1846m 41s

The Gangsta Gardner, Ron Finley

Artist, fashion designer and urban gardening advocate Ron Finley aka "The Gangsta Gardner" joins the show this week to discuss the lack of healthy food options in underserved communities, the international impact of his guerrilla gardening philosophy and why Mother Nature is super-gangsta.   Matt and Michelle also delve deeper into the existence of "food deserts" in the United States and why you should be informed.
08/03/1851m 59s

Chef Daniel Holzman

Join Matt and Michelle as they discuss the recent Peter Rabbit kerfuffle involving blueberry slingshots as well as Matt's culinary adventures in London and NYC.   Later, chef Daniel Holzman from The Meatball Shop stops by to discuss empowerment through cooking, his Project Foodie app and great garlic bread experiences.
22/02/1833m 25s

Jackie Johnson

Michelle and Matt take a minute to look at the severe drought and water rationing in South Africa and how water consumption is perceived worldwide.   Then, later on, comedian and podcaster Jackie Johnson joins the podcast to talk about the success of her Natch Beaut blog, skin care and leading a vegan lifestyle.
15/02/1841m 34s

Buzzfeed's Nick Guillory

On the inaugural episode of Forked Up, Michelle and Matt discuss the Presidential Diet, which consists little of anything "diet" and will leave you confused.   Later in the show, Nick Guillory from Buzzfeed stops by to talk about creating TASTY videos, Southern cooking and his perfect meal for Mariah Carey.
08/02/1846m 20s
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