Bunker Buddies

Bunker Buddies

By Andie & Ben

Looking for a sign from the universe/spirit guide/a higher power/source energy/muppets to let you know you're on the right track? We're your sign! (Cause we are you & we're all one ;) Together we shall connect & share our findings from our spiritual quest to expand our minds and level up to our Act 3 Character Self AKA Master of Both Worlds (both inner and external.) Let's grow!


Brené Brown - A Call To Courage

Hey Buddies!  Welcome to the arena. The place where you've come to push the boundaries of the world around you with confidence. If you're at a point in your life that you're feeling the criticism of those sitting on the sidelines more than the support of those in there fighting the battle with you, we're here to support you.  We're talking all about Brené Brown's new NETFLIX special, A Call to Courage. If you're in the arena with us reach out. We'd love to hear your story about it. website (bunkerbuddies.org) instagram (bunkerbuddiespodcast) email (hello@bunkerbuddies.org)
13/05/1957m 28s

Graham Hancock and Archeological Dogma

Hey Buddies, This episode we're diving deep into the latest works of Graham Hancock! He's written a new book, America Before: The Key to Earth’s Lost Civilization, and we're diving deep into the world of archeological dogma.  We're talking LiDAR in the amazon, thinking outside the box, and continually exploring new possibilities! Come for the journey along with us! We love all the positive energy coming back from our listeners! Keep it coming!! Write us an iTunes review here! website (bunkerbuddies.org) instagram (bunkerbuddiespodcast) email (hello@bunkerbuddies.org)  
09/05/191h 12m

Melinda Hill tells a SATORI STORI

Yeow!!! We've got something new for you as Melinda Hill (https://www.instagram.com/realmelindahill/) comes to chat right before she records her special this week on May 2nd!! We're big fans of her in Adventure Time and can't believe we got a chance to record our own adventure with her. So come on in and listen to her satori stori about making a sketch video that went viral.  We love all the positive energy coming back from our listeners! Keep it coming!! Write us an iTunes review here! website (bunkerbuddies.org) instagram (bunkerbuddiespodcast) email (hello@bunkerbuddies.org)
26/04/191h 13m

John Hughes MIND ADVENTURE - Smoke Along

Hey Buddies, We're back at you with another MIND ADVENTURE YEEEEOOOOWWWWW!!!! We got some great emails from listeners from our last Mind Adventure so we're sharing another one. This is our fun guided meditation journey that is just there to help you feel better. We've also added queues for enjoying whatever you wanna enjoy while you're on the journey!  Make sure to come over to our site. We're creating posts for each episode that you can share with friends and share your comments all without having to go to Facebook ya! https://bunkerbuddies.org/blog/mindadventuresmokealong We love all the positive energy coming back from our listeners! Keep it coming!! Write us an iTunes review here! website (bunkerbuddies.org) instagram (bunkerbuddiespodcast) email (hello@bunkerbuddies.org)
18/04/1920m 7s

DUALITY a deep dive into the paradoxical

We're talking all things paradoxical baby! This is the episode that lives in the unknown, the fringe, and the cutting edge. In almost every single scientific undertaking there seems to be a land in the far reaches of research the behaves more like an artform than science. We're diving in head first.  Come over to our new website and blog for more DUALITY, a way to converse about the episode, and an easy link to share with your friends! https://bunkerbuddies.org/blog/duality We love all the positive energy coming back from our listeners! Keep it coming!! Write us an iTunes review here! website (bunkerbuddies.org) instagram (bunkerbuddiespodcast) email (hello@bunkerbuddies.org)  
11/04/191h 29m

We go on a MIND ADVENTURE and read some tarot

Hey y'all!  This is a super fun episode for us we're debuting something completely new that we're calling MIND ADVENTURES. It's some guided fantasy meditation for some inner self discovery. We're super excited about this and can't wait to hear what you think.  Come chat about it on our new blog! https://bunkerbuddies.org/blog/tarot-and-mind-adventure We love all the positive energy coming back from our listeners! Keep it coming!! Write us an iTunes review here! website (bunkerbuddies.org) instagram (bunkerbuddiespodcast) email (hello@bunkerbuddies.org)  
04/04/1918m 21s

Phoenix Week Scores a Home Run with Cole Cook

HEY BUDDIES! Here comes another episode straight out of our bunker! We dive into what makes a professional baseball player with Cole Cook(https://www.instagram.com/colefromyourphone/). Instead of physical fitness we're talking mental, and we're all growing along the way! We love all the positive energy coming back from our listeners! Keep it coming!! Write us an iTunes review here! website (bunkerbuddies.org) instagram (bunkerbuddiespodcast) email (hello@bunkerbuddies.org)    
28/03/191h 51m

Phoenix Week Flies with Rachel Wolfson

Yo Buddies! We're doing it again! Another episode coming straight at ya! This time we're with the great Rachel Wolfson (https://www.instagram.com/wolfiecomedy/?hl=en) and we're diving into all the real strategies for learning more about yourself and growing through it!  We're also talking about cannabis a little bit differently to treat it more like coffee/tea as part of a holistic self care practice.  Y'all if you're listening to us and want to send some energy our way leave us a review on iTunes or reach out to us from all the places below! website (bunkerbuddies.org) instagram (bunkerbuddiespodcast) email (hello@bunkerbuddies.org)  
28/03/1952m 30s

Phoenix Week Continues with Monica Smith

Hey Buddies, This is our second episode in 2 days?! Yes, get pumped! We're absolutely loving all the feedback y'all have shared since our 2.0 show so we're sharing a ton of love back at ya. Monica Smith (https://www.instagram.com/missmonikasmith/?hl=en) is on the podcast and we dive into the world of trusting your own gut, because at the end of the day you're the most accurate raconteur of how you feel.  We're on a roll now. Come hop on our vibe! website (bunkerbuddies.org) instagram (bunkerbuddiespodcast) email (hello@bunkerbuddies.org)
27/03/191h 18m

Kicking off Phoenix Week with Maria Timonina

Hey Buddies! We're kicking off our rebirth with Phoenix Week, yeow!!! Get ready y'all! First up is the always fun, lovely, and charming MARIA TIMONINA(https://www.instagram.com/maria_timonina/)!!! She's right on our vibe and you're gonna love her just as much as we do! Just watch this phoenix rise!   Come along for the journey on our: website (bunkerbuddies.org) instagram (bunkerbuddiespodcast) email (hello@bunkerbuddies.org)
25/03/191h 20m

The Bunker Buddies Rebirth

YEOW! We're back baby, emerging from our bunker like a freaking phoenix rising from the ashes! Winter came, we dove deep into ourselves and found new tools of survival for this world or whatever world might come. We've previously given you tips on all the gear you need out there. Now we're focusing on giving you tools for surviving your inner temple/bunker. If you're a donor from MaxFun, shoot over to our website and sign up for our mailing list to stay in our inner circle.  Come along for the journey on our: website (bunkerbuddies.org) instagram (bunkerbuddiespodcast) email (hello@bunkerbuddies.org)  
20/03/1951m 32s

Bunker Buddies 2.0

Hey Buddies! We're back! We've been trapped in the Bunker since we're LIVING IN A REAL APOCALYPSE! Since life is dark enough we're putting a new positive spin on the show. Tackling subjects that are all about how you're going to survive in the Bunker! Same show! New filter!    This Week!  Andie recommends Dr. Daniel Siegel's Book AWARE, "The guide to the groundbreaking meditation practice ", that has some helpful online tools if you wanna try out the meditation here: https://www.drdansiegel.com/resources/wheel_of_awareness/   Call Ins!  We take YOUR calls! If you wanna hear your voice on Bunker Buddies call 701-335-6056 tells us your favorite gear and ask a question or leave a comment!    Buddy in the Bunker! Matt Shah Hikes the Himalayas! Ben sits down with Matt Shaw who recently spent a week hiking the Himalayas. They talk surviving in crazy climates and how managing your water is the difference between life and death.    Contact us! BunkerBuddies@610house@gmail.com  BunkerBuddies.org  Grams @AndieBolt @then_somethingnew   THANK YOU! For your continued support. Especially you MaxFun heads. Wouldn't be able to do this without you! 
25/10/1858m 22s

Call the Buddies while we call out to Dispatch!

Hey y'all! We're back and we've got tons of fun stuff. We talk about the latest in nanoleaf. We get a call in from Rich (@rich133). Then we call out to Dispatch out in the NE Wilderness (@n_e_wilderness).   We wanna hear from y'all! Call us with your name, favorite gear, and a question for the buddies. (701) 335-6056   Website https://bunkerbuddies.org    Email hello@bunkerbuddies.org    Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/bunkerbuddiespodcast/ 
06/09/1840m 54s

Umbrellas up! We're talking about The Rain on NETFLIX

Y'all we told you this was coming last episode and it happened. We're deep diving into the world of The Rain on NETFLIX. This is a spoiler heavy convo, so put on you galoshes and let's wade out into this apocalypse together.   We also just finished our website! GO NOW https://bunkerbuddies.org Sign up for the newsletter. Then check on back for more!   Website https://bunkerbuddies.org    Email hello@bunkerbuddies.org    Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/bunkerbuddiespodcast/ 
21/06/1850m 7s

Ben's Buddy Nick is in the Bunker!

Y’all we got so many updates! Andie got a new gig. Ben made friends in the dirt. We watched Cargo on NETFLIX. We’ve been busy…   This week’s Buddy in the Bunker is Nick McCay (https://twitter.com/@nmccay) . He’s one of Ben’s childhood friends and he comes on board to talk Nuclear Apocalypse, LA survival plans, and general shenanigans.  To keep up with everything this dude is keeping up with in the world check out his personal blog! https://medium.com/@NicholasRMcCay   If y'all want a dope logo like ours hit up our friend Matt Taylor!  https://www.instagram.com/matthewwtaylor/    Get ready!  Next Episode we’re breaking down The Rain so catchup ahead of time on NETFLIX   Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/bunkerbuddiespodcast/    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bunkerbuddiesshow/    Webstore https://society6.com/bunkerbuddies   
14/06/1852m 29s

Mini survival kits w/ Dawn Armstrong

Hey y'all!  This week we've got a short update brought to you on the field in the back corners of the Virgin Hyperloop One office with Dawn Armstrong. Ben and Dawn often chat about the apocalypse over lunch so this week we're talking about her Altoids survival tins.    Check out the pics on our Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/bunkerbuddiespodcast/    This week's episode is short while Andie & Ben are continuing to work on some podcast updates. For a sneak peak of what's to come, look out for the logo updates on our Facebook & Instagram.  
23/05/1820m 24s

Surviving Last of Us with Lead Game Designer Richard!

Hey buddies! This week we’re getting an inside look at the world of Last of Us with Lead Game Designer from Naughty Dog, Richard Cambier. There be Last of Us SPOILERS in this episode, but y’all should have already played it already! We talk about what it takes to create these immersive worlds and the stories that drive them. Ever wondered why you HAVE to kill all the doctors in the room to save Ellie at the end?! We get the answers to that question and even find out how clowns go about the world figuring their way out of fun situations! For more pics and videos check out our instagram! @bunkerbuddiespodcast Follow us! @AndieBolt @Ezalis  Email us! BunkerBuddies@610house.com
26/04/181h 38m

Can I Pet Your Naughty Dog, Tony Robbins?! W/ Meghan Parks, Renee Colvert & Richard Cambier

It's the MaxFun Drive and we're going big! We open a MAILBAG with guest Meghan Parks, who is struggling to survive a studio apt with her fiance' meanwhile returning to the podcast is the lovely co-host of CAN I PET YOUR DOG? Renee Covert! We talk about how she was raised to survive on the optimism from Tony Robins tapes as a child while Richard Cambier pops in to give us a little tease of our next episode where we take a long walk down the road of creating the apocalyptic world in "LAST OF US"!    THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!! THIS IS CAPS BECAUSE WE WANT YOU TO KNOW IT'S GENUINE!  If you haven't already go become a new or upgrading member!  Maximumfun.org/donate 
12/04/181h 43m

Cults & Tasty Cockroaches Be Trending, Yo! & W/ Lindsay Ames!

Comedian/Chef Lindsay Ames guests as we dive into why a diary is a great tool to maintain sanity in the apocalypse while Lindsay brings the goods with her very thoughtful "End of Days" themed dishes. Spoiler alert: She really puts the MEN in Menu.  Ben catches us up on what's going down with the Cult on FarCry5 meanwhile Andie brings the Cult Clues. Clues you should be aware of especially if you think you might be in a cult! (If you think so please email us at BunkerBuddies@610house.com) And It's the MAXFUN DRIVE! Yeow! Become a new or upgrading member now! You get to support our show directly, AND you get cool and exclusive gifts! What's not to love!    Don't wait, you'll forget. Go support now! www.maximumfun.org/donate    Follow and Contact us! Instagram @BunkerBuddiesPodcast @Ezalis @AndieBolt    Follow Lindsay! @Nomealwasted @mydiaryshowla   Rate us on ITUNES!  We love you! #HopeandCheesecake 
05/04/181h 37m


Hey Buddies! This week we're traveling out to Hope County Montana in the fictional world of Far Cry 5 were a crazy cult leader is up to no good. We're gonna scour this videogame for everything apocalypticism, prepper, fishing and pickles. Shout out to Witt!    Check out our instagram www.instagram.com/bunkerbuddiespodcast    The Maxfun drive starts April 2nd! This is the best time to support the show! We'll be offering gifts for new and upgrading members! Don't miss it!   Follow us! @AndieBolt @Ezalis   Email us! BunkerBuddies@610house.com   #HopeandCheesecake 
29/03/1847m 11s

Rescuing Raptors In Mammoth!

Hey Buddies! This week we travel up north to Mammoth Mountain on a quest for off roading adventures. We run into all kinds of fun folks including one stuck in the snow who needs Ben's wench!    See pics and videos all about it on our gram!  www.instagram.com/bunkerbuddiespodcast   The Maxfun drive starts April 2nd! This is the best time to support the show! We'll be offering gifts for new and upgrading members! Don't miss it!     Follow us! @AndieBolt @Ezalis   Email us! BunkerBuddies@610house.com   #HopeandCheesecake
22/03/1854m 0s


Heather Brooker returns from the popular mommy podcast, MOTHERHOOD IN HOLLYWOOD we talk about Bunker cocaine as a bargaining tool, why 50 shades should be in your hide out (spoiler alert, it's masturbation) and MORE!    Follow us on FACEBOOK, find us on Instagram @AndieBolt @Ezalis and head over to www.MotherhoodinHolywood.com for more good stuff from Heather!    Also go follow HER BROTHERHOOD on facebook and instagram. A new podcast supporting the women who are gonna save our asses when the shit hits!    Please rate us on iTunes and tell your frands! #HopeandCheesecake 
16/03/181h 9m

Farming the Sun on a Nuclear Winter!

Solar Engineer Lee Barats is BACK in the bunker to talk about the new Trump solar tariffs. We dive into the mailbag and talk surviving EDC. @Ezails brings us up to date on all things Virgin Hyperloop One and we of course Snowpiercer comes up. Not just cause we're obsessed with it and talk about it every episode but it's a TV show now!    Go buy this book for your bunker! It's not only dope but they support this show you're in love with! How cool is that? QUESTIONS FOR DEEP THINKERS:  https://www.amazon.com/Questions-Deep-Thinkers-Challenging-Probably/dp/1507207123   Follow us! @andiebolt @ezalis @travisandandie Search Bunker Buddies on Facebook.    Email us! TravisandAndie@gmail.com    Hope and cheesecake mother fuckers! 
02/03/181h 16m

Her Brotherhood w/ Battalion Chief Abby Bolt

Abby Bolt is back to let us know what's going on with all these wildfires as well as tell us about her new podcast that celebrates the women on the line who are gonna save our asses when the shit hits the fan aka women of Fire, Military and Police will share their stories to inspire all! Check it out! Go follow them NOW! HerBrotherhood.com    We're bringin' back the "segmented show" with a lighting wall decoration to cheer up our Bunker https://nanoleaf.me/en/   And we answer a mailbag, "what would you do in an apocalypse where if you sleep you'll die?"    Follow us on Facebook and twitter @travisandandie work with us travisandandie@gmail.com
15/02/181h 18m

Rocky Roads & Dirt Shenanigans! Bunker Buddies Go Off Roading!

Pack up your bug out vehicle and load up your dual sport cause these apocalypse aficionados are going OFF ROAD BABY! Andie Bolt and Ben Ellis take his 2004 Land Rover out in the Hungry Valley State Vehicle Recreation park to test out their zombie escape skills. With some other off roading buddies in tow they go over lots of tips and how to's when it comes to taking your vehicle off road! It's very red neck and very fun. Grab your koozie and a cold one. Sit back and enjoy! Well not if you're driving.. well if you're driving make the "cold one" like.. a La Croix or something!    Follow us on Twitter @travisandandie   For pics video and more search BUNKER BUDDIES on facebook or go here:  https://www.facebook.com/bunkerbuddiesshow/   Follow Andie on Instagram for more videos, when to catch us live and more @AndieBolt   To check out the park yourself go here http://ohv.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=1192    Hope and Cheesecake. Stay safe out there!
09/02/1848m 12s

The Jetsons Technology w/ Ashley Esqueda!

The hilarious Ashley Esqueda (Nerdist Alpha, Senior Editor CNET) joins us this week to talk about her passion of future technology and specifically how it pertains to The Jetsons! Ashley met our co-host Ben Ellis at CES so we talk about the disaster that is Foldimate both in The Jestsons and IRL. What's happening down on planet earth while rich white families like the Jetsons eat their fancy pills for dinner and call pushing one button a job? Is it Demolition man down there? Who knows! But we have a super fun awesome time with our new BFF who we almost didn't let leave The 6-10 House. Follow @AshleyEsqueda  on Twitter and here is the recap video for The Jetson's we refer to  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oDaHRbIDH8 Email us travisandandie@gmail.com tweet @andiebolt @travisandandie and follow Ben Ellis for cool car and street art stuff on instagram @ezalis

The Survival Lifestyle Of Liberia’s Oprah W/ Archel Bernard!!

Oprah, Archel Bernard aka @shopbombchel (follow her on insta.) Archel is a smart, powerful, entrepreneur who empowers women with her ethical African fashion company that helps women who are victims of assault, rape, and Ebola by giving them skills, jobs and sometimes even their education. This dope AF queen is living a life off the grid where she has to source her own power and water all while helping to change the world! The girl has Survival stories out the yin yang and shares the tips and know how. She’s had an up close and personal look at Ebola, has survived a war torn country that is just about to have its first peaceful transfer of power! Woo! In this episode we celebrate the spirit of Liberia. A spirit of absolute joy, strength and hope. So pour yourself a mimosa, sit back and enjoy cause this one is a LONG one. We love this gal and you will too. #hopeandcheesecake Check out and support Archel’s shop online: https://www.shopbombchel.com/   Contact us on Twitter @travisandandie or email travisandandie@gmail.com  Follow guest co host Ben Ellis on insta especially if you’re into cars in the outdoors @ezalis
27/01/181h 46m

CES Guide to the Apocalypse w/ Ben Ellis

Hyperloop One's Ben Ellis (@ezailis on insta) is here to give us a rundown of all the useful tech for preppers that were premiered at CES 2018! This is a tight episode since last week  was a great long catch up with Travis! Here are the links to all the tech we talk about in this episode! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and Rate us on iTunes! See You Next Thursday!  https://www.theverge.com/ces/2018/1/11/16879452/mitipi-kevin-speaker-burglary-protection https://www.engadget.com/2018/01/13/the-tvs-that-mattered-at-ces/ https://www.engadget.com/2018/01/12/sleep-tech-ces-2018/ https://www.engadget.com/2018/01/08/new-sony-aibo-first-impressions/ https://www.engadget.com/2018/01/07/l-oreal-and-john-rogers-built-a-thumbnail-sized-uv-sensor/ https://www.geekwire.com/2018/hey-google-come-back-later-search-giants-ces-booth-unveiling-washed-due-heavy-rain/ https://www.theverge.com/2018/1/10/16875192/ces-2018-blackout-power-outage  
18/01/1829m 21s

Travis McElroy Returns! Huzzah! w/ Renee Colvert!

Classic Travis is back! With lots to update us on! We talk surviving the first year of being a father, a first time home owner, then Travis and Andie get real about mental health! TW suicide and depression and the apocalypse. Travis gives some handy daddy and building your own mantel tips. The our BUDDY IN THE BUNKER is special guest RENEE COLVERT from another MaxFun smash hit, CAN I PET YOUR DOG?! She's got Tug updates! This is a special holiday encompassign episode just for you guys! Rate us on iTunes! Subscribe! And tell your friends about us! It just might save someone from losing a fight to a zombie... #HopeAndCheesecake! Love you All! @TravisAndAndie on twitter! Search Bunker Buddies on FACEBOOK and come play with us! BYYYEEE!
11/01/181h 53m

MAILBAG! W/ Mamma Bolt

Ben and Andie have Mamma Bolt in town to help answer some of your Mailbags! We answer questions, share some great suggestions like best place to buy zombie tools! Which is ZombieTools.net obviously. An industrial band named The Strand has Apocalypse themed jams, www.strandland.com/wp/ . Another listener recommends a great place to find Bump Keys for all you lock pickers https://www.hunker.com/13419099/how-to-make-a-bump-key . Alan from San Diego's @WittsPickles gets a shout out and suggests pickles as a great food storage must have, then Momma Bolt and I have an a mild argument... It's the holidays at it's best Enjoy! 
04/01/181h 25m

Surviving Holiday Parties! w/ Jason Rhee!

Jason Rhee is back from Rheefined Company to give us tips to survive the Holiday parties and tips to throw one in the apocalypse! Due to some slight miscommunication this episode goes flying off the rails. Resident bug out vehicle expert Ben Ellis is back to play co-host and the three of us had an absolute blast recording this so I hope you do too! Despite this episode you should use http://www.rheefined.com/ for all your event planning needs!    Be sure to rate and subscribe on iTunes! Makes a big difference! https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/bunker-buddies-with-andie-and-travis/id947194144?mt=2   #HopeandCheesecake Stay safe out there! 
07/12/1755m 37s

Shelves that hide guns and other gifts on Andie's Favorite Things w/ Ali Spagnola & Ben Ellis!

The annual holiday gift guide is here! To help me rate and review these gifts I brought back Bunker Buddies recurring guests Ali Spagnola and Ben Ellis. We do a deep dive into the many gifts I scoured the internet to find, prepper, survival, apocalypse fans, zombie aficionados and more!    To see the gifts we talk about check out my PINTEREST page www.pinterest.com/BunkerBuds/ or go search Bunker Buddies on Facebook.    Follow us @TravisandAndie on Twitter and don't forget to rate and subscribe on itunes!    Happy Holidays! 
27/11/171h 3m


Ben Ellis, software genius and bug out vehicle expert is back to talk about his new job developing technology for VIRGIN HYPERLOOP ONE the super train that's going to change the way the world works. Ben has left Land Rover/Jaguar since the last time we talked with him and is working on surviving Los Angeles. He, of course, immediately joined a local off roading club where a guy flipped his Jeep... Twice. Lots of vehicle and tech jargon! You're gonna love it!   Search us on Facebook! Follow Ben on Instagram @ezalis for vehicles and tech sturf. Be sure to rate and subscribe on iTunes. Share with your friends! Help them survive the apocalypse with you! @TravisandAndie on twitter @AndieBolt on instagram!
17/11/171h 24m

Plague of Farts w/ Mamma Bolt!

Walking Dead Season 8 hot takes, the Black Plague hits Madagascar, we've got some survival tips on what to do if you're in a public shooting and a who lotta fart talk. It's an all new jam packed episode! Hey Buddies! Sorry about the delays we've been moving and under the weather and blah blah who cares! Here's the latest from Mamma Bolt! This episode stays on track but goes off the rails at the same time! Check out the links to our topics on our Facebook Page :https://www.facebook.com/bunkerbuddiesshow/  and follow us on twitter! http://bit.ly/2iS4yYX   Thanks so much for listening! Stay safe out there and don't forget your hope and cheesecake. - Andie
13/11/1755m 38s

Ya Killin' Me! w/ Jason Saenz!

Co-Created and star of Comedy Central's latest hit web series "Ya Killin' Me" Jason Saenz is here to talk all kinds of disgustingly scary shit! We take a deep dive into the flesh eating disease coming out of the hurricane Harvey Floodwaters. How is genetic modification going to effect the apocalypse and Jason tells me how in the book "I am Legend" he's actually escaping from vampires not zombies! WUT!? All kinds of good stuff. Give it a listen. Rate! Subscribe! Tell your friends! And go watch Jason's series http://www.cc.com/shows/ya-killin-me and tell him if you like it on Twitter! Love you guys!
26/10/171h 17m

Caviar In a GoBag! W/ Daniel Dominguez!

So excited to have the cartoon brain of Dan Dominguez on the show! He's written for Big Hero 6 TV Show, Spongebob Squarepants, and so much more! He's a full liberal guys so go easy on him. We talk a go bag you can buy for $5,000 that has  caviar! Why Zombie Aids is the worst aids. And so much more. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter! Subscribe! Review! Survive the Apocalypse! #HopeandCheesecake 
12/10/171h 18m

Emotional Survival w/ Meghan Parks!

Buddies! What's happening in this world!? Floods, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Shootings, Fires! We're living in our own apocalypse and I'm so excited to have as our guest Meghan Parks! She's an empath, and artist, singer, comedian, and we take a real honest deep dive into our emotional state with the world as it is. How we are coping as well as some info on Puerto Rico if you wanna donate money. Thanks for hanging in there with us! Rate! Subscribe! Find us on Twitter and Facebook! Stay safe out there. Hope and Cheesecake! 
05/10/171h 3m

Canadian Kindness + Renee Colvert Love Fest w/ Amanda Brooke Perrin!

Excited to share this super fun episode with you! Was lucky enough to sit down with the hilarious and oh so kind Canadian, Amanda Brooke Perrin. We discuss DOOMSDAY MAGAZINE, how everyone needs a Renee Colvert in their APOCALYPSE SURVIVAL TRIBE and I break it to Amanda that her kindess has lead her to be douped by a shady oven-salesman. Stories from the time I slept on the couch of drug dealers and worked as a tour guide. We go off the rails then back on again! Climb onboard this weird ride! Easily one of my favorite episodes. Enjoy! Write to us at travisandandie@gmail.com find us on Facebook. Please rate and subscribe! It makes a huge difference. Thanks! -Andie
21/09/171h 9m

How to Raid a Grocery Store! / Mamma Bolt Returns!

Hello buddies! Momma Bolt aka Terry Bolt is back on the show this week as we take a deep dive into how to raid a grocery store when Shit Hits The Fan. Lately it's like we are living in an apocalypse so we're here to help you get your game plan together! We also talk about Solar Flares and their ability to cause an EMP, how to defend tech in a jam, and rig your own cage! Send us any and all thoughts to travisandandie@gmail.com follow me on insta and twitter @andiebolt rate and subscribe on itunes! Thanks for your continued support! New episodes every Thursday!
14/09/1743m 15s

Passed out on Kilimanjaro w/ Assem Tiwari!

This week we've got actor, writer, producer and mountain climber Aseem Tiwari! He gives insight to hiking huge mountains and surviving edema of the brain. We also dive into how to prepare for Hurricane Irma! Stay safe out there! Follow us on twitter for updates @TravisAndAndie Love you guys. Hope and Cheesecake!
07/09/171h 10m

Bug Bafflers w/ Zach Reino!

Buddies what a rough week, our hearts go out to Texas. This episode we will discuss the flooding disaster, how you can donate to help as well as protect yourself from the mosquitos that are on the way. Our hilarious and super talented guest Zach Reino is here! We'll hear all about how his cats are coming with him in the apocalypse. Please, no judging. Follow us on Twitter @TravisAndAndie on search Bunker Buddies on Facebook where I posted all the links we mention! Don't forget to subscribe, rate and review. Thanks so much for your continued support. Stay Safe out there. Hope and Cheesecake. 
01/09/1753m 54s

Ali Spagnola Returns! W/ Ketosis, Soylent & Dream Bunkers!

The Spags is back! Ali Spagnola, a favorite guest in the bunker, returns to discuss her latest fitness experiments that include tracking her body fat, intermittent fasting and she starts an instagram to document the fact that she eats the exact same breakfast everyday. Diva cup gets another shout out. It's Ali! She's always a great time so this is gonna be a fun episode! Rate! Subscribe! Tell your friends! And most importantly Stay Safe out there! #hopeandcheesecake
24/08/1744m 54s

Unicorns VS Dragons w/ Ben Acker

It's been a crazy fuckin' week. We are all surviving and coping in our own way! We talk, we ramble, what's a better bug out vehicle? A dragon or a unicorn? We answer some mailbags and do a bunch of shitty impressions. Stay safe out there guys. You're not alone! Hope & Cheesecake! 
17/08/1756m 5s

Bonkers Town USA Population Oh Fu*k North Korea! / Mailbag / LAPD Drones / Go Bag Essentials!

Buddies, what a week huh? While we work on getting you the best Nuclear Attack defense info I take some time to answer some way overdue mailbags! While also chatting about the LAPD Drones initiative, what do you guys think? And since this seems like an excellent time for it the back half of the episode is a revisit of what should go in your go bag because seems like we could all use a refresher! Share this with your friends, find us on FB, Rate us on iTunes and for God's Sake stay safe out there! Go to Trader Joes and get some cheesecake. Love you guys. We're all in this together. #HopeAndCheeseCake
10/08/171h 7m

Bunker Buddies the Dating App w/ Tim McGovern!

Hello Buddies! This week we have the very hilarious Tim McGovern on to talk about dating in the apocalypse! Turns out "Bunker Buddies" is a great name for a post apocalyptic dating app, if we do say so ourselves. I found a Boy Scout Handbook from 1948' and the Hellen Hunt classic Twister gets a much deserved shout out. I think you'll enjoy this fast paced episode! Rate on iTunes! Subscribe! Tell your friends! Thanks again for all your continued support! Wouldn't be anything without you. Love you guys! #HopeandCheescake
03/08/1757m 15s

Buggin' Out w/ Ben Ellis

Hey Buddies! This week is ALL BUG OUT VEHICLE talk! With special guest expert Ben Ellis @Ezalis on the gram. He's a software development lead for Jaguar/Land Rover (not a sponsor) and more importantly a big ol' nerd for cars. He's got great tips for how to get your truck outta jams and so much great info I mainly just do a lot of listening. I think you're really gonna dig it! Go follow his instagram! Follow my instagram! @AndieBolt and Rate and Subscribe on iTunes! New Episodes every THURSDAY! Tell your friends! It's not if but when! Love you guys! Stay safe. #HopeandCheescake! See you next week!   
27/07/1751m 21s

Druids in the Apocalypse w/ Amy Vorpahl!

There's a weed you should be eating and I read some mailbags. Also Amy Vorpahl is back! We talk which D&D character would be best in the apocalypse. Amy is playing music at Conival at this week's San Diego Comic Con. Follow us on twitter for all the deets!! @TravisandAndie Thanks for your continued support and spread the word we are moving to Thursdays! Hope and Cheesecake! 
20/07/1744m 41s

Rebranding the Apocalypse w/ HeyShenee!

Hey Buddies! This week we've got special brand marketing expert / apocalypse junkie Shenee Howard from www.heyshenee.com. Does the apocalypse have a brand problem? How do you even go about fixing the end of the world's image? Who is the best spokesperson for the rebrand? I'll give you a hint... you get a zombie! And YOU get a zombie! Everyone's getting zombies!!!!! 
29/06/1750m 33s

Dangle Some Hope w/ TJ Chambers!

Buddies thank you for your patience. This episode was supposed to come out last week but ended up dealing with lots of issues with survival of my own. Had to step away and take care of family but we're coming back strong! With this hysterical guest TJ Chambers. We talk TJ's nightmare apocalypse situation, more recommending reading, 7 improvised defense weapons that could save your life! This is a super fun one you don't wanna miss! Love you guys! Thanks for all the healing thoughts and prayers!  Be sure to follow us on twitter @TravisAndAndie email us TravisAndAndie@gmail.com
22/06/171h 1m

Live From Dad's Back Surgery! w/ Mamma Bolt

Coming at you super fatigued and run down from Cedar's Sinai Dope AF Medical Center it's Andie and Terry Bolt! (Bwahh Bwahh-DJ Airhorn) Dad has an extreme back surgery today so we recorded this weird episode from his room at Cedars. Shout out to all the amazing peeps fighting my Mom's cancer and fixing my Dad's Back! This episode we talk CheaperThanDirt.com 's gas masks and other products. We open the mailbag and find Jackson Pollock painting, 23 and Me and the health care system hypotheticals and more! So much more! Be in our group on Facebook, follow us on twitter. Worship us at the end of days. Love you guys. Thanks for all the well wishes! Hope and Cheesecake! 
07/06/1744m 14s

GAY-POCALYPSE! w/ Kit Williamson

The amazing actor/writer/director/MFA survivor Kit Williamson is on to tell you all about his Kickstarter for season 3 of EASTSIDERS go check it out now! This episode we talk a little bit of everything. Cults, blending in as straight, blending in as gay. Find out the varying degrees of gay by a scale of how many vagina's you've touched. Dick Latte Art gets another shout out, and Kit makes an interesting selection for his Bunker entertainment. This episode is all about showing you another perspective just like the show Eastsiders does so go be apart of that series now! http://bit.ly/eastsiders3   Follow us on twitter @TravisandAndie and email us TravisandAndie@gmail.com Thanks for listening. Couldn't and wouldn't wanna do this without you guys. Hope and Cheesecake.  
01/06/1754m 18s

"We're not taking the cat!"/ Biz Ellis & Theresa Thorn from "One Bad Mother"

Hey Buddies! This week we have the amazing hosts from ONE BAD OTHER another dope MaxFun podcast (be sure to go subscribe to them right now). We talk about Alien Covenant, The Fog, being a Mom in the Apocalypse how Biz's cats will absolutely die in the apocalypse AND their new book! This episode was absolutely so much fun to record. I'm excited of you to have as much fun as I did! Hope and Cheesecake my buddies! Follow us: @travisandandie @AndieBolt
24/05/171h 10m

Handmaid's Tale w/ Brea Grant and Monika Smith!

You asked for it and now you got it! A whole bunch of women talking about the dystopian future portrayed in Handmaid's Tale! Now out on Hulu. Brea Grant is more knowledgable about the book while Monika and I have just binged the show. This episode has lots of cursing, talk of abuse and rape so TIGGER WARNING! Go check out the show if you haven't seen it, it's now out on Hulu. Would love to hear your thoughts on this show and this episode. Yes! Even you boys! Especially you since I didn't have a male in this episode. @TravisandAndie on Twitter, @AndieBolt on Instagram. Write to us TravisAndAndie@gmail.com Sorry about this episode getting super dark... But we are living in dark times! Hope & Cheesecake! Love you all! 
17/05/171h 6m

He's Got A Gun! w/ Kevin Brueck!!

Welcome back buddies! Forgive us for the late episode this week but I think you're gonna dig this one! We have the oh so talented @KevinBrueck on to talk about 10 Cloverfield Lane, apocalypse skills for entertainment purposes... We get Kevin in our Bunker for a Buddy interview! And he is officially the only human, who's not a cop, I know in LA who owns a gun. He's an actor with a gun yawl! Will it get controversial?! IDK! We usually avoid guns cause the world got so serious but this episode we get into it! It's the apocalypse! Lets do it! Send thoughts to travisandandie@gmail.com tweet at us @TravisAndAndie   
11/05/1758m 50s

Mailbag! (pt.7)

Hey Buddies! Good to see you again. Did you lose weight? You sure? Cause you look AMAZING! Many of you have sent me some awesome emails cause you yourselves are experts! I read tips sent in by YOU like where is the best place to hide your house key? How to use your microwave as a make shift faraday, and a recommendation for an 80's movie called "Ice Pirates". And for the ladies I discuss WOMEN IN THE OUTDOORS link here http://nwtfcentralcoast.org/committees/central-coast-women-in-the-outdoors/ it's a women's only camping event where you take classes to learn cool survival skills! Also, this is really important, what do you want to see on the Bunker Buddies T-shirt? Get at me bro! @AndieBolt on Insta @TravisandAndie on Twitter email TravisAndAndie@gmail.com Thanks for your continued support! Stay safe out there friends! 
03/05/1740m 5s

It's Jedi! Not Jedis! W/ Ben Acker!

This week on Bunker Buddies! The AMAZING Ben Acker is on the show as our co host! Hang on to your hats for this one cause we go all over the place! Format can take a hike!  We find our if Ben learned anything that might help him in the apocalypse by writing a Star Wars book and that Ben is 100% a 6'6" Beta which seems like an oxymoron. Go check out Thriling Adventure Hour http://thrillingadventurehour.com/  a podcast/show Ben created and buy his new book on Amazon here! https://www.amazon.com/Star-Wars-Join-Resistance-Book/dp/1484704843 Email me some 'would you rather's or topics and gear you think we need to discuss TravisAndAndie@gmail.com Follow me on twitter @AndieBolt thanks for all your continued support! Stay Safe Out There, Hope and Cheesecake.   
26/04/1751m 18s

Walker Stalker Con! W/ Mama Bolt!

This week on Bunker Buddies! We open the MAILBAG and talk WALKER STALKER CON which includes Terry Bolt totally slipping some TWD spoilers. A dude dies from pancakes?! I try out my best Nicolas Cage Impression, a listener writes in about free downloads of library books by getting a LA Public Library e-card here  http://www.lapl.org/about-lapl/contact-us/e-card/e-card-registration  Mom brings a catch all prepper book "Back to Basics a complete guide to traditional skills" you can buy it here (we are not sponsored, just sharing) http://www.mypatriotsupply.com/Back_To_Basics_p/zb_b2basics.htm?Click=289615&gclid=Cj0KEQjw8tbHBRC6rLS024qYjtEBEiQA7wIDec7tVIfJJIUba5zVIMT3iVcr6Jb84gqsLrus1n8BhwwaAgqk8P8HAQ.  We review a gift to Andie from Travis, a deck of "Urban Survival Cards" which you can get here: http://urbansurvivalplayingcards.com/. I get into how personally I think Waze is possibly going to be Vader in our Robot Apocalypse. Mama Bolt talks optimism and jokes and how they've helped with her fight with cancer (NET Tumors #Awareness). Andie rambles on cause cancer talk makes her uncomfortable, (so go easy on me when I'm long winded, please and thank you). And lastly here is the fake squirrel news article https://worldnewsdailyreport.com/woman-arrested-for-training-squirrels-to-attack-her-ex-boyfriend/. #StaySafeOutThere #HopeAndCheesecake #DontDie Love you all. Thank you so much for listening and we'll be here next week! 
19/04/1749m 19s

Radiation Tablets w/ Mama Bolt

This week we've got  a very special guest who is an advanced prepper, syfy nerd, writer, cultural anthropologist, Warcraft gamer, and most importantly, Andie's Mom! Terry Bolt brings her radiation tablets she bought from a very *legit website. We dive into the mail bag, talk Jericho, TWD, and so much EMP chat. Don't try to friend her, she won't accept it! The elderly are being targeted on Facebook by using emotional manipulation! This is one of my favorite episodes so far! Hope you guys have as much fun as we did. Give us a shout via TravisandAndie@gmail.com, on twitter @AndieBolt, search Andie Bolt on Pinterest to follow some cool boards I'm growing. Thanks again to all the donors who were apart of the drive. Means so much to Travis, my Mom and I! If you get a second to rate us on iTunes we'd appreciate it! Until next time "Don't Die!"  (*Not.)  
12/04/1743m 9s


In this week's episode, we bring back solar engineer Lee Barats to talk about his recent survival trip to the keys in Florida where they had to forage for their own food and ended up eating a lot of questionable items. We open up our mail bag and read some emails that are lots of suggestions for cool content we should check out including hilarious robots, Snowpiercer the graphic novel and more! If you have suggestions of topics, feedback, fun anecdotes, hit us up on our Facebook page by searching Bunker Buddies or tweet at us @TravisandAndie This is an episode you won't wanna miss! Thanks for your continued support! Means nothing without you guys! Here are some links to this week's topics:    See photos of Lee's adventure here:   https://www.facebook.com/pg/bunkerbuddiesshow/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1878460552395987   Snowpiercer the graphic novel: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Le_Transperceneige https://www.amazon.ca/SNOWPIERCER-VOL-ESCAPE-Jacques-Lob/dp/1782761330   Robotics Ted Talk: https://www.ted.com/talks/heather_knight_silicon_based_comedy   Lee Barats on Twitter @LeeBarats Rate us on iTunes! Thanks! Hope and Cheesecake.  

I Love Hydroponics w/ Ted Tremper!

Ted Tremper is a comedian, writer, director, producer, new to LA by way of Chicago and New York. You can see the new show he co-created SHRINK now on Seeso! Ted is a total hydroponics head and he's not in it for the weed. Dude loves to grow "tomaters" an is maybe the closest thing to an expert we've ever had on the show! We've got a new WOULD YOU RATHER and I (Andie) tell another anecdote about being bullied at the age of 13 which honestly, is too old to allow being picked on, I know! Follow us on twitter @TravisAndAndie follow me @AndieBolt I've got some fun stuff happening on the Pinterest (serach Andie Bolt) and don't forget to become a member of the network www.maximumfun/donate now! Don't wait! The #MaxFunDrive is almost over! Don't miss it! 
31/03/171h 1m

Lets Get Dark! w/ Dan Van Kirk!

This week our guest and co-host is the hilarious Daniel Van Kirk!(Comedy Central Comics to Watch, Dumb People Town with the Sklar bros, Bob's Burgers) DVK is 100% positive he will be surviving the apocalypse so be sure to stick with this guy by following him on social media! This episode we hypothesize about the person we will become after the apocalypse has changed us, a guest submitted "would you rather" and we talk zombies as we delve into Dan's "exiters" theory meaning we dip a toe in the deep end, so be ready to get dark. (Trigger warning: exiters theory includes discussion of mass suicides.) It's MaxFunDrive! Become a member right now! Don't wait! Visit maximumfun.org/donate then tweet at me @TravisAndAndie so I can thank you! Love you guys. Thanks for listening! xx Hope&Cheesecake
22/03/1759m 47s

Shirtless and Ok! W/ Ali Spagnola!

Hello Buddies! Welcome to an all new Bunker Buddies! A very special episode this week with the return of Ali Spagnola fresh off her survival training for the show NAKED AND AFRIAD! Which includes watching TV barefoot while walking on rocks! We discuss a new "would you rather": drunk-pocalypse or high-pocalypse?! Which one are you more likely to survive?  It's all happening right now in the bunker! Enjoy the show! Subscribe! Rate! And share! We're all in this together. It's not a matter of "if" but "when"... Stay safe out there.  
15/03/1749m 30s

MREs Are Delicious! w/ Luke Barats!

Our guest this week is Luke Barats and he will leave you behind if you break your leg and is the only guy I know who genuinely loves MREs. Did you know some come with Skittles?! We both realize as city dwellers we are not prepared for bio-terrorism and Deep Impact comes up again two episodes in a row but I personally think Luke doesn't realize how un-meantally prepared he is for an asteroid and that neither of us are prepared for the majesty that are Elijah Wood's eyes. Enjoy the show! Don't forget to find us on Facebook and tell your friends! It's not "if" but "when"! 
08/03/1731m 56s

Brain Fungus! w/ Scout Durwood

Hello Buddies! Welcome to another episode, this one even more special than all the others! This is, sadly, Travis's last episode for awhile. There is good news though, Andie is sticking with it! So Bunker Buddies continues on! In this week's WYR, we talk A LOT about Deep Impact! Andie and Travis take a look at a combination car jumper and speaker! We take a look at making home made electric art. Join us in the Bunker this week, Scout Durwood talks to us about her apocalypse plans, brain fungus and upcoming apocalypse projects. Enjoy and don't forget to share!
22/02/1749m 30s

Gymnastic Apocalypse! w/ Tybee Diskin

Hey buddies! How are you? We're good and very very busy! In this week's WYR, travel by boat or travel by train? We take a look at some Doomsday jewelry and talk about what we look for in apocalypse accessories. We watch and discuss a video all about making an at home forge! We also discuss which water bottle is the best! Joining us in the bunker this week is one of our favorites: Tybee Diskin! She talks gymnastics, martial arts and rock climbing! Enjoy and be sure to share!
15/02/1751m 8s

Bougie Prepper! w/ Brea Grant

Hello Buddies and welcome to another episode! It's a great one! How do we know it's great? Well, it starts with a WYP about our favorite weather! Then we talk about what kind of clothes to pack in your Go Bag! Ever wondered what would happen if the trucks stopped running? Let's talk about! We found a convention for Preppers coming up in April if you want to go! Our Buddy in the Bunker this week is one of our faves! Brea Grant joins us to talk about Go Drawers, Stalkers, Apocalypse Steam Punk and MORE! So enjoy and be sure to tell a friend!
08/02/1744m 37s

Bunker Bob Ross! w/ Mark Gagliardi

Hey buddies! So happy to see you! Hope all is going well with you! Hey, we have a WYR question for you! Would you go with The Doctor as a companion or would you rather not risk it? Also, what are you doing this fall? Wanna head to the desert for a Wasteland Weekend? We are surprised to find out all the things you can do with WD40 this week! Our Buddy in the Bunker is the one and only Mark Gagliardi! He joins us to talk Bob Ross, Apocalypse books and more! Enjoy the show and please remember to share!
01/02/1746m 39s

Marching! w/ Katy Dolle

Hey Buddies! Hope all is well with you!  It sure has been one heck of a week, huh? We have a question for you, WYP travel backwards in time or forwards in time? Do you have any plans for your bug out vehicle? Might we suggest a dolphin boat? Perhaps you would prefer a modded smart car? For my money, I think i'm gonna go with a personal helicopter! Our Buddy in The Bunker this week is Katy Dolle! Katy chats with us about the recent marches and we get a little political! Warning: Things get a little heavier than normal. Not only do we talk politics, there discussions of rape and abuse as well. We understand if you'd rather skip that! Otherwise, enjoy the show and don't forget to share!
25/01/1751m 22s

Underground Gangs! w/ J.D. Amato

Hey Buddies! Hello again old friends! We've saved your favorite podcast listening seat for you! Pull it up and sit on down! First, Travis talks about his survival instincts kicking in while visiting San Francisco. We have a WYR all about automated cars that leads to a lengthy discussion on public transportation! We also talk about how you can waterproof your matches! Our Buddy In The Bunker this week is comedian/podcaster/director J.D. Amato who talks to us about urban exploring, leading a futuristic gang and his rich guy escape plan! Enjoy and be sure to share!
18/01/1753m 7s

Meth Sandwich! w/ Jackie Jennings

Hey Buddies! First and foremost, are you ready for an in-depth discussion on Travis and Andie's thoughts on to-do list? Then you are in for a treat! We also have our most... explosive WYR yet! Question: ever wanted to throw an axe? Second question: ever wanted to throw said axe competitively? Also, some DIY ways to protect your home! Then, awesome funny person Jackie Jennings joins us in the Bunker to discuss what it's like live in NYC and how it feels when someone eats a sandwich in your house! Enjoy the episode and don't forget to share!
11/01/1748m 49s

Glasses Weakness! w/ Utkarsh Ambudkar

Hello Buddies! Welcome to a brand new year and a brand new YOU! Well, actually we have no idea whether you are new or not. But the episode is definitely new! Right off the bat, is Alexa a threat? In WYR, if you had to eve forever, which eve would you eve? We have some fun apocalypse simulations and video games to check out! And have you gotten into Apocalypse ASMR videos? There are A LOT out there! Joining us in the Bunker is actor, musician and podcaster Utkarsh Ambudkar! Enjoy the episode and be sure to share!
05/01/1757m 15s

Evil Problem! w/ Patrick Rothfuss

Hello Buddies! Snow is falling all around and... well, ok not ALL around. In fact, it's only really cold for one of the hosts. Still, it's time to do a little holiday prepping! Have you got your tree? In WYR this week we discuss real trees versus artificial! Travis and Andie discuss more prepare gift ideas including what they're getting for each other! Joining us in the bunker this week is a very special guest, PATRICK ROTHFUSS! Patrick joins us to discuss evil, happiness and World Building! Enjoy the show and remember to share!
14/12/1657m 19s

Squad Goals! w/ Andre Gower

Hello Buddies! It seems we have accidentally stumbled upon our 100th episode! We may not have planned anything, but have we still got a great one for you! First, Travis delivers what is quite possibly the most confusing WYR yet! It ends up leading to a conversation about love and Black Mirror and we're just not sure how we got there! Then, we have some more Prepper Holiday Gift Ideas! We are so excited to be joined this week by the incredible Andre Gower! You may know him from Monster Squad or from his podcast Squadcast! You might also know him from generally being awesome all over the place! So take a listen, enjoy and remember to share!
07/12/161h 9m

Being Australian! w/ Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd

Hello Buddies! How ya doin'? Doin' good? We sure hope so! We have a great episode for you this week! First, a very smelly Would You Rather! Then, Travis and Andie go over some holiday gift ideas for the pepper in your life! After the events at OSU earlier this week, we go over so Active Shooter basics. We are joined by Buddy in the Bunker Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd to discuss the benefits of being Australian and our ever changing Bug Out plans! Enjoy and don't forget to share with a friend!
30/11/1654m 10s

Apocalypse Bar! w/ Stuart Wellington

Hello Buddies! Welcome to a brand new episode! We talk a LOT about Thanksgiving survival. Tough conversations and family time can get us all down, but we've got your back! In WYP, hunger or thirst? You decide! We talk about "Ask For Angela" an inventive idea to help people stuck in a difficult situation. (Warning: this portion of the conversation includes discussions of rape and abuse) Our Buddy In The Bunker this week is Stuart Wellington, one of the co-hosts of the Flophouse! Stuart talks with us about bartending in the apocalypse and lessons you can learn from RPGs!. Enjoy Buddies, and don't forget to share!
23/11/161h 3m

Visas! w/ Kate Leth

Hello Buddies! Welcome to a brand new episode of Bunker Buddies! First, a dadly update! We talk politics for awhile, be warned! Nothing too intense though! In WYR, stuck in space or stuck at the bottom of the ocean? Is there much difference?  Travis runs through some baby essentials for your go bag. Andie reviews a survival flashlight and a Batman survival tool. Our buddy in the bunker this week is Kate Leth. Kate gives us some insight on what it takes to get a visa and what Buffy can teach us about survival! Enjoy and remember to share, buddies!
16/11/1653m 47s

New Dad! w/ Renee Colvert

Hello Friends! So, Travis just has a newborn baby! He tells us the story as well as sharing some new parent survival wisdom! Renee Colvert joins Andie as the special guest host of the second half of the episode! They talk WYR: Leader or Follower? and Andie decides she just needs hugs too much! They talk scheduling, helper/hero dogs and high school memories. They also try a new freeze dried meal but never quite get round to reviewing it. Enjoy and don't forget to share!
09/11/1651m 3s

Mud Hut! w/ Travis and Andie

Hello Buddies! Travis is coming to you live from Porkopolis (CIncinnati!) and Andie is live from… well, her bedroom. But still, fun! In Would You Rather: Would you change the past? And as a BONUS Would You Rather: Would you take an amazing vacation that you wouldn’t remember? We have a second installment of Jerky Talk with Travis! We check out some Go Bag Swag in the form of The Pocket Stove! Join us as we view the Primitive Technology Youtube channel! Who is the Buddy in the Bunker this week? Why, it’s Travis and Andie! Join us as we talk pregnancy and motorcycles!
19/10/1649m 57s

Beef Jerky! w/ Teresa McElroy

Hello Buddies! Welcome to another great episode, we made it just for YOU! We sure do hope you like it! In this week's Would You Rather, what would you do if you got bit by a zombie? We have info for you regarding the devastation of Hurricane Matthew and how to prepare yourself for the next hurricane. Travis engages in a beef jerky taste test and reports all the scientific results to YOU! Our Buddy in the Bunker this week is one of our FAVORITES! She's a smash hit podcaster, an amazing person and coincidentally Travis' wife! It's Teresa McElroy! She joins us to talk cannibalism, fashion and a lot more! Enjoy and don't forget to share!
12/10/1648m 7s

Potato Soup! w/ Ben Siemon

Hello Buddies! We're back and we brought you a present from our travels: A REALLY GREAT EPISODE! First, in Would You Rather?, a discussion about the grossest meat! Also, Andie tells Travis all about CreepLA and ask the important question: Would You Do It? Then, Travis tries a cheddar potato soup mix made 4Patriots in this week's Snackpocalypse. Our Buddy in the Bunker this week is the hilarious Ben Siemon who joins us to talk horror movies and general scary stuff! Enjoy and don't forget to share!
05/10/1651m 53s

Dehydrated Eggs! w/ Sanden Totten

Hello Buddies! It's a brand new episode, just for you! And YOU! And also YOU!!! It's for all of you! In this week's Would You Rather, car or bicycle? We try out some new Bunker Food: Dehydrated Eggs and Bacon! Also, we discuss zombie themed puzzle rooms in Would You Do It? Our Buddy In The Bunker this week is science correspondent Sanden Totten! Sanden shares the very real risks of apocalypse that could happen at any time! Enjoy and don't forget to share with a friend!
21/09/1649m 37s

Solar Energy! w/ Tybee Diskin

Oh Buddies! You are in for a real treat! We've got a great Would You Rather this week all about apocalypse pets! We also do a quick Q&A! But the real treat is when solar expert Lee Barats stops by to answer all our Solar Power questions! Our Buddy In The Bunker this week is our friend Tybee Diskin! It's a really great episode and we're happy to share it with you! Would you mind returning the favor and sharing it with your friends?
14/09/1648m 18s

Bug Food! w/ Dave Neal

Hello Buddies and welcome back for another great episode! In this week's Would You Rather: Jerry Can versus water bottles, which do you prefer? We've got a hand cranked phone charger and a solar panel charger and ask the all important question... Is It Worth It?! Join us for the Snackpocalypse as we try treats made with cricket powder and bars made with meat! Our Buddy In The Bunker this week is Dave Neal and he is NOT on board with eating stuff with exoskeletons! Enjoy the episode and don't forget to share with all your friends (that you want to survive the apocalypse!)
07/09/1648m 32s

Resource Management! w/ Joseph Scrimshaw

Hello Buddies! First, we wanted to make this clear: we LOVE the apocalypse. Like, we LIKE like the apocalypse. You can tell, because we do a whole show about it! In this week's Would You Rather, WYR square off against a werewolf or a vampire? In This Or That/Swagnarock/Is It Worth It? (we really need to nail down a segment title...) we test out and compare higher end and budget headlamps! In this week's Would You Do It, check out ZombieFunNearYou.org and the Nerd Out app! Our Buddy in the Bunker this week is the hilarious Joseph Scrimshaw. Joseph joins us to chat Stranger Things, Zombie resource management and childhood survival! Enjoy and don't forget to share!
31/08/1642m 51s

Audition Apocalypse! w/ Lucky Yates

Hello Buddies! Welcome to the Bunker! Enjoy the first from our MARATHON 5 EPISODE RECORDING DAY! This was a good one to start with folks, you're gonna love it! In Would You Rather, human but stupid mutants or animalistic mutants with a pack mentality? We try out a kid's 5-in-1 survival tool in the newly named Unboxalypse segment! You sent in your Q's and we give you some A's in this week's Audience Q&A! Also, you could attend this year's "Walker Stalker" cruise! We are joined this week by the amazing Lucky Yates (Archer, Good Eats) and it's amazingly fun! Enjoy and don't forget to share!
24/08/1648m 19s

Conspiracy Theories! w/ Katelyn Hempstead

Oh, hello again! Come in, come in! Welcome back to the bunker! This week, Would You Rather be 5 degrees too hot or too cold at all times? We Field Test an emergency whistle, but we need YOUR HELP! We found a Zombie encounter event called The Mall in the UK that we think you should check out! Our Buddy in the Bunker this week is the hilarious Katelyn Hempstead! Kathleen hosts an amazing conspiracy theory podcast and she shares some super interesting theories with us. Enjoy and don't forget to share!
17/08/1646m 5s

Cheddar Larva! w/ Laurelly

Buddies, we have got such a fun one fore you this week! First, we try out some cheddar dusted larva called "Larvits" and give you our review! This week's Would You Rather, trapped on  space station or underground? We research some new stuff For Your Go Bag including a solar hat, a multi purpose water bottle and a smart towel! Our Buddies this week are the smash hit improv team Laurelly made up of Lauren Pritchard and Kelly Vrooman. They tell us all about times they've been robbed, situational awareness and a scary date they went on! It's a great time! Enjoy and remember to share with friends!
10/08/1647m 21s

New Format! w/ Jessica Zollman

Hello Buddies! We have a surprise for you: A brand new format! We've got segments galore! We have Would You Rather: Red Dwarf edition! Trying Stuff Out: Zombie Tinder Candle! Go Bag Products: LED Matchbook Flashlights! Training Courses: Zombie Survival camp! And featuring Special Guest: Jessica Zollman! Enjoy and be sure to let us know what you think of the new format!
03/08/1652m 59s

Barter and Trade!

Hello Buddies! We've got a new episode for you, but it's cost ya! One pack of waterproof matches and a bar of soap and we'll call it a deal! You see, after the apocalypse, money won't be worth the paper it's printed on! We'll need to trade and barter items that we actually use and need. Duct Tape? Ammunition? Water? Start stockpiling now so you can trade in the future! Enjoy and don't forget to share!
27/07/1649m 4s

Mailbag! (pt. 6)

Hello Buddies! Hope everything is good on your end! Did you get a good night's sleep? We woke up nice and early to bring you all the answers to some of your questions! Would you rather deal with 100 Zombies or one Werewolf? Who do you eat first if you resort to cannibalism? What celeb would you want to survive with? What canned food is best? All these answers and more! Enjoy and don't forget to share.
13/07/1647m 6s

Fireworks! w/ Charley Feldman and Abby Bolt

Hello Buddies and Happy (Belated) Birthday America! Yes, it was the Fourth of July this week and that means one thing: FIREWORKS! Awesome Internet person Charley Feldman joins us to discuss the bombastic bangers! Fireworks can be beautiful, but they can also be very useful in the apocalypse! Useful or beautiful, they are also very dangerous. Every year, there are wildfire and injuries related to fireworks. We're joined once again by Andie's sister and wildland fire expert Abby Bolt to discuss the risks. Abby also gives us an update on the wild fires that occurred in the Bolt's home town. Take a listen and be sure to share!
06/07/1651m 47s

Shark Attack! w/ Paul Sabourin

Hey Buddies! There's something about this that just feels GOOD! We have no idea what it is, and we're probably imagining it! We're so excited this week to be joined by the hilarious and wonderful Paul Sabourin (of Paul & Storm) to discuss SHARK ATTACKS! They are not nearly as wide spread as pop culture would have us believe. In fact, if you follow some handy tips you can significantly decrease the risk! That said, attacks do happen and you'll need to know how to survive! Enjoy and don't forget to share!
29/06/1639m 50s

Extreme Heat! w/ Jimmy Wong

Oh boy Buddies, it's soon hot out there! How hot is it?! ...really hot? We're not very good at those kinds of jokes. We're joined by actor and awesome person Jimmy Wong to talk about surviving EXTREME HEAT! Listen as Andie recounts a harrowing tale of sun poisoning! We also give some quick sun screen tips! Find out who is most susceptible to heat, what to do to avoid heat illness and what to do if you find yourself suffering! Also, why don't all theme parks have designated nap areas? Even more heat safety tips and Travis admits his love of electrolytes! Enjoy and don't forget to share!
22/06/1642m 40s

Nature! (Animals) w/ Anne Brashier

Hello Buddies! We're coming to you recorded live at Andie's Kitchen Counter Studios with special guest Anne Brashier to talk about the ever impending threat of nature! Nature is all around us and constantly reminds us that it could kill us any time it want. We're specifically focusing on the animals of nature this episode. When the animals turn against us, who will save us? Listen as Travis says the most prepper thing he has ever said on the show! Which animals are we most afraid will attack? Why does no one realize how scary butterflies are? We've made ourselves big, what's step 2? Listen, enjoy and don't forget to tell a friend!
15/06/1651m 20s

Fitness! w/ Ali Spagnola

Oh hey there Buddies! We were just about to go for a jog, would you care to join? You really should think about some kind of fitness routine before the Apocalypse rolls around! Maybe you'll do Crossfit and sword fighting like Andie! Or maybe you'll run, wrestle and knife fight like Travis! Or maybe, you'll do ice skating, cycling, hiking, and a thousand other things like our amazing guest Ali Spagnola! Listen to this episode and maybe we can help you pick something! You'll also learn why NPR hosts shouldn't do sports commentary! You might even help Travis and Andie settle a debate about impressions! Listen, enjoy and don't forget to tell a friend!
08/06/1647m 22s

Fashion Pt. 1! w/ Katie Elhoffer

Hey there buddies! This week we're talking Post-Apocalypse/Survival Fashion! We're joined by fashion/costume designer Katie Elhoffer. First, we talk about our nails! Then we discuss the form versus function of survival fashion and some of our post-apoc fashion pet peeves. Like, why isn't everyone in a Zombie movie protecting their arms?! We also go off on a couple tangents about welding! Travis talks about what fashion item he thinks the apocalypse would rejuvenate. Also, we talk about our biggest post-apocalypse worry: CHAFING! We also answer a whole mess of your questions! Enjoy!
01/06/1647m 8s

Waking Up In the Future! w/ Ashly Burch

Hello Buddies! By the time you finish listening to this episode it'll be 50 minutes in the future! But what if it was 20 years? Or 30 years? Or 1000 years?! How will gender and race have changed? What technology would exist and how would we adapt to it? Would you be considered a super hipster? Whose head would you hope was preserved in a jar? What would you be horrified to discovered has happened while you slept? Would you hope for a robot buddy? Whether it's via coma or cryonics, what do you do if you wake up in the future? Were so excited to be joined by the amazing Ashly Burch (RocketJump, Hey Ash Whatcha Playin?) to figure it out!
25/05/1651m 19s

Mailbag! (Pt. 5)

Hello Buddies! Welcome to another installment of the Bunker Buddies Mailbag! Travis and Andie answer your questions, correct some corrections and deal with some hypothetical "Would You Rathers"! Enjoy!
18/05/1639m 25s

Wildland Fire! w/ Abby Bolt

Hello Buddies! As you may or may not know, there is a devastating and terrifying wildfire in Fort McMurray, Alberta. These types of fires can seem unstoppable. So, we had wildland fire expert/fighter Abby Bolt on the show to discuss what battling something like this entails. She also shares tips on how you can help prevent fires like this. Plus, a few tips on what to do if you find yourself in the middle of a forest fire.  If you would like to donate to support the town of Fort McMurray, you can go to donate.redcross.ca or text FIRES to 45678. If you would like to help support the brave folks who fight this kind of devastation, head to www.wffoundation.org.
11/05/1655m 55s


Hello Buddies! Unless you live in a protective bubble or have been supremely lucky, at some point the blood that was supposed to be inside your body has made its way outside your body! Normally, you'd just slap a bandage on there! But what if it's a real "gusher"? Lose enough blood and you're going to pass out or even die! We'll go over some exsanguination facts and what to do in an emergency! We'll even talk about the terrifying option of cauterization! WHAT FUN! As a warning, if the discussion of blood/bleeding upsets you then this is not the episode for you!
04/05/1646m 42s

Godzilla! w/ John Ross Bowie

EVERYBODY RUN! A NEW EPISODE IS COMING! MY GOD, IT'S HERE! So... listen to it! This week we're talking Godzilla with actor and comedy person John Ross Bowie. We talk about Godzilla's origins and iconic roar. There have been lots of other kaiju and we talk about a few. Does Godzilla have a place in a post 9/11 world? What is the monster meant to represent? How would you survive a Godzilla attack? Could Godzilla really exist? All that and more! Enjoy and tell a friend! And don't forget to check out John Ross Bowie's new play: A Play About the Ramones
27/04/1653m 43s

Haitian Zombies: LIVE!

Hello Buddies! It's time for another special Bunker Buddies Live! This time we're talking all about real life Haitian zombies! Also, a lot about go bags, viking funerals and exploding. Enjoy! Don't forget to check out the Spilled Milk Podcast!
20/04/1637m 45s

Premature Burial!

Settle in Buddies, lay back and get comfy cause you might be here for awhile! For centuries, premature burial was not only a real concern, it was a common occurrence! Now a days, its more a risk of being body-bagged prematurely. Learn about the sometimes confusing, sometimes terrifying Safety Coffin! Sit comfortably in our Waiting Mortuary! Kick out the casket and climb on up! So, cut off a finger, stick a red hot poker up your butt and join us for another fun episode of Bunker Buddies!
13/04/1646m 58s

Mailbag! (Pt. 4)

Hello Buddies! Welcome to another installment of the Bunker Buddies Mailbag! Travis and Andie answer your questions from Twitter and Email! Enjoy!
06/04/1647m 16s

Plane Crash!

Hello Buddies! Make sure your tray tables are locked and your seats are in their upright position because we're going down! The idea of being in a plane crash can be very scary! Actually, a plane crash can be very survivable if you know what to do! So let us tell you what to do! There's steps you can take before the flight! During the flight! During the crash! After the crash! We'll tell you about all of it! Enjoy and don't  forget to share the gift of survival with a friend! 
30/03/1643m 23s

Gremlins! w/ Jordan Morris

Hey there Buddies! Hbclk dvaufhpbvnelfv  va;j; Oh, sorry for the gibberish! Something is wrong with the computer but we can't seem to find any problems! Maybe... it's a GREMLIN! No, not the creatures from the 80's movie! Well, also those but not JUST those! Gremlins actually have quite a history! From the Royal Air Force to Playboy, Gremlins have popped up all over the place. We're joined by funny man and podcast superstar Jordan Morris! And don't worry, we're gonna talk A LOT about the 80's movie! Plus, a poem! Don't forget to support Bunker Buddies in the MaxFunDrive! www.maximumfun.org/donate
23/03/161h 8m

Tornadoes! w/ Anthony Carboni

Hello Buddies! We are so excited that our heads are spinning! First, it's MaxFunDrive time! Second, we have Anthony Carboni from We Have Concerns on this week! Finally, we're talking Tornadoes! Hear about all kids of different tornadoes and how they're formed. Hear about some famously destructive tornadoes! Learn some tornado survival techniques! Hear us reference the movie Twister several times! Learn a little science and hear a whole lot more comedy. That's the Bunker Buddies guarantee! And don't forget to go to maximumfun.org/donate and support the shows you love!
16/03/1659m 8s

Apocalypse Now!

Hello Buddies! A lot of scary stuff in the news, huh? Talk of "signs of apocalypse"? Well, we found 4 stories we just HAD to talk about! Hear about a swarm of beetles in Argentina that have inexplicably taken over a beach! Learn a little about the Zika virus. There's a pretty good chance you won't be hearing this episode if Asteroid 2013 tx68 comes a lot closer to Earth than expected! There's been reports/cases of the Plague recently. Yes, THAT plague! This is real stuff that is really happening right now! Enjoy Buddies!
09/03/1646m 54s


Helloooooooooooo Buddies! Let me ask you something, have you drank rain water out of a wolf's paw print? Do you own any wolf skin belt? If either of these (or many others) are true, you might be a werewolf. No, this isn't a Foxworthy knock off! We're talking Werewolves on this episode! Learn a little bit about the history! Learn about the different forms! Learn about the weaknesses! But mostly, learn about the time Travis was attacked by a Werewolf! Listen, enjoy and then tell a friend! You just might save their life!
02/03/1652m 17s

Search and Rescue! w/ Brandie Posey

Hello Buddies! Thank goodness we found you! We've been looking every where! We probably should have looked for you in your ear buds sooner... Did you stay put? Were you wandering around looking for us?! Didn't you know not to do that? Well, listen to this podcast and learn what to do the next time you are lost! Learn what to do when you're searching! We're joined by the incredible and hilarious Brandie Posey! So listen and don't forget to STOPS!
24/02/1647m 13s

Parenthood in the Apocalypse w/ Heather Brooker!

Hello Buddies! Listen, we all know parenting can be tough! There's so much to deal with when they're infants, unable to even begin to care for themselves! Then, they become toddlers, running face first around the house and terrifying the shit out of you. By the the time they reach childhood and head out in to the world, it's almost too much to bear! Add in to that Zombies, Earthquakes and the Rapture and you might as well throw in the towel! We're joined this week by Heather Brooker (Motherhood in Hollywood) to discuss parenting through the world's end! Join us!
17/02/1644m 26s

Solar Flares!

Hello Buddies! Sure, we've talked about losing power and such before. We've talked about space itself attacking us. We've even talked about the Sun before! But never all that in one episode, plus so much more! You see, Solar Flares are a real threat and if a powerful enough flare happened, it could fry our power grid. The good news is... well, we'll get to that in the episode. Learn all about the cause, the problems with predicting and what we can do to protect ourselves from Solar Flares! 
10/02/1637m 3s

Go Bag!

Hey Buddies, is everything not GOOD? Have you had a powerful SCARE? Has the SHTF? Then just grab your Go Bag! What's that? You don't have a GO BAG?! But what about your essentials? What do you grab as you run out the door? Where's your collection of flashlights? Well, don't worry! Travis and Andie will walk you through everything you need to put together a bag that is good to go!
03/02/1637m 2s

Super Volcano!

Hey Buddies! We've got a real super episode for you folks! Like, REALLY super! It's got a Volcanic Eruption Index of like an 8! Maybe even a 9! This episode is all about Super Volcanoes like the one under Yellowstone! You see, this is another one of those apocalypses that could really happen. In fact, in 1815 there was an eruption that caused "The Year Without a Summer" and we'll tell you about it! And don't worry, we've got lots of advice on what to do before, after and during a volcanic eruption! 
27/01/1644m 10s

Lost At Sea!

Ahoy Buddies! Look, off in the distance! Could it be... LAND?! Nope, just more ocean! But hopefully you downloaded this episode about what to do if you're lost at sea before you actually became lost! We'll tell you what to do if you're stuck on a raft! What to do if you wash up on a deserted island! We'll even tell you some true Lost at Sea stories! Crack open a coconut, pull up a stack of bamboo, drink some seagull blood and enjoy!
20/01/1655m 28s

Bolide Impact!

Hello Buddies! Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's A GIANT ASTEROID HEADED FOR EARTH!!!!! Well, that one and a gajillion other ones. You see, stuff from space hits Earth all the time. Usually, it's pretty small but sometimes it can be quite large. Like, world ending-ly large. Sure, we can build bunkers and plant repositories, but if a big enough rock hits, we are done for. The good news is, there are scientists far smarter than Andie and Travis coming up with solutions! Learn about the potential solutions for the potential disaster! Some of them are really wacky!
13/01/1641m 51s


Well Buddies, we've recovered from our separate but equally devastating illness! Our time on the sickbed got us thinking, what if it wasn't illness? What if it was... POISON?! Of course, it was NOT poison but would we know if it was? What are some common poisons and what are the symptoms to look for? What are common household poisons? What do you do if you or someone else has been poisoned? All this, plus real life poisoning stories! Enjoy! Also, we wouldn't eat that if we were you...
06/01/1645m 56s

Mailbag! (Pt. 3)

Hello Buddies! Welcome to another installment of the Bunker Buddies Mailbag! Travis and Andie answer your questions from Twitter and Email! Enjoy!
23/12/1530m 15s

Rebuilding Society!

Hello Buddies! Well, it happened. The world as we knew it has ended and everything you once knew has crumbled. After surviving the immediate danger, it's time to start reforming some kind of existence out of the rubble. You lead a small band of survivors and they look to you for guidance you all work together to rebuild society. What are your thoughts on crime and punishment? What are your first steps? How will you run your settlement? Let's get through this together!
16/12/1537m 53s

Winter Weather!

Well Buddies, the weather outside sure is frightful! But knowing that you're joining us again is so delightful!  We want you to be so prepared that you look at the clouds and think "let it snow, let it snow, let it snow"!  No matter how much you hate going out in the storm, we've got the tips you need to make it through the blizzard! Learn the signs of frostbite and how to prevent it so that all the way home, you'll be warm! The knowledge doesn't show signs of stopping, learn a little bit about the Donner Party! Time to finally kiss goodbye, except no kissing! Enjoy buddies!
09/12/1544m 33s


Hello brothers and sisters! Come in, come in! Leave all your worries and worldly possessions by the door and join us in this week's episode! History is littered with cults that predicted the end of the world and other paranormal claims. Would we join a cult? Would we make good cult leaders? What makes a cult any way? All this, plus a few famous cults and warning signs that you might be a cult member yourself! Enjoy and forget all about the worries of the outside world and everyone you know!
02/12/1539m 22s

Most Dangerous Game/Thanksgiving!

Hello Buddies! We just wanted to say how thankful we are that aren't hunting us on a tropical island in what some might call "a very dangerous game". Have you given much thought to what you would do in that scenario? How would you avoid being tracked? Would you stay in one place or stay on the move? Which celebrity would be most satisfying to hunt? What if you found yourself in a Battle Royale/Hunger Games situation? How would that change your plans? In the second half of today's ep, how to survive Thanksgiving! We suggest a few party games, tips to get out of dangerous conversations and generally how to keep your holidays happy! Thanks for stopping by buddies!
25/11/1546m 33s

Starting Fires!

Hello Buddies! Look around you, at least 32 things with in your reach could be used to start a fire! Especially if you work in a lighter factory! What can you use to start the fire? What can you use as kindling? Along with fun ways to start fires (including pee!), we also got sent a box from ApocaBox! Listen as we unbox and review! Let's turn this Bunker into a FUN-ker!
19/11/1541m 3s

Terry Bolt!

Hello Buddies! We are so excited! This week we are joined by the much talked about Terry Bolt! Not only is she Andie's Mom, she is the amateur prepper that inspired this very podcast! Terry tells us all about growing up during the Cold War/Cuban Missile Crisis, what drove her to start prepping, living on the ranch and which of her animals she would eat first! Not only that, she shares many harrowing stories and a time she used electricity to treat a snake bite! You're gonna love this one!
11/11/1547m 47s

Economic Collapse! w/ Erica Bardin and Ben Wickham

Hey Buddies, can you spare a dime? Good! We don't need it, we just wanted to make sure everyone still has dimes! On this week's Bunker Buddies, we are joined by writers/actors/creators Erica Bardin and Ben Wickham to talk about Economic Collapse! This is a big one folks! There is no shortage of information/theories on how the collapse will happen and what the results will be! What are the most important steps you should take for a national financial downfall? How worried should you actually be? Will your Pogs finally be worth something?! Join us and find out!
04/11/1558m 31s


Hello Buddies! It's another Spooky Special, this time all about how to survive Nightmares! Some people believe dreams can be deadly in the right circumstances! Do you have the power to reshape your dream and protect yourself? What are dreams anyway? Does anyone really know? Do our dreams and nightmares really tell us something about ourselves? Listen and find out, Dream Warriors!
28/10/1557m 21s


Hello Buddies! Welcome to a very spookily special Halloween edition of Bunker Buddies! Ever felt like you were being watched? Have you heard an unexplainable noise? Let me spell it out for you, you ever been HAUNTED? Well, we've got ways to tell if you have! We've got ways to protect yourself from evil spirits! More importantly, we have ways to live peacefully with your new ghostly roommate! Happy Halloween! 
21/10/1555m 36s

Dream Bunker!

Hello Buddies! This week, Travis and Andie discuss their "dream bunkers"! From basic to extravagant, what would they want to not just survive, but comfortably wait out the apocalypse? Would they want a pool? Perhaps a room full of puppies? Maybe a walk in freezer? Or maybe just a bathroom with a door on it?! Not only that, what would they fill their rooms with to ensure that if they go insane, they do it in a very controlled way? Listen, enjoy and tell a friend!
14/10/1542m 43s

MaxFun Switcheroo! w/ Pop Rocket

Hello Buddies! This week, everything is all switched around! Don't worry, it's not an ill omen or sign of the apocalypse: It's the Great MaxFun Switcheroo! While Travis and Andie are off hosting Baby Geniuses, Oliver, Margaret and Wynter from Pop Rocket have taken over the bunker! Join them as they discuss what you can learn from some classic survival movies! What entertainment should you take in the bunker? Then, a depressing discussion regarding loved ones and the apocalypse! A good time is had by all!
08/10/1547m 46s

Staying Positive! w/ Tim Batt and Guy Montgomery

Hello buddies! Turn your frown upside down! Like, into a smile not a weird upside down mouth. Sometimes the post apocalyptic world can get you down, but you gotta look on the bright side: It could always be worse! We're joined this week by Tim and Guy from The Worst Idea of All Time to give us their insight on staying positive no matter what! Some times, you have to put it all in perspective. Some times, you have to sing and take anti-anxiety medication! Join us and have a positively wonderful time!
30/09/1548m 41s

Lizard People! w/ George Ouzounian

Hey Buddies! Are you ready for TWO SHOWS IN ONE?! This week, Andie tells us about lizard people and then Travis tells us about an entirely different group of lizard people! Guest George Ouzounian (Maddox) joins us to discuss these strange claims of people building tunnels under Los Angeles while a complete separate set of people infiltrate governments and big business! We hope you'll join us as well!
23/09/1543m 12s

Inevitable Apocalypse! w/ Sandeep Parikh

Welcome Buddies! Well, this is it. No way around it, the world is going to end in 24 hours... hypothetically. What do you do with your last precious moments? Do you spend time with family? Hang out in Dodger Stadium? Or just do all the drugs? Sandeep Parikh joins us to discuss  what WE would do in the event that the end would hypothetically be nigh! What would YOU do?! Be sure to let us know on Twitteer (@TravisandAndie)!
16/09/1540m 39s

Mailbag! (Pt. 2)

Hello Buddies! Welcome to our second question and answer episode! Who did we forget from our Apocalypse teams? Which deities did Travis mispronounce for an entire episode? Did we miss anything in our household items episode? Did we inspire any future summer blockbusters? All that and a ton more questions! Enjoy!
09/09/1540m 57s

The Rapture! w/ Asterios Kokkinos

Hello Buddies! On this week's episode, what do you REALLY know about the Rapture? Do you know the seven signs? What about Gog? Do you know Gog? Andie and Travis are joined by comedian and writer Asterios Kokkinos to discuss what will happen when the Antichrist comes to town! What can you do to prepare for the coming Tribulation? Will you survive 1007 years? Don't get left behind, join us!
02/09/1546m 27s

Y2K! w/ Todd Anderson and Stephen Skelton

Hello Buddies! Allow me to paint you a picture: The year was 1999! Panic swept the land as the new year approached and with the terrifying possibility of the Y2K Virus! Planes would fall from the sky! We'd be launched back to the Great Depression! Nuclear weapons would be launched worldwide! We counted down as the big ball dropped and on 0... nothing happened. Well, actually a few relatively minor (though in one case incredibly shocking and horrible thing happened) things occurred, but we did not find ourselves in a new Stone Age. We're joined this week by Todd Anderson and Stephen Skelton of The Film Pigs to discuss the Apocalypse that almost was and what we can learn from it. You should probably hurry up and download before your computer glitches...
26/08/1547m 4s

Household Items (Part 1)! w/ Tybee Diskin

Hello Buddies! Ever found yourself staring at a tampon and thinking "There's all kinds of things I can do with this!" Then this episode is for you! The internet is full of survival uses for common household items, and here are just a few! Guest Tybee Diskin (Nuka Break) joins us to help us figure out all the things you can do with a condom! Travis is strangely obsessed with Tic-Tac shards. Tybee tells an absolutely terrifyingly disgusting story that will have you scratching your head. Andie says "tampons"... A LOT. We're sure you'll know a bunch of awesome survival hacks we missed! In fact, we're counting on it! Email and tweet at us so we can use them in Part 2!
19/08/1542m 55s

Post-Apocalypse Team! w/ Hal Lublin

Hello Buddies! Are you like us? When you meet a new friend, do you immediately assess how they would do in a survival situation? This week we are joined by Hal Lublin (host of We Got This, also of Thrilling Adventure Hour and Welcome to Nightvale) to discuss our ideal team members! Who is your "good times" person? Are you a leader or a caretaker? Which Chris Pratt character do you want on your team? So come take a listen and then tweet us all the people/characters we forgot!
12/08/1544m 26s


Hello buddies! Lately, have you been feeling a little... cursed?! This week we're going to teach you how to survive a Voodoo attack! Although, in all honestly, we discovered that we've had Voodoo wrong our whole lives! We break down a lot of myths and do our best to bring you the straight scoop! What's the best way to avoid being cursed? How do you survive a curse? What can we learn from Voodoo? How are friends like mirrors? Click play and find out!
05/08/1541m 30s


Hello buddies! No guest this week, just Travis and Andie! This week, it's all out cannibalism! Would Travis eat Andie? Would Andie eat Travis? Would you be more likely to eat someone you disliked or a stranger? We talk about whether or not slaughtering animals for food might desensitize you to cannibalism. We share some interesting cannibalism facts! Were you hoping we'd tell you all about some documented cases of cannibalism? You got it! Pull up a chair and take a bite out of fun! 
29/07/1536m 4s

Dog-pocalypse! w/ Renee Colvert

Hello Buddies! Sit! Stay! Enjoy our episode about the impending dog-pocalypse! Have dogs over run the world? Are you the last human in a world full of dogs? Either way, we'll help you survive! We're joined by comedian and podcaster Renee Colvert! We have advice on dog behavior and training! Should you run from wolves? What's the best way to communicate with your new dog overlords? We've got a lot to cover, so roll over here and let's get started!
22/07/1549m 30s

Fallout Games! w/ Griffin McElroy

Hello Buddies! We sure are darn glad you could join us this week! Travis' brother Griffin McElroy joins us this week to discuss the popular apocalyptic game series Fallout! What lessons can we learn from the game? What are some cool Fallout facts? More importantly, is the world headed towards a Matrix/Ready Player One style apocalypse? The only way to find out is to listen! Or you could wait til everyone is trapped inside their game systems in about 8 years! Good times!
15/07/1547m 56s

Jurassic World! w/ Adam Ray

SPOILER ALERT!!! Hello Buddies! It's the episode you've been waiting for about 65 million years to hear!!!! (chuckle chuckle chuckle) This week we're joined by comedian and podcaster Adam Ray to talk about the Jurassic Park movies, specifically the new Jurassic World! What do we love? What don't we love? How would we fair in this scenario? Is one of the dinos played by Glenn Close?! You'll have to listen to find out!
08/07/1551m 8s

Apocalyptic Event Planning! w/ Jason Rhee

Hello Buddies! This week we discuss event planning in a post apocalyptic world. We're joined by event planner and all around cool dude Jason Rhee! What makes for the perfect Zombie debutante ball? The hosts discuss some apocalypse/zombie events they been to! Does event planning today prepare you for the apocalypse? How about the movie "The Wedding Planner"? Sure, it has nothing to do with the apocalypse, but that doesn't stop us from talking about it... A LOT. We're throwing a podcast party and you're all invited!
01/07/1542m 28s

San Andreas! w/ Scott Christopher

Hey Buddies! We're shaking things up with a brand new episode! This week, we're talking about the disaster film San Andreas starring Dwayne Johnson! But first, we talk WAY more about the Entourage movie than we should! Spoiler alert, if you haven't seen San Andreas, you should! Non-spoiler alert, you don't really need to see Entourage. But you do need to get excited by our guest this week: Scott Christopher! 
24/06/1547m 42s

Horror Movie Killers! w/ Monika Smith

Freddy? Jason? Critters? This week we're talking famous movie killers! What are the rules of survival (according to a popular franchise)? What are our scariest movie memories? What personal rules do we live by to avoid horror movie scenarios? Which movies hold up and which have become period pieces? All this and more, come on in and close the door behind you...
17/06/1544m 44s

Question and Answer!

Hello Buddies! Welcome to our first "Audience Questions" episode! This week, it's all about YOU! This episode is chock full of your questions, corrections and feedback! Zombies in the frozen North? Boondock Saints? Giant aliens versus human sized? What's our Mad Max car look like? How did Travis enjoy Pan's Labyrinth? All this and MORE! Enjoy!!!!
10/06/1531m 46s

Mad Max! w/ Amy Vorpahl

Hail War Boys and Imperators! Join us on the Fury Road to Valhalla! Is that right? Wait, when do we spray the silver spray on our mouths? Is that now? This week, we're talking the Summer blockbuster that is Mad Max! SPOILER ALERT in a big way here! We're joined this week by our friend and all around awesome actress/writer/nerd Amy Vorpahl!
03/06/1537m 57s

Alien Invasion! w/ John Rocha

Hello Buddies! A quick question: if aliens DO exist, do you think they will invade us? What if they want to befriend us and we jump to conclusions? If they do want to invade us, how could we possibly defend ourselves?! Which nation would be in charge?! How would the world rebuild post invasion?! Also, when was the last time you watched Independence Day? It's like, REALLY good.
20/05/1551m 10s

Knives! w/ Jarrett Sleeper

Hello Buddies! This week's episode gets right to the POINT! Get it? Cause we're talking about knives! Jarrett Sleeper is our guest and not only has he worked as a butcher, he has FORGED HIS OWN KNIFE! We spend a lot of this week talking about Ren Faires and butchering! Do we talk about how butchering correlates to cannibalism? Of course we do! We also discuss what we think would make the best improvised knife. We really CUT up in this very SHARP episode! Also, we talk a lot about Daniel Day Lewis, but it's hard to make a pun about that. We hope you enjoy and tell all your friends!
13/05/1541m 23s

Morals! w/ Milana Vayntrub

Oh, hello there buddies! We hope you enjoy this episode, it's the RIGHT thing to do! Look in your hearts, think you know right from wrong? Would that change if you lived on the blasted wasteland? What would you resort to in order to survive? We're joined this week by the amazing Milana Vayntrub! You may know her as the ATT Girl or from her series Other Space! If you enjoy our episode, the moral thing to do is to tell all your friends!
06/05/1545m 17s

Interstellar! w/ Brandie Posey

Buddies! It's been so long since the last time we saw you! Only a week you say? Well, it feels WAAAAAAAAY longer. Maybe you were close to some sort of quantum singularity? We learned from Interstellar that that kind of thing can really screw with you, relativity-ly speaking! Also, why can't we all be a little more like Matthew McConaughey? Joining us this week is the wonderful and wonderfully hilarious Brandie Posey from MaximumFun.org own "Lady to Lady"!
29/04/1543m 56s

Women in the Apocalypse! w/ Brea Grant

Hello Buddies! How are you today? Having a good one? Gosh, we hope so! This week's episode is an extra special one and takes a hard look at what it might be like to be a woman in the apocalypse! How might it be different? What concerns might come up that a man might not need to deal with? We're joined by the amazing Brea Grant (Heroes, Dexter, The Real Housewives of Horror) and she is as insightful as she is delightful! So come, join us and share in our fire weary traveler! Then, email us all the stuff we failed to talk about so we can do a part 2!
22/04/151h 3m

Luxury Bunkers! with Cameron Esposito

Hello buddies! It's our long awaited Luxury Bunkers episode! We're joined by the incredible Cameron Esposito! We discuss what it is to not only survive, but to survive in luxury! Pool in your bunker? That's luxury! Big screen TV in your corrugated steel tube? Luxury! 1970's underground house complete with lawn? ULTIMATE LUXURY! All that and so so so so so much more! What would our luxury bunkers look like? Individual or group bunker survival? What's Brendan Fraser up to? (Probably living underground!) Join us and tell your friends to come along!
15/04/1559m 48s

The Blast Radius w/ DJ Bizzy

Duck and cover Buddies! This week we're joined by DJ Bizzy who tells us all about growing up in and around an Army Base/Bunker called Site R (also called Fort Ritchie). He tells us what he got to see inside! We talk about some of the prep his dad does as a result. Where's the best place in America to live if you wanna avoid living in a "blast radius"? We talk a little a bout bunkers, a little about limestone and a little 'bout love. Join us, won't you?
08/04/1535m 41s

Robot Uprising! with Andrew Secunda

Hello Buddies! Or shall we say: "Beep boop bop boop beep"? If you were able to understand that, you're clearly an undercover robot! Accuse! Or maybe you are the internet? Yes that's right THE INTERNET become sentient and turned against us all?! Help us decide if Wall-E was a robot uprising movie! Was there crazy amounts of baby-makin' happening in Zion in the Matrix movies? How would one fight the robotic onslaught? How would you even know it's happening?! Also, Travis has never seen Terminator so feel free to hold that against him! We're joined by special guest Andrew Secunda (writer on The Goldbergs, member of UCB's "The Swarm" and "Soundtrack", and all around cool dude!). You should follow him on Twitter! @secunda!
01/04/1545m 44s

Vampires! with Brentalfloss

Hello Buddies and happy week two of MaxFunDrive! We're joined this week by the composer of our intro/outro and internet celebrity Brentalfloss! We discuss the age old threat of the Vampire! Why do we stake them? Do the stakes have to be wooden? What's their deal with salt/birdseed? When chopping off their heads, what do you do with the head afterward? Where did we get the idea of vampires in the first place? Have there been "real" vampires? Do Travis, Brent and Andie do terrible vampire impressions? (Yes, they do.) Enjoy and then tell a friend! Then, don't forget to donate! www.maximumfun.org/donate  
25/03/1554m 50s

Plagues! With Dr. Sydnee McElroy

Hello buddies and welcome to a very special episode! Not only is it our first MaxFunDrive episode, we're also joined by our first ever guest, Dr. Sydnee McElroy from the MaxFun show Sawbones! She talks with us about historical plagues and the possibilities of future outbreaks! We also discuss ways to prepare yourself for a global pandemic! Then, we answer some of YOUR questions about plagues! Join us, won't you? Don't forget to donate to the MaxFunDrive! http://www.maximumfun.org/donate
18/03/151h 4m

Beating Boredom Pt. 2: Alone on Earth

SPOILER ALERT! We talk alot about the new Fox show Last Man on Earth! You've been warned! Last week we discussed what you would do if you were trapped in a bunker by yourself, but what if you had the whole world at your disposal? Would you take up hobbies? Would you become irrationally destructive? How long before you lose your mind? What things would you do that you can't do now? Would you get drunk? (Yes, yes you would) All this and more on this week's Bunker Buddies!
11/03/1545m 20s

Beating Bunker Boredom

Hello Buddies! Are you lonesome tonight? Have you driven yourself crazy in the vast solitude of time stretching before you as you are locked alone in a bunker? Then this episode is for you! We talk about ways to beat boredom when you're trapped alone in an enclosed space! What movie/book/album would you want to be stuck with? If you COULD be with one person for the rest of time, who would it be? What hobbies would you take up? Should we do an all "Tiny Borat" episode? Listen to this episode and we will answer all these questions!
04/03/1538m 40s

Pets in the Apocalypse

Dog person? Cat person? Rat person? We're pretty much on board. Are there benefits to bugging out with pets? How do you prepare for that? Is there a perfect apocalypse dog size? Does you cat love you? Parrots: yay or nay? What should you train your dog to do? Bugging out/hunkering down: how does your pet plan change? All this, and more on this week's episode! To donate to Bunker Buddies, visit www.maximumfun.org/donate   To buy a special message on Bunker Buddies, visit www.maximumfun.org/jumbotron   Intro and outro music thanks to Brentalfloss (www.brentalfloss.com)   Art thanks to Justin Russo (www.pressxtojustin.com)
25/02/1540m 46s

Best Bug Out City/EDC Items

Oh, come in buddies! You've stumbled upon one of our "social bunkers"! We've got bunkers all over this great land! In this episode, we discuss which city/area would be the best general locations to head to during the apocalypse! Rural or urban? East coast? West coast? Maybe a fancy resort location? Then, in part 2, we discuss everyday carry items! What items do Travis and Andie have on them on a day-to day basis? What items should YOU carry? What can you carry and not look like a weirdo? Do you own a tasteful satchel? All this and more!
18/02/1540m 11s

Pod People

Hellow fellow human buddies! Nothing strange going on here! Just a couple of normal humans doing a podcast, same as always! And even if we were impostors, how could you tell? A secret code phrase? Could you tell from our mannerisms? Or maybe you'd just stab us and see how it goes. That's pretty much Andie's solution. Also, learn about a really interesting mental illness. Also, Andie is an indigo child and Travis is a psychopath apparently. It's a pretty weird stream of conciousness episode!
11/02/1539m 15s

Bug Out Vehicles

Buddies! It's that time of the week once more! Tell me, have you thought about your mode of transport should all hell break loose? Are you more of an SUV or a motorcycle person? Perhaps you prefer an option less traditional? On this week's episode Travis and Andie discuss all your vehicular options when it comes to the apocalypse. They also go in to basic vehicular maintenance skills and what to keep in your BOV! They also talk A LOT about Batman and trains. Have you thought about trains as a Bug Out Vehicle?
03/02/1546m 23s

World of Idiots

Hello Buddies! We've all had a time in our lives where we felt like we were surrounded by idiots, right? Well, what if it were true? What if you woke up one morning and you were the last intelligent person on the planet? Would you name yourself President? Try to re-educate the masses? Say that instead of waking up now, you woke up in the Dark Ages. Would you share your modern knowledge or keep quiet for fear of persecution? All this and more on this week's episode!
28/01/1547m 19s

Water World

Hello buddies! This is a big one: the polar ice caps have melted and the world is flooded! We cover what would really happen and what to do if the Hollywood version happens! What do you wear when the world is flooded? How much of the south would we lose? Will Andie one day turn in to one full body freckle? All of these things will be answered and more! Be sure to subscribe/rate/review on iTunes and then tell your friends!
21/01/1537m 16s

Apocalypse Skills

Hello Buddies and welcome back to our bunker! We know it’s only been a week, but gosh darnit we missed you! Have you been drinking enough water? How have you been sleeping? Have you been practicing your lockpicking/blacksmithing/water collecting/welding? What’s that? You don’t do those things?! Well, it sure is lucky you have Bunker Buddies! On this episode we run you through some of the key skills you need to survive the apocalypse and we rate ourselves on said skills! How do you stack up?   To donate to Bunker Buddies, visit www.maximumfun.org/donate   To buy a special message on Bunker Buddies, visit www.maximumfun.org/jumbotron   Intro and outro music thanks to Brentalfloss (www.brentalfloss.com)   Art thanks to Justin Russo (www.pressxtojustin.com)
14/01/1554m 24s

Zombies Pt. 1

Hello Buddies! Welcome to our first ever live show! To commemorate the occasion we talk about THE apocalypse scenario: ZOMBIES!  What is your weapon of choice? Guns of melee weapons? What would Travis and Andie wear to the apocalypse? What is a Swiss Army Shark? We also discuss our Zombie Survival Teams! As a bonus, Travis discusses a zombie questions that has always plagued him (see what we did there?!) Special thanks to UCB for hosting the show! Intro/Outro by Brentalfloss Artwork by Justin Russo
07/01/1529m 16s

Last Man/Woman on Earth

Hello Buddies and Happy New Year! Andie and Travis take a break from the festivities this week to discuss what they think would happen if they were the last man or the last woman on earth. The conversation quickly turns to what the world would look like if it were all men/all women! Would gender expectations shift? Would the concepts of “masculinity” and “femininity” go right out the window? Would Andie get to smooch Channing Tatum while Travis gets to be the “token guy” at all the parades?! Find out this week on Bunker Buddies as we have one of our most esoteric conversation yet!   Don’t forget to subscribe/rate/review on iTunes!   Intro and outro by Brentalfloss   Art by Justin Russo
31/12/1441m 49s

Apocalypse Dating/Holidays

Happy hollidays buddies! On this very special (and somewhat irregular!) episode, we cover a wide range of topics! Are you worried about how poor hygeine will effect your dating life during the Apocalypse? Are you struggling to find that perfect holiday gift for the prepper who has everything? What will you give your loved ones after it all goes to hell? The answer to all three is basically 'guns and toothbrushes". Also, enjoy the random discussion on gun control! Wonering what you can get us for the holidays? EASY! Just share us with a friend! Intro and Outro thanks to Brentalfloss Artwork courtesy of Justin Russo
24/12/1430m 14s

Eternal Night

Welcome buddies! This week we talk about eternal night, or (as Andie googled) What would happen if there's no Sun? When 9 year old Travis was told that eventually the sun would die, that really stuck with him! In this episode, we dive into the first of his many child hood fears! Why are we so afraid of the dark? How long would it take humans to develope night vision? What do you call the creatures that live in caves? We have no idea! So, join us as we make theories and jokes in equal measure! We even read some of your emails! Thanks for listening! Remember, you can find us on twitter @TravisandAndie and email us at TravisandAndie@Gmail! Our intro/outro music composed by Brentalfloss! Our art is done by Justin Russo!
17/12/1434m 34s

Food Shortage/MREs

Buddies! Welcome back for episode two! Is the Earth running out of food? Will there be mass panic as super maket shelves are emptied? Will Travis and Andie enjoy a glass of fruit-infused hard liquor after the world ends? Join us as we discuss all these topics and the top foods to store in your emegency stock pile! Not only that, we taste test a couple MREs and emergency rations! Thank you so much for listening! Don't forget to subscribe/rate/review and then tell all your friends! Stay safe out there!
10/12/1440m 57s

Ep. 1: EMP

Hello Buddies! Welcome to our show! This week we take on the looming danger of Electro-Magnetic Pulses! How do you prepare? How do you survive? How do you deal with robots as a female president? Where can you stock up on affordable and delicious cheesecakes for post-apocalyptic pig outs? All these answers and more on this episode! Welcome and we love you! Special thanks to Brentalfloss for our Intro/Outro! http://www.brentalfloss.com/ And to Justin Russo for the incredible art!
03/12/1440m 25s
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