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Let's Get Fiscal

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt could either cut income tax, reduce the employee National Insurance rate or unfreeze the personal allowance in the Budget next week.
01/03/24·54m 40s

Same debt, different way?

Consumer debt levels fell to a record low last year, despite the pressure created by the pandemic and cost of living crisis.
29/02/24·53m 31s

Debanking: Do small businesses have fair access to finance?

MPs looking into 'de-banking' say they're concerned at the number of small businesses' bank accounts being closed with little to no notice.
28/02/24·52m 11s

Beware of the watchdog

The Competitions and Markets Authority has warned it has 'fundamental concerns' about the UK's house building sector. Will Bain speaks to the director of Cameron Homes.Plus, Microsoft and AI start-up Mistral partner up, and Whoopi Goldbery launches the first black-owned, black-focussed streaming service.
27/02/24·51m 16s

Is diversity driving up car insurance costs?

New research by the BBC shows that living in a multicultural neighbourhood may increase the cost of your car insurance. We chat to BBC Verify, who carried out the research, to find out why.From Sandwell to the Seine. Will Bain, speaks to the British Asian designer, from Birmingham, about how he’s taking his street-inspired fashion to Paris Fashion Week.
26/02/24·53m 11s

Soaring Spuds

Felicity Hannah has the latest as supermarket prices of some lines of potatoes soar.
23/02/24·55m 2s

Calmer waters for the UK economy?

News and insight from the business world. Download the podcast via the BBC Sounds app.
22/02/24·53m 36s


News and insight from the business world. Download the podcast via the BBC Sounds app.
21/02/24·52m 35s

Trump makes trainers

News and insight from the business world. Download the podcast via the BBC Sounds app.
20/02/24·52m 40s

Happily ever Bafta?

Hollywood stars from across the globe descended on the capital last night for the 77th British Academy Film Awards. The big winner was Oppenheimer which won the most awards, including the best film, best director and best actor for Cillian Murphy - but Poor Things and The Zone of Interest were also victorious. But does winning an award like the BAFTAs actually pay?
19/02/24·52m 54s

Not plane sailing

News and insight from the business world. Download the podcast via the BBC Sounds app.
16/02/24·54m 0s

All at Sea

News and insight from the business world. Download the podcast via the BBC Sounds app.
15/02/24·52m 36s

Trouble brewing

News and insight from the business world. Download the podcast via the BBC Sounds app.
14/02/24·53m 4s

Building for the future

News and insight from the business world. Download the podcast via the BBC Sounds app.
13/02/24·53m 41s


News and insight from the business world. Download the podcast via the BBC Sounds app.
12/02/24·53m 44s

The business of delivering

The courier and delivery service Yodel says its in the "final stages" of talks to stay out of administration. Felicity Hannah looks at whether the company can find new investment and a buyer, and also speaks to one customer about the possible impact on their business.And as the Labour Party announce a U-turn on their 28-billion-pound green investment pledge we look at what will business and big spenders on infrastructure want to see from the next government?
09/02/24·52m 59s

£28bn or not £28bn?

Will Bain gets reaction to Labour scaling back its £28bn green investment plan. Plus, can Sir Jim Ratcliffe create a 'Wembley of the North'?
08/02/24·53m 31s

The Gender Pension Gap

Will Bain hears about the big gap between how much men and women have saved at retirement. Plus, HS2 is "very bad value for money", according to a new report by MPs.
07/02/24·52m 52s

Restaurants bear the brunt

Will Bain looks at new data that shows January was even harder for restaurants than usual. Plus, what's in the in-tray of the new Stormont Executive?
06/02/24·53m 25s

Tourist Tax under review

Will Bain looks at how Jeremy Hunt may scrap the so-called Tourist Tax in the Budget. Plus, one of the world's biggest port operators says Red Sea delays could continue for months.
05/02/24·53m 4s

Tech giants' earnings

Apple, Amazon, and parent company Meta have shared their companies’ earnings. Felicity Hannah will be delving into where each company has excelled and where they seem to be lagging.
02/02/24·52m 59s

Boeing Bears The Blame

“We caused the problem, and we understand that,” said Boeing CEO after its financial results. As it works hard to regain the confidence of regulators and customers after a problem with one of its planes, we look at how the company might turn its current crisis around.Brexit trade rules for Northern Ireland are set to change - Will Bain speaks to one business about how it will affect them.And with an election looming in 2024, we speak to the Shadow Secretary of State for Business and Trade, Jonathan Reynolds, about the party’s plans to improve productivity and growth for companies in the UK.
01/02/24·52m 55s

The best of Wake Up To Money 2023

Will Bain looks back at some of the highlights from Wake Up To Money in 2023. There's the story of the takeover of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft including an interview with the Microsoft President Brad Smith which made headlines around the world. Former England and Manchester United footballer Gary Neville explained why he's investing in property and the UK boss of Google Debbie Weinstein told us how AI is changing the world.
01/01/24·56m 11s

Wake Up To Money Special - Gary Neville

He's most famous for his football career and more recently, his punditry, but Gary Neville is also hugely successful in the worlds of business and property developing.In this interview, he tells Sean Farrington about his plans for a new £400 million project in the centre of Manchester.They discuss how rising interest rates are affecting the building trade, why Gary feels the hospitality industry is paying the best wages it can afford to, and Gary’s new role on Dragons’ Den. This is an extended version of an interview first broadcast on Wake Up To Money on July 6th, 2023.
06/07/23·35m 32s

Wake Up To Money - Elon Musk

The BBC's North America Technology Correspondent James Clayton talks exclusively to Elon Musk about Twitter. They discuss why he bought the social media site, controversy around tackling disinformation and the future for blue ticks.
12/04/23·48m 40s

Boardroom Stories: Sir Ian Livingston

Sir Ian Livingstone talks to Rahul Tandon about founding Games Workshop and the popularity of Dungeons and Dragons. He reveals his collection of hundreds of board games as well as discussing the development of Tomb Raider.
29/12/22·26m 30s

Million By 30: Timothy Armoo, part 2

Timothy Armoo talks to Sean Farrington about his decision to sell the business he founded in a multi-million pound deal. He discusses why he decided to sell, what he's learnt and his plans for what he's going to do next.
17/08/22·46m 35s

Business of Sport: The Ashes

Rahul Tandon looks at the money behind The Ashes. He discusses how important sponsorship is in cricket, how to grow the fanbase and get more people involved in the game. Rahul also speaks to Manoj Badale, one of the owners of the IPL team the Rajasthan Royal.
10/12/21·24m 42s

Boardroom Stories: Guy Hands, founder Terra Firma

One of the biggest names in the world in private equity, Guy Hands, talks candidly about what he calls 'going from hero to zero'. Speaking with Felicity Hannah he shares his experience of growing his business Terra Firma Capital Partners which became one of the largest investment companies in the world. He discusses the controversy around his ownership of record label EMI and losing control of the care home company Four Seasons. He also talks about being dyslexic and how it's affected his life as well as the challenge of making business greener.
12/11/21·33m 12s

Boardroom Stories: John Lyttle, Chief Executive, Boohoo

John Lyttle, chief executive of Boohoo, tells Sean Farrington about the company's massive growth and future expansion plans. He says the company doesn't make throwaway fashion and is taking measures to tackle climate change. He also discusses the recent controversy around allegations of mistreatment of staff at some of its suppliers in Leicester.
11/08/21·37m 52s

Business of Sport: Tokyo Olympics

Felicity Hannah looks at how the Olympic games are financed and the competitors are funded. She's joined by Sir Keith Mills, former Deputy Chair of London 2012 organising committee; Nigel Walker who's National Director of the English Institute of Sport; Marie Oldham, Executive chair of the advertising agency VCCP Media and Danny Downs of online sports retailer Fanatics.
23/07/21·28m 35s

The Origins of Reebok

Joe Foster, founder of Reebok talks with Sean Farrington and Reggie Nelson about creating one of the world's biggest brands. From the origins of a family business to breaking America and making trainers a must-have fashion item.
15/06/21·33m 59s

Million By 30: Roei Samuel

Roei Samuel talks to Sean Farrington about setting up e-sports business Real Sport which he sold in a multi-million pound deal and about how having ADHD affected his education and career choices.
09/06/21·35m 29s

Million By 30: Tom Beahon, co-founder Castore

Tom and Phil Beahon set up their sportswear brand Castore in Liverpool after their professional sporting careers came to an end. They chat with Sean about growing the brand, how their parents re-mortgaged their house to give them the money to get it off the ground and working with Sir Andy Murray and football clubs Rangers and Wolves.
23/05/21·44m 26s

Million By 30: CC Clarke

CC Clarke talks to Sean Farrington talks about growing her fanbase to more than two million followers and setting up her make-up business. She discusses how she's carried on with her singing career and dealing with social media trolls.
25/04/21·32m 36s

Business of Sport: Future of Football

After the collapse of plans for a European Super League, Sean Farrington discusses the future of football with current and former club bosses, fans and sport business experts.
21/04/21·35m 5s

Million By 30: Grace Beverley, influencer and founder of sustainable style brand TALA

Sean Farrington chats with Grace Beverley about how she built up a million followers on Instagram before going on to launch her own fitness brand Shreddy and sustainable style brand TALA. Photo courtesy: Andy Cuthbert
19/03/21·51m 9s

Million By 30: Chester Mojay-Sinclare, founder and chief executive of Enthuse

Sean Farrington chats with Chester Mojay-Sinclare who first got his business off the ground by launching a potato into space. Eleven years later, he has raised over £100 million for charities through his company Enthuse.
12/03/21·26m 17s

Million By 30: Jenna Brown, co-founder and chief executive of Shipamax

How Jenna Brown turned her passion for start-ups into a multi-million backed business.
26/02/21·33m 32s

Million By 30: Alex Lovén, founder of Net World Sports

Sean Farrington chats with Alex Lovén, who started selling cricket bats when he was 13 to his mates at school, graduated to selling the bats on eBay and made £1m in sales by 22 and now, aged 33, his sports equipment business makes £50m in turnover.
19/02/21·34m 27s

Million By 30: Kofi McCalla, The Unknown Vlogs

Kofi McCalla, a menswear fashion YouTuber, on how he hit over 100 million views. If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this podcast please visit the BBC Action Line website https://www.bbc.co.uk/actionline/
12/02/21·33m 12s

Million By 30: Liberty Foreman, CEO and founder of DynamXMedical

Sean Farrington interviews Liberty Foreman, who started up a cancer screening tech company DynamX Medical by spinning it out from her PhD. Since then she’s raised millions in investment all before the company has even turned a profit. If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this podcast please visit the BBC Action Line website https://www.bbc.co.uk/actionline/
18/01/21·33m 1s

Million By 30: Maciek Kacprzyk and Karina Sudenyte, founders of Flawsome!

Sean Farrington interviews Maciek Kacprzyk and Karina Sudenyte, the founders of Flawsome!, a food waste company that saves wonky fruit from landfill and makes them into cold pressed juice and sparkling fruit juice waters.
11/01/21·31m 30s

Million By 30: Timothy Armoo, chief executive of Fanbytes

The story of how 26-year-old Timothy Armoo built a million-pound marketing business.
01/12/20·32m 38s

Million By 30: Adnan Ebrahim, founder of Car Throttle

Sean Farrington chats with Adnan Ebrahim who sold his first website before he was 18. He then founded Car Throttle, which quickly reached millions of followers around the world. He sold it in his mid-20's and has since embarked on a new venture
20/11/20·33m 0s

Business of Sport: Rugby World Cup

Sean Farrington looks at the money behind the Rugby World Cup in Japan including how can smaller countries break into the top tier of the game.
11/10/19·57m 52s

Business of Sport: The Price of Gold

It's a year until the Tokyo Olympics will be getting underway. The British Olympics Association has told us it could be one of the most expensive yet.A number of sports will be making their debut at the games - one of them is competitive climbing. But who sponsors a brand new sport, and how do they get funding?
30/08/19·26m 30s

Business of Sport: Not just about the scores

Sean and Mickey look at how sport is being reported off the pitch, from long reads to podcasts to social media.
09/08/19·26m 21s

Business of Sport: eSports

The industry is worth over $1bn globally. Is it time to take gaming as a competitive activity a bit more seriously?
02/08/19·25m 14s

Boardroom Stories: Sanjeev Gupta, Liberty Steel

Danni Hewson talks with Sanjeev Gupta, boss of one of the world's largest steel producers Liberty Steel.
27/12/18·29m 10s

Boardroom Stories: Co-Op

Chief Executive of the Co-Operative Group, Steve Murrells talks with Danni Hewson about supermarkets; funerals and schools and how it's recovered from a difficult period.
03/12/18·30m 24s

Boardroom Stories: Lovehoney

Lovehoney co-founders Neal Slateford and Richard Longhurst talk about developing their online sex toy company, meeting the Queen and adapting their business for international markets.
20/11/18·27m 25s

Boardroom Stories: Paul Pomroy, McDonald's UK

Wake Up To Money's Sean Farrington meets Paul Pomroy, the Chief Executive of McDonald's for the UK and Ireland to discuss the High Street crisis; plastic straws; Brexit; zero hours contracts and waste.
31/07/18·33m 16s

Boardroom Stories: Linda Jackson, Citroen

Linda Jackson, Chief Executive of Citroen talks about women in the car industry, electric cars and whether the 2CV could ever make a comeback.
20/07/18·26m 16s

Boardroom Stories: Rob Stringer of Sony Music Entertainment

Working with David Bowie on one of pop’s best kept secrets and how he won George Michael back after the star’s bitter split from Sony.
05/07/18·40m 7s

Boardroom Stories: Pure Gym

Humphrey Cobbold, boss of Pure Gym talks to Sean Farrington about how the chain has gone from zero to a million members in less than a decade.Plus how the treadmill is falling out of fashion as workouts change with the times.
19/06/18·30m 33s

Boardroom Stories: Intu's David Fischel

The boss of the company which owns some of the UK’s biggest shopping centres tells Wake Up To Money’s Mickey Clarke that retail is alive and kicking.
09/04/18·28m 46s

Boardroom Stories: Marston's Ralph Findlay

Marston's Chief Executive Ralph Findlay, Quality not quantity: How drinkers’ tastes have changed and why so many restaurants are struggling at the moment.
02/03/18·29m 57s

Boardroom Stories: Domino's Pizza

Domino's Pizza CEO David Wild on executive pay, The Simpsons and chanting.
20/02/18·24m 56s

Boardroom Stories: Bronek Masojada, Hiscox

Terrorism, cyber crime, luxury cars and diamonds. Who says insurance is boring? Bronek Masojada boss of Hiscox talks insurance with Wake Up To Money’s Louise Cooper.
09/02/18·30m 18s

Boardroom Stories: Craig Donaldson

Why banks need more branches and "it was a miserable place to be”: Life at RBS during the bailout.
29/01/18·32m 18s

Boardroom Stories: David Duffy

David Duffy, Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks boss, talks Open Banking, drones and the rise of the robots.
02/01/18·21m 41s
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