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Food For Thought

By Rhiannon Lambert

Food For Thought is brought to you by Rhiannon Lambert, the UK's leading Nutritionist, founder of private Harley Street clinic Rhitrition and bestselling author of Re-Nourish, A Simple Way to Eat Well. On a mission to simplify wellness, Rhiannon’s Food For Thought podcast will equip you with all the evidence-based advice you need to live and breathe a healthy lifestyle. She is joined by special guests, all of whom can be considered experts in the world of wellbeing, so that together we can learn fact from fiction and empower the healthiest versions of ourselves with trusted, expert advice. For more information, please visit and follow @Rhitrition.


No-Nonsense Guide To 'Down There'

Periods happen to half the population – so why are they still treated as something to hide? With one in five young women bullied about periods, be it at home, school or work – I think it’s time to understand exactly what’s going on down there! In fact, our menstrual cycle is really helpful indicator to our overall health but with it being so, misinformation has flourished only perpetuating the menstrual taboo. This week’s Food For Thought sees Dr and gynaecologist Anita Mitra and I explore how to take control of your cycle and debunk the most widespread misconceptions. For more information, visit ( and ( .
10/08/2055m 0s

How To Lose Body Fat Now

No matter your reasons for wanting to burn some body fat, focusing on getting there through healthy, manageable lifestyle measures is really important. While it’s not possible to lose fat on particular areas of your body, you can definitely work on lowering your overall body fat percentage. This week’s Food For Thought sees Nutritionist Faye Townsend and I explore the truth behind body fat and how you can finally lose it with the latest evidence-based advice. You can find our latest ebook; A Simple Way To Fuel Fitness here - For more information, visit ( and ( .
03/08/2044m 48s

The Shocking Truth About Sugar

Whether you are afraid of it or think you’re addicted to it, there is no doubt that sugar is in all of our lives. It’s now suggested that sugar is found in about 75% of the foods we eat with it amounting to as much as 15% of UK adult’s daily calorie intake. While eating too much sugar is associated with obesity and a host of problems, there’s so much misinformation that oftentimes makes eating even moderate amounts of sugar sound worse than it is. After all, we do need sugar to live. This week’s Food For Thought sees Registered Dietitian and senior teaching fellow, Duane Mellor and I uncover all the myths that you really need to stop believing and explore whether sugar really is the devil it’s made out to be. For more information, visit ( and ( .
27/07/2052m 56s

Stop Binge Eating For Good

For all too many, food is around every day as if it is watching and testing them. Some compulsively eat subtly throughout the day, either eating meals twice as large as they should be, or just eating continuously, all while going largely unnoticed by those closed to them. This week’s Food For Thought sees Registered Dietitian Maeve Hanan and I explore the truth about the compulsive eater and the steps in building a healthier relationship with food. For more information, visit ( and ( .
20/07/2050m 32s

How Fast Fashion Is Destroying Earth

In the last 15 years, production of clothing has doubled – and at the same time, the number of times something is worn has halved. That means over 11 million garments are sent to landfill every week in the UK alone. Ultimately, the novelty that fashion promises is causing irreversible harm to both planet and people. This week’s Food For Thought sees presenter and climate activist, Venetia La Manna join me to discuss why it’s time for the wasteful fashion industry to clean up its act. For more information, visit ( and ( .  (
13/07/2053m 20s

Why Fat Won't Make You Fat

For years we’ve been told fat is bad and that we all need to reduce the amount we consume, especially when it comes to saturated and trans fats. However, recent campaigns have switched from demonising fat to making sugar the culprit of weight gain. With so many people weighing in on the topic and an excess of information available, finding out the truth about fat can be a significant challenge. It can be difficult to understand exactly what the causes are for becoming overweight and what the best ways to achieve weight loss are. This week’s Food For Thought is with Wendy Hall who is a Registered Nutritionist and the Nutrition Society’s Theme Leader in Whole Body Metabolism to help us find out if fat really does make us fat. For more information, visit ( and ( .
06/07/2051m 34s

How To Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety is that feeling of unease, worry or fear, and I think most people have experienced how terrifying both the physical and mental symptoms can be. Issues like debilitating headaches, shortness of breath can make even the simplest daily tasks feel like impossible undertakings. Even acute instances of anxiety ― think job or financial stress ― can lead to the same symptoms and feelings. Thankfully, there are ways to treat and manage the issue. This week’s Food For Thought with psychotherapist Anna Mathur explores how we can reframe our anxieties and change the nature of your mental health to be positive. For more information, visit ( and ( .
29/06/2052m 8s

Breaking The Biggest Fitness Stigmas

There remains such huge stigma surrounding women who do certain types of fitness. The belief that the likes of strength training will quickly transform you into an incredibly masculine version of yourself holds back so many from achieving their personal bests. And, in this age of Instagram, where workouts are released every day, it can be all too easy to get side-tracked with ideas that may not actually be right for you. This week’s Food For Thought sees myself and personal trainer, Lucy Mountain who is calling out the deceptions in the fitness and food industry break through some of the biggest stigmas. For more information, visit ( and ( .
22/06/201h 2m

The Biggest Women's Health Myths

Do you ever feel uncomfortable amongst your peers or colleagues, simply because some topics are left unspoken about and seen unmentionable? Well you’re not alone, there are many other women who feel exactly the same as you do and want to open up the conversation. Stigma and taboos around women’s health remain unescapable. Their effects can have serious consequences - taboos can lead to women not having access to hygiene products, education, feelings of embarrassment as well as possible health risks. This week’s Food For Thought sees, Dr Brooke Vandermolen, whose currently training as a Registrar in Obstetrics and Gynaecology breakdown the many myths in women’s health with me. For more information, visit ( and ( .
15/06/2057m 2s

My Birthing Story

It’s no secret that childbirth is tough, but the reality of what follows is rarely discussed. While no two birth stories are the same, I want to use my story, which is far from what I could have ever imagined to share exactly what happens, empower others with the truth and to encourage opening up around this conversation. In the absence of any education about the process and knowledge, all too many women just aren’t capable of making informed decisions, or even trusting their own bodies, especially when so many things can change and are out of your control. This week’s Food For Thought is a highly personal one, where I explore my own birth story with midwife and author Marie Louise, also know as The Modern Midwife. Please note, this episode contains some graphic childbirth references. For more information, visit ( and ( . Here are some additional resources that you may also find helpful; NHS ( , Tommy's ( and The Modern Midwife ( .
25/05/201h 9m

Counting Calories To Lose Weight

If you happen to be confused about whether calorie counting is effective or not, then you’re definitely not alone. Calories were once the foundation of many diet programmes and even official nutrition advice. Now though calorie counting has fallen by the wayside in the health world, but many individuals are still doing this in the hope they will lose weight. So, should or shouldn't you be counting calories and if you do does it actually contribute towards any weight loss? Whether you’re an avid calorie counter or need further proof of why it’s time to step away from the number crunching, this week’s Food For Thought sees Registered Nutritionist Dr Glenys Jones and I breakdown the truth about calories. For more information, visit ( and ( .
18/05/2041m 18s

How To Start Weaning

Children need nutritious food every day to grow healthy and strong. Yet feeding them and especially a newborn can be a round-the-clock commitment! While this can be challenging time, it is also a wonderful opportunity to begin forming a close bond with the newest member of the family. Nowadays, nearly everyone has their own opinions on how best to feed their baby and at what time this should be done throughout the day. What can add to even more confusion is the fully stocked supermarket shelves with different formulas and foods, making it hard to know exactly where to begin. This week’s Food For Thought sees Registered Nutritionist, Charlotte Stirling-Reed share exactly what, when and how to feed your baby! For more information, visit ( and ( .
11/05/2055m 2s

When Healthy Eating Goes Too Far

Changing your diet to eating more plant-based foods, or simply adding in more fruit and veg can be healthy lifestyle choices. But if your dietary choices begin to add to your worries and bring about fear of eating out or certain foods, it can actually be quite dangerous. Being too healthy can actually be unhealthy. Often dieting plans and restrictive eating can be short-lived, which may then lead to emotional eating and unhealthy food choices. Others find their way back to the middle of the road. But for many, this so-called 'healthy' way of eating can become an undesired obsession and, at its most extreme, an eating disorder. This week’s Food For Thought guest sees Dr Nikki Stamp; surgeon and author explore when healthy actually becomes unhealthy. For more information, visit ( and ( .
04/05/2049m 34s

Transforming Mental Health With Fitness

Many of us are familiar with the most common barrier to a regular physical activity routine and the lack of time we set aside for exercising. Work, family obligations and other realities of daily life often get in the way of our best intentions to be more active. Now faced with lockdown, we are restricted more than ever, but this still allows us to exercise once a day outside and nothing is stopping us from doing movement at home. Research suggests that those who successfully maintain an exercise routine learn to shift their focus from distant, external outcomes like losing weight to positive, internal experiences such as mental health. This week’s Food For Thought guest sees presenter and personal trainer, Mathew Lewis-Carter and I explore how you can really learn to fall in love with exercise and enjoy the countless benefits that come along with it! For more information, visit ( and ( .
27/04/2046m 5s

Balancing Business & Motherhood

As hard as anyone might try, being fully prepared for becoming a mother is a huge task. Combining the demands of running a business with the responsibility of bringing up children is something that I along with many other women face. Increasingly we are seeing women setting themselves higher expectations than ever before to take on everything, with plans to give birth, look after their baby and then immediately go straight back to work. Can this really be possible and what sacrifices are associated with taking on all of these responsibilities. This week’s Food For Thought sees my good friend, Ella Mills, author and founder of Deliciously Ella to discuss the realities of being a modern day working mum! For more information, visit ( and ( .
20/04/2048m 18s

Should You Supplement Now

Knowing what are the best supplements to take can seem like a minefield. Not only are the numbers and letters confusing and complex, you have to consider which ones are actually worth the money. With so much choice available and supplements to suit nearly every individual's needs, knowing what the right ones to choose can be a challenge. This week’s Food For Thought sees Nutritionist Jenna Hope help sort fact from fiction so you can consider which ones are worth the money! For more information, visit ( and ( .
12/04/2042m 30s

How To Train Your Brain

Amazing opportunities present themselves to us all the time, but how often do we act on these and create success for ourselves? This week's Food For Thought podcast explores how everything most people want from life - health, happiness, wealth, love - are all governed by our ability to think, feel and act; in other words, by our brain! Perhaps you're keen to learn something new, maintain a fitness routine or just stay fit and healthy, Neuroscientist Dr Tara Swart explains how we can all harness the power of your brain to reach any goals. For more information, visit ( and ( .
05/04/2055m 7s

Eat Well On A Budget

In these uncertain and difficult times, the spread of coronavirus is impacting each of our lives. With individuals looking for answers, especially ones that seem 'easy’ to implement, such as what we can eat or drink on a budget. With the closure of restaurants and limited foods available in the supermarkets, we are needing to become more creative while cooking in a financially viable manner. So, is it possible to make healthy changes to our daily eating habits that will last while restricting our spending? This week's Food For Thought guest is, Miguel Barclay an Instagram chef who is constantly experimenting in the kitchen and makes meals that all cost less than £1 a person. For more information, visit ( and ( .
29/03/2044m 53s

Doctor & Nutritionist Fighting Coronavirus

Confirmed cases of coronavirus have now spanned the globe, and figures of new cases are increasing each day. COVID-19 has spiralled out of our control, leaving countries across the globe in a state of emergency and doctors and nurses overstretched. At present, it is expected that the coronavirus pandemic could affect the UK well into 2021 and may lead to 7.9 million people being hospitalised, adding even more strain on health services and with knock on effects on the economy. There are simple measures that each and everyone of us can do to help minimise the spread of coronavirus, as our very actions can help reduce the chances of us catching it and in turn spreading the virus. This week's Food For Thought sees NHS Dr Joshua Wolrich discuss the evolving advice and spread of misinformation in these uncertain times. Please note, all evidence-based information shared in this episode are accurate as of 20 March 2020. For more information, visit and Further resources can be found at; (
23/03/201h 9m

You Need To Learn About Menopause

Menopause is a topic that is still often left unspoken about. The menopause and lack of conversation around it can leave many women feeling isolated and with little support during a time in their life that is completely natural and which happens in every woman’s life. Often women feel that they just need to accept the menopause, but acceptance is difficult when dealing with what often seems such a mystery. You are certainly not alone and there are options available to you for the menopause. Joining me on this weeks podcast is, Dr Philippa Kay who recently just published The M Word. Together we discuss what exactly the menopause is, when to expect to it and how it affects all us women. For more information, visit ( and ( .
16/03/2051m 45s

Do Diets Really Work

In the world of health and wellness, dieting can be incredibly confusing. We're told time and time again the only thing that really works is a balanced diet and exercise. Yet all too many people are still willing to listen and attempt every new fad in the hope that it's the one that changes everything. It is so important to remember that this is probably not the case! Just looking at the statistics shows that right now in the UK over half of the population are reportedly dieting. Joining me is Registered Nutritionist Claire Baseley with whom I explore the real truth about diets and if they can actually work. For more information, visit ( and ( .
09/03/2058m 31s

Should We Ditch Dairy

Whether its milk in your cereal, a delicious melted cheese toastie or ice cream many of us grew up on a diet laden with dairy and are continuing to consume it regularly. It is estimated that the UK dairy industry alone is worth a staggering £28 billion pounds and it plays a vital role in our nation’s food security. But, opinions on foods are changing more than ever before, and with this the scrutinisation of particular food groups. One of which is dairy, it is often bashed for being supposedly fattening and detrimental to our health, as well as the health of the planet. The question therefore arises as to how much dairy we should be getting in our diet. Joining me on the podcast is Dr Leigh Breen, Associate Professor in Metabolic and Molecular Physiology at The University of Birmingham, who has a special interest in dairy making him a perfectly placed guest to discuss this topic. For more information, visit ( and ( .
17/02/2042m 5s

Does Instagram Trigger Dieting

Now is the case that nearly everyone we know has social media and use it in some capacity with many being active users. Data from 2019 shows that in the UK a staggering 45 million of us are using social media. But, what are the consequences of using social media and how is it impacting our decisions. Something that is becoming a particular area of concern, especially within the younger generations is how Instagram is affecting people's relationships with food and bringing about more cases of disordered eating. Joining me this week is Dr Ysabel Gerrard, lecturer in digital media and society at University of Sheffield and policy advisor at Facebook and Instagram. For more information, visit ( and ( .
10/02/2057m 25s

The Future Of Food

Have you ever stopped to think about what the future holds for the food industry, and what and how we will end up eating. A popular opinion is that we'll start eating less meat and dairy, along with new foods being introduced to us, but what is likely to be beyond this and what futuristic foods will come about? While the future for many is unknown, I am joined with doctor, author and BBC radio host Stuart Farrimond who shares the exciting possibilities for the future of our food. For more information, visit ( , (
03/02/2051m 29s

Motivate Yourself For Success

Winter months and January in particular can be hard on us all, with shorter days and darker evenings. We all want to wake up in the morning and go through our day feeling motivated and energised. Sadly, this doesn’t always happen, particularly as we are creatures of habit and more often than not our lifestyle patterns need to be shaken up and reinvigorated to ignite the motivation within us. How can we energise ourselves and get the motivation we all need so that we can get the most out of life? Imparting his knowledge on us and motivational technique to life your best life is,  Robert West, Professor of Psychology at University College London and an Associate of UCL’s Centre for Behaviour Change. For more information, visit ( , (
27/01/2055m 43s

How To Go Vegan

Veganuary is back and bigger than ever. More and more people are taking up this lifestyle approach alongside brands who are rapidly developing plant based ranges. If you are thinking about going vegan but don't know where to start then you are likely to be in good company. Going vegan, especially overnight is a big shift and in doing so it's important to ensure you are getting a balanced and nutritious diet. Registered Dietitian, Sam Gould joined me on podcast to share how you can go vegan or simply adopt a more plant based lifestyle the healthy way. For more information, visit ( , ( and
20/01/2049m 0s

The Exercise Plan For Every Body

In the new year, everybody seems to be back in the gym and working out more than usual. But, when it comes to exercise, what is best for us and how much variety should we be incorporating into our fitness routines? By now, intuitive eating has become a well know approach to many, but the philosophy behind it can be equally as effective when it comes to exercise. Why is it that we encourage ourselves to go to an intense spin class when actually what our bodies are craving is a yoga class, which could be so much more beneficial. Joining me to help us understand if there a feel-good way to love every single workout is personal trainer and author Tally Rye. For more information, visit ( and ( .
13/01/2055m 30s

The Biggest Weight-Loss Myths

It's the start of the New Year and once again we are hearing a lot about diets and the overindulgence of Christmas time. You might be thinking you want to lose weight and as quickly as possible, but I hate to break it to you, shredding pounds overnight is impossible. Some people lose weight faster than others, but for the most part, losing weight requires some smart choices and patience. It can be hard to find the right advice and plan for you, as there is so many people offering this. I am thrilled for the second time to have Dr GIles Yeo back on the podcast to dispel the myths surrounding weight loss. Giles is a geneticist at the University of Cambridge with nearly 20 years’ experience studying obesity whose latest book dispels the biggest weight loss myths. For more information, visit ( and ( .
06/01/2048m 33s

Should We Be Gluten-Free

We can't seem to get away from the word gluten, for years now it has been discussed at great lengths and the attention surrounding it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. There is so much information that is readily available to us, but with this being the case knowing what is fact and what is fiction when it comes to gluten can be really hard to decipher. Consequently, we have seen a spread of misinformation and confusion as a result of this mixed messaging, with many people choosing to eliminate gluten from their diet even though it will offer no benefit. However, 1% of the population is affected by coeliac disease, who are required to remove gluten from their diet as a result of the autoimmune disorder. Joining me on the podcast is University of Roehampton lecturer, Yvonne Jeanes who shares what the best practice is when it comes to gluten. For more information, visit ( and ( .
23/12/1939m 18s

Mental Health & Food With Fearne Cotton

I am sure many of you, like myself, grew up with Fearne who worked across a variety of different media channels. Now, Fearne has joined me in the studio for a truly honest and open conversation spanning so many different areas, from growing up in the media spotlight, her relationships and battle with bulimia. Fearne has spent an impressive 20 years working in TV and radio, but more recently has gone solo with starting up own podcast, Happy Place and subsequently has run two festivals as well as being a bestselling author. For more information, visit ( and ( . If you're looking for support about disordered eating, please visit (
16/12/1956m 34s

Are You Prepared For Childbirth

Since turning 30, I've so many talks with friends about when's the right time to start trying for a baby, all of us spooked by the ‘fertility time-bomb’ headlines that accuse professional young women like us of putting our careers before motherhood! The stats suggest the average age of women giving birth now is a year older than it was 10 years ago - that's 29.5. And, of course, it’s not always a simple weighing up of whether your job, relationship and experiences are where you’d like them, there’s the very real possibility that pregnancy won’t come when you want it. On average, 84% of women will fall pregnant within the first year of trying and 1 in 7 couples have fertility struggles, adding yet another dimension to the “when is the right time” question. This week's Food For Thought sees Prof. Lucilla Poston (Head of Women & Children’s Health at Kings College London) and I uncover everything there is to know about getting ready for a family and what exactly is the best approach to help ensure a happy, healthy pregnancy with low-risk childbirth. Also, we explore just how much do our actions during those special nine months have on the baby. For more information, visit ( and (
09/12/1954m 30s

Why Vaccine Hesitancy Costs Lives

A global survey of attitudes towards science has revealed a real crisis of confidence in vaccines, showing as low as 50% in Europe think vaccines are safe, compared with 79% worldwide. It’s a fact scaring us health professionals and importantly, its opening up you to be affected by the choices of individuals who opt to not get vaccinated. To help us understand whether vaccines are necessary and if there is any truth to the news spread across social media is Dr David Robert Grimes, author, physicist, cancer researcher at Oxford University. For more information, visit (  and ( .
02/12/1948m 3s

Women, Wellness & Pseudoscience

The wellness industry is now worth over a staggering £2.8 trillion worldwide. Unhinged and negative beliefs around women’s bodies have a long history in society, every day we are bombarded by new wellness claims, from ‘restoring the balance of our hormones’, to the ‘self-healing’ properties of celery juice. It has never been so difficult to distinguish fact from fad in this field, leaving many of us in the unknown and prompting unnecessary purchases. Joining me to help uncover the truth is personal trainer, best selling author and Women’s Health magazine columnist Alice Liveing. For more information, visit ( and ( .
25/11/1945m 2s

How Diet & Sleep Can Change Your Life

Anyone who has gorged on a giant Sunday lunch will know just how sleepy it can make you afterwards, it's largely because overeating and the rate of change in blood sugar stimulates an insulin response which may have a sedative effect. Fun fact, 'food coma, was added to the Oxford dictionary in 2014! Joining me is Registered Nutritionist Rob Hobson to help us understand why some foods and drinks make you sleepy while others give you an energy boost, and if food can help us avoid the agony of sleeplessness at night. Does cheese give you nightmares? Can warm milk help you sleep? We separate the facts from the fiction and show how tweaking your diet may help you slow down in the evening and sleep soundly throughout the night. For more information, visit ( and ( . For more information about Rob and his book The Art of Sleeping, visit ( .
04/11/1939m 51s

Why Social Media Is Ruining Your Life

Nearly all of us use social media but how many of us are considering the affects it is having. The way we view and digest news, brands and each other has altered drastically, which can only mean it is impacting every user. Instagram is rated as the worst social media platform when it comes to its impact on young people's mental health and 41% of its users say it makes them feel more anxious, sad or depressed. So, what can we do to make us mindful of the negative impacts of social media and instead unlock the benefits of this interconnected world. Katherine Ormerod, a fashion journalist turned best selling author of 'Why Social Media Is Ruining Your Life' has joined me on the podcast to help us sift through the negatives from the positives and what changes we all need to be making. For more information, visit ( ( and ( (
28/10/1948m 7s

Keeping Fit As A Family

We all know how important exercise is and the benefits it offers but how many of us are actually working out? The truth is most of us and families in particular are not very active, in fact, the World Health Organisation states that in the UK, we are now 20% less active than we used to be in the 1960s and should we see this trend continue we will be 35% less active by 2030. Currently, parents are working longer hours than before, while kids are playing less sport in schools but spending more time on screens and using digital equipment, given this the estimate in the UK is that one in three children are now overweight or obese. Carly Rowena, fitness blogger, personal trainer and mum of one has joined me on the podcast to help identify ways to achieve a better balance, increase activity levels and how to keep fit as a family. For more information, visit ( and ( .
20/10/1937m 10s

The Diet For A Healthy Planet

Many of our actions have an impact on the planet, and food production is one these as it has a staggering 30% input towards total green house emissions in the UK, making it a serious contributor towards global warming. Alarmingly, global population is due to grow over the next decade by 1 billion people, making it more important than ever for each of us to consider the foods we are consuming and adapting a change in a diet for a more sustainable and healthier planet. The latest major research suggests that even reducing our daily meat intake to 50-99g a day could see an immediate carbon footprint reduction of 22%. To share some insights on what we can all do and eat more or less of that will lead to a healthier planet is Registered Dietitian Ursula Arens. For more information, visit ( ( and ( (
13/10/1942m 40s

The Truth About Carbs

Carbs have been tarnished with a bad name over the years and there has been a plethora of misconceptions surrounding them. As a food group carbohydrates are often left excluded or restricted, and with all the low carb diets to choose from it’s no surprise this has been the case. So, can you really eat carbs if you’re trying to lose weight? I find myself defending carbs almost on daily basis in my clinic. The truth is, carbs are crucial to optimum health. Joining me on the podcast me to explain the truth about carbs is Registered Dietitian Hala El-Shafie. For more information, visit ( ( and ( ( For more information on Nutrition rocks, please visit ( and (
06/10/1937m 4s

Why Intermittent Fasting Is So Popular

For years, we’ve all been told it’s important to eat breakfast to start our day right but intermittent fasting throws that wisdom completely out the window. The technique relies on restricting your eating to set times and alternating between feasting and fasting. So are there any truths to the health benefits behind intermittent fasting and what is the best approach to take if you’re adopting this pattern of eating. Joining me this week on Food For Thought is one of the world’s leading experts on intermittent fasting, Dr and Registered Dietitian Rona Antoni. For more information, visit ( ( and ( (
29/09/1931m 32s

What Your Poo Says About You

Let’s face it, talking about poo and anything having to do with your bowels can be slightly uncomfortable. It may be off putting but you can all tell you an awful lot about what’s going on with your health by what’s going on with your poo. As this topic is so often left unspoken about and with us all being unique, knowing what is normal can be difficult, what is the regularity, weight and consistency levels we should all be doing? Joining me to help understand why its one of the best clues to our overall health is Kevin Whelan, Professor of Dietetics and Head of Nutritional Sciences at King's College London. For more information, visit ( and (
22/09/1950m 32s

The Science Of Fat-Shaming

With nearly 30% of UK adults classified as obese, it’s easy to assume that being overweight is a problem that can’t be solved. Living in a society rife with diet culture can lead many of us to believe that many people are simply lazy and make poor choices when it comes to food and exercise. But have you ever questioned the potential impact of comments and beliefs like this? As opposed to motivating someone to lose weight, research shows that obese people who have experienced weight discrimination are actually three times more likely to remain obese. And worryingly, weight stigma can have some devastating effects on mental health too. I’m here today with Registered Dietitian Sophie Medlin, to discuss the science behind fat shaming and what we can actually do to support those in need of help. For more information, visit ( and (
15/09/1942m 43s

Best Diet In The World

It has the potential to help solve the obesity crisis crippling healthcare systems, but few understand exactly what the diet is and most of us do not follow it, including increasing numbers of people who live in there - the Mediterranean diet. It is not a weight-loss regime such as the Atkins or 5:2 diets. It is actually not a prescriptive diet at all, rather a pattern of eating. Joining me this week on Food For Thought (link in my bio) to tell us all about the benefits of enjoying a Mediterranean diet is Professor Anne-Marie Minihane, Professor of Nutrigenetics at Norwich Medical School. We also explore how the Mediterranean diet encourages eating as a family which is now widely understood, to actively help people eat well and avoid excess, while we all know the TV dinner habit is linked to obesity. For more information, visit ( and ( .
08/09/1945m 17s

Fighting Plastic Pollution

Sadly, of the 6 billion tonnes of plastic waste produced since the 1950s, can you believe that just 9% has been recycled. Plastics are now found in the oceans’ depths, high up in the mountains, and even in polar regions. There is absolutely no escaping them! The question that we really ought to understand is whether it’s too late to reverse the effects of plastic pollution? So, joining me this week on Food For Thought to share how we can take on one of the biggest threats to nature is David Jones; environmentalist and founder of conservation charity Just One Ocean. It's an episode that reduced me to tears but I'm excited to help support their mission is to raise awareness of the issues facing our marine environments in order to protect and conserve them for future generations. For more information, visit ( and ( .
01/09/1948m 15s

Are You Eating Enough Protein?

On the menu at a gym I went to last week, a salad niçoise is now repackaged as “high-protein tuna”. On Pinterest, you can now choose “protein” as one of your interests in life, and last year, there were 70m Google searches for “protein”. Around half of all UK consumers are apparently seeking to add “extra protein” to their diets so joining me is Anita Bean, a Registered Nutritionist and author specialising in sports nutrition, to help us understand exactly what we need to know when it comes to fuelling athletic performance through not only protein but our diets as a whole. For more information, visit (  and ( .
25/08/1950m 23s

How To Lose Weight For Good

Diet culture has led us to believe that only a certain size is deemed 'acceptable', and that to get there we must restrict what we eat by creating certain rules and extreme measures surrounding our diets..But how can diets and extreme weight loss products work when we know that more than 50% of dieters put the weight they lost back on again, and often more than they even started with?!.And what's even more concerning is that losing weight too quickly can lead to some often worrying side effects. Joining me to discuss how to lose weight for good and how to do it safely is Registered Dietitian, Priya Tew. Priya and I explain how to go about weight loss in a healthier and more sustainable way, which involves maintaining a healthy relationship with food and not obsessing over numbers on the scale or in the form of calories. For more information, visit ( and ( .
18/08/1941m 0s

Sleep Is Your Superpower

We all love it, but rarely do we get enough of it. We’re told to aim for 8 or 9 hours of sleep each night, yet it’s estimated that the average Brit only gets around 5 or 6! Many of us de-prioritise sleep in favour of getting other things done, claiming ‘there just aren’t enough hours in the day’ and ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’! But ironically, sleep deprivation can negatively impact us physically and emotionally, so we need sleep to be a more productive, happier and healthier version of ourselves!  I’m joined today by Dr Guy Meadows, a Sleep Physiologist and Clinical Director of The Sleep School, to find out more about why we need sleep. For more information, visit ( and ( .
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The Pursuit Of Happiness

We are under so much pressure to be happy. The market has exploded with self help happiness books and we see post after post on Instagram telling us to live our lives to the full. In times of adversity we’re told to ‘keep our chin up’ and ‘turn that frown upside down’. But is it truly possible to be happy all the time? Are human emotions like sadness and anger to be avoided at all costs, or are they in fact a fundamental component of human nature? And how can we be told to be happy 24/7 when in the same breath we’re also told not to be ashamed of negative emotions? Either way, with depression rates at an all time high and stress levels surging, it seems we haven’t quite got happiness figured out. Today I’m here with Paul Dolan, Professor of Behavioural Science and expert on human behaviour and happiness, to understand what truly makes us happy.  For more information, visit ( and ( .
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Fertility Takes Two To Tango

As young women entering adulthood, we are constantly told how to not get pregnant. Contraception is drummed into us from a young age and the fear of a pregnancy scare is all too real! But what happens when we finally hit that tipping point of wanting to have a baby? With 1 in every 7 couples having difficulty conceiving and the majority of women now having babies later in life than ever before, at what point is it necessary to start considering alternative fertility options? And to what extent can nutrition play a role in helping us to conceive? Joining me to discuss the facts about fertility is Dr Zoe Williams, an NHS General Practitioner and resident Doctor on ITV’s This Morning show who in a previous life was none other than Amazon in the TV show, Gladiators! For more information, visit ( and ( .
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Can We Save Our Planet

Our planet is in a state of crisis. Global warming is sending temperatures soaring to record highs, and ice is melting at an increasingly alarming rate. Ocean levels rose by 8 inches in the last century, putting small islands at risk of being completely wiped out. Natural disasters are intensifying, and whole species are at risk of extinction. What’s scary is that the world’s population is still growing and set to reach 9.8 billion by 2050, meaning there will be more lives to sustain than ever before. Joining me to discuss the impacts of climate change and whether there is still hope for our planet is UCL Geography Professor Mark Maslin who features in David Attenborough’s Climate Change documentary. For more information, visit ( and ( .
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Should You Trust Your Doctor

Going to the doctor isn’t most people’s favourite thing to do but they’re here to help us and whether it’s that embarrassing ingrown toenail or that contraception discussion you’ve been putting off for months – let me reassure that they have seen and heard it all, so there’s no need to be shy! Joining us today to help us better understand the most common conditions affecting all of us is Dr Sara Kayat, an NHS and Private General Practitioner and resident Doctor on ITV’s This Morning show. For more information, visit ( and ( .
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Are You Allergic To Something?

Being ill or weak can really knock us for six. We often blame those around us for passing something on, or assume our diet is at fault or in some instances, thinking we have an allergy to something specific. But are these legitimate thoughts or is something else at play?! Joining me to sort fact from fiction is Dr Jenna Macciochi, an immunologist who specialises in understanding how nutrition and lifestyle interact with our immune system. For more information, visit ( and ( .
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Living With Eating Disorders

It is believed over 1.25 million people in the UK have an eating disorder and around 25% of those affected by an eating disorder are male. Eating disorders are complex with no one sole cause, but we know from research that individuals might be predisposed due to their genetic or biological make up. Although many eating disorders develop during adolescence, it is not at all unusual for people to develop eating disorders earlier or later in life, and can have devastating effects. But eating disorders are treatable with the right support and knowledge. Joining me to share her experience is Talia Cecchele, an experienced Registered Dietitian who has worked in inpatient eating disorder units and I’m proud to share works with me at Rhitrition in my Harley Street clinic. For more information, visit ( and ( .
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The Biggest Fitness Myths

The fitness industry has exploded over the last few years. And with 1 in 4 women and 1 in 5 men in the UK deemed physically inactive and with lack of physical activity costing the NHS almost £1 billion a year, anything that encourages us to move our bodies more is certainly welcomed. But as with any booming industry, there are those who seek to exploit it which in part has led to so much confusion as well as unrealistic expectations in what we can achieve. Whether it’s that perfect six pack on magazine covers or gym instructors shouting at us for not burning off all the calories we ate over the weekend, have we taken things too far and lost sight of the purpose of exercise in the context of health and happiness? Do any of us really even understand how to exercise effectively? Joining me to help clear up some of the biggest fitness myths is Personal Trainer James Smith. For more information, visit ( and ( .
16/06/1957m 34s

Why Haven't We Cured Cancer?

Every two minutes, someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer, and it is predicted that one in two of us will be diagnosed at some point in our lives. But there is hope, with new pioneering ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer, over the past 40 years survival has doubled and today half of us will survive the disease. Interestingly,  4 in 10 UK cancers are thought of as preventable through lifestyle changes, and although a healthy lifestyle doesn’t guarantee us a life free of illness, it certainly puts the odds in our favour! Joining me to unravel the causes of cancer and explore ways we may be able to prevent it is Dr Sam Godfrey from Cancer Research UK, who’s PhD in Biochemistry and Cancer immunotherapy makes him perfectly placed to share exactly why we haven’t cured cancer just yet! For more information, visit ( and (
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Why Haven't We Cured Cancer

Every two minutes, someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer, and it is predicted that one in two of us will be diagnosed at some point in our lives. But there is hope, with new pioneering ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer, over the past 40 years survival has doubled and today half of us will survive the disease. Interestingly,  4 in 10 UK cancers are thought of as preventable through lifestyle changes, and although a healthy lifestyle doesn’t guarantee us a life free of illness, it certainly puts the odds in our favour! Joining me to unravel the causes of cancer and explore ways we may be able to prevent it is Dr Sam Godfrey from Cancer Research UK, who’s PhD in Biochemistry and Cancer immunotherapy makes him perfectly placed to share exactly why we haven’t cured cancer just yet! For more information, visit ( and ( .
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What To Feed Children

There is so much pressure these days to be the ‘perfect’ parent. From preparing the best packed lunch in the playground, to getting disapproving looks from when breastfeeding in public - it must feel like its impossible to get it right! And whilst it’s true that the nutritional needs of a child differ somewhat from our own, I truly believe that finding an approach that works for the whole family is key for helping our children to develop healthy relationships with food. Joining me to share all the best tips and tricks on feeding our children well and navigating nutrition as a family is Registered Nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed. For more information, visit ( and ( .
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How To Break Sugar Addiction

Some of us can definitely say we have a sweet tooth. Whether it’s cakes, chocolates, cookies, lollies or fizzy drinks, our world is filled with intensely pleasurable sweet treats. In the UK, we are consuming more than double the recommended amount of sugar. We’re surrounded by it, not only in its pure form but also in foods we’re told are healthy. Like it or lump it, few of us get through the day without adding sugar to our daily diet. Some call it “toxic” and “poisonous” while others say its “essential for energy, so joining me to help us understand just how much of an impact sugar has on us is Dr Kawther Hashem, Registered Nutritionist and Campaign Lead for Action on Sugar. For more information, visit ( and ( .
26/05/1947m 57s

Beating The World's Biggest Killer

I wonder if you think you know what the world’s biggest killer is? Smoking, cancer, road accidents? You might be surprised to hear that it is in fact heart disease. According to the World Health Organisation, over 18 million people die from it every single year, that’s over 30% of all global deaths. But how do we know if we are at risk of heart disease, and do we have any control over reducing this risk? To help answer these critical questions and hopefully help save lives is Professor Martin Cowie, Consultant Cardiologist at Imperial College London. For more information, visit and
19/05/1951m 38s

Is Pollution Destroying Our Health?

Although we can’t always see it, it seems we can’t avoid it. Pollution is increasingly cited as one of the world’s biggest threats to health. It’s there when we step outside for some supposed ‘fresh air’, it’s present throughout our commute to work, it can even be found in our very own homes. So, should we fear pollution and is there really anything we can do to avoid it? Joining me to understand more about the real impact of pollution is Dr Matthew Loxham, a fellow in Respiratory Biology and Air Pollution Toxicology at the University of Southampton. For more information, visit and
05/05/1953m 4s

How Food Affects Mood

We all have good days and bad days; we all have foods we like more, or like less. But is there a connection between feeling a certain way and the foods we have eaten?  Joining me to share the latest research is Dr Aria, a chartered psychologist specialising in the relationship between food and the brain. As a doctor in clinical psychology, a mindfulness specialist and an expert in the fields of behaviour change and long-term health, Dr Aria has developed a science-based method to help people achieve and maintain a healthy mind and body they feel good about. For more information, visit and
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The Power Of The Gut

As scientists increasingly discover the central role that gut bacteria play in our overall health, it’s tempting to believe the seemingly daily headlines suggesting the next gut wonder foods to revitalise everything from your weight to mental wellbeing. But, the science has a way to go before we know exactly what nutrition is best for your gut, so joining me to help translate exactly what we know today is Tim Spector, Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King’s College London and Consultant Physician at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital. Tim leads the largest microbiome project in the UK, which makes him ideally placed to sift fact from fiction on gut health’s wonder foods, probiotics, prebiotics and exactly what changes to your diet can genuinely boost your health. For more information, visit and
21/04/1955m 29s

To Eat or Not To Eat

With the constantly changing landscape in nutrition, it's hard to know which information is accurate. Everywhere we look we are bombarded by conflicting messages about food, stipulating what we should and shouldn’t be eating. New diets hit the headlines on a daily basis, we are made to question whether gluten is good or bad for us and see foods being disguised as healthy despite their alarmingly high sugar content. The list is endless! I believe that we all have the right to make our own decisions around the foods we choose to eat. We should be armed with the knowledge to look past these sensationalist media messages in order to make informed choices. Joining me today to uncover the truth behind some of the confusion is Jenny Rosborough, Registered Nutritionist and Head of Nutrition for Jamie Oliver. Having worked in both the public health and commercial side of the food industry, Jenny is perfectly placed to advise on how to navigate the world of food marketing! For more information, visit and
14/04/1950m 21s

Nutrition Lies In The Headlines

We live in an age of misinformation and pseudoscience. One minute something is good for us, the next its deadly. From national newspapers to instagram, everyone’s talking about nutrition but such a constant stream of information can make it difficult for even the most intelligent to distinguish reliable research from weak studies and sensational headlines. Nutrition research is complex, and is all too often oversimplified so joining me to sort fact from fiction and hear exactly who should we trust is nutritionist and lawyer Alan Flanagan. For more information, visit and
07/04/1959m 11s

The Secret To Skin Health

I truly believe we should strive to learn to accept ourselves as we are, to embrace our changing faces and physiques as the years pass. But given the on-going obsession with finding ways to cheat nature, I know we’re all intrigued as to what the answer to good skin health is! Joining me to help sort fact from fiction is Dr Anjali Mahto, one of the UK's leading dermatologists. With her medical training, Anjali bridges the gap between traditional medical dermatology, beauty, and cosmetic medicine. With her passion for debunking myths about the latest fads, miracle products and cures, she’ll give us practical, evidence-based advice to arm us with the very best, honest information. For more information, visit and
31/03/1945m 2s

The Gary Barlow Diet

Gary Barlow is one of the most successful British musicians and songwriters of all time, but fifteen years ago, as he himself admits, he hit rock bottom - he was out of work and unhealthy. His mental and physical health were at an all-time low, and he struggled to see a way out. Faced with an uncertain future in music, and other cruel twists of fate, Gary turned to food. For nine years, he struggled with his health and went on every diet imaginable. Fasting, extreme dieting, and binge eating led him on a downward spiral for which he eventually sought professional help. That was the moment he realised that he wanted to change his life and relationship with food. For more information, visit and
25/03/1943m 39s

Breaking Women's Health Taboos

The list of taboos that affect a woman’s health is endless, and let’s be honest, most women have no idea what's going on 'down there'. Culturally and personally, no body part inspires so much concern and confusion. It’s time to put an end to these taboos, and talk openly about women’s health, sex, pain, trauma, birth, motherhood, menstruation, menopause and simply being a woman. Helping us say goodbye to the myths and misconceptions surrounding the female anatomy is Dr Anita Mitra who’s an NHS doctor working in obstetrics and gynaecology. For more information, visit and
18/03/1950m 36s

What's Your Relationship With Food

I bet you spend quite a bit of time and effort nourishing your relationships, whether it's with your significant other, your pals, your parents or your children. But what about your relationship with food? This relationship impacts not only our health, but for many it's closely tied to other relationships including that with our own body. Our relationship with food is so important to health, wellness, and happiness yet there's a very fine line between thinking carefully about what we put into our bodies and obsessing over it or restricting it dangerously. To help make sense of it all is Dr Joshua Wolrich; an NHS Surgical Doctor whose everyday work with patients and own significant weight loss experience have given him a unique insight as to how we should all build a healthy relationship with food. For information on the National Centre for Eating Disorders, please visit: Follow Joshua on Instagram at @drjoshuawolrich. For more information, visit and
11/03/1957m 53s

How To Fuel Fitness

We should all aim to eat a healthy, varied diet which matches our energy needs, and having worked with Olympic athletes, I have witnessed the complexities of performing at such a high level where getting their nutrition right is absolutely crucial. People often ask what they can learn from these phenomenal people. So, joining me to discuss if there is really anything we can do to enhance our own performance is James Collins, an elite sports nutritionist to some of the highest performing people on the planet. For more information, visit and
04/03/1944m 34s

Is Technology Harming Our Health

We are often warned about the damaging effects of technology on our health, from making our eye sight worse to anxiety-inducing social media. But what about when it comes to things like step counting apps and digital GP appointments; aren’t these positive aspects of technology?! With new technologies emerging all the time, should we be concerned, or should we be embracing them, and what does the future hold when it comes to our health? Joining me for a discussion around whether technology is friend or foe is Dr David Grimes, a Physicist and Cancer Researcher at The University of Oxford whose straight talking approach can help us debunk some of the myths around the science behind emerging technology. For more information, visit and
25/02/1956m 54s

The Truth About Weight Loss

The world of science is constantly evolving and we now know our genes may play a larger role than we ever once knew, but can it impact our appetite and our behaviour around food? Is there a deeper physiological role involved with how much food we intake on a day to day basis? There is also a school of thought that believes calories tell us everything there is to know about food; healthy or unhealthy, fattening or slimming. Joining me to translate his pioneering research into the human appetite and debunk toxic diet advice is Dr Giles Yeo, one of the UK’s leading scientists in obesity with over 20 years' experience dedicated to researching the brains control of food intake. For more information, visit and
18/02/1948m 18s

Melanie Sykes

For more information, visit and Melanie Sykes is one of the nation’s best known TV and radio presenters. Since starting out as the face of Boddingtons Bitter and reporting on The Big Breakfast in the 90s, Mel’s long running career has seen her present on some of the UK’s most popular TV shows, including Loose Women, The Paul O’Grady Show and so many more. She’s hosted various shows on BBC Radio 2 as well as Capital FM and came 3rd in her 2014 jungle stint on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! When she’s not presenting, modelling or becoming the face of iconic brands, Melanie is playing mum to her two teenage boys; 16 year old Roman and 14 year old Valentino. Often grabbing headlines with her toned physique and health regime, it’s going to be so interesting to learn how she fits everything into her busy schedule.
04/02/1939m 50s

Chessie King

For more information, visit and Chessie King is body-confidence campaigner, presenter and fitness blogger whose no-nonsense social media has become a viral inspiration. Her honest attitude has seen her work with the United Nations, Team GB and Nike Women. Championing an international community of body positivity and raising awareness for silent disabilities, Chessie is a household name when it comes to Instagram influencers.
28/01/1945m 54s

Lucy Mecklenburgh

For more information, visit and Lucy Mecklenburgh is an actress, model and entrepreneur. She may be widely recognised for her role in the reality TV series The Only Way Is Essex but since leaving back in 2010, she has co-founded fitness platform Results with Lucy, battled it out on Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls and her enviable style has seen her model for so many high street brands, and is behind the now well established fashion brand Lucy’s Boutique.
21/01/1935m 21s

Zanna Van Dijk

For more information, visit and Zanna Van Dijk is a Personal Trainer, Author and entrepreneur. She is one of the UK’s most recognisable voices in health and fitness, and the first female UK Adidas Global Ambassador. She is co-founder of the GirlGains, a movement empowering women, host of BBC’s Fit and Fearless Podcast with her two best friends Tally and Vic, and with a passion for sustainability, Zanna has most recently founded Stay Wild Swimwear, a brand made from recycled ocean plastic.
14/01/1940m 51s

Alice Liveing

For more information, visit and Alice Liveing is one of the UK’s most recognisable voices in health and fitness. Having started her career on stage in popular musical Annie, she’s now a three-time bestselling author and Personal Trainer whose global reach has seen on the front cover of Women’s Health and is behind their number 1 app Transform. She’s worked with brands including Primark in which she has her own active wear line and despite all her success, she continues to with clients one to one helping them reach their fitness goals.
07/01/1940m 43s

Dr Rangan Chatterjee

For more information, visit and Rangan Chatterjee is a medical doctor, author and presenter best known for his TV show Doctor in the House and resident doctor on BBC One's Breakfast Show. His acclaimed first book The Four Pillar Plan shares How to Relax, Eat, Move and Sleep Your Way to a Longer, Healthier life and has become an international best-seller. His latest book The Stress Solution offers 4 steps to rest your Body, Mind, Relationships and Purpose.
02/01/1952m 17s

Shona Vertue

For more information, visit and Shona Vertue is a former elite gymnast, author, personal trainer and yoga teacher with over 10 years experience. Living between London and Syndey, she’s best known for her gravity defying postures have seen her become one of social media’s top fitness gurus. The Vertue Method fusing yoga, weighted circuit training and meditation has seen Shona become the cast trainer for the Hollywood blockbuster Wonder Woman, one of MTV’s squad on Beach Body Ready and none other than Mr David Beckham credits her for making his aches and pains disappear.
17/12/1839m 27s

Ronnie O'Sullivan

For more information, visit and Ronnie O'Sullivan OBE is widely regarded as the most talented snooker player in history. In his 25 years in the game, Ronnie has won 5 World Championships, 33 titles and continues to dominate the sport at the age of 42\. Nicknamed the Rocket for his rapid playing style, he holds the record for the fastest recorded maximum 147\. Ronnie has been open about his struggles with drugs and depression throughout his career, and has written two autobiographies in which he describes how he turned to running to remain focused and fit. Away from snooker, he’s a father of three and a bestselling crime novelist. Having first met Ronnie in my clinic just over a year ago, I’m lucky not only to call him a dear friend of mine but co-author of a book we’ve written together called - Top of Your Game: Eating for the Mind and Body, out Spring 2019.
09/12/1832m 52s

Victoria Magrath

For more information, visit and Victoria Magrath has established herself as a style icon. With a PHD in Fashion, she began her career teaching at the University of Manchester whilst speaking to a global audience with her award-winning fashion, beauty and travel blog, Inthefrow. No longer a lecturer, she remains a source of inspiration with a combined social media reach of nearly 2 million and author of The New Fashion Rules. Instantly recognisable for her ice blonde hair, this girl’s career highlights include being a Beauty Ambassador for L’Oreal Paris, starring in the Princes Trust Campaign to champion confidence in Young People and working with global brands including Burberry, Dior, Hugo Boss, Armani and so many more
02/12/1838m 8s

Ella Mills

For more information, visit and Ella Mills is founder and Creative Director of Deliciously Ella whose mission is to help you live better and make vegetables cool! Diagnosed with an illness while at University in 2012, she overhauled her lifestyle and started a plant-based blog sharing her journey. What started as a personal project now has over 130 million hits and grown from an online community to a plant based food business with the fastest selling vegan cookbook of all time! At just 27 and working with her CEO and husband Matt, Ella’s written four bestselling books, launched a number 1 app, and released supermarket-stocked ranges of breakfasts, healthy snacks and meals, all while running an award winning deli in Mayfair.
25/11/1847m 39s

James McVey

For more information, visit and James McVey is lead guitarist and vocalist for pop-rock group The Vamps. James started his music career after being discovered on MySpace at the age of just 15\. Now joined by Brad Simpson, Tristan Evans and Connor Ball, they’ve come along way from posting covers on YouTube to releasing their first hit single Can We Dance. They’ve toured the world and supported the likes of Taylor Swift, One Direction and Selena Gomez before scoring 5 top 10 singles themselves with their latest album Night and Day reached number 1\. James recently also appeared in the jungle with the latest series of I'm a Celebrity.
17/11/1833m 54s

Lisa Snowdon

For more information, visit and Lisa Snowdon is one of the nation’s best-loved radio and TV presenters. As well as being one of the UK’s most successful models spotted by a scout at just 19, Lisa quickly became one of the UK’s top fashion models. Best known for her beauty commercial and high-fashion covers including Vogue, Marie Claire and Elle; Lisa’s move into presenting saw her become head judge and host of Britain’s Next Top Model and co-host of London's biggest ever morning radio show Capital Breakfast for 7 and a half years. She came third in BBC One’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing, starred in Celebrity Apprentice, has been the face for so many leading brands over the years.
02/11/1845m 46s
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