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How to talk to kids about sex, bodies and consent

It's tricky to talk to younger kids about sex. This episode helps parents get past the confusion and embarrassment around sex education so they can raise healthy, responsible kids. This episode originally aired December 17, 2019.
05/02/24·24m 18s

The emotional rollercoaster of being a new mom

Becoming a mother is a complicated life transition. That postpartum feeling of being on an emotional rollercoaster, not recognizing your body in the mirror and thinking that you've lost yourself is all part of the process. This episode offers guidance for mothers on how to get their footing, manage expectations, get support and prioritize time for themselves. These insights are also great for people who are in their support network.
23/01/24·24m 35s

How to talk to teens about drugs

Overdose deaths among teenagers have skyrocketed in the last few years due to opioids like fentanyl. Experts say drug education that focuses on harm reduction, an approach that focuses on safety rather than abstinence, could help save lives. Here's how to start the conversation with young people and how to respond in an emergency.
19/12/23·22m 51s

Kids and firearm safety

Firearms are the number one cause of death for children and teens in the U.S. Parents can take life-saving precautions to protect children — whether or not you own a gun.
30/11/23·16m 44s

How to talk to kids about the violence in Israel and Gaza

Last weekend, militants from the terrorist group Hamas killed more than a thousand people, including children, in an attack on Israel while also taking hostages. Israel has ordered a full siege of Gaza, where nearly half of residents are under 18 years of age. The news is alarming for anyone — especially for children, who may be left grappling with questions about why other children are among those affected, and whether they are safe. In this episode of Life Kit, NPR's Becky Sullivan gives us advice on how to talk to children about the violence in Israel and Gaza.
12/10/23·14m 19s

The consequences of overindulging your kids

Overindulging kids when they're young can lead to negative effects in their adulthoods. But it's hard for parents to put their foot down when they want to avoid a conflict at all costs. Child psychologist Lauren Silvers has tips for families trying to curb overindulging a child.
18/09/23·21m 21s

The 5-minute playtime ritual that can help your kids listen

Children's health professionals widely recommend a strategy known as 'special time' to help reduce behavioral issues in young children. This episode explains how to do it and why this simple and free tool is so powerful.
14/08/23·13m 49s

How to be a supportive adult in a kid's life

While there's endless advice for parents, there's little guidance on supporting kids for non-parents. Whether you're an aunt, uncle, godparent, or a family friend, here's how to have healthy, fulfilling relationships with kids that are not yours. We'll cover how to build those relationships, start routines, and create a safe space for the kids in your life.
18/07/23·22m 24s

Why you should play video games with your kid

Video games get a bad reputation that's often unwarranted. But kids do need guidance in using them wisely. Here's how to help them, starting with spending some time with the games your kids can't put down.
05/06/23·16m 32s

Pregnant? Here's how to deal with the new you

Pregnancy is hard work – for the body, mind and soul. There are seemingly endless resources for all the physical and logistical aspects of pregnancy but far fewer for renegotiating your sense of self in every part of your life. We'll discuss the effect of pregnancy on the brain, the importance of embracing negative feelings and strategies for maintaining changing relationships.
11/05/23·23m 40s

Build a stronger connection with your kids

It may sound counterintuitive, but if you want to take charge as a parent, stop trying to control your child, says psychologist and author Shefali Tsabary. Her new book, "The Parenting Map," lays out a step-by-step guide for creating conscious parent-child relationships.
01/05/23·19m 49s

How to show up for teens when big emotions arise

Being a teenager is hard. There are emotional highs and lows every day. Clinical psychologist Lisa Damour says instead of jumping into problem-solving mode, parents can learn to ride the wave of emotional management with their teens. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with Damour about her book "The Emotional Lives of Teenagers."
30/03/23·20m 30s

Creative way to get kids to eat their veggies

Veggies help kids grow and develop, but it can be hard to convince them to eat their broccoli. These research-backed tips can help you encourage your kids to eat more veggies — or at least try them.
07/02/23·18m 38s

'Terrestrials,' a new kid's show from Radiolab, uncovers the strangeness on Earth

This is the story of one particularly devious octopus who lost a limb, was captured by humans — then managed to make an escape from its aquarium tank back into the ocean. This episode comes from our friends at 'Terrestrials,' a podcast presented by Radiolab for Kids.
21/01/23·24m 44s

The 5-minute daily playtime ritual that can get your kids to listen better

Called 'special time,' the strategy is widely recommended by children's health professionals to help reduce behavioral issues in young children. Here's a guide on how to do it with your kids at home.
17/10/22·14m 15s

Why you should connect with your kid, not correct them

Psychologist Becky Kennedy, author of the new book "Good Inside: A Guide to Becoming the Parent You Want to Be," urges parents to spend more time raising thoughtful humans instead of fixing their behavior.
26/09/22·18m 27s

How to financially prepare for having a baby

Having a baby is one of the biggest - and most expensive - life changes a person can experience. Here's what you need to know about financially planning for a baby, according to Farnoosh Torabi, Editor at Large CNET Money. Find out if there is a magic number that tells you you're ready, what to think about ahead of time and learn what can probably wait.
26/07/22·22m 8s

How to talk to kids about abortion

Talking about abortion can be complicated, even with adults. How do you talk about the medical procedure and the politics around it with kids? NPR's Ailsa Chang gets tips from Dr. Elise Berlan and parenting expert Reena Patel.
21/07/22·9m 38s

How to raise a good citizen

Talking to kids about civics is kind of like talking to kids about sex - avoiding the conversation can have some really negative consequences. Here's how to talk to kids about civic participation, from discussing our hard history to taking action. This episode originally aired in November 2022.
27/06/22·22m 53s

What to say to kids when the news is scary

The news can be devastating, and tragic events can be incomprehensible for adults — so how do we talk about them with kids? Child development experts offer advice on what parents, teachers and other caregivers can say to help kids process all the scary news out there.
28/05/22·22m 40s

How to give mothering the value it deserves

Raising kids is among the most essential work humans do, and yet it's rarely valued as labor. Angela Garbes, author of Essential Labor: Mothering as Social Change, guides us through a shift in mindset to help give mothering the value it deserves.
10/05/22·19m 38s

How working parents can win back some time

Calling all working parents and caregivers! We see you, and we know you don't have much time. Career coach Daisy Dowling shares time management tips to help working parents find sanity and joy.
24/03/22·16m 13s

A pediatrician's advice on omicron, daycare and travel for kids under 5

Amid the omicron surge, there is understandable anxiety among parents, particularly those with kids under 5. In this episode, infectious disease doctor Ibukun Kalu answers listeners' questions on the latest COVID variant, daycare and travel for unvaccinated children.
08/01/22·9m 46s

5 Tips For Transferring Colleges

Most students who want to transfer colleges, don't. The process can be complicated and confusing and differ from state to state and institution to institution. Despite these hurdles, transferring is a common route to college. So how do you make the process go as smoothly as possible? Start early, stay organized, and find a good fit.
11/11/21·19m 28s

How To Build A Sleep Routine For You And Your Children

Getting enough sleep helps you focus, retain information and helps to fortify your immune system. But when it comes to children, they aren't always thinking about these benefits. For parents and caretakers struggling to get their little ones to bed on time, here are tips on establishing healthy sleeping habits — that can benefit your entire family.
08/11/21·18m 2s

Finding Agency With A Birth Plan

For expectant parents, navigating pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum can raise a range of emotions. There are so many things to think about and prepare for, and knowing where to start can feel daunting. But a birth plan can help!In this episode, Martina Abrahams Ilunga and Gabrielle Horton of NATAL, offer guidance on creating a birth plan that works for you, and makes it simple for your support system to pitch in.
19/10/21·22m 57s

It's FAFSA Time! Here's How To Apply For College Financial Aid

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid opens to potential college students to fill out on Oct. 1 for the 2022-2023 school year. Here's how to fill out the form to get money for college — and why you should apply now instead of waiting.
30/09/21·14m 25s

How You Can Help Someone At Risk Of Suicide

Research shows that suicide is preventable. And while surveys have shown that Americans know this, they might not know how to help someone who may be at risk.It's National Suicide Prevention Month, and we're looking at ways you can help if you know someone who is struggling.
28/09/21·18m 49s

How Reading Aloud Can Help You Bond With Your Kids

Reading at school is one thing, but reading at home is important too. Though with busy schedules filled with after school activities, homework and lots of tech at kids' fingertips, it's not always easy to convince kids that reading isn't a chore. In this episode, Diana Opong helps us discover that there is so much joy — and value — to be found in reading aloud as a family.
27/09/21·19m 54s

In 'We're Not Broken,' Author Eric Garcia Takes On Myths About Autism

Whether you know it or not, you know somebody who is autistic. So if you think autism doesn't affect you, you're wrong, says Eric Garcia.In this episode, Garcia, author of We're Not Broken: Changing the Autism Conversation, talks about myths surrounding autism, how to talk about it and how to help your autistic loved one live their most fulfilling life.
20/09/21·22m 0s

How To Keep Your Kids Safe From The Delta Variant

Returning to in-person schooling is both a relief — and a source of great anxiety — for a lot of parents this year. The pandemic is still happening. The Delta variant is surging. And millions of children are too young to get a COVID-19 vaccine. The news changes fast — updates on vaccine trials and breakthrough infections seem to roll in every day — but there's still a lot the whole family can do to stay as safe as possible.In this episode NPR health reporter Pien Huang shares tips from public health experts — all parents themselves — for keeping kids safe at school.
30/08/21·12m 19s

5 Tips For Becoming A Stepparent

Becoming a parent is challenging and the same is true for those becoming stepparents. In this episode, we talk to experts — some of whom are stepparents themselves — about how you can navigate the process. They share their do's: let the biological parent deal with discipline — and their don'ts: don't say anything to the child that you wouldn't want them to repeat to the other parent.
19/08/21·21m 22s

Do's And Don'ts For Parents Whose Kids Have Gained Weight In The Pandemic

If you've noticed that your kid put on some weight during the pandemic and you're not sure what — if anything — to do about it, you're not alone.Weight is an incredibly fraught topic — and an imperfect indicator of health. As parents, a kid's sudden weight gain can be hard to know how to tackle — the last thing we'd want is to do anything that might create poor body image for our children or set the stage for eating disorders.We spoke to doctors and specialists who work with kids. In this episode, they share their tips for how to get kids back on track and support healthy habits.
16/08/21·10m 22s

A Business-Minded Way To Make Tough Family Decisions

Having elementary-aged kids at home can mean a maze of tough decisions about how to run your family and what's right for your small children. Economist Emily Oster offers ways to streamline decision-making with strategies — and data — that work in the business world.
09/08/21·17m 0s

The Process Of Becoming A Mother Has A Name: Matrescence

Becoming a mother is a huge, complicated life transition that can rock every fiber of a person's being. The process even has its own name: matrescence.That postpartum feeling of being on an emotional rollercoaster, not recognizing your body in the mirror, thinking that you've lost yourself — it's all part of the process. Yet, not a lot of people talk about it, leading many new moms to think that there's a problem with them if they feel anything but joy. In this episode, host Grace Bastidas of Parents Latina offers guidance for mothers trying to make sense of this life stage. Here are five takeaways that can help moms-to-be (and moms already in the thick of it) get their footing, ​​including tips on how to manage expectations, get the support you need and prioritize time for yourself.
05/08/21·24m 14s

Money Talks: How To Teach Kids About Finance

Money can feel like a taboo topic in a lot of households, but talking about it regularly can take the awkwardness out of it.Kids see and do everything that we do, and that's true when it comes to money, says financial expert Jen Hemphill. In this episode, Hemphill shares her top tips for financial literacy for kids and families, including how to start those conversations and creating a healthy money mindset for everyone.
03/08/21·19m 44s

How To Talk About Divorce With Your Children

Even the most amicable split is world-changing for young children. Here are a few key tips for grown-ups trying to help their kids navigate this big transition.(This episode originally published April 26, 2019.)
26/07/21·21m 9s

Finding The Perfect Name For Your Baby

Picking a name for a baby can be overwhelming. With all the possibilities out in the world, it can be hard to even begin to choose. On this episode of Life Kit, host Diana Opong speaks with baby naming experts for a framework that can help.
06/05/21·21m 45s

Navigating Life After Pregnancy Loss

Despite how common pregnancy loss is, families often suffer in silence. In honor of Black Maternal Health Week, Life Kit teamed up with the hosts of the podcast docuseries NATAL to share stories from parents who have experienced loss, and expert advice about how to support loved ones through grief.
12/04/21·22m 6s

Raising Boys To Be Feminists

Author Sonora Jha shares insights from her memoir, How To Raise A Feminist Son, which includes practical to-do lists about how to handle some of the hardest conversations with sons.
10/04/21·10m 57s

Raising Kids Who Help With Chores

Raising kids who pitch in around your home doesn't require bribes or a chore chart. Kids want to help – and parents can nurture that desire by including them in age-appropriate ways.
01/04/21·21m 2s

Talking With Kids About Anti-Asian Racism

Navigating conversations with kids around race and racism can be tricky. Here's what to think about while talking to kids about the rise in anti-Asian attacks and the shootings in Atlanta earlier this month.
27/03/21·11m 4s

Helping Teens Cope With Mental Health Struggles

Over a year into the pandemic, many teens are missing milestones and struggling with their mental health. Here's how to spot red flags and when to get help.
25/03/21·22m 7s

Deciding When To Have A Baby

Whether you've always wanted to be a parent or not, starting a family is a big decision. The pandemic makes it even tougher. In this episode, experts talk through what to consider.
01/03/21·24m 12s

What To Tell Kids When The News Is Scary

When the headlines are terrifying, how can parents make sure kids get the facts without traumatizing them? Whether it's a school shooting, a global pandemic or an insurrection on the U.S. Capitol, child development experts have some advice. (This episode originally ran in March 2019.)
07/01/21·25m 50s

Helping Kids (And Parents) Cope During COVID-19

Kids and teens have had their lives upended by COVID-19. Here's what parents can do to help them stay positive and feel supported.
10/12/20·21m 25s

Transforming Kids' Worries Into Superpowers

Kids have anxiety — but it's not always a bad thing. Renee Jain and Dr. Shefali Tsabary have some ideas about how to help children use those feelings to their advantage.
16/11/20·18m 34s

How To Raise Good Citizens

Now is a good time to talk to the kids in your life about how to engage in civics. Here's a primer from our Life Kit parenting team.
02/11/20·23m 30s

FAFSA 2020: Here's How To Apply For College Financial Aid

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is now open to potential college students to fill out. Here's how to fill out the form to get money for college — and why you should apply now instead of waiting.
22/10/20·15m 4s

A Simple Equation to Help Kids Love Math

Math anxiety is real for kids and adults. But parents can help. The solution goes beyond equations and textbooks.
08/09/20·23m 13s

How To Make Sure Your Child Learns This School Year

This school year, families with children are in a serious bind. Whether you're looking for options for childcare or need resources to keep your kid entertained, this episode will walk through some ideas to think about.
13/08/20·15m 37s

How To Work With — Not Against — Screen Time

Some parents think the best way to manage a child's screen time is to set hard limits. But those rules are particularly difficult to keep during a pandemic, when screens are a lifeline for all of us. So what should the rules be? Sonia Livingstone and Alicia Blum-Ross, coauthors of Parenting For A Digital Future, explain why being too strict about screen time might not be the best strategy for your kids — or the whole family.
21/07/20·15m 47s

Kids Know How To Occupy Themselves. We Need To Let Them Do It

American parents often feel like event planners for their kids. There's a pressure to make sure kids are entertained and content every minute of the day. NPR's Michaeleen Doucleff says kids can be trained to occupy themselves.
22/06/20·12m 57s

Discussing 'The Talk'

It's Been A Minute host Sam Sanders talks with his colleague Kenya Young, executive producer of Morning Edition and mother of three boys about "the talk" — The series of conversations black parents have with their kids, particularly their sons, about how to deal with police encounters.
11/06/20·20m 12s

How White Parents Can Talk To Their Kids About Race

NPR's Michel Martin talks with Jennifer Harvey, author of Raising White Kids: Bringing Up Children in a Racially Unjust America, about how to talk with white kids about racially charged events — and how to keep the conversation going. If you're a white (or nonblack) parent, don't wait for your kids to bring up the topic of race to start the discussion, says Harvey.
04/06/20·10m 25s

Be Honest And Concrete: Tips For Talking To Kids About Death

Whether it's a family pet or a loved one, every child will experience a death at some point — and their parents will likely struggle to explain it. This episode, we revisit the Mr. Hooper episode of Sesame Street, which provides a master class in talking about death and grief with young children.
28/05/20·23m 27s

Decision Day Is Almost Here. Here's How To Decide For An Unknown Future

While it's hard to know what college will look like this fall, college decision day is almost here. So what can students do to make a sound choice during this uncertain time? Education reporter Elissa Nadworny gives an update on what incoming college students need to know about appealing financial aid, changing plans and thinking through a gap year.
26/05/20·16m 26s

When Will This Be Over? Sesame Workshop's Tips For Parenting During A Pandemic

Many parents are struggling right now — juggling kids at home 24/7 and coping with their own losses. In this episode, Rosemarie Truglio, a developmental psychologist and senior vice president of curriculum and content at Sesame Workshop, offers helpful pandemic parenting tips.
12/05/20·17m 10s

Sesame Street's Grover On Coping During Coronavirus: Just For Kids

Hey kids! Sesame Street's Grover is here and he's got some great ideas for making your days brighter during coronavirus. Grover explains how to make virtual play dates more fun, how to daydream and how to be a helper.
10/05/20·12m 48s

Kid-Friendly TV Show Recommendations

Parenting during self-isolation can be challenging, and let's be honest — sometimes screen time helps you just get through the day. Our friends at Pop Culture Happy Hour offer TV recommendations for those with young kids at home.
08/05/20·16m 29s

Here's How To Pick A College During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is making college decisions more complicated. This episode answers the burning questions: How do I get a hold of final transcripts if my school is closed? How do I decide on a school I can't visit? What if I need more financial aid than I thought I did?
02/04/20·21m 11s

6 Tips For Homeschooling During Coronavirus

Tens of millions of parents are homeschooling their kids during the coronavirus. Here's a realistic guide to keeping kids engaged and everyone sane. Hint: this is a good time for passion projects and sleeping in a bit.
24/03/20·17m 58s

Coronavirus And Parenting: What You Need To Know Now

Coronavirus is raising a lot of questions for parents. From how to talk to children about coronavirus to weathering school closures, enforcing good hygiene and some screen time strategies when you're home with little ones, Life Kit answers your coronavirus questions.
13/03/20·13m 59s

'Big Mouth' Creators On Embracing The Awkwardness Of Puberty

Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg are the co-creators of 'Big Mouth,' an animated comedy about a group of tweens stumbling through the mysteries of puberty. Kroll and Goldberg talk with Life Kit parenting hosts about normalizing shame, building empathy, weathering awkward puberty moments and hormone monsters.
12/03/20·17m 14s

What Your Teen Wishes You Knew About Sex Education

Consent, dating, masturbation, porn. It can be difficult talking with teens about sex and relationships. NPR's Life Kit has a few tips to help make those conversations with your kids a little easier.
11/02/20·27m 10s

Helping A Child Whose Parent Is Struggling With Addiction

What can you do if you suspect a child is being impacted by a family member's addiction? Experts say you don't need to be an addiction expert, just a caring adult. This episode offers guidance to help a kid through a tumultuous time.
06/02/20·25m 4s

What Is Postpartum Depression? Recognizing The Signs And Getting Help

One in seven women experiences postpartum depression. But it's easy to feel alone — especially when you're told having a baby is supposed to be blissful. This episode helps both struggling moms and loved ones identify the symptoms and find treatment.
28/01/20·25m 25s

The Birds And The Bees — How To Talk To Children About Sex

Sex, genitals, consent, self-touching — it's tricky to talk to younger kids about these topics. This episode helps parents get past the confusion and embarrassment around sex education so they can raise healthy, responsible kids.
17/12/19·26m 5s

How To Help A Child Struggling With Anxiety

When is your kid just scared of the dark and when are they dealing with a larger anxiety disorder? This episode will teach you how to help a child with anxiety and reach them in stressful moments.
29/10/19·24m 32s

How To Talk To Kids About Climate Change

Today's kids are bombarded with the realities of climate change — whether through extreme weather or in the news. These tips will help you and your kids cope with the overwhelming feelings to move beyond helplessness and toward action.
24/10/19·23m 4s

Rethinking Brilliance: Raising Caring, Collaborative Kids

We all want our kids to succeed, but that doesn't mean running math drills. Author Kathy Hirsh-Pasek explains the "6 C's" that kids need to thrive and why raising brilliant kids starts with redefining brilliant.
15/10/19·16m 30s

From First Phones To Online Porn: Answers To Your Screentime Questions

NPR's Life Kit answers parents' questions about their kids' screen use. Education consultant Ana Homayoun says it's all about empowering your kids to make good decisions when you're not around.
18/09/19·21m 0s

Parents, Check Your Own Screen Habits

From distracted parenting to "sharenting," an honest look at our own use of electronic media can make us into more skillful parents and better role models. Here's what to remember:- Put your phone away whenever possible when you're with your kids. - If you want calmer children, be a more focused parent. - Before you post a picture or share a cute story about your kids on social media, think twice and get their permission if possible. - Don't use technology to stalk your children. - Work for healthier technology for your kids, and for all of us.
28/06/19·21m 48s

The Darker Side Of Screen Time

Emotional outbursts. Lost sleep. These are signs that your kids are spending too much time with digital devices. Here's what you can do about it. Here's what to remember:- Pay attention to your children's emotional relationship with screens, not just how much time they are spending with them. - Don't just make technology rules based on time. - Do guard bedtimes and mealtimes. - Don't expect taking away the phone to solve all your family's problems. - Mentor your kids; don't just monitor them.
26/06/19·28m 11s

The Brighter Side of Screen Time

The family that plays video games together, stays together. When parents become digital mentors, children can learn empathy, resilience, and prepare for future careers. Here's how to harness the advantages of screen time. Here's what to remember:- Whenever possible, share screens with your kids. - Balancing screen use is about much more than time.- Be smart about content. - Look for what's positive about your kids' screen time so you can help those positive things grow.
24/06/19·23m 15s

'We Wanted To Show Children Real Life': Sesame Street's Sonia Manzano

Actress Sonia Manzano is beloved by millions as Maria on Sesame Street. Her character on TV mirrored many of Manzano's real-life milestones, like marriage and motherhood (Elmo served as ring bearer for Maria's wedding on the show). She also wrote for Sesame Street in later years, and helped the show address diversity issues. In this special episode, Manzano reflects on her 44 seasons on Sesame Street, what she thinks was the show's most poignant moment — and which Muppet was secretly her favorite.
31/05/19·17m 35s

What Cookie Monster Taught Us About Self-Control

Self-regulation skills, including self-control, help us reach our goals, learn in school and get along with others. Millions of children struggle to develop them. We talk to experts for strategies to teach these skills — and get some very special help from Cookie Monster. Here's what to remember:- Look at self-regulation as a skill that can be learned and practiced.- Teach children to calm themselves.- Use your imagination to reframe a temptation.- What would Batman do? Kids can channel their heroes to make it easier to live up to their values.- Be strategic about distractions.- Build self-regulation skills with activities like martial arts or music lessons.
17/05/19·26m 14s

Raising Kids Who Love Math — Even If You Don't

By some estimates, up to 93% of American adults have some degree of math anxiety. The problem often starts in elementary school, but parents can do a lot to fix it. We talk to experts to get some some unexpected strategies for children of all ages, with a little bit of help from Sesame Street head writer Ken Scarborough and, of course, the Count.Here's what to remember: - Your own math anxiety doesn't have to hold your kids back.- Talk about math when you're sharing everyday activities.- Play math — with board games, card games, puzzles, and more. - Forget about right and wrong answers. Keep things open-ended — life, and math, are more fun that way.
15/05/19·22m 50s

Kindness Can Be Taught. Here's How

Most kids value success and achievement more than caring for others, according to Harvard's Making Caring Common project. Who is to blame? We are. We talk to experts for ideas on how to do better, and why.Here's what to remember:- Children are born to be kind — but also unkind. - Kindness requires courage.To build kindness, practice mindfulness.- Teach real apologies, and frame forgiveness as a gift you give yourself.- Practice gratitude to "raise the capital" of everyday kindness.- Kindness is a habit; rituals, chores and service can all help.
13/05/19·30m 51s

When The News Is Scary, What To Say To Kids

Whether a school shooting or a deadly tornado, scary events in the news can leave parents struggling to know when — and how — they should talk with their kids about it. Rosemarie Truglio of Sesame Workshop and Tara Conley, a media studies professor at Montclair State University, give us tips. - Limit their exposure to breaking news.- For the really big stories, pick a quiet moment and start the conversation by asking what kids have heard and how they're feeling.- Give facts and context: Let kids know that most scary news events are rare. Show them where it is happening on a map. - When they ask why something happened, avoid labels like "bad guys." - Encourage kids to process the story through play, art, even video.- Take positive action together.
18/03/19·25m 59s

'What If We Lived In Two Houses?' Talking Kids Through Divorce

Even the most amicable split is world-changing for young children. Here are a few key tips for grown-ups trying to help their kids navigate this big transition. - Give children as much heads-up as you can — as soon as you've made a definite decision to split up.- It's a grown-up problem. Don't share details that will confuse your child or hurt your partner.- Don't fear the big feelings or the "pajama truth-bomb." - It's good for kids to talk about a separation — even when it may be painful for adults to hear.- Make sure your kids know that not everything will change. - Keep routines, and toys, consistent, even if they're traveling from one home to another. - Look back together on the good memories.
18/03/19·21m 58s

The Problem With Toy Guns And Princesses

Whether it's mini-makeup kits, gross-smelling slime or semi-automatic foam-dart guns, every parent or caregiver has fielded requests for toys that they're just not that into. We talk about princesses and superheroes and their influence on kids with Rosemarie Truglio of Sesame Workshop and Lisa Dinella, a gender studies professor at Monmouth University. Here's what to remember: - Banning toys outright can be counterproductive. - Pay more attention to how kids play than what they're playing with. - Fight sexism in the playroom by broadening toy selections. - Talk directly to your kids about your values.- Join in your child's play to help expand the possibilities. - Grossed out? Use toilet toys as a chance to teach science — and manners.
18/03/19·26m 23s

Death: Talking With Kids About The End

Whether it's a goldfish or Grandma, every child will experience a death at some point — and their parents will likely struggle to explain it. Here's what to remember:- Be honest and concrete. The cat wasn't put to sleep, and Grandma didn't go on a long journey.- Don't overwhelm kids with too much information. They need time to process.- Make sure kids know they're still surrounded by people who will love and support them.- Don't be afraid to show emotion.- When it comes to deathbed visits or funerals, tell kids what they might see and give them a choice.- Keep the hope alive!
25/02/19·24m 1s

Talking Race With Young Children

Even babies notice differences like skin color, eye shape and hair texture. Here's how to handle conversations about race, racism, diversity and inclusion, even with very young children. A few things to remember: - Don't shush or shut them down if they mention race.- Don't wait for kids to bring it up. - Be proactive: Help them build a positive awareness of diversity.- When a child experiences prejudice, grown-ups need to both address the feelings and fight the prejudices.- You don't have to avoid topics like slavery or the Holocaust. Instead, give the facts and focus on resistance and allies.
25/02/19·20m 13s

Is It OK To Lie About Santa And The Tooth Fairy?

Magical thinking is part of childhood, and when it comes to characters like Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, parents often play along with elaborate charades. But what should grown-ups do when kids start aging out of the magic and asking tough questions?
25/02/19·17m 51s
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