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Stance is an independent award-winning arts, culture and current affairs podcast run by New York based journalist and curator Chrystal Genesis. An episode is released on the 1st of every month. Stance is produced by Chrystal Genesis, Zara Martin and Saskia Sewell. @stancepodcast Guests so far include musicians Four Tet, Jamila Woods, Róisín Murphy, Amber Mark, Caribou, Kaytranada, Jessie Ware, Tricky and Nao, authors Yaa Gyasi, Sayaka Murata, Elif Shafak & Valeria Luiselli, lawyer and campaigner Gina Miller, politician Bobi Wine, poets Fatimah Asghar, John Cooper Clarke & Kae Tempest, actor Riz Ahmed, Me Too founder Tarana Burke, playwrights Inua Ellams & Natasha Gordon, writer and activist Janet Mock, choreographers Akram Khan, Deborah Colker and Hofesh Shechter, fashion designer Duro Olowu and visual artists Shirin Neshat, Larry Achiampong, The Singh Twins & Juliana Huxtable. Topics covered include Is This for Real?, Black in the Time of Corona, Manchesters LGBTQ+ Story, On Beauty, The Class Ceiling in the Arts, Modern Mumbai, Sex, The Female Prison Experience, Revolutionary Mothering, Demystifying Yoga and Donald Glover’s Atlanta. Stance loves to explore and has visited locations including Mumbai in India, Colombo in Sri Lanka, Bergen in Norway, Paris in France and New York, LA & Philadelphia in the US in search of original stories and fresh perspectives. Stance was awarded Bronze for Best Current Affairs at The British Podcast Awards 2020. Stance won Best Arts & Culture Show and Rising Star in the Mixcloud Online Radio Awards 2018, nominated for Best Arts and Culture and Best Current Affairs as part of the British Podcast Awards 2019, included in The Observer and The Times annual Best Podcasts list, and has been Podcast of the Week in publications including The FT, Grazia, The Guardian and The Independent. Join the conversation @stancepodcast @chrystalgenesis on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Don't forget to subscribe and review! Music by Rikette Genesis and Stance branding by Edward Vince


Ep.65: Stance’s Final Episode! Musician Kamaal Williams, Author LaToya Watkins, Artist Cochemea, Musician Sinkane

After seven years of Stance which has spanned over 64 episodes of arts, culture and current affairs, 8 insightful Stance Takes shows, the growth of Stance Studios, multiple awards, and over 30 in-person events across the globe, we present our final show! In this episode, Chrystal Genesis takes one last look at creativity, storytelling and what it means to be human through literature, music, history and culture. We speak with musician and producer Kamaal Williams who chats about his latest album, Stings, his enduring faith, and the layered creative influences behind his music. Author LaToya Watkins discusses her new collection of short stories Holler, Child, set in Texas, and talks about how using method acting brings her closer to the the characters she writes about. Artist and composer, Cochemea discusses working with Sharon Jones as part of the Dap-Kings, and his album Vol. II Baca Sewa, which connects ancestry, memory and improvisation. Musician and multi-instrumentalist, Sinkane shares the inspirations behind his new upcoming record, We Belong, celebrating black creativity and joy. Ahead of retirement, we hear from some of our guest editors who reflect on their experiences collaborating with Stance. If you like what you heard, please write us a review and check out more of our work at and all podcasting apps @stancepodcast
15/02/241h 11m

Ep.64: Music w/Enji; US Jews of Color: Celebrating Sukkot, Journalist Robin Washington, Writer Hanah Bloom, Jews of Color Initiative CEO Ilana Kaufman & Philosopher Lewis R. Gordon

On Stance, we explore the question: what does it mean to be a Jewish person of color in America today? We chat with a range of voices from this growing demographic, in the worlds of philosophy, pop culture, community organizing, and journalism.  Plus, we cover music with Jazz Musician Enji to learn more about her mesmerizing new record, Ulan. At a Sukkot celebration, a few members of the Jews of Color Initiative team, Jade Groobman, Sarah Starks and Riki Robinson, discuss their hopes, dreams and their work building more community in Jewish spaces. CEO of Jews of Color Initiative, Ilana Kaufman takes us through their mission to build a professional, organizational and communal space for Jews of Color. She discusses the importance of accurately capturing data about Jews of Color, and of empowering them into leadership roles. Writer, Hanah Bloom, tackles the model minority myth twice over in her essay about being a Japanese American Jew, published in Hey Alma, a contemporary online community. She reads her essay and chats about some of the responses that followed. Professor of Philosophy and Global Affairs, Lewis R. Gordon offers us another glimpse into the diverse history of Jewish peoples, as he shares his experience navigating between the Jewish community in Jamaica and the Jewish community in the US. We end this topic with Robin Washington, a journalist and Editor-At-Large for The Forward, a US Jewish news and culture publication founded in 1897. He reflects on what it means to be a Black Jew after the horrors of October 7. We chat with vocalist and composer Enji about her musical journey and the inspiration behind her third solo album, Ulaan. Enji’s unique and expansive sound combines jazz, contemporary folk, and the ancient Mongolian musical tradition of Long Song. She talks with us about how combining the creative freedom of jazz with her Mongolian heritage enables her to express more of her authentic self. If you like what you heard, please write us a review and join the conversation at and all podcasting apps @stancepodcast @chrystalgenesis
19/01/241h 15m

Ep.63: Harlem Raised: Film w/ Maysles Documentary Center, Food w/ Sugar Hill Creamery, Nature w/ Brotherhood Sister Sol; Music w/ Vagabon

This show explores Harlem, one of New York City’s most historic and noteworthy places. Co-hosted by special guest, Vita, she joins her mum, Stance’s host and founder Chrystal Genesis to highlight some of their favorite places. As residents of the area, they visit a handful of their favorite spots, spanning film, food and nature to uncover what continues to make Harlem one of the most distinctive pockets of NYC.  Through independent filmmaking at Maysles Documentary Center, we chat with lead educator Art Jones about their one of a kind cinema space, filmmaking as a creative medium and the importance of community-first programming. At Sugar Hill Creamery we speak with co-founder Petrushka Bazin Larsen about founding Harlem’s only family owned ice cream store, the relationship between ice cream and Harlem’s community, and Vita gets to taste test a few of their seasonal flavors. Stance connects with The Brotherhood Sister Sol, a social justice organization empowering young people of color through community and environmental change. Chrystal and Vita visit their Green Youth Market and meet with senior manager, Nando Rodriguez, to find out how urban farming enriches the Harlem community. We end with music from New Yorker, Cameroonian American musician and songwriter, Vagabon, on her new record Sorry I Haven’t Called exploring joy after grief. All music used in this podcast is from Vagabon’s new album Sorry I Haven’t Called. With thanks to Nonesuch Records.  This show was producer Zara Martin.  If you like what you heard, please subscribe, write us a review and join the conversation at and all podcasting apps @stancepodcast @chrystalgenesis Visit Stance's website at .com for more info and links from this episode. 
01/12/2357m 51s

Ep.62: On Humanity w/ Philosopher & Historian Professor Lewis R. Gordon; Poet & Writer Fariha Róisín; Music w/Soul Singer-songwriter Danielle Ponder

How do we tap into sources of hope, compassion and humanity during such turbulent times? This episode of Stance explores this question through the lenses of philosophy, poetry, and music. Professor Lewis R. Gordon is a philosopher, musician, and historian whose areas of focus include existentialism, Africana philosophy, social and political theory, theories of race, and philosophies of liberation and education. He speaks with us about compassion, politics and power during periods of uncertainty and upheaval. Poet, writer and multidisciplinary artist, Fariha Róisín shares her latest poetry collection, Survival Takes A Wild Imagination, and reflects on hope, humanity, and imagining new futures. Soul artist, singer-songwriter and lawyer, Danielle Ponder introduces to us her compelling debut album, Some Of Us Are Brave, an anthem of resilience and hope. This show was producer Zara Martin. Special thanks to Im Genesis and Etay Zwick. If you like what you heard, please subscribe, write us a review and join the conversation at and all podcasting apps @stancepodcast @chrystalgenesis Visit Stance's website at for more info and links from this episode. 
01/11/2343m 44s

Ep.61: Celebrating ESG w/ Co-Founder, Singer & Guitarist Renee Scroggins; Journalist, Cultural Critic & Professor Carol Cooper

We’re back from our summer break to bring you a special show all about the seminal funk-punk dance band, ESG. Join us on this immersive musical journey through New York City exploring the 70’s, 80’s and beyond, following ESG and their unique sound and story. Starting in the South Bronx, sisters, Valerie, Renee, Deborah, and Marie Scroggins formed ESG with Tito Libran in the late 70’s. They went on to perform across the world and record dozens of records influencing artists in all genres, with their music being sampled over 500 times. The band’s body of work is rooted in New York City’s electric music scene, which spans Latin groove, hip-hop, rock, funk and more. In conversation with Chrystal Genesis, the band’s lead vocalist, guitarist and co-founder Renee Scroggins, shares her perspective on ESG’s origins, era-defining sound, and future. We find out more about the band’s new documentary “Are You Serious?”, new album and plans for their farewell tour. Stance hears from Carol Cooper, a journalist, professor and cultural critic,  who was there to document ESG hitting New York City’s vibrant music scene for the first time. They both discuss the city’s booming creativity and crumbling economy, as well as what made 70-80’s NYC so unique. If you like what you heard, please subscribe, write us a review and join the conversation at and all podcasting apps @stancepodcast @chrystalgenesis Special thanks to producer Zara Martin. Visit Stance's website at for more info and links from this episode.   
01/10/2334m 26s

Ep.60: Tribeca Festival, NYC’s Celebration of Film w/ actors Claire Danes, Zazie Beetz, CCH Pounder and filmmakers Steve Buscemi, So Young Shelly Yo, Guo Guo, Noam Kaplan, and Jennifer Esposito

We take you to Tribeca Film Festival celebrating creative storytelling from the heart of NYC’s lower Manhattan. Chrystal Genesis interviews actors and filmmakers on the red carpet and backstage to cover some of the most exciting films and TV premiering at Tribeca.  We catch up with actors including Zazie Beetz, CCH Pounder and Claire Danes to find out more about the mystery thriller TV show, Full Circle, directed by Steven Soderbergh. Prolific actor Steve Buscemi chats about his directorial project The Listener. It is an intimate look at the experiences of calling a helpline, as we follow one night in the life of volunteer helpline worker Beth, played by Tessa Thompson. Filmmakers So Young Shelly Yo and Guo Guo discuss their Korean American coming-of-age drama, Smoking Tigers, following the life of teenager Hayoung who navigates her shifting identity and working-class reality. Writer-director Noam Kaplan's drama covers Israeli politics, the struggle for liberation and womanhood in his engrossing new drama, The Future. Jennifer Esposito chats with Chrystal about reinventing the organized crime genre, by centering women, in her directorial debut film, Fresh Kills. A powerful, layered drama exploring the complicated dynamics of a mob family.  If you like what you heard, please subscribe, write us a review and join the conversation at and all podcasting apps @stancepodcast @chrystalgenesis Visit Stance's website for more info and links from this episode. 
30/06/2356m 39s

Ep.59: Hot Docs 30th Anniversary: Canada’s International Documentary Film Festival

Stance visits Toronto to cover Hot Docs, the largest documentary film festival in North America, known for its bold and outspoken programming. Founded in 1993 by Canadian filmmakers and producers, the festival now showcases over 200 films from across 72 countries. While at the festival, Stance views visually arresting, thought-provoking, experimental and investigative documentaries premiering in Toronto from across the world.  Chrystal Genesis interviews makers of the films including Who’s Afraid of Nathan Law?, covering Hong Kong’s fight for democracy through the political rise of lawmaker and activist Nathan Law to becoming most wanted by the age of 26. This World is Not My Own is an innovative portrait of self-taught visual artist Nellie Mae Rowe in 20th century Georgia, USA, through vivid dreamscapes and animation. The Homes We Carry follows Sarah, an Afro-German mother to a newborn, who dreams of being united with her family having been separated by two continents, Africa and Europe, in a moving search for home. Echo Of Everything explores the transformative power of music across cultures through science, history and philosophy. Plus we share a list of other compelling and important international films for you to check out.  If you like what you heard, please subscribe, write us a review and join the conversation at and all podcasting apps @stancepodcast @chrystalgenesis Visit Stance's website for more info and links from this episode.   
31/05/2349m 48s

Ep.58: Touring and Cooking in NYC’s Chinatown w/ Culinary Historian, Cookbook Author and Award-winning Campaigner, Grace Young

We visit New York City’s Chinatown with culinary historian, cookbook author, and campaigner Grace Young. The largest in the US, it is known for an abundance of markets, eateries, multi-generational businesses, and independent stores serving New Yorkers and tourists from all over the world. It is home to a predominantly Chinese Asian diaspora dating back to the mid-1800s and today this area includes communities from Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, and more.  On a tour through the area, Grace guides Chrystal around Chinatown’s streets and landmarks. They begin at 65 Mott Street, the oldest tenement building in NYC, followed by a visit to Mee Sum Cafe, a local hangout since 1967 and now a household name known for its casual setting, Zongzi Chinese tamales, ginger tea, and small plates. Together they explore Grace’s favorite food markets, fishmongers and bakeries in the area.  To end, Chrystal visits Grace’s home where she learns about the art and history of the wok, and how to make the perfect stir fry. In conversation with Chrystal, Grace shares why Chinatown is a living encyclopedia, the still felt impact of COVID-19 and anti-Asian racism, and the importance of supporting Chinatown’s history and future.  If you like what you heard, please subscribe, write us a review and join the conversation at Stance Podcast and all podcasting apps @stancepodcast @chrystalgenesis and visit Stance's website for more info and links from this episode. 
01/05/2353m 58s

Ep.57: Excavating Spirituality w/ Poet aja monet, Writer Emma Warren, Visual Artists Senga Nengudi Fittz & Kaylynn Sullivan TwoTrees

Stance delves into the spiritual realm and how it manifests through the visual arts, dance, music and poetry. An ever-evolving topic, we cover the power of spirituality through ancestral connections, imagination, movement, humor and joy.  To start, we speak with surrealist blues poet, aja monet on the artistic movements shaping her writing and community organizing. We discuss her upcoming poetry collection Florida Water, and album When The Poems Do What They Do.  We cover writer and journalist Emma Warren’s book Dance Your Way Home: A Journey Through the Dance Floor, an intimate look at movement through the personal, social and cultural history of dance.  We speak in conversation with visual artists Senga Nengudi Fittz and Kaylynn Sullivan TwoTrees who were both members of the Just Above Midtown (JAM) creative space which centered African American creatives in the 1970s and 80s in NYC. We explore the spiritual links between art, history and tradition, and their collaborative performance piece Tying & Un-tying at the MoMA in New York.  This episode is guest-edited by Tamika Abaka-Wood, a cultural anthropologist, creative strategist, and founder of Dial An Ancestor. If you like what you heard, please subscribe, write us a review and join the conversation at and all podcasting apps @stancepodcast @chrystalgenesis  
01/04/2356m 21s

Ep.56: Why You Should Care About Caste w/ Author Anindita Ghose, Activist & Storyteller Thenmozhi Soundararajan, Model & Engineer Seema Hari

Have you heard of Caste? Whether you know it well or not at all, Caste in South Asia and around the world influences everything from politics, education, media, and family relationships. It’s a system which dates back centuries and today affects around 1.9 billion people. So how do we become Caste aware? We explore this and more through the lenses of literature, tech and the arts.    We speak with Mumbai based author and journalist Anindita Ghose about her highly praised debut novel The Illuminated. A lyrical, human and provocative story set against India’s tense contemporary political landscape.    Dalit rights activist, Thenmozhi Soundararajan discusses her powerful debut publication The Trauma of Caste: A Dalit Feminist Meditation on Survivorship, Healing and Abolition. She is joined in conversation by Model, engineer & DJ Seema Hari who shares their experience of caste oppression and the power of travel and transformation.   If you like what you heard, please subscribe, write us a review and join the conversation at and all podcasting apps @stancepodcast @chrystalgenesis  
28/02/2344m 37s

Ep.55: Accra Ghana: Music w/ SuperJazzClub; Freedom Skatepark Founder Sandy Alibo; Culinary Sundown Experience at Palm Moments

Stance is back with its sixth anniversary episode, a celebration of all things Stance loves: culture, food, music and art. In this show, Chrystal Genesis travels to the buzzing, complex and vibrant capital of Ghana: Accra. An epicenter of creativity, innovation and youth culture. While in Accra, Chrystal meets Ghanaian music collective SuperJazzClub, made up of artists, producers, filmmakers and DJs to find out more about their alternative sounds of the city. In conversation with Sandy Alibo, founder of social enterprises including Freedom Skatepark, we go for a tour of the park and hear how community-led projects and entrepreneurship shape the city’s burgeoning youth population. To end, art and food unite in a sundown dining experience at the creative space and restaurant Palm Moments, owned by model Anastasia Cobbinah, in collaboration with ceramicist Ella Bulley and Chef Kwame Fiafoli. Thanks for listening! Please subscribe, write us a review and join the conversation at and all podcasting apps @stancepodcast @chrystalgenesis
01/02/2347m 14s

Ep.54: Live from Glastonbury Festival w/Producer, DJ and Vocalist Sofia Kourtesis

Stance celebrates the summer with a live show from Glastonbury. The most iconic music and performing arts festival in the UK. Stance takes in the sounds of the festival atmosphere and speaks with Lima-born, Berlin-based producer, DJ and vocalist Sofia Kourtesis before her show at Glastonbury’s Sonic Stage. Sofia chats about her bittersweet house music, her Peruvian roots, and playing Glasto for the first time. Her recent EP Fresia Magdalena features tracks influenced by family relationships, loss, community, and hope. Before hitting the stage at Glastonbury, Sofia chats with Stance about how nature, joy, and activism inform her work, and how Berlin as a creative hub enriches her sound. Plus Stance spends the weekend taking in the sounds and atmosphere of the festival just for your ears. Thanks for listening! Please subscribe, write us a review and join the conversation at and all podcasting apps @stancepodcast @chrystalgenesis
30/06/2216m 0s

Ep 53: Sex, Desire & Pleasure w/ Author Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah, Poet Samiya Bashir, Artist Lady Skollie, Journalist Kemi Alemoru; Music w/ The Twilite Tone

We examine sex, desire, and pleasure through visual art, literature, culture and musical critique to uncover how black women, and women of colour, navigate their sexual needs and wants.  Stance hears from Ghanaian non-fiction author Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah on her book, The Sex Lives of African Women which shares stories of over 30 African women across the continent and its diaspora.  We discuss sexual expression through poetry, performance and visual art with American poet and editor of erotica Samiya Bashir & South African visual artist Lady Skollie. UK based Journalist and culture editor at gal-dem, Kemi Alemoru explains how sex is depicted in music, film, and wider popular culture, through the lens of black women.  We end with music as we chat with award-winning producer, composer and DJ, The Twilite Tone. We hear his debut solo album The Clearing which celebrates a space to be free by breaking away from the past.  This episode is guest-edited by Charlene pPrempeh, founder of A Vibe Called Tech, a creative agency championing Black creativity and innovation. Subscribe, write us a review and join the conversation at and all podcasting apps @stancepodcast @chrystalgenesis
01/06/2259m 18s

Ep 52: Island Life w/ Musician Leyla McCalla; Professor Godfrey Baldacchino; Author Mary Taylor Simeti; Writer Alice Albinia; Mitchell Kuga, Maura Walz & Yung Kha on HBOs White Lotus

Stance explores Island Life through music, food, culture, and literature as well as where they sit within our imaginations. From representations on telly to Sicily’s diverse culinary food history, and Haiti’s culture and politics through sound, Stance attempts to get to the roots of Island Life. We hear the arresting music of Haitian American artist Leyla McCalla, as she speaks with Stance about her new album Breaking The Thermometer. We have an energetic conversation dissecting all things White Lotus set in Maui, Hawai’i, in a group chat with journalist Mitchell Kuga based in Honolulu, editor and writer Maura Walz stationed in LA, and film publicist Yung Kha in London. Living in Sicily, American author, Mary Taylor Simeti reveals the global influences which have for centuries shaped Sicilian cuisine. She speaks with Stance through an anthropological lens and also shares some of her favorite Sicilian dishes. British author, Alice Albinia presents a reading of her futuristic feminist island novel, CWEN. Her upcoming novel has been shaped by the past seven years she spent traveling around the edges of Britain, piecing together ancient, medieval and modern myths of islands ruled by women. Plus, Island expert and professor of sociology, Godfrey Baldacchino breaks down the narratives of Islands. For over two decades, Godfrey has researched islands in connection with topics including identity, small states and politics. Join the conversation at and all podcasting apps @stancepodcast @chrystalgenesis
01/05/221h 14m

Ep 51: Ukraine & the Narratives of War w/ Daemeah Karbeah, Cynthia Enloe, Daniel Trilling, Ahmed Shihab-Eldin; Hercules & Love Affair

In light of the ongoing invasion of Ukraine, we examine how narratives of war shape how we see and experience conflict. Stance explores the tropes of war, racist media coverage, war as entertainment, and the current and future issues refugees fleeing Ukraine are likely to face. Plus, the impact this has on global politics and policy with Daemeah Karbeah, the co-founder of grassroots collective @BlackPeopleInUkraine, research professor of women & militarism Cynthia Enloe, and award winning journalist and author Daniel Trilling. We also speak with award winning journalist Ahmed Shihab-Eldin to get his take on international law and the concept of hierarchies of suffering.  Stance hears music from Hercules & Love Affair, as we chat with Andy Butler about the upcoming release of their new record, In Amber, featuring  ANOHNI and drums by Budgie of Siouxsie and the Banshees. In Amber, is their first offering in five years - an emotive, honest and genre-crossing album.  Join the conversation at and all podcasting apps @stancepodcast @chrystalgenesis
31/03/221h 1m

Ep 50: Summer of Soul Director Questlove; Innovative Musicians w/Joviale, Planningtorock, KALLITECHNIS.

Stance speaks with Summer of Soul Director Questlove and highlights the innovative musicians making their mark on music right now. We discover how the arts, introspection, sound, society, and heritage influence these artists and their crafts. Grammy winner, Oscar and BAFTA nominee, director Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson discusses his spellbinding and vital documentary Summer of Soul, highlighting the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival. Stance speaks with London-based multidisciplinary artist Joviale about their otherworldly, immersive alt-pop sound, and their latest EP Hurricane Belle. We chat with Tallinn-based singer, producer, and composer Planningtorock about celebrating queer happiness, fashion as a powerful language, and their latest EP Gay Dreams Do Come True. We catch up with Montreal-based songwriter, dancer, and visual artist KALLITECHNIS about her soulful songs, themes of love and vulnerability in music, and her latest EP Because it Feels Good. Stance also spotlights a range of other artists who continue to shape and innovate. Join the conversation at and all podcasting apps @stancepodcast @chrystalgenesis
28/02/221h 25m

Ep 49: Beyond the Studio: In Conversation with Artists Antony Gormley and Nari Ward

Stance Podcast goes beyond the studio in conversation with world-renowned sculptors Antony Gormley & Nari Ward. From London and New York, they share unique, considered opinions on their own practices and each other’s work, and highlight themes at the forefront of their creativity. We cover the subversive nature of art, architecture, fatherhood, the human body, the island nations they’re from, and the role of community within their practice. It’s a powerful discussion between two visual artists who have shaped the landscape of contemporary art as we know it.  Join the conversation at and all podcasting apps @stancepodcast @chrystalgenesis
28/01/221h 5m

Stance Takes Montreal: Where Music Meets Art w/ Musician Gayance; Visual Artist Yannis Guibinga; Art Collector Dr. Kenneth Montague

Stance Takes is back with a special show taking you around Montreal’s creative scene. Known for its independent and eclectic music and visual arts, Montreal is a striking and dynamic French speaking multicultural city. In this immersive episode where music and art collide, Stance profiles Haitian Canadian musical artist, programmer and DJ Gayance. She invites Stance into her home for pancakes and a chat about her latest EP No Toning Down, and the cross-cultural influences behind her nostalgic and joyful sounds. We speak to Dr. Kenneth Montague, founder of Wedge Collection about his long-standing work as a Canadian art collector of Jamaican heritage, acquiring works that explore black identity, and his recent compilation of photographs in his book, As We Rise: Photography from the Black Atlantic. To end, we meet with Gabonese photographer based in Montreal, Yannis Guibinga about his bold and futuristic representations of African identity and culture through the lens of photography. Join the conversation at and all podcasting apps @stancepodcast @chrystalgenesis  
16/12/2151m 18s

Stance Takes: MFest Muslim Knowledge & Creativity w/ Author Nadifa Mohamed; Journalist Rokhaya Diallo; MP Zarah Sultana; TV Director Nida Manzoor; Historian Blair Imani and more

Stance Takes is back covering MFest, a multi-arts festival of Muslim knowledge and creativity with Maslaha with The British Library. We bring highlights from the festival, sharing an immersive glimpse from its programme, and speak with award-winning Somali-British author Nadifa Mohamed. The Fortune Men, covers the true story of the wrongful imprisonment and execution of Mahmood Hussein Mattan, a Somali seaman, in Wales. The book is a reimagined version of Mahmood Hussein Mattan's real life. We connect anti-racist struggles internationally with France-based journalist Rokhaya Diallo, UK Labour MP Zarah Sultana and US-based writer Hoda Katebi. We examine the practice of loving through the eyes of Muslim women with Founder of Amaliah Magazine, Selina Bakkar, creative producer Haja Fanta, political academic Hudda Khaireh, and journalist Myriam François. Stance explores the work being done to subvert narratives through comedy, with writer and director of Channel 4’s We Are Lady Parts, Nida Manzoor. We hear about the importance of wide-ranging Queer and Trans Muslim stories with poet Fatimah Asghar, author Zeyn Joukhadar, historian Blair Imani, and writer Faryal Velmi. To end, we discuss the process of creating fictional realities through fantasy novels for young adults with authors Reni Kosi Amayo, Intisar Khanani and Taherah Mafi. Join the conversation at and all podcasting apps @stancepodcast @chrystalgenesis
19/07/2140m 4s

Ep 48: The Bronx w/ Yayoi Kusama at New York Botanical Garden; Artist Tasha Dougé; Rapper Kemba; Food: Togo’s Bognan International & Italian Madonia Brothers Bakery

Stance visits The Bronx to spotlight its rich history and contemporary landscape to dissect how it’s one of the city's most unique and overlooked boroughs in New York City. Through visual art, global cuisine, and music, Stance uncovers just some of the individuals, scenes and places that make up The Bronx. For generations, The Bronx has been a point of entry for people from all over the world from the Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico call The Bronx their home. The birthplace of hip hop, The Bronx has been and still is a world renowned hub for creativity and collaboration, despite chronic underfunding. Stance views the Yayoi Kusama exhibition, Cosmic Nature at the New York Botanical Garden - the largest botanical garden in a US city. We tour The Bronx and chat with mixed media performance artist Tasha Dougé on creating work as an act of resistance, and rewriting existing narratives. We visit forth generation Italian bakehouse on Arthur Avenue’s Little Italy, Madonia Brothers Bakery, and taste West African cuisine from Togo at Bognan International. To end, we speak with South Bronx hip hop artist Kemba about the rare energy of The Bronx in shaping his personal and creative evolution. Join the conversation at and all podcasting apps @stancepodcast @chrystalgenesis
01/07/2154m 37s

Ep. 47: East Africa: Past, Present & Reimagined Futures w/ Author Nanjala Nyabola, Architect Omar Degan, Archaeologist Sada Mire, Journalist Abdi Latif Dahir, Artist Eltayeb Dawelbait

On Stance, Chrystal Genesis is joined by award-winning journalist and writer Ismail Einashe to explore the people and stories of East Africa. Inspired by migration, culture, music and history, the episode traverses through Kenya, Sudan, and Somalia, examining the contemporary hubs and ancient histories of East Africa. Starting in Kenya, we chat with political analyst and author of Travelling While Black: Essays Inspired by Life on the Move, Nanjala Nyabola about her experiences and observations of global travel as an African woman. Stance looks at archaeology, architecture, and cultural heritage in the Horn of Africa with Somali-Italian architect, Omar Degan and Somali-Swedish archaeologist, Sada Mire. Abdi Latif Dahir, East Africa Correspondent for the New York Times pens an essay love letter to Mogadishu exclusively on Stance, paying homage to renowned Somali musician, Fadumo Nakruma, who recently died of COVID-19. To end, Stance speaks with Sudanese artist Eltayeb Dawelbait about his art practice, reflecting on Nairobi as a hub for connections, and the growth of the art scene in Sudan. Join the conversation at and all podcasting apps @stancepodcast @chrystalgenesis
31/05/211h 15m

Ep. 46: (Un)learning for Liberation w/ Joshua Virasami, Dylan Rodriguez, Sonya Childress, Asher Gamedze, Thenmozhi Soundararajan, Kelsey Mohamed, Camille Barton, Aditi Jaganathan

In this episode of Stance, Chrystal Genesis is joined by film programmer and cultural researcher Jemma Desai. Together they examine the practices of (Un)learning for Liberation as they highlight the many forms of abolitionist thinking through literature, music, activism and film. We speak with London based artist, writer and political organiser Joshua Virasami about his book How to Change It from #Merky books and Penguin, an accessible step by step guide to activism and campaigning work to provoke change. California based Cultural strategist and film producer Sonya Childress, and Professor of Media and Cultural Studies at University of California, Riverside, Dylan Rodriguez, discuss their work, highlighting the intersections of culture, movement building and the radical nature of abolition. Heading to Cape Town, Stance chats with musician, educator and organiser Asher Gamedze about his soulful and political Jazz album, Dialectic Soul. Between New York and London, we speak with Dalit rights activist and founder of Equality Labs Thenmozhi Soundararajan, and Kelsey Mohamed of London based Cradle Community about the links between caste and white supremacy. To end, we chat with Berlin based interdisciplinary artist and educator Camille Barton, and educator focused on radical pedagogies and spaces, London based Aditi Jaganathan about their work as facilitators and educators in enacting change. Join the conversation at and all podcasting apps @stancepodcast @chrystalgenesis
30/04/211h 40m

Ep. 45: Brixton Uprising w/ Singer Carroll Thompson, Novelist Alex Wheatle, Poet Linton Kwesi Johnson, Musician Asher Senator, Dr Rebekah Delsol; Singer Rachel Chinouriri

Marking the 40th anniversary of the 1981 Brixton Uprising, Stance explores the moments leading up to the uprising and the activism that inspired it, their connections to the Windrush scandal, and the 2021 Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill and subsequent #KillTheBill protests in Bristol. Looking at the uprising through film, academia, literature, and music, we explore political activism through poetry with globally renowned Jamaican poet, Linton Kwesi Johnson. Stance delves into Soundsystem Culture and the Smiley Culture collaboration with founder of Code 7 youth charity, DJ and musician Asher Senator. Novelist Alex Wheatle shares his firsthand account of being part of the uprising, going to prison and how it led to the collaborative partnership with director Steve McQueen in producing the hit drama series, Small Axe. We chat with Queen of Lovers Rock, Carroll Thompson about her record-breaking album, Hopelessly in Love released in 1981, and her campaigning work around the Windrush Scandal. But how far have we actually come? We discuss policy and fair policing with Dr. Rebekah Delsol of StopWatch. To end, Stance looks to new wave Croydon born singer-songwriter Rachel Chinouriri, and her upcoming EP Four° In Winter. Join the conversation at and all podcasting apps @stancepodcast @chrystalgenesis
31/03/211h 20m

Ep. 44: Musician Genesis Owusu; Pandemic Birthing w/ Maiysha Campbell Kramer & Milli Hill; Pregnant: Visible and Invisible Disabilities; Vertical Birthing w/ AMUPAKIN in Ecuador

In Stance, Chrystal Genesis is joined by actor and activist Alix Wilton-Reagan to unpack pregnancy and birthing experiences right now. Bringing to the forefront women’s voices from around the world, we explore what it means to be pregnant during the pandemic with Doula Maiysha Campbell Kramer, and Positive Birthing Movement Founder and Author Milli Hill. We exchange views on pregnancy while living with a visible or invisible disability with Tania Akbarali on anxiety, on autism and neurodiversity with Samantha Stein, and physical disability and pregnancy with Dr. Erin Andrews. Next, we head to Ecuador, speaking to Ofelia, Olga and Maria, three Kichwa midwives at the AMUPAKIN clinic to explore the power and history of vertical birthing. We are also joined by Dr. Nina Moeller, a longtime associate of AMUPAKIN to find out more. Ending the show, Stance speaks with Ghanaian Australian musician Genesis Owusu about his album Smiling With No Teeth. He takes us through his musical influences, creative process and shares his joy at playing live just recently. Join the conversation at and all podcasting apps @stancepodcast @chrystalgenesis
01/03/211h 9m

Ep. 43: Jamaica Jamaica! Musician Judy Mowatt; Art w/ National Gallery of Jamaica & Suzie Wong Presents; Environmentalist Donna Blake; Producer Iotosh & Comedian Raul Blaze

Come with Stance to Jamaica to explore the old and new currents shaping the shifting arts and cultural scene. We speak with musicians, creatives, artists, and activists to discuss the Jamaica of today We head to the National Gallery of Jamaica to explore Jamaica Jamaica, a touring exhibition highlighting the islands fascinating and storied celebrated music history from mento to dancehall. Iconic reggae singer Judy Mowatt, a member of Bob Marley’s I-Threes, chats with us about her life’s philosophy and her formidable musical career thus far. We catch up with comedian, law grad and educator, Raul Blaze about his comedic expressions and musings on Jamaican culture. We meet with Donna Blake, the island’s director of The Nature Conservancy to understand the island’s lush and fertile ecosystem, the effects of climate change, and the efforts in conserving ecology in the Caribbean. We chat with founder and art consultant Susanne Fredricks about her visual art platform Suzie Wong Presents, one of the most comprehensive platforms promoting artists from the region. Finally, we catch up with music producer and record owner iotosh to get to know the contemporary sounds and hottest tunes shaping Jamaica right now. Join the conversation at and all podcasting apps @stancepodcast @chrystalgenesis
01/02/211h 23m

Stance Takes: Reframing The Black Image - Pioneers of The Past w/ Alayo Akinkugbe; Renata Cherlise; Theo Imani & Osei Bonsu

To mark our fourth birthday Stance Takes is here with a special programme celebrating the black image in visual arts. Tired of the old interpretations of the black image and inspired by new forces that are redefining who gets to choose, view and critique the Black image, Stance brings you a podcast profiling the curators and visual researchers who are remapping how it's presented in art and culture. We juxtapose the work of two archivists - Alayo Akinkugbe from @ABlackHistoryOfArt in the UK, and Renata Cherlise from in the US - who are challenging dominant narratives surrounding the Black image in visual art. We hear from Italy, where visual researcher Theo Imani finds echoes between African and European imagery. We delve into the world of curation with Osei Bonsu of Tate Modern and discuss the challenge of making artistic space that includes all types of Black expression. Pioneers of the Past celebrates the revolution in agency these curators and researchers represent. Made in Partnership with Vibe Called Tech for The North Face and Gucci collaboration. Join the conversation at and all podcasting apps @stancepodcast @chrystalgenesis
14/01/2142m 46s

Stance Takes on Forces of Art: Colombia, Syria, Kyrgyzstan, Uganda and Kenya

To mark the New Year Stance Takes is back with a special programme celebrating a new book Forces of Art which champions the work of artists and arts organisations across the world. We travel to the Choco region of Colombia to look at the work of Más Arte más Acción, who are using art and the rainforest to innovate change. We cover Syrian artists in exile displaced after a decade of war and revolution to explore how it has redefined their lives and artistic practice. In Central Asia we discuss how successive generations of post-soviet creatives are forging new artistic space in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. And finally, we hear from Queer poets in Uganda and Kenya on how they’re thriving despite living in societies virulently hostile to their very identities. Forces Of Art: Perspectives from a Changing World takes the reader on a dizzying journey across the globe with the analysis of more than 30 researchers given free rein to write about the radical role art plays in societal change. Made in collaboration with The European Cultural Foundation, The Prince Claus Fund, Hivos and Valiz. Join the conversation at and all podcasting apps @stancepodcast @chrystalgenesis
01/01/2159m 55s

Ep. 42: Elif Shafak; Tricky; 2020: Failing Up or Tearing Down? w/ Chryl N. Laird; Taylor Small; Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic; Sarah Kendzior; Kwame Anthony Appiah

In this episode of Stance, we cover music, literature and politics by asking whether 2020 marks a tipping point for the system of Failing Upwards. Are we seeing the beginning of a Tearing Down as the incompetence of populist leadership is laid bare? We chat with academics, authors and politicians including Chryl N. Laird, Taylor Small, Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Sarah Kendzior and Kwame Anthony Appiah. We speak with rapper, singer, and producer Tricky about his new album Fall to Pieces and his illustrious career in music. Chrystal Genesis is joined by writer and journalist Komal Thakur based in Mumbai to chat with the award-winning author and essayist, Elif Shafak, now based in London about her latest book How to Stay Sane in an Age of Division, a stirring reflection on the current state and future of modern politics and society.  Join the conversation at and all podcasting apps @stancepodcast @chrystalgenesis
01/12/201h 19m

Ep. 41: Musician Ebo Taylor; 1-54 Founder Touria El Glaoui; Artist Hassan Hajjaj; Zimbabwean film Cook Off; #EndSARS; NYC: Hopes and Fears

In this episode of Stance, Chrystal Genesis covers the creatives and change-makers on the African continent through music, visual art, politics and film. We speak with the iconic Ghanian musician and father of Highlife and Afrobeat, Ebo Taylor, and his son Kweku about his life's work. We head to Morocco to discuss the continent’s dynamic and evolving art scene with 1-54 International African Contemporary art fair founder, Touria El Glaoui. The Morrocan-British visual artist and photographer Hassan Hajjaj shares his journey and striking art works. We speak with actors Jesesi Mungoshi and Tendaiishe Chitima and producer Joe Njagu, of Zimbabwean feature film Cook Off to discuss the country's cinema industry and cultural scene past and present. We head to Nigeria to report on the End SARS movement, speaking to filmmaker Ifeoma Chukwuogo about the ongoing protests against police brutality. Finally, we highlight the mood in New York City amidst the upcoming Presidential election and COVID-19, speaking to voters at a Manhattan polling station.  Join the conversation at and all podcasting apps @stancepodcast @chrystalgenesis
01/11/201h 20m

Ep. 40: The New Paris w/ Jean-Pascal Zadi; Lindsey Tramuta; Lucie Camara & Celine Leroy; CHASSOL and Podcasts: Melting Pot, Dinner For One & VOXXX

In this special show, Stance visits Paris to explore the fresh and creative cultural landscape of this iconic, global city. We discuss literature, film, music and podcasts as Chrystal Genesis is joined by Lory Martinez, host of Mija Podcast and Founder of the Paris based Studio Ochenta. We speak with comedian and director Jean-Pascal Zadi about his new comedy-drama Tout Simplement Noir. We catch up with writer Lindsey Tramuta who talks us through her book The New Parisienne: The Women & Ideas Shaping Paris. We dissect French culture, new writing and the power of translation with Coven bookshop owner Lucie Camara and non-fiction translator Celine Leroy. Musician and composer Chassol tells us about his new record Ludi and we cover the boom in French podcasts coming out of Paris with Melting Pot exploring French identity, Dinner For One showcasing the healing power of food and VOXXX, an innovative audioporn podcast. Join the conversation at and all podcasting apps. This episode contains adult themes and explicit references to sex
30/09/201h 20m

Ep 39 On The Record; Dancer and Choreographer Akram Khan; Singer Songwriter Róisín Murphy; Writer Zalika Reid-Benta

We cover film, literature, music and dance starting with the documentary On The Record, which charts decades of abuse at the hands of US Hip Hop Mogul Russell Simmons. We discuss this and more with the author of Miseducation: A Woman’s Guide to Hip Hop Shanita Hubbard, Kierna Mayo, an exec at The Lena Horne Prize and former editor-in-chief of Ebony and The Source and feminist cultural critic, author and journalist Dr Joan Morgan. We speak with dancer and choreographer Akram Khan who talks us through his prolific career as well as his thoughts on politics, movement and family; we talk to singer and songwriter Roisin Murphy who discusses new music and creativity; we head to Canada to meet author Zalika Reid-Benta to discuss her critically acclaimed first short story collection Frying Plantain. We also highlight new writing from The Commonwealth Short Story Prize and head to Oklahoma through the thoughts, and music, of Tulsa’s Steph Simon on the legacy of Black Wall Street. Join the conversation @ and on all podcasting apps
01/07/201h 14m

Ep. 38: Black in the time of Corona; Pastry Chef and TV Judge Cherish Finden; Performance Artist Travis Alabanza; Musician Samantha Crain

In this show we cover health, food, performance art and music as Stance starts off by asking what lies behind the loss of black lives during COVID-19 as Chrystal Genesis is joined by Shanae Dennis, a biochemist, journalist & campaigner and by Charlene Prempeh,  who runs A Vibe Called Tech, set up to address the absence of black voices in conversations about technology. In this informative and eye-opening interview, they discuss the weakness of  existing data when it comes to understanding health inequalities and what urgent actions need to be taken. Stance speaks with award-winning pastry chef and TV Judge Cherish Finden. We talk taste, baking and experimentation during lockdown as well as life in Singapore, judging on TV and being a perfectionist. Performance artist and writer Travis Alabanza discusses their most recent work Burgerz and their views on arts and outreach as well as reflecting on life growing up in Bristol. We head to Oklahoma where Choctaw singer and producer Samatha Crain explores ideas of renewal and hope on her new record, A Slow Death. And finally listeners from around the world to share quarantine journals from Guadalajara, Sao Paulo, Hong Kong, La Drome, Ubud and Kampala. Join the conversation @ and on all podcasting apps
01/06/201h 34m

Ep. 37: Politician Bobi Wine; Visual artist Shirin Neshat; Singer Ghostpoet; Filmmaker Elizabeth Carroll on Diana Kennedy

In this episode of Stance we have visual arts, music, politics and film featuring Bobi Wine, the Ugandan politician and musician hoping to be the country's next president; Iranian visual artist Shirin Neshat guides us through her work culminating in her new exhibition, Land of Dreams. British singer Ghostpoet introduces his new album I Grow Tired But Dare Not Fall Asleep; and finally, we are off to Mexico with filmmaker Elizabeth Carroll who talks to us about her debut documentary Diana Kennedy: Nothing Fancy. It explores the life of this culinary legend and authority on Mexican cooking. As we all try to cope with the restrictions that COVID-19 has brought to our lives, Stance wondered if there was some kind of global commonality to be found in our experiences. We ask people from around the world to share their quarantine journals. We hear from Mumbai, Guadalajara, New York and Ulaanbaatar. Join the conversation
30/04/201h 14m

Ep. 36: Is This For Real? w/ Lab vs Mined Diamonds, Psychiatric Misdiagnosis and Deepfakes; Comedian and Writer Sophie Duker

Stance asks: Is This For Real? as we explore authenticity through the growth of lab-grown diamonds within the jewellery industry with filmmaker and journalist Harriet Constable and with 77Diamonds co-founder Tobias Kormind; we speak with bestselling author Susannah Cahalan about her book Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness which uncovers mental health misdiagnosis and her new book The Great Pretender which investigates a famous study about the line between sanity and insanity; and we end our topic with a conversation about the growth of Deepfakes - digitally manipulated content, oftentimes, used for nefarious purposes - and touch on whether the tech industry is using language to manipulate the increasingly blurred lines between real and fake. We hear from children to get their views on life in quarantine. Finally, we profile comedian and writer Sophie Duker to find out more about her rise in the comedy scene and life growing up. Join the conversation
31/03/201h 20m

Ep. 35: On Institutions /w Lola Young; Gus O’Donnell; Gary Younge; @CPositivista; Musician and Composer Caribou

Stance takes on Institutions and explores some of their inner workings and how best to navigate them with professor and journalist Gary Younge, economist and former head of the British Civil Service Gus O’Donnell, actor, campaigner and Chancellor of the University of Nottingham Lola Young and we look into the care system with @CPositivista. We profile Juno award-winning Musician and Composer Caribou who talks us through some of the tracks from his new record Suddenly.
01/03/201h 3m

Ep. 34: To Belong with SHINGAI, @thetempleofherskin, Gary Younge & Maaza Mengiste; Fashion Designer Duro Olowu

Stance interrogates what Belonging means through tattoo art, literature, music and journalism as Chrystal Genesis is joined by guest editor, author, journalist, Artistic Director and CEO of The Bernie Grant Arts Centre, Hannah Azieb Pool. We explore the theme of Belonging through the lens of people of the African diaspora. In this original and eye-opening episode, SHINGAI tells us about her new record Ancient Futures, we catch up with journalistic giant Gary Younge as he leaves The Guardian for Manchester University and we talk tattoos with artists Jessica Horn and Laurence Sessou. Their new visual arts project The Temple of Her Skin examines the stories and aesthetics around African women and their tattooing journeys. In our Belonging feature, we speak to author Maaza Mengiste about her new novel, The Shadow King, which tells the story of female strength and is set during Benito Mussolini’s 1935 invasion of Ethiopia. And finally, we profile fashion powerhouse Duro Olowu to find out more about his background, pioneering womenswear label and his new exhibition at the Museum Of Contemporary Art Chicago called Duro Olowu: Seeing Chicago.
01/02/201h 21m

Stance Takes - Nightclubs: Counterculture and Resistance

To celebrate our 3rd birthday, Stance Takes is back bringing you two live discussions on nightclub culture. We start with Beats, Racism and Strife as we explore prejudice and discrimination in the nightclub space over the decades. We examine how the commodification of black music intersects with racist door policies and politicized dance floors. We were joined by Grime legend Marci Phonix, writer and journalist Emma Warren, UK Father of the vogue house of Comme des Garçon Kartel Brown, and Soundsystem elder Clive Curniffe. The second talk covers the architecture and design of nightclubs. We talk about how the lack of accessibility to nightclubs raises questions as to how inclusive these spaces really are. The panel was made up of disability rights activist Joshua Hepple, Associate Professor of Design History at Kingston School of Art, Catherine Rossi, and award-winning teacher, architect and promoter Neil Pinder. Join the conversation @stancepodcast and do subscribe and write us a review. 
20/01/2055m 37s

Ep. 33: Notions of Happiness; Actor & Producer Zackary Momoh; Rites of Passage with Andi Oliver & Nikesh Shukla

We unpack notions of Happiness through art and colour, celebrity, film, psychology and science as Chrystal Genesis is joined by guest editor, makeup artist Kay Montano. We learn more about The Queen of Happiness Florence Mills as we take a trip to Harlem. We visit the artist and teacher Vanessa Jackson RA who discusses colour and emotion and we catch up with Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker Lauren Greenfield who talks power, happiness and wealth. We speak with Dr Laurie Santos from the Happiness Lab podcast who opens up about how we can become happier. Stance profiles Zackary Momoh, the British actor from London, and one of Hollywood’s rising stars for 2020 about his new film Harriet. Finally, onto a section, we call ‘Rites of Passage’ we ask broadcaster and chef Andi Oliver and author and editor, Nikesh Shukla, to share a piece of literature that deeply resonates with them and makes them happy.
01/12/191h 11m

Ep. 32: The Disappeared; Singer & Producer Amber Mark; Philadelphia: City Of Murals

We explore film, music, literature and visual art as Chrystal Genesis is joined by guest editor, journalist and director of Bare Lit Festival, Mend Mariwany. We investigate the theme of The Disappeared as we head to Iraq to cover an estimated 250,000 to 1 million people who have disappeared without a trace. We look at the forgotten histories of those that have reappeared through the writer and academic Saidiya Hartman’s new book Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments. Plus, we visit Mexico City, often referred to as The Sinking City which may soon disappear if radical action isn’t taken. Stance profiles NYC singer and producer Amber Mark to hear about her new EP What If and dig into her unique sound and global influences. Finally, we explore the city of Philadelphia to check out its incredible mural art scene with organisation Mural Arts. Join the conversation @stancepodcast and do subscribe and write us a review.
01/11/191h 14m

Ep. 31: Revolutionary Mothering; Musician Kindness; Puppetry in Sri Lanka

Chrystal Genesis welcomes guest editor Jemma Desai, film curator and writer. We explore mothering as a radical and transformative force in the world, with reports from Cape Town, Leeds, Seattle and London. We talk to musician and producer Kindness, whose new album celebrates joy, resilience and community through funk, pop, Indian folk, deep house and nineties girlgroup harmonies. Finally, we head to Sri Lanka to learn how its rich history of puppetry is helping to heal wounds, a decade on from the civil war. Join the conversation @stancepodcast and do subscribe and write us a review.
01/10/191h 33m

Episode 30: Brazilian Dance with Deborah Colker; Low Born by Kerry Hudson; Wasfi Kani on Porgy and Bess.

In this special summer episode, Stance features Deborah Colker, the legendary Brazilian choreographer and creative mind behind the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics. We speak to writer Kerry Hudson about her memoir, Low Born, that charts life growing up poor in 80’s & 90’s Britain. And Stance heads to Grange Park Opera to speak to Wasfi Kani, the woman bringing South Carolina’s Porgy and Bess, to the English countryside. Visit
01/07/1943m 12s

Ep. 29: Manchester’s LGBTQ+ Story; Singer and Poet Jamila Woods; Smack That.

Stance travels to Manchester to explore and celebrate its extraordinary LGBTQ+ history and why it’s been consistently judged as one of the best places in the world to be LGBT. We catch up with Chicago born singer, songwriter and poet Jamila Woods to find out more about her album LEGACY! LEGACY! that celebrates 12 of her heroes and icons from the African diaspora, along with the cultural lineage they have created for her. Lastly, Stance covers Smack That, a play currently touring the UK, inspired by real stories of domestic violence and abuse.
31/05/191h 13m

Episode 28: Valeria Luiselli; Creative Growth Arts; KOKOKO!

Stance meets award-winning writer Valeria Luiselli. We speak to her about her life and what influenced her new book The Lost Child Archive, which has been longlisted for the 2019 Women’s Prize for Fiction. We head to the East Bay, California, to learn about the disability rights movement for artists and we visit Creative Growth, the world’s first and largest non-profit centre dedicated to artists with disabilities. And lastly, we profile electronic music collective KOKOKO!. Formed in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, they have been hailed as creating a new and exciting sound that is radical and energetic in a country where political instability has been almost consistent.
01/04/191h 2m

Episode 27: Actor & Director Adjoa Andoh; Norway’s Borealis Festival feat Juliana Huxtable; Colin Self; Last Yearz Interesting Negro + more

Stance catches up with actor and director powerhouse Adjoa Andoh to find out more about her production of Shakespeare’s Richard II showing at the Globe Theatre in London. It’s the first UK show to be produced entirely by people of colour - front and backstage. Stance flew to Bergen in Norway to check out Borealis, an experimental music festival showcasing everything from music to performance art to dance. Voices featured include Last Yearz Interesting Negro, Juliana Huxtable, Colin Self, B L A C K I E and more. @stancepodcast
01/04/1954m 20s

Episode 26: NAO + Demystifying Yoga

In this episode, we catch up with London singer and producer NAO to hear about her acclaimed second album, Saturn. Plus, we explore the many faces of modern yoga - including the voices driving for greater representation in the wellness space, the people that call themselves ‘yogis’, the cult-like controversy surrounding the founder of Bikram yoga, LA’s first instructor that teaches from a wheelchair, and the artist that started the movement #WhitePeopleDoingYoga. Stance is an award-winning arts, culture and current affairs podcast. @stancepodcast 
28/02/191h 3m

Episode 25: Her Islam; Actor and MC Paigey Cakey; Kader Attia’s La Colonie in Paris

In our Women + Islam feature - we examine the rise of US political figures like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib; have a discussion with women from the Arab Diaspora; we uncover the practice of Islam shrouded in mystery - Sufism; and we hear from one of the writers in a seminal new essay collection called It’s Not About the Burqa. This month, we are in conversation with actor and rapper, Paigey Cakey, from Hackney, East London. Lastly, Stance reports from La Colonie - a radical art space and haven for young artists and intellectuals in Paris looking to open up the debate and challenge France’s post-racial stance, created by artist Kader Attia. Stance is an international award-winning arts, culture and current affairs podcast. @stancepodcast
01/02/191h 2m

Episode 24: Way With Words; Armina Mussa, Artist & Creative Director of Saint Heron; Mind: Creativity in the City

This month, we kick off the new year with an exploration of language in our feature, “Way With Words”. How do we preserve our most endangered languages? How does a dialect become a language? Do labels like “Womxn”, “LGBTQIA”, “people of color” and “Latinx” empower or hold people back? What happens when a command of written and verbal language no longer separates robots from humans? We’ll dig into these questions and more with Animesh Garg, Robotics research scientist at Stanford; Dr. Helen Beer, Yiddish teacher at  University College London; Genesee Johnson, professor at Harvard; Mel Y Chen, Associate Professor of Gender & Women's Studies at UC Berkeley, and writer, Yara Rodrigues Fowler. We also speak with Armina Mussa, visual artist and creative director of Saint Heron - a multidisciplinary creative agency founded in 2013 by Solange Knowles. Armina shares how a life-changing incident has helped her find her voice in her art. Lastly, we revisit our MIND series exploring links between design and mental health in urban spaces. How is the creative community in London responding to the pressures of city life? Stance is an Award-Winning Arts, Culture & Current Affairs Podcast, Exploring Diverse, Global Perspectives. @Stancepodcast
01/01/191h 4m

Episode 23: On Beauty; Turner Prize Nominee Naeem Mohaiemen; Mind: Design in the City

On Beauty - Stance explores its value in society, the ethics surrounding beauty ideals, the objects we treasure, and the beauty rules of Drag. Stance speaks with artist Naeem Mohaiemen, Turner Prize Nominee, to find out more about his work. And in our current affairs piece, we investigate how neuroscience is being used to promote greater wellbeing in cities, with a new generation of scientists, architects and policymakers. @stancepodcast 
01/12/181h 33m

Stance Takes: The Power of Culture with Tarana Burke, Janet Mock, Rafael Casal, Nnedi Okorafor & Marc Bamuthi-Joseph

How can we re-imagine political power? What is the role of culture in the current political climate? These were the questions framing the YBCA 100 Summit in San Francisco - an event recognizing some of the most exciting people, organizations and movements changing society for the better. Stance caught up with this year’s honorees Janet Mock; Tarana Burke; Nnedi Okorafor; Rafael Casal, as well as YBCA's Marc Bamuthi-Joseph to hear their takes. @stancepodcast   Music Credits: Janelle Monae - I Like That Blood Orange - Jewelry ft Janet Mock J Dilla - Rebirth is Necessary Sun Ra - Space is the Place Public Enemy - Fight the Power
14/11/1818m 33s

Episode 22: Voting… Power to the People?; Sayaka Murata; Fatimah Asghar & John Cooper Clarke

In our first ever podcast, as President Trump took office we talked about the rise of the demagogue. Nearly two years on, the bitter fight for control of Congress is playing out in front of our eyes. Stance looks at how global relationships with democratic participation has changed and is shifting in a period of rapid technological and political upheaval. We profile Sayaka Murata, a multi-award winning author in Japan who’s making waves with her acclaimed novel Convenience Store Woman. And for our arts piece, we speak to two poets from opposite sides of the Atlantic, Fatimah Asghar and John Cooper Clarke, about their new collections. Stance is an award-winning arts, culture and current affairs podcast. @stancepodcast
01/11/181h 10m

Stance Takes: Black History Month - The Debate

In this episode of Stance Takes - we celebrate Black History Month in the UK and hear whether new ideas around representation and diversity are challenging the old stale orthodoxy. Stance co-host Chrystal Genesis takes her son to the British Library’s exhibition celebrating 70 years since the Empire Windrush. They share stories of their history against a backdrop of Marcus Garvey, Darcus Howe and Una Marson. We speak to Farzana Khan, a producer and award-winning arts educator currently coordinating the Black Cultural Activist Map with the Stuart Hall Foundation, to celebrate and restore stories of forgotten cultural activists. We also meet the people behind Knights Of, a new publishing house overturning conventional wisdom in literature. @stancepodcast Stance Takes is a new experimental series outside of Stance Podcast’s regular format, covering entertainment, in-depth interviews and the ideas framing our conversations. Our first episode of Stance Takes was selected as “Podcast of the Week” by The Times. Stance is an award-winning arts, culture and current affairs podcast, exploring diverse, global perspectives.
22/10/1822m 34s

Episode 21: Magnifying Masculinity, Kate Tempest, Desiree Akhavan

This month, Stance explores what has been hailed as a new era in masculinity, a year on from the launch of the #metoo movement. Stance dissects society’s idea of masculinity and how this is being challenged and reshaped, with voices including Emmy-winning filmmaker Deeyah Khan. Stance profiles the award-winning acclaimed poet, musician and writer Kate Tempest, and speak with Emmy award-winning director and actor and winner of the Sundance Grand Jury Prize, Desiree Akhavan, ahead of the launch of her highly anticipated new TV show, The Bisexual. @stancepodcast 
30/09/181h 16m

Stance Takes: Donald Glover's Atlanta

Introducing Stance Takes: an experimental mini episode outside of Stance's regular format, covering entertainment, in-depth interviews and the ideas framing co-founders, Chrystal Genesis and Heta Fell’s conversations. The first Stance Takes will explore the cultural significance of award-winning surrealist TV drama comedy, “Atlanta” by FX. Donald Glover has been described as a “one of Hollywood’s most exciting and in-demand creative minds” today and he recently made history as being the first black person to win an Emmy for Outstanding Directing for a comedy series. Expect an immersive audio experience filled with music, expert analysis and snippets from the hit series as its second season comes to a close. Stance is an award-winning podcast exploring arts, culture and current affairs, from diverse, global perspectives.
14/08/1831m 23s

Episode 20: Coming of Age, Playwright & Poet Inua Ellams, Ibibio Sound Machine

Stance explores the notion of Coming of Age, what it means to young people, how it's expressed and celebrated across many cultures and depicted through film and felt through music. We speak to award-winning playwright and poet Inua Ellams about his critically acclaimed play Barber Shop Chronicles which is now touring internationally. And, lastly we catch up with Eno Williams, the lead singer of African Electronic 8-piece band, Ibibio Sound Machine. Note: This episode contains occasional swearing. Find out more:
31/07/181h 5m

Episode 19: Class Ceiling in the Arts, Jessie Ware, Hofesh Shechter

Stance explores the great British obsession, class, with an in-depth report focusing on class and culture. We interview Mercury-nominated singer and songwriter Jessie Ware and we catch up with star of the dance world, Hofesh Shechter, ahead of his mammoth community-led project set in the Tower of London. Stance is an award-winning independent arts, culture and current affairs podcast, exploring diverse, global perspectives. @stancepodcast
30/06/181h 13m

Episode 18: The PTSD We Are Not Talking About, Filmmaker Khalik Allah, Feminist Five Activist Li Maizi

Stance explores PTSD and how people living in violent neighborhoods are developing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder at rates as high, if not higher, than veterans who served on the frontline in Iraq. With alarmingly high rates of violent crime in the UK capital, Stance wanted get to the heart of this issue and find out what needs to change. We also explore intergenerational trauma and how, if left untreated, PTSD can be transmitted to future generations. We hear from filmmaker and photographer Khalik Allah about his highly acclaimed new film, Black Mother. The New Yorker described Khalik Allah as 'one of the most original documentary filmmakers working today' and he was a cinematographer on Beyonce's Lemonade.  Finally, we speak to the thorn in government of China's side, activist and member of the famed Feminist Five, Li Maizi. We find out more about feminism and the LGBTQ community in China, and the impact of Government enforced censorship on movements like #metoo.
31/05/1855m 16s

Episode 17: Modern Mumbai; A Ballet Collaboration with Grammy-Winning Musician Zakir Hussain; Playwright Natasha Gordon

Stance visits India with a cultural trip that takes us beyond the National Geographic lens, to meet street educators, young LGBTQ activists and visual artists that are all changing the face of modern Mumbai. Stance meets Grammy Award-winning musician, Zakir Hussain, and visionary choreographer, Alonzo King, at the world premiere of their new co-creation, Sutra. They discuss the importance of artistic collaboration. Finally, we speak to actor and playwright, Natasha Gordon. The first play she has ever written, Nine Night, is debuting at London's prestigious National Theatre. She explores rituals defined by her Jamaican heritage and the complexity of family relationships in this extraordinary stage debut.
30/04/1856m 16s

Episode 16: The Future of Drugs; Choreographer Holly Blakey; Writer Nikesh Shukla

Stance looks at the changing face of drugs, including a special report from California on LSD and the reality of the legalization of cannabis. Plus, we hear about Iboga, from Gabon, known as one of the strongest psychedelic drugs on the planet, but also believed to be a cure for opioid addiction. We meet with award-winning choreographer and director Holly Blakey, ahead of her London show with Oscar-nominated composer Mica Levi, Cowpuncher. And we speak to the brilliant writer Nikesh Shukla to find out more about his new novel, The One Who Wrote Destiny. Named in Guardian's 'Best Podcasts 2017', Stance is an arts, culture and current affairs podcast, exploring diverse, global perspectives.
01/04/1859m 30s

Episode 15: Alternative Realities - Witches?, Kamila Shamsie, Kaytranada

Stance returns with its Alternative Realities series investigating the perception of Witches and what it means to be a be a witch in the UK, the US and India. Stance profiles the author Kamila Shamsie, whose most recent novel, Home Fire was Longlisted for the Man Booker Prize. Finally, we catch up with critically acclaimed DJ and Producer, Kaytranada. Stance is an independent arts, culture and current affairs podcast, exploring diverse, global perspectives. @stancepodcast
28/02/1849m 39s

Episode 14: French Artist JR, Palestinian Filmmaker Maysaloun Hamoud, Future of Centrism

Stance met up with elusive French artist, JR, known for creating huge black-and-white photographic images as murals in public places all over the world. We spoke to the exciting new award-winning director, Maysaloun Hamoud, to find out more about her first feature film, In Between, set in Israel telling the story of three Palestinian women. Lastly, we explore the future of centrism. What hope is there for the middle in the current extreme UK and US political climate? @stancepodcast
01/02/1850m 18s

EP 13: Food; Larry Achiampong; Feminism in 1970s Britain

We start the new year by exploring our complex and glorious relationship to Food with writer and Great British Bake Off finalist, Ruby Tandoh, plus, the former Young Poet Laureate for London, Selina Nwulu; and other important voices. We cover food fads, in relation to class and body image; we analyse the language and labels we hear around food, and we ask whether politicising food is all too much. We profile one of Britain's most exciting young visual artists, Larry Achiampong, who has exhibited at London's Tate Britain / Modern, Fort Worth Contemporary Arts in Texas and is currently showing at the 57th Venice Biennale. Finally, we speak to the feminist print collective, See Red Women's Workshop, founded in 1974. We sit down with two original members of this collective to hear more about their new book and the significance of their work for second-wave feminism in the UK. Stance Podcast covers arts, culture and current affairs.
01/01/1858m 1s

Stance Episode 12: Home; Mehereta Baruch-Ron; Ibeyi

In the 12th episode of Stance - Heta Fell and Chrystal Genesis explore four distinct takes on Home, covering the Grenfell fire six months on; the Rohingya crisis; Venezuela; and Homelessness among the LGBTQ community in San Francisco. They speak to Mehereta Baruch-Ron, the Deputy Mayor of Tel Aviv. An Ethiopian-born Jew who went from illiterate child refugee to heart of the Israeli political elite. They hear her unique story and find out more about her political ambitions. And they meet Ibeyi - the French-Cuban twins, signed to XL Recordings, to discuss their latest album, Ash. They cover the inspiration behind their album, their heritage and influences, collaborating with Beyonce and artist JR; plus much more. Stance Podcast, named in Guardian's 'Best Podcasts 2017', explores diverse perspectives in arts, culture and current affairs. @stancepodcast
30/11/1751m 55s

Stance Episode 11: Sport & Revolution; Four Tet; The Sea

We cover Sport and Revolution with Women's NBA player, Kelsey Bone; writer and journalist, Musa Okwonga; and they go for a run with Goodgym founder, Ivo Gormley. They speak exclusively to Four Tet. Hailed as one of the 21st-century's finest electronic musicians, he speaks to Stance in his first and only interview about his album, New Energy. They also discuss the sea with Kwame Kwei-Armah OBE and Young Vic Theatre's new Artistic Director and Bafta-nominated actor, Nikki Amuka-Bird, who tell us about their adaptation of Ibsen classic, The Lady From The Sea, for the stage in London. Lastly, they go surfing and discuss the relationship between race and the sea with Brown Girl Surf in California. Stance Podcast explores diverse global perspectives in arts, culture and current affairs. Stance was highlighted in "Best Podcasts 2017" by the Guardian Observer. @stancepodcast
01/11/1756m 52s

Stance Episode 10: Gina Miller; Basquiat; Sex

Stance Podcast explores diverse perspectives in arts, culture and current affairs. This month, we speak to Gina Miller, the woman who successfully took on the British government with regards to Brexit, in one of her most personal interviews to date. We explore the often overlooked political and racial aspects of the work of the late artist, Basquiat. And we discuss sex with five women who in different ways are helping people to own their sexuality and desires; featuring the legendary theatre director Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal who brought The Vagina Monologues to India, Cindy Gallop who is transforming the way we consume sex online, and Shan Boody who has pioneered sex education for the next generation through YouTube. Warning: Not suitable for young audiences, listen at your own discretion.
01/10/171h 6m

Stance Episode 9: Outnumbered in Silicon Valley; Sabrina Mahfouz; War in Yemen

In this episode, Stance hears about the epidemic of sexual harassment facing the tech world, with a female entrepreneur who shares her alleged experience of sexual harassment at the hands of a renowned investor. Heta and Chrystal explore the tech industry at large looking at what needs to change with regards to representation in gender and race, and why it is critical to the future of tech. They profile Sabrina Mahfouz, one of London's most promising playwrights, poets and screenwriters. Lastly, they hear two Yemeni voices on the war in Yemen and how it has become one of the world's most pressing humanitarian crises. They ask what is it like on the ground and will there ever be a unified Yemen again? Join the conversation @stancepodcast on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
01/08/1750m 18s

Stance Episode 8: Riz Ahmed; Crossing Borders; California's Afro House Scene

In this episode of Stance Podcast, we speak to actor and MC, Riz Ahmed, one of Time's 100 Most Influential People, over Skype; they hear three unique perspectives on what it means to cross borders; and they explore Oakland, California's booming Afro House scene and why it is under threat. Join the conversation @stancepodcast on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
01/07/1750m 15s

Stance Episode 7: Colourism; Artists Singh Twins MBE; Yaa Gyasi on Homegoing

In this episode of Stance Podcast, we explore the issue of colourism with live guests, Kay Montano and Dr Aisha Phoenix at London's Ace Hotel; they profile internationally acclaimed artists, The Singh Twins MBE; and they interview Yaa Gyasi about her extraordinary debut novel, Homegoing. Join the conversation @stancepodcast on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
31/05/1740m 6s

Stance Episode 6: Untold North Korea; Actor Pearl Mackie of Dr Who; Artist Charlotte Colbert

In this episode we revisit our alternative reality theme by exploring what life is like for the North Korean refugees trying to escape one of the most oppressive political regimes on earth; we profile the exciting new Dr Who companion, actor Pearl Mackie; and we speak to rising star of the art world, Charlotte Colbert, about her latest exhibition at London's Saatchi Gallery. Join the conversation @stancepodcast on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
30/04/1738m 15s

Stance Episode 5: The Female Prison Experience; Award-Winning Alvin Ailey Dancer; Trauma & Creativity

In this episode of Stance Podcast, Chrystal Genesis and Heta Fell investigate the female prison experience in the US and UK; hear about how a traumatic experience drove one woman to create her entire wardrobe from scratch; and interview award-winning choreographer and lead dancer of the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater Co, Jeroboam Bozeman. Join the conversation @stancepodcast on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
31/03/1753m 3s

Stance Episode 4: Alternative Realities-Kids in Cults; Shappi Khorsandi; Women Of The World Festival

In this episode of Stance Podcast: We explore Alternative Realities. In an era of alternative facts, fake news, border bans and protectionism - we have decided to explore the concept of growing up in an alternative reality, with a focus on cults. We host a profile interview with Iranian refugee - comedian and author - Shappi Khorsandi. We hear from Jude Kelly CBE, the Artistic Director of London's iconic Southbank Centre who started the international Women of the World festival (aka WOW), which features speakers including Angela Davis, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Gillian Anderson. Lastly, we hear from BBC radio 1 presenter and DJ Gemma Cairney, who will be speaking at WOW. Join the conversation @stancepodcast on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
28/02/1757m 28s

Stance Episode 3: The Denigration of Care; Fazeelat Aslam; DIY Movements in a Social Media Age

In this episode we discuss what society's attitude to caring says about us, we speak with Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker, Fazeelat Aslam, and we explore the exciting world of DIY movements in a social media age with gal-dem and Sad Asian Girls Club. Stance aims to inform, entertain and inspire action. Join the conversation @stancepodcast on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
19/01/1734m 10s

Stance Episode 2: Virtual Reality for Good; Phoebe Collings-James; Short Film, Mum

In this episode of Stance, we discuss how virtual reality is being used to create good in the world, we speak to new wave British artist, Phoebe Collings-James; and we discuss the moving new short film, MUM, which challenges traditional transgender stereotypes. Join the conversation @stancepodcast on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and check us out at
19/01/1727m 56s

Stance Episode 1: White Racial Identity; Alix Wilton-Regan; The Rise of the Demagogue

In the first episode of Stance, we explore white racial identity; we meet actress and activist, Alix Wilton-Regan; and we discuss the rise of the demagogue. Join the conversation @stancepodcast on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or visit us at
17/01/1735m 6s
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