Class Dismissed! with Tom Houghton

Class Dismissed! with Tom Houghton

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Tom Houghton is posh…there’s no getting away from it. He lives in a posh place (the Tower of London) and he went to a very posh school. After years of privilege and a private education that cost more than most people’s houses, Tom’s decided he needs to connect with the real world and find out more about how commoners were dragged up through the education system. ‘Class Dismissed!’ is a podcast all about schools. Good schools, bad schools, bad teachers, really bad teachers and experiences that have left our guests (and Tom) needing years of therapy to correct.


EP10 Catherine Boheart - Alone and loving it

Remember all the times spent having fun with friends at school? Catherine Boheart doesn’t. The only friends she had were rules, books and maybe one teacher. Don’t feel sorry for her though, this is how she wanted it! We reminisce on Kelly Rowland, Goosebumps and find out from you guys your most embarrassing parent stories. Follow Tom - / Follow Catherine - /
16/03/2050m 17s

EP9 Naz Osmanoglu & Jim Campbell - Barry and Tit Ears

Tom sits down with two of his best friends and discusses first days, initiations and school loyalty. After that they delve into the awkwardness of first crushes, with a feast of awful anecdotes from the lives of love struck listeners. Follow Tom - / Follow Naz - / Follow Jim - /
09/03/2047m 41s

EP8 Olivia Lee - Bus stop drop outs

Where did you spend most of your school time? Because according to Olivia Lee it's all happening down the bus stop. That's where she spent most of her times a child, when she wasn't pushing people through windows that is. Ouija boards, backflips and getting to second base, anything can happen when you're waiting for the 298 to Hadley Wood. We also hear from the listeners about some of the things they were dared to do, and the hideous consequences! Follow Tom - / Follow Olivia - /
02/03/2047m 54s

EP7 Seann Walsh - Chavs with blunts nicking Ice cream

Just because Brighton is lovely, doesn’t need mean going to school there was. Seann takes Tom on a trip down memory lane that involves trampolines, hiding in bushes and assaulting people with pencils. We also hear from the listeners about the wacky and wonderful teaches they used to have, including one that sang their lessons and another who built a shrine to Ryan Giggs. Follow Tom - / Follow Seann - /
24/02/2044m 55s

EP6 Phil Wang - Wang you very much

Phil Wang takes us to Malaysia, Brunei and Bath. It’s a global education that sees him and Tom discussing physical punishments, computer games and the effect Britney Spears had on teens everywhere. Also this episode we hear from you the listeners about all the weird nicknames you used to have! Follow Tom - / Follow Phil - /
17/02/2044m 3s

EP5 Pierre Novellie - The backward boy on the Island of men

In detention today is Pierre. South African born, Italian French by name, Isle of Man by education, hilarious in general. He and Tom talk about how rubbish the Beano was, write numbers backward and for the first time we hear from you the listeners about all your detention worthy escapades! Follow Tom - / Follow Pierre - www. /
10/02/2051m 24s

EP4 Lauren Pattinson - Pasties, gin and pregnancy scares

Tom travels to Newcastle to meet Geordie land’s very own tinker bell. Lauren tell us what it was like dealing with all sorts of skin based problems while fending off the bullies armed only with a calculator. Follow Tom - / Follow Lauren - /
03/02/2040m 28s

EP3 Stephen Bailey - A tale of two estates

Two boys from the opposite side of tracks chat their differences. One's estate had deer running around and a long driveway, the other had knives and fingering. Hilarious guest Stephen lets us know what it was like being gay at school and Tom learns what Mr Sheen is. Follow Tom - / Follow Stephen - /
27/01/2036m 11s

EP2 Amy Christophers - Creams, Queens and Rainbow Kisses

We are back in detention in deepest, darkest Devon, hanging out by the local garage and debating what secrets lie below that big saltine dish on the top of "Goonhilly". Tom and Amy chat dance floor injuries, ringing sex lines and knowing a genuinely impressive amount of history. Follow Tom - / Follow Amy - /
20/01/2043m 11s

EP1 Elliot Steel - Flame throwers, Asylum seekers and RuneScape

It's the first detention of the year and we fined ourselves at the back of the class in South London, where asylum seekers are sneaking into school, aerosols are being weaponised and school plays only get half way through before all hell break loose. Tom and Elliot spread the gossip on getting into fights, trying to fit in when you're the emo kid and play "Bruv"... the worst game ever created. Follow Tom - / Follow Elliot - /
13/01/2039m 14s

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