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Media Voices Podcast

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A weekly podcast of media news and views, kicking off with our take on the week’s media machinations followed by an interview with a leading light from media organisations across the world, including Facebook, Twitter, The Times and The Economist.


Anorak Magazine's Cathy Olmedillas on making magazines collectible

On this week's episode of Media Voices Cathy Olmedillas founder of independent children’s magazines Anorak and Dot, explains how she learned about the collectability of magazines from her time at The Face and turned that into a style of publishing that owes more to books than disposable magazines culture. In the news roundup the team discusses France's tax credits for news subscriptions scheme, the launch of Skift Pro and the NYT pulling out of Apple News. Yeezy 2020.
06/07/2043m 43s

Strong Words' Ed Needham on his corporate past and solo future

This week Ed Needham, founder, editor and sole staffer of book review magazine Strong Words, explains how tech is enabling him to do what he does, and how digital makes it a challenge to capture and keep people's attention. He also discusses his previous career at FHM, his current workload and what the future of magazines might look like. In the news roundup the team uncynically discuss Google paying publishers to license content, examine why advertisers are pulling spend from platforms,(without cynicism), and aren't cynical at all during news in brief.
29/06/2043m 55s

Wessenden Marketing's Jim Bilton on how the pandemic has impacted newspaper and magazine retail

Jim Bilton of Wessenden Marketing tells us about how the pandemic has impacted newspaper and magazine retail, about who might be left standing after the dust settles and how they will need to reboot their distribution strategies. In the news roundup the team does a deep dive into the latest Digital News Report, examine whether social media platforms are finally getting it right around hate speech, and overuse the term 'mushy middle'. This episode is dedicated to Dead Kennedys.
22/06/2046m 9s

LA Times Audience Engagement Editor Adriana Lacy on using archives to contextualise current events

This week, we hear from Adriana Lacy, Audience Engagement Editor at the LA Times. She launched a dedicated Instagram account for the LA Times’ archival photos late last year, so we talked about where those images are sourced from, what the response has been, and how they’ve used historical images of protests to add context to the events of the past few weeks. She also discusses the LA Times’ wider social media and audience engagement strategy, as well as her own Journalism Internships project and the importance of mentoring. In the news roundup, the team tries desperately to stay cheery around some good news for publishers. We don’t succeed.
15/06/2037m 47s

LA Times Audience Engagement Editor Adriana Lacy on using archives to contextualise current events

This week, we hear from Adriana Lacy, Audience Engagement Editor at the LA Times. She launched a dedicated Instagram account for the LA Times' archival photos late last year, so we talked about where those images are sourced from, what the response has been, and how they've used historical images of protests to add context to the events of the past few weeks. She also discusses the LA Times' wider social media and audience engagement strategy, as well as her own Journalism Internships project and the importance of mentoring. In the news roundup, the team tries desperately to stay cheery around some good news for publishers. We don't succeed.
15/06/2037m 57s

WSJ Newsroom Innovation Chief Robin Kwong on developing features for a news brand

This week, we talk to the Wall Street Journal's Newsroom Innovation Chief Robin Kwong. He talks about how his team develops features to help the WSJ's wider goals, how he helps facilitate innovation across teams in the business, and how his background in reporting and data journalism has helped his approach to this role. He also explains some of the features and tools they have developed for the publication, and how they explore this on their WSJ DXS Medium blog. In the news roundup the team discusses coverage of Black Lives Matter at the Philadelphia Inquirer and New York Times at length, then rattle through some news in brief. Stay angry, everybody.
08/06/2040m 39s

The NCTJ's Head of Partnerships and Projects Will Gore on local news and journalism training

This week Will Gore, Head of Partnerships and Projects at the National Council for the Training of Journalists, tells us about the NCTJ’s role in the Facebook-backed Community News Project which has funded about 80 journalists in local news rooms across nine publishers. He also speaks about journalism education, trust, the future of local news and - of course - shorthand. In the news roundup the Media Voices team discusses a week of tests for social media platforms, layoffs and internship opportunities. This is the sweariest week since the 100th episode, I counted.
01/06/2048m 25s

Stylist Group CEO Ella Dolphin on transforming the free print magazine to digital subscriptions

This week, we spoke to Ella Dolphin, CEO of the Stylist Group. She talked about the acceleration of the title's plans to adopt a reader revenue model as the free print magazine distribution was put on hold, how that has affected the team's workflow, and what the focus will look like for the group post-pandemic. She also talks about what her role as CEO has involved since closing Shortlist and driving the expansion of Stylist. In the news roundup, the team discuss the role of data in making decisions and immediately date the episode with mentions of current political events. #StayAlert
25/05/2044m 35s

FT Senior Data Visualisation Journalist John Burn-Murdoch on graphing coronavirus data

This week we spoke to John Burn-Murdoch, a Senior Data-Visualisation Journalist for the Financial Times who has been at the forefront of their famous coronavirus trajectory trackers. He talked about the challenges of working with data this complex, how the FT's approach to trajectory charts has evolved as the crisis has continued, and why data journalists are the new rock stars of journalism. [JOHN'S INTERVIEW BEGINS AT 16:40] In the news roundup the team takes a look at how publishers are adapting to evaporated ad spend due to Covid-19, a horrendous week of media layoffs, and Apple's plans to produce audio versions of Apple News Plus articles. For some reason.
18/05/2045m 13s

Flashes & Flames founder Colin Morrison on surviving digital transformation and the pandemic

This week Colin Morrison - founder of Flashes & Flames - takes us through his path into the industry, what makes for smart media analysis, and who will be the big winners and losers from the coronavirus crisis. In the news roundup the team takes an in-depth look at what COVID-19 means for our relationship with tech giants
11/05/2042m 45s

The Atlantic International Editor Prashant Rao on bringing the publication to a global audience

This week we spoke to The Atlantic's International Editor Prashant Rao about taking The Atlantic's voice to an international audience, the importance of diversity in writing stories for that audience, and what the global Atlantic angle on coronavirus looks like. He also talks about The Atlantic's surge in subscriptions following its decision to take its paywall down on COVID-19 coverage, and why he sees the publication as a 'second subscription'. In the news roundup the team discusses subscription success in the face of coronavirus and takes a brisk tour through the week's news in brief.
04/05/2046m 29s

Media Voices Live: Publishing in a Pandemic Special

The media industry has had a turbulent decade when it comes to technology, transformation, and changing consumer habits causing disruption to businesses. But for many of us, these challenges seem trivial compared to what we are now all up against with the coronavirus crisis. Publishers and media organisations of all shapes and sizes have had events and shows that they depend on for their revenue cancelled, advertising spend plummeting as the travel industry hits major issues, and print runs reduced as commuters stay home. But the crisis has also provided a unique opportunity for publishers to build trust with their audiences and provide them with the vital information they need to keep themselves and their families safe. Not only that, over the coming weeks, the public appetite for quality content will continue to grow as isolation takes effect. In this special live episode from the Media Voices team, Chris, Peter and Esther overcome technological challenges of their own to take a look at examples of publishers who are adapting to the pandemic, and what these changes will mean for the industry in the years to come.
14/04/2047m 49s

Laptop Mag Editor in Chief Sherri L. Smith on evolving a consumer tech title

This week, we hear from Sherri Smith, Editor in Chief of Laptop Mag, one of Future plc’s tech titles. She talks about her role working across Future’s sister titles, why Laptop mag is broadening its reach to gaming and audio, maintaining editorial integrity with reviews, and how the title will future-proof itself as technology evolves. She also explains how testing, product launches and reviews are continuing amidst the coronavirus crisis. Smart bidets have their first ever mention on the podcast. In the news roundup the Media Voices trio discuss whether it's appropriate (or even good business sense) to impose a paywall on coronavirus content, whether platforms like Google and Facebook donating money to counter misinformation is a sop, and rattle through news in brief to find some cheerful topics. Don't forget our live episode this Thursday!
06/04/2042m 44s

The Telegraph Podcast Editor Theodora Louloudis on podcasting's role in growing subscriptions

This week we hear from Theodora Louloudis, podcast editor for the Telegraph. With a growing podcast portfolio, we spoke about her job in an expanding team, growth in the Telegraph’s podcast offering and how she commissions shows with the paper’s journalists. In the news roundup we discuss Firefox's new subscription tool with Scroll, Slate launching a metered paywall, and Esquire trimming its print editions to 6 per year. Peter pitches multiple new theme tunes.
30/03/2042m 5s

POLITICO UK Executive Editor Kate Day on the publisher's expansion in the UK

This week Kate Day, Executive Editor of POLITICO in the UK takes us through the publishers' expansion into and growth in the UK market. She discusses everything from the advantages of being a start-up publisher in a world of legacy giants, how the team chooses what goes behind the paywall, and what sets UK politics coverage apart from the rest of Europe. In the news roundup, we take a look at Print In A Pandemic, the final fate of Playboy, and what audience's fatalistic media choices say about the public mood during the coronavirus outbreak.
23/03/2039m 43s

PPA Managing Director Owen Meredith on a successful #AxeTheReadingTax campaign

This week, Owen Meredith, Managing Director at the Professional Publisher's Association, talks to us about how the lobbying work the association has done on behalf of UK publishers to axe VAT on digital publications has paid off. During the Budget last week, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced that the current 20% tax on ebooks, online newspapers and digital editions would be abolished, bringing them in line with the tax exemption on physical copies. Owen explains what the announcement means for publishers, why the government chose now to action this, and what's next on the PPA's to-do list. In the news roundup the team takes a look at how news outlets are choosing to report on the coronavirus pandemic, ask whether a spate of hirings suggest that podcasting is a mature market, and examine whether Stylist's new digital edition is destined for success. Chris invokes the power of「THE WORLD」to give an update on a story during the edit.
16/03/2036m 22s

Singletrack Magazine publisher Mark Alker on reader revenues vs programmatic advertising

This week, we talk to Mark Alker, Publisher of; Europe's biggest mountain biking website, and Singletrack Magazine; a bi-monthly print publication. As well as divulging the secrets of specialist media success, Mark discusses community, coffee, and his love-hate relationship with programmatic. In the news round-up, Esther and Peter battle good old British colds to talk about digital strategy success for The Independent, and Bloomberg News returning to 'normal' coverage following Mike Bloomberg dropping out of the Democratic race. The news in brief is coronavirus-themed (with sound effects), from how platforms are tackling misinformation to newspapers you can wipe your butt with.
09/03/2040m 29s

The 19th co-founder Amanda Zamora on launching a news brand about women and politics

This week, Amanda Zamora talks to us about the launch of new news site The 19th, a nonprofit, nonpartisan newsroom reporting at the intersection of gender, politics, and policy. She talks about why she chose to launch the site with fellow Texas Tribune colleague Emily Ramshaw, the lessons she'll be taking from her time in legacy newsrooms, and what the team's priorities are once the brand fully launches in August. In the news roundup the team are joined by guest host Michelle Manafy to discuss the return of The Markup, Trump's reelection campaign's lawsuit against the NYT, and the changing of the guard at Disney.
02/03/2042m 24s

Future plc Brand Director of Home Interest Paul Newman on multichannel publishing strategies

This week, we talk to Paul Newman, Brand Director of Future plc's Home Interest brands. We spoke about how home titles have evolved in the age of Pinterest, how Future have managed to increase print circulation and revenue for the sector, and what they're doing to reach younger audiences across multiple platforms. Paul also succinctly summarises what's behind the transformation of Future plc as a business over the past decade. In the news roundup the EU and Facebook head towards a reckoning, Bloomberg and The Information reach a promotional deal, and the Media Voices team try and fail to entertain a cat.
24/02/2038m 43s

Mash Media Portfolio Director Duncan Siegle on the synergy between magazines and events

This week we hear from Duncan Siegle, portfolio director at Mash Media. The company publishes magazines and runs events for event organisers, and is just about to launch Making Publishing Pay, a magazine conference targeted specifically at small and medium sized publishers. In the news roundup we discuss the implications for publishers of new plans to regulate "harmful" content on the internet, US local newspaper group McClatchy filing for bankruptcy, and much more. The team bravely refrains from trying out Australian accents.
17/02/2041m 28s

Digital editor of In the Moment magazine Sarah Orme on the emerging market of mindfulness

This week Sarah Orme, digital editor of Immediate Media's In the Moment magazine explains how the magazine has grown with the rising interest in mindfulness, its position as a women’s lifestyle title, print production values, and an expanding podcast portfolio. In the world's busiest news roundup the team discusses Q4 results, some high profile hirings (and rumoured firings), multiple examples of M&A and product launches, and controversies around the BBC and political journalism. The team nominates each other to take over Apple News Plus.
10/02/2041m 24s

Freelance Journalism Special

This week Media Voices takes an in-depth look at the realities of freelance journalism in 2020. We hear from journalists and academics about everything from remuneration to gaining skills to mental health, in order to provide both a celebration of the upsides of freelancing and an examination of its pitfalls. Featuring insights from Anna Codrea-Rado, Marie Le Conte, Dr. Paul Lashmar, Sian Meades-Williams, Nicola Slawson and Jenny Stallard, this episode is a one-off special focusing on the importance of freelance journalists to the news industry in the UK. Listen through to the end to find out how you can support the initiatives mentioned during the show.
03/02/2032m 40s

Editor in Chief of The Week Junior US Andrea Barbalich on launching a print title for kids

This week Andrea Barbalich, Editor in Chief of The Week Junior US and The Week's Chief Executive Kerin O'Connor tell us about the upcoming US launch of the children’s news title. They tell us about kids' relationship with print, curiosity, and how there’s no place for kids in social media’s outrage economy (but you can sell subscriptions to parents on Facebook). In the news roundup, a bad week for the BBC, but a good year for digital news outlets. Swings and roundabouts.
27/01/2040m 33s

Evening Standard Executive Producer Chris Stone on the role of video & audio in publishing

This week, Chris Stone, the Executive Producer of Video & Audio at the Evening Standard, talks to us about the role video plays in their journalism, why they decided to launch two podcasts late last year, and what they're doing to capture the attention of the commuter audience. He also discusses his work leading a partnership with Google to create interactive audio news content for smart speakers. In the news this week, the team looks at the death knell for the third party cookie, The Telegraph pulling out of an independent measurement scheme, and examines if WeChat is a roadmap for platforms' future. The team can't decide if we're too cynical or not cynical enough.
20/01/2040m 54s

MIT Technology Review CEO & Publisher Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau on transforming a legacy brand

New decade, new Media Voices. On this episode of the revamped Media Voices Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau, CEO and Publisher at MIT Technology Review talks to us about the work she's done transforming the publication to bring it to new audiences, striking a balance between expert and general audiences, and what the business is doing to prepare itself for the next five years. In the news roundup we discuss the ruling that edition-based digital news products aren't subject to VAT in the UK, Twitter's changes to the reply function, and pointedly ignore any news about the royal family. Chris sets a new record with two (2) good analogies in less than 40 minutes.
13/01/2042m 5s

Media Voices: Christmas 2019 Special

In this end of year special, the team looks back at some of the major media events of 2019 to determine what will happen next year. Featuring looks at the flashpoints in M&A, Print, Data & Advertising, Multimedia, Platforms, Trust and more, this episode is a whistlestop tour through our Media Moments 2019 report. Don't forget to keep an eye out for Media Voices Top Trumps, available in all good newsagents at some point in the future. Maybe.
16/12/1947m 38s

Media Voices: Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism's Nic Newman on news podcasting

This week, media analyst Nic Newman takes us through the findings of his report into news podcasting for publishers for the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. Among other things, we discuss how young people are fuelling the growth in news podcasting, whether podcast revenue will start cannibalising other revenue streams, and whether the podcast explosion has already plateaued. In the news roundup the team discusses Apple News' new newsletter(about news), the realities of running a journalism awards show, and runs a gauntlet of other stories after a busy news week.
09/12/1937m 29s

Media Voices: Yahoo Finance Editor in Chief Andy Serwer on building a leading finance publication

This week, we talk to Andy Serwer, Yahoo Finance's Editor in Chief. He discusses what strategies he's used to grow the publication to become the leader in financial news online, which platforms he uses to reach his business-focused audience, and how financial news has been affected by the crisis in trust. He also talks about how the publisher is integrating new technologies into the newsroom, and why he left his legacy publishing past behind. In the news roundup the team discusses editorial independence around DMGT's purchase of the i, Bloomberg's owner running for president, and a raft of media misbehaviour in the UK. Peter resurrects Conspiracy Corner for one week only.
02/12/1938m 11s

Media Voices: boom saloon founder Rachel Arthur on democratising creativity

This week Peter braves the bright lights of Las Vegas to interview Rachel Arthur, founder of independent magazine boom saloon, about boom projects' mission to democratise creativity and support access to the media, staying true to oneself, and the boom room agency. In the news roundup the team discuss whether we live in an age of information context collapse in which social media has destroyed any notion of 'truth', and whether journalism will need to become as predatory as misinformation in order to survive. It's a cheery episode.
25/11/1938m 49s

Media Voices: VICE Executive Editor Dory Carr-Harris on building and evolving quality editorial

This week, VICE's Executive Editor Dory Carr-Harris talks to us about the importance of knowing what resonates with your audience, from high-quality astrology content to bringing a food brand to TikTok. She also explains how VICE has been able to adapt to a tough digital landscape where other publishers have stumbled, and why they won't be toning down their 'VICE-ness' for advertisers any time soon. In the news roundup the team asks whether the Atlantic's news app is the second swallow of summer when it comes to news apps, and Chris asks if Netflix and Spotify are aiding news publishers grow subscriptions. Esther celebrates a birthday, Peter desperately needs to go to sleep.
18/11/1940m 58s

Media Voices: Nature's Chief Magazine Editor Helen Pearson on the journal's 150th birthday

On this week's episode Helen Pearson, chief magazine editor for Nature, tells us about what consumer-focused publications can learn about community from the journal’s focus on supporting scientists, the changing expectations of younger audiences, and the challenge of making research open to all while also supporting the authors and journalists. In the news roundup, the team discusses the UK launch of Netflix 'competitor' BritBox, the surprise return of Smash Hits, and Hearst's latest micro-membership scheme. Peter sings The Spice Girls' greatest hits.
11/11/1940m 23s

Media Voices: Minute Media founder Asaf Peled on taking an Israeli media brand global

On this week's episode, founder and CEO of Minute Media Asaf Peled takes us through the importance of community to its brands, making well-loved print brands work digitally, and the outlook for digital media more generally. He also discusses the complexities of managing both the tech and media sides of the business, and their acquisition of Peter's favourite brand Mental Floss. In the news roundup the team debates whether Twitter's political ad ban will move the needle on the abuse of political ads online, Future plc's acquisition of TI Media, and ask when an editor is as morally culpable as a columnist (hello Fraser Nelson!). The team engages in some historical revisionism about their past predictions.
04/11/1940m 39s

Media Voices: Glamour Editor in Chief Deborah Joseph on transforming into a digital-first brand

This week, Glamour UK's Editor in Chief Deborah Joseph talks to us about steering the brand through its transformation from a print-first to a digital-first brand, from hiring in new talent to changing external perceptions. She also discusses the role of influencers alongside magazine media, why celebrities are still choosing brands like Glamour to launch with, and the Glamour Beauty Festival's upcoming Manchester debut. In the news roundup the team discusses the fallout from Facebook's decision to include Breitbart on its list of 'high quality' publishers on its new News tab, the pending closure of Asos magazine, and yet another news app launch. Chris fights with hotel wifi, loses.
28/10/1935m 13s

Media Voices: Hearst MD of Men's Lifestyle Alun Williams on Esquire and the importance of brand

This week, Hearst's head of men's lifestyle and health & fitness Alun Williams treats us to a look inside the Esquire Townhouse, and takes us through the importance of being a market leader, the new skills required at the magazine publisher, and how to resist overextending a brand. In the news roundup the full complement of Esther, Peter and Chris look at two new and very different news app launches, examine the reasons Sky News might have launched a Brexit-free channel, and coolly and unemotionally dissect The Sun's plans to conquer the US of States.
21/10/1940m 50s

Media Voices: Aller Media Product Owner Christoph Schmitz on managing technology and transformation

In this week's episode, we talk to Christoph Schmitz, Aller Media's Product Owner for paywalls, login, subscriptions and CRM (and recent interim CTO). He discusses managing technology and transformation across different brands, how Aller Media is taking advantage of willingness to subscribe in Norway, and their collaboration with other publishers for a single sign-on project. He also explains how GDPR has actually helped Aller Media take control of their data. In the news round-up, Chris and Esther tackle the Scousetrap/WAGatha Christie embarrassment for The Sun, as well as Group Nine's acquisition of PopSugar and a rumoured mega-bundle from Apple.
14/10/1939m 36s

Media Voices: Vanity Fair & Tatler Publishing Director Kate Slesinger on increasing circulation

This week, Kate Slesinger, the Publishing Director of luxury titles Vanity Fair and Tatler talks to us about what's behind a rise in print circulation. She also discusses how both brands are kept fresh and up-to-date, managing commercial partnerships, what they do to reach their wealthy audience online, and how the role of Publishing Director has evolved over her time at Condé Nast. In the news round-up, the team do a deep dive into the row between Google and French publishers, and why a 'link tax' isn't the answer. There's lot of news in brief as well, from Aldi chucking print to some unusual media appointments. Chris realises how many mergers and acquisitions you can miss out on during 6 weeks trekking in Nepal.
07/10/1942m 50s

Media Voices: Gal-dem Head of Editorial Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff on the publication's evolution

This week, gal-dem's Head of Editorial Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff talks about the publication's evolution into a fully-fledged and funded publishing business, why they decided to have a print magazine alongside the digital site, and the lessons she will and won't be applying from her time working with other publishers. She also explains why it's so important to have a truly supportive internship scheme, and how publishers need to prepare themselves to properly support diversity in the workplace before bringing people in. In the news round-up, Peter and Esther are joined by International Magazine Centre founder Nikki Simpson. The team discuss Vox Media's acquisition of New York Magazine, how the BBC has found itself in the middle of a racism row with Naga Munchetty, and the launch of Platinum magazine from DC Thomson.
30/09/1942m 33s

Media Voices Live: How publishers are innovating with podcasts

Publishers are in a unique position to take advantage of the rise in podcasting thanks to their storytelling expertise and ready-made audiences. With listener numbers growing and discoverability improving, there has never been a better time for publishers to create something unique. In this podcast, recorded live from PPA Scotland's Magfest, Peter and Esther are joined by DC Thomson's Special Projects Lead Chris Phin. They discuss how magazine publishers are experimenting in the podcasting space to create successful podcasts that support audience development and revenue, and what it takes for publishers to plan and record their own podcasts. Chris Phin announces the launch of a podcast on our podcast...a first for Media Voices!
24/09/1953m 2s

Media Voices: Hostwriter’s Tina Lee on bringing together diverse voices for Unbias the News

This week, Tina Lee, Head of the Ambassador Program for Hostwriter, talks to us about 'Unbias the News'; a new book she's editor-in-chief of. She explains how the book brings together the voices and experiences of journalists from all around the world, why it's so important to challenge our own worldviews, and how collaboration across borders can help unbias the news. In the news round-up, Peter and Esther try (and fail) to patch Chris in from India, so are left to themselves to discuss positive changes to Google's search algorithm and Marie Claire's print closure. Peter admires a very salty final cover from the Washington Post's Express newspaper.
16/09/1936m 34s

Media Voices: Big Issue founder Lord Bird on Chapter Catcher's mission to start a reading revolution

This week, Big Issue founder John Bird talks to us about his new magazine venture Chapter Catcher, its mission to spark a reading revolution, and how it was inspired by Brexit. He also explains why we should support bookshops and libraries, and why there is an urgent need for deeper and broader reading. In the news round up, Peter and Esther are joined by ideastream Managing Producer and media analyst Kevin Anderson. The trio discuss The Atlantic's relaunched paywall, whether we should be surprised by Reuters' new report into young people and the news, and the hype around a 'Brexit bump' for UK media companies. Kev's noodle gets baked by Facebook's growing world domination.
09/09/1940m 52s

Media Voices Conversations: Privacy, Publishers, and Rebuilding Ad Tech

Over the last few years, the advertising and publishing industries have been on a crusade to reinvent ad tech, spurred by everything from breaks in the value chain, changing publisher priorities, the availability of new tech solutions, international legislation and more. There's a sense that ad tech is transitioning to a more mature form; one that's more equitable to all parties involved. At the same time, high-profile instances of data misuse mean that user privacy is riding high on the industry's agendas. In this special Conversations episode of Media Voices, Chris is joined by co-founder and CEO of Permutive Joe Root, and Dennis Publishing's Head of Programmatic and Audience Data Alex Kirby. They discuss the realities of user privacy in 2019, whether publishers can turn trends to their advantage, and the tech solutions that add value to the entire ecosystem, and not just the vendors. This episode of Media Voices is sponsored by Permutive, the data management platform built for publishers. Permutive enables publishers to increase their data driven advertising revenue and make revenue diversification a reality, whilst keeping user privacy at the heart of its technology. Some of Permutive’s customers include BuzzFeed, Business Insider, The Economist, Condé Nast International, Immediate Media and Burda Forward.
05/09/1945m 46s

Media Voices: PPA Scotland's Laura Kelly Dunlop on creating a global festival for magazine lovers

This week, PPA Scotland business manager Laura Dunlop shares her excitement for this year's Magfest conference and the launch of the first Edinburgh International Magazine Festival. She also explains, enthusiastically, why magazines absolutely still matter and might even help us change the world. In the news round-up, Peter and Esther are joined by guest host Alison Warner, a jobbing B2B and brand journalist, and magazine lecturer at the University of Roehampton. We look at why there have been queues round the block in New York to get hold of a print magazine, whether other platforms could adopt Pinterest's tactics for combating health misinformation, and Monocle's new shop in Hong Kong airport. Alison and Peter both have doubts about the BBC's plans to launch an Alexa rival that could understand regional accents.
02/09/1944m 0s

Media Voices Special: 7 things you missed over the summer

In the first episode back after the summer break, the Media Voices team dive into some of the stories you may have missed while you were sunning yourself somewhere nice, or holding the fort for colleagues who were doing the same. Join us as we recap the GateHouse/Gannett merger (as well as the proper pronunciation of 'Gannett'), go round in circles with Facebook's plans for a News tab, sort of celebrate some new print launches, and debate what 'Knewz' actually means. This episode also features some questionable paywall innuendo.
27/08/1932m 35s

HuffPost UK Executive Editor Jess Brammar on section launches & a new school of journalism

This week, Jess Brammar, Executive Editor at HuffPost UK talks to us about a number of their recent launches, from the HuffPost School of Journalism in partnership with Birmingham City University, to two new sections on the site which replace the famous blogs section. She also discusses what it's like moving from broadcast to digital journalism, how the news landscape has evolved, and how she keeps her team motivated during the non-stop Brexit news cycle. In the news roundup the team has a lengthy discussion on when it is and isn't acceptable to profile a fascist and the best way to do so, whether UK Netflix rival BritBox will succeed, and The New European's transition to a Guardian-like revenue model.
22/07/1944m 44s

Media Voices: The Guardian's CRO Hamish Nicklin on sustainable journalism and fair advertising

On this week's episode of Media Voices, the Guardian's Chief Revenue Officer Hamish Nicklin takes us through the newspaper's journey to profit through membership and contributions, the reestablishment of 'premium' advertising, and its plans through to 2022. In the news roundup Chris and Peter take a look at TikTok, an audio collaboration between Reach plc and JPI Media, and discuss whether there are limits on who can call themselves a journalist. Peter's rendition of Happy Birthday gets perilously close to a Marilyn Monroe impression.
15/07/1934m 38s

Media Voices: Beano Digital Network Head of Editorial Lydia Mossahebi on bringing the comic to life

This week, Lydia Mossahebi, Head of Editorial for the Beano Digital Network, talks to us about how they bring the essence of the comic to life online. We discuss the role of data and the 'Beano Brain' in making editorial decisions, how they keep up with what the next 'big thing' is for kids, and how video is becoming a huge part of the work they do. Farting zebras may come up in conversation. In the news roundup the team debates the ethics of Facebook cracking down on medical misinformation in the newsfeed, Apple News+ going on a 'listening tour' after a disastrous first few months, and good news for The Economist's newsletter team. The team invites Big Bird onto a panel about online misinformation for some reason.
08/07/1937m 23s

Media Voices: The Overtake editor Robyn Vinter on overcoming the biggest challenges in local news

On this week's episode of Media Voices, the founder and editor of The Overtake Robyn Vinter candidly takes us through the challenges and compromises involved in running a local news outlet. She discusses the importance of being independent, the strictures and sacrifices that comes from being a small news outlet, and why there needs to be variety and diversity of journalistic voices. In the news roundup, the team succumbs to the heat and discusses bad news around social media, whether journalists should be incentivised to chase clicks, and whether a Cosmopolitan x Tinder branded podcast is a model to be emulated. Peter and Chris perform their first single live on the podcast.
01/07/1941m 25s

Media Voices: C&EN Media’s Bibiana Campos Seijo on making science content accessible

On this week's episode of Media Voices, we hear from Dr Bibiana Campos Seijo, VP of the Chemical and Engineering News Media Group at the American Chemical Society. We spoke about finding a broader audience for chemistry content, about covering subjects like the environment and diversity in a professional publication, and how to say "those men stole my shoes" in Spanish. In the news roundup the team exorcise a depressing week of news about the failure of journalists to cover some huge political issues by talking about whether Chrome 76 is a Trojan horse for Subscribe With Google, The Atlantic introducing a daily idea for smart speakers, and take a trip down memory lane as Twitch acquires Bebo.
24/06/1941m 34s

Media Voices: Den of Geek Editor Rosie Fletcher on maintaining a positive space for pop culture fans

This week, Den of Geek's UK Editor Rosie Fletcher talks to us about the mainstreaming of geek culture, finding an angle for entertainment stories everyone is covering, and how to maintain a friendly online community. She also explains how they used a 'time travel expert' to get a fresh angle on the latest Marvel movie. In the news round up, Peter and Esther debate whether 'time travel expert' is even a job title, what the publisher deal is with new aggregator app 'Mogul News', and the findings of Reuters' Digital News Report 2019. They both try to work out what the Brexitcast podcast could look like as a TV show, and Peter learns more about Snapchat filters.
17/06/1937m 0s

Media Voices: Google's Head of News Ecosystem Development Madhav Chinnappa on supporting journalism

On this week's episode of Media Voices, Google's Head of News Ecosystem Development Madhav Chinnappa takes us through his views on the often-fraught relationship between publishers and platforms, what lessons he's learned from the Google News Initiative, and what best practice looks like for subscriptions success. In the news roundup the team each share their own take on the state of micropayments for news, some job cuts at The Sun, and a weird tale about traffic at Mail Online. Chris sets Peter and Esther homework.
10/06/1946m 46s

Media Voices: Chelsea Magazine Company digital director Paul Rayner on profitable operating models

This week, we hear from veteran of the magazine industry Paul Rayner about his career trajectory from Dennis to LadBible to the Chelsea Magazine company and the lessons he’s learned along the way. In the news roundup, the team tries and fails to discuss DMGT's latest results with a particular focus on Mail Online, whether Fortune going behind a paywall is the canary in the coalmine for other paywall plays, and whether the sale of Sports Illustrated to a non-publishing company tells us anything about the future of magazine brands. It's snark week this week on Media Voices.
03/06/1940m 16s

Media Voices Conversations: Modelling Subscription Success

Direct reader revenue is back on top of publishers’ priorities, as re-igniting the relationship with an audience is seen as the single best guarantee of a sustainable media business model. At the same time, publishers’ strategies around subscriber acquisition and retention are maturing, and the sophistication of subscription tools is increasing enormously. There is a surfeit of choice of strategy for publishers looking to capitalise on increasing consumer propensity to pay, and while there are some standout successes in the subscription market it is still far from an easy process to convince consumers to pay. In this special Conversations episode of Media Voices, Chris is joined by Michael Silberman, SVP of Strategy at Piano, and Katie Vanneck Smith, co-founder of slow journalism outlet Tortoise. The trio discusses everything from how publishers and partners can model propensity to pay, the difference between membership and subscription strategies, and best practice around user data. This episode of Media Voices is sponsored by Piano, a platform dedicated to helping publishers develop and grow their direct reader revenue strategies. Piano believes there will always be a demand for words and scenes that make a difference, whether that’s through hard-hitting journalism or emotive articles that resonate with audiences, and is passionate about helping media businesses grow the revenue required to produce it. Find out more at
23/05/1947m 24s

Media Voices: WIRED Editor-in-Chief Nicholas Thompson on lessons from a year behind a paywall

On this week's episode of Media Voices, WIRED's Editor-in-Chief Nicholas Thompson talks about the brand's positioning as a tech magazine in a digital world, the impact of two huge Facebook features, lessons learned from WIRED's paywall a year on, and what his dream paywall would look like. In the news roundup the team discusses TI Media's sale of NME to a tech platform, Quartz's low-key paywall launch, and the dangers of churnalism come to light as the Daily Star offends Scotland. Esther doubts whether the last item counts as 'news'.
20/05/1942m 23s

Media Voices: CEO of Associated Media Publishing Julia Raphaely on the mission of magazines

This week Julia Raphaely, CEO of Associated Media Publishing, takes us through how magazines can act as storefronts, the differences between the SA and UK magazine markets, why people are continuing to make time for print products, and the benefits of international collaboration between people who love magazines. In the news roundup the team discusses Byline's 'pivot to print', Disney taking a write-down on its investment in Vice, and belately discuss the Guardian breaking even.
13/05/1938m 4s

Media Voices: 100th Episode Special

Our 100th episode special was recorded live in front of an audience in London on May 2nd. We were joined by four fantastic guests - EMPIRE’s Editor in Chief Terri White, The Week’s Chief Executive Kerin O’Connor, PinkNews’ Head of Platforms Ellen Stewart, and Bibblio’s founder Mads Holmen - to discuss whether publishers can maintain brand identity in a world of distributed content. Many thanks to Bibblio for helping to organise the event, to our media partner What's New In Publishing, and to the guests who turned out to celebrate with us!
06/05/191h 5m

Media Voices: Delayed Gratification co-founder Rob Orchard on the mission of 'slow journalism'

In this week's episode of Media Voices, Rob Orchard - the co-founder and editor of the original slow journalism magazine Delayed Gratification - takes us through the mission of the magazine, why giving news room to breathe is absolutely vital, and why more publishers are jumping on the bandwagon. In the news roundup we celebrate some subscription milestones for the FT and the Guardian, investigate the timings of AppleNews+'s launch and Facebook's mooted premium News tab, and ask if Stylist Group's move into lifestyle and fitness products is a class issue.
08/04/1934m 43s

Media Voices: Readly MD Ranj Begley on what makes a magazine app a success

In this week's episode of Media Voices, Readly MD Ranj Begley takes us through how the magazine app approaches its publisher partnerships, how reader data informs everything from cover choice to exclusive content, and whether Ready sees Apple News+ as friend, foe, or frenemy. In the news roundup this week, the team discusses the launch of a new news subscription service from Apple, whether Google can or should fix the local news ecosystem, and try to figure out what's happening with The Correspondent's plans to launch an English language news outlet.
01/04/1938m 53s

Media Voices: Spotify VP of EMEA Marco Bertozzi on Spotify's evolving ad business

This week's guest is Marco Bertozzi, who is the Vice President of EMEA Sales & Multi-Market Global Sales at Spotify. He spoke to us about how Spotify’s ad business has evolved from the early days, why the company believes strongly in the future of podcasting, and what the audience’s relationship is like with advertising in audio. He also explains why they’ve just launched a #Loveads campaign. In the news roundup the team discusses the BBC's latest plans to save local democracy, the NYT's comments about Apple's latest foray into news, and asks if MySpace deleting every upload prior to 2016 is the future of social media. Plus, cupcakes!
25/03/1938m 46s

Media Voices: BBC Producer Dr Chadden Hunter on using media to raise global awareness

On this week's episode we talk to Dr Chadden Hunter, who is a Director and Producer at the BBC Natural History Unit, and has worked on blockbuster nature programmes like Planet Earth II, Frozen Planet and Wild Arabia. He discusses how he balances the desire to highlight conservation issues with the need to produce an entertaining series, the role new media can play in reaching global audiences, and what it's like working with David Attenborough on the storytelling side. He also tells us why he has hope in the younger generation and their climate change activism. In the news roundup the team discusses the misbehaviour of the press and platforms in the wake of terrorism, why Twitter's podcast indicates its changing priorities, and make predictions about Apple's next moves.
18/03/1939m 9s

Media Voices: Nikki Simpson on ambitious plans to open an International Magazine Centre in Edinburgh

On this week’s episode of Media Voices, former PPA Scotland business manager Nikki Simpson introduces plans to launch The International Magazine Centre, a hub for publishers to promote magazine innovation and celebrate the industry’s past. In the news round-up, the team decide whether Buzzfeed's print edition is more than a marketing stunt, how serious Zuckerberg's 'pivot to privacy' is, and how Readly has come to claim the 'Spotify of magazines' title. Esther and Chris are outraged at a crass new launch from Bauer.
11/03/1940m 28s

Media Voices: Trump Inc. Senior Producer Meg Cramer on the opportunities of a political podcast

On this week's episode of Media Voices, Meg Cramer, Senior Producer of Trump Inc., takes us through why a collaborative team took on what might be a coast-to-coast crime scene, why a podcast can ask questions while an article must provide answers, and why great journalism transcends mediums. In the news roundup, the team discuss the BBC and ITV's Netflix competitor Britbox, whether Jeremy Corbyn is Trumpian in his approach to the media, and why Medium and Twitter's partnership could be great for the consumer. The team launches their new feature, Cryptocurrency Conspiracy Corner.
04/03/1936m 44s

Media Voices: Digital Content Next CEO Jason Kint on the great challenge of the Duopoly

Jason Kint, the CEO of Digital Content Next, the trade association for online publishers, takes us through the organisation's aims and ambitions, why the Duopoly has skewed the playing field for digital publishers, and why it is vital that Google and Facebook can be held accountable for a lack of transparency. In the news roundup Chris and Peter discuss the NYT's chief executive Mark Thompson's take on the state of local news, Pinterest taking an editorial role over the elimination of antivax content, and whether Medium's Netflix-like approach to content creation can work. Chris makes wild, unsubstantiated claims about his Tetris skills.
25/02/1938m 37s

Media Voices: Magnetic CEO Sue Todd on the true value of magazine media to advertisers

This week, magazine marketing agency Magnetic's CEO Sue Todd speaks to us about their newly-launched 'Pay Attention' campaign, aiming to highlight the importance of quality attention to advertisers. She also talks about some of the educational issues around media buyers, the importance of evidence and research, and why she believes magazine media is undervalued. In the news roundup, a chipper team discuss the Cairncross Review report, analyse the idea of a 50% publisher revenue share from Apple's news service, and take a look at whether GQ Hype is indicative of an industry that doesn't know whether it wants to be paid for or free. Katy and Orlando might be engaged; Peter can't even deal.
18/02/1943m 14s

Media Voices: PinkNews' Head of Platforms Ellen Stewart on the world's largest LGBTQ+ news site

On this week's episode of Media Voices, PinkNews' Head of Platforms Ellen Stewart tells us why Snapchat is a priority for the world's largest LGBTQ+ publisher, why video is a solid investment for a site with a highly engaged audience, and why it pays to be as much a resource as a news source. In the news roundup, the team discusses why Spotify is investing in podcasting as the future of audio revenue, Facebook's Campbell Brown telling publishers they can't rely on the social network to survive, and examine whether other publishers can learn anything from the NYT's latest good results. A flock of seagulls and a puppy guest star.
11/02/1937m 0s

Media Voices: Digiday editor-in-chief Brian Morrissey on shifting digital publishing economics

On this week's episode of Media Voices, the team brave Snowmageddon to interview Digiday editor-in-chief Brian Morrissey, about publishing economics and sustainability, how B2B is cool, and the value of being really honest about change. In the news roundup the Media Voices team discuss the very sad closure of The Pool, the problems with one-size-fits-all verification tools, and how Hearst has transformed itself into a revenue behemoth.
04/02/1942m 18s

Media Voices: Film Stories' founder Simon Brew on crowdfunding an independent magazine

On this week's episode of Media Voices, the founder of Film Stories magazine Simon Brew talks the dos and don'ts of a crowdfunding campaign, the potential of independent magazines, and the importance of giving new voices a chance to be heard. In the news roundup Peter, Esther and Chris discuss why Facebook might be folding its messaging apps together, what next for journalism after over 1,000 media jobs were cut Buzzfeed, Gannett and Verizon Media, and examine why Condé Nast is choosing to put all of its magazine titles behind paywalls. The team brainstorms new messaging app names with horrifying results.
28/01/1935m 35s

Media Voices: Immediate Media Product Director Laura Jenner on the role of product in publishing

This week, Immediate Media's Product Director Laura Jenner talks to us about drawing together the needs of different teams across a publishing business, how the roles and responsibilities of a product manager evolve in such a rapidly changing industry, and why the relationship between product and editorial is so important. She also shares her one piece of advice for other product managers in publishing. In the news roundup Chris and Esther discuss a mixed back of a week for News UK, the storm in a teacup over BBC journalists dropping the phrase 'BBC understands', and yet another Facebook fact-checking endeavour. Is Media Voices hopeful, or cynical? You decide!
14/01/1938m 58s

Media Voices New Year Special: What does 2019 hold for media?

In this episode Chris and Esther are joined by Damian Radcliffe, Carolyn S. Chambers Professor in Journalism at the University of Oregon, to discuss what lessons from 2018 they want to see applied in the new year. The discussion takes in print, digital, memberships, audio, KFC, Japan, cat gifs, vegan sausage rolls, and much more.
07/01/1954m 11s

Media Voices: AOP MD Richard Reeves on supporting publishers online

This week, Richard Reeves, the Managing Director of the UK's Association of Online Publishers (AOP) talks to us about the progress on their Ad Quality Charter, what the lack of barrier to entry to publishing online means for premium online publishers, and how Facebook and Google engage with the association's member publishers. He also explains what he made of Jonah Peretti's suggestion for a mega-merger of online publishers. In the news round-up we discuss the future of news on smart speakers, the reported failure to launch of YouTube Red, and give a plug to The Correspondent. Merry Christmas everybody!
10/12/1841m 36s

Media Voices: WIRED UK Senior Editor Victoria Turk on building out brand extensions

This week, Victoria Turk, Senior Editor at WIRED UK talks to us about all the work they're doing on their brand extensions, from their flagship WIRED Live event to the WIRED World Special 2019 and their weekly podcast. She also discusses what they do to stand out in a crowded market, how the print and digital teams have evolved, and the many skills you now need to get ahead in journalism. In the news roundup we discuss whether the sale of Mic heralds the end of new media hopes, Glamour US going online online, DMGT's latest results, and whether there's any stopping the relentless rise of Stories.
03/12/1831m 42s

Media Voices: Trint founder Jeff Kofman on why journalists should be entrepreneurs

This week we hear from Jeff Kofman, founder and CEO of Trint, about the dark abyss of transcription, whether Google and Facebook are serious about funding journalism and the good the bad and the ugly of social media. In the news roundup the team discusses a bad week for UK media companies including Johnston Press going into administration, Esquire cutting back its print offering, and Shortlist going digital-only. The team go Thanksgiving mad (not in a good way).
19/11/1836m 23s

Media Voices: Popbitch co-founder Camilla Wright on creating a niche in the celebrity gossip market

This week we hear from Popbitch co-founder Camilla Wright about the origins of the influential celebrity gossip site, whether celebs ever try to plant stories about themselves, and the romanticism of clandestine meetings in dark pubs. In the news roundup the team discusses the NME's return to profitability and future success, the disappearance of the LADS from Facebook's engagement rankings, and take a quick spin through a lot of other media news. Chris will buy a pint for the first person to send him every Rihanna song title he mentions this episode.
12/11/1834m 21s

Media Voices: Skift CEO Rafat Ali on paid content and the perils of VC funding

This week we hear from Rafat Ali, co-founder and CEO of boutique travel publisher Skift. We spoke about what connects the dots between paid content, travel, dining and wellness, his belief in trendlines not headlines, his long-term aspirations for Skift vs short-term VC plays and why he wants to be useless to his business. In the news round-up we put a bow on the discussion about Waitrose Magazine’s editor quitting over comments he made to a freelancer, discuss whether Channel 4’s move to Leeds will pop the London media bubble, and discuss whether Facebook is more powerful than the British parliament.
05/11/1838m 53s

Media Voices: Women's Health editor in chief Claire Sanderson on defying circulation trends

This week, Claire Sanderson, the editor in chief of Women’s Health (UK) talks about the magazine's circulation growth, why they love working with influencers, and how mental health has become such a vital part of overall wellness. She also explains how integrating the print and digital teams helps them to drive audiences between both platforms, and why VR will be a huge part of health and fitness in the future. In the news round-up the team discuss Apple's invention of something called a 'human editor', Twitter's return to profitability and Refinery29's refining of its publishing strategy. A maudlin Chris derails the round-up with a philosophical question.
29/10/1836m 43s

Flipboard Head of Growth Claus Enevoldsen on growing a platform that works for publishers

This week, Claus Enevoldsen, Head of Growth for news aggregation platform Flipboard, talks about being a technology company with media values, how their human-led algorithms work to surface quality content, and why now is the perfect time for a platform like Flipboard. He also dives into the reasons behind their rise in both users and referral traffic over the past year. In the news roundup, we ask WTF is going on with Facebook and Nick Clegg, Facebook and video metrics, and Craigslist and journalism. The team makes liberal use of censor bleeps.
22/10/1837m 24s

Media Voices: Foul Play magazine's Grace Harrison on what mainstream titles can learn from indies

This week we hear from Grace Harrison, founder of true crime magazine Foul Play on managing a magazine as a side hustle, what mainstream titles can learn from independents, and what makes Foul Play an altogether classier type of true crime title. In the news roundup we discuss LadBible's imminent takeover of Unilad to create the Ultimate Lad, the sad news that Johnston Press' debt his forcing the sale of its titles, and whether 5 minute long videos can work for Snapchat. Peter voices his fear of extraterrestrials.
15/10/1836m 8s

Media Voices: Time Out CEO Julio Bruno on growing diverse revenue streams

This week, Julio Bruno, CEO at Time Out Group talks about the brand reaching a milestone 50th birthday, the growth of their different revenue streams, and how they stay true to the Time Out brand across 315 cities. He also explains why the print magazine is still a vital part of the business, and how their unique approach to Time Out Markets is their biggest opportunity next year. In the news roundup we discuss the Battle of the Lads, Meredith cutting 4,500 jobs, and whether the Observer was right to publish an op-ed from the prime minister (yes). Esther and Peter debut their music hall double act.
08/10/1838m 58s

Media Voices: DC Thomson's Sally Hampton on why magazines have a bright future

This week, Sally Hampton, Consumer Magazines Publisher at DC Thomson spoke to us about how she manages such a wide range of magazines, the biggest shifts she's seen in print publishing, and a surprising new growth opportunity for niche Scottish titles. She also explains why she's so optimistic about the future of magazine media. In the news round-up the team discuss the Independent's paid-for subscription model, whether it matters if print audiences don't follow when newspapers go digital only, Apple foibles, and Comcast's purchase of Sky. Peter's view of the Telegraph's readership is Dickensian.
01/10/1832m 54s

Media Voices Live: What's the future for free?

In this very special live episode of Media Voices the team discuss the future of free media in front of an audience at Magfest '18, the UK's premiere magazine-focused event. On stage in the far-flung city of Edinburgh, the team are joined on stage by Mike Soutar, chairman of ShortList Media Limited, and Radio Times Editor Mark Frith to discuss the fate of free magazines. We'd like to extend our thanks to Magfest for inviting us to speak - for the three of us it was validation of Media Voices' journey to this point, and hearing from the other fantastic guests has given us plenty of ideas for future episodes! Visit for more information.
24/09/1850m 50s

Media Voices: Lucy Kueng on how Silicon Valley has changed journalism

This episode, we hear from Lucy Kueng. She’s one of the go-to names for macro and micro industry analysis, a Visiting Fellow at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, and has a ton of other roles in the industry that allow her to see the bigger picture. We spoke about journalism’s perverse relationship with Silicon Valley, whether publications can make it across the Valley of Death, and how external pressures change internal newsroom structure. In the news round-up the Media Voices team discuss the BBC's new show on Facebook Watch, the potential impacts of the Copyright Directive, and gush over Bauer's latest magazine launch. Peter does impressions of a stuffy English gent and Katy Perry.
17/09/1835m 58s

Media Voices Conversations: Is Advertising More Hassle Than It's Worth?

Digital advertising has never delivered on its potential for publishers. Crowded ecosystems, a break in the value chain between creator and audience, and the prioritisation of direct reader revenue all demand the question ‘is advertising more hassle than it’s worth?’ To answer that question we’ve put together an expert panel of Raoul Monks, co-founder of Flume Training; Fergus Gregory, Group Commercial Director at global marketing-media powerhouse The Drum; and our own host Chris Sutcliffe. The three discuss how consumer-facing advertising has changed over the past decade, how that has impacted the buying and selling of advertising, and whether technology can solve the problems it helped to cause. This Media Voices Special is sponsored by Flume Training. Flume believe the way clients buy has completely shifted and what works in sales has completely changed. They help media businesses drive sales performance through their high impact training, coaching & consultancy.
12/09/1840m 33s

Media Voices: Columbia Journalism Review's Mathew Ingram on what publishers get wrong about trust

In this episode of the Media Voices podcast Mathew Ingram, media writer for the Columbia Journalism Review, explains why publishers need to take a more human approach to their memberships, the role of platforms in disrupting those relationships, and whether 'trust' is a meaningful metric. In the news round-up the team try to spy a way that regulation of the tech platforms could ever work. We also discuss the closure of yet another celebrity gossip magazine, and what Immediate Media's purchase of BBC Good Food says about both companies' priorities. One Media Voices team member records the episode from Frankfurt, one from a car park, and the other from a dressing gown.
10/09/1833m 15s

Media Voices: De Correspondent co-founder Rob Wijnberg on relaunching in the US

In this week's episode of Media Voices, Peter talks to Rob Wijnberg, co-founder and Editor in Chief of Dutch ad-free, member-funded news site De Correspondent. After securing runway funding, Rob is in New York preparing the launch of The Correspondent, an English-language version of the news network, and he spoke about the obstacles and opportunities the team is encountering ahead of launching. In the news roundup, we take a look at the potential fallout of Trump vs. Google, some admirable efforts from Twitter, and discuss where you'd buy a hairdryer online with bizarre specificity (not BuzzFeed Reviews, it turns out). We're reading: - I Helped Create Insider Political Journalism. Now It's Time For It To Go Away, via BuzzFeed News: - Could kindness finally be winning over negative celebrity gossip? via The Pool: - Alan Rusbridger: Who broke the news? via Guardian:
03/09/1834m 40s

Media Voices: The Times & Sunday Times' Alan Hunter on achieving a major subscription milestone

In this week's episode, the head of digital for The Times & Sunday Times Alan Hunter explains how the titles continue to outperform industry at a time when most titles are scaling back their ambitions, and what effect paywalls have on democratic debate. In the news roundup the team discuss bad news for the New York Daily News, "bad" news for Facebook, good news for the Guardian and WTF news for Condé Nast and Goop.
30/07/1840m 29s

Media Voices: Hearst UK's Kalpana Fitzpatrick on the launch of Financially Fabulous

Hearst UK's Finance Editor, Kalpana Fitzpatrick talks about the launch of their new consumer-facing Financially Fabulous campaign, aiming to empower women to take control of their finances. She discusses the aims of the campaign, the benefits of running it across multiple brands and the overwhelming demand from their audiences for straightforward financial advice. In the news roundup - everything. The team does the second ever newsblitz, looking at everything from the Guardian's paid membership numbers to the Comcast/Disney/Fox saga to Chance the Rapper buying up the Chicagoist. We're reading: - Fact-checkers have debunked this fake news site 80 times. It's still publishing on Facebook, via Poynter: - HuffPost experiments with 'listening circles' in Birmingham to go beyond the London bubble, via - A new model for investigative journalism, via Omidyar Network:
23/07/1836m 5s

Media Voices: The Second Source’s Jasmine Andersson on the challenges facing women in journalism

In this week’s episode, one of The Second Source’s co-founders, Jasmine Andersson talks about the aims of the project, the launch of their new mentoring scheme and how women can support each other in challenging environments. In the news round-up, the team dive into what YouTube’s $25 million news spend means for publishers, whether Reddit will work for advertisers and what the deal is with Rolling Stone’s revitalised magazine. Chris worries that AR ads will start manipulating the size of his head. We're reading: - 'The good, the bad, and the mansplaining of WikiTribune’, via Nieman Lab - ‘The promises and pitfalls of reporting within chat apps and other semi-open platforms: A journalist’s guide’ via Nieman Lab - The Death of Truth, by Michiko Kakutani
16/07/1839m 47s

Media Voices: Corinne Podger on mobile journalism and digital storytelling

This week, Corrine Podger takes us through best practice in mobile journalism and digital storytelling, and how varying mobile consumption habits affect the journalism in different territories. In the news round-up, the team discuss Quartz's sale, a mixed bag of news for UK newspapers, and The Beast Inside. Chris flubs the outro, see if you can tell. We're reading: The Guardian finds less polished video works better on Instagram Stories, via Digiday - Tell me more: The Globe and Mail is slipping a little extra context into its stories (while explaining its editorial thinking along the way), via Nieman Lab -
09/07/1843m 2s

Media Voices: The New Statesman's digital editor Jasper Jackson on paywall strategy

In this week's episode we hear from the New Statesman's digital editor Jasper Jackson about the circumstances that led the popular current affairs magazine to launch a paywall, how the team decided on digital-only extras to lure potential subscribers across, and what the widespread adoption of paywalls says about the state of the news media. In the news roundup Chris and Peter discuss The London Evening Standard's £10m loss under its editor George Osborne, whether a news and entertainment bundle can work for Apple, and the great news that Mediargh has returned from hiatus. We're taking Media Voices on the road! We're recording a live show and presenting a podcasting masterclass at Magfest this September. For more information or to book your place, visit
02/07/1836m 57s

The Telegraph's Director of Product Cat Wildman on navigating tech trends and platforms

On this week's episode, we hear from The Telegraph's Director of Product Cat Wildman on how a modern newspaper can stay on top of changes in consumer habits and launch new products and services that benefit publisher and audience. In the news roundup the team discuss the launch of yet another publisher advertising alliance, Instagram's new TV-like service, and who Facebook's 'subscription groups' are really for.
25/06/1838m 19s

Media Voices: Bauer Xcel's Ian Betteridge on leading a data-driven digital division

On this week's episode, Bauer Xcel's Director of content and audience development Ian Betteridge talks about drawing together the separate roles of editorial and data-driven audience development, how commercial needs drive content strategy and how he brings together the print and digital teams to make the many brands he oversees a success. He also tells the story behind 'Betteridge's Law'. In the news round-up, Peter and Esther talk about their highlights of the Digital News Report, why Quartz is partnering with Facebook Watch and a dismal set of newspaper ABCs. Peter gets excited about independent magazine publishing. We're reading: - Despite concerns about control, news publishers are still pushing a lot of content to third-party platforms, via Nieman Lab - Platforms and Publishers: A Definitive Timeline, via Tow Centre
17/06/1834m 30s

Media Voices: Deadspin editor in chief Megan Greenwell on a bigger mission for sports journalism

On this week’s episode, Megan Greenway editor-in-chief of Gizmodo Media's sports site Deadspin challenges the 'toy department' misconception of sports journalism, sets her Twitter filters against the trolls and focuses on the work instead of a dysfunctional parent company. In the news round-up, the team take a cynical look at what the changing of the guard at the Daily Mail means for the brand, and whether a 'European Netflix' is viable. Peter takes an unexpected turn against paywalls. We're reading: - ‘Britain's biggest Local TV company has "gamed" the BBC for hundreds of thousands of pounds of licence fee payers' money’, via Buzzfeed - 'Study: Apple News’s human editors prefer a few major newsrooms', via CJR - 'Rip it Up: The Story of Scottish Pop at the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh', via The Times
11/06/1842m 4s

Media Voices: Allure editor in chief Michelle Lee on representation in magazines

On this week’s episode, Esther interviews Allure’s editor in chief Michelle Lee about its ongoing efforts to improve representation in magazine media, how diversity can help heal divisions in society, and opportunities around new media. In the news roundup the team discusses a potential cash-for-coverage scandal at the Evening Standard (and what that says about sponsored editorial and trust), Peter gets extremely happy about new investment in Rolling Stone, and Esther discusses the latest news about news at Facebook. We’re reading: ‘Do we need J-schools?’ from Columbia Journalism Review - ‘Don’t forget about ad blocking: Lost revenue to UK publishers rises to £630,000 a year’ from Digiday - ‘Are news organisations ‘consciously uncoupling’ from Facebook?’, via Emily Bell -
04/06/1838m 32s

Media Voices: White Light Media CEO Fraser Allen on indie mags and content marketing

This week, CEO of White Light Media Fraser Allen takes us through what it's like to close a much loved indie magazine, the launch of World Whisky Day and trends in the content marketing world. In the news roundup the team discusses Time Inc UK's renaming, the Guardian's new approach to a premium app, and whether Elon Musk is right to launch a site grading journalists' credibility (no). We're reading: - A progress report on, via Frederic Filloux - - How media paywalls work in authoritarian countries, via Bloomberg - - RIP Interview: Here's what killed Andy Warhol's iconic magazine, via AdAge -
29/05/1838m 35s

Media Voices: The Book Of Man founder Martin Robinson on promoting mental health online

On this week's episode, The Book Of Man co-founder Martin Robinson discusses his journey through the UK magazine industry, the need for a space for men to honestly discuss mental health, and plans for podcasts, longform and membership. In the news roundup we discuss YouTube Music Premium's place in the market, Twitter's latest attempt at fixing its troll problem, and whether it's a good or bad thing that Facebook and Google are now the biggest funders of journalism. We're reading: • Third Party Web Content on EU News Sites: Potential Challenges and Paths to Privacy Improvement, via RISJ - • Why we need older women in the workplace, via The Cut - • Google's selfish ledger is an unsettling glimpse at Silicon Valley social engineering, via The Verge -
21/05/1838m 9s

Media Voices Paywall Special

In this bumper episode, the team discusses the rise of the paywall. As everyone from Vanity Fair to the New Statesman have decided to launch paywalls, we try to determine whether there is a recipe for paywall success, taking in everything from the need for brand recognition, the propensity for people to pay, and the likely outcomes of the trend towards reader revenue. We're reading: • 'Google’s news chief Richard Gingras: “We need to rethink journalism at every dimension”', via Nieman Lab - • 'What Google Chrome’s new built-in ad blocker means for you', via What's New In Publishing - • 'How not to do paywalls', via TechCrunch -
14/05/1856m 5s

Media Voices: PressPad founder Olivia Crellin on the need for diversity in journalism

In this week's episode of Media Voices, PressPad founder and BBC journalist Olivia Crellin explains how PressPad aims to diversify the media by removing one of the main financial obstacles to those trying to enter the profession. In the news round-up, the team discuss a week of huge news around paywalls, the success of The New York Times' subscription efforts, and why Snapchat has stopped paying licensing fees. We're reading: • Why the "golden age" of newspapers was the exception, not the rule, via Nieman Lab - • 3 questions to ask your data when evaluating your paywall, via Digital Context Next - • How to get rich quick in Silicon Valley, via Guardian -
07/05/1833m 55s

Media Voices: LSE's Charlie Beckett on its Truth, Trust and Technology Commission

In this week's episode we hear from the London School of Economics' professor Charlie Beckett about its Truth, Trust & Technology Commission, on the role of platforms in defining truth, whether media literacy is a good or a bad thing and whether we can still use the term "fake news" as a helpful definition. In the news round-up, a full house of hosts discuss Hearst's mea culpa over abandoning quality journalism in pursuit of scale, Netflix's original content plans, and early wobbles for Facebook's local journalism scheme. We're reading: • The Book of Man: why ex-Shortlist editor is launching a platform to ‘reappraise’ masculinity, via The Drum - • Optimising Journalism for Trust, via Jay Rosen on Medium - • An Apology for the Internet - From the Architects Who Built It, via the New Yorker -
23/04/1841m 35s

Media Voices: Mic's Cory Haik on millennial loyalty and the importance of deliberate distribution

This week, Mic's Publisher Cory Haik talked to us about surviving as a video-first publisher in a platform world, how they retain a loyal and engaged millennial audience, and why she's not giving up on platform publishing as a sustainable option. In the news round-up, Peter and Esther discuss missed opportunities to grill the Zuck, why they won't be flocking to Yahoo News any time soon, Martin Sorrell's surprise departure and why Flipboard has reclaimed its traffic crown. Chris frolics with hobbits abroad. We're reading: • 'The rationalization of publishing' via Medium - • 'The Economist used to be boring, but smart with a wicked dry wit. Now it’s just boring (sigh)' via Twitter -
16/04/1838m 49s

Media Voices: The Disconnect's founders on experimentation and counter-intuitive bets

This week, Peter speaks to The Disconnect's co-founders Chris Bolin and Clayton d'Arnault about the philosophy and meaning behind a digital magazine that can only be consumed while offline. In the news round-up we discuss the sale of Time Inc's flagship titles, what makes a magazine title valuable to different media companies, and go deep into whether 'the Duopoly' is an unhelpful and misleading label. The team narrowly avoid singing Rihanna. We're reading: • 'This Is So Much Bigger Than Facebook', via The Atlantic - • '73% of site visitors get there via mobile. Here’s your guided tour through the mobile landscape', via DCN - • 'The podcasting juggernaut has (finally) arrived', via Wired -
26/03/1841m 16s

Media Voices: The Atlantic's Executive Director EMEA Jemima Villanueva on trust and transparency

This week Jemima Villanueva, Executive Director for EMEA at The Atlantic tells us about trends in programmatic advertising, the need for trust, transparency and collaboration and her own role in the Atlantic’s relatively new European operation. In the news round-up the team discuss which 'Netflix for magazines' service will succeed (if any), whether Netflix itself should launch a weekly current affairs show, and discuss what the Evening Standard's redesign says about its five year plan. The team awards its first ever Voicey Award.
19/03/1842m 55s

Media Voices: Scottish Wedding Directory's Chris Phin on switching niches and ads vs reader revenues

In this week's episode of Media Voices, Peter talks to the Scottish Wedding Directory's Chris Phin about the best way to monetise a niche vertical and switching from tech journalism to covering the wedding market. In the news round-up, the team discuss Amol Rajan and Farhad Manjoo's points getting lost in controversy, Trinity Mirror's rebrand to Reach, and, surprise surprise, 'fake news'.
12/03/1836m 48s

Media Voices: Twitter's VP for EMEA Bruce Daisley on news, live video and transparency

This week, Twitter's VP of EMEA Bruce Daisley takes us through how the social network rediscovered its 'sweet spot' in the ranks of other platforms, where news and live video fit into its strategy, and media responsibility. In the news roundup the team discuss The New Statesman launching a metered paywall, Snapchat doubling down on an old idea, and the end of social-first publisher Little Things. Chris and Esther make Peter an honorary Millennial. Sign-up to our newsletter at
05/03/1836m 27s

Media Voices: Positive News' Sean Dagan Wood on building membership around constructive journalism

In this week's episode, we hear from co-founder of the Constructive Journalism Project Sean Dagan Wood, to learn how at least one publisher is building a membership model around news with a constructive spin. In the news round-up, the team discuss how Kylie Jenner caused Snap's stock to plummet, the swings and roundabouts of Vox Media redundancies and The Atlantic's hiring spree, and Salon using its audience's spare processing power to mine a cryptocurrency. Peter puts his tinfoil hat on for Conspiracy Corner. Sign up for our brand-new newsletter at!
26/02/1833m 50s

Media Voices: The Pool's Sam Baker on measuring digital success and launching paid-for newsletters

On this week's episode of Media Voices, we hear from long-time publishing pro Sam Baker, co-founder of women's site 'The Pool'. She talks about what digital success looks like, content partnerships and why she's launching a paid-for email newsletter. Chris is away this week, so in the news round-up Esther and Peter chat between themselves about Chrome's built-in ad-blocker, print redundancy risks from a digital shift at Trinity Mirror regionals, the good, the bad and the ugly of the latest ABC figures, foreign subscribers for US publications and a couple of interesting platform plays at the Guardian.
19/02/1839m 5s

Media Voices: New Scientist's head of data science Kimberly Karman on paywalls and GDPR

On this 50th episode of Media Voices, we hear from New Scientist’s head of data science Kimberly Karman about the practical application of data science to a business, to GDPR and how they continue to evolve their decade-old paywall. In the news round-up, the team discuss VICE reportedly missing its revenue target, Trinity Mirror buying up Express Newspapers, and good news for the NYT and Twitter. We're reading: • 'Bikini slideshows and other click bait: Do paywalls usher in better content?' via Mollie Bryant - • ‘A Crazy Idea for Funding Local New: Charge People for It’ via NYT - • 'How Facebook is killing comedy' via Splitsider -
12/02/1838m 32s

Media Voices: European Journalism Centre's Adam Thomas on sustaining quality journalism

In this week's episode of Media Voices, Peter speaks to the European Journalism Centre's Adam Thomas about its mission of enabling and sustaining quality journalism through a program of online resources, seminars, training and grants. In the news round-up we discuss Wired's paywall, digital successes at several other outlets, and the She Rocks editorial campaign across Team Rock's titles. Peter admits that he can't handle the feeling of hope. We're reading: • 'Measuring the reach of "fake news" and online disinformation in Europe', via Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism - • 'The Libraries Bringing Small-Town News Back to Life', via The Atlantic - • 'Tackling the Internet’s Central Villain: The Advertising Business', via NYT -
05/02/1841m 57s

Media Voices: President of, Rachel White on funding independent journalism

On this week's episode of Media Voices, Esther interview's the Guardian's director of philanthropic & strategic partnerships Rachel White about finding ways of funding independent journalism. In the news round-up, the crew of the good ship Media Voices discuss Google's plans to fix local news, an uptick in trust in traditional media in the UK and discuss Jonah Peretti insisting that everything is fine at BuzzFeed. We're reading: • 'I write fake news', via the Guardian - • 'Never get high on your own supply - why social media bosses don't use social media' - via the Guardian • 'Facebook's trust survey isn't as simple as it sounds' - via Nieman Lab
29/01/1833m 13s

Media Voices: Refinery29's Jacqui Kavanagh on authenticity of experience

In this week's episode of Media Voices, we speak to Refinery29's Jacqui Kavanagh about that brand's success in Europe since it launched in 2015, about what authenticity means to brands and audiences, and why experiential is a growth industry. In the news round-up, the gang discuss the Guardian's return to black, some unfortunate closures at news sites we've long admired, and whether Facebook's plan to have The People judge the trustworthiness of news outlets is a good idea (no, but what's the alternative?) We're reading: - 'The Chicago News Landscape' via the Centre for Media Engagement: - 'How one woman built an award-winning news outlet from her dining room table' via Nieman Lab: - ''Time well spent’ is shaping up to be tech’s next big debate’ via The Verge:
22/01/1835m 42s

Media Voices: Facebook WTF?

In this special episode of Media Voices, the team rattle through some news before doing a deep-dive into the realities of Facebook killing the news industry (again). Peter, Esther and Chris offer their thoughts on the whys and hows of the decision, plus speculate as to whether this will be good for journalism in the long run and who is most likely to be affected by the decision. We're reading: - Editorial standards put BBC reporters in tough spot over pay equity issue (Scott Nover): A good explainer of the background to the BBC gender discrimination furore, with comparisons to other organisations and a look at the context at the BBC - - When harassment drives women out of journalism (Katherine Goldstein): What could have been if women weren’t hounded out of journalism, with profiles of various women journalists and their stories - - Peter's enjoying his copy of new indie print magazine Foul Play. Some really nice design touches but loads of great reads unlike too many style over substance indy mags -
15/01/1836m 22s

Media Voices: End of Year 2017 Special

Never say we at Media Voices don't know how to treat you right - in this special end of year celebration, we hear from eight of our past guests about what they want (and don't want) to see from the media in 2018. In the feature-length news round-up Chris, Esther and Peter discuss the highlights and lowlights of 2017, and their own personal hopes for next year. Happy holidays! Subscribe to Media Voices on iTunes here - - or search 'Media Voices' in your favourite podcast app. Help us improve Media Voices! Complete our first ever listener survey -
18/12/1750m 9s

Media Voices: The Reuters Institute's Nic Newman on bias, bullshit and lies in the news

In this week's episode Nic Newman, Visiting Fellow at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, takes us through his and Dr. Richard Fletcher's latest report, entitled 'Bias, Bullshit and Lies: Audience Perspectives on Low Trust in the Media' - In the news round-up, Peter and Esther discuss the pivot FROM video, BuzzFeed's e-commerce proposition, and YouTube's plans to eat the music industry. They begin with fully 30 seconds of snow puns. We're reading: • ‘You have to love the complexities’: Publishers confront challenges in growing events, via Digiday - • The decade of display that wasn't, via Medium -
11/12/1734m 28s

Media Voices: The Financial Times' Alyssa Zeisler on using engagement metrics to launch new products

In this week's episode, the Financial Times' audience engagement strategist Alyssa Zeisler takes us through how the team uses engagement metrics to identify a need for new products that benefit new audience segments. In the news round-up the gang attempts the first-ever Media Voices Blitzcast, rounding up as many news items as they can in two minutes each. Among other things, they examine changes to Wired and the FT's paywall strategies, disappointing news for BuzzFeed and the Daily Mail, and a discussion on diversity in the media. The team burns 30 seconds with a discussion of Peter's pelvic floor muscles. We're reading: • How to survive the media apocalypse, via The Atlantic: • The scary tale of the Washington Post's counter-sting investigation, via WaPo: • Killing TIME: Requiem for an Empire, via Josh Quittner:
04/12/1734m 17s

Media Voices: Journalism lecturer Adam Tinworth on the tragedy of platform dependency

This week, visiting lecturer in digital journalism at City University Adam Tinworth takes us through the history of platform dependence. We look at the rise of the intermediary, the tragic loss of focus on building direct relationships, and even touch on Second Life. In the news roundup, Chris and Peter discuss managing director of Times Newspapers Ltd Chris Duncan's declaration that "no more than ten" global English-language news brands will survive from subscriptions, and puzzle over whether journalists should be involved in the marketing material for their newspapers. It's a very sweary episode. We're reading: • The right loves free markets - except when they hurt the Daily Mail, via New Statesman: • I Interviewed a White Nationalist and Fascist. What Was I Left With?, via NYT: Help us improve Media Voices! Take this quick survey and let us know what to change -
27/11/1732m 39s

Media Voices: The Death of Digital Special

In this very special episode of Media Voices, we discuss the conflux of news about BuzzFeed, VICE, Mashable and many more and ask whether the dream of a digital future for publishers is over before it began. It's Media Voices' first birthday! The team briefly reminisce about the travails of launching the podcast, their favourite episodes, and their plans for the future. We're reading: • Newsonomics: The New York Times’ Mark Thompson on regulating Facebook, global ambition, and when to stop the presses (forever), via Nieman Lab - • A mission for journalism in a time of crisis, via Guardian -
20/11/1730m 0s

Media Voices: NYU's Jay Rosen on the Membership Puzzle Project

This week, director of the Membership Puzzle Project Jay Rosen takes us through why membership could be the future of funding journalism, and what needs to be done to make it valuable to readers and publishers alike. In the news round-up the team discusses Esquire's controversy for controversy's sake, how journalism can convince the public it's relevant and useful, and ask what the future of Twitter might look like. Chris takes potshots at two beloved authors. We're reading: • Google UK chief Ronan Harris says digital giant is not stealing advertising from publishers, via Press Gazette - • Snapchat will overhaul its app to boost user numbers, via The Drum - • Is Mark Zuckerberg Facebook's last true believer? via Vanity Fair -
13/11/1736m 47s

Media Voices: The Tip-Off's Maeve McClenaghan on celebrating investigative journalism

This week, host and founder of The Tip-Off Maeve McClenaghan takes us through why it's important to celebrate investigative journalism in an age of 'fake news' and limited resources for journalists. In the news round-up, the team takes a deep dive into new ad-blocking stats, laments the closure of Teen Vogue in print, worries about Snapchat's future and celebrates more paywall success. Audio glitches suspiciously kill a discussion on billionaire media owners. What we're reading: • The United States of American Media, Inc - via Popbitch - • In the hunt for reader revenue, publishers give micropayments another look, via Digiday - • What your site can learn from 100 news organizations with robust membership programs, via Membership Puzzle Project -
06/11/1732m 4s

Media Voices: Dennis Executive Director Kerin O'Connor on The Week's enduring appeal

This week, publisher of The Week Kerin O'Connor takes us through the reasons behind the magazine's continued success on the newsstand, and how it encourages a relationship between it and its audience. In the news round-up the Media Voices team talk about the Guardian's membership success, the spectacularly frightening changes to the Facebook news feed, and ask whether we should be nice to the Duopoly. Listener beware, you're in for a scare! What we're reading: • '“News you don’t believe”: Audience perspectives on fake news', via RISJ: • 'The Gender Trap with Media on Social Channels' via Thomas Baekdal: • 'Why bad ads deserve to die, and what might replace them', via LA Times:
30/10/1735m 46s

Media Voices: Stylist Magazine's editor-in-chief Lisa Smosarski on its circulation success

This week, Stylist Magazine's editor-in-chief Lisa Smosarski explains how the title has managed to grow its weekly circulation at a time when much of the industry is experiencing print decline. In the news round-up the gang butt heads over the Guardian's new £42 million Venture Capital fund, argue about The Wall Street Journal's new social media guidelines and agree that BuzzFeed UK's success is a good thing (mostly). What we're reading: • 'The war to sell you a mattress is an internet nightmare', via Fast Company: • 'Not a revolution (yet): Data journalism hasn’t changed that much in 4 years', via Nieman Lab: • '“De Correspondent” and the blueprint for a successful membership model', via Monday Note:
23/10/1736m 53s

Media Voices: University of Oregon's Damian Radcliffe on local journalism in the Pacific Northwest

In this week's episode, the University of Oregon's Carolyn S. Chambers professor in journalism Damian Radcliffe takes us through his latest report into local journalism in the Pacific Northwest: In the news round-up, the gang discuss strict new NYT social media guidelines for journalism, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's statement on moderating news content, and whether publishers should 'punish' audiences who come in through social. We can't stop making analogies; we're like sharks who just have to keep swimming. What we're reading: • Medium makes its 'open paywall' available to all writers - via WSJ • What Facebook did to American democracy - via The Atlantic • Real news about Fake News - via Nieman Lab Background music courtesy of Nicolai Heidlas Music via SoundCloud -
15/10/1737m 21s

Media Voices: Future's Rock titles Editor in Chief Scott Rowley on covering rockstar deaths

This week Scott Rowley, Editor in Chief of Future's rock titles, takes us through how his magazines responded to death of Tom Petty in real time, and why he believes reporting on rock star deaths is devolving into a "bun fight". In the news round-up, the gang discuss Glamour magazine moving to a bi-annual publishing schedule, whether Google and Facebook failed in the wake of the Las Vegas shootings, and whether Rupert Murdoch is really publishing's White Knight (no). Esther imitates a sheep. We're reading: - Why objective journalism is a misleading and dangerous illusion: -Is 'guerrilla war' being waged on news broadcasters?: -If journalists take sides, who will speak truth to power?:
09/10/1732m 18s

Media Voices: FIPP CEO James Hewes on international lessons for media owners

In this week's episode of Media Voices, Peter speaks to CEO of FIPP James Hewes to discuss its upcoming congress and the lessons learned through watching other titles from round the world. In the news round-up the team discusses the backlash against a pivot to video and the decision by a UK cycle retailer to stop advertising with the right-wing tabloids. Chris, Esther and Peter accidentally make it through a whole episode without mentioning Trump.
24/09/1736m 12s

Media Voices: Deutsche Welle's Esra Doğramacı on best practice for digital video

In this week's episode of Media Voices, Peter travels to Cape Town to interview Deutche Welle's Esra Doğramacı, to find out how the German broadcaster is approaching digital video. In the news round-up, we discuss BuzzFeed turning on banner advertisements and whether that makes them sell-outs, The Atlantic launching a supplement for its hardcore members, and the Yellow Pages going out of print. The team wonders if they can get through a whole episode without mentioning Trump.
11/09/1731m 21s

Media Voices: International Network of Street Papers special

"In this week's episode of Media Voices, Peter speaks to members of the International Network of Street Papers to discover what drives the people behind publications that aim to 'provide an innovative solution to urban homelessness and unemployment'. In the news round-up, Esther and Chris discuss the BBC's Today show widening its paper round-up to include websites, Ars Technica UK and the perils of launching a consumer tech site, and the "coincidental" timing of Murdoch taking Fox News off UK TV screens. The two agree they aren't as impartial as the BBC."
04/09/1740m 0s

Media Voices: De Correspondent's International Editor Maaike Goslinga on crowdfunding journalism

In this week's episode of Media Voices, Peter speaks to De Correspondent's International Editor Maaike Goslinga to find out whether its type of community funded journalism could exist in an English-speaking country. In the news round-up, Peter, Esther, and Chris discuss why magazine cover designers have struck gold with Trump, take bets on whether the pivot to video is good for publishers long-term, and try to come up with a name for a three-party duopoly (harder than you'd think). Chris and Esther argue about the origin of three-dimensional chess. Chris' pick for best Trump cartoon: Peter's pick: Esther's pick:
21/08/1734m 29s

Media Voices: Newspaper analyst Liz Gerard and Stop Funding Hate founder Richard Wilson

This week's episode of Media Voices features two interviewees discussing UK papers' obsession with immigration, the emotive language used on their front pages, and whether anything can halt that trend. First, newspaper analyst Liz Gerard takes us through the recent history of tabloid front pages, then Stop Funding Hate founder Richard Wilson explains the goals of the campaign. In the news round-up, Chris and Peter discuss the news that UK current affairs magazines have seen a year on year rise in circulations and the MediaMavens project, which aims to see what a news publication looks like when only women pick the stories and headlines. Peter sings us out.
14/08/1730m 35s

Media Voices: Nieman fellow Katherine Goldstein on maternity culture in journalism

This week's episode of Media Voices sees Esther speak to Nieman fellow Katherine Goldstein about what it will take to make journalism in the US friendlier to new mothers and maternity leave, following the publication of her article on the subject: In the news round-up we talk about digital success at the Guardian and NYT, the ongoing pivot to video and the successful crowdfunding project to keep Snopes alive. Peter and Chris throw Esther under the bus rather than admit they were wrong about the Guardian's membership scheme.
31/07/1735m 39s

Media Voices: British GQ's Becky Lucas on the true meaning of 'engagement'

In this week's episode of Media Voices, Esther interviews British GQ's Insight and Strategy Editor Becky Lucas to discover what 'engagement' means for a luxury magazine that exists across so many different platforms. In the news round-up Peter, Esther and Chris discuss BBC pay, Snap's latest efforts to thwart its competitors, and (shocker!) falling print revenue, before taking deep dives into the Reuters Institute's latest study and Google's attempt to create a 'friendless' recommendation engine. Esther gets preoccupied with a particular GQ article, and Peter and Chris agree they don't want to join any club that would let them in.
24/07/1735m 9s

Media Voices:'s Mădălina Ciobanu on putting together a great media conference

In this week's episode of Media Voices, we chat to's senior reporter Mădălina Ciobanu about what considerations go into creating an event like the upcoming news:rewired - In the news round-up, Chris and Esther discuss a less-is-more approach to digital display ads (and whether AdBlock Plus was right all along), and why Amazon might be launching its own dedicated messaging app. Esther's lack of experience with MySpace makes Chris confront his own mortality.
17/07/1735m 2s

Media Voices: Dennis UK CTO Paul Lomax on the tech that underpins a modern publisher

In this week's episode of Media Voices we hear from Dennis Publishing's CTO Paul Lomax, who discusses the technology that underpins a modern publisher, and how Dennis builds agile working into its culture. In the news round-up Peter, Esther and Chris talk about the dawning age of robot journalism (we for one welcome our new robot overlords) and discuss the ramifications of journalism becoming the preserve of the rich. Chris and Esther call Peter out on his gratuitous use of devil's avocado.
10/07/1734m 31s

Media Voices: Executive Producer for Social and Emerging Media at CNN Worldwide Samantha Barry

On the fourth of July, Media Voices is celebrating its own Independence Day. In the inaugural episode of our new-look podcast, Esther interviews CNN's executive producer of social and emerging media Samantha Barry about its U.S. election coverage, the rise and rise of chatbots, and how the team approaches storytelling across different platforms. In the news roundup Peter, Chris and Esther discuss the NYT making 100 copy editors redundant, the end of the 'Trump Bump', and Instagram's A.I. approach to censoring nasty comments. Peter throws cold water on Chris' dream of living in a Star Trek universe, and Esther risks the entire future of the podcast on a joke about Peter's accent.
04/07/1731m 1s

TheMediaBriefing: IDG's Michael Friedenberg on driving a major media brand forward

In this week's episode of TheMediaBriefing, we talk to IDG's CEO Michael Friedenberg about how IDG has managed to consistently stay ahead of the curve, the future of display advertising and changing revenue breakdowns within the company. In the news round-up Chris and Esther discuss Apple's in-browser autoplay-blocking following a similar move by Google last week, the launch of News UK's new 'vertical video studio' and two significant new publisher additions to Snapchat Discover. Chris attempts to guess the election results.
12/06/1727m 0s

TheMediaBriefing: Tab Media COO Charlie Gardiner-Hill on taking a student brand to global powerhouse

In this week's episode of TheMediaBriefing, we talk to The Tab's COO Charlie Gardiner-Hill about taking the student brand to the States, building other titles around a totem brand, killer clowns and drinking game rules. In the news round-up Chris and Esther discuss the Guardian's $50,000 fundraising campaign to support an environmental series called 'This Land is Your Land', Google's latest attempt to control and monetise the ad-blocking ecosystem and Slate applying podcasting lessons to try out VR. Chris sings a song.
05/06/1733m 54s

TheMediaBriefing: Owain Rich on the opportunities and challenges of VR storytelling

In this week's episode of TheMediaBriefing, we talk to Owain Rich, co-creator of the Trafficked VR experience, about the opportunities and challenges that come with making a VR film. Topics of discussion include the challenges of distribution of VR content, how to create immersive audio, and what form monetisation of VR should take. In the news round-up, Chris and Esther discuss Apple News' appointment of an editor in chief, a plethora of original video plans, and Facebook's sop to publishers over its Instant Articles.
29/05/1735m 36s

TheMediaBriefing: Author and podcaster Emma Gannon on authenticity and 'the influencer'

In this week's episode of TheMediaBriefing, we talk to author, blogger and podcaster polymath Emma Gannon about the death of 'the influencer', balancing authenticity and commercial concerns, and the relative value of corporate and personal brands. In the news round-up Chris and Esther talk about Facebook's original video programme being delayed and its efforts to take over the internet enter the food ordering marketplace, discuss Wired's edition-based entrance onto Snapchat discover, and try very hard not to swear while talking about net neutrality rules being overturned.
22/05/1729m 12s

TheMediaBriefing: Cosmopolitan UK's editor-in-chief Farrah Storr

In this week's edition of TheMediaBriefing, Esther talks to Cosmopolitan UK's editor-in-chief Farrah Storr about the brand's Snapchat success, whether women's magazines have a duty to be representative of an entire gender, and what the magazine might look like in the future. In the news roundup Chris and Esther discuss Snap Inc's disappointing results, El Pais' plans partnership with Amazon to deliver a print product in under two hours and why Amazon Prime is launching a live concert division. An argument ensues over who owns the MediaBriefing office crown.
15/05/1731m 52s

TheMediaBriefing: The New European's Matt Kelly on bravery and business models

In this week's episode of TheMediaBriefing, The New European's editor Matt Kelly discusses the respective strengths of right- and left-wing rhetoric, the ephemeral nature of pop-up publishing, and what it means for the paper to have been rewarded with four prizes at the British Media Awards last week. In the news round-up Chris and the newly-married Esther discuss Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook's race to own video, newspaper owners' desperate pleas for advertisers to come back to print and Airbnb's new print partnership with Hearst. In our new regular feature 'Who Hath Blighted The Consumer This Week' we discuss whether anyone really needs an IoT-enabled salt shaker.
09/05/1736m 23s

TheMediaBriefing: Virtual Umbrella's Samantha Kingston on the opportunities of VR marketing

In this episode of TheMediaBriefing's podcast, Virtual Umbrella co-founder Samantha Kingston explains the business case for VR marketing, takes us through what is required before the technology is mainstream, and describes the kinds of experiences that are best for convincing people of the medium's potential. Chris tries and fails to not mention the VR mode of Resident Evil 7. In the news roundup Chris and Peter discuss the duopoly's latest moves in terms of ad-blocking and cloning Snapchat, Reed Hastings saying Netflix's biggest competitor is 'sleep', and launch a new feature called 'Who Hath Blighted The Consumer This Week?'
24/04/1733m 57s

TheMediaBriefing: Bauer's head of ePublishing Jim Foster on native app strategy

On the latest episode of TheMediaBriefing, Bauer's head of ePublishing Jim Foster takes us through the publisher's app and distributed publishing strategies and provides a look back at how the company went from having no apps to considering one for each publication. Chris and Esther try not to sound too incredulous when he describes a time in magazine publishing when the market could support multiple magazines about carp.
03/04/1730m 56s

TheMediaBriefing: Trinity Mirror's digital innovation editor Alison Gow

In the March 28th episode of TheMediaBriefing, we talk to Trinity Mirror's digital innovation editor Alison Gow on the opportunities afforded by live video for national and regional media, in addition to talking AR and best practice for engaging with communities on social platforms. In the news round-up Chris and Esther discuss the ongoing YouTube ad blackout, why reddit is introducing profile pages, Twitter's new premium offering and more success for The Times' subscription model.
27/03/1730m 58s

TheMediaBriefing: NewsThump founder Richard Smith

The definition of Fake News went from 'specific term for misinformation spread via social networks' to 'objective fact I disagree with' within a week of its conception. In the same way you can physically watch bamboo grow, you could watch the the term 'fake news' become meaningless with your bare eyes. While the term itself is nebulous and ill-defined now, the responses to it have been very real and concrete. Facebook, a vector for the spread of misinformation, has now implemented its response, making it much harder for users to spread 'fake news'. But there are other efforts underway behind the scenes, and attempts to curb the spread of misinformation is hitting satirical humour sites too. In this episode of TheMediaBriefing's podcast, NewsThump's founder Richard Smith explains how his site has been caught in the crossfire. In the news round-up, Chris and Esther discuss TMB favourite Quartz becoming profitable after four years, George Osborne's ascension to editorship of the London Evening Standard and how the Hustle email newsletter raised $300k from its readers in 55 hours.
20/03/1729m 15s

TheMediaBriefing: 'Beyond the Article' author Kevin Anderson

In this episode of TheMediaBriefing's podcast we talk to Kevin Anderson, author of the Beyond the Article: Frontiers of Editorial and Commercial Innovation report for the Reuters Institute. We discuss platform plurality, the need for good project managers and why editorial and commercial innovation need to be wed. In the news round-up Chris and Esther discuss the Metro's circulation 'success', Vimeo's 360 video project and Instant Article disappointment.
13/03/1734m 2s

TheMediaBriefing: Ethical Journalism Network director Aidan White

In this episode of TheMediaBriefing, we speak to the director of the Ethical Journalism Network Aidan White about publishers, platforms and fake news, before hearing about the ongoing problems for self-regulation in China and the pressures on journalists and publishers outside of the UK.
06/03/1731m 56s

TheMediaBriefing: Editorial cartoonist Andy Davey

In this episode of TheMediaBriefing podcast, we speak to editorial cartoonist Andy Davey to dicuss his work for the Guardian; The Sun; Private Eye; Punch and more, and discuss how the homogenisation of digital news brands can be stopped. In the news roundup, Chris and Esther debate the pros and cons of Google AMP for publishers, reported declines in the number of editorial staff at the FT, Slate, Thrillist and other, and Esther fails to prevent Chris evangelising about virtual reality and its use at publishers.
27/02/1729m 16s

TheMediaBriefing: Digital Media Strategies special

In this very special episode of TheMediaBriefing podcast, we hear from four speakers at Digital Media Strategies '17, Europe's premier media conference. In the news round-up, Chris and Esther discuss Facebook, Google and Playboy.
20/02/1731m 30s

TheMediaBriefing: Facebook's Nick Wrenn on 'fake news'

Facebook dominates any conversation about media in 2017. Whether it's an examination of its role in disseminating journalism, its status as a vector for 'fake news' or its position as one of the digital advertising duopoly, it's an unmissable feature of the media landscape. In this episode of TheMediaBriefing we speak to Facebook's head of news partnerships EMEA Nick Wrenn to discuss those issues and how they affect the publisher-platform relationship.
13/02/1734m 43s

TheMediaBriefing: News UK's Helen Philpot

In this week's episode of TheMediaBriefing, News UK's director of business change Helen Philpot takes us through the challenges and opportunities of change for a large media business, with a focus on where News UK looks for inspiration and sets goals for new endeavours. In the news round-up, Chris and Esther discuss the Guardian's membership growth, the strengths and weaknesses of Snap ahead of its IPO, and Medium's new subscription model.
06/02/1731m 8s

TheMediaBriefing: Glamour's Jo Elvin

In the latest, entirely Trump-free podcast, we hear from Glamour UK's editor in chief Jo Elvin on its recent format change and price drop, its enduring place in the minds of its readers and how the magazine and society are reciprocal reflections of one another. In the news round-up, Chris and Esther talk Guardian rumours, print closures (we don't seek these out, we swear!) and the latest skirmish in the Facebook-Snapchat war.
30/01/1728m 48s

TheMediaBriefing: Mashable's UK editor Anne-Marie Tomchak

In this edition of TheMediaBriefing's podcast, Mashable's UK editor Anne-Marie Tomchak tells us about how the digital brand is using social to reach an ever-more vital and relevant audience. Chris and Esther discuss Trinity job losses, a wobble about online video news and Quartz's pivot away from events to a subscription-based business.
23/01/1725m 34s

TheMediaBriefing: The Times' Joseph Stashko

In this second edition of TheMediaBriefing's podcast, we hear from The Times' and Sunday Times' digital news development editor Joseph Stashko about the past, present and future of publishers' newsletter strategies and how they can support a commercial proposition. Also, Chris and Esther hesitantly try to pronounce a lot of names of European companies and segue into a discussion about comment sections. Stay tuned throughout the podcast for a promotional 10 percent discount code for our upcoming Digital Media Strategies 2017 event!
16/01/1730m 19s

TheMediaBriefing: Metropolis Magazine's Vanessa Quirk on the future of podcasting

In the first podcast of 2017 Chris and Esther take a whistlestop tour through all the media news of the past week, we speak to podcasting guru Vanessa Quirk to find out what it'll take for the medium to become (more) mainstream, and we get a special guest appearance from Alexa herself.
10/01/1730m 17s

TheMediaBriefing: The Memo's Alex Wood

In this lightly festive episode of TheMediaBriefing, the TMB editorial trio discuss whether apps are the future of magazines, the long-term viability of the "Trump bump" and hear from The Memo's founder and editor-in-chief Alex Wood ahead of the tech site's push into the U.S.
19/12/1631m 2s

TheMediaBriefing: Quartz's Simon Davies

Simon Davies of Quartz tells us how the international business-focused news outlet builds innovation and product development into the workflow. Later, Chris and Esther tempt fate.
12/12/1630m 2s

TheMediaBriefing: Empire's Terri White

Empire's editor-in-chief talks to TMB about adapting a print product for an increasingly digital audience, with a focus on experiential cinema, live events (with slime) and digital video.
05/12/1628m 14s

TheMediaBriefing: The Drum's Diane Young

When is a magazine company not a magazine company?
28/11/1623m 50s

TheMediaBriefing: The Economist's Denise Law

In the inaugural episode of the TMB podcast, we take you through the fake news epidemic, Glamour magazine's decision to protect a luxury format, and hear from The Economist's community editor Denise Law about the journal's social strategy.
21/11/1627m 45s
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