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Divided States

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Divided States is the American politics podcast from Sky News looking at all the issues that divide the most powerful country on the planet.


Biden vs Putin: Is the Ukraine crisis one big bluff?

The headlines over the past month have been dominated by one issue: Ukraine. In this episode of Divided States, Sky News US Correspondent Mark Stone talks to the great-granddaughter of one of Vladimir Putin’s predecessors. Now a professor in New York, Nina Khrushcheva says the West continues to misunderstand the Russian psyche. And democratic strategist Mark Mellman defends President Biden against claims he’s botching another foreign policy challenge.
28/01/2228m 11s

A trial that divided America: How Kyle Rittenhouse walked free

18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse was on trial for murder - in August 2020 he’d shot and killed two men and wounded a third in racial unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Last week he was acquitted on five counts. It's a trial that has divided America - the right are heralding him as a hero, while the left are condemning a justice system they say is flawed.In this episode, US Correspondent Mark Stone explains how Kyle Rittenhouse walked free, and chats to Robin Givhan, senior critic-at-large at the Washington Post, about what the case says about America.
23/11/2122m 27s

Abortion in America: Texas' 'heartbeat bill' and beyond

This week a Texas judge halted the so-called ‘heartbeat bill’ which bans abortions after 6 weeks, calling it “flagrantly unconstitutional”. But the ruling is temporary, and Texas has already appealed it. It’s already testing the landmark Roe v Wade decision made by the Supreme Court in 1973.After recently going to Texas to report on the abortion restrictions in effect, the Sky News US team sit down to explain what’s happening with the ‘heartbeat bill’, and what’s next for abortion rights across the States.
08/10/2128m 8s

Abandoning Afghanistan: Biden's darkest hour?

It's been the most extraordinary week for Afghanistan, for Joe Biden and for America’s allies. Why was there such chaos in Kabul? How will this Taliban takeover play out - on the ground and in the White House? Can President Biden recover from this?In this episode, Sky News' new US Correspondent Mark Stone speaks to Charity Wallace - former Chief of Staff to First Lady Laura Bush - about the potentially catastrophic impact the US withdrawal will have on Afghanistan's women and girls. He also chats to Charles Lister, counter terrorism and foreign policy expert at the Middle East institute, about the impact Biden's decision making is having in the US and across the world.
20/08/2134m 25s

Toxic air, dirty water: Erin Brockovich on solving America's climate crisis

In a corner of southwest Detroit, there's a community that's spent years grappling with the air they're breathing in. The 48217 district has become known as Michigan's "most polluted zip code". There are more than two dozen pollutant-producing facilities owned by multiple companies scattered in and around the area, and residents say it's severely harming their health. The story of the 48217 district bears the hallmarks of many poor communities of colour in the US. Joe Biden has touted an extremely ambitious plan to help tackle climate change and environmental pollution. His challenge, though, will be balancing his big green ideas with big job generation.US Correspondent Cordelia Lynch speaks to renowned environmental activist Erin Brockovich about the situation in Detroit, and how the climate crisis at large should be tackled.
20/04/2127m 18s

Racist America: Will we see change?

Racism is persistent and pervasive in America's history and present, but what about its future? US Correspondent Cordelia Lynch reflects on whether the US has reached a true turning point, with promises of institutional reform starting to come into effect, and the upcoming trial of Derek Chauvin throwing George Floyd's tragic killing into the spotlight once more. All this in the context of Oprah's explosive Harry and Meghan interview where allegations of racism within the British royal family caused waves on both sides of the Atlantic.
19/03/2129m 25s

What now for QAnon?

QAnon has gone from fringe conspiracy theory to mainstream news. The latest prophecy of the group was that Donald Trump would be inaugurated again on 4th March 2021. Of course, that didn't come to fruition. So, what now?In the first deep-dive episode of a new Divided States series, US Correspondent Cordelia Lynch interviews former Q followers to understand its devastating impact, and talks to conspiracy expert Mike Rothschild about where it all goes from here.
05/03/2130m 29s

46th President with 99+ problems

Joe Biden became the 46th President of the United States on Wednesday, and his VP pick Kamala Harris made history as the first black woman to hold such high office. Does a new administration mean a new era?US Correspondent Cordelia Lynch and Washington Bureau Chief Emily Purser Brown discuss the many problems facing the new team - not least a pandemic that's still raging. This week they're joined by former Trump aide Omarosa Manigault Newman to gauge what Donald Trump may do next.
22/01/2133m 58s

Insurrection, impeachment, inauguration

In the first fortnight of 2021 we have seen extraordinary events in the United States. After a violent pro-Trump mob stormed the United States Capitol, Donald Trump has become the only US President to be impeached twice. The security threat in Washington DC and other state capitals is at an all-time high as the country prepares to inaugurate President-elect Joe Biden. US Correspondent Cordelia Lynch and Washington Bureau Chief Emily Purser Brown reflect on a crazy couple of weeks.
15/01/2127m 59s

2020 reflections: How pandemic politics changed America

It might be a year we'd all like to forget, but 2020 will need chapters upon chapters of history books written about it. Trump on trial, pandemic politics and a racial reckoning - all themes of an extraordinary 12 months. US correspondent Cordelia Lynch and Washington bureau chief Emily Purser Brown reflect upon the moments that stuck out, with the help of Washington Post Senior Correspondent and author of 'Trump on Trial: The Investigation, Impeachment, Acquittal and Aftermath' Kevin Sullivan.Divided States will be back in the new year.
10/12/2040m 11s

Dr Fauci and Newsmax CEO: The interviews

There are two tandem stories going on in America: a race for a vaccine and a President still trying to claim election victory. This week Cordelia Lynch and Emily Purser Brown digest Sky News' interview with the White House's chief immunologist Dr Anthony Fauci, and talk to Chris Ruddy - the CEO of Newsmax, a channel which has garnered a new audience by airing the President's claims of electoral fraud.
03/12/2041m 53s

Lame duck pardons turkey

It's Thanksgiving in the US - and with it comes one zany tradition: the official presidential pardon of a prize turkey. And it wasn't President Trump's only pardon of the week.US correspondent Cordelia Lynch and Washington bureau chief Emily Purser Brown unpick developments in Washington, where a now lame duck president is formally transitioning out of the job, but continuing to question the integrity of the election.
26/11/2023m 0s

A transition in limbo

Joe Biden is the president-elect, but Donald Trump is yet to concede. His loyalists are pursuing legal challenges, but we still haven't seen any evidence of electoral fraud.US correspondent Cordelia Lynch and Washington bureau chief Emily Purser Brown discuss why Washington has gone quiet, the global response to a Biden/Harris White House and whether we can ever expect a concession speech from Donald Trump.They're joined this week by longtime Republican strategist Rory Cooper.
12/11/2030m 9s

BONUS: President-elect Joe Biden – the man, the politician and the new FLOTUS

America finally decided after more than three days of uncertainty while election ballots were counted.In his first speech since being named US president-elect, Joe Biden promised to “unify” the country and heal deep divisions. But what more do we know about the 77-year-old, who, after his inauguration on 20 January, will officially become the next US commander-in-chief? On this edition of the Sky News Daily podcast, Dermot Murnaghan is joined by our diplomatic editor Dominic Waghorn to take a closer look at what we can expect from a President Biden.Plus, Sharon Manitta from Democrats Abroad UK talks about the new first lady – what role might Jill Biden play in the White House?Daily podcast team:Podcast producer - Annie JoycePodcast producer - Nicola EyersPodcast producer – Emma-Rae Woodhouse Interviews producer - Oli FosterArchive - Simon WindsorMusic - Steven Wheeler
09/11/2032m 26s

Joe Biden wins the presidency, Donald Trump golfs

After a long wait, a victory in Pennsylvania helped win Joe Biden the presidency of the United States. While Democrats celebrated history being made, Donald Trump golfed, and his lawyers upped the ante on challenging the electoral process. US correspondent Cordelia Lynch and Washington bureau chief Emily Purser Brown reflect on the day, the week, and the campaign that made this moment. What will a Joe Biden presidency mean for America? What will Donald Trump do next? And where does a divided America go from here?
08/11/2026m 28s

Too early to call

The votes are still coming in, and America hasn't yet picked a President - where do we go from here?US Correspondent Cordelia Lynch and Washington Bureau Chief Emily Purser Brown bring you this episode of Divided States from a tented roof in Washington DC to unpick the key moments of election night and debate the potential paths to victory for both Joe Biden and Donald Trump in the hours and days ahead.
04/11/2018m 34s

BONUS: America Decides: How does the US election work?

From the Sky News Daily team: Will Donald Trump defeat Joe Biden to secure a second term in the White House? Or has his Democratic opponent done enough to win over US voters?On this edition of the Sky News Daily podcast with Dermot Murnaghan, we hear from Americans Joe Radinovich and Samuel Mangold-Lenett on what the election means to them and who they want as their commander-in-chief for the next four years.But how does a US election actually work?Dermot is joined by Assistant Professor of History at the University of Sunderland, Dr Kevin Yuill, to discuss the American political system – plus our US correspondent Cordelia Lynch gives us her analysis of the election campaign.
02/11/2034m 4s

Four more years? A Biden landslide? What could happen on election day?

Only five days to go until election day and the scenarios for what next week might look like are endless. A red mirage? A blue wave? Too close to call? US correspondent Cordelia Lynch and Washington bureau chief Emily Purser Brown game the possible outcomes as campaigns draw to a close, with the help of nonpartisan election expert Professor Nate Persily.
29/10/2030m 4s

Will the last debate change anything?

The second and final presidential debate was a much more civilised affair - a win for the mute button perhaps, but also for the American public. With less than two weeks to go until November 3rd, Cordelia Lynch and Emily Purser Brown unpick Trump and Biden's attack lines, and discuss whether the debate performances will actually matter with millions of votes already cast. They're also joined this week by veteran Republican strategist Chuck Coughlin who's got an ear to the ground in the ever-changing swing state of Arizona.
23/10/2036m 49s

Swinging into battle

He claims to be Covid-free, and President Trump is back on the campaign trail - but is he fighting a losing battle?US Correspondent Cordelia Lynch and Washington Bureau Chief Emily Purser Brown discuss the state of the race with just over two weeks to go until election day, diving deep into key swing states Florida and Pennsylvania.They're joined this week by Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania John Fetterman.
16/10/2036m 18s

A long week in Washington: President Trump gets Covid

It’s been a week since President Trump became America’s highest profile Covid-19 patient: the White House is now a hotspot, and the election campaign is in complete disarray.Cordelia Lynch and Emily Purser Brown take you through a rollercoaster Washington week, which took the President from parties at the White House, to hospital, to celebrating a ‘cure’ for the disease.They also review the Vice Presidential debate in Salt Lake City – and the new row over whether the next presidential debate will even take place.And we speak to former GOP communications director Tara Setmayer about the presidential race and how her group the Lincoln Project, made up of conservative 'Never Trumpers', is trying to make a difference.
08/10/2057m 1s

“Will you shut up, man!” - The fallout from the first presidential debate

The first presidential debate was a chaotic, rowdy affair – more of a verbal brawl than a political high point.Donald Trump and Joe Biden interrupted and insulted each other, and many voters weren’t impressed.Cordelia Lynch and Emily Purser Brown are in Cleveland, Ohio, and break down the highs and lows from an astonishing night.They’re joined by Doug Rivers, Chief Scientist at YouGov, who polled people on the night with fascinating results.
30/09/2031m 49s

BONUS: The life and legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Measuring just 5ft in height, the late Supreme Court judge was both small in stature and softly spoken.But the Brooklyn-born woman – known affectionately as the "Notorious RBG" – was a towering giant for gender equality and civil rights throughout her life.On this edition of the Sky News Daily podcast, Jayne Secker speaks to Christopher Scalia – the son of former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia - and opera singer, Lawrence Brownlee, as they share their personal stories and fondest memories of the 87-year-old who passed away earlier this month.We are also joined by our US correspondent Cordelia Lynch, as we look back at Justice Ginsburg’s life and discuss her legacy.Subscribe to the Daily podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, SpreakerDaily podcast team:Podcast producer - Annie JoycePodcast producer - Nicola EyersPodcast producer – Emma Rae WoodhouseInterviews producer - Oli FosterInterviews producer – Reece DentonArchive - Simon WindsorMusic - Steven Wheeler
27/09/2030m 19s

The fight for RBG's Supreme Court seat

This week on Divided States, Emily Purser Brown and Cordelia Lynch reflect on the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a champion of gender equality who became a pop culture icon: the notorious RBG. Her dying wish was that her seat on the Supreme Court not be filled until after this November's election but Donald Trump and the Republican Party have made clear that, despite just 40 days to go until election day and early voting already underway in some states, they intend to appoint a new justice. Democrats have accused the Republicans of hypocrisy after they blocked Barack Obama's nominee to the Supreme Court, Merrick Garland, in 2016, when they said it was 'too close to the election' and 'the people should decide.' His nominee was made nine months before the 2016 election. Emily and Cordy discuss what a new Trump-appointed justice would mean, tipping the court 6-3 in favour of the conservatives, for hundreds of millions of Americans whose healthcare and abortion rights, among other issues, are on the line.Listen and subscribe to Divided States wherever you get your podcasts.
25/09/2030m 38s

Wildfires and wild science

As wildfires burn across the West Coast, climate change has finally become an election issue. Donald Trump and Joe Biden disagree on even the most basic of facts – with Trump saying this week “I don’t think science knows”.Cordelia Lynch and Emily Purser Brown discuss how the issue could move votes in this cluttered election.We also dig into Biden’s challenge with Hispanic voters in Florida, a key swing state, in conversation with Democrat Sean Shaw who’s in Tampa.
17/09/2033m 56s

The race for the White House tightens

With just eight weeks until the presidential election, we’re back with a new season.Cordelia Lynch and Emily Purser Brown discuss the state of the race as we enter the final, intense period of the campaign, and why the polls have been narrowing in the past few weeks. Plus they consider if President Trump’s messaging about law and order is working in critical swing states. This week, they’re joined by Neil Levesque, the director of the New Hampshire Institute of Politics.
10/09/2038m 7s

Introducing...Polonium & the Piano Player

Two Russians agents release a miniature nuclear weapon in a 5-star London hotel. But former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko is not the only victim? For the full series, search 'Polonium & the Piano Player.'From Sky News StoryCast.
20/08/202m 6s

Good trouble, bad trouble, election trouble

It’s just under 100 days until the election – although Donald Trump might like it to be longer. This week he floated the idea of delaying the vote, a power he does not have.Cordelia Lynch and Emily Purser Brown decipher what the President actually means, and the message he’s trying to send to his supporters about the legitimacy of the election.It prompted President Obama to get political as he delivered the eulogy at Congressman John Lewis’ funeral - a sober, touching tribute to a life well-lived.We’ll be back after a break for the summer – join us for Season 3 in September.
31/07/2024m 1s

Person. Woman. Man. President.

Donald Trump is cognitively brilliant - at least that’s what he says. It’s been an interesting week at the White House, as the president grapples with coronavirus cases soaring, and his election poll numbers going in the opposite direction.Cordelia Lynch and Emily Purser Brown are in Florida, at the heart of America’s COVID crisis. They talk through Trump’s change in strategy this week, and his challenge getting the pandemic under control as the summer wears on. Plus, they have the tragic story of a woman who lost two of her children to COVID - who has a warning for other young people.
24/07/2019m 59s

On-the-ground in America’s COVID surge

This week our team are in Texas, Florida and California as the number of coronavirus cases dramatically rises in the United States, even as states re-open.Cordelia Lynch is joined by Special Correspondent Alex Crawford, who has been inside the ICU of a hospital in Houston, Texas talking to doctors about the new ways they are treating the virus, and the worsening situation in America's second most populous state.Greg Milam is in Los Angeles, California where beaches have been shut to avoid continued spread.And Emily Purser Brown and Cordelia have been in Miami, Florida - a state that where the governor had declared victory against the virus, and where now they are dealing with a serious crisis.
08/07/2038m 37s

George Floyd: Is this America’s tipping point?

A conversation with Karen Attiah, Global Opinions Editor at the Washington Post.Just back from Minneapolis, this week Cordelia Lynch and Emily Purser Brown are joined by Karen Attiah to discuss whether the movement sparked by George Floyd’s death will finally be a tipping point for America’s systemic racism, and if there will be lasting change.
12/06/2053m 52s

Protests and rage engulf America

It has been an astonishing week in America. The death of George Floyd cut the country to its very core, igniting a movement that is difficult to compare.Over the past few days, we have seen America’s major cities burning. Protests from coast-to-coast that have often ended in violence and chaos. But behind it… a huge amount of national anguish and despair. Many people in America are asking questions about the decades’ long injustices against people of colour in this country, their own identities, and indeed questioning the very foundations on which this society is built.This week our team have been in the protests from Minneapolis to Washington DC. Amanda Walker, Cordelia Lynch and Emily Purser Brown talk about their experience in those chaotic moments, what protestors are hoping for, and what this moment might mean for America.And we hear impassioned and emotional speeches from George Floyd's brother, Terrence, and rapper and activist Killer Mike on the need for police reforms and justice for the African-American community.Listen wherever you get your podcasts.
02/06/2055m 44s

Donald Trump experiments with drugs

It surprised everyone: President Trump is taking hydroxycholorquine as a prophylactic for Coronavirus. He dropped the announcement at the end of a long event, and it sent Washington into a spin.On this week’s episode we take a deep dive into the drug normally used to treat malaria, and ask why the leader of the free world is choosing to take it. His own government agencies have yet to approve hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 – so what’s driving Donald Trump?Amanda Walker, Cordelia Lynch and Emily Purser Brown talk through Donald Trump’s journey with the science behind the medicine, who else has been pushing the drug, and who, in all of this, called him fat.Download Divided States wherever you get your podcasts.
21/05/2033m 6s

Has America had enough of experts?

On this week’s episode, we look at the stark message from the government’s scientists, not to rush re-opening – and discuss whether that advice is being followed by President Trump.A top government virologist turned whistleblower gave a damning appraisal of the Trump administration’s handling of the crisis on Capitol Hill - as the White House tries to contain its own outbreak.When will a vaccine be ready? When will America’s schools re-open? These are questions that draw division, even within the White House’s own team.Amanda Walker, Cordelia Lynch and Emily Purser Brown are in Washington to talk through the latest on the US response to Coronavirus.
15/05/2037m 42s

Live or Let Die?

America is not out of the woods with coronavirus - far from it. But states are beginning to re-open, and Donald Trump is back on the road too.This week our team in Washington DC talk about the President’s trip to an Arizona mask factory – where he didn’t wear a mask – and the astonishing choice of music during the visit (spoiler: it’s a Guns N’ Roses classic).And as governors try and reopen and restart their state’s economies, we’ve been to Pennsylvania to talk to Trump voters about how they feel the President has handled the crisis.Lastly we can’t forget the presidential election: we’re getting ready for Joe Biden to pick his Vice Presidential candidate – we talk you through the runners and riders. Download and subscribe to Divided States wherever you get your podcasts.
07/05/2041m 16s

Is it too soon to re-open America?

Over the past week, protests have begun to spring up across America, demanding that the economy re-opens. They have been partly spurred on by President Trump – but does relaxing social distancing now fit the medical data?This week on Divided States, we take you inside those protests, talking to the people there to find out what’s driving them to show up.Our team are all back in Washington DC: Amanda Walker, Cordelia Lynch and Emily Purser Brown talk though the latest developments on the miracle cure that wasn’t, and discuss what’s going on with President Trump’s latest immigration ban.
23/04/2036m 15s

Trump tries to reopen America as Obama gets into the 2020 race

Across America over 30,000 people have died from coronavirus - doubling in one week - hundreds of thousands of people are sick and millions are struggling for financial survival. Donald Trump is lashing out as his handling of the crisis comes under intense scrutiny. But despite no real end in sight - the president is intent on opening at least part of the country in two weeks' time.On Divided States, Amanda Walker is in Washington and joined on the podcast by Alistair Bunkall, in New York, and Greg Milam, in California.They discuss Trump's bizarre press conference this week, where he declared he had 'absolute power', and after which he was accused of having 'the biggest meltdown ever' from a US president and of trying to 'rewrite history' over his administration's response to the coronavirus pandemic. Greg tell us how the west coast of America is coping with the lockdown, and Ali revisits a doctor in New York who a few weeks ago described the situation there as 'hell' and 'worse than 9/11.'We also discuss the 2020 race for the White House as former President Barack Obama formally endorses Joe Biden. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have also given their endorsement, Warren going so far to say that she would accept being Biden's pick for running mate.
16/04/2042m 49s

Life, death, and hunger in COVID-19 America

The coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the United States. Cordelia Lynch and Emily Purser present an eyewitness report from inside one Brooklyn hospital where they are struggling to cope with the amount of patients., and report from one morgue where workers are now Facetiming victims' families so they can say one final goodbye. But is there also some hope coming out of America's epicentre, New York, with signs that social distancing is working and the curve is flattening. In the nation's capital Washington DC, Amanda Walker explains why President Trump has attacked the World Health Organisation and threatened to withhold their funding, and why he continues to encourage Americans to take the untested drug hydroxycholoroquine.And you may be forgiven for forgetting that we are in an election year but we are. Bernie Sanders, the democratic socialist, has dropped out of the Democratic race for president, leaving Joe Biden, President Obama's vice-president, as the party's presumptive nominee to take on Donald Trump this November.
10/04/2040m 41s

In New York: Ground Zero of America's coronavirus crisis

The United States now has more cases of the coronavirus than any other country in the world, with more than 190,000 people testing positive for the disease and over 4,000 deaths.New York has been hardest hit. Refrigerated trucks are now being used as emergency morgues as hospitals become increasingly overwhelmed, US Navy hospital ship Comfort has been sent to New York City to offer some respite, and a field hospital has now been set up in the middle of Central Park. Alistair Bunkall brings you the latest from the epicentre of the US' battle against COVID-19 as doctors describe the pandemic as 'hell' and claim the crisis is worse than 9/11.Even funeral homes are being overrun. Cordelia Lynch and Emily Purser share a special report from the Gerard J Nuefeld funeral home in New York City as families are not even allowed to bury their dead. "The crematoriums really aren't letting anybody in. The cemeteries are, for the most part, telling people to stay in their cars and just watch the burial from the gravesite."Also on the podcast this week, Amanda Walker reports from the nation's capital Washington DC and discusses whether the penny has finally dropped for Donald Trump after the President backtracked on plans to stop social distancing by Easter Sunday.
01/04/2041m 10s

COVID-19 crisis: Can 15 days save America?

The Coronavirus has America in its grip, and life here is changing fast. But just as the rest of the world shuts down, President Trump has started talking about opening the US back up. Will it really only take 15 days to fight off this virus?Much like in Europe, our Sky News crew in the US are working from home and living under severe restrictions. We’ve battled the tech to get together virtually, to talk about Donald Trump’s endgame here, and how the situation in hotspots like New York might play out.Download Divided States wherever you normally get your podcasts.
24/03/2028m 14s

COVID-19: America in lockdown

The Coronavirus pandemic is rapidly spreading through the US, and the response has been intense. Normal life has been suspended in many parts of America: schools are closed, so too are many bars and restaurants, and the public are grappling with the prospect of social distancing for months.The crew talk through all the astonishing changes made in just the last few days. How will the US economy survive such an enormous shock? What happens to small businesses who are forced to close? Will the US election still happen?Listen to Divided States, wherever you get your podcasts.
16/03/2029m 55s

Super Tuesday: The return of Joe Biden

We’re back! And what a day to return with Season Two - with more twists and turns in the race for the White House.Joe Biden's candidacy looked all but dead in the water a few weeks ago, but after an incredible comeback over four days, he is now in a two-horse race with Bernie Sanders to be the Democratic nominee for president.The crew talk through the results: Where next for Bernie Sanders? What happened to Mike Bloomberg? Catch up with all the latest with our team across America.
04/03/2031m 39s

Donald Trump acquitted, the race to the White House begins

Fresh from a cold week in Iowa, the team are back in Washington and just in time for Donald Trump to be acquitted in the impeachment trial.Cordelia Lynch, Amanda Walker and Emily Purser Brown debate whether that inevitable outcome will change anything in Washington…or not.Meanwhile, the results from the Iowa caucus drip in - with a surprise winner - after a disastrous night for the organisers and their new results-service app.It's our final episode this season - what a whirlwind it's been in Washington lately. We'll be back with plenty of the news on the 2020 campaign trail soon.Listen to Divided States wherever good podcasts are broadcast.
06/02/2033m 48s

Can anyone defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 election?

This week the crew discuss the bombshell new revelations that could have changed the impeachment trial – and how Democrats’ hopes fell apart.Leaks from an upcoming book by former National Security Adviser John Bolton created major jeopardy over the question of whether the Senate would call witnesses as part of the trial: would enough Republicans want to hear what he had to say to rebel against their party?In the end, they didn’t - but it prompted a lot of questions for Amanda Walker, Cordelia Lynch and Emily Purser Brown to chew through.Also this week – the Iowa caucus is upon us! Emily and Cordelia are on the road in the snowy mid-west state, finding out which candidate is whipping up the most excitement. Listen to Divided States every Saturday, wherever you get your podcasts.
02/02/2035m 12s

All you need to know from the first week of the impeachment trial

The impeachment trial is upon us! After weeks of wrangling, this week the Senate finally began to hear evidence in the trial that the Democrats hope will remove Donald Trump from office.Join Amanda Walker, Cordelia Lynch and Emily Purser Brown as they catch up on the highlights of this week's evidence, and how bad it is for the president.The week belonged to the Democrats, who had three days to present their case - but much of the action was outside of the Senate floor, with both sides trying to spin the evidence as best they could. We caught up with Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders - and many more of the politicians at the heart of this trial.Plus - with hours spent on the Senate floor without their phones, what are senators allowed to bring in with them? And what can they drink? You may be surprised by the answer.
24/01/2030m 57s

Will new evidence change the Senate impeachment trial?

The impeachment trial is upon us, and the 2020 race is heating up – all while Donald Trump goes head-to-head with Iran.This week Amanda Walker, Cordelia Lynch and Emily Purser Brown catch up on the surprising twist in the impeachment story, as new evidence comes out ahead of the Senate trial beginning in earnest. We also check in on which of the Democrat candidates is cutting through, as the ‘woman’ question comes to the fore, and chew over the impact of President Trump’s action in the Middle East. Listen to Divided States every Saturday, wherever you get your podcasts.
17/01/2036m 22s

President Trump gets impeached

It was a momentous week in Washington: for the third time in America's history - the House of Representatives voted to impeach a president.Donald Trump will not be removed from office but that should not detract from the gravity of this moment and what it means for the future.This week, Cordelia Lynch, Emily Purser Brown and Greg Milam talk through the highlights of this historic week, why it matters and what comes next.Cordelia takes us to Capitol Hill, where she was reporting as the House debated and then voted on the articles of impeachment. She got the views of several of those voting, including New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.Plus, Greg travelled to Michigan, where President Trump held his final rally of the year, complete with Christmas trees topped with Make America Great Again hats. He spoke to Trump’s loyal fans to get their views on all the developments in Washington.Listen to Divided States every Saturday, wherever you get your podcasts. We’re taking a break for the holidays now – see you in the New Year.
20/12/1943m 24s

High crimes and misdemeanors

It’s Go time in Washington DC. The Democrats have filed their Articles of Impeachment, and the stage is set for Donald Trump to be impeached by the House of Representatives. This week on Divided States, Cordelia Lynch, Amanda Walker and Emily Purser Brown catch up on the latest news in the impeachment process that is dominating politics in Washington – and get a view into how much Americans outside of the nation’s capital actually care. In part one, we discuss the highlights of the week – what’s in the articles of impeachment, what happens with the big vote next week – and are the outcomes already set in stone?In part two, Amanda travels to Racine in the south east corner of Wisconsin. A swing state, in 2016 the voters there turned away from the Democrats and helped Trump on his path to the White House. How do they feel now their president is facing such a serious challenge from the Democrats, and are they even listening?In part three, Cordelia has a conversation with Jeffrey Engel, co-author of the brilliant Impeachment: An American history. It is essential reading on what’s come before, and what the founding fathers would have made of Donald Trump’s actions – making him the perfect person to round out the week. Subscribe to Divided States wherever you get your podcasts, and listen every Saturday.
13/12/1937m 51s

The beginning of the beginning

This week on Divided States, it’s the end of the impeachment investigations, and the start of what might be the endgame for House Democrats. Amanda Walker, Cordelia Lynch and Emily Purser Brown talk you through another dizzying week of impeachment developments in Washington, as politicians hurtle towards Christmas – and Donald Trump makes a splash in London.In part 1, we discuss our highlights from this week, which saw the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee hand the baton to their colleagues in Congress. President Trump has been in at the NATO summit in London, and Nancy Pelosi has come out fighting.In part 2, Cordelia takes a deep dive in Rudy Giuliani, the president’s lawyer and the man at the heart of this investigation. How did he go from being America’s mayor, beloved for his role in New York following 9/11 – to the President’s problematic fixer?And in part 3, Amanda talks to Washington grande dame, journalist and writer Elizabeth Drew. She lived through and covered Watergate, and has plenty to say about this impeachment too.Subscribe to Divided States wherever you get your podcasts, and listen every Saturday.
06/12/1935m 17s

The president punches back

This week on Divided States, Cordelia Lynch, Amanda Walker and Emily Purser-Brown have got a Thanksgiving infused feast for you - a three course impeachment banquet. In part one, we discuss some of our highlights of the week, including President Trump's expletive-filled rally in Florida. In part two, we have a revealing report from our Los Angeles Correspondent Greg Milam who’s been getting voters opinions about the inquiry in Orange County, California. He’s braved the sands of Huntington Beach - known as Surf City, USA. It’s historically been a Republican stronghold but has experienced a blue wave recently. You may be surprised by what you hear. And in part three, we speak with Jeff Mason, White House Correspondent for Reuters - always at the centre of the story, he'll tell us about spending time with the president at Mar-a-Lago in Florida this week. Subscribe to Divided States wherever you get your podcasts, and listen every Saturday.
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Impeachment goes public

The impeachment hearings this week were a roaring success, and a complete sham. They were honest and transparent, and filled with falsehoods. The witnesses had decades of experience, and were completely untrustworthy.And that was how the first public hearings in the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump played out. It depended on who you were; what you wanted to hear; the decision you had made when you walked in the room.There was no meeting of minds between Democrats and Republicans, even when the future of the presidency is at stake. Their leaders in the room sat inches away from each other, fuming, and unwilling to compromise.It is into that environment that we launch with our new weekly podcast, Divided States. Our team here in the US are living and breathing every moment of this impeachment inquiry, and we hope to answer your questions, explain where it might all lead, and take you to the heart of the story, in Congress and with voters across America.Every Saturday we’ll bring you the latest news from the week, and give you a flavour of what it’s like reporting this story.In this episode, we take you to the Longworth building on Capitol Hill, where those long days of testimony have been taking place. In the studio, we break down how we got here and what we learnt from the hearings, and hear from Alan Barron, former special impeachment counsel to the House of Representatives, and Michael Carpenter, the former Director for Russia at the National Security Council, and friend of many of the witnesses we saw this week.Subscribe to Divided States wherever you get your podcasts, and listen every Saturday.
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Introducing Divided States from Sky News

America seems more divided now than at any time in living memory. The impeachment proceedings are in full swing: the parties are divided, the public are divided, and we’re just months away from the first big votes in the 2020 election.There’s a lot to keep up with, and lot of questions to answer.Each week, Sky News' US team of correspondents will bring you the inside story on the impeachment process that could end Donald Trump’s presidency in our new podcast, Divided States.We'll take you into the corridors of Congress, talking to the politicians who will decide the president’s future – and across the country as we find out how this might affect next year’s race to the White House.That’s Divided States, every Saturday, from Sky News
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