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Video games: They’re serious business! Except when they’re not serious at all. Each week on Triple Click, video game experts Kirk Hamilton, Maddy Myers, and Jason Schreier journey into the fascinating world of games. They’ll explore hot topics in video game news and culture, answer burning listener questions, debate the pros and cons of the biggest new games, and replay old classics together.


We Love a Good Villain

One More Thing: Kirk: Golf Club WastelandMaddy: Get In The Car, Loser!Jason: EastwardJason’s Five Rules for a Good Video Game Villain:1. They have a good motivation2. They’re way stronger than the protagonist3. They have a personal connectin to the protagonist4. They have a striking look5. They or their actions are present throughout the gameLinks:Support Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
23/09/2158m 10s

What's The Deal With: Metroid?

What's the deal with Metroid? To answer that question, we must turn to series expert Maddy Myers, who explains to Kirk and Jason just what a Metroid is and why it matters. What's the lore behind Samus's baby? What's up with those Chozo? And what do we all need to know before heading into this October's much-anticipated new game Metroid Dread?One More Thing: Kirk: The U.S. OpenMaddy: You Should See The Other Guy (podcast)Jason: DeathloopLinks:An explanation of Medvedev’s U.S. Open victory “emote”: Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
16/09/211h 1m

Super Turbo Remake Plus

What makes a remake worth playing? When should developers go back and change a game, and how much should they change? This week, the Triple Click crew tries to figure out when remakes work, when they don't work, and why. Plus: Kirk unveils his grand spectrum of Remakes, Remasters, and the Super Turbo Remake Plus.Kirk’s Remake Spectrum*:Re-release (The original game, playable on new hardware)Remaster (visually enhanced version of the same game, same tech, etc.)Remaster Plus (A visual remaster that makes some changes to the gameplay - e.g. Skyward Sword, ME Trilogy)Remake (New engine/tech and new visuals, but makes a point of keeping the gameplay the same. E.g. SotC, Demon’s Souls, Diablo 2 Resurrected)Remake Plus (New engine and actual new gameplay/mechanics/etc. E.g. Black Mesa, Tomb Raider Anniversary)Reimagined Remake (Uses the original as a template to make major changes, e.g. Resident Evil 2 & 3 Remake)Super Turbo Remake Plus (There is only one of these and it is Final Fantasy VII Remake)Sequel or Reboot *Note that these are stops along a continuous spectrum and not a series of discrete categorizations. Many games fall somewhere in between categories.One More Thing: Kirk: The White Lotus ReloadedMaddy: Dark SoulsJason: The Forgotten CityLinks: Mat Bradley-Tschirgi on why Final Fantasy shouldn’t be modernized: White’s New York interview about The White Lotus:’s Working podcast interview with White Lotus composer Cristobal Tapia de Veer: Thousand Hertz episode about the Dies Irae (feat. Kirk): Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
09/09/211h 0m

Triple Play: Psychonauts 2

Maddy, Jason, and Kirk delve into each other's brains to talk about Psychonauts 2, one of the best games of the year so far. They talk about the delightful writing, the clever level design, and the emotional moments. They also talk about Double Fine, the maker of Psychonauts 2, and its long, turbulent history as a game developer. One More Thing: Kirk: Ghost of Tsushima - game pairing & ac comparison Maddy: DickinsonJason: 12 MinutesLinks:The Double Fine Adventure! Documentary, Part 1:’s Renata Price on 12 Minutes:’s 2011 (!!) article about game pairings, complete with extremely 2011-era photoshop top art Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
02/09/2155m 10s

That 'Magic Moment' in a New Game

The Triple Click Trio opens up the mailbag and answer your most burning questions. This time around we've got questions about in-game morality, ferreting out the truth when reporting, our favorite moments in a new game, silent Nintendo protagonists, and whether Kirk records a new version of that "bing" sound every time he makes it.ONE MORE THINGKirk: Ghost of TsushimaMaddy: Boyfriend DungeonJason: White Lotus Links:Bill Hemstapat’s very cool blog post about the process of arranging and recording the Ghost of Tsushima soundtrack: Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy: 
26/08/2152m 8s

Triple Play: Half-Life 2

It's finally time: Jason, Maddy, and Kirk pick up their gravity guns and move around some cardboard boxes so they can climb into Half-Life 2. The gang talks about the pros and cons of Valve's classic shooter, how the game holds up in 2021, the G-Man, the graphics, the setpieces, the nauseating vehicles, and oh so much more!One More Thing: Kirk: Reservation DogsMaddy: Leverage: RedemptionJason: FantasianLinks:The Wikipedia entry on hitscan: 2 Combine Radio Chatter collection by RescoeZ: Simmons’ recaps of Reservation Dogs: Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
19/08/2158m 29s

What's the Deal With: The Metaverse?

Metaverse! Everyone's talking about it. Every company wants a piece of it. But just what the heck is it? This week, Jason, Maddy, and Kirk try to figure out what the deal is with the Metaverse... and can't even agree themselves on what it really means. From Fortnite to Facebook, come along on a wild ride through movie crossovers and alternate realities.One More Thing: Kirk: Schmigadoon!Maddy: The Suicide SquadJason: New Teeth (Simon Rich)Links:GameMaster Anthony Message Board Post:“Space Jam: A New Legacy runs on video game logic, in every way,” by Cameron Kunzelman“Ralph Breaks the Internet and the rise of mash-up cinema,” by Abraham Riesman“The Metaverse: What It Is, Where to Find it, Who Will Build It, and Fortnite,” by Matthew BallSupport Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
12/08/2158m 38s

The Great Ace Attorney, Or, Why We Love Visual Novels

We're all about visual novels here at Triple Click. What's that, you ask? What's a visual novel? Well, allow Kirk, Maddy, and Jason to tell you: it's kind of like a book... but better! Join us to talk about the stellar new game The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, the horniness of Fire Emblem and Persona, and why sometimes gameplay just isn't all that great.Games Discussed:The Great Ace Attorney ChroniclesDanganronpaSteins;GateThe House on Fata MorganaFire Emblem: Three HousesPersona 4 and 513: Sentinels: Aegis RimDisco ElysiumPlanescape: TormentZork80 DaysOverboardDoki Doki Literature ClubLadykiller in a BindAI: The Somnium Files999 and Virtue’s Last RewardOne More Thing: Kirk: LimetownMaddy: Plan BJason: Activision BlizzardLinks:Jason’s report on Warcraft III: Reforged: Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
05/08/2154m 33s

Skyward Sword And The Activision Blizzard Lawsuit

Kirk, Maddy, and Jason dive into Skyward Sword HD, the new Zelda remake for Nintendo Switch. Does it hold up today? How does it feel after Breath of the Wild? And what's up with those controls? Then they talk about the harrowing Activision Blizzard lawsuit that's shaken up the video game industry over the past week.One More Thing: Kirk: Death’s DoorMaddy: Activision Blizzard discrimination lawsuitJason: The Great Ace AttorneyCorrection: Kirk initially said that Death's Door was on Game Pass, which it regrettably is not. The episode has been edited.Links:Ash Parrish on Skyward Sword motion controls:“Fi’s Theme,” “Crimson Loftwing” and “Ballad of the Goddess” from the Skyward Sword soundtrack, comp. Hajime Wakai, Shiho Fujii, Mahito Yokota, Takeshi HamaBlizzard’s Culture Crisis Runs Deep’s Bloomberg newsletter:“Hall of Doors” by David Fenn from Death’s Door:
29/07/2159m 19s

The Games of Summer

There sure are a lot of games this summer. It's time for Kirk, Jason, and Maddy to talk about them! And then maybe we'll go out for some sloppy steaks. Games discussed: Chicory, Overboard, Mario Golf, Scarlet Nexus, Ender Lilies, Astalon: Tears of the Earth, Before Your EyesOne More Thing: Kirk: Six of CrowsMaddy: BillionsJason: I Think You Should LeaveLinks:Support Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
15/07/2159m 26s

What's The Deal With: The Legend of Zelda?

With Skyward Sword coming to Nintendo Switch, the Triple Click gang asks the question you've all been asking: What's the deal with Zelda? Kirk, Jason, and Maddy talk about the origins of the series, how it's evolved over the years, the stagnant Zelda formula, the delights of exploration, the unexpected creativity in limitations, and much, much more.One More Thing: Kirk: Inside (The Songs)Maddy: Hollow KnightJason: Joyland (Stephen King)Links:“The problem with Bo Burnham’s Inside” by Lili Loofbourow for Slate: Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
08/07/211h 1m

What Makes Someone 'Good' At Games?

Jason, Maddy, and Kirk open up the mailbag and take YOUR listener questions on all sorts of things. What makes people good at video games? Why do AAA games seem so bad at "editing"? What's the best book-game pairing? And much more!One More Thing: Kirk: Mythic Quest S2Maddy: Sophie’s Safecracking SimulatorJason: The Great Ace AttorneyLinks:Support Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
01/07/2158m 46s

Triple Play: Final Fantasy VII Remake: Episode INTERmission

Maddy, Kirk, and Jason jump into the ridiculously titled Final Fantasy VII Remake: Episode INTERmission, diving into Yuffie's adventures in Midgar. They talk about the combat system, the big story teases, and whether the next DLC will be called InterMISSION. Plus: what's up with the whole Hideo Kojima conspiracy?One More Thing: Kirk: GloomhavenMaddy: The Blue Box conspiracyJason: The House in Fata Morgana Links:Support Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
24/06/211h 2m

Yep, That Was a Weird E3

NEW METROID!!! And also other things. But first, NEW METROID!!! After Maddy's done hyperventilating, the gang talks about everything we saw at this year's bizarre, online-only E3. From Elden Ring to Avatar to Breath of the Wild 2, let's go through it all.One More Thing: Kirk: Ratchet & Clank: Rift ApartMaddy: Bo BurnhamJason: The House in Fata Morgana Links:MItchell Saltzman’s interview with Elden Ring director Hidetaka Miyazaki: Grayson’s article on the terrible Twitch chats of E3: Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
17/06/2159m 43s

Prepare For A Weird E3

E3 2021 is almost here, which means it's time for HOPES, EXPECTATIONS, RUMORS, and VIDEO GAMES. This week, Kirk, Jason, and Maddy talk about what it's been like preparing for a virtual E3 (blech), what they hope to see from each conference, and all of the hot gossip they've been hearing behind-the-scenes, from Assassin's Creed to Guardians of the Galaxy.One More Thing: Kirk: Sweet ToothMaddy: DC Super Hero GirlsJason: Overboard!Links:Support Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
10/06/2157m 54s

What's The Deal With: Video Game Demos?

Why do some games get demos while others don't? How did video game demos get started? And what's up with that weird game PT? This week, Maddy, Jason, and Kirk answer the question that's been on everyone's minds: What's the DEAL with video game demos?One More Thing:Kirk: Probing in ME2Maddy: FuserJason: Mare of EasttownLinks:Edgar Wright’s fake trailer for “Don’t”: Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
03/06/2157m 33s

Triple Play: Mass Effect

It's Mass Effect time! Maddy, Jason, and Kirk are all playing the remastered version of BioWare's sci-fi trilogy, and really, who needs an excuse to talk Mass Effect? The gang talks about what it's like to revisit Mass Effect all these years later, what has or hasn't aged well, and of course, who they'd all like to smooch.One More Thing:Kirk: Subnautica: Below ZeroMaddy: Little Fires EverywhereJason:  World’s End ClubLinks:Kirk’s now-mangled Kotaku post about the hidden music in Mass Effect 3: Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
27/05/211h 2m

Epic vs. Apple and Other Gaming News

It's time for news! This week, the Triple Click clique dives into some of the spring's big gaming news, from the Epic vs. Apple trial to Ubisoft's decision to embrace free-to-play games and much, much more. Plus: Maddy explains why Pokemon cards are back and bigger than ever!One More Thing:Kirk: The NeversMaddy: Lupin S1Jason:  The Plot by Jean Hanff KorelitzLinks:The Axios Video Game newsletter:’s internal review of The Last of Us Part 2: on Pokemon cards: Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
20/05/2158m 35s

Triple Play: Returnal

The Triple Click gang dives into Returnal, the latest PlayStation 5 exclusive from Housemarque. Is it too challenging or just challenging enough? Should it have been released in Early Access? And just how good is that PS5 controller? Dodge your way through bullet hell to listen to this episode.One More Thing:Kirk: Resident Evil 8Maddy: Ma Rainey’s Black BottomJason: Later (Stephen King)Links:Press Reset: Ruin and Recovery in the Video Game Industry: Sunshine’s call-in to explain the PS5’s advanced vibration: The Strong Songs Q&A episode where Kirk explains what Miles meant by “it’s about the notes you don’t play.”: Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
13/05/211h 0m

Beanscast: Star Wars: The Mandalorian

In honor of MaxFunDrive 2021, we decided to put a beanscast from earlier this year in the main feed! This episode originally aired in the bonus feed on February 21, 2021. If you'd like more bonus episodes (and to get some extra MaxFunDrive swag), sign up to become a member today at SHOW NOTES:For this month’s bonus episode, Jason, Maddy and Kirk put on their beskar helmets and jetpack straight into the rough and tumble world of Star Wars: The Mandalorian. It’s a wide-ranging discussion that goes from the specific (how can a helmet be so expressive?) to the broad (what are the most and least interesting things about Star Wars?), with plenty of detours along the way.LINKS:Become a Maximum Fun Member: retrospective article about Joe Johnston, the art director who designed Boba Fett’s armor along with concept artist Ralph McQuarrie:,Empire%20at%2040%20%7C%20Designing%20an%20Icon%3A%20Joe%20Johnston%20on%20the,Journey%20to%20Create%20Boba%20FettA very cool series on the groundbreaking visual production techniques used on The Mandalorian: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
10/05/211h 7m

Pressing Reset On The Video Game Industry

The video game industry is broken. Perhaps it's time to... Press Reset? On this week's first-ever LIVE episode of Triple Click, the gang discusses Jason's latest book about the video game industry. They talk about the closures of game companies like Irrational Games and 38 Studios, the industry's sustainability problems, and lots more. Plus: find out how to win a free copy of Press Reset!One More Thing:Kirk: For All MankindMaddy: The Mitchells vs. The MachinesJason: Killing EveLinks:Buy Press Reset: Ruin and Recovery in the Video Game Industry: Reset giveaway: Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
06/05/2157m 33s

Undertale Vs. NFL Quarterback Josh Allen

Which is more recognizable: the video game Undertale or NFL quarterback Josh Allen? This week, Maddy, Jason, and Kirk open up the mailbag and answer your questions on all sorts of things, including video game addiction, ethics in AAA game development, and rejected names for the Triple Click podcast.One More Thing:Kirk: Shadow and Bone by Leigh BardugoMaddy: This Is A RobberyJason: Turnip Boy Commits Tax EvasionLinks:Twitch: Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
29/04/2154m 47s

Happy Birthday, Triple Click!

It's the one-year anniversary of Triple Click - happy birthday, Triple Click! Jason, Maddy, and Kirk update the Triple Click Picks with some special new games and then take some time to reminisce on the past year and what this show has meant to them. Thank you all for supporting the show!One More Thing:Kirk: SubnauticaMaddy: Emily Is Away 1-3Jason: StarCraft IILinks:Kirk’s 2018 article about video games and guns: Twitch: Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
22/04/2158m 40s

Triple Play: Final Fantasy VI, Part 2

Kirk, Jason, and Maddy dive back into their ongoing playthrough of Final Fantasy VI, picking up where they left off last time (the Opera House) and going until the end of the Floating Continent. Do Maddy and Kirk like it more now? What's the deal with that flake Shadow? Why is Edgar such a creeper? And whoa, did Kefka really just do THAT?One More Thing:Kirk: Monster Hunter Rise (Finishing/Friction)Maddy: The Content Mines podcastJason: Saga Frontier RemasteredLinks:What did Edgar really say about Relm? Caves of Narshe FF6 Walkthrough: Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
15/04/2158m 28s

What's The Deal With: Indie Games?

Just what is the deal with indie games? When did they become financially viable? How did they become so popular? And what is "indie" anyway??? This week, Jason, Maddy, and Kirk look at the modern history of indie games, from Braid and Castle Crashers to the Nintendo Switch's big bumps. They talk about the rise of digital distribution, some misguided old comments from former Nintendo boss Reggie Fils-Aime, and whether "indie" even means anything anymore.One More Thing:Kirk: Monster Hunter RiseMaddy: Vaccine appointment tipsJason: GnosiaLinks:The excellent Double Fine Adventure documentary series: Gaming’s MH Rise longsword tutorial: Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
08/04/2157m 37s

The Best (And Worst) of Video Game April Fool's

Here's the only true thing you will read on the internet today: This episode is not a prank. Instead of trying to fool everyone, Maddy, Jason, and Kirk are going back in time to look at the history of video game April Fool's jokes: the good, the bad, and the very, very ugly. From fake Zelda movies to Assassin's Creed Kinect, there's a lot to laugh at this week.Correction 4/1/2021: We initially thought the Assassin's Creed Kinect joke video was made by Ubisoft, but it actually wasn't. That part of the conversation has been updated and edited for accuracy. Sorry about that!One More Thing:Kirk: Monster Hunter Rise, baybeeeeeMaddy: Incomparable by Brie and Nikki BellaJason: The Grace of Kings by Ken LiuLinks:Gamespot’s 2006 Wii ‘Joke’: IGN Zelda Movie Trailer:’s Creed for Kinect: Virgin America 2013 pre-flight safety song (sorry): Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
01/04/2158m 15s

Triple Play: Loop Hero

Jason, Maddy, and Kirk dive into the latest big indie game hit, Loop Hero. They talk about its strengths, its weaknesses, the nature of addiction, opacity, and repetition. Plus: the best cookbook ever?One More Thing:Kirk: RE ViIIage Maiden Demo (and demos like this)Maddy: How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy (Jenny Odell)Jason: The Food Lab (J Kenji Lopez)Links:Jenny Odell’s Bureau of Suspended Objects:’s interview on the Ezra Klein show: Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
25/03/2159m 5s

Why Aren't Game Companies More Transparent?

Maddy, Jason, and Kirk open up the mailbag to answer listener questions about all sorts of things, from game company secrecy to the pros and cons of digital gaming. Plus: How do you know when a game just isn't working for you?One More Thing:Kirk: Progression and InconvenienceMaddy: WandavisionJason: GnosiaLinks:Maddy’s X-Men podcast The Mutant Ages: https://mutantages.comSupport Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
18/03/2158m 27s

What's The Deal With: Assassin's Creed?

What's an Assassin's Creed? Who's an Assassin's Creed? Allow the Triple Click gang to explain. Kirk, Jason, and Maddy dive into Ubisoft's action-adventure-RPG franchise, talking about how the series has evolved over the past decade, their favorite games, and just what the heck is up with all those aliens.One More Thing:Kirk: Hollow KnightMaddy: Learning to parry in Dark SoulsJason: Loop HeroLinks:Kirk’s Hollow Knight arrangement: Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
11/03/2123m 20s

Nintendo Direct, Harry Potter, and More Gaming News

It's time for some news!!! Kirk, Maddy, and Jason pick some of the biggest stories in gaming this year, from Covid's effect on game production to the Harry Potter controversy, and break them all down. The gang also talks Google Stadia's woes, EA canceling Anthem Next, and all the hot Mario and Zelda news from the most recent Nintendo Direct.One More Thing:Kirk: Spider Man: Miles MoralesMaddy: “Britney Spears Was Never In Control” by Tavi GevinsonJason: Bravely Default 2 and video game challengeLinks:“Trans Inclusion Means More Than Just Adding Potential Gender Options To Hogwarts Legacy” by Riley MacLeod: Thompson’s essay “Saving Zelda”: Splitscreen Stadia interview with Phil Harrison:“Britney Spears Was Never In Control” by Tavi Gevinson:“The Lies Hollywood Tells About Little Girls” by Mara Wilson: Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
04/03/2158m 42s

Triple Play: Final Fantasy VI

It's finally time! Per Jason's orders, Kirk and Maddy are playing through Final Fantasy VI. This week: they get up to the Opera House. What has aged well? What hasn't? Will the grind and tedium break Maddy's brain? Will Kirk fall in love with Celes and crew? Find out on this week's Triple Click!One More Thing:Kirk: Demon’s SoulsMaddy: You’re Wrong About podcastJason: Bravely Default 2 Links:Support Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
25/02/2156m 4s

Triple Play: Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

Let's play Super Mario 3D World... plus Bowser's Fury! Jason, Maddy, and Kirk break down the Switch's newest Mario adventures, dive into the differences between linear and non-linear Mario games, and discuss whether or not they are all cats. Plus: Demon's Souls and much more.One More Thing:Kirk: The PS5 ExperienceMaddy: Judas and the Black MessiahJason: Murder mysteries (Moonflower Murders by Anthony Horowitz,  The Eighth Detective by Alex Pavesi)Links:Allegra Frank’s interview with Lakeith Stanfield: Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
18/02/2159m 4s

Why Is It So Hard To Play Old Games?

Maddy, Jason, and Kirk take a trip down memory lane, crossing nostalgia with frustration as they try to figure out why so many old games are so hard to play (legally). What do you do with your old consoles? Why do Nintendo and Sony make it so difficult to buy their old games? What's the deal with video game preservation??? Plus: Kirk got a PS5!One More Thing:Kirk: Got a PS5!!!Maddy: Hunt a Killer: Death at the Dive BarJason: WandavisionLinks:Support Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
11/02/211h 1m

What's The Deal With: Souls Games?

What makes a Souls game a Souls game? Why do we love'em so much? And how many things have we learned from Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and the rest of the gang over the years? This week, the Triple Click crew dives into From Software's classic series and tries to figure out what the deal is.One More Thing:Kirk: Playing Hitman from the beginningMaddy: Maiden (2018)Jason: The Last DanceLinks:Chris Dahlen on Dark Souls: Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
04/02/2157m 30s

Triple Play: Hitman 3

This week the gang jumps into Hitman 3, a game that's far less bleak that it sounds. Kirk, Maddy, and Jason talk about the latest entry in the longrunning stealth-puzzle series. Maddy shares the story of how she learned how to play, Jason talks about the Knives Out-inspired murder mystery, and Kirk raves about how amazing Hitman games truly are. Plus: the GameStop phenomenon explained!One More Thing:Kirk: The Expanse S3Maddy: Ted LassoJason: GameStopLinks:Hitman Speedrun: Agdashloo talks us to sleep: Bloomberg GamesStop explainer: Selling and Options explainers: Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
28/01/2158m 22s

Why E3 Demos Are Fake (And Why It Matters)

Jason, Maddy, and Kirk open up the listener mailbag and answer some of YOUR questions about all sorts of things. What does it mean when an E3 demo is fake? What's our video game comfort food? And why do video game sequels always make you lose all your powers?One More Thing:Kirk: GloomhavenMaddy: Dark Souls Jason: NFL playoff updateLinks:Jason on Cyberpunk 2077:’s article about preorder culture: overview video Kirk watched to start getting his head around Gloomhaven: Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy: 
21/01/2158m 1s

Cyberpunk 2077 And Other Video Game Redemption Stories

In the wake of Cyberpunk 2077, a game with a rocky launch that will now try to find redemption, Jason, Maddy, and Kirk take a look at some other video game redemption stories. They talk about No Man's Sky, Destiny, Final Fantasy XIV, and other games that got better over time. What does a successful turnaround look like? And what are the ethical questions involved? All that and lots more.One More Thing:Kirk: LupinMaddy: Dark SoulsJason: FargoLinks:Kirk reviews No Man's Sky: Destiny: Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
14/01/2159m 44s

Our Predictions For 2021

It's time: Kirk, Jason, and Maddy convene to go over their 2020 predictions and determine who got the most right. Who won, and which game will Triple Click play in 2021? You'll have to listen to find out! Plus: big predictions for video games in 2021!One More Thing:Kirk: Wonder Woman 1984Maddy: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Jason: Never Split The Difference by Chris Voss and Tahl RazLinks:Support Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
07/01/2156m 49s

Our Favorite Games of 2020

2020 is over!!! Thank goodness! It's time for Kirk, Jason, and Maddy to go over the best games of 2020. Each host shares their top-ten list, which includes some choices you might guess... and some that might surprise you! Plus: Jason and Kirk have finally finished the game they were obliged to play... Kirby Planet Robobot.One More Thing:Kirk: Spelunky 2Maddy: “The very real, totally bizarre bucatini shortage of 2020” by Rachel Handler (Grub Street)Jason: SekiroLinks:Support Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy: Lists:JasonHadesFinal Fantasy VII RemakeCall of the SeaDemon’s SoulsAssassin’s Creed ValhallaFall Guys: Ultimate KnockoutPaper Mario: The Origami KingBugsnaxOri and the Will of the WispsJackbox Party Pack 7MaddyAnimal Crossing New HorizonsCarrionDestiny 2: Beyond LightFinal Fantasy 7 RemakeHadesIf FoundKentucky Route ZeroParadise KillerSpider-Man: Miles MoralesWide Ocean Big JacketKirkHadesCarrionSpiritfarerBlack MesaHalf-Life: AlyxDesperados IIIStar Wars: SquadronsFinal Fantasy VII RemakeOri and the Will of the WispsAnimal Crossing: New Horizons 
31/12/201h 0m

Triple Play: Cyberpunk 2077

Is Cyberpunk 2077 the biggest game of the year? Or just the most broken? This week, the gang dives into CD Projekt Red's hotly anticipated new RPG: the good, the bad, and the very, very ugly. Jason, Maddy, and Kirk talk about their impressions on the game and their thoughts on all the many, many, many controversies surrounding it.One More Thing:Kirk: GhostrunnerMaddy:  Carrie by Stephen KingJason: Call of the SeaLinks:Support Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
17/12/2056m 52s

The Video Game Shame Awards

Maddy, Kirk, and Jason open up the mailbag to answer some of YOUR questions. Should there be a Game Award for the best studio culture? How do we honestly criticize games while knowing how many blood, sweat, and pixels they take to develop? And just how necessary is Twitter Discourse?One More Thing:Kirk: Warner Bros. / HBO MaxMaddy: HadesJason: 13 Sentinels: Aegis RimLinks:Support Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy: Hollywood Reporter on Nolan/Warner: thread about Souls games:
10/12/2052m 9s

What's The Deal With: Console Launches?

What are they, rocket ships? In honor of the recent release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, the gang looks back at the history of video game console launches. Which were the best ones? Which were the worst? And what were Kirk, Maddy, and Jason's personal experiences with console launches? Let's discuss!!!One More Thing:Kirk: Immortals Fenyx RisingMaddy: FuserJason: A Futile And Stupid Gesture (2018)Links:Support Triple Click: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy:
03/12/201h 5m

The Leftover Video Games Of Fall

Maddy, Kirk, and Jason celebrate Thanksgiving in the best way possible: Leftovers. This week, the gang talks about all of the fall video games they haven't had a chance to analyze on previous episodes, including Demon's Souls, NBA 2K21, Yakuza Like A Dragon, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and much, much more.One More Thing:Kirk: Star Wars SquadronsMaddy: The Diary of Anne FrankJason: The Queen’s GambitLinks: Join the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy: Triple Click:
26/11/2057m 3s

Triple Play: Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Skol! Kirk, Maddy, and Jason are all playing Assassin's Creed Valhalla, and they have oh so many thoughts. The gang dive into what they like (the story! the mysteries!) and don't like (the bugs!) about Ubisoft's new Viking game. (Spoilers: It's way too long.)One More Thing:Kirk: Just King ThingsMaddy: The Queen’s GambitJason: The Devil and the Dark Water by Stuart TurtonSlate interview with Gary Kasparov about his work on Queen’s Gambit: the Triple Click Discord: Click Ethics Policy: Triple Click:
19/11/201h 1m

Now We've Played The PS5 Too

Last week it was all things Xbox, and now it's time for PlayStation 5! Jason has been using the fifth PlayStation for a few weeks now, and he's impressed. The load times are fast and the controller is slick. But is it worth getting or should you just wait??? Plus: Spider-Man Miles Morales and the wonderful Bugsnax (talkin about Bugsnax)!One More Thing:Kirk: Watch Dogs Legion Maddy: Destiny 2: Some Thoughts (on why i’m not playing it currently)Jason: Assassin's Creed ValhallaShow Notes:Triple Click Discord! Triple Click:
12/11/2059m 26s

We've Played The Xbox Series X (And Baby Xbox)

We've got the new Xboxes! Kirk, Jason, and Maddy dive into the pros and cons of both consoles and discuss the upcoming new generation of video games. Are framerate and resolution enough to make the upgrade? Should you get an adult Xbox, a baby Xbox, or neither? Triple Click answers all your questions!One More Thing:Kirk: Watch Dogs LegionMaddy: Animal Crossing HalloweenJason: The AmericansSupport Triple Click:
05/11/2053m 13s

Haunted Video Games, with Patricia Hernandez

It's Halloween, so the Triple Click gang brings on old pal Patricia Hernandez to talk about creepypasta and haunted video games, from Lavender Town to Sad Satan. Is it true that every copy of Super Mario 64 is personalized for your horror? Let's find out!One More ThingKirk: The Walking Dead: Saints and SinnersMaddy: RTX 3070 GPUJason: Borat 2LinksSupport Triple Click: Jason's book: Hernandez on haunted Super Mario 64: Lavender Town: Sad Satan: All on QAnon: Bart:’s RTX 3070 review:
29/10/2055m 37s

Triple Play: Hades

Jason, Kirk, and Maddy dive into Hades, one of the best games of the year so far. They talk about their favorite strategies, honor the Greek gods, and try to pinpoint what makes the latest game from Supergiant Games so special.One More Thing:Kirk: Oculus Quest 2Maddy: Destiny 2 (lmao)Jason: Jackbox Party Pack 7Show Notes:Support Triple Click: guide for playing PC VR games wirelessly with Oculus Quest:
22/10/2056m 4s

How To Keep That "New Game Magic" Alive

Jason, Kirk, and Maddy open up the mailbag and answer some of YOUR great questions. How do we Maximize our Fun when playing video games? Is it possible to be a successful journalist while staying totally anonymous? And does Xbox Game Pass cause more anxiety than it cures? One more thing:Kirk: FacebookMaddy: Animal Crossing Halloween updateJason: Dan Brown's OriginShow Notes:Support Triple Click: Hill cutting tech giants from her life: 
15/10/2056m 24s

Building A PC Is Super Fun

Is building a PC really that difficult? Or is it actually SUPER FUN? Maddy, Jason, and Kirk talk about each of their experiences buying PC parts and putting them together like beautiful, brilliant LEGO sets. Jason talks about why his gaming PC wouldn't turn on, Maddy reminisces on carrying her massive PC case to LAN parties, and Kirk espouses the virtues of thermal paste.One More Thing:Kirk: Star Wars SquadronsMaddy: Horizon Zero DawnJason: Baldur’s Gate 3Show Notes:Support Triple Click:’s PC Building Adventure:'s PC Building Adventure part two:’s “The 10 Worst Things About Building a Gaming PC” The 10 Best: end of Kirk’s 2018 CPU cooling obsession: PC build for $1,000, from Reddit: Gordon’s horror story about his liquid cooling apparatus leaking into his PC:’s Hardware: TomsHardware.comPC Part Picker:
08/10/2057m 57s

Triple Click Classics: Zelda: A Link to the Past

Dun dun, dun dun dun dun dun... it's time to talk Zelda! This week, on a new segment called Triple Click Classics, Kirk, Jason, and Maddy dive into the Super Nintendo masterpiece The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and talk about what makes it so great, from the design to the polish to the music. But why are you always rescuing the damn princess???ONE MORE THINGKirk: HadesMaddy: Destiny 2 (it’s baaack) (it never left)Jason: Final Fantasy XIVSupport Triple Click: Featured: “The Painful Way” by Darren Korb from the Hades OST“Overture” by Koji Kondo & Mahito Yokota from the Super Mario Galaxy OST
01/10/2055m 42s

Whoa, Microsoft Bought Bethesda

Well hey, if we had known Bethesda was on the market for only $7.5 billion, we would have made a bid! Maddy, Jason, and Kirk talk about Microsoft's major acquisition, plus the big PS5 news last week (Final Fantasy XVI!!!) and the reality that video games are going to cost $70 very soon. Plus, the brilliant, beautiful Hades and other One More Things.One More ThingKirk: Super Mario GalaxyMaddy: Pen15 season twoJason: HadesLinksSupport Triple Click: Featured: “The Painful Way” by Darren Korb from the Hades OST“Overture” by Koji Kondo & Mahito Yokota from the Super Mario Galaxy OST
24/09/2056m 6s

Which Games Do We Wish We Were Better At?

Maddy, Jason, and Kirk bring on special guest Ben Hanson (co-founder of MinnMax) to open up the listener mailbag and answer some BURNING QUESTIONS. What games does the crew wish they were better at? What are some timeless mechanics? And what are the most memorable button prompts in gaming?ONE MORE THINGKirk: SpiritfarerMaddy: Horizon Zero Dawn Jason: Super Mario 3D All-StarsLINKSSupport Triple Click: Is John Frum: 
17/09/2054m 52s

Triple Play: Marvel's Avengers

It's time for another Triple Play! This week, the gang jumps into Marvel's Avengers, a new video game about superheroes who play Destiny. Is this game any good? Is it going through an identity crisis? And just what is up with Kamala Khan? Plus: Samus's Soapbox!ONE MORE THINGKirk: The weirdness of GPUsMaddy: Destiny 2 (really)Jason: The 7½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart TurtonLINKSSupport Triple Click: Click Twitch channel:
10/09/2055m 21s

Summer News Roundup

It's time for some news! Maddy, Jason, and Kirk talk about the summer in gaming news, from the next-gen console war (and the glaring lack of prices) to replacement E3 plans from companies like Warner Bros., Nintendo, and Microsoft. Plus: Ubisoft keeps stepping on rakes.ONE MORE THINGKirk: Dark Jason: Retro games kickMaddy: Destiny 2 Leviathan raidSupport Triple Click:
03/09/2059m 27s

Is The Madden Curse Real?

One More Thing:Kirk: Luigi’s Mansion 3Maddy: Destiny 2 (...again)Jason: DarkSupport Triple Click:
27/08/2056m 39s

Triple Click Picks: The Video Games You Should Play

One More Thing:Kirk: Fall Guys (mediatonic, on PC and PS4, free PS+)Maddy: Zoo Jason: The Epic/Apple/Google warSupport Triple Click:'s complaint against Apple: CLICK PICKS, VOL 1Disco ElysiumReturn of the Obra DinnHollow Knight Outer WildsDestiny 2BloodborneBreath of the WildDivinity Original Sin IIHitman 2AC Odyssey
20/08/2058m 5s

Triple Play: Horizon Zero Dawn

One More Thing:Jason: Blizzard staff take collective actionMaddy: Destiny 2 Kirk: Doom PatrolSupport Triple Click:’s old article ranking video game bows: Caldwell-Gervais on Horizon Zero Dawn: article on Blizzard organization: Atlantic article about Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol run: at DC:
13/08/2057m 48s

So Your Friends All Stopped Playing Video Games

One more thing:Kirk: Death StrandingMaddy: Marvel’s Avengers betaJason: BillionsSupport Triple Click: Drive Info:
06/08/2057m 23s

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X Are Almost Here

One More Thing:Jason: Ghost of TsushimaKirk: CarrionMaddy: The Nintendo GigaleakSupport Triple Click: Drive Info: Console War Is Over [Christopher Dring,] Xbox Game Pass works for developers [Matthew Handrahan,] big Nintendo leak [Patrick Klepek, Vice]: 
30/07/2056m 14s

What's The Deal With... Paper Mario?

One More ThingKirk - Ubisoft woes [Jason's article on Bloomberg]Maddy - Halo: The Master Chief CollectionJason - The Last of Us Part IISupport Triple Click: Drive Info: Click on Twitch this Friday! Zacny on the problems with The Last of Us Part II's ending:
23/07/2057m 58s

The Music of Final Fantasy VII

Support Triple Click: on Max Fun Drive 2020 tiers, rewards, schedule, and more: Featured: Multiple tracks from Final Fantasy VII (1997) composed by Nobuo Uematsu, as well as the following Uematsu compositions re-arranged for Final Fantasy VII Remake (2020): "Prelude" arranged by Yoshitaka Suzuki, "Airbuster" arranged by Tadayoshi Makino, "Main Theme from Final Fantasy VII - Sector 7 Undercity" arranged by Shotaro Shima, and "Aerith's Theme - Home Again" arranged by Shotaro Shima.Kirk’s music podcast Strong Songs: https://strongsongspodcast.comGame-deal watchdog Wario64 on Twitter: 
16/07/2059m 52s

Do Spoilers Ruin Stories?

The official Braid walkthrough: Plunkett’s Desperados III review on Kotaku: Gilliam on spoiling TLOU2 for himself: Bouie on Hamilton as a historical narrative & ideological project:’s Strong Songs on “Satisfied”:
09/07/2058m 37s

Why Games Keep Trying To Be 'Cinematic'

Black Game Devs: Last of Us 2 epitomizes one of gaming’s longest debates [Chris Plante, Polygon] 
02/07/2057m 57s

The Last of Us Part II (Part 2)

"Former employees accuse Cards Against Humanity of a racist and sexist office culture" [Nicole Carpenter, Polygon] "Video Game Industry Rocked by Outpouring of Sexual Misconduct Allegations" [Jason Schreier, Bloomberg]"Does ABUSE Make you Stronger? - Whiplash Review feat. Kirk Hamilton!" [Carpool Critics]
25/06/2049m 50s

Early Thoughts On The Last Of Us Part II

Maddy brings on special guest Rob Zacny (Vice, Waypoint Radio) to give some early impressions on The Last of Us Part II. They talk about what the game accomplishes, why it didn't do what they hoped it would do, and they try to avoid spoilers while navigating that ridiculous embargo.
18/06/2055m 44s

Sony Shows A Bunch of PS5 Games

Surprise! Time for a bonus episode, as Maddy, Jason and Kirk react to Sony's big PlayStation 5 video game showcase. There were some cars, some swords, a lot of graphics, and a kitty cat wearing a backpack. They also showed what the console will look like. Let's discuss.
12/06/2052m 47s

Cops In Video Games

"Growing calls to “defund the police,” explained" - Matt Yglesias, Vox
11/06/2057m 33s

Beanscast: Final Fantasy VII Remake

In the first bonus episode of Triple Click, Maddy, Jason and Kirk get together to “spill the beans” on Final Fantasy VII Remake. What did they think of the game overall? How about that ending? And what the heck might happen next? This episode includes FULL SPOILERS for Final Fantasy VII Remake, and at about the hour mark (with a warning), the hosts will also talk about the events of the original Final Fantasy VII.
08/06/201h 27m

Black Lives Matter

Minority Korner: New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander: Bail Project: George Floyd Memorial Fund: National Directory of Bail Funds: Directory of Protest-Specific Bail Funds: ACLU guide for protestors’ rights:
04/06/202m 4s

The Joy of Super Mario Odyssey

It's time for Triple Play, in which Kirk, Jason, and Maddy all play the same game. This week, the three of them are going deep on Super Mario Odyssey, released for the Nintendo Switch in 2017. How does it compare to previous Mario games? What's the multiplayer like? And why is this game such a complete and utter joy to play? Let's discuss!
28/05/2052m 12s

What's The Deal With: Final Fantasy?

Why do people love this whole Final Fantasy thing so much? Welcome to What's The Deal With, in which the Triple Click crew explains why something matters. This week, Jason, Maddy, and Kirk explain the history and appeal of one of the most beloved roleplaying video game series ever, from Sephiroth to Noctis and oh so much more.The Final Fantasy VII Letters (Kirk Hamilton and Leigh Alexander, Paste Magazine) Solitary Spacecraft (Dante Douglas)Five Ways Video Games Make Failure Matter (Kirk Hamilton, Kotaku) 
21/05/2058m 30s

When Is It Ok To Use A Video Game Guide?

It's time for Burning Questions, in which Triple Click answers YOUR questions about all things gaming (and more). This week, Jason, Kirk, and Maddy open up the mailbag and answer questions about the best time to use strategy guides and what a video game industry without crunch might look like. Plus: One More Thing and Maddy's new job!
14/05/2058m 38s

The Fall of Fallout

Don't miss the (unofficial) Triple Click subredditHBomberguy on Fallout
07/05/2058m 17s

The Best Quarantine Video Games

Check out the Maximum Fun reader survey right here!
30/04/2055m 45s

What Video Games Assume You Know

Welcome to Triple Click, a podcast about video games! On this debut episode, Kirk Hamilton, Maddy Myers, and Jason Schreier introduce themselves and then talk a bit about the language of video games. With tons of people stuck inside and playing games these days, what kind of video game tropes are they learning? What have hardcore gamers learned to take for granted? Why does food always give you health? Plus: the introduction of a weekly segment called One More Thing!
23/04/2044m 54s


 Each week on Triple Click, video game experts Kirk Hamilton, Maddy Myers, and Jason Schreier journey into the fascinating world of games. They’ll explore hot topics in video game news and culture, answer burning listener questions, debate the pros and cons of the biggest new games, and replay old classics together.  Coming soon to Maximum Fun!
13/04/201m 47s
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