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Two black lesbians living in London speaking their unapologetic truth whilst creating a safe space for people like themselves and bridging the gap between LGBT+ people and Cis gendered straight people! Don't forget to use our #TwoTwosPodcast on social media. Want to get in touch? Email


Ep 91. It’s Time To Decolonise and Moisturise ft @sadiesinner & @cas_phoenix from @thecocoabutterclub

This week we was joined but the wonderful Sadie Sinner and Cassie Leon of The Cocoa Butter Club, to talk all things black queer cabaret... The Cocoa Butter club was launched by Sadie back in 2016 and has grown into a global company that showcases and celebrates performers of colour within the cabaret scene around the world! From decolonizing the idea of cabaret to the lack of representation in Channel 4's 'Black to Front' project, we really got into it with this episode, so stay tuned as you don't want to miss out... Be sure to follow and support The Cocoa Butter Club...
15/09/211h 11m

Ep 90. Lesbians Move at the Speed of Light ft @catburns

We caught up with singer-songwriter Cat Burns to talk all things Tik-Tok, ADHD, the importance of diverse MUAs/Hair stylists and a whole lot more... Be sure to follow Cat on socials and check out her latest track... Cat’s Tik-Tok: Into You (official Video):
07/09/211h 26m

Ep 89. “You can not be what you can’t see” ft @ladyphyll

We’ve been seeing your requests for this very special guest and so you know we had to deliver...this week we sat down with the one and only Lady Phyll! We’re not sure if we interviewed Phyll or she interviewed us but regardless you don’t want to miss this episode! From defining blackness to the power of community, we honestly could have gone on for hours, so grab a snack, get comfortable and let’s get into it... More from Lady Phyll: co-founder, trustee and executive director of UK Black Pride: Executive Director of Kaleidoscope Trust:
31/08/211h 38m

Ep 88. Black Joy ft @timshotaya

This week we caught up with writer, journalist and co-editor of BLACK JOY, Timi Sotire! Curated and edited by award-winning New York Times journalist Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff and Timi Herself, Black Joy is an anthology exploring the joys of black British culture from voices like Diane Abbott, Bukky Bakray and Leigh-Anne Pinnock. We discussed the importance of black stories and literature, interviewing Jasmine Sullivan, finding joy when facing rejection from your family and whether Hinge actually works... Black Joy Live tickets: Preorder Black Joy:
24/08/211h 18m

Ep. 87 “Stop desexualising coochie still pops!” Ft @tee_spoonie

Hey hey, we are back as promised and this week we caught up with Teona Studemire aka TeeSpoonie! Tee is a queer multi-disabled content creator, who specialises in writing different topics surrounding disability, sex education, positivity, neurodivergency, mental health, and their intersections with Blackness. We spoke about accessibility for queer disabled people, misconceptions around disabled people and sex, being misdiagnosed and much much more... Check out Teona’s work here...
17/08/211h 1m

Ep 86. “Mind Your Heterosexual Business!”

Sometimes it’s better to just keep your mouth shut and Da Baby deffos learnt that this week! In this episode we spoke on homophobia within the music industry and our thoughts on cancel culture. We also touched on the importance of queer events and want to give a big shout out to everyone that came through to our ‘Roll & Bowl’ event. The energy, the vibes, the was all on point and we can’t thank you enough. On to the next one, Clink Clink!
03/08/2145m 38s

Ep 85. “Don’t lips me in front of my sister”

You already know we can chat about everything and anything, and that’s exactly what we did in this weeks episode... We caught up on the latest Love Island antics, how we feel about PDA, pretty privilege and the good and bad aspects of gentrification. Get tickets to our live show here: Register for BBC Sounds Masterclass:
27/07/2159m 27s

Ep 84. Some Things Need to Stay Private

It’s just the two of us for this weeks episode so you know we had a good old chat... We spoke about everything from our fave gay YouTubers to keeping parts of our lives private from the public. We also discussed the wildest things people have asked us regarding our relationships and most importantly, our upcoming events!
21/07/2141m 24s

Ep 83. Homophobia is Colonial (Ghana Update) ft @wanlov

This week we caught up with Ghanaian-Romanian musician and activist, Wanlov The Kubolor. Wanlov shed light on the laws Ghanaian MPs are currently trying to put in place, which will criminalise the promotion of LGBT+ rights. ...and this is just the start of a chain of unjust and inhumane laws that are set to follow.
13/07/211h 9m

Ep 82. Parents of Gay Children Also Have to Come Out ft @shespeaksuk_2

We caught up with the amazing Simone aka @shespeaksuk_2 who told us about the journey she's been on since her son came out as gay. Coming from a heavily homophobic Caribbean background, there's been ups and downs but she couldn't be prouder of the human she's created.  We also spoke Love Island, dating, music and loads more... Go follow Simone on Instagram and Twitter @shespeaksuk_2 and be sure to go check out her upcoming Mother's and Daughters Afternoon Tea!  (all details available via Simone's instagram or click the following link for tickets
06/07/211h 10m

Ep 81. Pride Month Round Up!

This week we round up Pride Month. Unfortunately we did not get to celebrate Pride the way we usually do because we are in lockdown. So we decided to tell you guys what our pride would look like. Use the hashtag to tell us what your Pride celebration would look like! We also debated on the idea of an LGBT Love Island, yay or nay? Let us know using the hashtag. We also spoke about Nana's short film #LosingJoy. She is currently raising money for post production costs. Please donate and share the link We announce our Vapiano competition winners tonight at 8pm! Look out for that! Until next week... Peace! x
30/06/2134m 36s

Ep 80. Lesbian Date Nights

We all love a good date night but they don’t always go as planned...In this week's episode we spoke all things dating! From best dates to worst dates and everything in between... We’ve also teamed up with Vapiano for a cheeky Pride competition! To enter head over to Twitter and let us know what your ideal Vapianos date would look like...Who are you bringing? What are you wearing? Pasta or Pizza? We will announce the winner over on Twitter at 8pm on Wednesday 30th June! Don’t forget to #TwoTwosPodcast and tag @VapianoUK
22/06/211h 3m

Ep 79. ‘Black Love isn’t Easy’ Ft. @marct_01

To kick off Pride month we sat down with the proud and positive Marc Thompson! We spoke about everything from HIV Long Term Survivors' Awareness Day to queer nightlife to the importance of therapy and black love.  Be sure to check out all of Marc’s amazing work via Instagram: @TeamPrepster @BlkOutUk @blackandgaybackintheday ...And follow Marc too: @Marct_01
08/06/2152m 24s

Ep 78. ‘Women are Better Cheaters!’

This week we discussed our return to YouTube! We are back and better than ever, so be sure to go Like, Comment and Subscribe... We also spoke about our previous ‘fuck boy’ antics and snooping through our babes phone...if you don’t want to find anything, I suggest you don’t look...disclaimer, your always going to find something! And finally it was ‘question time’ with our good friend Dapo, who asked us all about being masculine presenting, using the correct pronouns and offending the LGBT community.
01/06/2156m 55s

Ep 77. I Fancy Everyone, Am I Pansexual??

In this week's episode we talk about the disgusting actions taken by the Ghanaian government to silence LGBTQ people in Ghana. On Thursday 20th May 2021, 21 people were arrested for holding an LGBTQ training session. Please donate to the donations will go to providing them with basic needs like food, water, personal hygiene items and toiletries. We also spoke about Pose actor breaking his 14 year silence on being HIV Positive and his relationship with the church. As queer people who grew up in the church, we relate to his sentiments.  We explore attraction, and redefine our preferences and we speak about what we are open to. Please share and donate to my film fund, Losing Joy touches on mental health from a queer black womxn perspective.
25/05/2151m 45s

EP 76. 'Grindr is the Deliveroo for gay men' - Ft. @glow_with_ola

Omg everyone!! We had sooo much fun recording this episode with Ola. The vibes and banter were CORRECT. We spoke about skincare, (Ola's skin is perfect) all the terminologies gay men use, growing up as a young gay Nigerian boy, GRINDR, the gworls plus much much more!  Follow Ola on IG: @glow_with_ola Twitter: @olaoncecarey Enjoy x
19/05/211h 20m

Ep 75. Masculine Men In Skincare & Beauty ft @ShahVenchy

This week we are joined by the gorgeous skincare influencer Shah! We speak on how he stepped in his bag on skincare & beauty influencing, and the need for more masculine people in skincare and beauty campaigns. We also get into the ballroom scene in London and Paris and compare the real ballroom scene to our believed show Pose. Don't forget to use the hashtag #TwoTwosPodcast in conversation Twitter. Follow Shah on socials: @ShahVenchy Until next time, PEACE! 
11/05/2139m 13s

EP 74. Jealousy in a throuple Ft. @zilla_93

Our good friend Abi came through with her freshly pressed hair to tell us all about her experiences being in a throuple relationship! We asked her about how they met, what she learnt, how they were in public, why they broke up and MUCH more. Of course we had to give our own accounts on where we stand personally with open relationships. We also spoke about our experiences with being tokenised by LGBT publications that are supposed to be on our side! Follow Abi on Instagram: @zilla_93 Enjoy x
05/05/211h 5m

EP 73. Trans Man in Love ft @/Mr_Screwface @/Shereen_Jones

You know how much we loveee representation. This week we are joined by Tafari & Shareen. Tafari is a trans man and he is in a relationship with Shareen. We talk about how their friendship blossomed into a romantic relationship. We talk about how supportive Shareen has been in Tafari's journey how their families have become one. Follow Tafari & Shareen on IG @Mr_Screwface @Shareen_Jones Happy Hump Day!
27/04/2146m 21s

EP 72. From Bi-curious to Bisexual Ft. @treeens_

We are back with another episodeeee! This week we are joined by Trina and we speak about everything to do with being bicurious, coming out as bisexual, what Trinas type in women is and what encouraged her to kill her curiosity! This week Black Pride UK announced there won't be a physical event this year, so we spoke about what those physical spaces mean to us. Oh and did you know Kehlani came out as lesbian? Yep, we speak about that too! Please do give Trina a follow on Twitter & Instagram - @treens_  Trina also has a make up page so please do give that a follow also on IG - @treenscreates Peace! x
21/04/2139m 28s

EP 71. Parenting styles, queer representation & Star Signs ft @Roxetera & @RoseEllenDix

This week we joined by the hilarious content creator couple Rose & Rosie. From vlogs, to gaming videos to reaction videos to their podcast Parental Guidance, they do it all! We speak about everything, from anxieties about being around lots of people post lockdown, we also discuss parenting styles as Rose & Rosie are pregnant with their first child. We also discuss the growth of queer representation in the media and the need for more diversity.  Listen to Parental Guidance on Spotify Follow Rose & Rosie on socials @RoseEllenDix @Roxetera Don't forget to use the hashtag #TwoTwosPodcast in conversation with the episode!  Until next week x
13/04/211h 24m

EP 70. Gay trad weddings

Inspired by a viral Tik Tok, this week we speak about the possibility of losing out on our cultures after coming out. We explore how being able to take part in traditional family events changes after coming out due to homophobia and how that can make a person feel as well as our experiences. We also talk about what our future weddings may look like and whether our traditional customs will be included, and where the gender norms within our cultures came from. Of course we spoke about vaccine passports as well...
06/04/2140m 44s

EP 69. Surviving Lockdown, Independence Day and Open Relationships! ft @mxmsworld & @TwiggyJalloh

This week we are joined by our lovely girlfriends. The pandemic has been hard on EVERYONE and it has certainly taken a toll on many relationships, we have seen many relationships come to an end during this pandemic so we discuss how it has affected our own relationships. We talk about getting out of lockdown - Independence Day - June 21st! And we weigh in on open relationships. Listen to Twiggy's amazing podcast Take Ten With Twiggy Sign up to Martha's charismatic newsletter #mxmsmondays Follow our wonderful guests on IG: @mxmsworld @twiggyjalloh
30/03/211h 24m

EP 68. Outrage, lesbian heartbreak and more outrage!

It has just been one of those weeks... The world is moving mad. Conversion therapy in the UK is STILL legal, Aweng and Alexis announced getting a divorce, London Pride don't wanna treat their ethnic minority workers correct and just more outrage. We discuss it all in this episode. But on the bright side, we have been nominated for a Diva Award by Diva Magazine for Broadcaster of the year! We would be so so grateful for you to please vote for us by selected 'NANA DUNCAN and Rose Frimpong' Under the Broadcaster of the year category. Thank you so so much. Enjoy! x
24/03/2154m 24s

EP 67. Stud On Stud Violence ft @ogcourts_

This week we are joined by 1/3 of DAAM Podcast @ogcourts_ We speak about toxic masculinity in masculine presenting babes and the restrictions it has on us in life in general and in the bedroom and we share our opinions on stud4stud attraction. Follow our guest! IG: @ogcourts_ & @daampodcast
17/03/211h 11m

EP 66. Black Womxn and ADHD Ft. @adhdbabes

This week we are joined by ADHD babes who since October 2020 have been providing support groups for black womxn with ADHD and also inspiring people to be checked. We discuss everything from medication, how to get diagnosed and how ADHD affects relationships. All 3 members of ADHD babes have different journeys, and we are so grateful they joined us to share, we learnt so much and we hope you do too! Please follow ADHD babes on Twitter and Instagram @adhdbabes ! They have loads of things coming and also will be taking donations very soon, so look out for that!! Don't forget to use the #TwoTwosPodcast in conversation on Twitter! Enjoy x
10/03/211h 3m

Ep 65. Colourism in the Queer Community ft @thedefofpoetry

On this week's episode, we speak to Rai about colourism in the queer community, age gaps in female same sex relationships and we touch on neurodiversity and the impact it can have on romantic relationships.  Follow Rai on socials Twitter: @thedefofpoetry Instagram: @thedefinitionofpoetry TikTok: @solarsystemsoul Don't forget to use the hashtag #TwoTwosPodcast in conversation on Twitter! Happy Hump Day!  
03/03/2158m 1s

EP 64. Why Are The Queers So Shy⁉️

On this week's episode we ask ourselves why the queers are so SHY when it comes to courting. We also speak about queerbaiting and how it affects the queer community.   Don't forget to use the hashtag #TwoTwosPodcast in conversation on Twitter! Happy Hump Day!
17/02/2145m 43s

EP 63. I didn't think Trans Men had periods ft. @kennyethanjones

This week we caught up with Kenny who is probably the most visible black trans man in the UK, and we are grateful to him for spending his evening chatting and having a laugh with us. We speak about some of the amazing work he has done, and very insightful campaigns he has been apart of, including the popular Period campaign that launched Kenny's activism and influencer career. We also spoke about life in the London, Vauxhall LGBT scene back in the day, some of his experiences growing up and find out if Kenny prefers Silk sheets over cotton? And much much more! Please follow Kenny on Instgram: @kennyethanjones and so keep up to date with some of the exciting things he has coming up next. And they are exciting.  Don't forget to use the hashtag #TwoTwosPodcast on Twitter. Also, please follow us for updates on our weekly clubhouse chats!! Peace x
10/02/2148m 3s

Ep 62. "If we don't support each other, who will?" ft @azmaguk

On this week's episode of Two Twos Podcast we chop it up with the founding members of LGBT+ online publication for people of colour; AZ Magazine. We speak about their journey so far, some of the challenges they've faced along the way and the importance of having a supportive team. We also touch on the importance of supporting each other.  Check out AZ Magazine here: Don't forget to use the hashtag #TwoTwosPodcast in conversation on Twitter! Happy Hump Day!
02/02/2149m 14s

EP 61. Head in the states is DIFFERENT! Ft. @Baller_bm

Whew what an episode! Our good sis Bianca joined us this week. She's back from her time as a student athlete in the states and told us all about her experiences out there. She also told us about the time she had sex with an older woman. Can you guess how old she was? You have to listen up to find out! We also spoke about what is was like for her being stopped by American cops.  Please do follow Bianca on the gram @baller_bm We also featured on an episode this week with Black Gals Living' so please be sure to check that out. A whole 2 hours! Peace! x
27/01/2148m 25s

Ep 60. What is Straight Privilege?

Happy Hump Day! Welcome back to Two Twos Podcast and thank you for listening! In this week's episode, we speak about straight privilege, the special rights/benefits that are not afforded to straight people, that queer people do/did not have and the laws that have been put in place to protect queer people, e.g. travelling the world while gay, what places are safe for LGBT people and what places aren't. We also speak on how we feel about being a token black podcast which leads us into the rabbit hole of the lack of representation in the media again. Don't forget to use the hashtag #TwoTwosPodcast in conversation on Twitter! Follow us on Twitter @TwoTwos_Podcast and follow us on Instagram @TwoTwosPodcast!
20/01/211h 17m

EP 59. Lockdown Porn

During lockdown and both our girlfriends having the Rona we've been left our own devices and that includes porn. Is our favourite category lesbian port or is it straight porn? What do we prefer, Twitter porn or Pornhub? The only way to find out is by clicking the play button! We also speak about Nanas short film that was released on Christmas Day called 'Loved by You' which features Rose as a co actor. Watch it here now: Don't forget to use the hashtag #TwoTwosPodcast Peace! x
13/01/211h 5m

Ep 58. Coming Out on Christmas

Happy New Year? We guess! We speak about 2021 and being under a national lockdown AGAIN and needing to hit the clurbs. We discuss coming out to family on Christmas Day and the possibility of a fallout, is it a good idea? We also speak about the decision to ban puberty blockers and what parents/guardians can do to support children going through puberty.  Don't forget to use the hastag #TwoTwosPodcast in conversation on Twitter! Follow us on Twitter @TwoTwos_Podcast and follow us on Instagram @TwoTwosPodcast!
06/01/2151m 43s

EP 57. We Defeated 2020! Ft. @adaobi_dimplez

Our good sis Adaobi joined us for the last episode of 2020! We spoke about how work as a teacher has been during a pandemic, all the things we learnt about ourselves during lockdown and how lockdown affected our social interactions with the gay scene. We also speak about the potential toxicity of queers friendships. Of course it being the last episode of the year we give a recap of all our achievements this year and what we hope for next year.  Adaobi's Twitter & IG -  @Adaobi_Dimplez  #TwoTwosPodcast A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS LISTENED IN THIS YEAR, USED THE HASHTAG, GIVING US WELL WISHES AND VOTED FOR US TO WIN COMPETITION! WE LOVE YOU ALL, AND WE HOPE YOU KEEP ROCKING WITH US NEXT YEAR. HAPPY NEW YEAR! X
30/12/2057m 32s

EP 56. 'ME MYSELF & I' Ft. @elainebabey

Our hilarious little sis Elaine Babey joined us this week for a cheeky chat and we spoke a lot! We spoke about why she starting doing skits, the journey into doing them, what inspires her and what she hopes for her entertainment career in the future. One thing we can confirm is she is destined for great things. We also spoke about what its like for her being visible, church friends and what her type is. Listen up to hear everything in detail. We guarantee you'll be in for some laughs!  Don't forget to use the hashtag #TwoTwosPodcast on Twitter! Also follow Elaine on Twitter @elainebabey and IG @elainebabey ! FOR THOSE OF YOU CELEBRATING CHRISTMAS WE WOULD LOVE TO WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND IF NOT, HAVE A HAPPY HOLIDAY! LOVE x
23/12/2054m 11s

EP 55. A Candid Conversation with @kuchengcheng

We are joined by a very special guest, writer and journalist Kuchenga! We talk about growing up queer in North London, the many trans idenities and how novels changed Kuchenga's life.  Twitter: @kuchengcheng Instagram: @kuchenga FOLLOW us on Spotify, RATE & REVIEW us Apple and don't forget to use #TwoTwoPodcast in conversation with this episode. For enquiries email us: Follow us on Twitter: twotwos_podcast Follow us on Instagram: twotwospodcast
16/12/201h 55m

EP 54. Are There ACTUALLY Many Lesbians In Sports? ... Ft. @_spence23

Our special guest this week is English professional footballer, Drew Spence who currently plays midfield for Chelsea FC!! How amazing is that?! We talk about life as a pro footballer including her schedule, keeping in shape and remaining dedicated to the sport. We also cover stereotypes such as women's sports being dominated by Lesbians. Drew also gives us insight into her time on the gay scene and how the FA are combating racism in football. This is definitely one you do not want to miss out on. Enjoy! Twitter: @23spence Instagram: @_spence23
08/12/201h 7m

EP 53. I Don't Know Any Lesbian Femmes ft. @VenessaLB & @Sheisart_t

After over a year of Two Twos Podcast we finally have two femme presenting lesbians on the pod!! It's been a long time coming. We normally talk about mass presenting lesbians or femme bisexual women in conversations about women who love women, but this time we switched it up and boy aren't we glad! We have two beautiful femmes who speak on their experiences in the most confident of ways, exploring dating, how they navigate the world as women who can pass as straight and much much more! Don't forget to use the hashtag #TwoTwosPodcast in conversation on Twitter and tag us in your posts on instagram @twotwospodcast !! Enjoy! @VenessaLB (Instagram and Twitter) @sheisart_t (twitter) @boobsandotherdrugs (Instagram)
02/12/201h 28m

EP 52. The Trials & Tribulations of Dating While Gay ft @THECLASSICMANNY

In this episode, Nana sits down with The Classic Manny, they speak candidly and openly about coming out, dating for the first time and his amazing podcast. FOLLOW us on Spotify, RATE & REVIEW us on Apple and don't forget to use #TwoTwosPodcast in conversation. Follow @THECLASSICMANNY Check out Manny's podcast here 👇🏾 Until next time, PEACE!
26/11/2034m 57s

EP 51. Lesbians in Music ft @TayoIku & @RemiBurgz

In this episode, we sat down with Remi Burgz and DJ Tayo Iku to discuss the rise of masculine presenting women in the music industry, learning to be loyal and more. 
11/11/201h 13m

EP 50. My Mum Kicked Out My Ex ft @MXMSWORLD

In this episode, we discuss the impact of lockdown for the LGBT Community, our ghetto government and shouting about our achievements. Subscribe to Martha's newsletter here 👇🏾 
03/11/201h 13m

EP 49. Femmes don’t wear heels to the Gay clurb! Ft. @realqueerstv

We sat down with Nic, Teasha, Asher and Nims from the Real Queers TV Youtube channel cast. We spoke about what we’d like to see from the black LGBT scene, what happened to it and and where they go to be around their fellow gays now. Please make sure you subscribe to their YouTube channel and follow @RealQueersTV on Instagram!! Support black queer creatives!
27/10/201h 8m

EP 48. Masculine Presenting Lesbians ft @ROtripleX

In this episode we are joined by the amazing RoxXxan, we discuss masculine-presenting people in mainstream media, dating insecurities and her upcoming music! This week's episode is sponsored by Warner Bros UK to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. You can get your physical and digital copies of the entire 6 seasons from here: Use the hashtag #TwoTwosPodcast in conversation with his episode.
21/10/201h 28m

EP 47. My Lesbian Friend ft @Beniebanks

In this episode, we speak to one of Rose's good straight friends about what it was like when Rose came out of the closet. We also discuss dating and matchmaking.  Follow Benedicta on IG @Beniebanks & @atarahbeautycollection for affordable luxury mink lashes!
13/10/2044m 25s

EP 46. Light skinned Queers at forefront ft. @Maryandfrends

This week we speak about colourism in the black LGBT community with Mary! She tells us what her experience has been like as a dark skinned bisexual woman, what representation she sees and how she feels on the scene. Of course talk about our experiences and why we think things are the way they are! 
07/10/2050m 43s

Ep 45. Lesbian Love is Sweet Ooo

In this episode, we speak on compatibility and list relationship therapist, Spirit's 5 compatibility signs and we list a few tips to ensuring a successful relationship and more!
30/09/201h 7m

EP 44. "I ducked when she squirted" ft @ScottyUnfamous

Thee AMAZING  award-winning author and sexual wellness content creator SCOTTY UNFAMOUS joins us to discuss all things sexual awareness, writing erotica and kink parties.
23/09/201h 29m

EP 43. Asexual Aromantic ft. @TheYasminBenoit

Our first Asexual guest joins us this week and it’s THEE Yasmin Benoit. Over zoom we spoke about what being Asexual is, the misconceptions of Asexual people and we even ventured off into speaking about different black british experiences! It’s a good one. Enjoy 🙌🏾
15/09/201h 5m

EP 42. ‘Eat p*ssy, shift man insults to gear 5’

We had a lot to rant about this week including insecure men, men stepping out of line, homophobic men and more men stuff. We also speak about our new favourite auntie Niecy and her studsband Jessica Bettes!
08/09/201h 11m

EP 41. Loc Loving Lesbians

We speak all things style from hair to clothingg
26/08/2042m 44s

EP 40. Hetero to Homo FT @TwiggyJalloh & @mxmsworld PART 2

Due to such a short episode last week and huge demand we are bringing you part 2 of Hetero to homo. We bring in an additional special guest that is @mxmsworld along side TWIGGY JALLOH! We go a bit deeper into the subject and spill some tea ☕️ 👀
18/08/201h 13m

EP 39. Hetero to Homo Ft. TWIGGY JALLOH

TJ joins us this week to talk to us about her going from dating men to being in a relationship with a woman. This is a really short episode so let’s call this one a teaser for what is to come...
11/08/2034m 56s

EP 38. Black Women Stan ft @chief_jide

We sit down with the self proclaimed Black woman stan and discuss where his passion to protect black women came from and the importance of protecting black women. We also speak about his event Lit4Eva including the troubles in getting venues for events. And of course we are an LGBT podcast so we spoke about why Black men arent open about being with Trans women.
04/08/201h 4m

EP 37. Gentlewoman Chronicles

After a little break we are back with season 3! We let you know what we’ve been up to, talk about our most dramatic breakups and the gentlewomen that we are! ENJOY!
28/07/201h 25m

EP 36. Are Lesbians Biphobic? Ft. @JereZion_

This time we talk about biphobia that occurs in and out of the queer scene. Our very qualified guest Jere gives us her first hand experience with this very eloquently!
30/06/201h 3m

EP 35. Not All Skinfolk Are Kinfolk

During this short episode we talk about JK Rowling and her nonsense and how incestuous the gay scene can be!
24/06/2032m 27s

EP 34. Lesbians Getting Pregnant Ft. @ieshasmall

Iesha graces our podcast with her journey to motherhood along with her wife. We talk through the options lesbians have to become parents including the pros and cons
17/06/201h 20m

EP 33. “I Think I’m Bisexual’ ?! Ft. @Oloni

Our FAV Sex & Relationship expert Oloni joins us! This is one we have been WAITING to bring you all. We had a chat with Oloni about a woman she fancies, taking her to the gay clurb and much much more! Enjoy!
09/06/201h 18m


With everyone happening in the world today we HAD to go off schedule and drop an extra episode this week. We are TIRED just like a lot of black people are around the world. We are fighting to live right now. We are fighting for equality and we are fighting for change. ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER!!
04/06/201h 1m

EP 31. Unapologetically Muslim & Gay ft. @KhakanQureshi

Khakan spoke to us about what it was like for him coming out to his very religious Muslim family 28 years ago. He talks about the differences him and his partner have had to overcome in their 28 years together AND the battles he had with anti LGBT education protestors in Birmingham
02/06/201h 3m

EP 30. Out And Proud Lesbian In Nigeria ft @the_amarion

This time we speak to the INSPIRATIONAL Amarion! She lives in Nigeria with her girlfriend and she’s proud of it. We speak about her journey to becoming who she is today, what she hopes for younger girls who went through what she did and of course being a lesbian in Nigeria!
26/05/201h 5m

EP 29. Interracial Lesbian Loving ft @omgrosh👩🏾‍🤝‍👩🏼

Episode 29! We talk with Rosh over zoom about her experience being with a white woman. Her short film coming soon, ‘Danny Boy’ and representation in the media!
12/05/201h 8m

EP 28. Getting Caught Catfishing - I’m Really A Girl

We tell the story of MuayThaiKai, a moment that went viral on Twitter a few years ago. MTK was going to through some gender identity issues during a time when the language wasn’t there and things went left! We also talk about our relationships during quarantine!
29/04/201h 0m

EP 27. Freedom in TRANSitioning ft @kingxkhaz

We finally have a trans man on and it’s your boy @kingxkhaz. We speak about Khaz’s journey so far including work life, family and the important of having trans brothers. Of course we had to ask about Khaz’s love life as well!
22/04/201h 23m

EP 26. My Babes is Non Binary. Does That Mean I’m Still A Lesbian🤔?

This episode was inspired by a DM we received. We give our thoughts on whether a Lesbian is still a lesbian with a Non Binary partner. Fat and skinny lesbians. QUARANTINE RADIO!
14/04/2050m 56s

EP 25. Why Can’t The Lesbians Just Get Along? 😩

This week our very own Rose made some statements that rattled a few of the lesbians feathers on U.K. Black Lesbian Twitter. We disclose our favourite lesbian shows on TV and Youtube. Lastly we discuss LOVE, because it’s important we love one another at this time.
08/04/201h 5m

EP 24. How Do I Get A Peaches Membership? Ft. @YS_BOMB11 / @PeachesNights

We sit down with 1/3rd of the Peaches team. We sit down and talk about whether is sex party or not? What encouraged the team to start Peaches and @YS_BOMB and the ladiessss!
01/04/201h 16m

Ep 23. My Friends Are Homophobic... 😔

Do you have friends who make homophobic comments? Accept you but not the other gays? Why can’t we let go of them? We discuss it all here! We also discuss lesbian FASHUNSSSS!
25/03/2041m 48s

Ep 22. Pray The Gay Away ft @RevJide

We sit down with Rev Jide Macaulay and honestly guys, he is literally heaven sent!! Rev Jide is a gay Rev in the Church of England. We were blessed enough to sit down and listen to his journey with Christianity, how he navigated his faith and the amazing work he does with @hoiseofrainbow_ ! Instagram: @jidemacaulay Twitter: @RevJide
18/03/201h 41m

Ep 21. Where are the Lesbian Studs in London? ft @Aaliyahjoy 🇺🇸

We are joined by @AaliyahJoy who is an American Stud living in the U.K. for now! She gives us her take on Studs in London or lack of.... We talk about Instagram lesbians and of course American food vs English food!! ENJOY!
11/03/2039m 21s

Ep 20. Nuff Chat ft @brokenppodcast

We are joined by Ruby and Amethyst from Broken Pussy Podcast and it is LIT! We sit down and talk about how Broken Pussy was formed, why they are ‘anonymous’ and SEX! Definitely one to enjoy!
04/03/201h 29m

Ep 19. Who Will Say ‘I Do’ on Love Is Blind?

It’s competition time!! Listen to the podcast to hear how you can enter and win a luxury skin care package with us. We dive deep into The madness that is Love Is Blind, Lil Boosie and the first gay Bollywood film!
26/02/201h 20m

Ep 18. Love Is Blind

Just the two of us!! You said it, and we heard! We go into the coming out of Dwayne Wades daughter Zion, whether the media is really ready to accept all types of Masculine Presenting Women and LOVE IS BLIND! I know you guys been watching it too
19/02/2051m 2s

Ep 17. Lesbian Loving

This time it’s just the 2 of us! We talk about all the gay tea that has been brewing lately including Lena Waithe’s infidelities, Philip Schofield coming out, and Jameela being announced as a ball room judge for a TV show. As valentines is coming up, we also give you tips on dates, we discuss our best valentines dates and give you a little insight into our relationships. ENJOY!
12/02/201h 26m

Ep 16. Freaky Friends ft @The_NinaRose/@nina_roseofficial

This time around we sit with Nina Rose to speak about THAT Bkchat episode, her journey with her sexuality including a little about all our freaky sides. Find Nina Rose on Instagram: @nina_roseofficial or Twitter: @The_NinaRose TW: Brief mention of child molestation.
06/02/201h 18m

Ep 15. Get Prepared with PrEp ft @IdiosyncraticXL

In this episode, we discuss HIV/AIDS, PrEp. We discuss HIV stories, what PrEp is and how treatment has evolved over the years.
29/01/2054m 22s

Ep 14. Butch Queens giving it everything ft @thefrenchboi_ / @noah.prempeh

In this episode, we discuss ballroom culture! Our lovely guest Noah talks gives us the categories, what houses are and of course THE SHADE!
22/01/201h 28m

Ep 13. 2 in 1 - Christmas Special ft @akeiloa & @princefigs

We start this one off by giving you guys an in depth best friend tag! Then we are joined by two beautiful guests! We discuss the need for black LGBT spaces, our personal experiences with them and our love lives because why not!
25/12/191h 48m

Ep 12. The Blueprint To Podcasting ft @mxmsworld

In this episode, we talk about our journey as podcasters so far, social media and more!
18/12/191h 7m

Ep 11. Threesomes Before Or After Marriage?

In this episode, we answer dilemmas!
04/12/1944m 4s

Ep 10. Homosexuality IS NOT Un-African! ft Tochi

In this episode, we discuss same-sex relationships in pre-colonial Africa, the progression Africa has towards the LGBT community and much more!
27/11/191h 23m

Ep 9. What In The Hetero Pick Me ft @tayorinde

In this episode we talk straight allyship, Flame Munroe controversy & more!!
20/11/191h 37m

Ep 8. What Is A Gold Star Lesbian?

In this episode, we discuss our romantic and sexual history with men, Whitney & Robyn and more!
13/11/191h 0m

Ep 7. Who Pays On The First Date?

In this episode, we talk about our experiences as masculine-presenting women who date women.
06/11/1957m 22s

Ep 6. What's Wrong With Bi Men? ft @bilzyb @the_isaacb

In this episode, we talk all things bisexual, including the experience of black bisexual men, the sexualisation of black bisexual women and is HIV a gay thing?
30/10/191h 17m

Ep 5. What Are Your Pronouns? ft @HormoneMonsta

In their sexy voice , Lyra discusses with us what it means to be non binary to them. We speak about influencer and it off with a bit of y’all about ANAL.
23/10/1959m 55s

Ep 4. I am NOT coming out anymore ft @RemiBurgz

We talk National Coming Out Day. Remi talks about her coming out experiences and why she is choosing to no longer come out. Who does coming out benefit? What traumas are included in coming out?
16/10/191h 5m

Ep 3. Welcome To The Playground ft @Playground__LDN

In this episode we discuss play/king parties in London ran by black people. We discuss different fetishes. Which one of us have been??
02/10/191h 27m

Ep 2. LGBT Education? ft @Mama_Lamisco

We talk about whether children should learn about the LGBT Community in school, navigating a healthy marriage and more!!
25/09/191h 39m

Ep 1. The Straights vs The Queers

OUR LAUNCH! In this episode you get to know who we are a little bit (we don’t want to give it all away)and we reveal our sex playlists!
18/09/1955m 46s
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