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STRANGELAND from audiochuck is an investigative series that examines cases in immigrant neighborhoods. Season 2: Murder is Maple Shade is hosted by investigative journalist Ben Adair and award-winning journalist with more than 30 years experience across three continents, Tinku Ray. Maple Shade, New Jersey is a quaint suburb where the motto is, “Nice Town, Friendly People.” But on the evening of March 23, 2017, an Indian tech worker, Sasikala Narra, and her six-year-old son, Anish, were found brutally murdered in their apartment. Police questioned the husband and father, Hanumantha, but his alibi checked out. Six years later, the case is still unsolved, and authorities won’t discuss it. So, we’re investigating for ourselves and discovering new leads, potential motives, and questionable behavior by local authorities. Will there ever be justice for Sasikala and Anish? Strangeland is produced by Western Sound.


Updates + Alphabet Boys

Tips on the Narra case have been pouring in. Ben gives an update and shares your next podcast binge: Alphabet Boys.
16/03/23·12m 49s

NEW SHOW: The Deck Investigates

Darlene Hulse was forcibly taken from her home in Argos, Indiana on August 17, 1984. Her two oldest daughters witnessed the attack but they didn’t recognize the man who took their mother. Though Darlene’s body would be found a day later, just six miles from her home, her killer has evaded law enforcement for almost four decades and her case has remained cold…until now.After a year long investigation, we’re uncovering new facts and speaking with witnesses and suspects who have never been spoke to before in hopes of finally answering the question, who murdered Darlene Hulse?All 15 episodes are available for you to listen to RIGHT NOW on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you like to listen to your podcasts. Brought to you by CarMax. Car buying reimagined. Find a car you’ll love at
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Ep 14 of 14: Six Years Later

Throughout our year-long investigation, Hanu has ignored our repeated attempts to contact him. So, in the Season Finale of Strangeland, we knock on his door to talk face-to-face. And there’s a surprise development in the legal battle over Sasi’s estate. Will there be justice for Sasi and Anish? Who should be held accountable? And ... how you can help.BURLINGTON COUNTY PROSECUTOR'S OFFICEPhone:BCPO Main line: 609-265-5035 (& press 23 to be transferred to an operator)Public Information Officer, Joel Bewley: (609) 265-5777Secret Witness Hotline: 609-267-7667Email:
02/03/23·36m 55s

Ep 13 of 14: The Witness

A traumatized eyewitness walks us through his memory of March 23, 2017 - from Sasi and Anish’s arrival home that afternoon to Hanu’s puzzling behavior upon discovering the bodies. The Witness shares all ... including, a brand new lead. The biggest one yet.
02/03/23·24m 41s

Ep 12 of 14: The Payoff

There were some dramatic lifestyle change following the murders, alongside a strange donation to a Maple Shade charity. We investigate that, plus the ongoing legal battle for Sasi’s estate. There’s more than a million dollars at stake.
02/03/23·28m 6s

Ep 11 of 14: The Friend

There was a third person at the Narra’s apartment the night of the murders - a woman whose odd behavior triggers some red flags. Could this alleged “family friend” be the same woman Sasi mentioned in her letter? We track her across the Philadelphia suburbs to ask her some crucial questions.
02/03/23·26m 3s

Ep 10 of 14: The Mystery Woman

After months of searching, we find the mystery woman from the 911 call. She does a sit-down interview and reveals some shocking details about the crime scene. She also gives us some valuable new leads in the case – ones, she claims, investigators ignored.
23/02/23·19m 20s

Ep 9 of 14: The Commute

Hanu and Sasi both worked for Cognizant - a Global IT company known for providing U.S. visas to Indian employees. But these immigration papers come with a major catch. As we look deeper into Hanu’s professional life - we find out more about Sasi’s secret. And we do a deep dive on Hanu’s alibi. Is it as airtight as it seems?
23/02/23·20m 20s

Ep 8 of 14: The Mail Slot

A former neighbor of the Narras gives a first-hand account of the family’s troubling dynamics. But, he says, it was Hanu’s behavior in the days following the murders that was even more concerning. And, we get a crucial new tip on a potential eyewitness to the crime.
16/02/23·20m 21s

Ep 7 of 14: The Letter

We discover a letter that Sasi wrote to her brother, Venu, a few years before her death. It contains an intimate look at Sasi’s home life and contains an explosive secret ... that might provide a motive for who killed her and Anish.
16/02/23·23m 3s

Ep 6 of 14: The Homeland

The bodies of Sasikala and Anish Narra were shipped back to India for last rites amid an inter- family drama between Hanu’s and Sasi’s families. We send an Indian reporter to Sasi’s hometown of Vijayawada, to try to find out more about her upbringing and why her family told the Indian press that they know who’s responsible for the murders.
09/02/23·21m 34s

Ep 5 of 14: The Drop Off

Murdered son Anish Narra was beloved by those who knew him. He was his teacher’s favorite student - a super smart, motivated class clown. Anish’s karate teacher explains why he thinks Anish died a hero. And his first grade teacher talks about a strange incident that happened the day of the murders - and why she reported it to police.
09/02/23·19m 59s

Ep 4 of 14: The Inner Circle

The Narra murders divide the sizable Indian community in South Jersey. Hanu’s closest confidants at the powerful Telugu Association of North America (TANA) keep strangely silent while other Indian cultural groups readily assist investigators in drumming up new leads. Is TANA trying to protect someone?  
02/02/23·21m 51s

Ep 3 of 14: The Husband

Following the murders, Sasi’s husband Hanu was taken in for questioning. But investigators soon let him go, saying his alibi holds up. We investigate Hanu’s version of events and find inconsistencies and potential motives for the crime.
02/02/23·19m 49s

Ep 2 of 14: The Divide

Maple Shade is a modern-day Mayberry, but in the Fox Meadow apartments, it’s a different story. We go to the Narra’s home in Fox Meadow and start speaking with their neighbors. Turns out that “Fox Ghetto,” as many locals call it, has a long history of violence that doesn’t square with the town’s squeaky clean image.
02/02/23·21m 55s

Ep 1 of 14: Nice Town, Friendly People

Hanumantha Narra arrives home from work to find the lifeless bodies of his wife and son. We dissect his 911 call and make some startling revelations about the crime scene. Authorities try to stonewall our investigation and neighbors of the Narras say there had to be witnesses - but no one is coming forward.
02/02/23·25m 42s

Season 2: Murder in Maple Shade

Maple Shade, New Jersey is a quaint suburb; its slogan is “Nice Town, Friendly People.” But on the evening of March 23, 2017, an Indian tech worker, Sasikala Narra, and her six-year-old son, Anish, were found brutally murdered in their apartment. Police questioned the husband and father, Hanumantha, but his alibi had checked out. Six years later, the case is still unsolved, and authorities won’t discuss it. So, we’re investigating for ourselves and discovering new leads, potential motives, and questionable behavior by local authorities. Will there ever be justice for Sasikala and Anish?
26/01/23·3m 4s

Ep 10 of 10: The Results

The results of the new DNA tests are in, with big implications for Robin Cho, Byung Song, and the victims of this crime. So, the question is, will justice be served and how?
08/11/21·35m 43s

Ep 9 of 10: The DNA

Ben and Sharon visit the lab that did the DNA testing that led to Robin Cho’s conviction. While touring the facility, they learn of DNA from the crime scene that’s never been tested.
08/11/21·28m 2s

Ep 8 of 10: Holes in the Case (Part 2)

It’s courtroom 101: the prosecution’s trying to make a case, the defense is trying to get their client off, and it’s the jury’s job to figure out the truth. But how much of the science that’s presented at court is actually scientific? Ben and Sharon look closely at specific pieces of evidence presented at trial and find out that some of the bedrock assumptions about evidence and crimes… could be wrong. 
08/11/21·35m 0s

Ep 7 of 10: Holes in the Case (Part 1)

As part of Strangeland’s reinvestigation, Ben and Sharon have been keeping a list that goes way beyond culture clashes and misunderstandings. It shows that the prosecution’s already-tenuous motive for Cho is even less solid than they thought. At the same time, Cho’s behavior doesn’t do him any favors.
08/11/21·34m 32s

Ep 6 of 10: We Affirm

After almost eight weeks of trial and deliberations, there’s a verdict. However, though the jury has reached a decision, they don’t seem very confident when it comes to sentencing Robin Cho.
08/11/21·30m 18s

Ep 5 of 10: The Trial

The man dubbed “The Koreatown Killer” heads to trial, and the prosecution presents its case — with no witnesses, no weapon, and no concrete motive. The jury must decide if one piece of evidence is enough to send Robin Cho to Death Row.
08/11/21·38m 25s

Ep 4 of 10: The Case Against Robin Cho (Part 2)

LAPD investigators pounce on Cho, interrogating him twice in the same day. After hours of getting nowhere, emotions boil over in the interrogation room. The cops eventually arrest him for murder… but they may have missed their chance to make the case. 
08/11/21·40m 19s

Ep 3 of 10: The Case Against Robin Cho (Part 1)

LAPD detectives take their first crack at their new suspect. However, things just aren’t adding up for the cops — or for Robin Cho. Afterward, Cho leads the police on a wild ride across Los Angeles and exhibits some very suspicious behavior.
08/11/21·38m 2s

Ep 2 of 10: Who is Robin Cho?

Who is this new suspect that the LAPD has pegged for the brutal Koreatown triple murder? A modest family man from the South Korean countryside who has some dark secrets — over two-and-a-half million of them. Do they add up to a motive for murder?
08/11/21·28m 19s

Ep 1 of 10: The Miracle Mile Massacre

On May 5, 2003, Chi Hyon Song, a 30-year-old mother, along with her two-year-old son, and their 56-year-old nanny Eun Sik Min, were all slain, execution-style, in their modest apartment in Koreatown.  LAPD detectives first suspected Song’s husband, but his alibi was air tight. With no other suspects, the case goes cold. That is, until 2008, when a law enforcement DNA database turned up a new connection to the case.
08/11/21·36m 7s

Season 1: The Koreatown Murders

STRANGELAND is a new series from audiochuck that is reexamining cases in immigrant neighborhoods. These investigations go where the police couldn’t to uncover the real story behind a headline crime.
15/10/21·2m 30s
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