Stop and Search

Stop and Search

By Jason Reed

We're on the front-lines of the War on Drugs!Stop and Search aims to deconstruct our laws; we take a look at many overlapping issues and we ask 'what's really going on in society'? With a mix of live panel discussions, celebrity guests, policy experts, rolling news content, and general inquisitiveness, we'll try to get to the bottom of our relationship with drugs.Stop and Search is in association with LEAP UK and proudly part of Scroobius Pip's Distraction Pieces Network.

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Dan 'Nitro' Clark: Original Gladiator

He was one of the very first television gladiators, the yardstick of 'sports entertainment', Dan Clark is better known as Nitro to millions of people across the world and will forever be the true definition of a TV gladiator. In a new Netflix documentary, Muscles and Mayhem, Dan and his co-stars delve deep into the real world of American Gladiators and provide an unprecedented insight into the television phenomenon. Having watched the documentary series, we were intrigued to know more...Dan 'Nitro' Clark opens up and gives us such an honest and moving account of his personal life, from addiction to bereavement, and from stardom to his own health struggles, his life is quite something. Dan also has a book out which is titled F Dying: How Cheating Death Kicked My Ass into Loving, Learning and Living My Best Life. In this episode we speak about Dan's family and the entrenched problems with trauma and addiction. We also of course cover his incredible career, both as a gladiator, but also his time in film and television. And also so much more - Dan really and truly gives us an open and honest conversation!Please follow him on Instagram: @DanNitroClarkAnd you can see all of Dan's projects, including his heralded Ted Talk and his book, on his website: Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
15/02/241h 14m

Wes Cunliffe: From County Lines to the Rugby Pitch

Please meet Wes Cunliffe - he has the most incredible story... As a teenager Wes was on the frontlines of county lines dealing. He's been stabbed multiple times, had literal run-ins with the law, and has experienced the harsh realities of a life fraught with struggle; Wes' life was one of survival. He is now flourishing on the rugby pitch, as well as being one of the most respected youth mentors around. Wes dedicates his time to making sure young people don't take the route that he did, and he's even started a new charity called Rize & Reach, aimed to provide mentoring, training and services in the community. Keep an eye open for Wes and Rize & Reach's work! Thank you Wes! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
07/12/231h 4m

Lynn Ulbricht: A Mother's Journey - Silk Road & Criminal Justice

How much do you know about the infamous site Silk Road and its creator Ross Ulbricht, also known as Dread Pirate Roberts? We speak to Lynn Ulbricht, the mother of Ross...Ross was a pioneer of the deep web and bitcoin. He created a new market place which ended up as a vending system for an array of things, including drugs. Ross was the mastermind behind the website but didn't actually partake in vending himself. Ross now serves a double life prison term and many people feel this is an injustice on many levels. The toll this has taken on the family is inconceivable.We're joined by Lynn to speak about the history of Silk Road and the journey which led up to Ross' imprisonment. How is Ross now, and what is he doing? What hope is there of his release? And why is this perceived by so many people as a gross injustice? An incredible tale of criminal and social justice on trial.If you would like to know more or support Lynn and Ross, go to: freeross.orgDisclaimer: All views expressed in this episode represent the individual only Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
26/10/2354m 9s

Drug Policy Unfiltered - Live!

This is an epic episode with some of the all-time great voices from international drug policy. Recorded live at the Cranstoun conference in Brighton in February 2023, the guests were all briefed to go beyond the usual scripts and be as honest as they could be... and they did not disappoint. This conversation was one of the most open that you're ever likely to hear. Featuring: Alex Stevens, Professor in Criminal Justice at the University of KentNiamh Eastwood, Executive Director, ReleaseKassandra Frederique, Executive Director, Drug Policy Alliance Danny Ahmed, Clinical Director, CranstounZoë Dodd, Co-organiser Toronto Overdose Prevention SocietyMegan Jones, Director, Cranstoun Thank you for all the work from the Cranstoun crew who put the event and conference on and enabled us to get this conversation recorded, and thank you to Stage One Audio and Visual LTD for all the work on the day. And of course, thank you to Peter Krykant for making this all happen. Special mention and praise to Nigel Brunsdon who provided all photography and images - as ever Nigel is a legend and you must check out his work via Instagram: @nigelbrunsdon and also nigelbrunsdon.comDisclaimer: All views expressed in this episode represent the individual only. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
21/09/231h 37m

Matt Hutchinson: Medicine, Comedy and Drug Policy

On today's Stop and Search we're joined by Matt Hutchinson. He's a doctor specialising in Rheumatology and General Medicine, and also a comedian - what a combo! We have a very open and wide-ranging conversation about drug policy, medicine, addiction, the prescribing of pain medication, comedy, and so much more. We really do cover some bases in this chat. Matt is also performing at the Edinburgh Festival, so if you would like to see him in action then go to Assembly George Square Studios on the dates of Aug 2-14, and 16-27 - see his new show Hostile.We're going to be coming back to Matt as he has so much more to say - so thank you to him for such a wonderful chat! Find him on Twitter @Hutch_upSmall disclaimer, let's be honest and real, you know how it works: All views expressed by guests are their own and don't necessarily reflect that of Law Enforcement Action Partnership. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Scottish Government Proposes Drug Law Reform!

In this breaking news, emergency broadcast, special podcast, we'll be discussing the bold new moves by the Scottish government to reform their drug policies.We speak to retired Police Inspector Ian Andrew, and former Detective and author of The Ten Percent, Simon McLean - both of whom are LEAP UK and LEAP Scotland members. Both Ian and Simon have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to help these new proposals come about.So, what are we talking about here? Well, a new report recommends that Scotland decriminalises all drug possession, as well as safe consumption rooms, diamorphine assisted treatment, and drug checking services. This is also a step towards a conversation around legal regulation of all drugs.Hear from inside the circle, how this came about, how it's shaping up and crucially... how will the Westminster government react? Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
07/07/2340m 58s

Louise Marwood: Addiction, Recovery and the Stage

Louise Marwood is an actress and comedian - you may recognise her from the British soap opera Emmerdale. In recent weeks Louise has bravely spoken out via the media about her own struggles with addiction, using her platform to help build the discussion around addiction and stigma... but Louise is now embarking on a new project! With her background in the arts and comedy, Louise will be putting on a one woman show titled: Rita Lynn: The Life Coach Who Wanted to Die - part autobiographical, part comedy, part drama, this stage production looks to start a deeper conversation around what it's like to be at "rock bottom". In this podcast episode we discuss this exciting new venture as well as some very personal insights from Louise's own life, and we also discuss the much-needed nuance around 'recovery' and what that actually means. At the time of broadcast of this podcast episode Louise is crowdfunding the stage show - please do support her with whatever you can via the Go Fund Me page. All kind donations go towards making the show bigger and better, and with a chance to tour! And tickets are already on sale! You can get tickets via the Rosemary Branch Theatre. Please do support and listen to Louise's words in this podcast - and share share share if you can! Let's have this big conversation around addiction and kick the stigma right out. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
31/05/231h 9m

Stig Abell

A journalist, newspaper editor, radio presenter, author, Stig Abell has just about done it all in the world of media and journalism. In his book, How Britain Really Works, Stig writes about the many institutions of the UK and how policy making is not always what it's cut out to be. Having done a lot of work in prisons and the justice system, Stig has seen firsthand how we may want to make some changes to the way we currently work.Stig currently co-presents the Monday to Thursday breakfast show on Times Radio and has a new fiction book out called Death Under a Little Sky. In this podcast episode we cover a lot of ground, from Westminster, to prisons, from Fleet Street and the responsibility of journalists, to the way in which politics and the media crossover. And of course, drug policy. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
19/04/231h 16m

Judge Victoria Pratt: Transforming Criminal Justice

Having served as the chief judge of the Newark Municipal Court, Judge Victoria Pratt is also professor at the Rutgers Newark School of Criminal Justice. Judge Pratt has a written a book called The Power of Dignity: Transforming Criminal Justice which delves into her work in and out of the courtroom. Having looked for alternatives to the criminal justice system for many years, Judge Pratt is an advocate of community solutions and going deeper than your average courtroom. Her TED talk, "How Judges Can Show Respect," has been viewed over thirty million times and is well worth a watch. In this podcast episode we speak about the many ways in which the justice system needs to change and how judges and police officers need a tangible link to their communities in order to understand the people in which they deal with. We also speak about the many pipelines to prison, and how people from BAME backgrounds are inherently at a disadvantage in the justice system... and of course addiction, we must speak about addiction. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
29/03/2356m 9s

Shelby Hartman - Double Blind Magazine: The Psychedelic Future

Shelby Hartman is the co-founder and CEO of the innovative publication Double Blind Magazine. Having written for numerous publications such as Vice, Huffington Post, Rolling Stone, Shelby and her partner Madison are now shaping how we view the emerging and exciting world of psychedelics via Double Blind Magazine. In this episode we talk about a the need for quality drug journalism, how the UK can learn from the US with the emerging psychedelic treatments around PTSD and trauma, what can the lessons of cannabis regulation teach us, and so much more! Find Shelby on twitter: @shelbyannehartAnd find Double Blind Magazine on your social media platforms, as well as the website: Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
02/02/2341m 18s

Tim Lovejoy

Let's chat with TV presenter, broadcaster, and podcast legend, Tim Lovejoy. Tim has had an interesting journey with drug policy... like many, Tim believed in our drug laws, he had no need to investigate further. But after hosting a number of people on his own podcast, The Lovejoy Hour, such as Peter Bleksley, Neil Woods, Johann Hari, and our own Stop and Search host Jason Reed, Tim has had a complete transformation in his thinking and is now a big advocate from drug policy reform - he does all he can to help spread the message. In this episode of Stop and Search we talk about the role the media play in drug policy, as well as press 'scandals'. We also delve into mental health, addiction, and what more we can all do to help raise awareness to this big issue. Don't forget to like, share, subscribe and nice review wherever you can. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
12/01/231h 19m

Alastair Campbell

He's a mental health advocate, author, criminal justice reform advocate, chart-topping podcaster, and of course the director of communications under Tony Blair's term as Prime Minister - Alastair Campbell barely needs an introduction. In this episode we go further with Alastair than he's ever gone before in giving his thoughts on failed drug policy and how the 'war on drugs' has caused harm across society. With Alastair's own personal tales of addiction, alongside his advocacy for mental health and criminal justice reform, Alastair is able to give a multifaceted perspective as to why he now looks at drug policy with different eyes. We also quiz Alastair on the influence and power of communications - how could we not?! There's a lot to unpick in the episode, such as drinking and drug use in Westminster, the story behind Labour's reclassification of cannabis, Norway's pioneering justice reforms, and so much more. Please subscribe, like, leave nice reviews, and all that lovely stuff. You know what to do, thank you! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
14/12/2258m 39s

Top Girl - The Frontline of County Lines

What is it really like being a county lines drug dealer? Danielle Marin was at the forefront of the drug distribution evolution and became a drug dealer at an early age. The book Top Girl is a must-read!Danielle witnessed some of the very worst aspects of society and yet she has one of the calmest and most sensible demeanours imaginable. On this episode Danielle tells us in her own words what led her to become a dealer, what the life was like, and yes, she discusses some of the worst aspects of the past and abuses. Please do be advised that some incredibly hard subjects are spoken about in this conversation. We give such gratitude to Danielle for her candour and allowing us an unprecedented insight into her incredible life.We're also joined by writer Robin Eveleigh who is the ghost writer of Top Girl. Robin is a regular contributor to Vice, as well as a host of other publications. How did Robin find the process? How did he cope hearing Danielle's most horrific tales of abuse and trauma?Please do listen and share this episode, and once more... thank you very much Danielle! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
30/11/221h 8m

Richard Mylan

Richard Mylan is an actor from film, stage and television, as well as a theatre producer, director and a drama teacher. His career has been diverse and littered with big roles such as Waterloo Road. But recently Richard has devoted more of his time to speak about his personal journey with addiction in hopes that he can raise awareness for other people who may be struggling, and to wipe away the stigma that can often come with addiction. In this special episode we have a very intimate conversation with Richard about his heroin use which lasted twenty years - how and why he got to that place of addiction, and his advocacy for a change of attitudes. We send such gratitude to Richard for his openness and honesty. Conversations such as this go a long way in helping others, as well as helping make the societal changes that we need to save lives. Find Richard via his website: Twitter: @RichardMylan Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
02/11/221h 6m

Stanley Nelson - Crack: Cocaine, Corruption & Conspiracy

We talk to Stanley Nelson, director of the new Netflix documentary Crack: Cocaine, Corruption & Conspiracy. What really happened in the 80s and the crack epidemic?Taking an in-depth look at the societal costs, how communities reacted, and how the media played their part, this eye-opening documentary is described as “a puzzle” by Stanley who tried to piece together the many overlaps of the crack picture. From the media term of ‘crack babies’, to addiction, poverty, the militarization of the police, and also there’s a large international element too with the Ronald Reagan presidency having a part to play in Nicaragua… and this is where it really gets interesting! Stanley Nelson set about trying to tell this massive story and his film and he does so with the help of many contributors, including Dr Carl Hart who you might know from previous episodes of the Stop and Search podcast. Have a listen to this podcast and then watch the film, it’s truly a must-see!  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
11/03/2129m 1s

Dr Carl Hart: Drug Use for Grown-Ups

Dr Carl Hart has almost become a legendary figure in the world of academia and the media, he’s a professor of neuroscience and psychology at Columbia University and known for his work in drugs and addiction. His first book High Price: A Neuroscientist's Journey of Self-Discovery That Challenges Everything You Know About Drugs and Society was very well received and challenged many misconceptions around society’s perception of drugs and culture, and his new book is set to go even further…Drug Use for Grown-Ups: Chasing Liberty in the Land of Fear is truly an enthralling read. Dr Hart wants us all to come out of the closet with regards to our drug consumption, he's also coming forward with unapologetic honesty about his own drug use and what it means to him and his life. So, what do we, adults, need to know about the drugs we consume, and what do we need to do to help push this big conversation forward? Yes, this really is a fascinating and honest discussion!  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
14/01/211h 1m

Norman Pilcher: Bent Coppers (I Am the Walrus)

Norman Pilcher has gone down in history as the muse behind the song I Am the Walrus by The Beatles. When serving in the newly formed drugs squad, Norman arrested John Lennon, George Harrison, The Rolling Stones, Dusty Springfield, and many other iconic figures from the 60s. He was one of the first and most infamous foot soldiers in the newly formed 'war on drugs' which began in the late 60s, but what does Norman now think as he looks back over his astounding career in the police service? His new book Bent Coppers is a tell-all about his time in the service and the many good - and bad - coppers that he served with. Norman has also spent time in prison himself which has given him some valuable insights.In this very, very interesting conversation - we of course discuss Norman's career in the police and the drugs squad, but we absolutely have to talk about the iconic celebrities that he was tasked with arresting, but we also discuss the theme of the book, 'Bent Coppers' and why was Norman so compelled to write this book. And to conclude... what does Norman think about drug policy now?You can buy limited edition signed copies of Bent Coppers by Norman Pilcher by making enquires at: - and regular copies are available at all good retailers. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
14/12/2051m 34s

County Lines - with Writer & Director Henry Blake

The new film County Lines is set for release on December 4th, it is a comprehensive dramatisation of what goes on in the county lines drug chain, but the film is also about so much more...Henry Blake is the writer and director of this new film but his background is in youth work - Henry conveys why he was compelled to make this film. We talk about what Henry saw in his work, how the film is a big snapshot on his time spent working with the vulnerable, and why the county lines drugs network makes some degree of sense to the children who fall into them.We also have to address how politics and society have both played a hand in ensuring the practice of county lines is here to stay until we tackle inequality in our communities.You can see County Lines by visiting the BFI Player or Curzon Home Cinema from December 4th. And you can follow Henry Blake on Twitter @HenryBlake26 - and the film can be followed @CountyLinesFilm Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
03/12/2054m 53s

Leroy Logan - Closing Ranks: My Life as a Cop

Leroy Logan MBE climbed the police ranks to become a Superintendent and along the way he encountered institutional racism, abuse, and erroneous accusations and investigations. Leroy has released a new book titled Closing Ranks: My Life as a Cop... so how did he get into the police service? Well, that in itself is a fascinating story.Leroy's life is set to be dramatised by director Steve McQueen and the role of Leroy will be played by John Boyega, so make sure you look out for that!In this episode we talk about racism, communities, stop and search powers, black lives matter, the 'defund the police' movement, and so much more! As mentioned at the start of this episode, Leroy's life and career mimics society and all the themes that we are faced with today, so this is a podcast not to be missed. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
23/09/201h 3m

Justice on Trial - Chris Daw QC

With over 25 years of experience in criminal law, Chris Daw QC is a barrister who's seen it all. Murder, heists, the apex of international financial crime, and of course drug barons. He's defended many, many people. What drove him to seek answers? What alternatives did he find? And why should we abolish the prison system as we know it... and reform our drug laws?In his new book, Justice on Trial: Radical Solutions for a System at Breaking Point, Chris decided to tour the globe, looking for answers and alternatives to our current approach to the criminal justice system.As said, Chris has seen it all - quite literally - and he's got quite a few tales to tell! What works? What fails? And what expense and harm are there for individuals and society alike? How can we make sure less people go to prison, and for less people to go back to prison after their release?This is a truly fascinating discussion. The book is available as from now! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
22/07/201h 21m

Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics with Donick Cary

Donick Cary has had an incredible career. He's been a writer and producer on legendary shows such as The Simpsons, Parks and Recreation, New Girl, and many more. During his career he's met and spoken with many public figures about their personal journeys with psychedelics, so... he decided to turn this into a film!On Netflix you can watch the feature documentary Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics. See huge stars such as Sting, the late and great Carrie Fisher, Sarah Silverman, Ben Stiller, and many others as they get very personal in recounting their trips with LSD, MDMA and ayahuasca.We speak to Donick about the behind the scenes and what it took to make the film. How did he get so many public figures to open up about their drug experiences? Which celebs are the ones that we can label 'the ones that got away'? And from concept to screen, what was the personal journey like in making this documentary?We also get a personal tour of Donick's unique memorabilia! So if you listen via the Acast app, be sure to check out the visuals on this episode too. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
09/07/201h 8m

Ash Sarkar

Ash Sarkar is the Senior Editor at Novara Media and also teaches at the Sandberg Institute. Ash is a regular commentator on Newsnight, BBC Question Time and most news sites. In this very enlightening conversation Ash joins us to talk about the divisive nature of our drug laws and the impact on society - especially when it comes to BAME communities. You can follow Ash on twitter.This episode was recorded in late 2019, but the themes of the conversation could not be more relevant...Let's discuss stop and search powers and their insidious legacy. We have to talk about race relations to the police, media and government. And what can we do to make sure that communities who have been harmed by the war on drugs get a stake in the new legal industries for cannabis? Are politicians hypocritical on drug use?We also have to thank Release for the use of their offices to record this very important episode. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
10/06/2056m 24s

John Sutherland: Crossing the Line

What's it like to literally talk someone down from a ledge? How do you cope with being a witness to the most extreme examples of domestic violence, terrorism, and murder? John Sutherland explains...Having served on the frontlines of policing, from PC level, all the way to Chief Superintendent, John has seen the best and worst of society. He's been a negotiator, charged with communicating with the most venerable and the most violent in society. He's been the first on the scene when terror incidents take place, and he's seen the evolution of the drug trade and its new tactics.We discuss his new book, Crossing the Line: Lessons From a Life on Duty, and wow, there's a lot to chat about! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
13/05/201h 10m

Third Rails and Fourth Walls: Behind the Scenes of Drug Law Reform

We're going to lift the curtain and go behind the scenes of drug law reform. Let's have some honesty about what it's really like working on the front-lines of this global issue! Joining us to give their valuable and candid insight:Sanho Tree - Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, and Director of its Drug Policy Project since 1998, Sanho is former military and diplomatic historian and has been described as the 'end of level boss' of drug policy.Niamh Eastwood - Executive Director of the UK based charity Release, Niamh has worked in legal services and has spent nearly 20 years in drug policy reform.Steve Rolles - Working as the Lead Policy Analyst at Transform Drug Policy Foundation, Steve has been involved in drug policy since 1998, having previously worked for the Medical Research Council and Oxfam.So... what's gone on in the last few years? Have we progressed in this big debate? Have we learned anything about the presentation of the issue, and how to win hearts and minds? And what challenges currently face us, and what awaits us? This is a no holds barred look at the world of drug policy reform. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
12/03/201h 15m

Pills, Powder, and Smoke: Inside the Bloody War on Drugs, with Antony Loewenstein

Author and journalist Antony Loewenstein spent nearly five years writing his incredible book, Pills, Powder, and Smoke: Inside the Bloody War on Drugs. This is a truly enlightening conversation about the writing of his book, and how Antony put his own safety on the line for his travels and research. The 'war on drugs' is wide-ranging, and Antony does a fantastic job in painting the bigger picture. From producer countries, transit countries, and consumer countries, we all play a part in the way drugs are produced, ferried, and consumed.We take a look at how countries such as Honduras and Guinea-Bissau are destabilised due to them now being the preferred transit route of drug cartels. We also address just how much of a part the DEA and the US play in global politics and policing. And we also have to address the domestic picture when it comes to drugs in the UK and Australia.This podcast was recorded in front of an audience at the Queen Mary University, London. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
13/02/201h 18m

Tez Ilyas: Chicken Boxes and National Security

Comedian Tez Ilyas joins us to talk about a whole load of things! Firstly, we chat about chicken boxes... which is a first for us on this podcast, but all will be explained #KnifeCrimeTez has received a lot of critical acclaim for his stand-up comedy as well as his primetime TV show, The Tez O'Clock Show, so we also ask him about the importance of comedy and satire, especially how it relates to serious topics. We also chat about Tez's time in the civil service, how he negotiated with the army, and also the relationships between the police and people of BAME heritage. So yes, we cover a lot of ground in this!Stop and Search is produced by:Jason Reed, Nicky Elson, Tristan Bruce and John Cross. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
16/01/2050m 37s

Murder Mountain: Joshua Zeman

Murder Mountain is a documentary series on Netflix which is directed by Joshua Zeman - it takes a look at the legendary emerald triangle in California. This region is also infamous for another reason, hence why it gets the name Murder Mountain...It's estimated that 80% of the blackmarket cannabis in the US historically comes from the emerald triangle, so how did it start? Who lives and grows there? Why do so many people fear the region? And why has it become known as the new Wild West?With marijuana now legal in California, we also have to ask how has this process impacted the traditional 'mom & pop' growers of the region? And also, how has the law enforcement handled this whole story, both past and present? There's a lot to talk about in this episode, and Josh gives us a great deal of perspective.This episode of Stop and Search is in association with LEAP - Law Enforcement Action Partnership. Follow them on twitter: @PoliceForReform Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
12/12/1959m 59s

Secret Drug Addict

Having worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry from an early age, Secret Drug Addict dabbled in a few substances during his time on the scene and now he speaks eloquently about his journey with drugs, addiction, and recovery. Having been at the epicentre on Brit Pop and the infamous bands of that era, as you may imagine, he's got some stories to tell!Secret Drug Addict is a Twitter sensation, his account @ScrtDrugAddict has been used to raise awareness around drug addiction, but also many other causes as well. In this very candid episode we talk about his work in the charitable sector and his 'twitter takeovers' which cause a sensation.This is a beautifully open and honest conversation, we cover a lot of ground, and we truly thank Secret Drug Addict for giving us his time. He's becoming increasingly in demand so we're thrilled to have had the chance to talk about his life and career. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
28/11/191h 25m

The Global Drugs Chain

We're discussing the global drugs chain. From consumer countries, producer countries, and transit countries, the global chain for drugs is wide-ranging, but sometimes the links in the chain are not immediately obvious. We're joined by a great panel to discuss the many overlaps in the global drugs economy and to explain why none of us are free from the impacts and consequences:Tom Wainwright is a journalist and the Britain editor at The Economist, he's also the author of Narconomics, and book which looks at the Latin American drug trade.Juan Fernandez Ochoa is Campaigns and Communications Officer at IDPC - the International Drug Policy Consortium. Juan also leads on the development of the global Support. Don't Punish campaign.Neil Woods is a former undercover drugs detective and is co-author of Good Cop, Bad War and most recently Drug Wars. Neil is a prominent member of LEAP and LEAP UK.And of course your host is Jason Reed. This episode was recorded live at Tottenham Court Road Waterstones in front of an audience. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
07/11/1957m 2s

On the President's Orders: James Jones

On The President's Orders is a film directed by James Jones and Olivier Sarbil. In this startling documentary we get to see the Philippines' drug war from an up-close perspective. We're joined by James Jones to discuss the making of this eye-opening movie.Shot like a Hollywood blockbuster, the beautiful cinematography is in stark contrast to the ultra-realism of subject matter. With a focus on key personnel in the police, in the communities, and in the prisons, this documentary has a raw power that manages to get across just what's happening under President Duterte's presidency. With thousands of people dead or missing, what's really happening in the Philippines - and what level of popularity does the president currently have for his zero tolerance on drugs and the policy of extrajudicial killings?James Jones chats to us about what he saw as he co-directed this film, but we also discuss other film projects too, such as Unarmed Black Male, and an upcoming project. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
23/10/1955m 8s

Iain Lee: Addiction and Recovery

Iain Lee is a well known UK TV and radio presenter, with his show on Talkradio being renowned for its open dialogue on a range of issues, some of which can prove difficult topics. Iain also came third on I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here, but he's also been very open about his own battles with mental health - we could not be more privileged in being able to have an extremely open and honest conversation with Iain about his journey with drugs, addiction, and recovery.Iain takes nothing off the table in this chat, he's so beautifully candid about the routes into his own addiction, but also he speaks of how he relapsed after a period of recovery. What happened in his early career and the use of substances; when did he spot there was a problem? What's happened since? You really don't want to miss this conversation! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
16/10/191h 18m

Drug Policy & Social Justice

This is a Transform Drug Policy Foundation takeover of the podcast! Join Transform's CEO, James Nicholls, as he hosts three key players from the North and South American drug policy reform scene:Kathryn Ledubur - Director of Andean Information NetworkSanho Tree - Fellow at the Institute for Policy StudiesShaleen Title - A Massachusetts Cannabis Control CommissionerHow do we make sure that the communities who've been impacted by decades of punitive drug laws have a way of being involved in the emerging legal industries - such as cannabis and coca? How can we restore some justice to this picture? And let's learn about the communities that have already forged ahead! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
02/10/191h 1m

Kill The Black One First: Michael Fuller

Michael Fuller was the UK's first black Chief Constable and his journey to this position is quite the story. Kill The Black One First is the title of Michael's memoir and it goes into his amazing career, his unique upbringing, and also many stories from his decades within the police force: "Kill the black one first!" was shouted at Michael as he stood shield-to-shield with his fellow officers on the frontlines of the Brixton riots in 1981... but we'll let Michael tell you that story himself!We address a lot in this episode, such as racism in the police, as well as the contentious issue of stop and search powers - the success of this police tactic, but also its divisive nature in recent times. This is a truly fascination conversation with someone who's earned their place in the UK history books. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
04/09/1954m 10s

Nish Kumar

Nish Kumar, he doesn't really need an introduction does he?! Nish recently had an appearance on BBC 1 Question Time where he had a debate with Daily Mail columnist Melanie Phillips over Stop and Search powers and race disparity, so we invited Nish to follow up on this discussion!We talk about Stop and Search, race relations, the media, the power of satire, and how he would be grateful if he could stop being pulled out of airport security lines under suspicion of being a terrorist simply due to his ethnicity. With Nish being a comedian, we manage to have this conversation with a fair few chuckles too. We're biased, but we think this is a particularly a great episode.Referenced throughout this podcast are two important organisation: Release and StopWatch UK. Please do find and support their work. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
14/08/1950m 42s

The Fear of 13: Christopher Riley

The Fear of 13 is the self-told tale of Nick Yarris, a prisoner who spent 22 years on death row. Nick's incarceration - and time spent in solitary confinement - led him to request his own execution. Nick wrote the book The Fear of 13 which was subsequently made into a film - currently available on Netflix. We're joined by one of the producers of the film, BAFTA and Emmy nominated filmmaker, Christopher Riley.Christopher describes Nick as one of the most interesting people he's ever met, and during the making of The Fear of 13 they spent quite a lot of time together. This is such an unusual journey and an incredible tale, and one that you have to see and hear for yourself. So either listen to this podcast then watch the film, or, watch the film and then listen to this podcast!What drives a person to request their own execution? And what can Nick's journey teach us? Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
24/07/1947m 43s

The Journey of Drug Policy Reform: Anyone's Child

A very special episode recorded on the parliamentary estate at Portcullis House in Westminster. We're joined by a panel of parliamentarians and members from the incredible campaign group, Anyone's Child. We're talking about the journey of drug policy reform:Anyone's Child members are walking the Thames Pathway all the way to Westminster - a day of mass lobbying is to take place on June 25th. This podcast was made to give multiple perspectives as to why we need urgent drug law reform in efforts to save lives. Joining us for this discussion are two members from Anyone's Child:Anne-Marie Cockburn - We remember Martha, Anne-Marie's teenage daughter who sadly passed away from complications relating to MDMARaychel Lewis - We remember Kevin, Raychel's soulmate. Kevin suffered with mental health and addiction. He passed away due to overdoseAnd joining the discussion we have:Baroness Meacher - Crossbencher in the House of LordsCrispin Blunt - Conservative MPThangam Debbonaire - Labour MPRonnie Cowan - SNP MPYou'll also hear Jane Slater who is the project manager for Anyone's Child.Please do listen and share this podcast, and also get involved in the campaigns and groups that we speak about in this episode. Follow Anyone's Child and their work - as well as all the members' heartbreaking stories - here: Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
23/06/1944m 27s

A Literal Drug War: The Philippines

We need to keep talking about the Philippines and their literal war on drugs, predicated by President Rodrigo Duterte. We're joined by a trio of journalists who have covered this subject, both on the ground and within the presidential palace, but also how this fits in relation to international drug policy.Jonathan Miller is Channel 4 News' Asia Correspondent and author of the biography Duterte Harry (which you can hear in a previous episode).Livvy Haycock is a friend of the podcast and a brave filmmaker who has been on the ground in the region, alongside gangs and victims alike, her film The Deadliest Place to Deal is a must watch.Avinash Tharoor is a journalist, editor of, and a staff member at Release (Avinash has now moved on to new projects and we thank him for being part of this podcast and we wish him well in future endeavours).So where do we begin? President Rodrigo Duterte has mercilessly declared an all-out war on drugs in his country, the results of this have meant that murder on the streets is now commonplace. The only thing is.... drugs are being used simply to frame suspects and people in venerable positions. If you're not liked, then a drugs warrant for your arrest (or worse) may be knocking at the door.This is one of those episodes that we can't stress enough just how important it is to keep talking about what's really going on. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
05/06/1953m 29s

Saving Lives: Harm Reduction & Overdose Prevention Sites with Marilou Gagnon

Marilou Gagnon is a nurse, a professor, and a tireless harm reduction worker who is part of an inspiring movement in Canada which literally saves lives. In this episode we talk about pop-up overdose prevention sites, a new way of preventing people dying in Canada and Marilou is at the forefront of this new frontier. We also chat about the growing conversation for safe supplies - can Canada initiate a policy whereby those who consume drugs are able to get safe and regulated sources? And if this isn't enough, we also touch upon Canada's history with medical cannabis and the flaws which came with this model. This is truly an enlightening and inspiring episode! You can follow Marilou on twitter: @mlgagnon_XVII Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
08/05/191h 13m

Jonathan Pie: Critical Thinking & Polarisation

After coming back from their fact-finding trip to the US, the team behind Jonathan Pie join us to discuss their BBC film Jonathan Pie's American Pie. And oh wow, is this a conversation?!Our guests:Tom Walker, the person behind the Jonathan Pie. And we have an all-star list of previous guests in: Andrew Doyle, co-writer of Jonathan Pie. Olly Pollard, producer and co-director of Jonathan Pie's American Pie. And Jennifer Randall, lecturer at the Queen Mary University - where we were kindly hosted.We cover a lot of ground in this, we mainly address themes around polorisation and critical thinking, hence the pod-title. As you'll imagine we cover themes around Brexit, Trump, and how these two issues ended up dividing nations. We do get some drug policy topics in too! And yes, this has some creative language and swearing.Photo credits for the live event (and many thanks to): Darren Rigby Photography Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
03/04/191h 20m

'Hello, Shadowlands' - Patrick Winn on Southeast Asia's Crime Waves:

Southeast Asia's crime waves range from drugs to human trafficking and these trades are extremely lucrative, and yet the West doesn't seem to talk about it very much. Why?We have a much needed conversation with award winning journalist Patrick Winn. We chat about the writing of his book 'Hello, Shadowlands' and the unprecedented insights he got into the region's meth trade. We also take a look at what's going on in Myanmar. And we also talk about the the contraceptive pill...? Yes, this is truly a fascinating discussion. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
21/03/1957m 8s

The BMJ Podcast

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) is one of the most respected publications in the world, so much so that it doesn't really need an introduction, does it? We're joined by:Ian Hamilton, mental health worker and academic who's written for the BMJ, Independent, and many other publicationsDr Fiona Godlee, the Editor in Chief for the BMJRichard Hurley, the Features and Debates editor for the BMJIn this episode we discuss if the medical profession holds the key to drug policy reform? We cover a lot of ground in this, and there are a lot of extra links and content so this is definitely one to use the Acast app for. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
28/02/191h 17m

Gangbusters: TV Reality vs Reality TV. Part 2

Channel 4 Hunted's Peter Bleksley and Danni Brooke, and documentary filmmaker Aaron Roach Bridgeman... do we have a chat or what?! This is a very powerful look into drugs, gangs, the mafia, undercover work, and the UK streets. Each guest can give an incredible insight from their rather unique perspective.All three of our guests are now media professionals, but each one of them is very familiar with street-level interaction and crime. We often have intriguing and powerful testimonies, but this particular episode stands out. Have a listen! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
07/02/1939m 50s

Gangbusters: TV Reality vs Reality TV. Part 1

We're joined by Hunted's Chief, Peter Bleksley, Hunted's Danni Brooke, and documentary maker Aaron Roach Bridgeman. We're talking about television, crime, documentaries, and the realities.All three of our guests are now prominent media figures, but each one of them has a very interesting background:Peter Bleksley is now the Chief on Channel 4's hit programme Hunted, and Peter is also a regular pundit on crime on many channels, but he started life as a police officer and has a very colourful career. Peter is also the author of three books.Danni Brooke is also a hunter of Channel 4's Hunted. Danni has had a previous career as a commended police officer and an undercover operative at New Scotland Yard. Danni is an expert in surveillance and covert operations.Aaron Roach Bridgeman can be called an media entrepreneur, having started out on SB.TV, the UK's biggest online youth platform with 300 million views, he has since presented hard-hitting documentaries such as When Kids Kill, and 8 Years Old and Smuggling Drugs.So join us as we talk about the streets, crime, gangs, drugs, violence, and also the media & television. Part 1! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
24/01/1950m 37s

Jim Connolly asks: Is your postman delivering drugs?

Jim Connolly made a film for BBC Newsbeat where he investigated the dark web and the rather new trend of mail order drugs. How easy is it? What goes on? And what can we learn?We're talking about drugs in the post. As a journalist, Jim was eager to look the headlines and see for himself what's going on with regards to mail order drugs. Is it something that anyone can do, or do you need some degree of specialist knowledge? Let's find Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
10/01/1951m 14s

Simon Jenkins: A Drug War History

Sir Simon Jenkins was one of the first journalists to cast a questioning eye over the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. We were very lucky to be invited into Sir Simon's house where we have a very interesting discussion on the historical aspects of our drug laws and how they work in today's society. Writing for The Guardian and author of many books on history, it's fair to say that Simon is one of the country's most respected writers.We're joined by Neil Woods, former undercover drugs detective, author, and Chair of LEAP UK, and also JS Rafaeli, journalist and co-author of Good Cop, Bad War and Drug Wars.In this conversation we delve into the history and legacy of the 'drug war', how the US coerced Britain into this approach, and how the 'British system' was our preferred method of treating those who may suffer with heroin addiction - so what exactly is the British system? JS and Neil really do lend us a great deal of perspective in this conversation given their research for the book Drug Wars which provides an overview of how and why we've reached the place we have with regards to a harmful drugs policy.We say it every time... but this is truly a fascinating podcast! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
20/12/181h 2m

Legal Cannabis in Canada! What's the Score?

Fully legal weed: For about a month cannabis has been legal and on sale in Canada - so what's really going on? We're joined by Jon Hiltz, journalist and author of the new book The Wild West: Canada's Legalization of Marijuana.Did the country really run out of cannabis in the first days of general sale? How do the citizens feel about being the first G7 country to have a fully legal system for marijuana? Any teething trouble? And what more can we expect? We cover a lot of ground in this lovely chat. It's really important we hear from people on the ground on these issues, so many thanks to Jon for taking the time to speak with us on Stop and Search - we learned a lot. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
06/12/181h 2m

Johann Hari: Lost Connections

What are the real causes of depression in society and individuals? And what part do these factors play in addiction and mental health?We're joined by author Johann Hari as we discuss his latest book, Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions.You may have heard Johann on our Stop and Search podcast before, but now we delve further into the causes of society's mental health. With suicide rates increasing, how can we create more connections in a time where we're seemingly more connected than ever through technology? What's going on? Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
22/11/1837m 42s

Inside the Cannabis Social Club (UKCSC)

We're literally inviting you to join us at a real London cannabis members club, but not only that we're joined by:Arfon Jones - Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for North WalesGreg de Hoedt - Chair of the UK Cannabis Social Club movement, known as the UKCSCDr. Melissa Bone - Lecturer at the University of Leicester, academic, and very knowledgeable on human rightsYes, we're actually at a fully functioning London cannabis social club! This is an exclusive episode and we're lucky to have had privileged access. We're talking about what the UK cannabis social club model looks like; can it work in the UK? Will human rights play a role like it has in other countries? Can this model of reform be supported by the police? And will the UK adopt this pioneering method of drug policy reform?There's a lot going on in this episode, and it may be the first time you hear someone coughing on a podcast after taking a strong cannabis dab... Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
01/11/181h 14m

Ireland - #SaferFromHarm

A very special episode on Ireland where we're joined by:Tony Duffin - CEO of Ana Liffey Drug ProjectEmmet Kirwan - Playwright, actor, writer, spoken-word artist, and star and writer of Dublin OldSchoolWe're talking about Ireland and the major changes that have been taking place, both in drug policy and in wider societal reforms.Tony Duffin also gives us an up-close perspective about Safe Injection Facilities in Ireland, as well as growing calls for decriminalisation for those who possess and consume drugs.We're also very lucky to have a much needed cultural perspective from Emmet Kirwan. As someone involved in the arts, Emmet has a keen eye on social developments and what it takes for a community to change its mind on hot topics, such as drugs.This really is a perfect blend of guests! Follow the hashtag #SaferFromHarm on social media and get involved. The conversation in Ireland is getting louder each day around drug policy reform, so let's find out why! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
04/10/181h 6m

Women of Substances

What differences do women face when it comes to substance use, addiction, and treatment? We could not be more thrilled to speak to two very knowledgeable women:Jenny Valentish is a journalist and author originally from the UK who now lives in Australia. She's the author book 'Woman of Substances: A journey into drugs, alcohol and treatment'.Milly Chowles is a radio reporter and producer. Having worked on BBC Radio 4's Women's Hour, Milly has produced a series called 'The Fix' which gives personal insight into women in recovery.Both Milly and Jenny are so beautifully honest in this conversation, both of them having had their own experiences with addiction. It's interesting to hear about the differences in language and treatment options. This is truly a fascinating conversation. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
19/09/181h 9m

Why are so many women dying?

We're joined by author Laurie Penny, Channel 4 News reporter Anja Popp, and Executive Director of Release, Niamh Eastwood, as we discuss the worrying statistics that drug related death in women continues to increase. Why?Consecutive years have shown that we've an alarming trend - when we recorded this episode female drug related deaths had seen an a 95% increase, and yet women consume less drugs than men. And these figures are backed up too as we've recently seen yet another rise. We really have to talk about this...Join us as we take a long look at the many factors at play here - how we can save more lives? Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
22/08/181h 10m

The Parliament Podcast

Recorded live from the parliamentary estate we chat with Crispin Blunt MP, Ronnie Cowan MP, and Thangam Debbonaire MP - this is the Parliament Podcast on the award-winning Stop and Search.There's a lot going on in drug policy at the moment and we are very lucky to have this rare and special opportunity to record a podcast with MPs who are at the forefront of drug policy reform in their respective parties:Crispin Blunt, Conservative MP for ReigateRonnie Cowan, SNP MP for InverclydeThangam Debbonaire, Labour MP for Bristol WestWe speak about the current happenings in drugs, Westminster, the media, public opinion, and much more.We also have special guest commentary from LEAP UK Chairperson Neil Woods, as well as Release Drugs' Executive Director Niamh Eastwood, and Transform Drug Policy Foundation's Senior Policy Analyst Steve Rolles.This is a very special episode...! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
18/07/181h 16m

'Duterte Harry' with Jonathan Miller, Channel 4 News Asia Correspondent

Channel 4 News Asia correspondent, Johnathan Miller, has seen firsthand what's going on in the Philippines with over 10,000 deaths through extrajudicial killings. The president, Rodrigo Duterte, is also known by his nickname Duterte Harry due to his swagger, violent style, and his brutal war on drugs.Jonathan has written an extremely brave biography of the Philippines leader who has a bizarre legacy of referring to global figures as "son of a whore", he also holds press conferences at four in the morning where he rambles on for hours simply to amuse himself, it's fair to say Rodrigo Duterte is certainly an interesting character.It perhaps goes without saying that the number of people dead due to Duterte's orders is the most concerning aspect to this issue... but another world leader has praised this policy of death and destruction. President Trump recently congratulated Duterte on his drug policy!Join us as we cover a lot of ground with Jonathan Miller, from his own experiences with Duterte, including joining the prestigious 'son of a whore' club, to the many people in the Philippines who he's come into contact with during the course of writing the book.Let's talk about Duterte Harry - recorded in front of an audience at Waterstones Tottenham Court Road. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
20/06/1831m 29s

Laurie Penny

We're speaking to Laurie Penny! Author, journalist, activist...Laurie has recently published Bitch Doctrine, a book of essays which covers gender, diversity, social justice, and many other themes which are relevant to drug policy. After reading Laurie's book, I had to invite her on for a chat.Writing for the New Statesman, Laurie has covered drug policy in the past, but there are many overlapping factors which we address in this podcast, such as: Do we have enough diversity in the media? Is there such a thing as the 'wrong side of history'? And what can we learn from other social movements such as suffrage?Have a listen, and please do share, subscribe and give us a nice rating if you fancy it. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
09/05/1850m 27s

The Fear of Experts? Part 2

Part 2 of Professor Nutt, comedian Chris Coltrane, and Elle Wadsworth from What's the Crack podcast... we're picking up where we left off to discuss if we're fearful and cynical over 'experts' in policy making.In this part we'll be taking audience questions. This is a pretty open and no holds barred conversation around science, politics, and of course how this all relates to drug policy. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
18/04/181h 2m

The Fear of Experts? Part 1

Professor David Nutt, comedian Chris Coltrane, and What's the Crack podcast co-host Elle Wadsworth - what a panel! We discuss: 'The Fear of Experts'.Are we sceptical of scientists and experts? Do we listen to evidence or are we more likely to believe in our own prejudices? We cover a lot of ground in this episode as we try to get to the bottom of why there's so much stigma around drug policy reform still despite its overwhelming evidence. This is one of two parts as it's such a bumper episode! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
15/03/181h 2m

Madame Ruth Dreifuss - Former President of Switzerland

Former President of Switzerland Madame Ruth Dreifuss - a true definition of the term 'world leader'.Under Ruth Dreifuss' tenure she implemented a number of reforms which are still cited today as the template for progressive drug strategies, placing drug consumers' health first over stigma. Since leaving office, Madame Dreifuss now Chairs the Global Commission on Drug Policy where she sits alongside eminent figures such as the former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, as well as former presidents of New Zealand, Chile, Nigeria, Portugal, Mexico, plus familiar faces such as Sir Nick Clegg and Sir Richard Branson.On the day of a new report release at Chatham House in London, we had the privilege of having a conversation with Madame Dreifuss to talk about her legacy in drug policy reform and her continued work in the Global Commission on Drug Policy. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
01/02/1840m 4s

Narconomics: Tom Wainwright

The drugs business is huge, so much so that The Economist journalist, Tom Wainwright, noticed that he was covering legitimate business stories in the same ratio and themes as the Latin American drug trade. This prompted Tom to set about writing Narconomics, an unbelievably good book which really delves into drug cartels and their global operations. We were privileged to sit down with Tom at Waterstones Tottenham Court Road for a very interesting conversation. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
04/01/1846m 8s

Breaking The News Part 2

We're back for part two with Jonathan Pie co-writer and comedian Andrew Doyle, social media guru and digital news editor Felicity Morse, and Partly Political Broadcast podcast host and comedian Tiernan Douieb.We have a snuffle around the modern day media landscape, what's fake news and real news, and just generally have a bit of a giggle whilst addressing some very interesting topics. Have a listen, and yes, we do have a bit of drug talk too! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
21/12/1754m 15s

Breaking The News Part 1

We're joined by writer, comedian, and co-writer of Jonathan Pie, Andrew Doyle, along with digital news editor Felicity Morse, and comedian and podcaster Tiernan Douieb. This panel is pretty superb to say the least, the conversation flowed as we dissect the media. Where's the dividing line between satire and reality these days? In part 1 of 'Breaking the News' we discuss fake news, real news, parody, the misreporting of facts, and we look at how we consume our news - how does this impact society? And yes, there's plenty of drug talk in here too. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
07/12/1754m 14s

Is Addiction a Crime? Part 2

Johann Hari, Tom Gash, Livvy Haydock, what a panel! This is part two of Is Addiction a Crime? What do you think? Have a listen as our superb panel take questions. Just to remind you, our guests are: - Johann Hari, journalist and author of Chasing the Scream - Tom Gash, author of Criminal: The Truth About Why People Do Bad Things - Livvy Haydock, producer and presenter, Livvy has made films for the BBC. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
18/10/171h 12m

Is Addiction a Crime? Part 1

Johann Hari, Tom Gash, and Livvy Haydock, well, this is a truly fascinating conversation! We cover a lot of ground in this episode, so much so that we've turned it into two parts. So, to introduce our guests properly: - Johann Hari is a journalist and author of 'Chasing the Scream', a definitive book on the 'war on drugs' - Tom Gash is the author of the insightful and enlightening book 'Criminal: The Truth About Why People Do Bad Things' - Livvy Haydock has produced and presented BBC documentaries on drugs, including 'Manchester's Heroin Haters' and has covered the Philippines in 'The Deadliest Place to Deal' The question we ask: Is addiction a crime? How can society deal with substance dependency better, and... well, so much more; just take a listen, you won't regret it! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
05/10/171h 15m

Marcus Brigstocke

We're very pleased to be joined by comedian, actor, writer, and all around darn good bloke, Marcus Brigstocke. Marcus is incredibly open in this podcast as we talk about his addictions - some 'legal' and some 'illegal' - one of the most impacting dependencies that Marcus has had to deal with is food addiction, something that affects many people and is often misunderstood. So please do join us as we delve into Marcus' world and get his perspective on politics, media, the 'war on drugs', and a number of other topics. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
06/08/171h 44m

Legalizing Drugs: The Key to Ending the War?

What does the 'legalization' of drugs actually mean? What examples can we look at? Is the legalization of drugs a scary concept? Join our very distinguished panel: - Steve Rolles is the author of the new book: 'Legalizing Drugs: The Key to Ending the War' (and he's also the Senior Policy Analyst for Transform Drug Policy Foundation)- Judith Yates was a GP for many years and is now part of International Doctors for Healthier Drug Policies (IDHDP)- Olly Pollard produced The Highs and the Lows of the Weed Business, a documentary short series for Channel 4's On Demand ServiceEach panelist has a unique and up-close view of drug legalization and that of course makes for a very interesting chat! Once more, this podcast was recorded in front of an audience at Waterstones Tottenham Court Road. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
02/07/171h 1m

Support. Don't Punish - a global day of action!

'Support. Don't Punish' is a global day of action to help us understand the need for a health, evidence, and compassion based drug policy instead of a punitive system - and you can get involved! Joining the panel we have: - Ann Fordham from the International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC) - Jennifer Randall who is a senior lecturer at the University of East London (UEL)So what is Support. Don't Punish? Why is this international movement so needed? And what can we all do to help? Let's have a chat! Thank you to our very special guests and voices from the audience: Simone GordonShivani JoshiAndriaDaniel AnthonyClaudia BrettGillian MaxwellMichael Lovel-Pank Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
04/06/171h 9m

LGBT: What can we learn from other social movements?

Have you seen the film Pride? Minds and politics have been changed with the power of social movements. United groups have challenged the status quo - what can drug law reform learn from these examples? To discuss, we have: Peter Tatchell - Human rights campaigner Steve Topple - Independent journalist (The Canary) Jane Slater - Project lead for AnyonesChild.orgAs ever, Stop and Search was recorded in front of an audience and Waterstones Tottenham Court Road. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
30/04/171h 22m

Mums Legalising Drugs: Anyone's Child

Episode 11 of Stop and Search, and it's a special one... Please meet the mums who are legalising drugs. This is an episode produced in collaboration with You'll hear from Anne-Marie Cockburn and Donna May, both of whom have lost children and now campaign for the reform and regulation of all drugs. This is a unique episode of Stop and Search as former guest and Guardian journalist Decca Aitkenhead chairs the discussion. Anne-Marie and Donna May both campaign with Ayone's Child, an organisation composed of bereaved family members who raise awareness to the harms of current drug policies. Listen in and see how a simple change in attitude can save lives. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
02/04/1757m 51s

Looking Back - Last Year's Drug Policy

Episode 10 of Stop and Search, and we're here to have a look at what took place over the last year. Joining us: - Ronnie Cowan - MP for Inverclyde - Damien Gayle - Guardian journalist - Sally Hayden - Freelance journalist, worked with Thomas Reuters Foundation, BBC and formerly with ViceOn February 29th 2016, LEAP UK officially launched in the Houses of Parliament with a press conference declaring the urgent need for drug law reform. We are now one year on and our guests, who joined us last year for our launch, join us again to have a good chat: What has gone on in 2016, and what we can expect moving forward? We discuss the media, politics, lobbying, Facebook, social media, and also what the individual countries from the British isles are doing with their respective drug policies. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
06/03/171h 59m

Colorado: The Highs and Lows of the Weed Business

Episode 9 of Stop and Search, and we're going in-depth. As you may know, Colorado fully legalised cannabis in 2014. They now have a regulated market and are breaking ground in this blossoming industry. Olly Pollard and Becky Soloman were embedded in the highs and lows of Colorado's new weed business - they made a collection of documentary shorts which can be seen on Channel 4's online platform. We were privileged to sit down with the filmmakers to have a good chat about what they saw, what they learnt, and what can be gleaned from this fascinating new development - will other states and countries follow Colorado's lead? Becky and Olly were part of a team that took a look at how the banking system is coping with these new found millions of dollars, how law enforcement and the media react, medical marijuana, and some lovely grow facilities! So, what's really going on with legal cannabis? Let's find out! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
06/02/171h 27m

Drugs: Think of the Children!

Episode 8 of Stop and Search - and Happy New Year! It's far too easy to deploy a cliché - and drugs are no exception. "Won't somebody think of the children?!" is a popular saying, made even more risible by the Simpsons. It's easy to get wrapped up with emotive energy when discussing drugs and children, so how do we make sure we don't patronise our emerging generations? Joining us, well, we couldn't have a better panel! - Mark Grist is a spoken word artist, poet, performer... and a former teacher. Mark has gone viral with some of his work, such as the infamous battle rap with Blizzard and his jousts with Distraction Pieces Network boss, Mr Scroobius Pip. - Dr Chris Van Tulleken is a well known television doctor who presents shows for both adults and children. With shows such as Operation Ouch and The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs, Chris is well placed to give some insight on education. It also helps that he's legally taken drugs on telly.We are also joined by LEAP UK's Chairman and author of Good Cop, Bad War, Mr Neil Woods. And I, Jason, am once more rambling and hosting. Come delve in and get involved. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
02/01/171h 45m

Left or Right: Are Drugs a Political Issue?

Episode 7 of Stop and Search! So what do you think... are drugs a political issue? Does it matter if you're on the left or right of the political spectrum? Joining us to give some insight - and to take a pin to the Westminster bubble - we have:- Ian Birrell, journalist for publications such as the Daily Mail and iNews, former deputy editor for the Independent, and speech writer for David Cameron during the 2010 election campaign.- Dr Julian Huppert, Lib Dem MP for Cambridge (2010-2015) and was the most senior scientist among his peers in the House of Commons.- Ian Dunt, journalist, broadcaster, editor of your opinion of drugs correspond to your political persuasion? What can we do to bring about awareness to the demographics that are hard to reach? What really goes on behind closed doors within the Houses of Parliament? We really do have a very interesting chat on a great many issues. This podcast is particularly revealing... Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
05/12/161h 40m

U.S Election Special (sort of)

The U.S election is fast approaching - there are lots of ways in which this will impact the rest of the world, especially drug policy. We speak to Ethan Nadelmann, the founder and Executive Director of the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA). Ethan popped over all the way from New York!Also joining us is George McBride from, a London based policy hub. We have a good chat about the international overlaps of drug policy, and what's likely to happen come election day. This podcast also provides some good insight into other aspects of societal harm, such as the transatlantic issue of Stop and Search (Stop and Frisk). So let's have a chat about drugs! And please do get involved. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
31/10/1654m 32s

Addicted to Drug Journalism

On episode 5 we invite some of the leading figures in journalism to join us behind the magic curtain - what really goes on within the media? On the panel we have: - Max Daly, author of Narcomania and a regular Vice columnist. - Mike Power, author of Drugs 2.0 and freelance journalist.- Decca Aitkenhead, broadcaster, author of The Promised Land: Travels in Search of the Perfect E, and Guardian journalist. You'll no doubt be a follower of the media to some degree or another, so what's your view? Do the press shape our thoughts - do the media influence society's opinion? And do those who work in this public-facing realm have a responsibility given how their works sculpts politics and our communities? Stop and Search is pleased to bring you this honest and highly revealing conversation. We really get up close and personal with some drug tales in this show. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
02/10/161h 37m

The Philippines: We Need to Talk

The Philippines are executing their citizens. Those who are merely suspected to be in the drugs trade are literally being killed. Newly elected President Duterte has charged his police and fellow citizens to take matters into their own hands to begin a literal eradication program - so far we have over 2000 suspected deaths due to this new arm of the 'war on drugs'. We talk to Marie Nougier, Senior Research and Communications Officer at the IDPC - International Drug Policy Consortium. We discuss what led us to this place and what we can do as an international community to try and help end this bloodshed. Also joining us with comments from Washington DC is Sanho Tree, a Fellow at the Institute of Policy Studies and Director of the Drug Policy Project. Trying to end on a positive note, we also chat about the progressive social day of action that takes place with the 'Support. Don't Punish' campaign. This global happening celebrates all that's humane and effective in our drug policies. We talk about how countries can protect their citizens, and also how we can prop up farmers and producers of currently illicit crops. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
04/09/161h 33m

Drugs: That's Entertainment

We're on our third episode already! On this edition of Stop and Search we're loosely framing it around drugs in film, books, television, and culture... well, that was the idea, but when you get a group of witty and intelligent people in a room, talking about drugs, it takes many twists and turns. On the panel we have:- Actor and comedian, Rufus Hound- Writer and musician, JS Rafaeli, - Our very own LEAP UK Chairman and former undercover drugs cop, Neil Woods. JS Rafaeli has written Neil Woods' memoir 'Good Cop, Bad War' which is out on August 18th. We go into why JS was so inspired as to write Neil's story... and of course, we chat with Neil himself on his own story: What goes on at street level policing to change the mind of an undercover drugs cop who now campaigns to legalise and regulate all drugs? Rufus Hound provides a great voice of commonsense. Having previously worked with LEAP UK's Executive Director (and Stop and Search's host) Jason Reed on the Oscar longlisted documentary The Culture High, Rufus returns to the drugs discussion and takes a swipe at many overlapping aspects of this social policy. Plus there's a few naughty words, so listener's discretion advised. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
07/08/161h 31m

Cannabis: The Grassroots Revolution

On our second episode we're going to get stuck in and take a look at the grassroots movement of cannabis reform. On the panel we have:Norman Lamb MP - a Liberal DemocratJoe Wells - comic and political commentatorDale Beaumont-Brown - film director and producer - and Neil Woods, former undercover drugs detective and LEAP UK Chairman. Why are we still having to have the conversation on the legality of cannabis? Why are medicinal consumers still subject to arrest in the UK when so many other parts of the world have reformed their laws? Will we see change anytime soon? Does everyone want to see change?Joe Wells is the voice of the cynic, he's someone that doesn't particularly want to see reform and is concerned for the impact of 'legalisation'. So, along with Norman Lamb MP, we lay out the case for regulation of cannabis. Helping us flesh out the real stories, Dale Beaumont-Brown let's us take a look at the new film that's coming out, Cannabis The Grassroots Revolution. Can we convince Joe? Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
10/07/161h 29m

Weird Science

Join us as we talk about the 'Weird Science' within our drug laws - with comedian and podcast legend, Robin Ince, science journalist and Guardian blogger, Dr Suzi Gage, and New Scientist writer and pseudoscience sentinel, Simon Oxenham (better known as Neurobonkers). In this live taping from Tottenham Court Road’s Waterstones, we fully delve in to assess the evidence of our drug laws. Spoiler alert: our drug laws may induce mirth. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
10/06/161h 30m


Here we go - off to the front-lines of the 'war on drugs' we go! Join us as we officially join the Distraction Pieces Network. We're going to give you unprecedented access to the 'drug war' and let you know what's really going on out there. Please, come along with us and get involved. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
03/06/161m 46s
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