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Who Got The Assist? FPL Podcast

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WGTA S5E39: Season Finale

Tom&aposs joined by Harry for a final time and also by Lucy, who&aposll be taking over for next season!In this pod, we discuss:Season roundupsA goodbye to Harry2021-22 key talking pointsSeason awardsTHANKS FOR LISTENING THIS SEASON.Enjoy the summer, we&aposll be back soon!
25/05/221h 29m

WGTA S5E38 - Will there be more goals in FPL GW38?

Tom&aposs joined by Harry for the penultimate time in his stint as co-host to preview that all important final Gameweek in FPL. Are there actually more goals? Who is of interest to FPL managers as one week genie in a bottle? And what do we expect?All covered off by this week&aposs edition.
17/05/2256m 7s

WGTA S5E37 - What's the DGW37 Setup?

Tom & Harry are together again to discuss the DGW37 setup in the antepenultimate pod of the season, looking at the doubling teams and asking what free hitters and non free hitters alike should do!Plus there&aposs a bit of chat about next year&aposs pricing based on Haaland potentially joining the Premier League.
09/05/2259m 25s

WGTA S5E36 - How are we set for the Big One aka DGW36? (with FPL TT)

This week, Tom and Harry are joined by pod debutant TT (aka Thinesh) to preview the Big One - this season&aposs FPL showpiece, Double Gameweeek 36.Which players and teams are key? Who are we looking at? Where&aposs our armband going? Everything you could possibly need for this week as we hurtle toward the end of 2021/22.
02/05/221h 1m

WGTA S5E35 - Should we buy from teams on the beach?

Harry and Tom are back for a quick pod at a time when we&aposre looking back at teams whom we&aposd previously left on the shelf and are thinking of suddenly buying them in due to the fact they have more games. Is a beached player an actually OK player from a certain point of view? We&aposre here to investigate in a short pod.(Tom on holiday so sorry about below par sound).
25/04/2256m 23s

WGTA S5E34 - How do we approach FPL DGW34?

Tom & Harry return for a mid week pod focusing in on the news on fixtures and how managers - in all kinds of situations - should react going forward.How much emphasis do we place on Chelsea? What happens with different motivation levels and how should we approach that?Back next week at the near halfway point on Monday after/during Palace vs Leeds when I (Tom) will be on holiday up in York so it might be a sliiightly less good sound quality (as a podder, my audiophilia obliges me to inform on this!)
18/04/221h 2m

WGTA S5E33 - How Do We Approach FPL DGW 33?

Tom & Harry return for a short pod looking ahead for DGW33 and wondering about the best approach in a notably underwhelming set of fixtures.Listener questions interwoven in this compact pod.Back next week!
10/04/2257m 16s

WGTA S5E32: How Important Is Motivation In #FPL At This Stage?

This week, Harry and Tom look into the ways teams finish seasons: is it more than just on the beach where motivation is concerned, and how do the different ways teams approach the business end impact outcomes?Plus usual stuff.
04/04/221h 16m

WGTA S5E31 - Should We Stick or Twist as FPL reaches its climax? (with Seb Wassell)

Tom and Harry are back, roused from the slumber of the international break to discuss more strategic things this time round. Joined by Seb Wassell of the Scoutcast, we&aposre here to chat sticking, twisting, and everything in between as FPL reaches its business end.Alongside, of course, the usual updates and listener questions.
28/03/221h 28m

WGTA S5E30 - What Do We Expect From A Blank Gameweek?

Tom is back with Harry to report, with laser-like focus, on the upcoming blank. Who is worth buying? Will they help ongoing plans? What do we even expect from a historically low scoring week?We&aposll be back in 2 weeks joined by Seb Wassell of the Scoutcast.
14/03/221h 4m

WGTA S5E29 - Why Do We Always Fall Into The Double Gameweek Trap?

Tom&aposs joined by Harry  to begin his stint on the pod as co-host!This week, it&aposs all about double gameweeks and FOMO - why do we fall for it, what are the behavioural triggers that might impact it, and is it really a trap?Plus the usual listener questions.
08/03/221h 22m

WGTA S5 E28 - 200th pod, Goodbye Anthony, What Kind Of Risk Profile Do You Have?

It&aposs Anthony&aposs final podcast! He, Tom and Nick are all back together for our yearly Risk Profiling pod, this year with a crypto spin as we seek to categorise FPL managers by their risk appetites.Plus correspondence and stuff, alongside a bit of navel gazing as we hit pod 200 and also pay tribute to Anthony&aposs contribution as he leaves WGTA.Back next week as FPL Harry starts his stint on the pod!
02/03/221h 55m

WGTA S5 E27 - Pre D/BGW27 Solo Babble

Solo pod from Tom looking into Free Hitting for both those pressing and avoiding the button this time, homing in on questions from the community to help guide the babble.Back next week for Anthony&aposs final pod - please email into whogottheassist[at]gmail[dot]com any messages for his final edition!
24/02/2248m 13s

WGTA S5E26 - What's The Best Approach To DGW26? feat. FPL Nima

Tom and Anthony (for his penultimate appearance as a cohost on WGTA!) return with FPL Nima to discuss the upcoming double gameweek ahead.Unusually for us, it&aposs all about tactical, short term advice as opposed to our usual strategic wont but nonetheless there&aposs much to be said about the upcoming doubles which FPL managers could think about in terms of their teams going into the new week.Plus correspondence and listener questions!
16/02/221h 45m

WGTA S5 E25 - Where were we in FPL? (with Steve aka FPL Fairy)

We&aposre back after a bit of a break with FPL Fairy to just catch us up on where we were and discuss how the underlying themes of this season - [big at the back / small at the front] + [always captain Salah] + [clear template] will change going forward through the rest of the season.We also field questions from listeners, alongside popping through Tom&aposs Wildcard which is now active due to a poor few weeks.Enjoy the rest of the lull, Tom will be back with a solo babble next Thursday.
03/02/221h 40m

WGTA S5 E24 - Pre GW23 Preview quick turnaround

Anthony and Tom return for a quick turnaround episode at the end of the work-party that was Double Gameweek 22 to lament/celebrate the outcome, and take listener questions in a rapid turnaround podcast. We discuss general FPL enjoyment, Villa assets, Man City assets and chip strategy.Enjoy, we&aposll be back next week!
19/01/221h 7m

WGTA S5 E23 - What Does The FPL 200 Club Look Like Around The Halfway Mark?

We return to normal programming after last week&aposs slightly different pod!This week, Anthony and I look at the vaunted FPL 200 Club at (near as we can) the halfway point. We follow up on what we did 10 pods ago in Pod 13, and, using the data and past season comparisons, make some projections for how the season may end up in terms of the top 10 players in FPL as well as who will be let into the exclusive 200 club.Plus DGW chat in the questions, and correspondence on non-captainable premiums.Back next week!
11/01/221h 9m

WGTA S5E22: What Will WGTA Look Like In 2022?

This pod&aposs a bit different than normal, as within we give an update on what WGTA will be like in 2022.Unfortunately, FPL Stag is leaving in March after 2 years on the pod due to work and life commitments taking their toll - he&aposll still be around for a bit, but we thought we&aposd break the news now we had an opportunity to do.In his place, we&aposve got 3 (sort of) newcomers to the pod:- Nick is returning on a semi-regular basis!- Brilliant recent guest FPL Harry is joining from March until the end of the season- And the excellent Lucy Highnett will be joining full time as co-host from next campaignFollowing this, we also had a quick roundtable about how 2021/22 has moved thus far and how things may change going into the second half of the season, covering things like lessons learnt, key things to note and possible chip strategies given where we are in the unique current circumstances.Back next week for a full fat pod on the 200 club at the halfway point!
05/01/2255m 31s

WGTA S5E21 - Solo Babble

Quick turnaround pod tonight with just Tom - general updates and a few questions from the community surrounding DGW plans, James replacements and suchlike.Happy new year from us at WGTA, speak to you next year/week.
31/12/2146m 32s

WGTA S5 E20 How do we navigate this uncertain time in FPL? (with FPL General)

This week, Tom and Anthony are joined by FPL General to garner his pearls of wisdom on what are the strangest of times in fantasy football and ask how indeed do we navigate this most uncertain of times?Elsewhere, it&aposs cheeky pens in the correspondence and the gamut of context-appropriate FPL related questions in the Q&A.One final week for the mini-league, which will be locked after GW19: 2ip43t.We wish you a merry and healthy Christmas. Back sometime before this calendar year is out. Probably.
21/12/211h 23m

Back on Monday

Quick note that there&aposs no pod tonight given the current uncertainty.Back on Monday with Mark (FPL General).Hope you&aposre all safe and well. Speak soon!

WGTA S5 E19 - Pre GW17 Quick Pod

Tom&aposs joined in the old school by Nick this week for a quick turnaround pod, featuring Correspondence on AFCON, questions around the covid issues plaguing FPL and underperforming players alongside our usual fare.No pod on Thurs, but we&aposll be back next week with @FPL General!
13/12/2157m 21s

WGTA S5 E18 - How Will FPL Change In December?

This week, Tom and Anthony are joined by FPL Harry (aka FPL Tipz) to look at the upcoming maelstrom of FPL Gameweeks and think about how things will evolve in terms of player picks going forward.Also correspondence on positional factors, and a few questions to mop up what we don&apost cover in the main body.We&aposll be back at some point next week but might miss one with the mounting festive appointments. Speak soon!
06/12/211h 21m

WGTA S5 E17 - Pre GW15 Quick Pod

Another quick turnaround pod from Tom and Anthony as we take listeners questions.They surround key issues such as the usual fare around poor strikers (the Watford boys in high esteem), which City players to buy in and what we do in terms of the template.Back next Monday!
02/12/211h 3m

WGTA S5 E16 - Pre GW14 Quick Pod

With very little time between Gameweeks, Anthony and Tom smash through a quick turnaround pod covering Correspondence on what to do without any eye test and cover lots of ground with listener questions.Back next Gameweek.
28/11/2151m 28s

WGTA S5E15 - What is going on with the forwards? (feat. Andy Lets Talk FPL)

This week, Anthony and Tom are joined by Andy (Let&aposs Talk FPL) to discuss the forwards in Fantasy Football and analyse what is going on with them this season - they&aposre in a poor state.Also featuring correspondence on defender purchase strategies and new manager bounces in a packed podcast.League code: 2ip43t
22/11/211h 25m

WGTA S5E14 What do we make of new manager bounces in FPL?

Tom is joined in the old school by Nick, subbing in for Anthony who&aposs sadly red flagged this week!This time, we look (with 4 managerial changes since we last podded) at if the new manager bounce" could presage a destruction of the template going forward.Also, the Correspondence focuses on the mid-priced mids, plus if in the questions is it too late to jump on the Chelsea wing backs, should we set up differently for the Xmas period (especially if on wildcard) and should we maybe this week diverge from Salah (c) (no!!!)League code: 2ip43t
16/11/211h 36m

WGTA - Back Next Week!

Just a quick note to say we&aposll be back next week - normally we do straight after the Gameweek has finished but doing it the other way around this time.Speak soon!

WGTA S5 E13 - What Will The 200 Club Look Like This Season?

This week, Anthony and Tom are back to discuss how the fabled "200 Club" may shake out for the season ahead by looking back at the past outcomes 10 Gameweeks into the season!Otherwise it&aposs the usual stuff including Market Forces and a look at whether, in the Correspondence, we should consider TC on Mo Salah in this imperious form. Plus listener&aposs questins on a depth of questions such as what do we do with City and Chelsea assets and the upcoming Spurs and United fixture improvement!League code: 2ip43t
02/11/211h 25m

WGTA S5E12: How Important Are Fine Margins In FPL? (With FPL Matthew)

This week, Anthony and I are joined by top manager @FPLMatthew to discuss fine margins in FPL. We know the answer, let&aposs make no bones about that! But it&aposs about the journey that gets us there in terms of the Always Captain Salah meta and how we deal with that as managers.Plus Tom&aposs ruminating over an epically bad week, the usual stuff in terms of market forces etc, and Correspondence on red herrings and listener questions on things like the Chelsea and City situation and being on tilt when it comes to bad outcomes.League code is 2ip43t. Email us for Correspondence at whogottheassist@gmail.com.Back next week.
25/10/211h 41m

WGTA S5 E11 - Should We Just Captain Salah (until AFCON) with Karam Tayser

WGTA returns after International Break! Sadly Anthony is unwell so Tom is joined by the legend that is Karam Tayser (often on the Scoutcast) to talk about how things have unfolded this week.And, well, unfold they have: pivoting from a correspondence question during a week fuelled by defensive returns and Salah doing the business as captain for most, we look into the idea that, maybe, we should just captain Salah until the turn of the year! Is there any gravitas in doing so?Also, in the listener questions, it&aposs all on Brentford, the City mids and whether big at the back is here to stay...
18/10/211h 19m

WGTA S5E10 - Who are our top transfer targets? (feat. FPL Salah)

Join Anthony, Tom and special guest Abdul (aka FPL Salah) to discuss top transfer targets at all tiers, in all positions as we move into wildcard season for many managers, or elsewhere into transitional transfers for many. It&aposs a time for choices to be made in many places and we&aposre here to assist!Elsewhere, the Correspondence focuses on taking the Bench Boost chip to levels outside of the norm, as well as listener questions on the Pep roulette and whether the Threemium has been consigned to the bin...
05/10/211h 43m

WGTA S5 E9 - How much should we buy into fixture shifts?

Anthony and Tom are back after a bit of a meh Gameweek in truth, primed to answer a Correspondence in a pod which leads with that to look into how much we should we reacting to the upcoming shift in fixture fortunes for many clubs.Alongside the usual ML update and fixture questions, we look into the listener questions which again picks up on defensive picks, one week punts prior to wildcarding and mid price midfield hierarchies.League code is 2ip43tBack next week to talk all things wildcard with FPL Salah!
28/09/211h 36m

WGTA S5 E8 - Where do we invest at the back? (feat. Surya AllAboutFPL)

Tom and Anthony are joined by Surya from AllAboutFPL this week for an in-depth look at the defence - where do we invest, and what players catch our eye at this stage of the season?Additionally, the correspondence calls out the 4.5s (DUFFY!!) as well as listener questions on things like midfield malaise, if we&aposre still going to sell Ronaldo as early as telegraphed and goalkeeper transfers.Enjoy, speak next week!
21/09/211h 35m

WGTA S5E7 - Should we own three premiums?

The international snoozefest is over, meaning Tom and Anthony are back to look over the new fashion for a "threemium" set up with 3 premium players in FPL. Is this a long term trend? Or is it a flash in the pan after a weekend where the stars aligned for expensive players but the mid priced assets going forward has a gameweek to forget?Elsewhere, the Correspondence features chat about Man City players and the Pep roulette, and in the questions on-the-button issues such as Antonio actions, Leeds pickups and future developments are discussed.The league code this year is 2ip43t.Back next week!
14/09/211h 32m

WGTA S5 E6 - How will FPL change with Ronaldo?

This week, Anthony and Tom are joined by a debutant to podding in James Queralt (@FPL_JQ on twitter) to examine the impact CR7 will have on how we look at FPL this season.Following on from last pod&aposs chat about an aggressive, premium hopping strategy, we turn our focus to look at the players who will enable that - the long term picks in the mid-price range that you&aposll want to set and forget in defence, midfield and attack.We also speak about Ronaldo himself in the correspondence section, and also answer some listener questions. Plus Tom reveals his reasons for and gives us an initial look into his Wildcard.We will return after Gameweek 4. Enjoy the International Break.
31/08/211h 38m

WGTA S5 E5 - Should we adopt a more aggressive strategy this season?

The second Gameweek of the season ends with knees jerking all over the place. As that happens, Anthony and Tom look over how this season&aposs profile is emerging and ask if a more aggressive strategy could open itself up to FPL managers looking to get ahead as the campaign unfolds.Elsewhere, there&aposs correspondence on how much data we need to make decisions, as well as listener questions on things as diverse as the UK govt&aposs exemption lists to if Lukaku is essential.Back next week with James Queralt!
24/08/211h 33m

WGTA S5 E4 - What can we take away from Gameweek 1?

The opening Gameweek has been and gone and we&aposre back - with Nick! - to discuss what we can take from this year&aposs opener with a lot of things to talk about as one of the most explosive first Gameweeks of the season takes place.Elsewhere, in the Correspondence we talk about how the punt picks can make a difference, and among a myriad of listener questions we take on the challenge of seeing what we do if you&aposre got mid priced midfielders transfers in mind.League code: 2ip343tBack next week to discuss what happens in Gameweek 2.
17/08/211h 31m

WGTA S5 E3 - Should we expect lots of goals on Gameweek 1?

It&aposs the end of preseason! Join Anthony and Tom on a look into whether there are more goals scored on the opening Gameweek than usual as Tom analyses past first weekends to find the truth,Also, via our correspondence, we give analysis about our sides and how things are currently shaping up as another season dawns.GOOD LUCK AHEAD OF GAMEWEEK ONE!We&aposll be back next week to pick over the wreckage thereof.
10/08/211h 24m

WGTA S5 E2 - Price Pod 2021-2

With two weeks to go before GW 2021-2, normal service resumes with Anthony and Tom delving into the player list for our annual pricing pod. It&aposs a lengthier edition than our usual fare, packed full of info as it is, which may require a couple of trips!This year, we use the twemplate (twitter + template =) to frame our discussion, looking at the herd picks versus other alternatives, highlighting a great deal of the possible choices out there in all 4 positions at 3 different price points (premium/support/fringe).We also mention where we&aposre at with our own teams, too, reflecting on the conversation.Back next week with a familiar face in the final preseason podcast of this cycle.
03/08/211h 51m

WGTA Summer Special - Analytics and FPL (feat. Analytic FPL and Wee Rogue)

Following on from last week&aposs pod on Fandom and the kick-off with Behavioural Science this week&aposs pod continues our Summer Specials as we probe at the relationship between Analytics and FPL as we round off our trilogy.Join Tom, Anthony and top guests Simon (aka Analytic FPL) and Jamie (aka Wee Rogue) from the Corridor of Uncertainty Podcast on a journey through the myriad ways data, stats, analytics and all that impact us as Fantasy Football managers - from the nature of form, to stats vs the eye test.We&aposll be back next Tuesday (3rd August) with our proper pricing pod of the FPL fixture list, as we assess who we should be looking at ahead of GW1 and also dig into some of the key quandaries we, and other FPL managers, may well be facing.
26/07/211h 27m

WGTA Summer Special - Fandom and FPL (feat. Lucy Highnett and Adam Pritchard)

Following on from last week&aposs pod on Behavioural Science, this week&aposs pod continues our Summer Specials with an analysis of the relationship between Fandom and FPL.Join Tom, Anthony and top guests Lucy Highnett and Adam Pritchard on a cruise through the ways in which club biases can help, hinder or downright destroy fantasy football objectivity - either when reading  advice from others or in making your own decisions.We&aposll be back next Monday (26th July) with the third of our three Summer Special pods. This&aposll be on Analytics and FPL, where we&aposll be joined by Jamie (aka Wee Rogue) and Simon (aka Analytic FPL) for another in depth conversation about all things statistical.
19/07/211h 25m

WGTA Summer Special – Behavioural Science and FPL (feat. FPL Raptor and Simon March)

This summer, we’re offering something different. Here at WGTA, we’ve recorded a trilogy of podcasts – Summer Specials – looking into a specific theme that impacts FPL in depth with well placed guests to provide a unique way of looking all that surrounds fantasy football. The first pod is Behavioural Science and FPL. Join Tom, […]
12/07/211h 44m

WGTA S5 E1 – 2021/22 Intro!

Hello so WE’RE BACK for another season! In this first pod of the 2021/22 season – the fifth year of WGTA! – we have a lot to talk about as we throw off the bit of rust that may have accumulated after an actual summer break. The first half is all about who we are, […]
30/06/211h 19m

WGTA S4E41- 2020-21 Finale

It’s the end of yet another season, and we’re here for a final pod this term to look over the campaign just gone. We begin with our season reviews, our mini league reviews and,  a bit of an announcement with regards to next year. There’s also an extensive analysis of what made 2020/21 so unique, […]
26/05/211h 35m

WGTA S4E40 – How likely is a Gameweek 38 goalfest?

This week, Tom and Anthony look ahead to Gameweek 38 by reviewing how prior Last Days have gone to give an understanding of how this might look from an FPL perspective – will there be goals galore? We also pick out 5 last day punts each! We take a final correspondence question on FPL manager […]
20/05/211h 10m

WGTA S4E39 – Quick Turnaround (BGW36 – GW37)

This week, Tom and Anthony look ahead to Gameweek 37 after BGW36 as the FPL season draws to an end. After the usual Gameweek Reviews, Market Forces and an update on the ML, this quick turnaround edition is listener centric. We take a correspondence question on fandom – with this summer’s plans lain bare – […]
17/05/211h 5m

WGTA S4E38 – What will prices be like next year? (feat. Adam Pritchard)

This week, Anthony and Tom are joined by the punner extraordinaire Adam Pritchard (find him @threefivewho on twitter) to do some navel gazing surrounding next year’s pricing structure. Obviously not an exhaustive look at every single player and team, but a breeze through many of the key men in all positions to just speculate on […]
12/05/211h 22m

WGTA S4E37 – How will the 200 club change? (feat. Lucy Highnett)

This week, Anthony, Nick and Tom are joined by the brilliant Lucy Highnett (find her @lucyhighnett on twitter) to discuss the 200 club. We analyse the elite band of players scoring over 200 points per season past and present and assess their performance this season, as well as projecting their performance going forward. Also the […]
04/05/211h 18m

WGTA S4E36 – What are our correspondents asking us?

The band’s back together this week as Tom, Nick and Anthony use this pod as a time to pick through the avalanche of correspondents emails we’ve been asked to talk over some key questions that arise in FPL, from captaincy, hit taking to, erm, singing an FPL related adaptation of Spice Girls’ 2 Become 1. […]
27/04/211h 34m

WGTA S4 E35 – Quick Turnaround (GW32-33)

This week’s quick turnaround pod is a speedy edition featuring Anthony and Tom after what happened in DGW32. Starting with a correspondence on how to deal with the blank in 33 from Ollie Aasht, we then moved on to the key questions growing out of how we deal with things going forward – Liverpool, Leicester […]
23/04/2154m 21s

WGTA S4 E34 – Why do we enjoy playing FPL?

This episode, on a week when many are feeling the affects of bad outcomes meaning a lot of “I Quit” pronouncements on social channels, it feels an apt time to remember why we play the game in the first place as ask: why do we enjoy playing FPL anyway? We look at how the downsides […]
13/04/211h 24m

WGTA S4 E33 – Who’s on the beach in FPL?

This episode, it’s our annual look at teams “on the beach” and how that concept impacts our FPL decisions as we reach the business end of the season. Which players and teams should we therefore we be targeting – or avoid targeting – as we reach the end of the season is the key question […]
06/04/211h 26m

WGTA S4 E32 – How are we approaching the home straight?

On this week’s pod, Tom and Nick indulge in a leisurely chat without many notes in the international break about the final 8 Gameweeks in terms of how to handle the home straight. This covers looking at a couple of the big budget teams in City and Liverpool and our position on their players, and […]
24/03/211h 17m

WGTA S4 E31 – Which players & teams are we interested in for Blank Gameweek 29? (feat. Seb Wassell)

On this week’s pod, we’re joined by the Scoutcast’s Seb Wassell (find him @SebWassell on twitter!), an excellent guest, to talk all things blank gameweek 29. In this pod, Nick, Tom and Seb talk over frisk the fixtures via looking at each team with a semblance of depth, identifying their virtues and, by extension, their […]
16/03/211h 19m

WGTA S4 E30 – Quick Post DGW Turnaround (DGW27-28)

This week’s quick turnaround pod is just Nick and Tom – an OG pod – covering the key questions growing out of mini DGW 26! Listener Q+A such as how to rank climb, if strikers are off the menu and what we do with City players are on the agenda as we move into the […]
11/03/2152m 41s

WGTA S4 E29 – Quick Post DGW Turnaround (DGW26-27)

This week’s quick turnaround pod covers the key questions among FPL managers coming out of Double Gameweek 26 via our Q+A. Alongside that, it’s the market forces, the mini league ranking and then the questions. This week’s questions give our view on the key questions on the week, such as premium sell-offs, how to manage […]
05/03/2156m 5s

WGTA S4 E28 – What kind of risk profile do you have?

This week, it’s our annual look at fantasy football manager risk profiles. We utilise hits taken by managers to try to categorise you all into categorise and talk about what that tells about about differing manager strategies going forward. The questions focus in on the big issue of the double gameweek – who do we […]
24/02/211h 29m

WGTA S4 E27 – Why are Tom and Nick wildcarding?

This week’s quick turnaround pod covers Nick and Tom’s decisions to wildcard (alongside Anthony’s reticence!) – what are we doing with our wildcard? Who are picking and why? Lots of discussions ensue about key wrinkles around the players we’d be buying, our motivations to do so and what we’re aiming to do with it. The […]
18/02/211h 2m

WGTA S4 E26 – Does behavioural science have an impact on FPL? (with Simon March)

This week, Nick and Tom are joined by former FPL Champ and LSE grad Simon March to talk about the impact of behavioural science on FPL. In a practically driven application of the theories behind this, we look at three key concepts in behavioural science: Gambler’s/Hot Hand Fallacy Loss Aversion Satisifing vs Maximising in decision […]
10/02/211h 15m

WGTA S4 E25 – Quickfire pod (again) 2/2 (GW22-3)

This week’s quick turnaround pod covers the key questions among FPL managers coming out of Gameweek 22 via our Q+A. Alongside that, it’s the market forces, the mini league ranking and then the questions. This week’s questions give our view on the key questions on the week, such as how do we assess the 9-0, […]
05/02/211h 3m

WGTA S4 E24 – Quickfire pod (again) 1/2 (GW21-2)

This week’s quick turnaround pod covers the key questions among FPL managers coming out of Gameweek 21 via our Q+A. Alongside that, it’s the market forces, the mini league ranking and then the questions. This week’s questions give our view on the key questions on the week, such as flailing premiums, how odd the season […]
01/02/2152m 46s

WGTA S4 E23 – Why might we bench the wrong players?

This week’s quick turnaround pod is a trailblazer in its correspondence-led visage. This time, we focus in on huge question focusing on Soucek gate – why might we bench the wrong players? It’s all about price. Accordingly, we look at the arguments surrounding that with behavioural science and the continued value of the big boys […]
29/01/211h 1m

WGTA S4 E22 – What do we think about Effective Ownership?

This week, a proper full fat pod looks at the concept of effective ownership – how much those players you do own, and don’t, impact our ranks as FPL managers and how we deal with all that. Our in depth chat was really enjoyable, and we’re sure you’ll find something in it too to help […]
24/01/211h 18m

WGTA S4 E21 – How do we set up for the double gameweek?

This week’s pod is a concise, focused episode concentrating on the double gameweek to come with looks at captaincy, the key teams to target and some potential differentials plus addressing further questions that are being asked around the FPL world currently. The correspondence section will return next pod.  For correspondence matters, get your questions in […]
15/01/2157m 35s

WGTA S4 E20 – How do we set up for the blank gameweek? (with Mark Sutherns)

This episode, Nick and Tom are joined by the man many dub the fantasy GOAT in Mark Sutherns to discuss the upcoming blank Gameweek and how navigate around that, plus zero in on key players/teams to target. Plus the correspondence this week is on how we present key information, alongside the Q+A which involves chat […]
05/01/211h 26m

WGTA S4 E19 – How do we navigate the FPL uncertainty?

This episode, again given the short time between gameweeks, we smash out another short pod to discuss the key issues in the fantasy meta. It’s a Q+As focused pod this week, which we get into after the usual market forces update. This time, the focus is on how the covid postponements is making a mockery […]
31/12/2054m 29s

WGTA S4 E18 – What will we do in blanks, doubles and festive season? (with FPL General)

This week, we’re joined by FPL General to discuss the upcoming busy calendar, with the Christmas schedule seeing games coming thick and fast alongside the news that a blank and double to navigate will appear after the fixtures onslaught. We size up the situation, give our own approaches (for now) as well as offering advice […]
22/12/201h 17m

WGTA S4 E17 – Quickfire Pod 2/2

This episode, again given the short time between gameweeks, it’s the second of our two “bare bones” pods given the hectic turnarounds! It’s a Q+As focused pod this week, which we get into after the usual market forces update. We know blanks and doubles are all the rage, but that’s being saved for next week […]
18/12/2044m 11s

WGTA S4 E16 – Quickfire Pod 1/2

This week, given the short time between gameweeks, it’s one of two “bare bones” pods that we’ll be recording on this week of FPL time travel as we move through 3 Gameweeks in just 7 days. It’s a Q+As focused pod this week, which we get into after the usual market forces update. The correspondence […]
13/12/2045m 32s

WGTA S4 E15 – Should We Do Nothing More Often In FPL?

This week, we reflect on how things are chopping and changing and ask – is it better sometimes to just stick rather than twist? We also distinguish between the premiums and the supporting cast – does this season conform to the rules of holding on to the high prices players and concentrating movement on the […]
09/12/201h 11m

WGTA S4 E14 – Can We Cover All The Bases In FPL?

This week, we size up the glut of premium options on offer and ask: can we cover everything in fantasy premier league? We look at several big name, high priced players and agonise over whether they can all fit in our teams – or will there be a solution in cheaper cover picks like Jota? […]
01/12/201h 32m

WGTA S4 E13 – How Much Of FPL Is Luck?

We’re reunited as a trio to pick over the perhaps vexed question: what is the impact luck has on fantasy football? We look at several facets which comprise that most taboo of terms to try to come to some sort of idea of how much it influences our outcomes as FPL managers. Elsewhere, it’s the […]
24/11/201h 22m

WGTA S4 E12 – What Have We Learnt After 8 FPL Gameweeks?

This week it’s an old school two man pod, with Nick and Tom updating (in Anthony’s absence due to exams) the titles dished out pre the first international break in Gameweek 4 and reflecting on what’s happened since then and how they may evolve going forward. These headings are: Team of the year (so far) […]
10/11/201h 10m

WGTA S4 E11 – What Team Structure Best Suits The Current FPL Challenges? (with FPL Heisenberg)

This episode, we’re joined by Wes aka FPL Heisenberg to chat team structure. In the context of players missing out all over the place in the FPL universe, how should we face this challenge in how we set up our fantasy football teams? This includes discussion on money into subs, our transfer strategies and how […]
03/11/201h 15m

WGTA S4 E10 – Should We Zombify Our FPL Teams?

This week we ask the vexed question: should we zombify our FPL teams? Of course, our answer is no. But why? What things can maybe point to us, as managers, having a positive impact on how our teams positively progress through the season in the context of continual disasterclasses? We draw on things like contrasting […]
27/10/201h 12m

WGTA S4 E9 – Which ‘Supporting Cast’ Players Are Worth Considering?

This episode, the spotlight turns from the Kane and Salah-type premiums of the FPL world onto the ‘Supporting Cast’ as we discuss which cheap defenders, midfielders and forwards are worthy of consideration for our Fantasy Football teams. Additionally, there’s an analysis of explosiveness in captaincy picks in our Correspondence section plus a wide ranging Q+A […]
20/10/201h 25m

WGTA S4 Bonus Episode – Introducing Anthony / FPL Stag

This episode is a departure from our normal service as we take the time to introduce the newest WGTA co-host Anthony, aka FPL Stag on twitter. In the pod, we hear about Anthony’s entry into the FPL world, alongside discussing the general motivations, likes and dislikes in a state of the nation chat about how […]
14/10/2056m 44s

WGTA S4 E8 – What Can We Tell After 4 FPL Gameweeks?

On this week’s episode, we dip our toes into the stats to look at a few ways to understand the 4 topsy-turvy Fantasy Football matchdays we’ve observed… so far. We look at: Best Team (so far) Best Players (so far) Star man (so far) Surprise (so far) Flop (so far) To try to see if […]
06/10/201h 27m

WGTA S4 E7 – How do we make sense of the FPL madness?

This week’s episode evaluates 3 main ways FPL managers can assess the volatile start to the season to help make sense of the unpredictability. We undertake a penalty analysis redux in depth, look at how we deal with the experience of a bad fantasy premier league gamewek, and ask – is anyone any good at […]
29/09/201h 20m

WGTA S4 E6 – What do we look for in an FPL player?

On the pod this week, we’re joined by LateRiser12 – otherwise known as Pranil Sheth, the No1 FPL Manager in India in 2019/20 – to look into the criteria we use to judge what we look for in an FPL player – whether we captain or buy them in! After the market forces, it’s a […]
23/09/201h 23m

WGTA S4 E5 – How important are penalties in FPL?

On the pod this week, we discuss the opening Gameweek of the Fantasy Premier League and the discuss the salient issue impacting FPL managers as the season starts: how important are penalties in FPL? Our analysis covers historic data as well as the implementation of the new FIFA rules, as well as addressing in the […]
15/09/201h 8m

WGTA S4 E4 – Which early season strategy are we adopting?

On the pod this week, Nick’s back to join Stag and Tom to talk about early season strategies in fantasy football with Man Utd, Man City, Burnley and Aston Villa missing Gameweek 1 to create a novel conundrum: which strategy are we adopting? In this episode, we look at the ways in which fpl managers […]
08/09/201h 27m

WGTA S4 E3 – How much do we believe these Unwritten Rules of FPL? (with FPL Family)

This week we’re joined by our friends Lee and Sam – otherwise known as FPL Family – to dissect 5 Unwritten Rules and discuss how much we agree with them as advice touchpoints for fantasy football managers. These rules are: Form Over fixtures Captain obvious Target the whipping boys Information is more important than 0.1m […]
01/09/201h 12m

WGTA S4 E2 – How do the fixtures change our view of the prices?

Buckle up this week as it’s a slightly longer serving of fantasy premier league goodness because it’s time for our yearly overview of the player price list, now that the added essential ingredient of fixtures can be added to the mix. This means we can ask the central question: how do the fixtures change our […]
25/08/201h 40m

WGTA S4 E1 – Price Reaction

We’re back for the 2020/21 season! This week, it’s our quick reactions podcast to the FPL game reopening and player pricetags, with a “zoomed out” overview of the fantasy football pricing landscape to kick off the new football season. Without fixtures at the time of recording, it’s more about our initial takes of how this […]
18/08/201h 8m

Pod 116 – 2019-20 Finale

Here we are at our final podcast of the 2019/20 fantasy premier league season. It’s a relief, having recorded 51 episodes in an elongated season (including the Sunderland Til I Die editions), so we’re very glad to be off on a break after this! However, we’re here for a really enjoyable final season pod musing […]
28/07/201h 29m

Pod 115 – Final Week Deliberations

As the penultimate gameweek of the fantasy football season huffs and puffs to its close, we’re here to detail one week punts and Free Hit formations in the final round of fixtures. Alongside this, it’s our questions and transfers and captains. Back on Monday for the final pod of the season!
23/07/201h 26m

Pod 114 – This Year’s Market

An underwhelming week in FPL ends with a regulation 2-0 victory for United seeing the market react, and this week it’s all about how the market has developed this year. It’s a “now for something completely different” type podcast where we meditate on something – WGTA style – to give you something different in terms […]
17/07/201h 15m

Pod 113 – Outcome Bias and Hindsight in FPL

In one of the harshest binaries between the have and have nots in Fantasy Premier League Gameweek history, we get psychological. This week, we go big on a throwback to our behavioural science heartlands as we look at the salient impacts of outcome bias and hindsight in FPL and how we should recognise and factor […]
14/07/201h 9m

Pod 112 – How are we spending our money?

Another midweek set of fixtures in the Premier League restart comes to the end with Tom in a good mood after an 100+ point outcome to his bench boost! This week, with Anthony under the weather, Tom and Nick go oldschool with a vintage 2-man pod looking at how Fantasy Premier League managers have historically […]
10/07/201h 10m

Pod 111 – Operation: Target Bournemouth

The season hurtles towards its end after a boring, boring Spurs 1-0 sees the end of fantasy football gameweek 33 – and we’re here for another lightning turnaround pod. Following the trends Nick picks out in markets forces, this week we look over what happens in the hinterland of the remainder of the season and […]
07/07/201h 4m

Pod 110 – The Elite Four (or Five)

FPL’s return continues as a sprawling fantasy football Gameweek sees the Champs Liverpool mauled by their vanquished adversaries Man City! Reflecting market forces once more, this week we look over the battle to be in the elite top four – or five, given City’s potential European ban – and provide analysis on how we view […]
03/07/201h 10m

Pod 109 – Forward Focus

The second Gameweek of FPL’s return concludes with Liverpool’s crowning at 2019/20 Premier League Champions! Reflecting market forces, this week delves into the key issues thrown to the fore by the data as fantasy football managers look to purchase in shiny new options in their forward line as strikers come under the microscope as money […]
26/06/201h 8m

Pod 108 – Restart (Re)Evaluations

We restart the fantasy football season with a tumultuous double gameweek with a quick turnaround podcast. Unfortunately, Nick can’t make it this week but we use his wildcard as a way to assess what might be on FPL managers’ minds after that (re)opening week heading into a quickly imminent next gameweek. The pod covers discussions […]
23/06/201h 4m

Pod 107 – Focused Player Chat

As the FPL restart draws near, we spend time analysing key men to own for the upcoming final furlong. We highlight those important players who fit the profile for our interest ahead of the restart in a whistlestop, non-exhaustive tour of players by position that fantasy football managers may wish to consider as the season […]
16/06/201h 23m

Pod 106 – Resumption Strategies

With FPL officially reopening, we pick over the strategies that are emerging to tackle the challenge of the football resuming. We discuss our situations and how we’re countering them, from which we hope managers will be able to reflect and optimise their own approaches ahead of the (re)kick-off of the season into the final 9 […]
08/06/2053m 50s

Pod 105 – 3 Things To Think About As FPL Returns

FPL returns – ish. We’re in the run-up to the reactivation of the FPL season with things scheduled to kick off again on 17th June! With this in mind, we’re back to discuss 3 key things to watch out for as Fantasy Football comes back as the Premier League itself returns. In this pod, Nick, […]
02/06/201h 9m

WGTA In Lockdown, Episode 7 (feat. Alex McCain from the Roker Rapport)

Rounding off our journey through Sunderland Till I Die, we’re joined by the brilliant Alex McCain, host of the Roker Rapport. The episode is split into two sections this week to cover the breadth of material, which means the news misses out but we gain a helluva lot of depth in its place! Part one […]
19/05/201h 12m

WGTA In Lockdown, Episode 6 (feat. Sunderland Till I Die, S2E6)

**For Sunderland Till I Die Content Only, Start At 13:42** We return for the final episode of our Sunderland Till I Die watchalong (but not the final episode on it, as you’ll hear on the pod!) In this episode, after an initial overview of the news, we discuss S2E6 – Football Is Life. As the […]
12/05/201h 4m

WGTA In Lockdown, Episode 5 (feat. Sunderland Till I Die, S2E5)

**For Sunderland Till I Die Content Only, Start At 14:55** We return for episode 5 of our lockdown content, starring our watchalong of Sunderland Till I Die. In this edition, after an initial overview of the news, we discuss S2E5 – The Time For Men. As office drama is replaced by on-pitch action as the […]
05/05/201h 6m

WGTA In Lockdown, Episode 4 (feat. Sunderland Till I Die, S2E4)

**For Sunderland Till I Die Content Only, Start At 9:30** We return for episode 4 of our lockdown content, starring our watchalong of Sunderland Till I Die. In this edition, after an initial overview of the news, we discuss S2E4 – Playing Poker. This is THE episode of the series, with the ramping drama as […]

WGTA In Lockdown, Episode 3 (feat. Sunderland Till I Die, S2E3)

**For Sunderland Till I Die Content Only, Start At 9:49** We return for episode 3 of our lockdown content, starring our watchalong of Sunderland Till I Die. In this edition, after an initial overview of the news, we discuss S2E3 – Pride, Passion and Loyalty. This is THE Charlie Methven episode, in which we discuss […]
22/04/2059m 38s

WGTA In Lockdown, Episode 2 (feat. Sunderland Till I Die, S2E2)

**For Sunderland Till I Die Content Only, Start At 11:23** We return for episode 2 of our lockdown content, starring our watchalong of Sunderland Till I Die. In this edition, after an initial overview of the news, we discuss S2E2 – The Old Fashioned Way. This includes a look into communications styles, ownership motivations, agents […]
14/04/201h 1m

WGTA In Lockdown, Episode 1 (feat. Sunderland Till I Die, S2E1)

**For Sunderland Till I Die Content Only, Start At 18:30** So we’re back, but back a bit differently as we pivot toward our lockdown content. We’re now recording purely for our own amusement to help keep us sane, but we’re sure this’ll entertain you as well. This first podcast in the new format covers two […]
07/04/201h 3m

Pod 104 – FPL Stick or Twist?

This week, Nick returns to accompany Stag and Tom to play a game of Stick or Twist with FPL. We reflect on key features of the game – Positions, Scoring and the Economy – and decide whether we’d stick with them or twist to something else if we were in charge. Plus also a ream […]
30/03/201h 18m

Pod 103 – Socially Distanced Laughter (with Adam Pritchard)

2019/20: Gameweeks on hold This week, Stag and Tom are joined by friend of the pod Adam Pritchard (follow @threefivewho on twitter) for a pretty damn funny record in which they discuss recent developments from Premier League statements, its consequences for FPL, and take a menagerie of questions. Worth especially listening out for Stag’s descents […]
23/03/201h 14m

Pod 102 – Voice in the Darkness

2019/20: Gameweeks on hold This week, Stag, Nick and Tom talk through life on hold, in real life and in FPL when it comes to dealing with the coronoavirus lockdown and answer a bunch of diverse listener questions. We hope you’re all safe and well. We’ll keep going with the weekly pods as things allow. […]
16/03/201h 6m

Pod 101 – Chip Season (with Ben Crellin)

2019/20: Gameweek 29 Review, 30 Preview This week, we’re joined by the irreplaceable Ben Crellin to talk blanks and doubles time in FPL and discuss how we plan to navigate chip season Also featuring an embedded market forces and questions this week, with the majority of air time devoted to talking strategy. League Code: eikx03
10/03/201h 24m

Pod 100 – One Hundred Not Out!

2019/20: Gameweek 28 This week, we celebrate our 100th podcast with a reflection of over 150 hours of podcast time as well as a classic FPL discussion of form versus fixtures. Also featuring Market Forces, Stag’s Take, Dadwatch and Listener questions. League Code: eikx03 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT. Listen and subscribe using the […]
03/03/201h 20m

Pod 99 – Five Week Plans and BGW Plotting

2019/20: Gameweek 27 Review & BGW28 Preview Stag and Nick reveal their five week plans to navigate the upcoming blanks and potential double There’s also market forces, Stag’s Take and Dad watch League Code: eikx03 Listen and subscribe using the links here.
25/02/201h 8m

Pod 98 – Beyond the Long GW

GW 27 Preview/GW28 Preview 2019/20 Stag and Nick deliver a quick pod after their first record earlier in the week failed. Topics included are 2 teams to watch & 2 to avoid for the coming week, market forces, and listener questions including replacing the injured Son Heung-Min Back next week with standard good quality audio […]
20/02/2043m 25s

Pod 97 – Looking Forward

2019/20: Gameweek 24/25 Review & GW26 Preview Stag and Nick are joined by Holly (@FFCommunity_) to assess the season of blips and how to navigate it going forward. We’ve also got a round of up of our thoughts on the January transfer dealings and plenty of listeners questions. There’s also market forces and an update […]
05/02/201h 13m

Pod 96 – DGW24 Q+As

2019/20: Gameweek 23 Review/DGW24 Preview Stag and Nick give their thoughts ahead of the midweek DGW24 action and look back to a GW23 that will stick in FPL memories for all the wrong reasons. We’ve got plenty of listeners questions on Liverpool, triple captaincies, and more. There’s also market forces, Stag’s Take, and #dadwatch League […]
20/01/2054m 54s

Pod 95 – Risk Profiling FPL Managers

Gameweek 22, 2019/20 Nick and a jubilant post-Aguero captaincy Stag are joined by Tom in Brisbane Airport to discuss the risk profiles of FPL managers using poll data sourced from the community both this season and in the last campaign. There’s also market forces, Stag’s Take, #dadwatch, as well as further listener questions. League Code: eikx03 […]
15/01/201h 21m

Pod 94 – Hammering Out DGW Plans

Gameweek 21, 2019/20! This week, Tom guests on his own pod before his sojourner south, joining Stag and Nick to discuss the effect of “the new manager bounce” at Arsenal, Everton, Watford and West Ham, as well as DGW plans with GW24 edging closer. There’s also market forces, Over 30s, a new Stag’s Take feature […]
05/01/201h 28m

Pod 93 – Festive famine

Gameweek 21, 2019/20! This week, Nick is joined by caretaker co-host FPL Stag to look back on the two festive gameweeks which caused a lot of frustration and saw big rank swings. There’s also market forces, a zombies league update and #dadwatch, as well as further listener questions. This is the last pod of 2019 […]
30/12/1957m 29s

Pod 92 – Blitzen The Questions

Gameweek 18, 2019/20! Slightly more prosaic offering this week as we answer our listener questions (especially wtaf do we do with Son), as round off the key topics from the Liverblank as we head into the Festive frenzy. Happy Xmas/holidays from us at WGTA! League Code: eikx03 Listen and subscribe using the links here.
23/12/191h 2m

Pod 91 – Xmas Decisions with FPL General

Gameweek 17, 2019/20! This week we’re joined by the big cheese himself FPL General to discuss loyalty and taking risks, the Liverblank and FPLing over the festiv period. There’s also market forces, an update on the 30 ups and #dadwatch, as well as further listener questions. We’ll be back for one final pod (probably) next […]
17/12/191h 10m

Pod 90 – Sliding Doors

Gameweeks 14-16, 2019/20! This week, where we were even on points in Gameweek 14 we return to examine how Nick has carved out a bit of a gap between himself and Tom in the 3 Gameweeks in 7 days we just went through. The sliding doors all left narrow space for differentiation in the tricky, […]
10/12/191h 3m

WGTA Live -Talisman And Value

Gameweeks 14 and 15, 2019/29 This week, in lieu of a full on pod, we took to YouTube to discuss two of WGTA’s trademark stats – Talisman and Value. The audio is attached here. League Code: eikx03 Back next week with a full pod – and maybe Tom will be back with a solo back end […]
04/12/191h 9m

Pod 89 – Incoming FPL Onslaught (with Josh Williams)

Gameweek 13, 2019/20! This week, in a packed pod, we’re joined by the insightful Josh Williams (follow him on twitter @distancecovered) to look at the incoming FPL onslaught with 3 Gameweeks coming over just 7 days (Gws 14 to 16). We do this through focusing on the key men for the sides with decent fixtures […]
26/11/191h 27m

Pod 88 – Embrace The Fear

Gameweek 12, 2019/20! This week, after focusing heavily on players and teams for the last few pods, we instead turn the spotlight on managers and how we deal with bandwagons in FPL. The challenge of the bandwagon decision comes around often, so this pod looks at the reasoning dilemmas and psychology behind them to help […]
12/11/191h 9m

Pod 87 – All Killer, Priced As Filler (feat. Luke Jerdy)

Gameweek 11, 2019/20! This week, the cheap filler is looking killer as we’re joined by Luke Jerdy (follow him here on twitter!), aka Jesse from Hollyoaks, from the Triple Captain podcast to look over the men in the cheap seats! Yes, it’s the 3rd/4th/5th defenders/midfielders/forwards under the spotlight, as well as how the variety of […]
05/11/191h 12m

Pod 86 – The Season Long Men

Gameweek 10, 2019/20! This week we (hopefully) return to normal service in the FPL scores, leading us to examine the players who are currently excelling and ask the question: are any of them season long men in our sides? As usual, we also include our usual features in the Market Forces, 30+, Nick/Tom picks, #dadwatch […]
29/10/191h 23m

Who Got The Assist? Pod 85 – Fine Margins

Gameweek 9, 2019/20! As the relentless punishment from the game continues, Nick and Tom are back to continue to assess the damage, looking at how fine margins and unpredictability have made for a risk v reward dynamic in FPL currently. As usual, we also include our usual features in the Market Forces, 30+, Nick/Tom picks, […]
22/10/191h 7m

Planet FPL + WGTA: Who Got The Planet? 1 – International Break GW9 2019/20 (Explicit)

We’re joined by Suj and James from Planet FPL for a bit of a natter in this international break special! Hope you enjoy, we’ll try and make this happen again in the future when Nick’s not down with chicken pox. Warning: not one to listen to in the car with kids! League Code: eikx03 SoundCloud iTunes […]
15/10/191h 22m

Who Got The Assist? Pod 84 – Why is it so unpredictable? (feat. Alex Ball)

Gameweek 8. 2019/20! This week we’re joined from NZed to complete our brace of guests from Down Under by Alex Ball (follow him on twitter here) to help us take a look at what’s happened in the first eight gameweeks and why so many have had a tough time. As usual, we also include our […]
08/10/191h 22m

Who Got The Assist? Pod 83 – Differential Selection (feat. FPL Dare)

Gameweek 7 in 2019/20! This week we’re joined from Down Under by FPL Dare (or Dean to normal people, follow him on twitter here) to help us on our voyage through the differential selection – with a lot of managers bunched up at the moment, how should we approach differential strategies and who of those low […]
01/10/191h 17m

WGTA Pod 82 – Premium Health Check (feat. Will from Fantasy Football Hub)

Gameweek 6 in 2019/20! On a week where many a fate was decided by a last minute no-show, WGTA are no exception as Nick suddenly gets eaten by the work monster. Luckily, we’ve an excellent vice captain of our own as Will Thomas from Fantasy Football Hub (follow him here) steps into the void. It’s all […]
24/09/191h 18m

WGTA Pod 81 – What happened to Big At The Back?

Gameweek 5 in 2019/20! This week it’s time for some introspection as our heavily trailed Big At The Back idea is questioned widely. What happened? Where did the defensive points go? How will we react? That’s basically the main part of the discussion on today’s edition. As usual, we also include our usual features in […]
16/09/191h 12m

WGTA Pod 80 – Where will it go from here? (Featuring Adam Hopcroft)

Gameweek 4 in 2019/20! We’re joined by the brilliant Adam Hopcroft (follow him on twitter here) to discuss the use of stats, and where we think the season will go from here. As usual, we also include our usual features in the Market Forces, 30+, Nick/Tom picks and #dadwatch. There’s also a heavily expanded questions […]
02/09/191h 23m

WGTA Pod 79 – Hold Your Nerve (GW3 2019/20)

Gameweek 3 in 2019/20! After the divergence post wildcards and mini wildcards galore, we’re back to talk about holding your nerve as panic begins to set in despite all of the moves made. Our features also return, which are the Market Forces, the Over 30s team, the Nick/Tom pick and the zombies, as well as […]
26/08/191h 4m

WGTA Pod 78 – Is 2 weeks’ data enough?

Gameweek 2 in 2019/20! After the quiet optimism of the opening weekend comes wildcards and hits galore, meaning we assess the merits of going nuclear right away along with presenting some data (thanks to our friend Wee Rogue) which may suggest big names are OK but reservations about ripping apart our teams. Our features also […]
20/08/191h 12m

WGTA Pod 77: Gameweek 1 Reflections

We’re back for the first proper Gameweek of 2019/20! Lots to talk about as the season kicks off, as we have a think about our reactions to the first Gameweek, advocate patience and talk about a few bits and pieces. Yes, we’re back to a classic stats pod sans stats, but we have plenty to discuss after […]
12/08/191h 5m

WGTA Pod 76: End of Preseason!

We’ve finally made it to the end of preseason! Phew. We look forward to the new season ahead with a paradoxical look back at Gameweek 1s of yesteryear, taking a trip down memory lane and figuring out if there’s anything we can learn from those historic opening weekends. There’s also more “since we last spoke” […]
05/08/191h 7m

WGTA Pod 75: 2019-20 Team Previews, Part Two (M-W)

The yearly team previews conclude with the M-Ws! Lots of research done to bring you this yearly feast of preseason analysis on squads and talk about the key men to help aid your decision making. Featuring a great cameo by the brilliant Lucy Highnett (follow her on twitter here) to talk all things Saints. Sorry […]
31/07/191h 39m

WGTA Pod 74: 2019-20 Team Previews, Part One (A-L)

It’s the yearly team previews, starting with the A-Ls! Lots of research done to bring you this yearly feast of preseason analysis on squads and talk about the key men (plus Barkley and Benteke) to help aid your decision making. Hope it’s useful! Back next week with the second installment. If you’re interested in Tom’s […]
23/07/191h 32m

Who Got The Assist? Podcast 73 – Unwritten Rules of FPL (with Neil Murray)

Our preseason content continues as we’re joined by the twitter thread king Neil Murray (follow him here) for our yearly Unwritten Rules of FPL show. This time, we voice over 6 rules designed to be guiding principles to help FPL managers throughout the season, which are: – The Game Has Evolved, Change With It – […]
09/07/191h 6m

Intro to Sky Fantasy Football for FPL Players

A slightly different podcast this time, as Tom is joined by Will from Fantasy Football Hub, Dan Cox (winner of Sky FF 2016/17) and Mark Edworthy (@skypodcast) to introduce interested FPL players to the Sky Fantasy game. SKY FANTASY IS UK ONLY. APOLOGIES TO GLOBAL LISTENERS (vpns are available) Of course, if you’re a dedicated […]
03/07/191h 2m

Who Got The Assist? Pod 72 – Quick Prices Reaction

Hi all We were all caught on the hop with the really early game relaunch, and assume OFPL were too as some teams aren’t quite finished yet! As it’s still early days, 6 weeks before Gameweek 1, we’re delaying the full fat A-L and M-W preview pods to come, and instead this week release a […]
30/06/1942m 55s

Who Got The Assist – Pod 71, Fixtures 2019-20

Wow that rolled around quickly! We’re back to discuss the fixture list, joined by FPL Stag on a whistle stop tour through the Prem teams and our initial thoughts as the new FPL season dawns. Back with the prices podcast when the game relaunches, hopefully in the first week of July. SoundCloud iTunes Stitcher Acast […]
16/06/191h 23m

Intro to Nick and Tom

Hello! In this quick introduction to us, we talk about the origins of WGTA – our friendship, how doing WGTA was born out of adversity, and what we try to do with the platform we have. Back for a proper FPL podcast after the fixtures are released. SoundCloud iTunes Stitcher Acast Spotify  Podbean
09/06/1937m 29s

Who Got The Assist? Pod 70 – End of 2018-19 Special

We’re back for the final gameweek pod of the season as we look back over the campaign through the lens of several meaty and not-so-meaty awards for the year. This means things like player of the year interspersed with bandwagon of the season! We also round off our key features with some market forces analysis, […]
16/05/191h 27m

Who Got The Assist? Pod 69 – Next season speculation

We’re back for the final “pre Gameweek” pod of the season to, well, spend a while navel gazing into *next season as we talk about what some of the impacts of this year’s events may have on next year’s teams and prices. Additionally, it’s market forces, it’s a Zombie update (with a crowned winner!), the […]

Who Got The Assist? Pod 68 – Overmanagement

This week, we’re back after a good week for both of us to talk about Overmanagement – should we revalue the importance of being idle and doing nothing? We also take a look at captains for Gameweek 37 then do the usual features and questions. Main league: 516-441 SoundCloud iTunes Stitcher Acast Spotify(NEW FOR 2018/19)  […]
30/04/191h 6m

WGTQ+A V – DGW35 wrap up (with Will from Fantasy Football Hub)

In lieu of a full fat podcast this week, Tom took to YouTube due to the tight turnaround joined by Will from Fantasy Football Hub. Enjoy, back in Gameweek 36 for a full pod Sorry for the sound issues, hopefully it’s bearable – I couldn’t sort it out 🙁 Main league: 516-441 Youtube link SoundCloud […]
24/04/1959m 37s

Who Got The Assist? Pod 67 – Value and DGW35

This week our late Tuesday night pod looks at Value in FPL now that price may have fallen down slightly in relevance as we react the tail end of the season. We also cast our eye over a few DGW assets to help you plan your transfers. We also catch up with the Market forces, […]
17/04/191h 15m

Pod 66 – Wildcard Decision Paralysis (feat. FPL Family)

This week we’re joined by Lee and Sam, who runs the twitter account and YouTube channel @FPLFamily. It’s decisions, decisions as we reach wildcard week for many! We cover the premium, enabler and single gameweek assets comprising FPL manager’s wildcard squads – whilst also providing help for non-wildcarders who are managing their way through this […]
09/04/191h 24m

Who Got The Assist? WGTQ+A IV (feat. Ted Talks FPL)

In lieu of a full fat podcast this week, we took to YouTube due to the tight turnaround joined by Ted, who runs the twitter account and forthcoming YouTube channel @TedTalksFPL. We cover many of the key issues of today, from how we face up to the blank gameweek to come, and also how we […]
03/04/191h 1m

Who Got The Assist? Pod 65 – Nick’s Free Hit and No Mo Salah?

Back to normal this week as Nick returns to the pod to talk about his Free Hit and how he’s approaching it, alongside pondering the question of whether it’s the end for Mo Salah in our sides for this campaign. We also catch up with the Market forces, the Nick Pick, a swift zombie update […]
26/03/191h 13m

Who Got The Assist? Pod 64 – Beaches and Free Hits (with FPL Stag)

We discuss which teams are donning their flip-flops and heading to the beach, and the repercussions of this absence of motivation for FPL managers. This week, with Nick called away for work last minute, FPL Stag (or Anthony to his ma) kindly steps off the bench once more to join Tom as co-host. We discuss which teams […]
12/03/191h 18m

Who Got The Assist? Pod 63 – The Blank Guys

This week, we’re talking about the key men for the upcoming blank gameweek, with many a transfer plan hinging which strategies managers are choosing to navigate the next few fixtures. Accordingly, we take a deep dive into Bournemouth, Leicester and West Ham with several of their key players on the table right now, as well […]
05/03/191h 5m

Who Got The Assist? WGTQ+A III (feat. Will from Fantasy Football Hub)

In lieu of a full fat podcast this week, we took to YouTube due to the tight turnaround joined by Will from Fantasy Football Hub. We cover many of the key issues of today, from how we face up to 120 min City assets across to who we need to be targetting, plus how those […]
24/02/191h 9m

Who Got The Assist? Pod 62 – Blanks and Doubles Extravaganza (feat. Sir Ben Crellin)

This week it’s our blanks and doubles special, so who better to join us than the Godfather of these himself Sir Ben Crellin!  We’ve concocted a highly concentrated just-over-an-hour dose of advice to help you through the headache of the upcoming period, covering laying out the context, discussing strategies and identifying key men and teams to […]
20/02/191h 16m

Who Got The Assist? Pod 61 – City Replacements (with FPL Stag)

This week, with Tom on holiday, FPL Stag (or Anthony to his ma) steps in to join Nick on the episode as co-host. We discuss who will be the targets for the next few weeks as we lead up to the Gameweek 27 blank for a few sides, and how we disinvest from Man City […]
05/02/191h 16m

Who Got The Assist? Pod 60 – Ownership (feat. Fantasy YIRMA)

This week, we’re joined long term friend of the pod Ryan from FantasyYIRMA (follow him on twitter here). We have a general discussion ownership in FPL, especially with YIRMA’s recent article on Four Four Two as part of their weekly contribution that focused on this. Are players like Alonso and Richarlison ownership-based picks? We also […]
21/01/191h 6m

Who Got The Assist? Pod 59 – FPL Risk profiles

This week, we’re talking Risk Profiles in FPL, looking at the amount of hits that people have taken so far and trying to understand what you might bear in mind given the sort of manager you are, based on testimonies from the community and our own experiences. We also catch up with the Market forces, […]
15/01/191h 3m

Who Got The Assist? Pod 58 – Stats and FPL (feat. Adam Hopcroft)

This week, we’re joined by Adam Hopcroft (follow him on twitter here), one of the top new accounts on FPL twitter this season. We have a general discussion about stats in FPL, understanding how to look at them in context and mention the MVPs and hidden gems in the data currently. We also catch up […]
07/01/191h 16m

Who Got The Assist? WGTQ+A session – Xmas review, Gameweek 21 preview

This week, with the FPL Gameweeks coming thick and fast, there’s no time for a full on pod but we took to YouTube to record “WGTQ+A II” to tackle many key issues over Xmas as well as answering key questions from twitter and the stream.   We’ll be back after Gameweek 21 for a full podcast […]
30/12/181h 4m

Who Got The Assist? Pod 57 – Festive FPLing (feat. FPL General)

This week, we’re joined by the brilliant FPL General (follow him on twitter here) to discuss how we’re shaping up going into the festive fixture pile-up, looking at things like premium player ping-pong, how we view the transfer market and how important we think the bench actually is. We also catch up with the Market […]
18/12/181h 18m

Who Got The Assist? Pod 56 – FPL Despair and Selfishness

This week, it’s Tom’s turn to take on the darkness as Nick emerges from his nadir as we reflect on FPL despair and way to overcome it.  We also introduce the Selfishness Index, which is another way for managers to assess players’ cases for inclusion in our teams. We also catch up with the Market forces, […]

Who Got The Assist? WGTQ+A session – Gameweek 15, 16

This week, with the FPL Gameweeks coming thick and fast, there’s no time for a full on pod but we took to YouTube to record a brief “WGTQ+A” talking about our plans to tackle the next couple of Gameweeks as well as answering key questions from twitter and the stream. We’ll be back after Gameweek 16 […]
02/12/1831m 37s

Who Got The Assist? Pod 55 – Premium Switcheroo (feat. Cherno Samba)

This week, as Nick melts down about a Vokes goal, the template is being threatened by the likes of Sterling, Sane, and the Spurs players. We take a look at the fork in the road in terms of premium assets, and think about how we might maneuver to suit the new template. Tom also did […]
27/11/181h 3m

Pod 54 – Talisman Talk (feat. FPL Stag)

This week, we’re joined by long term friend of the pod FPL Stag to talk Talisman Theory based on our recent November update (listen out for Stag’s Ingsvisceration of the Saints man!) in a special feature edition that was streamed live on YouTube when recording. We then look at the features – Market Forces, zombies and All England […]
20/11/181h 17m

Pod 53 – The Midfield Quad (feat. FPL Racoon Nation)

This week, we’re joined from Canada by FPL Racoon Nation (Rishi) to talk the star midfield quad of Sterling, Salah Mane and Hazard and how we fit them into our FPL sides. We then look at the features – Market Forces, zombies and All England team – before answering some questions. Main league: 516-441 Next […]
06/11/181h 9m

Pod 52: Sir Nicksalot

This week, Nick gets unleashed on the topic of the big at the back defence as we look at the key men to target back there and if the idea stats up. We then look at the features (Market Forces (Barkley chase!)), zombies and All England team before answering some questions. Main league: 516-441 Back […]
30/10/1846m 40s

Pod 51: FPL x FI (feat. Football Index Guide)

Hi all! A weary week in FPL is a good time to record a “feature” pod with @_FiGuide (Pet Berisha) to talk about FPL and Football Index, and the various comparisons and contrasts between the two games plus what we might learn from one another. We then go through our usual features (including a short […]
23/10/181h 7m

Pod 50: Attack The Block

Hi all! It’s our 50th pod! And we’re joined by a live audience on YouTube to record the podcast this week. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT FROM BOTH OF US. This week, we take a look at the block of four fixtures between International Breaks and talk about the key sides and assets to […]
11/10/181h 19m

Pod 49: The Fantastic Four

Hi all! This week we give our take on the “Fantastic Four” situation in FPL, involving analysis and contextual detailing of the key men in Salah, Kane, Kun and Hazard. We give our view on who gets on the podium. We then move on to our features section, which covers: Market Forces: our look at […]
02/10/181h 6m

Pod 48: BE in FPL (feat. Simon March)

Hi all! This week, in the second half of our holiday pods (Nick’s in Cyprus, forgive any audio issues) we’re joined by 2014/15 FPL champion Simon March to talk about Behavioural Economics and some basic concepts that impact how we act as FPL managers. We then move on to our features section, which covers: Market Forces: our […]
25/09/181h 7m

Pod 47: Nick’s Wildcard

Hi all! This week, with Tom on holiday (please forgive the rougher cut than usual), we talk team value a little bit but mostly talk about Nick’s wildcard which hopefully is useful to those with the big chip active. We then move on to our features section, which covers: Market Forces: our look at the […]
18/09/181h 23m

Pod 46: Top Six Specifics

Hi all! This week, a “Feature” podcast looks at the impact of the European football (in the guises of the Champions and Europa Leagues) on the prospects of the Top 6 (Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, Man United and Spurs) and talk about some of the key men in those sides. We then move on […]
05/09/181h 30m

Who Got The Assist? Pod 45: Reactive Ownership (feat FF Analysts Nick)

Hi all! This week, we’re joined by Nick from Fantasy Football Analysts (twitter here, website here) to talk about reacting to our first sub-par gameweek, wildcard planning and also have a wider discussion on ownership on its impacts on the strategies of FPL managers. We then move on to our features section, which covers: Market Forces: our […]
28/08/181h 5m

Pod 44 – Mid-size Midfielders and Wildcards

Hi all! This week, we look at the ~6.5m “mid size” midfielders whom can really benefit you if you jump on and off them at the right time with the advent of Richarlison and Madison. We then look at Tom’s wildcard and the reasons you might consider a wildcard in the future to a certain […]
21/08/1858m 46s

Pod 43 – Causes for Optimism

Hi all! It’s just after Gameweek 1 and we pick over the wreckage of the opening weekend through the lens of optimism, looking at a few picks we and maybe a few of you made and why we should look on the bright side. We also look at a few new joiners to the Premier […]
13/08/1859m 39s

Pod 42 – Unwritten rules of FPL

Hi all! We’re back for our final pod of the preseason joined by FPL Stag, whom we’re also collaborating with on twitter for our Preseason Previews. Here, it’s not the ten commandments but nine unwritten rules of FPL that we debate the merits of, as well as talking in depth about how rotation may become […]
07/08/181h 7m

Pod 41 – Positions Please

Surprise pod! We had some time over the weekend, so thought we’d spent 90 mins or so talking about player positions as we did this last year – hope it’s useful and keeps you ticking over this preseason. Back next week with our “unwritten rules of FPL” pod with FPL Stag SoundCloud: iTunes Stitcher Acast […]
30/07/181h 19m

Pod 40 – L-W FPL Previews (Pod 2 of 2018/19)

We return for 2018/19! We continue our 2018/19 previews with our second podcast of the season. With no messing around, we get stuck in to L-W, in a big fat podcast that rounds off our team previews and finishes off our “stats bomb” on all the big teams to help you with picking your Gameweek […]
22/07/181h 31m

Pod 39 – A-H FPL Previews (Pod 1 of 2018/19)

We’re back for 2018/19! Welcome new listeners, and a special welcome back to our regulars from last season! This podcast, our first of the preseason, we voice over what to expect from us in preseason and the pod format this year, followed by our look at the FPL prospects of teams A thru H in […]
15/07/181h 17m

Pod 38 – Vertigo

We’re back for our final, chill pod of the season picking over the ruins of the 17/18 that was. We look at hits, price trends and a couple of impacts of that, before moving on to our features (including final anti-meta and Nyom updates, and a voice over Prospecting the Prospects) and then finally ending […]
19/05/1848m 58s

Pod 37 – Wildfire

We’re joined on the pod by Lee and Sam from FPL Family (find their Twitter here and watch/subscribe to their videos on YouTube here) for our penultimate pod of the season! We talk Gameweek 38 tips, play styles and exposure to the community, before going through our features (including a big NyomWatch!) and answering your […]
07/05/181h 15m

Pod 36 – Scarred

A slightly sleep deprived Nick returns to join Tom for the double gameweek 37, taking in a whistlestop tour of all the key teams and men. This involves talking City assets, Spurs’ key men and TC candidates first off, before looking at beached Leicester (should we keep Mahrez?), United, Arsenal and Chelsea plus the key […]
01/05/181h 6m

Pod 35 – Mardy

With Nick on paternity leave, Tom’s joined by Alex Ball and Tom (Editor of 90MAAT) for a detailed look at how we transition our squads ahead of 37 – picking out key players and teams, particularly City – and continuing the discussion on rotation and motivation. We then do our features section and take community […]
25/04/181h 11m

Pod 34 – Swagger

We’re joined by FPL Stag for a preview of the Free Hit (for some)Blank Game Week 35 ahead as the DGW is ongoing; we talk teams, players and strategies for those with and without the chip, before moving on to the features (including a jubilant #Nyomwatch)followed by taking your questions in a wider-ranging discussion at […]
16/04/181h 9m

Pod 33 – Down to business (Gameweek 33)

It’s the awkward in-between Gameweek before the doubles, and we pause a minute to examine some key decisions managers made with Kane and Salah before conducting a little preview of the DGW to come before the usual features and community questions. Don’t forget to join our FPL league, the code is 1538-17403 Play immediately on […]
09/04/181h 6m

Pod 32 – Celebrate the irony (GW32)

It’s the Gameweek after the wildcard before, and we’re back to ruminate on the fine lines between greens and reds, getting to the bottom of the most recent ‘FPL assist’ furore and how Harry Kane will disrupt the template (and maybe our plans). Don’t forget to join our FPL league, the code is 1538-17403 Play […]
02/04/181h 10m

Pod 31x – Double Double Depth

It’s the run-in special, featuring advice for wildcarders and non-wildcarders alike as we reach the climax of the FPL season. We talk strategies (as many as possible!) for the run in as well as Essential players, teams to Cover and player Punts to help you climb the rankings towards the end of the campaign. Don’t […]
25/03/181h 25m

Pod 31, Gameweek 31 – Walk Off

One week later than scheduled, Pod 31 is here! It’s general WGTA chat to begin with, followed by talk of “bang theory” (how many players we need a Gameweek to get a green arrow), wildcarding in 32/3 and talk of Kane. We then do the features and take your questions. Back next weekend for a […]
18/03/1858m 17s


What&aposs happened to tonight&aposs pod 😢#FPL pic.twitter.com/qACjixXkCd — Who Got The Assist? (@WGTA_FPL) March 13, 2018
13/03/182m 45s

Pod 30, Gameweek 29: Out The Window

We’re reunited in person for our 30th pod, in which we talk about centre backs v wing backs in our squads, 3rd strikers and teams to invest in during the run-in before doing our features section and answering community questions Don’t forget to join our FPL league, the code is 1538-17403 Play immediately on Soundcloud: iTunes link Stitcher […]
07/03/181h 19m

Pod 29, Gameweek 28: Outsiders

We return for our 29th pod, in which we discuss the bonus points furore (and give our views on how it can be improved) and our advice for dealing with FPL fatigue, before doing our usual features and taking some questions in our community section. Don’t forget to join our FPL league, the code is […]
27/02/1839m 24s

Pod 28, Gameweek 27: No foregone conclusions

We’re back after a break for the FA Cup, which brought a world of new permutations for the upcoming period in the season. Resultantly, we’re joined by FPL spreadsheet king Ben Crellin for – what else? – a bumper pod focusing on the blanks and the doubles this year! Enjoy! (pod slightly longer than usual to […]
21/02/181h 21m

Pod 27, Gameweek 26: Rowdy

We’re back after Gameweek 26 and we’re joined by FPL Connect for a bumper pod focusing on season keepers and differential strategies. We also provide 3 key differentials each, before moving on to our features (including a speakers’ corner on Connect’s captaincy metric) and taking community questions at the end. Don’t forget to join our FPL […]
07/02/181h 20m

Pod 26, Gameweek 25: Solid

It’s yet another deadline day. We talk hard decisions and, true to the deadline day context, go over the new transfers in to the Premier League (as well as a couple staying on) and the ramifications for FPL, before going into the features and taking community questions. Don’t forget to join our FPL league, the […]
01/02/181h 6m

Pod 25, Gameweek 24: Risk

We’re back after Gameweek 24 for our quarter-century pod – this week we talk Luck, Risk (including a financial profiling sesh from Nick), Long v Short Term moves and the mid priced midfielders replacing Arnie/Richarlison/Lingard before moving on to our usual features and the community questions! Don’t forget to join our FPL league, the code […]
24/01/181h 2m

Pod 24, Gameweek 23: Lightness

We’re back after what feels like a big break following the FPL binge of Xmas for episode 24. We talk the psychology of herd mentality, Kun v Firmino and the potential end of choice due to Kane and Salah. Don’t forget to join our FPL league, the code is 1538-17403 Play immediately on Soundcloud: iTunes […]
16/01/181h 1m

Pod 23, Gameweek 22: Trouble

After the wreckage of the double game week, we’re joined by special guest @alexwaterbaby all the way from NZ for another intercontinental pod. We transitioning out of DGW sides, the chips, Lingardium leviosa and being a fan down under – before doing our usual features and taking your questions. Don’t forget to join our FPL league, the […]
08/01/181h 27m

Pod 22, Gameweeks 19-20: Universal

We’re back after a festive feast of football, and we talk the double game week for Spurs and West Ham, Hazard (a last Hazzah?), the cheap defenders and teams to target, whilst also updating you on the regular features (anti-metas; nyomwatch; market forces) before taking your questions. Last week’s theme was Christmas, obvs, but special […]
29/12/171h 11m

Pod 21, Gameweek 18: Yule Tide

We’re back as we come up for air after a trilogy of Gameweeks, with the last full week break before we submerge once more into the fiesta of Christmas fixtures. We’re joined by special guest Chief (@FPLHints) to talk the festive period in #FPL, #Kanexit, Haz v KdB and the defensive reshuffle, whilst also updating you […]
20/12/171h 15m

Pod 20, Gameweek 16-17

We’re back for our midweek podcast just after Gameweek 17, as we talk how things have been going as the games come thick and fast. We chat Eden Hazard, Firmino, Kaku, Kane and rotation over Xmas, before doing our usual features (anti-metas, NyomWatch, Market forces) as well as reading a cool poetry submission. We finish […]
14/12/1758m 23s

Pod 19, Gameweek 15

We’re back for our GW15 podcast – our first ever intercontinental effort as Tom is in Singapore and woke up at 6am to talk FPL! We chat taking hits, FPL regrets, Kane, Hazard before doing our usual features (including an inaugural poetry corner) and then taking community questions. Key features article, in case you missed […]
04/12/171h 18m

Pod 18, Gameweek 13

We’re back for our GW13-5 podcast, with the first of a triology of remote podcasts given our busy Xmas periods. We talk the emergence of the midfield, rotation, cover, and whether we lump in on Chelsea. We also do our usual features (including the return of Nyomwatch and psychology corner) before answering community questions. Apologies […]
27/11/171h 8m

Pod 17, Gameweek 12: Discovery

We’re back for our GW12-13 podcast, with special guest Ewen. We talk stats, the burgeoning midfield options and what to do with that man Harry Kane. We talk the anti-meta side (an amazing 80 pointer for them thanks to WILSOON captain), the market forces and Ewen talks through his linear optimisation approach to pinpointing the […]
21/11/171h 16m

Pod 16, Gameweek 11: Otherside

We’re back for our GW11-Break podcast, where we talk Kaku, the Burnley defence (again!) and how we deal with the fixture pile up. We also do our usual features – including the return of #NyomWatch – along with answering a full roster of community questions. Key features article, in case you missed them: The Anti […]
10/11/171h 17m

Pod 15, Gameweek 10: Pumpkin it out

It’s the Halloween podcast as Tom and Nick talk the Gameweek 10 horror show, what we do about Kane, woes with Salah’s penalty taking and the ongoing City unpredictability. We also do our usual features – including the return of #NyomWatch – along with answering a full roster of community questions. Key features article, in […]
31/10/171h 3m

Pod 14, Gameweek 9: Can Salah wait?

It’s just after FPL Gameweek 9 and we reflect on Pep’s rotation, United’s loss to Huddersfield and the death of the premium defender. We also do our usual features – including the return of #NyomWatch – along with answering a full roster of community questions. Key features article, in case you missed them: The Anti […]
23/10/171h 5m

Pod 13, Gameweek 8: City Warning

It’s just after FPL Gameweek 8 and we reflect on Tom being one Jesus behind everyone else, along with finding out how Nick’s wildcard landed. We expand our market forces section once more to reflect on the frenzy of Man City-related purchases, then dwell for a short while on the psychology of hypocrisy before answering […]
17/10/171h 3m

Pod 12, Gameweek 7: So Wise

FPL Gameweek 7 is over and the boys are bouncing back, both with 70+ scores to begin to add a semblance of respectability to proceedings after a slow start. We review the events of the weekend just gone and its implications for FPL, as well as doing our usual features – this week, we’ve expanded […]
05/10/171h 11m

Pod 11, Gameweek 6: Troll

It’s Gameweek 6 and Tom’s showed his wildcard hand at the table, whilst Nick looks on. We talk Tom’s wildcard, the emergence of the five star strikers up top, us finally beating the anti-meta side, the continuing market forces and answer community questions. Key features article, in case you missed them: The Anti Meta Team […]
26/09/171h 6m

Pod 10, Gameweek 5: Intervention

After Gameweek 5 in FPL, Nick and Tom are stuck up **** creek, but luckily we have paddles in the shape of a wildcard for Tom and hope springing eternal for Nick. We also talk about our usual features, with the Anti-Meta side continuing to do well, a sad 5 minute cameo for Allan Nyom, […]
18/09/1759m 12s

Pod 9, Gameweek 4: Cult Classic Not Bestseller

This week, Nick and Tom talk all things GW4 in FPL, from Liverpool’s Mane kung-fu kick leading to a high 5 for Pep’s City, to Nick’s favourite hidden gem Ben Davies going mainstream. We also talk about our usual features, with the Anti-Meta side flying high, Allan Nyom scoring low, and the market forces continuing […]
13/09/1755m 27s

Podcast 8, Gameweek 3 + Transfer Window: Bound & Restricted

Nick and Tom join you as deadline day closes this week to pick over Gameweek 3 in FPL, talk about notable incoming transfers and answer community questions. Also, we have an exciting #NyomWatch section to update you on, alongside finding out how badly the anti-meta, anti-template “Darksiders” team did this week. Key features article, in case you […]
01/09/171h 9m

Pod 7, Gameweek 2: Everything Will Be Alright

Hi everyone, we’re back to dissect the wreckage of Gameweek 2 in FPL! On this pod, we look at this Gameweek’s key talking points impacting FPL managers and also let you know how they affect our sides. We’ll also update you guys on the anti-meta team, do a well exciting #NyomWatch, speak about market forces, […]
23/08/1751m 38s

Pod 6, Gameweek 1: Hand In Glove

It’s our first post FPL Gameweek podcast! On this pod, we update you on how we did in GW1, go through some key talking points from the weekend’s games, update you on our pod features and answer some community questions! In case you missed the articles which expands a bit more on them: The Anti […]
15/08/1747m 25s

Pod 5: The Season Awakens

In our fifth fantasy football (FPL) podcast, we update you on how our teams have changed in terms ahead of Gameweek 1, reiterate our features and answer some community questions. Short but sweet this week! In case you missed the articles which expands a bit more on them: The Anti Meta Team The Stock Market […]
09/08/1736m 10s

Pod Four: Plans

In our fourth fantasy football (FPL) podcast, we talk about what’s happened since launch day with our sides and generally in the community, as well as revealing our plans for the upcoming season in terms of pod features. We also answer some community questions from Twitter and Facebook! In case you missed the articles which […]
03/08/1754m 0s

Podcast Three: Prices Announced!

Hello. I’m Tom… and I’m Nick… and this is… WHO GOT THE ASSIST? In our third podcast, with the wait finally over and the game finally reopening, we give our verdict on the pricing as we look through the options in each position and give a verdict on who, at the moment, is catching our […]
13/07/171h 9m

Podcast Two: Teams and Fixtures Special

Hello. I’m Tom… and I’m Nick… and this is… WHO GOT THE ASSIST? In our second podcast, with the fixtures for the 2017/18 season announced, we record a special edition look at the Premier League teams with a focus on FPL. Play immediately on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/nick-and-tom-who-got-the-assist/pod-2-the-fixtures iTunes link Stitcher link
05/07/171h 30m

Podcast One: Kick Off

Hello. I’m Tom… and I’m Nick… and this is… WHO GOT THE ASSIST? In our maiden podcast, Tom and Nick introduce themselves, and give a bit of backstory about who we are and how we met. We also give our outline for what we’re going to be talking about on our pod for the next season, […]
04/06/1735m 15s
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