Fortunately... with Fi and Jane

Fortunately... with Fi and Jane

By BBC Radio 4

A frank look behind the scenes with broadcasters Jane Garvey and Fi Glover as guests from Radio, TV and podcasting share stories they probably shouldn't. Released every Friday.


253. 99% of the Time You've Been Really Good Company: The Last Episode, with Eleanor Oldroyd

This week, after five years and over 250 episodes, Fi Glover and Jane Garvey present the final Fortunately...with Fi and Jane podcast. Their last guest is the broadcaster Eleanor Oldroyd, star of BBC Radio 5 Live, ceremonial commentator and 'first lady' of Fighting Talk. Eleanor reveals that she may have been the first person to discover the potential of our dynamic duo, and also recalls sharing an anaesthetists' table with Jane. Alongside Eleanor, Fi and Jane pick some listener emails and reflect a little on their meandering podcast journey. Thanks for listening.
04/11/2253m 27s

252. Vole Sightings and CIA Directors, with David Harewood

Fi and Jane welcome the actor David Harewood this week on the Fortunately Podcast. The star of stage and screen discusses his book 'Maybe I Don't Belong Here: A Memoir of Race, Identity, Breakdown and Recovery', which includes his experience of psychosis. He also offers his opinion of a reading by Fi and helps Jane with her pronunciation. Alongside their chat with David, Jane reveals the last time she rode a bike and Fi's Larry the Cat conspiracy is debunked.Get in touch:
28/10/2256m 33s

251. Hospitality Bunkers and Emotional Hiccups, with Abi Morgan

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane are joined by the writer Abi Morgan. Abi's work includes TV dramas like The Split and The Hour as well as films such Suffragette and The Iron Lady. She speaks to Fi and Jane about her recent book This Is Not A Pity Memoir, tracing a tragic and unpredictable change in her family circumstances. Outside their chat with Abi, Jane is doing a bit of long term digestion and Fi has some tips when it comes to booking a certain loose cannon national treasure.Get in touch:
21/10/2252m 50s

250. The Chilly Reality of Contactless Payments, with Danny Robins

This week on the podcast Fi and Jane are visited by writer and broadcaster Danny Robins, host of the upcoming series The Witch Farm. The man behind hits such as The Battersea Poltergeist and Uncanny discusses his latest ghostly exploration, which heads inside 'Britain's most haunted house'. Danny helps Fi and Jane with their own supernatural encounters, including a presence in Fi's childhood home and Jane's spooky moment at the Tower of London. Before their guest appears, Jane perks Fi up after some sad news and there's praise for the PR behind a certain leafy green.The Witch Farm begins Monday 17th October and you can subscribe on BBC Sounds.Get in touch:
14/10/2252m 43s

249. Deep Breathing and Riddles, with Ranvir Singh

Fi and Jane catch up on Fi's frozen shoulder, Jane's latest golfing triumphs, and discuss their decision to leave the BBC. They're also joined by journalist and television presenter for ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Ranvir Singh as she embarks on fronting new ITV quiz show 'Riddiculous'.Get in touch:
07/10/2248m 39s

248. You Jump in When They Breathe in, With Julian Worricker

Fi and Jane are joined by the broadcaster Julian Worricker. The voice of The World Tonight on Radio 4 and Weekend on the World Service chats to two of his fellow former 5Live colleagues. Their conversation includes insights on lichen varieties across the UK, a masterclass on verbal interception and rumination on the next Eurovision. Outside Julian's appearance there is a moment of understanding about Martin Clunes and Jane is full of golfing bravado. (I'm a bot).Get in touch:
30/09/2255m 27s

247. Three Paying Punters, with Trevor Nelson

The Fortunately podcast this week welcomes legendary broadcaster and DJ Trevor Nelson. Trevor currently can be heard on BBC Radio 2 Mon -Thurs 10pm 12am and 1Xtra Sundays 11am. Trevor talks to Fi and Jane about getting established on the DJ circuit, his time on pirate radio and the trials of covering Pop Master. Before Trevor logs on there's undiscovered security tags, mind-changing staircases and ghostly Prime Ministers.Get in touch:
23/09/2249m 8s

246. Opaque Tights and Oboe Hotlines, with Your Emails

This week on the podcast, Fi Glover and Jane Garvey take a moment to reflect on events and hear from listeners on their experiences. Fi and Jane reveal slightly odd situation they were in when they learnt of the death of the Queen and share their thoughts on the last few days' viewing. Listener missives come from international classrooms, the anti-curtsy campaign office, cardboard cutting piles and pun-heavy feline establishments.Get in touch:
16/09/2248m 6s

245. Being a Conduit and Converting Fahrenheit, with Justin Webb

This episode was recorded before the death of Queen Elizabeth II.This week on the Fortunately Podcast, Fi Glover and Jane Garvey are joined by the Today Programme's Justin Webb. Justin discusses his memoir The Gift of Radio, about growing up in unusual circumstances and how society has changed over the decades. Justin also offers some insight on helming the Radio 4 institution and how to get your shirt fixed at a fancy hotel. Before Justin there's Cat Cafe analysis and afterwards some guidance on sending off a sample.Get in touch:

244. Angeluses and Places for Guff, with Louise O'Neill

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane welcome along the writer Louise O'Neill. The Irish author joins Fi and Jane to discuss her latest book Idol, exploring the worlds of online influencers and complicated female friendships. Louise also attempts to work out if she is related to Jane, thinks about the biggest influencers in her life and talks Fi and Jane through an RTE broadcast tradition. Before Louise logs on there's Balloon Debates, Fi remembers a date that didn't work out and Jane has had enough of hard boiled eggs.Get in touch:
02/09/2258m 10s

243. 200lbs of Shingle and Burnt Sausage Barbecues, with Ricky Ross

This week on the Fortunately podcast, Fi and Jane are back from holidays and are joined by singer and broadcaster Ricky Ross. Now a presenter on BBC Scotland, Ricky Ross is the lead singer of Deacon Blue, and he shares stories from his new memoir Walking Back Home. He talks about following his faith whilst living the life of a rockstar, and all three discuss what makes a good interview with a musician. Ricky also explains just why he never went to a barbecue at Bruce Springsteen's house. Before he arrives, Fi and Jane discuss breakfast buffets, saving sun loungers and feelings you're not supposed to have.Get in touch:
26/08/2258m 47s

242. Pews for the Deeply Cynical, with Your Emails

This week on the Fortunately podcast, Fi and Jane choose some of their favourite listener emails from the past few weeks. As it's the last episode before a summer break, there are some book recommendations too. Emails cover a host of topics including the male menopause, views from the pulpit, tales from local council phone handlers and there's a very interesting parcel to open.Authors & Books mentioned: Meg Mason - Sorrow and Bliss Jane Harper Chris Hammer Julia Boyd - Travellers in the Third Reich, A Village in the Third Reich Viola Davis - Finding Me: A Memoir Nora Ephron - I Feel Bad About My Neck, Crazy Salad: Some Things About Women Maggie O’Farrell Richard Yates - Revolutionary Road Nevil Shute - On the Beach, A Town Like Alice Peter Papathanasiou -The Stoning Abi Morgan - This Is Not a Pity Memoir Abi Dare - The Girl with the Louding Voice Lucy Caldwell - Intimacies Amor Towles - Gentleman in Moscow, Rules of Civility, The Lincoln HighwayFortunately returns Friday 26th August 2022Get in touch:
15/07/2255m 39s

241. Substitute Spectacles and Elocution Lessons, with Nikki Fox

This week on the Fortunately podcast, Fi and Jane chat to Nikki Fox, BBC Disability Correspondent, recorded at the beginning of the week. Nikki speaks to Fi and Jane about Access All, the podcast she hosts with Emma Tracey looking into disability, mental health and much more. Nikki also shares her experiences on celebrity quiz shows, how Jane taught her to interview and her love for a certain Babooshka singer. Before Nikki's arrival Fi wants to know the location of her colleague's bathing machine and Jane has a special outfit planned for graduation. Get in touch:

240. Berkshire's Leading Hedgehog Clinic, with Beth Rigby.

This week on the Fortunately podcast, Fi and Jane speak to Beth Rigby, Sky News Political Editor. Beth joins them to discuss her podcast Beth Rigby Interviews, in which she sits down for a conversation with figures from politics and beyond. Beth also tells Fi and Jane about a Cornish Love Island photoshoot with Robert Peston, her penchant for Danish TV and her hopes to write a novel that includes a little steaminess. Before Beth logs in, Jane has been gigging it up for her birthday and Fi's trying out nom de plumes.Get in touch:
01/07/2253m 9s

239. Broom Tests and Talking Peppers, with Nick Grimshaw

This week on the Fortunately podcast, Fi and Jane are joined by the TV and radio presenter Nick Grimshaw. Nick joins them from his house, the hottest in Britain, to tell them about his new podcast Dish with chef Angela Hartnett. They also discuss his experience growing up in Oldham and writing about it for his upcoming book Soft Lad. Before Grimmy's arrival Fi has an idea for a brand new A Level, Jane campaigns for humans and things are getting foxy.Get in touch:
24/06/2254m 11s

238. Sticking Snowsuits and Magnifying Mirrors, with Ramita Navai

This week on the podcast, Fi and Jane speak to the investigative journalist Ramita Navai, who has covered stories in hostile environments all over the world. Ramita tells them about The Line of Fire, her podcast speaking to fellow reporters about their experience covering dangerous events around the globe. Ramita also talks about growing up amidst the Iranian Revolution and the benefits of being a female reporter. Before their guest joined them, Fi has a zoological question, Jane is feeling good about mixed beans and there's a new Italian man in her life.Get in touch:
17/06/2252m 53s

237. Fan Belts on the Cusp of Change, with Liane Moriarty

This week on the podcast, Fi and Jane chat to the Australian writer Liane Moriarty, author of Big Little Lies. Fortunately listener Liane talks to Fi and Jane about her latest book Apples Never Fall, Nicole Kidman's practicality and competing on daily steps with her siblings. Before Liane logs on there's a double debrief, Fi drops a clanger and Jane has had an unexpected animal encounter.Get in touch:
10/06/2257m 22s

236. No Word of a Lie, we're at the Hay Festival with Laura Bates

Fi and Jane are live at the Hay Festival and joined by writer Laura Bates, founder of Everyday Sexism. They're also accompanied by an audience under the BBC Marquee in a field in Hay-on-Wye, Wales. Laura talks to Fi and Jane about her new book, Fix the System, Not the Women, looking at solving society's ingrained misogyny. She also reflects on a decade of cataloguing women's through the Everyday Sexism project. Before Laura joins them on stage, Fi remembers her time as a playing card and Jane's post has given her a bit of an emotional roller-coaster ride.Get in touch:
03/06/2250m 16s

235. I've been to Split several times, with Sirin Kale and Pandora Sykes

This week on Fortunately Fi and Jane are joined by the journalists Sirin Kale and Pandora Sykes, hosts of the podcast Unreal, a critical history of reality TV. Unreal looks back to the earliest days of the format and takes us all the way to today, featuring iconic shows and stars. Before their guests' arrival Fi and Jane have had some niche PhD titles sent in and emergency Jubbly plans are afoot.Get in touch:
27/05/2254m 16s

234. Loaf Handling and Regal Speed Dial, with your emails

This week on the podcast, it's time for Fi and Jane to choose some interesting listener correspondence from the past month. Your missives include bar staff misunderstandings, Sri Lankan Uncles and career pivots. Before going through the post, it's back to remote recording for this week and Jane feels left out after not receiving an invitation to watch the horses. Get in touch:
20/05/2249m 8s

233. Galloping Gourmet and Merthyr Motoring, with Andi & Miquita Oliver

This week on the Fortunately podcast, Fi and Jane are joined by mother-daughter broadcasters Andi Oliver and Miquita Oliver. Andi is the presenter of Great British Menu, the Sky Arts Book Club and upcoming Radio 4 podcast One Dish. Miquita has hosted the legendary Popworld, the Sunday Times Culture Show and Sunday Brunch. Topics include their recent journey to the Caribbean for BBC Two, rally driving and spending time in a Victorian workhouse. Before the Olivers arrive there's a train conundrum and paragraph that's impossible to read aloud. Get in touch:
13/05/2256m 44s

232. Le Roman de la Rose, with Huw Edwards

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane are finally joined by newsreading icon Huw Edwards. Huw joins them amidst local election rehearsals and discusses being a Welshman in London, his multiple post-graduate projects and his biggest ever exclusive. Before Huw arrives there's an opening on Countdown and a look across the pond.Get in touch:
06/05/221h 3m

231. The Pad on the Gusset, with India Rakusen

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane chat to the journalist and presenter India Rakusen, host of the 28ish Days Later podcast on BBC Sounds. The series explores what we really know about the menstrual cycle. India shares some insights with Garvey and Glover, who discuss their own experiences and recount Jane's only idea from the last six years. Before India drops by there is a full debrief from the senior partner's lunch with Ken Follett and Fi is the very brief owner of some white satin trousers.Get in touch:
29/04/2256m 16s

230. Natterjack Toads and Non-Confrontation, with Shaun Keaveny

This week on the podcast, Fi and Jane are joined by fellow broadcaster and Fortunately co-star Shaun Keaveny. Fi and Jane venture back out on the piazza and meet none other than newsreader and BBC icon Huw Edwards! Following on from their encounter with Huw they head into the house of broadcasting to speak to Shaun, who gives them the lowdown on his series The Line Up - a fantasy festival podcast, and Your Place or Mine, where his guests entice him to other parts of the world. Shaun and Jane reminisce about trips to the Mersey Riviera and jaws are the floor for the French premier's chest hair. All that and Fi's seen a famous Face in a bar in Nice.Get in touch:
22/04/2259m 54s

229. Shedding Cassocks and Sitcom Husbands, with Your Emails

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane choose some of their favourite listener emails from the past few weeks. Their topics include homemade calendars, motorsport feminism and learning lines with your feet in the air. There's also a disagreement on sartorial matters and Jane reveals her vegan gravy technique.Fortunately returns Friday 22nd April.Get in touch:
01/04/2253m 38s

228. Crème Fraîche Ice Cream and Not-Hot Takes, with musician and writer Dessa

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane speak to American singer, rapper and writer Dessa. She joins the podcast from her home town of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and tells Fi and Jane about her series Deeply Human, which assembles brilliant minds from around the world to investigate the human experience. The three of them cover topics such as the teenage brain, saying 'yes' like a member of the Royal Family and Jane's transformation as she gets into the back of a Lime St. cab. Before Dessa logs in there's newly shaved armpits and sage advice from pilates.Get in touch:
25/03/2255m 23s

227. Drinking coffee in unison with Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer

This week on the podcast, Fi and Jane talk to Sunday Brunch hosts Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer. They discuss the perils of bottomless brunches, origin stories and a celebrity lottery win rumour.Plus listener emails and Jane’s had a compliment from her dentist. Sort of…Sunday Brunch celebrates its tenth anniversary 27th March.Get in touch:
18/03/2255m 40s

226. A Spy Stuck Between the Doors, with Marianna Spring

This week on the podcast Fi and Jane chat to BBC Disinformation reporter, Marianna Spring. It's the first time Fi, Jane and a guest have all been in the same place since March 2020! Marianna talks them through her new series Death by Conspiracy, which tells the story of a man caught up in Covid 19 denial, with a tragic ending. She also offers up the Fortunately staple of her 'first news memory' and gets a tip from tech expert Jane on how to work out her screen time. Before Marianna's arrival it's Wheel vs Doors and we find out why the Queen built Windsor Castle so close to Heathrow Airport.Get in touch:
11/03/2256m 4s

225. Belgian Sheets and Swirling Flip Flops, with Michelle Ogundehin

This week on the podcast, Fi and Jane are joined by interiors guru Michelle Ogundehin, lead judge on BBC One's Interior Design Masters. The interiors guru, presenter and author gives Fi and Jane the lowdown on Interior Design Masters and working with the show's host Alan Carr. Michelle also hears Fi and Jane's home woes and answers some of their cushion questions. Before their guest joins them, Fi and Jane try to pin down exactly when halcyon days appear and they begin by thinking a bit about international events.Interior Design Masters begins 9th March 2022 on BBC One at 9pm, continuing weekly on Wednesdays.Get in touch:
04/03/2256m 28s

224. Between Two Lamp Posts with Jill Halfpenny

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane chat to actor Jill Halfpenny. Jill discusser her new Channel 5 drama The Holiday. She also shares some of her preferences for an actual holiday, offers her tips on line learning and does an impression of Harry Hill doing an impression of her. Before Jill's arrival there's a rushed full English and an Anglo-Saxon rent break. Recorded Tuesday 22nd February.Get in touch:
25/02/2257m 22s

223. Sliding In on a Shrimp Sandwich, with your Emails.

This week on the podcast, Fi and Jane rifle through the digital postbag to select some of the best listener emails from the past month. Matters discussed include linguistic boxes, displays of affection, assault courses, notes on baldness and an attempt to boost Jane's self worth. Before the emails begin there's important potato related news from the Swindon area. Get in touch:
18/02/2250m 32s

222. Coffee, Soap and Timekeeping with Jess Salomon and Eman El-Husseini

Fi and Jane chat to Jess Salomon and Eman El-Husseini, hosts of Comedians vs The News on the BBC World Service. The couple beam over from New York to offer their thoughts on making global audiences laugh, Jess' former career in The Hague and their non-lethal dog. Before Jess and Eman join, Jane reports back from a rare sojourn to a spa and Fi reveals her favourite bit of memorabilia.Get in touch:
11/02/2255m 23s

221. Daphne Spruce and Pippa Clack, with Helena Merriman

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane are joined by the broadcaster Helena Merriman. The creator of the hit Radio 4 podcast Tunnel 29 shares her new series Room 5, which looks into how different diagnoses changed people's lives. Alongside that Helena gets the Fortunately seal of approval for a new acoustically friendly blog and is given the name of her next project. Before Helena logs in, Jane's trip to Heathrow turns into an epic odyssey and Fi discovers her right honourable alter-ego.Get in touch:
04/02/2255m 27s

220. Poly-Interests and Chicken Stock Surpluses, with Rick Edwards

On this week's podcast, Fi and Jane chat to the new 5Live Breakfast host Rick Edwards. Fi quizzes Rick on his interesting career in presenting, from Tool Academy to science podcasts. He also updates them on his mission to read a book a week in 2022 and the charms of pétanque. Before Rick joins the meeting, there's online craze explanations, and the dinger makes a return.Get in touch:
28/01/2257m 14s

219. Slow Eaters' Tables and French Roundabouts, with Paris Lees

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane chat to the author and presenter Paris Lees. Paris tells them about her podcast The Flipside, which offers interesting insights on human nature through two stories that seem opposing, exploring topics such as extremism and forgiveness. She also discusses her book What It Feels Like for a Girl and how she is getting on with driving lessons. Before Paris logs in there is bouncebackability and Boney M. Radio 4’s The Flipside is available on BBC Sounds. Get in touch:
21/01/2258m 43s

218. Mind the Camembert! With Liza Tarbuck

Fi and Jane kick off a new series with the actor and broadcaster Liza Tarbuck. Liza shares the philosophy behind her wildly popular Radio 2 show, stories from growing up with her dad, Jimmy & mum Pauline, and her go-to TV dinner. Meanwhile, to the delight of her cat Dora, Jane has the decorators in and Fi outs her dog Nancy as a festive mischief maker.
14/01/2248m 3s

217. Racily Adding Sweetcorn, with Clare Balding and Alice Arnold

In a special Christmas Day edition of the podcast, Fi Glover and Jane Garvey are joined by broadcasters and spouses Clare Balding and Alice Arnold. The four of them share a festive conversational meander, covering thoughts on their careers so far, a glimpse of Christmas in their household and reflections on the year gone by.Get in touch:
21/12/2151m 38s

216. Another Way of Enjoying Kidneys, with Your Emails

In this edition of Fortunately, Fi and Jane mark the end of the year by going through some of the best listener emails. Correspondence covers parliamentary operations, military jogging, literary ancestors and much much more.Get in touch:
17/12/2144m 1s

215. Jackie Wilson and Jocky Wilson, with Jacqueline Wilson

Children's author Jacqueline Wilson joins this week's episode of the Fortunately podcast.
10/12/2152m 2s

214. A Long Train to the Library, with Jon Ronson

In a Fortunately first, the writer Jon Ronson joins Fi and Jane for his second appearance on the podcast. The author of So You've Been Publicly Shamed and host of The Last Days of August tells them about his new podcast Things Fell Apart, exploring tales form the culture wars. Before Jon zooms in, Jane has crane fantasies and there's a shout out to listeners currently having the snip. Things Fell Apart is available on BBC Sounds, where you can also hear an audiobook version of So You've Been Publicly Shamed. Get in touch:
03/12/2156m 1s

213. Wing-It Merchants and Italia 90, with Josh Widdicombe

This week on the Fortunately podcast, Fi and Jane chat comedian Josh Widdicombe. The star of the Last Leg and host of the Parenting Hell podcast tells Fi and Jane what he learnt from a childhood of TV watching, chronicled in his book 'Watching Neighbours Twice A Day'. He also lifts the veil on Who Do You Think You Are? and looks back on an infamous moment in Gary Lineker's playing career.Get in touch:
26/11/2155m 29s

212. Underpant Pyres, Death and Dying with Kathryn Mannix

In this edition of the podcast, Kathryn Mannix, former palliative care doctor, joins Fi and Jane to discuss death and dying. Kathryn talks about what we might expect in end of life, how to discuss death with others and her experiences of treating people who are dying. The three of them also respond to listeners who have shared their perspectives and reflections over email. Before Kathryn's arrival, Jane is subject to double embarrassments and Fi remembers an unfortunate playground dash.Get in touch:
19/11/211h 5m

211. A Tech Crisis, Caving, and Dog Bandages, with Tanni Grey-Thompson

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane are joined by Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson. She tells them about life in the House Of Lords, getting stuck on trains without any help, and reveals that she can walk in her dreams. Before Tanni logs in, there is a full-blown tech crisis and a heated discussion about the pros and cons of caving, plus the continuing debate about dog bandage choices.
12/11/2159m 7s

210. Wobbly Ladders and Telemachus, with Parm Sandhu

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane are joined by former Met Police Chief Superintendent Parm Sandhu. Parm talks to Fi and Jane about her role as an expert on the murder mystery reality show Murder Island, our interest in crime dramas as a society and current discussions about the police. Before Parm logs in, there is a good old fashioned piazza encounter and a dog taking the U-Bahn.Get in touch:
05/11/2150m 40s

209. A Bottle of Ken Dodd's Finest, with Gabby Logan

This week on the Fortunately podcast, Fi and Jane's guest is the broadcaster Gabby Logan. The presenter shares some insights on the pastimes of her Match of the Day colleagues, looking after an old dog's ego and some of her best bloopers. She also tells Fi and Jane about a very exciting guest she has coming up on her podcast The Mid•Point. Before Gabby's arrival Fi and Jane are out on the piazza with an agenda that includes Bitcoin newsagents, plywood flooring and rail appreciation.Get in touch:
29/10/2155m 27s

208. Platform Yellers, Flushes and Flashes with Bridget Christie

On the Fortunately podcast this week, Fi Glover and Jane Garvey have a chat with legendary comedian Bridget Christie. Bridget tells Fi and Jane about her new show Who Am I?, her experiences of the menopause, British folklore, the best things about Gloucester, and feeling 400 years old. Bridget will be appearing at the Leicester Square Theatre, London 14-18 December. Before their guest's arrival Fi is on the final morning of a holiday home, and Jane is outraged at British nomenclature.Get in touch:
22/10/2154m 29s

207. Soup Making and Self-Pleasure, with Poppy Jay and Rubina Pabani

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane chat to Poppy Jay and Rubina Pabani, hosts of Brown Girls Do It Too on the BBC Asian Network. Poppy and Rubina's award -winning podcast discusses sex as a British Asian woman. They tell Fi and Jane about breaking taboos, negotiating generation gaps and translating Harry Potter. Fi and Jane then make a triumphant return to the piazza, where there's Women of the Year envy and matrimonial conundrums.Get in touch:
15/10/2150m 21s

206. Sadé Singalongs and Glastonbury Tor, with Africa Correspondent Andrew Harding

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane welcome BBC Africa Correspondent Andrew Harding onto the podcast. Andrew gives them the lowdown on his new Radio 4 series 'Poison', which tells the story of South Africa's former president Jacob Zuma and his book 'These Are Not Gentle People', the basis for the podcast Bloodlands. Andrew also gives Fi and Jane an insight into the contents of his pockets and where to find the best food in the world. Before Andrew's admitted to the meeting, Jane's gone cold turkey on caffeine and Fi learns that actual turkeys aren't planted.Get in touch:
08/10/2150m 57s

205. Paddling Pools and Remaining Desirable, with your Emails.

On this week's edition of the Fortunately podcast, Fi and Jane rifle through some interesting listener emails from the past month. Correspondences cover DIY mishaps, whip rounds for babies, international goodbyes and much much more. Before they get to the missives Fi and Jane reveal their long awaited opinions on ABBA's holographic revival.Get in touch:
01/10/2146m 14s

204. Cheese Blindness and Fictional Keiths, with Mary Ann Sieghart

Fi is at home and Jane is at Broadcasting House for this week's Fortunately podcast. Their guest is the journalist and presenter Mary Ann Sieghart. Mary Ann speaks to them about her new book 'The Authority Gap: Why Women Are Still Taken Less Seriously Than Men, and What We Can Do About It.' Expect interesting insights on workplace challenges, Canadian knitting and party name stickers. Before Mary Ann arrives Jane is lacking Saturday night antics and Fi suspects her of espionage.Get in touch:
24/09/2150m 20s

203. Collar Bone to Bellybutton, with Ugo Monye

This week the Question of Sport captain and Strictly contestant Ugo Monye shimmies into the Fortunately podcast to chat to Fi and Jane. The former England Rugby International beams in from the Strictly Come Dancing rehearsal room in a top secret location. He tells Garvey and Glover about his experience so far as well as his new job on the legendary quiz show. Expect tales of costumes, missing boots and poor eyesight. Before Ugo's entrance we head to the Artic Circle via Didcot Parkway.Get in touch:
17/09/2150m 0s

202. Cold Showers and Bicycle Blunders, with Michael Mosley

In this edition of the Fortunately podcast, Fi and Jane have an appointment with broadcaster and former doctor Michael Mosley. Michael tells Garvey and Glover about his podcast Just One Thing, which is back for another series to give us some handy health tips. He also takes questions on late-night cheese, one-legged tooth brushing and fictional physicians. Before Michael arrives, Jane has a new Two Ronnies-inspired format for the podcast and Fi battles the Indian summer.Get in touch:
10/09/2149m 46s

201. Submersible Eyebrows and Nipple Descriptions, with Robert Peston

Fortunately is back after a summer break. On today's podcast, Fi Glover and Jane Garvey chat to ITV Political Editor Robert Peston. Robert gives the lowdown on his new novel The Whistleblower, a thriller set in the world of media and politics in the late 1990s. He also chats to Fi and Jane about spotting sociopaths, wearing Miami Vice suits and lessons from his great uncle. Before Robert says hello we have reflections on submarine drama Vigil, Fi is angry and Jane has fallen in love again.Get in touch:
03/09/2155m 44s

68. Dress smart, jock smart… with London Hughes

Fi and Jane congratulate each other on winning Funniest Show at the ARIA radio awards! They’re joined by comedian and presenter London Hughes who shares stories about a nightmare date, her amazing dancing grandma, and overturning racial stereotypes.
27/08/2134m 37s

142. A Crevice in a Niche with Anne Tyler

This week on Fortunately Fi and Jane are joined by American novelist Anne Tyler, all the way from Baltimore USA.Anne talks Fi and Jane through her household chore routine and how it came to feature in her new book, Redhead by the Side of the Road. The Pulitzer Prize winner also divulges why she likes visiting people with messy abodes, why she thinks poets are more competitive and hears Fi and Jane's take on some of her works.Before they chatted to one of their favourite authors, Fi and Jane discussed a certain trip to the North East by a Government Advisor. As well as that, matters broached include painless childbirth, Allan keys and the 1979 General Election.GET IN TOUCH:
20/08/2152m 19s

90. In Memoriam Mittens with Elizabeth Day

Fi and Jane are joined by writer and podcaster Elizabeth Day who shows off her painted fingernails.
13/08/2132m 30s

83. Ready for Tingles, with Clive Myrie

Fi and Jane do some time bending in front of Broadcasting House and they’re joined by newsreading icon Clive Myrie. They get the lowdown on stories from inside and outside the studio, find out how to dish up some Jamaican cuisine and there’s even a guest appearance from the BBC’s Annita McVeigh.
06/08/2138m 50s

200. Bicentennial Bidets, LIVE at the Royal Festival Hall with Shappi Khorsandi

In a special edition of Fortunately, comedian Shappi Khorsandi joins Fi and Jane for their 200th episode, with a live and socially distanced audience at London's Royal Festival Hall at the Southbank Centre. With the help of a high tech interactive Q&A, Garvey and Glover quiz the audience and face a few probing questions themselves. They are later joined by Shappi, who tells them about her upcoming book Kissing Emma, Rambo crushes and likens the ladies to Muppets. The next four episodes will be 'your chance to enjoy some repeats' and Fi and Jane will return in September.Get in touch:
30/07/2143m 41s

199. Affleck's at the Door, with Angellica Bell

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane chat to Angellica Bell, presenter on The Martin Lewis Money Show, The One Show and Scala Radio. Angellica joins Fi and Jane to tell them about her podcast 'Rewirement', which explores people's experiences of retirement and how to make the most of it. She also discusses being a CBBC legend, offers some book tips and coaches Fi and Jane, who are feeling a bit nervous about something big coming up. Before Angellica beams in there's vulnerable feet and a milkshake solves a problem.Get in touch:
23/07/2147m 53s

198. Thorn Birds and Scouse Diasporas, with Winifred Robinson

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane are joined by Radio 4 Presenter Winifred Robinson. The host of You and Yours gets into some Liverpool analysis with her fellow Merseysider Jane (and Fi too). Winifred also offers some smart consumer tips, talks about getting her start at the Catholic Pictorial and bravely sticks around to hear listeners' emails on their unusual collections. Before Winifred logged in there's multiple scatter sites and a look back to the Euros finale.Get in touch:
16/07/2154m 9s

197. No Eating in School Uniform, with Adele Roberts

This week on the Fortunately podcast, Fi and Jane chat to Adele Roberts, host of BBC Radio 1's Weekend Breakfast. DJ and runner Adele talks them through her triumph on Celebrity Coach Trip, recommends the best shops in Barbados and shares some of her favourite songs of lockdown. Before Adele beams in there's Southgate admiration, scab storage and alternative financial years.Get in touch:
09/07/2150m 31s

196. Annual Phone-ins and Important Chickens, with Moscow correspondent Steve Rosenberg

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane are joined by BBC Moscow correspondent Steve Rosenberg. Our man at the Kremlin actually reports this week from quarantine in the UK, but is still full of insight on Mother Russia. Topics include Steve's question for the next Putin press conference, unusual extension leads and gold toilet brushes. The podcast was recorded the afternoon before England played Germany, so Fi's cooking a chilli and Mystic Jane offers her predictions.Get in touch:
02/07/2153m 56s

195. You'll Never Catch the Death Stare, with Reeta Chakrabarti

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane speak to Reeta Chakrabarti. The leading BBC Newsreader talks them through some celebrity mastermind tips, how to fill for time on air, memories of the moon landing and Jane takes credit for Reeta's career. Earlier on there's a surprising new crush and the pancake report from Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games. Get in touch:
25/06/2156m 12s

194. Hot Hair Masks and Lasandwiches, with your Emails

This week on the podcast, Fi and Jane choose some of their favourite listener emails from the past few weeks. They coalesce in London's Regent's Park to catch up on exciting developments from the Euros and Jane's skip. The two of them then pick out a few choice emails before Fi has to head off to the dental hygienist. Correspondence includes insights from the courtroom, a handsome Derek and divine delivery apps.Get in touch:
18/06/2140m 40s

193. Carcassonne in Platform Shoes, with novelist Kate Mosse

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane chat to novelist Kate Mosse. The author of 'Labyrinth' and 'Sepulchre' joins the podcast to discuss her memoir on caring, 'An Extra Pair of Hands', which talks about her experience as a carer in a multi-generational household. Kate also offers a lesson on French etymology and the three of them choose a soundtrack for the BBC's home for the infirm and impartial. Before Kate there's clean steps, old shorts and a skip arriving imminently.Get in touch:
11/06/2154m 32s

192. Elvis Ambivalence and Stallion Concierges, with Alastair Campbell

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane are joined by political strategist and author Alastair Campbell. The former No.10 insider discusses his book 'Living Better: How I Learned to Survive Depression', which explores mental illness in a family. Alastair also describes his perfect macho photoshoot, professes the importance of jam jars and offers to put a good word in with ol' Tony. Before Alastair logged in there's fuzzy forks, leftover wax and moon births. Get in touch:
04/06/2155m 19s

191. The Paperwork of Space with Scientist Maggie Aderin-Pocock

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane chat to space scientist Maggie Aderin-Pocock. The Sky at Night Presenter discusses multigenerational voyages, the power of the moon and she also ponders why Jane's food tastes better after a few hours in the fridge. Before Maggie arrives there is an apology seminar and a new way to tell someone to take it easy.Get in touch:
28/05/2156m 12s

190. Drive In Volcanos and Platters that Matter, with Jon Holmes

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane are joined by the writer, presenter and comedian Jon Holmes. Jon tells them about his latest podcast, Cold Case Crime Cuts, a spoof on true crime that investigates hit songs. He also chats about his audio bending Radio 4 series The Skewer, hospital radio portacabins and his grandest achievement as a travel writer. Before Jon beams in, there's chair jeopardy and a listener reveals what Fi is like when she's off duty.Get in touch:
21/05/2153m 57s

189. Born at 42, with Richard Osman

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane chat to presenter and writer Richard Osman. The Pointless and House of Games presenter joins them to discuss his novel The Thursday Murder Club. He also talks to them about perspectives on ageing, consoling quiz contestants and who might win a Garvey v Glover wrestling match. Prior to Richard's arrival there's reports from the vanguard of fashion and a new arrival on Fi's windowsill.Get in touch:
14/05/2155m 46s

188. The Cream of Slough, with your Emails

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane choose some of their favourite listener emails from the past few weeks. There's a story of plasticine robbery, an eyebrow raising opinion from the Channel Islands, advice on bodily habits in new romances and much much more.Get in touch:
07/05/2149m 48s

187. Heathen names and hooting in appreciation, with Heidi Thomas

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane are joined by the playwright and screenwriter behind Call the Midwife, Heidi Thomas. They discuss the history that drives the hit show, the secret to taking risks in TV, and Fi’s special connection to the first episode and the world changing medical invention, ergometrine.Plus why Heidi was known as Baby Thomas for the first days of her life, a brief discussion of 'The Hair', and Jane's interrupted with a honk of approval.Get in touch:
30/04/2156m 33s

186. Multiple Jugs and Victorian Sausage-Makers, with Rosie Jones

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane return from their spring break to chat to comedian Rosie Jones. Rosie tells them about her new travel series Trip Hazard, as well as discussing her life in lockdown with her parents and whether or not she'll be buying a hotel in Bognor. Rosie's book 'The Amazing Edie Eckhart' is also coming this summer. Before their guest arrives, Fi and Jane catch up on the goings on while they were away and muse on the chances of a podcast creche any time soon.Get in touch:
23/04/2155m 38s

107. The Weezy Bum Bum Show, with Ian Wright

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane revisit their episode with football legend Ian Wright, recorded in September 2019.They discuss the bonuses of an away match at Grimsby Town, how to whip up a good sponge and Ian's awakening to proper pyjamas. Plus there's an eyebrow-raising classified advertisement and some Tudor despair.Get in touch:
16/04/2128m 0s

‘A burst of hamstery energy’, with Dame Esther Rantzen

Dame Esther Rantzen, ‘proper legend’ of broadcasting, is whisked from the pizza and into a private room in Broadcasting House for a chat with Fi and Jane. Over hot chocolates, they discuss how Esther went from studio manager and sound effects wizard, to producing and presenting her own TV shows. It’s not long before she’s put on the Fortunately naughty step. Plus, Esther reveals how a conversation with Jane inspired her to found The Silver Line charity, and why 78 is the new 78.From November 2018
09/04/2128m 0s

185. Winking at Mounties with historian and presenter Dan Snow

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane are joined by historian and broadcaster Dan Snow.The historian and presenter behind the History Hit podcast busts two of the biggest myths in history and discusses making sense of grief in the past. They ask when is the right time to start writing history, and how Fi would have fared in the days before glasses.Plus Dan discloses the details of a secret Tall Club and its strange acknowledgements, and Jane’s found a benefactor. Sort of…Get in touch:
02/04/2154m 44s

184. Gained In Translation with Elif Shafak

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane are joined by the writer Elif Shafak. The Turkish author and activist shares her thoughts on issues affecting us around the world and provides an insight into her writing process. Elif also talks about her imaginary friends and confesses what she's like to live with. Elsewhere, the podcast has a new feel when Fi moves rooms in search of wifi and Jane recalls an unexpected but intriguing house guest.Get in touch:
26/03/2154m 11s

183.Rock Peddlers and Radio Snooker, with Vick Hope

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane chat to Radio 1's Life Hacks presenter Vick Hope. Vick tells Fi and Jane about her role as a judge for this year's Women's Prize for Fiction, shortlist announced 28 April. She also talks Spanish evening classes, her neighbours' curtain habits and giving anatomy lessons to Scott Mills. Following on from Vick, Jane and Fi swap Mothering Sunday experiences and reflect on the Bloodlands finale.Get in touch:
19/03/2154m 44s

182. From Ruritania with Love...a Correspondence Special.

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane choose some of their favourite listener emails from the past few weeks. Their choices include missives on international oboes, kitsch appliances, mass hysteria, caravanning pets and childhood eavesdropping. Before the postbag gets opened...there's debriefing on Royal interviews and Jane's relationship with her printer is on the rocks.Get in touch:
12/03/2151m 18s

181. Brooding Windows and Roadtrippin' with Edith Bowman

This week on Fortunately, Fi Glover and Jane Garvey are joined by DJ and broadcaster Edith Bowman. Edith talks to Fi and Jane about music, film and TV in her podcast Soundtracking, her work on The Crown: The Official Podcast and the three of them do some cardboard cut-out shopping. Before Edith’s arrival there’s sailing clubs, late night drives and it’s eyes down for property programmes.Get in touch:
05/03/2151m 9s

180. Martian Sandwiches and Mob Weddings, with Nick Bryant

This week Fi Glover and Jane Garvey are joined by BBC New York Correspondent, Nick Bryant. Nick takes Fi and Jane back to relive their own experiences of the big apple. He also gives the lowdown on his last four years of 'heavy metal' reporting and how it built into his new book When America Stopped Being Great. Before Nick dialled in from the NYC studio there's post-lockdown lists, War of the Worlds singalongs and some cinematic revisionism.Get in touch:
26/02/2153m 50s

179. We're All Wanging On, with Nicky Campbell

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane are joined by presenter Nicky Campbell. The 5Live Breakfast Show and Long Lost Family presenter talks about his new book One of the Family, which explores his own life experiences and the importance of his dog Maxwell. There's also a special guest appearance from his wife, Radio 4's Tina Ritchie. Nicky may be the man for The Big Questions but before he turns up the important topics broached by Fi and Jane include parallel universes, alien life, skiffle bands and broody photos.Get in touch:
19/02/2156m 30s

178. Now That's What I Call Lockdown 43, with Ayesha Hazarika

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane are joined by broadcaster, journalist and political commentator Ayesha Hazarika. The Times Radio presenter reflects on her time in the heart of government, confesses some of her late night browsing and talks about her latest role as a Saturday night royal commentator. At the beginning of the podcast there's snowy Russian romance, courtroom battles and world leader torso trends. Get in touch:
12/02/2152m 14s

177. Loving that Bass and Reading the Journals, with YolanDa Brown

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane speak to musician and broadcaster YolanDa Brown. The radio presenter and CBeebies star discusses her show and album YolanDa's Band Jam. YolanDa also talks about her time as a scholar of operations management, her favourite hob and why she is jealous of Fi's oboe skills. At the beginning of the podcast there's recommendation refuseniks and a Calais confessional.Get in touch:
05/02/2150m 54s

176. Pantechnicons and Disco Infernos with Katya Adler

Fi Glover and Jane Garvey chat to BBC Europe Editor Katya Adler. Katya comes live from Brussels to give the lowdown from across the channel and tell us about her latest Radio 4 series Dante 2021, which explores what we can learn from the famous Italian poet. Before Katya descends into the Fortunately circle of hell there is Iron Age surveying, small trucking and morning groans.Get in touch:
29/01/2151m 55s

175. Influencing Mole Rats, with Tom Allen

This week on Fortunately, Fi Glover and Jane Garvey chat to comedian Tom Allen. The presenter of Bake Off: An Extra Slice joins Garvey and Glover to talk growing up in Bromley and writing about it for his book No Shame. The three of them also discuss dinner table expectations, sartorial etiquette, speaking French and of course, cake. Before Tom there's virtual cookalongs, tunnel mysteries and a new way for the BBC to save some cash.Get in touch:
22/01/2151m 45s

174. Tapestry Drying Racks, with Fearne Cotton

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane are joined by presenter, podcaster and author Fearne Cotton. Fearne talks about her new book Speaking Your Truth, thinks up a new mammoth hobby and coaxes Jane to reveal her greatest artistic creation. Before Fearne there's poltergeists, mock invigilation and a call to action for blue blooded listeners.Get in touch:
15/01/2152m 31s

173. If the Room Smells Good, the Podcast won’t Stink, with Fiona Bruce

Fi Glover and Jane Garvey bring the Fortunately podcast to the BBC Radio 4 airwaves . They’re joined by Fiona Bruce; journalist, newsreader and presenter of Question Time and Antiques Roadshow. They talk news desk rivalries, roadshow etiquette and Evan Davis in a hairnet. Plus listener emails, and Jane puts a new mantra to the test.Get in touch:
08/01/2152m 44s

172. Mid Range Hotels and Tickling Bridges, with Your Emails.

In this edition Fortunately, Fi and Jane choose some of their favourite emails from listeners. Topics covered include high-end earplugs, questionable shopping suggestions, pronunciation games and intergenerational experiences.Get in touch:
28/12/2038m 58s

171. Cyprian Santas and Silhouettes, with Dawn French

In this festive edition of Fortunately, Fi Glover and Jane Garvey are joined by special guest Dawn French. The actor, comedian and writer discusses her new book Because of You and her return as The Vicar of Dibley. Dawn also tells Fi and Jane about a very memorable corporate dinner, how a meeting in a sunlit room changed her life and the time she spotted Santa Claus. Before their guest's arrival, Garvey and Glover reflect on the year gone by and go through a 'corking' bunch of listener emails.Get in touch:
18/12/2047m 30s

170. Magic Pillows and Robot Caroling with Noreena Hertz

This week on Fortunately, economist and author Noreena Hertz joins Fi and Jane. Noreena discusses her book The Lonely Century, which looks into how we can combat loneliness in the modern world. Noreena tells Fi and Jane about robot carers, chatty benches and rent-a-friends, as well as being a tester for Jane's idea for a new 'signature' question. Before Noreena there's historic feminine hygiene and a last minute battery run.Get in touch:
11/12/2049m 28s

169. Clutching at Cheese Straws with Robert Harris

Novelist Robert Harris joins Fi Glover and Jane Garvey for this week's Fortunately podcast. As Jane's 'literary god' he gets quizzed on his new book V2 and other topics he has explored, such as Roman Pompeii. Robert gives an insight into his reading habits, his literary rivals and possibly cooks up the next idea with Jane. Before his arrival there are bread failures, wreaths and world beating exhaustion.Get in touch:
04/12/2048m 23s

168. French Navel Gazing with William Boyd

This week on Fortunately, novelist William Boyd joins Fi and Jane. The author of Any Human Heart and A Good Man in Africa chats to Garvey and Glover about his new book Trio, his adventures across the channel, what draws us to glum books and being a teenager. Prior to William's arrival there are comfort food surprises and a glimpse into Fi's nighttime routine.Get in touch:
27/11/2053m 45s

167. Comfrey and Kestrels with Maggie O'Farrell

This week on the podcast, Fi and Jane chat to novelist Maggie O'Farrell. The author of Hamnet, Where Snow Angels Go and I am, I am, I am speaks about how to get into an Elizabethan's head, offers some reading recommendations and gets advice on saucier content from Jane. Before Maggie arrives there's retro phones and six degrees of royal separation.Get in touch:
20/11/2052m 5s

166. Conversational Sandwiches with Tim Minchin

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane are joined by singer-songwriter and actor Tim Minchin. The composer of Matilda The Musical discovers Fi and Jane's favourite moments from his new album 'Apart Together'. He also shares his own approach to changing rooms and accidentally locks horns with Jane over nether regions. Plus there's updates on tulips, special chairs and some Keats.Get in touch:
13/11/2053m 29s

165. High-kicking with your bestie, with Keren Woodward and Sara Dallin

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane are very excited to be joined by Bananarama’s Keren Woodward and Sara Dallin. They talk taking pride in achievements and working with your bestie. Plus an update on Fi’s boiler, changing room myths and disintegrating cat poo.Get in touch:
06/11/2047m 16s

164. Moorland Romance and Blinking Boilers, with Joan and Jericha.

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane are joined by podcast agony aunts Joan and Jericha, hosts of the Dear Joan and Jericha podcast and authors of a new book Why He Turns Away. The alter egos of comedians Julia Davis and Vicki Pepperdine dispense their advice to Fi and Jane and offer their insight on these unusual times. Before their esteemed guests zoomed in...Fi's having boiler trouble, Jane has bat news and there is a televisual announcement.Get in touch:
30/10/2049m 14s

163. No Stranger to Pesto with Deborah Frances-White

This week on Fortunately, comedian and podcaster Deborah Frances-White joins Fi and Jane. The host of The Guilty Feminist talks to them about how to let movies write themselves, growing up in Australia , famous 'Pauls' and how we would all fare in WW1. Before Deborah beamed in, Jane's been considering life's big questions and Fi reveals the best shop name she has ever seen.Get in touch:
23/10/2051m 3s

162. The Bellows of Friendship with Steph McGovern

Presenter Steph McGovern chats to Fi and Jane on this week's Fortunately podcast. The host of Steph's Packed Lunch on Channel 4 and former BBC Business reporter joins us fresh from the TV studio. Steph chats to Garvey and Glover about inspiring trips to factory floor, famously languid colleagues and one very memorable interview with a certain owner of a Scottish golf club. Before Steph joined them... Fi has been to the movies and Jane has a new favourite baguette.Get in touch:
16/10/2054m 34s

161. Clatterfarts and Bloviators, with Susie Dent

This week on Fortunately the broadcaster, etymologist and writer Susie Dent joins Fi and Jane. The queen of words brings tales from Countdown's dictionary corner, provides a choice selection from her new linguistic almanac, Word Perfect, and divulges her favourite football manager. Before Susie arrives, Jane brings news of a somewhat unexpected trip and Fi is getting suspicious ads online.Get in touch:
09/10/2050m 39s

160. Werewolf Body Mist, with Nadiya Hussain

This week on Fortunately Fi and Jane are joined by chef, presenter and author Nadiya Hussain. The Bake Off alumnus talks to Garvey and Glover about tips for tidying, family occasions during lockdown, pulled meats and her new book & series Nadiya Bakes. As well as that there's a new way to freshen up your pooch and a heart warming love story from listeners.Get in touch:
02/10/2055m 3s

159. Propelling Cobwebs and Twisting Rivers, with Annie Nightingale

This week on the podcast, Fi and Jane chat to broadcaster, DJ and radio superstar Annie Nightingale. The Radio 1 presenter speaks tells them about why she's a night owl rather than a morning lark, what's she's looking for in a record and they reminisce about the millennium bug. Before they connect to Annie, Fi and Jane compare catalogue purchases and there's whisper of a new member of the Garvey household.Get in touch:
25/09/2049m 45s

158. Stewed Fruit and Sensuality with Monty Don

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane are joined by garden writer broadcaster Monty Don. Monty speaks to Fi and Jane about making a difference with small things, his penchant for scarves, how we're affected by the seasons and his favourite spade. Before they headed onto the virtual grass to meet Monty, Jane and Fi's topics include pets, self obsession and pin ups.Get in touch:
18/09/2050m 14s

157. Fresh Indignation and Interrailing with Ruth Jones

This week on the podcast, Fi and Jane chat to actor, writer and Gavin and Stacey star Ruth Jones. Ruth reminisces about her days as Head Girl, discusses Nessa's ovulation and talks us through her new book Us Three, which is all about female friendship. Before Ruth's arrival...Fi quizzed Jane on her recent bit of big news and the two of them head back to Freshers' Week.Get in touch:
11/09/2056m 10s

156. Loving Pond Life with Will Young

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane speak to singer Will Young. Joining them live from his parked car, Will discusses his experiences of life as a gay man, his feelings of shame, his dream guest appearance on The Archers and his growing canine family. Before Will turns up in his motor, there's an appraisal of chess grandmasters as dinner party guests and a Sunday morning TV face off.Get in touch:
04/09/2054m 49s

155. Curvy Commas and Flannels Delivered with Nesrine Malik

Fi Glover and Jane Garvey are back at it again with the Fortunately podcast. Their guest this week is columnist Nesrine Malik. Nesrine talks to Fi and Jane about current narratives on political and social issues, how they come about and how they can change. In addition there's surf schools, salads and thoughts on the coming season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.Get in touch:
28/08/2051m 34s

154. A Reminder that Miriam Margolyes is a lady of great passions.

This week on Fortunately there's another chance to hear actress and national treasure Miriam Margolyes with Fi and Jane.Miriam joined Fi and Jane in the pizza back in July 2018, bringing an old school friend with her. They discuss Miriam’s recent TV presenting in America, Cuba and India, her advice to young actors and her lifelong love of Dickens. Plus, Garvey and Glover dream up a plan to co-present a news programme, and top tips for a heatwave.Get in touch:
21/08/2047m 51s

153. Pantomime Horses and Eternal Bubble Bath, on a Live Stream.

For this week's podcast, Fi and Jane beam around the world on a global live stream.Recently Fi and Jane appeared via video link for a live edition of the podcast, answering listener questions. Topics the ladies were quizzed on include animals, theatre snacks and Jane Austen. They also managed to find time for some questions for each other and a fruity challenge.Get in touch:
14/08/2045m 4s

152. Drain "Snask" and Discount Tattoos, with Sofie Hagen

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane are joined by comedian Sofie Hagen.Sofie talks to Fi and Jane about her home country of Denmark, attitudes toward fatness, discount tattoos, leaky ceilings and her slightly unusual method of moving to the UK.Before Sofie logged in... Jane has a niche public service announcement, Fi weighs up a quiz show appearance and there's some impromptu stair excercise.Get in touch:
07/08/2051m 23s

151. The Power Drill of Normality, with Krishnan Guru-Murthy

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane are joined by Channel 4 News presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy.Krishnan checks in with Fi and Jane after an early morning hosting 5live Breakfast. He talks them through a morning news meeting, confesses why he wouldn't make a good doctor and is subject to a bit of Glover-Tracing.After chatting to Krishnan, Fi and Jane head out to take in the city. They learn about Swedish laundry and there's even a chance encounter with the head of the global 'Up Yours, Corona!' campaign, Greg James.Get in touch:
31/07/2053m 34s

150. Slight Drizzle and Ironic Ennui, back on the Piazza.

After a long time apart, Fi and Jane are finally reunited for this week's edition of the Fortunately podcast.Together once again, they use opportunity to go through some of their favourite emails from listeners. Missives cover topics including creaky bra syndrome, solo clappers, mediocrity and orchestras in Austria. There's also something for those of us that have missed the usual action from SW19 this summer.Before they dive into the postbag, Fi and Jane have the chance to do some good old fashioned celeb-catching on the Piazza. They manage to snare Fortunately favourite Amol Rajan, who shares some details about his sock pile.Get in touch:
24/07/2043m 43s

149. Short A's and Slovakian Loves with Jacob Hawley

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane chat with comedian and podcast host Jacob Hawley.The presenter of Jacob Hawley's Job Centre checks in with the ladies and breaks the news of his impending fatherhood. This gives them a chance to offer some sage parenting advice. He also takes them on a journey through his youth, including rap groups in the Stevenage area and lost loves in Faliraki.In addition, there is a look back to Tomorrow's World, an insight into young Fi's work ethic and Jane has something else to say about ears.Get in touch:
17/07/2051m 19s

148. Outrageously Glittery Earwax with Dotty

Fi and Jane are joined by Ashley 'Dotty' Charles the 1Xtra DJ now turned author who has already managed to change Jane's life. They talk social media rage, outrage and the perils and dangers of en suite bathrooms. The ladies also catch up on the avalanche of interest in earwax and how best to remove it and Jane drops another thunderous name as they discuss the fitness of former PMs.
10/07/2051m 18s

147. Benchmark Society with James Haskell

This week on Fortunately, former England Rugby International James Haskell lines up with Fi and Jane.James joins the podcast from his conservatory to spill the beans on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, discuss his alternative career ambitions and champion the merits of elevenses.Before James ran through the Fortunately tunnel, Fi and Jane received an update on ball pool cleaning and there's a historical press up challenge.Get in touch:
03/07/2043m 56s

146. Concious of Shrinking, with Emma Gannon

This week on podcast, Fi and Jane chat to author, podcaster and blogger Emma Gannon.Fortunately fan Emma joins Garvey and Glover and tells them her move into the world of fiction with a new novel, Olive. Their discussion also includes generational approaches to lockdown, expectations for women as they go through life, caterpillars and getting your ears syringed.At the beginning of the podcast listeners offer their insights. Jane admires postie attire and Fi is dreaming of haircuts.Get in touch:
27/06/2050m 13s

145. Scratchy Towels and Soft Play Areas with Elis James and John Robins

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane welcome along BBC Radio 5Live's Elis James and John Robins.The Friday afternoon presenters and hosts of the How Do You Cope? podcast chat to Fi and Jane. The four of them discuss the changes to supermarket shopping, football behind closed doors, former TS Eliot Prize winners and the best way to dry your towels.Before Elis and John arrive Fi and Jane consider ways to cheer up the nation and ruminate on the possibility of alien life forms.Get in touch:
19/06/2055m 44s

144. Motorway Services and Vegan Cheesecakes with Afua Hirsch

This week on the podcast Fi and Jane are joined by writer and broadcaster Afua Hirsch.The former barrister, journalist, podcast host and author of Brit(ish): On Race, Identity and Belonging discusses how conversations have changed in the wake of the recent protests against racial injustice across the world. Afua also talks about what she might do next if she were in Number 10, Fi goes through her CV and the three of them mull over charms of services stations.Before Afua joined the video call Fi and Jane go through some missives from around the world, there's an appraisal of a future boss and a glimpse inside Jane's wardrobe.Email us:
12/06/2052m 33s

143. Coach Trips and Blue Soups with Jay Rayner

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane have a reservation with restaurant critic Jay Rayner.The Observer writer and Kitchen Cabinet presenter joins them to discuss foreign A&E trips, mixing baked beans with cold lettuce and his podcast Out To Lunch, in which Jay orders his interesting guests a meal delivered right to their door.Before Jay joins the table, Garvey and Glover have differing opinions about monarchs riding horses, Jane takes ownership of spilled coffee and there's an attempt to understand macroeconomic policy.GET IN TOUCH:
05/06/2050m 54s

141. Eleanor of Aquitaine and a Diet of Hypocrisy with Greg Jenner

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane turn their attentions to the past with historian Greg Jenner.Host of You're Dead To Me and consultant to Horrible Histories, Greg tells us what we can learn (and not learn!) about our current circumstances from bygone eras. He also takes Fi and Jane inside the history of celebrity, the subject of his new book, revealing why we we're interested in the lives of the rich and the famous.Despite feeling the heat, Fi and Jane keep it together to officially cut the ribbon on the new Fortunately email address. You can now 'get in touch' via:
22/05/2050m 23s

140. Marmite Soufflés and Municipal Mayors with Prue Leith

It's a new series of Fortunately and Fi and Jane kick things off with Great British Bake Off Judge Prue Leith. Prue graces the podcast to offer her insight on restaurants, fashion, trainers, leftovers and much more.There's then a bit of catching up to do for Fi and Jane, as they swap telly choices, admire their new photo and discover what happened to a missing bag of Revels.
15/05/2048m 35s

139. Return of the Prolapsing Hot Water Bottles, with Sara Cox

Fi and Jane continue their short break but offer up a vintage episode of the podcast for your delectation. This time with the host of Radio 2’s Drivetime show, Sara Cox. As well as brainstorming some feature ideas for Sara’s gig, they discuss the risks of out of date food, the problems of having a soft ‘r’ and what it’s like to live a life in broadcasting.Fortunately will be back with a new episode next week.
07/05/2048m 47s

138. Revisiting Fields of Chaff with Vicki Pepperdine

As Fortunately takes a brief hiatus, Fi and Jane introduce a favourite episode of theirs from podcasts gone by.This week it’s episode features Vicki Pepperdine - actor and co-creator of the satirical podcast ‘Dear Joan and Jericha’. Vicki gives advice on how to combat winter vagina and frosty balls. Plus, an update on Nancy News, vintage public service announcements and Jane’s grandmother’s bellwether bowels.
01/05/2041m 35s

137. Untamed British Brows and Whale Attraction with Sali Hughes

Writer and journalist Sali Hughes links up with Fi and Jane for this week's episode of Fortunately.In this edition, Sali uses her expertise as a beauty columnist to advise Fi and Jane on the best approach to looking after yourself in lockdown. They also go a bit more zoological to analyse the animal kingdom's approach to beauty, find out the impact of the internet of the cosmetic world and discuss the weirdest samples Sali has ever received.In the first half of the podcast Jane's lyrics have been set to music by singer songwriter Jo Elise. Fi has flashbacks to the maternity ward and Jane's memories involve a private dancer and a jockstrap.
24/04/2050m 31s

136. Knock-Through Regrets and Open Pants with Angela Scanlon

This week, TV and Radio Presenter Angela Scanlon beams through to Fi and Jane to join them for a chat.Known for hosting on The One Show, and Radio 2, Angela talks the ladies through her architectural TV series Your Home Made Perfect. She and Jane also share their love of veiny cheeses, some beans are spilled about hair dye adverts and the three of them discuss Thanks A Million, Angela's new podcast all about gratitude.Prior to Angela entering the chat, the quest to name Fi's exercise bike continues...with interesting results. Jane has had an emotional encounter with a washing line and there is some reminiscing about red Volvos.
17/04/2046m 44s

135. Putting the 'I' in Twerp with Catherine Bohart and Sarah Keyworth

This week on Fortunately Catherine Bohart and Sarah Keyworth dial in to see Fi and Jane.A couple together and comedians separately, they discuss their new podcast You'll Do, which explores what makes modern relationships work. As well as offering their romantic insight, Fi gives the guests a tour of her somewhat eclectic bookshelf and Jane quizzes them on 'gateway vegetables'.Before Catherine and Sarah entered the virtual meeting room: Jane unearths some work from her never-before-seen songwriting collection, there's a game with chocolate eggs and Fi has a wonky saddle.
10/04/2048m 58s

134. Corsets and Cooper's Ligaments with Lucy Worsley

The week Fi and Jane are joined by historian, presenter and Chief Curator to Historic Royal Palaces, Lucy Worsley.Jane regales them with the story of the time Henry VIII had a chat with her on his wedding day and Fi finds out which Hollywood A-Lister Lucy's television thinks she is obsessed with. Plus the downsides to fixed plumbing, a new angle on Queen Victoria and we're going looking for a sizzle.Before that we reveal the challenge Fi has set herself for the lockdown, Jane's off on an all-inclusive holiday with her housemates and there's an investigation of the impact of Covid-19 on bras.
03/04/2047m 24s

133. Everything is Elasticated with Jonathan Freedland

Fi and Jane are both at home, but that doesn't stop them or their guest. This week it's the author and journalist Jonathan Freedland.The ladies manage to link up via videoconferencing and despite a few technical glitches they came together on Wednesday 25th March 2020. They compare their approaches to adjusting to life in a pandemic, there are missives from overseas and a dip into Jane's diary from this week in 1979.It's not long before a notification lights up and Jonathan Freedland joins the chat. The author and journalist gives his insight on the times, including the philosophy of home schooling (or the lack of) and takes Fi and Jane into the world of his new thriller... written by Jonathan's combat-pant wearing alter ego Sam Bourne
27/03/2050m 12s

132. On the Plus Side, Paella with Helen Lewis

Fi and Jane are back with Fortunately and taking the necessary health precautions. Their guest this week is the writer Helen Lewis.Fi and Jane met up at a safe social distance Monday 16th March to debrief on last week's episode, daydream about a certain MI6 agent with a landline and find out just what's getting Fi's goat about our new global situation.They were then joined by writer and Radio 4 host Helen Lewis, whose new book explores feminist figures through history and how they deserve to be revisited as the Difficult Women they were. You can also expect forays into marital matters, Spanish pop stars and water contaminations in the Worcester area during the 90s.
20/03/2049m 8s

Oh! What a Marrow, with Rachel Burden LIVE in Salford

5Live Breakfast Host Rachel Burden joins Fi, Jane and an audience of Fortunately fans for special live show at the Lowry Theatre in Salford.Fi and Jane battle trains, delays and automobiles in an attempt to get to the Lowry on time, tune in to find out if they make it! Waiting for them on stage is star of 5 Live and BBC Breakfast Rachel Burden, who shares tales of grooming, mouldy pesto jars and comparing offspring with Nicky Campbell.Before the interval Fi and Jane exchange burning questions such as 'when did you realise you're short?' and 'are there any men in the audience?'
13/03/2055m 5s

130. Habsburgs and Hairy Fruit with Adam Rutherford

Fi and Jane catch up with broadcaster and scientist Adam Rutherford, presenter of Radio 4's Inside Science and the Curious Case of Rutherford and Fry.He finds the ladies on the 4th floor of BBC NBH, fresh from reminiscing about Kevin Keegan. Adam tells them about his very special cricket team what its like to share a studio with Woman's Hour. Big issues out of the way they then delve into the light matter of genetics...Adam's new book explores the relationship between science and ideas of race and genealogy. He reveals some interest truths for Fi and Jane about their own ancestry and also about dating in Iceland.Before Adam drops in: Jane continues her computer course, courtesy of generous listeners and Fi reveals what it's like to get your eyelashes permed.
06/03/2050m 34s

129. Manageable Breaks and Verdant Bushes, with Phil Wang

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane are joined by the comedian Phil Wang.Phil and Fi share their love of Portugal and the three of them then dive into the best way to store girders, what its like to be on a panel show, the importance of optimism, the merits of Las Vegas and much more. There's a test of Jane's incredible time guessing psychic abilities.Before Phil turns up it's gifts galore as Fi brings some goodies back from her holiday and Jane has got her a little something for her upcoming birthday. There's also a loving tribute to a recently deceased icon of computing, leading to a big confession on Jane's part.
28/02/2049m 37s

128. Two Bras and Fly-tipping with Susannah Constantine

This week on Fortunately, fashion guru Susannah Constantine provides some wardrobe advice to Fi and Jane.The What Not To Wear star talks to the ladies about overcoming shyness, the issue of skirts and what clothes can tell us about ourselves. She sizes up Fi and Jane and the three of them play godchildren top trumps.Before Susannah arrives there's a sweet special delivery and an accusation about Fi's mother.
21/02/2038m 55s

127. Average Sized Nuts and Curling with Claudia Winkleman and Tanya Byron

Strictly host Claudia Winkleman and psychologist Tanya Byron join Fortunately this week.They sit down with Fi and Jane to talk about being a parent, being a child, curling, reptiles and what Jane gets up to on the top of the number 94 bus. All of which relates to their new podcast How Did We Get Here?When not getting the lowdown from Claudia and Tanya, Fi and Jane discuss emoji use, landline voices and an interesting discovery Fi has made off the back of last week's episode.
14/02/2051m 55s

Dodgy Molluscs and Steaming Pants with Marian Keyes

Fi and Jane welcome the novelist Marian Keyes around the Fortunately table to share a bag of chocolates.The bestselling author has some confessions about her bowling prowess (or lack of it). Marian also talks to Fi and Jane about appreciating the small things, generational change in Ireland and why a bad waxwork is better than a good one.In addition, the ladies have some consumer confessions, there's a bad smell in Jane's Kitchen and Fi gets dumped.
07/02/2048m 45s

125. Internal Balls and Sponning with Clara Amfo

Radio 1's Clara Amfo comes to see Fi and Jane for this week's episode of Fortunately.The presenter of the mid-morning show joins the ladies to discuss her new podcast, This City. Clara talks about semi-attempting to go vegan, teaches Fi and Jane a new way to show appreciation, goes inside the world of the uber famous and talks through the representation of African countries in the media....before Clara's arrival - there's a bit film reviewing, an insight into how Jane listens to disco and Fi tries on a new look.
31/01/2049m 22s

124. Mates on a Plate with Dani Dyer

Fi and Jane crack on with another episode of Fortunately and with them this time is Love Island star Dani Dyer.Dani gives two of them a guide to living their best lives, including how to look after your eyelashes and being less harsh on yourself. They chat about the opportunities and problems of appearing on reality TV and what it was like to grow up with an East End acting icon as a Dad.Before Dani arrives Fi and Jane assess their chances of becoming Director General and/or Bake Off presenter. There's also two games to play: Create Your Own Royal Expert and What's the Earliest Time You've Had a Bath?
24/01/2045m 20s

123. Aerobicising with Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Mid January blues setting in? Those New Year's exercise routines starting to waiver? Fear not, Fi and Jane have just the person to help you out.This week, Fortunately has an appointment with Dr Rangan Chatterjee. Jane is ready in her sweatpants, fresh from hitting her step target. Fear not though fitness sceptics - Fi is on hand to ask if the buzz about getting fit at this time of year really is all that.Once Rangan arrives, they discuss how to break bad health habits all year round, Jane probes the doctor about sheds and Rangan estimates how many roast potatoes he eats in one sitting.And before he arrives... Dominic Cummings' builder's bottom, what to do with old panettones and a bit of a ding dong about the word 'hero'.
17/01/2044m 17s

122. Taking Transmitters with Scott Mills

It's the first episode of a new series and star DJ Scott Mills pops down to the BBC Media Cafe to see Fi and Jane.Ready to jump into 2020 Fi and Jane return to for a new series of the Fortunately Podcast. Jane is armed with bagels and kale. They catch up on the festive season, sharing their highlights (and lowlights). There's also a mention of some peculiar driving habits and the ladies form a new business idea.Once Scott arrives the two of them quiz him on his career, including his stint as the UK's youngest commercial radio DJ. There's discussion of motorway services on the M3, insights on how to DJ across the networks and expert Eurovision predictions.
10/01/2048m 10s

121. On the Hummus Cusp with Amy Lamé

Fi and Jane meet Night Czar Amy Lamé for the final episode before Christmas.The ladies head down to London's City Hall to meet Amy to chat about her role as London's Night Czar. Faced with the tricky challenge of two home birds, Amy tries to tailor the perfect night out for Jane and reminisces about Fi the party animal. There's also a dip related revelation from Jane and requests are put in for Amy's 6Music Breakfast Show over Christmas.Before they're called up to the Czar's Office, Fi and Jane imagine an intergalactic Radio 4, compare Strictly contestants with stars of Little Women...and Fi discloses what made her watch the same episode of Masterchef three times in a row.
20/12/1947m 33s

120. Tahini Dribble with Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinené

This week, Fi and Jane are joined by Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinené, authors of the Slay In Your Lane, the bestselling guide to life for Black British women.First up: Fi and Jane's conversation ranges from Jane's shockingly relaxed approach to the festive season to an big question about ladders. The ladies also reveal a very big interview they have coming up with a real radio legend.In the second half, over a cup of tea Elizabeth and Yomi talk education, the working world, friendship and approaching being inclusive.
13/12/1942m 30s

119. How to Lose a Tail with Tom Bradby

Presenter of ITV News and novellist Tom Bradby pays a visit to the BBC to see Fi and Jane.They chat about his most recent book Secret Service, election night and the Royal Family after Tom's recent documentary with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. He also discusses experiencing insomnia and taking care of his mental health.Before Tom's arrival: Fi talks about a singing career in the family and Jane's smoke alarm needs changing.
06/12/1949m 12s

Back at the Brownies with Nigel Slater

This week on Fortunately our guest is food writer, broadcaster and full on national treasure Nigel Slater. The author of Toast, Tender and Greenfeast joins Fi and Jane for a chat around the kitchen table. The only question is whether Jane will make it Fi's house on time.Once they're all settled in with cake and coffee, the three of them discuss writing about your own life, who does the washing up, sugar cravings and 'the M4 test'.
29/11/1950m 37s

117. Group Chats and Potty-celli, with Russell Kane

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane get to know the comedian, author and podcast host Russell Kane.He joins Fi and Jane at a BBC breakfast bar to tell them about his hit podcast Evil Genius. He also engages the ladies in interesting discussions on potty training, Dads, pugs and Thatcherism.In the run up to his arrival there are stories of crime, punishment and nicotine. Plus Fi and Jane analyse the reaction to a particular Royal interview.
22/11/1945m 8s

116. Premier League Pants and Creme de Menthe, with Nick Bright

In this episode of Fortunately, Fi and Jane play host to Nick Bright. You can find him talking football on 5Live's The Squad, or DJ-ing in the 1Xtra saturday morning slot.The ladies take Nick on a tour of their childhood beverages, get their heads around Jurgen Klopp's diary and seek out the inside goss on BBC Sports Personality.And before that, in the first half: used cars, underpants and Jane's dodgy blinds.
15/11/1945m 25s

115. Cross Incontinence, with Gemma Cairney

This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane sit down with all round broadcasting sensation Gemma Cairney, star across the networks from 1Xtra to 6Music and presenter of Radio 4's Sound Odyssey.There's a sense of adventure in the air as Fi returns from the Fjords and Jane's signed up to a new online service for lonely hearts.Over a hefty flapjack and pineapple chunks, they get the lowdown from Gemma on growing up, ancient medicine, an interesting quote from Trevor Nelson and romance...both old and new.
08/11/1945m 55s

114. Deed Poll and Scaffolders with Dawn O'Porter

Dawn O'Porter drops by in this week's episode of Fortunately, giving Fi and Jane an insight on life in Los Angeles.The writer and presenter finds Fi and Jane in an oddly named Broadcasting House meeting room. Together they discuss the Royals, setting up a charity, fringes, names and last suppers.But before that: addressing the elephant in the meeting room and an update from a certain retired greyhound.
01/11/1938m 37s

113. Gossipy Proust, with Ann Cleeves

Fi and Jane get a special visit from acclaimed crime-writer Ann Cleeves.The creator of Vera and Shetland tells them about her new book The Long Call, set in North Devon. Ann also takes them through her many different vocations, offers reading recommendations and fields the ladies' questions on everyone's favourite Northumberland DCI.In addition to that, Fi goes in on make-up language and Jane tells all about an incident she swore would never make it to the airways.
25/10/1946m 11s

112. Trailing Spouses with Julia Hartley-Brewer

Fi and Jane venture back out to the BBC Pizza and their guest this week is the journalist and broadcaster Julia Hartley-Brewer.They talk Brexit, Feminism, dreamy Greek Finance Ministers, whether sausage rolls are worth it and they go head to head in a running-order off.Plus there's a new way to wear your cardigan and a recommendation of which church to visit if you are in Herefordshire.
18/10/1938m 14s

111. Menstruation and 'mongering with Emma Barnett

This week on the podcast, Fi and Jane welcome Emma Barnett. Emma talks about her 5Live show, being a fellow presenter on Woman's Hour and her new book aimed at busting the taboos around periods. All that and there's also time for living off-grid, etymology chat and some interesting listener correspondence.
11/10/1947m 45s

110. Blockchain and Tangle Teezers, with Jamie Bartlett

Fi and Jane are joined by writer Jamie Bartlett to get the lowdown on The Missing Cryptoqueen, the new podcast uncovering a multibillion-dollar mystery.Jamie is joined by Producer Georgia, a familiar face to many as a former member of the Fortunately team. Jamie and Georgia reveal the twists and turns of investigating a worldwide scandal, and Fi and Jane demonstrate their knowledge of crypto-currency. Plus it's time for a duvet change, there's Masterchef impressions and Jamie reveals his jealousy of a certain Supermarket Sweep presenter.
04/10/1946m 9s

109. Walnut and Weightlifting with Maeve McClenaghan

Fi and Jane have made it through the rain this week for a meet up with Maeve McClenaghan, investigative journalist and host of The Tip Off podcast.Maeve's podcast interviews leading journalists about the breaking the world's biggest stories. Fi and Jane find out about some the most shocking discoveries and also get Maeve's insight on a bruised banana. Plus there's masculine hygiene, a revelation from Fi and a networking event with a twist.
27/09/1942m 6s

108. 100 Days to Christmas with Rev Kate Bottley

Fortunately goes ecclesiastical this week as Fi and Jane's guest is The Reverend Kate Bottley.The star of BBC Radio 2's Good Morning Sunday and Gogglebox alumni fills the ladies in on the theology of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. Kate recalls tales of parishes past, shows off her dance moves and reveals that, like Fi and Jane, she prefers Easter to Christmas. Plus there's re-upholstery encounters and Jane attempts an Archers related Damascene conversion.
20/09/1941m 47s

106. Local Boar Risotto, with DJ Ace

After a brief summer break Fortunately returns. In this Autumn season opener Fi and Jane are joined by DJ Ace from BBC Radio 1Xtra.Ace talks the two of them through the merits of online shopping, reminisces about his school days and the ladies offer some career coaching.
06/09/1941m 47s

105. Live Show at the Hay Festival

Fi and Jane are at the Hay Festival with a full house of eager Fortunately listeners. Recorded in May 2019. Fortunately returns in the first week of September.Producer: JP Devlin
02/08/1941m 22s

104. Rabbits, Hermits and Round Red Cheeses with Jacqueline Gold

Fi and Jane are joined by Ann Summers CEO Jacqueline Gold to talk rabbits, hermits, catsuits and will Brexit mean a vibrator shortage?Presenters: Fi Glover & Jane Garvey Producer: JP Devlin
26/07/1940m 31s

103. A Return to Inner Curls and Contrarians with Emily Maitlis

Fi and Jane are hopping all over the country and so sadly couldn't make it to the BBC Piazza this week. Instead, Fi reports from a Bournemouth beach and presents us with one of her favourite episodes.Back in February 2018 the ladies were joined by BBC Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis. They talked Jacob Rees-Mogg, interviewing contrarians, and a changing room scandal. Plus comedian David Baddiel stops by, and there's millionaire shortbread.
19/07/1939m 28s

102. Deforesting the Territory with Ros Atkins

Jane takes a break from a very interesting event to join Fi on the BBC piazza. This week their guest is the BBC News presenter and recent podcaster Ros Atkins. Ros details what it's like to be texting a Titan of the US airwaves, skin care techniques and how a drive down the M4 led to a landmark broadcasting project.
12/07/1940m 25s

101. Snoring on the Sleeper with Kirsty Wark

Fi and Jane are joined by Newsnight's Kirsty Wark who describes filleting squirrels, making whisky and living with only one working nostril.Producer: JP Devlin
05/07/1943m 58s

100. Marking our 100th Episode with Ken Bruce

Fi and Jane head to BBC Radio 2 to see former car hire salesman and failed accountant Ken Bruce who describes how to deal with cheats on PopMaster, how to hit the news on time and how to sex a tortoise... after they've bumped into Steve Wright on the way.Producer - JP Devlin
28/06/1939m 11s

99. Grief and Cutlery Chuff with Cariad Lloyd

Fi and Jane are joined by comedian, actress, writer and host of the Griefcast podcast Cariad Lloyd to talk death, Jane Austen, celebrities in pet shops and famous people called Dick.
21/06/1941m 30s

98. Nice Ears Shame About The Feet with Suzy Klein

Fi and Jane are joined by BBC Radio 3 presenter Suzy Klein as they try to talk embroidery, bloated sheep and odd-shaped forearms despite a noisy crisp eater at the next table.
14/06/1942m 33s

97. Anita Anand Has All The Answers

Fi and Jane are joined by author and broadcaster Anita Anand who recalls writing to Mikhail Gorbachev and sitting on Jimmy Carter.Producer: JP Devlin
07/06/1947m 48s

96. Making Hay with Frank Cottrell Boyce

Fi and Jane are joined by writer Frank Cottrell Boyce in the Green Room at the Hay Festival where he reveals the question he's most commonly asked by his young audience. Also, actress Maxine Peake drops by to talk about her whippet.Producer: JP Devlin
31/05/1942m 34s

95. On the Night Shift with Dotun Adebayo

More of the random and unconnected musings of old broadcasting friends Fi Glover and Jane Garvey. This week broadcaster Dotun Adebayo talks about the highlights of his night-time radio career, including Fi's PVC cat suit.Presenters: Fi Glover and Jane Garvey Contributor: Dotun Adebayo Producer: JP Devlin
24/05/1942m 10s

94. Talking Dirty with Gyles Brandreth

More of the random and unconnected musings of old broadcasting friends Fi Glover and Jane Garvey. This week, polymath Gyles Brandreth offers a guide to Stockport, Copenhagen and erotic fiction.Presenters: Fi Glover and Jane Garvey Contributor: Gyles Brandreth Producer: JP Devlin
17/05/1939m 12s

93. The Four Ps and the Two Ranis with Adil Ray

More of the random and unconnected musings of old broadcasting friends Fi Glover and Jane Garvey. This week actor, comedian, TV presenter and marketing graduate Adil Ray offers advice to Fi and Jane on how to sell themselves.Producer: JP Devlin
10/05/1938m 19s

92. From Hobb to Head Honcho with Matthew Bannister

Presenter, manager, folk music podcaster and first ever guest named after something in a house, Matthew Bannister joins the Fortunately self-help group.
03/05/1934m 8s

91. Drinking with despots with Christiane Amanpour

When visitors wear your clothes and the challenge of fixing a new garden hosepipe with CNN Chief International Anchor Christiane Amanpour
26/04/1938m 40s

89. Our Audience Overheats: some favourite Fortunately moments.

Shaun Keaveny guides us through some choice bits of the podcast from the past couple of years. These include appearances from Miriam Margoyles, Ed Miliband, Susannah Reid and London Hughes. Along with many other interesting encounters there’s also tales of Royal Weddings, blow by blow accounts of shoe shop tantrums, reports of unusual cervical inspections and eulogies for Dwarf Hamsters…all courtesy of Fi and Jane.
05/04/1934m 25s

88. DJ Annie Mac is in the mix

Fi and Jane throw the blankets off their knees and hit the dancefloor with Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac
29/03/1931m 34s

87. On the fringe of the leadership summit, with Maria McErlane

Maria McErlane, agony aunt on Graham Norton’s Radio 2 show, dispenses advice. Amongst other issues, she addresses how to do the perfect ugly face crying and whether Fi and Jane really should apply for the job of Radio 4 Controller.
22/03/1932m 11s

86. Cheeseburgers and chocolate shakes with Jake Humphrey

Fi and Jane talk football, Formula 1 and failed exams with BT Sport presenter Jake Humphrey. The queens of the involuntary sound take advice on getting a blemish free complexion as they attempt to join the world of football punditry.
15/03/1933m 59s

85. Big Beans and Whopper Questions, with Laura Kuenssberg

Fi and Jane welcome along the one and only Laura Kuenssberg, BBC Political Editor. Together they expose a celebrity chef’s toasties and reminisce about referendums past. Laura gives the lowdown from life on the road and Jane shares her story of an evening at Chequers. Plus Fi spots a pair of penny-farthings.
08/03/1946m 0s

84. Fondant Nozzles and Freemasonry, with Bella Mackie

Fi has a special birthday this week and here for the celebrations is writer and journalist Bella Mackie. Bella’s book Jog On explores the benefits of running for mental health so Jane brings out some of her own exercise experiences, including pilates and fun runs gone by. Bella also explains Ultimate Fighting Championship and Fi grills Jane on her recent visit to the Grand Lodge.
01/03/1940m 34s

82.Early Morning Movements with Ritula Shah

Fi and Jane venture out to the BBC pizza this week and are joined by The World Tonight’s Ritula Shah. Aside from Ritula’s dulcet broadcasting tones, they discuss the joy of the night shift and the bizarre world of 80s local radio. Plus there’s an inside scoop from a Royal visit and the return of Sarah Montague. Again.
15/02/1936m 28s

81. Globulogic up the Danube, with Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes

Inside Broadcasting House to avoid the wintery weather, Fi and Jane are joined by Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes, the creators of the phenomenally successful High Low podcast. They discuss the importance of female friendship, where to put nice emails and the perils of a degree in Drama.
08/02/1938m 52s

80. Crushed Wotsits and Emergency Loo Roll, with Tracey Thorn.

Back at the BBC, writer and Everything But The Girl musician Tracey Thorn pays a visit to a star struck Fi and Jane. In honour of Tracy’s new teenage memoir, Jane has brought her own adolescent diaries for Fi to analyse. They also explore bread metaphors, Smash Hits questions and how to prepare for the apocalypse.
07/02/1938m 43s

79. Name that Pope, with Dr Sarah Jarvis

Somebody called a Doctor this week as Fi and Jane are joined by resident broadcasting physician Dr Sarah Jarvis. In addition to Fi and Jane’s list of ailments, Dr Sarah talks famous patients, historical period solutions and the surprises of reporting for The One Show.
06/02/1938m 31s

78. Easy Peelers and Cones of Shame, with Iain Dale

The inimitable broadcaster and political commentator Iain Dale pays a visit to the BBC piazza this week, after Fi and Jane lift the lid on BBC Sounds with Launch Director Charlotte Lock. There’s also a surprise visitor all the way from Ambridge.
05/02/1943m 56s

77. Prolapsing Hot Water Bottles…with Sara Cox

Fi and Jane offer a warm welcome to 2019 with the new host of Radio 2’s Drivetime show, Sara Cox. As well as brainstorming some feature ideas for Sara’s new gig, they discuss the risks of out of date food, the problems of having a soft ‘r’ and what it’s like to live a life in broadcasting.
04/02/1944m 54s

76. The slow creep of modernity gone wrong, with Gideon Coe

There’s a chill in the pizza, but it can’t puncture Fi and Jane’s demob-happy season finale mood. They’re joined by Gideon Coe for chats about their glamourous past lives in local radio, favourite Christmas songs, and a tale of teen sexting gone wrong. Fortunately returns in January.
21/12/1835m 37s

75. Cardiff Christmas Special!

Fi and Jane head to The Grange pub in Cardiff for the first ever Fortunately recording in front of an audience. Things get seriously festive as they take questions from the audience about interviews gone wrong, imposter syndrome and advice on surviving this most wonderful time of the year.
14/12/1842m 27s

74. The draught beneath my wings, with Hugh Dennis

Hugh Dennis joins Fi and Jane for a chat about his past life marketing perfumes, the joy of working with child actors, and Brussels sprouts. They discuss Hugh’s role in Radio 4’s Christmas Appeal with homelessness charity St Martin-in-the-Fields. Plus, we issue a correction about Keith the dead dwarf hamster.
07/12/1836m 17s

73. Kefir-tunately, with Simon Mundie

Simon Mundie – sports reporter and presenter of Radio 4’s new podcast ‘Don’t Tell Me the Score’ – becomes the first guest to bring Fi and Jane homemade kefir. They discuss what sport can teach us about resilience, tribalism and mental health. Plus, the revelation that mutton is back on the menu at the BBC Club and why you should never wear earrings and a necklace at the same time.
30/11/1828m 31s

71. Romperamas and titter-free zones, with Tolani Shoneye

Journalist and co-host of The Receipts Podcast, Tolani Shoneye takes the BBC pizza by storm. Tolani, Fi and Jane discuss white guilt, the unwritten rules of online dating, and what David Beckham smells like.
16/11/1843m 10s

70. 'Needs Sherry', With Mawaan Rizwan.

Temperatures have dropped in the piazza so Fi and Jane head inside where they are joined by comedian and Asian Network presenter, Mawaan Rizwan. They discuss how Mawaan accidentally launched a Bollywood career for his mother, nail polish on men, and what to do if you need to greet a passing Spice Girl but you're eating a quinoa salad.
09/11/1834m 58s

69. Sounds Launch Special from the London Eye, with James O’Brien and Leena Norms

Fortunately joins the great and the good at the new BBC Sounds App launch from the London Eye, where we record our ‘pod’ in a rotating glass pod! As we brace for entry into one of the London Eye’s revolving pods, we’re joined on the platform by YouTuber and podcaster Leena Norms. Leena leads the way as we leap into the pod where the chat continues at altitude. There’s brief mention of the stunning if foggy view across the city, but it transpires Fi is queasy about heights! Back on the ground in the BBC Sounds launch green room we are joined by broadcaster James O’Brien for a chat about his viral radio monologues, and the largest thing he’s ever lost on the tube.
02/11/1836m 58s

67. The spittle of a century… with the Scummy Mummies: Helen Thorn and Ellie Gibson

Fi and Jane are joined by comedians Helen Thorn and Ellie Gibson, hosts of the Scummy Mummies Podcast. They talk Australian chauvinism, the future of radically honest mothering, and lying to get on the Lorraine Kelly show. Plus, a surprise appearance from a BBC legend.
19/10/1841m 45s

66. Bomb shelters and transmitter sites, with Cathy Newman

Channel 4 news presenter Cathy Newman on her new book called Bloody Brilliant Women, interviewing in the era of fake news, her inability to use her own oven, and the rarity of curly hair in broadcasting.
12/10/1830m 54s

65. Fields of chaff with Vicki Pepperdine

Vicki Pepperdine - actor and co-creator of the satirical podcast ‘Dear Joan and Jericha’ - gives advice on how to combat winter vagina and frosty balls. Plus, an update on Nancy News, vintage public service announcements and Jane’s grandmother’s bellwether bowels.
05/10/1840m 23s

64. Lady barnacles and toga parties with Mishal Husain

Mishal Husain comes fresh from the Today Programme studio to the Fortunately pizza where she’s lucky to catch Jane on fresh patch Thursday. They discuss the art of interrupting, Mishal’s new book on workplace skills for women, and detective dramas. Plus, coming soon, Fi and Jane’s new Emergency Advice for Young Adults Festival.
28/09/1838m 35s

63. Stiff Letters and Sideburns with Helen Zaltzman and David Dimbleby

Fi and Jane collar David Dimbleby, and Podcast Champion Helen Zaltzman joins them to discuss early crushes, the future of broadcasting and why people fuss over weddings.
21/09/1842m 7s

62. My head is in Wookie Hole

Broadcaster Anneka Rice joins Fi and Jane in the BBC pizza. Over a chocolate doughnut there’s stories on what it’s like to be a waxwork; kindness, and Anneka’s one-year old accountant. Plus deep drilling and fake turf.
14/09/1841m 17s

61. Orange linguini and donkey soap

Fi and Jane are back in the BBC piazza after the summer break. There are gifts to exchange and gossip a-plenty. Including Fi’s aqua fit and Jane’s Taverna buffet.
07/09/1843m 44s

A postcard from Fi and Jane

A postcard from Fi and Jane from their summer holiday.
03/08/181m 54s

60. What a ménage! Season Finale with Richard Arnold

Richard Arnold - Entertainment Editor at Good Morning Britain – demands Fi and Jane be upstanding for his arrival in the BBC Media Café. Richard shares stories from his career in radio and TV presenting, including the revelation that Sooty the puppet is “very difficult to work with”. Plus North London’s bedbug orgy, cosmetic surgery and the importance of being glinty not flinty.
27/07/1838m 9s

59. An eye roll onto another planet, with Susanna Reid

Good Morning Britain presenter Susanna Reid joins Fi and Jane for an iced latte and a chat about women in broadcasting, without any reference whatsoever to “those things that jut out at seaside resorts”. They discuss showing emotion on air, unwanted press attention, and their trip to the races with Clare Balding. Plus, Jane finally receives a damehood - of sorts - and Fi shares some light gynaecological anecdotage.
20/07/1839m 26s

58. Something for the Weakened, with Shaun Keaveny

Shaun Keaveny gets a warm, womanly intervention and some career advice from Fi and Jane. They discuss the highs and lows of breakfast shows, Shaun’s colour blindness, and the gender politics of dyeing hair.
13/07/1837m 39s

57. Miriam Margolyes is a lady of great passions

Actress and national treasure Miriam Margolyes joins Fi and Jane in the pizza, bringing an old school friend with her. They discuss Miriam’s recent TV presenting in America, Cuba and India, her advice to young actors, Australian misogyny, and her lifelong love of Dickens. Plus, Garvey and Glover dream up a plan to co-present a news programme, and top tips for a heatwave.
06/07/1850m 35s

56. Halfway up the Shard with Judy Murray

Fi and Jane get in the Wimbledon spirit with tennis legend Judy Murray. Our hosts break free of the pizza and head to Judy’s hotel, the Shangri-La, halfway up the Shard building in central London. Judy talks about her long career championing British tennis, and supporting her two sons - Andy and Jamie - in their rise from the community courts of Dunblane to becoming Wimbledon champions. Plus, Jane’s recent misadventures with coconut oil.
29/06/1846m 25s

55. Screeching accolades and mirrored ceilings, with Sadia Azmat

Sadia Azmat - comedian and co-host of podcast, No Country For Young Women – brings Fi and Jane an astonishing homemade chocolate cake. They discuss taking offence, false eyelashes, mirrored ceilings and the politics of borrowing Tupperware.
22/06/1829m 19s

54. Disc jockey not a doula, with Zeb Soanes

Fi and Jane are joined by the nation’s favourite male voice, Radio 4 continuity announcer and newsreader Zeb Soanes. Fi and Jane are dismayed by Zeb’s attempt to rehabilitate the urban fox with his children’s book, Gaspard the Fox, but are somewhat won over by adorable photos of the fox that inspired the book. Plus Zeb’s uncanny impressions of other well-known voices, and the incident that explains why Jane never drinks Pernod.
15/06/1833m 18s

53. Quiffo Magnifico with Mobeen Azhar

Presenter, producer, and one man Northern powerhouse Mobeen Azhar joins Fi and Jane for a chat and a flapjack. They discuss some of Mobeen’s programmes which range from a new film about The Satanic Verses to radio documentaries about imams who give sex advice, British jihadism, and being transgender in Pakistan. Plus, Fi and Jane on their trip to the races with Clare Balding, and the adventures of an obstreperous goat named Mary Jane.
08/06/1833m 16s

52. Don’t you know who I am? With Ali Plumb

Against all advice from his colleagues, Ali Plumb – Radio 1 and 1Xtra’s film critic - braves a meeting with Fi and Jane. They discuss the highs and lows of film junkets, interviewing actors, and what would happen if the Fortunately podcast was made into a movie. It’s a busy day in the pizza and Fi and Jane also have great chats with Jenni Murray and Greg James.
01/06/1832m 59s

51. Royal Wedding Debrief with Camilla Tominey

Camilla Tominey, Royal Editor and Political Editor at the Sunday Express, joins Fi and Jane in the pizza for some Royal Wedding post-match analysis. Camilla was broadcasting for a big American network from the roof of a hotel, Jane was stationed by the sign to Legoland on the turning off the A30, and Fi was on the sofa struggling to hear the sermon over the sound of her son eating a bag of particularly crunchy crisps. Camilla reveals some fascinating insights into the lives of the monarchy, and shares stories from her career as a royal reporter.
25/05/1835m 49s

50. Titillation with Charlie Sloth

Fi and Jane head to the Radio Academy’s Radio Festival in the hopes of grabbing the glorious and the good as they queue for a free burrito. In the green room, they corner Radio 1 and 1Xtra’s legendary presenter and DJ, Charlie Sloth. When Charlie reveals his plan to stop work at 40, Fi and Jane are on hand with advice about retirement planning, pensions and getting into gardening. Plus, Jane bumps into a former colleague from her local radio days.
18/05/1834m 0s

49. Dirndl Skirts and Pelvic Mezzanines …with Mariella Frostrup

Fi and Jane are joined by journalist and broadcaster Mariella Frostrup. They discuss French perineum experts, Emmanuel Macron’s marriage, and English national dress.
11/05/1836m 30s

48. Jim Al-Khalil's 50 shades of Quantum Biology

Fi recalls her mismatched teenage pen pal, whilst Jane takes issue with Jim's views on 80s music and fails to get to grips with quantum biology.
04/05/1840m 48s

47. Fatbergs and tantric sex with Jo Whiley

Fi and Jane dive into the sewers, there's a manscaping mystery and Jo Whiley tries her best to sell the festival experience.
27/04/1839m 3s

46. Not being the story: with Presenter Sarah Montague

On the first week in her new role as presenter of World at One, journalist Sarah Montague joins Fi and Jane to talk balanced journalism, interrupting, and presenting Today. Plus Jane’s wet step, Fi’s skiing holiday and the disloyalty of mothers.
20/04/1838m 30s

45. Soup, cake and organic scaffolding: Fortunately, at Jane’s house.

Fi travels to Jane’s home in West London for the final episode in this series.Together they talk about their favourite guests, the futility of ball tampering and whose porn name would be Tiddler O’Neil.
30/03/1834m 27s

44. A squirrel got my melon in Yosemite, with journalist Mark Mardell

Journalist and Foreign Correspondent Mark Mardell on the dangers of taking fruit into Yosemite. Plus small town America, survivalists, and why does Mark have the nickname Snakehips? Jane and Fi find out.
23/03/1836m 40s

43. Life doesn’t come in paragraphs, with Will Self

Fi and Jane are joined in the pizza by journalist and novelist, Will Self. There’s talk of bus journeys, millennials, and does life need paragraphs?
16/03/1843m 15s

42. A Cautionary Tale, with Radio Critic Gillian Reynolds

Gillian Reynolds MBE joins Fi and Jane and they’re not nervous. Not at all. Well… maybe a little. Fi feels left out of a Liverpool love in. There’s a cautionary, exemplary tale. And is Jane one of the greatest broadcasters of all time? Gillian gives her verdict…
09/03/1834m 5s

41, Mistaken heritages, with Viv Groskop

Fi and Jane are joined by Comedian and Russophile Viv Groskop.
02/03/1837m 40s

40. Inner Curls and Contrarians with Emily Maitlis

Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis may or may not have been rude to Coldplay’s Chris Martin as she joins Fi and Jane. They talk Jacob Rees Mogg, interviewing contrarians, and a changing room scandal. Plus comedian David Baddiel gets stopped in the pizza, and three millionaire shortbreads?! Fortunately are celebrating.
23/02/1841m 25s

39. The Turning: with Emma Kennedy

Actress, writer and presenter Emma Kennedy join Fi and Jane in the pizza. There’s chat about samphire, sensible jobs, and what happens when celebrities ‘Turn’
16/02/1834m 4s

38. Difficult conversations about harassment, and petrol station porn... with Adam Buxton

Three podcast hosts collide as comedian and broadcaster Adam Buxton joins Fi and Jane for the first recording of the year in the BBC Piazza… until it gets too noisy and it’s back to the Media Café. Adam talks about the difficult conversations he and his friends have had about harassment. Plus the sex appeal of robots, porn at petrol stations, and a rare insight into BBC Commissioning.
09/02/1839m 21s

37. Cranky milks and mummy almonds… with Sheila Dillon

Sheila Dillon, presenter of the Food Programme, tells how a pesticide scandal sparked her interest in food journalism and gives some advice on buying organic. Plus Roman springs, Larry’s planks and an update on Jane’s spinning class.
02/02/1830m 19s

36.Spinning, Sapphic footrubs and shameful hatlessness… with Nikki Bedi

Jane and Fi brave Storm Georgina in the BBC pizza to talk to Arts Hour and BBC London presenter Nikki Bedi. Nikki reveals how Mexico City’s film industry came to the rescue during last year’s earthquake. Plus spinning classes, the social consequences of hatlessness, and perfecting your caveat voice.
26/01/1829m 59s

35. Young person prejudices with iPM presenter Luke Jones

iPM presenter Luke Jones joins Fi and Jane in the Media Caff. He fields questions on the habits of the millennial - including bath mats and landlines – and introduces them to a new ‘young person’ game. Plus BBC job interviews, speaking to listeners and how to feign competence on a subject you don’t understand.
19/01/1841m 44s

34. Black pudding baby puree… with Chef Tom Kerridge

Jane and Fi put Tom Kerridge in the ‘joyful people’ category as they talk diets, big babies and shaved heads. Plus how Jane’s cake tin made the news.
12/01/1843m 21s

33: Bless you, Fi

Fi’s been struck down with the flu – but that won’t stop the first Fortunately episode of 2018. Jane pays a visit to her at home, where she’s rude about the artisan lampshade and floorboards. Plus TV doctors, Fi’s cats, and forget Serial… what happened with Jane’s turkey crown?
05/01/1833m 51s

32. Jane and Fi’s Review of the Year

Including ear of the year and Gloria Hunniford’s hair. Plus how to clean a pug and Christmas plans, featuring hearing aids and popped air beds
22/12/1737m 5s

31. Classic!

Braving the cold of the BBC pizza, Fi and Jane are joined by Radio 3 Presenter Clemency Burton-Hill to talk about AI composers and classical music. Plus creativity, pronunciation and Carols.
15/12/1745m 18s

30. Mildly bawdy with TV presenter Nick Knowles

The feel good factor of DIY SOS, and whether it’s sometimes ok to be bawdy.
08/12/1743m 36s

29. Marxist board games and smart thinking with Geoff Lloyd and Ed Miliband

Radio presenter Geoff Lloyd and Former Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband - joint hosts of the Reasons to be Cheerful podcast - join Fi and Jane for a wide-ranging interview at the BBC Media Cafe. Fi asks Ed what’s going to happen. Jane patronises Ed… and Ed patronises Jane. Plus not winning awards, dog shows and tripping over!
01/12/1749m 51s

28. Christmas cling film and out-there journalism with Shaimaa Khalil

BBC Journalist Shaimaa Khalil talks to Fi and Jane about the appeal – and danger - of being a foreign correspondent and the pressures it puts on her family. Plus Jane and Fi’s local radio days, and there’s a new health supplement to be tried out.
24/11/1739m 20s

27. Squid ink and Christmas codpieces with Grace Dent

Fi and Jane are joined by broadcaster and restaurant critic, Grace Dent, to discuss the perils of being a food critic. Clare Balding and Alice Arnold also join the ladies.
17/11/1736m 41s

26. George Orwell, old-fashioned porn and female flashers

Fi and Jane give their take on the BBC’s new Orwell statue and have discussions on sex and getting older. And, Jane suggests stripping off in the piazza.
10/11/1738m 7s

25. Optimism with presenter Jon Snow

Ever heard Jon Snow singing R Kelly? Nor had we. Fi and Jane are joined by the journalist and broadcaster to talk Trump, egos, the future of news and being an optimist. And then Jon sings.
03/11/1738m 24s

24. Peanut butter shower dispensers and Neil Nunes

Voice shaping with the BBC Radio announcer and "being a marmite broadcaster". Plus the results of Fi’s health assessment and more celebrity spotting.Produced by Georgia Catt
27/10/1741m 53s

23. #verystrong podcasting with W1A writer John Morton

Fi and Jane are off to Lollege College with John Morton - writer of the popular television series W1A - to talk about his teaching past, folding bikes and the low-level worry of writing comedy. Plus what happens when Hillary Clinton doesn’t show for your live interview.
20/10/1739m 26s

22. Bras (and interviews) of magnitude

An upcoming interview sets Fi, Jane and guest Samira Ahmed thinking.
13/10/1735m 38s

21. Sex industry secrets with Jon Ronson

Fi and Jane talk to broadcaster Jon Ronson about his new podcast series The Butterfly Effect, which traces the effect of free porn on the people who make it, those who star in it and to those who watch it.
06/10/1737m 38s

20. Celebrity junkets and (not) swearing

Asian Network’s Haroon Rashid on mega-celebrity interviews and the BBC’s Media Editor Amol Rajan gets a ticking off for swearing. Plus Prince Andrew posters and dinner with Meryl Streep.
29/09/1733m 57s

19. Chatting al fresco with Shelagh Fogarty

Fi and Jane leave the BBC piazza! And head to Leicester Square, which they decide they don’t like. They do, though, like the terrace at LBC radio, where they speak to LBC broadcaster Shelagh Fogarty about squaring up on radio phone-ins, driving test fails and inadvertently swearing on air.
22/09/1728m 54s

18. Horoscopes with Radio 1’s Greg James

Fi and Jane attempt to channel coolness as they press BBC Radio 1’s Greg James for listening tips, discuss horoscopes, and get a skincare exclusive. Plus passive aggressive gifts and the perils of celebrity film junkets.
15/09/1740m 49s

17. Double-heading with Shaun Keaveny and Matt Everitt

Fi Glover and Jane Garvey head across the BBC piazza to meet 6 Music’s Shaun Keaveny and Matt Everitt for some tips on the presenting double act. Plus summer holiday disasters and Jane’s Gender-Pay-Baps.
08/09/1725m 48s

Stand by. It's coming back.

Fortunately... with Fi and Jane returns very soon.
01/09/171m 22s

16. Sir Magnificent Glover and Ms Fedup-o-forms

In the final episode before a summer break, Jane Garvey and Fi Glover discuss television poltergeists, dirty laughs and silly names.
14/07/1729m 34s

15. Milkmaids and Monks

The sleeping habits of Donald Trump; urban wildlife and milkmaid dresses.
07/07/1730m 50s

14. All the best, Aunty Rachel

Broadcasters Jane Garvey and Fi Glover discuss Radiohead sing-alongs, fatbergs, and menopausal greeting cards. Plus a cameo appearance from Jenni Murray
30/06/1729m 16s

13. Waylaid by Richard Madeley

Fi Glover and Jane Garvey are joined by Paddy O’Connell to discuss Richard Madeley’s anecdotes, pop quiz prowess, and Paddy’s Aunt’s Thunderbox.
23/06/1729m 58s

12. The Sound of Turmeric

Fi Glover and Jane Garvey go to Radio 2 to meet fellow broadcaster Jeremy Vine and discuss autograph hunters, election graphics and hipster cafes.
16/06/1735m 16s

11. Nearly As Good As The Shrimping Man

Jane Garvey and Fi Glover discuss miracle soap, modern politics and the radio that’s made them cry.
09/06/1733m 10s

10. Handwashed Bras and Loin-Length Boots

Broadcasters Fi Glover and Jane Garvey discuss laundering lingerie and man-flirting on the radio.
02/06/1724m 43s

9. Have I Said the Right Thing?

Jane Garvey and Fi Glover discuss radio presenting during a terror attack and crossing line between the personal and the professional.
26/05/1721m 44s

8. A Full Beard and a Nosegay

Over coffee in the café at Broadcasting House Fi Glover and Jane Garvey discuss Lucy Worsley’s hair, being bullied at work and the French obsession with breasts.
19/05/1727m 36s

7. A Gauzy Melancholy

Fi Glover and Jane Garvey on saying no to sparkling wine, being banned from election reporting and what’ll be on their gravestones.
12/05/1729m 56s

6. Sultana in My Bra

Two of the BBC’s finest broadcasters, Jane Garvey and Fi Glover, reveal their week’s radio listening along with stories of reality TV offers, what’s in their wills and why there’s dried fruit in their underwear.
05/05/1725m 43s

5. The Darkness of Matt Baker

Broadcasting legend Shaun Keaveny joins Jane Garvey and Fi Glover to discuss space travel, depressed pets, and Iggy Pop on Countryfile.
28/04/1731m 41s

4. Bingo Wings and Printer Rage

Top British broadcasters Jane Garvey and Fi Glover discuss printer rage, speed-dating with other presenters and choosing between listening to your own programme or that of your ex-husband.
21/04/1721m 30s

3. No Portcullis of Compliance

Radio women Jane Garvey and Fi Glover consider broadcasting life before health and safety - when you could drink and then broadcast; and before political correctness - when it was okay to be could be rude about everybody. And on the subject of leaving programmes, they reflect on their own endings.
14/04/1727m 48s

2. Dungarees A Go-Go

Radio women Fi Glover and Jane Garvey consider recreating Donald Trump's hair out of food, the genius of Prefab Sprout and whether they should have a go at reading the television news.
07/04/1724m 26s

1. Feel My Rambutans

Top British broadcasters Jane Garvey and Fi Glover chat over coffee in the BBC cafe about Dr Who socks, hairy fruit and the highs and lows of their lives in radio.
31/03/1726m 25s

Welcome to Fortunately...

Two women who know what’s what and who’s who in the world of radio. First episode Friday.
29/03/172m 22s
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