Get Your Glow Back

Get Your Glow Back

By Madeleine Shaw

Get Your Glow Back (GYGB) podcast is a wellness podcast for mums. Each week, I, Madeleine Shaw (author, nutritional therapist and chef) will chat openly and honestly with a new guest. We’ll be covering the difficult task of navigating motherhood - from sleeping, to encouraging your kids to eat well to strengthening your pelvic floor, and of course loving and looking after your amazing self! #GYGB is an all-inclusive, supportive podcast where we will share actionable steps and tools to help you get your glow back - not to be missed!


The Joys of Travelling Solo with Kate Wills

I am joined today by Kate Wills, author of the incredible book 'A Trip of One's Own.' We talk all about the joys of travelling solo and that it is never too late to start over. We discuss the women that inspired Kate along the way and her top tips when it comes to travelling with a child and all things packing! Kate talks very openly about the pressures of living 'the correct way' and how she has overcome this. For the show notes on everything we discussed head to
04/05/2130m 2s

Chinese Medicine and Self Healing with Katie Brindle

I am joined today by Chinese Medicine Practitioner, founder of the Hayo'u method and best selling author Katie Brindle. On today’s episode we talk all about the art of Yang Sheng or self care and the work we can do to nurture our body, mind and spirit simultaneously through qigong, gua sha and other ancient practices. We discuss Chinese philosophy on our connection to nature and what it means for our health. For the shownotes on everything we discussed head to
30/03/2141m 4s

Separation and Setting Yourself Free with Amy Ransom

Joining me today is Amy Ransom, single mother and author of The Soul Soaring Virtues of Separation. Following the breakdown of her marriage in 2016 Amy has been keen to share how one relationship ending can actually be a wonderful new beginning. In today's episode Amy shares why divorce doesn't need to mean devastation, how we can reframe separation to embrace independence, positivity and authenticity and how the law of attraction has helped Amy in rediscovering herself. Shownotes on
16/03/2150m 59s

Finding Your Fierce with Brita Fernandez Schmidt

I’m joined today by the amazing Brita Fernandez Schmidt, Executive Director of Women for Women International and author of Fears to Fierce. Brita is an advocate and promoter of women’s empowerment, rights and equality through her charity work and coaching. On today’s episode we spoke all about how we can step into our purpose and power and why self leadership means accepting and knowing yourself without needing to be liked by everyone. For the show notes head to
02/03/2151m 0s

Sober Girl Society with Millie Gooch

I’m joined today by the amazing Millie Gooch, founder of the Sober Girl Society. Millie hosts Sober Girl Society’s signature boozeless brunches and sober sweat classes across the country and works with organisations to encourage sober curiosity and spread the message that being alcohol-free is far from boring. On today’s episode we spoke all about her journey to sobriety, some of the biggest misconceptions about why sobriety is on the rise and the unexpected benefits of living an alcohol free life.
16/02/2136m 36s

The Conscious Parenting Revolution with Katherine Sellery

I'm joined today by Katherine Sellery, 3x TEDx speaker and founder of Conscious Parenting Revolution for raising resilient, considerate and empowered kids who know their inner voice and honour it. Katherine has been coaching parents on conscious communication for over 16 years and shares her methods with me in today's episode. We spoke all about the importance of truly listening to ourselves and others and how to teach our children to know what they want and how to express it. Shownotes on
02/02/2143m 33s

Self Love, Soulmates & Finding Purpose with Melissa Ambrosini

On today's episode I'm joined by my old friend and the person who inspired my wellness journey, Melissa Ambrosini. Melissa is the bestselling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl, Open Wide and PurposeFULL, the host of the top-rated podcast The Melissa Ambrosini Show, a keynote speaker, content creator, and entrepreneur. On today's episode Melissa shared some really special advice about living life to it's fullest whether it's in work, relationships or with our view of self. I hope you enjoy listening!
26/01/2152m 40s

Mastering Your Magnetism with Pandora Paloma

Joining me again is the inspiring and endlessly wise Pandora Paloma, Intuitive Living Coach, Author, Mother and Podcast Host. Since Pandora first came on to talk all things intuitive eating she has switched her focus to intuitive business, coaching women to get in touch with their inner guide to maximise their potential. On today's episode Pandora fills us in on the journey that inspired this shift of focus and how we can all tap into our inner magnetism and the amazing things that can happen as a result
19/01/2132m 53s

The Power of Breath with Richie Bostock aka The Breath Guy

Today I’m joined by Richie Bostock, breathwork coach and author of Exhale to talk all about the life changing possibilities of breath. Following years of study with some of the best known practitioners in the world, including Wim Hof Richie has been called “the best in the business” by the Sunday Times. On today’s episode Richie shares his journey to breathwork, what the research says about the power of breath and some simple exercises to energise and destress. For the show notes visit
12/01/2146m 18s

Plant Power with Dr Gemma Newman

I'm joined today by the amazing Dr Gemma Newman aka the Plant Power Doctor to talk veganism and health. Gemma has been passionately bridging the gap between western medicine and holistic health for the past decade, educating both those in the medical field and her own patients. On today's episode she offers her view on why eating a plant based diet might just be the best thing we can do for our health and how we can ensure we are getting the right nutrition from a vegan diet. Show notes on
05/01/2143m 12s

Herbs, Health & Ayurveda with Jo Webber

Today I’m joined by Jo Webber, Ayurvedic practitioner, yoga teacher and head of herbal education for Pukka Herbs. I was so excited to chat to Jo all about how we can use herbal medicine and ayurveda to solve many of life's health dilemmas including getting a better night’s sleep. We also discussed my experience with the free Pukka 7 day sleep  with ease programme and how you can get involved. For the show notes on everything we discussed head over to
15/12/2043m 33s

Demystifying Dental Health with The Foodie Dentist

I'm joined today by the amazing Dr Surina Sehgal aka The Foodie Dentist to talk all things teeth, why the oral microbiome is so important and the dental do's and don't we should all live by. Dr Surina has a wealth of experience in the oral health and nutrition space, helping people to understand the crucial link between oral general health and bridging the gap between dentistry and medicine and I'm so excited to share her wisdom with you. For the show notes head to
01/12/2045m 22s

Cancer and Changing Directions with Annabel Chown

Today I’m joined by Annabel Chown, architect, yoga teacher and breast cancer survivor. Annabel's inspiring story has been published in Red magazine and the Daily Telegraph and now in her memoir, Hidden. At the age of 31, at the peak of a thriving career Annabel's diagnosis changed everything, her story of being young, single and living with cancer is one of hope, adaptation and acceptance of those moments when life swerves in unimaginable directions. For the show notes head to
17/11/2038m 32s

Family, Food and Finding Your Why with What Mummy Makes

I'm joined today by Sunday Times bestselling author Rebecca Wilson. Rebecca has inspired countless parents to change the way they think about feeding their children through her much loved instagram @WhatMummyMakes which offers recipes that work for the whole family. On today's episode we spoke all about her food philosophy, why she believes eating as a family is crucial for nurturing a healthy relationship with food and how she manages the pressures of a career online. show notes on
03/11/2039m 44s

Food Facts and Fiction with Professor Tim Spector OBE

I’m joined today by Professor Tim Spector OBE, epidemiologist, microbiome expert and one of the leading voices in nutritional science. On today’s episode Tim discusses what so many of us are getting wrong about nutrition, why our labels are lying to us and what the future of food could look like. We covered a whole range of topics from gut health to personalised nutrition and intermittent fasting to uncover what the research behind these food trends really tell us. Show notes on
20/10/2037m 13s

Redundancy and Redirection with Eleanor Tweddell

Eleanor was made redundant after 23 years working in corporate, after an unsuccessful search for a new job she wondered if there was more and begun exploring these thoughts in a blog which became a career. She now runs her consultancy, another door and has just written her first book: Why Losing Your Job Could be the Best Thing That Ever Happened to You. On today's episode Eleanor shares her 5 step plan for tackling redundancy and how to create opportunities in difficult times. Shownotes:
06/10/2047m 1s

Parenting & Play with Joanna Fortune

I'm joined today by Joanna Fortune, Child and Family Psychotherapist and author of the 15 minute parenting series. Inspired by her clinical experience Joanna developed her 15 minute play method to help time poor parents reconnect with their children and better understand their needs. On today's episode we spoke all about the importance of presence over presents, why good enough is good enough and her tips for the parenting struggles we all deal with. For the show notes visit
28/07/2054m 1s

Mastering Mental Wellbeing with The Mind Medic

Dr Sarah Vohra aka The Mind Medic re-joins me on the podcast to talk all things mental health, and how we can use our 5 senses to recognise and resolve the things that trigger us most. Sarah is a psychiatrist and best selling author who is passionate about helping others to understand and look after their mental health. On today's episode Sarah shared some amazing advice around healthy social media use, how we can heal our body image and tactics for dealing with worry. Shownotes:
21/07/2052m 37s

Skincare 101 with Dr Anjali Mahto

I'm joined today by Dr Anjali Mahto, consultant dermatologist and author of The Skin Bible to talk all things skin health. Anjali is an expert in all things skincare and on todays episode we covered it all - from acne to anti ageing myths and misconceptions, how to find the right products for our skin and how we can cope better with the psychological effects skin issues bring. For the show notes head to
07/07/2056m 23s

Capsule Wardrobes and a Minimalist Mindset with Kristina Rasmussen

I'm joined today by Kristina Rasmussen AKA the Scandinavian Stylist, a personal and interiors stylist with over 20 years experience coaching clients to get to know their personal style, and enjoy life more with less. On today's episode we spoke all about where to begin with creating a capsule wardrobe, how we can raise children with a minimalist mindset and why switching impulse buys for a self care fund will always make us feel better. For the show notes visit
30/06/2049m 35s

Sisterhood and Self Care with Nadia Narain & Katia Narain Phillips

I'm joined today by amazing sisters Nadia Narain and Katia Narain Phillips to talk all things self-care. Nadia & Katia have co-authored four books on powerful self care rituals that are achievable in the real world. On today's episode we spoke all about why self care is even more important now than ever, how we can switch from a fear mindset to a one of appreciation and gratitude and how we can stop judging others, and most importantly ourselves. For the show notes visit
23/06/2045m 33s

Hormones and Health with Angelique Panagos

I'm joined today by Angelique Panagos, a Nutritional Therapist and author of The Balance Plan: Six Steps to Optimize Your Hormonal Health. Angelique specialises in hormone health and helping women like herself who suffer with hormone related conditions. On today's episode we discussed how our modern lifestyles are impacting hormone health, how we can understand our own hormones and what to do if you are suffering with hormone related conditions such as PCOS. Show notes on
16/06/2050m 40s

Comparison, Perfectionism and Caring for Carers

For National Carers Week I'm joined by Penny Wincer author of Tender: The Imperfect Art of Caring. Penny first became a carer for her mother in her teens and is now a carer for her son Arthur, who is Autistic. Penny shares her experience coming to terms with her son's disability and accepting that their different path is still a happy one, how we can act as allies to families affected by disability and how to support the estimated 9 million unpaid carers in the UK. Shownotes:
09/06/2039m 4s

Naturopathy, Ayurveda and Functional Medicine with Dr Stephen Cabral

Dr. Stephen Cabral is a Naturopathic doctor, Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner and author of The Rain Barrel Effect. On today’s episode Dr. Cabral explains the differences between Eastern and Western medicine, and the important role both play in looking after our health; how his own health issues led him into a journey of discovery amounting in over 20 years studying functional medicine and how we can all begin understanding our bioindividual needs and our health better. Shownotes:

Healthy Habits with Dr Heather McKee

I'm joined by behaviour change expert Dr Heather McKee, Heather spent 10 years in academia researching behaviour change and now runs her own consultancy and courses using evidence-based techniques to help people create long lasting healthy habits. On today's episode we spoke about how to create the ideal environment to establish habits, why failure is a strength when it comes to making change and why developing self compassion is the key to sticking to habits. show notes on
26/05/2048m 10s

Understanding IBDs with Aliza Marogy

For IBD awareness day I’m joined by nutritionist and founder of Inessa, Aliza Marogy. Aliza was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis as a teenager but went into remission over 20 years ago after changing her diet and lifestyle. We spoke all about Aliza's IBD experience,  how to manage the physical and emotional side of IBD's - from communicating your needs at work to managing social expectations and the interventions that have worked for her and her clients. Show notes on
19/05/2052m 47s

Creativity, Connection and Rediscovering Your Inner Child with Laura Brand

I'm joined today by author of the Joy Journal for Magical Everyday Play Laura Brand to talk all things conscious parenting, nurturing creativity in ourselves and our children and reconnecting with our inner child. On today's episode Laura shared her favourite rainy day activities, her top tips to find a flow state and enjoy the creative process rather than focus on the end result and the parenting practices that have transformed how she views motherhood. For the show notes visit
12/05/2044m 47s

Curating Your Life with Gail Golden MBA, PhD

I'm joined today by Curating Your Life: Ending the Struggle for Work-Life Balance author, Gail Golden to talk all about the elusive work-life balance, and why it might a myth that isn't worth chasing. For Gail, the key to a productive and fulfilled life lies within the ability to curate our energy. We spoke all about how we can understand our own limitations, how to step out of our comfort zone and what it takes to curate a life we can be proud of. For the show notes visit
05/05/2040m 41s

Practical Purpose with Sam Jones

I'm joined today by life coach Sam Jones. Sam has over 3000+ hours coaching experience with professionals, business owners, leaders and has helped me get clarity within my own career over the last few years. On today's episode we discussed why purpose doesn't have to be complicated, how we gain self awareness and move towards our purpose starting today and the lessons he's learned from the current pandemic. For the show notes visit
28/04/2048m 15s

Understanding Gut Health with Laura Tilt

Some topics covered in this episode are:  What is microbiome testing and should we be investing in it? What is IBS and what should we do if we are suffering? What is healthy digestion and what can we learn about our gut health through our poo  Mindful eating: why and how we eat might be just as important as what we eat for our health What should we eat for gut health and why?  We are offering an exclusive listener discount code for our IBS programme, The Happy Gut Guide enter the code HGG20 for 20% off. Thanks for listening and let me know your thoughts on today's episode by leaving us a review or sharing over on social media    
21/04/201h 2m

The Power of Pause with Danielle North

My guest today is Danielle North, executive coach, author of Pause and founder of Pause Retreats. After facing burnout Danielle has been passionately sharing the message that busy isn't always better. In this global time of slowing down she shares advice for using this time to create a better connection with ourselves. We discussed why busy and successful are not the same thing, how to calm a busy mind and how pauses help us to come back to who we are and what we need. Shownotes:
14/04/2050m 8s

Mastering the Menopause with Emma Bardwell

The menopause is something all women will go through and yet we often don't educate ourselves about it until we go through it ourselves. My podcast guest today, nutritional therapist Emma Bardwell is working to destroy the fear of the unknown and put the power back into our hands to take on the menopause in a positive and informed way. We spoke all about the role of lifestyle in the menopause, what menopause symptoms really look like and where we can go for support. Shownotes on
07/04/2053m 24s

Food and Mind with Kimberley Wilson

I'm joined today by Kimberley Wilson, psychologist, host of the Stronger Minds podcast and author of How To Build a Healthy Brain. Kimberley's work looks at the role food and lifestyle plays in our mental health, including disordered eating, the gut-brain axis and our emotional relationship with food. We spoke all about how to build a healthy relationship with food for ourselves and our children, how to eat for a healthy brain and the role social media plays in mental health.
31/03/201h 7m

Understanding Immunity with Dr Jenna Macciochi PhD

I'm joined today by Dr Jenna Macciochi PhD, immunologist and author of Immunity: The Science of Staying Well. On today's episode we spoke about the roles of the immune system, how we can nurture our immune system through diet, exercise and lifestyle and the things we can do to support the development of a strong immune system in our little ones. I learned so much from Jenna in today's episode and will be taking on a lot of her practical advice into my daily life. Show notes on
24/03/2052m 2s

Reconnecting to Nature with Willow Crossley

In these uncertain times where so much of daily life is interupted the one thing we can still do is get outside and reconnect to nature. My podcast guest Willow Crossley is passionate about encouraging others to connect to nature to improve our mental health, having struggled with postnatal depression spending time outside and allowing herself to 'just be' allowed her to process her emotions and grow through the experience. For the show notes on everything we discussed head over to
17/03/2043m 39s

Being Inspired and Inspiring Others to Say YES to Sustainability with Melissa Hemsley

I'm joined today by the amazing Melissa Hemsley, celebrated food writer, founder of the sustainability sessions, activist and author to talk all things food waste, flexitarianism, fairtrade and finding the fun in busy life. Melissa's positivity is infectious as she shares her greatest sources of inspiration for taking care of ourselves and the planet. We discussed where she see's the future of food and how we can work towards reducing our negative impact on our planet. Shownotes:
10/03/201h 7m

Weathering the Winds of Change with Julia Samuel MBE

I'm joined today by the wonderful Julia Samuel MBE, psychotherapist, author and founder patron of the Child Bereavement Trust to talk all about her new book: 'This Too Shall Pass.' Julia's book focuses on the one constant of life - change and how we can adapt and grow through it. We spoke all about how we can prepare ourselves for life's transitions, how we can support those we love to deal with change and the work we can do to build resilience. For the show notes visit
03/03/201h 2m

Money Talks with Emilie Bellet

I'm joined today by the wonderful Emilie Bellet, founder of Vest Pod platform and author of 'You're Not Broke, You're Pre-Rich.' Emilie is on a mission to empower other women to understand their finances and feel confident to make the most of their money. We spoke all about how to close the gender pay gap, why we all need to start talking money in our relationships and how to start saving for the life you've always dreamed of. For the show notes visit
25/02/201h 1m

Finding Aligned Ambition as an Underfufilled Overachiever with Megan Hellerer

Megan Hellerer, a conscious career coach left her career as a Google executive in 2014 on a search for something more. Fast forward to today, she now works as a conscious career coach guiding fellow underfulfilled overachievers, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez towards their aligned ambition. We spoke all about how to stop self sabotaging, why curiosity is key to finding purpose and the check in we should all be doing daily to hear our inner compass. For shownotes visit
18/02/201h 5m

Skin Nutrition with Erica Rodriguez

After coming off the pill in her 20s Erica Rodriguez suffered with acne and tried to cure her skin through antibiotics, anti androgens and harsh topical treatments only to find her skin and general health got worse. With the help of a nutritionist Erica healed her gut and acne and became a nutritionist herself, helping others with their skin struggles. We spoke about the skin gut axis, the role of hormones and sleep for clear skin and how to fight skin pollution. Show notes on 
11/02/2044m 28s

Finding Fulfilment, Self Compassion and Setting Boundaries with Pia Stanchina

Joining me today is Pia Stanchina, a transformational coach and single mama who has transitioned from a career bridging fashion, beauty and technology at companies like Google and Glossy Box to empowering others through her work as a coach to some of the most inspiring ladies out there. We spoke all about the journey to finding purpose, how to identify your values and live in alignment with them and why self compassion is always the answer. For the show notes please visit
04/02/2054m 3s

Endometriosis, Supplements and Starting a Business

I'm joined today by nutritional therapist and co-founder of Wild Nutrition Henrietta Norton. For the last fifteen years Henrietta has used her knowledge of nutrition to help women manage issues relating to female health – ranging from fertility to symptoms connected to the menopause. We spoke all about her experience with endometriosis, when we should and shouldn't use supplements and the advice she wishes she was given before starting her business. For the show notes visit 
28/01/2049m 12s

Getting Your Baby to Sleep Like a Baby

Joining me today is sleep consultant and founder of the Just Chill Baby Sleep platform, Rosey Davidson. Great sleep is the ultimate foundation for wellness for the whole family but for some of us it can seem like hard work. On today's episode we discussed how to help your little one to sleep well and what to do in times of disrupted sleep. Having struggled with both my own and my son's disrupted sleep I took a lot from this episode and I hope you do too! For the show notes visit
21/01/2051m 8s

Confidence, Purpose and Raising Foodies with Annabel Karmel MBE

Undoubtedly the Queen of Weaning, Annabel Karmel MBE has written 47 books, with over 5 million cookbooks sold worldwide and almost 30 years of expertise. She joins me today to talk about the tragedy that has inspired her legacy, the advice she would give to anyone wanting to start their own business and the knowledge all parents need before they begin weaning. I hope you enjoy listening, for the show notes please visit
14/01/2037m 31s

5 Minutes to Change Your Life with Dr Rangan Chatterjee

As someone who understands the juggling act of work, family, friends and self Dr Chatterjee knows that the way to change your life is through small sustainable changes. As a GP for 20 years, Dr Chatterjee has experienced first hand how a healthy lifestyle can both prevent and treat disease. We spoke all about the lessons he's learned from his patients, the importance of social interaction in maintaining our health and the simple things we can do to live better. Show notes are on
07/01/2056m 29s

The Most Important Thing You Never Learned With Relationship Therapist Clare Faulkner

As humans we spend our entire lives navigating relationships and yet many of us never take the time to learn how to do so successfully. My guest today, couples therapist Clare Faulkner offers insight into why the patterns we learned from our caregivers often lead to us experiencing the same issues in all our relationships, why we resent our romantic partners and how to stop, what to do when your relationship stage shifts and how to set boundaries. For the show notes visit
10/12/1951m 39s

Freedom From Perfectionism with Motherkind Founder Zoe Blaskey

On the podcast today is Zoe Blaskey, founder of the Motherkind platform and podcast, which the Telegraph has called the 'antidote to the toxic perfectionism of modern motherhood.' Zoe is on a mission to help others to be kinder to themselves, set boundaries and realise they are enough. We spoke all about the roots of perfectionism, how we can connect with ourselves, what mum guilt really is and how to minimise the negative effects of social media. For the show notes visit

Mindful Birthing with the Dream Birth Company

I'm joined today Clodagh Connell and Marie Claire Lalor the founders of mindful birthing company, The Dream Birth Company to talk all things mindful birth. We spoke all about how knowledge can give us an active empowered role in birth, the things our birthing partners can do to make the birth as positive as possible and the power of the mind-body connection.  I hope you enjoy this episode, for the show notes please visit
26/11/1948m 20s

Spice Up Your Life with Dr Kanchan Koya

Dr Kanchan Koya combines her PhD in Molecular Biology from Harvard with training from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to shine light on the power of spices for families everywhere through her platform Spice Spice Baby and podcast, MOMLIGHT. We spoke all about her health philosophy, how she makes working motherhood work for her, the spices we should all be eating and how she silences self doubt and finds the motivation to make amazing things happen. For the show notes visit
19/11/1936m 50s

Fighting Food Waste with Max La Manna

Today I am joined by zero waste chef and environmental activist Max La Manna to talk all things food waste. Max is such a positive and passionate person who is making a real difference through his instagram and new book, inspiring so many of us to seek a more sustainable life. Max shared some really amazing tips for how to reduce food waste, how he found his passion and how we can make long term positive change. I hope you love listening to this episode, for the show notes visit
12/11/1954m 5s

A Life Less Stressed with Dr Ron Ehrlich

Today I am joined by holistic dentist and author of a life less stressed Dr Ron Ehrlich. Ron is has been a practitioner for around 40 years and in this time has been fascinated by how to mouth is connected to the whole body and how our mouths may hold the answer to a life less stressed. We discussed his 5 pillar model of stress and the changes we can make to live a happier, less stressed life. I hope you loved this episode, for the show notes visit
05/11/1954m 35s

Working Mum Wisdom with Alice Russell

I am joined today to talk all thing working mums with my amazing manager Alice Russell. Alice founded her own talent agency, Found Entertainment in 2013 with her best friend and shortly after became a mother of two under two. We spoke all about the qualities she hopes to pass on to her daughters, how motherhood inspired her business journey and how we can communicate and prioritise effectively to find the balance between work and motherhood. For show notes visit
29/10/1955m 20s

Decluttering Your Life and Making Space For The Good Stuff with Dilly Carter

Dilly Carter is a woman the BBC referred to as "London's Marie Kondo" she is on a mission to help people to free up space to live life to the fullest. I absolutely loved my chat with Dilly, talking all things decluttering and how to switch your mindset from quantity to quality and treasure what you have to fall in love with your life and the space you live in. I hope you love this episode as much as I loved recording it, for the show notes visit
22/10/191h 1m

Barefoot Business, Parenting and Movement with Simon Stratton

I am joined today by my friend Simon Stratton, Simon is a movement coach and the founder of local motion studio in London, one of my favourite places to exercise. We spoke all about why barefoot is best, how to strip parenting back to basics and allow your children to inspire you and how we can make the most of our connection to our environment and find our tribe. I hope you love this episode, for the show notes visit
15/10/1945m 47s

Let's Talk Sex with Kate Moyle

I've been so excited to share today's episode with you all. I am joined by psychosexual and relationship therapist, Kate Moyle. We talked all things sex, from spicing up relationships to female orgasms, libido, sex toys and sex after babies. Kate does such an incredible job of demystifying so many of the things we are afraid to talk about or don't understand and has some really amazing advice. I hope you loved this episode, for the show notes visit:
08/10/1950m 0s

Contraception, Fertility, Periods and Pregnancy with the OBGYN Mum

On today’s episode I’m talking all things female health with the amazing OBGYN mum, Brooke. Brooke is on a mission to empower women with knowledge about their own incredible bodies, so they can approach contraception, fertility, pregnancy and everything in between confidently. We uncovered the facts about topics like plastic free periods, egg freezing, fertility, pregnancy and preparing for birth. I hope you take as much from my chat with Brooke as I did. For show notes visit
01/10/1946m 47s

Turning Obstacles into Opportunities with Gabby Bernstein

I am joined today by one of my wellness heroes, Gabby Bernstein. Gabby is a spiritual teacher and best selling author of 7 books including the brand new Super Attractor. In this episode Gabby shares why becoming a mother has been the catalyst for the greatest spiritual growth she has experienced, the relationship between medicine and spirituality, how we can create a positive inner dialogue to begin manifesting what we want most and discover our true purpose. For show notes visit
24/09/1931m 1s

Relationships, Fitness and Mum Life with Carly Rowena

I am joined today by new mumma and fitness inspiration Carly Rowena for an extra special live episode to talk about how we can make the most out of all the relationships in our lives. We discuss Carly’s top tips for finding time for the things you love as a new mum, how we can prioritise ourselves for the good of our family and the steps we can take to encourage our partners to be confident dads. I hope you love this episode, show notes on
17/09/1928m 22s

The Power of Keeping it Real, Aromatherapy and Creating an Authentic Wellness Business with Nicola Elliott

Nicola Elliott, co-founder of Neom Organics began to feel the effects of neglecting her health in pursuit of ‘having it all’ and rediscovered what wellness meant to her: good sleep, less stress, better energy and good mood. Neom has pioneered organic aromatherapy products that fulfil these four pillars in an industry where synthetic dominated. We speak about the power of natural, why wellness should be simple and what to consider when starting a wellness business. Show notes:
06/08/1950m 28s

Combatting the Anxiety Epidemic with Chloe Brotheridge

I am joined today by hypnotherapist and anxiety expert Chloe Brotheridge. We spoke all about the relationship between social media and anxiety, why people pleasing might not be pleasing anyone and the steps we should all be taking to become less anxious and kinder to ourselves. I hope you love this episode, show notes on
30/07/1937m 37s

Set Yourself Free From Diet Culture And Embrace Your Intuition

On today’s episode I am joined by Pandora Paloma, founder of rooted living, a woman on a mission to help women to tap into their inner wisdom to build self-love, self-worth and success. We spoke all about intuitive eating and how tapping into our inner guide can free us from diet culture and how we can foster a better relationship with food and with ourselves and how to nurture intuition within our children. I hope you love this insightful episode and I can't wait to hear what you think. Show notes on
23/07/1952m 50s

Slowing Down Fast Fashion with Venetia Falconer

The affordability of clothing coupled with #ootd culture has led many of us to think that we need new clothes every time we leave the house, but does the cheap price tag reflect the real cost of these items? To learn more about fast fashion, what it is and why it matters I am joined by my ever inspiring friend, sustainability activist Venetia Falconer for a candid conversation that I am so excited to share with you. I can't wait to hear what you think. For show notes visit
16/07/1945m 24s

Pre and Post Natal Nutrition with Mummy Nutrition

Today I am joined by dietitian Nichola. Having recently become a mum to the gorgeous Henry, Nic is on a mission to dispel myths and educate mothers everywhere about how best to nourish themselves and their little ones. I hope you love this honest and candid conversation with a truly authentic woman, about what to eat and not to eat when pregnant, how to look after yourself and baby postpartum and how best to support your loved ones who are pregnant or new mums. Show notes on
09/07/1945m 45s

Ayurveda: The Science of Life

After becoming pregnant Eminé was overwhelmed by a barrage of conflicting advice from friends, colleagues, family members. Her response? to learn more about herself through Ayurveda, to understand the language of her own body. In today’s episode we talk about her experience with Ayurveda and how it’s principles have guided her to live intuitively and the positive influence it has had on her family life. For show notes visit
02/07/1959m 1s

Baby Loss & Growing From Grief

In today's episode I am joined by Marina Fogle. Marina is the co-founder of the bump class, the producer of The Parent Hood podcast, a speaker for baby loss awareness, and of course, a mother and wife. In today’s episode we talk through the painful subject of baby loss and why we need to open up more and raise awareness, coping mechanisms, how to support parents going through pain and our own experiences. For show notes visit
25/06/1947m 16s

Why Everyone Needs To Meditate

Jillian is a Vedic Meditation Teacher, a Coach, Mentor & Speaker. Jillian once felt the effects of long hours, non-stop travel, and stress and started to burn out. After learning to meditate, she very quickly felt more energised, healthier, and more focused and that’s what bought her here.  In todays episode we talk through her journey of life, how meditation has changed so many peoples lives, busting myths on meditation, how it can benefit how we parent and also introducing meditation for our little ones! For show notes:
18/06/1940m 54s

The Power of Play

Kids should be noisy, happy, playful and laughing often!! Not a truer word said. Today I am joined by Ash Perrin, the amazing founder of the seagull project; a group of entertainers and musicians who have travelled to 23 countries touching the lives of 115K children in orphanages, refugee camps and hospitals over the last decade. Today we chat about overcoming challenges, the tools you need to do so, how we can be less addicted to our screens, but mostly how playtime will change our lives and our kids!! You can’t miss this. For show notes:
11/06/191h 2m

Breaking Through The ‘I Can’t Do It’ and How to Start Chasing our Dreams

Bonita Norris, the youngest British woman to climb Everest, adventurer, author, motivational speaker and amazing mumma goes from climbing mountains to motherhood. Today we chat about preparing for birth, home birthing, adjusting from having free time to no time and her amazing life experiences so far. Bonita has pushed her limits in the most extreme environments on earth so I hope she inspires you as much as she did me. Show notes:
04/06/1935m 49s

Gratitude & Living Life Like Nobody Is Watching With Aisha Carrington

WOW, What an episode! Aisha Carrington, founder of get lit retreat a place for group therapy and healing, a passionate stylist and a mum of one teaches how to start living life like nobody is watching!! In todays episode we dive deep into why we are so self-critical & how not to be, why mirror work will help you love yourself, teaching self love to our child & lastly, Aisha shares why gratitude & smiling can help solve so much. I really hope you enjoy this ep, I certainly loved every second. Show notes:
28/05/1935m 54s

Money Management, Budgeting & Creating Your Dream Home

Mother of Peggy and queen of being frugal yet stylish, Alex Stedman, is here to enlighten us on how you can create your dream home and save money at the same time. Also how to be frugal when it comes to food, fashion, kids and general adult things. It’s just some simple hacks to make life easier but remain stylish at the same time! Show notes here:
21/05/1954m 43s

Fatherhood & Raising Kids Who LOVE Food

Once a private chef to Craig David now the co-founder of Babease - the baby food company making great change. Tom likes to challenge ‘fussy eaters’ and change how people view baby food; FOOD FOR BABIES, NOT BABY FOOD. Today Tom shares 5 TIPS FOR FEEDING YOUR KIDS, opens up about fatherhood and genuinely chats about his love for food and flavours! For everything we chat about today you can find all the details in the show notes at:
14/05/1951m 28s

Resentment, Relationships, Intrusive Thoughts & The MOPMAN Theory

The incredible Anna, is a mum of 3, psychotherapist, writer, speaker and founder of her own Instagram community in which she shares an honest, enlightening insight into motherhood day-by-day. In todays episode we talk through her rollercoaster experience with anxiety and managing it as a mum, postnatal depression, dealing with resentment and so much more. For Everything we chat about today you can find all the details in the show notes which is at: 
07/05/1943m 14s

Body Positivity & Instagram with Jess Jones (@fatfunnyone)

Jess is a mum of two girls, mental health activist and motivational speaker who is also known as @TheFatFunnyOne. She is an amazing advocate for all things life, motherhood, cake & body confidence! In todays episode we talk through how to believe in yourself, approaching your child after school, Instagram & measuring your worth and why we need to stop these negative head talks. For Everything we chat about today you can find all the details in the show notes which is at:
30/04/1944m 24s

CONFIDENCE & New Chapters With Katie Piper

Katie Piper, is a mum of two, best-selling international author, inspirational speaker, TV presenter and charity founder! The Katie Piper Foundation aims to have a world where scars do not limit a person’s function, social inclusion or sense of well being and it’s doing amazing things. Today we talk through confidence and where to find it, affirmations everyone needs to say to themselves, the imposter syndrome and how to celebrate new chapters. I learnt so much from Katie, she is a true inspiration and a wonderful soul. Show notes:
23/04/1935m 41s

Feeding Your Little Ones With Charlotte SR

Charlotte Sterling-Reed is a registered Nutritionist, with specialist areas in Maternal, Infant and Child Nutrition, working with Joe Wicks on wean in 15. Mumma to little Raffy, she gives the BEST advice, and I personally have learnt so much from her! In todays episode we talk about weaning, reducing anxiety around feeding, fussy eaters, snacks and top tips for veggie kids!! For Everything we chat about today you can find all the details in the show notes which are at:  
16/04/1937m 37s

Bald Vaginas, Discharge & "Down-there" Health With Gynae Geek

London based doctor Anita Mitra, has experience in academic research & clinical medicine. Not only is she the queen of straight-talking facts, also Author of the Gynae Geek, No Nonsense Guide To Down There Health Care. We talk through all things vaginal health, fertility, menopause, DISCHARGE, also why you don’t need to shave your vagina, PCOS and so much more. Such an insightful chat. Show notes here: 

Fertility, PCOS & The Contraceptive Pill With Emma Cannon

Emma is a fertility and women's health expert, registered acupuncturist, founder of Emma Cannon clinic and Womens Health speaker. With over 20 years of practice she has helped countless women achieve their dream of having a family - including me. Today we chat about why you need to be thinking about fertility before wanting to get pregnant, what to eat and what not to eat, how to manage PCOS and her thoughts on the contraceptive pill! Show notes:
19/03/1950m 41s

THE KEY To Loving Your Body With Charlie Launder

My amazing friend Charlie is the founder of bumps and burpees, she is passionate about getting new and expecting mums feeling fit, strong and proud of their bodies. Based in London with 8 years experience, Charlie chats to us about how to LOVE your body, how to stay motivated, ALL you need to know on pre and post natal movement & fitting movement in around your busy life. Show notes here:
12/03/1935m 12s

Making Motherhood Less Lonely With Michelle K

Motherhood is said to be as lonely as divorce or bereavement. CEO and founder of peanut (motherhood app), mum of 1 and one of the wisest ladies I have ever met; Michelle Kennedy aims to make motherhood a little less lonely! We discuss her career story from lawyer to CEO whilst pregnant, how to make friends with other mums and her top tips for stay at home mums and feeling alone. Such an important topic, show notes here:
05/03/1943m 8s

Strengthening Your Pelvic Floor & Sex Life With Baz Moffat

Yorkshire girl, Mum of 2 and Women's health and fitness coach Baz Moffat is on a mission to get all women connecting and strengthening their pelvic floors. We really get to know all about the pelvic floor, why it’s key to a good sex life and interestingly how actually most of us don’t engage our pelvic floors and how doing so can change your whole life. Show notes here:
26/02/1932m 54s

Embracing The Diversity Of Motherhood With Candice B

The inspirational Candice Brathwaite was just a breath of fresh air. Founder of Make Motherhood Diverse and mummy blogger of two, she chats to us all about diversity in the blogger space, what it’s like being the breadwinner, work & mum life balance and opens up about her traumatic birth story. I said it here first, SHE WILL BE THE NEXT OPRAH! Enjoy. Show Notes here:
19/02/1937m 31s

Overcoming Comparison With The Mind Medic

Best selling author, child psychiatrist, Womens Health psychiatrist and mum, Sarah Vohra shares her must-know expertise on mental health. Passionate about mental wellbeing and striving to debunk myths around mental health, she shares her 5 senses technique, how to combat loneliness, her non-negotiable morning curfew and also how we can stop comparing ourselves! Show notes here:  
12/02/1946m 17s

Saving Sleep-Deprived Mums With Kate FW

Kate Faithfull-Williams, a contributing editor at Stylist mag, well-being author, specialist in SLEEP and mother of two, reveals exactly how to manage late night sugar cravings and get some proper sleep instead! My incredible bubbly friend Kate also shares her top tips for us sleep deprived mums and why sleep is a MAGIC BULLET that will change your whole life. We hope you love it (subscribe, to keep up to date) and come and giggle with us, show notes here:
05/02/1934m 45s

Plastic Free Parenting With Emma Ross

We chatted over a delicious vanilla tea and delved deep into why exactly we should be parenting more sustainably. When Emma first became a mother something changed in her - she was instantly inspired and on a mission to parent HER WAY! In this episode we discuss why we all need to switch to reusable nappies, how to make plastic free parenting effortless AND her number 1 top tip for reducing waste in your life. Say hello on my instagram at @madeleine_shaw_ , give a 5 star rating if you loved and find the show notes here:
29/01/1934m 7s

My Motherhood Journey So Far

Motherhood is hard, unpredictable, enlightening, and just the most incredible life changing experience all at the same time. #GYGB aims to be raw, helpful and supportive for anyone and everyone who wants to hear it, especially those who like me, are navigating their way through the wonder world that is motherhood, day-by-day. In this episode, I’m starting right from the beginning of my journey, before I knew what was in store, to now, where my beautiful boy is running around my ankles. There’s no holding me back, I’m sharing the highs and the lows, diving deep into the emotional rollercoaster it has been so far. Show Notes: 
21/01/1933m 54s
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