Creative Rebels

Creative Rebels

By David Speed & Adam Brazier

Inspiring interviews with creative people who have rebelled against the 9-5 (..And advice on how you can too) Hosted by David Speed and Adam Brazier, co-founders of Graffiti Life and Parlour Tattoo. Instagram: @rebelscreate


Quality Over Quantity with Cal Newport

Cal Newport is a computer science professor at Georgetown University and a New York Times bestselling author of seven books. Cal has no social media and writes about how we can do our best, 'deep work' when we master the distractions around us. His new book 'A world without email' delves into how much time our inbox is taking away from us.   Follow us on instagram; @rebelscreate
04/05/211h 17m

Your Creative Identity with Poppy Chancellor

Poppy Chancellor is a paper cut artist. Poppy’s work explores themes of energy, empowerment and creativity but after losing her dad she started using her work to explore the feelings of bereavement. Over lockdown Poppy has grown her ‘Griefcase’ community and together they have navigated the pandemic. In this wide ranging conversation we discuss some of the hardest parts of being a creative and being okay with where you’re at.
26/04/211h 7m

Hype Yourself with Lucy Werner

Lucy Werner is founder of The Wern, an award-winning PR & design consultancy for startups and, an online DIY platform for small businesses to learn how to build their brand and do publicity for themselves. She has written a bestselling book Hype Yourself: a no-nonsense PR toolkit for small businesses and regularly teaches and host workshops for Cass Business School, Courier magazine, Hatch Enterprise, UAL & UCL.
19/04/211h 21m

How to Work Without Losing Your Mind with Cate Sevilla

Cate Sevilla is a journalist, podcaster and writer. Her new book 'How to Work Without Losing Your Mind' dives into the often emotional obstacles that most of us will have to navigate at work, at some point. From nightmare colleagues and bosses to struggling with burnout; Cate has practical advice on how to cope. It's always a pleasure to chat with Cate and you'll be able to hear us on her podcast 'The Heart Of It' very soon!   Follow us on instagram; @adambrazier & @davidspeeduk
12/04/211h 12m

Lift as You Climb with Viv Groskop

Viv Groskop is a  journalist, podcaster, stand up comedian and writer. Her brilliant new book 'Lift as You Climb' discusses *how* to be ambitious, how to succeed and how to help others along the way. We got pretty deep in this wide ranging convo and covered topics like how to spread positivity in a negative world, your inner voice and giving a platform to the quieter voices of society.
05/04/211h 24m

Transforming your Business with Toria Smith

Toria Smith is the founder of Grape and Fig, the UK's first 'grazing' catering company. She has hosted events for brands like Facebook and Airbnb and a host of celeb clients but as all events ground to a halt during the pandemic she had to reinvent the business. From losing their main revenue stream, Grape and Fig is now thriving, leveraging their online presence to cater directly to their fans.  Follow us; @rebelscreate
29/03/211h 3m

Founding Twitch and Finding Happiness with Justin Kan

Justin Kan is an entrepreneur, investor, content creator and co-founder of the streaming platform 'Twitch' - which was sold to Amazon for $950m. In this episode we dive into the work and dedication it takes to build a successful company - but more importantly how to build a successful life. We go deep in this one and we think it's one of our best. Thanks Justin.   follow us on instagram; @rebelscreate
22/03/2156m 29s

Creative Boom with Katy Cowan

Katy Cowan is a journalist, podcaster and the founder of Creative Boom. Katy has been championing creativity online for the past 12 years and has galvanised the creative community, by providing insight, industry knowledge and by showcasing emerging talent. 
15/03/211h 11m

Creating a Creative Community on Clubhouse with Amrit Singh

Amrit Singh is an artist, speaker and social media expert. Amrit's career exploded when he discovered livestreaming in 2016. He went on to grow a dedicated following and turned his hobby into a full time career as a professional artist. please support us on Patreon;
08/03/211h 3m

The Creative Journey with Martina Martian

Martina Martian is an illustrator turned photographer and content creator. After establishing herself as a successful illustrator and working for lots of global brands Martina began to explore new interests and  avenues, pivoting to the world of flash photography.
26/02/211h 5m

Changing Careers with Charlie Osborne

In this episode we talk to Charlie Osborne, a designer and brand strategist currently living in Bali. We talk about developing the self awareness needed to start following a career that feels right for you.  Follow us on instagram; @rebelscreate
19/02/211h 12m

Building Creative Spaces with Ed Stanbury & Max Oppenheim

In this episode we talk to Ed & Max the founders of Blok.  Blok is an award-winning independent fitness studio. Their mission is to creatively inspire movement. They have created unique spaces across the UK that combine creativity and fitness. They even have an artist in residence! Follow us on instagram - @rebelscreate
12/02/211h 7m

A Journey To Understanding Happiness with Alex Manzi

Alex Manzi is a Coach, Podcaster and Author. After going through his own battles with Depression and Anxiety, he decided to start a platform to help inspire people to live with more clarity and happiness, by challenging the way you think, to open up your mind and invite you to live in the moment. Follow us on instagram; @rebelscreate
05/02/211h 29m

The Creative Practice with Seth Godin

Seth Godin is an author, entrepreneur and teacher.   Seth has written 18 books and over 7000 blog posts. His latest book 'The Practice', is designed to give you confidence to start making and sharing creative work.
29/01/211h 0m

Sabotage: How to Get Out of Your Own Way with Emma Gannon

Emma Gannon returns for a record breaking third time, to launch Series 3 of Creative Rebels! Emma is a best-selling author, podcast host, speaker and one of our favourite humans. Emma's recent book 'Sabotage' dives into the strange tendency of creatives to ruin their work, either consciously or subconsciously and how to get out of your own way.
22/01/211h 12m

Season 2 Finale - Our Favourite Episodes with Adam & David

In this episode we look back at some of our favourite episodes and learnings from season 2 of Creative Rebels.  Follow us on instagram; @rebelscreate
15/01/211h 1m

Social Media Success with Unsah Malik

Unsah has worked in social media for a decade, helping famous brands grow online. After feeling like her career had no upward momentum (she would become the top social expert at each company she worked) she decided to go freelance and build her own business.   Unsah implemented her knowledge to quickly launch and grow her personal channels and went on to release a best selling ebook, helping readers conquer their social media demons.
08/01/211h 6m

Self Belief with David Speed

Happy New Year Rebels! David is co-host of this podcast, a Creative Entrepreneur and a neon artist. David has been making work with spraypaint for 20 years. He abandoned his plans of becoming a teacher to pursue a career in art, despite being advised by his own teachers that art was not a ‘realistic’ career for him. David is writing this in the third person and really hopes you enjoy this episode. He believes that you’re capable of more than you can imagine.
01/01/2156m 51s

The Power of People with Adam Brazier

Adam is the co-host of this Podcast, Creative Entrepreneur and Fashion & Beauty Photographer. Adam began his exploration into Photography as a way to document his travel and creative experiences. Adam works with London’s top models agencies, celebrities, influencers and shot covers internationally for Women’s Health and Beast magazines. Adam enjoys creating incredibly detailed and elegant imagery. He is inspired by chic fashion, femininity and classic beauty.
25/12/201h 11m

Creativity is EVERYTHING with Stuart Semple

Stuart Semple is an artist and founder of the art materials store, Culture Hustle.   Stuart makes art that often isn't a physical object, but that is an experience, either in the real world or online. His work often focuses on community, social issues and mental health and as an ambassador for the MIND charity in the UK Stuart flies the flag for creativity as a tool for positive mental wellbeing.
18/12/201h 11m

Happy Not Perfect with Poppy Jamie

Poppy Jamie is an entrepreneur, podcaster and mental health advocate. When Poppy explained to us that she grew up with a mother as a psychologist and a father as an entrepreneur everything made sense. Poppy has launched a successful accessories line, built her own app and through various projects helps people to become 'happy not perfect'. follow us; @rebelscreate
11/12/2059m 33s

Important Announcement - Live Zoom Event TONIGHT
08/12/207m 4s

Creative Ideas from Everywhere with 45rpm

45rpm is a designer, illustrator, and artist. RPM has worked for some of the biggest brands in the world and is consistently working on personal projects alongside his brand work. He takes inspiration from everywhere and taps into his creativity by getting obsessed with various niches, which go on to inform his practice.   follow us on instagram; @rebelscreate
04/12/201h 17m

Do What You Love with Holly Tucker

Holly Tucker is an entrepreneur, the founder of Not On The Highstreet and Holly and Co and the voice of small business in the UK. Holly believes that marrying purpose with something you love, can create the perfect business - and that the perfect business is one that both supports you and makes you happy.   follow us on instagram; @rebelscreate
27/11/201h 18m

Building Bricks with Tori West

Tori West is a writer, publisher, part-time cleaner and the editor of Bricks Magazine. Tori provides honest insight into the creative industries and what it takes for many of us to support our creative careers. She champions the underdog and smashes pre-conceptions, giving a voice to the young, the working class, LGBT creators and any group that isn't given opportunities they deserve. follow us on instagram @rebelscreate
20/11/201h 6m

Find Your Style with Kelly Anna

Kelly Anna is a freelance print designer and artist. She has had her designs worn by Beyonce, painted murals across the world and has collaborated with brands like Nike and Lego. Her work is a bold mix of power, athleticism, femininity and movement, a style that is an amalgamation of her artistic career.   Follow us on instagram; @rebelscreate
13/11/201h 7m

Serving up Success with WhatWillyCook

Will Hughes aka WhatWillyCook is an internet food man. He started making videos at the beginning of the UK's first Corona lockdown. These videos have been hugely popular, attracting a huge following as well as brand deals and collaborations. Will makes recipes that are accessible and his video style makes them must-see.   In this episode we talk about; Delicious treats, Blocking out the haters and making videos
06/11/201h 10m

Instagram for Creatives with James Lewis

James Lewis is an Artist and content creator. James' hand painted artwork is very satisfying to watch, so much so that he now has over 1M instagram followers! James first started painting lettering and as both his style evolved and his video presentation improved, his career took off. follow us on instagram;
30/10/201h 13m

The ART of Disruption with Magid Magid

Magid Magid is an MEP for the Green Party and the former Lord Mayor of Sheffield. We've never had a politician on the show before because we've never found one that would be a good fit - someone without ulterior motives who believes that doing the right thing is the right thing. That was until we met Magid! Follow us;
23/10/201h 20m

Self Help Me with Liz Miele

Liz Miele is a stand up comedian and writer. Liz started comedy at 16 years old. She has appeared on TV, performed worldwide and has built a strong, loyal online fan base - mostly by cleverly packaging short comedy clips that have gone viral.
16/10/201h 30m

Why Humour Is A Superpower At Work And In Life - With Naomi Bagdonas & Jennifer Aaker

Naomi Bagdonas and Dr. Jennifer Aaker are colleagues at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Their book, 'Humour Seriously' explains how humour can be a superpower that many of us aren't utilising and breaks down the data that shows; being funny can bring big rewards. follow us on instagram;
09/10/2058m 33s

The Power of Influence with Ben Jeffries

Ben Jeffries is an entrepreneur and founder of the influencer marketing platform 'Influencer'. Ben started the company at just 21 with co-founder, Youtuber Casper Lee and has grown a hugely successful, pandemic-proof company. Ben took the massive decision to drop out of university to follow his passion, but hasn't looked back! Series brought to you by Adobe. Find more information about the Creative Challenges at
02/10/2059m 57s

Building a Fashion Brand with Sian Gabbidon

Sian Gabbidon is a fashion designer and former winner of 'The Apprentice' TV show. Sian's career really started on Instagram, building a following and selling via the platform. After her TV appearance she used the exposure to promote her brand and set up deals with Asos and House of Fraser. Series brought to you by Adobe. Find more information about the Creative Challenges at
25/09/201h 20m

The Authentic Creative with James Matthews

James Matthews is a filmmaker and Youtuber. James makes videos for big brands and also collaborates with tech companies in an influencer capacity but shares his process through behind the scenes and tutorial videos. James' honesty and authenticity has allowed him to grow a large following and build a career doing what he loves. Series brought to you by Adobe find more information about the Creative Challenges at The chance to win in a year’s Creative Cloud subscription plus mentorship from us!
18/09/201h 3m

Reimagining Capitalism in a World on Fire with Rebecca Henderson

Rebecca Henderson is an author, economist and a professor at Harvard Business School. Rebecca's book 'Reimagining Capitalism' lays out why the current state of business is not sustainable in a world that is literally 'on fire'. The book shows that purpose-driven business is not only possible but that those who adopt it are actually more successful.
17/09/201h 3m

How to Succeed Online with Jack Gaisford

Jack Gaisford is a videographer, editor, content producer and the founder of V21 Video Marketing Agency. Jack has a deep understanding of video making and storytelling, for any profession and how this sits in today's ever changing social media landscape. Series brought to you by Adobe find more information about the Creative Challenges at The chance to win in a year’s Creative Cloud subscription plus mentorship from us!
11/09/201h 11m

Good Business with Wayne Hemingway

Wayne Hemingway is a designer and entrepreneur. Wayne is the founder of fashion label Red or Dead, which he built with his wife Geraldine and later sold. Their next business was Hemingway Design, working on housing design, interior, office and workspace design and even event planning. All of Wayne's ventures have been built around a strong purpose and meeting societal needs.   This episode is brought to you in partnership with The Good Business Festival
09/09/2053m 52s

Being Authentic with Yomi Adegoke

Yomi Adegoke is a journalist and author. Yomi writes about culture, class, politics and race. She co-wrote 'Slay in Your Lane' which deals with the complexities of getting ahead as a black woman in society. Yomi writes about issues that very few journalists cover but that are relevant to a huge audience and herein lies her success! Series brought to you by Adobe find more information about the Creative Challenges at The chance to win in a year’s Creative Cloud subscription plus mentorship from us!
04/09/201h 27m

The Business of Youtube with Zac & Jay

Zac and Jay are YouTube content creators. The duo have produced many viral videos and their channel 'The Zac And Jay Show' currently sits at over 700,000 subscribers. It seems as though they have discovered the cheat code for life because their job is to go on mad adventures, meet cool people and create stories to tell their grandkids. Series brought to you by Adobe find more information about the Creative Challenges at The chance to win in a year’s Creative Cloud subscription plus mentorship from us!
28/08/201h 1m

Expert: Understanding the Path to Mastery with Roger Kneebone

Roger Kneebone is a professor of surgical education at Imperial College London and the author of a book which caught our attention; 'Expert; Understanding the Path to Mastery'. Roger interviewed a diverse range of experts for the book and weaves in his own experiences, (such as frequently operating on knife wounds in a war zone!) Within these stories can be found the common traits, across any discipline, that will lead to mastery. 
27/08/201h 15m

Creative Consistency with Jessica Kobeissi

Jessica Kobeissi is a professional photographer and a Youtube content creator. Jessica's photography is self-taught and her YouTube channel is filled with tutorials, where she shares what she has learnt. Jessica shoots fashion photography but also loves shooting weddings too. She has developed a distinctive style and grown a huge audience, over multiple channels, by consistently creating. Series brought to you by Adobe find more information about the Creative Challenges at The chance to win in a year’s Creative Cloud subscription plus mentorship from us!
21/08/2058m 8s

Believe in Yourself with Jamal Edwards

Jamal Edwards is an entrepreneur, videographer and founder of the music platform SBTV. Jamal started making videos when he was just 15 years old, combining his new found love of video making with his love of music and filming local artists. Jamal hustled hard, regularly making videos while working at Topman to pay the bills. Determined to succeed Jamal would go into the Apple Store on his lunch and change every Mac homepage to SBTV, anything to get attention to the channel. Under Jamal's vision, SBTV grew. Today the channel has over a million subscribers on Youtube and has helped launch the careers of several artists. Series brought to you by Adobe find more information about the Creative Challenges at The chance to win in a year’s Creative Cloud subscription plus mentorship from us!
14/08/201h 4m

Win at LinkedIn with Goldie Chan

Goldie Chan is a founder, writer and LinkedInfluencer. After leaving her 9-5 Goldie started making videos for Linkedin, whilst looking for a new job. Her daily videos gradually gained traction until her popularity on the platform exploded and she eventually ended up creating over 800 consecutive daily videos. Goldie's story is one of commitment and consistency, which always pays off in the end!
07/08/201h 6m

Talk it out with Gail Porter

Gail Porter is a TV presenter and writer. Gail's crazy career kicked off on kids TV in the 1990's, she then went on to present Top of the Pops, Big Breakfast and a host of other shows. Gail's career and life changed dramatically when, for seemingly no reason, she lost her hair to alopecia. Gail has overcome so many hurdles, including at one point, becoming homeless. She is a pure soul and one of the coolest people I've ever met.
31/07/2058m 13s

Thinking Creatively with Kimberley Wilson

Kimberley Wilson is a psychologist, podcaster and author. Kimberley is an expert in the overlap between food and psychology and how what we eat can affect how we behave. Her book 'How to Build a Healthy Brain' is a complete manual on how to exercise, recharge and care for the most important organ in our bodies. Brain health is massively neglected in modern conversations of wellbeing but Kimberley is on a mission to help us better understand our brains and how to best care for them.
24/07/201h 31m

Face your Fears with Laird Hamilton

Laird Hamilton is an entrepreneur, inventor and big wave surfer.  Laird is probably the most well known surfer in the world. He has developed several techniques that allow surfers to ride waves that were previously impossible. Laird is a remarkable human, whose relentless pursuit for innovation has given him the tools to overcome obstacles and fears. We don't need to be in the middle of the ocean to use these tools ourselves.
17/07/201h 14m

Just Keep Creating with Gary Andrews

Gary Andrews is an animator, illustrator and cartoonist. Gary records events in his life through a drawing each day. After tragically losing his wife Gary continued to doodle and began to address the rollercoaster of grieving, through his drawings. His work is a source of joy to many, as, without fail, he documents, silly, mundane or emotional events every single day
10/07/2049m 8s

We Failed - Creative Thinking ft Iona Thomas

follow us @rebelscreate
08/07/2033m 33s

Building a Brand with Lucy & Yak

This week's guests are Lucy and Chris, from dungaree fashion brand Lucy & Yak. They have grown from a small Depop page, to a hugely popular brand, passionate about sustainability, community and creating unique clothing for creative people. The company wouldn't exist, if not for a series of events Lucy and Chris experienced while travelling the world. It goes to show that too much planning will hide opportunities and sometimes it's better to just see what happens!
03/07/201h 1m

Thinking About Comparison - Creative Thinking

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29/06/2018m 34s

Becoming Indistractable with Nir Eyal

Nir Eyal is an author, investor and behavioural scientist. Nir's first book, 'Hooked: how to build habit forming products' was a huge hit in the tech industry. Essentially it was a guide for companies to create emotional triggers around their products so that users would become 'hooked'. His new book 'Indistractable' is a guide to resist distraction and take some power back over our time that is coveted by companies and advertisers the world over.
26/06/201h 4m

The Anxiety Solution with Chloe Brotheridge

Chloe Brotheridge is an author, podcaster and anxiety coach. Chloe suffered acute anxiety as a child. After later conquering this herself she decided to help others to stop worrying and start feeling more confident. She says that no one was born with low self-esteem, it was learnt, so we can un-learn it!
19/06/201h 0m

A Letter from an Artist - Creative Thinking ft. Iona Thomas

If you have any creative questions please DM us on Instagram; @rebelscreate, or email;
16/06/2041m 47s

Believing it's Possible with Harry Mack

Harry Mack is a freestyle rapper. Harry started freestyling at 12 years old. He sucked. But his love of music inspired him to keep practising. Harry is now recognised as one of the best in the world. He performs complex raps based on random words that are thrown to him by a crowd. He has built his career through a series of viral videos, allowing his passion to become a viable career.
12/06/201h 13m

A Letter from a Listener - Creative Thinking

The show where we answer your questions; DM @rebelscreate with your questions or Email
11/06/2050m 25s

Believe in Your F**king Self with Jamali Maddix

Jamali Maddix is a stand up comedian. Jamali became interested in comedy at a young age but wasn't sure what he wanted to do with his life. One thing he was sure of; he didn't want to get a corporate job. He got a tattoo to remind himself of this, on his forearm, depicting a businessman staring into an abyss. The tattoo got infected which in a weird twist of events gave Jamali a six month period to work on comedy. He gave himself a deadline, six months to make it or he would give up comedy. Six years later he's not doing too bad.
05/06/201h 7m

Telling Visual Stories with Alex Strohl - ISO:lation Mini-Series Ep7

In this episode Adam talks to Alex Strohl, an outstanding outdoor & adventure Photographer based in Montana. Alex has amassed over 2 million followers through telling visual stories. In this episode we talk about curiosity, adventure and designing your own life. 
04/06/2044m 7s

Creative Thinking - Targeting an older audience, LinkedIn & Balance - Ft. Iona Thomas

If you have any questions please email; Or DM us on instagram @rebelscreate
03/06/2021m 12s

Working Alone with Rebecca Seal

Rebecca Seal is an author, journalist, editor and TV presenter. As with many guests on the show, there was a point in Rebecca's life where, to the outside world, it looked like she had 'everything'. However, she started to realise that society's view of success didn't match her own and non-stop work was affecting her mental and physical health. In this episode, we talk about how important it was to make a change. Rebecca is currently working on a book about the highs and lows of working alone, called ‘Solo’. Rebecca has worked alone for the past decade and after finding very little advice on the topic decided to take matters into her own hands and write the book she needed.
29/05/201h 9m

Creative Thinking - Confidence in front of Camera & Getting Started - ft. Iona Thomas

The show where we answer your questions! If you have a question; DM us on instagram @rebelscreate
28/05/2016m 3s

Giving Away Secrets with Lindsay Adler - ISO:lation Mini-Series Ep6

Lindsay Adler is one of the world's best Fashion Photographers. Based in New York City, her fashion editorials have appeared in numerous fashion and photography publications including Marie Claire, Elle Magazine & Harper's Bazaar. Lindsay also loves to educate; She teaches workshops, is the author of 5 books and has a huge catalog of online tutorials.
28/05/2041m 36s

Creative Calling with Chase Jarvis

Chase Jarvis is an entrepreneur, a speaker, a content creator, a photographer and most importantly a creative. Chase was heading for a job in medicine, following the career path that was expected of him. With the passing of his grandfather, Chase inherited some photography equipment and decided to change direction and follow his creative calling. Chase went on to become a world-renowned photographer and the founder of multiple successful businesses.
22/05/2055m 21s

Creative Thinking - Mates Rates, Courses & Cutting Back - ft. Iona Thomas

Creative Thinking, a show where we answer your questions.
21/05/2026m 50s

The Art of Business with Lara Jade - ISO:lation Mini-Series Ep5

In this episode Adam talks to Lara Jade, An incredible British fashion & beauty photographer living in New York. Lara enjoys creating timeless and emotive imagery and is inspired by feminine strength, unique beauty and timeless style.
20/05/2043m 34s

Charlie Dark Changed My Life

Charlie Dark is a musician, a poet, a Yoga teacher, a speaker and the founder of Run Dem Crew. With a creative career that spans three decades, Charlie knows all too well the ups and downs of being a creative. He has dealt with failures along the way but this has developed his endurance and a knowledge of how to create something that inspires people. A lot of people ask us how to gain a following, a good start is to become a leader and Charlie is just that.
15/05/201h 16m

The Pursuit of Excellence with Gabby Reece

Gabby Reece is a former professional volleyball player, a health and fitness expert, a best-selling author, a presenter, a podcaster and a mum. She has co-founded multiple businesses and is a true example of someone who falls in love with the process of things, pursuing excellence with grit and determination.
08/05/201h 14m

Creative Thinking - Dealing with life in quarantine - Ft Iona Thomas

Creative Thinking - A show where we answer your questions. If you have a question please DM us on instagram; @rebelscreate
07/05/2021m 32s

Inspiring Adventure with Nastasia Yokoub

In this episode Adam interviews Nastasia Yokoub founder of Dame Traveler and author of the new book; Dame Traveler: Live the Spirit of Adventure. Nastasia aims to inspire and empower her huge community to Travel more, Do more and Be more.
05/05/2039m 17s

How to Stand Out, Scale Up and Make a Difference with Daniel Priestly

Daniel Priestley is an entrepreneur, best selling author and international speaker. His company Dent Global is a business accelerator, but Daniel and his team will only work with companies and entrepreneurs that are making a positive impact in the world. Without Daniel's book 'Oversubscribed' we probably wouldn't have a business and without his book 'Key Person of Influence' we definitely wouldn't have a podcast!
01/05/201h 14m

The Importance of People with Gemma Cairney

Gemma Cairney is an award winning broadcaster, author and documentary maker. Gemma’s work is always about people, communication and community. She is able to see the world as it is, to recognise problems but to overcome them with contagious positivity and DIY attitude. A key example of this is her business; after feeling like her ideas weren’t being heard she founded Boom Shakalaka Productions, to make the kind of programmes she wanted to make!
24/04/201h 4m

Creative Thinking - Getting Your Content Seen & Using the Right Tone of Voice

If you have any questions please email us; or DM us on instagram;  @rebelscrete
22/04/2014m 25s

Creating Longevity with Anna Fowler - ISO:lation Mini-Series - Ep1

Anna Fowler is a Fashion & Wedding Photographer. Anna inspires, brings confidence and helps her clients crush their insecurities. After 10 years in television Anna picked up the camera, discovered her passion and after all these years has never looked back.
21/04/2033m 41s

The Comparison Cure with Lucy Sheridan

Lucy Sheridan is the world’s first and only comparison coach. She helps her clients work out their own definition of success and teaches them how to kick the habit of constantly comparing themselves to others. This one is one of those episodes you’re going to want to listen to twice, it’s packed with so much valuable advice on how to kick out the ‘thief of joy’!
17/04/2057m 52s

Starting a Sustainable Business with Steph Elswood

Steph Elswood is an entrepreneur, a food and fitness blogger, a dancer and an advocate for body positivity. After struggling for years with an eating disorder, Steph started her road to recovery by posting pics of her meals on instagram. Over the years her account grew massively and opened many opportunities for her, to not only make a living but help lots of people along the way
10/04/201h 12m

Follow Your Heart with Melissa Hemsley

Melissa Hemsley is a self-taught chef and a best-selling cookbook author who champions ‘real food’ and sustainability. In this episode we went way off menu and chatted on a bunch of different topics from coping with grief to the imposter syndrome around being seen as an expert.
03/04/2055m 13s

Bonus - How to Survive an Apocalypse - Corona Virus Special

This episode was such therapy for us! We confronted, head on, some of the totally crap parts of the current situation and how we’re dealing - and we all left smiling 😅 We Zoomed with @annacod and @tiffphilippou from 'Is This Working' Initially to talk about freelance issues but the conversation became much more than that.   Worry Tree;
01/04/2041m 53s

How to Build a Business with Tilly and the Buttons

Tilly Walnes is the founder of Tilly and the Buttons, a sewing brand that offers sewing patterns and online classes, to help people make their own clothes. Tilly used to work a 'proper job' but turned an interest into a passion and her passion into a career. This episode is a masterclass in how to build a brand, a community and a successful business!
27/03/201h 1m

Make Your Own Rules with Neil Rankin

Neil Rankin is a chef. He became well known for cooking BBQ, but has since started creating Vegan food as well. Neil went from studying sound engineering to becoming a well known chef and broke into the industry by working for free at 30 years old to learn his craft. It's an inspiring story of grit and determination.
20/03/201h 36m

Bonus - Creative Rebels on 'Is This Working?'

'Is this Working' with @annacod and @tiffphilippou is one of our favourite podcasts, so we were super honoured to be invited on as guests for their season finale! We dived into some really big topics around creativity, work and happiness. If you enjoy this episode please let ITW know and have a binge of their show :D
17/03/2059m 16s

Squiggly Careers with Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis

Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis are host of the squiggly careers podcast, authors of the Squiggly Career book and founders of Amazing If. Their mission is to make work better. 
13/03/201h 29m

Contagious Content with Paul Kemp-Robertson

Paul Kemp-Robertson is the co-founder of Contagious, a multi-platform marketing resource. Paul is a global marketing expert and in his book the Contagious Commandments he breaks down what it takes to make a brand, or essentially a story or message, contagious and how good ideas are spread.
06/03/201h 26m

The Joy of Work with Bruce Daisley

Bruce Daisley is the former VP of Europe for Twitter. He was instrumental in the growth of the social media network over the eight years that he was there and became interested in the dynamics of teams and company culture within the organisation. This interest led Bruce to start the Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat podcast and ultimately to write his book 'The Joy of Work'. Interestingly, Bruce has just left his role at Twitter and is 'taking some time off' to  promote the paperback launch of the Joy Of Work and it's US launch (under the title Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat)    
28/02/201h 7m

Founding Brands with Liz Earle

Liz Earle is a writer, presenter and entrepreneur. After selling 'Liz Earle Beauty Co' to Boots in 2017 she could have retired to an Island to sip pina colada's, instead, she threw herself into start-up life, and founded Liz Earle Wellbeing. Her company creates content around all areas of wellbeing, food, health and beauty, and is founded on Liz's passion for working out how we can all live better lives.
21/02/201h 9m

Work F**king Hard with Come Curious

Our guests this week for our Valentine’s Day special are Florence and Reed from Come Curious. The duo has been making YouTube videos since 2015. Their channel has been demonetised, their Instagram accounts shut down multiple times and they’ve received countless dodgy messages, from explicit to threatening, because they talk about sex. Come Curious are on a mission to normalise the conversations around sex, to educate and help people better understand their bodies, their feelings and their relationships and to eradicate the shame and stigma that so often hangs around the topic.
14/02/201h 6m

The Best Teacher in the World: Andria Zafirakou

Andria Zafirakou is an art and textiles teacher from North London, who is a 'Global Teachers Prize' winner. Andria used the prize money of $1m to set up Artists In Residence, an artist residency programme that gives young people the chance to work with professional creatives and see the opportunities available for careers in the creative industries. Andria is clearly passionate about creativity and how important it is that all children, no matter their background, have the opportunity to express their creativity as they grow.
07/02/2055m 37s

Get Rich Quick with Mike Winnet

Mike Winnet is a fictional character.   He is a content creator who goes after online 'gurus' or as he calls them 'contrapreneurs' ™ who use exploitative tactics to sell their courses, mastermind programmes and mentorship. The real Mike sold his company for $11m and this chat is a fascinating look at what it takes to actually get rich and how it feels once you get there.
31/01/201h 19m

How To Break Up With Fast Fashion with Lauren Bravo

Lauren Bravo is a freelance journalist and author. Her new book 'How to Break Up With Fast Fashion' does a couple of things. As well as highlight the shocking statistics of just how much fast fashion is screwing the planet , it also offers up practical solutions we can all implement as well as looking at our spending habits and how we've got into this mess in the first place. This is a fascinating conversation with an excellent human!
24/01/201h 9m

The Art of Asking with Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer is a rockstar, an artist, an activist, a writer, and a TED speaker   If you google Amanda, you'll find a lot of articles that focus on the brash Amanda 'Fucking' Palmer rockstar persona. You'll find her mistakes, well documented and you'll find outrage that she has the audacity to ASK her people to support her. We didn't interview the rockstar. We interviewed an artist who understands the complexities of making work, asking for support and surviving as a creative in these crazy times.
17/01/201h 17m

The Doorstep Mile with Alastair Humphreys

Alastair Humphreys is an adventurer! He's also a motivational speaker, an author, a #1 podcaster. He has cycled around the world covering 46000 miles in four years, he has rowed across the Atlantic ocean and has busked his way around Spain, with no back-up money (or musical talent). You can find his podcast 'Living Adventurously' on any podcast platform and his book 'Doorstep Mile' This is one of our favourite interviews, where we realise that anyone can have an adventurers mindset, and the resilience it gives you can be applied to help you be successful at anything in life.
17/01/201h 16m

Starting the Decade with Emma Gannon

One year ago Emma Gannon helped put Creative Rebels on the map as our first ever guest! We are so happy to welcome Emma back onto the show to talk about everything she's been up to in the past year and how her confidence has grown since turning 30. Emma is a podcaster, a best selling author, a speaker, and a true multi-hypenate (she should know, she wrote the book). Emma has just written her first novel 'Olive' which is available for preorder right now and is hosting a new podcast (As well as her Ctrl Alt Delete pod) called Some You Win. Emma is someone who has followed her interests and made a successful career that is on her terms. Pretty inspiring if you ask us...
17/01/201h 21m

1 Year of Podcasting with Adam & David

😮 IT’S OUR LAST EPISODE OF SERIES ONE! (Don’t worry, Series 2 kicks off with a massive bang next week!)    This episode we decided to take a look back at some of our favourite shows from the past year (yes, we’ve been making Creative Rebels for a whole year). We discuss some key guests and major takeaways we got from their interviews.
10/01/201h 8m

One Year of Podcasting with David & Adam

? IT’S OUR LAST EPISODE OF SERIES ONE! (Don’t worry, Series 2 kicks off with a massive bang next week!) This episode we decided to take a look back at some of our favourite shows from the past year (yes, we’ve been making Creative Rebels for a whole year). We discuss some key guests and major takeaways we got from their interviews.
10/01/201h 9m

The Sober Diaries with Clare Pooley

Clare Pooley is a blogger and a novelist. Her book ‘The Sober Diaries’ is an account of her journey from drinking over a bottle of wine a day to quitting completely - an incredibly difficult task. Clare coped by blogging her ups and downs and built a supportive network around her. Blogging reignited her love for writing and Clare’s first novel ‘The Authenticity Project’ is out in spring of 2020
03/01/2057m 41s

It's Time to START - Do What You Love in 2020 - Lesson 6

🚨 Whatever it is you’ve been thinking of doing, START. Whatever you’re working on, KEEP GOING.  💪 Most people fail, because they stop. Or they don’t start at all. Give every thing you have and be proud that you’re making the world better and that you’re the kind of person that Is always creating. 
02/01/2012m 44s

Why is Marketing Important - Do What You Love in 2020 - Lesson 5

🗣 Marketing is a skill that many creatives are pretty bad at. We love making things, but we’re rubbish at telling people they exist. We don’t want to beg or brag so we say “I’ll let the work speak for me”.  👣 Unfortunately, in most cases, if you build it they will NOT come. You have to tell them about it and carry them there. This is where good marketing comes in. 
01/01/2024m 54s

Is FEAR holding YOU back? - Do What You Love in 2020 - Lesson 2

The number one thing that holds most creative people back is fear. Fear of other people’s opinions and fear of failure. Don’t let these fears hold you back from the life you want to live.
29/12/1912m 35s

How to Find Your Passion - Do What You Love in 2020 - Lesson 1

Starting a new project (/life) in 2020? We’ve created a mini ‘course’ to help you make your next project a success. In this Episode we dive into the first step of any project; finding something that excites you. Finding a reason to be creative every day. Finding your passion and working out how you are going to change the world. 💰 We realised while creating these six episodes that we could have packaged them in a nice bow and sold them online. But we’ve decided to give them away for free to help as many of you as possible. No sales funnel. No upselling. All we ask is that you share the episodes with someone that needs to hear them, and subscribe so you don’t miss an episode. ⭐️ Every journey starts with a first step. This could be yours.
28/12/1922m 44s

Life is a Career with Iona Thomas

Iona Thomas is an artist, entrepreneur and our business partner. We often describe Iona as the brains and the heart of our businesses. Iona was actually one of our first clients, in the first few months of our business, we kept going back to her to ask for more and more advice. After months of putting full-time hours into the company, on the side, whilst still working a full-time job we were finally able to bring Iona in as a business partner. We have been through many trials and tribulations, the ups and downs of running a business together for ten years have forged an incredible bond between us and we're so happy to introduce our business partner to you all!
27/12/191h 1m

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone with Georgia Lewis Anderson

Georgia LA is a broadcaster, journalist, tech consultant and a virtual assistant conversation designer (she designed the personality of Microsoft’s ‘Cortana’)   Georgia began her career interviewing celebrities like Justin Bieber, P Diddy and Kelly Rowland for YouTube start up SBTV. She has had an extensive media career but has developed a niche reporting on Tech and the impact it has on real peoples lives. 
20/12/191h 16m

Sign Painting & The Simpsons with Alex May Hughes

Alex May Hughes is an artist and sign-painter. Alex's work is typically either beautifully crafted signs, created in a traditional Victorian style, or beautifully crafted signs, created in a Matt Groening, Simpsons style. Alex became interested in typography whilst at university, she explored that interest and sought out an apprenticeship with an established sign-painter after graduation. Through experimenting with various types of sign-painting Alex discovered her love for working with gold leaf and mirrored surfaces and has established a niche in this way of working.
13/12/191h 13m

How To Speak Machine with John Maeda

John Maeda is the Chief Experience Officer of Publicis Sapient, he is also an artist, designer, and a former president of the Rhode Island School of Design. We got John on the podcast to talk about his new book; How To Speak Machine. The book presents a framework for creatives to expand their knowledge in the digital world where perhaps they feel a little left behind. John argues that by understanding 'computational design', 'classical creatives' we be able to up their game
06/12/191h 10m

Don't Limit Yourself with Oscar Scheller

Oscar Scheller is a musician, a singer, songwriter and producer. He is carving a creative career that fosters collaboration, working with artists like Charli XCX, Ashnikko, Lily Allen and Miraa May. Oscar’s recently launched his latest project HTTP404. Tracks on the album address issues like depression, building confidence and the struggle of when your phone battery is on just 1%
29/11/191h 14m

Everybody Has a Story with Reggie Yates

Many of us grew up with Reggie Yates on our screens, he has transitioned from kids TV presenter to fearless documentary maker, podcaster and overall; storyteller. Reggie believes that through stories we can learn, grow, change our perspective and ultimately make change in the world.
22/11/191h 15m

How to Overcome Fear with Hilary Gallo

Hilary Gallo is a former lawyer and negotiator turned speaker, writer and coach. He has also done extensive research on fear. In his book ‘Fear Hack’ Hilary explores our self-imposed fears and how limiting they can be. Hilary runs workshops on fear in which participants write their biggest fears on the wall. After a while you begin to realise; most of us are afraid of the same things.  
15/11/191h 14m

How to Take a Break from Social Media - Creative Thinking Q&A

Do you need to take a break from social media? Has it all become too much? If you take a break will it all fall apart?
14/11/198m 53s

Follow Your Dreams with Girli

Girli is a singer, songwriter, producer and performer. Girli has built a career from scratch; from performing at open mic nights (to sometimes as few as three people) to sold out gigs and amassing millions of plays and views on YouTube and Spotify.  Girli is unapologetically herself. She makes songs about gender, about break ups, about mental health and uses music to empower her audience.
08/11/191h 8m

Make Money Freelancing with Anna Codrea-Rado

Anna Codrea-Rado is a freelance journalist. She has written for the Guardian, the BBC, Vice and many other outlets. Anna writes a weekly newsletter; the ‘Professional Freelancer’ and is founder of FJ&CO, a platform where freelance writers can find essential tools and resources for a career in journalism.   We talk quite a bit about money in the show. Anna started the #FairPayForFreelancers movement and is passionate about changing industry standards for freelance workers
01/11/191h 16m

Finding Balance and Confidence with Camilla Ainsworth - Q&A

We sit down with founder of Mylk Plus and the youngest ever finalist of the Apprentice UK; Camilla Ainsworth to answer your questions!
30/10/1934m 42s

Why it's Good to Fail with Dan Murray Serter

Dan Murray Serter is an entrepreneur, speaker and podcaster. Dan is the founder of Heights, a brain health subscription service which launches in January 2020. Whilst the market for products geared towards our bodies is over saturated, Dan noticed an opening as very few companies provide products for brain health. In this chat Dan walks us through some of the huge wins and massive losses he has experienced in his career so far.
25/10/191h 2m

Q&A with the hosts of 'Kitchen Club' Podcast

In this episode we sit down With Sarah Malcom and Serena Louth hosts of the new 'Kitchen Club' podcast and answer listener questions around social media and entrepreneurship.
23/10/1945m 21s

Everything is Figureoutable with Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is an entrepreneur, life coach, speaker, content creator and New York Times #1 best selling author. Marie worked a number of different jobs early in her career, but nothing felt right. Rather than getting trapped in a job she hated, she trusted her gut and started building the life she wanted. Even as a 23-year-old life coach who, she admits, hadn’t actually done anything yet, Marie met problems with an open mind and the belief that everything is figureoutable. In this episode, we break down some common creative problems and explain how everything really is figureoutable. Even that thing you’re thinking right now, that too.
18/10/191h 12m

Today at Apple with Reggie Yates (LIVE)

Reggie Yates is an award-winning writer, director, broadcaster and documentarian We sat down with Reggie in front of a live audience at Apple, Regenct Street. Get the inside track on investigative reporting with filmmaker Reggie Yates. In this live recording Reggie shares his industry tips and advice, and how he makes his award-winning documentaries.
17/10/1950m 59s

Brexit... WTF with Femi Oluwole

Femi Oluwole is a political activist and co-founder of Our Future Our Choice, a pro-European advocacy group. Femi left his dream job when he saw the misinformation that was prevalent in the lead up to Brexit and took to social media to try and help educate the country, as we are currently hurtling towards a Brexit that neither Leave nor Remain voted for.   Femi has built a large audience online and has publicly debated figures like Nigel Farage, Katie Hopkins and Piers Morgan. We normally interview creatives who felt a calling to do what they do, Femi says he felt a duty so we dived into what that looks like.
15/10/1959m 35s

Declutter Your Life with Dilly Carter

Dilly Carter is a professional declutter-er! Her young life was chaotic and she found order in organising. When her mum was diagnosed as bi-polar, Dilly realised that a messy house was not conducive to keeping a clear mind. Dilly now helps her clients get rid of the unnecessary stress in their lives by letting go of the ‘things’ they don’t need. Join Adam and Dilly in this episode as they bully David, who insists he’s a ‘collector’ not a hoarder. And for the record, they’re ‘action figures’, not dolls.
11/10/191h 19m

Today at Apple with Haris Nukem (LIVE)

Haris Nukem is an artist, photographer and entrepreneur. His photographs feel like renascence paintings bought into the future and have grown him a huge following as well as commercial success.   Haris has developed a process that sees him creating work for months that doesn't see the light of day until the show is unveiled. He builds elaborate sets and doesn't just present photographs, his images tell stories.
09/10/1943m 42s

Turn Your Passion into a Career with Tobi Shinobi

Tobi Shinobi is an award winning photographer.   Tobi used to work a regular 9-5 in law, but it didn't fulfil him. He would spend his lunch breaks taking photos and his hobby grew into a passion which eventually grew into a career; because he was brave enough to take chances.
04/10/191h 12m

Morning Routines, Social Media Ads & Finding Your Niche - Q&A

The bonus Q&A show from the Creative Rebels Podcast; Creative Thinking. In this show we answer YOUR questions around Business, Creativity and Mindset. If you have a question please drop us a DM on instagram @rebelscreate. 
02/10/1925m 58s

How to Conquer Anything with Esmee

At 18 years old Esmee was told by doctors that she would never walk again, after she was paralysed from the waist down during a routine procedure. Not only has Esmee learnt to walk again, she has developed incredible grit, stamina and mental toughness by continually challenging herself in everything that she does. Now a personal trainer, presenter and public speaker. Esmee is using her platform to do good in the world and help people, reminding us how much humans are actually capable of.
27/09/191h 17m

Make Your Own Luck with Lily Mercer

Lily Mercer is a DJ, journalist, editor and content creator.   Lily's has built her career one brick at a time and is the perfect example of 'make your own luck' Her hip-hop blog got her noticed (and employed) by radio station Rinse FM, and one of her interviews on Rinse landed her a show on Apple's Beats Radio.   Lily champions new artists and has an incredible track record when it comes to giving airtime to artists that go on to make it huge. Building relationships with these artists before everyone wants a slice of them has enabled her unrivalled access to some of the biggest names in rap music.
20/09/191h 20m

Learning to Succeed with Oliur Ultralinx

Oliur is a web designer, photographer and entrepreneur. He is a really versatile creative who understands how to be successful and uses design to solve problems for his clients. We felt an instant connection with Oliur, because he is a learner. We talk in this episode about that constant quest for getting better at anything in life comes from learning! To win a trip to Adobe Max in LA visit;
18/09/191h 8m

Just F*cking Do It! with Cate Sevilla

Cate Sevilla is a journalist, an editor and an editorial consultant.   Cate is one of the most experienced and respected figures in online publishing. She was the Editor in Chief at the Pool, she helped establish Buzzfeed in the UK, worked at Google and Microsoft and even ran her own online magazine for 5 years.   We caught Cate at an interesting time as she is diving back into life as a freelancer, using her previous experience to carve a new path
13/09/191h 24m

Are You Good Enough? Imposter Syndrome Q&A

In this new weekly Q&A series we'll be answering YOUR questions around a certain topic. Need help with something? Not sure what to do next? Drop us a question on instagram @rebelscreate.
11/09/1928m 46s

Leaving a 'Dream' job to go Freelance with Anna Barnett

Anna Barnett is a chef and a food blogger. After working some ‘dream jobs’ at MTV, Channel Four and House of Holland Anna finally realised that food was what she was most passionate about. Anna runs supper clubs, cooking classes, has written a book, ‘Eat the week’, and has collaborated with brands like Grey Goose and Soho House. Her ethos is all about positive thinking and just going for any opportunity that comes your way    Video Podcast;
06/09/191h 7m

Can Creativity Cure Depression? With Octavia Bromell

Loved sitting down with Octavia Bromell (@tinkoutsidethebox) and discussing her creative journey in this bonus episode! Tink started making art and illustrations when struggling with anxiety and depression, using creativity to stay positive and focused. Her work focuses on topics of mental health many don’t address. After sharing online she has built an audience who look at her work and realise that they’re not alone, inspiring them to be more creative in their own lives. We partnered with Adobe to bring you this episode, as part of their ‘Creatfulness’ campaign, which is something we believe strongly in; no matter how hectic work and life gets, we owe it to ourselves to stay creative! For a chance to win a trip to Adobe Max in LA visit;
04/09/1956m 48s

Starting Your Own Business with Angelica Malin

Angelica Malin is Editor-in-Chief of About Time Magazine which she started straight out of university. It's an online mag that shares all the places that it’s ‘About Time’ you visited. Angelica is also the Founder of the About Time Academy which aims to help millennials navigate the world as it is today and dispel the myths that no longer serve us. As part of this she organises events, which we talk about in the episode, her latest is the She Started It festival, which is coming up on the 14th September 2019
30/08/191h 11m

Creative Thinking - Q&A with Alex Manzi

Need help with your side hustle? Want to grow your audience? Worried about the next step in your business?    'Creative Thinking' is here to help. Every session will be a deep dive into specific issues that are holding our listeners back. Have a question? Email or DM @rebelscreate on Instagram.   In this sesson we're joined by Alex Manzi to answer your questions. We discussed being stressed and over-worked, what to do if you're uninspired, how to deal with haters, essential books that we recommend and much more.
28/08/191h 22m

Sweet Success with Vicky Graham

Vicky Graham is the founder of Vicky’s Donuts. She started off with a side hustle, that evolved into a hugely successful online donut delivery service. Her donuts are super creative, both in terms of flavours but also with designs (she’s made pizza donuts, rainbow donuts, heart-shaped donuts, Yoda donuts and everything in between) Her donuts have been voted ‘best tasting’ by Time Out, they’ve appeared on the apprentice and they’ve been eaten by countless celebrities. Vicky proves that you don’t necessarily need business experience to make it; a clear vision and hard work can take you to the top.
23/08/191h 0m

Bonus - Instagram Changed my Life with Sara Tasker

Sara Tasker is a blogger, photographer, writer and a business coach who says; “the internet (especially instagram) changed my life”. Sara went from working for the NHS to building her own hugely successful business and is passionate about helping others to do the same.
21/08/1941m 48s

Crafting a Career with Poppy Chancellor

Poppy Chancellor is an illustrator and a ‘papercut’ artist, but her work is more punk rock than arts and crafts! Poppy addresses themes in her work that she gives a shit about; femininity, women helping women and most recently; dealing with death.   Poppy works regularly with brands like Adidas and Cath Kidston and has even been commissioned by the Queen! She has a tireless work ethic and is a perfect case study for how to build a powerful brand and a loyal following.
16/08/191h 16m

Bonus - Following Your Passion with Alice Liveing

Recorded live at the Apple store in Covent Garden - Alice Liveing is a health & wellbeing influencer, bestselling author and Personal Trainer. Using her own experience of transforming her lifestyle, Alice has inspired a shift in the modern-day consumer’s attitude to healthy eating and exercise.
14/08/1942m 16s

How to Own the Room with Viv Groskop

Viv Groskop is a journalist, a stand up comedian, an author and a speaker. Her latest book; How to Own The Room studies some of the greatest public speakers of all time and dissects what it takes to not only speak and present but to just live more confidently in your own skin.   Viv also explores this topic on her podcast (also called How to Own the Room) and through these interviews shows that there’s more than one way to own the room, in fact; you can own the room in your own unique way, like no one else can.
09/08/191h 37m

Creative Motivation with Alex Gamsu Jenkins

Alex Gamsu Jenkins is a creative illustrator and cartoonist. His work is funny, thoughtful and very relatable (with touches of the grotesque!) Alex has had work featured by many publications including Vice, NME and The New York Times. Alex finds his inspiration when he sits down and just starts drawing. He starts with a subject and then a story ensues that takes his characters to another dimension, that’s very similar to ours, just slightly twisted!
02/08/191h 9m

The Positive Mindset with Hannah Pixie Snow

Hannah Pixie Snow is a tattoo artist and a creative free spirit. Hannah has built a huge audience over the years but doesn't use her platform in the typical 'influencer' way we've become accustomed to. Instead, she mobilises her following to help various causes that she's passionate about and has raised a huge amount of money for charity. She's soon to embark on a new chapter in Nepal where she and her team plan to build an eco lodge from scratch.
26/07/191h 19m

20 Years of Creativity with Tatty Devine

Tatty Devine is a jewellery company, created by artists Harriet Vine and Rosie Wolfenden.   We've all read that most businesses fail before five years. Rosie and Harriet are currently celebrating their 20th! Their business started with a bag of found leather offcuts that they started selling on a market stall and now their creations are worn by the likes of Nina Nesbit, Noel Fielding, Jessie J and Bjork (plus lots of mere mortals too!)   We're excited to be collaborating with Tatty Devine, on an upcoming series of murals! We strongly believe that creativity is the most important thing, and it's being crushed in this country, especially within the school system. Watch this space to see how we're going to be tackling this issue.
19/07/191h 21m

The Science of Storytelling with Will Storr

Will Storr is an award-winning writer. He has written fiction and non-fiction and over the years has become an expert on storytelling itself. For years Joseph Campbell's 'Hero's Journey' has been used as the way to craft 'perfect stories' and in recent years there have been attempts to crack the 'bestseller code'. Will looks at the actual science behind stories and why we tell them to ourselves and others. It turns out we can learn a lot from the ultimate storyteller; the human brain!
12/07/191h 28m

Disrupting the Market with Joe Benn

Joe is Co-Founder and MD of Ugly Drinks, a fruit flavoured sparkling water brand on a mission to shake up the drinks industry and provide people with a genuinely healthy and exciting alternative to overly sugary and sweetened drinks.
05/07/191h 8m

Life Advice for Creatives with Adam J. Kurtz

Adam J Kurtz is an artist and author. Adam has published five books, he’s collaborated with brands like Urban Outfitters and Dr Martens and he has spoken on stages across the world, from New York to Australia. Adam is most well-known for his scribbled post it notes (in his now infamous handwriting). He has a way of hitting on exactly what we’re all thinking. He documents the struggles all creatives face as they navigate their career, and these observations let us know that we’re on the right path and help us to realise we’re not the only one who feels this way. I think that’s why his work is so popular and he is seeing such success. We totally recommend getting his work books, they lure you in with the cute, kitchyness but then bam they’re actually really helpful!
28/06/191h 22m

Make Love Not Porn with Cindy Gallop

Cindy Gallop is a speaker, consultant and the founder of 'sex-tech' startup ‘Make Love Not Porn’. Cindy has spoken on stages around the world and her Ted Talk where Make Love Not Porn was launched has had well over 2million views. Make Love Not Porn is a social sex video sharing platform. Ten years ago we looked at online dating as totally weird, today it's standard. If Cindy is successful, ten years from now we'll all be sharing our sex online without reservations. A lot of people already are, as the platform boasts 400,000 users globally.
21/06/1958m 51s

Interviewing Icons with Touré

Toure is a writer, a journalist, a podcaster and has published 5 books. He has interviewed icons like Rhianna, Zadie Smith, Tiffany Haddish, Wu Tang, Santigold, Travis Scott, Biggie Smalls and Lady Gaga (and loads more!)We actually learnt loads about interviewing from Toure and he was kind enough to spend time off mic, helping us with some interview tips. If you’re a writer we strongly recommend you check out his new podcast “Free MFA” which is basically all the info you’d get from a uni course, except it’s free!
14/06/191h 20m

Lighting Up Instagram with Brandon Woelfel

Brandon Woelfel is a photographer. Brandon was terrified of getting a 9-5, knowing it wasn’t for him. So, after graduating he started working non-stop on building his profile and began taking photos on small commercial projects. All the while Brandon was posting his work to Instagram and his following started to grow. Quickly. Something about Brandon’s work just resonates with people. The way he plays with light and colour, invites viewers into an alternate universe where they can create their own stories about the characters that he presents. This magic formula has earned him a massive audience of over 3million people. We’re proud that this is the first podcast interview he’s given, we loved this chat and think you will too.
07/06/191h 12m

Mastering Mindset with Camilla Ainsworth

Camilla Ainsworth was runner up in the 2018 season of the UK ‘Apprentice’. She used the show as a springboard to launch her brand ‘MylkPlus’, which started off as an experiment in her kitchen and is now stocked in Holland and Barratt stores across the UK. Camilla was studying Law, but she told us that she was never passionate about it. It feels like she’s found her calling and with no prior experience but a constant willingness to learn and improve she has built a successful brand that is steadily growing.
31/05/191h 20m

Secrets of the Creative Industry with Carly Ayres

Carly Ayres is a writer, creative director and co-founder of HAWRAF - a New York based design studio that created work for brands like Google, Hasbro, Facebook and Buzzfeed. Carlyis very good at getting attention online - which is how we discovered her work a while back (and put her on the list of people I'd like to interview).  When we knew we were taking the show to New York we looked her up again and saw that she and her partners were very publicly closing their studio, so this was a super interesting time to grab Carly and talk about her journey, becoming a freelancer, setting up her own business and then shutting it down, even with a million dollar deal on the table.
24/05/191h 17m

Designing Happiness with Debbie Millman

Debbie Millman is the host of ‘Design Matters’, one of the first podcasts in the world (she’s interviewed basically everyone). She has written six books, her illustrations have appeared in publications like the New York Times and Fast Company. And with Steve Heller she founded world’s first graduate program in branding. Debbie has delivered keynote speeches around the world and has worked on the redesign of over 200 global brands like Colgate, Nestle and Pepsi. We are so grateful to Debbie for agreeing to come on the show, she is a wonderful person and we think you will love this episode.
17/05/191h 8m

Drawn to Success with Alex Norris

Alex Norris is an illustrator and a webcomic artist. Their webcomic, which is imaginatively named; ‘webcomic name’ has grown hugely popular online (we actually talk about how Alex’s instagram has gained 200 000 followers over just six months). Alex has a really interesting business model; by giving away webcomic name for free online, they’re able to build a following and monetise in a number of different ways, from patreon, to merch!
10/05/191h 10m

Food for Thought with Rhiannon Lambert

Rhiannon Lambert is a nutritionist, author and online content creator. Early on, it looked like everything was going one way; Rhiannon was set to be a world-famous opera star. She tells us why everything changed and how this set her on the path to becoming a nutritionist. We talk about the early days of setting up her practice, to now working with huge celebrities and harnessing the power of social media to grow her empire. Rhiannon has a fascinating podcast; ‘Food for thought’ all about food and nutrition. She’s interviewed guests like Gary Barlow and Lisa Snowdon and covers topics like how food can affect your mood.
03/05/191h 5m

Being Your Own Boss with George Benson

George Benson is a YouTube content creator who has literally grown up online. He built a huge audience when he was a teenager, through a series of gaming videos and comedy impressions but as he has grown and evolved so has his content. George found a way to maximise an opportunity and pivot into travel blogging and now leverages brand partnerships to not only earn a living but to also see the world. After dropping out of University twice George learnt valuable lessons in the field, by *doing* and has created a life on his terms.
26/04/191h 1m

Breaking the Silence with Paul McGregor

Paul McGregor is a mental health advocate. He makes lots of content around mental health, suicide awareness and prevention and is a positive force in a lot of people’s lives. I was struggling to put a coherent sentence together, asking Paul about his Dad’s suicide Paul is such a pro that he handles it with ease, but I think it was interesting how difficult talking about death can be. We wanted to focus more on Pauls process in this episode than lingering too much on the stats of depression and suicide and ended up with what I think was a very positive and uplifting episode.
19/04/191h 2m

Never Take NO for an Answer with Marine Tanguy

Marine Tanguy is the founder of MT Art Agency. Marine career started in a crazy way, we discuss how she went from working in a gallery to owning her own gallery, to becoming disillusioned with the whole industry and starting MT Art, an agency that “invests in artists, not in art”, giving their ever-growing roster of artists new opportunities to exhibit and sell their works. Marine is also passionate about positive mental health and leveraging social media to curate a feed that inspires us, rather than making us anxious over what we don’t have or who we aren’t! Marine has given multiple talks on the topic including two Tedx talks and her project ‘Visual Diet’ is designed to actively combat our overindulgence of junk food for our eyes.    
12/04/191h 0m

The Friendship Cure with Kate Leaver

Kate Leaver is an author, journalist and a friendship expert! Before moving to the UK from Australia Kate wrote for free, for the UK Huffington Post building a portfolio of articles and leveraging this to find paid work over here when it came time to emigrate. Kate’s book ‘The Friendship Cure’ explores many types of friendship; types that quite honestly, I had never considered before, like toxic friends! They say you are the sum of the five people closest to you and this episode may help you re-evaluate your circle! For the record; we think this is one of the best episodes we've done. Kate is amazing. Enjoy!
05/04/191h 3m

Never Getting a 'Proper Job' with Paul Elliott

Paul Elliott is a filmmaker, a musician, a DJ and an artist as well as being a good friend of ours. This episode is packed with useful advice and tactics; from finding the best time of day for your creativity, to which crowdfunding platform to use! Paul’s films are self-financed and have led him to some incredible adventures, travelling the world and even interviewing Paul McCartney. Paul talks about the importance of finding things that interest you; the things that you enjoy doing and that make you happy. We talk about our teenage years, the journeys we've taken and how our vows of never getting a 'proper job' have worked out. We really loved recording this episode and we hope you enjoy it!
29/03/191h 14m

Giving Zero F**ks with Amy Kean

Amy Kean is the author of "The Little Girl Who Gave Zero F**ks", a story about a little girl who decides to live by her own rules and keep her 'f**ks' in her basket. We spoke to Amy about why she wrote the book and how it has helped so many of the girls that have read it so far. Amy made a brave decision to move to a 4 day week in her role as Head of Strategic Innovation at the media network 'Starcom', to focus more on writing. As well as Zero F**ks and having multiple poems and short stories published Amy has just completed her first novel.   This was an awesome conversation, from someone who knows all about putting in the hard work to get sh*t done. If you hadn't guessed, this episode may contain traces of swearing, so if that offends you, this probably isn't the episode for you!  
22/03/191h 6m

Taking the Leap with Lisa King

Lisa King is a print designer and artist. She has created prints for names like Diane Von Furstenberg and Armani before launching her own fashion brand in 2013.   Lisa worked as the right hand of William Baker (Kylie Minogue's creative director) and his mentorship gave her the confidence she needed to step out on her own. Lisa is never afraid to set her self deadlines, jump in at the deep end and create her own opportunities.
15/03/1951m 3s

Do What Makes You Happy with Madeleine Shaw

Madeleine Shaw is a blogger, YouTuber and content creator. She started blogging about food but now also makes content around a bunch of topics, like health, wellness, yoga and happiness.     Madeleine found a love for food, and knew she wanted to do something food related, but wasn't sure what that might be. Thanks to a passing comment from a friend, suggesting she should start a food blog, Madeleine used YouTube videos to learn how to blog and has built everything from there. We spoke to Madeleine about how she amassed a huge following on social media, launched three books, managed to avoid negativity and how she balances multiple projects and opportunities.
08/03/191h 2m

Win by 1% with Alex Manzi

Alex Manzi is a podcaster, a positivity and mindset coach, a speaker and a content creator. Alex believes that most people are struggling with boundaries that they've put in their own way, through repetitive thoughts and actions. Having overcome our own self imposed boundaries we tend to agree.   In the show Alex talks about going from factory work to landing a job at BBC 1Xtra as their head of social media. This would be an incredible story on its own, but Alex pictured more for himself and quit the role to go full time into producing his own content. Alex's podcast 'The Dreamers Disease' has reached the top three on the iTunes self-help chart but as we discuss in the episode; his impressive numbers aren't really a driver for him, it's the messages of gratitude that he gets from the people he helps that keep him going.
01/03/1946m 34s

Finding Your Passion with Sarah Malcolm

Sarah Malcolm is a yoga teacher, recipe developer, content creator and blogger. We had to get Sarah on the show because she supports herself through her hobbies and interests, which is what we're all about! Building her profile has presented her with lots of opportunities, collaborating with various brands in the food, wellness, yoga and travel spaces.   Sarah spent time working at 'Deliciously Ella', and whilst her role was not something she wanted to do forever, she used the opportunity to learn as much as she could about the industry and creating recipes. It was at this point she began to understand food as a business.   Despite being told "No one cares about your breakfast" on Instagram when she was just starting out, Sarah kept posting. Turns out a lot of people *do* care and she has built a 10k following on the platform.   We loved chatting with Sarah on this episode. She's done so much already and she's just getting started.
22/02/1953m 17s

Creating Your Own Future with Shannie Mears

Shannie was an intern at Iris, one of the biggest agencies in the world, when she caught the attention of the CEO, Dan Saxby. Together they launched the Elephant room, an alternative advertising agency, which champions creativity and diversity. Shannie describes her journey, growing up in Birmingham and her decision to move to London. She is a testament to what’s possible as soon as you start getting out there and ‘creating’. She says that she has a creative mind even though she is not artistic and we believe that it’s this attitude that has helped her achieve so much. Shannie gives without expectation, continually connecting people and encouraging collaboration. Her role at GUAP magazine is more than a side hustle but somehow she manages to work on this as well as other projects, creating exposure for new artists and collaborating with brands. We loved this chat, it went a little longer than most of our interviews, but we didn’t think we should cut it down because there was so much gold!!  
15/02/191h 24m

Making Money From Your Passion with Dave Koor

Dave Koor is a musician, producer and all around legend. Dave's story is proof that the music industry has evolved and artists are no longer beholden to the whims of big record labels. He has managed to carve out a creative career; playing live gigs, releasing music on vinyl and online and promoting artists through his label; Albert's Favourites.   We talk about putting in the leg work by driving boxes of vinyl records round to record stores and getting heard by creating a network of fellow musicians and supporters. Dave is a member of the band 'The Expansions' whose Spotify plays exceed 32000 every month. We discuss getting to that stage by setting up dominoes all over the place! This is a great episode and even if you don't have a musical bone in your body you're sure to find some value in it.
08/02/191h 4m

Quitting the 9-5 with Manon Lagreve

This week’s guest is Manon Lagreve, fresh out of the Great British Bake Off pressure cooker! Using the show to springboard her career, this is a really interesting time for Manon. After this conversation, it feels like she’s always been preparing for this moment. Years ago her only option would have been to open a bakery; in 2019 her options are almost limitless. It’ll definitely be exciting to see what she does next. In this episode, Manon describes growing up on a French farm, what it was like being on TV and her future plans. The timing for this episode was perfect as we caught the chef the day after she quit her 9-5!
01/02/1944m 42s

Exchanging Money for Happiness with Alexandra Dudley

Alexandra built an incredibly successful company. She took the decision to close down the business because it wasn’t making her happy. We loved talking to Alexandra about her journey from owning her own company to now, becoming an influencer, writing a book and pursuing what makes her happy. By consistently posting online and by networking, she has built a tribe of supporters that allow her to pursue her dreams. Instagram; @alexandradudley
25/01/1943m 18s

How to Build an Audience with Adrienne Ldn

It was super cool to sit down and chat with Adrienne London. Adrienne is a blogger, speaker, personal trainer and Adidas brand ambassador. With all that going on you wouldn’t think she’d have time for much else, but she’s also a mum and hosts ‘The Power Hour’ podcast. Her podcast hit the Itunes global top 5 within 12 hours of launch and this is a testament to the network of supporters she has built around her. Adrienne is so happy and overwhelmingly positive. At first glance it would seem like opportunities just seem to find her, but after listening to this episode you realise that’s because she is so focused and hard working. I think this episode will give you a real insight on what it takes to build an audience and a network around you. The power of ‘being in the room’ and talking to people can open so many doors. I hope this episode pushes people to start making these moves to help grow their opportunities!
18/01/1949m 4s


In 2010 we started our first business, Graffiti Life. Back then; there were no real community platforms, advice or relevant podcasts. We started our business with a canvas on an easel, handing out business cards on the high street. In the years that followed we have generated a massively successful business. Our team has grown from three to fifteen and we regularly make art for global brands like Nike, L’Oreal and Disney. We’ve also expanded in other ways. We’ve opened a tattoo studio, a company focused on creative out of home advertising, an interior design project and a gardening club, amongst other things! We are often emailed by artists and creatives asking advice. This is why we have decided to make the Creative Rebels podcast; to empower the next generation of creatives.
07/01/191m 36s
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