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KICPOD is your D&M on the stuff that matters.. and also the stuff that doesn't! Hosted by Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw, founders of Kic, a health & wellness app that focuses on feeling your best, not looking a certain way. To learn more you can find them on Instagram at @kicpod,, @stephclairesmith and @laura.henshaw or visit their website


Giving up alcohol and overcoming body image struggles, with Steph Elswood

* Trigger Warning: This episode discusses disordered eating. If you or anyone you know needs support, contact The Butterfly Foundation on 1800 33 4673 (1800 ED HOPE) * Steph Elswood grew up as a professional dancer, in a world where a lot of the focus was on body image and where disordered eating was quite common in her circle. She has since healed her relationship with food an exercise and is now a health and fitness advocate, as well as the Director of body confidence workshops 'Stay Sassy', and Founder of non-alcoholic drinks range Carouse. In today's episode, Steph speaks to her experience as a dancer and what she'd now tell her younger self, her decision to give up alcohol and what this meant for her identity & among her friendship circles, and how she manages her own emotions whilst being an empath.   FOLLOW US: KICPOD: @kicpod on Instagram Kic: on Instagram, @kic on TikTok and Steph Claire Smith: @stephclairesmith on Instagram, @steph_claire_smith on TikTok Laura Henshaw: @laura.henshaw on Instagram & Tiktok Producer Mandy: @amanda.catalano on Instagram & Tiktok See for privacy information.
03/10/23·45m 49s

Laura expresses her fear of not coping

In Steph and Laura's catch up today, there's quite the mixture of raw honesty and light-hearted fun. Laura explains that there's a looming time period in her life that she fears she will not mentally cope with if & when it eventually happens, which is a very common fear that a lot of us have. Plus, Steph shares a hilarious story of not quite making it to the loo! And Producer Mandy poses a 'would you rather' question that involves watching footage of yourself in a very compromised position!   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph – What’s Love Got To Do With It – film on Apple TV Laura – Darling Girls, book by Sally Hepworth   Kic UPDATE: Melbourne, come run with us! To celebrate the KICRUN Club, join us for a run around the tan on the 16th of October. No matter what your fitness level, there will be a pace to suit you. Be sure to secure your spot now by clicking here.   FOLLOW US: KICPOD: @kicpod on Instagram Kic: on Instagram, @kic on TikTok and Steph Claire Smith: @stephclairesmith on Instagram, @steph_claire_smith on TikTok Laura Henshaw: @laura.henshaw on Instagram & Tiktok Producer Mandy: @amanda.catalano on Instagram & TiktokSee for privacy information.
01/10/23·34m 21s

The challenges of solo parenting - KICBUMP with Rachel Maksimovic

Rachel Maksimovic's 4 year old son Lenny came into the world pretty unexpectedly when she was living abroad in Bali, and with someone she had only been seeing for a few months. Given the cultural differences between them and some other challenges they faced once she fell pregnant, Rachel moved back home to raise Lenny on her own. As any single parent would know, there are some extremely tough moments that come with it, and in today's episode Rachel opens up about the mental and financial load that single parenting brings, her coping strategies and what she does when she needs to tap out for a moment, and what she finds helpful when friends and family offer support.  Listen to Rachel’s episode on the Australian Birth Stories podcast here. Listen to Rachel’s Mothering On My Own Podcast here.   FOLLOW US: KICPOD: @kicpod on Instagram Kic: on Instagram, @kic on TikTok and Steph Claire Smith: @stephclairesmith on Instagram, @steph_claire_smith on TikTok Producer Mandy: @amanda.catalano on Instagram & TiktokSee for privacy information.
26/09/23·39m 12s

Steph opens up about being slut shamed in high school

In Steph & Laura's catch up today, Steph shares her experience with something extremely difficult and humiliating that she went through in high school, plus the conversation is brought back about the mental load on women and ways to divide the chores at home so that it's equal. Speaking of things being equal, we also hear some alarming statistics of the gender pay gap in Australia.   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph – Miley Cyrus’ song ‘Used To Be Young’ Laura – Taking photos of your outfits before you go away so your packing is efficient Extra – The Imperfects - Hugh & Penny, the elephant in the room, podcast episode   Kic UPDATE: The KICRUN Club starts today and you’ve still got time to join us this week. You can pick from the 5km, 10km, or 21km program as we band together to take on the challenge over 8 weeks. Plus this Wednesday night you can join us for a live run meet up in Sydney at Centennial Park.The run is for all levels and there will be a pace to suit you. We’ll drop the link to the event in the show notes. We’d love to see you!   FOLLOW US: KICPOD: @kicpod on Instagram Kic: on Instagram, @kic on TikTok and Steph Claire Smith: @stephclairesmith on Instagram, @steph_claire_smith on TikTok Laura Henshaw: @laura.henshaw on Instagram & Tiktok Producer Mandy: @amanda.catalano on Instagram & TiktokSee for privacy information.
24/09/23·35m 36s

Overcoming gymtimidation & a lack of self worth, with Sydney Cassidy

Sydney Cassidy is the founder of Gym Girls Locker Room – a community of like-minded women looking to build strength and confidence at the gym where they can support, encourage and communicate with one another - which we are sure you’d agree aligns so perfectly with what we do at Kic. Sydney began her fitness journey at a low point in her life, mainly pursuing exercise for her mental health, saying "fitness is more about how it makes me feel than what I get from it, physically”, which many of us can relate to. Sydney explains how Gym Girls Locker Room came about, what is ‘gymtimidation’ and how to overcome it, being kind to your inner child, overcoming a lack of confidence and self worth, and accepting yourself for all of your imperfections.   FOLLOW US: KICPOD: @kicpod on Instagram Kic: on Instagram, @kic on TikTok and Steph Claire Smith: @stephclairesmith on Instagram, @steph_claire_smith on TikTok Laura Henshaw: @laura.henshaw on Instagram & Tiktok Producer Mandy: @amanda.catalano on Instagram & TiktokSee for privacy information.
19/09/23·39m 41s

Did Steph's prank go too far?

In Steph & Laura's catch up today, we reminisce about the days where prank calling someone as a kid was the most hilarious thing in the world - but Laura is shocked by one of Steph's mischievous childhood pranks (surprising since Laura is now quite the prankster herself)! This got us talking about some other hilarious nostalgic memories so enjoy the trip down memory lane! Also in today's episode, we hear your hilarious email fails after we shared some of ours last week. We learn some very valuable lessons on what not to do, that's for sure.   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph – After, novel series by Anna Todd but first look at the cover image of the movie so you know what the characters look like! Laura – Bend It Like Beckham, film on Disney+   Kic UPDATE: The KICRUN Club is coming back! We’ve partnered with New Balance to help you run your way and join together as a community to take on the 5km,10km or 21km run programs. The club starts next Monday the 25th and there is going to be free run meet ups, prizes from New Balance and plenty of surprises. Head into the Kic app to enrol in the club now so you’re set for next week.   FOLLOW US: KICPOD: @kicpod on Instagram Kic: on Instagram, @kic on TikTok and Steph Claire Smith: @stephclairesmith on Instagram, @steph_claire_smith on TikTok Laura Henshaw: @laura.henshaw on Instagram & Tiktok Producer Mandy: @amanda.catalano on Instagram & TiktokSee for privacy information.
17/09/23·30m 6s

Charlotte Crosby opens up about her ectopic pregnancy - KICBUMP

You could say Charlotte Crosby is one of the OG influencers! She’s largely known for her role on Geordie Shore where the world fell in love with her.   In today’s KICBUMP episode, Charlotte speaks about her experience with a life threatening ectopic pregnancy, how she handled this among going through so many other challenges, her birth story and how life is now as a mum.    She also addresses how she's navigating life in the public eye with her little one, and how she feels about having Alba included in her life on the screen! Plus we got to know about how her and her partner Jake navigated falling pregnant only months after dating, and how their love life is going now.    Check out Charlotte's show 'Charlotte in Sunderland' now streaming on Binge.  FOLLOW US: KICPOD: @kicpod on Instagram Kic: on Instagram, @kic on TikTok and Steph Claire Smith: @stephclairesmith on Instagram, @steph_claire_smith on TikTok Laura Henshaw: @laura.henshaw on Instagram & Tiktok Producer Mandy: @amanda.catalano on Instagram & Tiktok  See for privacy information.
12/09/23·40m 6s

When did living happily ever after become such a bad thing?

In Steph & Laura's catch up today we address the chat around the remake of Snow White, why it seems they are changing the entire storyline, why people up in arms about it, and what being a feminist actually looks like. We also hear about a serious email fail made by our very own producer Mandy that no one ever wants to happen! It got us talking about some emails we've received that we really shouldn't have!   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph – A Man Named Otto, film on Apple TV Laura – The Good Sister, book by Sally Hepworth   Kic UPDATE: We’re joining the FitHer Expo, Australia’s biggest women’s health & fitness expo on in Sydney on the 7th & 8th of October. We’ll be hosting a free live HIIT workout with our master trainer Danny, plus joining the talk stage for a Q&A session, both on the Saturday so grab your free tickets here and come and see us!    FOLLOW US: KICPOD: @kicpod on Instagram Kic: on Instagram, @kic on TikTok and Steph Claire Smith: @stephclairesmith on Instagram, @steph_claire_smith on TikTok Laura Henshaw: @laura.henshaw on Instagram & Tiktok Producer Mandy: @amanda.catalano on Instagram & TiktokSee for privacy information.
10/09/23·26m 7s

The life of a male escort, with Mitch Larsson

* Trigger warning - this episode mentions abuse. For support, contact 1800RESPECT * Mitch Larsson found himself living a pretty common lifestyle as a married father and lawyer, but a snap decision one day in his 40s changed his life forever. He became a male escort. In today's episode, we hear about what brought him to this snap decision, what the response was like from his wife, family and friends, and what he has told his 8 year old son. We also delve into another side of this particular line of work that is often overlooked - that it is very often more than just sex. Mitch explains that some who seek the services of an escort are also seeking companionship or the desire to rebuild their confidence. He shares his experience with some of these clients and what it has meant for both the client and himself. Mitch is now an author and tells his story in his book ‘Time For Her’.   FOLLOW US: KICPOD: @kicpod on Instagram Kic: on Instagram, @kic on TikTok and Steph Claire Smith: @stephclairesmith on Instagram, @steph_claire_smith on TikTok Laura Henshaw: @laura.henshaw on Instagram & Tiktok Producer Mandy: @amanda.catalano on Instagram & TiktokSee for privacy information.
05/09/23·30m 51s

Is it okay to note take in your relationship?

In Steph & Laura's catch up today, Laura wants some tips on what to do when there's a specific type of communication breakdown in a relationship - what does Steph do with Josh? Are there ways to navigate this without entering crazy territory? If you'd like to chime in with your own experience or advice, feel free to send Laurs a voice note to our @kicpod Instagram! And a few weeks back, Steph mentioned that she was having some gut issues, so today we not only get an update but also discuss the stigma that is still attached to women and toilet chat!   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph – It’s a Lot with Abbie Chatfield, podcast episode with G Flip Laura – On Purpose with Jay Shetty, podcast episode about shame vs guilt   Kic UPDATE: We have officially brought Kic to London! We have just touched down and would love to see you! Shoutout to our UK community who have already marked their calendars for a number of events we will be hosting - you can keep up to date on our whereabouts by tuning into our Kic socials (see below)   FOLLOW US: KICPOD: @kicpod on Instagram Kic: on Instagram, @kic on TikTok and Steph Claire Smith: @stephclairesmith on Instagram, @steph_claire_smith on TikTok Laura Henshaw: @laura.henshaw on Instagram & Tiktok Producer Mandy: @amanda.catalano on Instagram & TiktokSee for privacy information.
03/09/23·28m 0s

Starting your baby on solids - KICBUMP with Boob to Food

After popular demand by mums in the Kic community, today's KICBUMP episode is with Luka McCabe - the founder of the company Boob to Food, author of Milk to Meals, registered nurse and midwife, as well as mum of 3. Steph and Luka are also joined by Kate Holm - a naturopath, nutritionist, clinical director of Boob to Food and mum of 2 (with a third on the way)! Boob to food is a hub where parents can get all the information they need around baby nutrition to give them the confidence they need when they’re wanting to start their baby on solids. In today's chat, Luka and Kate give a breadth of information for any parent curious to learn more about the transition from milk to food for their little one. They cover the signs to look for to know your baby is ready to start solids, the pros and cons of baby led weaning vs spoon feeding, and the misconceptions around how long you breastfeed for. Luka and Kate also host a podcast called Boob to Food which you can check out here.   FOLLOW US: KICPOD: @kicpod on Instagram Kic: on Instagram, @kic on TikTok and Steph Claire Smith: @stephclairesmith on Instagram, @steph_claire_smith on TikTok Producer Mandy: @amanda.catalano on Instagram & TiktokSee for privacy information.
29/08/23·45m 38s

Spicing it up in the bedroom just got dangerous!

In Steph & Laura’s catch up today, we revisit the story about Steph’s mum finding some sexy costumes in her bedroom when she was younger, and it sparked the question ‘how did you spice it up in the bedroom, and how did it go wrong?’ – You guys answered and OH BOY, you never disappoint!! We also find out what sticky ingredient Laura has used before and let’s just say we do not recommend! Also, if you’re an adult and you play sport (not at a professional level, we’re talking mixed netball with a few work colleagues at 8pm on a Tuesday), you might relate to Laura’s rant about why playing sport as an adult sucks!   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph – The Voice – what Jessica Mauboy said after David Aumua’s performance Laura – Matildas: The World At Our Feet – docuseries about The Matilda’s soccer team on Disney +    Kic UPDATE: Weekly recipe launch alert - 2 new recipes you need to get on your radar ASAP! New the Kic app you'll find our Tortellini Pasta Salad - so easy and fresh, can be made and plated up in less than 10 minutes! We also have our Tiramisu French Toast - enjoy it for breakfast or enjoy it for dessert.   FOLLOW US: KICPOD: @kicpod on Instagram Kic: on Instagram, @kic on TikTok and Steph Claire Smith: @stephclairesmith on Instagram, @steph_claire_smith on TikTok Laura Henshaw: @laura.henshaw on Instagram & Tiktok Producer Mandy: @amanda.catalano on Instagram & TiktokSee for privacy information.
27/08/23·23m 48s

Jordan Lambropoulos is now thriving after fighting for her life just 3 months ago

You may have come across Jordy on Tiktok (@itsjordysworld) where she very openly shares the details of her life with a chronic illness and living with an ostomy bag. At age 9, Jordy was diagnosed with a rare case of Crohn's disease - an incurable chronic inflammatory bowel condition where her body attacks her own digestive system. Only a few months ago, she was fighting for her life in the process of a stem cell transplant, but after a successful surgery (and the first of its kind in Australia) she is now thriving and things are looking up for the 25 year old. In today’s KICPOD episode, Jordy so eloquently shares her journey of what led her to the transplant, how it felt thinking her time was up, and what it was like filming a goodbye video for her family. She also explains what life is like with an ostomy bag, how she is confident to be 100% herself on social media, and her feelings around the prospects of dating.     FOLLOW US: KICPOD: @kicpod on Instagram Kic: on Instagram, @kic on TikTok and Steph Claire Smith: @stephclairesmith on Instagram, @steph_claire_smith on TikTok Laura Henshaw: @laura.henshaw on Instagram & Tiktok Producer Mandy: @amanda.catalano on Instagram & TiktokSee for privacy information.
22/08/23·33m 9s

Alarming stats about the mental load on women

In Steph & Laura's catch up today, they discuss a recent TikTok trend that sparks the topic of how heavy the mental load is for many women. We hear some stats on how many hours of extra work per week women gain on average when in a heterosexual relationship in comparison to men, and the data is quite shocking. Also in today's episode, we take a trip down memory lane to some of the hilarious and innocent things written in our old school yearbooks.   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph – The Inspired Unemployed Impractical Jokers, TV series on Channel 10 and Paramount + Laura – Thank God You’re Here, TV series on Channel 10   Kic UPDATE: We have just launched our Pilates program which is now available in the Kic app! Barre Burn with Kika is is a 6 week Pilates Program where you can expect PT style workouts with intense and dynamic movements that will lengthen and strengthen your entire body. They're all designed to be done at home or on the go - think minimal equipment for maximum performance    FOLLOW US: KICPOD: @kicpod on Instagram Kic: on Instagram, @kic on TikTok and Steph Claire Smith: @stephclairesmith on Instagram, @steph_claire_smith on TikTok Laura Henshaw: @laura.henshaw on Instagram & Tiktok Producer Mandy: @amanda.catalano on Instagram & TiktokSee for privacy information.
20/08/23·26m 22s

Stay at home vs working mums, separation with kids & dating again - KICBUMP with Not So Mumsy's Marcia Leone

You may know Marcia Leone as 'Not So Mumsy' - she's an author, founder of the clothing label Not So Mumsy and a proud mum of two. If you're a stay at home mum who has craved going back to work, or if you're a working mum who has felt guilt for missing out on special time with your children, you are certainly not alone! Marcia has experienced both of these feelings and explains in today's KICBUMP episode why it is important for her to keep her identity of who she was pre-children. She also discusses the challenges that come with separating from your partner when you have young children, the pros and cons and what it means for the family as a whole. She also shares her experience with getting back into the dating game after 15 years of being in a relationship.   FOLLOW US: KICPOD: @kicpod on Instagram Kic: on Instagram, @kic on TikTok and Steph Claire Smith: @stephclairesmith on Instagram, @steph_claire_smith on TikTok Producer Mandy: @amanda.catalano on Instagram & Tiktok    See for privacy information.
15/08/23·27m 16s

Omg mum found the sexy nurse outfit!

A hilarious catch up between Steph and Laura today reveals that one of the girls had some sexy nurse costumes that her mum found, and what her mum did with it had us in hysterics!! We also hear some other mortifying moments involving parents and the running theme seems to be vibrators! Plus in today’s episode, we have a D&M from someone who received a before and after photo from her friend which left her comparing her body to hers. The girls discuss how easy it is to fall into the trap of comparison and share reminders of why we shouldn’t even be discussing our weight in the first place.   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph – A Good Person, film on Binge   Kic UPDATE: We heard your Halfway Hustle feedback and now you can hustle on your terms with the upcoming launch of our Pilates Program! Introducing Barre Burn - a 6 week Pilates program for every body, packed full of Kika's fiery exercises you know and love. These are PT style workouts designed for Pilates people who are ready to level up and develop a routine! At home or on the go, Barre Burn moves with you - it requires minimal equipment for maximum performance. Launching in the Kic app next week on the 21st of August   FOLLOW US: KICPOD: @kicpod on Instagram Kic: on Instagram, @kic on TikTok and Steph Claire Smith: @stephclairesmith on Instagram, @steph_claire_smith on TikTok Laura Henshaw: @laura.henshaw on Instagram & Tiktok Producer Mandy: @amanda.catalano on Instagram & Tiktok  See for privacy information.
13/08/23·41m 30s

Woody Whitelaw on friendship, mental health and surprisingly… gut health!

You’ve either heard Woody Whitelaw on his national drive radio show ‘Will & Woody’, or perhaps you’ve seen him on TV on The Celebrity Apprentice Australia or I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! What makes Woody so unique is that he manages to be hilarious and witty (eg asking Steph about her bowel movements and suggesting to coach her while she’s on the loo), all while showing an incredibly vulnerable side, being extremely open and generous about his experiences with mental health, his relationships and work life. His other half, Will, was on the podcast not too long ago where he was also very open about his mental health and coping with depression (you can listen to that ep here), and in today’s episode Woody speaks about how they navigate their friendship, how to be a lifeboat for those you love but also lean on them in times of need, and why having difficult conversations can be the best thing you can do. Among this chat, Steph and Laura share a recent hard conversation between the two of them that their husbands Josh and Dalton suggested they have.See for privacy information.
08/08/23·52m 38s

Steph's crook gut!

We bloody love a bit of TMI, and in Steph & Laura's catch up today, Steph gives us just that. Her gut is in fact.. crook, so she explains what's going on and why Josh is having to block his nose at the end of the day when she gets home 🤣 We also hear the story of how Laura met her husband Dalton, and cannot believe what happened after only 12 months of them dating! Let us know on our socials @kicpod if you think it's totally fine or maybe a little too soon! Plus, we open our KICMAIL box and hear a fantastic prank that Laura might use on Dalton, seeing as she loves to prank him so much.   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph – Chicken Shop Date, Instagram page Laura – Miss You Already, film on Amazon Prime Video   Kic UPDATE: Something for the Pilates people - we're launching an exciting new program soon! And what we can tell you is that it's going to burn (in the best way possible of course). Outside of this very exciting launch we also have 150 Pilates classes available in the Kic app from Barre Burn to Mind & Body and 7 Pilates styles - Kic has a flow fit for every body!See for privacy information.
06/08/23·24m 29s

The biggest ever surprise for Steph – YUNGBLUD!!

For years now, Steph has been the biggest fan of British musician YUNGBLUD, and has said if she ever got to meet him she would just DIE! Well, you’re going to absolutely love her reaction when Laura and Producer Mandy surprise Steph with getting him on the podcast after telling her she was about to interview a financial advisor! 🤣 YUNGBLUD’s music is raw, honest, open and vulnerable, so it’s easy to understand why Steph connects to his lyrics so much. His new song ‘Lowlife’ is about feeling at the lowest point of his life, and in today’s episode he explains how he manages his mental health when living such a busy lifestyle, touring the world and writing music in between sets. He also tells us the one moment that has stuck with him forever where a fan explained the impact of his music, plus he may or may not spill some tea about his plans to come to Australia!See for privacy information.
01/08/23·22m 13s

Why you might currently be lacking motivation

It's winter in Australia, and particularly in the cooler states it is miserable and dark and gloomy most days, so it's easy to feel a serious lack of motivation. In Steph & Laura's catch up today, they address the 'winter blues' and hear from Melbourne Psychologist Taash Balakas about what Seasonal Affective Disorder is, what can help, and things we need to remind ourselves in the cooler months. We also hear some of the hilarious/mortifying/embarrassing stories you guys sent in about what happened at the gym, and it sparks quite a debate about whether most people wear undies underneath their activewear or not!   SPECIAL SHARES Steph – Barbie, film with Margot Robbie & Ryan Gosling (in cinemas) Laura – Mastermind, song by Taylor Swift   Kic UPDATE: Our new gym program 'Lift' is officially live in the Kic app! You can now enrol into our 12 week progressive gym program. If you have a gym membership and you're looking to gain more confidence in the gym, or maybe you're already pretty familiar with your gym equipment and you're looking to get stronger or advance your progress, this is the program for you! You can choose to workout 1 to 5 days per week, there are exercise swaps available so you can regress and progress as necessary and you can level up your weights with every workout to track your progress!See for privacy information.
30/07/23·36m 22s

Pelvic floor dysfunction & Steph’s bladder prolapse - KICBUMP with Rachel Fitt

Pelvic floor dysfunction is super common, particularly during your childbearing years. But just because it’s common, it doesn’t mean we should do nothing about it! Rachel Fitt is a Melbourne based Pelvic Floor & Continence Physiotherapist (and Steph’s physio actually), and in today’s KICBUMP episode she explains the importance of looking after your pelvic floor, and what to do if you suspect something is not right.   Steph also shares her own experience of having a bladder prolapse after giving birth to her son Harvey, and asks Rachel what would have happened if she ignored the symptoms and not have gone for an appointment. Rachel also explains why you should take extra care getting back into exercise after birth, and takes us through some of the strengthening exercises during the podcast. Put it this way, you won’t be able to listen to today’s episode without squeezing your anus! 🤣See for privacy information.
25/07/23·30m 56s

Feeling intimidated at the gym? Same.

In Steph & Laura's catch up today, they address something that we all commonly feel when it comes to using the gym - if you've ever looked at the machines and thought "I have absolutely no idea what to do with that" or "I feel like everyone's looking at me because I don't know what I'm doing", don't worry, you're not alone! Lacking confidence at the gym is something all of us experience, particularly when we're new to the gym or to the equipment we're using. Steph & Laura share their own personal experiences in today's episode, and offer some tips and advice to help you build your confidence next time you use the gym.   Also in today's episode, we revisit a recent conversation that sparked quite a LOT of comments on socials - the position of 69 and why it's so sh*t! Steph & Laura read out some of your hilarious comments and they do not disappoint.   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph: The Imperfects – episode with our very own Laura Henshaw Laura: Quote from Ted Lasso   Kic UPDATE: Our 12 week progressive gym program 'Lift' has nearly hit the Kic app! It's the PT in your pocket and has been designed to help you gain confidence in the gym, build strength and make the most out of your gym session. Find out more on the Kic website and stay tuned on our Instagram and TikTok.See for privacy information.
23/07/23·30m 1s

Managing your mental health and supporting people with disabilities, with Lauren McDonough

* TRIGGER WARNING – This episode discusses suicide. If this is triggering for you, we advise perhaps skipping today’s episode. For support, call LifeLine on 13 11 14 or visit *   July is Disability Pride Month, and Kic community member Lauren McDonough does an outstanding job of not only raising awareness around disability, but mental health as well.   Lauren lost the lower half of both of her legs in a tragic incident in 2017 where she attempted to take her own life. Since then, Lauren has not only turned her life around in being a mental health advocate and ambassador for Beyond Blue and Liptember, but she has also been able to embrace her disability and spread the very important message that we can all make small changes to help support those with disabilities and make the world a more inclusive and accessible place.See for privacy information.
18/07/23·23m 4s

A shocking gender imbalance in the workplace

* TRIGGER WARNING: This episode mentions sexual violence. For support, call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or visit * In Steph and Laura's catch up today, we revisit the topic of the different approaches in the workplace that generally occur between men and women. Some KICPOD listeners have sent in their personal experiences, one of which left us completely disgusted and gobsmacked at what happened to her, and another with some great advice on how the power of language can make a significant difference. On a much lighter note, we also hear some hilarious stories about what happened at the dog park, after Laura had an experience she'd rather forget!   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph – The Covenant, Guy Ritchie film on Prime Video Laura – The Imperfects episode with Dr Emily – How to Stress Less   Kic UPDATE: Lift is our 12 week progressive gym program coming to the Kic app in just two week's time! It's the PT in your pocket and has been designed to help you gain confidence in the gym, build strength and make the most out of your gym session. Find out more on the Kic website and stay tuned on our Instagram and TikTok.See for privacy information.
15/07/23·32m 26s

To sleep train or not to sleep train? That is.. up to you! - KICBUMP with Maggie Chretien

Maggie Chretien, also known as 'The Peninsula Mumma' on Instagram is an actress, writer, presenter, podcast host, and the biggest job of all... a mum of two! Maggie is incredibly open about her motherhood journey, her experience with prolapse, mental health, confidence and a bunch of other things, but in today's KICBUMP episode we wanted to focus particularly on her experience with sleep training her children, which came with an absurd amount of backlash from people when she opened up about it online. Sleep training may not be for every parent and that is totally okay, but in today's episode we discuss what options there are, what worked for Steph and what worked for Maggie, how to block out the noise of everyone else's unhelpful opinions and much more. Check out Maggie's podcast 'MA15 Plus' with Alex Nation.See for privacy information.
11/07/23·48m 46s

Do you shower after sex?

In Steph & Laura's catch up today, it's Steph's turn to do the Cosmopolitan Magazine quiz from 2010, so it's time to find out if things are 'exciting' or 'a little too tame' in the bedroom! 🤭 There may also be a conversation about showering afterwards that sparks a bit of a debate too! Plus, we were sent a D&M from KICPOD listener Christina asking for some advice after her parents promised to pay for her wedding, but then pulled out at the last minute when she was locked in to some hefty contracts.   SPECIAL SHARES: Laura part 1 – And Just Like That, Sex And The City follow up series on Binge… well sort of Laura part 2 – Glamourous, series with Kim Cattrall from Sex And The City Steph – 3 Happiness Pillars Everyone Needs to Know, with Dr Rangan Chatterjee - 10 min ‘Diary of a CEO’ episode   Kic UPDATE: Our first ever Gym Program is here! Lift - part of our KICSTRONG Program, is coming soon to the Kic app and launching on the 30th of July! It's a 12 week progressive program developed by our amazing head trainer, Danny Kennedy, designed to help you build confidence in the gym, push your limits and achieve your fitness goals. As part of the program we're also launching exercise swaps with progressions and regressions so you can perfect your form, level up and make the most of your gym session. See for privacy information.
09/07/23·35m 11s

Teela Reid helps educate us on First Nations issues

This week is NAIDOC week, where we celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. In today's episode, proud Wiradjuri and Wailwan woman Teela Reid joins us to not only share her experience growing up in Australia but also to help educate anyone who wants to learn more about First Nations issues. Teela is the host of the 'Blak Matters' podcast, which is an exploration of First Nations topics and why they matter, and today she delves into some of these topics such as the importance of Acknowledgement of Country and why we should all celebrate NAIDOC week. Teela is also a lawyer, so is the perfect person to explain The 2023 Australian Indigenous Voice referendum that’s happening later this year.See for privacy information.
04/07/23·30m 36s

How Steph met Josh + some hilarious nostalgia

A fun episode ahead today - in Steph & Laura's catch up, Steph presents Laura with a few old school Cosmo quizzes from back in the day, to which Laura has to pick from and complete one. We also open our KICMAIL which includes a horrifying moment someone experienced plus we hear the story of how Steph got together with her husband Josh.   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph – Power Talks, podcast by Kemi Nekvapil Laura – Tiktok by @izzyfletcher1511   Kic UPDATE: We are dropping Weekly Masterclasses! In the Kic app you will find 2 new Masterclasses each week. Today we've dropped Bootcamp with Leo, so if you're looking to get sweaty and your heart rate up, these two 20 minute classes are for you. See for privacy information.
02/07/23·26m 57s

Martha shares her birth story - KICBUMP with Martha Kalifatidis

We all fell in love with Martha when she appeared on MAFS back in 2015, and since then we've been following her wonderful and very entertaining relationship with Michael Brunelli on social media where Martha has gained quite a significant following. Martha and Michael have just welcomed their beautiful baby boy Lucius, and for the first time publicly, Martha shares in today's KICBUMP episode her birth story and how Michael was throughout the whole process! She also opens up about the debilitating illness hyperemesis gravidarum that she had during her whole pregnancy, explaining it as one of the darkest times of her life.   Kic UPDATE: We launched our halfway hustle challenge last month and if you missed out we're offering you a VERY special offer - you can get one month of our all inclusive wellness app for FREE! That means access to over 700 workouts, 700 recipes and 100 meditations, plus 7 different programs including run, strength and HIIT, equipment free and pre & post natal. Sign ups must be through our website on a monthly subscription, hit ‘GET STARTED FREE’ and complete the promo code KICPOD1MONTHSee for privacy information.
27/06/23·51m 12s

We absolutely hate this sex position!

X rated content ahead! In Steph & Laura's catch up today, they reveal the one thing in the bedroom that many of us have tried but is an absolutely terrible time for all involved. If you've tried something in the bedroom that you've seen in the movies or people have spoken about but you hated, send us a voice memo to our @kicpod Instagram page. Also in today's episode, Laura reveals what she did to her husband that made Steph react by calling her a "psycho" 🤣. Plus on a more serious note, we have a follow up from a recent discussion about celebrities revealing their toxic diets and we read out some of the comments you guys had about it.   SPECIAL SHARES: Laura – Iam Tongi’s American Idol audition, and his performance with James Blunt on Youtube Steph – Open Burger Bowl, Kic recipe See for privacy information.
25/06/23·29m 29s

Laura's fertility journey - KICBUMP with Laura Henshaw and Dr Sneha Wadhwani

Usually you'd only hear Steph and her guest for our KICBUMP episodes, but today is a little different! Laura has recently begun her fertility journey and is assessing her options such as egg freezing. In today's KICBUMP episode, you'll hear where Laura is currently at plus her experience so far, along with some very informative answers from Dr Sneha Wadhwani; the Clinical Director & Head of GP for Wellbeing and Women’s Health at a clinic in Sydney. If you're someone who has every wondered how to go about checking your fertility, in today's episode you'll find out what you need to ask for when you go to the doctors, which tests are actually done and what they're testing for, when you should consider egg freezing and the process involved, and what happens to your egg quality as you get older.See for privacy information.
20/06/23·37m 44s

Going vegan solely for weight loss

In Steph & Laura's catch up today, they address another trend that some of us have followed for the wrong reasons - going vegan solely for weight loss. There is absolutely nothing wrong with going vegan for ethical reasons, however there are dangers involved in simply doing it for aesthetic purposes, and things to educate yourself with before just going off meat and dairy cold turkey. Kic dietitian Liv Morrison explains why in today's episode. Also in this ep, we find out what hilarious (and some dangerous!!) pranks you guys have pulled on your partners to help give prankster Laura some more inspo!   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph – Empowerment by FACESOUL, song Laura – @doggystylinguk, Tiktok page   Kic UPDATE: We have recently launched two new recipes into the Kic app and we have your savoury & sweet tooth covered - Egg Bagels with Salmon and Avocado, & our Protein Cookie Dough... because we all know edible cookie dough just hits different!See for privacy information.
18/06/23·36m 13s

Dealing with bullying and feeling comfortable & confident in your own skin, with Carly Findlay

* CONTENT WARNING: This episode mentions violence, online abuse, suicide, disability hate speech/hate crime * Carly Findlay is a writer, speaker, influencer and appearance activist, and someone who dedicates a lot of her time educating others on a number of disability-related issues. Carly was born with ichthyosis, a rare genetic disorder that affects the skin, eyes, ears, digestive system, temperature and metabolism. Living with ichthyosis comes with many challenges, however one that Carly unfortunately has to live with daily is the shocking bullying that she faces both in person and online. In today’s episode, she generously shares some of her experiences and how she has dealt with the comments, stares, and unsolicited advice regularly given to her. Carly also educates us on how we can better approach the topic of disability and how we can be more inclusive as a society and in the media to make sure everyone is represented and treated fairly. She also gives some beautiful and helpful advice to anyone who may need a little reminder to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin, which is something we’re extremely passionate about at Kic. Check out Carly’s books ‘Say Hello’ and ‘Growing Up Disabled in Australia’.See for privacy information.
13/06/23·38m 17s

Celebs admitting to their problematic diets

* TRIGGER WARNING: This episode discusses disordered eating. If you need support you can contact The Butterfly Foundation on 1800 ED HOPE * In Steph & Laura's catch up today, they call out the very problematic admission from some celebrities that promotes toxic diet culture, and suggest what they can do differently instead. Plus, it's apparent that women generally tend to have a much different approach to men in the workplace, and we hear some examples of how language can make a big difference in these scenarios. We also hear some hilarious stories from you guys where you've blamed your partner for something when it was actually your fault.. or vice versa 🤭!   SPECIAL SHARES: Laura: Platonic, series on Apple TV Steph: Succession, series on Binge   Kic UPDATE: We have just launched 2 new recipes into the Kic app! NOODLES! Level up your noodle game with our Sesame Chicken Noodle Bowl. Think tender chicken, a creamy sesame sauce, served over noodles! We have also created a vegetarian option too!See for privacy information.
11/06/23·34m 16s

Working through a sexless marriage & relationship issues after kids - KICBUMP with Leonie Akhidenor

Leonie is a mum of 2 toddlers, a podcast host, and a Relationship & Parenting Coach. Through the work she does with her own podcast 'Parenthood' speaking to mums and dads about all of the challenges parenthood brings, along with her work as a coach for many of these parents, she's gathered some extremely wise tips and advice on what to do when your relationship looks different to how it did pre-kids. In today's KICBUMP episode, Leonie covers how to best communicate with your partner, why point scoring / tit for tat in a relationship can be problematic, how to better juggle the mental load that comes with parenting, how to celebrate the joys of parenting, what to do if you find yourself in a sexless marriage, why self care is so important and so much more. Check out Leonie's podcast 'Parenthood' here. Hear Steph & her husband Josh's episode on the 'Dr Golly and the Experts' podcast here.See for privacy information.
06/06/23·40m 26s

Okay, enough poo chat already!!

In Steph & Laura's catch up today, okay MAYBE things get a little gross once again... but we PROMISE this is the last time we discuss poo for a while! Just when you thought Laura's shockingly gross admission the other day was bad, it somehow gets worse! The question is, is there anybody at all out there who does the same thing as her? We find out in today's episode. We also hear from a listener who wants some advice about dealing with trolls on social media, plus Steph's husband Josh blamed her for something that was undoubtedly his fault... but we've all done this to some degree 😂.   SPECIAL SHARES: Laura – Magic Mike’s Last Dance, film on Apple TV Steph – The Good Nurse, film on Netflix   Kic UPDATE: Our Halfway Hustle Challenge starts today! Enrolments in the Kic app are still open, so if you've been thinking about joining, you still have time! The challenge goes for 6 weeks, and there are 3 ways to hustle. Pilates with Kika, Strength with Danny OR you can choose the Ultimate Hustle - Strength + Pilates, combined.See for privacy information.
04/06/23·31m 28s

Dating men vs women & exploring your sexuality, with Maria Thattil

Maria Thattil joins us for the second time on KICPOD (listen to her first ep here) and this time things get juicy! Maria is many things - an opinion writer, speaker, TV personality, diversity activist, digital creator, and former Miss Universe Australia. But above all else, she is 100% unapologetically herself, and paves the way for so many young people to feel comfortable and confident to explore their own identity. After being crowned Miss Universe Australia in 2020, she spent some time in the African jungle on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here where she came out as bisexual on national television. A year and a half on, Maria isn't afraid to share the intimate and personal details of her sex life - and today's episode is no exception! So what is the difference between dating men vs dating women? How did she even know what to do the first time? And what does she say to certain homophobic family members who hear her speak so openly about these topics? All is revealed in this ep, along with so many take away moments.   Be sure to check out Maria's book 'Unbounded', and her recent episode on the Audible podcast Power Talks.  See for privacy information.
30/05/23·34m 31s

Steph's mum makes us all cry ❤️

In Steph & Laura's catch up today, they revisit something from a few weeks ago where Steph opened up about an insecurity that stemmed from childhood. We hear from Steph's mum about how this made her feel as a parent listening to that episode, and she shares some really beautiful words that got us all emotional. Plus, we open our Kicmail which includes some cheesy pick up lines and what "good evening" and "good night" really means!   SPECIAL SHARES: Laura – The Daily Aus; bite size daily news podcast Steph – Bared Footware; slippers Kic UPDATE: Sign ups to our Halfway Hustle Challenge are now open! If you’ve got the Kic app you can sign up now and choose your challenge - Pilates with Kika or Strength with Danny - 18 workouts over 6 weeks, or go for the ULTIMATE hustle with a Strength & Pilates combo hitting 30 workouts over 6 weeks.See for privacy information.
28/05/23·24m 5s

Raising your child to be empowered by their disability - KICBUMP with Hannah Vasicek

* TRIGGER WARNING: This episode discusses abortion. For support, contact Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636 * If you've been a KICPOD listener for a while, you may have heard the unbelievable story of two sisters Rachel & Hannah who escaped attempted human trafficking back in 2016. In today's KICBUMP episode, Hannah shares her incredible story of how her frightening pregnancy diagnoses ended up giving her the beautiful gift of her now 3 year old daughter Vienna. During her pregnancy, Hannah's baby was diagnosed with Amniotic Band Sydnrome, and despite doctors suggesting multiple times that she shouldn't follow through with the pregnancy, Hannah stuck to what she knew was right. In this episode, she speaks about what it was like hearing the news that her baby would be born without her right arm, how she came to the decision to go ahead with her pregnancy, and how she wants to raise her daughter to feel empowered rather than limited by her disability.See for privacy information.
23/05/23·38m 9s

Laura's SHOCKING admission + Steph ghosted Leo DiCaprio!!!

Not even kidding - Steph Claire Smith IGNORED Leonardo DiCaprio's text when he asked her out! That's not how a hall pass works, Steph! In our catch up today, find out when/what/where/how this happened, plus find out the CRAZY thing Laura does that she thinks is normal. Hint: it's disgusting 🤢 Also in today's episode, we have a D&M about what to do when your friends are all having kids but you choose not to - how do you maintain the friendship?   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph – Ancient Apocalypse, Netflix film Laura – Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter, foundation available at MECCA   KIC UPDATE: Join our 'Kic Halfway Hustle' mid year challenge! 6 weeks, 3 challenges, choose your hustle out of: Strength by Danny (lower body focus), Pilates by Kika (full body focus) or if you’re up for the ULTIMATE Hustle, strength and pilates with Danny & Kika! Challenge sign ups open next Monday 29th of May.See for privacy information.
21/05/23·43m 23s

Steph confronts Toni Lodge

You may know the bloody hilarious and wonderful Toni Lodge from being one half of the hugely successful 'Toni & Ryan' podcast. She joins us on today's episode of KICPOD to not only make us nearly wee our pants with laughter, but also to share some incredible wisdom and life lessons she has learnt. We speak with Toni about why listening is sometimes better than fixing a problem, why honesty can get you so much further in life than people pleasing, and how to speak to someone who is grieving... but then we also speak to her about arguably just as important stuff like lasering your pubes, semen flavoured lipgloss and the extremely offensive Harry Potter sorting hat Toni gave Steph! And oh boy she wasn't happy. If you'd like more of Toni Lodge, check out her book 'I Don't Need Therapy', and of course her amazing podcast 'Toni & Ryan' on Spotify.See for privacy information.
16/05/23·40m 21s

Big news for Kic!!

If you've been following us on socials, you may already be aware of this hugely exciting news for Kic - otherwise you're about to find out all the details in today's episode! Also, Steph had a moment where she was made to feel... wait for it.. YOUNG! Usually it's the opposite when you're approaching 30! Plus, Laura tells a wild story from her modelling days that was quite terrifying.   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph – The Late Late Show with James Corden - final episode Laura – Wild, film with Reese Witherspoon   Kic UPDATES: Tomorrow, from 8am, in partnership with the Butterfly Foundation, we’re launching a limited edition merchandise store to wear your support, where 100% of the profits from T-shirt sales will go towards The Butterfly Foundation. If you would prefer to donate without purchasing a t-shirt, this week we will also match all donations made up to $10,000 AUD via this specific link.See for privacy information.
14/05/23·36m 18s

"An Autism diagnoses is not devastating" - KICBUMP with Em Rusciano

Em Rusciano wears just about every hat - she's a comedian, podcast host, writer, TV presenter, singer and former radio host, but on top of all of that she's also a mum of 3. All of her children happen to be neurodiverse, and she herself was recently diagnosed with ADHD and Autism. Em has shockingly faced public criticism for opening up about her diagnosis, with people claiming that it's for attention. In today's episode, we discuss why this is ludicrous and why we should be normalising the topic, helping mums of neurodiverse children feel more supported and also feel more comfortable getting tested themselves. For more of Em Rusciano, check out her podcast Emsolation.See for privacy information.
09/05/23·50m 37s

Steph's "one specific position" revealed!!

* TRIGGER WARNING: This episode discusses disordered eating. If you need support you can contact The Butterfly Foundation on 1800 ED HOPE * In Steph & Laura's catch up today, they revisit last week's topic of toxic wellness rules that many of us once lived by, and one particular extremely restrictive rule was sadly one of the most common ones sent in, so the girls find out the dangers involved and ways to have a more balanced approach to eating. For more info, you can read some of Liv's advice in this KIC blog post. On a much different note, they also revisit a little something Steph revealed in a recent episode titled 'Some extremely personal details about our sex lives, with Rachel Baker' where she said there's 'one specific position' that is.... the most enjoyable. Today, we find out what position that is! We also hear some insane nightmare neighbour stories. Buckle in, today's ep is a wild ride!   SPECIAL SHARES: Laura – Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow, book by Gabrielle Zevin Steph - Good Will Hunting, 1997 film   KIC UPDATE: You can now share your KIC workouts on socials, and you can also schedule your favourite masterclasses to have your whole week planned out! If you haven't joined KIC, we have a 7 day free trial.See for privacy information.
07/05/23·32m 0s

Breaking the cycle of binge eating & bettering your mindset, with Sami Rose

* Trigger Warning: This episode discusses disordered eating. If you need support, contact The Butterfly Foundation on 1800 ED HOPE * If you've got the KIC app, you may have already noticed the fantastic Sami Rose is one of our brand new trainers. Sami's story is one many of us can relate to - having gone through highly restrictive eating, focusing solely on aesthetics and living quite a miserable lifestyle, to then turning it around to be her happiest and healthiest self. In today's episode, Sami explains how she shifted her mindset and became a counsellor and coach for anxiety, binge eating and body image, and she shares the tools you can implement to maintain a healthy approach to food and exercise. If you'd like to try one of her masterclasses, download the KIC app for a 7 day free trial.See for privacy information.
02/05/23·32m 5s

What we avoided for years to "look thinner"

In Steph & Laura's catch up today, they address some of the horribly toxic "wellness" rules that have been floating around for years, that sadly many people still live by. Steph shares her own personal experience about what she avoided in order to "not get bulky", and Laura speaks about what she avoided in fear of this thing making her put on weight. Also in today's episode, we open our KICMAIL hearing some of the hilarious stories you have sent in, or comments you've made about previous segments.   KIC UPDATE: Let's be more Mindful in May! Throughout the month of May, to help you reduce stress and promote calm in your mind you can try our range of meditations in the KIC app.   SPECIAL SHARES: Laura: NOT the Barbie movie with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling Steph: Desperate Housewives on Disney PlusSee for privacy information.
30/04/23·35m 8s

A home birth with no midwives! KICBUMP with Tracey Beswick

Steph became friends with Tracey through their mother's group - you may remember her from a previous KICBUMP episode titled "Postpartum, poop and prams" with another friend  Emma. In today's episode, Steph wanted to chat to Tracey about something that almost none of us have experienced but so many of us are curious about or at the very least fascinated by - home births. Tracey's story is just incredible. She birthed her 4 month old son Airlie at home (which was planned), but without any midwives present (which was definitely unplanned)! Hear how she educated herself on home births, what she equipped herself with in the lead up, how she attained her midwives and her advice for any mums looking at this as an option for their birth plan. And on another note, we love hearing your 'Toddler Tantrum Tales'! If your toddler has cracked it over something hilarious (like not being allowed to eat the dog food or crying over some broken eggs that they sat on) please send yours in to us @kicpod on Instagram. Voice notes and written messages welcome! 🥰 See for privacy information.
25/04/23·36m 50s

Steph breaks down; A very raw therapy session

(Without the therapist...) It's not a regular Monday catch up for Steph & Laura today. Instead, the girls sit down for what is essentially an extremely open, raw and honest therapy session among friends. Although technically there's no therapist, the girls air out some things that have been weighing on them for a while, and open up to one another about their deepest insecurities - some of which they have never expressed to each other before. Among the tears shed, there are some very powerful and beautiful words shared with one another, and it amplifies just how strong the friendship is between these two besties. If you can relate to these topics, we hope that you also have someone in your life you can confide in like this.   SPECIAL SHARE: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, book by Taylor Jenkins Reid   KIC UPDATE: We'd like to introduce our newest strength trainer Sami Rose! In these 10 brand NEW resistance style Masterclasses, Sami will introduce you to new lifts & combinations, bring back the classic movements you know and love as well as practice powerful affirmations, enabling you to build muscle, improve stamina and celebrate your body. New to KIC? Head to our website for a 7-day free trial.See for privacy information.
23/04/23·38m 34s

Some extremely personal details about our sex lives, with Rachel Baker

Rachel Baker is the founder of the sexual wellness brand LBDO, whose mission is to break down taboos and stigmas around sex and pleasure by normalising the conversation - and boy do we normalise the conversation today! Not only does Rachel do a fantastic job at explaining the importance of taking care of your sexual health & wellbeing, along with educating us on what we can do to help better our lives in this area, she also creates an extremely comfortable space for Steph & Laura to open up about their own sexual experiences and share details you wouldn't have heard before on this podcast! Rachel also covers the pleasure gap that exists between men and women, what we can do to understand our bodies better, and sex & pleasure in motherhood too. Check out her wonderful products at for privacy information.
18/04/23·38m 3s

Did Laura get hit on?

In Steph & Laura's catch up today, they debate whether an encounter Laura had with someone was them hitting on her, or recognising her. You be the judge! They also respond to a D&M about something a lot of us can relate to - outgrowing your high school friends in your 20s and 30s, plus a follow up from the 'Nightmare Neighbours' chat last week, including some WILD stories that you guys sent in.   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph – Diary Of A CEO, podcast episode with Alex Cooper Laura – Wellmania, series on Netflix   KIC UPDATE: We have had two new recipes drop in the KIC app - Our One Pot Pesto Lasagna as well as a delicious Gooey Carrot SliceSee for privacy information.
16/04/23·35m 37s

Giving birth to your best friend's baby - KICBUMP with Lisa Messenger & Sarah Megginson

What an incredible story Lisa Messenger and her bestie Sarah Megginson share - one that initially started with heartache, where Lisa tried for a baby for 8 years and did 16 unsuccessful rounds of IVF, then becoming a magical story where during a discussion about Lisa's struggles, Sarah offered the most selfless thing a person could offer - to carry Lisa's baby for her! With Sarah now nearly 6 months pregnant, she and Lisa share in today's episode everything that we're curious to know - the process of surrogacy, how it all came about, how it feels being pregnant with someone else's baby, and what Lisa is going to tell her unborn son when he's older. Their friendship and pregnancy journey truly is something special, and you can follow it all on their shared Instagram page @mummyatlast.See for privacy information.
11/04/23·46m 48s

Steph's nightmare neighbours called the cops on them!

In Steph & Laura's catch up today, Steph reveals that her previous neighbours were absolute nightmares, where they once called the cops on her husband Josh for something he did. They also address a D&M regarding how the pill has affected someone's exercise regime and what to do when your exercise is limited, plus we hear from customer service workers about the things they're sick of!   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph – Words On Bathrooms Walls, Netflix film Laura – The Imperfects, podcast episode with Ben Crowe   KIC UPDATES: If you're in need of some cooking inspiration, we have a few new recipes in the KIC app - our Peri Peri Chicken Tray Bake (version 2.0), and our Crumpet French Toast. Not to mention our Hot Cross Buns recipe because let's be honest, we're all still eating Hot Cross Buns well after Easter... (okay everyone except for Laura!!)See for privacy information.
09/04/23·31m 43s

Challenging and bettering yourself, with Harry Garside

If you happen to be watching I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here on Channel 10, you will have just seen today's KICPOD guest Harry Garside walk into the South African jungle. How fitting that the 25 year-old Olympic medal winning boxer is taking on months of immense physical and mental challenges to not only raise money for charity, but for personal growth. After hearing today's episode, you'll agree that this will be a walk in the park for Harry in comparison to some of his previous feats. Harry is one of the few men in sport who challenges gender stereotypes, wearing whatever he feels good in whether that be a dress, a skit, nail polish, or a suit and tie. Harry pushes every boundary in his life, often challenging his mental and physical limits with things like laying in a freezing cold lake at 5am in winter, or not talking for days. He even stops mid conversation for 30 seconds during today's episode to do a mindfulness exercise that he has set for himself. Nothing can get in the way of his dedication to becoming the best possible version of himself, which we admire so much and hope to learn from. In today's chat we also discuss finding your identity, how he navigates toxic masculinity, and the benefits of getting out of your comfort zone.See for privacy information.
04/04/23·35m 27s

Problematic and toxic diet culture

In Steph & Laura's catch up today, they discuss the recent Gwyneth Paltrow interview that went viral due to its toxic messaging, and express why this was so problematic. Laura also reveals that she's been living with / putting up with something for FAR too long that could have easily been resolved with one quick trip to the shops. It turns out many people have also been living with broken or dysfunctional household items, and some prove to be extremely dangerous!   SPECIAL SHARES: Laura – Dark Waters, Netflix film with Anne Hathaway Steph – Getting out of your comfort zone Mandy – Let Go, book by Hugh van Cuylenburg   KIC UPDATE: We are now into week 2 of the KICRUN Club. We now have three programs/distances to choose from in the app - 0-5km, 5-10km and the new 10-21km if you're keen to get half marathon ready! See for privacy information.
02/04/23·34m 27s

Having to throw your birth plan out the window - KICBUMP with Mel Wells

Today's KICBUMP episode kicks off with a Harvey update from Steph, where you will not BELIEVE what he was holding in his hand. It left producer Mandy gobsmacked and Steph face palming! We then hear from the amazing Mel Wells - an Embodied Leadership and Intimacy Coach trained in Holistic Sex, Love and Relationships, Eating Psychology and Holistic Health. When pregnant with her now 7 month old baby Sky, Mel's plan was to have a home birth with no intervention. But when he arrived at just 30 weeks, Mel's plan had to quickly pivot to something she initially wanted to avoid completely. In today's episode, she explains how giving birth means surrendering completely and trusting western medicine even when it may not always be your first preference. She also shares her wisdom about the importance of sex and intimacy in a relationship when becoming a parent. Check out Mel's book ‘The Goddess Revolution; Make Peace with Food, Love your Body, Reclaim Your Life’, her podcast 'Love, Sex & Magic', and her sacred space to nurture women traversing the spiritual portal of matrescence, 'Maiden to Mother'.See for privacy information.
28/03/23·35m 0s

The ridiculous contradicting rules for women

In Steph and Laura's catch up today, they discuss the insane societal pressures placed on women and how contradictory a lot of the messaging is, they share stories of when they've spotted famous people in the wild (and you'll hear why Steph has never lived down her first encounter with Andy Lee), plus we gave the TikTok #SpillTheTea challenge a go where the entire studio may or may not have ended up covered in tea!!   SPECIAL SHARES: Laura - Ted Lasso, Season 3 - Apple TV series Steph - The Imperfects episode 'Chrissie Swan - Honesty'   KIC UPDATE: Our KICRUN Club is back and starts today! There are now 3 distances you can choose from - 5km, 10km or our brand new 10-21km program. If you have any questions about the recent updates to KICRUN, we have an explainer blog post at for privacy information.
26/03/23·32m 35s

Reaching the peak of your career at any age, with Trinny Woodall

Trinny Woodall initially rose to fame as part of a makeover duo with Susannah Constantine for their TV series 'What Not to Wear', and is now the founder of the hugely successful beauty brand Trinny London. In today's chat, Trinny explains how she navigates her way through the business world surrounded by predominately male investors and CEOs, and shows us what being an empowered woman looks like today. Given that she launched her beauty brand in her 50s, today's conversation speaks to anyone who may think they've 'missed the boat' if not having reached their career peak in their 20s or 30s. If you'd like to hear more podcast episodes with Trinny, here are a few we recommend: Under The Gloss with Phoebe Burgess: Trinny Woodall on relationship breakdowns, IVF and puppy nappies How To Fail with Elizabeth Day: Trinny Woodall on single parenthood, business failure and the empowerment of her 50s See for privacy information.
21/03/23·38m 40s

Unpopular Opinions & Misogynist comments

In Steph & Laura's catch up today, we bring back a segment we loved so much last time - Unpopular Opinions. Plus, we check our Uber ratings to find out how many 1 star ratings we've got, and Laura shares an experience she had recently where an extremely misogynist comment was made.   KIC UPDATE: KICRUN Club is back next week on the 27th of March and signups are now live in the KIC app now. To celebrate, we are launching our brand NEW 10-21KM program for those who want to challenge themselves further. To join, choose one of the programs in the app (0-5km, 5-10km OR 10-21km - coming next Monday) and select the days you wish to run!   SPECIAL SHARES: Laura: A Star is Born, film with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper on Netflix (but only the first half of the film) Steph: The Good Dinosaur, kids film on Disney +See for privacy information.
19/03/23·37m 42s

When IVF doesn't work - KICBUMP with Brooke Hogan

* TRIGGER WARNING: This episode discusses miscarriage and graphic themes associated with infertility * Thankfully for Brooke Hogan, her pregnancy dreams have now come true - expecting her first bub in July this year! But it was a rocky start for the former Australia's Next Top Model star and good friend of Steph. In this KICBUMP episode, Brooke shares her heart wrenching story of unexplained infertility for 2 years as she and her husband tried to start a family, including unsuccessful rounds of IUI and IVF. We are taken on the emotional rollercoaster of her journey and shed tears of sadness and joy along the way. This episode gives hope to anyone struggling with their own fertility journey, and offers some advice to help support you through this time.See for privacy information.
14/03/23·49m 52s

Steph was recognised while her ***** was exposed 😱

WOW is all we can say. In Steph & Laura's catch up today, we learn that Steph was recognised during one of the most awkward encounters you could possibly have! And it turns out Laura has had a similar experience herself.   Also in today's episode, we discuss the most beautiful TikTok we've ever seen about body positivity which you can view here, plus we respond to a D&M about someone who doesn't have the same views as her partner about health.   SPECIAL SHARES: Laura - A reminder to get your yearly health check Steph - 'Gratitude for your body'; Mind & Body Pilates class in the KIC app   KIC UPDATE: Last week we dropped a new workout type - Mind & Body Pilates, led by our expert trainer Christina. These classes are a great way to incorporate mindfulness and movement into your everyday. There's 10 new Mind & Body Pilates Masterclasses available in the KIC app now.See for privacy information.
12/03/23·34m 3s

International Women's Day 2023: #EmbraceEquity

Today is International Women's Day. We asked the women behind your favourite podcasts and radio shows to share a time they’ve #EmbracedEquity and challenged gender stereotypes, called out discrimination, drawn attention to bias and sought out inclusion. You'll hear Steph & Laura's experience, and also stories from Carrie Bickmore, Fifi Box, Turia Pitt, Jamila Rizvi, and many more. Happy International Women's Day, we hope you enjoy this special episode we've put together.   KIC UPDATE: We have an IWD sale on now! All new members will be offered 40% off their first 3 months at KIC on the quarterly subscription. Sale ends at midnight tonight. We have also recently dropped a brand new workout type - Mind & Body Pilates - hosted by our expert trainer Christina. The mind & body connection is so important in supporting our mental health and combating feelings of stress and overwhelm, and this new Masterclass is designed to celebrate women, promote self-love and let go of expectations so we can focus on the present and feel empowered on the mat.See for privacy information.
07/03/23·49m 30s

The untold story about Steph!

In Steph & Laura's catch up today, Steph's husband Josh is given the chance to throw her under the bus with an embarrassing story, seeing as she reveals plenty about him on the pod... but will he do that to his darling wife? And what could she possibly not have shared already? Plus in today's episode, we hear some very controversial and unpopular opinions, and discuss the confronting truth about getting older.   SPECIAL SHARE:You, Season 4 - Netflix seriesSee for privacy information.
05/03/23·33m 50s

Emotional eating, with Psychologist Cass Dunn

If you're someone who has a negative relationship with food, exercise or body image, this episode will provide you with some helpful tools to assist in rewiring your thinking patterns to be more positive.  Clinical & Coaching Psychologist, and host of the 'Crappy to Happy' podcast, Cass Dunn joins us on KICPOD this week to discuss emotional eating. What exactly is it? What's the psychology behind it? Why does it affect so many of us, particularly women? What can we do to shift our mindset? Cass answers all of these questions and also provides a really interesting insight into the bigger question behind it all - what's really going on mentally? You can listen to Cass Dunn’s podcast ‘Crappy to Happy’ on the free LiSTNR app or wherever you get your podcasts. If you enjoy this episode, we also recommend our episode with KIC's resident dietitian Liv Morrison on gut health, overcoming guilt, and building a positive relationship with food.See for privacy information.
28/02/23·26m 24s

When your partner buys unnecessary things!

In Steph & Laura's catch up today, we find out all of the unnecessary purchases Laura's husband Dalton has made over the years, and hear the useless or overpriced items other people's partners have bought too. We also address the conversation that came out of last week's episode regarding tanning culture, which is only a small example of a much wider issue we need to think about. Plus, we were sent in a wedding related D&M which always spark the biggest debate!   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph - On Purpose with Jay Shetty, podcast episode with Drew Barrymore Laura - Australian Idol, TV show on Channel 7   KIC UPDATE: We are dropping brand new masterclasses into the KIC app every Monday and we’ve just released brand new Bootcamp workouts from our master trainer Leo! Join now for a 7 day free trial.See for privacy information.
26/02/23·36m 39s

Eating disorders during pregnancy & postpartum - KICBUMP

* Trigger Warning: This episode discusses eating disorders. If you or anyone you know needs support, contact The Butterfly Foundation on 1800 33 4673 (1800 ED HOPE) * In today's KICBUMP episode, we hope to shed a light on something that sadly affects many women in our community; coping with an eating disorder during pregnancy or postpartum. Even for someone who has experienced this in the past, pregnancy can be an extremely triggering time given the changes that occur to your body, so in today's episode we provide important information and support for those struggling, along with hearing personal stories from those who have come out the other side. We hear from Sarah from our KIC community who kindly reached out to tell her story, we have Danni Rowlands from The Butterfly Foundation giving helpful advice to anyone who needs it, and Steph shares her own personal experience with an undiagnosed eating disorder in her early 20s.See for privacy information.
21/02/23·40m 23s

"Tragedy shouldn't have to happen to teach us simple sh*t"

On today's episode, a very important discussion is had about how normalising tanning culture needs to stop. Very sadly, writer and friend of Laura & Steph's, Natalie Fornasier lost her life after being diagnosed with melanoma, and although it shouldn't take tragedy to teach us important lessons, it has certainly given us the reminder we need. If you'd like to sign a petition to ban tanning accelerants, you can do so here. On a lighter note, Steph & Laura hear about the weird and wonderful things people have gotten up to in their sleep, and we find out whether Steph passed the 'best friend test' when Laura secretly set her up!   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph – You People, film on Netflix Laura – Palmer, film on Apple TV   KIC UPDATE: We have two new Treadmill Masterclasses in the KIC app today, instructed by Laura! If you haven't tried one yet or you're new to KIC we can't recommend them enough. We also have two new recipes available - PB&J Overnight Oats and Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich - YUM!See for privacy information.
19/02/23·30m 31s

The decision of whether to have children, with Ryan Shelton

You may know Ryan Shelton from 'The Imperfects' podcast with The Resilience Project founder Hugh Van Cuylenberg, or you may know him from Rove Live back in the day, or you may know him as Hamish Blake's best mate, or you may just know him for being the hilarious performer that he is! Either way, in today's KICPOD episode Ryan finds the perfect balance between making us laugh and making us think about some of life's toughest decisions.   Ryan recently opened up on 'The Imperfects' about being unsure whether to have children or not, so today he delves more into this thought process and where he's currently at with the decision, plus he explains why he's ditched the smart phone and now has a 'dumb phone'. Then to finish, Steph & Laura invite Ryan into 'The Hilaritea House', which is a spin off of his segment 'The Vulnerabilitea House'.   'The Imperfects Tour' is happening from April this year. Find tickets in your city here.See for privacy information.
14/02/23·40m 13s

Josh did WHAT on the carpet!? 😱

In Steph & Laura's catch up today, Steph reveals the shocking thing her husband Josh did in his sleep.. and it turns out this has happened to producer Mandy too!   We also discuss a topic that unfortunately is still so prevalent in the media today that shouldn't even be a thing anymore, especially in 2023. * Trigger warning: This episode mentions suicide. If you need support, contact lifeline on 13 11 14 *   SPECIAL SHARES: Laura – The Menu, thriller film on Disney Plus and in cinemas Steph – Pamela, documentary on Netflix   KIC UPDATE: We just dropped two more weekly Masterclasses today! If you're new to KIC, our Masterlcasses are 5 to 30 minute style workouts, designed to fit into your every day, even if you can only squeeze in 5 or 10 minutes. Stay tuned for more weekly Masterclasses dropping into the app over coming weeks.See for privacy information.
12/02/23·24m 29s

Sperm retrieval after death - KICBUMP with Ellidy Pullin

Ellidy Pullin's story is one of tragedy and grief, but also one of joy, hope and finding the light in a time of darkness. Her partner of 8 years and Olympic Snowboarder Alex 'Chumpy' Pullin tragically died when spearfishing in 2020, amidst the two of them trying for a baby. Hours after his death, doctors were able to retrieve his sperm and Ellidy underwent IVF to bring their beautiful daughter Minnie Alex Pullin into the world. In today's KICBUMP episode, Ellidy spreads awareness about the sperm retrieval process, and also speaks through the challenge of being pregnant while a best friend is going through fertility struggles and miscarriage. Ellidy hosts a LiSTNR podcast called 'Darling, Shine!' and has written a book called 'Heartstrong', both of which delve deeper into her story. You can donate to the Chumpy Pullin Foundation here, which breaks down barriers to provide support & inspiration for every Australian to participate & grow through Sport & Life.See for privacy information.
07/02/23·40m 44s

When ab exercises “get you there”.. if you know what we mean 😉

The other week we learned that erotic novels are what gets Steph going, and it turns out there are some much weirder turns on out there! In Steph & Laura’s catch up today, we hear from the KIC community about the odd things that get you in the mood, and find out which one of the girls “got there” from an ab workout!   Also in today’s episode we hear a D&M from someone who's at a crossroads in their relationship, plus Laura confronts her husband Dalton about a recent life choice that cost a small fortune, and some rumours must be cleared after the recent Sunday Life cover shoot that Steph & Laura did.   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph – Heartstrong, book by Ellidy Pullin Laura – Wisdom from the top, podcast by Guy Raz   KIC UPDATE: We have weekly Masterclasses dropping in the KIC app as of today! Over the coming weeks you can expect fresh, one-off style workouts to keep you motivated every week in February and help you reach your fitness goals!See for privacy information.
05/02/23·37m 19s

This will change your mind about manifesting! With Sarah Grynberg

Full disclosure; when we've heard about manifestation in the past we've thought "hmm, that's not for me" and questioned the technique as a whole. Until, that is, our guest Sarah Grynberg so beautifully explained what it actually is and how some of us are already doing it without even realising! If you're like us and have had your barriers up about manifestation, this episode is for you!   Sarah has been in the lifestyle and personal development space for over a decade now, having studied human behaviour, emotions, meditation and manifestation. She also hosts a podcast called 'A Life Of Greatness' where she has interviewed many A-list celebrities like Matthew McConaughey, former Spice Girl Mel C, the late Olivia Newton John and many more.   On today's episode, you'll hear Sarah's incredible story about how she manifested the life she always wanted, and how you can implement small changes into your life to help you do the same for yourself. She shares practical and simple tools we can all use to shift our mindset and better our outcomes, and it's safe to say she has certainly changed our minds about manifestation!   Check out her website for her online courses, including Manifesting Your Greatness. You can listen to her podcast A Life Of Greatness on the free LiSTNR app or wherever you get your podcasts, and can find her episode with Simon Sinek here.See for privacy information.
31/01/23·45m 16s

Steph & Laura open up about self-doubt

‘You Take Care’ is Steph & Laura’s brand new book that’s available in stores as of tomorrow, and today’s KICPOD episode is all about what you can expect from this book, the writing process and lessons learned during, and the strange moments that came from recording the audio book. Steph and Laura both also open up about recent times where their confidence has been at an all time low - which for one of them was during the book writing process. They explain what helped them through these times and share some really important messages throughout today’s episode. ‘You Take Care’ is available to pre-order now.   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph – Ginny and Georgia Season 2, TV series on Netflix Laura – Alexei Popyrin’s speech after winning the Australian Open 2023 Second RoundSee for privacy information.
29/01/23·27m 57s

Comparison is the thief of joy - KICBUMP with Polly 'PJ' Harding.

If you live in Melbourne, it's probably safe to say you're missing hearing the hilarious, loose & TMI stories from PJ every morning on your way to work! The former KIIS FM host of the 'Jase & PJ' show moved back to her home country of New Zealand in 2021 and has since welcomed her beautiful baby boy Charlie.   In today's KICBUMP episode, PJ opens up about where her head has been at since making the life changing decision of leaving KIIS during the peak of her career, she  generously shares her rollercoaster birth story and tells us how life has changed as a mum, and she also speaks about how she navigates her way through a world of constant comparison.   PJ hosts her own podcast called 'The PJ Podcast' which Steph has been a guest on once before! You can listen to that episode here.See for privacy information.
24/01/23·36m 3s

Steph found her type of porn!

In Steph & Laura's catch up today, Steph reveals that she has discovered what gets her going... and we even get to hear the exact bit that it was!   Also, us Millennials feel targeted for something that's going on on TikTok, so fellow Millennial and previous KICPOD guest Samantha Andrew weighs in with her thoughts.   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph – Untold Resilience; novel by Future Women Laura – Duolingo; app to learn other languages   KIC UPDATE: We've just launched our Summer Salad Series! Available in the KIC app now are big, fresh salads perfect to enjoy in this balmy weather and for sharing with family and friends. Think Creamy Avocado, Coriander & Lime Pasta Salad, Peach & Pesto Caprese Salad, Thai Mango & Prawn Salad and more! You can head to our Instagram page to watch some very fun recipe content we collaborated on with the talented Pinch of Maddie, and of course head to the KIC app to get cooking.See for privacy information.
22/01/23·29m 55s

Nostalgia, Queer Love & 12-Year-Old Trolls, with Samantha Andrew

If you haven’t yet come across the hilarious Samantha Andrew on TikTok or Instagram, oh boy you’re going to want to follow her after today’s chat! Sam is a TikTok sensation, comedian, actor, composer, writer and content creator, but she also isn’t afraid to show a more vulnerable side of herself to her audience. Sam's partner Cody is a trans man, and recently the pair shared online their extraordinary experience of Cody freezing his eggs, documenting each stage and educating people about what they mightn’t have known was even possible. In today’s episode, Sam opens up about what this process was like for them both. She also gives us a huge hit of nostalgia with lots of chat about Country Road school bags and Angela Anaconda, and hilariously describes the way 12-year-old boys try to troll her online. Be sure to check out Samantha Andrew’s comedy show ‘SHIT-WRECKED’ at the Adelaide Fringe Festival and Melbourne International Comedy Festival this year.See for privacy information.
17/01/23·34m 13s

Steph's big stuff up

We're officially back for 2023, and in Steph & Laura's catch up today we find out the big blunder Steph made over the holidays that caused some awkwardness with the in-laws, plus a TikTok trend we don't know if we can get around.   SPECIAL SHARES: Laura – #1: Ugly Love, novel by Colleen Hoover, #2: Blueback, film with Eric Banner in cinemas Steph – November 9, novel by Colleen Hoover   KIC UPDATES: Our new KIC Programs are progressive programs tailored to all fitness levels and designed to be followed so you can workout your way in the gym or at home and reach your fitness goals. PLUS, our New Year Sale is extended for one more day! It's your last chance to sign up to KIC and save 50% off your first month. Simply use the code NEWYEARSALE23 at checkout. Sale ends midnight on Monday 16th of January 2023.See for privacy information.
15/01/23·33m 42s

The best approach to goal setting in 2023

While we’re taking a break from our regular KICPOD episodes over the holiday period, we hope you enjoy this bonus episode that’ll help KIC start your 2023 in the best way possible! Today is all about goal setting and how to have the best mindset heading into the new year. We all tend to set these big goals for ourselves only to fail within the first few weeks. But there are ways to approach goal setting that’ll not only help us break them down to smaller and more achievable goals, but also help us keep up the motivation to achieve them. KIC head trainer Danny talks us through the steps involved to give yourself the best chance of achieving your goals this year, and Steph & Laura delve into why we shouldn’t focus on the number on the scales when it comes to our health goals.   KIC UPDATE: We’ve just launched new KIC Programs! These 3 progressive programs are tailored to your fitness level and include a 4 week KICSTART program, an 8 week KICFIT program, and a 12 week KICPRO program. Our New Year sale is still on, so if you’re keen to join KIC, you can save 50% off our monthly subscription by using the code NEWYEARSALE23 at checkout.   SPECIAL MENTION: In today’s podcast, Laura discusses a helpful Ted Talk on why dieting does more harm than good, which you can listen to here: “Ted Talk: Why Dieting Doesn’t Usually Work, with Sandra Aamodt”See for privacy information.
10/01/23·30m 54s

Managing Mental Health - a KICPOD Special

While we're taking a break from our regular KICPOD episodes over the holiday period, every Wednesday we're bringing you a compilation of some of our favourite episodes that you may have missed. Today’s episode is all about mental health - you’ll be hearing from our wonderful past guests Will McMahon & Kath Ebbs who have generously opened up about their struggles, and given us some great advice on ways to help our mental health and to think more positively. If you'd like to hear any of the episodes in full, you can check them out here: Will McMahon: Achieving success while living with depression Kath Ebbs (first time on KICPOD): Confidence, mental health and embracing self-love Kath Ebbs (2nd time on KICPOD): Being more than your potential * Trigger Warning - This episode mentions suicide. If you or anyone you know needs support you can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14. *   KIC UPDATE: Our New Year sale is live! Start your year strong with 50% off our monthly KIC subscription which means it’s just $9.75, using the code NEWYEARSALE23 at checkout.See for privacy information.
03/01/23·25m 17s

Adam & Symon from Gogglebox - a KICPOD special

While we're taking a break from our regular KICPOD episodes over the Christmas period, every Wednesday we're bringing you a compilation of some of our favourite episodes that you may have missed, or in today's case, times Steph & Laura were on another podcast that you may not have even known about! Adam & Symon, the hilarious duo you may know from Gogglebox, host a LiSTNR podcast called 'The Adam & Symon Show' where both Steph & Laura have been guests before. You'll hear snippets from both chats in today's episode, and if you'd like to hear either of the episodes in full, you can check them out here: Steph Claire Smith; How To Name Your Baby - The Adam & Symon Show Symon faces his biggest fear, featuring Laura Henshaw - The Adam & Symon Show See for privacy information.
27/12/22·15m 1s

Empowered Women - a KICPOD special

While we're taking a break from our regular KICPOD episodes over the Christmas period, every Wednesday we're bringing you a compilation of some of our favourite episodes that you may have missed.   To lead you into your holidays, we're revisiting some of the wonderful words of wisdom we've heard from some of the strongest female guests we've had, including Lisa Wilkinson, Em Carey and Sarah Davidson. We hope this episode leaves you feeling empowered and uplifted, and if you'd like to hear any of the episodes in full, you can check them out here: Lisa Wilkinson: A Fearless Approach To Building Your Career Em Carey, aka 'The Girl That Fell From The Sky': The Power Of Mindset and Finding Happiness Sarah Davidson: Owning Your Identity   Have a very Merry Christmas!See for privacy information.
20/12/22·31m 36s

Toddler tantrums and toilet training - KICBUMP with Dr Golly

If you’ve listened to previous KICBUMP episodes, you will have heard Steph talk about her amazing paediatrician Dr Golly and his wonderful sleep programs for babies. This time instead of talking about him, she’s talking to him!   Dr Golly has just released a new Toddler Toolkit program, designed to help parents feel less overwhelmed and better equipped to deal with the challenges that come with parenting a toddler. In today’s episode he answers all of the very common questions around toddler behaviour, and gives some awesome tips and tricks to better handle certain situations that arise for every parent.   If you’d like to check out any of Dr Golly’s programs you can do so at, and use the code KIC20 to get $20 off.See for privacy information.
13/12/22·48m 24s

The SHOCKING thing Steph's husband does!

In Steph & Laura's catch up today, we learn about a very questionable habit Steph's husband Josh has (that he thinks is totally normal) and then learn that their son Harvey may be developing this habit too!   We also explore some of the unique Christmas traditions some families have ahead of the festive season, and Laura shares some of her best learnings from her 20s as she enters her 30s in 2 days time.   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph - The Family Stone, 2005 Christmas film Laura - The Light We Carry, book by Michelle Obama   KIC UPDATE: We've recently dropped more KIC minis into the app! We know how busy this time of year gets and it can be hard to find the time to get a workout done, but these 5-10 minute workouts are great for moving your body and still getting a solid dose of endorphins into your day. Also, if you're still getting your Christmas shopping sorted, we have KIC gift cards available on the website, for privacy information.
11/12/22·36m 1s

A topic too many people avoid, with Tarang Chawla

Tarang Chawla is an Indian born Australian writer, lawyer, activist, and host of Future Women’s Podcast ‘There’s No Place Like Home’. He became an activist against men’s violence after the tragic murder of his sister Nikita Chawla in 2015, and has told his story on KICPOD before, speaking about the raw reality of domestic abuse and family violence. You can hear that episode here.   Today, Tarang addresses an issue that is sadly still very prevalent even in 2022; racism in Australia. If talking about racism makes you feel uncomfortable, you’re not alone. The reason a lot of us shy away from this topic is because although we have the best intentions, we are fearful of saying the wrong thing. Conversations like today’s episode are so important to help educate us on the right questions that we need to be asking, and the right responses to have when the topic is brought up.See for privacy information.
06/12/22·36m 36s

Steph reads an excerpt from her teenage diary

In today's catch up with Steph & Laura, we get a peek into what teenage Steph was like, after she dug up one of her old diaries in something called a "Josh Box". We also hear about some of the world's worst wedding speeches after Laura shares one shocker that she witnessed, plus we find out how Steph's husband Josh likes to destress... which is the opposite of what she does! SPECIAL SHARES: Steph - WTF with The Five Love Languages, episode of We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle Laura - There's No Place Like Home podcast by Future Women, and Tarang Chawla's KICPOD episode 'The Raw Reality of Domestic Abuse and Family Violence' KIC UPDATE:Check out our Friendsmas Recipes! A whole list of festive recipes for you to bring along to your Christmas celebrations this year.See for privacy information.
04/12/22·38m 22s

A cancer diagnosis 3 months after giving birth – KICBUMP, with Kellie Gardner

Kellie Gardner was living her best life with her partner, AFL player Jeremy Finlayson, falling pregnant and giving birth to their beautiful baby girl Sophia in August last year. Then, when Sophia was just 3 months old, Kellie was diagnosed with stage 3 Colorectal Cancer, which she later found out was actually stage 4. After spending a large amount of Sophia’s life in hospital, Kellie wants to warn other mums and women to listen to their bodies and get checked if anything doesn’t seem right. We’re so grateful for Kellie coming on to tell her story, and are glad to hear she’s now doing well. To hear more about her story and follow her motherhood journey, check out @kelliegardner__ on Instagram.See for privacy information.
29/11/22·29m 1s

Should Laura's husband Dalton apologise for this?

In Steph & Laura’s catch up today, Laura learns that she’s not the only clumsy one out there; in fact many of you have had your fair share of very clumsy moments! We also hear another very sticky D&M someone sent in where they need advice about a hens party dilemma – what would you do if this happened in your friendship group? Plus, when your partner says they’re sorry but don’t sound sorry enough, how do you make them say sorry for their insincere sorry? We find a way! SPECIAL SHARES: Steph – The White Lotus, TV series on Binge Laura – Eye2Eye Eye Shadow, by Trinny London KIC UPDATES: Our Black Friday sale ends at midnight tonight (Monday 28th November)! Don't miss out. New and returning KIC users can get 60% off their first month when they subscribe to KIC via our website with the code BLACKFRIDAY22 - that's just $7.80 for one month!  *Disclaimer: No 7 day free trial with this offer*See for privacy information.
27/11/22·35m 34s

“Um, boys at the back!!” TikTok star Millie Ford on her creative process

Our KICPOD guest today makes us laugh every night when we’re scrolling through TikTok, and we’re sure her 1.4M followers would agree! Millie Ford is best known for her viral videos imitating different Aussie characters such as the high school teacher, the mum of teenagers, the JB Hi-Fi shop assistant and a heap more. In today’s ep, Millie shares with us how her TikTok career all came about, what her creative process is, how she navigates the pressure to always live up to the last video, and even gives us an improv performance as one of her most-loved characters! For more of Millie’s content, follow her on TikTok @millie and check out her podcast “Out Of Character with Millie”.See for privacy information.
22/11/22·26m 29s

What not to buy someone for Xmas!

In Steph & Laura’s catch up today, they discuss some of the WORST gifts they’ve ever received, and we hear some absolute shockers you guys have gotten too! Plus, Steph has a big life update to do with her living situation.. something she never thought she’d have to do again in her life!   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph - Don’t Worry Darling, film with Harry Styles Laura – Quote from Brené Brown’s book Dare to Lead - “If you are not in the arena getting your ass kicked on occasion, I’m not interested in or open to your feedback. There are a million cheap seats in the world today filled with people who will never be brave with their lives but who will spend every ounce of energy they have hurling advice and judgment at those who dare greatly. Their only contributions are criticism, cynicism, and fear-mongering. If you’re criticising from a place where you’re not also putting yourself on the line, I’m not interested in what you have to say.”   KIC UPDATE: Stay tuned for KIC's Black Friday sale going live this Thursday 24 November via Instagram @keepitcleaner or via the website www.keepitcleaner.comSee for privacy information.
20/11/22·31m 36s

Choosing to be a solo parent - KICBUMP with Fifi Box

Well known radio and TV presenter Fifi Box has had quite a unique parenting journey; raising both of her daughters on her own, and choosing to have her second daughter through IVF with a sperm donor. Fifi shares her story and speaks about the ways she balances motherhood with her successful radio career, and how she's raising her daughters to embrace the fun in life and not focus too much on appearance. She also lets us know what her kids think of the two children's books she has published! We hope this episode inspires others to trust that they can have a fulfilled life with a beautiful family without the need of a partner, and we also hope that you love her book Posey Pearl is a Curious Girl as much as we do!See for privacy information.
15/11/22·32m 21s

One question you should NEVER ask!

In Steph & Laura's catch up today, the girls explain how there's a particular question they constantly get asked (along with so many other women) that needs to stop, and for very good reason! They also address the relentless trolls that have targeted them over the years, finding a way to both make a bit of light out of it but at the same time sending an important message.   We also hear about the NIGHTMARE in-laws stories you guys sent in which sound cringe worthy for you, but are hilarious for the rest of us!   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph - Shameless Scandal series - Mary-Kate and Ashley 2 part series Laura: Bosch & Rockit, 2022 film   KIC UPDATE: We have hit week 2 of our Cardio Barre Challenge – they’re intense but quick, which is perfect for fitting into a busy schedule. It’s not too late to sign up to the challenge, subscribe now to KICSee for privacy information.
13/11/22·45m 38s

Even with terminal cancer, there is ‘No Finish Line’ for Johnny Ruffo

He burst onto the scene when he was a favourite on The X Factor back in 2011, then followed up with a hugely successful career including starring on Home & Away, winning Dancing With the Stars, and supporting One Direction and Backstreet Boys on tour. Then sadly in 2017, Johnny Ruffo was diagnosed with brain cancer which he has since been told is terminal. Johnny has an incredible outlook on life, and an even more incredible sense of humour! You’ll laugh more times throughout this episode than you can count, whilst also being reminded why it’s important to cherish life and to not sweat the small stuff. If someone you know is suffering from any kind of illness, whether it be cancer, depression or something else, Johnny offers his advice on how you can be there for your loved one in a time like this. He has just released his book ‘No Finish Line’, and explains why for him, there is no such thing as a finish line and why he will keep on fighting.See for privacy information.
08/11/22·27m 53s

Our body counts revealed! 🤭 Tabloid websites, eat your heart out.

In Steph & Laura's catch up today, we find out from Mamamia the real statistics of how often people are doing the deed (as opposed to what they tell you), we get an update on how things are for Steph & her husband Josh now that it's been 2 months since their intimacy challenge, and we learn what Steph & Laura's body count is 🤭!   Plus, we hear some wild stories of what people have witnessed on planes, and we get to the bottom of whether 'man flu' is actually a real thing.. ie are men biologically more affected by cold/flu symptoms than women?   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph: Taylor Swifts new album 'Midnights' Laura: Under The Gloss podcast episode with Trinny Woodall KIC UPDATE: We have launched a 4 week Cardio Barre Challenge with our most in demand trainer... Kika! Introducing brand new circuit style Cardio Barre Pilates workouts and the burn is better than ever. Join us for 3 sweaty, fast-paced, ballet-inspired workouts a week via our website at and if you're new to KIC, subscribe now and enjoy a 7 day free trial!See for privacy information.
06/11/22·39m 32s

Coming out, surrogacy, and letting your child feel accepted – KICBUMP with Sean Szeps

Proud gay dad of twins Sean Szeps opens up in today’s KICBUMP episode about what it’s like constantly having to come out to people, and how it felt growing up with amazing, supportive and loving parents, yet still feeling like he was somewhat broken due to his sexuality. He gives his wonderful advice to every parent on how to help their child feel accepted no matter what, and also shares his experience bringing his twins into the world via surrogacy. For more of Sean, check out his podcast Come Out Wherever You Are.See for privacy information.
01/11/22·39m 38s

TikTok's 'Last Friday Night' prank on Hugh van Cuylenburg!

In Steph & Laura's catch up today, to celebrate Halloween the topic of fears and phobias is discussed (the light hearted and unique ones), and boy did we have some strange ones sent in! Plus, we hear some of the very specific demands celebrities have had for their hotel stays. Also on today's KICPOD episode, while we had Hugh van Cuylenburg in the studio we decided to try the 'Last Friday Night' Tiktok prank on him, where the lyrics to a Katy Perry song are read out like a story of someone's night out - so how far into the song will we get until he realises? SPECIAL SHARES: Steph - Emma Chamberlain's house on Architectural Digest Laura - Dare to Lead podcast by Brené Brown, episode with Adam Grant & Simon Sinek KIC UPDATES: We have just dropped our very first Yin Yoga Minis into the KIC app! These are brand new 10 minute Masterclasses to make mindfulness part of your every day. Release your stress, improve your mobility, boost your energy levels and find your zen in as little as 10 with these Masterclasses - they're perfect for both beginner and seasoned yogis!See for privacy information.
30/10/22·36m 27s

Hugh van Cuylenburg on protecting your energy & implementing learnings

The wonderful Hugh van Cuylenburg is the only guest we've had 3 times on KICPOD, but it’s for good reason that we keep getting him back! As always, the founder of The Resilience Project provides some wonderful insights on how to protect your energy and say no to things you don't need to do, practicing what you preach and putting your learnings into every day life, and why it's important to choose truth over harmony.   We also have a great giggle in today's episode about the amount of fangirling coming from one particular host, plus we put a spin on the 'Vulerabilitea House' segment that Hugh usually does on his podcast - we, instead, do the 'Hilaritea House'.   * Check out Hugh's podcast 'The Imperfects' with Ryan Shelton here * Be sure to keep an eye out for Hugh's new show coming to Amazon next Feb called G.E.M.See for privacy information.
25/10/22·34m 50s

Laura's cleaner found WHAT??!! 😱☠️

Last week, Steph shared the extremely mortifying moment where she accidentally sent a saucy pic to her parents instead of her husband Josh. In Steph & Laura’s catch up today, we learn that she is actually not alone – in fact, there are some FAR worse moments people have had involving their parents and things they definitely should not have witnessed... and one moment with Laura and her cleaner! Also in this KICPOD episode, we find out who would have more game out of Steph or Laura if they were single, and hear about the famous duo the girls met on the weekend. SPECIAL SHARES: Laura – It Ends With Us, novel by Colleen Hoover Steph – Call Her Daddy, podcast episode with Hailey BieberSee for privacy information.
23/10/22·36m 21s

How Steph's husband really feels as a stay at home dad - KICBUMP with Josh Miller

As you may know, Steph's husband Josh is a stay at home dad for their son Harvey. Although society has come a long way since our parents' days, we're still in a position where this is pretty rare.   Josh opens up to Steph on today's KICBUMP episode about the challenges he faces in this unique position that none of his mates can relate to, how the choice to be the stay at home parent came about, and the extremely rewarding parts about it. We also learn the reason Steph & Josh both envy each other's positions at times.   This is a great one for your partner to listen to if you're the stay at home parent!See for privacy information.
18/10/22·25m 26s

Most mortifying moment ever!!!

In Steph & Laura’s catch up today, we find out what mortifying moment Laura had at work recently, and the even more mortifying moment Steph once had with her parents. We also hear another D&M from someone who needs help figuring out what to do with the very sticky bridesmaid situation she’s found herself in, and we test out Laura to see how much of a people pleaser she really is.   SPECIAL SHARES: Laura – Farmer Wants A Wife, Channel 7 series Steph – Do Revenge, Netflix series   KIC UPDATES: We have just launched Treadmill, hosted by our newest Master Trainer – Laura! 10-30 minute sprint, hill, fartlek and speed interval runs or walks designed to challenge yourself or go at your own pace - no matter what you choose, expect to feel empowered with the runners high! Laura will be with you the whole way and can't wait to get sweaty, feel strong and KIC it with you on the Treadmill!See for privacy information.
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Shameless vs KIC - When besties become business buddies, with Zara & Michelle

For anyone who has a podcast, it seems unfathomable to reach a milestone like 50 million downloads – but for Shameless Media founders Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews, this has recently become a reality! If you’ve contributed to that 50 million, you will have heard one of their many podcasts; Shameless, Scandal, Everybody Has A Secret, Book Club or Love Etc. In today’s episode, Zara & Michelle tell us what their career journey has been like so far, how they deal with stressful times, and of course compare notes with Steph & Laura also being two female founders in the public eye who started a business together after becoming besties. We also learn that if it weren’t for something Laura said, they might not have gotten to where they are now!See for privacy information.
11/10/22·29m 53s

Behind the scenes of Keep it Cleaner

In today's episode, Steph & Laura take you behind the scenes of everything that goes on at KIC, including how the business and their friendship came about, how they manage conflict, and what their day to day looks like in such a busy job!   They also answer all of your questions around how they hire people for their team, what the content creation process is and how on earth they get any work done and not just chat all day seeing as though they're besties!   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph - The Diary Of A CEO podcast episode with Lewis Capaldi Laura - Mecca Max make-up brush   KIC UPDATES: It's World Mental Health Day, and to help you prioritise your mental health, you can get a 1 month free subscription to KIC when you sign up with the code KICPODMIND. Sleep is so important for our mental health so be sure to try our new sleep meditations and brand new Soundscapes. (NB: Just a reminder that once the month is up, this will roll into a paid subscription.)See for privacy information.
09/10/22·27m 36s
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