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A cancer diagnosis 3 months after giving birth – KICBUMP, with Kellie Gardner

Kellie Gardner was living her best life with her partner, AFL player Jeremy Finlayson, falling pregnant and giving birth to their beautiful baby girl Sophia in August last year. Then, when Sophia was just 3 months old, Kellie was diagnosed with stage 3 Colorectal Cancer, which she later found out was actually stage 4. After spending a large amount of Sophia’s life in hospital, Kellie wants to warn other mums and women to listen to their bodies and get checked if anything doesn’t seem right. We’re so grateful for Kellie coming on to tell her story, and are glad to hear she’s now doing well. To hear more about her story and follow her motherhood journey, check out @kelliegardner__ on Instagram.See for privacy information.
29/11/22·29m 1s

Should Laura's husband Dalton apologise for this?

In Steph & Laura’s catch up today, Laura learns that she’s not the only clumsy one out there; in fact many of you have had your fair share of very clumsy moments! We also hear another very sticky D&M someone sent in where they need advice about a hens party dilemma – what would you do if this happened in your friendship group? Plus, when your partner says they’re sorry but don’t sound sorry enough, how do you make them say sorry for their insincere sorry? We find a way! SPECIAL SHARES: Steph – The White Lotus, TV series on Binge Laura – Eye2Eye Eye Shadow, by Trinny London KIC UPDATES: Our Black Friday sale ends at midnight tonight (Monday 28th November)! Don't miss out. New and returning KIC users can get 60% off their first month when they subscribe to KIC via our website with the code BLACKFRIDAY22 - that's just $7.80 for one month!  *Disclaimer: No 7 day free trial with this offer*See for privacy information.
27/11/22·35m 34s

“Um, boys at the back!!” TikTok star Millie Ford on her creative process

Our KICPOD guest today makes us laugh every night when we’re scrolling through TikTok, and we’re sure her 1.4M followers would agree! Millie Ford is best known for her viral videos imitating different Aussie characters such as the high school teacher, the mum of teenagers, the JB Hi-Fi shop assistant and a heap more. In today’s ep, Millie shares with us how her TikTok career all came about, what her creative process is, how she navigates the pressure to always live up to the last video, and even gives us an improv performance as one of her most-loved characters! For more of Millie’s content, follow her on TikTok @millie and check out her podcast “Out Of Character with Millie”.See for privacy information.
22/11/22·26m 29s

What not to buy someone for Xmas!

In Steph & Laura’s catch up today, they discuss some of the WORST gifts they’ve ever received, and we hear some absolute shockers you guys have gotten too! Plus, Steph has a big life update to do with her living situation.. something she never thought she’d have to do again in her life!   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph - Don’t Worry Darling, film with Harry Styles Laura – Quote from Brené Brown’s book Dare to Lead - “If you are not in the arena getting your ass kicked on occasion, I’m not interested in or open to your feedback. There are a million cheap seats in the world today filled with people who will never be brave with their lives but who will spend every ounce of energy they have hurling advice and judgment at those who dare greatly. Their only contributions are criticism, cynicism, and fear-mongering. If you’re criticising from a place where you’re not also putting yourself on the line, I’m not interested in what you have to say.”   KIC UPDATE: Stay tuned for KIC's Black Friday sale going live this Thursday 24 November via Instagram @keepitcleaner or via the website www.keepitcleaner.comSee for privacy information.
20/11/22·31m 36s

Choosing to be a solo parent - KICBUMP with Fifi Box

Well known radio and TV presenter Fifi Box has had quite a unique parenting journey; raising both of her daughters on her own, and choosing to have her second daughter through IVF with a sperm donor. Fifi shares her story and speaks about the ways she balances motherhood with her successful radio career, and how she's raising her daughters to embrace the fun in life and not focus too much on appearance. She also lets us know what her kids think of the two children's books she has published! We hope this episode inspires others to trust that they can have a fulfilled life with a beautiful family without the need of a partner, and we also hope that you love her book Posey Pearl is a Curious Girl as much as we do!See for privacy information.
15/11/22·32m 21s

One question you should NEVER ask!

In Steph & Laura's catch up today, the girls explain how there's a particular question they constantly get asked (along with so many other women) that needs to stop, and for very good reason! They also address the relentless trolls that have targeted them over the years, finding a way to both make a bit of light out of it but at the same time sending an important message.   We also hear about the NIGHTMARE in-laws stories you guys sent in which sound cringe worthy for you, but are hilarious for the rest of us!   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph - Shameless Scandal series - Mary-Kate and Ashley 2 part series Laura: Bosch & Rockit, 2022 film   KIC UPDATE: We have hit week 2 of our Cardio Barre Challenge – they’re intense but quick, which is perfect for fitting into a busy schedule. It’s not too late to sign up to the challenge, subscribe now to KICSee for privacy information.
13/11/22·45m 38s

Even with terminal cancer, there is ‘No Finish Line’ for Johnny Ruffo

He burst onto the scene when he was a favourite on The X Factor back in 2011, then followed up with a hugely successful career including starring on Home & Away, winning Dancing With the Stars, and supporting One Direction and Backstreet Boys on tour. Then sadly in 2017, Johnny Ruffo was diagnosed with brain cancer which he has since been told is terminal. Johnny has an incredible outlook on life, and an even more incredible sense of humour! You’ll laugh more times throughout this episode than you can count, whilst also being reminded why it’s important to cherish life and to not sweat the small stuff. If someone you know is suffering from any kind of illness, whether it be cancer, depression or something else, Johnny offers his advice on how you can be there for your loved one in a time like this. He has just released his book ‘No Finish Line’, and explains why for him, there is no such thing as a finish line and why he will keep on fighting.See for privacy information.
08/11/22·27m 53s

Our body counts revealed! 🤭 Tabloid websites, eat your heart out.

In Steph & Laura's catch up today, we find out from Mamamia the real statistics of how often people are doing the deed (as opposed to what they tell you), we get an update on how things are for Steph & her husband Josh now that it's been 2 months since their intimacy challenge, and we learn what Steph & Laura's body count is 🤭!   Plus, we hear some wild stories of what people have witnessed on planes, and we get to the bottom of whether 'man flu' is actually a real thing.. ie are men biologically more affected by cold/flu symptoms than women?   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph: Taylor Swifts new album 'Midnights' Laura: Under The Gloss podcast episode with Trinny Woodall KIC UPDATE: We have launched a 4 week Cardio Barre Challenge with our most in demand trainer... Kika! Introducing brand new circuit style Cardio Barre Pilates workouts and the burn is better than ever. Join us for 3 sweaty, fast-paced, ballet-inspired workouts a week via our website at and if you're new to KIC, subscribe now and enjoy a 7 day free trial!See for privacy information.
06/11/22·39m 32s

Coming out, surrogacy, and letting your child feel accepted – KICBUMP with Sean Szeps

Proud gay dad of twins Sean Szeps opens up in today’s KICBUMP episode about what it’s like constantly having to come out to people, and how it felt growing up with amazing, supportive and loving parents, yet still feeling like he was somewhat broken due to his sexuality. He gives his wonderful advice to every parent on how to help their child feel accepted no matter what, and also shares his experience bringing his twins into the world via surrogacy. For more of Sean, check out his podcast Come Out Wherever You Are.See for privacy information.
01/11/22·39m 38s

TikTok's 'Last Friday Night' prank on Hugh van Cuylenburg!

In Steph & Laura's catch up today, to celebrate Halloween the topic of fears and phobias is discussed (the light hearted and unique ones), and boy did we have some strange ones sent in! Plus, we hear some of the very specific demands celebrities have had for their hotel stays. Also on today's KICPOD episode, while we had Hugh van Cuylenburg in the studio we decided to try the 'Last Friday Night' Tiktok prank on him, where the lyrics to a Katy Perry song are read out like a story of someone's night out - so how far into the song will we get until he realises? SPECIAL SHARES: Steph - Emma Chamberlain's house on Architectural Digest Laura - Dare to Lead podcast by Brené Brown, episode with Adam Grant & Simon Sinek KIC UPDATES: We have just dropped our very first Yin Yoga Minis into the KIC app! These are brand new 10 minute Masterclasses to make mindfulness part of your every day. Release your stress, improve your mobility, boost your energy levels and find your zen in as little as 10 with these Masterclasses - they're perfect for both beginner and seasoned yogis!See for privacy information.
30/10/22·36m 27s

Hugh van Cuylenburg on protecting your energy & implementing learnings

The wonderful Hugh van Cuylenburg is the only guest we've had 3 times on KICPOD, but it’s for good reason that we keep getting him back! As always, the founder of The Resilience Project provides some wonderful insights on how to protect your energy and say no to things you don't need to do, practicing what you preach and putting your learnings into every day life, and why it's important to choose truth over harmony.   We also have a great giggle in today's episode about the amount of fangirling coming from one particular host, plus we put a spin on the 'Vulerabilitea House' segment that Hugh usually does on his podcast - we, instead, do the 'Hilaritea House'.   * Check out Hugh's podcast 'The Imperfects' with Ryan Shelton here * Be sure to keep an eye out for Hugh's new show coming to Amazon next Feb called G.E.M.See for privacy information.
25/10/22·34m 50s

Laura's cleaner found WHAT??!! 😱☠️

Last week, Steph shared the extremely mortifying moment where she accidentally sent a saucy pic to her parents instead of her husband Josh. In Steph & Laura’s catch up today, we learn that she is actually not alone – in fact, there are some FAR worse moments people have had involving their parents and things they definitely should not have witnessed... and one moment with Laura and her cleaner! Also in this KICPOD episode, we find out who would have more game out of Steph or Laura if they were single, and hear about the famous duo the girls met on the weekend. SPECIAL SHARES: Laura – It Ends With Us, novel by Colleen Hoover Steph – Call Her Daddy, podcast episode with Hailey BieberSee for privacy information.
23/10/22·36m 21s

How Steph's husband really feels as a stay at home dad - KICBUMP with Josh Miller

As you may know, Steph's husband Josh is a stay at home dad for their son Harvey. Although society has come a long way since our parents' days, we're still in a position where this is pretty rare.   Josh opens up to Steph on today's KICBUMP episode about the challenges he faces in this unique position that none of his mates can relate to, how the choice to be the stay at home parent came about, and the extremely rewarding parts about it. We also learn the reason Steph & Josh both envy each other's positions at times.   This is a great one for your partner to listen to if you're the stay at home parent!See for privacy information.
18/10/22·25m 26s

Most mortifying moment ever!!!

In Steph & Laura’s catch up today, we find out what mortifying moment Laura had at work recently, and the even more mortifying moment Steph once had with her parents. We also hear another D&M from someone who needs help figuring out what to do with the very sticky bridesmaid situation she’s found herself in, and we test out Laura to see how much of a people pleaser she really is.   SPECIAL SHARES: Laura – Farmer Wants A Wife, Channel 7 series Steph – Do Revenge, Netflix series   KIC UPDATES: We have just launched Treadmill, hosted by our newest Master Trainer – Laura! 10-30 minute sprint, hill, fartlek and speed interval runs or walks designed to challenge yourself or go at your own pace - no matter what you choose, expect to feel empowered with the runners high! Laura will be with you the whole way and can't wait to get sweaty, feel strong and KIC it with you on the Treadmill!See for privacy information.
16/10/22·36m 1s

Shameless vs KIC - When besties become business buddies, with Zara & Michelle

For anyone who has a podcast, it seems unfathomable to reach a milestone like 50 million downloads – but for Shameless Media founders Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews, this has recently become a reality! If you’ve contributed to that 50 million, you will have heard one of their many podcasts; Shameless, Scandal, Everybody Has A Secret, Book Club or Love Etc. In today’s episode, Zara & Michelle tell us what their career journey has been like so far, how they deal with stressful times, and of course compare notes with Steph & Laura also being two female founders in the public eye who started a business together after becoming besties. We also learn that if it weren’t for something Laura said, they might not have gotten to where they are now!See for privacy information.
11/10/22·29m 53s

Behind the scenes of Keep it Cleaner

In today's episode, Steph & Laura take you behind the scenes of everything that goes on at KIC, including how the business and their friendship came about, how they manage conflict, and what their day to day looks like in such a busy job!   They also answer all of your questions around how they hire people for their team, what the content creation process is and how on earth they get any work done and not just chat all day seeing as though they're besties!   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph - The Diary Of A CEO podcast episode with Lewis Capaldi Laura - Mecca Max make-up brush   KIC UPDATES: It's World Mental Health Day, and to help you prioritise your mental health, you can get a 1 month free subscription to KIC when you sign up with the code KICPODMIND. Sleep is so important for our mental health so be sure to try our new sleep meditations and brand new Soundscapes. (NB: Just a reminder that once the month is up, this will roll into a paid subscription.)See for privacy information.
09/10/22·27m 36s

Putting an exciting career on hold - KICBUMP with Ash London

If you've ever listened to the radio, you'd know Ash from the successful night show she hosted for years, 'Ash London Live', or perhaps from one of the many other radio/TV shows that she's done in the past.   With regular world famous guests on her radio show like Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles, Ash has put quite the thriving career on hold to spend time with her son Buddy. In today's episode we find out how she felt making this decision, what advice she has for mums with fulfilling careers, and why being a "selfish" mum isn't always a bad thing!   You can check out Ash London's podcast 'New Mum, Who Dis?" here.See for privacy information.
04/10/22·36m 7s

Omg what did David Beckham reply to Laura?

In Steph & Laura's catch up today, we HAD to get an update on whether Laura's "friend" David Beckham replied to her message, and what he said!   Also on today's episode, we reminisce and laugh about the ridiculous things we did in high school, and give a list of rules to follow if you're ever going to tell someone about the dream you had!   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph - Heartbreak High, on Netflix Laura - Head to Toe Dance Cardio with Kath Ebbs, KIC Masterclass    KIC UPDATES: Calling all Kiwis - we're coming to Auckland! Our second KIC Tour stop is this weekend at Shed 10. There are still a few tickets remaining - come join us on Sunday 9th of October from 1pm for a live workout guided by our Head Trainer Danny Kennedy, followed by a wholesome health and wellness talk with special guests including Sarah Davidson.See for privacy information.
02/10/22·20m 50s

Owning your identity, with Sarah Davidson

The amazing Sarah Davidson joins us on KICPOD once again to share the endless amounts of wisdom and inspirational quotes that she has!   Sarah will be joining us on the Wellness Panel of our KIC Tour throughout October, so if you're thinking of coming along to hear her speak, today's episode will be the perfect warm up! She chats to Steph & Laura about confidence and how to find it when you're lacking, discovering and owning your identity, the pressure of having children in your 30s, and what she would tell her 18 year old self.   The KIC Tour starts this Saturday in Adelaide! Tickets are still available if you'd like to join us in either Adelaide, Auckland NZ, or Perth.See for privacy information.
27/09/22·35m 7s

Most famous person in your DMs

In a brand new episode structure for KICPOD, today we've got a "catch up" style episode with Steph & Laura, which we will now be bringing you every single Monday! So to bring you up to speed, each Monday you'll hear Steph & Laura sharing the hilarious/interesting/unusual things that have happened in their lives, plus hearing stories from the KIC community, and then every Wednesday you'll hear either a KICPOD guest interview or a KICBUMP episode (alternating each week).   In today's episode, the girls discuss famous people you've had in your DMs, Steph's clever to-do list hack, and a juicy "D&M" someone sent in about hooking up with their boss!   SPECIAL SHARES: Laura - Partner Track, show on Netflix Steph - Admission, film on Netflix   KIC UPDATES: The KIC Tour starts this Saturday 1st of October and our first stop is Adelaide. There are still a few tickets remaining - come join us at the Adelaide Convention Centre from 1pm for a live workout session with Danny Kennedy before a health and wellness talk with the amazing Sarah Davidson.See for privacy information.
25/09/22·24m 36s

Being more than your potential, with Kath Ebbs

The wonderful Kath Ebbs is back on the KICPOD chatting all things travel and why it can actually be hard for some people, social media and the validation we tend to seek from it, acknowledging your own potential and your own achievements, and so much more.   Steph & Laura also check in to see how Kath is doing since their last episode together, and ask about the things we can do to help manage our mental health.   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph - Sunshine on a rainy day, song by Christine Anu Laura - 'Scandal' podcast by Shameless, with Anne Hathaway   KIC UPDATES: We've just launched Dance Cardio with Kath Ebbs on the KIC app! Get ready to move, groove and boost your mood with this brand new workout style. 12 new workouts ranging from 10, 15, 20 and 30 minutes that fit in with your day, shake off your stress and celebrate your body! Also head to our TikTok @keepitcleanersquad to join our dance challenge for your chance to win a pair of Apple Airpods Max!See for privacy information.
20/09/22·34m 48s

KICBUMP: Steph on working mum guilt

In today's episode of KICBUMP, a very raw and vulnerable Steph explains her recent Instagram post, where sleep deprivation and long work days led to a breakdown.   Steph also addresses the guilt that comes with being a 'working mum', and why the term itself can be problematic.   KIC UPDATE: Today we launch Dance Cardio with Kath Ebbs on the KIC app! Move, groove and boost your mood with this brand new workout style. Join now and get a 14 day free trial.See for privacy information.
18/09/22·26m 44s

Spying over the home cameras & mice problems!

Steph & Laura have had a lot to catch up about lately, so today's episode is all about hearing the hilarious/interesting/unusual things that have happened in their lives.   Nothing’s off limits today - the girls cover topics like location sharing with your partner, mice infestations at home, and dumb things you once thought (like thinking knife point and gun point were actual locations). Steph also reveals she has watched her babysitter over the home cameras when they weren't aware!   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph – 1 Pot Zucchini Alfredo – KIC recipe Laura – No Filter with Mia Freedman, podcast episode with Johann Hari   KIC UPDATES:Tickets are now available for our KIC tour happening in October in Adelaide, Perth and Auckland NZ. Grab yours at and join us for a workout and a chat in your city!See for privacy information.
13/09/22·32m 37s

Laura & Dalton's couples therapy session!

Last week Steph & her husband Josh revealed all of the very intimate and personal details of their relationship, so it's only fair that this week Laura and her husband Dalton are put in the hot seat! Of course they will address the 30 day intimacy challenge and whether they'll be taking part or not, and we also learn about what they have to sacrifice in their relationship, how they handle disagreements and what it's like both being CEOs of their companies. It wasn't meant to be a couples therapy session, but it sure turned out to be! SPECIAL SHARES: Steph – The Girl Who Fell From the Sky; book by Emma Carey (you can also listen to her KICPOD episode here) Laura – Speedy Pilates Pump; KIC Pilates Class with trainer Christina KIC UPDATES: This week we are shooting some brand new KIC workouts which means new workouts will be landing in the KIC app very soon! Follow us on TikTok for all the behind the scenes action and for your chance to win a great giveaway! We have also launched our Budget Bites - 10 new recipes dropping in September that are less than $5 per serve. Sign up to KIC now for a free 14-day trial.See for privacy information.
06/09/22·38m 10s

KICBUMP: Sophie Walker from Australian Birth Stories

Sophie Walker is no stranger to talking about everything motherhood - she's the founder of Australian Birth Stories, a hugely successful podcast with over 8.6 million downloads to date. It's also a hub for women to learn, feel part of a community and engage with one another.   Rather than being the interviewer, this time she's sitting in the other seat! Steph invites Sophie to share what she has learnt in her time as a podcast host and health expert, and we find out how women can better their chances of having a positive birth experience.   KIC UPDATES:We have released some great budget-friendly and family-friendly recipes in the KIC app. Sign up now for a 14-day free trial.See for privacy information.
04/09/22·29m 49s

All the juicy details of Steph & Josh's intimacy challenge!

*WARNING* This ep may not be suitable for little ears (if you didn't already gather that from the title).   You asked, Steph & Josh answered!   You might have heard Steph mention a few episodes back (or seen it on socials... or seen it on news sites... seriously even the New York Post were writing about it) that she and her husband Josh were partaking in a 30 day intimacy challenge.. aka 30 days of sex!   Well, the challenge has come to an end so it was time for Laura to put them in the hot seat and ask all of your juicy questions, like how they made time for it given they have a toddler, if it felt like a chore, what their parents said when they found out, if their sex life would be any different moving forward and so much more.   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph - Look Both Ways, Netflix film Laura – Maybe You Should Talk To Someone, Book by Lori Gottlieb   KIC UPDATES: To celebrate our partnership with LiSTNR, we are treating you to one month free with KIC! Head to if you’re not already a member and enter the code KICPOD1 at the checkout.See for privacy information.
30/08/22·43m 46s

“90% is mental, and the other 10% is all in our heads”. Goal setting with Samantha Gash

We thought Laura loved running… until we heard what Samantha Gash has taken part in! The endurance athlete and Survivor star was the first woman in the world and youngest person at the time to complete the Four Desert Grandslam – a series of 4 x 250km ultramarathons across 1 year in the world’s toughest climate deserts. She has also run 379km across Australia’s Simpson Desert, amongst many other incredibly challenging ultramarathons  – so it’s no wonder Sam was once the subject of a documentary called Desert Runners.   She is about to take part in another enormous feat, running 1600km from the West to the East of Nepal.   In today’s KICPOD episode, Steph & Laura find out how any of this is even humanly possible, and what kind of mindset you need to have to achieve such an incredibly massive goal. If you’re looking for motivation and want to get better at goal setting, this is the ep to listen to!   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph – Hairspray Musical Laura – About Time, Netflix film   KIC UPDATES: Our KIC Tour is happening in October in Adelaide, Perth and Auckland NZ! Grab your tickets now from and let’s workout together, talk together and meet each other for the first time in years! The KIC Tour is in partnership with AIA Vitality and will be joined by Sarah Davidson.See for privacy information.
23/08/22·41m 4s

KICBUMP: Watching your partner go through childbirth, then going through it yourself! With Moana Hope

Although every woman's pregnancy and birth story is different, one thing most mums can agree on is that a man will never truly understand what it's like to go through childbirth - and so for a lot of mums, this includes their partner.   Former AFLW player & Survivor star Moana Hope is in the unique position where she knows exactly what it's like from both perspectives! Her wife Isabella Carlstrom gave birth to their daughter Svea in 2020, then in June this year Moana gave birth to their son Ahi.   In this episode of KICBUMP, Moana not only shares her fascinating story of forming her beautiful family, but also generously tells her birth story for the first time.   KIC UPDATES KICBUMP will soon be branching off to be its own separate podcast. Be sure to follow/subscribe once it exits the KICPOD feed in a few weeks' time!   Try our KIC 14 day trial here.See for privacy information.
21/08/22·48m 48s

Achieving success while living with depression, with Will McMahon

*Trigger warning – this episode mentions suicide. If you or anyone you know needs support, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14*   Will McMahon is best known for co-hosting his national radio show ‘Will & Woody’ and was recently seen on Celebrity Apprentice Australia and Australian Ninja Warrior. Throughout his extremely successful career, he has been battling with depression and has faced some dark moments along his journey.   In today’s episode of KICPOD, Will not only generously opens up about his struggles and allows us to see his most vulnerable side, but also enlightens us with his helpful advice on ways to recognise your behaviour before spiralling, finding what works for you to get yourself through, and ways to help your partner or somebody close to you who may be experiencing depression.   We hope you get as much out of this episode as we did, and are very thankful for Will sharing his experience with us.   SPECIAL SHARES:Steph – KIC & Noas Healthy Eats recipe; No Bake PB & Choc SliceLaura – Netflix film; Purple Hearts   KIC UPDATES:Steph’s spin-off podcast KICBUMP will soon be its own separate podcast. Be sure to subscribe/follow once it exits the KICPOD feed in a few weeks’ time!See for privacy information.
16/08/22·52m 42s

Steph's saucy 30 day challenge & Dr Libby Weaver on how to destress

Particularly for women, we often feel so much pressure to do it all and be amazing at everything at all times, and so many of us are guilty of trying to please everyone around us, even when it’s detrimental to our own mental health. But it turns out it’s also detrimental to our physical health in ways you may not be aware of.   In this episode of KICPOD, we find out the impacts of stress and why being Superwoman isn’t always the best thing for us, and get some great tips on ways to manage our busy lives and set healthy boundaries.   Also as an added bonus in today's ep, Steph reveals the saucy 30 day challenge she & her husband Josh are in the middle of! Would you take part in this challenge with your partner? Laura says she wouldn't!   SPECIAL GUEST: Dr Libby Weaver   KIC UPDATES: KIC minis are here! Lack of time and motivation are the biggest barriers preventing us from moving our bodies (especially in winter), so we’ve developed a series of 5-minute mini workouts that you can easily fit into your day. You can start your 14-day free trial here.   SPECIAL SHARES: Steph – ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ novel by Delia Owens Laura – ‘Fittest on Earth: Next Gen’ film on Amazon Prime Video & Apple TVSee for privacy information.
09/08/22·39m 33s

KICBUMP: The real side of motherhood that nobody is talking about, with Ash Pollard

For a lot of new mums, it can be extremely daunting dealing with everything that comes with parenthood, and on top of that seeing every other mum on Instagram seemingly cope just fine can add pressure and strip our confidence.   Ash Pollard wants to cut the crap! She’s got two kids under two, so has been through it all! She very generously bares all in this episode of KICBUMP, sharing the hardships she’s faced in her personal experience, and removing the stigma attached to postnatal depression and anxiety.   If you are suffering from postnatal depression or anxiety please reach out to the PANDA National helpline on 1300 726 306 or visit   SPECIAL GUEST Australian cook, author, TV & radio personality Ash PollardSee for privacy information.
07/08/22·32m 44s

How to eat healthy on a budget, with dietitian Wendy Fedele

It’s no secret that the cost of living is constantly rising – with petrol prices, rent, mortgage interest rates and grocery costs all increasing faster than we can keep up! A common misconception is that eating healthy and buying good quality ingredients costs a fortune, so on today’s episode of KICPOD Steph and Laura speak to dietitian Wendy Fedele to find out some tips and tricks on cost-effective ways to eat well. Turns out there are still plenty of ways for us to get all of the important nutrients into our diet while being on a budget, and we even find out some handy ways to avoid food wasting too! SPECIAL GUEST:Wendy Fedele is a Melbourne based dietitian, and if you’d like to check out more from her or book an appointment, you can do so here.KIC UPDATES:KIC minis are here! Lack of time and motivation are the biggest barriers preventing us from moving our bodies (especially in winter), so we’ve developed a series of 5-minute mini workouts that you can easily fit into your day. You can start your 14-day free trial here. KICPOD has now partnered with LiSTNR – alongside your usual streaming platforms, you can now find us on the LiSTNR app! SPECIAL SHARES: Steph – ‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman’ on NetflixLaura – Glennon Doyle’s podcast ‘We Can Do Hard Things’, episode with Natalie Portman; ‘How to Know When to Say Yes’See for privacy information.
02/08/22·36m 29s

An uncomfortable insight into the life of female surgeon

*Trigger warning this episode mentions experience of sexual harassment*On this episode of the KICPOD Steph and Laura had the pleasure of speaking with Australian surgeon and author Neela Janakiramanan. They chatted with Neela about her upcoming novel ‘The Registrar’ which was inspired by her personal experiences throughout her surgical training and unpacks the cost of success in the medical industry. Neela talks to the harsh reality of the surgical profession and how she had to endure sexual harassment, burnout and mental health deterioration to achieve success. This conversation provides an uncomfortable insight into the lives of budding surgeons whilst also reminding us of the importance of implementing tactics to support our mental health in the workplace. Neela also provides some wonderful advice on how we can best manage ourselves in high pressure environments and how we can ensure we’re truly switching off when we’re away from work. Neela’s novel The Registrar can be pre-ordered at Booktopia. SPECIAL GUEST: Neela Janakiramanan  SPECIAL SHARES: Steph - Workin’ Moms on Netflix Laura - The Registrar by Neela Janakiramanan KIC UPDATES: Get 3 months of KIC for $25 and unlock access to month 2 of our Workout In Winter Challenge: Danny’s 4 week full-body STRENGTHEN challenge. To redeem this offer, use ‘WIW50’ at the website checkout. Find out more here.KICPOD is partnering with LiSTNR. From 1 August, you’ll also find us on the LiSTNR network alongside our usual streaming platforms. SPONSOR SHOUTOUT: Shop La Roche-Posay’s range of skincare at for privacy information.
28/06/22·53m 52s

KICBUMP: What is a Doula? with Tess Batchelor

If you’ve heard the term ‘Doula’ but aren’t exactly sure what’s involved, this is the episode for you.Steph chats with Victorian-based Doula, Tess Batchelor about how a Doula can support you from conception right through pregnancy and into the wildly beautiful postpartum period.Tess shares the different levels of support available, her experience with a variety of parents and births and the surprisingly affordable costs!SPECIAL GUESTTess Batchelor  Save 50% off with KIC$25 for 3 months when you sign up via using the code WIW50See for privacy information.
26/06/22·40m 25s

Sobriety, adult acne & building confidence with Olivia Molly McKeone

This week we welcome back to the KICPOD the wonderful Olivia Molly McKeone (née Rogers). Olivia has been making waves in both her personal and professional life. From launching her first book, to partnering with some incredible brands, to dealing with adult acne and discovering the flow on effects of her sobriety, Olivia opens up about it all.Her success however hasn’t been without moments of self doubt and she chats with Steph and Laura on how she’s dealt with self doubt and how she’s built up her confidence and self belief. She also generously shares her tips for anyone else who might find themselves struggling. SPECIAL GUEST:Olivia Molly McKeone SPECIAL SHARES:Steph - Everything I Know About Love on StanLaura - Halftime J Lo Documentary on Netflix KIC UPDATES:Join the live Power Pilates workout with Laura & Leo Monday 27 June @ 7:00am AEST. Learn how to join this workout here. SPONSOR SHOUTOUT:Shop La Roche-Posay’s range of skincare at for privacy information.
21/06/22·58m 16s

Staying safe when travelling: how two sisters escaped attempted human trafficking

*Trigger warning mentions experience of attempted human trafficking*With travel now back on the cards and someone being trafficked every 30 seconds, we wanted to bring awareness about how to travel overseas safely. To support this subject, we spoke with Rachel Vasicek, co-founder of Francaesca Jewellery who escaped a calculated attempt of human trafficking with her sister whilst on an overseas business trip.Rachel shares the gripping details of her lived experience and brings awareness to and reminds us of some of the simple but fundamental precautions we should take when embarking on an overseas holiday. Get 15% off your Francesca purchase by using 'KIC15' at the website checkout (excludes all charity items and gift cards).Want to support Be Her Freedom? Purchase the necklace on the Francesca website. SPECIAL GUEST:Rachel Vasicek SPECIAL SHARES:Steph - The Peanut Butter Falcon on NetflixLaura - Interceptor on Netflix KIC UPDATES:Join the live Power Pilates workout with Steph & Leo Wednesday 15 June @ 6:30pm AEST. Learn how to join this workout here. SPONSOR SHOUTOUT:Shop La Roche-Posay’s range of skincare at See for privacy information.
14/06/22·1h 2m

KICBUMP: My Experience with Postpartum Anxiety with Jessica Urlichs

1 in 5 new mums and 1 in 10 new dads experience perinatal depression and anxiety, yet the topic is still considered taboo.This week Steph chats to Jessica Urlichs, a beautiful mum of 2 (soon to be 3) author and passionate spokesperson for perinatal mental health.Jess very kindly speaks to her personal experience with postnatal anxiety, the tips that got her through her hardest days and advice on supporting loved ones going through this.If you are suffering from postnatal anxiety or depression please reach out to the PANDA National helpline on 1300 726 306 or visit SPECIAL GUESTJessica Urlichs  KIC WINTER OFFER  $25 for 3 months when you sign up via See for privacy information.
12/06/22·36m 17s

Q&A with Steph & Laura: You Asked, We Answered PART 2

This week Steph and Laura answer more of your burning questions. From discussing the pressure many women feel when their fertility is at its peak to sharing how they try to achieve a comfortable work life balance to battling the winter motivational slump and establishing a healthy relationship with food, this episode is jam packed with valuable advice.If you’re in need of support when it comes to your relationship with food, the Butterfly Foundation is here to help. SPECIAL SHARES:Steph - Stranger Things Season 4 on NetflixLaura - Dr Emily - Truth vs Harmony The Imperfects Podcast KIC UPDATES:It’s not too late to sign up to Workout In Winter with KIC. Use 'WIW50' at the website checkout to get 50% off the quarterly subscription.Check out our Workout in Winter goal setting journal here. SPONSOR SHOUTOUT:Shop La Roche-Posay’s range of skincare at for privacy information.
07/06/22·48m 13s

Staying motivated & combatting winter blues with psychologist Bec

Winter is upon us and so this week Steph and Laura chatted to psychologist Bec McWilliam all about ‘winter blues’ and how seasonal changes impact our mood. In this episode Bec enlightens us why our serotonin and melatonin levels take a hit during winter and how we can combat and be more adaptive to the weather changing. In addition Bec shares the importance of honing in and reflecting on our values in order to make the best possible decisions for our wellbeing and our goals. We hope this chat reminds you to be kind to yourself during the winter months and to know that it’s normal to feel a little down when there’s less sunshine. If you’re looking to reflect on your values, you can find Bec’s Value Exploration Worksheet here.SPECIAL GUEST: Bec McWilliam  SPECIAL SHARES: Steph - The Staircase on Binge Laura - Conversations with friends on Amazon Prime KIC UPDATES: Workout In Winter with KIC Get your winter workouts sorted for only $25 when you use the code WIW50 at the website checkout.Head to and sign up now. SPONSOR SHOUTOUT: Shop La Roche-Posay’s range of skincare at for privacy information.
31/05/22·42m 5s

KICBUMP: Postpartum, poop & prams with Steph, Emma & Tracey

Harvey turns 1! To celebrate, Steph reminisces on her first year of motherhood with Tracey & Emma from her mums group.Together they explore memories from the very early days, what they wish they knew going into postpartum and the must-have things that got them and their bubs through the toughest days.Thinking back on the year of firsts they discuss the highs and lows, what they’d do differently and share a whole lot of poo stories!See for privacy information.
29/05/22·1h 12m

Q&A with Steph & Laura: You Asked, We Answered PART 1

You asked and we answered! On today’s episode of the KICPOD, Steph and Laura unpack and address your burning questions. From navigating adult friendships after you’ve had children to becoming more confident and empowered to set boundaries with those around you, this episode is packed full of valuable advice and food for thought. Steph and Laura also discuss their friendship, how they navigate being both business partners and best friends and whether they ever fight.SPECIAL SHARES:Steph - Brene Brown on EmpathyLaura - Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber on Prime Video KIC UPDATES:Workout In Winter with KICGet your winter workouts sorted for only $25 when you use the code WIW50 at the checkout. Head to to sign up now.SPONSOR SHOUTOUT:Shop La Roche-Posay’s range of skincare at for privacy information.
24/05/22·42m 6s

How to tackle your life admin

On this episode of the KICPOD Steph and Laura chatted with Mia Northrop, the co-author of Life Admin Hacks and co-host of the Life Admin Life Hacks podcast.We all know how overwhelming life admin can be so we asked Mia to share her top tips and ticks on how you can best manage your life admin tasks.Mia encourages us to identify our life admin pain points so that we can take control, stress less, save money, feel more organised and manage our time more effectively. We’re also reminded that in order to get on top of our life admin and set ourselves up for success, we need to first make the time to set up the tools and systems that are going to help us manage it in the long run.So whether you’re needing to consolidate your super, ensure you’re getting the best possible price on your insurance or make meal prepping a priority, Mia’s tips, tactics and strategies will help you to get on top of it all.Listen to the Life Admin Life Hacks podcast here.Purchase Mia and Dinah’s book Life Admin Hacks here. SPECIAL GUEST:Mia Northrop SPECIAL SHARES:Steph - Full Body Banded Burner KIC Masterclass with new Barre Pilates Master Trainer KikaLaura - Her strategy for setting a new wake up time KIC UPDATES:Barre Pilates has now launched in the KIC app! SPONSOR SHOUTOUT:Shop La Roche-Posay’s range of skincare at See for privacy information.
17/05/22·53m 44s

KICBUMP: Educating & Empowering You for Birth & Beyond with Midwife Zoe

Today's guest on this episode of the KICBUMP KICPOD is Zoe, a midwife motivated to empower and educate women through all things pregnancy, birth and beyond.Steph asked Zoe a number of questions you as a community sent through, and reminisced on her own experience with midwives and birth too.We hope you leave this podcast feeling just that little bit more educated and ready for what birth and beyond has in store for you, and that no matter what happens… you’re not alone.If you’re looking for an online community of other mummas to connect with, you can find our private KICBUMP group on Facebook.SPECIAL GUEST:Zoe RobsonInstagram: @midwifezoePodcast: Midwife in My Pocket PodcastSee for privacy information.
15/05/22·54m 20s

How do I know if I ACTUALLY want kids?

On this episode of the KICPOD, Steph and Laura spoke to journalist and published author Gina Rushton. After being faced with the decision about whether she herself wanted children, Gina was inspired to investigate why we now feel so unsure of whether we want to become parents.This discussion reveals the modern complex considerations that people, in particular women now face when deciding on whether they want to bring a child into the world. From navigating the relationship with yourself and your personal circumstances to the wider issues of climate change and inflation, it’s no wonder that we are now thinking long and hard about the decision to have a child.We hope that this episode brings comfort to those unsure of whether parenthood is for them and to remind you that it’s totally normal, valid and justified to be confused about what your future might hold when it comes to parenthood.Gina's first book The Most Important Job in the World is out now.  SPECIAL GUEST:Gina Rushton SPECIAL SHARES:Steph - The VoiceLaura - A reminder about how wonderful public transport is KIC UPDATES:We celebrated World Pilates Day. Sign up to KIC at to sign up and try our pilates today.P.s. Stay tuned for an exciting new workout style to hit the KIC app very soon. SPONSOR SHOUTOUT:Shop La Roche-Posay’s range of skincare at  See for privacy information.
10/05/22·58m 33s

Lisa Wilkinson: A fearless approach to building your career

On this week’s episode Steph and Laura spoke to one of Australia’s most admired journalists, Lisa Wilkinson. From being the youngest ever editor of a national magazine to co-hosting one of Australia’s top Morning TV programs, Lisa is a trailblazer in the media.Lisa shares her advice on how to navigate being thrown in the deep end when starting in a new role and emphasises the positive impact of finding a career that you love.This episode is a reminder to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and to harness others’ belief in you to become more comfortable to take on a challenge and have faith in your abilities. SPECIAL GUEST:Lisa Wilkinson  SPECIAL SHARES:Steph - Harvey’s Birthday Cake Recipe (dropping soon in the KIC app)Laura - It Wasn't Meant to Be Like This by Lisa Wilkinson & Witchery White Shirt Campaign KIC UPDATES:Join us for Meditate in May to build your meditation habit. Something exciting is coming to the KIC app. Join our KIC Facebook Community to be the first to find out our news. The KIC Facebook Community is open to all KIC subscribers. Join here.See for privacy information.
03/05/22·1h 6m

KICBUMP: The Hormone Rollercoaster: Postpartum & Weaning off Breastfeeding

In this episode, Steph opens up about her own experiences around the hormonal shifts and emotions she experienced post the birth of her baby Harvey, and more recently the hormonal change since weaning off breastfeeding. Outside of sharing her personal experience, Amanda Ward (Steph’s OB) explains what is going on in a woman’s body in both of these stages to help us better understand why you may be feeling or reacting the way you are! Thank you to our KICBUMP community members who shared their experiences with Steph to share as well!  If you’re looking for an online community of other mummas to connect with, you can find our private KICBUMP page on Facebook.  To celebrate mothers day, Steph will be running a LIVE KIC workout in the KICBUMP FB community at 10am on the 9th of May. - support for you and your family SPONSOR SHOUTOUT: Thanks to this weeks sponsor ROCC Naturals you can try their vitamin enriched toothpaste in Australia's first biodegradable toothpaste tube. Jump online to and try a tube for half price PLUS enjoy free shipping. Enter code KICCPOD2022 to redeem.See for privacy information.
01/05/22·40m 49s

Living a Life with Impact with Maria Thattil

On this week’s episode of the KICPOD, Steph and Laura spoke to the incredible Maria Thattil. Maria takes us through her journey of transitioning away from the corporate world and into the limelight where she’s making waves a TV personality, keynote speaker, writer and creator. Maria opened up about her relationship with her body, her battle with anxiety and how she found the courage to step out and do something which went against the opinions of those around her. This chat with Maria reminds us to always to believe in ourselves, stick to our guns and battle through our self doubt to become the best and most impactful version of ourselves. SPECIAL GUEST:Maria Thattil SPECIAL SHARES:Steph - Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey & Anatomy of a Scandal on NetflixLaura - Coda on Apple TV KIC UPDATES:Meditate in May with KIC!Win tickets to our Cardio Pilates Party on the 7th of May. Enter here.  SPONSOR SHOUTOUT:Shop La Roche-Posay’s range of skincare at See for privacy information.
26/04/22·46m 41s

Why Do We Feel Guilty All the Time and is it a Bad Thing!?

In this week’s episode of the KICPOD Steph and Laura discuss guilt - the emotional reaction we all experience where we feel responsible or regretful for what has or hasn’t happened. Steph and Laura open up about when, where and how they have felt guilt. They reflect on their personal experiences which have triggered guilt and discuss how they have worked through the feelings of falling short when feeling guilty. Steph and Laura’s vulnerable conversation highlights the prevalence of guilt within our modern lives and encourages you to work through your guilt. We hope this episode motivates you to reduce the burden you allow yourself to feel whenever you experience guilt. SPECIAL SHARES:Steph - A shoutout to Laura for being a finalist in the the Women Leading Tech Awards, Executive Leader Category Laura - The Imperfects Podcast Episode with Johann Hari - Why You Can't Pay AttentionKIC UPDATES:KIC Squad Faves Challenge. Starts this week! KIC PARTY, Monday 11th April, 6:30pm AEST SPONOSR SHOUTOUT:This episode is brought to you by adidas. The new Ultraboost 22 has landed - designed by women, for women. You can shop the Adidas Ultraboost 22 via the Adidas app, instore or online at See for privacy information.
05/04/22·1h 3m

KICBUMP: Life as a Stay at Home Dad with Josh Miller

On this very exciting episode, Steph chats with her husband and Harvey’s dad, Josh Miller!Now that Steph’s returned to the KIC office, Josh is proudly a stay at home dad. Together they explore his work-life pre-Harvey, how he’s coping with this new lifestyle, tips on avoiding groundhog day, the importance of filling your cup outside of parenthood and the pressures and stigma around stay at home dads.Whether you’re a new parent, soon-to-be or simply interested in how it all works BTS, we have no doubt you’ll love this episode with Josh.SPECIAL GUESTJosh Miller  1 FREE MONTH WITH KIC Use the code KICPODAPRIL for one free month with KIC at See for privacy information.
03/04/22·35m 22s

The Raw Reality of Domestic Abuse and Family Violence

This week we spoke to Tarang Chawla, the host of Future Women’s Podcast ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ about domestic and family violence. In this chat Tarang shares his personal experience with domestic violence and unpacks the complexities of abuse.This conversation provides an understanding into the multitude of ways in which domestic violence can appear and highlights the dire need for increased awareness. Tarang also speaks to the common feeling of shame and why those experiencing domestic violence often don’t seek support.If you are experiencing domestic violence we encourage you to reach out for help by contacting the national counselling service 1800RESPECT (1800 737 732) or Lifeline on 13 11 14 or text 0477 13 11 14 at night. SPECIAL GUEST:Tarang Chawla Listen to Tarang's Future Women Podcast here. SPECIAL SHARES:Steph - 'Low and Slow' - NEW Low Impact KIC WorkoutLaura - The Dropout on Disney+ & WeCrashed on Apple TV SPONOSR SHOUTOUT:This episode is brought to you by adidas. The new Ultraboost 22 has landed - designed by women, for women. You can shop the Adidas Ultraboost 22 via the Adidas app, instore or online at  KIC UPDATES:Brand new Low Impact Workouts with Brooke have launched in your KIC app.See for privacy information.
29/03/22·56m 30s

KICPOD D&M | Missing Your Ex, Finding Independence & Paving Your Own Way

In this episode Steph and Laura share their advice on your D&M's. They unpack your questions about missing your ex, feeling like you’re falling behind in your life, navigating how to live away from your loved ones and finding independence.There’s never a right or wrong answer, however there’s always room for conversations to provide you with some food for thought. We hope this chat leaves you feeling a little less alone and empowered to tackle whatever you might be facing with more confidence.SPECIAL SHARESSteph - 'Fired up' KIC Cardio PilatesLaura - Byron Baes NetflixKIC UPDATESTickets are still available to KIC it with us IRL in Brisbane this Saturday the 26th of March! Want to join us? Get your tickets here.Low Impact workouts with Brooke are dropping in your KIC app this Monday the 28th of March!SPONOSR SHOUTOUTThis episode is brought to you by adidas. The new Ultraboost 22 has landed - designed by women, for women. You can shop the Adidas Ultraboost 22 via the Adidas app, instore or online at See for privacy information.
22/03/22·45m 23s

KICBUMP: When Birth Plans don't go to Plan

In today's KICBUMP episode Steph reflects on her own birth story, and shares a number of the communities birth stories too where their birth didn't exactly go to plan!The common piece of advice; have preferences over having a plan & remember that your personal feelings when you reflect on your own birth are valid no matter what they are. You are able to feel grateful at the same time as disappointed - the two feelings absolutely can sit parallel when it comes to reflecting on your birth.If you’re looking for an online community of other mummas to connect with, you can find our private KICBUMP page on Facebook.Thank you to todays sponsor, ErgoPouch. If you’re interested in checking them out, you can purchase the NEW Winter Harvest Collection, and their entire safe-sleep approved range, which covers newborns to 12-year-olds, exclusively online through the ergoPouch website; for privacy information.
20/03/22·46m 39s

The power of mindset and finding happiness with Em Carey

With World Happiness Day quickly approaching, Steph and Laura took the opportunity to chat with ray of sunshine Em Carey also known as 'the girl who fell from the sky'. After becoming paralysed from the waist down when her parachute didn't open whilst skydiving, Em had to learn to walk again. Although in an irreversible situation, Em didn't let this stop her. In this chat she shares her journey after her accident and her tips on how to find happiness and have strength in the most uncontrollable of situations. Our happiness is in own hands and Em wants to remind you that even though the problem might not go away, you have the power to change the way you look at it. This chat serves as a reminder to shift the focus off of what you don’t have onto what you DO have and to have faith in your own strength. SPECIAL GUESTEmma Carey SPECIAL SHARESSteph - Disney's Encanto Laura - The Daily Podcast Want to KIC it with us IRL? There are still tickets available for our Melbourne and Brisbane KICTOUR events. So head to our website and grab your tickets now!SPONOSR SHOUTOUT This episode is brought to you by adidas. The new Ultraboost 22 has landed - designed by women, for women. You can shop the Adidas Ultraboost 22 via the Adidas app, instore or online at for privacy information.
15/03/22·53m 30s

Owning Your Career with My Millennial Career

Happy International Women's Day KICPOD listeners!This week on the KICPOD Steph and Laura speak to Emily & Shelley from My Millennial Career.Together they discuss this year's IWD theme #BreakTheBias and cover different biases that exist in the workplace. Check out Emily and Shelly's podcast. SPECIAL SHARES:Laura - - Self Care @watchselfcare on TikTok 24 Hour IWD KIC Sale!Enjoy 50% off of our quarterly memberships. That's 3 months of KIC for only $24.47. Hurry, ends midnight tonight. Available only at SPONOSR SHOUTOUTThis episode is brought to you by adidas. The new Ultraboost 22 has landed - designed by women, for women. You can shop the Adidas Ultraboost 22 via the Adidas app, instore or online at  MENTIONS: for privacy information.
07/03/22·50m 23s

KICBUMP: The fourth trimester

This week on the KICBUMP pod, Steph reflects on her own experiences as a brand new mum in that 'fourth trimester' - the period that a lot of the pregnancy/baby books forget to cover! She share's her own tips and tricks to help you through this challenging yet exciting time, and also has three guests share their wisdom too. Those guests are; Maggie (@thepeninsulamumma) a mum of two, Emma Walker (@emmacharlottew) a midwife and good friend of Steph's and Ashleigh Mason (thewomenslifephysio), our KIC physio and womens health educator. We hope you finish this episode feeling excited and ready for the journey ahead into motherhood. Remember our KICBUMP Fb community is there to support you, we can be your virtual mothers group. Find us on Fb and join today. SPECIAL SHARE: Book: The Motherhood, Jamila Rizvi DONATE NOW: for privacy information.
06/03/22·36m 13s

Navigating friendships throughout different life stages

Steph & Laura are a pure example of best friends navigating two very different life stages.Steph is thriving as a mum to Harvey, learning to juggle the competing demands of work and mum-life. Whereas, Laura is solely dedicated to her KIC career, but together, they make it work!As we move through different life stages, it’s only human for friendships to grow closer when you have shared interests to bond over, or drift apart when your values and priorities change.Steph & Laura chat about the challenges faced, sharing their tips on setting boundaries, being open & honest with each other and learning that sometime’s it’s okay to let go.SPECIAL SHARESSteph: The Rescue - Documentary on NetflixLaura: Inventing Anna - NetflixSPONSOR SHOUT OUTCreate the bed of your dreams with I Love Linen. Shop 20% off Quilt Covers, Sheet Sets and Bundles PLUS get an extra 10% off with the code KIC10. Available online at Hurry, offer ends Wednesday, 9th March. See for privacy information.
01/03/22·52m 24s

Gut health, overcoming guilt & building a positive relationship with food

This week on the KIC POD, Steph and Laura chat with KIC’s resident dietitian, Liv Morrison.Liv helps us understand intuitive eating, how to build a positive mindset and relationship with food and her tips to overcome food guilt.Together they dive into IBS, exploring specific causes, dealing with the stress, low fodmap eating, managing bloating and reducing symptoms.SPECIAL GUESTLiv Morrison  SPECIAL SHARESSteph: Cardio Resistance, KIC Pilates WorkoutLaura: The Diary of a CEO with Steven Bartlett SPONSOR SHOUTOUT Create the bed of your dreams with I Love Linen. Shop 20% off Quilt Covers, Sheet Sets and Bundles PLUS get an extra 10% off with the code KIC10. Available online at for privacy information.
22/02/22·1h 4m

KICBUMP: Educated & empowered with Tiny Hearts

This week on the KICBUMP pod, Steph sat down with Nikki & Rach, co-founders of Tiny Hearts Education.Navigating motherhood can be a really overwhelming experience, but an educated mumma is an empowered mumma.This episode is packed full of expert advice on food allergies, anxiety around solids, common choking hazards, basic first aid, burns and so much more.We hope this episode helps you feel more confident and in control. You’ve got this mumma.SPECIAL GUESTSNikki JurcurtzRachael Waia  Find out more about Tiny Hearts Education at @tinyheartseducation See for privacy information.
20/02/22·49m 39s

Social media - filters, followers, comparison & taking control.

It’s safe to say that most of us have a love-hate relationship when it comes to social media. It’s a powerful tool to connect, be inspired and share our stories, yet on the flip side it can be incredibly detrimental to our mental health.Steph & Laura dive into the dark side of social media, discussing the negative toll it can take on our body image, self-esteem and confidence.But it’s time to take control. Steph & Laura share their tips on creating a safe and empowering social media experience, just for YOU.Click here to win a KIC retreat. Find out more about the Carman's Fun Run. Body Kind statistics.  SPECIAL SHARESSteph: Corn on the cob cooking hackLaura: Dare to Lead with Brene Brown and Abby Wambach  SPONSOR SHOUT OUTCreate the bed of your dreams with I Love Linen. Use the code KIC10 to save an extra 10% off on top of the storewide Spend & Save event on this week only! Available at .  See for privacy information.
15/02/22·59m 38s

Confidence, Mental Health & Embracing Self-Love with Kath Ebbs

We may say this about a lot of our episodes, but this chat with Kath Ebbs is seriously one of the best!With Valentine’s Day coming up, Steph & Laura speak with Kath about cherishing & nurturing the most important relationship in our lives, the one we have with ourselves.Together they explore confidence, self-love and building positive relationships with food & exercise.  TRIGGER WARNING: Kath very openly shares their experience with suicide ideation and disordered eating.If you’re in need of support please reach out to Lifeline on 13 11 14 or the Butterfly Foundation Australia on 1800 33 4673.A big thank you to Kath for being so open and raw in this beautiful chat.SPECIAL GUESTKath Ebbs Conversations with Kath Podcast SPECIAL SHARESLaura - And Just Like That via BingeSteph - Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin FoundationKIC Tour TicketsKICRUN ClubSPONSOR SHOUTOUTFor all the things you love, think I Love Linen. Use the exclusive code KIC10 for 10% off at checkout when you’re shopping French linen Bedding, Wear, Dining or Kids. Available online at  See for privacy information.
08/02/22·1h 35m

KICBUMP: Returning to Work with Emma Vosti

On the very first KICBUMP episode of 2022, Steph chats with one of her friends and fellow mum club member, Emma Vosti.Together they talk through the anticipations, struggles and juggles of returning to work after maternity leave.If heading back to work is making you feel a little overwhelmed, we really hope you feel less alone when tuning into this raw chat with Em & Steph.SPECIAL GUESTEmma Vosti  1 FREE MONTH WITH KICEnjoy one month free with KICBUMP when you sign up via using the code: KICBUMPPODCASTKICRUN Club ChallengeSee for privacy information.
06/02/22·57m 25s

KIC’ing goals and finding motivation in 2022 with Danny Kennedy

In the first official episode of 2022, Steph and Laura chat all things goals, motivation and the KICFIT Challenge with KIC’s head trainer Danny. Danny shares his advice on how to get back into working out after a break, finding motivation and staying accountable to yourself. He also explains what progressive overload is and how to do it using the KIC app.Danny reminds us that a good month is better than a perfect week. It’s about progress not perfection.SPECIAL GUESTDanny KennedyDanny’s podcast SPECIAL SHARESSteph - 1883Laura - The Intern and re-defining what self-care means to you KIC UPDATESRefer a friend to KIC and be put in the draw to win a spot at our KIC Retreat at Elements of Byron in Byron Bay. Find out more here. It’s not too late to join our 6 Week KICFIT Challenge! Sign up here.See for privacy information.
01/02/22·55m 59s

BONUS EP: Bootcamp breakdown - a 'SPICY' chat with KIC’s newest Master Trainer, Leo!

In this bonus KICPOD ep, Steph and Laura chat with KIC’s newest master trainer Leo! Leo has joined the KIC Squad bringing a brand new and seriously spicy workout style to the app - BOOTCAMP! Bootcamp workouts are fun, equipment-free and suitable for ALL fitness levels as Leo is always offering regressions and progressions in his classes.From this chat you’ll learn a little more about Leo as he shares details on his personal and professional background, how he teamed up with KIC, his ‘why’ for moving his body and his tips on goal setting.You’ll find all of Leo’s brand new Bootcamp workouts in the KIC app today! SPECIAL GUESTLeo Forchin  SPECIAL SHARESSteph: Love on the Spectrum Season 2Laura: How To Fail With Elizabeth Day S 13, Ep 1 How to Fail: Brené Brown Looking for a challenge?Sign up to join us in our 6 week KIC Challenge starting January 31st here. Want to get your hand on a KIC x MiGoals Diary?Access our collection here.See for privacy information.
18/01/22·43m 23s

BONUS EP: Reducing guilt & returning to exercise after COVID

 BONUS EP! “When can I start exercising after COVID?” The question on many of our minds!Laura chats with KIC’s expert physio & women’s health educator, Ash Mason, to help us understand how and when we can return to exercise, safely.Together they chat through Laura’s experience, tools to overcome feelings of guilt about not exercising and the importance of rest and fuelling our bodies as we recover.Ash explains the five phases of returning to exercise and shares her go-to KIC workouts to support you at each stage.SPECIAL GUESTAsh MasonSPECIAL SHARES:Ash: Untamed by Glennon DoyleLaura: We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle, 2 part Brene Brown interview. 1. How to know ourselves & be known by our people , and 2. Holding boundaries & facing our fear See for privacy information.
17/01/22·51m 37s

That’s a wrap! Learnings, growth & goals for 2022

In the final KICPOD episode for 2021, Steph and Laura reflect on their biggest learnings of the year. They take a moment to unpack what they’re most proud of and acknowledge the growth they’ve experienced both personally and as business women.The episode serves a powerful reminder to be present, celebrate the small wins, trust yourself and to remember that pain, hard times and feelings of anxiety are only momentary - the hard times will pass.Finally, Steph and Laura share their goals for 2022. They remind us not to focus solely on the end result, but to focus and enjoy the journey, find your purpose and your ‘why’.SPECIAL SHARESSteph: King RichardLaura: And Just Like ThatWe want to hear from you!The KICPOD is your POD. So, we would LOVE to know what you’d like to hear from us in 2022. Let us know your thoughts here. Learn to run 10km!If you haven’t already heard, we’ve just launch our KICRUN 5-10km program! Head into the KIC app to start your running journey today.SPONSOR SHOUT OUTBangn Body’s express shipping cut off date is this Friday, the 17th of Dec. Use the code KICPOD10 to get 10% off site-wide at for privacy information.
14/12/21·1h 6m

KICBUMP: Miscarriage - screw the stigma, Nicole's talking about it.

Trigger warning: Miscarriage & pregnancy loss 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage, yet the topic remains taboo. Steph sits down with KIC’s beautiful team member, Nicole Maycroft, who has unfortunately experienced miscarriage, twice.Nicole very bravely shares an insight to her story, advice on how to help your loved ones as they experience pregnancy loss, the tips and tools that got her through the hardest days, her thoughts towards the 12 week wait and to top it all off, her recent experience with Grave’s Disease. Nicole is determined to break the stigma and help other women & their partners feel less alone. If you’ve recently experienced pregnancy loss and wish to skip passed Steph’s updates on Harvey please start the episode at 9:30SPECIAL GUEST Nicole Maycroft Read Nicole's story and tips to get through a miscarriage here. SPONSOR SHOUTOUT Cubo Ai Baby Monitor, an award winning smart baby monitor created by an IVF mom & a paediatrician. Safe sleep for babies, peace of mind for parents. Head to today!See for privacy information.
12/12/21·52m 53s

Meet the Henshaws! Why Dalton Took Laura’s Surname

We’re still on a high from Laura’s wedding so we decided to do another episode, but this time you’ll be hearing from the newlyweds! Together Laura and Dalton reflect on the buildup to the wedding, the wedding itself and the wild reaction sparked by Dalton taking Laura’s name. You’ll also get to hear Dalton’s side of the story, his journey navigating the wedding around covid and how he felt about breaking away from some of the conventional and expected traditions of a wedding. Most importantly, Dalton provides the beautiful reminder that a name doesn’t define who you are, your actions do. SPECIAL GUEST Dalton Henshaw SPECIAL SHARES Steph: SCANDAL by Shameless Podcast Laura: 101 Essays that will Change The Way You Think by Brianna Wiest SPONSOR SHOUTOUT With up to 15% off, Bangn Body’s Holiday Edit there’s gifts for every body and every budget. Use the code KICPOD10 for an extra 10% off site-wide at to try KIC? To celebrate Laura getting married we’re giving you ONE FREE MONTH of KIC! Redeem via and use the code: HENSHAW. Valid until Wednesday 15 December 2021. Learn to run 10km! We are SO excited to launch our 5-10km KICRUN program on Monday 13 December 2021. Be sure you've subscribed to the KIC app so you can take your running to the next level! Want to run with us? Next Monday the 13th of December we're heading to Sydney for a KICRUN event. For more information on how to join us click here.See for privacy information.
07/12/21·56m 47s

Laura finally says ‘I do’ & Dalt becomes a Henshaw!

On this very special episode, Steph and Laura unpack all things relating to Laura’s wedding! After having to postpone her wedding 3 times due to Covid-19, Laura finally got to say 'I do'. Laura reflects on and shares all the special moments both in the lead up to the big day and on the big day itself. She shares the details about her wedding planning experience including the process of designing her dream dress, the anxiety she faced in light of Covid-19 and how she broke away from the shackles of tradition when it comes to weddings, like Dalton taking her last name! Importantly, Laura reminds us that no matter what happens on the day, it’s truly all about the love in the room and choosing the things that work best for you. SPECIAL SHARESSteph: A reminder to live by your own advice Laura: KIC Mediation ‘Clear and Calm' with Meg SPONSOR SHOUTOUT12 days of Christmas is here, with 12 days of gifts and giveaways to nourish, hydrate and protect the skin with Bangn Body. Available online at Don’t forget to use the code KICPOD10 for an extra 10%.See for privacy information.
30/11/21·50m 24s

KICBUMP: From bump to baby, your women's health questions answered!

In this week's episode Steph sits down with KICBUMP's very own women's health educator & physio, Ash Mason. Ash is a holistic physio and mind-set coach who genuinely loves empowering others to feel confident and is an absolute wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things women’s health! Ash shares her tips, tricks and tools on exercising during pregnancy, looking after your body post-birth, abdominal separation and other common women's health symptoms, mental health, burnout and feelings of overwhelm throughout all stages of early motherhood. To wrap up the episode Ash takes us through a pelvic floor exercise that you can literally do anywhere!  SPECIAL GUEST Ash Mason  @thewomenslifephysio SPECIAL SHARE Blueberry & Cinnamon Porridge  via the KIC app.  Want to try KICBUMP? Get 60% off with our Black Friday Sale. Just $7.80 for your first month. Head to to redeem this offer. Sale ends midnight tonight!  SPONSOR SHOUTOUT Use the code KICPOD2021 to save an extra $30 off Cubo Ai's Black Friday Sale. Save up to $170. Safe Sleep for Babies. Peace of Mind for Parents! Hurry, sale ends midnight, Tuesday, 30th November. getcubo.comSee for privacy information.
28/11/21·45m 54s

Let's talk about modern sex, baby! Confidence in the bedroom & post-lockdown love

This week we’re talking all things modern sex, pleasure, relationships and sex toys with the wonderful Lucy Wark and Georgia Grace. Together Lucy and Georgia are on a mission to give people the confidence and tools to feel comfortable, shame-free and empowered when it comes to all things sex! In this chat they share insights into how covid-19 impacted sex, dating and relationships and they offer some incredible tips on how to improve sexual communication. They also bust some of the most common sex toy myths and share the importance of having the right tools and materials to help you understand sex and enjoy it. SPECIAL GUESTSGeorgia Grace Lucy Wark  Modern Guide to Sex (video education course)Georgia & Lucy's podcast, ReScript by NORMAL  SPECIAL SHARESSteph: The Dog House on 10 PlayLaura: KIC Mediation ‘Anxiety Relief’ SPONSOR SHOUTOUTBangn Body's “Buy with a Beauty Bonus” - spend over $124 and receive a FREE full size gift! Available online at Hurry, offer ends midnight, Sunday 28th November. Want to try KIC?Now is the time! For new and returning subscribers, you can get 60% off your first month on the month to month subscription by signing up during our Black Friday Sale. Head to our website to redeem this offer! Tried our KICRUN Program?We'd love for you to share your feedback and thoughts with. us here. Love the KIC POD?Vote for the KIC POD in the Australian Podcast Listeners' Choice Award. See for privacy information.
23/11/21·54m 31s

Navigating insecurity and learning to love your own skin with stylebydeni

In this chat, we spoke to the incredibly stylish and spirited Deni. Sharing their journey of coming out as non-binary Deni reveals how they’ve built confidence and grown to become more accepting of who they are in their own skin. Deni speaks to how thankful they are for their hardworking and humble family upbringing which in turn fuelled their work ethic and drive and embedded a deep appreciation for the fruits of their labour. This chat provides a much needed reminder that growth and navigating one’s insecurities is a non-linear journey and that it’s okay to fake it till you make it.  SPECIAL GUESTDeni Todorovič   SPECIAL SHARESSteph: KIC’s TikTok Accounts Laura: Gatorade: Wisdom From The Top with Guy Raz interview with Sarah Robb O'Hagan SPONSOR SHOUTOUT Give the gift of glowing skin this year with Bangn Body’s exclusive, limited edition holiday bundles! Use the code KICPOD10 for 10% off at Love the KIC POD? Vote for the KIC POD in the Australian Podcast Listeners' Choice Award: Want to KIC it with us? Sign up to receive your 7 day free trial at www.keepitcleaner.comSee for privacy information.
16/11/21·58m 14s

KICBUMP: Judgement, Guilt & Body Acceptance with The Peninsula Mumma

In this week’s KICBUMP episode Steph chats with Maggie Chretien, AKA, The Peninsula Mumma. As two mums who have openly shared their experience with sleep school, Steph & Maggie discuss the judgment they have received on social media and the ways in which they have learnt to cope with unsolicited opinions.  Together they dive into tips on managing mum guilt, the power and importance of communication and body acceptance. Maggie opens up about her postnatal anxiety and how Googling is 'a no from me’. We admire and adore Maggie’s strength and transparency and hope that new & expectant mums will feel more confident in themselves and their skin after listening to this episode. SPECIAL GUEST Maggie Chretien SPONSOR SHOUT OUTFrom nature sounds to classic lullabies, with Cubo Ai you can choose from a range of soothing sounds to help your baby sleep.Safe Sleep for Babies. Peace of Mind for Parents! Available online at Love the KIC POD? Vote for the KIC POD in the Australian Podcast Listeners' Choice Award here. See for privacy information.
14/11/21·51m 28s

Setting Boundaries & Avoiding Burnout

In this raw, real and authentic chat, Steph and Laura unpack the realities of life post-lockdown and the stresses that come with navigating competing demands and reigniting relationships in person.Steph and Laura explore tips on how to set boundaries and avoid feeling burnout and feeling utterly fatigued. They reflect on the power of friendship and asking for help during those times where you feel absolutely overwhelmed and on the verge of a breakdown.You can find out more about burnout here. SPECIAL SHARESSteph: Ride Like A GirlLaura: Armchair Expert Podcast which released a limited series podcast ‘We are supported by’, hosted by Kristen Bell and Monica Padman. Laura specifically recommends the episode ‘We are supported by… Oprah Winfrey’.Love the KIC POD? Vote for the KIC POD in the Australian Podcast Listeners' Choice Award.  SPONSOR SHOUTOUTThe Bangn Frenzy! Use code FRENZY20 Shop 20% off site-wide. Hurry, sale ends midnight Sunday, 14th Nov. www.bangnbody.comSee for privacy information.
09/11/21·50m 15s

Confidence, self-love and gearing up for a hot girl summer with Allira Potter

On this episode Steph and Laura chat with the fiercely authentic Allira Potter. Allira is unapologetically herself and shares her personal experiences with practicing self-love and coming to terms with her values, which in turn have shaped her self worth. She encourages self-belief and shares the power in allowing yourself a moment to rest, while reminding you to be proud of your achievements. Allira also enlightens us on what it means and how to have a hot girl summer. She dishes her tips for developing confidence, being comfortable in your own skin and pushing through insecurities. SPECIAL GUESTAllira PotterSPECIAL SHARESSteph: 'You' Season 3 Laura: No Filter Podcast with Lisa Wilkinson 'Lisa Wilkinson’s Life Wasn’t Meant To Be Like This' SPONSOR SHOUTOUT Get your Christmas shopping sorted with Bangn Body's November bundle of the month or brand new Holiday Edit. Use code KICPOD10 for 10% off site-wide at www.bangnbody.comSee for privacy information.
02/11/21·56m 19s

KICBUMP: Steph's mum chats pregnancy, birth & bringing up baby Steph!

We are so excited to release our very first KICBUMP KIC POD episode! Every fortnight, Steph will be chatting with an incredible line-up of experts, friends and like-minded mums to explore all things motherhood.To KIC' things off, Steph speaks with the most inspirational mum in her life, Wendy Smith; her very own mum!The mother-daughter duo dive into Wendy's pregnancy and birth stories (warning for those who envy easy, breezy births!), the differences and similarities they experienced and Wendy shares an insight into raising baby Steph! Join the KICBUMP Facebook Community  SPECIAL GUESTWendy Smith, Steph's Mum! STEPH'S SPECIAL SHAREThe Wonky Donkey by Craig Smith SPONSOR SHOUTOUT This week’s episode is brought to you by Cubo Ai Baby Monitor, an award winning smart baby monitor created by an IVF mom & a paediatrician. Safe Sleep for Babies. Peace of Mind for Parents! Available online at getcubo.comSee for privacy information.
31/10/21·53m 46s

Combatting disordered eating & building positive relationships with food post-pandemic

Trigger warning: Eating disorders. 3 out of 4 people who are struggling with an eating disorder or eating disorder tendencies aren’t seeking help.This week, Steph and Laura chat with KIC’s dietitian, Liv Morrison. Liv shines a light on just how much the pandemic has caused an increase in troubled relationships with food. Sharing an abundance of tips and strategies for improving your relationship with food, making nutritious food choices and getting back into a healthy food routine!If you feel that you’re struggling with your relationship with food and want to seek help, a great place to start is at the Butterfly foundation . SPECIAL GUESTLiv MorrisonSPECIAL SHARESSteph: Lemon Slice recipe from the KIC App SPONSOR SHOUTOUT $10 from every limited edition Bangn Body NBCF bundle or PINK tube will be donated directly to NBCF. Available until midnight Oct 31st. KICPOD10 for 10% off when you checkout at www.bangnbody.comSee for privacy information.
26/10/21·1h 7m

All Vulvas Are Beautiful with Ellie Sedgwick

In this week's episode Steph & Laura speak with the beautiful Ellie Sedgwick, founder of Comfortable in My Skin.Ellie very openly discusses her how her vulva insecurities stemmed from a boy in school asking 'do you have an innie or an outie?'Through her photography series 'Flip Through My Flaps' Ellie is on a mission to help vulva owners understand that just like our eye brows, belly buttons and big toes, our labias are all unique and that's what makes us beautiful.In this empowering chat Ellie shares her tips on practicing self-love and learning to accept our bodies. We cannot recommend this episode enough!SPECIAL GUESTEllie Sedgwick founder of Comfortable in my Skin SHARESSteph: Music That Moves Me Playlists on Apple Music. Laura's Playlist , Steph's Playlist .Laura: Maid on NetflixSign up to the KICRUN newsletter click here. Bangn Body has just launched 5 limited edition Holiday bundles with prices starting as low as $60 for the Very Merry Minis. 10% off site-wide when you use the code KICPOD10 at checkout at  See for privacy information.
19/10/21·50m 54s

Why carbs are your BFF & how to fuel your body pre and post workout

In this week's episode Steph and Laura are chatting about all things nutrition with KIC’s incredible dietitian Liv Morrison. Liv dishes the details on what we should and shouldn’t be focusing on when it comes to pre and post exercise nutrition. In light of the launch of KICRUN, she talks about how we should fuel our bodies when upping the anti with running. Liv also flags the importance of iron levels, the 4 ‘R’s’ of recovery and the paramount importance of carbohydrates.Steph and Laura touch on their own personal running journeys and how they incorporate running into their weekly movement routines. You can find our brand new KICRUN program in your KIC app. We also want to remind you that it's just as important to look after your mind like you do your body. If you need some support, there are amazing resources out there like Lifeline and Beyond Blue.SPECIAL GUEST Liv Morrison SPECIAL SHARES Steph: Puzzles Laura: Scheduled rest / self care time. SPONSOR SHOUTOUT:Bangn Body creates multi purpose, Australian made, natural, vegan and cruelty free skincare, scientifically formulated to hydrate, nourish and protect even the most sensitive of skin types! Shop 10% off using the code KICPOD10 online at www.bangnbody.comSee for privacy information.
12/10/21·46m 43s

BONUS EP: Want to run 5km? How to become a runner with KICRUN

On this very special bonus episode of the KICPOD, Steph and Laura chat with Hannah Drysdale. Hannah is a physiotherapist at Upwell Health (and a champion runner herself) and has helped create our brand new KICRUN program - an audio guided program designed to help you gradually build up your endurance and confidence to run 5km straight! Steph and Laura ask Hannah all your burning running questions. From running techniques to understanding how to build up cardiovascular fitness, Hannah shares all her running tips and tricks. She dives into details on how to prevent and handle a stitch, how to warm up and cool down properly, how to progress in your running and how to find the motivation to run! Hannah also shares her advice on running during pregnancy for any mums-to-be. KICRUN launches in the KIC App on Monday the 11th of October. SPECIAL GUEST Hannah Drysdale, Physiotherapist at Upwell Health SPONSOR SHOUTOUT This week’s episode is brought to you by Brooks. Creators of great running gear, Brooks is on mission to make each run better than your last. If it doesn’t improve your run, you won’t see it in Brooks. Shop now: for privacy information.
05/10/21·52m 58s

Taking control of your fertility with Nicole Liu

With infertility impacting 1 in 6 Australian couples, Steph & Laura chat with Nicole Liu co-founder of Kin Fertility. Nicole shares how her misdiagnosis with PCOS sparked her passion for women’s health and fertility. We explore the sex-ed conversations we SHOULD be having at school, how to understand and take control of your fertility and the common misconceptions associated with contraception and reproduction. Use the code KIC20 for 20% off the Fertility Hormone Test and all contraception, pregnancy and postpartum with Kin Fertility. SPECIAL GUEST Nicole Liu, co-founder of Kin Fertility SPECIAL SHARES Steph: Anxiety Relief Meditation via the KIC app Laura: Morning Wars season two on Apple TV+ SPECIAL MENTIONS KIC Party SPONSOR SHOUTOUT Shop T2's stunning cup and saucer sets, tea brewing tools and tea infuser sets in-store and online at for privacy information.
21/09/21·57m 48s

The Gender Gap with Jamila Rizvi

In this week’s episode Steph and Laura chat with the incredibly inspirational Jamila Rizvi. As a gender equality advocate, Jamila sheds light on the prominent gender gap in Australia. Sharing her personal experiences as a woman working in media and the government, her courageous battle with a brain tumour and the toll lockdown has played on the gender equality.Steph & Laura absolutely LOVED Jamila’s latest book Work. Love. Body. Which explores a very important question: Will the Australia of tomorrow be more equal than the one we were born into? Or will it be a country where women and girls remain left behind?Such an empowering episode, we highly recommend tuning in!Work. Love. Body. By Jamila Rizvi, Helen McCabe & Future WomenSPECIAL GUESTJamila Rizvi SPECIAL SHARESSteph: The Greatest Showman on Disney +Laura: Also Disney +Whether you’re treating yourself or surprising a friend you can’t go wrong with a sustainable gift from T2. Available in-store and online at  See for privacy information.
14/09/21·1h 1m

Anxiety, Career Changes and Sobriety with Olivia Rogers

This week Steph and Laura chat with the gorgeous Olivia Rogers discussing Liv’s struggles with anxiety and perfectionism. They explore how her anxiety has permeated many aspects of her life and the strategies she has in place to remove guilt and accept her flaws. Liv also opens up about her decision to stop practicing as a speech pathologist and her choice to stop drinking alcohol in an attempt to break away from the binge drinking culture and improve her mental health. To listen to our earlier episode with Liv discussing distorted eating, follow the link here You can find Liv on Instagram at @oliviamollyrogers and can pre-order her book ‘Find Your Light’ on Booktopia hereSPECIAL SHARES Steph: 9 Perfect Strangers on Amazon Laura: Donda - Kanye West T2’s cold brew collection is re-defining healthy hydration! Naturally caffeine free and 100% sustainable. Available in mango mint, peachberry & citrus zing, in-store & online at for privacy information.
07/09/21·1h 10m

BONUS EP | Self-care Sleeptember, meditating and taking care of our minds.

BONUS EP! To celebrate the launch of Self-care Sleeptember at KIC Steph and Laura revisit one of their favourite self-care episodes with KIC meditation coach Meg James. For many of you nights are becoming sleepless, stress is at an all-time high and anxiety is creeping up. Now more than ever it's so important to take care of our minds. We discuss the benefits of meditation, and Meg shares her tips for beginners on how and why they should start practicing meditation. Steph and Laura dive into their own relationships and experiences with meditation and finish the podcast with one of Meg's guided meditations that is available in the KIC app. Get ready to zen out!You can find more about Meg via her website: for privacy information.
03/09/21·31m 51s

All things weddings - talking postponements, expectations and budgets

On the KICPOD this week Steph and Laura answer your sticky questions all about weddings. Sharing their honest opinions and advice from their personal experiences, they shed some light on on how to navigate wedding diets, choosing your bridal party and how to handle conversations about which costs should and shouldn’t be borne by the bride and groom. Laura also gets real about how she is coping with the uncertainty around her upcoming wedding and the idea of another postponement as a result of current lockdowns. SPECIAL SHARES Steph: milligram96 on TikTokLaura: Paralympics T2 Tea Subscription - 4 x per year, 4 x teas per box - a surprise of the best kind! Available exclusively in AUS, NZ, UK at for privacy information.
31/08/21·42m 30s

How to Endo with Bridget Hustwaite

Endometriosis affects1 in 9 women, trans and non-binary people across Australia. This week we’re shedding light on this invisible illness by speaking with Bridget Hustwaite, author of How to Endo. Bridget provides an insight into what endometriosis actually is and her personal experience with this chronic illness. Sharing her mission to help others feel less alone and diminish the shame and misunderstanding commonly associated with endometriosis. If you or someone you know suffers from this endometriosis we highly recommend tuning in. SPECIAL GUEST Bridget Hustwaite - author of How to Endo SPECIAL SHARES Steph: KIC Honey Chicken Wings + Fried Rice Laura: Walking after work to unwind & cutting out mid-week booze! T2 offer a range of wellness teas that sit within sleep, stress, energy, immunity and gut health Blends that do good and taste good. Available in-store and online at for privacy information.
24/08/21·1h 9m

Confidence, determination & learning to back yourself

In this week's episode Steph and Laura dive deep into their personal experiences with confidence. Answering the KIC communities questions, they explore the moment they first felt confident, stability in self-confidence and the importance of being your true self. SPECIAL SHARESteph: The Voice on channel 7 Laura: Ted Lasso on Apple TV + SPECIAL MENTIONS Hacks on Stan Animal Kingdom on Netflix KICBUMP Facebook Community  On the 19th - 22nd of August, we’ll be sipping more for less during T2’s Afterpay sale! 20% off when you spend $100*.Offer is available in-store and online. *Terms and conditions apply. See in-store or online for full details.See for privacy information.
17/08/21·55m 58s

Real talk - vulnerability, insecurities and people pleasing

In this raw and real episode, Steph and Laura put the spotlight on vulnerability. Sharing their own personal experiences they explore the fear of being judged, managing our insecurities, the need to please others and handling criticism. Looking at vulnerability as a strength, not a weakness, Steph and Laura reflect and on the deeply personal stories sent in by the beautiful KIC community. SPECIAL SHARESteph: Core to the Floor - KIC Cardio PilatesLaura: The Imperfects, VulnerabiliteaWith 100% sustainably sourced tea, we love that every cup of T2 tea is an opportunity to have a positive impact on the planet! Available in-store and online at for privacy information.
10/08/21·50m 40s

Creativity, Career Change and Combatting Self-Doubt with lady-brains

Steph and Laura chat to best friends and co-founders of Lady Brains, Anna Mackenzie & Caitlin Judd. This episode is jam-packed full of advice on career changes, self doubt, internships and finding creativity. Together Anna and Caitlin have interviewed over 70 incredible Australian business women including Flex Mami, Megan Gale, Gemma Watts, Sarah Holloway and Jane Lu! SPECIAL SHARE Steph: Huckleberry App Laura: The Olympics SPECIAL GUESTS Anna Mackenzie & Caitlin Judd Co-founders of Lady Brains Back by popular demand, T2's Banana Bake tea is BACK! Alongside a brand new Hibiscus Cinnamon tea. Available in store and online at for privacy information.
03/08/21·1h 13m

An Hour of Empowerment with Resilience Expert, Hugh van Cuylenburg

In this week's much needed episode, Steph and Laura chat with the founder of The Resilience Project and host of The Imperfects Podcast, Hugh van Cuylenburg. Hugh shares his expertise on avoiding social media comparison, finding happiness, seeking validation, getting through lockdown and so much more. This episode couldn't have come at a better time! SPECIAL SHARESHugh: Couples Therapy on SBS on Demand + Acknowledgements by Becky Lucas Steph & Hugh: Love on the Spectrum on ABC iView Laura: The Imperfects - The Vulnerabilitea House - Missy Higgins + The Olympics, Channel 7 SPECIAL GUEST: Hugh van Cuylenburg founder of The Resilience Project & host of The Imperfects PodcastT2 is bringing the café to us with their newest tea revolution — Super Latte. These super-fine powders are fuss-free to prepare, downright good for you and full-on delicious. Available in store and online at for privacy information.
27/07/21·57m 16s

KIC MUM D&Ms | Mum guilt, silver linings and how to know you’re ready

After a short break, the KIC POD is back! Steph and Laura KIC' things off with a catchup. Steph is then joined by Em, one of the incredible mums in her mother's group, to answer your D&Ms on all things motherhood! Tune in to this raw and real convo as they discuss navigating mum guilt, being separated from your family, finding silver linings, squeezing in quality time with your partner and how much they dread the saying: 'you just wait...' SPECIAL GUEST Emma Vosti SPECIAL SHARES Steph: Yellow Stone on Stan Laura: Magic Mike Live Born & brewed in Melbourne, T2 is celebrating 25 years of turning the world of tea on its head! Shop over 110 unique tea blends at for privacy information.
20/07/21·57m 59s

KIC POD D&M | Annoying in-laws, relationship sacrifices & how to tell if they are the one!

In this week's episode Steph and Laura answer your relationships D&Ms.Exploring some really tricky topics like how to know if your partner is the right person to have children with, managing difficult in-laws and sacrificing your career for your partner.Plus KIC Tour tickets are on sale NOW, head to our website for your chance to workout out with us this August!SPECIAL SHARESSteph: Our friend on Amazon PrimeLaura: She's on the Money Book by Victoria DevineDiscover THE ICONIC Owned Brands from Atmos&Here to Dazie, and Aere.Available exclusively at for privacy information.
29/06/21·39m 57s

7 steps to a better night’s sleep with Australia’s #1 sleep expert!

In this week's episode Steph and Laura chat with Australia's number one sleep expert, Olivia Arezzolo.Earlier this week we asked our KIC community to send in their sleep related questions and Olivia is here to answer them all, well most of them!From how much sleep we actually need, tips to get to sleep and hints for light sleepers, if you're hoping to feel better rested and more energised, this episode is for you.Olivia reveals her 7 step sleep routine which is designed to improve your sleep in less than 7 days!SPECIAL SHARESSteph: Watching America/UK's got talent golden buzzer moments on YouTubeLaura: Head Above Water on Amazon PrimeSPECIAL GUESTSleep Expert, Olivia Arezzolo Shop the world's leading sport brands in one place on THE ICONIC.COM.AU – including Nike, Puma, adidas, Under Armour, New Balance and many more.See for privacy information.
22/06/21·47m 31s

The comparison trap - talking babies, rings and materialistic things

In this week’s episode Steph & Laura explore the dangers of the comparison trap.  With social media being the root of the cause, we are constantly comparing ourselves to not just our friends but the often un-relatable profiles that we follow.  Steph & Laura dive into comparison across careers, possessions, relationships, weddings and babies - expressing the importance and power of staying in our own lanes. SPECIAL SHARES: Steph: Friends Reunion Episode Laura: The Bold Type + One Pan Chicken with Halloumi, Lemon and Thyme Shop some of your favourite beauty brands across makeup, skincare, haircare, fragrances and much more at THE ICONIC. New products and brands dropping weekly! Plus, score 25% off on selected beauty brands like Grown Alchemist, Aceology, Real Techniques & more with our exclusive KICICONIC25 code. See for privacy information.
15/06/21·44m 41s

Baby daddy, Josh chats marriage, fatherhood, being a supportive partner and the kind of father he dreams to be

On this week's episode, Laura & Steph chat with Josh as he answers the KIC community's questions on all things fatherhood! Josh explores the moment he found out that he was going to be a dad, his experience during Steph's pregnancy, the lead up to labour and Harvey's arrival! Spilling the thing that he is most looking forward to as a dad... Cue heart melt! Tune in for some insightful tips on how to support your partner during pregnancy, labour and once your beautiful bub has arrived. SPECIAL SHARESSteph & Josh: Pumpkin & Feta Pasta and using shared notes with your partner on your iPhone! Laura: For those in lockdown, getting dressed up to help you feel good! 30-40% OFF THE ICONIC Winter Shopping Event. Thousands of styles across fashion, beauty, sportswear and more. Dates: 7am Tuesday 8 June - 11.59pm Monday 14 June. womens, mens, kids, sport, beauty T&C's: Offer starts 7am 8th June AEST and ends 11:59pm 14th June AEST. Discount applied at checkout. This offer is valid on selected styles and colours listed on the following page: THE ICONIC See for privacy information.
08/06/21·56m 12s

Toxic Friendships - Break ups, jealousy & making new friends

In this week's episode, Steph and Laura are exploring toxic friendships. When it comes to friendship Steph & Laura believe in quality over quantity. Tune in to hear exactly what a toxic friendship looks like, tips to break up with a long-term toxic friend, and ways to make new friends as an adult. SPECIAL SHARES Steph: The Crown on Netflix Laura: The Good Doctor on Netflix When it comes to denim, we're playing for keeps. Find your forever-favourite fits with new-season denim at THEICONIC.COM.AU  Denim's made to make memories in. Wear it, love it, live in it. New collections landing at THEICONIC.COM.AU See for privacy information.
01/06/21·59m 28s

Steph is Back, Baby! Labour, Motherhood & All Things Harvey!

Steph is back, baby! Labour, motherhood & all things Harvey!In a Q&A style interview, Steph tells us all about why her labour didn't go as planned, preparing for motherhood, recovery post birth, and the things you should and shouldn't do when your friend has a new born!  Thank you to everyone who sent in questions, this is an episode not to be missed!SPECIAL SHARESSteph: Connect with other new mums and mums-to-be while you're pregnant + Prenatal Pilates Booty Burner with StephLaura: Ted Lasso on Apple TV+$An exclusive offer for Keep It Cleaner members - Get 25% OFF Selected Styles at , Min spend $125Dates: Valid now - end of JuneCode: KICICONIC25T&C's: Minimum Spend $125. Valid on Selected Full Priced Items only until 11.59pm on 30.06.2021 AEDT. Excludes Sale, Outlet, items sent separately from a partner brand and Bras N Things, Oroton, Michael Kors, Stussy, Rag & Bone, Assembly Label, Camilla, P.E Nation, C&M, CAMILLA AND MARC, Common Projects, Veja, Coach, By Charlotte, Lorna Murray, Missoma, Polo Ralph Lauren, Nudie Jeans, RM Williams, Montblanc, Garmin, Samsung, Beats by Dre, Fitbit, Camilla Kids, RipCurl, Mini Rodini, Decjuba Kids, Dyson, Aesop, L'Occitane, The Ordinary, GHD, YSL, Giorgio Armani & Lancome. Exclusions subject to change. Cannot be used with any other code or offer. Conditions apply: for privacy information.
25/05/21·1h 20m

Head Trainer Danny talks finding confidence, boosting motivation & secrets to getting out of bed in the morning

This week Laura chats with KIC's head trainer, Danny Kennedy.In this incredibly valuable episode, Danny shares an insight into how he builds confidence and boosts motivation. Exploring reverse goal engineering, the importance of rest days and his secret to getting out of bed early in the morning! For those new to KIC, Danny also gives an insight into the different programs available on the app! KIC SPECIAL SHARES: Danny: The universe has your back by Gabrielle Bernstein Laura: Stateless on Netflix SPECIAL GUEST HOST: Danny Kennedy OFF THE ICONIC FRENZY + Free Express Delivery over $50 in AU. Head to to shop thousands of styles across fashion, beauty, sportswear and more!  See for privacy information.
18/05/21·1h 4m

Savings Tips, Money Values and AfterPay with Victoria Devine

In this week’s episode, Laura chats with award-winning finance guru and friend of the podcast, Victoria Devine! Tune in as Laura picks Victoria’s brain on all things finance, including building financial security, money values, superannuation and, After Pay… Did you know that it’s considered a DEBT!? Steph has just had her beautiful baby Harvey and Laura couldn’t be more excited! KIC SPECIAL SHARES Victoria Devine: KIC's Vegan Green Tofu Curry Recipe + Motherless Daughters Laura: KICBUMP is now available in app! SPECIAL GUEST HOST Victoria Devine: She's on the Money: Shop the world's leading sport brands in one place on, – including Nike, Puma, adidas, Under Armour, New Balance and many more. See for privacy information.
11/05/21·54m 56s

Relationship Advice, Does it Actually Work? Laura & Dalton Explore 36 Tips for a Better Relationship!

In this week's episode Laura's fiancé, Dalton, steps in for Steph while she is on mat leave! Laura & Dalton dive into a list of relationship tips, discussing whether each piece of advice actually works for them. From admitting you're wrong to kissing after an argument, understanding your love languages to choosing your in-laws, Laura & Dalton explore it all! KIC SPECIAL SHARES: Dalton: KIC's One pan maple chicken bake recipe + taking the time to connect with and acknowledging strangers! Laura: The anticipation of Steph's baby! SPECIAL GUEST HOST: Dalton Graham Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*CK by Mark Manson Show notes: THEICONIC.COM.AU – your go-to for Mother’s Day gifting. Delivered fast. Straight to your door. Shop online at or download the app now. See for privacy information.
04/05/21·52m 25s

It’s a...KICBUMP! Exercising, eating & all things pregnancy with Dr Bronwyn

This week's episode is all about pregnancy! As Steph patiently waits for the arrival of her bub, it was the perfect time to chat with Dr Bronwyn as she answers the KIC community's questions. We dive into the science of becoming pregnant, tips on combatting morning sickness, anxieties around food & exercise, miscarriages, childbirth and periods post baby! Steph & Laura fill you in on KICBUMP, the pre & postnatal Pilates program coming to the KIC app this Mother's Day!KIC SPECIAL SHARES: Laura: Red curry with salmon + One pan maple chicken bake recipeSteph: Anzac biscuit recipe All found in the recipe hub in app! SPECIAL GUEST: Dr Bronwyn: @drbronwynhamilton To check out THE ICONIC's latest range of stylish clothes & footwear head to Free delivery. Fast delivery. Free returns!See for privacy information.
27/04/21·54m 0s

Abbie Chatfield - Feminism, Trolling & Mental Health

In today's episode Steph & Laura have a raw and unfiltered chat with the incredible Abbie Chatfield. Together they explore feminism, trolling, confidence, self acceptance and mental health. This is the last episode before Steph & Laura take a quick break! They'll be back in your ears shortly... After Steph has her BABY! KIC SPECIAL SHARES: Laura: Whole Body Burner Pilates via KIC app Steph: @jasikaistrycuriousMENTIONS:Wonder'Last Brow RimmelAbbey Chatfield @abbiechatfieldIt's a Lot Podcast with Abbie Chatfield: To check out the M·A·C Cosmetics range head to and @maccosmeticsaustraliaSee for privacy information.
06/04/21·35m 37s

KICPOD D&M | Friendships fading, career confusions, living at home & post-wedding blues

In today's episode Steph and Laura share their answers to your deep and meaningful questions.Tune in to hear their advice on what to do when your friendships start to fade, ways to overcome your career choice confusion, how to cope when you're living at home with your parents while you're saving for a house and tips to cure those post-wedding blues! Steph & Laura love receiving your D&Ms! Remember to send your questions through to KIC SPECIAL SHARES: Laura: Making Their Mark - Amazon Prime Steph: The First Six Weeks by Cathryn Curtin MENTIONS: Yungblud Australian Tour Head to the Keep it Cleaner Facebook Community for your chance to win a lip wardrobe valued at over $300 for you and a friend. To find out more about M·A·C Cosmetics head to and @maccosmeticsaustraliaSee for privacy information.
30/03/21·44m 32s

Everything We Wish We Knew Growing Up

In today’s episode Steph and Laura reflect back on their younger selves and share the advice that they wish they knew growing up!From cherishing quality friendships to appreciating your body, listening to your mum and not worrying about what others think of you, Steph and Laura reveal their top tips on how to overcome their youthful insecurities. KIC SPECIAL SHARES: Steph: Yungblud @yungblud top songs: Love Song, Cotton Candy, Doctor DoctorLaura: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson MENTIONS: The Whole World is F*cked by Mark Manson For 15% off MAC Cosmetics head to and use code KIC15 (one time use per customer). Code valid from March 24th – Tuesday March 30th (inclusive) and excludes the Viva Glam range.See for privacy information.
23/03/21·47m 33s

Eating Intuitively & Eliminating Food Guilt

Today's episode of KIC Pod is based around Intuitive Eating. Intuitive Eating promotes a healthy attitude and approach towards food and body image, it's sometimes referred to as the 'anti-diet diet'. In this episode Steph and Laura discuss with Dietitian, Liv Morrison what exactly Intuitive Eating is, how to start, eliminating guilt with food, and advice around individual mindsets when it comes to emotionally overeating when stressed.KIC SPECIAL SHARES: Steph: Ginny & Georgia - On Netflix Laura: Meghan & Harry’s Oprah Interview - Watch on 10 PlayGUEST: Liv Morrison: @noworries.nutritionTo check out the M·A·C Cosmetics range head to and @maccosmeticsaustraliaSee for privacy information.
16/03/21·1h 1m

We #ChooseToChallenge - Our first KIC POD LIVE

In today's episode of KIC Pod Steph and Laura are joined by three very special guests in celebration of IWD, Moana Hope, Allira Potter & Victoria Devine. Bringing you KIC Pod's first ever live recording, it was a pleasure chatting with Moana, Allira and Victoria around what International Women's Day means to them, the importance of #choosetochallenge and their personal experiences navigating life as a women. KIC SPECIAL SHARES:Steph - In May 2020, women’s full time adult average weekly ordinary time earnings were 86% of that of men. This ratio is the same as that in May 2019. This represents a gender pay gap (GPG) of 14%. Laura - In 2019-20, managers are almost twice as likely to be men (61.4%) than women (38.6%). Only 18% of CEO positions are held by women. Allira - Confidence Feels Like Shit - Book by Erika Cramer Victoria - Lean In - Book by Sheryl SandbergMoana - Cathy Freeman Documentary To check out the M·A·C Cosmetics range head to and @maccosmeticsaustraliaSee for privacy information.
09/03/21·51m 53s

Validating our Emotions & Overcoming Burnout

In today's episode Steph and Laura are joined by special guest and psychologist, Dr Jodie Lowinger. Discussing topics such as anxiety, overwhelming emotions, feeling burnt out and guilt, Dr Jodie helps identify how to manage these feelings, which may arise throughout our day to day lives. KIC SPECIAL SHARES: Laura: The High Note, Movie Steph: Pickawall Wallpaper MENTIONS: Jodie Lowinger's Book: more information or to purchase the new ULTRABOOST 21s, visit for privacy information.
02/03/21·57m 32s

PCOS, Your Questions Answered

Our most requested podcast is here, a conversation on PCOS  (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)! We're glad to finally be able to cover off such an important topic with Steph and Dr Amanda Ward.Did you know that Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a common health condition that affects 8-13% of women who are at their reproductive age? Whether you suffer from PCOS personally or know someone who does, this discussion with Dr Amanda Ward is super insightful. Steph shares her own experiences with PCOS, whilst Amanda answers all of the incredible community questions which were sent through. KIC SPECIAL SHARES:Laura: Funny story from the week Steph: The Motherhood, by Jamila Rizvi MENTIONS:Guest Amanda Ward: Hailes Website:  Ask PCOS Monash APP:  For more information or to purchase the new ULTRABOOST 21's, visit  See for privacy information.
23/02/21·40m 31s

Kindness is Cool

In today's episode of KIC POD Steph and Laura discuss ways we can show ourselves and others, kindness and self-love. This special episode includes messages from members of the KIC community recognising the power of kindness and how simple, yet important random acts of kindness can be. KIC tip to remember - we rise by lifting others up, it’s cool to be kind! KIC SPECIAL SHARES: Laura: Penguin Bloom - Movie Steph: Firefly Lane - Netflix TV series MENTIONS: Chessie king podcast link here: acts of kindness website: WIN 1 of 5 pairs of Ultraboost 21's! Enter here: for privacy information.
16/02/21·44m 45s

Finding Confidence in Yourself

Laura and Steph have both struggled with self-assurance over the years but have learnt to apply a range of techniques which help drive self-belief and confidence. Today’s episode touches on imposter syndrome, how gender stereotypes affect our confidence and how we can combat this, why our bodies are not the solution and how to push yourself out of your comfort zone. We hope this episode helps those in need to find their inner self-confidence.  KIC SPEACIAL SHARES: Laura: Reminder to get your skin checked! Steph: MiGoals Progress Journal WIN tickets to the Adidas Night Run on 17th February in Melbourne & a pair of Ultraboost 21's for you and a friend!Enter here: for privacy information.
09/02/21·51m 51s

Lowering Expectations & Going with the Flow in 2021

Welcome to season 3 of the KIC POD! In today's episode Laura and Steph reflect on their most challenging year yet and how they're feeling going into 2021. Both Steph and Laura discuss how they're tackling external pressures regarding marriage and pregnancy/motherhood, then Laura also gives an exciting wedding update. KIC SPECIAL SHARES Laura: A Promised Land - Barack Obama, BUMP - TV series, Bling Empire - TV series Steph: Liane Moriarty - The Husbands Secret, Nine Perfect Strangers & Truly Madly Guilty.For more information on the new ADIDAS ULTRABOOST 21s, visit for privacy information.
02/02/21·41m 5s

Steph Claire Smith - 2020, The Year In Review

In today's episode following on from last week, Laura interviews Steph to reflect on 2020 and the year that was. Steph answers many of the community’s personal questions, discusses her biggest learnings, a special pregnancy update and her goal setting for 2021. On behalf of Keep it Cleaner we'd like to thank you for listening to the KIC Pod, have a happy and safe holiday and we look forward to returning in 2021. KIC SPECIAL SHARES:Steph: Godmothered on Disney + Laura: KIC Rocky Road for Christmas  For further information on ghd head to their website or check out their Instagram @ghdhair_anz.See for privacy information.
15/12/20·1h 0m

Laura Henshaw - 2020, The Year In Review

As 2020 draws to a close, for the final two KIC Pod episodes Steph and Laura will be interviewing each other to reflect on the year. To commence these special episodes, first up we have Steph’s interview with Laura. Laura answers all of your questions and they discuss the year that was, her biggest learnings, a special wedding update and goal setting for 2021. KIC SPECIAL SHARES: Steph: Truly, Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty Laura: About Time on Netflix For further information on ghd head to their website or check out their Instagram @ghdhair_anzSee for privacy information.
08/12/20·56m 52s

Kate Wasley - Shifting Your Mindset and Body Acceptance

In today's episode we are joined by Kate Wasley. Kate is a model from Perth who has become an advocate for body positivity and is changing the way society looks at women’s bodies. Kate opens up about her journey with disordered eating, fad diets, the dangers of encouraging weight loss and her personal journey to self-love. Kate’s messages are so important, we hope you enjoy hearing about her journey and can learn from her wisdom. You can find Kate on Instagram at @katewas_. KIC SPECIAL SHARES: Steph: Went rogue. Laura: The Imperfects Podcast Interview with Steph. To find out more about Clinique head to or @cliniqueaustralia on Instagram. See for privacy information.
01/12/20·57m 37s

Sabrina Frederick - Being the Hero of Your Own Story

Today is a very exciting episode as we are joined by the awesome Sabrina Frederick. Sabrina is a current contestant on SAS Australia, and we are in awe of the determination, vulnerability and resilience she has showcased in each and every challenge. Sabrina opens up about her childhood and relocating from the UK to a rural town in Perth, her experience with casual racism, the pressure of being a female athlete in the Australian media landscape and her journey to self acceptance and owning who she is. She was an absolute joy to record with, and we hope you love this chat as much as we loved recording it. You can follow Sabrina @sabzizzle. KIC BLACK FRIDAY SALE! Our biggest annual sale starts tomorrow (26/11), access 50% off both our monthly and quarterly subscriptions. For less than $25 for 3 months, get access to hundreds of recipes, daily workouts, masterclasses, meditations and more. Sign up to KIC via our website or on the Apple or Google App Store.KIC SPECIAL SHARES:Steph: Baby’s Choice - Colleen M. Story Laura: Walking Meditation with Meg James on the KIC App To find out more about Clinique head to or @cliniqueaustralia on Instagram.See for privacy information.
24/11/20·43m 29s

Dena Amy - An Open Discussion on Mental Health

Today we are joined by singer, dancer, actor, producer and DJ extraordinaire Dena Amy. Dena has been through some of her lowest moments this year, she was diagnosed with PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) and has spent a lot of her time in hospital and recovering. In this conversation, Dena spoke so openly about her struggles with anxiety and depression and we were so grateful that she was willing to be so vulnerable with us in sharing her story. With such a big profile and incredible career to date, we are in awe of Dena’s willingness to showcase more than the highlight reel we often see with those who have had such success. This episode does have reference to suicide and depression and it may be triggering for some. If you need help please contact Beyond Blue - 1300 22 4636. KIC SPECIAL SHARES:Steph: The Undoing on Binge Laura: The Imperfects Podcast discussion on mindfulness and the power of focusing on the present. To get 15% off at use the promo code KICCLINIQUE at checkout, terms and conditions apply: for privacy information.
17/11/20·56m 48s

Ellice Whichello - Your Relationship With Food Is Power

Show Notes: In today's episode we are joined by KIC Master Trainer, Ellice Whichello. Ellice is a qualified nutritionist and personal trainer who has spent her years working with women to help them rebuild and establish a healthy relationship with food and exercise. This episode discusses building confidence, taking control of our internal voice, beating comparison and looking after our mind and body. We hope you enjoy hearing from Ellice, her words of wisdom are the perfect encouragement to remember to love the skin you're in. You can also find Ellice on Instagram @ellicewhichello and at @combineair.hq.KIC SPECIAL SHARES:Steph: Keep it Cleaner Acai Bowl Laura: The Holiday on Netflix To enter Clinique's Moisture Surge competition head to: for privacy information.
10/11/20·48m 59s

Steph's Pregnancy Update

Steph is so excited to finally share her very exciting life update with you all, she is having a baby next year! Steph speaks through the moment she found out she was pregnant, how she has handled the first trimester of her pregnancy, her cravings, the changes in her body and answers all of your questions. She is so overjoyed to share this journey with you all and we hope you enjoy this one.KIC SPECIAL SHARES:Steph: Being pregnantLaura: Keep it Cleaner Smashed AvocadoTo get 15% off at use the promo code KICEVENBETTER at checkout, terms and conditions apply: for privacy information.
03/11/20·59m 55s

Hugh Van Cuylenburg - The Power of Gratitude

In today's episode we are joined by Hugh Van Cuylenburg. Hugh is the founding director of The Resilience Project, a best selling author, and co-host of the popular podcast, The Imperfects. Hugh has dedicated his life and his work to teaching people all over Australia about resilience and the power of gratitude, empathy and mindfulness. In the year that we have had, Hugh's stories and learnings are so valuable, and we hope this podcast can bring you some much needed joy in 2020.This episode does have reference to eating disorders and may be triggering for some. If you need help please contact The Butterfly Foundation or Beyond Blue.KIC SPECIAL SHARES:Steph: The Happiest Man on Earth by Eddie Jaku Laura: The Imperfects Podcast To get 15% off at use the promo code KICEVENBETTER at checkout, terms and conditions apply: for privacy information.
27/10/20·1h 14m

Eleanor Pendleton - Grit and Determination

Show Notes: In today’s episode we are joined by Eleanor Pendleton, the founder of Gritty Pretty. Eleanor has paved a formidable career path establishing herself as a leader in the beauty and media space. Full of wisdom around hard work, perseverance and determination. We touch on Eleanor’s journey from her first role at Cosmopolitan to where she is now, her family’s impact on her life and career, how she is redefining what beauty means, being a female leader and finally, on her newest journey - navigating motherhood. KIC SPECIAL SHARES: Steph: Starting the day with an upbeat tune.
 Laura: Time blocking study days to help with productivity.To find out more about Clinique head to or @cliniqueaustralia on Instagram.See for privacy information.
20/10/20·57m 13s

Turia Pitt - The Happiness Expert

Today we are joined by the incredibly inspiring Turia Pitt. In 2011, while running an ultramarathon Turia was caught in a grass fire and 70% of her body was burnt. She had to learn to walk and talk again and in doing so, has inspired and motivated thousands around the world. Turia has just released her fourth book, Happiness and Other Ridiculous Aspirations which is the kind of book we need right now! In this conversation we explore Turia's learnings whilst writing, powerful mindset tips, her journey to confidence and so much more. We laughed and learned whilst with Turia so we hope you take away as much wisdom as we did!KIC SPECIAL SHARES: Steph: Our Planet on Netflix Laura: Emily in Paris on Netflix To get 15% off at use the promo code KICMOISTURESURGE at checkout, terms and conditions apply: for privacy information.
13/10/20·58m 46s

Leigh Campbell - Magazines to Motherhood

In today's episode we are joined by Leigh Campbell. Leigh is the executive editor at Mamamia, and host of two of her own podcasts - You Beauty and This Glorious Mess. We've been dying to get Leigh on the KICPOD and cannot wait for you to hear her incredible story. In this conversation Leigh shares her journey working in magazines and how she got ahead of the shift to digital media, as well as her personal struggles falling pregnant and going through IVF. We hope you enjoy this one as much as we did. KIC SPECIAL SHARES: Steph: Childhood Choc Crackles recipe in the KIC App Laura: Cosmic Bliss Yoga Flow with Karen in the KIC App To find out more about Clinique head to or @cliniqueaustralia on Instagram.See for privacy information.
06/10/20·43m 32s

Ellyse Perry - Perseverance and Perspective

Today we are joined by the one and only Ellyse Perry. Ellyse is an Australian Cricketer, and through her spectacular sporting career has become the face of women's sport in Australia. In this conversation Ellyse is refreshingly open about the pressures that come with being in the spotlight, how she feels about being such a big role model for young women, and how she finds motivation each day. Ellyse is so incredibly humble, and has such a big heart and we hope you feel as much joy in listening as we had recording this.KIC SPECIAL SHARES: Steph: Social Dilemma on Netflix Laura: 'Away' on Netflix To find out more about Clinique head to or @cliniqueaustralia on Instagram.See for privacy information.
29/09/20·50m 39s

Michelle and Zara - Navigating your 20's

Show Notes: In today's episode, we are joined by two very special women, Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald. This is the second time the @Shameless duo have graced the KIC Pod and we were so excited to catch up and chat through their learnings since their business and brand has grown exponentially. They have just released their first book which they co-authored, The Space Between, which covers everything they have navigated so far in their twenties. We touch on relationships, success, finding your voice and so much more. We hope you enjoy this one as much as we do. KIC SPECIAL SHARES:Steph: The Karate Kidwith Jayden SmithLaura: I am Woman on StanFind out more about TOM Organic at @tomorganic and get access to 10% off TOM Organics reusable range with code KICPOD10 at www.thetomco.comTo find out more about Connor’s Run: www.connorsrun.comSee for privacy information.
08/09/20·59m 50s

Marlee Silva - Champion of Change

In today's episode we are very lucky to be joined by the very special, Marlee Silva. Marlee is a 24 year old Gamilaroi/Dunghutti woman who is a change maker, and leader for our generation. She has her first book coming out this week titled My Tidda, My Sister: Stories from Australia's First Women and is the host of her own podcast, Always was Always will be Our Stories. In this episode Marlee is so kindly open and honest about her experience as an Indigenous woman growing up in Sydney, how she has come face to face with racism and how we can do better as allies. Marlee's messages are so powerful and important, we hope you take away as much as we did from this chat. You can follow Marlee @marlee.silva.KIC SPECIAL SHARES: Steph: Using the extra iso time to make Christmas cards. Laura: Sex and The City. Find out more about TOM Organic at @tomorganic and get access to 10% off TOM Organics reusable range with code KICPO10 at www.thetomco.comSee for privacy information.
01/09/20·1h 11m

2020: Lessons We Learned

In today's episode we decided to sit down together and reflect on the year that we have had so far in 2020. We haven't done a duo episode in so long and so we wanted to use this opportunity to speak through each of our three biggest learnings about ourselves so far. We hope you enjoy this one. KIC SPECIAL SHARES: Steph: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.Laura: Work Party Podcast.Find out more about TOM Organic at @tomorganic and get access to 10% off TOM Organics reusable range with code KICPOD10 at www.thetomco.comSee for privacy information.
25/08/20·49m 1s

Meet the Masters

Today is an episode that we have been dying to share with you! We're SO excited about this BECAUSE WE GET TO INTRODUCE YOU TO OUR NEW MASTER TRAINERS FROM THE KIC APP! KIC 2.0 is here and we can’t wait for you to get to know Ellice Whichello, Brooke Jowett and Brittney Cutts. They are all such strong, inspirational women and we hope you love learning about their personal health journeys, as well as hearing all about what to expect from their new sessions in the app.KIC SPECIAL SHARES: Steph: Full Body Knockout Masterclass with Ellice in the KIC app.Laura: Cobb Salad with Coconut Bacon Recipe from the new KIC vegan meal plan. Find out more about TOM Organic at @tomorganic and get access to 10% off TOM Organics reusable range with code KICPOD10 at www.thetomco.comSee for privacy information.
18/08/20·38m 43s

Tanya Hennessy - Believe in YOU

Show Notes: Today we are joined by the vivacious Tanya Hennessy. Tanya was an absolute joy to record with and was so kind to open up about so many aspects of her life. We touch on her journey from performing, radio, why Tanya left her National radio show, dealing with self doubt, owning who you are and so much more. We hope you laugh and enjoy this as much as we did. You can find Tanya at @tanhennessy.KIC SPECIAL SHARES:Steph: Mary-Kate and Ashley: So Little Time - Available on YouTube. Sims 2 - Available on the app store. Laura: Checking in with yourself.Show Notes: Find out more about TOM Organic at @tomorganic and get access to 10% off TOM Organics reusable range with code KICPOD10 at www.thetomco.comSee for privacy information.
11/08/20·1h 10m

Tessa James - Wellness Warrior

Today we are joined by, the very special Tessa James. Tessa graced our television screens growing up through her roles on both Neighbours and Home and Away. Since then, she has pursued an international acting career and has had an incredible journey so far. We touch on Tessa’s public battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, motherhood and her new endeavour, James Wellness. Tessa has such a calming and kind energy, and we hope you enjoy this one as much as we did. You can find Tessa at @tessachris / @jameswellness. KIC SPECIAL SHARES:Steph: Taylor Swift's new album - Folklore Laura: Mask businesses - out more about TOM Organic at @tomorganic and get access to 10% off TOM Organics reusable range with code KICPOD10 at www.thetomco.comSee for privacy information.
04/08/20·41m 55s

Kristin Fisher - Driven and Daring

In today’s episode we chat with powerhouse Kristin Fisher. You may know Kristin Fisher, from her famous eyebrow's as the founder of Kristin Fisher Eyebrows or as the hilarious, down to earth woman that she is online. Kristin started her career doing waxing in a spare room in her Mum’s hair salon and has worked her way to become a household name in the beauty industry. We touch on self belief, the power of support and determination, motherhood, Kristin’s true purpose and more. We hope you love getting to know Kristin, as much as we did. KIC SPECIAL SHARES:Steph: Laura's HIIT challenge - KIC Virtual Gym. Available @keepitcleaner IGTV.Laura: KIC live workout and Q&A to celebrate #friendshipdayFind out more about TOM Organic at @tomorganic and get access to 10% off TOM Organics reusable range with code KICPOD10 at www.thetomco.comSee for privacy information.
28/07/20·44m 32s

Sharon Johal - The Power Of Positivity

You may know Sharon Johal from one of Australia’s most iconic TV shows, Neighbours or from her podcast (which we're huge fans of!) ‘We are the Real Ones.’ Sharon has had an incredible journey so far, she started her career as a lawyer with the dream to pursue acting and despite all of the hurdles she faced along the way, she is now living that dream. In this chat we delve into Sharon’s perspective on the BLM movement, the slow improvement in representation in the media, and her relationship with herself and confidence. Sharon has an incredibly refreshing perspective on life and we hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we enjoyed recording it.KIC SPECIAL SHARES: Steph: Bachelor In Paradise Laura: Gratitude JournallingFind out more about TOM Organic at @tomorganic and get access to 10% off TOM Organics reusable range with code KICPOD10 at www.thetomco.comSee for privacy information.
21/07/20·1h 18m

Sophie Cachia - Breathtakingly Bold

Today’s guest is the incredible Sophie Cachia. You may know Sophie as the owner of the cult pyjama brand - Cachia, from your TV screens as a commentator, author, or as the Mother of her beautiful children Bobby and Florence. Behind Sophie’s life as a mother and entrepreneur is a woman who is raw, real and navigating her twenties with an open heart and mind. Sophie opens up about the sacrifices she's had to make through motherhood, the joy’s of her beautiful children, her unbreakable bond with the father of her children, and discovering new parts about herself and her sexuality as she grows older. This chat is filled with laughter & tears and we are so grateful for Sophie’s willingness to share her story with us.KIC SPECIAL SHARES:Steph: "A passage from Vex King in his book Good Vibes, Good Life".Laura: Quote from the KIC Instagram "Hey you. It is ok if you didn't have a good day today. I heard a rumour another one is coming tomorrow, and I have a feeling it's going to be beautiful". Show Notes: Find out more about TOM Organic at @tomorganic and get access to 10% off TOM Organics reusable range with code KICPOD10 at www.thetomco.comSee for privacy information.
14/07/20·55m 44s

Cartia Mallan - Change Isn't A Bad Thing

In today’s episode we chat with the inspirational Cartia Mallan. Cartia built her loyal following originally via Youtube and it's easy to see why so many young people have come to love and adore her. Cartia's raw, honest and in tune with her sense of self and spirituality. In our chat she opens up about her journey to self love and how she has changed over the years into the woman she is today. We hope you enjoy this chat as much as we did.KIC SPECIAL SHARES:Steph: Laura asking Steph to be her maid of honourLaura: Keep it Cleaner 14 Day's of Wellness Goal Setting session. Show Notes: Find out more about TOM Organic at @tomorganic and get access to 10% off TOM Organics reusable range with code KICPOD10 at www.thetomco.comSee for privacy information.
07/07/20·51m 11s

Khanh Ong - Owning Your Story

Today’s guest is the talented Khanh Ong. You may know Khanh from your TV screens on Masterchef, as the co-owner of the George on Collins, or as an author! Behind all of his incredible career highlights is something even more special, his heart of gold. Khanh speaks about his journey through childhood from being born into a refugee camp, to experiencing his schooling in Australia and his very unique career path that lead him to Masterchef. This chat is filled with tears, laughter and Khanh’s honesty and openness is something we are so grateful that he has shared.KIC SPECIAL SHARES:Steph: 1619 podcast by the New York TimesLaura: Netflix 'When They See Us'Find out more about Andalou Naturals at @andalounaturals_au and
16/06/20·1h 27m

Moana Hope - An Open Book

You may know Moana Hope as one of the marquee players for the AFLW or a fierce contestant on Australian Survivor. As the title suggests, Moana is an open book and is willing to share all parts of her story in order to help others. Moana is one of 14 siblings, and is the full-time carer of one of her beautiful sister's with an incredible story to tell. We speak about the highs and lows of a professional football career, her wife Belle, why family is so important to her and how she feels about being a mum to be. We hope you love this one with @moanahope as much as we do!KIC SPECIAL SHARES:Steph: Rabbit Proof FenceLaura: out more about Andalou Naturals at @andalounaturals_au and
09/06/20·44m 48s

Chessie King - Be Your Own Best Friend

When we think of women using their platform for good, immediately Chessie King comes to mind. We adore Chessie's bubbly, positive attitude and her authentic approach to life is contagious. She's recently written her first book, 'Be Your Own Bestfriend' which we gain a little insight into what to expect. We speak about Chessie's personal journey to discovering body confidence, acceptance and love. If you don't already know and love Chessie, we think you will after this chat! Enjoy. Chessie: @chessiekinggEnter to win a years worth of Andalou Naturals:
02/06/20·56m 43s

Maddison Brown - The Woman Behind The Character

Today on the KICPOD we’re joined by the incredible Maddison Brown. Maddison is an Australian actress who’s been chasing her career dreams (and nailing it!) over in the US. You may know her as Kirby from the hit show Dynasty, or as Lily from the movie Strangerland! She’s been in the modelling and acting industry since her early teens, and opened up to us about some of the struggles she faced on her way to achieving success. We absolutely loved this chat and think you will too!Maddison: @maddisonbrown KIC SPECIAL SHARESLaura: Normal People - NetflixSteph: Seeing the KIC community connect with one anotherTake the Andalou Naturals skin quiz for 15% off their entire range, head to:
26/05/20·35m 53s

Robyn Lawley - Owning Who You Are

This weeks guest is the incredible Robyn Lawley! Robyn is a trailblazer within The Australian modelling industry recognised for making peace with her curvy figure and challenging the industries traditional beauty norms. Outside of modelling Robyn is a mother, music lover, producer and an environmental activist. In this podcast she shares her story, learnings and wisdom! She was an absolute delight to talk to so we hope you enjoy.Disclaimer: This episode covers topics like auto immune disease and going vegan. We love sharing peoples stories and experiences to inspire others but want to remind you to always consult your doctor to work out whats best for you.Robyn: @robynlawleyKIC SPECIAL SHARESLaura: Cinderella StorySteph: What to Expect When You're ExpectingGet access to 30% off Andalou Naturals with code KEEPITCLEANER at
19/05/20·36m 39s

Elle Ferguson - Social Superstar Turned Entrepreneur

Today we are joined by the talented Elle Ferguson, founder of Elle Effect. Elle speaks about her childhood, what travelling 5 hours a day to get to school taught her about life, and how she later transitioned from working for some of Australia’s largest fashion companies to going out on her own in the beauty industry. Elle opens up about the initial difficulty of being taken seriously in the industry as a woman, the importance of her beautiful partner Joel and how to turn self doubt into your superpower! Elle is unapologetically herself, we hope you love this one as much as we do.KIC SPECIAL SHARESLaura: Hollywood - NetflixSteph: Marriage Story - NetflixGet access to 30% off Andalou Naturals with code KEEPITCLEANER at
12/05/20·49m 45s

DJ Tigerlily - Behind The Decks

In today’s interview, we are joined by the inspiring Dara Hayes, also known as DJ Tigerlily. Dara is a globally recognised DJ, animal rights and environmental ambassador as well as an advocate for holistic wellness. We speak to Dara about getting through the hard years that follow high school, overcoming self doubt to be confident in who you are and how she balances life being a DJ whilst prioritising her health.KIC SPECIAL SHARESLaura: Workin’ MomsSteph: The Last Dance - Michael Jordan DocGet access to 30% off Andalou Naturals with code KEEPITCLEANER at take the Andalou Naturals skin quiz head to: Support #OVERIES4OVARIES and buy your ‘Overies’ from any of the following;
05/05/20·1h 6m

Natalie Fornasier - Strength and The Power of Staying Home

Today is an extremely special podcast, with one of the most inspirational women we've been fortunate enough to chat to over our time recording the KICPOD. Today’s guest is Natalie Fornasier, she is 26 year old and currently fighting Stage IV cancer. Natalie is an incredible writer and columnist, as well as being the ambassador and inspiration for the powerful initiative that is Call Time On Melanoma. Nat’s wisdom, message and words of advice are ones that we hope you can hold onto and take something from, just as we did.You can find Nat on Instagram at: @nataliefornasier and follow Call Time on Melanoma at @calltimeonmelanomaKIC SPECIAL SHARESLaura: Lion (Movie)Steph: Perfect to Me by Anne-Marie (Song) Get access to 30% off Andalou Naturals with code KEEPITCLEANER at take the Andalou Naturals skin quiz head to:
28/04/20·55m 2s

Olivia Molly Rogers - Unleashing Confidence and Resilience

In today’s episode we speak to the beautiful Olivia Rogers. Liv is a friend, an amazing role model, a media personality and a speech pathologist. She speaks honestly and openly about her relationship with fear, happiness, her personal body image struggles and self confidence. We absolutely loved sitting down and chatting via zoom with Liv and we hope you love it too.This episode does have reference to eating disorders and may be triggering for some. If you need help please contact The Butterfly Foundation or Beyond Blue.You can find Liv on Instagram at @oliviamollyrogersKIC SPECIAL SHARESSteph: Trivia via ZoomLaura: MasterchefFind out more about Andalou Naturals at @andalounaturals_au and
21/04/20·47m 2s

Abbie Chatfield - Loud and Proud

In today's episode we chat to the incredible Abbie Chatfield. You may have heard of Abbie before as she was on the Aussie Bachelor in 2019, but since then she has become an amazing spokesperson for being yourself, and standing up for what you believe in. She now has her own podcast, is a column writer and has a loyal (and incredible) 138k Instagram followers. We love her passion for feminism and the way she embraces her body and rawest moments so publicly. She's been through an absolute rollercoaster in the last year and we absolutely loved getting to know her and hearing how she got through it all.Abbie's Instagram: @abbiechatfieldAbbie's Podcast: It's A Lot Podcast @itsalotpodWarning, there is mention of disordered eating and suicide in todays chat so if this is triggering for you, we advise you not to listen to this chat. If you need any help at all you can always reach out to Lifeline Australia or The Butterfly Foundation.KIC SPECIAL SHARESSteph: Justin Biebers album - ChangesLaura: Keep It Cleaner Choc Cherry EggsFind out more about Andalou Naturals at @andalounaturals_au and
14/04/20·1h 1m

Identifying And Coping With Anxiety

In today’s episode we are joined by the very special Dr Jodie Lowinger who is the creator of the MindStrength Method and the CEO and Founder of the Sydney Anxiety Clinic. In this episode we speak about how common anxiety really is, the different types of anxiety, striving for perfectionism, how to stand up to ‘worry’ and more. Laura speaks through her own personal experience with anxiety and Jodie offers a really beautiful perspective on how we can conceptualise anxiety as a superpower and she coping mechanisms during this really tough time.You can find Jodie at (@drjodielowinger) (@sydneyanxietyclinic_)KIC SPECIAL SHARESSteph: Movie: 'PS I Love you' for a good cryLaura: Following @oprah on Instagram.
07/04/20·1h 3m

Meditation 101

In today's episode we are joined by one of our incredible KIC experts, meditation teacher, Meg James. We discuss the benefits of meditation, and Meg shares a lot of tips for beginners on how and why they should start practicing meditation. We also dive into our own relationships and experiences with meditation and finish the podcast with one of Meg's guided meditations that is available on our KIC app. So get comfy and enjoy!You can find more about Meg via her website: Instagram: KIC SPECIAL SHARESSteph: Formula 1 Netflix documentary seriesLaura: Shameless Podcast in conversation with Dylan Alcott + Dylans Podcast series 'Listen Able' To donate or find out more about Wildlife Victoria head to:
31/03/20·37m 16s

Career Confidence

Today we are joined by our very own Chief Marketing Officer at Keep it Cleaner, Michelle Battersby. We have been wanting to get Michelle back into our podcast room since she started at KIC to share some of her wisdom, and we are so happy we finally recorded together again. We think you guys will love this one! In this podcast Michelle speaks through her experience with career growth/progression and how she made her decision to leave her dream job at Bumble and come to KIC. We also touch on why it is so important to have confidence in ourselves in the workplace, what to put in your resume and why you don’t need to tick every box to apply for a job. KIC SPECIAL SHARES Laura - A special message from one of our community members: “I just wanted to thank y’all all the way from Colorado for what you’re doing. My whole family just did your live-stream workout. My dad has Parkinson’s meaning he’s a high risk. He can’t go to the gym, and working out is his only means of keeping his symptoms at bay. Today we were all able to workout through your live and had a blast. You’ve made a personal difference in my families life by doing this and I just can’t thank you enough for your light and love and encouragement during this season!!! Thank you thank you.” Steph - Book by @vexking: Good Vibes, Good Life. You can listen to Michelle’s last podcast with us here:  To donate or find out more about Wildlife Victoria head to:
24/03/20·39m 57s

Overcoming Life's Setbacks

Today we are joined by the incredible Eloise Wellings, a two-time Olympic runner and three-time Commonwealth Games athlete. Eloise is currently training for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics after just having her second child in November.As an esteemed role model for younger female athletes, Eloise speaks about resilience, finding your worth and defining ourselves outside our jobs and what we do. She has an incredible view on failure and changing our mindsets and we think you guys will really enjoy this one.  KIC SPECIAL SHARES Laura - Ways to find joy indoors Steph - Quote: “It’s cool to be kind” Eloise’s Charity, Love Mercy - To donate or find out more about Wildlife Victoria head to:
17/03/20·37m 44s

What is Financial Wellbeing?

In today's episode we visit a topic that we believe should be included in school curriculum, and that is financial wellbeing! Our guest, Sarah Matzouranis, is a financial coach at Assemble with a background in behavioural science specialising in money and spending habits. We love her focus on mindset, behaviour and goal setting when it comes to money. We resonated so much with what she had to say and she has some incredible tips and tricks for saving/spending that we think you will all appreciate.  If you would like to follow Sarah or find out more information on Assemble you can do so through Sarah's Instagram @sarahmatzouranis_moneycoach or Assemble's website KIC SPECIAL SHARESSteph: Yoga flow, great for a good stretch: Time to Zen Out - on the KIC app.Laura: Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders :  To donate or find out more about Wildlife Victoria head to:
10/03/20·42m 39s

Breaking a Negative Relationship Cycle PART 2

In today’s episode we cover part 2 of breaking a negative relationship cycle. We hear from Mel Schilling who is a relationship expert with a really big passion for helping women find their confidence. She has had an incredible career from being a psychologist, to a consultant in the corporate world and has made a move recently to become a confidence coach specializing in human behavior and performance. We speak about navigating relationship imbalances and uncomfortable conversations, how to break up with someone and the importance of intuition. Mel recommends Mood Kit, and also has her own confidence e-checking resource which you can find through the link in her Instagram bio @mel_schilling1.  KIC SPECIAL SHARESSteph: Vampire Diaries (available on Stan)Laura: Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations Podcast with Michelle Obama To donate or find out more about Wildlife Victoria head to:  
03/03/20·33m 29s

Breaking a Negative Relationship Cycle PART 1

In today's episode we hear from a special young woman from our community who has gone through three very different and unfortunate long-term relationships and come out the other end! She shares her stories, which many of you will be able to relate to, and shares where she's at right now, single for the first time in 6 years and okay with it. We also share a little bit about our own experiences in past relationships. KIC SPECIAL SHARES Steph: Be A Lady They Said - A video by GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS Magazine Laura: SHAMELESS Podcast In Conversation ep with Zoe Foster Blake To donate or find out more about Wildlife Victoria head to: 
25/02/20·44m 41s

How Can We Help After the Bushfires

In today's episode we wanted to touch on the recent devastating bushfires here in Australia. First up we are joined by Michael Church, founder of The Roo Keepers. With a mission to create a more sustainable future, they host programs to educate both children and adults on nature and wildlife, whilst also encouraging sustainable ways of living. Our second guest, Jordyn Chod has been upstate doing a summer crew project firefighting. Jordyn was able to share with us first hand, detail about the frontline attack, what’s actually involved in firefighting and how she is coping personally as a firefighter. We also share a special story from Wildlife Victoria and then share some great organisations and initiatives recommended to us, to help support those businesses and towns in need.For more info: The Roo Keepers: / @therookeepers Jordyn Chod: @jordynchod  To donate or find out more about Wildlife Victoria head to: other initiatives mentioned: Empty Esky @emptyesky, Spend With Them @spendwiththem, Buy From the Bush @buyfromthebush, Roadtrip for Good @roadtripforgood, Blaze Aid @blazeaid, Thread Together @thread_together  
18/02/20·46m 36s

Learning to Love Yourself

With Valentine’s Day coming up this week we thought it would be special to discuss the most important relationship we have throughout our life; the relationship with ourselves. The term; ‘loving yourself' is something we see on social media all the time (which we love), but it is a lot easier said than done. In today's episode we are joined by Kat John, an Inspirational Coach who has been through so much in life. Kat shares her own personal journey with self love, and how she was able to turn around from a darker mindset and find her own joy. We then touch on our own journeys, what has helped us shift our mindset in the past and share a little exercise you can do at home. Lastly, we also reached out to Jessie Quirk, one of our KIC girls from the community to speak to her own self love journey. You can find more of Kat here : @kat.John and And for Jessie: @kicgirl_jq  KIC SPECIAL SHARES Steph: Quote by Emma Stone; "I remind myself to be kind to myself and, as slightly ridiculous as it may sound, to treat myself in the same gentle way I'd want to treat a daughter of mine. It really helps.” Laura: Taylor Swift’s 'Miss Americana' Netflix Documentary  For more information on Wildlife Victoria, or to donate, head to this link -
11/02/20·42m 11s

Getting Back Into Routine

Welcome to season 2 of the KIC POD! In today's episode we chat all about routine! One of the most common questions we get is 'how do you get back on track and back into routine?' We thought we would kick off the year with a discussion on how we both approach our routine and get back into it after a break and invited our PT from our KIC program, Danny Kennedy on for his expert tips and tricks!  On another note, we along with the rest of Australia, have been feeling incredibly helpless during the devestating bushfires. We wanted to support Wildlife Victoria for all of their incredible efforts in saving native wildlife. Below you will find a link to their website where you can find out more about them and donate whatever you're able to. Every dollar counts.
04/02/20·36m 46s

How We’re Transforming in 2020

In today’s episode we reflect on the year that has just gone. We talk about our own personal pressures we have faced during 2019 along with our highlights from the last year. We also chat about new year resolutions. We know how easy it can be to write down new years goals,but what we can really resonate with is just how easy it is to forget about them. We discuss setting attainable and realistic goals and how to achieve them in the new year. To celebrate the new year and committing to our health and wellbeing in 2020, listen in for a discount for new subscribers to our Keep It Cleaner app.
01/01/20·41m 54s

Intuitive Eating

The ‘Anti-diet’, intuitive eating is a styling of eating you may have heard over the past few months, so we thought we would bring in our Keep It Cleaner Dietitian and Nutritionist, Marika Day to discuss what exactly this style of eating is. Marika describes intuitive eating as learning to trust and listen to your body and eat in response to what your body is telling you. We talk about the way in which we can integrate this approach to eating into our day to day lives, how to become aware of the reasons in which you might be eating by checking in with yourself plus answer questions from the community. For 15% off head to and use the code KEEPITCLEANER at checkout.
26/11/19·54m 4s

BONUS: Steph's Wedding Preparation

Welcome to our bonus episode! In this short and sweet podcast, Laura sits down with Steph, pre wedding and talks about her wedding preparations. Steph also mentions her tips in relation to budgeting and how she wants to spend her last morning of being a Miss. A big congratulations to Steph and Josh on their marriage, we wish them a lifetime of happiness.
24/11/19·19m 30s

Wedding Prep

In lead up to Steph’s wedding, we thought we’d get her wedding dress designer, Kyha from One Day Bridal, and her makeup artist for the big day, Monica Gingold, on for a chat. We touch on the pressure the Bride and Groom might face when it comes to society's idea that you must the fittest you’ve ever been for your wedding and how Steph hasn’t let this affect her. Kyha answers your questions about what inspired her to become the successful wedding dress designer she is today and everything else you wanted to know about wedding dress shopping. Monica, the beauty guru talks all things wedding glam. We go into detail about skin care preparation leading up to the big day and how to choose makeup for your wedding day. Find them on instagram @k.y.h.a @onedaybridal @monicaginggold_beauty  Get a FREE Full Size Christmas Chocolate Bar with any purchase at by using the code CHRISTMASKIC. Offer ends 18 December 2019.
19/11/19·58m 30s

SEX ED with Chantelle Otten

In today’s episode we are joined by @Chantelle_otten_sexologist, an award winning Sexologist. Chantelle is passionate about sex education and shared all her tips and tricks with us and answered all of your questions. We discuss confidence, masturbation, vaginismus, scheduling intercourse and why you might not be able to orgasm.Head to for 20% off your order with the code KIC20
12/11/19·58m 51s

Fertility 411 with Dr Bronwyn

In today’s episode we speak to our Keep It Cleaner health expert, Dr Bronwyn Hamilton, who is a qualified Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. Bronwyn chats to us today about all things fertility related. We talk about lifestyle factors which can reduce the chances of falling pregnant, the role the Male partner plays in pregnancy, tracking your ovulation, when to stop contraception and what day in your cycle you should try for a baby. Bronwyn lists the steps Women should take to prepare themselves for pregnancy and debunks common myths about contraception. We understand that falling pregnant can be hard for couples which is why Bronwyn is here today to provide you with additional information to prepare your body for conceiving.Head to and enter the code 'keepitcleaner' for $115 off your purchase.
05/11/19·51m 50s

Alex Hayes: Growth and Personal Development

Alex Hayes is a competitive surfer boy turned content creator who now travels the world and documents his life for his job. At only 7, Alex started doing surf life saving which then inspired him to take up surfing which quickly became his passion. Suffering from an injury which forced him to step back from surfing at age 17 , Alex speaks about how his injury in turn, pushed him to become the successful content creator he is today. Fresh out of school, he found himself jet setting across the world to kickstart his career.At only 21 years young, Alex chats about the stigma around mental health, especially when it comes to Males. Alex opens about about his own struggles with depression and post traumatic stress and how the practice of meditation really helped him focus on being present in the moment and aids him in his day to day life.From a young surfer boy with a passion to travel, Alex has learnt to react to opportunities in front of him and to push himself as far as he can both physically and mentally as he continues to explore his twenties.You can find Alex on Instagram @AlexhayesHead to for 20% off your order with the code KIC20
29/10/19·1h 1m

Lana Wilkinson: BTS in the Fashion Industry

In this episode we chat to Lana Wilkinson, one of Australia’s biggest stylists and style icons. Lana talks to us about the steps she has taken over the years to become a successful businesswoman. She has such a strong work ethic, which was inbuilt in her from her younger years. Lana discusses how this has shaped her to become the woman she is today, plus how she’s learnt to balance her career along with being a mum.Starting up as a freelance stylist for Aussie women and men, Lana can proudly say she has been the stylist for celebrities such as Ruby Rose, Bec Judd and Whitney Port. Lana is a driven woman whose main priory is to make her clients feel good about themselves in the outfit they’re in. Only just last week, Lana launched her own shoe label ‘By Lana Wilkinson’. She expresses just how excited she is to start this new journey and continue to build and evolve her business.Find out more about her @lanawilkinsonHead to for 15% off your order with the code KIC15
22/10/19·1h 3m

An Aussie Makeup Artist's Journey to Hollywood

If you’ve ever wanted to go behind the scenes in the glamorous world of hair and make up, this episode is for you! LA-based hair and make-up artist Blondie is a KIC Girl who is killing it in her career. We caught up with her to find out how she got started in the industry and how she managed to crack Hollywood. It’s not all glamorous though! Blondie has had to work incredibly hard to get where she is now. She shares some hilarious stories about her most challenging moments and difficult clients.Blondie has also come on an incredible journey as a KIC Girl. She shares her tips for smashing fitness and health goals, especially while living a busy life and not having a set daily routine. We hope you guys find her health journey as inspiring as we do!Find out more about Blondie at @blondiemuaHead to for 20% off your order with the code KIC20
15/10/19·49m 43s

Navigating Your Finances in Your 20s

We’re all about helping our KIC Girls live their best life and that’s why we’re excited to share this money chat with She’s On The Money host Victoria Devine. Victoria shares a wealth of knowledge including how to set up a budget and how to set, and work towards, financial goals. We think these tips and insights are so important for all of us to be aware of, no matter where we are in our money journey.Victoria shares her best savings tips as well as her favourite tools and apps that will help you take control of your finances. She also discusses how being financially savvy can actually be a form of self-care. This is essential listening for anyone who wants to improve their financial situation and spending habits.Find out more about Victoria @shesonthemoneyausFor the exclusive ShopBack $10 welcome bonus head to, it's free to sign up and use. 
08/10/19·52m 47s

Behind the Scenes in PR: OneTwo Agency

Want to make it in PR? This episode has everything you need to know. Tessa-Jay Slight and Rachel Hayes are the amazing directors of boutique Melbourne PR agency OneTwo Agency. They share their business story including how they got started, the biggest challenges they have faced, and the lessons learnt along the way. Find out what it really takes to succeed in the industry and why you have to be willing and ready for anything; from taking meetings with Vogue to taking out the rubbish bins (literally). We hope you budding PRs enjoy this one!Find out more about Tessa & Rachel at @onetwoagency_  Head to for 20% off your order with the code KIC20
01/10/19·55m 15s

Brooke Blurton: Owning My Story

This episode is so raw and real. The incredible Brooke Blurton opens up about her challenging childhood and how she has overcome her past to become the strong, confident woman and champion for indigenous issues she is today. Brooke shares how she has become such a positive role model, and most of all how she has found the courage to share her story and find strength in vulnerability. Brooke also opens up about how it felt to have her sexuality labelled and treated as a plot point while she was a contestant on The Bachelor. We discuss the dark side of reality TV and how producers try to manipulate the contestants to cause drama - and the effect that has had on Brooke's life outside of the show. We hope this podcast empowers you to own your own story and find happiness despite life’s challenges. You can find out more about Brooke on her Instagram @brooke.blurton Get a surprise FREE full size chocolate bar with any purchase by using the code KICTIGER at checkout. Head to to redeem, offer ends on the 31st of Oct.
24/09/19·1h 5m

How to Run a Business With Your BFF With the Frank Founders

Jess and Bree are two of the incredible founders of Frank Body and they have a big dream – to be the biggest Australian beauty brand in the world! Find out how they balance building a successful global business with being best friends and how they stay open and honest with each other throughout every challenging moment. This is a must-listen episode for anyone who is interested in starting a business or turning their passion into a career.  These inspiring women share their approach to business, including the risks that have paid off and the mistakes they have made along the way. Discover their core values and how staying true to these have helped them stand out in the saturated beauty industry. Jess and Bree are great examples of entrepreneurs who have a really clear vision and genuine passion for what they do – and that’s what makes them so successful! We hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it!Find out more about Frank Body on Instagram @Frank_BodHead to for 10% off with code KIC at checkout.
17/09/19·1h 11m

Nat Darcas: Finding Balance in the Modelling World

In this episode, we chat to the gorgeous and amazing Nat Darcas. We love Nat’s approach to finding balance and not putting pressure on yourself, especially in the crazy world of modelling in LA. Find out how she maintains her energy levels through sensible nutrition and exercise and why you should ALWAYS treat yourself to a burger when you want one. Nat shares why it’s so important to eat in order to feel good physically and mentally, not to look a certain way. Discover Nat’s advice for anyone wanting to enter the modelling industry, or just anyone who wants to find confidence in their chosen career path. Nat has done an incredible job at finding happiness and staying centred no matter how much pressure she has faced. We loved hearing her talk about her journey and how her unique experiences have made her the incredible and strong woman she is today. Find out more about Nat on her Instagram @natdarcas #KICPOD For the exclusive ShopBack $10 welcome bonus head to, it's free to sign up and use.
10/09/19·1h 5m

Turning Your Passion Into a Business With Aimee Marks

Aimee Marks is a business powerhouse and a huge inspiration to us! She came up with the idea for TOM Organic at just 18 years old as part of a school project. While researching the feminine hygiene industry, she was shocked to learn about the pesticides and synthetic ingredients used in traditional tampons and pads. Finding an idea she really believed in, she was passionate about changing the industry from the ground up. In this episode Aimee shares some of the biggest challenges in growing her business and learnings made along the way. Discover how she has dealt with setbacks, including having 30,000 tampons show up at her door unexpectedly! Aimee also has some great insights on how to listen to your body and self-regulate– including how taking the time to rest can actually make us more creative and do our best work. Plus find out how 20 minutes of meditation a day has changed her life! You won’t want to miss this one. Find out more about TOM Organic at @tomorganic Head to for 40% off your first box with code KICPOD40 at checkout.
03/09/19·1h 13m

Katie Lolas: Embracing Who You Truly Are

Katie Lolas is one amazing lady. After years of working 60 hour weeks in marketing, all the while suffering from chronic gut and health issues, she decided she had to make a change. She decided to go back to her first love - being a teacher!! While exploring how she could embrace a healthier, happier lifestyle. We've loved watching her impressive health journey via her website and Instagram at @lady.lolas, which is why we're thrilled to have Katie on the podcast. In this episode we explore how YOU can find inner strength by the accepting and valuing the things that make you different. Plus Katie discusses how she has worked to improve her gut health and food intolerances - a must-listen for anyone facing the same challenges - and why it's important to tackle stress and lifestyle changes in addition to seeing a medical professional. Finally she tells you why you should ditch the scales and stop stressing about what your body looks like and start caring more about how you FEEL! We hope you enjoy this one. We think it's really special. Receive 20% off at Use code: KIC Offer valid until 12th September 2019 Excludes sale items
27/08/19·53m 24s

Gut Health with Marika Day

This week Marika Day our KIC Dietician is back and she’s here to answer all your questions on GUT HEALTH! There is an overwhelming amount of information online about gut health on what you should and shouldn’t do for a healthy gut and Marika breaks it all down for us. She touches on the how our gut health is connected to our mind, our hormones and our diet and so much more. Receive 20% off at Use code: KIC Offer valid until 12th September 2019 Excludes sale items
20/08/19·56m 1s

Libby Birch: Life Of A Female Athlete

On today's podcast we are joined by the lovely Libby Birch! Libby is an Aussie rules football player currently playing for Melbourne in the AFLW. Libby picked up her first football at 18 after a set back in her netball career and has had an incredible journey in her young life so far. Libby speaks openly about her failures and why it is so important to remember that there is always a silver lining and one door closing can lead to new opportunies behind another door. She has a beautiful outlook on life and the events that have shaped hers, and we hope you love getting to know her just as much as we did. You can find Libby on instagram: @libby_birch For the exclusive SODA Shades 20% off, USE CODE: KIC20 at - - offer exclusive to SODA website only, not applicable to Amazon. Text SODA on; AUS: +61 488 824 754 US: +1 917 444 9604 CA: +1 437 370 3878 Rest of the world: +44 793 794 7704
13/08/19·55m 54s

Let's Talk About PERIODS

This week we are joined by our incredible women's health expert on Keep It Cleaner; Dr Bronwyn. Bronwyn is a Qualified Obstetrician and Gynaecologist with a beautiful holistic approach to health and years of experience in the womens health field. We dove into the nitty-gritty of our periods and our hormones; a topic we should all be super open about and discuss more often because WHY NOT!? PERIODS happen to all of us but can also be so different for each individual. They come at different times, make us act different, think different, feel different, FLOW DIFFERENT! So listen in if you'd like to learn more! We thought we were pretty on top of all the facts but we learnt so much! We hope you guys enjoy it. For the exclusive ShopBack $10 welcome bonus head to, it's free to sign up and use.
06/08/19·51m 53s

Sammy Robinson: The Girl Behind the Glamour

Just about every time we ask you guys who you'd like to hear from, Sammy's name pops up. So Steph sat down with the very beautiful Sammy Robinson (for her very first podcast interview!) in her home in Sydney and chatted about her childhood, what she thinks of the 'influencer' industry and how she deals with the negativity that comes with the online space. We hope you guys love it. @sammmyrobinson For your chance to win 1 of 2 pairs of the Brooks ‘Levitate 2’ click through the link below to enter.
30/07/19·1h 0m

Tully Smyth - Unapologetically Herself

This week we are joined by a very close friend of ours Tully Smyth. Tully sadly lost her Mum two weeks prior to recording to dementia and she so bravely and eloquently explains the disease, how it took her Mum away from her at such a young age and why it is so important to spread awareness. Tully also speaks about her experience with reality television, how it has shaped who she is today and how she battles and processes self doubt. Tully is unapologetically herself and we hope you enjoy this one. If you would like to follow Tully you can find her at @tee_smyth or at For your chance to win 1 of 2 pairs of the Brooks ‘Levitate 2’ click through the link below to enter.
23/07/19·1h 18m

The Reality of Being a Young Mum - Ellie Lemons

"What's it like to fall pregnant at 22? The gorgeous Ellie Lemons gets raw and real about interrupting her promising modelling and fitness career to have a baby in her early 20s. Find out how she dealt with a difficult birth and adjusting to motherhood at a young age when your friends are carefree and having fun. Ellie touches on how isolating and difficult it was at times but how rewarding motherhood has been for her overall. Find out how Ellie and her former partner have embraced co-parenting and how they balance their individual dreams and goals with parenthood. We discuss ""mum-guilt' and how Ellie is finding herself both within and outside of motherhood. You can follow Ellie on Instagram @ellielemons. If you loved this episode, please spread the word by posting with #KICPOD and tagging @keepitcleaner"
16/07/19·1h 6m

Laura & Dalton: How we Make our Relationship Work

This episode is all about Laura and Dalton. They discuss their journey so far, including the pivotal moments that have defined their life together. Find out all about Dalton's life, upbringing and family - from building a work ethic at a young age, to walking away from football after an unexpected illness. Dalton opens up about finding a path in life and re-prioritising his passions after his diagnosis. Plus he shares career advice and learnings that anyone can use to embrace more passion in their career. This episode is as open and raw as Laura and Dalton have ever been in an interview. Find out all about the challenges they have faced as they have built their respective businesses and forged a balance between work and home. This episode will give you real insight into their home life, communication style and their dreams for the future. Thanks to Baby-G, listeners have the chance to win a trip skiing valued at over $5,000. Click the link below to enter. If you would like to see or hear more from us, you can find us on instagram at: @keepitcleaner, @stephclairesmith and @laura.henshaw or alternatively you can find more information on our program here:
09/07/19·1h 4m

Social Media Chat

"In today’s episode we talk all things social media: the good, the bad and the mindless scrolling in-between. Hear our thoughts on body image, how each of us feels empowered by different things online and why we don't EVER compare ourselves to each other. Find out how we feel looking through our old posts and how we’ve changed and developed along the way! Plus we discuss how we choose what to post (and what not to) while navigating the delicate balance between sharing our lives and keeping some things private. Thanks to Baby-G, listeners have the chance to win a trip skiing valued at over $5,000. Click the link below to enter. If you would like to see or hear more from us, you can find us on instagram at: @keepitcleaner, @stephclairesmith and @laura.henshaw or alternatively you can find more information on our program here:
02/07/19·1h 0m

Fad Diets & Smart Shopping with Marika Day

"In this week's podcast we are joined by our very special (and knowledgeable) Keep it Cleaner dietitian Marika Day. Marika dives into different diet fads and her opinion on each as well as breaking down how to make healthier choices while grocery shopping. Find Marika on Instagram at: @marikaday. Thanks to Baby-G, listeners have the chance to win a trip skiing valued at over $5,000. Click the link below to enter." If you would like to see or hear more from us, you can find us on instagram at: @keepitcleaner, @stephclairesmith and @laura.henshaw or alternatively you can find more information on our program here:
25/06/19·59m 3s

We’ve Got A Crush On G Flip

In this weeks podcast we have on the very funny, very down to earth, VERY TALENTED GFLIP! Georgia is a singer songwriter and musician that has really blown up in the last year. We’re proud as punch of this young Aussie killing it in her career, and we were so excited to sit down with her and go through everything from her childhood, her career journey in the music industry, coming out to her friends and family… and of course, how she came up with the first line to her song ‘Drink too Much’ ;) We hope you guys enjoy it! If you'd like to keep up to date with all of G Flip's adventures, you can find her on instagram at: @gflip or via her website If you would like to see or hear more from us, you can find us on instagram at: @keepitcleaner, @stephclairesmith and @laura.henshaw or alternatively you can find more information on our program here:
18/06/19·1h 11m

Bec Judd: Juggling Her Incredible Life

We’re so excited for this one! In today’s episode, we catch up with one of Australia’s most inspiring working mamas, the powerhouse that is Bec Judd. Find out how Bec found her path in life and how she has carved out an amazing career that makes her truly happy. We also discuss how she finds balance between work and family, how she deals with negative media attention and fake news, plus what success means to her now. Follow her: @becjudd If you would like to see or hear more from us, you can find us on instagram at: @keepitcleaner, @stephclairesmith and @laura.henshaw or alternatively you can find more information on our program here:
11/06/19·45m 40s

Jessica Quinn: How You Can Overcome Anything

In this episode we are lucky enough to be joined by the very inspirational Jessica Quinn. Jess has an incredible story. After losing her leg through her battle with cancer as a 9 year old; Jess spent her teenage years learning to overcome adversity and has some incredible wisdom to share through her own journey. Jess also touches on body neutrality, and her incredible petition to encourage disclosure of photoshopping through advertising. Find Jess on Instagram: @jessicaemilyquinn You can support Jess’s petition through this link: If you would like to see or hear more from us, you can find us on instagram at: @keepitcleaner, @stephclairesmith and @laura.henshaw or alternatively you can find more information on our program here:
04/06/19·1h 13m

KIIS FM’s PJ: How She Got There

We love radio host Polly Harding's unique personality and presenting style. As one half of KIIS FM's hilarious duo Jase & PJ, she has us crying with laughter on the drive to work. We couldn't resist inviting this awesome lady into the KIC Studio for a deep dive into her career so far. In this episode, we find out how she deals with work pressure, how she reacts to negative online comments and how she feels about breaking free of expectations to just be herself. Find her on Instagram: @pjdeejay If you would like to see or hear more from us, you can find us on instagram at: @keepitcleaner, @stephclairesmith and @laura.henshaw or alternatively you can find more information on our program here:
28/05/19·56m 25s

Let's Talk About Bullying

Today’s episode is a D&M that cant be had enough. We discuss bullying and trolling from our own experiences but also from others. This conversation was driven by our beautiful KIC community, who shared with us their stories and questions they had on the subject. We hope that this conversation sparks a thought into everyone’s minds out there to think before they speak. There will be mention of suicide so if this is a sensitive topic for you please keep this in mind before pressing play. If you or anyone else you know needs help, call lifeline 13 11 14 or the kids helpline 1800 55 1800. If you would like to see or hear more from us, you can find us on instagram at: @keepitcleaner, @stephclairesmith and @laura.henshaw or alternatively you can find more information on our program here:
21/05/19·58m 52s

Advice From Our Mums

In this episode we’re excited to introduce two incredibly special and very influential women in our lives that have been there for us from the very beginning, our mums. Given that it was Mother’s Day on the weekend we thought we’d celebrate it by spending some time with both Julie (Laura’s mum) and Wendy (Steph’s mum) and open up about some things we hadn’t fully discussed ever before. Steph learns her mum has one kidney, and Laura discovers why she can’t help laughing at her own jokes. If you would like to see or hear more from us, you can find us on instagram at: @keepitcleaner, @stephclairesmith and @laura.henshaw or alternatively you can find more information on our program here:
14/05/19·1h 18m

The Evolution of Keep It Cleaner

In this episode we take it back to the very beginning of Keep It Cleaner, right through to our plans for the future! We have never gone into this much depth before about the emotions, hurdles and cross roads we have faced along the way to get the business to where it is today. You'l learn a lot about the type of business women we are, and how we have managed a strong friendship whilst keeping a strong business relationship too. If you would like to see or hear more from us, you can find us on instagram at: @keepitcleaner, @stephclairesmith and @laura.henshaw or alternatively you can find more information on our program here:
07/05/19·1h 6m

Michelle Battersby: Turning a job into a career

In this episode we are lucky enough to be joined by Bumble’s Associate Marketing Director for APAC, Michelle Battersby. Michelle has a corporate banking background and is a strong believer in following your gut; which lead her to accepting her first position at Bumble. In this episode Michelle shares her wisdom on fitting into culture in a workplace, how even the most confident women still battle inner self doubt, and why sometimes jumping in the deep end is the push we all need to get to where we want to be. You can find Michelle on Instagram at @michellebattersby You can also find us at @keepitcleaner or
30/04/19·1h 12m

Danny Kennedy: Why Women Shouldn’t Be Scared Of Weights

In this episode we have our KIC trainer Danny Kennedy on to talk all about the different forms of training we include on our program, and why strength is one of them! It’s incredibly common for women to have this misconception about weight training, we all connect the idea of strength training with being bulky... Dan clears this up and answers so many other common questions from the community. We hope you love it! You can find Danny on Instagram at: @djkfitness You can also find us at @keepitcleaner or
23/04/19·47m 29s

Shameless Podcast: How They Got There

This weeks guests may be two very familiar voices in your ears, the two powerhouses behind the SHAMELESS podcast! Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews are two Aussie journalists turned podcasters. They’re both incredibly smart and we have loved getting to know them and looking up to them over the past year. They open up about their journalism careers, a little bit about the industry, and themselves as young women... we cannot wait for you to get to know these two! You can find the girls on Instagram at @shamelesspodcast You can also find us at @keepitcleaner or
16/04/19·1h 13m

Jadé Tunchy: Social Media vs. Real Life

This week on KIC POD we have Jadé Tunchy on as a guest. We cover everything from her experiences with her own body image issues, bullying and discuss social media VS reality. We're also very proud to announce that we are ambassadors for this years Witchery White Shirt Campaign, listen to find out more about the campaign and how you can support OCRF. If you would like to see more of Jadé, you can find her here: Instagram: @jadetunchy or @therealjadetunchy If you would like to see or hear more from us, you can find us on instagram at: @keepitcleaner, @stephclairesmith and @laura.henshaw or alternatively you can find more information on our program here:
09/04/19·43m 43s

Our Personal Journeys

Welcome to the KIC POD. Your weekly D&M on the stuff that matters. Hosted by Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw, founders of Keep It Cleaner, an online fitness program motivating thousands all over the world to live a happier and healthier life. If you would like to see or hear more from us, you can find us on instagram at: @keepitcleaner, @stephclairesmith and @laura.henshaw or alternatively you can find more information on our program here:
26/03/19·1h 10m
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