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Welcome to the KIC POD. Your weekly D&M on the stuff that matters. Hosted by Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw, founders of Keep It Cleaner, an online fitness program motivating thousands all over the world to live a happier and healthier life. To learn more you can find them on Instagram at @keepitcleaner, @stephclairesmith and @laurahenshaw or visit their website at:


Maddison Brown - The Woman Behind The Character

Today on the KICPOD we’re joined by the incredible Maddison Brown. Maddison is an Australian actress who’s been chasing her career dreams (and nailing it!) over in the US. You may know her as Kirby from the hit show Dynasty, or as Lily from the movie Strangerland! She’s been in the modelling and acting industry since her early teens, and opened up to us about some of the struggles she faced on her way to achieving success. We absolutely loved this chat and think you will too!Maddison: @maddisonbrown KIC SPECIAL SHARESLaura: Normal People - NetflixSteph: Seeing the KIC community connect with one anotherTake the Andalou Naturals skin quiz for 15% off their entire range, head to:
26/05/2035m 53s

Robyn Lawley - Owning Who You Are

This weeks guest is the incredible Robyn Lawley! Robyn is a trailblazer within The Australian modelling industry recognised for making peace with her curvy figure and challenging the industries traditional beauty norms. Outside of modelling Robyn is a mother, music lover, producer and an environmental activist. In this podcast she shares her story, learnings and wisdom! She was an absolute delight to talk to so we hope you enjoy.Disclaimer: This episode covers topics like auto immune disease and going vegan. We love sharing peoples stories and experiences to inspire others but want to remind you to always consult your doctor to work out whats best for you.Robyn: @robynlawleyKIC SPECIAL SHARESLaura: Cinderella StorySteph: What to Expect When You're ExpectingGet access to 30% off Andalou Naturals with code KEEPITCLEANER at
19/05/2036m 39s

Elle Ferguson - Social Superstar Turned Entrepreneur

Today we are joined by the talented Elle Ferguson, founder of Elle Effect. Elle speaks about her childhood, what travelling 5 hours a day to get to school taught her about life, and how she later transitioned from working for some of Australia’s largest fashion companies to going out on her own in the beauty industry. Elle opens up about the initial difficulty of being taken seriously in the industry as a woman, the importance of her beautiful partner Joel and how to turn self doubt into your superpower! Elle is unapologetically herself, we hope you love this one as much as we do.KIC SPECIAL SHARESLaura: Hollywood - NetflixSteph: Marriage Story - NetflixGet access to 30% off Andalou Naturals with code KEEPITCLEANER at
12/05/2049m 45s

DJ Tigerlily - Behind The Decks

In today’s interview, we are joined by the inspiring Dara Hayes, also known as DJ Tigerlily. Dara is a globally recognised DJ, animal rights and environmental ambassador as well as an advocate for holistic wellness. We speak to Dara about getting through the hard years that follow high school, overcoming self doubt to be confident in who you are and how she balances life being a DJ whilst prioritising her health.KIC SPECIAL SHARESLaura: Workin’ MomsSteph: The Last Dance - Michael Jordan DocGet access to 30% off Andalou Naturals with code KEEPITCLEANER at take the Andalou Naturals skin quiz head to: Support #OVERIES4OVARIES and buy your ‘Overies’ from any of the following;
05/05/201h 6m

Natalie Fornasier - Strength and The Power of Staying Home

Today is an extremely special podcast, with one of the most inspirational women we've been fortunate enough to chat to over our time recording the KICPOD. Today’s guest is Natalie Fornasier, she is 26 year old and currently fighting Stage IV cancer. Natalie is an incredible writer and columnist, as well as being the ambassador and inspiration for the powerful initiative that is Call Time On Melanoma. Nat’s wisdom, message and words of advice are ones that we hope you can hold onto and take something from, just as we did.You can find Nat on Instagram at: @nataliefornasier and follow Call Time on Melanoma at @calltimeonmelanomaKIC SPECIAL SHARESLaura: Lion (Movie)Steph: Perfect to Me by Anne-Marie (Song) Get access to 30% off Andalou Naturals with code KEEPITCLEANER at take the Andalou Naturals skin quiz head to:
28/04/2055m 2s

Olivia Molly Rogers - Unleashing Confidence and Resilience

In today’s episode we speak to the beautiful Olivia Rogers. Liv is a friend, an amazing role model, a media personality and a speech pathologist. She speaks honestly and openly about her relationship with fear, happiness, her personal body image struggles and self confidence. We absolutely loved sitting down and chatting via zoom with Liv and we hope you love it too.This episode does have reference to eating disorders and may be triggering for some. If you need help please contact The Butterfly Foundation or Beyond Blue.You can find Liv on Instagram at @oliviamollyrogersKIC SPECIAL SHARESSteph: Trivia via ZoomLaura: MasterchefFind out more about Andalou Naturals at @andalounaturals_au and
21/04/2047m 2s

Abbie Chatfield - Loud and Proud

In today's episode we chat to the incredible Abbie Chatfield. You may have heard of Abbie before as she was on the Aussie Bachelor in 2019, but since then she has become an amazing spokesperson for being yourself, and standing up for what you believe in. She now has her own podcast, is a column writer and has a loyal (and incredible) 138k Instagram followers. We love her passion for feminism and the way she embraces her body and rawest moments so publicly. She's been through an absolute rollercoaster in the last year and we absolutely loved getting to know her and hearing how she got through it all.Abbie's Instagram: @abbiechatfieldAbbie's Podcast: It's A Lot Podcast @itsalotpodWarning, there is mention of disordered eating and suicide in todays chat so if this is triggering for you, we advise you not to listen to this chat. If you need any help at all you can always reach out to Lifeline Australia or The Butterfly Foundation.KIC SPECIAL SHARESSteph: Justin Biebers album - ChangesLaura: Keep It Cleaner Choc Cherry EggsFind out more about Andalou Naturals at @andalounaturals_au and
14/04/201h 1m

Identifying And Coping With Anxiety

In today’s episode we are joined by the very special Dr Jodie Lowinger who is the creator of the MindStrength Method and the CEO and Founder of the Sydney Anxiety Clinic. In this episode we speak about how common anxiety really is, the different types of anxiety, striving for perfectionism, how to stand up to ‘worry’ and more. Laura speaks through her own personal experience with anxiety and Jodie offers a really beautiful perspective on how we can conceptualise anxiety as a superpower and she coping mechanisms during this really tough time.You can find Jodie at (@drjodielowinger) (@sydneyanxietyclinic_)KIC SPECIAL SHARESSteph: Movie: 'PS I Love you' for a good cryLaura: Following @oprah on Instagram.
07/04/201h 3m

Meditation 101

In today's episode we are joined by one of our incredible KIC experts, meditation teacher, Meg James. We discuss the benefits of meditation, and Meg shares a lot of tips for beginners on how and why they should start practicing meditation. We also dive into our own relationships and experiences with meditation and finish the podcast with one of Meg's guided meditations that is available on our KIC app. So get comfy and enjoy!You can find more about Meg via her website: Instagram: KIC SPECIAL SHARESSteph: Formula 1 Netflix documentary seriesLaura: Shameless Podcast in conversation with Dylan Alcott + Dylans Podcast series 'Listen Able' To donate or find out more about Wildlife Victoria head to:
31/03/2037m 16s

Career Confidence

Today we are joined by our very own Chief Marketing Officer at Keep it Cleaner, Michelle Battersby. We have been wanting to get Michelle back into our podcast room since she started at KIC to share some of her wisdom, and we are so happy we finally recorded together again. We think you guys will love this one! In this podcast Michelle speaks through her experience with career growth/progression and how she made her decision to leave her dream job at Bumble and come to KIC. We also touch on why it is so important to have confidence in ourselves in the workplace, what to put in your resume and why you don’t need to tick every box to apply for a job. KIC SPECIAL SHARES Laura - A special message from one of our community members: “I just wanted to thank y’all all the way from Colorado for what you’re doing. My whole family just did your live-stream workout. My dad has Parkinson’s meaning he’s a high risk. He can’t go to the gym, and working out is his only means of keeping his symptoms at bay. Today we were all able to workout through your live and had a blast. You’ve made a personal difference in my families life by doing this and I just can’t thank you enough for your light and love and encouragement during this season!!! Thank you thank you.” Steph - Book by @vexking: Good Vibes, Good Life. You can listen to Michelle’s last podcast with us here:  To donate or find out more about Wildlife Victoria head to:
24/03/2039m 57s

Overcoming Life's Setbacks

Today we are joined by the incredible Eloise Wellings, a two-time Olympic runner and three-time Commonwealth Games athlete. Eloise is currently training for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics after just having her second child in November.As an esteemed role model for younger female athletes, Eloise speaks about resilience, finding your worth and defining ourselves outside our jobs and what we do. She has an incredible view on failure and changing our mindsets and we think you guys will really enjoy this one.  KIC SPECIAL SHARES Laura - Ways to find joy indoors Steph - Quote: “It’s cool to be kind” Eloise’s Charity, Love Mercy - To donate or find out more about Wildlife Victoria head to:
17/03/2037m 44s

What is Financial Wellbeing?

In today's episode we visit a topic that we believe should be included in school curriculum, and that is financial wellbeing! Our guest, Sarah Matzouranis, is a financial coach at Assemble with a background in behavioural science specialising in money and spending habits. We love her focus on mindset, behaviour and goal setting when it comes to money. We resonated so much with what she had to say and she has some incredible tips and tricks for saving/spending that we think you will all appreciate.  If you would like to follow Sarah or find out more information on Assemble you can do so through Sarah's Instagram @sarahmatzouranis_moneycoach or Assemble's website KIC SPECIAL SHARESSteph: Yoga flow, great for a good stretch: Time to Zen Out - on the KIC app.Laura: Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders :  To donate or find out more about Wildlife Victoria head to:
10/03/2042m 39s

Breaking a Negative Relationship Cycle PART 2

In today’s episode we cover part 2 of breaking a negative relationship cycle. We hear from Mel Schilling who is a relationship expert with a really big passion for helping women find their confidence. She has had an incredible career from being a psychologist, to a consultant in the corporate world and has made a move recently to become a confidence coach specializing in human behavior and performance. We speak about navigating relationship imbalances and uncomfortable conversations, how to break up with someone and the importance of intuition. Mel recommends Mood Kit, and also has her own confidence e-checking resource which you can find through the link in her Instagram bio @mel_schilling1.  KIC SPECIAL SHARESSteph: Vampire Diaries (available on Stan)Laura: Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations Podcast with Michelle Obama To donate or find out more about Wildlife Victoria head to:  
03/03/2033m 29s

Breaking a Negative Relationship Cycle PART 1

In today's episode we hear from a special young woman from our community who has gone through three very different and unfortunate long-term relationships and come out the other end! She shares her stories, which many of you will be able to relate to, and shares where she's at right now, single for the first time in 6 years and okay with it. We also share a little bit about our own experiences in past relationships. KIC SPECIAL SHARES Steph: Be A Lady They Said - A video by GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS Magazine Laura: SHAMELESS Podcast In Conversation ep with Zoe Foster Blake To donate or find out more about Wildlife Victoria head to: 
25/02/2044m 41s

How Can We Help After the Bushfires

In today's episode we wanted to touch on the recent devastating bushfires here in Australia. First up we are joined by Michael Church, founder of The Roo Keepers. With a mission to create a more sustainable future, they host programs to educate both children and adults on nature and wildlife, whilst also encouraging sustainable ways of living. Our second guest, Jordyn Chod has been upstate doing a summer crew project firefighting. Jordyn was able to share with us first hand, detail about the frontline attack, what’s actually involved in firefighting and how she is coping personally as a firefighter. We also share a special story from Wildlife Victoria and then share some great organisations and initiatives recommended to us, to help support those businesses and towns in need.For more info: The Roo Keepers: / @therookeepers Jordyn Chod: @jordynchod  To donate or find out more about Wildlife Victoria head to: other initiatives mentioned: Empty Esky @emptyesky, Spend With Them @spendwiththem, Buy From the Bush @buyfromthebush, Roadtrip for Good @roadtripforgood, Blaze Aid @blazeaid, Thread Together @thread_together  
18/02/2046m 36s

Learning to Love Yourself

With Valentine’s Day coming up this week we thought it would be special to discuss the most important relationship we have throughout our life; the relationship with ourselves. The term; ‘loving yourself' is something we see on social media all the time (which we love), but it is a lot easier said than done. In today's episode we are joined by Kat John, an Inspirational Coach who has been through so much in life. Kat shares her own personal journey with self love, and how she was able to turn around from a darker mindset and find her own joy. We then touch on our own journeys, what has helped us shift our mindset in the past and share a little exercise you can do at home. Lastly, we also reached out to Jessie Quirk, one of our KIC girls from the community to speak to her own self love journey. You can find more of Kat here : @kat.John and And for Jessie: @kicgirl_jq  KIC SPECIAL SHARES Steph: Quote by Emma Stone; "I remind myself to be kind to myself and, as slightly ridiculous as it may sound, to treat myself in the same gentle way I'd want to treat a daughter of mine. It really helps.” Laura: Taylor Swift’s 'Miss Americana' Netflix Documentary  For more information on Wildlife Victoria, or to donate, head to this link -
11/02/2042m 11s

Getting Back Into Routine

Welcome to season 2 of the KIC POD! In today's episode we chat all about routine! One of the most common questions we get is 'how do you get back on track and back into routine?' We thought we would kick off the year with a discussion on how we both approach our routine and get back into it after a break and invited our PT from our KIC program, Danny Kennedy on for his expert tips and tricks!  On another note, we along with the rest of Australia, have been feeling incredibly helpless during the devestating bushfires. We wanted to support Wildlife Victoria for all of their incredible efforts in saving native wildlife. Below you will find a link to their website where you can find out more about them and donate whatever you're able to. Every dollar counts.
04/02/2036m 46s

How We’re Transforming in 2020

In today’s episode we reflect on the year that has just gone. We talk about our own personal pressures we have faced during 2019 along with our highlights from the last year. We also chat about new year resolutions. We know how easy it can be to write down new years goals,but what we can really resonate with is just how easy it is to forget about them. We discuss setting attainable and realistic goals and how to achieve them in the new year. To celebrate the new year and committing to our health and wellbeing in 2020, listen in for a discount for new subscribers to our Keep It Cleaner app.
01/01/2041m 54s

Intuitive Eating

The ‘Anti-diet’, intuitive eating is a styling of eating you may have heard over the past few months, so we thought we would bring in our Keep It Cleaner Dietitian and Nutritionist, Marika Day to discuss what exactly this style of eating is. Marika describes intuitive eating as learning to trust and listen to your body and eat in response to what your body is telling you. We talk about the way in which we can integrate this approach to eating into our day to day lives, how to become aware of the reasons in which you might be eating by checking in with yourself plus answer questions from the community. For 15% off head to and use the code KEEPITCLEANER at checkout.
26/11/1954m 4s

BONUS: Steph's Wedding Preparation

Welcome to our bonus episode! In this short and sweet podcast, Laura sits down with Steph, pre wedding and talks about her wedding preparations. Steph also mentions her tips in relation to budgeting and how she wants to spend her last morning of being a Miss. A big congratulations to Steph and Josh on their marriage, we wish them a lifetime of happiness.
24/11/1919m 30s

Wedding Prep

In lead up to Steph’s wedding, we thought we’d get her wedding dress designer, Kyha from One Day Bridal, and her makeup artist for the big day, Monica Gingold, on for a chat. We touch on the pressure the Bride and Groom might face when it comes to society's idea that you must the fittest you’ve ever been for your wedding and how Steph hasn’t let this affect her. Kyha answers your questions about what inspired her to become the successful wedding dress designer she is today and everything else you wanted to know about wedding dress shopping. Monica, the beauty guru talks all things wedding glam. We go into detail about skin care preparation leading up to the big day and how to choose makeup for your wedding day. Find them on instagram @k.y.h.a @onedaybridal @monicaginggold_beauty  Get a FREE Full Size Christmas Chocolate Bar with any purchase at by using the code CHRISTMASKIC. Offer ends 18 December 2019.
19/11/1958m 30s

SEX ED with Chantelle Otten

In today’s episode we are joined by @Chantelle_otten_sexologist, an award winning Sexologist. Chantelle is passionate about sex education and shared all her tips and tricks with us and answered all of your questions. We discuss confidence, masturbation, vaginismus, scheduling intercourse and why you might not be able to orgasm.Head to for 20% off your order with the code KIC20
12/11/1958m 51s

Fertility 411 with Dr Bronwyn

In today’s episode we speak to our Keep It Cleaner health expert, Dr Bronwyn Hamilton, who is a qualified Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. Bronwyn chats to us today about all things fertility related. We talk about lifestyle factors which can reduce the chances of falling pregnant, the role the Male partner plays in pregnancy, tracking your ovulation, when to stop contraception and what day in your cycle you should try for a baby. Bronwyn lists the steps Women should take to prepare themselves for pregnancy and debunks common myths about contraception. We understand that falling pregnant can be hard for couples which is why Bronwyn is here today to provide you with additional information to prepare your body for conceiving.Head to and enter the code 'keepitcleaner' for $115 off your purchase.
05/11/1951m 50s

Alex Hayes: Growth and Personal Development

Alex Hayes is a competitive surfer boy turned content creator who now travels the world and documents his life for his job. At only 7, Alex started doing surf life saving which then inspired him to take up surfing which quickly became his passion. Suffering from an injury which forced him to step back from surfing at age 17 , Alex speaks about how his injury in turn, pushed him to become the successful content creator he is today. Fresh out of school, he found himself jet setting across the world to kickstart his career.At only 21 years young, Alex chats about the stigma around mental health, especially when it comes to Males. Alex opens about about his own struggles with depression and post traumatic stress and how the practice of meditation really helped him focus on being present in the moment and aids him in his day to day life.From a young surfer boy with a passion to travel, Alex has learnt to react to opportunities in front of him and to push himself as far as he can both physically and mentally as he continues to explore his twenties.You can find Alex on Instagram @AlexhayesHead to for 20% off your order with the code KIC20
29/10/191h 1m

Lana Wilkinson: BTS in the Fashion Industry

In this episode we chat to Lana Wilkinson, one of Australia’s biggest stylists and style icons. Lana talks to us about the steps she has taken over the years to become a successful businesswoman. She has such a strong work ethic, which was inbuilt in her from her younger years. Lana discusses how this has shaped her to become the woman she is today, plus how she’s learnt to balance her career along with being a mum.Starting up as a freelance stylist for Aussie women and men, Lana can proudly say she has been the stylist for celebrities such as Ruby Rose, Bec Judd and Whitney Port. Lana is a driven woman whose main priory is to make her clients feel good about themselves in the outfit they’re in. Only just last week, Lana launched her own shoe label ‘By Lana Wilkinson’. She expresses just how excited she is to start this new journey and continue to build and evolve her business.Find out more about her @lanawilkinsonHead to for 15% off your order with the code KIC15
22/10/191h 3m

An Aussie Makeup Artist's Journey to Hollywood

If you’ve ever wanted to go behind the scenes in the glamorous world of hair and make up, this episode is for you! LA-based hair and make-up artist Blondie is a KIC Girl who is killing it in her career. We caught up with her to find out how she got started in the industry and how she managed to crack Hollywood. It’s not all glamorous though! Blondie has had to work incredibly hard to get where she is now. She shares some hilarious stories about her most challenging moments and difficult clients.Blondie has also come on an incredible journey as a KIC Girl. She shares her tips for smashing fitness and health goals, especially while living a busy life and not having a set daily routine. We hope you guys find her health journey as inspiring as we do!Find out more about Blondie at @blondiemuaHead to for 20% off your order with the code KIC20
15/10/1949m 43s

Navigating Your Finances in Your 20s

We’re all about helping our KIC Girls live their best life and that’s why we’re excited to share this money chat with She’s On The Money host Victoria Devine. Victoria shares a wealth of knowledge including how to set up a budget and how to set, and work towards, financial goals. We think these tips and insights are so important for all of us to be aware of, no matter where we are in our money journey.Victoria shares her best savings tips as well as her favourite tools and apps that will help you take control of your finances. She also discusses how being financially savvy can actually be a form of self-care. This is essential listening for anyone who wants to improve their financial situation and spending habits.Find out more about Victoria @shesonthemoneyausFor the exclusive ShopBack $10 welcome bonus head to, it's free to sign up and use. 
08/10/1952m 47s

Behind the Scenes in PR: OneTwo Agency

Want to make it in PR? This episode has everything you need to know. Tessa-Jay Slight and Rachel Hayes are the amazing directors of boutique Melbourne PR agency OneTwo Agency. They share their business story including how they got started, the biggest challenges they have faced, and the lessons learnt along the way. Find out what it really takes to succeed in the industry and why you have to be willing and ready for anything; from taking meetings with Vogue to taking out the rubbish bins (literally). We hope you budding PRs enjoy this one!Find out more about Tessa & Rachel at @onetwoagency_  Head to for 20% off your order with the code KIC20
01/10/1955m 15s

Brooke Blurton: Owning My Story

This episode is so raw and real. The incredible Brooke Blurton opens up about her challenging childhood and how she has overcome her past to become the strong, confident woman and champion for indigenous issues she is today. Brooke shares how she has become such a positive role model, and most of all how she has found the courage to share her story and find strength in vulnerability. Brooke also opens up about how it felt to have her sexuality labelled and treated as a plot point while she was a contestant on The Bachelor. We discuss the dark side of reality TV and how producers try to manipulate the contestants to cause drama - and the effect that has had on Brooke's life outside of the show. We hope this podcast empowers you to own your own story and find happiness despite life’s challenges. You can find out more about Brooke on her Instagram @brooke.blurton Get a surprise FREE full size chocolate bar with any purchase by using the code KICTIGER at checkout. Head to to redeem, offer ends on the 31st of Oct.
24/09/191h 5m

How to Run a Business With Your BFF With the Frank Founders

Jess and Bree are two of the incredible founders of Frank Body and they have a big dream – to be the biggest Australian beauty brand in the world! Find out how they balance building a successful global business with being best friends and how they stay open and honest with each other throughout every challenging moment. This is a must-listen episode for anyone who is interested in starting a business or turning their passion into a career.  These inspiring women share their approach to business, including the risks that have paid off and the mistakes they have made along the way. Discover their core values and how staying true to these have helped them stand out in the saturated beauty industry. Jess and Bree are great examples of entrepreneurs who have a really clear vision and genuine passion for what they do – and that’s what makes them so successful! We hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it!Find out more about Frank Body on Instagram @Frank_BodHead to for 10% off with code KIC at checkout.
17/09/191h 11m

Nat Darcas: Finding Balance in the Modelling World

In this episode, we chat to the gorgeous and amazing Nat Darcas. We love Nat’s approach to finding balance and not putting pressure on yourself, especially in the crazy world of modelling in LA. Find out how she maintains her energy levels through sensible nutrition and exercise and why you should ALWAYS treat yourself to a burger when you want one. Nat shares why it’s so important to eat in order to feel good physically and mentally, not to look a certain way. Discover Nat’s advice for anyone wanting to enter the modelling industry, or just anyone who wants to find confidence in their chosen career path. Nat has done an incredible job at finding happiness and staying centred no matter how much pressure she has faced. We loved hearing her talk about her journey and how her unique experiences have made her the incredible and strong woman she is today. Find out more about Nat on her Instagram @natdarcas #KICPOD For the exclusive ShopBack $10 welcome bonus head to, it's free to sign up and use.
10/09/191h 5m

Turning Your Passion Into a Business With Aimee Marks

Aimee Marks is a business powerhouse and a huge inspiration to us! She came up with the idea for TOM Organic at just 18 years old as part of a school project. While researching the feminine hygiene industry, she was shocked to learn about the pesticides and synthetic ingredients used in traditional tampons and pads. Finding an idea she really believed in, she was passionate about changing the industry from the ground up. In this episode Aimee shares some of the biggest challenges in growing her business and learnings made along the way. Discover how she has dealt with setbacks, including having 30,000 tampons show up at her door unexpectedly! Aimee also has some great insights on how to listen to your body and self-regulate– including how taking the time to rest can actually make us more creative and do our best work. Plus find out how 20 minutes of meditation a day has changed her life! You won’t want to miss this one. Find out more about TOM Organic at @tomorganic Head to for 40% off your first box with code KICPOD40 at checkout.
03/09/191h 13m

Katie Lolas: Embracing Who You Truly Are

Katie Lolas is one amazing lady. After years of working 60 hour weeks in marketing, all the while suffering from chronic gut and health issues, she decided she had to make a change. She decided to go back to her first love - being a teacher!! While exploring how she could embrace a healthier, happier lifestyle. We've loved watching her impressive health journey via her website and Instagram at @lady.lolas, which is why we're thrilled to have Katie on the podcast. In this episode we explore how YOU can find inner strength by the accepting and valuing the things that make you different. Plus Katie discusses how she has worked to improve her gut health and food intolerances - a must-listen for anyone facing the same challenges - and why it's important to tackle stress and lifestyle changes in addition to seeing a medical professional. Finally she tells you why you should ditch the scales and stop stressing about what your body looks like and start caring more about how you FEEL! We hope you enjoy this one. We think it's really special. Receive 20% off at Use code: KIC Offer valid until 12th September 2019 Excludes sale items
27/08/1953m 24s

Gut Health with Marika Day

This week Marika Day our KIC Dietician is back and she’s here to answer all your questions on GUT HEALTH! There is an overwhelming amount of information online about gut health on what you should and shouldn’t do for a healthy gut and Marika breaks it all down for us. She touches on the how our gut health is connected to our mind, our hormones and our diet and so much more. Receive 20% off at Use code: KIC Offer valid until 12th September 2019 Excludes sale items
20/08/1956m 1s

Libby Birch: Life Of A Female Athlete

On today's podcast we are joined by the lovely Libby Birch! Libby is an Aussie rules football player currently playing for Melbourne in the AFLW. Libby picked up her first football at 18 after a set back in her netball career and has had an incredible journey in her young life so far. Libby speaks openly about her failures and why it is so important to remember that there is always a silver lining and one door closing can lead to new opportunies behind another door. She has a beautiful outlook on life and the events that have shaped hers, and we hope you love getting to know her just as much as we did. You can find Libby on instagram: @libby_birch For the exclusive SODA Shades 20% off, USE CODE: KIC20 at - - offer exclusive to SODA website only, not applicable to Amazon. Text SODA on; AUS: +61 488 824 754 US: +1 917 444 9604 CA: +1 437 370 3878 Rest of the world: +44 793 794 7704
13/08/1955m 54s

Let's Talk About PERIODS

This week we are joined by our incredible women's health expert on Keep It Cleaner; Dr Bronwyn. Bronwyn is a Qualified Obstetrician and Gynaecologist with a beautiful holistic approach to health and years of experience in the womens health field. We dove into the nitty-gritty of our periods and our hormones; a topic we should all be super open about and discuss more often because WHY NOT!? PERIODS happen to all of us but can also be so different for each individual. They come at different times, make us act different, think different, feel different, FLOW DIFFERENT! So listen in if you'd like to learn more! We thought we were pretty on top of all the facts but we learnt so much! We hope you guys enjoy it. For the exclusive ShopBack $10 welcome bonus head to, it's free to sign up and use.
06/08/1951m 53s

Sammy Robinson: The Girl Behind the Glamour

Just about every time we ask you guys who you'd like to hear from, Sammy's name pops up. So Steph sat down with the very beautiful Sammy Robinson (for her very first podcast interview!) in her home in Sydney and chatted about her childhood, what she thinks of the 'influencer' industry and how she deals with the negativity that comes with the online space. We hope you guys love it. @sammmyrobinson For your chance to win 1 of 2 pairs of the Brooks ‘Levitate 2’ click through the link below to enter.
30/07/191h 0m

Tully Smyth - Unapologetically Herself

This week we are joined by a very close friend of ours Tully Smyth. Tully sadly lost her Mum two weeks prior to recording to dementia and she so bravely and eloquently explains the disease, how it took her Mum away from her at such a young age and why it is so important to spread awareness. Tully also speaks about her experience with reality television, how it has shaped who she is today and how she battles and processes self doubt. Tully is unapologetically herself and we hope you enjoy this one. If you would like to follow Tully you can find her at @tee_smyth or at For your chance to win 1 of 2 pairs of the Brooks ‘Levitate 2’ click through the link below to enter.
23/07/191h 18m

The Reality of Being a Young Mum - Ellie Lemons

"What's it like to fall pregnant at 22? The gorgeous Ellie Lemons gets raw and real about interrupting her promising modelling and fitness career to have a baby in her early 20s. Find out how she dealt with a difficult birth and adjusting to motherhood at a young age when your friends are carefree and having fun. Ellie touches on how isolating and difficult it was at times but how rewarding motherhood has been for her overall. Find out how Ellie and her former partner have embraced co-parenting and how they balance their individual dreams and goals with parenthood. We discuss ""mum-guilt' and how Ellie is finding herself both within and outside of motherhood. You can follow Ellie on Instagram @ellielemons. If you loved this episode, please spread the word by posting with #KICPOD and tagging @keepitcleaner"
16/07/191h 6m

Laura & Dalton: How we Make our Relationship Work

This episode is all about Laura and Dalton. They discuss their journey so far, including the pivotal moments that have defined their life together. Find out all about Dalton's life, upbringing and family - from building a work ethic at a young age, to walking away from football after an unexpected illness. Dalton opens up about finding a path in life and re-prioritising his passions after his diagnosis. Plus he shares career advice and learnings that anyone can use to embrace more passion in their career. This episode is as open and raw as Laura and Dalton have ever been in an interview. Find out all about the challenges they have faced as they have built their respective businesses and forged a balance between work and home. This episode will give you real insight into their home life, communication style and their dreams for the future. Thanks to Baby-G, listeners have the chance to win a trip skiing valued at over $5,000. Click the link below to enter. If you would like to see or hear more from us, you can find us on instagram at: @keepitcleaner, @stephclairesmith and @laura.henshaw or alternatively you can find more information on our program here:
09/07/191h 4m

Social Media Chat

"In today’s episode we talk all things social media: the good, the bad and the mindless scrolling in-between. Hear our thoughts on body image, how each of us feels empowered by different things online and why we don't EVER compare ourselves to each other. Find out how we feel looking through our old posts and how we’ve changed and developed along the way! Plus we discuss how we choose what to post (and what not to) while navigating the delicate balance between sharing our lives and keeping some things private. Thanks to Baby-G, listeners have the chance to win a trip skiing valued at over $5,000. Click the link below to enter. If you would like to see or hear more from us, you can find us on instagram at: @keepitcleaner, @stephclairesmith and @laura.henshaw or alternatively you can find more information on our program here:
02/07/191h 0m

Fad Diets & Smart Shopping with Marika Day

"In this week's podcast we are joined by our very special (and knowledgeable) Keep it Cleaner dietitian Marika Day. Marika dives into different diet fads and her opinion on each as well as breaking down how to make healthier choices while grocery shopping. Find Marika on Instagram at: @marikaday. Thanks to Baby-G, listeners have the chance to win a trip skiing valued at over $5,000. Click the link below to enter." If you would like to see or hear more from us, you can find us on instagram at: @keepitcleaner, @stephclairesmith and @laura.henshaw or alternatively you can find more information on our program here:
25/06/1959m 3s

We’ve Got A Crush On G Flip

In this weeks podcast we have on the very funny, very down to earth, VERY TALENTED GFLIP! Georgia is a singer songwriter and musician that has really blown up in the last year. We’re proud as punch of this young Aussie killing it in her career, and we were so excited to sit down with her and go through everything from her childhood, her career journey in the music industry, coming out to her friends and family… and of course, how she came up with the first line to her song ‘Drink too Much’ ;) We hope you guys enjoy it! If you'd like to keep up to date with all of G Flip's adventures, you can find her on instagram at: @gflip or via her website If you would like to see or hear more from us, you can find us on instagram at: @keepitcleaner, @stephclairesmith and @laura.henshaw or alternatively you can find more information on our program here:
18/06/191h 11m

Bec Judd: Juggling Her Incredible Life

We’re so excited for this one! In today’s episode, we catch up with one of Australia’s most inspiring working mamas, the powerhouse that is Bec Judd. Find out how Bec found her path in life and how she has carved out an amazing career that makes her truly happy. We also discuss how she finds balance between work and family, how she deals with negative media attention and fake news, plus what success means to her now. Follow her: @becjudd If you would like to see or hear more from us, you can find us on instagram at: @keepitcleaner, @stephclairesmith and @laura.henshaw or alternatively you can find more information on our program here:
11/06/1945m 40s

Jessica Quinn: How You Can Overcome Anything

In this episode we are lucky enough to be joined by the very inspirational Jessica Quinn. Jess has an incredible story. After losing her leg through her battle with cancer as a 9 year old; Jess spent her teenage years learning to overcome adversity and has some incredible wisdom to share through her own journey. Jess also touches on body neutrality, and her incredible petition to encourage disclosure of photoshopping through advertising. Find Jess on Instagram: @jessicaemilyquinn You can support Jess’s petition through this link: If you would like to see or hear more from us, you can find us on instagram at: @keepitcleaner, @stephclairesmith and @laura.henshaw or alternatively you can find more information on our program here:
04/06/191h 13m

KIIS FM’s PJ: How She Got There

We love radio host Polly Harding's unique personality and presenting style. As one half of KIIS FM's hilarious duo Jase & PJ, she has us crying with laughter on the drive to work. We couldn't resist inviting this awesome lady into the KIC Studio for a deep dive into her career so far. In this episode, we find out how she deals with work pressure, how she reacts to negative online comments and how she feels about breaking free of expectations to just be herself. Find her on Instagram: @pjdeejay If you would like to see or hear more from us, you can find us on instagram at: @keepitcleaner, @stephclairesmith and @laura.henshaw or alternatively you can find more information on our program here:
28/05/1956m 25s

Let's Talk About Bullying

Today’s episode is a D&M that cant be had enough. We discuss bullying and trolling from our own experiences but also from others. This conversation was driven by our beautiful KIC community, who shared with us their stories and questions they had on the subject. We hope that this conversation sparks a thought into everyone’s minds out there to think before they speak. There will be mention of suicide so if this is a sensitive topic for you please keep this in mind before pressing play. If you or anyone else you know needs help, call lifeline 13 11 14 or the kids helpline 1800 55 1800. If you would like to see or hear more from us, you can find us on instagram at: @keepitcleaner, @stephclairesmith and @laura.henshaw or alternatively you can find more information on our program here:
21/05/1958m 52s

Advice From Our Mums

In this episode we’re excited to introduce two incredibly special and very influential women in our lives that have been there for us from the very beginning, our mums. Given that it was Mother’s Day on the weekend we thought we’d celebrate it by spending some time with both Julie (Laura’s mum) and Wendy (Steph’s mum) and open up about some things we hadn’t fully discussed ever before. Steph learns her mum has one kidney, and Laura discovers why she can’t help laughing at her own jokes. If you would like to see or hear more from us, you can find us on instagram at: @keepitcleaner, @stephclairesmith and @laura.henshaw or alternatively you can find more information on our program here:
14/05/191h 18m

The Evolution of Keep It Cleaner

In this episode we take it back to the very beginning of Keep It Cleaner, right through to our plans for the future! We have never gone into this much depth before about the emotions, hurdles and cross roads we have faced along the way to get the business to where it is today. You'l learn a lot about the type of business women we are, and how we have managed a strong friendship whilst keeping a strong business relationship too. If you would like to see or hear more from us, you can find us on instagram at: @keepitcleaner, @stephclairesmith and @laura.henshaw or alternatively you can find more information on our program here:
07/05/191h 6m

Michelle Battersby: Turning a job into a career

In this episode we are lucky enough to be joined by Bumble’s Associate Marketing Director for APAC, Michelle Battersby. Michelle has a corporate banking background and is a strong believer in following your gut; which lead her to accepting her first position at Bumble. In this episode Michelle shares her wisdom on fitting into culture in a workplace, how even the most confident women still battle inner self doubt, and why sometimes jumping in the deep end is the push we all need to get to where we want to be. You can find Michelle on Instagram at @michellebattersby You can also find us at @keepitcleaner or
30/04/191h 12m

Danny Kennedy: Why Women Shouldn’t Be Scared Of Weights

In this episode we have our KIC trainer Danny Kennedy on to talk all about the different forms of training we include on our program, and why strength is one of them! It’s incredibly common for women to have this misconception about weight training, we all connect the idea of strength training with being bulky... Dan clears this up and answers so many other common questions from the community. We hope you love it! You can find Danny on Instagram at: @djkfitness You can also find us at @keepitcleaner or
23/04/1947m 29s

Shameless Podcast: How They Got There

This weeks guests may be two very familiar voices in your ears, the two powerhouses behind the SHAMELESS podcast! Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews are two Aussie journalists turned podcasters. They’re both incredibly smart and we have loved getting to know them and looking up to them over the past year. They open up about their journalism careers, a little bit about the industry, and themselves as young women... we cannot wait for you to get to know these two! You can find the girls on Instagram at @shamelesspodcast You can also find us at @keepitcleaner or
16/04/191h 13m

Jadé Tunchy: Social Media vs. Real Life

This week on KIC POD we have Jadé Tunchy on as a guest. We cover everything from her experiences with her own body image issues, bullying and discuss social media VS reality. We're also very proud to announce that we are ambassadors for this years Witchery White Shirt Campaign, listen to find out more about the campaign and how you can support OCRF. If you would like to see more of Jadé, you can find her here: Instagram: @jadetunchy or @therealjadetunchy If you would like to see or hear more from us, you can find us on instagram at: @keepitcleaner, @stephclairesmith and @laura.henshaw or alternatively you can find more information on our program here:
09/04/1943m 43s

Our Personal Journeys

Welcome to the KIC POD. Your weekly D&M on the stuff that matters. Hosted by Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw, founders of Keep It Cleaner, an online fitness program motivating thousands all over the world to live a happier and healthier life. If you would like to see or hear more from us, you can find us on instagram at: @keepitcleaner, @stephclairesmith and @laura.henshaw or alternatively you can find more information on our program here:
04/04/191h 10m
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