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Podcast #111 - Cramped Cats, Demonic Cricket

Are current events getting you down? In this episode of the podcast, Ava and Quinns discuss a selection of games that might make real life seem a little cheerier. There's the threat of drowning adorable animals in Isle of Cats (02:43), the demon invasion of Planet Apocalypse (12:53), the startling cruelty of Antiquity (24:17)and the bum-punishingly long Western Empires (46:01).
05/06/2056m 25s

110: The Death of Madeira 1000

Quinns, Tom and Ava voyage boldly into the great boardgame unknown, this time without Matt’s assistance on the technology side of things! The result? A podcast that’s deeply flawed. Am I going to triple-check the edit to make sure the audio isn’t slipping and sliding around, crashing into itself like an ouroboros of waveforms? I’m sure you’ll be able to guess the answer to that question by just listening to it. This week, we get covered in eldritch goop while talking about Cthulhu: Death May Die, barraged by dice AND pirates in Madeira, turned into candles with a Thousand Year-Old Vampire, and utterly BAFFLED by the interlocking systems in The Defence of Procyon III! We’ll also be talking a little about the games we’ve looked at recently, and discussing that stream.
22/05/201h 8m

Podcast #109 - Waterboarded By Elves

You, at the back! Was it you that ordered a chat sandwich? Was it with ramble bread and discussion filling - extra… stream schedule? Look. I spent ages trying to make a joke about this podcast being ‘like a sandwich’ - with the strong base of classic Eurogames (Terra Mystica and Hansa Teutonica) wedged between the spicy hot filling of Root Underworld and Frosthaven. But there you see my problem; the filling is on the outside and the bread on the inside and that just ‘AINT a sandwich, chief. And then where does Mr Cabbagehead’s Garden fit in? The pieces are all there, but my brain won’t make them fit - the sandwich metaphor falls apart like a… like a… wet… sandwich. Dang it, just listen to the podcast. This week’s episode is extra chunky and was a lot of fun to edit! I Hope YOU (yes, you!) enjoy, and have a great weekend!
08/05/201h 14m

108: Beatdown, Madness, Chaos in the Train

Look, I’m really sorry that I sat on the podcast intro music but what am I supposed to do, check every seat for audio files before I sit down? I know it’s a bit crushed and quiet, but if we give it enough love and care then it’ll spring back soon enough, I’m sure - and I can always do my own version of the music for the time being… Oh the podcast is meant to be out… today? I’ll see what I can do… This podcast may contain traces of trains - perhaps more than a trace, even, as Matt and Quinns discuss both Russian Railroads and 1889: History of Shikoku Railways in the space of just one hour. I know, it’s all getting a bit exciting. Squashed between those discussions like a fun filling in a games sandwich, Tom yammers on about Calico, Pax Pamir 2e and Watergate; games that somehow all contain the same levels of tension and despair in spite of their wildly differing themes.
24/04/201h 7m

107: The City of the Pork Shoulders

‘Ello ‘ello ‘ello, wot’s going on ‘ere then? Looks and sounds like there are three english men crammed inside one english cupboard talking about a series of “board games” from who knows where. That’s a recipe for disease-based disaster right there. Let’s see what we’ve got in here then... City of the Big Shoulders? You’re certainly crammed shoulder-to-shoulder in here, though one of you is a bit smaller than the others. I’ve heard it’s as good an economic euro as any, though I, for one, prefer my commodity speculation games a little less beige. Last Bastion? I’ve heard that one’s a pretty dandy co-operative game, but personally I felt the fantasy redesign was a little lacking. Wait, I swear on me nan’s ghost that I saw more games in here when I first burst in. Are you hiding ‘em? What’s that on there? Is that a game on your mobile device, Mr Lees? Is it Vlaada Chvatil’s classic tableau-builder, Through The Ages? You of all people should know those is contraband, as they remind people of ‘the time before’, when they could play games with their friends around their tables spreading all their germs. Not any more. You’re going to prison, but seen as we can’t go outside, I’m locking you in your own dishwasher. It’s for the best.
10/04/201h 3m

106: The Very First Quarantine Special

Welcome to the loosiest, goosiest episode of the Shut Up and Sit Down podcast yet, where three adults try to have a conversation via the internet without talking over each other all of the time. Experience the mixed results contained therein, and marvel at how 5 games are thinly spread over an hour of your real lifespan like an existential marmalade made of cardboard and opinions. What games, I hear you ask? I was getting there, no need to get impatient. This week we’re going to be talking about bobbing around on an ocean of average in Flotilla, drinking some questionably garnered tea in Alubari: A Nice Cup Of Tea, and pelting druids with rocks in Cairn. Sandwiched amidst these activities one can find a brief segue through the eccentric Tokyo Game Show, and a brief visit to the ancient tabletop colossus that is The Castles of Burgundy. Also in this podcast: meandering chats about how the team is faring under quarantine, and a few brief teases of potential bread-based content.
27/03/201h 11m


DISCLAIMER: The thumbnail for this podcast contains more business than is actually contained in this podcast. Instead, on this short, sleepy episode, a tired old Matt and a sickly young Tom have a meandering chat about just four games. ‘That’s not enough games for my Friday night podcast-listening session!’ I hear you cry, panicked and approaching a point of crisis. Fear not, listener, as this winding little journey will take you through the staggering highs of Stockpile, the crushing lows of Big City and Orleans Stories, before a twist ending where they were all Nemesis all along. Not only that, but there are tiny little trails along the way - a tease of City of the Big Shoulders, for sir? Maybe a trickle of Little Town? It’s all here and it’s all in audio form on this very 105th Shut Up and Sit Down Podcast.
13/03/2043m 39s

104: ‘Ain’t no party like a Glenmore II: Chronicles party

Welcome, diners, and take your seats for what will surely be a smashing dinner service at the very 104th Shut Up & Sit Down podcast. Enjoy a salty fish supper alongside Oceans, a haggis and a whisky with Glen More II: Chronicles, or a rubbery old hot-dog with Rallyman GT. All options are served with opinions from our cardboard sommelier Matt Lees, and a side of steaming hot takes from our acrylic potwash, Tom Brewster. Speaking of sides, this week’s podcast features a smorgasbord of canapes, vol au vents and other esoteric snacklets in our detour through Tom’s exclusive, invite-only Party Game Zone™. You can find us in the cordoned off area, chatting about a series of games that you could bring to a party, and smattering of games that you should bring to a party. No +1s are permitted, and BYOB(oardgames). We also have a post-dinner keynote speech about recent videos on the site - including the palpably divisive review of Bunny Kingdom. Quinns and Tom aren’t on speaking terms after that one, on account of the attempted murder. 1:30 Oceans 11:16 Rallyman GT 24:35 Stay Cool 28:24 Decrypto + Laser Drive Expansion 31:49 Good Cop, Bad Cop 37:47 Gorilla Marketing 44:55 Trophies 50:34 Glen More II: Chronicles 1:02:20 Bunny Kingdom
28/02/201h 8m

Podcast #103: Welcome to the Ketchup Age

Look out! Podcast #103 is charging towards your fragile human body like the untameable beast of content that it well and truly is. Be shocked, as we wrangle with Clinic! Gasp in horror as we consume Irish Gauge… whole! And last but not least, be kind of bummed out as we talk about why Maracaibo is... a bit bad? This episode also features fleeting special guest appearances from Clipcut Parks, Food Chain Magnate’s latest expansion; The Ketchup Mechanism, and two games with ‘letter’s in their name. Technically all the games have letters in their name, but these ones literally have letters in their name. You’ll see what we mean. We also talk a little about recent video reviews! Well, one video review, because Quinns got so excited about the prospect of playing Azul: Summer Pavilion, that he forgot to talk about his review. It has that effect on people.
16/02/201h 10m

Podcast #102: Frankenstein’s Goat Dilemma

In this episode of the podcast we dive back into Suburbia, explore The King’s Dilemma, and dabble with Abomination and Finger Guns at High Noon as well as plenty of others. We also have a rather lovely reading of Tactics and Tactility by Ava Fortfox, as a break from all of this ghastly pod-wrestling. 4:03 Chocolate Factory 8:51 Abomination 14:23 Finger Guns at High Noon 20:14 Goat ‘n’ Goat 25:07 Suburbia Deluxe Edition 33:49 Vindication 44:56 THE BIG QUESTION 47:28 The King’s Dilemma 59:39 Caylus 01:06:23 Tactics and Tactility 01:10:44 War of Whispers 01:18:31 Undaunted Normandy
31/01/201h 24m

Podcast #101: Donkeys Behind Enemy Lines

Recorded live at PAX Unplugged 2019, Matt and Quinns rattle through a plethora of games! Roads & Boats, Vadoran Gardens, Slide Quest, War of the Worlds, Fantastic Factories, Paranormal Detectives, Blitzkrieg!, Ecos: First Continent, Valley of the Kings, Medium, Confident, and Bus. Also available to watch on YouTube:
17/01/201h 11m

Podcast #100: International Trouser Accidents

Matt and Quinns are briefly joined by Pip for an sleep-deprived natter about some interesting games. Obscurio (16:14) sounds like Wizard-Dixit with traitors, and incredibly summoned a cheer from the crowd simply for use of the word “acetate”. Tumblin’ Dice (21:05) got a little love, but probably deserves more than anyone can give it, before Matt then went on to talk about playing the award-winning RPG Mothership (24:50) - a sci-fi horror system that conveys the relatable experience of waking up after a very long time and immediately being attacked by stress. We were thrilled to find that many of those who’d managed to check it out at SHUX finally understood the hype from our review of Blood on the Clocktower (35:13) - a beautiful beast that is more than the sum of its frankly dastardly parts. Delving into Vast: the Mysterious Manor (39:58) - an asymmetrical game in which you can literally play as the mysterious manor - left us with mixed feelings about pacing but strong feelings towards skeletons, before we finally talked about food and/or animals with Yum Yum Island (45:36) and Nickelodeon Splat Attack! (50:06). Apologies for the quality of the audio in this episode - we had some issues with the room that we weren’t able to resolve. If you’d like to listen to this episode with “moving pictures”, you can also watch it on Youtube!
16/10/1954m 17s

Podcast #99.9 - My Hungry, Sleepy Civilization

In what is still definitely *not* our 100th episode, Quinns and intern Ben summon the energy to discuss their 12 hour game of Western Empires (02:32) and the byzantine challenge of Cloudspire (18:05). With these massive games discussed and dusted, there's talk of lighter stuff: Skulk Hollow (29:38), Teotihuacan: City of Gods (37:05), Yokai (43:06), Detective Club (46:57), and Combo Fighter (53:06).
25/09/191h 3m

Podcast #99¾ - Running from the Board Game Police

In this episode, Matt, Quinns and Ben report live from a secret hideout. Matt's been breaking the rules of Gloomhaven (discussed at 26:54) while Quinns has been ignoring the laws of Bunny Kingdom: In the Sky (50:12), and the cops could bust them at any moment. The group also discuss the Undo games (02:56), Super Motherload (10:05), ShipShape (20:42), Lords of Hellas (36:20) and Cerberus(48:02).
04/09/1958m 35s

Podcast #99: Sea Football

Matt, Quinns and Ben are circling podcast #100 like talkative nerds circling a numerical drain. Quickly! Before they slip away, listen to them talk about the games We're Doomed (02:23), For Sale (10:00), Alien Frontiers (15:40), Wooly Wars (23:26), Air, Land & Sea (30:03) and Cerebria: The Inside World (40:11), as well as answer a lovely reader mail about which games have the best Endgame Energy.
03/09/191h 8m

Podcast #98: Seize My Silky Rails

Back from Belgium's fantastic Zomerspel tabletop convention, Matt and Quinns have brains full of feelings about "board games". But *which* board games? Those would be Taverns of Tiefan Thal (01:51), Carpe Diem (13:48), Luxor (26:47), Silk (33:13) and Rail Pass (49:37). The pair also discuss some of the video reviews they've been working on, including Pipeline (1:00:58) and Too Many Bones (1:06:54).
03/09/191h 20m

Podcast #97: Meeting Your Shadow Self and Other Excitements

In this episode of the board gaming podcast, Matt and Quinns chat about Stay Cool (02:45), Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid (09:01), Letter Jam (21:42), Welcome to Dino World (29:22), Rome and Roll (38:19) and Vampire: The Masquerade – Blood Feud (43:28). Finally, having recently discovered the joy of pencils, team SU&SD have learned about BOOKS! Specifically, the book Top 10 Games You Can Play In Your Head, By Yourself (49:35).
03/09/191h 13m

Podcast #96: Dipping With The Druids

Just who are druids? What are they doing? And is it safe to "dip" with them? We can't be sure, but we can tell you that the following games are discussed in this podcast: Res Arcana (02:38), Dice Throne (11:50), The Insider (20:10), Three Kingdoms Redux (26:56), Isle of Skye: Druids (37:21) and Batman: Gotham City Chronicles (42:47).
03/09/191h 4m

Podcast #95: The Danish Crisis

Matt and Quinns explain that they are *not* alcholics in this Fastaval special episode. Games discussed include Hansa Teutonica (02:56), Deep Blue (12:02), Auto (15:50), Flamme Rouge’s unnamed campaign expansion (24:05), That’s Not Lemonade (35:43) and Mid-Life Crisis (45:23). Then, there’s a discussion of Danish tabletop convention Fastaval, and what makes it so magical. (59:18).
03/09/191h 18m

Podcast #94: Seven Players, Exchanging Bananas

Matt, Quinns and intern Kylie are here for a 7 player special, formed by Watson & Holmes (03:00), Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space (12:14), and Bourré (19:55). Afterwards, they slim down for a couple of 3 player games, namely Gùgōng (27:34) and Chinatown (38:30). Finally, they answer a quick reader mail asking what table is best for board gaming, during which the discussion gets inexplicably heated.
03/09/1953m 58s

Podcast #93: Alone with the Norwegians

For our special 93rd episode, Matt and Quinns break from tradition to talk about board games. First, the pair and respond to the furore surrounding Quinns' Blood on the Clocktower review (02:05). There's then chat about Corinth (10:08), A Feast for Odin: The Norwegians (18:36), Space Base: The Emergence of Shy Pluto (27:32), Monolith Arena (32:42) and Alone (43:52). Ooh, and that musician they're talking about at the beginning? He's "Klaus Wunderlich".
03/09/191h 12m

Podcast #92: Matt's Crap Trams

All aboard! In this very special tram-isode, your favourite board game podcast is going on a journey. The chat vehicle stops at New Frontiers: The Race for the Galaxy Board Game, Kemet: Ta-Seti, Kemet: Seth, El Dorado and, of course, Tramways.
03/09/1943m 30s

Podcast #91: The 2018 Pearple's Choice Awards!

Matt and Quinns have a chat about Wingspan, Chronicles of Crime, Franchise and Woodlouse Chaos, before strapping on their tuxedos for the annual Pearple's Choice awards. Who will win Best Game? Best Production? Best Designer? And will SU&SD's audience finally decide that mum and dad... are bad and wrong?
03/09/191h 22m

Podcast #90: The Generation Train

Oof! Matt and Quinns are lurching unsteadily into 2019 with a podcast overloaded with games. There's Blackout: Hong Kong (again), Just One, Sumer, Quacks of Quedlinburg, Schummel Hummel, The Thing, Pipeline and Gen 7: A Crossroads Game. After that, we're sad to report that the structural integrity of the podcast collapsed, killing everyone inside. Musical stings courtesy of Steve Davit:
03/09/191h 9m

Podcast #89: Those Unattainable Vegetables

Matt and Quinns are joined in this episode by Microsoft Powerpoint(!) to discuss their experiences with Heaven & Ale, Reykholt, Captains of the Gulf, Trapwords and Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig. In a rare mailbag double-bagger, the pair then field two questions, one about the phrase "The Teach", the other about theoretical business ventures for SU&SD. Quinns wants to open a new telephone hotline and Matt wants funding for... well, it's not exactly clear?
03/09/1958m 8s

Podcast #88: Neon Salads of Hong Kong

Serious question: Have we ever had this many charming board games on one podcast? Has ANYONE? In this episode Matt and Quinns discuss the twin games of Cockroach Salad and Cockroach Soup, as well as Neon Gods, Men at Work, Targi, Lisboa and Blackout: Hong Kong.
03/09/191h 5m

Podcast #87: Cheese on the Clocktower

Matt, Quinns, Paul and Pip gather beneath a stormy sky to discuss games of WIT and CHANCE. These games include Shadows: Amsterdam, The Shipwreck Arcana, Cryptid (a bit), Kung Fu Zoo, Illusion, Wavelength, High Tea Assassin, and finally, our game of the cast: Blood on the Clocktower. Finally, Matt unveils some cheese he's been sitting on for a VERY LONG TIME.
03/09/1958m 1s

Podcast #86: Doctor, My Dice Are Bleeding

Matt and Quinns kick this one off with a big, hairy discussion of Werewolf Legacy, and the state of legacy games in general. Moving on, they chat about the smooth operations of V Commandos, orchestrating fish feasts in Nusfjord, and the horrible, bleeding dice of Dice Hospital. Guns! Fish! Ambulances! This cast truly has it all.
03/09/191h 4m

Podcast #85: Do you have any Fascist Fish?

Come! Make yourself at home in our podcast nest, where Paul and Quinns are ready to regurgitate some board game knowledge right into your beak. This episode features Gunkimono, Taj Mahal, Trade on the Tigris, GKR: Heavy Hitters, Root, and a little chat about playing games for money.
03/09/191h 11m

Podcast #84: The Post-Gen Con Blowout

Join Paul and Quinns as they waddle forth from the future, burdened with impressions of all the new games they played at Gen Con 2018. They've got the scoop on Keyforge, Gen 7, Nyctophobia, Critical Mass, Railroad Ink and The Estates. What's more, three of those games seem like fantastic candidates for a SU&SD Recommends badge.
03/09/191h 3m

Podcast #83: The Villain's Criminal Google

In this episode of the award-winning board game podcast, Quinns, Matt and Paul are BAD MEN. They make fun of Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game, adopt some evil roles in Disney's Villainous, investigate a wallet that isn't theirs in the game of Wallet, and play a few troubling rounds of Weird Things Humans Search For.
03/09/1945m 15s

Podcast #82: Welcome To My Viking Fungus

Paul and Quinns loosened their belts for this tasty cast! The boys stuffed themselves with suburbs in Welcome To, ran a Chinese restaurant in Wok Star, poked around a forest for Fungi, barely stomached Village Attacks and gathered plenty of fresh meat in Champions of Midgard. (Then they felt a little bit sick.)
03/09/191h 13m

Podcast #81: Our Irradiated Pastries

The boys discuss exciting new games like Reef, Newspeak, Museum and Fallout: The Board Game, before chatting about their time in the French Resistance, deciphering codes in cream puffs. Yes, really.
03/09/1958m 54s

Podcast #80: Until The Sheep Goes "Berp"

What adventures we've had! We've argued about artichokes in Destination X, drowned some sheep in Lowlands, started a war in Starship Samurai, and struggled against big data in Quantified. Truly, to be a board gamer is to live a thousand lives, each more educational than the last...
03/09/191h 2m

Podcast #79: Law, Order and the Order of Logging

Matt, Quinns and Paul discuss the classy games of Lignum, Huns, The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr and Band Manager. But after that? This show KICKS OFF! Did Quinns throw away Matt's copy of Pandemic Legacy Season 2? It's time for a trip to the SU&SD law courts to prove him guilty or innocent.
03/09/1951m 20s

Podcast #78: Paul's Good Lamp Years

Paul and Quinns enjoy board games a great deal. BUT WHICH ONES? Well, this week they enjoyed running competing factories in Arkwright. They liked the art in the new edition of High Society. They enjoyed stacking numbers in NMBR 9. Oh, and being a brave forest witch in Broom Service. Finally, the pair take a paddle around the mailbag to answer not one, not two, but three little questions! Don't come in, the water's cold and full of jigsaw puzzles.
03/09/191h 6m

Podcast #77: Shipping & Deceiving

HONK! After a long journey, the latest Shut Up & Sit Down podcast is now docking with your ears. The boys have finally played Container, an utterly ridiculous economic game that'll be enjoying a similarly ridiculous new edition very shortly. There's also chat about Decrypto, Medici, and The Brass Double- Brass: Lancashire and Brass: Birmingham.
03/09/191h 7m

Podcast #76: Long John's Bad Mind

The team gathers in a haunted house in Niagara Falls, NY, to discuss the spookiest games imaginable: The Mind, Cardline Animals, Bye Bye Black Sheep, Kemet: Set, Treasure Island, Fireball Island and Bunny Kingdom. Alright, not one of those games is scary. But podcast descriptions are really difficult to write!
03/09/191h 31m

Podcast #75: Stress Testing your Tarot

This week, Matt, Paul and Quinns reunited in a hotel! After crying for a solid five minutes straight they switched on a microphone and discussed some board games: Ethnos, Fog of Love, Azul, Barenpark, Puzzlegami, Four Empires, Star Wars: Legion and Age of Steam.
03/09/191h 2m

Podcast #74: The War of the Stuffed Sun

Board games! They're things you can put on the table and sometimes enjoy. In this episode Matt and Quinns discuss Isle of Skye: Journeyman, Stuffed Fables, War of the Ring and Rising Sun. Also, they discuss steampunk and personal pies.
03/09/191h 12m

Podcast #73: The 2017 Pearple's Choice Awards

Paul, Matt and Quinns discuss the 2017 Pearple's Choice Awards! It's a great opportunity to discuss the very best games of last year, including Sagrada, Gloomhaven, Azul, Twilight Imperium 4th Edition, Fog of Love and so, so much more.
03/09/191h 19m

Podcast #72: Climbing Mount London

Matt, Paul and Quinns continue their treacherous ascent up the Shut Up & Sit Down review stack. This week, that means examining Mountaineers, The Climbers, London, the Munchkin Collectible Card Game and more!
03/09/191h 5m

Podcast #71: The Dragonholt Assault on Fake Eggs

Matt and Paul regroup for a post-festive ramble through the wilderness of cardboard. Paul shares some thoughts on Legacy of Dragonholt and Celestia, while Matt visits the free co-op app for Imperial Assault and compares the experience to the recently-reviewed Gloomhaven, Finally, we talk a little about the shocking phenomenon of fake board games.
03/09/191h 5m

Podcast #70: Trading Shady Trees

Matt and Quinns gather beneath a Christmas tree before cutting it down for Victory Points. Picking the pine needles out of their mouths, they discuss Photosynthesis, Sidereal Confluence and Shadespire.
03/09/191h 5m

Podcast #69: An Erotic Scottish Village

In this instalment of the board game podcast, Matt, Paul and Quinns discuss a selection of absolute Christmas crackers. Want to hear about Charterstone, Ex Libris, Flamme Rouge: Peloton, Clans of Caledonia, Fabled Fruit (and the other Fabled games)or Clank In Space? Of course you do. Get stuck in.
03/09/191h 7m

Podcast #68: Brotherly Love and Troublesome Pies

Matt and Quinns took to the stage at PAX Unplugged for this Very Special Phillysode! The first segment, "Card games that made us feel bad", includes chat about Capital Lux, Hanamikoji and Plums. Then there's "Eurogames that are actually quite good", featuring Pie Town and Altiplano. Finally, the boys move onto their game of the show, and possibly the year: Jacob Jaskov's Fog of Love. Surprising no-one, Matt and Quinns' first simulated relationship had chemistry but was horrible for everyone involved.
03/09/1955m 24s

Podcast #67: Spanish Tiles and Surprise Rats

Matt, Paul and Quinns discuss everything they're working on! Matt's hacking his way towards a Gloomhaven review, Paul actually quite likes Azul, and Quinns is wondering about whether to review Lisboa.
03/09/191h 3m

Podcast #66: The Post-SHUX Yingisode

Matt, Paul and Quinns join forces to try and unpick all of the sticky games they played at SHUX 2017. Shifty-Eyed Spies, Hanamikoji, Meeple Circus, Edge of Darkness and Space Base, as well as expansions for Inis and Lords of Vegas!
03/09/191h 5m

Podcast #65: Every Dog Has His Donner

Quinns and Paul go sprinting through the streets of Board Game City, begging for bones and pissing on everything in sight.
03/09/1959m 54s

Podcast #64: Dolphins Are People Too

Paul and Quinns meet (on the INTERNET) to discuss board games new and old. On this episode this includes Between Two Cities, World Championship Russian Roulette, Pit Crew and the first expansion for 2016 submersible smash hit Captain Sonar.
03/09/191h 6m

Podcast #63: A Bag of Glass and Cheese

No ghosts this week! Instead, Paul and Quinns discuss the surprising pouches of Sagrada, Automobiles and Orleans, before reaching into the pouch-with-pretensions that is our mailbag.
03/09/191h 0m

Podcast #62: Bruises in Bruges

Matt, Paul and Quinns once more eschew the new to discuss some board gaming classics: Bruges, Zombicide: Black Plague, Tigris & Euphrates and Railways of the World. There's also more Ghost Chat and a folk game sent in by a paramedic. Buckle up!
03/09/1956m 52s

Podcast #61: Lazer Pizza from Mars

Matt, Pip and Quinns have played SO MANY NEW GAMES. New York Slice, Kitchen Rush, NMBR 9, Lazer Ryderz, Four Elements and more! An all-you-can-eat Pizza Hut buffet of board games. Come along, gorge yourself and feel a bit greasy. Recorded live at the UK Games Expo, 2016.
03/09/191h 2m

Podcast #60: The Godfather's Animal Champion

Matt, Pip and Quinns discuss all sorts of upcoming board games, from Eric Lang's The Godfather, to the bear-filled Barenpark, to the excitement of First Martians, before moving on to the MAIN EVENT: An early live-play of Champion of the Wild. Recorded live at the UK Games Expo, 2016.
03/09/191h 6m

Podcast #59: The Ghost of BoardGameGeek's Top 100

Matt, Paul and Quinns crawl out of their writing-trenches to discuss the mammoth 20,000 word feature they wrote this week: SU&SD's take on BoardGameGeek's top 100 rated games. There's also chat about Star Wars: Destiny, Imperial 2030, Ghostbusters II (the game), ghosts (the incorporeal horrors) and Roll for the Galaxy.
03/09/1959m 50s

Podcast #58: A Field of Marbles

Paul and Quinns are all about the *classics* in this one and only 58th ep of the SU&SD podcast. Dinosaurs! Marbles! Liar's dice! Wooden cows! There's also some chat about whether anyone will die at the upcoming SU&SD convention. If you were thinking of dying, please don't.
03/09/191h 3m

Podcast #57: A Purple Boss, A Spicy Path

Paul and Quinns unite to discuss board games new and old! There's I'm The Boss!, Century: Spice Road, Citadels and Fresco. There's juggling and virgin queens. And of course, no review is complete without an analysis of the inlay of the box...
03/09/191h 7m

Podcast #56: Three Tough Guys and a Yamatai

Paul, Matt and Quinns discuss some of the world's latest and greatest board games! This week that means Flamme Rouge, Mythos Tales and Yamatai. They also discuss why the Warhammer universe is like watching a raptor drown in a tar pit, and their best tips for board game conventions!
03/09/1952m 52s

Podcast #55: Teenage Monstrous Roman Soldiers

Imagine you were rotating an industrial valve to let off air pressure. Now imagine the valve is cool chat, and the air pressure is all of the games Paul and Quinns have been playing. Unlock! Kingdominoes! Magic Maze! The Networks! When I Dream! We recommend two of these five games... BUT WHICH TWO?
03/09/191h 7m

Podcast #54: In A Bedroom With A Nasty Lich

Team SU&SD meet at GDC to discuss all sorts of erudite topics. Should liches be banned? Must gamers be forced to make tough decisions? And how can we put a stop to actors playing folk games ON STAGE!?
03/09/191h 5m

Podcast #53: Matt and Quinns go to the Past

The sacrifices we make for you, sweet innocent listeners. Matt and Quinns have only gone back and played 80's "classics" Space Hulk, Blood Bowl and Magic: The Gathering so you don't have to. Coincidentally, this episode has a lot more swearing that usual (all of it bleeped, at least).
03/09/191h 33m

Podcast #52: A Deception, a Dove and a Dungeon

Matt, Paul and Quinns return in 2017! What will the year hold? Board games, it seems, starting with Clank!, Dark Stories, Deception: Murder in Hong Kong and Welcome Back to the Dungeon! The boys also discuss why they didn't have any games at their weddings.
03/09/191h 5m

Podcast #51: The Pearple's Choice Awards

Paul and Quinns round off 2016 with the inaugral Pearple's Choice Awards! What will win Best Expansion? What about Best Reprint? And most importantly, with their reputation as tastemakers on the line, will they have played any of these boxes?
03/09/191h 15m

Podcast #50: Our Top 5 Games of 2016!

You know what's great? Numbers are great. For this 50th podcast (50 being one of the all-time top numbers) Paul and Quinns discuss Tyrants of the Onederdark and Spyfall 2, before discussing their top 5 games from 2016.
03/09/191h 2m

Podcast #49: A Dream Home and an Ill Moon

Paul and Quinns discuss 6 new games, 4 emails and 2 folk games in what must be their most mathematically pleasing cast ever. The pair end up recommending two games out of Dream Home, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle, Cottage Garden, Aeon's End, Mythos Tales and 4 Gods. But which... ?
03/09/191h 26m

Podcast #48: Complaining in the Crystal Maze

Like a domestic Sisyphus, Paul and Quinns continue on their quest to play all of the things! This week that means Pax Pamir, the Conan miniatures game, the new Game of Thrones card game, a real-life Crystal Maze and something called "The Beast". Does that sound like a sex thing? Because it's definitely a sex thing.
03/09/191h 15m

Podcast #47: Struggling in a Vast Aquarium

Like a jaguar (car) or a jaguar (cat), our 47th ever podcast is a bona fide classic. Paul and Quinns discuss board games ranging from Vast: The Crystal Caverns, to Twilight Struggle, to Aquarium. They answer reader mails! They review a hilarious folk game. They discuss veggies and jam. It's everything you want in one mid-sized audio file.
03/09/191h 8m

Podcast #46: One Miniature Vlaada

Paul, Quinns and Eric Tonjes discuss games LIVE from Gen Con 2016! Ft. Pandemic Cthulu, the Runewars Miniatures Game and the Arkham Horror LCG. Plus, an interview with Vlaada Chvátil, who might just be the best Czech board game designer in the WHOLE WORLD.
03/09/1955m 34s

Podcast #45: A Nebulous Boneyard

In this episode Quinns proves he's young by playing the Pokémon Trading Card Game, Happy Pigs and Via Nebula, while Paul proves he's not by playing Meuterer, Mission: Red Planet and the profoundly apt Great Dinosaur Rush. We receive correspondence from our Antarctic SU&SD fan, and end with an interview with a proper board game veteran: Dr. Reiner Knizia.
03/09/191h 21m

Podcast #44: Mausoleums of Birmingham

It's the second podcast we recorded live at the 2016 UK Games Expo. This time we offer definitive feels on Spiel des Jahres-nominted games Karuba and Imhotep, as well as chatting about Beyond Baker Street, Yeti, Coup: Rebellion G54 and a game jam winner called Lantern. We also ask an important question: Have you started building your mausoleum?
03/09/1947m 56s

Podcast #43: Deciding Where The Bullets Go

In this cast Matt, Paul, Pip and Quinns met up with 300 fans in a sweaty room at the UK Games Expo to discuss what they'd been playing. That meant The Ravens of Thri Sahashri, Ice Cool, Treasure Hunter, the Horses & Stagecoach expansion for Colt Express, Codenames: Pictures, Czech Games' new game Adrenaline and more besides! Finally, we end with an electrifying game of Question Wood Toy Folds High. Can Matt fix his losing streak?
03/09/191h 0m

Podcast #42: Fairytale in North Korea

Strap on your jackboots! It's time for a veritable military parade of a podcast, proceeding at an impressive pace but nonetheless going on for slightly too long. Games covered include Dear Leader, A Feast to Die For, Quadropolis, Fairytale and Pandemic: Contagion, as well as the long-awaited second half of our spoiler-filled Pandemic Legacy chat! Don't worry about that particular minefield. It's very clearly signposted at the end of the cast. (This episode's thumbnail art is courtesy of BGG user Punkin 312.)
03/09/191h 28m

Podcast #41: Misery, farkles and Soren Johnson

Psst! Down here! Climb into this cramped cave of chat with us. There's room for one more person. In what could well be our most feature-filled podcast ever, Matt, Paul and Quinns discuss Torchbearer, Merchant of Venus, Dragon Farkle and Drinking at the Red Dragon Inn, before getting down to (yet another) peculiarly erotic folk game. But wait! There's more! Quinns snagged video game designer Soren Johnson of Offworld Trading Company to discuss civilisation-building and trading board games. Enjoy, everybody.
03/09/191h 24m

Podcast #40: Reiner Knizia's Relationship Simulator

Matt, Paul and Quinns meet once again to create a board gaming Voltron, and he wants to talk TO YOU! Games discussed in this episode include And Then We Held Hands, Ra, Through the Ages, FUSE and A Fake Artist Goes to New York. We also chat about board game boxes and sustainability, and end with a lovely interview with Plaid Hat's Isaac Vega.
03/09/191h 10m

Podcast #39: Dancin', Brawlin' and Burglin'

Paul, Matt and guest star Jonathan Ying discuss the hottest new board games! And by "hottest" we mean "weirdest" (and by "new" we mean "old"). But trust us. It's a good time. Dancing Eggs has to be seen to be believed.
03/09/1950m 11s

Podcast #38: 504 Ways to Eat Paper

Matt, Paul and Quinns discuss games new and old. Elevenses! 504! Liar's Dice! Archaeology! It's not just Friedemann Friese who can pack a lot of nonsense into a tiny package.
03/09/191h 6m

Podcast #37: The Fun Stick Game

Matt, Quinns and Paul return for 2016! New games discussed incldue Billionaire Banshee, Flick 'em Up and Marrying Mr. Darcy. Million year-old games discussed include The Fun Stick Game.
03/09/1953m 46s

Podcast #36: Art Vs. Knives

Paul's back from Board Game Geek Con, and wants to talk about everything he played! Also, Quinns gets excited about knives
03/09/191h 2m

Podcast #35: Rebellion in an Airport

This week Paul, Matt and Quinns are to be found in a Minneapolis airport Chili's. But don't worry! We won't let the glitz and glamour of our new, international lifestyle change us. Some amazing games this week, though. Star Wars: Rebellion! Fury of Dracula! Pandemic Legacy! And even Win, Lose, Banana.
03/09/191h 8m

Podcast #34: The Great Antarctic Experiment

Paul and Quinns and embarking on a great scientific venture! Also, they manage some spoiler-free chat about Pandemic Legacy. What a delicate cast!
03/09/191h 13m

Podcast #33: Paints, Knocks and Christian Peterson

Matt and Quinns are desperate to talk about Infinity, while Paul's been playing Battlecon. Also, a wild CEO appears!
03/09/191h 6m

Podcast #32: Gasoline, Quiche and King Eric Lang

Matt, Paul and Quinns talk Game of Thrones, fires, disease, quiche, and are rudely interrupted from this vital business by an interview with designer Eric Lang.
03/09/191h 11m

Podcast #31: Return of the Gen-Cast

Matt, Quinns and Pip do their best to discuss T.I.M.E. Stories, Evolution and The Bloody Inn in front of a VERY frisky audience.
03/09/1954m 46s

Podcast #30: An Opera of Toys

Team SU&SD discuss the magic of Funemployed, Forbidden Stars and Spyfall, all while Quinns is tripping bowls.
03/09/191h 1m

Podcast #29: Nightmares at the Hilton

Quinns has been to the UK games expo, and Paul's been delving into some 2 player releases. Two plotlines at once! Can you keep up?
03/09/191h 1m

Podcast #28: Imperial Smog

What grown-up games we've got this week! Paul, Quinns and Matt discuss the beautiful Imperial Settlers, the grand old game of Nations, get a bit shipsy with Panamax and discuss Paul's sex power in Apocalypse World.
03/09/191h 5m

Podcast #27: Japanese Ghost Welfare

Alternative podcast title: The One That Gets Us Banned From Soundcloud. Paul, Matt and Quinns discuss being dodgy alchemists in Alchemists, bad politicians in their recent Megagame, and Quinns has raided BoardGameGeek for the most disturbing games in its database.
03/09/1954m 9s

Podcast #26: Mostly Books and Wookies

Paul, Matt and Quinns are reunited in the same room! Books, wookies, moles, ghosts, occasional flatulence. They've got it all.
03/09/1954m 22s

Paul's Greatest Gaming Memory

Paul's Greatest Gaming Memory by Shut Up & Sit Down
03/09/1917m 23s

Brendan's Rooky Errors: A Story of Chess

After discovering everything he was taught about chess to be wrong, Brendan goes on a quest to learn the game properly, in this special feature on the ancient pastime.
03/09/1922m 45s

Podcast #25: Stop! Let's Banana

Paul's been hard at work testing the Witcher board game, Panamax and Spyfall! Quinns tries to derail him with a trip to Board Game Geek.
03/09/1954m 1s

Podcast #24: On Poor Quality Property

Matt and Quinns discuss the terrible houses (and terrible messes) they've made in Last Will, Pagoda and Castles of Mad King Ludwig.
03/09/191h 13m

Quinns' Favourite Drinking Games

Quinns recounts his well-spent youth as a keeper of drinking games.
03/09/1916m 17s

Podcast #23: The Christmas CarolCast

Paul and Quinns extend their sexy Christmas tentacles over games past, present and future.
03/09/1959m 58s

Sean Bean Quest

Shut Up & Sit Down play a pen & paper roleplaying where they all control Sean Bean. To this day, we still don't know how this happened.
03/09/191h 2m

Podcast #22: The Octobercast

It's almost Halloween, so Paul and Quinns discuss such spooky games as Zombie 15', Dog Eat Dog and - er - Subdivision.
03/09/191h 18m

Podcast #21: The Cardcast

Paul, Matt and Quinns have played new releases Abyss, Samurai Spirit, Say Bye to the Villains and Pandante! Except they can't agree about a single one of them. Oh dear.
03/09/191h 2m

Podcast #20: The Livecast

At Gen Con 2014 we hosted a live podcast for 300 of our closest friends! Enclicken to hear us get excited about the new XCOM board game, True Dungeon and Question Jenga.
03/09/1954m 17s

Amazing Star Wars Adventures! Part 3

Our doomed posse of space-cowboys attempt their very first heist. Guess how that goes!
03/09/1934m 25s

Leigh's Month as an Assassin

In the second of our spoken word articles, Leigh Alexander talks us through the month she spent as a femme fatale watergun assassin.
03/09/1918m 31s

Podcast #19: The Watercast

Paul, Leigh and Quinns took part in a one month, one hit-one kill watergun assassination game. We present their exhaustive, exhausted review.
03/09/1950m 50s

Amazing Star Wars Adventures! Part 2

The adventures of Fuse (Matt Lees), Beetle (Leigh Alexander) and ZB-33 (Quintin Smith) continue! Although "adventures" might be a strong word.
03/09/1924m 32s

Podcast #18: The Turbocast

It's our eighteenth ever podcast! A rushed one this time, as Quinns, Paul, Matt and Brendan do their best to review five games in time for an Emergency Agony Aunt Segment.
03/09/1930m 45s

Brendan's Correct Way to Scratch

Brendan's Correct Way to Scratch by Shut Up & Sit Down
03/09/1915m 20s

Amazing Star Wars Adventures: The Prologue

Our diary of fancy new role-playing game Star Wars: Edge of Empire begins! Starring Leigh Alexander, Matt Lees and Quintin Smith being bossed around by Paul Dean.
03/09/1930m 11s

Podcast #17: The Megacast

The sweet boys of Shut Up & Sit Down discuss the Megagame they attended. What's a Megagame? Drop everything you're doing and watch this ruddy video immediately:
03/09/191h 5m

Podcast #16: On the Death of Bothans

It's an erudite week for team SU&SD, as their gaming reduces them to hitting one another with clubs, failing to cross mountains and not yet understanding the Star Wars RPG.
03/09/1958m 53s

Podcast #15: Fleeing the City

The world's most hyperbolic board game podcast returns, with a trip report from Game Developers Conference '14!
03/09/191h 6m

Podcast #14: That Heart-Restarting Moment

Podcast #14: That Heart-Restarting Moment by Shut Up & Sit Down
03/09/191h 5m

Podcast #13: The Tale of Elfblow Whistleknife

A hot new board gaming podcast, from SU&SD! For more board game coverage, why not pop over to
03/09/191h 2m

Podcast #12: Quinns' Holiday Crush

Quinns is back from Board Game Geek con, and he's fit to BURST with news of Nordic LARP, sinister physical games and a board game designer who's inexplicably gorgeous in person. Following this vital draining, the boys spend far too much time on the best question you guys have ever sent in, discuss venerable releases One Night Werewolf and The Coup, and get in a terrible fight regarding the mad mansions of Mansions of Madness.
03/09/191h 5m

Podcast #11: All Your Broken Monsters

The tender boys of SU&SD discuss the tricky subject of (im)balance in board games, discuss more new games than you could stagger under and lavish some love on Descent: Journeys into the Dark.
03/09/191h 21m

Podcast #10: Pirates & Politics

Shut Up & Sit Down's TENTH official podcasts covers board games big, small, devious and explosive. For more board game coverage, check out
03/09/191h 28m

Podcast #09: Reigning Supreme

The irregular podcast of the world's best board game review show! For more board game videos, articles and news, check out
03/09/1957m 44s

Podcast #08: Pointy Masks & Huge Beetles

The irregular podcast of the world's best board game review show! For more board game videos, articles and news, check out
03/09/191h 0m

Podcast #07: Introducing the Mailbag

Say HELLO to the very seventh Shut Up & Sit Down podcast. Don't actually say hello it can't hear you.
03/09/1956m 19s

Podcast #06

The very sixth Shut Up & Sit Down podcast!
03/09/1950m 59s

Podcast #05

Podcast #05 by Shut Up & Sit Down
03/09/1942m 27s

Podcast #04

Shut Up & Sit Down offers the world's best board game reviews. The podcast is where they temporarily forget how that works.
03/09/191h 0m

Podcast #03

Shut Up & Sit Down offers the world's best board game reviews. The podcast is where they temporarily forget how that works.
03/09/1959m 0s

Podcast #02

Shut Up & Sit Down offers the world's best board game reviews. The podcast is where they temporarily forget how that works.
03/09/1955m 56s

Podcast #01

Shut Up & Sit Down offers the world's best board game reviews. The podcast is where they temporarily forget how that works.
03/09/1952m 17s
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