The Naked Podcast

The Naked Podcast

By BBC Radio Sheffield

Two besties in the buff are on a mission to get to the naked truth. Yorkshire duo Jenny Eells and Kat Harbourne undress with a guest for revealing confessions & conversations.


"The Filth and The Fury!"

It’s time to say goodbye….again! Kat and Jen have a socially distanced get together with their kit on to contemplate the roller-coaster ride that is the year 2020. The pair muse about the ways Covid-19 has affected their lives; including missed marathons and embracing boring chit-chat!Kat rewinds some radio gold when The Naked Podcast came face to face with TV’s professional daredevil Richard “The Hamster” Hammond and Jen steps into the shed-turned-salon of podcast guest Hayley Ekwubiri. The pair talk about a being the centre of a tabloid splash they’ll never forget and ruffle through their email inbox for special end of season shout-outs. And can YOU beat Kat in The Naked Quiz?!Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast Email:
22/10/201h 7m

Men's Special: “The Yorkshire Vet, Exposed!”

Julian Norton, star of the hit Channel 5 TV series ‘The Yorkshire Vet’ strips off with Kat Harbourne and Jenny Eells for a men’s special. Julian recalls his memories of hitting puberty, school showers and being mistaken for a girl! The 48-year-old reveals what it’s like seeing himself on telly; about his journey into fatherhood and giving his first son a bath he’ll never forget. Kat and Jen find out if a Yorkshireman can truly be romantic and why alpacas make great lovers. As well as his many veterinary exploits (including a bit of self-surgery following an equine incident) Julian also opens up about his mental health and Kat reveals they’ve got a feline connection!In the Nude News Jen’s concerned she could have some incontinence issues and Kat’s (also) wet….but not in a good way!Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast; Julian Norton VetIf you need to speak to someone about your mental health you can ring the Samaritans at any time: 116 123 and more help and support can be found on the BBC's Action Line page:
09/10/201h 1m

“Come hairy, or waxed, shaven or plucked!”

Kat gets her knickers off for a cervical screening special with Dr Naomi Sutton. The star of Channel 4’s ‘The Sex Clinic’ helps bust the myths behind smear tests and Kat asks all the questions you’ve been scared to ask. Does it matter if you’re on your period? Should you shower and shave before your appointment? She also uncovers why it might be wise to leave your jumpsuit at home!Dr Naomi explains why she’s made it her life's mission to change the conversation about sexual health and what it’s like being recognised off the telly. Kat finds out what on earth a 'transformation zone' is and discovers the secrets of nabothian follicles.Jen joins Kat for the nude news to talk about scents that take you back to your youth, and the pair discuss the problems with chub rub and chafing!Our thanks to The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust.Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast; Dr Naomi SuttonHelp and advice:
28/09/2044m 51s

"I kind of look like a melted Barbie doll"

Steff Kent gets naked with Kat and Jen to talk about awaiting a full body lift to remove excess skin after losing 14 stone following a gastric bypass. The 32-year-old reveals how she’s coped both physically and mentally with the dramatic weight loss and how she's coming to terms with her new size.The hospitality professional chats about preparing psychologically for her next transformation, why she doesn’t want it to define her and what it’s like discovering new parts of her body. Steff also touches on her hopes to start a family and gets graphic about how her toilet habits have changed after surgery!If you've enjoyed this episode we'd love for you to leave us a 5 star review and a comment on your favourite podcast app.Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast; @steffkent Instagram: The Naked Podcast; IAmSteffKent Email:
21/08/2052m 4s

"Wigs have been an epic journey for me"

Hair and beauty expert Hayley Ekwubiri strips off with Kat and Jen to walk them through the wonderful world of wigs. The 29-year-old talks about building a business in her back garden and creating custom-made hair pieces for people dealing with hair loss. Hayley introduces the duo to ‘Sandra’ and reveals the secrets of synthetic hair and fabric softener. The trio discus the beautician’s relationship with her own barnet; challenges she faced during pregnancy and why she has three “titties”. In the Nude News Jen’s having a horrendous hair day, Kat’s getting back to her former glory and the pair go into detail about a recent pant-swapping saga. Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast; Ekays_hb Email: you've enjoyed this podcast please consider leaving a 5 star review and a comment on your favourite podcast app!
14/08/2054m 17s

“I have a really sexy wheelchair!”

Dr Hannah Barham-Brown gets naked with Kat and Jen to reveal what life is like living with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. The 32-year-old GP trainee explains how it affects her, discussing everything from dislocation to stretchy skin. The disability campaigner gets frank about her frustrations with public transport; the downfalls of dating on wheels and explains what is was like buying her first walking stick at the age of 26. The Deputy Leader of the Women's Equality Party also talks about coming out as bisexual to her parents and why her mum is her “roll model”. The trio chat about Hannah’s work to eradicate period poverty and ponder pimpin’ her powerchair!In the Nude News Kat’s weighing up the reasons behind a mental health wobble whilst Jen is 'Netflix and ill'!Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast;@HannahPopsy Instagram: The Naked Podcast; HannahPopsy1If you've been loving The Naked Podcast we would love YOU if you could leave us a 5 star review and a comment, wherever you get your podcasts from.
07/08/2055m 37s

“Fifty and fabulous with fizz!”

Model Rachel Peru from West Yorkshire gets her kit off with Kat and Jen and chats about kicking off a modelling career at the age of 46. The silver fox explains why she’s so passionate about representing real women in her work.The 50-year-old talks about embracing her grey hair and how divorce allowed her to reinvent herself. Rachel dishes the dirt on what it’s like dating in later life, menopause and what it means to be silver and sassy. The trio delve into why women are scared of ageing and find out how on earth Rachel ended up on a Bahamas beach with Lizzo!In the Nude News, Kat reflects on how the podcast has given her confidence to ask the difficult questions in her day job and Jen reveals a toy box horror story to make your toes curl! And the duo throwback to a beard competition they both entered, but who brought home the bacon?! Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast;@rachel_peru Instagram: The Naked Podcast; RachelPeru1When you've finished telling your friends about this brilliant podcast, we'd love you to leave us a (nice!) review wherever you get your podcasts from. It helps others to find us.
31/07/2055m 14s

"Viva La Vulva!"

Phoebe from the "Viva La Vulva" project visits Kat’s house in Sheffield to host a personal vulva-casting workshop. Phoebe explains how she got into this most intimate of art forms following a trip to Germany and how casting can be cathartic! Kat sheds her ‘Kevin Keegan perm’ to plunge her private parts into a British Airways peanut dish full of plaster. It involves a LOT of squatting. We'd love you to leave us a review, wherever you get your podcasts from. It helps other people find us and will convince our boss to let us record more!Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast; VivaLaVulvaCasting
24/07/2033m 13s

“Behind every naked woman is a real thinking being!"

Economist Dr Victoria Bateman talks to Kat and Jen about nakedness as a form of protest and why she chooses to use her body as a ‘political messaging vehicle’. The 40-year-old reveals her how-to guide on what you should and shouldn’t do when planning a naked demonstration and how she deals with criticism toward her style of campaigning.The University of Cambridge fellow chats about turning heads as an artistic subject and why we need to look at the world of economics through a woman’s gaze. The feminist academic talks about ditching bras, how she looks after her 6ft long hair and why we should all worship at the Altar of Venus. In the Nude News Kat and Jen contemplate reaching their ‘Simon and Garfunkel’ moment. Jen wonders if she will ever reclaim her sleep whilst Kat tickles the grey matter, getting deep about what kind of thinker she is. I think...therefor I....DAMN!Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast; @VNBateman Instagram: The Naked Podcast

“It’s so important to exist in photos”

Photographer Tigz Rice gets naked with Kat and Jen to talk about her work behind the camera capturing boudoir shoots. The 33-year-old reveals her journey into the world of burlesque and how she brought her alter-ego Raven Six to life on stage. Tigz chats about travelling the globe snapping some of burlesque’s biggest stars including Dirty Martini, Michelle L’amour and Go-Go Harder. She also introduces Kat and Jen to the world of "boylesque". They find out about Tigz's historic lingerie collection and her work at the Underpinnings Museum whilst Kat confesses to being partial to a lil’ pantyliner hoarding.In the Nude News Jen’s in the midst of a piles plight and Kat updates us about bumps on her bits…..and ponders about the whereabouts of the world wide poultry population! Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast; @Tigzy; @TheUPMuseum Instagram: The NakedPodcast; TigzriceWe hope you love listening to this podcast as much as we enjoy creating it. Please leave a 5 star review and a few words on your podcast app to help other people find us!
10/07/2047m 42s

“I was scared they were going to say it was for the best…”

Londoner Zachi Brewster kicks back with Kat and Jen to talk about her work as a miscarriage and abortion doula.Zachi opens up about her own experience of a missed miscarriage in her early twenties and how this led her to provide emotional support for women going through baby loss and abortion. The 28-year-old shares her experiences of racism; celebrates her travels to Italy and rejoices in her love of food. Zaz professes why she is passionate about sex positivity and the Dr. Marten fan confesses to how a nudist camping trip has helped her enjoy the feeling of being in the buff.Still on their London adventures, in the nude news it’s a make-up special! Kat’s miffed about mascara and Jen really needs to bin that blusher. Find out why Kat’s started dressing like Sir Walter Raleigh!Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast; Zaz.brwWe'd love you to leave us a 5 star review to help other people find us!
03/07/2059m 6s

“I am a work of art myself!”

Artist Sue Kreitzman talks age, fashion and why you should never wear beige.Kat and Jen take a trip to the top floor of The Old Queen’s Head pub in Islington to witness live 'Neon Naked Life Drawing'. Under the UV lights, they meet Jylle Navarro who came up with the concept, and life models Lilith and Finn to find out about posing, personas and avoiding getting pubes covered in paint! The pair check out some of the art work from the event and meet the iconic, self-confessed “colour maniac” host Sue Kreitzman. Sue chats about why wearing beige will kill you, making neck ‘shrines’ and enjoying her aging body. The 79-year-old also reveals what drives her obsession with colour, how she came to art in later life and why living away from her husband is the secret to a happy marriage!Check out the photos from this night on Instagram and Twitter. Search for 'The Naked Podcast'. Sue Kreitzman: Neon Naked Life Drawing:
25/06/2031m 37s

"I refuse to dial my shine down!"

Kat and Jen strip off with dominatrix and confidence coach Madam Storm. The 35-year-old talks about entering into the world of BDSM and how it’s inspired her to empower other women. Madam Storm opens up about her experience of an ectopic pregnancy, explains what it’s like to be “living in her purpose” and shares what drove her to become a body builder. The mistress also talks about “letting go of her trauma" to be able to achieve and she gives Kat and Jen their own personal strut masterclass. Still on their London trip Kat and Jen are concerned their hotel room could’ve been a crime scene. Kat’s feeling the burn (quite literally) from marathon training whilst Jen’s fear of confrontation has led to receiving a dose of body karma…. and she’s got a rhyme to go with it.Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast;@IAmMadamStorm Instagram: @TheNakedPodcast; @MadamStorm YouTube: The Naked PodcastMadam Storm: like and share the podcast and if you are able to, leave a lovely review!
19/06/201h 3m

“I didn’t think I fitted into society at all”

Kat and Jen head to London to talk to childhood burns survivor Sylvia Mac. The 'Love Disfigure' campaigner strips off to talk about the trauma that caused third and fourth degree burns across her back and stomach when she was just a toddler. The 52-year-old chats about the physical and mental toll that scarring and surgery has taken on her and how a life changing holiday made her finally love the skin she’s in. Sylvia reveals how her scars have led her into toxic relationships, how the trauma caused bed-wetting and why she now sweats in intimate places. Having transformed her outlook to spread a message of body positivity she’s now helping others with burns and disfigurements to embrace acceptance. In the first of their adventures in the capital Jen and Kat prepare to bunker down together but Jen’s got a few perspiration problems. Kat on the other hand is celebrating after relocating her lost libido-o-oh!Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast; @LoveDisfigure Instagram: The Naked Podcast; love_disfigure Love Disfigure:
12/06/2051m 48s

"I tattooed my own nipples"

Lucy Thompson from Yorkshire Mastectomy Tattoos invites Kat and Jen into her clinic in Bradford where she specialises in permanent 3D nipple tattoos for people who’ve been through breast cancer surgery and for those wanting to cover up their scars. The trio don medical gowns before the big reveal and Lucy chats about fighting to be taken seriously as a female tattooist in a male dominant trade. The mum-of-one waves her right to anonymity to talk about overcoming the trauma of being raped and how she's faced the depression that followed. Jen’s experiencing unexplained internal pains and Kat’s got lumps on her lady bits. Jen’s kitted out with an appropriate shirt for a naked occasion whilst Kat’s getting hyped about a special outfit of a different kind whilst deciding whether she should take the plunge and lose her inking virginity! If you would like to find out more about Lucy’s Nipple Innovation Project charity: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: @TheNakedPodcast; @lucy_nipple YouTube: The Naked Podcast
05/06/2052m 37s

“I felt squashed by my own boobs!”

Stand-up poet Dr Kate Fox joins Kat and Jen to strip off and talk about what it means to her to be neurodivergent after getting a Asperger's diagnosis as an adult. The 44-year-old reveals why she chose to have a breast reduction and how she’s using her voice to champion fellow northern women including Sarah Millican. Kate also chats about how her dog has improved her well being, why she loves wild swimming and what’s going on with her webbed toes! It's an emotional nude news this week as Jen opens up about the struggle of juggling motherhood and full-time employment. Kat explains what’s been causing blood from both ends and why she’s waving goodbye to a monthly meet up with a menstrual cup.Follow us on Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast; @katefoxwriter Like us on Instagram: The Naked Podcast Watch us on YouTube: The Naked Podcast
29/05/2050m 18s

BONUSCAST: Covid-19 lockdown survival guide with Dr Radha

Dr Radha Modgil dials up with Kat and Jen in our first ever bonuscast about tackling life in lockdown. The trio chew the fat on how to keep a healthy mind and body during the coronavirus pandemic. The BBC Radio One 'Life Hacks' podcaster chats managing self-esteem and body image; being kind to yourself and what secret “hench” activity makes her feel empowered. Kat feels her marathon motivation’s slipping since lockdown started and Jen reveals she’s reaching for the drink maybe more than she should. Dr Radha responds to your comments and questions; gives tips on how to set achievable goals and chats about why our dreams are getting REALLY weird.This is the survival guide you need to triumph during these turbulent times!Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast @DrRadhaModgil Instagram: The Naked Podcast; Dr_Radha YouTube: The Naked Podcast
25/05/2035m 56s

“I can’t quite believe there’s a baby in there!”

Kat and Jen take a trip to get naked with TV and weather presenter Keeley Donovan. At 21-weeks-pregnant, Grimsby lass Keeley talks about how she is coming to terms with her changing body and what it’s like carrying a baby in front of the cameras. The 36-year-old discusses growing up on screen, the pressures of being in the public eye and which swear word she let slip on air which had her colleagues in stitches. The mum-to-be also chats about tackling her relationship with food in her teenage years and makes a hilarious personal confession about flatulence anxiety following her switch to a vegan diet! In the nude news, Jen’s got skin tags popping up in precarious positions and Kat's getting not-so-romantic in front of the mirror.Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast; @KeeleyDonovan Instagram: @TheNakedPodcast;@Keeley.Donovan YouTube: The Naked Podcast Email:
21/05/2056m 27s

“My vagina has absolutely nothing to do with my music!”

Anastasia 'Stars' Walker invites Kat and Jen to her home and shares why her deep love of belting out a banger has become her life-calling and how it's led to her band Bang Bang Romeo opening for some of the world’s biggest stars. The 26-year-old Doncaster front woman speaks candidly about her experience of coming to terms with her sexuality which prompts Kat to open up about her own relationship. Stars also chats about body confidence as a self-titled “big-girl”, her 'boobannas' and why she got cross about her vagina on live TV. In their nude news Kat and Jen introduce each other to their electronic “friends” and why Kat's is linked to an 80s rock band!Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast YouTube: The Naked PodcastEmail us! Bang Romeo on Twitter: @BangBangRomeo
20/05/2052m 51s

“I just wish I could’ve met her….”

Comedian Nina Gilligan strips off with Kat and Jen and chats about what it’s like living with fibromyalgia and how having her ovaries 'switched off' has sent her “crashing” into the menopause. The 48-year-old reveals the realities of empty nest syndrome, discusses the pros and cons of big boobs and the perils of growing up ginger. Nina opens up about being adopted; the questions it’s raised about her own identity and what it was like to come face with her birth father for the very first time. In the nude news, Kat and Jen have some toe-curling confessions and discuss tips and techniques to finding the big-O Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast Email:
19/05/2055m 42s

“I lost my virginity when I was 12”

Sex and love addict Laurie Woodruff gets naked with Kat and Jen to chat about her road to recovery and how meditation, spirituality and celibacy have all leant a hand. The 31-year-old also reveals the heartbreaking story of the death of her first son Arthur from sudden infant death syndrome at just a few weeks old and how she uses her loss to help others. Laurie talks about the struggles of breast-feeding with a boob job, her titillating talent for lactating and the veggie vernacular she used to call her vagina. Find out how Kat’s coping in the aftermath of a newly fitted coil and why Jen’s turned into a two wheeled warrior. Plus, Velma from Scooby Doo makes a special appearance!Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast Email: loss charity Sands: Baby loss charity Bliss:
18/05/2052m 3s

“Three… is the magic number!”

Kat Harbourne and Jenny Eells are back with a bang and chewing the fat about their bodies since they last got behind the mics. In the midst of a public health crisis, the pair ponder old school remedies to aid the fight against the Coronavirus. Kat reveals how she’s embracing long-distance running whilst on her mammoth marathon mission whilst Jen’s coming to terms with a post-baby body and reveals what she’s trying to do to give her sex life a kick up the ass. Find out why the pair revealed all in front of the cameras during a naked filming session.This episode was recorded before lock down restrictions in the UK were implemented.Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast YouTube: The Naked Podcast
17/05/2045m 21s

Series Three: COMING SOON!

The two muff-kateers are back! Kat Harbourne and Jenny Eells return with more candid conversations without clothes. Here’s a little nugget of the duo’s latest naked adventures.Subscribe now to never miss an episode.Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast
16/03/205m 24s

“We wish you a Merry Clit-mas!”

It’s The Naked Podcast Christmas Special! To celebrate, Jen and Kat take a trip to London to visit The Vagina Museum, the world's first bricks and mortar museum about the gynaecological anatomy. They meet founder Florence Schechter and development manager Zoe Williams for a look around their first exhibition: ‘Muff Busters: Vagina Myths and How To Fight Them’.The group chat menstrual cycles; "feminine products" and found out who went viral by creating sour-dough bread with their own vaginal yeast. Yep, you’ve read that right!We'd love to hear from you. You can email or find us on Twitter and Instagram @TheNakedPodcast.Vagina Museum:
25/12/1941m 29s

“I’ve never seen so many naked people!”

The dynamic duo return for a skinny dipping special! Kat Harbourne and Jenny Eells are in Northumberland to join 700 others in a mass naked charge into the North Sea.The pair join the sunrise gathering at Druridge Bay as they discuss what’s been going on since they were last behind the mics, including Jen’s receding hairline and Kat’s foray into the world of wild swimming. The couple catch up with other “dippers” including Reverend Kate Bottley and organiser of the 'North East Skinny Dip' Jax Higginson to find out what prompted them to get their kit off and brave the waves on a cold September morning.The annual event, which raises cash and awareness for mental health charity MIND takes place each year to mark the autumn equinox – you can find out more here: featured on this episode - a little taster of the BBC Multi Story podcast presented by Becca Bryers: Instagram: Email: you feel like you are struggling PLEASE speak to someone. These organisations can help point you in the right direction:
03/10/1940m 49s

"He's here!"

Baby Eells has arrived! Jenny shares what it was like giving birth to her 7.6lb baby boy at home with just gas and air and a whole lot of hot water for company. Meanwhile, Kat has been stripping off to model for a life drawing class, whilst broadcasting at the same time, all in the name of the BBC's Get Creative Festival 2019. She meets artist and Big Painting Challenge winner 2017 Suman Kaur.Hear about some gongs the duo have scooped and find out about their recent collaboration with the podcast "Freaking the f*** out".Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast Email:
07/06/1958m 37s

"The Colonial Clitoris"

Jen and Kat are on their own this week, looking ahead to the impending birth of baby Eells. The kit and caboodle is ready, but there's a guessing game when it comes to one particular piece of stretchy equipment...Mum-to-be Jen has given up earning a crust and is eating them instead, whilst Kat is suffering with a spa-inflicted problem down below. There is as much wee chat as you've come to expect with an added wet patch bonus.The pair reflect on the series so far and chat about some of the guests that have stayed with them whilst sharing some messages from listeners. Plus, 'The Vagina Song' returns! This time with an added clitoral twist, by songwriter Alice Deuchar.If you'd like to send a message commenting on how much laughter (or otherwise) you'd like to hear in the podcast, email or look for 'The Naked Podcast' on Twitter or Instagram.
23/05/1951m 58s

Men's Special: "Being a misfit means I’m an individual"

Let's hear it for the boys! This is a Naked Podcast men's special.Lead singer of Sheffield band The Everly Pregnant Brothers 'Big Shaun' Doane strips off with BBC sports commentator Adam Oxley to talk openly about being severely bullied as a child and the impact that has had on his life since. The 6ft 5in former funeral director shares his love for his grandparents and muses on whether his granddad's death was a catalyst for the depression he's lived with on and off since his teens.The 50-year-old celebrates the love of his life and encourages anyone living with depression to reach out and speak to a friend.Kat and Jenny are on standby to hand the mics over to their third musketeer, 34-year-old BBC sports reporter Adam Oxley.Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast Email: Mind:
17/05/1953m 18s

"I don't want the one boob I've got getting in the sauce"

Hilda Marshall shares her experiences of growing up in the 1950s; how she found out about sex; how life changed with the introduction of the contraceptive pill and why she chose travel over having children.The 71-year-old tells Jenny and Kat about her time working on Fleet Street; being dubbed 'Hildaboobs' by a male colleague and why she disagrees with the way some feminists took action in the 1970s and 80s.The keen skinny dipper talks about how only having one breast after cancer hasn't held her back and why she's hoping an upcoming holiday will be a racy affair! The trio debate death and why we find it so difficult to discuss.Meanwhile, in the Nude News, Jenny has been huffing, puffing and annoying music legend John Cooper Clarke with her backside problem whilst Kat is facing up to a big milestone. The duo discuss the changing faces of grief; muse on Huntington's Disease and there's a good news update on a previous tricky situation!Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast Email:'s Disease:
09/05/1952m 24s

"I want people to know that I am a woman and I am doing drag!"

Drag queen Bipolar Abdul derobes to introduce Kat and Jen to her alter ego. The 29-year-old chats about what it means to be gender fluid, why she identifies as queer and she shares some of her conflicts with body confidence.The drag artist talks about her struggles with mental health; why she shaves her eyebrows off; why motherhood led to a feeling of lost identity and how she found herself again through her Doncaster drag family. There's chat about fake penises, intimate piercings and...a 'pidge'! In the Nude News Kat's left red-faced when she's caught red handed at the airport and Jen's having issues as she's slowly inflating.Tweet: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast Email:
02/05/1952m 58s

"I was halfway through living my best life at 18 when I found out I was having a child"

Journalist and Blogger Esta Suma from Leeds talks about her experience of trying to shake the stigma of being a "teen mum". Esta opens up for the very first time publicly about suffering from depression and PTSD after a secret abortion at the age of 16.*This podcast contains explicit conversation about abortion.*The 23-year-old talks to the pair about the impact of her father's death, her rocky relationship with religion and how she came face to face with Nelson Mandela. She also gives the lowdown on wicked wigs and weaves and how she's no stranger to nudity after disrobing at the 'Tribe of Doris Festival'. This week's Nude news it's all about pains, drains and pregnancy feels.If you are affected by any of the issues in this podcast:NHS: British Pregnancy Advisory Service: Marie Stopes UK: The National Unplanned Pregnancy Advisory Service: PTSD: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast Email:
25/04/1956m 41s

"You can have the menopause and still be cool, and still have stuff to say and still be relevant!"

Feminist Auriel Majumdar strips off to share stories of her childhood growing up in one of the few mixed raced families in Rotherham in the 1970s. Jenny and Kat are back in Sheffield after their soirees down south and the trio talk finding feminism; protesting and retro hairstyles (the Pifco Go-Girl anyone?!).The 56-year-old chats about her experience of the menopause and how it led to a rare auto-immune disorder (lichen planus pigmentosus with frontal fibrosing alopecia) and, by her own admission, a 'middle class list' of allergies! And the lecturer in coaching reveals why she's a self-confessed "adventuress"; how hearing aids have transformed her life and what it was like to hang out with Top Gear's James May as teen.Jenny and Kat are back in Sheffield after their soirees down south and body smells are high on the agenda in this week's Nude News. Kat questions how close is *too* close when it comes to yoga workouts and Jen's prenatal trips to pee are causing a stink with her partner - which brings about the question "should you ever wipe with your hand?!" Oh, and Jenny is worried about her crack. Or is it craic?!Get in touch! Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast Email: you're enjoying this podcast - we'd love it if you could leave us a review.
18/04/1956m 43s

"I'm conscious that people will see my race before my face"

Monty Onanuga, co-host of the "No County for Young Women" podcast, confesses the joys of watching Eurotrash with the sound down, porn preferences and what it means to be "dickmatised". The 33-year-old talks about the impact religion has had on her life and it brings the group on to the topic of "church bangers"....all whilst sharing THAT laugh! In the final chapter of their London adventure Jen and Kat travel across the capital whilst celeb spotting and sharing boring facts!
11/04/1957m 18s

"I like bruising people and hurting them. I am a true sadist!"

Dominatrix and "Goddess of Big Love" Athena shares an insight into the world of bondage, discipline, dominance, submission and sadomasochism. The 35-year-old explains her rules on consent and how the wider world could learn a thing or two from the BDSM community. This episode comes with an added warning - there are graphic descriptions of BDSM acts.Athena talks about the workshops she runs for big women, what to do with a sex wedge and how she deals with public fat shaming. The dominatrix also opens up about her health and living with a genetic condition that leaves her with dislocated and broken bones.Still on their "Big Smoke" mission, Kat and Jen are embracing the cold air whilst talking tits, bits and Braxton Hicks. Kat also introduces her alter ego "Katherine the tax accountant".Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast Email: you're enjoying this podcast - we'd love it if you could leave us a review.Ehlers Danlos syndrome:
04/04/191h 2m

"I wanna feel good about the space between my legs!"

Lacey Haynes takes Kat and Jen on a voyage of self-discovery like no other, armed only with hand mirrors! The yoga teacher runs workshops for women to get to know their vaginas and increase their confidence. The 34-year-old shares her story of why she chose to have a 'free birth', what she did with her baby's placenta and how she's having the best sex of her life as a new mum.Turns out Kat and Canadian Lacey have a claw in common, and as Kat and Jen consider the composition of their own undercarriages they're desperately trying keep the conversation on the quiet from other commuters!You can catch up with photos from this episode and like and share posts from the daring duo on Twitter and Instagram - just search for 'The Naked Podcast'. Email:'d love you to leave a review for this podcast on your favourite podcast app.
29/03/1957m 51s

"I started an incontinence odyssey"

Luce Brett became incontinent at the age of 30 after the birth of her first child. Now 41, the writer shares her story with Jenny Eells and Kat Harbourne in the second installment of their London adventure. The mum of two unlocks the secrets of "the final taboo" and talks openly about childbirth; undergoing "flange physio"; having to poo in an MRI machine in front of an audience and introduces the pair to her experience of propeller toilets. Luce also reveals an ingenious naked prank her father pulled on her as a youngster.Kat and Jen take on the Tube in the Nude News. Kat discusses the grotesque enjoyment of extracting in-growing hairs and Jen just can't wait to break free from her bra!Here's Luce's original article: Luce's blog: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast Email:, and if you can find it in your heart it'd be great if you could rate and review this podcast, to help others find it.
22/03/191h 6m

"I started my period twice!"

Writer and magazine journalist Kim Willis joins Kat and Jen as the latest rogue to disrobe. The 36-year-old explains how a trip to a Japanese onsen inspired her to push herself out of her comfort zone to put pen to paper and write an article about her Naked Podcast experience. Kim reveals all about a back injury that led to her spending six months in bed. Talk of 'insanity' workouts gets the lasses remembering former exercise video faux pas. The writer shares stories of being raised by her dad, how she spent a penny whilst at sea, poshing up and how she started her period not once...but twice!In this week's nude news Jen fears a suspicious lump on her lady bits could be an unwelcome visitor from her past coming back to haunt her and find out why Kat's considering a whiplash compensation claim...against a small child!Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast Email:'d love you forever if you could leave us a review, wherever you get your podcasts.
15/03/1952m 41s

"I was so shocked that I got breast cancer, the girl with no t*ts!"

Lauren Mahon aka #GIRLvsCANCER from BBC Radio 5 Live's award winning "You, Me and the Big C" podcast strips off and talks about coming to terms with her cancer diagnosis, experiencing post-diagnosis 'FOMO' with friends and how Instagram helped her own her illness. Kat and Lauren discuss the impact of grief and the ability to cope with trauma whilst the podcaster talks frankly about the emotional impact having a strong social media presence can have. The 33-year-old lays it on the line about 'roid rage, cold caps and cancer fan boys and girls. The social media manager also reveals the effects of an early menopause along with what it means to be "chemo smooth".Meanwhile in their 'Nude News' Kat and Jen are reveling in taking the podcast on tour to London...but are struggling with a mystery noise...Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast Email:, and if you can find it in your heart it'd be great if you could rate and review this podcast, to help others find it.
08/03/191h 1m

"Enjoy life as it is because tomorrow isn't promised to any of us"

Danielle Grant from Sheffield suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm and hemorrhage in May 2017. The 38-year-old strips off with Kat and Jen to talk through her recovery, the changes to her physical and mental state and taking selfies from the hospital bed. The blogger also opens up about her Afro hair, being judged for not having children and hosting 'Red Table Talks'. Jen is feeling "ZEN AF" after a hypnosis session and Kat's buzzing after a bra fitting. Oh and Harbs has an inventive tip on using bathroom equipment to beat period pains.Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast Email:'d love you forever if you could leave us a review, wherever you get your podcasts.
01/03/1954m 34s

Men's Special: "You'd never get John Motson sat here with his lad out!"

Let's hear it for the boys! This is a Naked Podcast men's special.Jenny and Kat hand the reins to 'Reverend and the Makers' front man Jon McClure and BBC Radio Sheffield's Adam Oxley. The fellas disrobe in Jon's studio in Sheffield to discuss everything from anxiety, disordered eating and growing grey pubes. The 37-year-old singer and 34-year-old sports commentator talk frankly about their bodies, puberty, their mental health and they school Kat and Jen on what it means to have a 'Sunday league football todger'. Jon shares tales of nudity from saunas to the South of France via Sheffield's Manor Top.Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast Email:'d love it if you'd leave us a tip top review, wherever you get your podcasts.
21/02/191h 4m

"Taking a leg off is like taking a bra off, but ten times better!"

Paracyclist, broadcaster and journalist Sally Hurst joins Jen and Kat for an intimate chat about overcoming not one but two forms of cancer, one of which left her needing an above the knee amputation. The 40-year-old chats about living with a prosthetic leg, what it was like to learn to walk again (in time for her wedding) and how being selected to ride for Team GB transformed her life. And Sally reveals the insider tip cyclists have about cultivating their public hair. Kat's accidentally signed herself for a massive challenge and Jen's having some disconcerting discharge issues!Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast Email:'d love you forever if you could leave us a review, wherever you get your podcasts.
20/02/1956m 6s

Series Two: "The difficult second album"

Kat and Jen are back in the buff for series two!The duo bring in the new year by getting naked in Kat's front room and reflect on what's been going on for them since they last recorded together. Jen's body's been through a bit of an upheaval and Kat considers what the future might hold if she's to take the life changing Huntington's Disease test. The pair have an emotional chat about what happened when a best friend drops a life changing bombshell, so be warned you might need your hankies for this one. Oh and Kat's cooking grub - giving a whole new meaning to 'The Naked Chef' - Jamie Oliver we're coming for ya!Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast Email:, and if you can find it in your heart we'd love you to rate and review this podcast, to help others find us.
19/02/1954m 34s

Series Two: COMING SOON!

Two friends. One guest. No clobber. Celebrating and undressing the taboos about nudity.Jenny Eells and Kat Harbourne are back for more adventures in the buff and on a mission to get you feeling more confident about what's underneath your clothes.Here's a sneaky peek of what you can expect from season two.
14/02/194m 45s

The Year of The Naked Podcast

The Naked Podcast is a series of candid conversations with fearless females with one twist - everyone is in the buff! It launched in April 2018 and this one-off documentary takes a look back to some of the moments that will make you laugh, cry and stop you in your tracks.The New Year's got Jen and Kat feeling nostalgic, so this hour long special revisits some of the incredible stories and guests who've dared to bare all so far in the pursuit of loving the skin they are in. Reverend Kate Bottley, broadcaster Jeremy Vine, award-winning blogger Sam Cleasby aka 'So Bad Ass' and DJ Stephanie Hirst are among the voices who join the duo in sharing their personal reflections of being involved in the podcast's roller-coaster ride. Kat and Jen chat about their stand out moments from the idea's inception, think back to getting their kit off live on BBC Radio 2 and also reveal what they're plotting for series two!You can email the duo: Instagram: @TheNakedPodcast Twitter: @TheNakedPodcastThe Year of The Naked Podcast has been produced for BBC Radio Sheffield by Steve White.
28/12/1858m 38s

An ode to our vaginas: “Red tongue, front bum, vulva or a prune"

In the last episode of this series (sob!) Kat and Jen talk about how far they’ve come since first baring all to each other and there’s a 'Pause For Thought' from Reverend Kate Bottley. The final hurrah (for now) features the duo's first ever chat with blokes in the buff, recorded during a trip to a nudist festival in Doncaster on a damp Bank Holiday Monday! And to end on a high note Jen reveals her mighty VAGINA SONG! In this week's nude news Jen's boobs are weighing her down and Kat’s returned energized from the Edinburgh Festival and is considering a new career option.Email: Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast
06/09/1854m 22s

"I AM"

Jen and Kat hit the road to Manchester to meet social media influencer Emma Hill. The star of BBC Three's 'Too Fat for Love’ strips off and tells the duo about what she learnt from making the documentary, and reveals whether she really does use a wedge to have sex. The 22-year-old tells all about the realities of earning money from social media and being in the spotlight as a plus-size woman. She explains how her aunties are tying to reclaim the "c" word and how she deals with unsolicited dick pics. In this week's nude news Jen's made a discovery and had a eureka moment in combating period pains, whilst Kat's got a cold sore and a confession about her gym hygiene. Also, can someone pass the Tena Lady please?! Email: Tweet: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked PodcastWatch ‘Too Fat For Love’:
30/08/181h 2m

“You can’t be bald without a statement earring!”

Twenty-one-year-old Genesia Kalsi, aka “Queen G”, strips off with Kat and Jen and reveals what prompted her to shave all her hair off. The self-confessed extrovert talks about how proud she is of her Punjabi roots, the beauty of going bra-less and why she’s started talking to herself in the mirror. The actress chats about how posting photos of herself in undies on social media helped her view herself in a new light and she shares the secrets of her kick-ass attitude to body confidence. The trio discuss how best to deal with inappropriate touching and unsolicited comments and why best friends are the best when it comes to ingrowing hairs. This episode is brought to you from chez Harbourne again this week. Kat’s reflecting on the future whilst Jen’s experiencing weird pains down below and banging on about Jon Ronson’s podcast.Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast Email: ovary syndrome: Huntington's Disease: Jon Ronson's podcast: Ovarian cancer: Eve Appeal:
23/08/1855m 3s

“It’s basically like dying slowly"

Twenty-two-year-old Gabby Willis gets naked with Jen and Kat and opens up about overcoming anorexia. The Sheffield Hallam University Women’s Officer has waived her right to anonymity to reveal how speaking out as a victim of sexual abuse has helped her reclaim both her body and sexuality.The student explains why she’s now “sex positive” and how, despite her "strange relationship" with her breasts, they can perform a particularly awesome party trick! It’s all round to Kat’s and a change of location for the podcast recording. Jen’s playing havoc in the Harbourne hammock and this week’s ‘nude news’ is a special dedication to one loyal listener whose eye-watering endeavours have the podcast duo in pieces.Sexual abuse help and advice: Rape Crisis: Beat Eating Disorders Charity: Information on anorexia: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast Email:
16/08/1850m 19s

“I woke up and he was having sex with me”

Thirty-four-year-old Ellie Skinner gets naked with Jen and Kat and shares the impact a traumatic sexual experience with a former boyfriend has had on her life and mental health. The writer and maker reveals how she came to terms with her dad's transition to become "Dawn" and what happened when she died. Ellie also talks body image and how Emma Thompson's prompted her to get a permanent tribute to the Bard on her body. It's the hottest day of the year and Jen's got spots, whilst Kat realises her serious aversion to time keeping.Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast Email: crisis: Mermaids: Help and support:
09/08/1850m 53s

“God knew what God was doing when God made the clitoris”

Gogglebox star and BBC Radio 2 presenter Reverend Kate Bottley strips off with Jen and Kat and talks about everything from her naked photo shoot to getting her bum pinched at a funeral. The 43-year-old shares stories about attempting sex during pregnancy and how a pilgrimage across the Pyrenees pushed her faith to its limits. The Church of England priest reveals her thoughts on religion, having ginger pubic hair and talks prudes…and prunes! She’s also got some top tips on how to deal with online trolls #everyblessingKat and Jen are excited about the prospect of getting “Botters in the buff” and compare their “intimate” photography skills.Twitter: @The NakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast Email:
02/08/181h 1m

“I’m proud of my scars because they’ve saved my life”

Fifty-five-year-old Mary Mutch talks about how her body’s been pushed to its limits by several serious operations and what her family and the NHS have done to help heal her wounds. The city centre ambassador undresses with Kat and Jen to reveal how her scars prompted her to pluck up the courage to shed her clothes for the podcast (with a little help from her husband!). Mother and grandmother Mary talks about finding love second time around, being a motorbiking babe, an eventful skinny dip and find out what she says to get Jen weeping! They’ve been apart for a few days so Jen and Kat have a lot to catch up on. They contemplate if sexy time at a music festival is ever ok and chat about how karma played a part in Kat’s hair coming a cropper in a militant queuing “situation” on her hols.Email: Tweet: TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast
26/07/1851m 4s

"That is a vulva riding a horse. It's got a crossbow and a flail and it's wearing a little crown"

Archaeologist and PhD student Rebecca Hearne bares all with Jen and Kat to reveal how she ended up with a permanent picture of a crown-wearing flair-bearing vulva riding a horse under her arm.The trio ponder questions over pubic hair and the pitfalls of keeping your private parts looking pukka (and whether anyone really goes in for 'intimate' bleaching). Good sex, big O’s and Sting’s tantric teachings all get a mention too. Jen and Kat have lots to catch up on after Harbourne’s holidays. Jen’s been left confused over her technicoloured nipples, whilst Kat’s been getting creative with an underwater camera...(yes, it probably is what you think it is).If you'd like to join the conversation - you can!Email: Tweet: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast
19/07/1854m 27s

“I’ve perfected the art of standing in front of a mirror and not seeing myself”

Tracy Viner from Sheffield’s Cathedral Archer Project heads to Jen’s flat to chat about conundrums facing curvy women, including big breasts and bra techniques. Tracy explains why food and over-eating have dominated the bond she has with her body and how boarding school affected her relationships with men. The 52-year-old swaps vaginal injury stories with Kat and reveals why she’s sticking two fingers up to online dating. Oh and everyone’s VERY sweaty!!This week’s all about #TMI – Kat’s been hypnotised and Jen reckons she should be auditioning for “Embarrassing Bodies”. The naked duo also have a special announcement.....they've been nominated for an AWARD! If you want to vote for them, YOU CAN! Find the link on their social media pages.Twitter: Instagram: Email: Cathedral Archer Project: Cruse Bereavement charity:
12/07/1855m 36s

“I said: 'I’m going to keep my baby', and Mum said: 'No yer not!'”

Director of Sheffield charity ‘The Suit Works’ Vanda Kewley strips off with Kat and Jen and talks about coming to terms with getting older and how working with men’s bodies has given her a better understanding of how blokes feel about what’s underneath their clothes. The fifty nine year old explains how a conversation with her sister in later life revealed they’d both had abortions at the age of fifteen. Vanda also chats about growing up with a ‘Tiller Girl’ and what it was like having Ken Dodd knocking on the door. This week Kat and Jen confess to having a few wobbles whilst on the search for ‘Naked Nirvana’. Jen’s got the rage and Kat’s pits are causing her a few probs.If you are affected by any of the issues in this podcast you can find help and support by following these links:British Pregnancy Advisory Service: Marie Stopes UK:’s charity: ‘The Suit Works’ If you want to check in with Kat and Jen you can follow their exploits and chat to them on social media: Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast Email: what you're listening to? Why not leave The Naked Podcast a nifty little review where you get your podcast from? 'Cos it's reyt nice and helps others discover this treasure trove of naked natterings!
05/07/1853m 44s

“Black women are realising we ARE beautiful!”

Founder of social enterprise 'Our Mel' Annalisa Toccara talks about embracing her identity, her role in championing people of colour and why we all need to be a bit more “Bey”. The event director plays host to Jen and Kat to discuss her experience of adoption and how issues surrounding her weight have affected her life. Annalisa also talks candidly about how her struggles with mental health almost led to suicide. In this week’s Nude News, Jen’s been on her hols and has thoughts on “bikini bodies”. Virgo Kat’s been making lists and explains why she got “totes emosh” at a George Michael tribute show...…oh, and there’s some “shwap” chat!If you are affected by any of the issues in this podcast you can find help and support by following these links: The Samaritans are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: Mind: Young Minds: Mental health helplines: can contact Kat and Jen on the interwebs: Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast Email: daring duo would love for you to leave a review wherever you get your podcasts from to help others find the podcast, and to keep their bosses sweet.Annalisa's social enterprise 'Our Mel':
28/06/1853m 47s

“I looked different, parts of me were missing”

Liz Wick from Sheffield lives with a condition called wet age-related macular degeneration. Liz confesses to the terror she felt when she realised she was losing her vision and how she's working hard to make sure other people are supported through their own diagnosis.The 54-year-old disrobes with the duo to explain why she’s on a 'yes' mission and how speed dating nearly landed her two caravans in Ingoldmells!In their usual honest and frank fashion Jen and Kat have a few confessions this week. Jen has been playing an unusual game of 'hide and seek' whilst Kat shares her novel way of remembering names.As always, you can share your own confessions: Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast Email: information and support for macular degeneration:NHS: RNIB: RNIB Sight Loss Advisors: Macular Society:
21/06/1854m 44s

"Life's too short to give a s*** about this stupidity!"

This is a bonus episode of the podcast, featuring your emails and messages and shenanigans you might have missed since launch week!Jenny and Kat get all official and record in an actual BBC studio, which means Jen can't help but mind her Ps and Qs and no one gets naked.Hear from Jo Whiley, Jeremy Vine, Stuart Maconie, dancers from The Dreamboys, Jenny Eclair.........and find out the unlikely duo that looked down from Kat's wall as a teenager!YOU TOO can get in touch: Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast Email:
14/06/181h 1m

"I just kept thinking Kylie's fine, I'll be fine"

Breast cancer survivor and body equality campaigner Emi Lou Howe had a double mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 33. She documented her treatment and surgeries with a nude visual diary and blog.Cheshire based Emi Lou makes the journey to Jen’s flat from across the Pennines to talk about her mission to get fair representation of women in the mainstream media. The mum of two explains how overcoming the illness helped her realise her body’s strength and how two heart shaped nipple tattoos have given her breasts a makeover. Emi Lou also chats about ‘booby showers’ and the toe curling question she had to ask Kylie whilst working for a top women’s mag. Kat reckons she’s got a new walk and eases Jen’s concerns about her hairy nipples… PS. Who left those pubes in the bath tub?!Emi Lou's blog: Her campaign: always, we love hearing your thoughts, opinions and reviews: Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast Email:'ll love you forever if you can find it in your heart to leave us a review on your podcast app. Helps other people find us, and keeps us in work!
07/06/1848m 30s

“The first thought was that I was going to die"

HIV positive campaigner Becky from Sheffield sits down with Kat and Jen to chat about coming to terms with her diagnosis, accepting her status and how the virus has changed her attitude towards her body for the better. The blogger opens up about sex, the challenges of online dating after the end of her ten-year marriage and why we all need to know what 'u equals u' means.Jen’s had a birthday, got a big balloon and now has a bright red face while Kat is concerned creeping anxiety is causing her to do some rather strange things with her camera.Twitter: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast Email: is HIV? Support and further information: Terrence Higgins Trust:
31/05/1849m 19s

“There’s no such word as fat. It’s PHAT - pretty, hot and tempting!”

Pregnant with twins, fitness instructor Kellyanne Sharman kicks back with Kat and Jen and shares how pregnancy has changed her body.The community health and fitness development manager, and queen of positivity, talks about how we can all learn to love ourselves more, her experience of racism, why she thought she'd never have children and how her ultra positive attitude led to an onstage encounter with Alexander O’Neal. Back in Jen’s flat, find out why Kat’s come armed with her sex towel and why Jen’s nerdishly excited about muffs!If you end up 'craughing' (crying and laughing at the same time) like Jen, we'd love to hear from you.Tweet: @TheNakedPodcast Instagram: The Naked Podcast Email: you could find it in your heart, it would be amazing if you could leave us a review on Apple Podcasts or your Android podcast app as it helps other people find us. Thank you!More information on ectopic pregnancy: The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust: Miscarriage Association:
24/05/1848m 47s

“I went through a stage of calling it my Margaret, because it reminded me of my nan!”

Comedian Lou Conran terminated a pregnancy at five months because she found out her daughter wouldn't survive after birth. She shares how she turned this heart-breaking experience into a comedy show.This is the article Lou wrote about losing her daughter: also discusses what she calls her vagina, the perils of erect nipples on stage and how an unlikely character from Sheffield is now shaping her life.As always, Jen and Kat debate life's important questions: How often should you wash your hair? Is it ok to snog someone you might be related to? Support if you've lost a child: can contact us via email: @TheNakedPodcastInstagram: The Naked PodcastWe'd love you to leave a review wherever you get your podcasts. It helps more people share the love!
17/05/1847m 28s

“It was between prison or the Territorial Army”

Personal trainer and self-confessed "hairy woman" Emma Oko gets naked with Jen and Kat to explain why her job is more than just a fitness fix for clients, how she reached a rut in her life that made her consider turning to crime and what life was like for a black woman in the Army.Jen and Kat reflect on how The Naked Podcast has made them feel stronger and fitter and more accepting of their bodies - bar a small food poisoning incident!If you are feeling more accepting of your body since listening to this podcast we would love to hear from you.Share the love on email: @TheNakedPodcastInstagram: The Naked PodcastOH! And we'd love you to leave a review wherever you get your podcasts.
10/05/1843m 16s

"I put my tiara and my sash on and THAT gave me the confidence"

Former ‘Miss Sheffield’ and self-proclaimed “snazzy geek” Chantelle Parker explains how entering beauty pageants forced her to confront her severe agoraphobia. She talks about the body issues she’s overcome to have the confidence to use her looks competitively and you might be surprised to find out the secret talent she wowed judges with!Whilst disrobing in her flat, Jen discovers she's got a commando comrade and Kat's got mouse, really!Seeing as you've clicked to find out more about the episode - why not tell us what you think? You can leave a review wherever you get your podcasts from.If you are into your social media, so are we!Tweet us: @TheNakedPodcastIstagram: The Naked PodcastEmail:
03/05/1843m 45s

"Women can enjoy sex! It's actually allowed!"

Social worker and stand up comedian Isma Almas shares stories of growing up in a Muslim household, getting her head around sex education at school and why she insisted on keeping her knickers on during labour!Kat and Jen head to Bradford to get naked again, and warm their derrieres on a real coal fire. Kat has a cold sore and Jen thinks she has a nail infection. #bestlifeIf you're loving this podcast (and with all this medical chat who wouldn't be?!) why not leave a glowing review, wherever you get your podcasts from?Tweet us: @TheNakedPodcastSee some photos (no nail infections we promise) on Insta: The Naked PodcastSend us some poetry:
26/04/1843m 44s

"I needed people to see these breasts to know that it's not the end of the world"

Radio presenter Becky Measures strips off with Jen and Kat (and her baby Bobby!) to talk about going through a very public preventative double mastectomy at the age of just 24.Becky has the BRCA cancer gene, and it's the first time in over 100 years that three generations of women in her family have all been alive at the same time. She chats campaigning, shooting a naked calendar in a public pond and what exactly she does with her partner's beard trimmer...!Twitter: @TheNakedPodcastIstagram: TheNakedPodcastEmail: on BRCA gene:
20/04/1849m 8s

"I always knew from a very early age I wasn't a boy"

Presenter Stephanie Hirst talks to Kat and Jen about what it's like coming out as transgender.Stephanie strips off with Kat and Jen and opens up about the op, wearing bad wigs, how Eddie Izzard helped her tell Chris Moyles she was transgender, and what it was like the first time she sat down to wee!If you're enjoying this podcast we would LOVE you to leave us a review!Twitter: @TheNakedPodcastInstagram: TheNakedPodcastEmail: can talk to the Samaritans 24/7. Ring 116 123 or email jo@samaritans.orgMore information on gender dysphoria:
19/04/1858m 43s

"I told my mum I'd started my period...and she slapped me"

Life model and naturist Alison Glithero's mother slapped her when she told her she'd started her period.Alison disrobes with Jen and Kat after an art class to share how a strict upbringing affected her relationship with her body.The women debate whether nudity can break down social barriers and get advice on where to look when visiting a nudist club!Twitter: @thenakedpodcastInstagram: TheNakedPodcastEmail:
18/04/1842m 48s

“I hit fifteen stone and my terror turned to jubilation”

Kat and Jen hit the road and head to the home of Julia Harris aka 'Julia Arts', a body painter who helps women come to terms with life after mastectomy.Julia shares why reaching "a man's weight" made her love her body; why she's stopped watching television and how she's bringing up her two sons.This podcast confronts the issue of women’s weight and asks what real beauty is.Email: @TheNakedPodcastInstagram: TheNakedPodcastIf you're loving this podcast we would love you to leave us a review!Julia's website:
17/04/1847m 35s

“I’ve no a***hole, so they call it a Barbie butt”

Sam Cleasby was diagnosed with the bowel condition ulcerative colitis in 2003 and lives with an ostomy bag after major surgery to remove her colon in 2013.She chats intimacy, body image and a “one size fits all” hot tub incident with Alexa Chung.Find Sam's blog at sobadass.meFollow Kat and Jen on Twitter: @TheNakedPodcastSend an email:
16/04/1849m 49s

"OMG! You've got a pierced nipple!"

Join Jenny Eells and Kat Harbourne as they get naked together for the very first time. They discuss piercings, tattoos, what they call their bits, breaking bones dressed as Axl Rose and what on earth possessed them to think this was ever a good idea! Follow the daring duo on Twitter @TheNakedPodcastGive them a follow on Instagram @TheNakedPodcastSend them an email:
15/04/1851m 45s

Welcome to The Naked Podcast

Two friends. One guest. No clothes. Celebrating and undressing the taboos about nudity.
10/04/183m 31s
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