Small Torque Podcast

Small Torque Podcast

By Katy Fairman

Motorsport Journalist and former WTF1 editor Katy Fairman hosts the Small Torque Podcast. Join Katy for a cup of tea and a fun, informal look at the big talking points from the world of motorsport.


Come with me to the new F1 Exhibition // Episode 06

The F1 Exhibition has been five years in the making and is now finally open to the public in Madrid. Katy visited the Spanish capital to see the event for herself and tell you what you can expect. From Romain Grosjean’s fiery Haas, emotional and exclusive films and a display of iconic driver helmets, there’s a lot to get through! Thank you so much for all your incredible support! If you enjoyed this special episode of the Small Torque Podcast, please give it five stars or a review. You can find Katy on Twitter or Instagram for some more behind the scenes. For any business enquiries, please email  Find Matt Amys’ YouTube Channel HERE.
25/03/23·19m 52s

Chatting about THAT Alonso penalty // Episode 05

It has been a big talking point after the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, but what happened to get Fernando Alonso’s 100th podium taken away before it was given back again?! Discussing the post-race shenanigans, and wanting to know who now has the third place trophy, Katy is ready to spill the tea and share her take on the situation.  Recorded straight off the back of attending a concert, please show Katy how much you’re enjoying the Small Torque Podcast by giving it a five-star review. If you want to find Katy on social media, you can do so on Twitter or Instagram. For any business enquiries, please email  Have a great week! x
20/03/23·15m 34s

Why is F1 obsessed with street circuits? // Episode 04

As Formula 1 heads to the fastest street circuit ever seen this weekend, and rumours of a London Grand Prix dominate social media, Katy looks at the appeal of these kinds of circuits on the calendar. There’s also a tale of how she nearly witnessed the Monte Carlo Casino being burnt down and met a recent Academy Award winner, all in one night. Truly something for everyone. You know the drill, please be sure to give this podcast five stars or a glowing review if you are enjoying the Small Torque Podcast. If you want to find Katy on social media, you can do so on Twitter or Instagram. For any business enquiries, please email Hope you enjoy the episode! 
15/03/23·18m 57s

How I spent International Women's Day // Episode 03

From interviewing inspiring women to sharing her own stories and experiences in motorsport, Katy sits down for a quick chat about some of her role models on International Women’s Day. Enjoying the podcast? Be sure to leave a five star review and subscribe so you never miss an episode. You can also follow Katy on Instagram and Twitter, and for any business enquiries please email Enjoy! 
08/03/23·17m 22s

It’s almost time for lights out in Bahrain // Episode 02

With the first race of the F1 season just days away, Katy shares her thoughts on the big talking points as we prepare for the Bahrain Grand Prix. From troubles at McLaren to Fernando Alonso becoming a TikTok star, there's plenty to cover!  Want to get in touch with Katy? Follow her on Twitter and Instagram. For business enquires, please email 
01/03/23·25m 37s

Let's talk about Drive To Survive S5 // Episode 01

With a new season of the hit Netflix show released worldwide today, Katy discusses her thoughts on Drive To Survive before breaking down the highs and lows of the latest episodes.
24/02/23·22m 41s

What is the Small Torque Podcast? // Episode 00

Join Katy Fairman as she explains the concept of her new show, the Small Torque Podcast. Chatting to you, the listener, it hopes to be a fun and informal look over the big talking points from the world of motorsport. 
23/02/23·5m 17s
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