Coronavirus UK: LBC Update with Nick Ferrari

Coronavirus UK: LBC Update with Nick Ferrari

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During this Global Pandemic, LBC’s Nick Ferrari provides you with insight into everything you need to know around the Coronavirus outbreak. As this rapidly developing situation continues, Nick will be speaking to experts every day to bring you the latest news and to give you the best advice.


Will your school be testing its students?

Mass testing of secondary school pupils to be rolled out.
11/12/209m 2s

Pfizer BioNTech vaccine gets approval

Nick Ferrari talks to Health Secretary Matt Hancock after the news that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine gets the go ahead.
02/12/2010m 28s

Tiers for fears

Lockdown will end and tiers are back, and Nick speaks to the Professor behind the Oxford/AstraZenica vaccine
24/11/2016m 59s

What will happen to lockdown rules over Christmas?

Matt Hancock talks about the results of the Oxford vaccine trials, and how will the lockdown be eased over Christmas?
23/11/2016m 23s

Another Vaccine on the way

Nick discusses the latest vaccine close to release, and would you let a volunteer inject you with it, and Housing minister Robert Jenrick on whether we may be out of lockdown for Christmas.
17/11/2011m 40s

Massive increase in Covid testing

Matt Hancock joins Nick Ferrari to tell him about the two new testing labs set to increase Covid-19 testing capacity and will he take the vaccine?
16/11/2011m 4s

Introducing Hunting Ghislaine with John Sweeney

Hi Coronavirus UK Update fans LBC have a new podcast we think you’ll enjoy - Hosted by legendary reporter John Sweeney, Hunting Ghislaine is a 6 part series about Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of a disgraced billionaire and the former partner of a super-rich paedophile who killed himself while awaiting trial for sex trafficking. After hiding for almost a year, she now finds herself facing multiple charges for helping Jeffrey Epstein sexually exploit and abuse under-age women which could lead to her spending the rest of her life in jail. In this new podcast series, Hunting Ghislaine, reporter John Sweeney investigates a fairy story which happens the wrong way round, of how a princess ends up accused of being the monster and no-one at all ends up happily ever after. First Episode available 19th November. Listen on Global Player or wherever you get your podcasts
13/11/201m 5s

Would you tell your Mum to take the vaccine?

England's Deputy Chief Medical officer, Jonathan Van Tam says he would tell his own Mum to take the vaccine, and will a £5 covid test help to open theatres and venues?
12/11/2012m 19s

Is the vaccine on its way?

Health Sec Matt Hancock talks to Nick about the new Pfizer vaccine
10/11/208m 9s

Furlough extended until next March

Nadhim Zahawi discusses the furlough extension with Nick Ferrari
06/11/2022m 32s

How long does immunity last if you've had Covd-19?

New research indicates how long covid immunity lasts - and it's not great news!
27/10/209m 32s

Self-isolation time for Coronavirus contacts could be halved

The 14 day self-isolation period for contacts of people who test positive for Coronavirus could be reduced to 7 days due to fears over compliance. Meanwhile, Welsh supermarkets have blocked off aisles of "non-essential" products, and Health Secretary Matt Hancock joins Nick.
26/10/2023m 15s

The new £10, 10-minute test

Even the Police don't know the rules, and a new £10, 10 minute Coronavirus test.
22/10/2015m 52s

Fancy a drink? You'll need to prove your address.

Manchester deadlock breaks over Tier-3 restrictions and if you want to go out for dinner, get ready to prove your address.
21/10/2024m 15s

Will Manchester agree to Tier-3?

Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham still pushing for a better deal before agreeing to Tier-3, and Sir Patrick Vallance says : 'we need to learn to live with Coronavirus'
20/10/2027m 53s

London moves to Tier 2, whilst Manchester refuses Tier 3

London, Essex, York and other areas have moved to Tier 2 Coronavirus restrictions, whilst Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham said local leaders were opposed to "flawed and unfair" Tier 3 rules.
16/10/2016m 31s

Introducing 'What Next?' with Lionel Barber

Hi Daily Update fans LBC have a new podcast we think you’ll enjoy - Hosted by Lionel Barber, the former Editor of the Financial Times, What Next? focuses on life after COVID-19 and sees the multi-award-winning journalist and author discover how the world is adapting to the pandemic, what needs to change and, most importantly, what lessons we have learnt that will shape our lives for the future. Each week, Lionel will be speaking to some of the biggest leading influential figures in the health, politics, business, technology, arts and environment world, such as former Prime Minister Tony Blair; Elizabeth Cousens, President and CEO of the United Nations Foundation; ITV’s Chief Executive Dame Carolyn McCall and many more. Follow Lionel on Twitter: @lionelbarber. Listen and subscribe now on Global Player or wherever you get your podcasts

Are we neglecting other illnesses by implementing too many restrictions?

As the Prime Minister defends his new system of local alert tiers, Nick asks if the new restrictions are causing us to neglect other illnesses. Meanwhile, ministers want to put universities in to lockdown for two weeks in the lead-up to Christmas in order for students to return home safely.
15/10/2020m 40s

Shielding won't resume for the vulnerable

Despite the introduction of a new three-tier Coronavirus alert system amid rising rates of the disease, England's deputy chief medical officer Jenny Harries says shielding won't resume for those who were instructed to do so during the first wave of the pandemic.
14/10/2014m 16s

New three-tier local alert system confirmed

A new three-tier local Covid alert system has been announced by PM Boris Johnson, with Liverpool placed in the "very high" category. Also, Nightingale hospitals in the North of England are told to prepare to admit patients.
13/10/2019m 51s

New Covid lockdown will see people ordered not to leave their homes

The PM's new three-tier local lockdown system will see millions ordered not to leave their homes, but is it enforceable? Meanwhile, £257 million has been pledged to save cultural organisations across England, the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Oliver Dowden joins Nick.
12/10/2014m 30s

England expected to be split into three different lockdown tiers

England is expected to be split into three different lockdown tiers, whilst Covid causes the longest NHS backlog since 2008.
09/10/2021m 3s

Pubs closing in Scotland, is England next?

Pubs closing, 10pm curfew, but based on what data?
08/10/2018m 59s

Covid test results lost & found!

How did the government lose around 15,000 Covid-19 test results?
05/10/2010m 12s

Students in Lockdown

Students can't leave their student accomodation, and is the new Covid-19 App working?
28/09/2019m 49s

Track and trace app unveiled

Health Secretary Matt Hancock speaks to Nick Ferrari as he launches the NHS track and trace app
24/09/2019m 2s

Boris announces new restrictions

Nick Ferrari looks at the new measures announced by the Prime Minister last night. More people will now have to wear masks at work, and pubs will have to close at 10pm every night. The number of people allowed at weddings in England have been halved. He is joined by Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab
23/09/2033m 57s

The new lockdown rules are coming

Bars & Restaurants will be told to close at 10pm
22/09/2012m 35s

Is Lockdown 2 coming?

Hancock warns : follow the new Covid rules or they will have to get tougher
21/09/2011m 46s

Did Sweden get it right?

Track & trace - do we have enough tests? Matt Hancock speaks to Nick, and Sweden took a different approach to Covid-19 and seem to be coping well.
18/09/2023m 12s

Half of workers never expect to return to 5 day week

Headteachers warn Boris Johnson over the the lack of coronaviorus tests. Nick Ferrari speaks to Baroness Helena Morrissey about how the working week might change. Plus Ed Argar announces new measures to improve patient care ahead of the winter months
17/09/2022m 39s

Testing, Testing,123

Nick Ferrari looks at the testing fiasco and whether the problems will be sorted out within weeks just as Matt Hancock says. With news that 88% of pupils have returned to shool, Nick looks at a teacher and parent's persepective. Justice Secretary Robert Buckland also features in today's podcast.
16/09/2024m 52s

Operation Moonshot

Nick Ferrari looks at Boris Johnson's 'rule of six' after he said "we must act" to avoid another lockdown as virus cases rise in England. Nick examines the Prime Minister's "moonshot" plan to control the virus with mass testing, possibly by next spring.
10/09/2022m 32s

Ban on social gatherings of six or more

Nick Ferrari looks at the Government's announcement that the number of people legally allowed to meet socially reduced from 30 to six, with reasonable exemptions. The limit applies nationally, indoors and outdoors, and to all ages. Any group larger than six risks being dispersed by police or fined for non-compliance. Failure to comply with an officer’s efforts to engage, explain and encourage will result in the enforcement of a £100 fine. This will double on each further repeat offence up to £3,200. Health Secretary Matt Hancock joins Nick to explain the latest restriction.
09/09/2023m 41s

London's West End at risk of major job losses

With news that London's West End could lose 50,000 retail staff due the drop in foreign visitors and office workers due to Coronavirus, Nick Ferrari looks at the long term consequences. With the return to school for many, what are the remaining concerns. Plus Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Thérèse Coffey unveils a new kickstart scheme for young people
02/09/2020m 43s

TUI flight produces 7 confirmed covid-19 cases

Some passengers seen not wearing masks on a TUI flight that has 7 people test positive for Covid-19, and schools minister Nick Gibb on students returning this week.
01/09/2014m 49s

Highest number of cases since mid-June

Nick Ferrari examines why we have the highest number of daily cases since mid-June. Professor Stuart Neil, Professor of Virology at King's College London discusses whether this could be the beginnings of a second wave. Grant Shapps, Secretary of State for Transport talks about the importance of being back at work Nick looks at the concerns regarding getting children back to school.
28/08/2027m 20s

Money for Isolating

Nick Ferrari looks at how some restaurants may extend the 'Eat Out' scheme in September funded by themselves. Health Secretary Matt Hancock announces the new payment for people self isolating in high risk areas and Manchester residents are to be bannd from boozing in the park this bank holiday to stop reduce the spread of coronaviris.
27/08/2022m 34s

U-Turn over face masks in Secondary Schools

Nick Ferrari looks at the the so called u-turn on advice over the use of face masks in secondary schools. Education Secretary Gavin Williamson joins Nick to explain the change in advice. Also some academics are claiming that the two metre rule is based on 'outdated science', Zeshan Qureshi who is a researcher who led this review into social distancing says that it dates back to 1897. Plus an LBC exclusive discovers that only six fines have been issued across 19 police forces for individuals not wearing a face mask.
26/08/2022m 34s

Matt Hancock explains why he scrapped Public Health England

Nick Ferrari looks at the decision to replace Public Health England. Health Secretary Matt Hancock joins Nick to explain the new body set up in its place.
19/08/2026m 31s

Public Health England "to be replaced"

Public Health England is to be replaced by a new agency that will specifically deal with protecting the country from pandemics, according to a report.
17/08/2019m 58s

France added to quarantine list

Nick Ferrari looks at new deterrents unveiled by Boris Johnson that could see people fined over £3,000 for not wearing a face mask in public. Nick then turns his attention to the the fact that France has now been added to the quarantine list of countries after a rise in the number of cases there.
14/08/2025m 3s

Changes to test and trace

Changes to test and trace, health minister Ed Argar joins Nick
11/08/2010m 4s

Local ban on visiting homes in Northern England

Nick Ferrari looks at the latest announcement that visiting people at home is banned in parts of Northern England. Dr David Nabarro, who is the Special envoy on COVID-19 to the World Health Organisation gives Nick his thoughts on the local lockdown. Plus as the airline Jet2 tells some holidaymakers to come home early Nick looks at the consequences of this and speaks to one tourist currently in Spain.
31/07/2032m 49s

Second peak?

As the boss of Barclays says he wants staff back in the office over the coming months, Nick Ferrari looks at how this can be achieved. He is joined by the former Dragon from Dragon’s Den Theo Paphitis. Health Secretary Matt Hancock tells Nick about his concerns about a possible second peak in infections plus one in eight people have been challenged on not wearing a mask
30/07/2026m 35s

Should we test all passengers upon arrival?

As Boris Johnson warns of a possible second wave in Europe, Nick looks at the idea of testing all passengers upon arrival. He is joined by Chief Executive of Heathrow Airport, John Holland-Kaye and Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Oliver Dowden. Plus could the enforcing of masks land schools in court? Nick looks at the challenges that this could create.
29/07/2034m 16s

Spain back on the quarantine list

Travellers to Spain get just a few hours notice that they'll now have to quarantine for 14 days on their return
27/07/2017m 17s

Masks now compulsory in England shops

New mask law comes in to force : what will happen in shops?
24/07/2016m 36s

Care home visits allowed again

You can visit relatives in care homes again - but with conditions, and have there been any cases of transmission from pupil to teacher in schools?
23/07/2014m 26s

Have we got a vaccine already?

Details on the Oxfrod vaccine progress.
21/07/2013m 50s

Should we return to the office?

Tom Swarbrick stands in for Nick Ferrari this week. Tom looks at the suggestion yesterday by the Government’s top scientific adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance that there is “absolutely no reason” to change the advice to work from home which comes at odds with the PM’s statement today. Boris Johnson has urged companies to get employees back to offices if they think it’s more productive. Paul Johnson, Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies talks about a possible reconstruction of the economy after the coronavirus economic fallout. Plus the Mayor of Leicester joins Tom to discuss the relaxation of the lockdown measures in the city.
17/07/2027m 45s

The R Rate was ‘lower than thought’ back in May

Tom Swarbrick is standing in for Nick Ferrari this week. Tom looks at two possible good news stories that the R rate (Rate of Infection) was lower than previously thought back in May. This comes as hopes rise over a vaccine by Oxford scientists that shows promising results. Tom is also joined by Business Secretary Alok Sharma and Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, Anneliese Dodds
16/07/2013m 26s

Confusion over face masks

Tom Swarbrick stands in for Nick Ferrari this week. First up is Health Secretary Matt Hancock who tries to clear up the mixed messaging over the use of face masks. As Boris Johnson comes under pressure to end back to work confusion, Tom looks at whether it’s a good idea to be sending the country back to the office. Plus Dr Chris Smith, Consultant Virologist at Cambridge University Hospital explains whether skin rashes are a symptom of COVID-19
15/07/2021m 44s

Rishi Sunak speaks to Nick

Chancellor Rishi Sunak & Shadow Chancellor Anneliese Dodds join Nick to discuss the latest Coronavirus stimulus package
09/07/2018m 22s

Will taking a Covid-19 test at work get you taxed?

Tax laws could mean that if your employer gives you a Covid-19 test, you could get charged tax on it, and the refusal to wear a mask in public is as bad as drink driving says Royal Society chief.
08/07/2012m 35s

Would you take a vaccine?

Boris criticises care homes procedures, and would you take a vaccine if it became available?
07/07/2014m 41s

Sir Keir Starmer takes calls from listeners

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer takes listeners calls.
06/07/2028m 23s

Boris Johnson takes calls from listeners

In his first phone-in since contracting Coronavirus, Boris Johnson joins Nick Ferrari and takes calls from listeners.
03/07/2036m 18s

Finding a new job during lockdown

Nick speaks to government minister Simon Clarke about local lockdowns, and how are you supposed to find a new job during a pandemic?
02/07/2014m 16s

100 days of lockdown

100 days since the start of lockdown, Nick Ferrari looks at it's effect on employment, the economy, and emotional well-being.
01/07/2016m 30s

Leicester in Lockdown

As Coronavirus cases increase in Leicester, they city has become the first to experience a local lockdown. Nick speaks to the Conservative MP for North West Leicestershire, Andrew Bridgen and Chris Hobson who is the the Director of Policy at the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce, which covers Leicester. Health Secretary Matt Hancock also tells Nick that they will use police to enforce the lockdown if necessary.
30/06/2015m 51s

We could face local lockdowns

Nick speaks with the Mayor of Leicester Sir Peter Soulsby about the potential for the city to have a local lockdown. Willie Walsh who is the CEO of International Airlines Group, the parent company for British Airways tells us about the good news for the industry with the UK scrapping some quarantine rules for some of the most popular destinations. Plus Education Secretary Gavin Williamson talks about the return to school in September
29/06/2022m 11s

Pubs to reopen on a Saturday - how wise is that?

Nick looks at the proposed air bridges which could lift quarantine restrictions to may European countries. John Strickland, Director of the aviation firm JLS Consultancy - and previously a senior executive at British Airways and KLM joins Nick to analyse the changes. Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, George Eustice defends the Government’s decision to reopen pubs on a Saturday plus star of the West End stage, Michael Ball discusses the five-stage roadmap for theatres to return to a new normal.
26/06/2016m 7s

Mediterranean Air Bridges likely to be announced this weekend!

As Sir Keir Starmer presses Boris Johnson over track and trace, Nick looks at what implementation at a local level would look like with Greg Fell who is the Director of Public Health at Sheffield City Council. Business and Industry Minister, Nadhim Zahawi talks about increasing dining in England. Plus it’s reported that the first wave of air bridges will focus on Mediterranean holiday destinations.
25/06/2017m 27s

Making the most of lockdown freedoms

As we approach 4th July will you be making the most of the lockdown freedoms? Nick speaks to Professor Richard Bentall who is Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Sheffield, who's been collecting data on people's attitudes towards social distancing and Emma McClarkin who is Chief executive of the British Beer and Pub Association about adaptations her industry has made. Nick also speaks to Business Secretary Alok Sharma about the confusion over which establishments you will be able to visit.
24/06/2017m 20s

What amendments need to be made to the 2M rule?

Chief Political Correspondent at The Financial Times, Jim Pickard speaks to Nick about the impact on the economy when the 4th of July re-openings which are due to be announced tomorrow. Plus what amendments need to be made to the 2M rule considering the planned re-opening next month? Nick is joined by Professor David Paton who is Professor of Industrial Economics at Nottingham University Business School, former government adviser at HMRC and at the Department of Trade and Industry and Gabriel Scally who is President of Epidemiology & Public Health at the Royal Society of Medicine and a member of the Independent SAGE group
22/06/2015m 52s

A billion pounds for students to catch up with work

Education minister Nick Gibb sets out plans for students to catch up with missed work, and the tracing App u-turn.
19/06/2016m 23s

Track and trace app may not be ready till winter

Nick questions Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab over reports that the track and trace app may now not be ready until the winter. Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth shares his views on whether schools are safe for pupils to return. Plus the concern over the number of cases in Beijing is growing, Nick speaks to Daniel Alan Bey, a Beijing-based journalist who updates us on the latest situation there.
18/06/2013m 46s

Breakthrough drug approved!

Nick is joined by Health Secretary Matt Hancock to talk about the breakthrough drug Dexamethasone which has provided some positive results. Mr Hancock also shares his concerns over the suspected second wave of coronavirus cases in Beijing. Nick also speaks to one of the chief investigators for the Dexamethasone trial, who joined Boris Johnson at yesterday's Downing Street briefing, Professor of Emerging Infectious Diseases at the University of Oxford's Nuffield Department of Medicine Peter Horby. Plus should shielding come to an end in July? Ceri Smith, Head of Policy and Campaigns at disability equality charity Scope shares her thoughts
17/06/2013m 1s

Covid-19 Vaccine now at human trial stage

Could there be good news on the horizon? The Government funded Imperial College Covid-19 vaccine has now moved onto its first human trials. Professor Robin Shattock from the Department of Infectious Diseases at Imperial College London, who is leading their COVID-19 vaccine trials tells Nick about this important development. Also MP's quiz media outlets on their pandemic coverage plus Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps talks about the idea of a 1 metre social distancing rule
16/06/2021m 26s

First results of the Test & Trace system are released

Test & Trace results are in, Health Minister Ed Argar joins Nick, and will the 2 Metre rule be reduced?
12/06/2021m 26s

Who's in your Support Bubble?

Robert West, Professor in Health Psychology at UCL’s Institute of Epidemiology and Health, and a member of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviours (SPI-B), which advises SAGE looks at the news social bubble and exactly what is achieves. Simon Clarke who is Minister for Regional Growth and Local Government also joins Nick to discuss the next steps in the Government's plan to ease lockdown plus Jonathan Ashworth, Shadow Health Secretary says the Government need to take responsibility on schools not reopening.
11/06/2023m 56s

Zoos to reopen from Monday but not schools?

Nadhim Zahawi, Business Minister and Conservative MP for Stratford-on-Avon joins Nick to talk about the plan to reopen shops from Monday. Also the plan to reduce the 2 metre social distancing rule is still under review, Dr Kate Bunyan, Chief Medical Officer at Doctor Care Anywhere joins Nick to discuss this.
10/06/2024m 14s

Primary Schools to remain closed till September

Nick looks at reports that Primary Schools may not go back now before September. He is joined by Anne Longfield OBE, The Children's Commissioner for England and Jerry Glazier who is the Teacher and NEU National Executive Member. Helen Whately, Minister for Care and Conservative MP for Faversham and Mid Kent also talks about the Government's efforts on care homes. Plus is there a trade-off between the nations health and the economy? James Reed, Chairman and Chief Executive of recruitment firm Reed, and co-founder of Keep Britain Working joins Nick to discuss this.
09/06/2023m 25s

Quarantine for UK arrivals for 14 days starts today

Willie Walsh, CEO of International Airlines Group, the parent company for British Airways and John Holland-Kaye, the Chief Executive of Heathrow Airport join Nick to discuss the new rules on self isolation for the UK arrivals from today. Nick also speak to Kate Nicholls, Chief Executive of UK Hospitality about a possible loss of up to 3 million jobs if the lockdown isn't eased quick enough.
08/06/2014m 14s

You will have to wear a face mask on public transport

The Government releases new advice including compulsory face covering on public transport from Monday 15th June. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps tells Nick why.
05/06/2024m 19s

Is it time to end Clap for Carers?

Nick looks at the possibility whether Covid-19 have been present as early as November. To discuss this suggestion, Nick is joined by Dr Nathalie MacDermott, Clinical lecturer in infectious diseases at King’s College London. Nick also asks whether we should end clap for carers?
04/06/2018m 4s

PHE: Covid-19 death rate in England higher among BAME people

Nick looks at the higher risk to death for people from BAME backgrounds. He speaks to Dr Neeraj Bhala, Consultant Physician at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, who published an article in The Lancet last month entitled: 'Sharpening the global focus on ethnicity and race in the time of COVID-19'. Nick also questions the CEO of Heathrow Airport on the proposed quarantining of travellers plus Health Minister Ed Argar talks track and trace
03/06/2026m 57s

Is it a sex ban?

Nick speaks to Housing Minister Simon Clarke about the new law that would stop people staying over their partner's house for sex under new rules which say, no person may participate in a gathering which takes place in a public or private place indoors and consists of two or more persons. Nick also evaluates whether the return schools for some children was a success yesterday. He speaks to one parent from Kingston whose son is in Year One and went back to school. Plus how is track and trace going? One track and tracer reveals what they've done so far.
02/06/2022m 2s

Will the new lockdown rules work?

New lockdown rules come in to force, and schools re-open for some pupils.
01/06/2022m 58s

How many people can you meet at once now?

As Boris Johnson announces some relaxation to the lockdown rules, find out how many people you can meet up with from this Monday.
29/05/2016m 54s

Track and trace system goes live

Health Secretary Matt Hancock joins Nick to launch the new track and trace system. Nick also discusses the possibility of reducing the two metre social distancing rule. HE is joined by tow leading Professors, Sally Jane Cutler, Professor in Medical Microbiology at the University of East London and Professor David Paton, Professor of Industrial Economics at Nottingham University Business School, former government adviser at HMRC and at the Department of Trade and Industry
28/05/2021m 0s

No review of lockdown fines over Cummings question

Nick speaks to Sir Peter Fahy, Former Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police over the decision not reimburse fines for parents travelling during lockdown. Nick also speaks to Housing & Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick over the new deals to provide essential PPE to the frontline. Plus we learn about the new anti viral drug Remdesivir
27/05/2018m 44s

Is Cummings undermining the Government's messaging?

Nick speaks to Cabinet Minister Michael Gove about Dominic Cummings and also admits he has driven with his wife to test his eyesight. Nick also examines the plan to allow shops across England to open next month if they can meet the coronavirus guidelines to protect shoppers and workers
26/05/2024m 7s

Cummings and goings plus schools to reopen

Nick speaks to Education Secretary Gavin Williamson about the controversy surrounding Dominic Cummings. Nick also examines the pros and cons of schools reopening on the 1st June. Nick is joined by Robert West, Professor in Health Psychology at UCL’s Institute of Epidemiology and Health, and a member of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviours (SPI-B), which advises SAGE. HE shares his thoughts on Dominic Cummings
25/05/2022m 34s

Scientific evidence on re-opening schools to be published

Scientific evidence on re-opening schools to be published, Brandon Lewis talks to Nick, and how the lockdown ease compares in Scotland
22/05/2022m 30s

Plan to ease lockdown in ten days time

Nick looks at the merits of the plan track and trace system which is due to be I place by the 1st June. We speak to Professor Hugh Pennington, Emeritus Professor of Bacteriology at the University of Aberdeen who has previously chaired inquiries into E coli outbreaks in Scotland and Wales, about whether this is feasible. Plus are you ready for a lockdown to end in 10 days time?
21/05/2020m 47s

Should we see the SAGE advice?

With more than 11,000 deaths in care homes, Nick look’s at whether anything could have been done differently Home Secretary Priti Patel joins Nick to talk about publishing Government SAGE advice. Plus Chancellor Rishi Sunak warns there will be no guarantee’s of an economic bounce-back, Nick finds out what it mean for you
20/05/2025m 52s

So what exactly is an ‘air bridge’ and how does it affect you?

So what exactly is an ‘air bridge’? Nick examines the Transport Secretary Grant Shapps’ announcement on country exemption from quarantine. Also now loss of taste and smell have been added to the official list of symptoms for coronavirus, Nick asks if why the UK lagged behind other countries in adding it to the list. Plus Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Thérèse Coffey talks unemployment figures
19/05/2024m 35s

Vaccine for 30 Million Brits if trials successful

In what could be great news, Nick Ferrari speaks to Dr Katrina Pollock, Senior Clinical Research Fellow in Vaccinology and principal investigator for the COVID-19 vaccine trials at Imperial College London about the possibility of a vaccine for 30 million Briton’s by September if the current trials succeed. Nick is also joined by Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Oliver Dowden about the footballs season, Schools and social distancing on transport.
18/05/2024m 38s

How many businesses will go bust?

Nick looks at the impact to business of the Coronavirus crisis, and the protests this weekend against lockdown measures.
15/05/2014m 48s

Is it safe for schools to reopen?

‘Nick examines the Union's warning that it is not safe to reopen schools. He is joined by Robert Halfon, Chair of the Education Select Committee. Nick also questions Health Minister Ed Argar over the crisis in our care homes. Plus Simon Clarke, Associate Professor in Cellular Biology at the University of Reading explains the significance of the game-changing antibody test
14/05/2020m 18s

Is there enough protection for transport workers?

Nick is joined by Grant Shapps, Secretary of State for Transport, Anneliese Dodds, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer and Paul Johnson, Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies
13/05/2027m 19s

Matt Hancock insists the messaging is clear

Health Secretary Matt Hancock tells Nick that the messaging on the easing of the lockdown is clear. Nick also asks him about face coverings and children returning to school. Plus Travel Editor for the Independent Simon Calder explains the changes that we will see in the airline industry over the coming months.
12/05/2026m 15s

Confusion over the Government advice?

After the Prime Minister's address to the nation last night, Nick speaks to Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab about the new 'Stay Alert' advice. Plus Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer takes your questions and has his own views on the PM's statement.
11/05/2042m 41s

What will the first changes to Lockdown be?

On Sunday, the government are due to announce some initial changes to Lockdown measures - what will they be? And a leaked report in to operarion Cygnus reveals the government were warned that pandemic plans were 'not sufficient'.
08/05/2017m 56s

Easing the Lockdown

Nick speaks to Brandon Lewis, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and Lord (Norman) Lamont, Former Chancellor of the Exchequer about the Government's plans to ease the lockdown. Nick is also joined by Anneliese Dodds, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer to examine how workers will come off the furlough scheme.
07/05/2022m 41s

Why does the UK now have the highest number of deaths in Europe?

With the UK now having the highest number of deaths in Europe after passing Italy's total, Nick speaks to Security Minister James Brokenshire about the alarming figure. Nick also asks how workers will be encouraged off the Government's furlough scheme and what is the future for Gatwick Airpot after Virgin Atlantic quits the airport.
06/05/2022m 24s

Do you have confidence in the new track and trace app?

Sir Keir Starmer joins Nick to discuss whether he thinks the new track and trace app. Health Secretary Matt Hancock responds to Sir Keir Starmer's suggestion about a consensus before relaxing the lockdown.
05/05/2019m 55s

Should the over 70's stay indoors once lockdown is over?

Boris Johnson's plan to get Britain back to work has been unveiled but how cautious should we be about easing the lockdown? Nick speaks to Andrew Griffith, Former chief business advisor to Boris Johnson and Conservative MP for Arundel and South Downs who suggeest we need to end lockdown now. On the other side of the debate is Dr Bharat Pankhania, Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Exeter Medical School and Former Public Health Consultant in communicable disease control who says now is not the time. Plus Secretary of State for Defence Ben Wallace speaks on behalf of the Government.
04/05/2018m 30s

Boris says we've passed the Coronavirus peak.

Boris returns for his first Downing Street briefing since recovering from Covid-19. Have we now passed the peak of infections?
01/05/2017m 38s

Will the Government miss the 100,000 testing target?

Nick asks Robert Buckland, Secretary of State for Justice whether the Government will reach the testing target set out by Matt Hancock earlier this month. Nick also speaks to Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter who is a Statistician and Chair of the Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication, University of Cambridge Plus a fascinating listen to the Professor from Imperial College London, who is leading their COVID-19 vaccine trials
30/04/2023m 45s

Will the Airline Industry Survive?

Nick asks if the airline industry will be able to adapt and survive the current climate and will we ever be sitting next to other passengers on flights again? Nick also speaks to Professor John Newton, National Coordinator of the UK Coronavirus Testing Programme and George Eustice, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
29/04/2024m 49s

Matt Hancock takes Nick Ferrari bet on reaching testing target

Health Secretary Matt Hancock answers questions on PPE, testing and why some children have died without any underlying conditions
28/04/2035m 14s

Boris warns of risking second wave of Coronavirus

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has labelled coronavirus an "invisible mugger" after his own personal experience facing off the deadly illness. Speaking outside Downing Street to mark his return, Mr Johnson said he was "sorry I have been away from my desk for much longer than I would have liked". Nick Ferrari brings you full reaction.
27/04/2019m 46s

Does Matt Hancock think we should wear masks?

Is Boris back in control on Monday? Sir Iain Duncan Smith tells us what he knows. Health Secretary Matt Hancock opening up testing for key workers and their families and the wearing of masks. Plus Political heavyweight Sir Menzies Campbell on whether the Government is handling this crisis well
24/04/2022m 0s

Is the lockdown easing?

Nick questions Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Brandon Lewis about Chris Whitty’s comments that social distancing is likely to last the rest of this year. Nick also speaks to Professor Gordon Dougan, an expert on vaccines, genomics & the epidemiology of infectious diseases at the University of Cambridge. He also served on several World Health Organisation (WHO) committees. Plus why are Tory backbenchers calling for an easing of the lockdown?
23/04/2019m 45s

Will we be able to distribute a new vaccine quickly enough?

Nick speaks to the principal investigator for the COVID-19 vaccine trials at Imperial College London that the Government announced yesterday. Minister for Care Helen Whately is confident we will hit the 100,000 daily testing target. Plus Political Sketch Writer for the Independent Tom Peck gives his thoughts on the daily Downing Street Press Conferences
22/04/2025m 14s

Will you bet your political reputation on reaching 100,000 tests a day?

Will the Government reach Matt Hancock's target of 100,000 tests a day by the end of this month? Nick puts that that question to a Government minister and asks him to bet his political reputation on the pledge. Plus is Sadiq Khan right that we should all be wearing face coverings when out?
21/04/2024m 31s

Are summer schools the answer?

Nick reacts to Gavin Williamson setting out plans for schooling during the lockdown, and what hope is there for small businesses to keep going?
20/04/2020m 1s

Will we all be wearing masks soon?

Grant Shapps gives Nick the government update, Former Police Chief Hugh Orde talks about Policing the extended Lockdown, and will the advice soon be that we should all be wearing face masks?
17/04/2023m 51s

Health Secretary Matt Hancock

In today’s LBC Coronavirus Podcast, Nick Ferrari is joined by the Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham who says that social care staff are crying out for PPE and not a new CARE badge. Plus Nick questions Health Secretary Matt Hancock on whether he needs to revise his target of 100,000 tests before the end of this month
16/04/2018m 38s

World Health Organisation Special Envoy answers your concerns

In today’s LBC Coronavirus Podcast, Nick Ferrari is joined by the Special envoy on COVID-19 to the World Health Organisation, Dr David Nabarro to answer your questions and concerns about this virus. Plus Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer explains why the Government needs to come clean about it’s exit strategy for the lockdown
15/04/2031m 57s

Consumer Concerns

In today’s LBC Coronavirus Podcast, Nick Ferrari speaks to Former Cabinet Secretary, Lord Gus O’Donnell about the possible extension of the social distancing measures. Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Thérèse Coffey gives Nick an update on where we are with Personal Protective Equipment for NHS staff. And consumer organisation Which, answer your concerns around cancelled flights, mortgage holidays and text scams
14/04/2033m 1s

PM's Personal Thank You to NHS Workers

In today’s LBC Coronavirus Podcast, Nick Ferrari speaks to Will Walden, Former communications director to Boris Johnson about what he made of the PM's personal and emotional message to say thank you to the NHS workers who saved his life. Nick also examines the Health Secretary's comments that it is impossible to say when 'enough' PPE will be available for front line NHS workers Plus Psychologist Emma Kenny helps us through our emotional wellbeing during lockdown
13/04/2027m 30s

The lockdown must continue

Boris is out of intensive care, the Lockdown continues through the Easter, and your Education questions answered.
10/04/2040m 47s

Is a Lockdown extension coming?

In today’s LBC Coronavirus Podcast, Nick Ferrari speaks to Former Health Secretary Lord (Andrew) Lansley about whether an extension to the lockdown is on the cards. Acting Leader of the Liberal Democrats Sir Ed Davey gives his verdict on the Government's response to the Coronavirus crisis. And Nick speaks to a children's hospice which will benefit from Chancellor Rishi Sunak's aid package for charities.
09/04/2019m 4s

Cabinet Decision Making

Nick Ferrari gets an update on the PM’s condition from Health Minister Ed Argar Nick explores whether the Cabinet should act as equals and take over the decision making if the PM remains in hospital And scientists question the impact of school closures
08/04/2024m 44s

PM in Intensive Care

In today’s LBC Coronavirus Podcast, Nick Ferrari examines the Prime Minister’s health following his admittance to Intensive Care Nick speaks to Cabinet Minister Michael Gove about the role of Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab in his position as the First Secretary of State And a Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine explains what support the Prime Minister will be receiving.
07/04/2021m 46s

Coronavirus Myths Debunked

In today’s LBC Coronavirus Podcast, Nick Ferrari looks at the Queen’s address and whether it will have the desired effect of lifting the nation. Housing and Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick updates us on the Prime Ministers health Plus Nick debunks some of the myths around Coronavirus
06/04/2034m 49s

Matt Hancock is back and speaking to LBC

Today, Nick Ferrari is joined by current Health Secretary Matt Hancock who has just recovered from Covid-19, and former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt answers listeners questions.
03/04/2038m 3s

Why are so few NHS staff being tested?

Testing is still not being performed on frontline NHS staff in any significant numbers. Nick is joined by Professor Paul Cosford, Emeritus Medical Director at Public Health England and also investigates why the banks are not helping small businesses with loans
02/04/2022m 24s

Testing, Testing, Testing

Nick examines Michael Gove’s comments from the Downing Street Press Conference yesterday where he said the UK must go ‘further’ and ‘faster’ when it comes to testing capacity and whether or not Government have been too slow to act. Nick is also joined by the Independent’s Travel Editor, Simon Calder to find out which Brits might not benefit from the repatriation flights announced by the Foreign Secretary earlier this week.
01/04/2030m 8s

Cutting Back On Bin Collections

Nick speaks with Transport Secretary Grant Shapps about how the police are interpreting the new lockdown guidelines plus Mr Shapps reports on the reduction in train and bus use. Nick also speak to one council member about how some council are cutting back on bin collections
31/03/2028m 15s

Retired Police Officers rejoin the force

Nick question’s the Government’s Health Minister as to why some NHS frontline staff are still struggling to get the correct Personal Protection Equipment Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick tells us about the number of retired officers who have signed up to rejoin the police force And why undertakers are now policing the number of attendees at funerals
30/03/2026m 20s

Police use of Drones during Lockdown

In today’s LBC Coronavirus Podcast, Nick Ferrari asks whether it is acceptable for the police to use drones to take pictures of people out walking during the lockdown? He also looks at whether the Chancellor's measures to help the self-employed go far enough? Plus Nick examines how bad the Coronavirus situation in New York City is. Download now via the Global Player or wherever you get your podcasts
27/03/2027m 8s

Protection for NHS Staff

Nick also speaks to one of the 450,000 people who have signed for the Government's NHS Volunteers scheme to help the vulnerable in society. Plus a look at why some banks are charging over 12% interest rates on loans for businesses during this pandemic.
26/03/2026m 41s

Aiming For 100,000 Tests Per Day

Nick also speaks to National Medical Director of NHS England, Professor Stephen Powis and George Magnus who is an Economist and Author – who predicted that the US sub-prime mortgage crisis would trigger a global recession.
25/03/2024m 16s

What exactly is a key worker? Plus advice on home learning

Nick also questions Chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove about the latests lockdown measures including what exactly is a key worker? Plus how are parents coping with home learning?
24/03/2023m 11s

Is the lockdown coming?

Nick speaks to health Secretary Matt Hancock, former Sainsburys boss Justin King, and gets some advice from employment lawyer Daniel Barnett.
23/03/2021m 33s

Health Secretary Matt Hancock

Nick talks to Health Secretary Matt Hancock, finds out what powers the Police could have to force people in to quarantine, and gets a virologist & GP to answer your questions.
20/03/2031m 40s

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson speaks to Nick

The day after it's announced that schools will close on Friday, Nick speaks to Education Secretary Gavin Williamson
19/03/2023m 41s

What help for businesses?

From LBC, Coronavirus UK: Daily update podcast
18/03/2019m 25s
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