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The Home Secretary accuses MPs of 'coup' against Truss to force tax u-turn

Lizz Truss's first conference as prime minister is overshadowed by splits among MPs over party policy with the home secretary, Suella Braverman, accusing fellow Tory MPs of staging a “coup” by forcing the government to abandon plans to cut the 45p top rate of income tax
04/10/2247m 52s

The government U-turns on tax cut for highest earners

Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng admits having a 'tough day' in his speech to the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, after the government ditched plans to abolish the 45p income tax rate following widespread criticism
03/10/2252m 9s

Labour surges to 33-point lead over Conservatives

Sir Keir Starmer's Labour Party has taken a 33-point lead over Liz Truss' Conservative Party. How disastrous has this week been for the Tories? Andrew Marr is live from Westminster.
29/09/2249m 11s

Bank of England launces a major intervention to steady financial markets.

Bank of England launces a major intervention to steady financial markets.
28/09/2251m 8s

Keir Starmer delivers keynote speech at Labour conference

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer delivers his keynote speech at the Labour Party conference in Liverpool.
27/09/2249m 17s

Pound plummets to an all-time low

The British pound has sunk to an all-time low against the American dollar. Andrew Marr broadcasts live from Labour conference in Liverpool.
26/09/2249m 22s

The Chancellor makes tax cuts and ends cap on bonuses for bankers

The Chancellor makes tax cuts and ends cap on bonuses for bankers
23/09/2251m 3s

Health Secretary reveals plan to unblock NHS

Health Secretary reveals plan to unblock NHS and cut down on GP waiting times
22/09/2251m 1s

Putin announces mobilisation and warns west he will use all means at his disposal

Putin warns the West he is not bluffing over his threats to use all means at his disposal as he announces mobilsation
21/09/2249m 28s

PM Says US-UK Trade Deal Not On Agenda

Liz Truss flies to New York ahead of meetings with Biden and Macron
20/09/2251m 7s

The Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II is Laid to Rest at Windsor After a Funeral Service in Westminster Abbey
19/09/2255m 47s

Martina Navratilova, Anthony Fauci, and more..

Andrew speaks public health with Anthony Fauci, Federer with Martina Navratilova, and Queen & history with Ian McEwan
15/09/2251m 11s

The Queen Lies in State in Westminster Hall

A queue almost three miles long is forming in central London as mourners line up to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II
15/09/2250m 30s

Queen's Coffin Moved to Buckingham Palace

People Have Begun Waiting in the Streets of London to Pay Respects in Front of the Queen's Coffin in Westminster Abbey
13/09/2250m 18s

Mourners Visit Queen Elizabeth II's Coffin

Queen Elizabeth II's Coffin is Moved from Balmoral to Edinburgh
12/09/2254m 59s

Queen Elizabeth II Dies - Part Two

Special Episode with LBC Presenter Shelagh Fogarty
12/09/222h 20m

Queen Elizabeth II Dies - Part One

Special Episode with LBC Presenter Shelagh Fogarty
12/09/221h 38m

PM Liz Truss in Her First PMQ's

Liz Truss Faces Keir Starmer for the First Time in PMQ's
07/09/2252m 4s

Prime Minister Liz Truss Addresses the Nation

Prime Minister Liz Truss Makes a Speech to the Nation and Begins to Build Her New Government
06/09/2252m 28s

Liz Truss is the New Prime Minister

Liz Truss Defeats Rishi Sunak in the Race to No.10
05/09/2254m 2s

Exclusive Interview with Rishi Sunak

Andrew Speaks Exclusively to Tory Leadership Hopeful Rishi Sunak
21/07/2252m 56s

Truss and Sunak Are the Final Two

Either Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak will be the Prime Minister of the UK as the Leadership Race Enters its Second Phase
20/07/2252m 51s

UK Weather Exceeds 40 Degrees for First Time

A Major Incident is Declared in London as Huge Fires Break Out in the Capital and Around the Country
19/07/2252m 25s

Tory Leadership Debate Cancelled as Sunak and Truss Withdraw

Debate Between Conservative Hopefuls Cancelled as They Await the Third Ballot Result
19/07/2253m 48s

Tory Leadership Debate Cancelled as Sunak and Truss Withdraw

Debate Between Conservative Leadership Hopefuls Called Off as They Await the Third Ballot Result
18/07/2253m 48s

Exclusive Interview with Keir Starmer

Andrew Speaks to Labour Leader Keir Starmer on the Day of the Second Ballot in the Tory Leadership Race
14/07/2254m 33s

Hunt and Zahawi Out of Leadership Race

Rishi Sunak and Penny Mordaunt Come out on Top in Second Round of Leadership Race
13/07/2251m 52s

Tory Leadership Race Goes to Second Round

Eight Candidates Make it Through to the Second Round of the Race to Number 10
12/07/2253m 33s

Tory Leadership Race Underway

Conservative Leadership Candidates Lay Out Their Tax Plans in the Race to Replace Boris Johnson as Prime Minister
11/07/2257m 16s

Boris Johnson Resigns

Prime Minister Boris Johnson Resigns as Party Leader, Paving the Way for a Tory Leadership Race
07/07/2252m 0s

Boris Johnson vows to keep going as Prime Minister despite further resignations

Boris Johnson vows to keep going as Prime Minister despite further resignations
06/07/2257m 15s

Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid Quit The Cabinet

Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid Quit after the PM Apologises for Pincher Appointment
05/07/221h 17m

Keir Starmer Announces Labour's Brexit Policy

Andrew Marr challenges Brexit Opportunities Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg
04/07/2253m 56s

PM Pledges A Billion for Ukraine

Boris Johnson Returns From The NATO Summit in Madrid
30/06/2253m 39s

Met Police Put Into Special Measures

Andrew Marr speaks to Mina Smallman about Violence Against Women
29/06/2251m 19s

Sturgeon Sets Date For Second Independence Referendum

Andrew Marr Speaks to the SNP About Plans For A Second Independence Referendum
28/06/2254m 41s

NATO Puts More Troops on High Alert

Andrew Marr speaks to a Former Ukrainian Prime Minister About The Renewed Russian Offensive
27/06/2252m 58s

Boris Johnson Visits Rwanda

Andrew Marr Discusses Prince Charles and Boris Johnson's Upcoming Meeting in Rwanda
23/06/2253m 31s

More Unions Threaten Strike Action

Andrew Marr Speaks to Union Leaders Considering Industrial Action
22/06/2251m 6s

RMT Strikes Disrupt Travel Nationwide

Andrew Marr Speaks to Alistair Darling About Rail Strikes, Recession and The Labour Party Today.
21/06/2252m 37s

RMT Strikes to Go Ahead

Andrew Marr Speaks to RMT Boss Mick Lynch Ahead of the Biggest Rail Strikes For 30 Years
20/06/2250m 50s

Lord Geidt's Resignation Letter Published

The Prime Minister is Criticised by Former Ethics Advisor for Putting Him in an 'Impossible and Odious' Situation
16/06/2254m 1s

Lord Geidt Resigns

The Prime Minister's Ethics Advisor Quits a Day After Admitting 'Frustration' Over Lockdown Parties in No.10
15/06/2252m 27s

Deportation Flight to Rwanda Set to Take Off

A Plane Set to Take Asylum Seekers to Rwanda From the UK Is Ready to Take Off Despite Last Ditch Legal Attempts to Prevent It
14/06/2254m 34s

Foreign Secretary Announces New NI Protocol Bill

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss Announces New Bill Giving the Government the Power to Override Some Parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol
13/06/2255m 6s

PM Announces New Cost of Living Plan

Prime Minister Boris Johnson Makes a Speech Covering Housing, Cost of Living and Fuel Prices
09/06/2254m 24s

Britons Face Travel Chaos as RMT Union Announce Strike

The RMT Union Announces the Biggest Walkout for 33 Years
08/06/2251m 49s

PM Insists he will Stay Despite Bruising Confidence Vote Result

Prime Minister Boris Johnson Wins No Confidence Vote Despite 41% of Tory Backbenchers Voting Against Him
07/06/2252m 47s

PM Faces No Confidence Vote

Tory MPs Decide the PM's Future
06/06/2253m 0s

Rishi Sunak Announces Cost of Living Support

The Chancellor Announces Package of Support Aiming to Help Those Struggling With Bills
27/05/2250m 35s

Sue Gray Report Released

Boris Johnson Faces Partygate Questions After Release of Sue Gray Report
25/05/2254m 20s

Ofgem Chief Warns of £800 Price Cap Increase

Ofgem Chief Jonathan Brearley speaks to Andrew Marr after Warning the Chancellor of a Potential £800 Increase to the Energy Price Cap in October
25/05/2252m 35s

First Photos Emerge of Lockdown Breaking Event in No.10

First Photos are Released Showing Prime Minister Boris Johnson Raising a Glass at a Lockdown Breaking Event in November 2020
24/05/2252m 51s

PM Issued No Further Fines over Partygate

PM Boris Johnson to Receive no Further Fines over Lockdown Breaking Parties as the Met Police Investigation Concludes
19/05/2252m 29s

Unnamed MP Arrested on Suspicion of Rape

MPs Told Not to Name an MP Who Has Been Arrested on Suspicion of Rape and Sexual Assault
18/05/2253m 17s

Lord Mervyn King Speaks Exclusively to Andrew Marr

Former Governor of the Bank of England, Lord Mervyn King, Speaks on the Reaction of the Government and the BOE to the Cost of Living Crisis
17/05/2252m 17s

PM Visits Stormont for Emergency Talks On NI Protocol

Prime Minister Boris Johnson Visits Stormont for Crisis Talks Over the Government's Plan to Scrap Parts of the NI Protocol
16/05/2251m 57s

Levelling Up Special: Live From Manchester

Andrew Broadcasts Live From Manchester, Talking All Things Levelling Up with Tees Valley Mayor, Ben Houchen, and Greater Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham
12/05/2254m 10s

Prime Minister Confirms Intention to Discard Parts of NI Protocol

Prime Minister Boris Johnson Restates the Government Intention to Rip Up Parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol During a Trip to Sweden and Finland
11/05/2252m 27s

Prince Charles Steps in to Make the Queen's Speech

Prince Charles Made the Queen's Speech as the Queen Pulled out due to 'Episodic Mobility Issues'
10/05/2253m 38s

Labour Leader Vows to Resign if Issued Fine

Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer Promises to Step Down if Issued a Fixed Penalty Notice For Breaking Covid Restrictions
10/05/2252m 19s

A UK Politics Free Pre-Election Show

Andrew Covers Roe v. Wade, Belarus' Relationship with Russia & Ukraine, and the Danger of Russophobia, among others ahead of the local election results in the UK
05/05/2251m 29s

Money Saving Expert Describes Govt. Advice as Bull***t

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis Criticises Environment Secretary George Eustice For Recommending Struggling Families Buy Own Brand Foods to Combat Cost of Living
04/05/2251m 55s

Prime Minister Concedes Government Needs to do More in Cost of Living Crisis

Prime Minister Boris Johnson Admits to GMB's Susanna Reid That the Government is Not Doing Enough to Combat Cost of Living
03/05/2252m 44s

Parliament Prorogued Ahead of Local Elections

Andrew Marr Speaks to Conservative Tees Valley Mayor, Ben Houchen, Ahead of Local Elections on 5th May
28/04/2250m 54s

Govt. Broke Law with Covid Care Home Policy

The High Court Has Ruled that the Government Broke the Law When they Sent Un-Tested Hospital Patients into Care Homes in 2020
27/04/2251m 33s

LBC Exclusive: Govt. Legislation Threatens NI Protocol

LBC Exclusive: The Govt. Plan to Feature Legislation in the Queen's Speech that Could Completely Rip Up the Northern Ireland Protocol
26/04/2251m 19s

Mail on Sunday Accused of Misogyny Towards Angela Rayner

The Mail on Sunday are Accused of Racism for Reporting that Angela Rayner Used her Legs to Distract the Prime Minister in the Commons
25/04/2251m 52s

PM to Face Commons Investigation

PM Boris Johnson to face an investigation into whether he misled Parliament about partygate
21/04/2251m 58s

PM and Starmer Clash at PMQ's

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer Go Head to Head over Accusations that the PM Criticised the BBC's Ukraine Coverage
20/04/2253m 27s

Prime Minister Denies Deliberately Misleading Parliament

PM Boris Johnson Faces Calls to Resign Over Lockdown Party Fines
19/04/2251m 52s

Vladimir Putin Threatens to Stop Gas Supply to Europe

Vladimir Putin Threatens to Stop Gas Supply to Europe Unless It's Paid for in Russian Currency
31/03/2253m 6s

PM Refuses to Admit Criminal Behaviour in Downing St.

PM Refuses to Admit Criminal Behaviour in Downing St. Despite Imminent Penalty Fines
30/03/2251m 10s

Twenty Fines to be Issued Over Partygate Scandal

Twenty Fines to be Issued As Part of Police Inquiry Into Lockdown Breaking Parties in No.10
29/03/2252m 32s

Roman Abramovich Suffered Suspected Poisoning

Roman Abramovich Suffered Suspected Poison Symptoms After Peace Talks in Kyiv Last Month
28/03/2252m 3s

Leaders Meet at Nato Summit in Brussels

World Leaders Meet at Nato Meeting in Brussels to Discuss Ongoing War in Ukraine
24/03/2251m 46s

The Chancellor Presents His Spring Statement

Chancellor Rishi Sunak Presents His Spring Statement to the House of Commons
23/03/2249m 20s

Labour Deputy Leader Angela Rayner Speaks to LBC

Labour Deputy Leader Angela Rayner Speaks to LBC Ahead of the Chancellor's Spring Statement
22/03/2252m 31s

Conservative Chairman Oliver Dowden

Conservative Chairman Oliver Dowden
21/03/2250m 31s

Speaker of the House - Sir Lindsay Hoyle

Speaker of the House - Sir Lindsay Hoyle
18/03/2249m 40s

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe Returns to the UK

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe Returns to the UK After Six Years of Imprisonment in Iran
16/03/2249m 38s

Ukrainian President says Nato Membership Unlikely

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy Says Nato Membership Unlikely, Saying Peace Talks with Russia Are Going "Pretty Good"
15/03/2250m 0s

Govt. Offer £350 to Take in Ukrainian Refugees

Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove Announces a Scheme Encouraging People in the UK to Take in Ukrainian Refugees
14/03/2249m 58s

Govt. U-Turn on Refugee Policy

Home Secretary Priti Patel Announced Long Awaited U-Turn on Policy for Ukrainian Refugees
10/03/2248m 29s

Marr Exclusive with David Cameron

Former Prime Minister David Cameron Speaks Exclusively to LBC
09/03/2250m 51s

Ukrainian President Speaks to the Commons

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy Makes Historic Address to the Commons
08/03/2249m 52s

Tonight with Andrew Marr: The Launch

Ukraine Crisis Continues as Pressure Mounts on The Govt. to Welcome More Refugees
07/03/2250m 10s
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