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Tonight with Andrew Marr

Tonight with Andrew Marr

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Tonight With Andrew Marr is LBC's flagship show covering all things Westminster and beyond. After years of impartiality, Andrew is finding his voice and passing judgement on the biggest issues of the day. Andrew uses his unparalleled level of experience to bring you the sharpest analysis and hardest hitting interviews with the most influential people of the political world. Listen now and subscribe.


The Governor and the Chancellor

The Bank of England held interest rates at 5.25%, ending a run of 14 consecutive rises, and following a surprise drop in the rate of inflation for August. Are we at peak interest rates and will inflationary pressures ease up into the new year? Joining me to discuss is the Chancellor Jeremy Hunt and the Governor of the Bank of England Andrew Bailey.
21/09/23·50m 45s

Sunak Redefines Net Zero Policy

The Prime Minister announces major changes to the UK's net zero targets, changing tack on electric cars, oil and gas boilers, and efficiency standards for rented properties, among others
20/09/23·51m 27s

Could Doctors be Forced Off Picket Lines?

As the country braces for another round of strike action across the NHS doctors, the government has stumbled across a rather radical solution: they want the legal power to force doctors to return to work during strikes. The Health Secretary Steve Barclay has said the government want to introduce minimum service level to maintain 'necessary and safe service levels' across the NHS - something they are already conducting consultiations for ambulance workers, fire and rescue services and passenger rail workers. One of the UK's most-famous and well-respected medical professionals, Labour Peer Lord Robert Winston joins the programme.
19/09/23·50m 48s

Liz Truss Defends Her Economic Record

Former Prime Minister Liz Truss insists she did not crash the British economy, claiming her economic policies just 'weren't fashionable on the London dinner party circuit'
18/09/23·51m 3s

Labour Vow 'Smash the Gangs'

The opposition set out their plans to tackle the small boats crisis and seek a deal with the EU in preparation for a Labour government
14/09/23·51m 13s

Theresa May Slams Suella Braverman

Former Prime Minister Theresa May joins the programme for an extensive interview, sharing her thoughts on Brexit, John Bercow, Boris Johnson, and the Grenfell disaster. Comedian David Mitchell also joins the programme to discuss the bizarre, cruel, ather odd behaviour of our past Monarchs - and whether there is any cure for our slightly dysfunctional politics.
13/09/23·50m 4s

Treasury Questions Pension Triple Lock

The Treasury considers tweaking the pension triple lock rules to save £1bln of taxpayer money in 2024
12/09/23·51m 15s

Is China a friend or foe?

Over the weekend a story broke about the arrest of an individual who has allegedly been spying for the Chinese state right here in the heart of Westminster -  in Parliament.If found to be true, the revelations could have a significant impact on British-Chinese relations and spectactularly backfire for Beijing. The revelations have prompted demands to tighten vetting at parliament and called into question our relationship with China just a week after the Foreign Secretary’s Visit. How will the revelations impact our relations with China? Are they a friend or foe? Joining me to discuss is the Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy and Victor Gao, who is a Former translator to the late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping and vice president of the Centre for China and globalization. Victor is widely described as a spokesperson for CCP
11/09/23·49m 40s

Manhunt Underway for Escaped Terror Suspect

Police launch a UK wide manhunt for Daniel Khalife, a terror suspect who escaped Wandsworth prison while clinging to the bottom of a delivery lorry
07/09/23·51m 8s

Five Years of Temporary Classrooms?

LBC discovers that Department of Education officials discussed the possibility of teaching pupils in temporary classrooms for five years as a result of the RAAC concrete crisis
06/09/23·51m 29s

Birmingham Council Bankruptcy

Birmingham council has declared bankruptcy following the need to settlement £760 million equal pay dispute.
05/09/23·50m 41s

People 'Sat on Their A***s' on School Building Crisis

Parliament returns with a bang as the Education Secretary, Gillian Keegan, accuses people of 'sitting on their a***s' over the school buildings RAAC concrete crisis
04/09/23·52m 1s

Tom Hollander On the Rise of Putin

Actor Tom Hollander discusses the rise of Putin and his experience playing Boris Berezovsky in his new play
20/07/23·51m 28s

Good News? A £4bn gigafactory and inflation drops.

Two good-ish bits of news today for a change; inflation has fallen more than expected to 7.9% in June and the TATA Group have unveiled plans for a £4bn gigafactory in somerset that's expected to create 4,000 jobs. The inflation figures might mean the Bank of England cuts interest rates in August which would be a huge relief for mortgage holders. The TATA gigafactory announcement was used by the government to try and demonstrate how good the UK was for investment - but the government had to disclose the amount of subsidies they are providing the company to open this factory here. Joining the programme to discuss is the Former Permanent Secretary to the Treasury Lord Nick Macpherson, Minister in the Department of Businesss and Trade Nus Ghani, and the Shadow Business and Industrial Strategy Secretary Jonathan Reynolds.
19/07/23·50m 25s

Starmer and Blair - is this New, New Labour?

As Keir Starmer appears on stage with Tony Blair for the first time, are we heading for New Labour, take two? And if so, would that be a good thing for the country?
18/07/23·50m 27s

"Mickey Mouse" Degrees

Andrew discusses Rishi Sunak's claims that "young people are being a sold a false dream" when it comes to certain degrees. We also hear about a new Alzheimer's wonder drug.
17/07/23·47m 53s

Pay Boost for the Public Sector

Rishi Sunak announces pay hikes for millions of public sector workers including teachers and NHS workers
13/07/23·51m 39s

Huw Edwards Named As Suspended BBC Presenter

Huw Edwards is named as the suspended BBC presenter at the centre of this week's crisis at the national broadcaster. The veteran news anchor was named in a statement released by his wife just as the show went on air. She said he was checked into a hospital and suffering from 'serious mental health issues', and apologised for the distress the past few days have had on his colleagues at the BBC. Also on the programme, Security Minister Tom Tugendhat discusses the new National Security Act and the Shadow Defence Secretary Jon Healey shares his thoughts on the latest coming out of the NATO Summit in Vilnius.
12/07/23·50m 24s

Mortgage rates, NATO and more revelations in the BBC presenter scandal

Andrew is joined by a stellar panel to explain the latest in the BBC presenter scandal. A former US National Security Advisor tells Andrew why Ukraine joining NATO might prove tricky, and a top economic commentator looks at the latest with mortgage interest rates.
11/07/23·48m 42s

BBC in Crisis Mode...again.

Crisis at the BBC yet again following the publication of a story in the Sun which alleged that an unidentified 'top' presenter had been taken off air following claims they had paid more than £35,000 to a young person for inappropriate images. The young person's lawyer this evening claimed that the story was 'rubbish' - adding an unexpected twist to the whole story. And we begin the programme as NATO heads of state prepare for their annual summit - and the big question on everyone's mind; will Ukraine finally get a roadmap to membership of the alliance?
10/07/23·49m 40s

Starmer Vows To Break 'Class Ceiling'

The Keir Starmer vowed to shatter the "class ceiling" that limits working class children from succeeding in a speech earlier today where he set out the final plank of his Party's 5 missions for Government.
06/07/23·50m 45s

The NHS at 75

On it's 75th birthday the NHS is in full-crisis mode; People are facing year-long waiting lists, patients in corridors for hours unable to get treatments or scans, and the dreaded 8am scramble for the GP, all tell-tale signs of huge problems that currently there appears to be no fix for. The former Prime Minister Tony Blair has called for further private sector involvement, the government have said things will get worse before getting better, and the Labour party blame the Conservative's for 13 years of mismanagement. But how can we fix it? What can we do to ensure the NHS is here for another 75 years? The Chair of the BMA Professor Phillip Banfield and Shadow International Trade Secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds joins the programme.
05/07/23·50m 19s

Is Rishi Sunak on track to meet his pledges?

Andrew Marr is joined by a group of experts to determine if the Prime Minister is on track to meet his pledges. And a former Vice President of Twitter tells Andrew whether Mark Zuckerberg's Threads could replace the social media site.
04/07/23·48m 36s

Labour Make Big Promises on Education

Pledging to draft in 'super teacher hit squads' and giving new starters a pay incentive to stay in the profession, Labour is making a series of big promises to overhaul the education sector
03/07/23·51m 19s

Rwanda Plan Ruled Unflawful

The government's flagship and controversial plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda for processing was ruled unlawful by the Court of Appeal earlier today. The Home Secretary said she would appeal the decision and claimed Rwanda is a safe country. How likely is this to ahead? And is Rwanda a safe country? Labour Peer Baroness Shami Chakrabarti and the Leader of the Rwanda Opposition Victoire Umuhoza join the programme to discuss.
29/06/23·50m 14s

UK Net Zero Efforts Failing 'On All Fronts'

The government's own climate watchdog concludes that the UK is failing in all of its net-zero goals
28/06/23·52m 26s

Hancock Appears Before the Covid Inquiry

Lorelei King, who lost her husband in a care home in March 2020 and confronted Matt Hancock at the Covid Inquiry, joins Andrew to discuss whether she can ever forgive the former Health Secretary.
27/06/23·51m 7s

Wagner Boss Speaks Out After Mutiny

Wagner Boss Yevgeniy Prighozin has broken his silence from an undisclosed location following his coup attempt in Russia over the weekend. The Economist's Russia Editor Arkady Ostrovsky and United Russia MP Evgeniy Popov join the programme. Conservative MP and Chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee Alicia Kearns shares her thoughts on reports that British Diplomats were preparing for Russia's collapse.
26/06/23·50m 43s

Brexit and Interest Rates

The Bank of England raised interest rates for the 13th consecutive time to grapple with persistant and sticky inflation. The decision will alarm borrowers who are likely to see their repayments go up. It has also been with dismay by some Conservative MPs who have accused the Bank of being asleep at the wheel. On the 7th Anniversary of Brexit we discuss the future of Britian's relationship with the EU with Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy and the German Ambassador Miguel Berger.
22/06/23·50m 21s

More Immigration To Solve Mortgage Crisis

As the mortgage crisis rumbles on full steam ahead the former Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond suggests that relaxing immmigration rules could help bring interest rates down.
22/06/23·50m 30s

The Chancellor Calls In The Banks

The Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt has decided to call in the representatives of the UK's biggest banks as the 'ticking timebomb' mortgage crisis escalates. The average 2-year fixed rate hit 6% yesterday, putting additional pressure on already-squeezed household finances.
20/06/23·50m 9s

Mortgage Crisis Deepens

Two-year fixed rate mortgages now face an interest rate of nearly 6% as homeowners grapple with the cost of living
19/06/23·52m 27s

Boris Johnson Misled the Commons

The long-awaited Partygate report from the Privileges Committee is published, concluding that the former Prime Minister lied in the Commons, and recommending 90 days suspension if he were still an MP
15/06/23·52m 2s

Starmer and Sunak Clash Over Honours

Starmer and Sunak butt heads in Prime Minister's Questions over Boris Johnson's controversial honours list
14/06/23·51m 55s

Mervyn King calls Brexit a shambles

In an exclusive interview with the former Bank of England Governor Lord Mervyn King, we discuss why government borrowing costs are higher today than during the disasterous Truss budget. King also suggests the way that Brexit has been a managed is a shambles.And over to Miami, as Donald Trump is summoned to court to be indicted under the Espionage Act after the FBI found over 100 top secret documents at his Mar-a-Lago hotel.
13/06/23·48m 40s

Sunak and Johnson at War

Sunak and Johnson trade public blows over his controversial honours list following Johnson's resignation from parliament on Friday
12/06/23·51m 49s

Caroline Lucas to quit as MP

The Green Party's only MP - and former Leader - Caroline Lucas has announced she will step down from politics at next General Election. She said she wanted to focus more on fighting the climate crisis. Her decision raises further questions about the inability of Westminster to deliver critical policies.
08/06/23·51m 13s

Labour on Track for a Big Election Win

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak heads to America, leaving behind a shaky party after a poll showing Labour would obtain at 140 seat majority at the next election
07/06/23·51m 7s

The Prime Minister's adviser says AI could 'kill many humans' within 2 years

A chilling warning from the Prime Minister's AI adviser Matt Clifford: Artificial intelligence could overtake human intelligene and kill many people within just 2 years. The Former Chancellor Sajiv Javid joins the programme to discuss this and how AI could impact the integrity of future elections. The Minister for London and Minister for Technology and the Digital Economy Paul Scully MP also tells us why he is running to be the Mayor of London - and what ideas he will bring to the table.In news that could spell very bad news for the Labour party's prospects in Scotland, Alex Salmond joins the programme to discuss his calls for a pro-independence electoral pact with the SNP, ALBA and the Scottish Greens.
06/06/23·49m 56s

Unions Clash with Labour Over the North Sea

Unions criticise Labour over their pledge to not start any new oil and gas projects in the North Sea, saying it will leave people 'devastated'
05/06/23·51m 12s

Record High Migration Numbers Released

The ONS publish their net migration figures for 2022, showing a record high of 606,000
25/05/23·52m 39s

Overall Inflation drops but food prices remain worryingly high

Inflation remains a pressing issue for both struggling households and the Conservative government. Whilst the overall rate of inflation dropped to 8.7% today, which is 0.5% higher than the Bank of England forecast, food inflation remains worringly high at 19.1%. Financial Secretary to the Treasury Victoria Atkins joins the programme. The Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves says Globalilsation is dead as she outlines a prospecitive Labour more interventionist economic plan she calls 'Securonomics'. Shadow Financial Secretary to The Treasury and Labour MP Pat McFadden shares the details. Legendary Pollster Frank Luntz shares his thoughts on whether or not the culture wars can win elections. And The Chair of the National Churches Trust and former Permanent Secretary to the Home Office Sir Philip Rutnam shares his warnings about the loss of key cultural heritage as its revealed over 900 Churches are at risk of being sold off or closed. He also discusses the recent attacks on the civil service by MPs.
24/05/23·53m 45s

Suella Braverman faces fresh ministerial code breach claims

The Home Secretary faces yet another claim that she may have broken the ministerial code, according to The Independent's Lizzie Dearden. Former Cabinet Secretary Lord Gus O'Donnell also joins to discuss the relationship between the ministers and the civil service. An Exclusive interview with the Former CEO of Google Dr Eric Schmidy on Artificial Intelligence - the prospects, dangers and regulation of this sector that is already beggining to revolutionise our lives. And The Great British Bake-Off Judge Dame Prue Leith joins the programme to discuss assisted dying following publication of an open-letter calling for the government to legalise this.
23/05/23·51m 12s

Labour announce plans to reform the NHS

Labour Leader Keir Starmer has announced plans today to reform the NHS and pledges to cut heart, cancern and suicide related deaths, Wes Streeting joins the programme to discuss. European Commissioner for Financial Stability, Financial Services and the Capital Markets Union Mairead McGuinness joins the programme to discuss the UK and EU's post-brexit regulations of the financial sector. And a UK Exclusive with Ilya Ponamarev, the political leader of the Freedom of Russia Legion, the anti-Putin Russian group responsible for today's attack on the Belgorod region.
22/05/23·51m 26s

The End of a Shaky Week for Sunak

After two controversial conferences from Tory right factions, and disagreements over housebuilding and migration, Andrew is joined by top political minds to dissect what has been a difficult week for the PM
18/05/23·51m 31s

Vauxhall Threatens to Close UK Factory

Up to 2,000 jobs could be at risk as car-maker Vauxhall says it may have to close its UK factory unless the government renegotiates the Brexit deal
17/05/23·50m 1s

Farage: Brexit has Failed

PM faces challenges on multiple fronts as Nigel Farage criticises the government's handling of Brexit and backbenchers criticise approach over EU Law Bill
16/05/23·50m 40s

The Labour Party may lower the voting age to 16

The Labour leader doubled-down on plans announced over the weekend. Kier Starmer said his party would extending voting rights to under 18s and EU citizens who live in the UK. Former Labour Home Secretary tells us whether he thinks a good idea. The National Conservatism Conference has kicked off here in London - Conservative MP Danny Kruger joins the programme to explain what it's all about, and whether the Labour Party's voting plans really are 'gerrymandering' as Jacob Rees Mogg suggestted earlier this morning.
15/05/23·51m 3s

Brexiteer Tories Turn on the Government

Members of the Brexiteer wing of the Tory party clash with the government as the deadline to scrap retained EU laws is removed
11/05/23·52m 35s

Archbishop of Canterbury slams the government's Illegal Migration Bill

The Archbishop of Canterbury slammed the government's Illegal Migration Bill in the House of Lords in a scathing intervention earlier this afternoon. He called it 'isolationist', 'immoral', and claimed the bill will fail because it doesn't properly address the source of migration. Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick reacts to the rare intervention from the head of the Church of England.Victor Gao, a former Chinese diplomat who is widely referred to as a spokesperson for the Chinese Communist warns that Liz Truss's visit to Taiwan next week could accelerate 'reunification' and lead to war. Also on the programme:Chris Huhne, former Liberal Democrat Energy Secretary in the Lib-Con coalition government shares his thoughts on Rishi Sunak refusing to rule out attempting to form a coalition government if there is a hung parliament at the next General Election. Alan Rusbridger, the former Editor-in-Chief of the Guardian discusses the Daily Mirror publisher's apology to Prince Harry in a high-profile court case today. Mick Mulvaney on the political impact of Donald Trump being found guilty of sexual abuse in a civil case in New York yesterday
10/05/23·51m 0s

Pharmacists to Help Free Up GP Slots

Pharmacies will now be able to administer antibiotics and antivirals for common illnesses in a new government effort to help free up GP appointments
09/05/23·50m 34s

Tensions rise following drone attack on the Kremlin

The recent drone attack on the Kremlinraised tensions between Russia and the US. Both sides blame each other for the attack. Could the war of words turn into a deadly escalation between the US and Allies? Former Deputy Supreme Allied Commander in Europe General Sir Richard Shirreff and Ukranian Golos Party Deputy Leader Inna Sovsun join to discuss. On the eve of the Coronation of King Charles III, Jamaica and Belize have suggested they could be the next Commonwealth Realms to ditch the Monarchy altogether and begin a new chapter in their history as independent republics. The Commonwealth Secretary General Baroness Patricia Scotland joins the programme to share her thoughts on the future of the Commonwealth and the role they will be during the Coronation. Could Charles III be the first 'climate King'? CEO of the Wildlife Trust Craig Bennett joins the programme.
04/05/23·50m 28s

Russia Accuse Ukraine of Attacking the Kremlin

Zelenskyy publicly denies that Ukraine were behind a drone attack on the Kremlin last night, with Russia labelling it an assassination attempt against Putin
03/05/23·51m 15s

Energy giant BP announces £4bn profits in first 3 months of the year

The energy giant BP has announced £4bn in profits for the first 3 months of 2023, with the news coming as millions of households across the country struggle with the highest energy bills in Europe - is it time for higher a windfall tax on companies such as BP? Labour MP and Shadow Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband joins to discuss?The Former First Minister of Scotland and current ALBA party leader Alex Salmond joins the programme to explain why he thinks King Charles III will the last King of Scotland. The Former President of the Royal College of Nursing Professor Dame Anne-Marie Rafferty shares her thoughts on the breakthrough between the health workers and the government as a million workers accept a pay deal. Also on the programme: IPSOS CEO Kelly Beaver on polling ahead of local electionsBaroness Jenny Jones on the Green Party's local election strategyDr Hayleigh Bosher, professor of Intellectual property law and presenter of the 'Whose Song Is It Anyway?' podcast discusses Ed Sheeran's threat to quit music if he loses the copyright trial he is currently involved in.
02/05/23·49m 46s

Government Unveils Their Gambling White Paper

The government have published their gambling white paper, with online casinos facing tougher restrictions
27/04/23·51m 44s

Crucial Vote on Small Boats Bill

The government faces a vote after a day of debating Home Secretary Suella Braverman's Illegal Migration Bill
26/04/23·50m 43s

Exclusive Interview with Scotland's First Minister Humza Yousaf

Humza Yousaf's first few weeks been turbulent to say the least. The new First Minister has inherited a party in crisis. In an exclusive interview he talks about the investigation into the party, the 'missing' £600,000, his vision for Scotland, independence - and what he will do when Trump visits next week. There are an estimated 70 NHS doctors currently trapped in Sudan. They face the risk of kidnap by the warring factions who in dire need of medical experts as fighting rages on. We speak to 'Dr Ahmed' who is a British resident, but currently stuck in Sudan and yet to be contacted by the government. The Chair of the Defence Select Committee also joins the programme just as the first flight carrying British Nationals leaves the country for Cyprus. Also, Naturalist and Broadcaster Ray Mears & Chair of the Environment Audit Committee Phillip Dunne discuss sewage being dumped into our rivers by water companies.
25/04/23·50m 14s

UK Troops Arrive in Sudan

UK troops have arrived in Sudan to explore evacuation options for British nationals there after a more than a week of violence
24/04/23·51m 13s

UK Exclusive Interview with Taiwan's Foreign Minister

Taiwan's Foreign Minister speaks exclusively to Andrew Marr with a warning to the West that we could be on the verge of another war
20/04/23·51m 31s

Extinction Rebellion protests to take over central London during the Marathon this weekend.

Extinction Rebellion have set an ultimatum to the government: halt the search for new fossil fuels immediately and to set up emergency citizens’ assemblies and let the public decide how to end the fossil fuel era. They've asked the government to sit down by Tuesday 25th April or be faced with mass protests. The last time this happened the activist brought the capital to a standstill and over 1000 people were arrested. XR co-founder Clare Farrel and former UK Special representative for Climate Change Sir David King join to discuss. Social Housing campaigner Kwajo Tweneboa shares his thoughts as a new report reveals a quarter of a million children are sharing beds due to overcrowding in the social housing sector. Former Chancellor and Tory Grandee Lord Ken Clarkes shares his thoughts on the UK's economic quagmire, high inflation and how to fix the health service. The National Cyber Security Centre have raised the alarm bells over Chinese dominance in cyberspace and artificial intelligence - the former, and first-ever, Chief Software Officer of the US Air Force and Space Force Nicolas Chaillan joins the show.
19/04/23·50m 39s

Price of Supermarket Staples Rockets

Andrew speaks to experts like Co-Founder of Leon, Henry Dimbleby, President of the NFU, Minette Batters, and Professor Sir Michael Marmot on soaring food costs and who it's impacting most
18/04/23·52m 48s

British-Russian dissident jailed for 25 years in Russia

Tonight with Andrew Marr returns with a UK broadcast exclusive: Evgenia Kara-Murza reacts to the news that her husband Vladimir, a Russian-Brit, has been sentenced 25 years in prison for ‘treason’ by the Russian authorities. Alicia Kearns, the Conservative MP who chair’s the Foreign Affairs Select Committee also joins for some reactionto the news.  Baroness Minouche Shafik, a former deputy governor of the Bank of England, joins the programme to discuss how we can improve the economy and get growing following a double dose of bad news -  0 growth in February and the IMF forecast last week suggesting the UK was on track to being the worst-performing economy in the G20.  Rabbi Leo Dee, the husband and father of the British-Israelis killed by a West Bank terrorist last week also joins the programme.
17/04/23·50m 1s

UK Exclusive Interview with the General Secretary of Nato

Andrew speaks to Nato General Secretary, Jens Stoltenberg, in a UK exclusive
30/03/23·51m 30s

Experts Warn of AI's Threat to Humanity

Elon Musk was one of 1,000 experts and leaders calling for a pause in development of powerful AI systems due to risks to society and humanity
29/03/23·50m 27s

Who represents young people now?

Young people face enormous pressures in the UK today - the modern economy is locking them out of the housing market, jacking up rents, their utility bills are sky high, along with the cost of further education should they want to pursue a degree. And more than 80% of household wealth in Britain is now held by the over 45s. What issues do they face, and why is no one fighting their corner in the political system? Ndidi Okezie, CEO of Youth UK; Jason Allen BEM, Founding Director of Mary's Charity, and Andrew Fisher, Author of Labour's 2017 manifesto and Director of Policy under Jeremy Corbyn join us to discuss. Former BBC Trust Chairman Lord Patten joins the programme to share his thoughts on the future of the national broadcaster and its Chairman Richard Sharp. And a damning report by Amnesty International has suggests that the UK is now a negative force for human rights on the world stage – the organisation’s General Secretary Agnes Callamard Also on the programme; SNP leadership contender Kate Forbes resigns from the Scottish government, and a look at the future of our railways on the 60th anniversary of the Beeching Report.
28/03/23·50m 47s

Hamza Yousaf Elected to Succeed Nicola Sturgeon

Hamza Yousaf has been elected to succeed Nicola Sturgeon as SNP leader and will be appointed as First Minister of Scotland by King Charles on Wednesday
27/03/23·45m 21s

Bank of England raises interest rates again.

The Bank of England has decided to raise the interest rate after inflation rose this month rather than fall at is widely expected to. This comes at a time when the financial system has bit slightly wobbled by the failure of the Silicon Valley Back. What consequence could this decision have on the economy and households - and on inflation itself? Former Bank of England Deputy Governor Sir Charlie Bean and Labour MP John McDonnell join the programme. The Ugandan Parliament has passed a law that will criminalise being LGBTQ+. The legislation could jail anyone who identifies as LGBTQ+ for up to 20 years  a move that has infuriated human rights activists and organisations. The US has threatened to sanction Uganda. To explain why the parliament has done this - and the mood in the capital Kampala - is Dr Frank Mugisha,  Executive Director of the banned LGBTQ support group Sexual Minorities Uganda who was also nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2014. Also on the programme:Junior doctors set to strike in April and protests rock France as riots erupt across the country.
23/03/23·49m 8s

Boris Johnson grilled over misleading the House of Commons.

Boris Johnson was grilled by the privliges committee as part of their report on whether or not he knowlingly mislead the house of commons. If found guilty, there is a risk he could face a by-election. Boris Johnson's former boss and a former Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Telegraph Sir Max Hastings joins the programme. Also on the programme: The Windsor Framework - or Rishi Sunak's Northern Ireland deal as it's more commonly known - passed through the commons despite warnings from the DUP and the ERG wing of the Tory Party. Lord Peter Mandelson and the DUP's Ian Paisley Jr join the show.
22/03/23·50m 18s

Baroness Casey Releases Blistering Review of Met Police

Baroness Casey releases her review into the Metropolitan Police, concluding that the force is institutionally racist, misogynistic and homophobic
21/03/23·49m 58s

20th Anniversary of the Iraq War

On the 20th Anniversary of the Iraq War, Andrew speaks to one of the top politicians in charge at the time
20/03/23·48m 28s

Interview with The Chancellor Jeremy Hunt

The Chancellor joins Tonight with Andrew Marr following his spring budget. Jeremy Hunt takes questions on the stealthy increase in income tax, whether his pension reform is gift to the top 1%, if his children will still be able to use tik tok following the decision to ban the app on all government devices today. Also - Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting joins the programme to scrutinise the budget and share his thoughts on the government's pay offer to striking health care workers. Also on the programme, SNP leadership candidate Ash Regan.
16/03/23·51m 2s

The Spring Budget

The Chancellor has finally delivered his spring budget. He extended free childcare and announced some of the biggest pension reforms in modern times. He uprated benefits. He also announced that corporation tax will increase from 19% to 25% from April. It was sold as back-to-work budget and a budget for growth. Some on the Conservative benches have been making noise and trying to pressure the Treasury for tax cuts, but no signs of rebellion yet. A low-tax champion, former Levelling up Secretary Simon Clarke joins the programme. We also get the assessment of Paul Johnson, the Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, Businessman and Dragon Theo Paphitis - and talk to Andy Street, the Mayor of the West Midlands Combined Authority on the new powers this budget has just granted him.
15/03/23·49m 38s

Chancellor to Tackle Economic Inactivity in Spring Budget

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is set to announce policies to tackle economic inactivity in his Spring Budget tomorrow, with plans to boost childcare funding and offer pension boosts
14/03/23·50m 41s

China Represents 'Dangerous' Challenge to World Order

The Prime Minister warns of the 'danger and disorder' threatened by China and Russia in a visit to the US
13/03/23·50m 52s

Full-time nursery costing nearly £15k a year.

There is a crisis in the UK's childcare system. It now costs an average of £15,000 a year to keep children between 1-2 years old in nursery according to a new report by the charity Coram, a figure that will simply be unaffordable for many. The impact of childcare often has an understated on the parents as well as the child - it means parents being forced to put a pause on their career for a few years to look after their children full time. Which also means household budgets shrink, and this impacts the rest of the economy. The Chair of the Commission on Young Lives Anne Longfield joins the programme. Russia launched another brutal missile attack across Ukraine in the very early hours this morning. 9 people have been killed and the attack on the Zaporizhia nuclear power cut the power to large areas of the country. The Mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovyi and Major General Jonathan Shaw share their experiences and thoughts on the latest attackand the reasons behind it.  Also on the programme: Parts of the HS2 train line has been delayed yet again and Rishi Sunak heads to France tomorrow to make a deal with President Emmanuel Macron so he can implement his plan to stop refugees crossing the English Channel.
09/03/23·49m 43s

The Illegal Immigration Bill could endanger victims of modern slavery

The government have said their new illegal immigration bill will deny any illegal immigrants access to the protections under the Modern Slavery Act - they believe this will reduce the number of smuggling gangs taking advantage of the legal system once they bring people across the Channel. But what does it mean for genuine victims of human trafficking? The last Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner Dame Sara Thornton joins the programme. It is International Women's Day. Every year Labour MP Jess Philips reads out a list of female victims of male violence and she joins the programme to talk about the challenges facing women this year, why she reads the list out - and her thoughts on the government's decision to deny illegal immigrants access to the UK's anti-slavery system. Also on the programme: developments on the Nord Stream sabotage as Ukraine denies involvement. The NHS have approved a new revolutionary weight loss drug. And a roundup of a fiery SNP leadership hustings last night.
08/03/23·49m 32s

The government launches its plan to stop channel migrant crossings

The government introduced the Illegal Migration Bill in an effort to stop asylum seekers making the reckless and dangerous crossing across the English Channel. The government believes that something must be done to tackle this issue, something they say is a key priority for voters - and one of the 5 priorities that will define the sucess of Rishi Sunak's premiership until the next general election. Critics of the bill say it could break international human rights law. Former Home Secretary David Blunkett joins the programme. The PM will head to France to meet with President Macron - what could be on the table? Former Ambassador to France Peter Ricketts gives us an account on the concessions both leaders will have to make.
07/03/23·49m 57s

Minister suggests Starmer's job offer to Sue Gray may have broken rule

A big row is taking place in Westminster over Kier Starmer's job offer to senior civil servant Sue Gray. The Paymaster General Jeremy Quinn suggested the Labour Party are 'playing fast and loose' with the impartiality of the service, but the Conservatives might be more concerned with the fact Sue Grays knowledge may provide the opposition with a huge advantage in the upcoming general election. Sir Robert Buckland who tabled an Urgent Quesiton in the commons today on this joins to discuss. Donald Trump has announced he will run to be the GOP's nominee for the 2024 Presidential Election over the weekend at CPAC. But can he do it? His former Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney will answer. And, is there life in the universe? A leading Cambridge University scientist will provide the answers.
06/03/23·49m 22s

Exclusive Interview with Jean-Claude Juncker

Former President of the European Commission tells Andrew that Boris Johnson is a 'piece of work' and there may be more EU powers in Rishi Sunak's NI Brexit deal than meets the eye
02/03/23·51m 46s

100,000 of Matt Hancock's Coronavirus WhatsApps Leaked

Matt Hancock faces fresh criticism for his handling of Covid in care homes as 100,000 of his pandemic WhatsApps are published
01/03/23·51m 36s

Rishi Sunak and the future of the Conservative Party

After his big win with the EU and Northern Ireland yesterday, some believe Rishi Sunak will use this opportunity to move his party ahead and put down a stamp of his leadership. Former Conservative Leader Lord Michael Howard joins to discuss the signifance of this moment. With much soul-searching within the Conservative party in the post-Johnson, post-Truss period, the centre-right think-tank Onward launched the Future of Conservativism Project early today - Nick Timothy, the chair of the project and former Downing Street Chief of Staff under Theresa May.
28/02/23·49m 34s

'Historic' Deal Struck Between the UK and the EU

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak presents a deal with EU Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen over Brexit arrangements in Northern Ireland
27/02/23·54m 25s

Starmer's Five Missions, Bernie Sanders and William Hague

Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting joins Andrew to discuss Sir Keir Starmer's 'five missions' for a Labour government - and is met by an intervention from Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Senator Sanders also discusses the prospects for the left on both sides of the Atlantic in a wide-ranging interview with Andrew. Plus, an in-depth conversation with the former Conservative Leader Lord William Hague.
23/02/23·48m 54s

Interview with The Russian Ambassador

The Russian Ambassador to the UK Andrey Kelin joins the programme on the eve of the first anniversary of the war in Ukraine to discuss if Putin could use nuclear weapons, how long the war will go on, and if there are any conditions for peace. The former Head of MI6 Sir John Sawers also joins the programme.
22/02/23·49m 36s

Rishi Sunak will either infuriate the EU or split his party over Northern Ireland.

The Prime Minister has difficult decisions ahead if we wishes to resolve the current deadlock in in Northern Ireland; he will either give in to the restless Eurosceptics in his party, and infuriate the EU. Or he will get a deal through, and in the process perhaps split his party - Former Northern Ireland Minister Conor Burns joins to discuss. As we approach the first anniversary of the war in Ukraine, Armed Forces Minister James Heappey joins Andrew. And the legendary actor, writer and comedian Paul Whitehouse talks to us about his return as Grandad in 'Only Fools and Horses: The Musical’.
21/02/23·52m 23s

Biden visits Ukraine and an interview with a First Minister Leadership candidate

Andrew is joined by a former head of the US Army in Europe to talk about Biden's visit to Ukraine. Rishi Sunak faces a challenge from parts of his party over the NI Protocol. And Andrew speaks to Humza Yousef who is running to be first minister of Scotland
20/02/23·50m 51s

Exclusive interviews with the former defence chief and Dame Emma Thompson

The former Chief of the Defence Staff Sir Nick Carter speaks exclusively to Tonight on Andrew Marr in his first interview since his role ended and immediatley after Zelensky's speech in the European Parlaiment where he made further calls to give Ukraine fighter jets. Dame Emma Thompson also joins the show to talk about politics, to arts, the menopause, and politics.
09/02/23·53m 48s

President Zelenskyy Visits the UK

President Zelenskyy makes a surprise trip to UK and calls on the government to supply Ukraine with fighter jets
08/02/23·51m 17s

BP made record £23bn profit last year

Oil and Gas giant BP has announced record £23bn profits last year and announced it is scaling back on its climate committments - Andrew gets reaction from the Shadow Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband. Chair of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee and Conservative MP Damian Green joins the programme following the committees sessions earlier today with BBC Chairman Richard Sharp.
07/02/23·50m 22s

How can Rishi Sunak face-off the pressures from within his own party?

Rishi Sunak problems are slowly, but surely, brewing; the Prime Minister faces a possible rebellion from his MPs over his plans to withdraw from the European Court of Human Right. And on another front, two former Prime Ministers are making quite public intervetions since leaving office.
06/02/23·48m 27s

Talks Between the UK and EU Intensify over NI Protocol

Rishi Sunak is set to visit Joe Biden as talks over the Northern Ireland Protocol intensify
02/02/23·51m 21s

A Conservative rebellion is gently brewing

A Conservative rebellion is gently brewing
01/02/23·49m 41s

UK set to be worst-performing major economy this year according to IMF forecast.

The UK is set to be worst-performing major economy this year according to the IMF's forecast this year. Worse performing than heavily-sanctioned Russia. Andrew also speaks to former Health Secretary and Chancellor Sajid Javid about his proposals to charge patients for using GPs and emergency services - and get his reaction on the IMF's report. And regrets are growing on the 3rd anniversary of Brexit: only 3 constituencies across the entire country don't think Brexit was a mistake. Andrew speaks with the EU's former Chief Brexit Negotiator Michel Barnier.
31/01/23·52m 40s

NHS to get more beds and ambulances

Andrew speaks to Shadow Home Secretary Wes Streeting as the government unveil their emergency care plan
30/01/23·50m 59s

Tory strategist gives pep talk at Cabinet 'away day' following Zahawi tax scandal

Tory election strategist Isaac Levido, the man credited with helping forumalte the party's whopping 2019 general election victory, says the party has a 'narrow path to victory' at the next General Election, Andrew speaks with a former no.10 pollster and a former no.10 director of politics and communicaiton. The great British actor David Harewood and playwright James Graham joins Andrew to discuss 'Best of Enemies', a play written by Graham and starring Harewood, about race in 1960's America - they also give Andrew reaction to Suella Braverman's decision to row back on much-anticipated Windrush reforms.
26/01/23·51m 13s

US & Germany Send Tanks to Ukraine

Andrew speaks to the German and Ukrainian Ambassadors as more Western tanks are sent to Ukraine
25/01/23·52m 11s

Exclusive Interview with Mark Carney

Andrew speaks exclusively to the former Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, who says the UK is 'more likely than not' heading for a recession
24/01/23·51m 17s

A Former BBC Director-General says 'no problem' if the BBC Chair is a member of the ruling party.

Former BBC Director-General Greg Dyke tells Andrew Marr says he finds 'no problem' if the Chairperson of the BBC is a member of the ruling party, following revelations over the weekend that the current chair of the BBC Richard Sharp had failed to declare helping then-PM Boris Johnson ‘simply connect’ with someone to secure a loan guarantee agreement during his appointment process. It was revealed over the weekend that Sharp had not declared helping the PM meet someone to guarantee an £800,000 loan for him. Andrew also focuses on Conservative Party Nadim Zahawi as pressure grows on the Prime Minister to sack him over his 'careless' tax dispute with HMRC.
23/01/23·51m 23s

Levelling Up + an interview with the President of Sinn Fein

Andrew speaks to the President of Sinn Fein Mary Lou McDonald. And he takes a close look at what levelling up actually means
19/01/23·51m 27s

Government 'can't win' dispute over nurses pay says a former NHS boss.

Former CEO of NHS England Sir David Nicholson speaks to Tonight with Andrew Marr as nurses begin two-day strike action across England. He tells Andrew: we're in a bit of a hole in the negotiation'. Adding: 'The government can't win it, but they can stop it. So the government need to do what they’re there to do, which is to stop it."
18/01/23·50m 22s

Cost of Living Crisis is a 'Humanitarian Catastrophe'

World leading public health expert, Sir Michael Marmot, tells Andrew that the UK's Cost of Living Crisis is a 'humanitarian catastrophe'
17/01/23·51m 56s

Met Officer Admits to Serial Rape

PC David Carrick has plead guilty to 49 offences, including multiple rapes, as questions are raised once more about misogyny and sexual abuse within the Metropolitan Police
16/01/23·51m 49s

Russia Say British Aid Worker Has Died in Ukraine

Russian Mercenaries the Wagner Group have said they found the body of one of two missing British men in Ukraine
12/01/23·50m 53s

NHS crisis deepens as ambulance workers go on strike.

NHS Crisis deepens as ambulance workers go on strike.
11/01/23·50m 39s

UK Considers Sending Tanks to Ukraine

The UK is considering sending British-made Challenger 2 Tanks to assist the Ukrainians in their fight against the Russians
10/01/23·51m 17s

Marr Weighs in on Harry's Tell All Interview

Andrew returns with a former Health Secretary on today's failed strike talks and gives his own reaction to Prince Harry's tell all interview
09/01/23·50m 24s

NHS Bosses Voice Safety Concerns Over Strikes

NHS bosses have warned of a risk to safety as ambulance strikes are set to take place
20/12/22·52m 12s

Government's Rwanda Scheme Deemed Lawful

The High Court has ruled that the government's scheme deporting asylum seekers to Rwanda is lawful
19/12/22·52m 41s

Exclusive Interview with Chancellor Jeremy Hunt

Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt joins Andrew for an exclusive and wide-ranging interview on the newly-announced migrant deal with Albania, the rail strikes, the nurses strike, state of the economy, Brexit, and support for energy bills. High-street restaurants also share how the strikes will affect their business in the run-up to Christmas. The Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper also shares her thoughts on the new migrant deal too.
13/12/22·49m 30s

RCN Strike Will Go Ahead After Failed Talks

The RCN confirm that their NHS strike will go ahead after a failed meeting with Health Secretary Steve Barclay
12/12/22·51m 9s

Anne Sacoolas Avoids Jail Over Harry Dunn's Death

Andrew speaks to the mother Harry Dunn and the family's spokesperson as Anne Sacoolas is given an eight month suspended sentence for his death
08/12/22·50m 51s

Far-right coup plotters arrested in Germany

Andrew speaks to the experts following news that 25 far-right coup plotters were arrested in Germany following raids involving 3,000 police officers. He also speaks with the head of the Public and Commercial Services Union Mark Sewotka about the strikes announced by PCS members in Borderforce at airports. And we speak to Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary and Labour MP Jonathan Ashworth on dissillusionment with work: 1-in-10 young people never intend to join the labour market.
07/12/22·50m 28s

Wave of Strikes in December Set to Cause Christmas Chaos

Rail network, bus services, postal services, ambulances and civil servants are just some of those groups striking in December
06/12/22·51m 1s

Labour Propose Radical Political Overhaul

Labour Leader Keir Starmer and Former PM Gordon Brown unveil a radical new vision for the country including the abolition of the House of Lords
05/12/22·50m 52s

Michael Gove eyeing conessions to Tory rebels over housing targets

Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove is looking into concessions to prevent a Tory rebellion over the housing targets set out in the government's Levelling Up & Regeneration Bill. Rebels, lead by MP and former Minister Theresa Villiers, have tabled an amendment to remove house building targets for local authorities. Andrew also speaks with the SNP's outgoing Westminster leader Ian Blackford on why he is standing down from his role.
01/12/22·49m 21s

The UK is ‘dismantling’ systems for fighting future pandemics.

Former Covid vaccine Tsar Kate Bingham warns that the UK is ‘dismantling’ systems for fighting future pandemics. Andrew also hears from the English National Opera on their funding being cut by the Arts Council.
30/11/22·49m 31s

Plan to make Big Tech remove harmful content online axed

The government are being criticised for removing the 'legal but harmful' clause in the Online Safety Bill
29/11/22·49m 36s

Starmer rules out freedom of movement and protests erupt across China against lockdown measures.

Starmer rules out freedom of movement and protests against Xi erupt across China.
28/11/22·49m 15s

Putin Takes Aim at Ukrainian Power Resources

Ukraine faces a long cold winter as Putin targets its access to energy and water
24/11/22·51m 20s

NHS Could Need Military to Step In

Former Health Secretary Andrew Lansley suggests the military may need to step in to help the NHS this winter
23/11/22·52m 13s

Further RMT Strikes Announced

The RMT has announced a new set of strikes across December and January
22/11/22·51m 23s

England Back Down in OneLove Armband Row

England Captain Harry Kane decided against wearing LGBTQ+ equality armband in Qatar after being threatened with sanctions by FIFA
21/11/22·51m 41s

The Autumn Statement

Reaction and analysis of the long-awaited Autumn Statement.
17/11/22·50m 56s

MI5 reveal Iranian government's kidnapping and assassination plots in the UK

Andrew introduces the show with MI5's revealations that they have thwarted 10 plots organised by the Iranian government's to kidnap and assassinate British residents this year. We also speak to the legendary actor Brain Cox on poverty and politics. David Baddiel also joins the programme to discuss anti-semitism and his upcoming documentary 'Jews Don't Count'.
16/11/22·49m 44s

Russian Missiles Reportedly Fall in Nato Territory

Russian missiles are said to have fallen in Nato territory Poland, killing two
15/11/22·51m 42s

Bullying Claims against Raab are 'Plausible'

Former Head of the Foreign Office During Raab's time as Foreign Sec says that the bullying claims against him are 'plausible'
14/11/22·51m 2s

US midterm elections begin as Donald Trump teases 'big announcement' next week.

US midterm elections begin as Donald Trump teases 'big announcement' next week, which is widely expected to mean a formal announcement of his desire to run for President in 2024.
08/11/22·50m 27s

Rishi Sunak Speaks at COP27

Climate Conference COP27 is well underway in Egypt as leaders address the world stage
07/11/22·51m 20s

Anger over Conditions in Manston Asylum Centre

The Government faces criticism over conditions in overwhelmed migrant centre in Manston
07/11/22·52m 51s

Bank of England warns the UK faces the longest recession since records began.

Bank of England warns the UK faces the longest recession since records began following the biggest increase in interest rates in 33 years.
03/11/22·50m 54s

Matt Hancock to go on I'm a Celebrity

Former Health Secretary Matt Hancock loses the whip after announcing he will feature on 'I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!'
01/11/22·51m 53s

Introducing: Sweeney Talks

Hey listener, we’ve got a new LBC podcast that we think you’d like called Sweeney Talks with old-school reporter, John Sweeney. John is trouble. He's taken on Vladimir Putin, challenged Donald Trump, and after months of uncovering hard truths in Ukraine, he’s back. John is never silent about what he’s experienced. Sweeney talks, and in this podcast, so do his guests. John speaks to people like him, who are not prepared to be part of the silent majority. They refused to toe the line, and have found themselves in trouble. Big trouble. Activists, agitators, heroes… or villains. You decide. Listen and subscribe to Sweeney Talks on Global Player. Go to Global Player for exclusive bonus episodes where John offers candid reflections on what he's discovered during each interview, what surprised him and what we can learn from it all. Download it from the App Store or go to
01/11/22·1m 47s

Suella Braverman says Illegal Immigration is 'Out of Control'

The Home Secretary defends her position again following a petrol bomb attack on a Border Force processing centre over the weekend
31/10/22·50m 49s

Opposition Grows to Braverman as Home Secretary

Cabinet Ministers are allegedly among those calling for the Home Secretary to go after being reassigned to the post
27/10/22·51m 12s

Rishi Sunak in his first PMQ's

Rishi Sunak faces Keir Starmer for the first time in Prime Minister's Questions
26/10/22·51m 23s

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak forms a new Cabinet

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak makes appointments to his new cabinet during his first official day in office
25/10/22·51m 44s

Rishi Sunak will be the new Prime Minister

Penny Mordaunt drops out of the Tory leadership race, paving the way for Rishi Sunak to become the UK's next Prime Minister
24/10/22·50m 54s

Prime Minister Liz Truss resigns and a new leadership contest begins

Liz Truss resigns following weeks of political and economic chaos, paving the way for a new leadership contest which will conclude with a new prime minister by next Friday.
20/10/22·52m 20s

Suella Braverman Resigns as Home Secretary

Suella Braverman, the Chief Whip, and the Deputy Chief Whip have all resigned from Liz Truss' government
19/10/22·50m 55s

No.10 Hints at Ditching Triple Lock Pledge

The government has refused to rule out whether they will ditch their manifesto pledge to continue with the pensions triple lock
18/10/22·52m 11s

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt Tears up the Mini-Budget

Newly appointed Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, reverses 'almost all' tax cuts in the mini-budget unveiled by his predecessor Kwasi Kwarteng
17/10/22·51m 17s

Talk of Mini-Budget U-Turns

The Chancellor has insisted he 'isn't going anywhere' despite rumours of incoming U-Turns on their mini-budget tax cuts
13/10/22·51m 29s

No Public Spending Cuts, Says Truss

Prime Minister Liz Truss has insisted there will be no public spending cuts but warns of "difficult decisions" ahead
12/10/22·50m 23s

A Stark Warning to Putin

Ambassador John Bolton, Trump's Former National Security Advisor, issues a stark warning to Putin
11/10/22·50m 38s

Russia launches wide-scale missile attack on Ukraine after damage to key Crimea bridge.

Russia launches wide-scale missile attack on Ukraine after damage to key Crimea bridge.
10/10/22·50m 5s

National Grid warns of energy blackouts this winter

National Grid's Electricity System Operator has warned consumers that power blackouts could be seen this winter. Andrew Marr is live from Westminster.
06/10/22·51m 14s

Truss targets 'anti-growth' coalition with speech at the Tory Conference finale.

Truss targets 'anti-growth' coalition with speech at the Tory Conference finale.
05/10/22·50m 12s

The Home Secretary accuses MPs of 'coup' against Truss to force tax u-turn

Lizz Truss's first conference as prime minister is overshadowed by splits among MPs over party policy with the home secretary, Suella Braverman, accusing fellow Tory MPs of staging a “coup” by forcing the government to abandon plans to cut the 45p top rate of income tax
04/10/22·47m 53s

The government U-turns on tax cut for highest earners

Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng admits having a 'tough day' in his speech to the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, after the government ditched plans to abolish the 45p income tax rate following widespread criticism
03/10/22·52m 10s

Labour surges to 33-point lead over Conservatives

Sir Keir Starmer's Labour Party has taken a 33-point lead over Liz Truss' Conservative Party. How disastrous has this week been for the Tories? Andrew Marr is live from Westminster.
29/09/22·49m 11s

Bank of England launces a major intervention to steady financial markets.

Bank of England launces a major intervention to steady financial markets.
28/09/22·51m 9s

Keir Starmer delivers keynote speech at Labour conference

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer delivers his keynote speech at the Labour Party conference in Liverpool.
27/09/22·49m 17s

Pound plummets to an all-time low

The British pound has sunk to an all-time low against the American dollar. Andrew Marr broadcasts live from Labour conference in Liverpool.
26/09/22·49m 23s

The Chancellor makes tax cuts and ends cap on bonuses for bankers

The Chancellor makes tax cuts and ends cap on bonuses for bankers
23/09/22·51m 3s

Health Secretary reveals plan to unblock NHS

Health Secretary reveals plan to unblock NHS and cut down on GP waiting times
22/09/22·51m 1s

Putin announces mobilisation and warns west he will use all means at his disposal

Putin warns the West he is not bluffing over his threats to use all means at his disposal as he announces mobilsation
21/09/22·49m 28s

PM Says US-UK Trade Deal Not On Agenda

Liz Truss flies to New York ahead of meetings with Biden and Macron
20/09/22·51m 8s

The Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II is Laid to Rest at Windsor After a Funeral Service in Westminster Abbey
19/09/22·55m 47s

Martina Navratilova, Anthony Fauci, and more..

Andrew speaks public health with Anthony Fauci, Federer with Martina Navratilova, and Queen & history with Ian McEwan
15/09/22·51m 12s

The Queen Lies in State in Westminster Hall

A queue almost three miles long is forming in central London as mourners line up to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II
15/09/22·50m 30s

Queen's Coffin Moved to Buckingham Palace

People Have Begun Waiting in the Streets of London to Pay Respects in Front of the Queen's Coffin in Westminster Abbey
13/09/22·50m 19s

Mourners Visit Queen Elizabeth II's Coffin

Queen Elizabeth II's Coffin is Moved from Balmoral to Edinburgh
12/09/22·54m 59s

Queen Elizabeth II Dies - Part Two

Special Episode with LBC Presenter Shelagh Fogarty
12/09/22·2h 20m

Queen Elizabeth II Dies - Part One

Special Episode with LBC Presenter Shelagh Fogarty
12/09/22·1h 38m

PM Liz Truss in Her First PMQ's

Liz Truss Faces Keir Starmer for the First Time in PMQ's
07/09/22·52m 4s

Prime Minister Liz Truss Addresses the Nation

Prime Minister Liz Truss Makes a Speech to the Nation and Begins to Build Her New Government
06/09/22·52m 28s

Liz Truss is the New Prime Minister

Liz Truss Defeats Rishi Sunak in the Race to No.10
05/09/22·54m 3s

Exclusive Interview with Rishi Sunak

Andrew Speaks Exclusively to Tory Leadership Hopeful Rishi Sunak
21/07/22·52m 57s

Truss and Sunak Are the Final Two

Either Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak will be the Prime Minister of the UK as the Leadership Race Enters its Second Phase
20/07/22·52m 51s

UK Weather Exceeds 40 Degrees for First Time

A Major Incident is Declared in London as Huge Fires Break Out in the Capital and Around the Country
19/07/22·52m 25s

Tory Leadership Debate Cancelled as Sunak and Truss Withdraw

Debate Between Conservative Hopefuls Cancelled as They Await the Third Ballot Result
19/07/22·53m 48s

Tory Leadership Debate Cancelled as Sunak and Truss Withdraw

Debate Between Conservative Leadership Hopefuls Called Off as They Await the Third Ballot Result
18/07/22·53m 48s

Exclusive Interview with Keir Starmer

Andrew Speaks to Labour Leader Keir Starmer on the Day of the Second Ballot in the Tory Leadership Race
14/07/22·54m 33s

Hunt and Zahawi Out of Leadership Race

Rishi Sunak and Penny Mordaunt Come out on Top in Second Round of Leadership Race
13/07/22·51m 52s

Tory Leadership Race Goes to Second Round

Eight Candidates Make it Through to the Second Round of the Race to Number 10
12/07/22·53m 34s

Tory Leadership Race Underway

Conservative Leadership Candidates Lay Out Their Tax Plans in the Race to Replace Boris Johnson as Prime Minister
11/07/22·57m 17s

Boris Johnson Resigns

Prime Minister Boris Johnson Resigns as Party Leader, Paving the Way for a Tory Leadership Race
07/07/22·52m 0s

Boris Johnson vows to keep going as Prime Minister despite further resignations

Boris Johnson vows to keep going as Prime Minister despite further resignations
06/07/22·57m 16s

Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid Quit The Cabinet

Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid Quit after the PM Apologises for Pincher Appointment
05/07/22·1h 17m

Keir Starmer Announces Labour's Brexit Policy

Andrew Marr challenges Brexit Opportunities Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg
04/07/22·53m 56s

PM Pledges A Billion for Ukraine

Boris Johnson Returns From The NATO Summit in Madrid
30/06/22·53m 39s

Met Police Put Into Special Measures

Andrew Marr speaks to Mina Smallman about Violence Against Women
29/06/22·51m 19s

Sturgeon Sets Date For Second Independence Referendum

Andrew Marr Speaks to the SNP About Plans For A Second Independence Referendum
28/06/22·54m 42s

NATO Puts More Troops on High Alert

Andrew Marr speaks to a Former Ukrainian Prime Minister About The Renewed Russian Offensive
27/06/22·52m 59s

Boris Johnson Visits Rwanda

Andrew Marr Discusses Prince Charles and Boris Johnson's Upcoming Meeting in Rwanda
23/06/22·53m 31s

More Unions Threaten Strike Action

Andrew Marr Speaks to Union Leaders Considering Industrial Action
22/06/22·51m 6s

RMT Strikes Disrupt Travel Nationwide

Andrew Marr Speaks to Alistair Darling About Rail Strikes, Recession and The Labour Party Today.
21/06/22·52m 38s

RMT Strikes to Go Ahead

Andrew Marr Speaks to RMT Boss Mick Lynch Ahead of the Biggest Rail Strikes For 30 Years
20/06/22·50m 50s

Lord Geidt's Resignation Letter Published

The Prime Minister is Criticised by Former Ethics Advisor for Putting Him in an 'Impossible and Odious' Situation
16/06/22·54m 1s

Lord Geidt Resigns

The Prime Minister's Ethics Advisor Quits a Day After Admitting 'Frustration' Over Lockdown Parties in No.10
15/06/22·52m 27s

Deportation Flight to Rwanda Set to Take Off

A Plane Set to Take Asylum Seekers to Rwanda From the UK Is Ready to Take Off Despite Last Ditch Legal Attempts to Prevent It
14/06/22·54m 34s

Foreign Secretary Announces New NI Protocol Bill

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss Announces New Bill Giving the Government the Power to Override Some Parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol
13/06/22·55m 6s

PM Announces New Cost of Living Plan

Prime Minister Boris Johnson Makes a Speech Covering Housing, Cost of Living and Fuel Prices
09/06/22·54m 25s

Britons Face Travel Chaos as RMT Union Announce Strike

The RMT Union Announces the Biggest Walkout for 33 Years
08/06/22·51m 49s

PM Insists he will Stay Despite Bruising Confidence Vote Result

Prime Minister Boris Johnson Wins No Confidence Vote Despite 41% of Tory Backbenchers Voting Against Him
07/06/22·52m 47s

PM Faces No Confidence Vote

Tory MPs Decide the PM's Future
06/06/22·53m 0s

Rishi Sunak Announces Cost of Living Support

The Chancellor Announces Package of Support Aiming to Help Those Struggling With Bills
27/05/22·50m 36s

Sue Gray Report Released

Boris Johnson Faces Partygate Questions After Release of Sue Gray Report
25/05/22·54m 21s

Ofgem Chief Warns of £800 Price Cap Increase

Ofgem Chief Jonathan Brearley speaks to Andrew Marr after Warning the Chancellor of a Potential £800 Increase to the Energy Price Cap in October
25/05/22·52m 35s

First Photos Emerge of Lockdown Breaking Event in No.10

First Photos are Released Showing Prime Minister Boris Johnson Raising a Glass at a Lockdown Breaking Event in November 2020
24/05/22·52m 52s

PM Issued No Further Fines over Partygate

PM Boris Johnson to Receive no Further Fines over Lockdown Breaking Parties as the Met Police Investigation Concludes
19/05/22·52m 29s

Unnamed MP Arrested on Suspicion of Rape

MPs Told Not to Name an MP Who Has Been Arrested on Suspicion of Rape and Sexual Assault
18/05/22·53m 17s

Lord Mervyn King Speaks Exclusively to Andrew Marr

Former Governor of the Bank of England, Lord Mervyn King, Speaks on the Reaction of the Government and the BOE to the Cost of Living Crisis
17/05/22·52m 17s

PM Visits Stormont for Emergency Talks On NI Protocol

Prime Minister Boris Johnson Visits Stormont for Crisis Talks Over the Government's Plan to Scrap Parts of the NI Protocol
16/05/22·51m 58s

Levelling Up Special: Live From Manchester

Andrew Broadcasts Live From Manchester, Talking All Things Levelling Up with Tees Valley Mayor, Ben Houchen, and Greater Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham
12/05/22·54m 10s

Prime Minister Confirms Intention to Discard Parts of NI Protocol

Prime Minister Boris Johnson Restates the Government Intention to Rip Up Parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol During a Trip to Sweden and Finland
11/05/22·52m 28s

Prince Charles Steps in to Make the Queen's Speech

Prince Charles Made the Queen's Speech as the Queen Pulled out due to 'Episodic Mobility Issues'
10/05/22·53m 38s

Labour Leader Vows to Resign if Issued Fine

Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer Promises to Step Down if Issued a Fixed Penalty Notice For Breaking Covid Restrictions
10/05/22·52m 20s

A UK Politics Free Pre-Election Show

Andrew Covers Roe v. Wade, Belarus' Relationship with Russia & Ukraine, and the Danger of Russophobia, among others ahead of the local election results in the UK
05/05/22·51m 29s

Money Saving Expert Describes Govt. Advice as Bull***t

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis Criticises Environment Secretary George Eustice For Recommending Struggling Families Buy Own Brand Foods to Combat Cost of Living
04/05/22·51m 55s

Prime Minister Concedes Government Needs to do More in Cost of Living Crisis

Prime Minister Boris Johnson Admits to GMB's Susanna Reid That the Government is Not Doing Enough to Combat Cost of Living
03/05/22·52m 45s

Parliament Prorogued Ahead of Local Elections

Andrew Marr Speaks to Conservative Tees Valley Mayor, Ben Houchen, Ahead of Local Elections on 5th May
28/04/22·50m 55s

Govt. Broke Law with Covid Care Home Policy

The High Court Has Ruled that the Government Broke the Law When they Sent Un-Tested Hospital Patients into Care Homes in 2020
27/04/22·51m 34s

LBC Exclusive: Govt. Legislation Threatens NI Protocol

LBC Exclusive: The Govt. Plan to Feature Legislation in the Queen's Speech that Could Completely Rip Up the Northern Ireland Protocol
26/04/22·51m 20s

Mail on Sunday Accused of Misogyny Towards Angela Rayner

The Mail on Sunday are Accused of Racism for Reporting that Angela Rayner Used her Legs to Distract the Prime Minister in the Commons
25/04/22·51m 52s

PM to Face Commons Investigation

PM Boris Johnson to face an investigation into whether he misled Parliament about partygate
21/04/22·51m 58s

PM and Starmer Clash at PMQ's

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer Go Head to Head over Accusations that the PM Criticised the BBC's Ukraine Coverage
20/04/22·53m 28s

Prime Minister Denies Deliberately Misleading Parliament

PM Boris Johnson Faces Calls to Resign Over Lockdown Party Fines
19/04/22·51m 53s

Vladimir Putin Threatens to Stop Gas Supply to Europe

Vladimir Putin Threatens to Stop Gas Supply to Europe Unless It's Paid for in Russian Currency
31/03/22·53m 7s

PM Refuses to Admit Criminal Behaviour in Downing St.

PM Refuses to Admit Criminal Behaviour in Downing St. Despite Imminent Penalty Fines
30/03/22·51m 11s

Twenty Fines to be Issued Over Partygate Scandal

Twenty Fines to be Issued As Part of Police Inquiry Into Lockdown Breaking Parties in No.10
29/03/22·52m 32s

Roman Abramovich Suffered Suspected Poisoning

Roman Abramovich Suffered Suspected Poison Symptoms After Peace Talks in Kyiv Last Month
28/03/22·52m 3s

Leaders Meet at Nato Summit in Brussels

World Leaders Meet at Nato Meeting in Brussels to Discuss Ongoing War in Ukraine
24/03/22·51m 47s

The Chancellor Presents His Spring Statement

Chancellor Rishi Sunak Presents His Spring Statement to the House of Commons
23/03/22·49m 20s

Labour Deputy Leader Angela Rayner Speaks to LBC

Labour Deputy Leader Angela Rayner Speaks to LBC Ahead of the Chancellor's Spring Statement
22/03/22·52m 31s

Conservative Chairman Oliver Dowden

Conservative Chairman Oliver Dowden
21/03/22·50m 31s

Speaker of the House - Sir Lindsay Hoyle

Speaker of the House - Sir Lindsay Hoyle
18/03/22·49m 40s

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe Returns to the UK

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe Returns to the UK After Six Years of Imprisonment in Iran
16/03/22·49m 39s

Ukrainian President says Nato Membership Unlikely

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy Says Nato Membership Unlikely, Saying Peace Talks with Russia Are Going "Pretty Good"
15/03/22·50m 0s

Govt. Offer £350 to Take in Ukrainian Refugees

Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove Announces a Scheme Encouraging People in the UK to Take in Ukrainian Refugees
14/03/22·49m 59s

Govt. U-Turn on Refugee Policy

Home Secretary Priti Patel Announced Long Awaited U-Turn on Policy for Ukrainian Refugees
10/03/22·48m 29s

Marr Exclusive with David Cameron

Former Prime Minister David Cameron Speaks Exclusively to LBC
09/03/22·50m 51s

Ukrainian President Speaks to the Commons

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy Makes Historic Address to the Commons
08/03/22·49m 53s

Tonight with Andrew Marr: The Launch

Ukraine Crisis Continues as Pressure Mounts on The Govt. to Welcome More Refugees
07/03/22·50m 11s
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