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The Women In Business Radio Show

The Women In Business Radio Show

By Women In Business Radio Show

Tune in for fun, inspiration and unfiltered discussions as host Sian Murphy interviews down-to-earth businesswomen sharing ideas, tactics and stories.

Regular features include recommended books, tools, lessons learned and top tips for business.

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Publishing Your First Book To Get Your Mojo Back

Imagine this...You have your first baby and return to work only to feel you’ve lost your identity as a person; your boss assumes you can’t handle tricky stuff because you’re a mother; you can't turn to your family, so now what? Well, you write a book, of course!Listen in to find out…Some key objectives for publishing your bookRaise your expectations about why and how quickly it can happen with Helen's inspiring story.Find out practicalities and tips around self-publishing.When Noelle Mapianda became a mother, she wasn't expecting to lose her mojo. She felt lost and disconnected after returning to her job after maternity leave. As part of her new journey, she published her book "Queen, Get Your Mojo Back." to help others and reestablish her identity.Noelle shares her personal story alongside her practical experiences of self-publishing.Helen Vandenberghe, founder of Published and Profitable, is also in the studio to share her professional insights as a business growth strategist who helps brilliant female coaches, consultants and experts to get visible, get leads and get clients. A fascinating mix of guests makes for an insightful conversation to help any businesswoman considering publishing a book.Visit our website at the conversation at our Substack and listen along with the transcript
28/09/23·43m 39s

Surviving Business Evaporation & Accelerating Business Growth with Tutu Akinyede - Founder of Tecnis Academy.

Imagine this…you have a thriving tutoring business and COVID hits—your client base plummets overnight from a healthy 500 students to 2.That was the reality facing former maths teacher Tutu Akinyede, founder of the Tecnis Academy.Tune in to hear how she grew her business from the two stragglers to over 2,000 clients and 70 staff in just five years.It's an inspiring story packed with ideas for you to implement in your business.Connect with the show, and subscribe for monthly online networking at our Substack
31/08/23·50m 38s

Tips for Nervous Speakers, with Voice Coach Molly Parker

Does the thought of speaking get you in a tizzy? If so, this is the show for you. Whether public speaking to an audience, one-to-one coaching or talking with a prospective client, our guest, Molly Parker, shared professional techniques to help you calm down, speak clearly and get heard.Sian's co-host for this show is Katrina Festorazzi, founder of Fast-2-Foto and Razzi Dazzle Clean.Connect with the show, and subscribe for monthly global networking at our Substack's a great way to stay connected and up-to-date with the latest happenings, expand your network and learn from other women in business. Join us today!

Real Life Story of Creating Your Own Product

What do you do when you’ve got a brilliant idea for designing a product but don’t know where to start? This was the reality for Ginny Roberts as she created her range of designer travel minis, The Karry London. Today her range is featured in Bazaar, Vanity Fair and more, and she was shortlisted for the Beauty Awards 2023.It’s a story of faith, guts and going for it.Tune in now to listen, and you can connect with Ginny and The Karry London at her website. host Sian Murphy and co-host Adelle Martin, Executive Mid-Life CoachConnect with the show, and subscribe for monthly global networking at our Substack's a great way to stay connected and up-to-date with the latest happenings, expand your network and learn from other women in business. Join us today!
18/08/23·55m 31s

How Managing Your Sexual Energy Can Explode Your Business

Don't be fooled by the title because this episode isn't about mixing the Bedroom and Boardroom.You may be surprised to learn it's about money and how the flow of money into your business, and how shifting energies can release blockages for your mind, body and business. In the studio today is Lorraine Crookes, Sexual Empowerment Liberator and founder of Orgasmic Life. Lorraine has been on a fascinating journey of personal and coaching discovery. Today she brings her knowledge and experience to support business owners and teams to change their results.Sian's co-host for this show is Jemma Fairclough Haynes, HR Lawyer and founder of Orchard Employment Law.Connect with the show, and subscribe for monthly global networking at our Substack It's a great way to stay connected and up-to-date with the latest happenings, expand your network and learn from other women in business. Join us today!
13/07/23·54m 37s

Creating an App for Your Coaching Business with Conscious Living Coaches

Do you have a coaching business that supports clients on their journey?If so, how do you make that work through an App?Amanda Armour, one-half of Conscious Living Coaches, joins us in the studio to share their story about creating a bespoke App to maximise their impact and income.Sian's co-host for this show is Jemma Fairclough Haynes, HR Lawyer and founder of Orchard Employment Law.Connect with the show, and subscribe for monthly global networking at our Substack It's a great way to stay connected and up-to-date with the latest happenings, expand your network and learn from other women in business. Join us today!
08/07/23·52m 6s

"5 Tips For Creating Super Video Using Your Phone with Your Video Team" 🎥

Step into the world of DIY business videography with our special guests, Rachael and Ben Bryant of Your Video Team.In this episode, we explore how you can leverage your smartphone to create stunning videos for your business. But when is it time to call in the pros?Rachael guides us through this crucial decision-making process, offering expert advice on determining when professional assistance is needed and how to select the right video production team for your specific business needs. Tim Aker co-hosts this episode from the Federation of Small Business (FSB), an organisation supporting over 200,000 UK businesses. Join host Sian Murphy for a lively and fun studio conversation.Connect with the show, and subscribe for monthly global networking at our Substack
04/07/23·1h 4m

Unlock Your Feminine Energy & Power with Author Annette Rose" 🌸📚

Welcome, Women in Business Radio Show listeners! Get ready for a very different episode as we chat with the author and Spiritual Architect Annette Rose, author of "The Feminine Protocol." 💖📘 JJoin us for an inspiring conversation about finding your purpose, tapping into your inner wisdom, and harnessing feminine energy. Annette shares her insights on untangling emotions and standing up for yourself. Join host Sian Murphy and co-host Laura Lawrence as they talk with Annette to uncover the practicalities of publishing, the importance of reflection and making informed decisions. Connect with them, the show, and subscribe for monthly global networking at our Substack
18/06/23·51m 12s

Acey Bookkeeping: Unlocking the Secrets to a Family Business 🌟

We've got an amazing episode for you today as we dive into bookkeeping and business management with our fabulous guests from Acey Bookkeeping. 💼📚 Get ready for a heartwarming and inspiring chat with Lisa Pirie and Anne Collins, the dynamic mother-daughter duo behind the thriving family business in Kent, UK, Acey Bookkeeping. From their roots in hospitality and finance to overcoming challenges during the furlough period, they'll share their journey, lessons learned, and insights on creating a successful bookkeeping business. 💡 You'll discover the importance of building strong client relationships, the distinctions between a bookkeeper and an accountant, and the magic of a mother-and-daughter business. Co-host Sian Murphy is joined in the studio by Laura Lawrence, and you can connect with them, the show, and subscribe for monthly global networking at our Substack
18/06/23·55m 2s

From Italian Enigma to Vogue: How Nancy Jarecki's Inquisitive Spirit Gave Rise to a Trailblazing Beauty Brand

🎙️ In this episode, we're thrilled to chat with Nancy Jarecki, the creative genius behind the game-changing beauty brand Betty Beauty ✨Nancy takes us on a journey through her entrepreneurial story, revealing the passion and persistence that drove her to develop a revolutionary product for those often overlooked hair areas. From spotting market opportunities to securing one-of-a-kind trademarks, Nancy's tale is a celebration of curiosity, grit, and knowing your goals 🎯Join us as we uncover her extraordinary experiences, including surprising moments in the Amish community, life-changing events, being featured in Vogue and her decision to sell her company 💼 Host Sian Murphy is joined in the studio by co-host Paul Andrews, making the discussion even more enjoyable.To join in with International Monthly Networking with The Women In Business Radio Show, subscribe to our Substack
18/06/23·50m 21s

Helping Clients Understand What You Do - with Natalie Banks

Do people misunderstand what your business offers?We're joined in the studio by Natalie Banks, founder of Dignity Home Care and Julia Crawford, People Pillar Ltd to discuss misunderstandings that arise from what you do.Well, that's how it starts out anyway. Along the way we discuss how to care for yourself and your staff when you deliver a service fraught with the danger of getting overly involved and the influence of differing roles.Host Sian Murphy, is joined by Adelle Martin and between them, some interesting points of challenge arise.Join the Monthly International Networking - and support the showTo support the show, stay connected, get the ad-free podcast and join in the monthly community networking visit our Substack and subscribe now
21/05/23·48m 52s

Getting Your First Team Member, with Julia Crawford of The People Pillar

Sian and Adelle are joined in the studio by Julia Crawford, founder of People Pillar Ltd. Julia made the move from her corporate, local government strategic HR role to starting her own agency helping businesses to manage their staff.Interestingly, she found she had to tackle her own fears about taking on new employees to help her business grow.Julia shares what you need to do before you take on your first employee, the difference freelancers, associates and employees can make and of course her key ideas for productivity and growth.Join the Monthly International Networking - and support the show and see some behind the scenes!To support the show, stay connected, get the ad-free podcast and join in the monthly community networking visit our Substack and subscribe now
20/05/23·58m 45s

Shifting Into Your Second Business With Katrina Festorazzi

Things in business are shifting. Of course Covid has had a massive impact, however, there are always other forces influencing our business fortunes.We're joined in the Studio today by Katrina Festorazzi, founder of Fast2Foto as she shares her story of surviving through lockdown, losing her studio and then shifting into a new business alongside her established media company.Also in the studio with Sian are co-host Grace Kelly, chair of Women In Business for Mid Kent and herself a founder of 3 businesses! Join them for a fun session with some real insights into shifting to generate a new income and build resilience against those tough times. Grace shares her tips for keeping staff motivated and performing at their best.Join the Monthly International Networking - and support the show and see some behind the scenes!To support the show, stay connected, get the ad-free podcast and join in the monthly community networking visit our Substack and subscribe now
13/05/23·56m 29s

Building Multiple Businesses with Accountant Michele Yianni-Attard

Have you been told you can't run a business with ADHD - or that you're doing too many things?Well, if you'd like to debunk that myth, this is the show for you. Our guest in the studio is Michele Yianni-Attard, founder of Future Insight Consultancy and "Winner of Top 50 Women in Accounting."In her business, Future Insight Consultancy, Michele has set out to create a diverse accountancy business and in the show we discuss her own journey with ADHD, how she manages it alongside her extremely busy life.The other key topic is the massive benefits of having a neuro-diverse workforce alongside balancing their needs with the demands of a client base.Also in the studio with Sian are co-host Paul Andrews, host of The Business Bunker. Join them for a fun session with some real insights into client management, service delivery and growth opportunities.Join the Monthly International Networking - and support the showTo support the show, stay connected, get the ad-free podcast and join in the monthly community networking visit our Substack and subscribe now
21/04/23·55m 27s

Why Don't Sales Happen and How To Put That Right with Becky Colwell

Does this sound familiar? You deliver a great service, you're doing the marketing, you're talking on social media, you're even talking to potential clients. But no sales!We are joined by sales expert Becky Colwell of Heart to Heat Sales to talk about how landing a sale doesn't have to be as tricky as many people want you to believe, and we discuss some simple ideas to turn your sales fortunes around.Also in the studio with Sian are co-host Katrina Festorazzi of Fast2Foto and Mental Health specialist Laura Burke. Join them for a session all about relaxing into making sales and feeling good about them.Join the Monthly International Networking - OnlineTo support the show, stay connected, get the ad-free podcast and join in the monthly community networking visit our Substack and subscribe now
07/04/23·50m 35s

Managing Mental Health for Business with Laura Burke

Mental Health in the workplace may be a hot topic right now, but how do you actually deal with it - in practical terms - how do you actually start the conversation?Our guest in the studio is Laura Burke, creator and host of the podcast You Do You Hun. Using her experience working for organisations such as Mind, Laura has some down to earth, practical steps you can take to not only start THAT conversation with your business partner, collaborator and team members, but how and what you can say to move things forwards without becoming their counsellor or causing distress.Also in the studio with Sian are co-host Katrina Festorazzi of Fast2Foto and sales specialist Becky Collwell. Join them for a fun session with some real laughs. Who even thought squatting in the corner whilst you're cleaning your teeth could be a thing!Join the Monthly International Networking - OnlineTo support the show, stay connected, get the ad-free podcast and join in the monthly community networking visit our Substack and subscribe now
07/04/23·53m 58s

Take Your Life off Autopilot & Start Living on Purpose with Dr Ant

Welcome to a show that promises to break the cycle of repetitive patterns in your life! JIf you feel as though you're going round in circles, on a merry-go-round and returning to the same old problems and patterns repeatedly, then this show is for you.We're joined in the studio by mindset expert, speaker and author, Dr Ant.In this fun show we explore the voice in your head and how you can notice the tricks your subconscious may play on you - and explore who is really running your life and business - is it you, or is it the limiting beliefs you've picked up?Dr Ant shares a super simple technique for helping you stay calm, focused and grounded.Also in the studio and taking part in the discussion is Helene Hall, founder of Earneco and WordPress specialist Mark Jennings - who is our visiting co-host for the day.Join the Monthly International Networking - OnlineTo support the show, stay connected, get the ad-free podcast and join in the monthly community networking visit our Substack and subscribe now
24/03/23·48m 54s

How To Start Up a Disruption Business with the Attention Economy featuring Helene Hall

Starting Up a Disruption Business with Helene HallWhat do you do when you've got an idea that challenges what everyone else is using? What do you do when people are saying you just won't be able to do what you want in the timescale you've set? Well, if you're Helene Hall, you take a deep breath, check in with your own plans and just forge ahead.We hear the ups and downs of securing Angel Funding, how to keep going and make sure you look after yourself as you create and grow a business that challenges the existing giants in the industry.A truly inspiring story, and also, Helene has only just started.Join the Monthly International Networking - OnlineTo support the show, stay connected, get the ad-free podcast and join in the monthly community networking visit our Substack and subscribe now
24/03/23·53m 24s

Startup Up, Branding and Marketing Stories with Ashlee Cooper

This week’s episode featured Ashley Cooper, the Director of Raffingers Marketing and Partner at Raffingers Chartered Certified Accountants. With her expertise in marketing and strategy, she shared her thoughts about surrounding yourself with experts and upskilling to learn more, as well as her favourite books.Our co-host for this episode is Jemma Fairclough Haynes, founder and CEO of Orchard Employment Law - what a powerful team for this show!Ashley also gave advice about finding the right balance between doing what’s best for business and staying true to your values.Tune in next week for more inspiring stories and ideas!Join the Monthly International Networking - OnlineTo support the show, stay connected, get the ad-free podcast and join in the monthly community networking visit our Substack and subscribe now

Weathering Personal and Business Storms

What do you do when disaster strikes?Sian and Adelle are joined in the studio for a discussion about resilience. Overcoming challenges both large and small and coming out the other side when it really has gone horribly wrong. We’ll be talking about strategies, ways of coping and getting help when you need it.Plus Sian and Adelle will have personal stories to share from their own experiences so tune in for an inspiring show!We'll begin by discussing how to spot a potential disaster before it strikes. What warning signs should you look out for.Join the Monthly International Networking - OnlineTo support the show, stay connected, get the ad-free podcast and join in the monthly community networking visit our Substack and subscribe now
09/03/23·44m 0s

Personal Branding Unwrapped with Susie White

After a brief interlude at the start where we wander off into being shocked about how old we are as business women, we dive into personal branding with branding expert Susie White.Tune in for the wonderful volume button advice and how you absolutely don't have to compromise who you are - and this is the secret to making that work.Join the Monthly International Networking - OnlineTo support the show, stay connected, get the ad-free podcast and join in the monthly community networking visit our Substack and subscribe now
08/03/23·1h 53m

Founding & Growing a Financial Business with Karen Barrett, Founder of Unbiased.

Sian and Laura are joined in the studio by phone in guest Karen Barrett, founder of the award-winning business Unbiased.Karen shares her story, the why and how of the launch and growth and how a hard situation helped her to move forward without fear. We also hear about how much of her success is about tuning into her emotional intelligence to work out what really matters to people.There's also an inspiring way she helps people visiting her business to find the best and easiest path to access services.Karen is launching Unbiased in the USA and shares how that's moving forward.Join the Monthly International Networking - OnlineTo support the show, stay connected, get the ad-free podcast and join in the monthly community networking visit our Substack and subscribe now
06/03/23·49m 53s

Your Business Life In Total Harmony with Kristi K Hoffman

You can have an amazing business alongside a balanced, joyful life - you just need Kristi K Hoffman and her Master Plan secrets.What an amazing show and thanks to Kristi K for sharing so much of her inspiration, expertise and tactics for her #businesslife360.Sian welcomes co-host Laura Lawrence back into the studio for the first of her return visits back into The Women In Business Radio Show studio.Kristi K is a Business Woman, TV and Podcast Host and Producer, Author and philanthropist who mentors teenage girls to help them with body image, confidence and esteem.This is one very busy woman who willingly shares her tips and techniques for keeping her energy levels so high they are 'beyond belief' - who doesn't need some of that!Tune in for a show packed with ideas, inspiration and, of course, the inside scoop on Kristi's very own Master Plan, which is how she keeps it all on track.To support the show, stay connected, get the ad-free podcast and join in the monthly community networking visit our Substack and subscribe now
03/03/23·55m 17s

Considering Funding? Critical Points Before You Apply with Mbeke Waseme

Have you considered getting funding for your business but think it's all about Dragons Den, Shark Tanks and Bank Loans?Tune in to hear Mbeke Waseme, funding expert, photographer, author and coach, share her insights into how to approach applying for funding.Host Sian and co-host Adelle also share book recommendations, tips for productivity, successes and failures and everything you need to keep your business life fun.To support the show, stay connected, get the ad-free podcast and join in the monthly community networking visit our Substack
09/02/23·53m 49s

Investing In PropertyTo Grow Your Wealth with Melissa Lewis

Would you like to invest in property, but don’t know how to get started or what’s involved?Tune in to hear Melissa Lewis, founder and CEO of ML Property Venture share her essential starting points you need to consider before you take the plunge.Host Sian and co-host Adelle also share book recommendations, tips for productivity, successes and failures and everything you need to keep your business life fun.To support the show, stay connected, get the ad-free podcast and join in the monthly community networking visit our Substack
03/02/23·53m 17s

Are You and Your Business In Balance with Vivien Fox

Why would you go from a data driven profession like accountancy to being a healer and balancing energy?We chat with Balance Procedure Practitioner Vivien Fox, also known as ‘Your Intuitive Business Guide’, about the clues to look out for when you’re out of balance.We also find out about the mysterious ‘light language’ and how it can affect you.Vivien’s story of how she went from a black and white profession to grey, blurred edges practitioner is inspiring for anyone who does something that doesn’t resonate with their soul and is wondering how to make a change.The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit join our newsletter, visit
20/01/23·54m 16s

From Passion To Multiple Income Streams with Tonia Galati

Creating multiple income streams from your passion isn’t that easy.It’s even harder when what you love doing doesn’t fall into a well-worn path.Our guest Tonia Gelati, founder of TG Consulting Ltd, did just that when she built a business from her love of supporting students to leave college and find a rewarding career.Along the way, we discuss success, failure, super-powers and overcoming adversity.Tune in for a fun and inspiring hour with businesswomen sharing their stories, ideas and tips.TThe show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in the UK.To connect with the show visit join our newsletter, visit
20/01/23·52m 48s

Reinventing Your Business- How to Stop the Rush and Get Creative

If your business is feeling stale and you’re struggling to find a way out of the hamster wheel, join artist Elaine Foster-Gandey as she teams up with Sian and Adelle in the studio. Hear their inspiring take on how to get creative for an invigorating new perspective that could turn things around!Subscribe and support at
29/12/22·51m 34s

Navigating Lockdown with the Hope Project- Learning Hard Lessons with Elaine Foster-Gandey

Elaine Foster-Gandey, an artist and teacher with a passion to support fellow creatives during tough times, shares her inspiring story of launching the Hope Project.Despite lockdown throwing some surprises along the way - learning hard lessons in business growth and about ignoring your own advice - it's been one of the most rewarding journeys yet! Join Sian & Adelle as they listen firsthand to Elaine’s journey and share ideas for supporting and growing your business.Subscribe and support the show at
23/12/22·55m 43s

Making The Shift with Jane Martin, The Business Connector

Business Connections is what it's all about for Jane Martin, Business Connection who works with the FSB (Federation of Small Business) as well as her own clients.Jane is experienced in the hospitality industry where she brings her expertise to help other businesses. We hear her story and how she shifted her business through covid to make the most of, and to monetise her skills - no mean feat when what you offer has than intagible element to it.Listen to the discussion and along the way pick up ideas about routine, failure and making things happen.Connect with the show community, articles and ideas at our Substack
14/12/22·54m 29s

No More Bad Hair Days with Kate Holohan

Sian and Adelle are join by Kate Holohan, Hairdresser, Educator and Trichologist for a discussion around some of the more troublesome issues with hair. Hair thinning and loss can really knock confidence and we get the reality check on some of the solutions we often turn to. With tips and ideas for what to do when your bad hair days never seen to end, we also hear how Kate has grown her business from hairdresser to Trichologist.For more information, articles, subscribe to the show and join the community, visit our Substack at
10/12/22·54m 41s

Cash Is Queen With Stacey Foster - The Accountant With Balls

This week we welcome Stacey Foster, Accountant and founder of Fosters Accountants and Consultants Ltd into the studio.Stacey is the Accountant with Balls and her special motto is ‘cash is queen’.We hear what Stacey is reading this week, what Stacy's superpower is and more. We also hear how she grew her business; built in resilience, so it wasn't all on her; and so built in time for herself. With three children, I think we can say she definitely needs time!We hear her top tips for balancing the books in your business, and we also find out what she means by cash is queen - and it may be a little more detailed than you think!Read the full write up and subscribe to updates here
02/12/22·52m 6s

Shameless Promotion

Of course it is shameless promotion, but isn't that what we need to do sometimes!The show's hosts, Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin, are starting a business club for women where they can share ideas, give feedback, and be held accountable.The goal is to have a supportive network of like-minded women who can help each other grow their businesses.As part of the discussion, they outline the thought processes behind who the club is aimed at, what they hope to achieve. How they arrived at the pricing decision and much more behind the development of a new product.Join the discussion and subscribe to behind the scenes content
23/11/22·1h 1m

Tips for a Strong Body and Business From Personal Trainer and Professional Athlete Adelle Martin.

Sian and Adelle share tips on how to create a strong body and business. Personal trainer and professional athlete, Adelle Martin, shares her 10-minute routine to help women get stronger, which can be done at home, in the office, or in your normal clothes. These simple, yet effective tips are sure to help any woman build resilience in both her personal and professional life.For more information and to connect with the show visit
11/11/22·50m 46s

How to make money on social media, go live & make sales using a content strategy with Jeanille Rockett.

This week on the Women In Business Radio Show, we're excited to have special guest Jeanille Rockett joining us. Coach Rocky, as she's known, is the Owner and Founder of JNREMU Business Solutions & Rock Your Content Academy, and is a well-renowned Content & Social Media Strategist & IG Coach.Jeanille shared some amazing Instagram, social media, and strategy ideas - a must-listen-to show! Visit for more information
11/11/22·58m 31s

Invisible to Visible: How an Image Consultant Can Help You Find Your Personal Style

Annabelle Antao-Bithrey is an Image Consultant and Personal Stylist with House Of Colour. She is an established industry professional who has helped men and women of all ages feel more confident and stylish. In this episode, we discuss how Annabelle felt invisible and how her change of style came about when she needed to be an advocate for her child. We also discuss how to choose an image stylist, what to expect from a consultation, types of style, and the answer to the question about if your ideal colour type changes as you age. If you're looking for some help to find your personal style, or just want to hear more about Annabelle's story, tune in now!The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
21/10/22·56m 16s

The Only Sikh Indian Woman in the UK Who Fully Operates a Car Garage: Randeep Reehal's Story

The struggle of being a woman in a male-dominated industry is something that many of our listeners can relate to. Randeep Reehal is the only Sikh Indian woman in the UK who fully operates a car garage and she is the CEO and founder of The Pink Garage. She joins us today to discuss how she overcame ingrained attitudes about the roles of women in business; how she identified a need for a different type of business approach; and how she is introducing different ways of diversifying to grow the business and create additional income streams. Randeep's story will inspire our listeners and motivated to pursue their own business goals. Thank you for joining us, Randeep!The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
21/10/22·52m 19s

How To Choose The Right Coach for You, with Desiree Silverstone of Head Honchos

You're thinking of getting a coach, but how do you decide who is right for you and your business?Sian and Adelle are joined in the studio by Desiree Silverstone, a Psychotherapist turned Executive Coach and Founder of Head Honchos. In a lively session full of laughs and down to earth truths, we discuss the difference between therapy and coaching; what's the right approach for you; and, how to choose the right person to work with.The show starts with regular features of recommended books, business tips and what our hosts and guests have learned that week as they manage their businesses and lives.To connect with the show visit
30/09/22·51m 48s

WordPress Websites Tips and Advice with Mark Jennings of Stormchasers Digital

Are you creating or updating your website? What are the key things you need to consider and how do you choose the best developer for you?Sian and Adelle are joined in the studio by WordPress and Google Analytics specialist, Mark Jennings from Stormchasers Digital and together they explore the pros and cons of WordPress; the questions to ask before you invest in a website and what platforms you might want to use.The show starts with regular features of recommended books, business tips and what our hosts and guests have learned that week as they manage their businesses and lives.To connect with the show visit
30/09/22·52m 19s

How Hypnotherapy Can Help You - An Interview with Maria Chumas-Baker of Darkness 2 Light Hypnotherapy

How can hypnotherapy help you? We find out about Solution Focused Hypnotherapy from Maria Chumas-Baker of Darkness 2 Light Hypnotherapy.We start off hearing Maria's story about how she transitioned from a Personal Assistant, supporting clients with their admin, to qualifying in a totally different field as a Hypnotherapist.The show tackles some common questions and misconceptions about hypnotism and what it feels like to be hypnotized.Along the way we have the usual tips, tricks and ideas to start and grow your business.The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
19/09/22·55m 3s

When clients get tricky: how to manage them (and keep your business running smoothly).

What do you do when clients get tricky? Sian and Adelle discuss how to manage your clients; how to stop things going down hill and what happens when your clients become friends.Even better, they share some ideas about what to do and say when your friends want to be a client, and they're angling for a favour.It's much easier if you can stop it happening in the first place and so tune in to hear their personal red flags for not accepting a client.Along the way we have the usual tips, tricks and ideas to start and grow your business.The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
19/09/22·49m 56s

"How to set boundaries and manage your to-do list"

Do you never seem to stop working? Does your list of things to do never end?After a silly few minutes, Sian and Adelle discuss the importance of setting boundaries; the different types of boundaries you need to set and other tactics for managing your to-do list to move your business forward whilst keeping your mind, body and spirit intact.The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
09/09/22·55m 22s

Use Google My Business To Get Get Found Online

If you have a business and want to get found on Google you really should be thinking about Google My Business. This free tool is available for all businesses to set and and yet many don't claim it.We're joined by Mark Jennings of Stormchasers Digital who explains who should be using Google My Business and how to get started.You can connect with Mark at for more information.Of course, along the way we have the usual tips, tricks and ideas to start and grow your business.The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
09/09/22·51m 37s

How to Avoid and Recover from Burnout with Jacinta Banks

Are you heading for burnout but don’t know it?We’re joined in the studio by Jacinta Banks, ex-Civil Servant turned Health, Nutrition, mBIT (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques) Coach.We explore burnout, some of the early signs, how and why it happens and how to avoid it happening to you.Plus, if you’re at that point, Jacinta shares ideas about how to start your recovery.The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
12/08/22·52m 30s

How to Succeed as a Single Mother in Business with Julie Hawkins, Founder of The Single Mums Business Network

Jules started her business career by creating the KIH Bed, a brilliant solution to her own problem as a pregnant woman desperate to lie on her tummy for a massage to soothe her aching back.Her frustrating experience, alongside the sometimes cruel comments and expectations of others that, as a single mother, she was scrounging off benefits, led to her founding SMBN.Her successful launch of the KiH Bed, despite enormous setbacks, is an inspiring story packed with nuggets of wisdom for anyone thinking of following her lead.Our second studio guest in Sam Presneill from the Careers and Enterprise Company who shares why a business should engage with local schools and education institutions to help develop and grow their staff and the expertise in their business. Plus, of course, the usual banter and ideas from Sian and Adelle on life as a woman in business.The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
12/08/22·52m 26s

Planning Your Social Media Content With Lucy Hall

Why would you plan your social media content? Isn’t it all supposed to be spontaneous? We’re joined in the studio by Lucy Hall, founder of Digital Women, Social Day and My Social Media Planner to talk about the best way to plan for success.The key focus of the discussion is where to start? What to focus on and what questions you should ask yourself before you start posting.A must-listen for anyone starting a new business, or starting out on social media.Join Sian, Adelle and guest Katrina in a lively chat. A work experience guest, Maddy, also joined them in the studio, for her first time on the radio.The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
22/07/22·54m 52s

How To Get The Perfect Profile Head-Shot with Katrina Festorazzi

As a businesswoman, your profile head-shot could be the first thing a prospective client sees of you. This means it really matters that you get it right. Katrina is a professional photographer who specialises in working with women in business and shares her tips for taking the perfect photo from home with your own camera. Also, how do you get the right photographer to work with you on different projects?If you really don’t enjoy having your photo taken, then you’re certainly not alone and the discussion also talks about how you can get pics you love even if you’ve hated the process before.Join Sian, Adelle and guest Katrina in a lively chat. They are also joined in the studio by a work experience guest, Maddy, for her first time in a radio studio.The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
22/07/22·51m 41s

Uplift Your Look With Image Consultant Katie Chittenden

If you’re fed up with how you think you look, is it time to bring in an image consultant?But what do they do, how can they help and what can you expect them to look at?We’re joined in the studio by Katie Chittenden, founder of Katie’s Style and who specialises in helping women change how they look and feel.We find out about the different styles; if you should start with colour or personality and a top tip for how you can adapt if your go-to colour is black.The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
15/07/22·51m 27s

Sending Newsletters For Your Business

If you thought sending newsletter was old-fashioned, email is dead and there's nothing you can write about anyway, then this is the show for you.Sian and Adelle are joined by marketing expert Teresa Heath-Wareing who is also an award-winning speaker, best selling author, podcaster and 6 figure online business owner! Teresa shares ideas about different types of newsletters, topic ideas, tips for how often to send them and much more.There's also a super-speedy run down of some favourite newsletter creating tools and platforms to give you an idea of where to start.The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
15/07/22·56m 53s

Beauty Tips For Women In Business

Busy busy busy can mean too busy to look after your skin, your body and your health.Sian and Adelle are joined in the studio by Fiona Shoults, beautician and aesthetics specialist for a simple discussion on beauty and self-care.The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
07/07/22·52m 32s

Promoting Your Business At Events

If you're thinking about using events to promote your business, this is for you.Sian and Adelle welcome first time exhibitor Fiona Shoults, an aesthetic and beauty specialist into the studio to discuss experiences, ideas and tips about how to feel comfortable and get the best out of events and exhibitions.The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
05/07/22·55m 17s

Taking Spirituality To Business Events

If you’re running a business based on Spirituality, how do you deal with the sales, marketing and money aspects?How do you deal with the view that you shouldn’t use your ‘gift’ to make money? Sian and Adelle are joined in the studio by Crystal Healing specialist, Maire O’Connor, Kay Best, Psychic Medium and Emma Unsworth, Success Coach and Intuitive Artist.Also in the studio is Sylvia Ottway, Body Shop Specialist who markets at events. In this show, as well as the usual tips, quotes and recommendations for business, the discussion is around blending spiritual gifts with business. Because everyone needs to put food on the table and a roof over their head!The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
30/06/22·55m 45s

MLM and Business Team Chat

Multi Level Marketing gets a terrible press, but is it really that bad?Sian and Adelle are joined in the studio by Sylvia Ottway, who runs a business through the Body Shop.Also in the studio are Healing Crystal specialist, Marie O’connor, Psychic Medium Kay Best and Emma Unsworth Success Coach and Intuitive Artist.In this show, as well as the usual tips, quotes and recommendations for business, the discussion is around running an MLM business and some of the tricks of the trade.The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
29/06/22·51m 43s

I've Got Way Too Much To Do

Doesn't the title just say it all?Sian and Adelle are joined in the studio by Jemma Fairclough-Haynes, employment law specialist and founder of Orchard Employment Law - who famously has too much to do!They discuss how as businesswomen we end up in this pickle, what might be happening and some suggestions for overcoming having too much to do!The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
02/06/22·51m 21s

Building A Brand From The Kitchen Table

Debbie Lloyd Smith started her candle business, DLS Candles during lockdown and from her kitchen table. They just ooze class - we loved them.Debbie shares her story with the team and along the way we share a few laughs and get some super duper ideas for starting and growing your business.The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
31/05/22·54m 2s

Business Networking Revisited for 2022

With 2022 in full swing, how are you revitalising your business? We're joined by the Networking Queen, Jackie Groundsell, founder of 1230 The Women's Company, a long time established lunchtime networking organisation that has restarted with face to face meetings after lockdown.Jackie and the team share some of her tips for networking and getting back out there.Tune if for a light hearted look at business with some great ideas along the way.The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
25/05/22·53m 18s

Everyone Else Is Better Than Me (and other crap that needs ditching)

Everyone Else Is Better Than Me (and Other Crap That Needs Ditching)If you feel you’re falling behind in the game of business, everyone else doing just great, but you’re crap; feeling like it’s never going to work; there’s nothing you’re fantastic at?You can’t see a wonderful future or get a vision of your success.Feeling as though you’re certainly not good enough and, even worse, you’re not even as good as people think you are?This show is for you. As businesswomen themselves, and who also work with and support other businesswomen, Sian and Adelle have been through this personally and seen it in their clients.In the show they talk about how it feels, how it happens and what they’ve found works to make it better.The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
14/05/22·51m 10s

Doing Your Own Thing

In life and business, are you doing what you want to do? Or, are you doing what you SHOULD do, think you NEED to do or what other people want you to do?Partners, parents, siblings, friends, bosses and business partners - sometimes it can seem as though everyone has an opinion about how, what and when you should be doing stuff.What if they don't actually tell you to your face, but you get the passive aggressive sulking, subtle digs and the face of disappointment? It’s not easy to break away from the aspirations of other people, and sometimes it’s easier to just say yes and get on with it. But, that’s not going to make for a stunning business or a rewarding life.In this episode we explore what to say no to; how to say no and what to do if you don’t know what you should be doing!The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
11/05/22·52m 10s

Unleashed by Lockdown - A Start Up Story

How experiences in lockdown helped Joanna Cates to evolve into the Saucy Author. Not only has she published her own books, Joanna has also generated a new business by helping other women to develop their digital publishing skills for social media, books and so many different ways of generating content.The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
05/05/22·55m 41s

Taking New Directions With Confidence

Are you finding it difficult to change direction in your life, business or career? It takes confidence and that's where our guest Sadie Gough can help. Sadie is a Confidence and Mindset Coach who specialises helping people in corporate.As well as her top tips for building confidence we also get tips about new password managers, editing tools and other tips and tricks to help your business.The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
04/05/22·53m 50s

Your Key Business Numbers and Taking Action

Do you know the KEY numbers for your business? If you’re not up for a granular look into your numbers, the first half of the show is for you. Michele Yianni, founder of Future Insight Consultancy Ltd, and herself a Chartered Accountant, walks us through the top 3 must have’s if you’re going to know where you’re going in your business.We’re joined in part 2 of the show by Toccara Nicole, Chicago based business coach and publisher for her take on Taking Action! If you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or maybe even both, then take away a couple of solid points to jolt you out of the quagmire.The show reminds us that business is fun, and that it can be ok even when it all goes wrong. For this episode our studio guest, Michele and co-host Adelle both got stuck (separately) in Operation Stack (if you don’t live in the UK and Kent, this won’t mean anything for you but it’s what we do, and I can hardly believe it myself, when the Port of Dover gets backlogged and we stick thousands of lorries on the main thoroughfare of Kent, the M20, and which brings the whole of the county to a halt).Host Sian Murphy held the fort until they both arrived in the studio with a few records interspersed with bits of waffle - all of which have been edited out - phew!The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
14/04/22·1h 44m

Stressing About Money? You're Not Alone!

Money probably causes more stress than anything else! Everything's going up - Taxes, Fuel, Food costs - everything seems to be rising and we don't know where it's all going to end.So, what can you do about it?We welcome back Laura Ash of Rock Solid into the studio to share ideas. Laura has dealt with her own demons for depression, stress and anxiety and now helps her clients to do the same.Sian, Adelle and Laura chat about their own experiences of financial stress and ideas how to deal with it.Along the way we have quotes, book recommendations, tips and share tools they use to help their businesses run just that little bit smoother.The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
24/03/22·53m 19s

Talking Business With Sian and Adelle

Top tools, book recommendations and ideas on growing your business. We also talk about the International Women's Day Theme on Breaking the Bias, what that means and how you can thrive.The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
14/03/22·52m 15s

Writing Your Business Plan With Sally Marshall

Business plan ideas with guest Sally Marshall an ex house of commons strategy specialist who now helps fledging and established businesses craft and refresh their business plan.We explore some of the key questions to ask to get yours written and possibly fill in a any gaps.Sian, Adelle and Sally also chat through what they learned this week, what they're reading, top tool recommendations and their favourite quote of the week.If you take your business seriously, but still want to have fun, this show is for you.The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
18/02/22·54m 27s

Setting Up A Not For Profit & Diversifying Your Employees.

Is a not-for-profit business right for you? If you think profit is a dirty word in a social enterprise, this show may help you think again.We’re joined in the studio by Rebecca Smith, Deputy CEO of Social Enterprise Kent and her colleague Jess Bartindale who is their Employability Project Manager.After the usual round of book, tools and tips, we discuss when should you be a not-for-profit, the benefits and the pitfalls.Many people don’t fit the typical employee mould. Jess shares insights about how they can enhance your workforce and your business, plus any precautions for recruitment.An interesting and fun show and a must for anyone who wants to give back, create a heart centred business and diversity around their activities.The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
04/02/22·51m 24s

Break That 3K Income Block

Do you keep on hearing how to get past the 1 Million income barrier and just laugh because you’re not even at 3k a month? You’re barely hitting 50,000 and here they are talking about millions!Well, it may please you to know that you’re certainly not alone, and not just because everyone has to start at the bottom. We've focused on the 3K a month barrier, but the amount is largely irrelevant. It's easy to get stuck at a particular level and no matter how hard you try, can’t break through to the next stage of income.We welcome business coach, Trainer and mentor into the studio and discuss our way around how you can make that break-through.Also, tune in for our regular slots on books, tools and what we learned this week. The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
25/01/22·54m 1s

With Guest Author and Businesswoman, Berni Morgan

Are you considering writing a book? If you are, this is the show for you. Sian, Adelle and guest Berni Morgan discuss the writing process behind producing your book.Berni has a corporate background as a CEO, works as a business advisor and now as an author and podcast creator. Her first book is a biography about her great grandmother Cecelia, who bravely broke new ground as a lawyer in India before women could work in the legal profession.Together they share top tips, what books they’re reading this week, and recommend tools for a better business and life.The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
06/01/22·51m 36s

Avoiding Burnout With Rock Solid

Have you been holding out for the Christmas break? Perhaps this means promising yourself to catch up with unfinished projects during the holidays. Maybe you’ve been working flat out and intending to have a well-earned rest?Well, you could head for burnout if you carry on like that.After the initial catch up on weekly books, tools and ideas, we dip into what is burnout? Are there early signs so you can nip it in the bud? Finally, what can you do to recover from burnout, get back on top and stop it from happening again?The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
29/12/21·53m 40s

Stuff Positive Thinking

Sian and Adelle discuss uncertainty in life and business and get really fed up with the Positive Thinking approach.Towards the end of the show they are joined by Patience Ogunbona who coaches introvert female entrepreneurs and leaders. They have a quick fire round of what it means to be an introvert in business, the challenges, opportunities and tactics.If you enjoy the show, please give us a 'like' and a favourite to help us grow!
22/12/21·54m 18s

Time Management Chat

Sian and Adele welcome Grace Kelly, multiple entrepreneur and philanthropist into the studio for chin wag about all sorts of things - they finally settle on time management and a bit of productivity.
26/11/21·53m 52s

Achieving Clarity With Your Numbers

Sian and Adelle are joined by Wendy Tetley, founder and CEO of Achieving Clarity. Wendy’s team deliver Accountancy, HR, Health and Safety and business advice to businesses.Their clients range from solo-preneurs to corporates and Wendy shares the key numbers you need to understand in your business.Of course, as part of working with so many business owners, Wendy also has a fantastic insight into how mindset affects your money.This is a great show where we dive deep into making and keeping the money in your business.The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
28/10/21·56m 33s

A Different Take On Business with Tim Aker and The FSB

Sian is joined by host of the Business Bunker Radio Show, Paul Andrews, who stands in as co-host and our guest is Tim Aker, previously an MEP and now the Development Manager for the FSB (Federation of Small Business). It’s a show where the men share their top tools, current reads and what they’ve learned today, and it great to get a slightly different take.The key takeaway was about dealing with negative comments. When it comes to negative comments, feedback and service complaints, politicians are really on the front line and so it was great to get Tim’s take on dealing with them.We also get some rather different book recommendations from Paul and Tim so tune in to find out the reads that could help you and your business move to the next stage.It's a show where the men share their top tools, current reads and what they've learned today, and it great to get a slightly different take.The key takeaway was about dealing with negative comments. When it comes to negative comments, feedback and service complaints, politicians are really on the front line and so it was great to get Tim's take on dealing with them.The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
28/10/21·56m 22s

Events Special

If you're thinking of running or attending an event as part of your business, this show is for you.The tables are turned in this episode as co-host Adelle Martin interviews our host Sian. Sian's main business is running events for business women and today Adelle picks her brain.What are the key things you need to nail before you launch your event?What should you ask the organiser before you decide to exhibit?What do you need to sort out to make the day work for you and your business?What are the key pitfalls and what should you absolutely do before you commit to exhibiting?All these questions and more are answered so grab a coffee, or perhaps a chilled Rose and settle in for the show.The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
16/09/21·56m 32s

The Business Startup Story with Michele Yianni, Founder of Future Insights.

What a totally inspirational guest Michele is! We heard how she wanted to start her own business a the age of 8 and how along the way she decided to qualify as an accountant.The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
02/09/21·56m 33s

The Business Of Building Communities

In the show today, we're talking about communities. We're joined live in the studio by Lucy Hall, Founder of the 30,000 strong community, Digital Women. We hear about why you would build a community, how to do it and how to fund them so your community is sustainable.Plus we start the show with our new regular slots where we share...=> What we've learned this week=> Useful tools we're using=> Recommended readsand other top tips for business and our special topic of the show.The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
29/07/21·56m 28s

Menopause Special

As you might expect in an episode called Menopause Special, we talked about the menopause. Mostly.New co-host Adelle Martin is a menopause expert and so for her first episode in the studio (when we didn’t have a guest) it seemed sensible to exploit her knowledge and experience. Be rude not to!We discussed how we feel right now - mainly angry for no apparent reason. We trip along with what we’re reading right now, what we learned this week and round off with a sprinkling of tricky menopause symptoms that women often experience, but which are often attributed by them and their doctors to more another scarier cause.We hope you enjoy the show, find it useful and come out the other side of it with the idea that you can successfully run a business and deal with the menopause.The show is hosted by Sian Murphy and Adelle Martin and is recorded live in the Channel Radio UK studio in Kent.To connect with the show visit
22/07/21·56m 32s

Funding Special

How are you funding your business? Savings, credit card, bank of mum and dad? Perhaps you're considering sponsorship, crowdfunding or angel investment.Before you head onto Shark Tank, find out the implications of the different types of funding for your business, how to apply and why applications succeed or fail.We're joined in the studio by Gary Parker founder of CNT Associates. Gary is a funding specialist and more than that, he specialises in helping business women secure funding.Tune in for ideas about funding and how to make it happen in the right way for you and your business.We also unpick the difference between a Vision and your Mission!
15/07/21·56m 2s

Creating Good, Affordable, Legal Images for Your Startup

Creating Good, Affordable, Legal Images for Your StartupWhen you’re starting your business, getting the right images can be costly. If you get it wrong, it can be a costly mistake.Tune in as the women in business Team discuss how to get the night images whether you are employing someone it do it for you, or as DlY. =>During the show we cover issues such as making sure you’re legal…=>The different images you need, so you get it right first time…=>How to hire a photographer or logo designer=>Your Logo vs your brandingPlus, find out where you can find images for free, and how to create and edit through a free tool.Catch up more from the Women In Business Radio Show at our website
24/06/21·53m 46s

Help! I'm Stuck At £1-£3 a Month

Help! I’m Stuck At £1-£3K A Month.It’s more common than you think - tune in for some ideas and solutions.Is there anything more frustrating??You’re working away like stink.  Your clients are getting brilliant results.  You’ve got so many ideas, but no matter how much, how hard or for how many hours you work, you can’t seem to get your income over that £3,000 a month.Perhaps you can’t get it over the line at £1,000 a month, which is even more frustrating.It might help if you know that you’re not alone in hitting an income block, and that the 1-3K block is the most common.The usual team is joined by Natalee Berry, consultant, trainer and speaker who helps women business owners who are plateuing to re-empower themselves and own their worth.We also find out how selling doesn’t have to be complicated as we often make it, and how we can do more of it for better results.More sales sounds like a fabulous outcome.Join Sian Murphy and co-hosts Laura Lawrence, Adelle Martin and Jackie Groundsell.There’s more about the hosts and how you can connect with the show at https://thewomeninbusinessradioshow.comIf you can show your support by liking the episode and following our podcast that would be just great!! And thankyou for listening.
17/06/21·51m 48s

This Will Just Have To Do

This will just have to do!You may wonder why the show has this rather odd title?It’s because when setting up for the broadcast everything just kept going wrong: the light fell down, so did the green screen, the mouse wouldn’t work, and so it went on.Yes, there was time to fix it, but we just couldn’t be arsed, not todayIn the show, we discuss reopening from lockdown and what to expect given we’re seeing for some of our clients and connections.We also discuss ideas for moving forward.Right at the end we dip into the idea of stigma, people’s preset ideas and a key insight for preconceived ideas about coaches.• • •It’s a rather disjointed show, but it’s been a rather disjointed month!Get more information about the show visit the website at
10/06/21·56m 59s

Productivity Tips and Ideas From the Women In Business Radio Show Hosts

`Pretty soon we're going to be heading back into our proper radio studio. However, we really enjoyed the video recording aspect as well, so that's going to continue.Once a week we'll be hosting a live stream from our respective offices.In today's practice show we discuss various productivity tools and tips we've learned along the way.
27/05/21·52m 43s

Amazing Women Invisible Lives

The story of writing a book. We are joined in the studio by Bernie Morgan, Business Consultant and now author and podcaster. Bernie recently published her book The Amazing Life of Cecilia Chatterjee which is based upon the trials and challenges faced by her grandmother in rural India as she struggles to become a lawyer over 100 years ago.Bernie shares her writing process and insights about the different routes to publishing. Also, how she set up her podcast and website to market her book without a big budget or lots of technical knowledge.Tune in to hear her story and insights - perhaps you're thinking of writing your own book?The Women In Business Radio Show team are the host Sian Murphy and regular co-hosts Laura Lawrence, Jackie Groundsell and Adelle Martin.To connect, support and join in with the show there is information at our website, https://thewomeninbusinessradioshow.comor email
20/05/21·52m 28s

How You Can Still Sparkle When It's All Gone Tits Up

It can go wrong, sometimes it can go really badly wrong. But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep it together and keep your business growing.In this episode, we are joined by Carole Pyke The Personal Brand Storyteller, Queen of Sparkle, and two times stroke survivor. A woman on a mission to make the world a brighter place by helping executives, entrepreneurs, and business owners discover their Sparkle Power and develop their Standout Advantage.Carole has a unique approach and just like a chef in the kitchen, she combines the flavours of everyday life with the wisdom of experience (hers and others) and her signature SPARKLE Methodology, adding a sprinkling of wit and creativity to design an inspirational dish that has been known to make even the complex and challenging seem user-friendly and inspire the listener to take action with powerful results.Listen in to hear her step-by-step approach through her SPARKLE methodology - we think that what the K stands for was the biggest insight!The Women In Business Radio Show team are the host Sian Murphy and regular presenters Laura Lawrence and Jackie Groundsell.To connect, support and join in with the show there is information at our website, https://thewomeninbusinessradioshow.comor email
17/05/21·53m 55s

Starting And Growing Your Business With A Franchise

If you want to grow your business, have you considered a Franchise model? Creating a franchise is a well-established business model for growth, but it's not a quick or easy route.Our Special Guest today, Rebecca Newenham has done just this and created a multi-award winning business, Get Ahead, which now has over 40 franchisees. Rebecca shares her experience of setting up the franchise, the pitfalls, the ideas and how to make it work.We also cover what to think about and look for if you want to start a business and think buying into a franchise as a franchisee could be the route for you. It's not all plain sailing, and there are some great pointers in the discussion.At the end there is a brainstorm on networking and what to look out for.The Women In Business Radio Show team are the host Sian Murphy and regular presenters Laura Lawrence and Jackie Groundsell.To connect, support and join in with the show there is information at our website, https://thewomeninbusinessradioshow.comor email
06/05/21·55m 48s

How To Say No and Why You Need To Do It

A heads up! The recording quality in this is beyond bad - But we had such a great team involved that we're just going to publish and be damned.In the studio today, alongside host Sian Murphy and Co-hosts Laura Lawrence and Jackie Groundsell, are visiting co-host Nina Kristoffersen, Producer, Director and Star of The Billie Holliday Story; Laura and Barry Ash, founders of Rock Solid, Lea Fletcher, a survivor of domestic abuse who is using her experience to help others escape and overcome similar circumstances, and Zeenat Noorani, Wellbeing and Mental Health Coach and Therapist.We're discussing the problem of saying NO in your life and your business. How we don't say it when we need to, and how to say it in a way that doesn't hurt the other person or your relationship.Knowing when to say no, and how to say it could be the critical tactic you take away for your business.
22/04/21·42m 16s

From Corporate To Business - Taking The Plunge Over 40

Real-Life Stories Of Women Starting Their Business After 40 Years Of AgeWhat’s it like to start your first business when you’re in your 40’s? The Women in Business Radio Show Team, Sian, Laura and Jackie, are joined by guest Suzanne Shaw.Suzanne is the owner of Kent Trainers Ltd, her business venture after leaving a successful corporate career.During the show, we hear startup stories explore some of the ups and down’s of starting a business over 40. Grab a coffee (or a glass of wine), settle down and listen in for some top tips, ideas and, of course a light-hearted and fun discussion.Sian Murphy hosts the show with co-hosts Laura Lawrence and Jackie Groundsell.There is more information at
08/04/21·53m 20s

Make Decisions to Change Your Business and Change Your Life.

If things aren't working as you want, it could be about the decisions you're not making.We welcome Henrietta Cyrille into the studio to talk about just this. Henrietta is a Decision Coach, which is a very different approach. We discuss how useful it is to identify the type of decision-maker you are. One particularly interesting aspect is the discussion about gut instinct vs intuition.Tune in to hear our decisions can impact so many areas of our business.Also in the studio where our host, Sian Murphy, co-hosts Laura Lawrence and Jackie Groundsell.More information at
18/03/21·52m 49s

Turning Your Creative Hobby Into A Business

Do you have a hobby? Something you just love doing? Something you can imagine yourself doing as a business? Well so many people have this dream but it languishes doing nothing. If that sounds like you, then you need to listen to this episode and connect with our guest, Anke Herrmann.Anke did just that, and along the way she learned some great business lessons about business plans, what to do first and how to manage your emotions so they don’t stifle your business.Tune in to hear her story, some great ideas to help you in your own journey of turning your creating passion into your business.Our host is Sian Murphy, Co-Host Laura Lawrence and a regular contributor to the show, Jackie Groundsell.Visit the website for more information at
04/03/21·53m 57s

Start Up Stories and The Importance Of Communities

We're joined in the studio by Adelle Martin, businesswoman and founder of the subscription community and base for her clients in the Women In Business Midlife Club. Alongside her, we introduce Susan Kabani, Founder and CEO of, the community platform Adelle uses to manage her community.We hear their startup stories as well as how they built and managed communities; the wins and pitfalls and a few reasons how this differs from running your community in a Facebook or Linkedin Group.Of course, there are the usual ideas and quick-fire round on business tips.Join host Sian Murphy, and co-hosts Laura Lawrence and Jackie Groundsell for this lively and informative discussion.Visit the website for more details and on how to become a guest or sponsor.
25/02/21·52m 56s

Starting and Growing Your Local Business With Lisa Harrison

Starting and growing your own business can be scary. When it's a local business, and you start off with cold calling and a massive printing expense, it can be even scarier!We welcome Lisa Harrison, founder of Little Book Of Locals, a community magazine built around local business advertising.We hear about starting out cold calling, how Lisa grew her business and distribution and, of course, some tips for advertising your business.As our co-host Laura Lawrence also publishes a local magazine, there were some interesting talking points.Also in the studio where our host, Sian Murphy and Jackie Groundsell.
18/02/21·52m 2s

Top Tactics For Growing Your Business With Jan Cavelle

How to Scale Your Business We welcome author, writer and retired entrepreneur Jan Cavelle into the studio. On the eve of the launch of her book, Scale For Success, Jan shares the key elements she believes are needed to grow your business.And she should know!Plus we find out what are the barriers and if you’re frustrated by lack of forward movement, the key could well be in this episode.Not only did Jan start and grow her own businesses, but in her book, she collaborates with other high growth businesses to share what you need to do to make it happen for you.We do hope you’ll be kind though as we lose the connection for about 10 seconds midway through the broadcast - which is what happens when we can’t get into our proper studio - annoying but just a fact of how we all have to adapt.In the studio are host Sian Murphy, Co-hosts Laura Lawrence and Jackie Groundsell and you can catch up with the show, apply to be a guest at the website
11/02/21·50m 34s

Overcoming The Challenge of Domestic Abuse In Business

Overcoming The Challenge of Domestic Abuse In Business.Domestic abuse doesn’t have to destroy your business. It could make you stronger, and it could even be a springboard to a new venture. We’re joined in the studio by Lea Fletcher, a survivor of domestic abuse, living in a women’s refuge and rebuilding her life and business.Lea shares her domestic abuse and coercive control story, which started to kick off big time when she opened her business.Often, starting a business can expose an underlying abuse problem as the abuser fears losing control as their partner meets new people, gains financial independence, confidence, and activities that take them away from the relationship.During the show we hear about her experiences and recognise when it’s actually abuse, which isn’t always as easy as it sounds; what the warning signs are, and some ideas for how to respond.Joining host Sian Murphy in the studio today is Laura Lawrence, Laura Lawrence Marketing, Jackie Groundsell, founder of 1230 The Women’s Company and Nina Kristoffersen, Producer, Director and Star of the West End Show The Billie Holliday Story.If you would like to take part or support the show, please visit
04/02/21·51m 37s

7 Tactics For Better Sleep with Fliss Foster of Sleepability

How are you sleeping? So many businesswomen are experiencing problems with sleeping. For some, it’s a new problem, possibly a response to the underlying stress associated with the ongoing Covid situation.Or perhaps it’s an issue you’ve struggled with for years.Either way, you probably want to get a better nights sleep. In the program today, we welcome Fliss Foster, who founded Sleepability. As a sleep expert, Fliss has helped people with all sorts of reasons for not sleeping and for whom the problem presents in different ways—not getting to sleep, or dropping off ok, only to wake in the middle of the night.Fliss shares her top 7 tactics for improving your sleep, and the women in the business team also share their challenges and solutions.Plus, some great book recommendations.With Host Sian Murphy and co-hosts Laura Lawrence and Jackie Groundsell.You can connect with Fliss and Sleepability at information at the website
28/01/21·52m 16s

Fundraising For Your Business

How you can find and apply for funding to help start and grow your businessWe’re joined in the studio today by Gary Parker of CNT Associates, who specialise in helping women get funding for their business.During the interview we ask the following questions:What are the different types of funding?The key factors you must consider before you apply for funding?What do funders want from you and how can you demonstrate you’ve got what it takes?Is there a real or perceived barrier for business women to get funding?Plus a few specific examples of funding providers who work with women as well as some practical tips for getting started approaching potential funders.We also discuss different types of business plan and introduce the concept of business mapping and where it fits in with your business plan.As usual, your show host was Sian Murphy with Laura Lawrence and Jackie Groundsell. Thanks to everyone and catch up with more shows at the website TakeawayBefore you seek funding, decide your WHY behind starting and running your business. If you’ve turned your passion and life’s mission into your business this probably won’t fit with the outcome an investor is after. The investor is probably looking for global growth to sell for a massive profit further down the line. This means you’ve lost control of your brand and your business. So decide now what you want to achieve and how your business fits into your life.Guest - Gary Parker, Managing Director of Funding and Business Specialists CNT Associates
14/01/21·57m 27s

Start Up Brainstorm

Wow! In this show we blasted through some of the things you need to consider when you’re starting a business for the first time.As everyone taking part had started their own business, and was also working with other business women, this was really about sharing some of the mistakes we made and things we wish we had known when we first got going.That said, wherever you are in your business journey, there is always more learning, stuff goes wrong, we need to pivot to survive and we often need to reinvent and start again. So there is something in here for everyone.As the weeks move on, we will take the key points out of this show and expand on them - so this is the groundwork, the key points to think about.We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording it.In the ‘studio’ today were host Sian Murphy, Laura Lawrence, Jackie Groundsell and guest Adelle Martin, founder of The Women In Business Mid Life Club.Thanks to everyone and catch up with more shows at the website
07/01/21·59m 17s

Planning For A Productive, Positive and Peaceful New Year

How do you plan for 2021 when 2020 has been so unpredictable?How do you get a vision for your business and life when you have no idea what’s going to happen next?How do you even begin to start setting goals when the rug could be pulled out from under your feet at any time?These are just some of the tricky questions we answer in the show today when the full Women In Business Radio team get together for the last time before Christmas in what has been a tremendously difficult but enlightening 2020.Show host Sian Murphy is joined by Laura Lawrence, Jackie Groundsell, Toccara Steele, Nina Kristofferson.Catch up with more shows and information at https://thewomeninbusinessradioshow.comBehind the scenes is Simone Mardell managing media production.To support the show with a $3 tip, please visit
24/12/20·58m 39s

How To Make Life Better For Teachers and Home Schooling Parents

In the show today, we explore how teachers and parents who now find themselves home schooling can look after their own wellbeing.We look at some of the issues and some simple ideas to make improvements even when it seems like there is just too much going on, or too much pressure from outside to be able to make a significant improvement.Our guests also share online resources to help teachers.Plus, two critical tips for parents who find themselves home schooling during COVID restrictions.Our host is Sian Murphy, Co-Host Laura Lawrence and a regular contributor to the show, Jackie Groundsell.
17/12/20·57m 47s

This Could Be Why You're Not Getting The Results You Deserve

In the show today, we welcomed coach and mentor, Bayo Igoh who brings his background in the public and private sectors to help people reach their professional goals. We discuss what coaching and mentoring mean and how you can pick the right person to support you.Along the way we explore the concept of success, working with women and how our belief systems affect our results.There was one fab quote and concept to come out of this show, which can change the way you feel about your business and success in life.Our host is Sian Murphy, Co-Host Laura Lawrence and a regular contributor to the show, Jackie Groundsell.To find out more about being on the show, please visit mission is to provide a platform where all women in business can shout about their business as well as broadcast the information women need to grow their business with confidence and joy.Please support us buying us one coffee or getting monthly updates for £3 at
14/12/20·54m 43s

Switching To A New Way Of Delivering Your Service - Introducing New Media to Your Business

Switching To A New Way Of Delivering Your Service - Introducing New Media to Your BusinessWe welcome women in business from a range of sectors onto the show to discuss how their business has shifted to deal with the changes brought about by the COVID situation.=> Caroline Wardell, the founder of The Bamboo Wardrobe, designing and manufacturing ladies clothes for the wholesale market.=> Nicole Johnston, Author, Ghostwriter and Book Coach=> Gillian Huntley, Founder of Appearance Aesthetics, who specialises in skin treatments and permanent makeup=> Roz Morris, TV News London, Media and Presentation Trainer, and herself a former BBC and ITV presenter.Our co-hosts are of course also women in business and contribute to the discussion as Jackie Groundsell of 1230 The Women's Company who run a network of Lunchtime business meetings for women, and Laura Lawrence, marketer and publisher of two print form community Magazines.Host, Sian Murphy is also able to contribute her experience from her core business as the organiser of B2B and B2C monthly and annual events.We explore how the COVID situation has affected their businesses; what action they took to pivot and their top tips for making a shift.We also hear how it's ok to stand still for a while.For more information about the show, please visit our website at
03/12/20·54m 49s

Could You Be Doing More? How To Get Unstuck and Take Your Life and Your Business To A Different Level

Does any of this sound familiar?Can’t wait to get to the end of the week?Feeling exhausted and relying on caffeine to keep going?You keep asking yourself ‘What’s Wrong With Me? I should be happy!Well perhaps there isn’t anything wrong with you. Perhaps you’re not happy because you’re doing the wrong thing. But why do we let things linger like this for so long? Why do we struggle to make the change?Tune it to hear special guest Tina Neve, The Emotional Wellbeing Career Coach and founder of Human Decision share her expert knowledge and experience to help us move forwards.Our usual contributors are co-host Laura Lawrence and Jackie Groundsell. Behind the scenes is Simone Mardell, Production and Media Manager. Our host is Sian Murphy.Register for the CSI Global Women In Business Event here… information about the show at our website
19/11/20·56m 8s

Surviving and Thriving Through Massive Uncertainty

Lockdown 2 in the UK, the global Covid situation and the US Election are contributing to a massive global uncertainty - how do we survive and thrive?Tune in to this episode for ideas on how to move forwards, stop the panic, deal with anxiety and move towards creativity again.With guest expert Zeenat Noorani, Wellbeing and Mental Health Coach and Therapist, co-host Laura Lawrence and Jackie Groundsell from 1230 The Women’s Company. Behind the scenes is Simone Mardell, Production and Media Manager. The host is Sian Murphy, who does lots of things with businesswomen.To book into CSI - Collaboration, Support and Inspiration for Women In Business £10 pp) here up with more shows, and more ideas for women in business on the website
05/11/20·57m 45s

Tricky Clients And How To Manage Them

Tricky Clients! Complaints and more - if you’re in business we can guarantee you’re going to have to deal with something you’d rather not.Our studio guest for this episode is Annabel Kaye, Founder of Koffeeklatch (and yes we do find out why it’s called that) and legal expert supporting small and micro businesses to get it right.We discuss what you need to get in place before clients get tricky and what you can do if it does go wrong.Also, tricky clients don’t always come with a sign round their neck, so how do you recognise the red flags so you can pick out the ones that look ok, that may have juicy projects you want to get your teeth into, but who are going to be a right pain in the butt as things move forwards.Plus, a couple of tips about what to do if it does go wrong.Our usual contributors are co-host Laura Lawrence, Jackie Groundsell and Host Sian Murphy.More information and resources at Soon - Directory for women in business worldwide - let’s stay connected!Behind the scenes support from Simone Mardell, Media Manager Would you like to discuss sponsoring the show? Please email
22/10/20·58m 7s

7 Things To Nail Before You Try Selling Online

Isn’t it all going Digital? Do you feel as though you’re being left behind? Well, solid preparation and research now could save you ages in back peddling and redoing stuff later on.In this episode we welcome Digital specialist Katrina Young into the studio. Katrina works with large corporates and small teams to help them develop and systemise their online products. During our interview we look at the key things you need to consider before you just dive in.There’s also some great little marketing tips along the way.We also have co-host Laura Lawrence and Jackie Groundsell. Behind the scenes is Simone Mardell on Media Production.As usual, our host is Sian Murphy and there are full details on the website and we also accept donations to help fund our ventureDonate here
16/10/20·56m 48s

Eliminate Fear From Your Life

As it happens, the title of this show 'Eliminating Fear From Your Life' is entirely wrong!In this week's episode, we were joined by four businesswomen who help clients to navigate fear in their personal and business lives. Tune in for: > the difference between depression and fear > top tips for dealing with fear > 3 different types of fear - and one of them could be good!Plus, our guests share their top tips for being in businessThe usual banter by host Sian Murphy, co-host Laura Lawrence and regular contributor Jackie Groundsell.Read the full write up of the show on the website you next week for another episode!
01/10/20·55m 25s

Getting Your Voice and Your Book Out There!

Confession time - we really couldn't think of a title that encompassed all the ideas we discussed. What we did do is have fun, we also met two inspiring and powerful businesswomen who specialise in presenting for other people. Nicole Johnston is an Author and writing coach but also ghostwrites for other people.Shernorva Abiona is a voice-over artist who helps businesses represent their brand across audio media. Shernorva started her business before she left school and already counts organisations like the BBC amongst her clients! We hear how they started their business journey, some of the challenges and their tips and ideas for getting your voice out there. Plus, shouldn’t every businesswoman be writing a book? We find out what could be stopping you and a simple idea for overcoming the procrastination.Also in the studio is our resident networking queen, Jackie Groundsell, Co-host Laura Lawrence and host Sian Murphy.If you can think of a better title, we are always open to ideas and we'd love to hear from you.Visit the website for details of how you can get involved
24/09/20·56m 43s

Innovative Strategies and Tactics To Grow Your Business

In the show today, we discussed how growth means change, and the possible barriers for that to happen.We also had a wiz through planning your day for productivity, what are innovative strategies and the difference between the business strategy for corporates vs small business and solopreneurs. One word that kept on coming up was systems!And, how do you deal with people who think it's ok to call on you because you run your own business, so you have time to chat. 'Only Me!'Of course, there are also some top tips for business with our special guest Liz J Springer, The Innovation Strategist, author, speaker and business consultant.Our host is Sian Murphy, Co-Host Laura Lawrence and a regular contributor to the show, Jackie Groundsell.You can listen to more shows, and get the Top Tips and book recommendations on our website.
17/09/20·54m 21s

It's All Gone Horribly Wrong!

Sometimes it looks as though everyone else is doing so much better than we are. What happens if you have a blow that seems like it could be the end of your business?Today’s guests Annabel Kaye, Florence Liz Nakkozi, Lucy Guthrie and show regular Jackie Groundsell, share their experiences of when things really didn’t go to plan, in fact, they went very off-plan. What did they learn, what did they do and where are they now?As usual, the show is hosted by Sian Murphy and co-host Laura Lawrence.Get more information from the show at
03/09/20·55m 15s

Tapping Into The Power Of Communities

Networking! Love it or loathe it, chances are that someone will tell you it's essential for your business.In this show, we explore starting a business which based on running a community; using networking to grow your business; and, how networking and local communities can introduce you to your business support network. If you want to go networking, but the very idea fills you with dread, don't worry, we have some great tips for you.Please tune in to hear our three guests share their start-up stories, how they've used networking and their ideas for growing your business.On this week's show, we introduce:Coral Horn, founder of Pink Ladies Network and Enterprise Vision AwardsKate Greenhalgh, Co-Founder of A Year Of Dates, andCatherine Best, Specialist Loss and Change CoachAlso in the studio were host, Sian Murphy, Co-host Laura Lawrence and our Media Manager Simone MardellThere are more shows, ideas and links to resources we mentioned at the website
27/08/20·58m 50s

Yes! You Really Can Generate Passive Income In Your Business

Is passive income a myth? We’ve heard so much about it, but is it possible to build it into your business without sounding like a scammy advert?Well, it turns out it is! In today’s show, we hear how Jade Anne, who specialises in confidence and marketing and created several passive and recurring income streams into her business.We also discuss at least three different types of new income streams you can build into your business right now.Tune in for the whole show!Catch up with more shows and tips and advice for women in business at our website
21/08/20·56m 16s

Adapting Your Business To Life After Coronavirus

As the coronavirus situation looks like it's certainly going to be reaching out into the Autumn and into 2021 we talk with three businesswomen about how they have been adapting their business to these new circumstances.Tune in to hear how our guests, a chef, holistic therapist and Rapid Transformation coach have tackled their problems head-on, how they have adapted their businesses and their tips for moving forwards.
13/08/20·59m 9s

How Long Does It Take For Your Business To Take Off? Longer Than You Think!

In the studio today, we're joined by three inspirational women from very different creative businesses. Nina Kristofferson, author, singer, actor and producer of the West End show The Billie Holliday Story; Anthi G Fashion Design, who started her fashion career almost before she could walk; and, Jacqui Seager from Anvill Technologies who is developing and bringing a brand new product to market.The show is about telling it as it is and bringing realistic time-scales to our business and creative ventures.
09/07/20·50m 20s

The PA Business - Insider Secrets

This week we’re joined by 3 PA’s at different stages of their business journey’s and get their take on How to Hire A PA for your business, and how to avoid the common pitfalls; what questions you should ask any prospective PA; their top recommendations for tools to manage your business.Plus they share their book and training recommendations if you’re starting out as a PA, their business stories and their top tips for being in business.The top book recommendation for starting up as a VA is How to be a Virtual Assistant: Start and run your own successful VA business and here's the link to it - it's included in Kindle Unlimited as well so just click through to find out more As usual, our host is Sian Murphy, and co-host Laura Lawrence and there’s more information about the shows at the Women In Business Radio Show Website, at
09/07/20·59m 50s

Nina Kristofferson | An artist in lockdown

We've heard many ideas about pivoting your business to cope with the changes, but what can you do if your business is performing? What happens when without an audience, there isn't a show?And without a show, there isn't income?We're joined in our Zoom Studio today by international multi-award-winning actor, singer and writer, Nina Kristofferson. Nina founded NK Productions and is the producer, writer and star of The Billie Holiday Show.Today we hear how she is coping with lockdown, some places where you can get resources as an artist as well as the key points you need to consider before taking your performance online.There is more information on our website.
03/07/20·58m 1s

From Surviving To Thriving

Recorded from our Home Office's so please forgive the qualityWe're joined in the 'studio' today by Sadie Restorick, a specialist in workplace wellbeing who used Amazon to self-publish the book Unlocked: From Surviving To Thriving at what can only be described as lightning speed.She did this by calling on 10 industry experts to each contribute a chapter to explore strategies and tools that every person can use to overcome the distress and anxiety associated with returning to work after lockdown.However, the book goes way beyond emerging from lockdown as a strategy for a better life all around. Also in the studio are three of her collaborators, Imogen Tinkler, who is leading the Foodie Revolution by helping people grow their own veg and create their own alcohol at home, Tracey Allport with strategies for stress and better sleep and Caroline Sherlock, with a starting point to help people improve their immunity, and a super simple tactic for starting out improving your diet if you're mightily confused about Keto, Vegetarian, Vegan and every other diet options out there!As usual, our host is Sian Murphy and co-host Laura Lawrence and there are more updates and resources on the website
11/06/20·58m 46s

The Key Metrics For Your Business, KPI's and Goals

Are you confused about KPI's, Goals, Targets, your mission and vision? If you are then this is indeed the show for you!We're joined by Sally Marshall, Author, Speaker, Strategy Coach and Publisher who brings her House of Commons experience into the studio to help us unpick them and decide what we need to measure to help our businesses grow.No fluffy stuff. It's about the numbers you measure and if you've spent any time at all trying to unravel your mission from your vision then tune in.There are more resources on the way at the website and you can also get the newsletter.

The Truth About Starting A Network Marketing Business

Network marketing - what it is, what it isn’t and the truth about making it work.We are joined today by 3 businesswomen who work with established companies who operate using a Network Marketing Business model - doTERRA, Body Shop and Utility Warehouse. During the show, we talk about the legalities of network marketing, the ups, downs, and some tips for you if you’re thinking of starting a business with a multi-level marketing organisation.We find out how much time they spend running their business, what it enables them to pay for and what can go wrong.There's more information on the website
14/05/20·58m 13s

Are You Playing It Small In Your Business?

Are you always wondering if you're doing enough? Do you always seem to be tired, word out and as if you're going nowhere?The thing is you may be thinking like this and yet be at the top of your profession, a real high flyer with a high flying income to boot!In the show today, Fre Hooft Van Huysduyen helps us recognise when we may be playing small, even if we think we're playing it large. Along the way we get a few ideas about how we can make a change and maybe even let go of some of the things that are dragging us down.As usual, our host is Sian Murphy and our co-host is Laura Lawrence.You can find out more information on our website
11/05/20·58m 2s

Networking for Women In Business 2020 Style

We’re joined by 5 great business women from various fields to talk about networking 2020 style, both online and offline.Our guests today are:Jackie Groundsell, founder of 1230 The Women's CompanyCaroline Wardell of The Bamboo WardrobeSusannah Bennett, married mum of twins and Essential Oil loverCarole Pyke, The Personal Brand StorytellerAmelia Adrian, Yoga Teacher and doTerra Wellness AdvocateAlong the way, we have some laughs, share tips for meeting people on a Zoom online network as well as how to look professional and show up looking great!There are top book tips, top business tips and the ‘what do you know now that you wish you’d known when you started out’ insight from everyone.With host Sian Murphy and co-host Laura Lawrence.You can see more information and connections at the website

How To Survive The Ups and Downs by Building Resilience

We covered so many ideas for building resilience in this show. We were joined by Jade Anne, Rebecca Oliver and Tracey Alllport and covered the 3 elements you need to include to create the right balance in your life, which helps you to bounce back. We got some really simple ideas about how we can help our fitness as well as finding out how important your mind is when it comes to keeping going.Lots of tips and ideas as well as some reading recommendations to take away and get started with straight away.You can listen to this and more shows on the website
27/04/20·1h 1m

Taking A New Direction In Your Business

How do you know when it's time to make a change? How do you make that change? When is the right time to jump?We're joined in the studio today by leadership specialist, Toccara Steele, and the author and writing coach, Kathryn Koromilas.They help us to unravel how you can tell when it's time to make a change and some ideas for what to do next.Listen in to the full show with host Sian Murphy and co-host Laura Lawrence and you can catch up with more shows at the website
23/04/20·1h 12m

Business Continuity Crowdfunding and Imposter Syndrome

Bit of a packed show topic wise this time. We welcomed KellyAnn Schiavo back into the studio to walk us through how she used crowdfunding to launch her new project. She walks us through some of the pros and cons and shares where and how she got the funding she needed to get started.She also shares her thoughts and experiences on Imposter Syndrome and some tips on how to overcome it.Visit our website to find out how you can be a guest; support the show; meet our hosts and get ideas on the website
14/04/20·50m 54s

Tricks To Managing Multiple Businesses

Do you feel as though you have your fingers in too many pies?Business women are creative, we start a business, and then we start another business. Before we know it life can become far too busy, overwhelming and just a bit too much.But if you're wired, them perhaps there is a way to juggle it all around?In today's show we are joined by Laura Payne Stanley, who has started and run multiple businesses herself and now helps others to do just that.Tune in for ideas, inspiration and more.Catch up with other shows at the website https://thewomeninbusinessradioshow.comHost Sian Murphy and co-host Laura Lawrence
31/03/20·54m 43s

Shifting Your Business For Coronavirus

These are strange times indeed! The Coronavirus situation is sweeping the globe and forcing all of us to think about how we work, run our businesses and interact with others.Over the very first few weeks, we are seeing massive changes in how the business community is responding.How can you balance compassion for others with keeping food on the table for your own family by keeping your business going?What can we post onto social media and blogs at this sensitive time?Should we even be marketing our businesses?We are joined for our very first online recording (so please be gentle as the production quality is not up to our usual studio standard) by Zoe Cairns, founder of the Social Media marketing agency, ZC Social Media and Adelle Martin, The Executive Mid-Life Coach who is just stepping out into her own business to launch her brand new coaching programme.Zoe works with small businesses and international brands and is helping them to strategise their new approach on social media - and she shares some of the ideas with us.Adelle tells us how she has very quickly reorganised how to deliver her new programme to deal with the new situation.We dip into pricing when everyone seems to be giving their stuff away as well as some ideas for goal setting.The word for this show is Pivot - so tune in to get ideas on how to pivot your business!Also in the studio are host Sian Murphy and co-host Laura Lawrence.For more episodes of the show, please visit
31/03/20·54m 34s

Keto and Intermittent Fasting Diets Demystified with Karen Roberts Weight Loss Expert

We did have fun in the studio today, Karen Roberts is a good laugh who whilst she certainly knows her stuff about the Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting, doesn't take herself or the regime too seriously.Having spent 20 years as a fitness expert, Karen decided to give up the 20 fitness classes she was teaching a week, and starting using her brain instead of her body as a transformation coach. The days spent sitting down instead of jumping around, together with nibbling from the fridge, meant the pounds piled on and before she knew it she was 3 stone overweight.Her journey to shed the weight, and the excess skin, has now led her into a new business as she helps other businesswomen to do the same. Karen shares the facts behind the Keto Diet, and how it can work alongside Intermittent Fasting to not only help you lose weight but free you of the need to always be worrying about where the next food fix is coming from when the brain fog and hangry sets in.Tune in to hear the live recording of the show with host Sian Murphy, Co-host Laura Lawrence and of course Karen Roberts. There are more episodes of the show and more information on the website and you can follow us on Twitter at @wibradiooive
27/02/20·54m 50s

It Takes Longer Than You Think

In the studio today, we have Fashion Designer, Anthi G, Tech Product Designer Jacqui Seager, special co-host Nina Kristofferson, Co-host Laura Lawrence and our host Sian Murphy.Together we explore how long it takes to get your product, design and business off the ground and some of the pitfalls along the way. Anthi, an award-winning couture designer, knew she wanted to design clothes for the stage since she was a child. Jacqui, on the other hand, surprised herself by feeling compelled to take a product to market, and she has certainly had to show some perseverance along the way.Nina Kristofferson is a power-house producer, director and star of the West End Show, The Billie Holliday Story and so is the consummate artist who is also the master of her own business.Find out more about this episode and the show at our website
20/02/20·50m 20s

The Start Up Show 2020

In today's show, we hear from two businesswomen who are very early on in their start-up business stories. Amy Harding is a hairstylist who has found an unusual angle for her craft, and one which let her combine two of her great passions.Sarah Cooke is a mum who started an online store as a way to improve her income and create a new life.We hear their stories, where they are now and what they've learned so far in their journey.Also in the studio are host Sian Murphy and Co-Host Laura Lawrence and there are more episodes available at us on Twitter @wibradiolive
04/02/20·51m 6s

Instagram For Your Business

Live in the studio today are three very different, dynamic businesswomen who are using Instagram to grow their businesses. Rebecca Middleton is an interior designer from Rebecca Middleton Refined luxe, Louise Cartright the Money Mindset and Certified High-Performance Coach and Rebecca Smith, CEO of GOLDIE media, Editor GOLDIE magazine and Author of How to be a Happy Dresser.Listen in to hear how three very different businesses use Instagram and their top tips on getting started, connecting and using Instagram.
16/01/20·54m 1s

How To Turn Your Hobby Into A Business

How To Turn Your Hobby Into A Business?Tune to hear a lively discussion between women in business from the US and UK talking through how do you know when it’s time to leap from your job.Plus, what’s the difference between an Accountability Partner, a Mentor and a Business Coach and how do you decide who you need?What happens when your family and friends don’t offer you the support you expected.It’s a busy show and we cover these and other issues with business leader Toaccara Steele, Grace Kelly, Chair of Women In Business for North Kent, co-host Laura Lawrence and the host Sian Murphy.Listen to other shows and get more information at https:
12/12/19·54m 19s

Networking Do's and Don'ts

Are you thinking of going networking to help grow your business, but you don't know where to start, don't know what to do when you get there and are just dreading it? This is the show for you!Today we were joined in the studio by Grace Kelly, Chair of the Women In Business Networking group and founder of 21st Century Flooring. Alongside her are 3 members of the group the Glass Artist, Beverley Bunn; Transformational Life Coach Mel Smith and Naaila Clements who is a Health and Wellbeing Consultant.During the show we explore...* How to decide which networking group is right for you* What preparation you might need* What to do on your first visit and how to actually walk into the room on your own* Ideas for boosting your confidenceListen in with host Sian Murphy and Co-host Laura Lawrence for more business ideas and of course to hear how everyone gets the collywobbles from time to time!More information and episodes at
15/11/19·53m 41s

Anxiety, Mental Health and Resilience In Business With Laura Ash of Rock Solid

Is it possible to run a business when you've been diagnosed with depression, Bi-Polar and OCD? Laura Ash, CEO and Founder of Rock Solid does just that and we hear her story, advice and she also reveals her special 7 step formula for overcoming fear.Tune it to this show to hear about how that can work out and how Laura Ash uses her personal challenges to help her clients transform their bodies and minds.Along the way, we explore the difference between anxiety and fear, some techniques for when you hit rock bottom and perhaps get inspired by how your business can thrive with, or because of your emotional challenges.If you need a quick fix of power we share how you can tap into Wonder Woman to get that done.
31/10/19·53m 41s

Have You Got Imposter Syndrome? And How To Tackle It If You Do...

Today we're joined in the studio by Clare Josa, author of Ditching Imposter Syndrome, and Tania Gough, founder of the Beauty Academy South East. Together we explore how to identify Imposter Syndrome, how to tell if it's Imposter Syndrome or Self Doubt. There are some definite and potentially serious impacts on your business and career if you have Imposter Syndrome.If you feel as though your forward momentum isn't what you want, need or deserve, then the solution could rest in this show.So, pop in your headphones, maybe grab a coffee and join in.
25/10/19·54m 7s

Are You Making This Costly Mistake Taking On Freelancers? And, Do This BEFORE Go Into Partnership!

Does the thought of contracts leave you in a heap on the floor? Then this show is for you! It's also for you if you’re thinking of using a freelancer to avoid the problems of taking on a new member of staff. If you’re aiming to avoid expenses like sick pay, maternity pay, holiday pay, contracts, disciplinarians and all that hassle, then you really need to make sure your freelancers are actually self-employed. Lots of business owners have been caught out! Listen in to find out how you to avoid being one of them.Plus, the pitfalls of going into a partnership with others and how to avoid the problems of GDPR wherever you are in the world.We are joined in the studio by Annabel Kaye, international keynote speaker and founder of KoffeeKlatch (she likes to test people with their spellings and I hope we’ve passed the test here) and she gives out the sort of no-nonsense advice about the legalities of being in business, and of just being in business that we all need to hear every now and then. This is also the show where Brexit was renamed as Breakfast - a much better option don’t you think?More episodes and more information for women in business on the main website
03/10/19·53m 4s

Have You Got A Picture In Your Head?

Have You Got A Picture In Your Head? Stephanie Hayman did and still has. Her vision of how nutritious school meals could be served spurred her on to create a business from scratch and launch it into a catering contract with the local authority.What makes this even more impressive is that Stephanie isn't a chef or even a foodie - she just had a vision of how her business would look and set out to make it happen.We hear her story, learn how she decided where to get started on social media - very simply!At the start, we have a few tips about exhibiting at an event and moving offices.Listen to more episodes and find more information at the website
19/09/19·53m 27s

Turning Your Creative Passion Into A Business

Tune in to this 50-minute show where we hear from the MD of Etsy UK, Annette Picardo, Author and Coach Dolores Andrew-Gavin, who helps businesswomen find their voice, and Rebecca Smith, Deputy CEO of Social Enterprise Kent, who helps CIC's and Charities to grow.Along the way, we find out about the secret sauce behind Etsy that all creative entrepreneurs can and should be tapping into to help their business succeed. Are you living your own life and you want to? It's sometimes not that easy to tell when we get caught up in everyday activities and emotions. Dolores shares the symptoms to look out for as clues to when we are not being true to ourselves. Rebecca, who works with people who are often already working within their passion, but who still need that extra little something to make it work.Of course, we have the usual lively mix of technical hitches, phone traumas and the general disorganisation that makes the studio bosses shake their heads in despair. Well, I always did say they should never have let us loose in there with all those screens and knobs.There's more information about the show on our website at
05/09/19·49m 44s

Are You Living Or Existing and Getting The Right Your Business Numbers

We're joined in the Studio by Business Coach Claire Harvey and Life Coach Dione Lockyer on the phone from Spain. Along the way, we find clues to if you're living your life, or just existing. Do you need to make a radical and change and how do you do that? Plus, what about those business numbers? What should you be monitoring and what's not worth bothering with? If you don't like looking at your numbers is there an underlying fear?Life coaching, business coaching and more so grab a coffee and a sticky bun and sit down and listen to a bit of light-hearted business talk.
02/05/19·49m 41s

Do You Need A Coach and Top 10 Must Do's for Start Ups

In this episode, we're joined by the powerhouse Toccara Steele with a frank discussion about whether you need a coach for your life or your business.In the second half of the show Hetty Rackham, who has made her mark as a social media consultant who supports agencies with their large clients, talks about her startup journey and shares the Top 10 steps from her new programme for emerging female entrepreneurs.Tune in for the usual laughs, ideas and inspiration with Sian, Laura and guests.
29/04/19·51m 35s

The Natwest Everywoman Business Award Winners Share Their Stories

Thanks to the winners of the Natwest Everywoman Business Awards 2018 for their insights in this packed show.Tune in as Chloe Franses, Roni Savage and Keely Deininger share stories of their business journey, what they found out along the way and what they wish they had known when they first started out.Plus, book recommendations and inspirational ideas.
19/04/19·48m 32s

Bounce Back From Burnout

Tune in to hear Sian and Laura find out how the author and coach Michala Leyland did Bounce Back From Burnout As she shares her story we also see how to tell burnout from overwhelm; how it can be a blessing in disguise and of course those tactics for bouncing back!
04/04/19·51m 56s

How to Grow Your Photography Business With Amber Leach

Our studio guest for this episode is Amber Leach, founder of Liberty Pearl Photo and Film Collective.Listen in to find out how Amber grew her business from a standing start, with only enough money in the bank to last 6 weeks and as a single mum. Despite no marketing budget, very little time, she launched and made it happen.Today she has an award-winning 6 figure business with a team of 11!Along the way, we hear how she used her experiences to launch her second business as a coach and mentor and her top tips for starting and growing a business.
13/03/19·49m 58s

How To Get Unstuck and Into Your Flow

We're joined in the studio by Angela Gower-Johnson, Business Spiritual Advisor and founder of the Ultimate Dream Project.We explore how to get unstuck and find a new direction for your life and your business.Also in the studio are host Sian Murphy, Co-Host Laura Lawrence and Kelly Culver, live on Twitter.Listen to other shows at
07/02/19·49m 3s

Using Art Journaling To Tackle Depression

Find out how Debs Smith not only helped her depression with Art Journaling, but went on to create a business she loves.We also hear about some of the key materials you need if you want to get started art journaling for yourself.Visit The Women In Business Radio Show website to see pictures of Deb's journals and a bit more from this show host Sian Murphy, Co-Host Laura Lawrence and Kelly Culver on Twitter!
18/01/19·50m 19s

Goal Centred Laser Focused 2019 with Toccara Steele & Reinventing Yourself Out Of A Rut With Amanda Holiday

Starting the year Goal Centred and Laser Focused with some inspiration and motivation with Toccara Steele, CEO of VOS International who is calling in live from the USA.It the studio with Artist, Film Maker and Poet, Amanda Holiday and we hear her story and ideas for recognising if you're in a rut, getting out of it and reinventing who you are.With host Sian Murphy and Co-Host Laura Lawrence and Kelly Culver tweeting live updates.Hear more shows on the website
10/01/19·49m 57s

The Nina Kristofferson Story - Singer, SEO, Author, Producer!

What can we say about our studio guest for this show? Wow, a total powerhouse! This is Nina's second show, and we just had to get her back and hear more about her and her story.Nina was inspired by Billie Holiday and Nina Simone to write, produce and perform in her own West End show, The Billie Holiday Story.Along the way we hear about her inspiration, her strength and the courage of Billie Holiday, a woman who carved her own path that allowed so many following after her to have a much easier life.This show focuses on Nina, her story, their story and along the way we learn about how to just keep on going, no matter what.
19/12/18·50m 17s

Women In Business With Special Guest Anna Iversen

Listen in to hear the ups and downs of bringing a technical product to market with our special guest in the studio today, Anna Iversen, Founder of Fjor. We also hear Anna’s personal story, how that led to her business and about her programme targeting the bodies cellular powerhouse to leave you feeling healthier, happier and more energised.”Also in the studio, is Sabrina Palme, Founder of Palme, founder of Gartenzwerg Technologies and the Indoor Garden.Plus the usual tips, ideas and banter with Sian Murphy and co-host Laura Lawrence.
07/09/18·50m 7s

Women Starting Up Their Own Tech Business

Tune in to hear the experiences of our guest Lucy Hall and Efu Akumanyi leaving their corporate jobs and setting up their own tech businesses. We find out what they wished they had known before they started out, their top tips for being in business and how it's working out for them after jumping from their jobs.Plus, we hear from Lucy about the future of our business social media as AI (Artificial Intelligence) becomes a reality, and how we can embrace it as we promote our businesses.There are loads more shows and resources on our main website
24/08/18·50m 22s

Leaving Your Corporate Job To Start A Business

Do you dream about leaving the corporate job world to start your own business? Well, today's guests did just that. Not only that but our host, Sian Murphy and Co-host, Laura Lawrence also took that leap of faith.Beth Lothian left her HR Directorship to start her own accessories brand, The Lion Sparkles and Harjit Sohetey-Khan gave up her job in the corporate finance world to launch her ethical fashion brand Jewelled Buddha.Tune in to hear their stories, what worked, what didn't, business tips and a book recommendation. Plus the usual fun, laughs and, what women in business radio show would be without a baby burping in the background. Today's show had it all!
16/08/18·49m 46s

Breaking Into The Fashion Industry

In today’s show we hear from Jacynth Basset of and Hazel Edwards, Milliner and founder of HoneyV creating bespoke hair accessories for brides.We hear how they broke into the fashion industry, some of the problems they experienced and their tips and ideas for succeeding in business, and in the fashion world.Jacynth also told us about her troubles with trolling on social media and an excellent ideas for dealing with this really annoying, and sometimes upsetting aspect of marketing.Hazel shared how she broke into the prestigious Ascot hat market - not an easy thing to do by anyone's reckoning!Also in the studio was host Sian Murphy and co-host Laura Lawrence and we had Kelly Culver managing Twitter!This is a weekly live show recorded in the Ashford studio of Channel Radio 2 and it’s turned into a podcast so you can listen to it forever. See you next week for more fun and ideas about being a woman in business.
03/08/18·50m 34s

Women In Business News Africa and USA

This live show launches Phase 1 of our new global initiative to bring you women in business news from around the world and in this show we introduce our new co-presenters for Africa and the USA.In the studio, we had our new co-host, Film-maker, journalist and publisher Neema Kambona, founder of the Diversity Business Magazine. Neema introduced the lovely Gladness Ojo, a Female Entrepreneur who is based in the UK and operates in Tanzania as well. Gladness also manages The Tanzania Business Club and The African World Business Associates - as well as raising her 3 children. Busy woman.On the phone from the USA, we were joined by our other new regular co-presenter and leadership expert Toccara Steele who spoke about The Single Woman Leader and prompted a discussion on being a single woman in business vs considering your partner before you hop on that plane to Las Vegas for a 2-week conference!It was great to get different perspectives for being a woman in business in other parts of the world and we are really looking forward to taking this to the next level with ideas on how we can grow our businesses with intercontinental collaboration. We also have our monthly Spiritual Business Insights from Clairvoyant Medium Tracy Fance. Tracy specialises in helping businesses and this month she shares what the business community should perhaps be focusing on in August as we move into the second half of the year.Also in the studio were presenters, Host - Sian Murphy, Co-Host - Laura Lawrence and Kelly Culver managing our live Twitter Feed.
27/07/18·53m 31s

Starting a Business Selling Things You Make Yourself.

Do you have a hobby, something you love doing? Do you craft gifts people ask for, or perhaps you went to art school, or just love drawing and are wondering if the next step could be starting a business.That’s exactly what our guests Carrie Stay and Tracy Greeney did. Listen to Carrie’s story about how she started out selling her art at a market stall, went on to found a design agency and how she is now introducing a new income stream as she publishes her Rock Star Branding Workbook. Carrie also shares some invaluable branding guidelines if you’re in the process of sorting out your own branding. And who isn’t? Even if you’re not planning on being NIKE, you have your own brand, even if you haven’t intentionally created it, it’s still there and people make judgements based on it.Tracy Greeney founded Tracy’s Dreamcatchers after spotting that a series of seemingly unrelated events where she ended up creating dreamcatchers could actually be developed into a business. But she didn’t just dive in, she had other ideas before. We find out why this is the one that’s working and how her business has more depth than we may first appreciate.Together Tracy and Carrie share their start up stories, their tips, what worked, what didn’t work, ideas for using social media and lots more.We are also joined in the studio by Laura Lawrence, business woman and co-host and we have Kelly Culver, our own social media guru managing Twitter for us.What could possibly go wrong? Quite a lot as it happens. See if you can spot the hosts microphone being dropped just as we go live!
20/07/18·50m 14s

Turning Your Idea Into Your Business With Joyce Ohaja

As well as the usual crew we were joined by two brilliant businesswomen In the studio. TV presenter Joyce Ohaja turned her experience and skills as an interviewer and producer into a business creating video to help other businesses showcase their products and services. Paula Wilkinson launched her business Mum Bakes Cakes following her experience of trying to buy a special gift during a heartbreaking family event. Hear how she found the guts to go against the usual advice given by the marketing experts, and got it right!Tune in to hear their business stories, what worked, what didn't work and their tips for creating a great business.
19/07/18·48m 58s

Starting and Growing Your Food Business, With Karen Green The Food Mentor

This show, recorded live, is for you if you have an idea or a recipe and are wondering if it could be the makings of a food business.Our VIP Guest is Karen Green, Business Mentor, Speaker, Lecturer and author of the best selling book “Recipe for success – the ingredients of a profitable food business”.Karen has worked with some of the biggest players in the retail and food industry and now brings this expertise to small businesses.We hear her story about starting out as a mentor, her experiences and advice about writing a book for your business as well as an insight into the experiences of some of the clients she has worked with.Also in the studio is Freda Francis who runs an event and cake company alongside her husband. Freda did that thing that so many new businesses long to do but find so tricky which is to stop giving away products and services to your family and friends for free.Tune in for ideas, information and business tips from women in business.
28/06/18·48m 59s

The Business Of Vegan with Lesley Reid Founder of the Willow & Plum Soap Company

How often do we talk about turning our passion into a business?  When we ask our guests what the most important thing about starting a business is, working with your passion turns up time after time. That’s exactly what our VIP guest on the show today did.  She turned her passion for the Vegan lifestyle and her quest to find soaps and beauty products to support that into her business.  It wasn’t all plain sailing.  It involved making a big mess in the kitchen before it got to the business stage.  But she did it and we are going to hear firsthand from her what worked, what didn’t and how it felt to get going with a start-up budget of £7!!Also in the studio taking part in the discussion is Dominica Roszko who decided her high-stress business wasn’t for her and set up her vegan food business, and we will hear her life-changing story.Thanks also to the usual crew - host Sian Murphy, Co-host Laura Lawrence and Kelly Culver on Twitter!
27/06/18·51m 28s

How To Grow Your Business With Referrals featuring Courtney Wylie and Mention Me

Today we welcomed two fabulous business women into the studio for the live show. Our VIP Guest was Courtney Wylie, VP of Mention-Me, the online platform helping major retail brands to sell more product by using the power of referrals. Courtney has some great tips about how you can grow your business using referrals; at what point in your business development you should be thinking about referrals and some of the things you need to consider. It’s a great way to grow your business but as is so often the case, there’s a right way, there’s a wrong way and there’s a way that just takes longer and costs more than it needs to.We also signpost you to some of the great resources on offer from Mention-Me to help you, whatever size your business is.Our other guest is brand new start up Jade Sekum, founder of the Growth Company who shares her experiences about what’s working, what didn’t work and what she’s learnt so far, just 2 months in.Also in the studio with host Sian Murphy are Laura Lawrence co-host and Kelly Culver is on Twitter!Listen to more episodes at
15/06/18·50m 0s

How To Wow Your Customer The Taylor'd Bundles Way!

How many times have you heard that the best thing to do in business is what you’re passionate about? If you’re anything like us, quite a lot I should think. However, this advice isn’t just because if your’e passionate about something you’re going to enjoy it more, it’s really about how that passion means you’re going to create a better business. When you’re passionate there isn’t compromise; you don’t let standards slip so you can get something done quicker, or for more profit. Passion creates a business you care about and that shows through into what you deliver.That’s what really shines through as you listen to Caz Taylor talking about her journey to launch and grow her business Taylord Bundles which delivers special gifts to people at key events of their life. Sometimes these events are happy, such as the birth of a new baby, and sometimes, when things don’t go as expected, they are not happy events, It can be difficult for friends, relatives and colleagues to say the right thing and then they turn to Caz and her team.We hear Caz talking about how she delivers that customer experience, how she met the challenges of business and her top business tip.We were also joined by Jo Martel who has her own customer service challenge running art workshops for children and adults and who takes her role of helping her clients find their creative side and take their life to a new depth very seriously.Also in the studio was our lovely co-host Laura Lawrence, Jo Wooltorton on the camera as the token man and Kelly Culver tweeting like crazy. Fab show and thanks everyone.
26/05/18·49m 48s

Bridging The Gap Between Education And Construction With Fit For Trade's Joanne Taylor

In this show we blew away some misconceptions about the Fenestration and construction industry. Why is is a great industry for women? Why, when there is a skills gap and employers are having trouble filling roles, are they not seeking out women to step in? We also learn about the different roles available from design to fitting and what a varied career it can be.We also have ideas for you if you’re an employer in the Fenestration or wider construction industry on how you can you tap into the wealth of talent of our school and college leavers.Bridging the gap between eduction and the fenestration (glazing industry) is a passion for the founder of Fit For Trade, Joanne Taylor. Such an inspiration to have in the studio, a true driving force for helping her industry and young people.Thanks also to Maxine Benson of the internationally renowned organisation EveryWoman who represent and support over 20,000 women in business. The Natwest Everywoman awards are now in their 16th Year and we heard from Maxine about how to enter these awards, tips for entering awards in general and why entering your business is great for your business even if you’re not a winner.Thanks as always to our co-hosts Laura Lawrence and Kelly Culver and Joe for his production support.
19/05/18·50m 18s

The Business Of Blinging A Wrist Support For Arthritis Patients with Sarah Dillingham

Loads of women have brilliant ideas about how an existing product can be improved. The number of people who manage to secure funding, design, manufacture and launch their idea as a viable product is considerable less.Tune in to hear how Rheumatoid Arthritis patient Sarah Dillingham’s dream of dancing at her own wedding was marred by having to wear her bland, beige and itchy wrist support. So she gave it a makeover, a bit of a bling up. Her simple idea is now being transformed into a business. We follow Sarah through her journey, her tips for applying for funding, and through the ongoing design process.Sarah is now looking for more people who wear wrist supports to get involved in the development process and also to connect with other businesses who are shaking it up in the chronic or long term health accessories and support industry.Connect with Sarah and her company Grace and Able at
12/04/18·53m 15s

Get Paid More For What You Do With Suzy Miller

Thanks to Suzy Miller for helping us to create such a varied show with a range of actionable ideas for you to get paid more for doing what you do. This is closely aligned with getting more money generally in situations such as divorce which is Suzy’s specialist area.Listen in to find out how Suzy turned her experience of going through a divorce into her business which helps others do the same. But it didn’t end there because she then ramped her business up another notch to include helping those professionals, such as divorce lawyers, mediators, financial advisors and life coached to better market their services and get paid what they are worth.The end result is a show with ideas to help you negotiate trouble in your personal life and come out on top as well as to grow your business and get paid for the value you deliver.There is more on our website and you can find the show on twitter at
15/03/18·54m 55s

Creating Video With Your Phone With Folake Bee

On the show today our live studio guest was Folake Bee from Beeline Films. Folake has built an amazing business specialising in creating videos for business owners. Along the way she has also worked with celebrity clients who want to develop their personal brands.In the show we find out how to create video using your phone, and when you should consider using a professional video shoot instead.Tune in for business tips, ideas and resources and of course a bit of fun along the way.There is more on our website and you can find the show on twitter at
15/03/18·57m 47s

How To Build Personal Resilience and Wellness For Your Business with Gemma Shape

Our studio guest today was Gemma Sharpe, founder of Lordene Learning.Gemma works with individuals and companies to help them build resilience and develop wellness for themselves as business owners or for staff.Tune in to hear Gemma’s story and how she had to build resilience herself, and which then enabled her to start a business sharing what she learnt to grow a business helping others to do the same.We learn how to recognise when someone, and that could be yourself, needs to build more resilience, how it’s not always obvious that someone is struggling and some ideas and techniques to improve the situation and create some coping mechanisms.
16/02/18·54m 30s

Getting Back To The Basics Of Your Marketing Strategy With Eli Zheleva

The theme for this show was all about starting with, or getting back to basics.It was also about carrying on despite a few production hitches!Our studio guest is Eli Zheleva, a marketing coach and together we explore what you need to establish before your marketing can work for you as well as those dreaded ‘To Do’ lists.If you created a To Do list to help you deal with the overwhelm of having too much stuff to do and now find yourself in the grip of an overwhelming number of tasks which is growing day by day then this show is for you.Eli also shares the simple process she uses with clients to help them decide which marketing tools and techniques are right for them and their business.[Show information: Host Sian Murphy, Co-hosts Laura Lawrence and Kelly Culver. Connect for more from the show at and Twitter: @wibradiolive]
09/02/18·54m 4s

How Alison Cork Grew Her World of Interior Design

Our studio guests today were the entrepreneur and TV presenter, Alison Cork and her publicity specialist, Donna Lambert. Having built her interior design and lifestyle empire, and being the first women to float her company on the UK stock exchange and sit as a board member, Alison has recently founded the not-for-profit initiative, Make It Your Business. “Make It Your Business” is a massive collaborative programme created to help women start and grow their business.Listen in to find out more about Make It Your Business; how to join for free; get help from and learn from already successful women business owners who are also keeping it real. Plus, it's available globally, which means wherever you are, there is support for you as a woman in business.Also in the show, we talk to communications and publicity expert Donna Lambert who left the corporate world of marketing to start her own business and now works alongside Alison.Alison and Donna join in with our pre-amble discussion about recommended business books, tips to grow your business and of course we hear the stories of how they launched and built their companies and how Alison realised her dream of creating a World Of Interiors alongside her Radio and TV career.As if that wasn't a packed show already, we also hear from Tracy Fance for the regular monthly spiritual business insights.[Show information: Host Sian Murphy, Co-hosts Laura Lawrence and Kelly Culver. Connect for more from the show at and Twitter: @wibradiolive]
03/02/18·58m 45s

How To Stop Saying You Can't with Toccara Steele

We had a varied show today starting off with GDPR - basically, what you must now do if you are handling information about other people. GDPR may not be sexy, it may not be fun, you may not want to do it, but if you're going to do business in the UK, then you have to comply. Thanks to Nick Bird, CRM expert for sharing how you can do that.In the second half of the show, Toccara Steele joined us from the USA and wowed us with her energy, inspiration, how she founded a women’s leadership group and of course How To Stop Saying You Can’t.Along the way she gave us some new ideas for holding events (which we are going to be copying!) and just a whole load of motivation to get out there and get going with your own business.[Show information: Host Sian Murphy, Co-hosts Laura Lawrence and Kelly Culver. Connect for more from the show at and Twitter: @wibradiolive]
26/01/18·54m 14s

Working With Cancer for Employers, Employees and Entrepreneurs

Are you dealing with Cancer? Perhaps you care for a cancer patient, manage staff or are still running your business after a diagnosis of cancer?There are so many highs and lows that come into play as well as legal rights and obligations. Not to mention the psychological and physical effects of being told you have cancer and dealing with the treatment.What are the practicalities of dealing with Chemo-Brain?What should you tell work colleagues or clients?If you're an employer, how can you manage changing performance in your staff?We packed so much into this show and all practical advice grounded in reality because founder Barbara Wilson is herself a Breast Cancer survivor and her business grew out of the realisation there was almost nothing out there to help those returning to work, running their business or dealing with staff tackling the issue of cancer.Listen in and connect with Barbara and her organisation for support, training and resources. If you are an individual with a low income, Barbara's Social Enterprise company is set up to offer you free or affordable support with the cancer, work, business balancing act.
11/01/18·53m 28s

Top Business Blunders with Shawn McBride TEDx Women Speaker

Judging by the response we've had since this show aired, we managed to pack a load of useful information into this show and that's all thanks to Shawn McBride, TEDx Women speaker, author, Attorney at Law and top Business Consultant. We start by exploring why women can make good business partners, then move through into the top business blunders. Shawn compiled his top ten business blunders as a result of the problems brought to him as an attorney and so it's sound advice about how you can set your business up properly from the start and avoid problems down the line. If you're thinking of starting your business, or setting up in partnership this could be the best 45 minutes you could spend listening to how some simple precautions up front can help you to create the lifestyle you want from the business you create.
04/01/18·57m 23s

Journaling For Business And Life

This week we had Sue Quigley chatting about journaling and how it can make an impact on your business and emotional well-being. It’s not all Perry books from Paper Chase!When you journal, you can get your thoughts onto paper and empty your head of all the thoughts accumulated throughout the day. This can leave many feeling overwhelmed.Entrepreneurs are busy people and it’s near impossible for us to remember everything throughout the day, Sue tells us why journaling works and how you can start now.
15/12/17·50m 56s

Is Anxiety Stifling Your Business Success?

Today we were joined by co-founder of Avviso Media - Lucy Hall - and we were chatting about social media and anxiety in business. Anxiety is something that effects many of us even though we may not talk about it. Symptoms include; self sabotage, extreme worry, not replying to potential customers as well as physical symptoms like racing heart, sickness and memory lapses. Tune in to hear Sian, Laura, Kelly & Lucy discussing their personal experiences as well as giving actionable tips on how to manage anxiety in business.Visit for articles, guest posts and resources.
23/11/17·54m 34s

Is Imposter Syndrome Screwing Your Business?

Well I think we covered nearly all of it in today’s show with Grace Graham. Grace is a certified business coach (and there aren’t many of those around) who works with women and specialises in helping people identify and tackle imposter syndrome.If you’re wondering what that is, well it turns out that nearly all of us have experienced it at some point in our career. We talk about how to recognise it, what to do about it, what not to do about it and how to help someone you know who may have it.Along the way we take in her social media tip, book of the week, top tip to grow your business, and Grace’s top tip for being in business. And of course we ask her what she knows now that she wishes she had known when she started out. Which is a big enough mouthful to actually ask - let along answer!A really fun show with an absolute live wire who’s worked in the US as well as the UK and is an inspiration to anyone not feeling entirely brilliant about themselves - but who should be!Connect with the show at
17/11/17·53m 54s

Kelly Tolhust, MP and Business Woman Talks About Balancing A Busy Life

Today we were joined by Rochester & Strood Member Of Parliament - Kelly Tolhurst in the studio and what a fascinating insight it was!Kelly owns her a marine painting business as well as being an MP, so today’s show was rather diverse in topic. On the show, Kelly shared valuable insight into what life as an MP is like as well as sharing tips on how to juggle multiple things, resilience and how she cares for herself with such a busy lifestyle.We also dip into overcoming fear and how what scares us, can also help us grow.
10/11/17·54m 42s

How To Get Into Flow With Creativity

I think we managed to pack a lot into this show - a rather unusual book recommendation from our guest Natasha Boardman-Steer, founder of Creatabot. Some social media tips and ideas on productivity in the first part of the show and focusing on getting into flow and mindfulness.We also hear from Natasha about her transition from a crafter selling her creations, to being a creative consultant working with local government and corporate businesses to bring creativity into the workplace and facilitate well-being.A good fun show we think! Catch up with the show, more episodes and ideas at
02/11/17·53m 56s

Start Up Stories With Women In Business

We were joined in the studio by two new women in business start-ups. Kimberly Smith who started her salon equipment sales and beauty company off the back of her previous business and award-winning Young Entrepreneur, Kelly Culver, who set up her own social media consultancy after finishing her apprenticeship.We pick their brains for what went well, what didn't, their advice on social media and the all-important task getting those first clients in through the door.There are more articles, ideas and connections at - plus free shoutouts for your events!
26/10/17·58m 3s

Business After Breast Cancer Start-Up Stories 2

For Linda Garcia, a Business Consultant who specialises in productivity, her life has changed drastically, and for the better, since she was diagnosed with breast cancer.At the time of her diagnosis and treatment she was employed, and after her experience made the decision to leave her job and set up on her own as a consultant.We hear her story, what happened, what worked, what didn't, what she learned along the way and of course we got her to share the secret sauce she uses with her clients to turn their productivity on its head and get some real results.Along the way we have a book recommendation, social media and business growth tips.
19/10/17·53m 38s

Business After Breast Cancer Start Up Stories

There really is life during and after breast cancer. In fact, life can go in unexpected and unimagined directions. Listen in to hear 3 women in business guests tell their stories, explain where they are now, how their businesses have started and developed.Our guests on the show today were Mary Huckle, Personal Trainer; Davina Steel, founder of Gluten free bread producers Mannavida and Joanna Butler owner of Tutordoctors in Berkshire. We also explore some tips and ideas for dealing with the side effects, both physical and mental, whilst juggling your business life.This is the first of a series of programmes and initiatives to help women who are dealing with Breast Cancer to connect, start and grow their business.If you would like to take part in the future, there is more information on this page as well as a short form you can use to register to take part.
12/10/17·53m 1s

How Jude Adams, Singer Songwriter Turned ME Into An Inspirational Life Changing Journey

For Jude Adams, being diagnosed with ME proved to be a turning point in her career as a singer-songwriter, taking her to brilliant and greater projects; launching her album with a cohort of musicians and going on to win funding and awards.Plus, she did all of this after she started singing for the first time when she was 50 years of age.An inspirational story for any of us of that age who may be wondering if 50 is too late to be starting something big and new - it definitely isn't!Plus, we have her PR Consultant Penelope James in the studio sharing how PR can contribute to your success.As it's the beginning of October we also have our start of the month Spiritual Business Insights for October at around 10 minutes into the show.If you head over to the website, there are also additional resources from this particular episode, such as a transcript of the Press Release and details of the tools of the week from the show.Visit us at
05/10/17·58m 1s

The Business Of Twitter And How To Have A Happy Life In A Hectic Work World

There's nothing quite like getting insider tips on Twitter from the head of Twitter in Europe. Thanks to Bruce Daisley for sharing his insights on the platform and how it should be used for business. If you're not already using Twitter, tune in to find out how to get started and get traction in your business.However, the real cream off the top of the milk that comes out of this show is Bruce's ideas, resources and insights about how we can work less and produce more. He recommends a couple of books to get take us a little further and of course, we can tune into his podcasts as he interviews the key thought leaders in the field of happiness and work culture. So often as business owners we focus on the busy busy busy activity of inputs and outputs, which can convince us we’re achieving stuff, whilst the real measure of success lies in true outcomes. Giving ourselves permission to take breaks is key to successful business and a happy life, but sometimes it just isn't that easy to switch off. If you would like to get off the hamster wheel of activity so you can do less without feeling guilty then Bruce’s Eat Sleep Rinse Repeat podcasts may give us the hard evidence we need to appreciate how less action alongside focused work is a critical tactic for success.
28/09/17·56m 21s

Top 5 Super Slinky Branding Techniques

In today's show, we welcomed Desislava Dobreva, an international branding specialist and founder of BaddAss Brand Squad ( And she's just a bit different to the norm!If you're thinking you've heard everything there is to possibly hear about branding, this show may well have a couple of little surprises for you.As I'm sure you can imagine, as a business radio show, we spend a lot of time talking about branding with our guests, but Desdobrava came up with some ideas we'd not come across.If you've been into branding for a while or taken a really deep branding dive, then, of course, there are going to be concepts covered that you've run into before. What we enjoyed was the different slant, the different way of thinking and approaching branding you, or branding your business.Branding is probably the simplest and most complicated topic for your business - and yes, we know that doesn't make sense - what Desdobrava gave us was a different way of looking at it; simple questions you can ask and answer to help you nail your branding and a really good place to get started if you've been struggling or not even started yet.
21/09/17·53m 2s

How to Make Radical Business Decisions

Oh boy, this was one hell of a show! You may notice it's a bit shorter than usual (that's because of our host, Sian Murphy, had terrible trouble with the knobs. Add onto that a call in from the USA and phone issues - you get the picture. But we've cut all of that out so all you get to listen to is when we finally get Belladonna Riso live into the studio.Belladona is one of the most fascinating guests we've had on the show. A Real Estate Agent managing a branch and a cohort of staff, she decided to step back to where she started out - as a sales rep. Of course, she also has her own business and to top it all off she's a witch.Listen in to hear about the power and process of making radical business decisions, using your intuition in life and business and we also touch on how to manage the perceptions of corporate clients when you also do something a bit woo-woo on the side - as in fact so many of us do!Finally, we mention the art of Iching and bringing that to business. We really do only touch on that, but hope that Belladonna will do regular readings for our business community
14/09/17·28m 46s

Turn Your Big Ideas Into Action And Reality

Have you ever had big ideas? Perhaps you thought your big dreams were just that - dreams. Pie in the sky? For someone else but not you. Tune in to hear Liu Batchelor of LVB Creative with some tactics for how anyone can turn their big ideas into action and reality.A lively show with our usual top and tail elements of Tool, Book and Social Media Tip of the week.
07/09/17·56m 40s

Social Media Pick And Mix With Lucy Hall

It's just impossible to nail down a particular thread for this show beyond it being social media tips, ideas, how to use it for business, how to grow your business and on and on.Our guest is Lucy Hall, founder of Social Day (a nationwide event happening at venues all over the UK) and more recently Kickstart media, a new event aimed at women in business to fill the gap in their digital knowledge, revealed by a recent UK Government poll.We hear a little of Lucy's story, how she grew her business, some tactics for quick branding and of course the usual social media tips which just fly out of Lucy from all angles.Enjoy and take action!
24/08/17·55m 45s

Stronger Wings For Stronger Women

Listen in to find out how Gemma Sharpe shifted from her corporate career in HR, battled breast cancer and turned what she learned about building her own confidence into a business programme helping other women to do the same.Gemma started her business Lordene Learning to help women and developed her own 5 Pillars of Resilience and Wellbeing which she shared with us live on air.And what is RAW ?"Feeling good and functioning well, with the strength to deal with difficult situations, cope with challenges and adapt to change"This is one of our favourite interviews - Gemma is a real pro, a qualified coach and clearly knows her corporate stuff as well - but there was no jargon, no cliched hackneyed old coaching terms. She turned her troubles with cancer into a truly inspirational journey of one woman launching her business to turn her life around, and the life of those she works with.We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed having Gemma in the studio with us.
21/08/17·54m 21s

Have You Got The Energy To Be An Amazing Multi-Million Pound Business Woman?

Our guest this week is Sarah Jane Lucas also known as Bird, from Bird On A Bike. Author, radio show host, personal coach, international speaker and head of a multi-million-pound business. Find out where she started, where she is now and how she created the journey. As an advocate for the power of women, she helps us with practical techniques, easily applied, to help us generate the physical and mental energy needed to step into that journey right now.
03/08/17·52m 57s

Measure Your Marketing With The WIB Team

If you've ever wanted to hear what a group of women marketers sound like ad-libbing marketing tips and ideas, now is your chance. We should have had a Google Analytics expert in the studio with us but he wasn't very well (no man-flu jokes) and so we just did out thing off the cuff.We enjoyed it, we didn't take it too seriously and we hope we shared some useful marketing information and ideas from the cliff face.
27/07/17·53m 12s

Manage Your Business As A Couple

If you’re madly in love with your partner it may seem like there is nothing more idyllic than to be able to spend all your day with them and then go home in the evening for a few more hours of quality time together. Or maybe it sounds ghastly! However, you manage your relationship with your life partner, when you also go into business with them this 24/7 things needs some serious juggling, patience and biting of tongues if you’re going to make the business work.In this episode we discuss the very real challenges to face when your business partner is also your life partner, and a few tactics and ideas about how to make it work.Plus we add some bi-polar issues into the mix. Quite frankly, it’s amazing we’re all still in one piece.Join Laura and Barry Ash of Rocksolid and Sian Murphy (show host) and Mark Jennings of Stormchasers Digital. This episode was refereed by co-host Laura Burton Lawrence.
20/07/17·50m 25s

Tackle Depression Through Dance with Sarah Turner

What a lively episode! For starters, we had not one but two young female entrepreneurs in the studio. One of them was our very own Kelly Culver, Content And Production Manager for the show and a Social Media Guru in her own agency. Also in the studio, we had Sarah Turner, a dance artist who uses her dance artistry alongside teaching and motivation skills to help people with addiction, depression and mental health issues to improve their lives.Listen in to hear how you can motivate yourself and feel better all round using the magic of dance, as well as ideas and stories about being a young woman in business.
15/06/17·48m 28s

ZC Social Media Big Campaigns with Tauren Corsinie Social Media Manager

Tauren Corsinie, Social Media Manager for ZC Social Media shares insights on developing a campaign to sell out an event designed for over 500 delegates, sponsors and exhibitors.
07/06/17·53m 23s

Growth Hacking For Real Businesses

On Today’s show, we were joined by growth hacking expert Kimberly Hash de Vries talking Affiliate Marketing and Growth Hacking for your business. Providing valuable insights you can use for your own business. We started off by talking about a few events going on which you can attend but also a brand new organisation set up in Canada to provide better funding for women-owned businesses. You can find more about this on our Twitter account @wibradioliveAfter the break, we spoke got the 'What, Why and Who For' on Affiliate and Growth Hacking and especially moving your offline business online. If you want to find out more on what Affiliate marketing and Growth Hacking are and how you can incorporate these techniques and processes into your own business, then be sure to listen in. Our tool of the week is an online tool called “Teachable” ( where you can design, set up and sell your online courses easily and effectively.
11/05/17·49m 38s

Art Business, Awards and Winning Sponsors

We loved having these experts in the business of arts live in the studio. Nathalie Banaigs is an established artist who also runs Kent Creative Arts, an organisation dedicated to supporting artists in making a living from the art. Genevieve Tollberg is the Gallery and Arts Engagement Manager for Nucleus Arts, who have galleries, cafe's and studios for artists across the South East.Together they helped us create an informative show designed to help artists to promote themselves and for anyone in business who wants to get sponsorship.
06/05/17·53m 41s

YES! You Can Start, Run and Grow Your Business And Tackle Depression

Thanks so much to Sally Gridley, an early years education specialist who runs a successful business supporting learning providers, and who shared her story starting and growing her business whilst dealing with depression.Along the way, we get inspiration, ideas and techniques for running a business and dealing with depression and find out how the two really can work together.
04/05/17·55m 9s

Fundraising For Charities, Social Enterprises and Not For Profits

If you're involved in raising funds for a charitable organisation then this is the show for you. Today we had fundraising expert Bernie Morgan live in the studio and sharing techniques, ideas and pitfalls when raising the much-needed cash for a charity or social enterprise.Bernie also brings a wealth of experience from her previous roles as a CEO and marketing expert and boy does she know her stuff.Tune in for some great ideas and a slightly different approach to 'book of the week'.
22/04/17·50m 43s

In Business With Your Partner | Delivering Wicked Customer Experience | Plus Business Chat & Tips

Are you thinking of mixing the boardroom and the bedroom? Going into business with your partner opens up a whole next of fun, tricks and let's be honest - potential problems! Tune in to hear how Simone and Lovelda who are trainers and speakers have set some ground rules to keep it working and fun.In the second part, we find out how to build a stunning experience for your customers. This was originally delivered as a TED talk, and we get to pick brains dry and delve a little bit deeper into how to become an invaluable part of your clients' business and life.Plus we have the usual book recommendations, social media and tool tips oil the wheels of your business.
04/04/17·53m 4s

Ramp Up Your Social Media Marketing With Video, More Social Media, Book and Tool Recommendations for Business

Does it seem like everyone is using video to market their business apart from you? It's not that you can't work out HOW to do it, but what are you going to publish?Our guest in the studio today is Lucy Hall - Founder of Avviso Media and Social Day - one of the biggest and most successful social media events in the UK and today she shares how to use live video to create excitement and suspense about your event and one critical tip for using social media platforms. Lucy also mentioned shared her favourite for video and social media pretty - so a fab show all round for growing your business using social media!Plus we have 'Tool of the Week' 'Book of the Week' and shout out for women in business events.And wow - Lucy has given us a Discount Code for #SocialDayUK - just use code wibradio for to get your tickets for Birmingham for £45 and get 1/3 off your London ticket!Book your ticket here
29/03/17·50m 38s

Addiction & Business with Chris Hill, Social Media Advice, Book & Tool Of the Week,

Are people always going on at you for working all the time? If so then today's show could be a bit of an eye opener. We were joined in the studio by Chris Hill (@catchmefreeme) talking about addiction and how to recognise it. We then caught up with our book of the week recommended by Chris, and how he personally used this book to help gather tools on how to get out of addiction. Our tool of the week is for online link shortening and tracking to help keep up with regularly used links for your social media and website posts.We hope you enjoy listening to the show and you can listen online or download to tune in whilst you're pottering around.
23/03/17·48m 58s

All About Sales Funnels With Denise Wilton

On today's show we were joined Denise Wilton, owner of The Mylan Focus who used a real life example of a business to walk us through implementing a sales funnels for your business.The tool of the week from Kelly Culver, our resident social media expert was a brand new Facebook app which is currently seeing a success rate of 400% over the more established email communications. Other highlights were our recommended business book of the week and we have a special download for you as it's the start of March - a calendar of celebration days to enhance your social media and marketing campaigns.
06/03/17·50m 1s

How To Find Your Purpose with Maureen Dickie

On today's show, we were joined by the lovely Maureen Dickie, giving us some tips and stories on self-awareness and how to understand yourself for better business success.Maureen is a specialist coach who helps people to find their purpose and peace. She has taken her expertise onto the prestigious TED talks stage and also shares her experience of applying and appearing.We also talked about our tool of the week which, Joomag, a helpful digital publisher for you to write, publish and distribute a magazine - a great way to add a different dimension, and even a new income stream, into your business.Maureen closed the show by sharing the key to finding yourself and your purpose. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed hosting the show - and thanks to Maureen for bringing such a serene atmosphere into the studio.
18/02/17·53m 40s

How To Use Case Studies To Grow Your Business With Case Study Ninja

Case studies are a fantastic sales tool, especially if you do something people have trouble understanding. Today we were joined by Sarah Dillingham from Case Study Ninja giving valuable insights to how to build and use case studies in your business. We started the show off with Kelly Culver, giving us some helpful tips and tools to how you can manage your social conversions from Instagram. Followed by our tool and book of the week which you can find more on our Twitter and the website http://www.thewomeninbusinessradioshow.comIt's been a very valuable show on how you can correctly prepare and use case studies. Not only were there some valuable tips, but Sarah gave us her formula for creating case studies - it's little trickier than you might think, but the effort really pays off.
09/02/17·54m 54s

Access Your Alpha State For Productivity, Clarity and Happiness

On today’s show, we had Angela Gower-Johnson, Business Energy Strategist from Ultimate Dream Project, and boy was it a whale of a show! At the start, we were discussing some marketing campaign ideas for February (February is rife with holidays!) and about organisation. Did you know that if we spend 10 minutes each day looking for something, we spend 60 hours per YEAR looking for things? For the rest of the show, we were chatting with Angela about Alpha and Beta brain states and how you can get yourself into the right state for optimum performance. This isn’t magic “woo woo” stuff, it’s been backed by science! Listen to the show now to learn how you can become the best you for your business.If you think you should be meditating, but can't seem to make that happen, this show is for you!
02/02/17·52m 50s

Kathyn Colas and the Menopause

On today’s show, we were joined by Kathryn Colas, menopause expert, giving us some mature insights to symptoms and her experience whilst going through it. Laura, our co-host of the show also gave us a #ToolOfTheWeek called LyteSpark, it is like Skype just with a few extra features that you can use to interact with clients or business partners.Book of the week was recommended by Katheryn and it is “Be Gender Smart” by Inge Woudstra. It is essentially a guide for both genders to help understand the different issues both genders faces and how to go about it. We learnt a lot about how menopause can affect not only your personal but workplace life. Some of the main symptoms are forgetfulness, being confused and cross more than usual but overall quite depressed. If you are suffering, Katheryn suggests a great way to start getting help is by recognising and this and talking about it, especially if it’s people in the workplace. Accept you need a break and take one step at a time. If you want advice from Katheryn or to find out when her next course day is, you can find her on Twitter @simplyhormones or visit
24/01/17·49m 41s

Entering Business Awards To Grow Your Business

This week we welcome Nathalie Banaigs, founder of Kent Creative, a Community Interest Company, into the studio to talk about her experience running awards. We also welcome two of last year's winners to talk about their experiences and the benefits to them of entering.We also have a little deviation into branding, and re-branding at the start of the show - but as regular listeners know, we always go with the flow.
13/01/17·52m 4s

The Start Up Tips Show

On the first show of 2017, we are joined by marketing expert Tabitha Beasley and young entrepreneur Kelly Culver. Tabitha is a PR and marketing assistant for who won awards less than a year, after starting her business back in March 2015. Kelly shares some inspirational Start Up quotes provided by listeners and insights to free or low-cost online business tools.We end the show with some informative small business marketing tips which you can take away and use to help grow your own brand and business.
06/01/17·55m 29s

Women In Business Awards with Hilary Steel.

Why would you want to enter business awards? If you're thinking this is a damn stupid question as the answer has just got to be to win - then you might want to think again.Tune in to hear what Hilary Steel, founder of the Kent Women In Business Awards and herself a success business woman, has to say about the benefits, the techniques and the secondary gains around entering business awards.Plus of course we tap into her wisdom as a woman in business
02/01/17·54m 16s

The Statistics Behind Being A Woman In Business

We welcome Image Stylist Deborah Turner, the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) Women's representative, and we get the lowdown on some interesting statistics about being a woman in business.Of course, stats don't have to come true, but it's so interesting to get a heads up on some common issues being faced by women in business.Deborah has recently been invited to No. 10 Downing street to advise on how the government can help more women to succeed in business.
09/12/16·54m 53s

How To Price Your Products and Services

In this episode, we are joined by Sarah Brown, a business advisor and pricing expert from Inspire2Aspire, who have worked with major corporates like BT, entrepreneurs and the public sector.We cover how pricing is a combination of mindset, business, maths and business acumen. Also in the studio is Dani Needham, a Personal Trainer, Gym Manager and health blogger. Dani was kind enough to let us use some of her pricing challenges as examples of how the tricky issue of pricing both products and services can be handled.
09/12/16·50m 30s

Keeping Fit As A Woman In Business With Dani Needham

Today we welcomed Personal Trainer and health blogger Dani Needham into the studio to cover some of those questions we may have as women in business...Is there a difference between men and women when it comes to keeping fit?Is there a difference between keeping fit and being healthy?How can you keep healthy as a 'deskbound' woman in business?Plus, we found out about how Dani is using Facebook to rejuvenate a defunct Facebook page, and we even got a video of exercises you can do at your desk - even in a tight skirt!
08/12/16·54m 15s

Find Fabulous, Inspiring and Legal Images

Listen in to get the legal lowdown on using images and find out how to get free, inspiring and fab quality images to use for your business websites, articles and social media posts.Images are so important in the business world of today. BUT - the big question is - are you legal? It's so easy to fall foul of copyright legislation, especially if you are a small business or entrepreneur without easy access to legal help.But it doesn't have to be that tricky, and there are some stunning images available at truly affordable prices. RawPixel know the legal in's and out's but also produce amazing images.
05/10/16·54m 26s

Beating Addictions With No 1 Author Chris Hill

Dealing with addiction, either yours or someone close to you, is never going to be easy. It's particularly difficult when you are trying to juggle running a business whilst tackling an addiction.What is particularly special is how Chris acknowledges the different types of addiction from alcohol, drugs through to food and sugar. All can have a major impact.Tune in to hear Chris's story, how he wrote his book and his tips for dealing with addiction.
29/09/16·56m 20s

Tactics For Running Your Creative Business Whilst Tackling Depression with Artist Clara Castner

I think the title rather sets up the main thrust of the programme - and I am so grateful to Clara for how open and honest she is about her story tackling depression. What she didn't say during the show was how she really wanted to help other people to deal with depression.We also covered Instagram and other ideas for running a creative business.
13/09/16·56m 25s

Using Facebook To Get B2B Clients With Sally Gridley

It was tricky to pick a topic for this show as we covered so much. The bit on pricing was interesting so hang on in for that - but we get the book of the week, strategies and Facebook ideas from the get go!
11/08/16·51m 0s

What You Need To Know About Branding - with KellyAnn Schiavo

Great to welcome KellyAnn back into the show for our first phone in interview in our new studio. It wasn't supposed to be a phone in mind you - but KellyAnn had kiddie problems and so we had to improvise.We build that balancing act that parents go through into the mix of the show and keep an eye out at the end for the best branding resource I've heard in a long while. Along the way we also delve into the why, what and how of running events to promote your business.What I love is the experience behind all of this KellyAnn walks the walk for everything we talk about today - straight out of the horses mouth. What's the one actionable point you take out of the show?
09/08/16·47m 29s

Personal Branding with KellyAnn Schiavo

KellyAnn Schiavo is a personal branding guru - and that's what we're calling her - she didn't give herself that label. So why am I calling her a guru - well I think it's rather fab when a Personal Branding specialist manages to hook a prestigious brand like Bentley into their stable! In this hour long show we cover..."The tricky business of melding your online and offline branding""Are you making these 3 critical errors in your personal branding"?You're sure to find at least a couple of actions you can take away and implement today - so grab a pen, paper and coffee (or maybe a glass of Cab Sav!) and settle down for an information packed episode.
15/06/16·56m 9s

Social Selling With Tim Hughes

It's tricky deciding how to describe this show because there is so much information shared by Tim. Highlights include a great example of how to use Snapchat for business, alongside LinkedIn tips for personal branding and how influencers can help you to sell your products and services.This show is definitely for you if the thought of cold calling makes you feel sick, and you're wondering how on earth to market yourself and your business out there in the vast, sprawling and seemingly unruly land of online and Social Media .What I love is that Tim walks the walk; this isn't pie in the sky stuff he's pulled together to plonk into a book or talk about - Tim has the real world experience, success and scars to back it all up. He wrote the book because he was qualified to do so, not because he could gather together the information to write a book! Here's his more formal bio...Tim has been described as an “Innovator and Pioneer” of Social Selling. His journey started 7 years ago when he signed up for Twitter. In 2014, Tim was involved in a project to roll out Social Selling across a sales organisation of 2,000 people in Western Europe. 18 Months ago, Tim became a blogger to share that experience and you can read about his Social Selling hints and tips on LinkedIn. In March 2016, Tim was named as the global number one in the Onalytica list of the most influential Social Sellers. His book “Social Selling - Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers” is published through Kogan Page is currently on pre-order and you can nab it here
27/05/16·55m 5s

Angela Gower-Johnson on Getting Out Of Fear, Clarity & Getting Results!

Angela has a complete programme - 9 Simple Steps to Get Out Of Fear, Get Unstuck and Get Results - but this the second time Angela has been a guest and we only ever manage to cover a few of the steps. This is because each one is fascinating and the information, secrets and techniques Angela is sharing simply can't be glossed over. Even if you don't think you have a problem, even if everything is going swimmingly - for goodness sake tune it because I guarantee you are going to find something fundamental to make a shift to the next level.
11/05/16·54m 58s

Live Streaming - The Why, What And How For Your Business

In this episode we explain what live streaming is, some of the platforms that let you do it and how to get started. With us to show us the way is non other than Lucy Hall, Founder of Social Day and now the Social Media Festival - truly if anyone is qualified to tell us how to do it, it's Lucy!Plus a couple of examples showing how 'real' businesses can use live streaming.
08/04/16·51m 5s

How To Scale Your Business From The Kitchen Table To The Factory Floor!

This week our guest is Nimisha Raja who decided to create a product that a crunchy and healthy alternative to crisps for children and adults alike.Here how she grew her business from experimenting in the kitchen to setting up her own UK based factory production. What did she learn along the way and what wouldn't Nimisha do again?Listen in to find out more, and of course to hear us munching away!
11/03/16·52m 50s

Sarah Poole Takes Her Business From £50,000 in Dept To A Major Concert Venue

How long do you think it takes the average business person to start taking a reasonable income from their business? If you're wondering if it's ever going to happen and on the brink of giving up then this show could give you a bit of a boost.We find out how the FSB and Chambers of Commerce help businesses in the UK and, we hear how Sarah Poole, the now proprietor of Westenhager Castle, went from over £50,000 personal debt supporting her business, to create a major concert and event venue hosting over 60 events per year. This show was, as always, recorded live with studio guests.
03/03/16·54m 53s

Social Media Guru Lucy Hall's Top Tips!

Not only did we have Lucy Hall in the Studio, but her 4 year old daughter Mollie. Lucy is also expecting her second baby and so is a great example of balancing kids, family and business.Lucy gives us some great tips for managing social media, a couple of seriously cool apps for creating images and we find out how to employ fully trained mums to help manage social media.
20/02/16·54m 52s

Even A Micro Business Needs A Credit Control System

This week our guest is Jammie O'connell of Credit Control Solutions and together we explore the why, how and what of a credit control system - no matter how big or small your business.
11/02/16·57m 3s

Will You Hit These 7 Brick Walls To Business Growth In 2016

It can be so frustrating when you're working away to grow your business, but don't seem to be getting anywhere. You work like crazy and but it's two steps forwards and two steps back! And back where you started. But it doesn't have to be like this! After 15 years of helping corporates to grow, many with massive results, Linda Garcia has identified the 7 Brick Walls business owners most frequently hit. Find out what they are and how you can avoid them.
26/01/16·54m 13s

The Proven Step By Step Formula For Telephone Sales Success.

If you need more sales in your business, there is no getting away from the uncomfortable truth that you may need to come out from behind the computer or phone screen and get on that phone! Cold calling, yes, but definitely not as we know it. Amanda Francis and her team at Alchemis have been helping other businesses to make more sales for over 15 years - and they are damned good at it. Amanda gave away all of her secrets, telling us exactly what her team say and do, what they research before they pick the phone up and the exact steps you need to take to get yourself to the critical end point when the sale is made and the cash register rings.
16/01/16·56m 29s

The Business Of Weight Loss With Sally Reeve

Tune in for great weight loss tips from Sally, along with a book recommendation to help you get your head in gear. Plus we chat around the ups and downs of targeting a niche in this crowded market.Plus the usual business 'tool of the week' and social media tip or idea to help you grow your business. Oh, and a few laughs along the way!
09/01/16·52m 18s

Networking and Awards With Nathalie Banaigs

Try as I might, it seems to be almost impossible to stick to one topic per show! In this episode we discover the business book recommendation for artists, or anyone who isn't doing what they love, we put out some top tips for networking and consider running awards as a way of promoting your business. Plus there's the social media tip of the week and the recommended tool to help you in business.
17/12/15·55m 36s

Building Resilience And Dealing With Change

Things don't always go as we want. Sometimes things are just not as we expect and we have to deal with it. That's what happened to Katherine Horne who battled breast cancer and set up a business providing wigs to people like her. Listen to her story founding Panache Wigs and we also hear some fab tips and ideas from the Resilience Champion Zaheen Nanji
11/12/15·52m 33s

How NOT To Sell Your Business

This show is a romp through starting, growing, selling your business - to the wrong person - buying it back, growing it again and then writing it all down in a book. Denise Barnes is refreshingly honest about how bad it got, how it was pulled back and her top tips for getting it right. And that doesn't include getting bowled over by a gorgeous sales agent. Oh my - we do make things difficult for ourselves don't we!
26/11/15·54m 27s

Is Clutter Sapping Your Energy - Let's Get It Cleared!

A special episode with the stars of Channel 4's TV show, The Hoarder Next Door help us understand how clutter develops and give us ideas on how to clear out our stuff to create more energy and increase productivity.
29/10/15·56m 32s

Twitter For Business

Are you using Twitter for business? If you're not then we'll suggest a few reasons why you should consider it. If you are then we'll give you some ideas, for basic and advanced users. Sian Murphy and her co-host Laura are both experienced Twitter and social media speakers and trainers. So sit back and listen to expert training. Plus you're going to get to get the low down on where you can find free training to get going with Twitter.
29/10/15·56m 30s

Making A Change with Hazel Addley Specialist Change Coach

Making a change should be easy, right? But what if you don't know you want to make one - that may sound daft but it's what often happens as we bumble along in a groove.Find out the simple thing you need to do. What commonly stops people making change ;plus we have our recommended reading for women in business, tool of the week and some social media ideas.
17/09/15·55m 46s

From Council Worker To Theatre Producer

This was such an exciting show because both of our guests today have a fantastic background in the arts, both have achieved international recognition, and it hasn't all been plain sailing either.JD (Junior) Douglas took himself from Arts and Development Officer at Camden Council to being a prolific writer, director and producer of plays. Find out how he made that happen. We also welcomed back onto the show Neema Kambona to catch up with how her Diversity Business Magazine project is coming along as it gets ready for the big launch. Neema is such an inspiring lady, with a big history behind her.Plus Junior had THE most business tips, sayings and quotes of any guest so far - and all of them so relevant, inspiring and just plain useful. Listen in to hear all about it.
10/07/15·55m 52s

How To Get Out Of A Business Rut

We start of with what sounds like a rather daft question - 'How do you know you're in rut?' After that's sorted we discuss the various solutions which range from shocking yourself out of it to dealing with your limiting - It's not as boring as it sounds - promise!
03/07/15·46m 22s

Keeping It Under Control In Business - P

It can get so busy when you run a business! Sometimes it seems like it never ends and there are always jobs to do. In today's show we explore different tools that help, personal techniques that we and our guest Nicky Ratcliffe - a Virtual Assistant use to keep it all in place. So basically it's about productivity!
20/06/15·52m 7s

Event Management And Marketing

The guest this week is Tracy Fance, Tarot professional who organises fabulous Mind Body Spirit Events. In the show we find out how she balances the marketing to stand holders and attendees. Plus tips for staying on top of the organisation so it doesn't all become a horrible pickle.
20/06/15·53m 11s

Event Management And Marketing

The guest this week is Tracy Fance, Tarot professional who organises fabulous Mind Body Spirit Events. In the show we find out how she balances the marketing to stand holders and attendees. Plus tips for staying on top of the organisation so it doesn't all become a horrible pickle.
20/06/15·53m 11s

Print Advertising - What NOT To Do!

Oh, when will I learn to get the timing sorted out - it’s the fine detail you see - just not brilliant at it. Yep I got cut off at the end (so to speak) AGAIN!But the real issue is the content and guests - this week we had a bit of a switch round with Laura Burton Lawrence as the guest talking print advertising and our co-host was Tamsin Fox Davis (small business evangelist) from the international newsletter giant Constant Contact. So, what should you be thinking about before you embark on a print advertising campaign?How can you audit your own advert BEFORE you go to print?Plus we have 2 special offers for listeners, one from each of our guest. Can we say that’s awesome? I don’t think should go TOO transatlantic do you!
04/06/15·52m 1s

How A Mum Turned Passion Into Profits

I'm sure you've heard the expression before - Turning Your Passion Into Profits - or something very similar. It's bandied around all over the place! So often it comes from the lips of someone who's made a mint telling people how to do it and selling programmes about how to do it. On today's show however, we spoke to Sally who just does it. She makes the most wonderful cakes; she loves doing it; she always loved doing it and decided to make a go of it as a business. Now that's really turning your passion into profits - tune it to find out what she did, how she did it, how you can do it and what she knows now that she didn't when she started out.
03/06/15·51m 4s

WIB Radio Peter Cook & Patti Russo

Thanks to Peter Cook and Patti Russo - both stars in their own right for sharing how to get back up when your career hasn't gone where you expected. Also we find out why the best business advice is lolling around in the lyrics of George Michael, Queen and Meatloaf - think how much you could save on business coaching! Plus we find out what it was that Madonna DOESN"T say!
14/05/15·54m 12s

Useful Online Tools For Businesses

In this show, we talk all about the useful online tools, some which are free and some which you can pay for to help your business grow and develop. We talk about a wide range from social media scheduling to image creation tools. My co-host today Carly McEniff and special guest Pete Thompson of Animal World Encounters, who speaks about how he put his vision down on paper, and how he has been achieving his goals ever since.
02/04/15·59m 55s

What Business Insurance do I need?

I and Laura Burton-Lawrence, were joined on the show with Chartered Insurance Broker and Business Women Karen Thomas of Breathe Insurance. Karen has 20 years experience of helping businesses with their commercial insurance needs.We spoke to Karen about what type of business Insurance is out there and what type of insurance would you need for your business.
19/03/15·49m 54s

Starting a Business

If you've ever wondered what happens after you've been a victim of the bombings in London, then this week's guest Nicky Ratcliff shows how disaster can, rather strangely, ended up creating an inspiring turn of life. Find out about Nicky's journey and what she has learned about starting a new business. I also had my lovely co-host with me Laura Burton-Lawrence. Enjoy!
05/03/15·51m 4s

Publishing To Grow Your Business

It doesn't matter if you want to start your own magazine as a business - or to bring in publishing as a way to connect and grow your business - tomorrows show is going to be a no brainer! With Datsa Gaile, editor of For Any Woman and co-host Laura Burton-Lawrence, editor of 2 very different magazines Find out about publishing, what to do, what not to do and how to get started.
26/02/15·50m 44s

Being An MP

Tracey Crouch joins us in the studio who is MP for Chatham and Aylesford. We talk politics and life as an MP!
19/02/15·51m 28s

Women Getting Into Golf

This show is all about exercise, stress relief, business networking and playing golf - that's because our guest is Felicity Dunderdale of FORE WOMEN.Felicity has created a really interesting business model along with developing a business which is helping women to keep healthy, run their business AND she's working alongside established clubs to boost their membership - which is good for everyone, including the local economy. Listen for ideas on keeping a fit body, mind and business.
19/02/15·51m 26s

Pop Up Shop!

Do you remember Mrs Tea's Vintage Tea Room - she was on the show last year telling us how she'd left her career in the Police to create Mrs Tea a vintage tea experience? Well she's back with us on this show with an update - how her pop up tea room went, what shes learnt, what she would and wouldn't do again and where she is now.
19/02/15·50m 54s

Using Your Voice

In the studio this week, we have special guest Laure Meloy, Soprano - Opera Singer! We talk about 'how to use your voice' and also about being a professional artist!
19/02/15·52m 29s

Working With Your Partner

In the studio Mark Jennings, The Google Guy talks about Google and his passion for it and Russell Burton-Lawrence, The Barrister Broker talks about how we can access top legal advice without all of the hassle for our personal and business stuff. Also the pros and cons of working with your partner. Of course my great co-host Laura Burton-Lawrence.
08/01/15·51m 1s

Financial Planning For Women

In the Women In Business Radio Show. I am joined by special guest and co-host for the show Rebecca Robertson from Evolution For Women! We talk all about financial planning, budgeting and plans for 2015!
12/12/14·46m 14s

An Inspirational Lion Tamer

Sian Murphy's special guest is a Lion Tamer, Pete Thompson, a very interesting story, of a very inspiration man. My co-host this time, Mark Jennings the Google Geek!
05/12/14·52m 57s

Publishing a Magazine

On this Women In Business Radio Show, we had our great co-host Laura Burton-Lawrence and we had our special guest Emma Dewhurst editor of WOW Magazine! We spoke all about Emma's journey and how her idea of WOW Magazine came about. We also spoke about top tips on publishing. Listen now!
27/11/14·50m 9s

Creating Online Magazines

Laura Burton-Lawrence and Sian Murphy talk about publishing. Questions include: who should be publishing a book or a magazine, how do you go about it, what are the stages you need to go through. Is this the fastest way ever to propel your business - it could be.
21/11/14·55m 57s

Being an Entrepreneur With Yasmina Siada

In this Women In Business Radio Show, we had special guest Yasmina Siadatan, Creative Director for Start Up Loans UK and co-owner of Mya Lacarte on the show with us! We spoke about being an Entrepreneur and how to become one. What you need to know and success stories. Tune in to find out more.
13/11/14·55m 15s

What is Crowd Funding?

If you've ever wondered what ‪Crowd Funding‬ is and if it's a way of ‪‎funding‬ your small ‪business‬ this show is for you! Me and my co-host Laura Burton-Lawrence find out all there is to know from our special guest Crista Cloutier, The Working Artist who's appeared in The Guardian, The Huffington Post, The Mail, Money Week and Art In America.
30/10/14·49m 18s

Decluttering and Being Free Of Clutter

This show is all about Decluttering - we were lucky enough to have the Declutter Divas off of the Channel4 show 'Hoarder Next Door'. Allyson and Zoe joined us in the studio to talk about what they do to help people who have clutter problems and how you can help yourself free, your home and life of Clutter. Also how to cope with having a emotional attachment to items around your home and how to deal with this. My great co-host Laura Burton Lawrence, also joined us in the studio.
24/10/14·54m 57s

We chat with the Menopause Expert!

The Menopause, what is it? What are symptoms? Is there help? We answer all these questions and more as my special guest Kathryn Colas - a Menopause expert, joins us in the studio along with my lovely co-host Laura Burton Lawrence.
09/10/14·51m 16s

Doing What You Love As A Business

A very exciting Women In Business Show, as our special guest Joanna McGowan who is a singer-song writer who played a live acoustic session for us. Which was amazing! Our other special guest was Nathalie Banaigs who runs Kent Creative Arts. Both guest spoke about balancing doing what they love and turning it into a business. And of course my lovely co-host Laura Burton-Lawrence. Enjoy!
25/09/14·59m 55s

What do I need to run an event?

In this show, we talk all things events - running them, selling them, organising them, etc. Lots of helpful tips around the topic of events. Special guests this week: Co-host Emma Thorpe a Marketing Implementer, Tracy Fance a medium, clairvoyant and tarot reader & also Carly McEniff, Sian Murphy's PA and Marketing Assistant.
18/09/14·52m 40s

Artists & Exhibitions

This week's show is all about being an Artist and how to promote and sell your work at Exhibitions and what to take away from these events. Special guests this week: Charlie Veniga-Garrett, Glass Artist, Owner of Robin Noel Glass Creations and we also have Jill Holder who will be telling to us about her art residency - how she got it, what it's like, why she is doing it and all sort of other bits and pieces.
18/09/14·50m 25s

What is a IFA?

This week's show talks all about being a IFA, what they are and how they could potentially help you. Special guest Lina Bourdon and co-host Laura-Burton Lawrence.Here are the event details that Lina mentioned: code: hcbiz
04/09/14·45m 10s

Tips on Social Media

Welcome back to Women In Business Radio Show. Sian and Laura discuss all things Social Media e.g. hashtags, URL's and the best way to write a tweet using a link.
28/08/14·49m 56s

Diversity and Freedom in Business

My guest on The Women In Business Radio Show is Neema Kambona! Neema is a published author, screenwriter and director whose films on ‪#‎diversity‬ and ‪#‎freedom‬ have been recognised worldwide by international film organisations. Now she's in the UK and will be visiting the station at Channel Radio UK to tell us about her new ventures.
15/08/14·50m 40s

How Does Funding Work?

This episode is all about Funding, Special Guest is from Kent County Council Jacqui Ward, talking to us about the Tiger Fund, my co-host is the lovely Laura Burton-Lawrence.
07/08/14·50m 17s

Being A Creative and Selling Your Work

Are you an artist? Sharing your work as a business? This show is all about balancing being a creative with selling and producing. Lots of tips and tricks!Special guests: Trisha Wood works with reflexology but is also a painter. The other special guest is Mary Eddowes who is a Artistic Director at Pestiferous Theatre Company
04/08/14·49m 10s

How to Make Email Marketing Work For You

We have special guest Tamsin Fox from Constant Contact joining us in the Studio, to talk about about Email Marketing and the great opportunities it can bring to your business and most importantly how it can work for you and your business. I'm also joined by my co-host Laura Burton Lawrence.
04/08/14·50m 20s

Rockstar Sales Tactics

Our special guest John Austin-Brooks talks to us about some interesting Tips and Tricks on Sales Tactics, that could help you and your business. Lovely Keith Wilson from Giraffe Dog, joins me as my co-host.
04/08/14·51m 31s

Social Media Tips For Small Businesses

All things Social Media in the Studio - Expert Zoe Cairns from ZC Social Media joins us as our special guest, where she speaks to us about the top tips in Social Media when running your own business and how to get the best out of Social Media. Co-host is the lovely Laura Burton-Lawrence.
04/08/14·51m 11s

Your Broadband Questions Answered

This show is all about Broadband and what you need to know when choosing what broadband would be best for you. We have the guys in from Connect It. Special guests Chris Pollard and Bryan Davis.
04/08/14·51m 40s

What Clients Should Ask About Websites

Top 5 questions you should ask your web designers. Special guests are two web designers Mark Jennings from The Ruby Marketers and Keith Wilson from Giraffe Dog!
04/08/14·48m 1s

Feeling And Looking Good In Business

Today's experts are going to be talking about looking and feeling good and cosmetic techniques we can ALL use - because in business we all need to feel fab. Listen in to find out whats out there from microdermabrasion etc. Special guests are from The Feel Good Look Good Radio show and go by the names of Trayc Randall and Leah Buckingham.
04/08/14·51m 21s

Business In The Local Community

Special guest Laura Burton-Lawrence and co-host Keith Wilson!
04/08/14·46m 31s

Best Way To Brand

First Show and to kick it off we start with all things Branding with special guests Pete Bresser, Donna Still and Trayc Randall. Not forgetting my co-host Keith Wilson! Just to let you know, we had a system overload in the studio- very popular show!
04/08/14·49m 28s

Top Tips For Running Your Own Business

Women In Business Radio Show today my guest is the talented Jackie Groundsell of the 1230 The Women's Company. There probably isn't anything Jackie doesn't know about running her own business and helping other women to grow theirs.
01/08/14·51m 5s

What Networking Is Right For Me?

"With so many business meetings and networking events to choose from, how do you decide where to spend your time and money?"That's the topic for The Women In Business Radio Show on Channel Radio toady. My guests for the day are experts in the networking and business support fields so tune in for some baseline advice! With Nigel Paul Whittaker, Emma Thorpe and David Dicara who currently supports business startups though BSK and other key business organisations.
01/08/14·49m 57s

How To Charge For Your Gift!

Today on The Women In Business Radio Show my special guests are Tracy Fance and Jannine Toon and my co-host Keith Wilson talk about how to charge for your gift, is the business world becoming more spiritual; how to deal with people who want you to do stuff for nothing.We have stories, top tips, what you need to know and how you help your business.Tune in to have a bit of a laugh mixed in with some serious business talk.Visit the website:
01/08/14·50m 30s

Leaving Your Career To Start A Business

Today on The Women In Business Radio Show my special guest and my co-hosts Laura Burton Lawrence and Keith Wilson talk about leaving your career or job to start a business. We have stories, top tips, what you need to know and how you make that leap. We also talk about what you don't need to spend your money on! Claire Hearn is my special guest and until 2 months ago was a police officer. She finally made the decision to leave and in my opinion has some stunningly strong branding. Tune in to have a bit of a laugh mixed in with some serious business talk.Visit the website
24/07/14·50m 17s

What Business Networks Are Right For You

There are so many business networks around now that it's easy to get overwhelmed, not to mention overweight with all the sausage breakfasts! I this episode experienced business owners give their tips and experience on how to decide which ones are right for you and your business.
19/07/14·50m 17s

Grammar School Girls Win Enterprise

This week the winners of Enterprise Week and two of their teachers visited the show to tell listeners what they found useful about their week running a business; what they didn't enjoy and how it helped them.We also hear from Lisa Settle of Telcare Ltd about how businesses can benefit from supporting local community ventures like this.
19/07/14·44m 54s

The Sex Business!

Well this should be an interesting show on #wibradio - we're talking about sex! Well to be more accurate the #erotica industry. In fact it's really going to be quite business orientated - sorry chaps. My very special guests are Elizabeth Cage and Clare Joyce-photographer. Elizabeth is an author who balances two persona's - one a highly acclaimed erotic writer and the other as a children's author! Meanwhile Clare is a photographer already well known for her portraits and wedding photography who also has a growing portfolio of boudoir and erotic for singles and couples. How do you balance these different brands and products? It's a serious issue! My co-host is the lovely Laura Burton-Lawrence a talented marketer and owner publisher of The Edenbridge Directory - so it is going to be a very slick show tomorrow - for a change!
15/07/14·49m 50s
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