3 Martini Lunch

3 Martini Lunch

By Radio America

Three Martini Lunch is a funny, edgy and fast-paced podcast of the day's major political stories, hosted by Radio America's Greg Corombos and Jim Geraghty


Biden Chooses Kamala

Join Jim and Greg as they wince at the prospect of Sen. Kamala Harris being one of Joe Biden's heart beats away from the presidency if the Democratic ticket wins in November. They also applaud Sarah Palin for her magnanimous advice to Harris based on her experience as John McCain's running mate in 2008. And they hammer the "true conservatives" at the Lincoln Project for lavishing praise on Harris and laugh as Bill Kristol suggests only Harris and Pence should debate.
12/08/2029m 59s

Waiting for Biden, McGrath's Missed Taxes, Russian COVID Vaccine?

Join Jim and Greg as they discuss how the campaign is about to pivot from speculating about Joe Biden's choice of  running mate to dreading that person becoming president if Biden wins in November. They also highlight Kentucky Democratic Senate hopeful Amy McGrath's habit of forgetting to pay taxes. And they have more than a few questions as Russia claims to have the first coronavirus vaccine.
11/08/2020m 18s

College Football Cancellation, Chicago Rioting, Willie's 'Advice' for Kamala

Join Jim and Greg as they lament the Big Ten Conference reportedly cancelling the 2020 college football season and that puts every other conference on the brink as well. They also unload on Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot as rioters vandalize and loot along the city's Magnificent Mile and attack and injure more than a dozen police officers. And they discuss former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown publicly urging former mistress Kamala Harris to decline the opportunity to be Joe Biden's running mate.
10/08/2025m 26s

Another Jobs Jump, New York vs. NRA, Cuomo's School Surprise

Join Jim and Greg to close out the work week as they cheer a better-than-expected jobs report for July. They also wade through the egregious alleged financial improprieties at the National Rifle Association and the political overreach of New York attorney General Letitia James. And they're a bit stunned as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announces all schools in his state are welcome to return to in-person instruction this fall.
07/08/2018m 3s

Encouraging Job News, Trump's Debate Demand, Revenge Against Rhode Island

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome news that weekly first-time job losses are dropping nicely, even though employment in the pandemic is still a major challenge. They also approve of President Trump's demand of adding an earlier debate or rescheduling one of the existing debates to make sure the two candidates meet before early voting begins. And just months after Rhode Island effectively banned New York residents, its neighbors are now returning the favor.
06/08/2017m 58s

Biden's Bad Interview, Behind the Beirut Blast, The Karen Bass Experiment

Join Jim and Greg as they dissect Joe Biden's cringeworthy response to whether he's taken a cognitive test. They also dig into the stunning incompetence in Lebanon that allowed more than 2,700 metric tons of ammonium nitrate to be stored so close to a major population center in Beirut. And as Biden reportedly narrows his VP choice to Kamala Harris and Susan Rice, Jim and Greg examine the brief but intense speculation over California Rep. Karen Bass.
05/08/2022m 26s

Beirut Blast, Trump & Axios, Judge Flouts Election Laws

Join Jim and Greg as they react to the breaking news of a massive explosion in Beirut, Lebanon. They also discuss President Trump's comments on COVID, John Lewis and more in his Axios interview. And they hammer the federal judge who just ignored election law by ordering officials to count ballots that were not received by election day.
04/08/2021m 14s

Microsoft & TikTok, Government Power Grab, Scrap the Debates?

Join Jim and Greg as they are hopeful that a Microsoft purchase of TikTok will protect the privacy of millions of Americans and let everyone keep their little app.  They also slam local officials in Maryland in Virginia who are clearly drunk on power.  And they get a kick out of the obvious timing of a New York Times opinion column suddenly suggesting we ought to do away with presidential debates.
03/08/2021m 54s

Americans Sour on China, Exposing Epstein's Friends, Flag Foolishness

Join Jim and Greg as they're encouraged by a new Pew Research survey showing Americans overwhelmingly have negative views on China and believe China bears great responsibility for the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. They also discuss new evidence released from the Ghislane Maxwell case, including a deposition listing Bill Clinton and others as visiting Jeffrey Epstein's private island. And they shake their heads as the owners of a Michigan bed and breakfast reluctantly take down the Norwegian flag on the inn because of hate mail accusing them of flying the Confederate flag.
31/07/2022m 42s

EU Sanctions China, The Vote By Mail Fight, COVID Goggles Now?

Join Jim and Greg as they offer a rare compliment to the European Union for sanctioning China in response to Beijing's crackdown in Hong Kong. They also discuss why voting by mail this year could be a gigantic mess and why President Trump musing about delaying the election is also a big mistake. They roll their eyes as Dr. Fauci suggests covering them with goggles or face shields to protect from COVID. And they remember successful businessman and 2012 presidential candidate Herman Cain, who passed away after a battle with COVID.
30/07/2020m 14s

Biden's Cognitive Slide, COVID & the 2024 Campaign, Kennedy's Ironic Complaint

Join Jim and Greg as they serve up all crazy martinis today!  First, they cringe as Joe Biden literally forgets where is giving a speech, showing more evidence of decline just weeks before Democrats officially nominate him for president. They also dig into the long game of the Democrats and their media allies, as they hammer the COVID responses of the GOP governors of Texas and Florida.  And they get a kick out of how the Joe Kennedy III Senate campaign is lashing out at Boston Globe after the paper endorsed incumbent Democrat Ed Markey.
29/07/2017m 6s

Barr Brings the Truth, Kamala's Big Blunder, Second Home Suffering

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the sanity of Attorney General Bill Barr in the face of congressional Democrats who refuse to acknowledge the violence and destruction in the streets, much less do anything about it.  They also enjoy hearing how Sen. Kamala Harris may have damaged her chance of being Joe Biden's running mate.  And they get a kick out of the tone-deaf rich people complaining to the New York Times about having to ride out the pandemic at their summer homes in the Hamptons.
28/07/2024m 54s

Sandmann's Latest Settlement, Vaccine Progress, COVID vs. Sports

Jim is back! Join Jim and Greg as they cheer on former Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann as the Washington Post settles the $250 million lawsuit he filed against it. They also cheer on the advancement of a possible coronavirus vaccine with tens of thousands of patients set to be part of a clinical trial. And they cringe as COVID-19 suddenly threatens Major League Baseball.
27/07/2014m 45s

Politics of Portland, Another COVID Shutdown? Washington No-Names

Chad Benson is in for Jim Geraghty. Today, Chad and Greg discuss the political insanity playing out in Portland, as the media and the mayor paint the violent mob as the victims now that federal forces are there to protect government property. However, Chad wonders whether Portland should be left to suffer the results of its own radicalism. They also dig into the congressional fight over unemployment benefits and wonder if another widespread COVID shutdown is on the way. And they have fun with the news that the "Washington Football Team" will not have a mascot for the 2020 NFL season.
24/07/2022m 58s

Closing the Consulate, Police Replacement Problems, Biden's Bad History

Rob Long is in for Jim again today.  Today, Rob and Greg kick off the 2020 Major League Baseball season by enjoying a parody of how the Washington Nationals are failing to keep up with today's woke cultural standards.  Then they cheer the U.S. for closing down the Chinese consulate in Houston.  They also chronicle a massive failure in Minneapolis as the effort to replace police there proves rather challenging.  And they roll their eyes as Joe Biden claims President Trump is America's first racist president for calling the coronavirus the Chinese virus.  They also use the opportunity to bash the most racist president of in American history.
23/07/2023m 3s

Greens Come Clean, Cuomo's Refugees, Berkeley's Absurd Police Alternative

Rob Long is in for Jim today.  He and Greg appreciate the climate change crowd joining other far left activists in admitting what we've known for decades - that their real goal is to kill capitalism.  Rob also tears into New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for his ongoing celebration of himself and for claiming people from other states are now flocking to New York to be safe from the virus.  Rob also explains why countless New York businesses are on the brink of collapse because of Cuomo's callousness.  And they have fun with Berkeley, California's decision to have unarmed civilian city workers make traffic stops instead of police.
22/07/2018m 54s

Cancelling Margaret Sanger, Portland Riots, Biden's Long Shot

Alexandra DeSanctis of National Review is in for Jim today. Join her and Greg as they discuss Planned Parenthood finally admitting that founder Margaret Sanger was an advocate of eugenics and that it is taking her name off its Manhattan facility. They also unload on Portland "leaders" for allowing seven weeks of violence and property destruction to go on without consequences but denouncing the federal government for stepping in to deal with the problem. And Alexandra wonders why Joe Biden is trying to win over religious conservatives after endorsing taxpayer-funded abortions and suing nuns over birth control coverage.
21/07/2019m 25s

Vaccine Progress, Extreme Teachers' Unions, Kasich to Speak at DNC

Rob Long is in for Jim today.  Join Rob and Greg as they welcome encouraging news about a coronavirus vaccine.  They also unload on the United Teachers Los Angeles union for wanting Medicare for All, a moratorium on new charter schools, a wealth tax, and defunding of police before they're comfortable going back into the classroom.  And they have fun with the most predictable news of 2020...John Kasich will be speaking at the Democratic National Convention.
20/07/2021m 38s

Setting the Barr, COVID vs. Jobs, Dems' Mini-Convention

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer Attorney General Bill Barr for calling out the "economic blitzkrieg" agenda of the Chinese Communist Party and hammering corporate America and big tech for turning a blind eye to China's human rights horror show.  They also wince as resurgent COVID cases seem to have job numbers sagging again. And they have fun with the news that very few Democrats will actually be in Milwaukee for the convention next month.
17/07/2024m 24s

A Whole Lot of Hacks

Join Jim and Greg as they dissect three different hacks. First, they dig into Russia caught by the U.S. and two other countries trying to hack COVID research. They also discuss the Twitter hack that briefly hijacked high-profile accounts to run a bitcoin scam. And they discuss the political hackery of MSNBC as Chuck Todd claims the cable network has no editorial viewpoint during the daytime. Finally, they foreshadow the allegedly looming bombshell about to hit D.C.
16/07/2024m 1s

Lincoln Project Leveled, Tapper Crushes Cuomo, Sunset for Sessions

Join Jim and Greg as they relish Lincoln Project founder Rick Wilson - the "principled conservative" who wants to defeat Trump and all other Republicans - getting blasted for hypocrisy and grift by Stephen Colbert's "Tooning Out the News." They also welcome CNN's Jake Tapper slamming New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for his self-congratulatory poster and TV appearances. And they marvel at the the rise and fall of Jeff Sessions over the past four years.
15/07/2025m 11s

Torching the Times, Biden Morphing Into Bernie, Poster Child of Hubris

Join Jim and Greg as they applaud former New York Times opinion writer Bari Weiss for resigning and blasting the Times for becoming a forum only for the far left. They also chronicle Joe Biden's ongoing embrace of the Bernie Sanders agenda, which is curious since he was nominated for not being Bernie Sanders. And they dissect the ego and delusion required for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to create a poster to explain what a terrific job he did handling the COVID outbreak in his state.
14/07/2024m 47s

Seattle Recall, Fauci vs. Trump, 'Redskins' Retired

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the leftist radicals in Seattle trying to recall Mayor Jenny Durkan for handling of the "autonomous zone" in the city. They also cringe as Anthony Fauci inexplicably praises Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio for their handling of the coronavirus and the Trump administration starts pointing out all the things Fauci got wrong as the pandemic unfolded. And they discuss why the Washington Redskins are really "retiring" their team name now.
13/07/2021m 23s

Biden's Leftward Lurch, De Blasio's Hypocrisy, No Football?

Join Jim and Greg as they hammer Joe Biden for promising to force the Little Sisters of the Poor and others to include contraception coverage for employees, regardless of their personal beliefs. They also slam New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for shredding the first amendment by banning large gatherings except for Black Lives Matter protesting. And they wonder whether there will be football in September as the Big Ten kills its non-conference schedule and the NFL seems destined for a major labor fight.
10/07/2026m 31s

Aussies & Hong Kong, Biden & Debates, Don Lemon & Jesus

Join Jim and Greg as they applaud Australia for ending its extradition agreement with Hong Kong and extending visas for Hong Kong residents in Australia over China's crackdown on freedoms. They also discuss New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman urging Joe Biden to refuse debating President Trump unless Trump agrees to a couple of very unlikely demands. And they wince as CNN's Don Lemon demonstrates just how little he knows about the most basic tenets of belief for tens of millions of Americans.
09/07/2024m 38s

School Wars, Explaining John Roberts, Kanye 2020

Join Jim and Greg for three crazy martinis today! First, they wade into the battle over how schools should open, with President Trump and teacher unions unsurprisingly on opposite sides of the debate.  Jim offers a highly entertaining theory on how a recent head injury may explain some of his troubling decisions. And they have a lot of fun dissecting the new presidential campaign of Kanye West.
08/07/2027m 1s

Increasingly Contagious COVID, Biden vs. Right to Work, Trump vs. NASCAR

Join Jim and Greg as they wince over the news that coronavirus mutations could make the virus up to ten times more contagious. They also hammer Joe Biden for embracing a national version of California's AB5, which crushes opportunities for freelance work and erodes the right to work without joining labor unions. And they shake their heads as President Trump decides to dredge up a fight with Bubba Wallace and NASCAR.
07/07/2028m 12s

Supremes & Faithless Electors, China & the Plague, NBA & Free Speech

Greg and Jim are both here! Today, they welcome a Supreme Court decision extolling the importance of honoring the verdict of the people in each state during presidential elections.  They also shudder as China reports at least one case of the bubonic plague. And they have fun with the NBA allowing "personalized" messages on players' jerseys that must come from a pre-approved list of messages.
06/07/2019m 12s

Three Good Martinis to End the Week

GOOD: Nearly 5 million jobs were added to the economy last month. GOOD: The long arm of the law catches up to Ghislaine Maxwell, the British socialite and heiress who became a confidante of disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein. GOOD: One particular part of the thriving economy: gun sales. Six months into the year, the FBI instant check system is approaching last year's record number.Rich McFadden of Radio America and Jim Geraghty of National Review share cheers.
02/07/2014m 9s

Has the Apocalypse Ended in Seattle? What Is A Reverse Square Root Economy? Why Can't We Go to the Beach?

Is this the end of the seeming apocalyptic sci-fi movie playing out in Seattle? Jim Geraghty of National Review explains why you don't need math to understand the reverse square root economy, and makes the case for beaches. With Chad Benson filling in for Greg Corombos.
01/07/2014m 35s

School Choice Victory in Supreme Court

Good: Jim Geraghty and Chad Benson discuss the latest ruling from the Supreme Court, which determined that Montana was wrong to exclude religious schools from a scholarship program supported by public funds, a big victory for school choice advocates.Bad: A vaccine for COVID-19 appears a year away yet.Crazy: Chinese scientists report the discovery of a new flu virus with the potential to become a pandemic.
30/06/2012m 59s

SCOTUS Rulings and Rumors About the Presidential Election

Two Supreme Court rulings and a rumor about the presidential election. With Chad Benson filling in for Greg Corombos.
29/06/2018m 47s

Scott Tells the Truth, Latest COVID Craziness, Stimulus Checks for the Dead

Your Friday martinis are served as Rob Long fills in for Jim. Today, they applaud Tim Scott for pointing out the Democrats didn't block police reform because of what was in the bill but because of who was proposing it. They also wade into the scrutiny on some red states as their COVID infections increase, and they dissect the intense political debate over wearing masks. And they have fun with the news $1.4 billion in stimulus checks were sent out to dead people.
26/06/2021m 27s

Businesses Sue Seattle, Anti-Trump Plot Unfolds, Cultural Anarchy

Rob Long is in for Jim again Thursday. Today, Rob and Greg applaud Seattle businesses for suing the city for failing to provide essential services while local politicians coddled the radicals in the CHAZ/CHOP area.  They also react to revelations in Peter Strzok's notes that Barack Obama and Joe Biden were in on the planning to target Michael Flynn and the Trump administration.  And they unload on leftist radicals and their enablers as what supposedly started as an effort to rein in police brutality is now focused on tearing down a statue celebrating emancipation, destroying Mount Rushmore, and changing our national anthem.
25/06/2026m 29s

No NASCAR Hate Crime, Pelosi's Appalling Accusation, Primary Concerns

Rob Long is in for Jim again Wednesday. Today, they celebrate the news that the FBI found no evidence of a hate crime in connection to a "noose" found in the garage of Bubba Wallace but that doesn't stop Wallace and Al Sharpton from insisting something sinister happened. They also slam House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for saying the Republican police reform bill is tantamount to them getting away with the murder of George Floyd. And they discuss the primary election results showing another AOC-like Democrat headed to Congress from New York and wonder how America will react to vote counts lasting several days or even weeks come November.
24/06/2021m 55s

Rioters & Churches, Police & Statues, De Blasio & Fireworks

Rob Long is in for Jim Geraghty again.  He and Greg rip into far left activist Shaun King for wanting all "European" depictions of Jesus torn down and discuss that the real target of many on the far left is not just religious artwork but the church itself.  They also weigh in on why many police are doing nothing to stop the vandalism and destruction of statues and monuments and they address the political debate arising on the right about whether the police ought to clamp down and protect these properties or whether images of endless rioting are going to lead to more votes for Republicans in November.  And they have fun with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who did nothing about rioting but is now on the warpath against illegal fireworks dealers.
23/06/2024m 23s

Rough Ride for Roosevelt, DOJ Legal Drama, Favre Far Off Target

Rob Long is in for Jim again today and he and Greg are tackling three crazy martinis.  First, they wade into the fight over the Theodore Roosevelt statue outside New York City's Museum of Natural History, and Rob offers a deal to those who want to tear it down. They also discuss the drama surrounding the supposed resignation of U.S. Attorney Geoffery Berman, who then said he had not resigned and would not leave, only to be fired the next day. And they weigh in on Brett Favre likening Colin Kaepernick to Pat Tillman because both gave up NFL careers because of the causes they believed in.
22/06/2019m 29s

Klobuchar's Savvy Exit, Demings 'Not Black,' Cancelling Conservatives

National Review Online Contributing Editor Rob Long joins Greg today to serve up your end-of-the-week martinis. First, they get a kick out of Amy Klobuchar taking herself out of the Biden veepstakes when it was already pretty clear she would not be the choice, but they also appreciate her kneecapping Elizabeth Warren's chances by saying the running mate should be a woman of color. But that gets complicated too, as Rob and Greg react to Black Lives Matter and National Action Network figures suggesting Florida Rep. Val Demings is not really black because she used to be a police officer. And they unpack a lefty blogger's contention that conservatives should not be able to teach, coach, or be a boss of any kind because they supposedly don't believe in equality.
19/06/2022m 51s

Great Scott, Roberts Rules Wrong Again, Trump vs. Bolton

Join Jim and Greg as they applaud South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott for a pragmatic approach to police reform and for rightly hammering the Democratic characterization of his legislation as a "token" approach. They also rip Chief Justice John Roberts for siding with the four liberal justices in blocking the Trump administration's effort to end DACA, which was unconstitutionally created in the first place.  And they wade into the ugly back and forth between President Trump and former National Security Adviser John Bolton over Bolton's scathing new book.
18/06/2028m 45s

Hawley Hammers Lawmakers, NBC's Ugly Hit Job, NFL Courting Kaepernick

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley for calling out the Supreme Court's recent judicial activism but also for upbraiding legislators for being too fearful to take up difficult issues and leaving them to the courts to resolve. They also slam NBC for attempting to get Google to deplatform The Federalist and Zero Hedge - largely based on objectionable content in the comments section.  And they discuss NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suddenly encouraging teams to sign Colin Kaepernick.
17/06/2029m 14s

A Win for Free Speech, Retail Sales Soar, Playground Politics

It's all good news on Tuesday's Three Martini Lunch! Join Jim and Greg as they cheer a new rule which no longer requires many nonprofits to disclose donors to the IRS. They also cheer retail sales from May more than doubling expectations and suggesting Americans are ready to buy again. And they cheer politicians in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn for defying New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and busting open locked playgrounds in response to the city's heavy-handed crackdown on the Orthodox Jewish community over COVID restrictions.
16/06/2020m 52s

Minneapolis & Police, Schools & Police, Double De Blasio Insanity

Join Jim and Greg as they react to the Minneapolis City Council announcing an end to the police department but only after a year of community discussions. They also react to school officials in three major cities deciding to stop having resource officers in the schools. And they unload on New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio yet again for his personal and professional approaches to the coronavirus.
15/06/2016m 5s

Actual Police Reforms, Durkan's Delusion, Ozark Overreaction

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome Louisville's decision to end no-knock warrants. They also hammer Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan for claiming nothing is really different in Seattle, despite the creation of CHAZ, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, where police are not allowed in and reports of violent crime are on the rise. And they welcome the news that the Lake of the Ozarks pool party and symptomatic hair stylists have not led to outbreaks of COVID-19. They also embark on fun tangents about "Law & Order" and the 2020 convention season.
12/06/2027m 11s

Hickenlooper's Hapless Defense, Inslee's Obvious Lie, Politics of 'Paw Patrol'

Join Jim and Greg as they enjoy watching former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper blame his ethics problems on "dark money" Republicans after an independent commission found him guilty of improperly accepting gifts while in office. But will it really damage his bid for U.S. Senate? They also shake their heads as Washington Gov. Jay Inslee pretends not to know a group of radicals is claiming several square blocks in Seattle as " an "autonomous state" that is separate from the United States. And as the cancel culture claims the TV shows "COPS" and "Live: PD," they fire back at the unhinged push against the Nickelodeon cartoon "Paw Patrol."
11/06/2024m 44s

Mitch & the Bill of Rights, Bernie & Police, Destroying COVID Test Sites

Join Jim and Greg as they finally find some good news this week.  They start by applauding Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for calling out the double standard of governors and mayors who ignore COVID restrictions for some and drop the hammer on others.  They also appreciate Bernie Sanders strongly opposing the abolition of police when some of those leading the defund police charge seem to be part of his clientele. And they react to Dr. Deborah Birx lamenting the destruction of dozens of COVID test sites in the recent riots.
10/06/2017m 2s

Trump & Twitter, Police & Vandalism, WHO's on First

Join Jim and Greg as they cringe over President Trump's tweet targeting a 75-year-old protester who suffered a head injury following a confrontation with Buffalo police. They also throw up their hands as the Minnesota State Patrol admits its officers slashed tires of some unoccupied vehicles during the recent riots, with an explanation that defies credulity. And they unload...again...on the World Health Organization for fostering massive confusion by suggesting that asymptomatic COVID patients very rarely infected other people - and the correction only made things even more confusing.
09/06/2019m 44s

Defunding the Police, Woke Health Experts, The New York Times Surrenders

Join Jim and Greg for one of the craziest Three Martini Lunches we've ever had! First, they dissect the ludicrous push to defend and dismantle police departments and react to Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender suggesting crime victims who would normally call the cops need to understand their privilege by not having police come. They also hammer public health "experts" for declaring that the racial justice protests are more important than stopping the coronavirus, but other protests should not go forward, and stay-at-home protests are rooted in white nationalism. And they chronicle the New York Times fully surrendering to the woke mob.
08/06/2027m 22s

Stunning Jobs Report, NYT Pandering, Dismantle the Police?

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer a May jobs report that was more than 10 million jobs better than the experts predicted. They also groan as the New York Times leadership continues to grovel to its millennial and Gen Z staffers who remain traumatized that an opinion column they don't agree with ended up in the paper. And they use pop culture and common sense to explain why the plans of some Minneapolis City Council members to "dismantle" the police are insane and counterproductive.
05/06/2024m 48s

Mattis vs. Trump, The NYT Revolt, Burying Drew Brees

Join Jim and Greg as they react to former Defense Secretary Gen. James Mattis slamming President Trump's use of the military in response to massive protests in recent days, with Jim contending Mattis shouldn't be able to drop a rhetorical bomb like that and slip away without scrutiny. They also fire back to the fierce condemnation against the New York Times - including from Times staffers - because the editors ran an opinion piece from Sen. Tom Cotton that they don't like. And they fume as so many athletes and others invoke cancel culture against New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees after Brees suggested that kneeling during the national anthem was disrespectful.
04/06/2026m 38s

King & Plame Lose, Politics of the Lockdown, WHO Knew China's Lies

Join Jim and Greg as they reflect on Iowa Rep. Steve King losing his GOP primary and Valerie Plame going up in political flames in her congressional bid in New Mexico. With politicians cracking down on everyday social distance violators but encouraging the demonstrators to take to the streets in close quarters, just how much of our stay-at-home orders was politics and how much was about public health? And they welcome the World Health Organization close to reality as reports suggest it knew about China's lies and stalling tactics in the critical early days of the pandemic.
03/06/2025m 45s

DeBlasio's Debacle, Dems & Riots, Back to Kaepernick?

Join Jim and Greg as they unload on New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for his horrific lack of leadership that paved the way to another night of looting and destruction in his city and his massive double standard on who can gather in public. They also react to the Democrats in Fairfax County, Virginia, retweeting a message saying "riots are an integral part of this country's march toward progress." And Jim has a surprising reaction as Clinton White House spokesman Joe Lockhart suggests the Minnesota Vikings should sign Colin Kaepernick as a response to the death of George Floyd.
02/06/2020m 2s

SpaceX Success, Arrivederci Corona, Carnage in Our Cities

Join Jim and Greg as they marvel at the SpaceX launch, celebrate the plummeting COVID-19 numbers in Italy, and unload on destructive rioters and feeble "leaders" as dozens of American cities descend into chaos.
01/06/2027m 38s

The Minnesota Mess

Four bad martinis to close out the week, all related to the unrest in Minnesota last night.  First, Jim and Greg slam local officials for simply abandoning the neighborhood near the third police precinct to widespread arson and rioting while shaking their heads as MSNBC's Ali Velshi claims most people are not "unruly" while a giant fire rages behind him. They cringe as Hennepin County Prosecutor Mike Freeman told reporters Thursday there was evidence suggesting there was no criminal conduct committed against George Floyd and as President Trump and Twitter go to war over social media in the midst of all this. And they're dumbfounded as the Minnesota State Patrol arrests a CNN crew that was being cooperative and clearly stating they were media. Finally, they learn as they record that Officer Chauvin will be arrested for the murder of Floyd.
29/05/2028m 2s

The Floyd Consensus, Cuomo's Craven Lie, Blind Eye at CBS

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the nearly unanimous public condemnation of the treatment of George Floyd and that there must be justice in the case. They also note that some will try to use the looting and arson from Wednesday night to drives wedges in that united front. They also unload on New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for having the gall to suggest that nursing homes are to blame for accepting COVID-positive patients when New York forbid nursing homes from rejecting such patients or even testing incoming patients for COVID-19. And as CBS is forced to make layoffs in the news division, they're stunned to see news reports that the list reportedly includes respected White House reporter Mark Knoller.
28/05/2026m 48s

Trump vs. Twitter, The Death of George Floyd, Central Park Showdown

It's all bad martinis today! After a brief commentary on the CDC still not getting its coronavirus guidelines straight, Jim and Greg groan for the First Amendment as Twitter starts meddling with free speech and President Trump starts threatening government regulation of social media.  They also shudder at the death of George Floyd at the hands of four Minneapolis police officers, which was caught on video. And they discuss the story of the "Central Park Karen" and whether being cooped up for months has some people itching for confrontations.
27/05/2023m 56s

More Michigan Mayhem, Trump's Twitter Rant, Dems' Big 2020 Fear

Join Jim and Greg as they discuss the stunning hypocrisy of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and her husband and other Democratic governors over Memorial Day weekend.  Greg also shares a very disturbing story about voting by mail in his home state.  They also shudder as President Trump spend time on Twitter trying to implicate MSNBC's Joe Scarborough in the death of a congressional intern nearly 20 years ago.  And they react to economic officials from the Clinton and Obama administrations admit they are terrified that the economy could be rebounding by Election Day.
26/05/2024m 14s

Michigan Madness, Biden & Black Voters, Trump Targets Fox News

We're ending the week with all crazy martinis! First, we dissect the partisan fury of Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel who says President Trump is no longer welcome in the state because he didn't wear a mask before cameras while visiting a Ford plant on Thursday. They also hammer Joe Biden for telling a prominent black talk show host, "If you have a problem figuring out if you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black." And they react to President Trump unloading on Fox News for not doing more to help him and other Republicans win.
22/05/2028m 10s

DeSantis Fights Back, Guns & Votes, Kamala's Pandering

Join Jim and Greg as they applaud Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for his vigorous defense of his successful strategy to mitigate coronavirus in his state and for calling out the media narrative that insisted his approach would be a disaster. They also note that two Democratic cities in Virginia just handed the majorities on their city councils to Republicans as a backlash to the recent gun control push in the commonwealth. And they groan heavily as Sen. Kamala Harris is introducing legislation to condemn using terms like "Chinese virus" or "Wuhan Flu" as racist.
21/05/2029m 3s

Mika's Meltdown, Lauer's Lame Defense, The Absurd Veepstakes

It's all crazy martinis today! Join Jim and Greg as they respond to MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski begging Twitter to start censoring Trump's tweets.  They also have little use for Matt Lauer re-emerging and portraying himself as a victim. And they unload on the bizarre coverage of Joe Biden's options for a running mate, drooling over the thoroughly unqualifed Stacey Abrams while doing no work to research far more viable options.
20/05/2028m 12s

Courts Rule for Freedom, Trump & HCQ, The Left's #MeToo Inconvenience

Join Jim and Greg as they celebrate courts in Wisconsin and Oregon siding with freedom over heavy-handed governors, although Oregon Supreme Court just overruled the lower court and sided with the governor. They're also exasperated as President Trump takes hydroxychloroquine, despite testing negative for coronavirus, in the latest salvo in this bizarre battle over whether the drug helps treat COVID-19. They also hammer House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for making the fight even more juvenile. And they respond to a liberal opinion writer in the New York Times pathetically changing what they really meant by #BelieveWomen so it doesn't apply to Joe Biden and Tara Reade.
19/05/2023m 14s

Reasons for Optimism, Newsom's Ugly Politics, Frustrated by Freedom

It's the first-ever al fresco edition of the Three Martini Lunch!  Join Jim and Greg as they welcome encouraging news on the search for the coronavirus and that experts believe the economy might start improving in June. They also roll their eyes as California Gov. Gavin Newsom says the federal government must bail out his state or else first responders will be the first ones laid off.  And they fire back at a Washington Post opinion writer who claims Americans would do much better against the coronavirus if we weren't so skeptical of government and protective of our liberties.
18/05/2020m 0s

Pelosi's Problem, Media 'Mean Girls,' More Bumbling Biden

Happy Friday!  Join Jim and Greg as they welcome moderate Democrats stiff-arming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on her $3 trillion liberal wish list. They also defend CBS News reporter Catherine Herridge after a Biden campaign figure, other Democrats, and liberal media attack her for getting scoops on the Michael Flynn and Obama administration unmasking stories. And they shudder to think what four years of watching Joe Biden fail to complete a coherent paragraph would be like.
15/05/2021m 36s

Burr Under Fire, Biden Keeps Lurching Left, Lousy COVID Tests

Join Jim and Greg as they react to Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr stepping down from his committee post as the FBI investigation deepens into his coronavirus-related investment decisions. They also assess why Joe Biden keeps moving far left even though he has the Democratic nomination wrapped up. And they recoil as those quick-response COVID tests used by the White House and other places are found to deliver false negatives anywhere from 33-48 percent of the time.
14/05/2023m 59s

Cuomo & Nursing Homes, Fauci & Schools, China & the Truth

Join Jim and Greg as they're glad to see New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo finally changing the rule that required nursing homes to accept recovering, yet contagious, COVID-19 patients. They also cringe as Dr. Fauci confirms there will be no vaccine or treatment in time for the start of the new school year, sparking all sorts of discussion about what school might look like in the fall. And while the media focus on Trump's clash with the media on testing and blame for China, Jim says the real story is China's actions and it's aggressive propaganda efforts.
12/05/2020m 39s

Three COVID Bright Spots, The China-WHO Cover-Up, Football This Fall?

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer good news on coronavirus immunity, testing, and treatment. They also break down German intelligence accusing China and the World Health Organization of hiding human-to-human transmission for weeks.  And they groan as Dr. Fauci says the close contact required in football would make the sport a prime activity for spreading the virus.
11/05/2022m 8s

Defending DeSantis, Crushing Job Losses, COVID Trends Improving

Two good martinis and one very bad one as we head into Mother's Day weekend. Join Jim and Greg as they marvel at how well Florida has done thus far in warding off  virus that's particularly rough on the elderly. They also shudder deeply as the U.S. lost a stunning 20.5 million jobs in April and the unemployment rate soared to 14.7 percent. And they welcome news that the percentage of positive COVID tests is declining at testing ramps up.
08/05/2023m 27s

Forcing COVID Patients Out of Homes, Biden's Brazen Hypocrisy, Taxing Good Samaritans

It's all crazy again today! Join Jim and Greg as they slam Ventura County, California, for telling residents they won't be allowed to stay home if they test positive for COVID and share a single bathroom with anyone not infected. They also hammer Joe Biden for proclaiming his innocence in the Tara Reade allegations but also vowing to deny due process to college students accused of sexual assault. And they throw up their hands as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says doctors and nurses who flocked to New York to help save lives will have to pay taxes for the time they were in the state.
07/05/2024m 19s

Abrams Not Serious VP Option, Media Bias Confession, SWAT Teams & COVID-19

Hey, we actually have a good martini today! Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the apparent news that the Biden campaign is not seriously thinking about Stacey Abrams the running mate to a very wobbly nominee. They're shocked - although in some ways pleasantly shocked - to see former longtime New York Times figure Martin Tolchin publicly admit he doesn't want justice or an investigation of Joe Biden in the Tara Reade matter, he just wants a coronation of Biden from the media. And they cringe at the imagery of a SWAT team forcing a Texas bar to stay closed after the bar owner brought in second amendment activists to protect the reopening.
06/05/2023m 31s

Questions for Cuomo, Slumping Senate Polls, Worries for Wendy's

The good martini has the day off, so brace for three bad ones! Join Jim and Greg as they question New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's failure to change state policy that sends some COVID-19 patients to nursing homes after leaving the hospital. They also cringe at new Senate polls in Montana and North Carolina. And they remain concerned about our food supply chain (and have flashbacks to the 1980's) as Wendy's announces some of their locations cannot serve burgers right now.
05/05/2026m 25s

Virus Likely from Lab, Lightfoot's Heavy Footprint, Libs Scold Jordan

Join Jim and Greg as the evidence piles up that the coronavirus likely escaped from a lab in Wuhan and the Chinese lied about it for weeks. They also hammer Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot for vowing to arrest people at parties for getting too close to others. And they groan as Barack Obama and other liberals gripe in an ESPN documentary about Michael Jordan not being a political activist during his career.
04/05/2026m 34s

Mika's Tough Questions, Biden's Bungled Answers, The Delusional Hillary Dream

Join Jim and Greg as they break down Joe Biden's Friday morning interview on MSNBC to discuss the Tara Reade allegations and more. They applaud Mika Brzezinski for asking some tough questions and following up when Biden failed to answer the questions. They also hammer Biden for his insistence that his records at the University of Delaware cannot be opened up and discuss why his assertions that Reade's complaint would be in the National Archives is wrong. And they shake their heads as die hard Hillary supporters think Biden's problems could end up with Hillary as the nominee.
01/05/2025m 48s

Milano & Biden, Trump vs. Polls, Prisoners & COVID-19

It's all crazy today! Join Jim and Greg as we react to #MeToo activist Alyssa Milano suddenly finding a complicated gray area on assault allegations now that Joe Biden is one being accused. They also sigh as President Trump reportedly rejects polling data that suggests his coronavirus briefings could be hurting him politically and that he's losing to Biden. And they recoil at the aggressive efforts to free prisoners under the pretense of virus mitigation.
30/04/2024m 21s

Progress Against COVID, De Blasio's Latest Disaster, Suspend the Election?

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome encouraging news about coronavirus testing, vaccines, and treatments that has Wall Street feeling bullish and suggesting that the Chinese communists were wrong again. They also hammer New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for breaking up the well-attended funeral of a rabbi in Brooklyn and warning that if it happens again there will be summons or arrests. And they dig into a new poll suggesting a majority of Americans would be inclined to suspend the November elections if coronavirus is still a major concern.
29/04/2026m 22s

Abbott's Re-Open Plan , Politico's Shame, Bernie Team Still Bitter

Join Jim and Greg as they walk through the Texas plan to re-open the economy that's drawing rave reviews, but they also discuss whether re-opening should be statewide policy or based on local conditions and why Democratic governors are getting far less grief for re-opening than Republicans. They also walk through Politico's cringe-inducing apology on how badly it mangled its story on debts President Trump allegedly owed to China. And they react to the fury of the Bernie Sanders campaign over New York's decision to cancel its presidential primary.  Is this a case of Sanders focusing on politics over the health crisis in New York or is it imperative for states to find ways to hold elections regardless of the conditions?
28/04/2028m 38s

Kurtz vs. TV Doctors, Siding with China on Speech? Pelosi's Bizarre Lie

Join Jim and Greg as they examine media critic Howard Kurtz's call for TV hosts to rely on infectious disease experts to assess the coronavirus instead of more familiar faces. They also hammer "The Atlantic" and two law professors for concluding that China's crackdown on internet speech is a better way to go than America's default towards free speech. And they unload on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for lying about opposing Trump's China travel ban and for suggesting Trump was wrong even to allow American citizens and green card holders to return from China.
27/04/2027m 7s

Promising COVID Drug Flops, Looming Meat Problem, Trump & Disinfectants

Join Jim and Greg for the Friday martinis! After a quick discussion on Michigan Democrats censuring one of their state representatives who recovered from COVID and thanked President Trump for mentioning hydroxychloroquine, they turn to three bad martinis. First, they're bummed to hear Chinese trials of remdesivir were apparently a bust. They also grimace as the virus is significantly limiting production at meat processing plants. And they hammer Trump and the media over Thursday's disinfectant dust-up.
24/04/2029m 59s

American Heroes, 26 Million Jobs Lost, Ugly Virus Models, Draft Day

Join Jim and Greg as they salute the stunning dedication of employees at a polypropylene plant in Pennsylvania. They're also staggered by more than 26 million jobs lost and discuss how to re-engage the economy responsibly. And they assess data suggesting there were tens of thousands of coronavirus cases in American cities by March 1. Finally, they forecast tonight's NFL Draft and Greg has fun imagining how National Review drafted Jim Geraghty back in the day.
23/04/2029m 46s

More Small Biz Relief, Freedom to Go Outside? Earlier Virus Deaths

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome more help from Congress to help small businesses stay afloat. They also shudder at a new poll showing 75 percent of seniors don't even want non-essential workers to be allowed outside.  And they discuss the significance of learning coronavirus was here and killing people earlier than we thought.
22/04/2024m 11s

AOC's Awful Oil Response, Kim Dead & Not Dead, Media Cheerleading for Abrams

Join Jim and Greg as they slam AOC's economic lunacy and callously partisan response to Monday's plummeting oil futures. They also shake their heads as CNN says Kim Jong Un is in grave condition and NBC has him brain dead, while Reuters has him fine just hours later. And they gag as Gayle King of CBS gushes that "everyone know" Stacey Abrams is "extremely qualified" to be Joe Biden's running mate.
21/04/2024m 55s

Oil Market Free Fall, Vaccine Doubts, De Blasio's Disturbing Order

Join Jim and Greg for three crazy martinis that could easily be all bad.  First, they comment on oil prices plummeting faster than we can keep up with them and discuss why our economy suffers if prices are too low for too long. They also recoil as one vaccine expert says the public should brace for the possibility that it may be very difficult or impossible to develop a coronavirus vaccine - although he is from the WHO. And they hammer New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for urging New Yorkers to rat on their neighbors for not properly social distancing.
20/04/2018m 30s

A Plan to Re-Open, More Promising Treatments, Oprah's Iffy Doctors

Join Jim and Greg for an upbeat Friday edition!  Today, after assessing Joe Biden's latest live television mess, they welcome the three-phase plan to bring the U.S. economy back to life. They also marvel at the medicinal and practical ways our hospitals are treating COVID-19. And they break down the curious arguments of Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz, both of whom became household names courtesy of Oprah.
17/04/2024m 50s

Birx Slams WHO, 22 Million Lost Jobs, Governors Ignore Constitution

Jim starts this edition by blasting the World Health Organization for suggesting that alcohol consumption makes the coronavirus worse.  Then he and Greg applaud Dr. Birx for calling out the WHO and China for a deadly lack of transparency that cost the rest of the world valuable time in preparing for the virus. They also lament  the 22 million lost in the past four weeks and the lack of urgency in Congress to replenish funds for the Paycheck Protection Program - and discuss how to reopen the economy most responsibly. And they unload on New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy for admitting he never considered the Bill of Rights in having 15 people arrested for gathering at a synagogue in his state and Michigan's Gretchen Whitmer for saying her severe restrictions are fine because it snowed in Michigan this week.
16/04/2029m 45s

Hospitals Holding Up, Public Not Ready to Re-Engage, Warren's Late Endorsement

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome news that hospitals in most parts of the country have decent capacity for more patients - a big improvement from earlier in the month. They also recoil as more than 80 percent of Americans want to keep social distancing even if it means more economic damage. And they get a kick out of Elizabeth Warren offering a ridiculously late endorsement of Joe Biden, now that he's the last one standing for the Democrats.
15/04/2023m 28s

Fauci Sets Media Straight, Trump's Power Trip, China's Lax Lab Security

Join Jim and Greg as they enjoy watching Dr. Anthony Fauci blow up a litany of media conspiracy theories about how he and President Trump are at odds and Jim slams the press for covering the coronavirus like a political debate. They also strongly correct Trump's contention that he has absolute authority but also get dizzy watching the media call him authoritarian one day and demand he shut down the country the next. And they shake their heads at more evidence China was sloppy at their labs long before the outbreak.
14/04/2025m 32s

Boris Is Back, Whitmer's Extreme Edicts, NYT's Dreadful Double Standard

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer the recovery of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his heartfelt thanks to those who saved his life. They also slam Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for implementing insane restrictions like not being able to visit someone else's home and not being able to buy plants, flowers, seeds, or even child car seats. And they unload on the New York Times for dismissing a woman's sexual assault claim against Joe Biden by saying it could not find any other pattern of abuse except for the women who already accused him of hugs, kisses, and touching that made them uncomfortable.
13/04/2022m 19s

Carr's China Smackdown, Emanuel's Dire Demand, The Politics of Hydroxychloroquine

National Review Online Contributing Editor Rob Long is in for Jim today.  Rob and Greg relish FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr's Twitter demolishing a Chinese officials boast of a free Chinese society by listing numerous regime critics and whistleblowers he would like to see "undisappeared."  They also unload on Obamacare figure Ezekiel Emanuel for suggesting that we can't go back to normal until we have a vaccine 12-18 months from now, with Rob pointing out Emanuel is now making the exact opposite argument he made a decade ago.  And they discuss the bizarre politicizing of hydroxychloroquine, with some media seeming eager for the drug not to work just so they can say President Trump was wrong.
10/04/2024m 33s

Jobs Nightmare Worsens, End of the Handshake? China's Gutter Oil

Join Jim and Greg as they discuss the gut-wrenching loss of another 6.6 million jobs over the past week but also note an economic silver lining. They also react to Dr. Fauci suggesting people permanently stop shaking hands and then muse about what should replace it.  And they lose their appetites as they discuss another way China is a breeding ground for illnesses.
09/04/2020m 44s

Bernie Bites the Dust, Health Privacy vs. Public Good, Chafee Flops Again

Join Jim and Greg as they celebrate the end of the Bernie Sanders campaign, knowing an avowed socialist will not be president. They also weigh in on the thorny debate over how much our private health data ought to be available to the government as it navigates the COVID-19 crisis. And after forgetting Lincoln Chafee was running for president as a Libertarian, Jim and Greg comment on his second straight campaign implosion.
08/04/2025m 10s

Better Looking Models, Why Is Wisconsin Voting? NBC Parrots China

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome far lower COVID-19 death projections than we were seeing just days ago but hope they still go much lower. They also wonder why Wisconsin is still holding elections in the midst of a stay-at-home order and fear Republicans will get blamed for any rise in cases linked to voting lines. And they hammer NBC for reporting China's bogus numbers on COVID cases and deaths as if they are accepted facts.
07/04/2025m 16s

Calm from the Queen, Flattening the Curve, Close the Grocery Stores?

Join Jim and Greg as they appreciate the calm exuded by Queen Elizabeth II and and try to wrap their minds around the fact that her first national broadcast came 80 years ago. They also cheer evidence that the number of Coronavirus cases is flattening in New York and California, and getting a bit flatter throughout the U.S. - even if the number of deaths haven't yet done the same. And they react to a White House reporter asking President Trump why he hasn't closed anything, including grocery stores.
06/04/2022m 54s

Hospitals Getting Ready, DC's COVID Peak in July? Absurd Social Distancing

Hey, we made it to Friday!  Join Jim and Greg as they applaud cities and states for gearing up for the worst of coronavirus before it hits.  They also cringe as Washington, D.C., officials claim the COVID-19 peak may not come there until late June or early July. And they call for a common sense review as sheriff's officials in southern California arrest a man for defying state orders by paddle boarding in the ocean by himself.
03/04/2017m 25s

Props to the Patriots, 6.6 Million More Out of Work, Clueless Kemp

The coronavirus crisis has gotten to the point where Jim Geraghty is saying nice things about the New England Patriots and owner Robert Kraft after Kraft dispatched the team plane to China to pick up 1.2 million N95 masks.  Jim and Greg also tackle the brutal loss of 6.6 million more jobs in the past week and wonder how soon we'll have no choice but to reopen various sectors or regions of our economy.  And they throw their hands up as Georgia GOP Gov. Brian Kemp says he only realized this week that COVID-19 could be spread by people before they start feeling sick.
02/04/2015m 49s

Health Insurers Step up, Two-Years to Beat COVID, Treating Taiwan Badly

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer multiple health insurers easing up on deductibles, co-pays, and coinsurance over coronavirus. They also wince as the head of the Centers for Disease Control says it will take two years to fully defeat COVID-19. And they fume as the World Health Organization and others pretend Taiwan doesn't exist in order to appease China and, in the process, ignores one the most successful coronavirus mitigation efforts in the world.
01/04/2021m 28s

Optimism in New York, Private Sector to the Rescue, Pelosi's Pandering

Join Jim and Greg for two good martinis and some craziness. They welcome evidence that the spread of COVID-19 may be slowing in New York.  They also salute private industries shifting their focus in big ways to meet the demand for ventilators, masks and more. And they roll their eyes as Nancy Pelosi begins eyeing the next big spending bill.
31/03/2019m 38s

Game-Changing Good News, April in Quarantine, Dictatorial Democrats

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer much quicker COVID-19 tests, new treatments, and progress on a vaccine. They also discuss the likely impact of America shutting down for at least another month. And they shake their heads at the tactics of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo.
30/03/2022m 11s

Hopeful Signs, Massie's Miscalculation, Who Believes China?

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome reassuring news from Dr. Birx about the COVID-19 threat. They also agree there's a ton of wasteful spending in the relief bill but aren't sure if forcing members back to D.C. was a great move by Rep. Thomas Massie.  And they slam media outlets for believing the U.S. really has more COVID-19 cases than China and wonder whether China is hiding a second spike of the virus.This episode is sponsored by Acre Gold. Go to getacregold.com/martini. Acre is giving away a gold bar for the month of March. Tweet why you should win and mention @get_acre for a chance to win the free gold.
27/03/2025m 36s

Unemployment Skyrockets, U.S Indicts Maduro, COVID-19 Terrorism Threat

Jim and Greg shudder as 3.28 million Americans lost their jobs last week. They also recoil at an alleged plot to bomb a hospital full of COVID-19 patients. But they cheer the U.S. lowering the boom on Venezuelan dictator Nicholas Maduro.This episode is sponsored by Acre Gold. Go to getacregold.com/martini. Acre is giving away a gold bar for the month of March. Tweet why you should win and mention @get_acre for a chance to win the free gold.
26/03/2013m 12s

Fauci's Common Sense, Stimulus Stumbling Blocks, Sanders Still Stubborn

Today, Jim and Greg applaud the practical approach of Dr. Fauci on chloroquine. They also grumble as Nancy Pelosi and Andrew Cuomo are still not sold on the COVID-19 relief bill, and Jim unloads on Bernie for still focusing on the 2020 campaign.This episode is sponsored by Acre Gold. Go to getacregold.com/martini. Acre is giving away a gold bar for the month of March. Tweet why you should win and mention @get_acre for a chance to win the free gold.
25/03/2017m 49s

Pelosi's Gluttonous Power Grab, Media in the Tank, Falwell's Folly?

It's all crazy news on Tuesday's Three Martini Lunch! Join Jim and Greg as they catalogue the irrelevant and expensive Democratic Party wish list that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wanted to promote while holding up vital coronavirus relief for families and businesses and how Pelosi wrongly assumed the media would cover for her.  They also roll their eyes as multiple media outlets try to blame President Trump for the death of one man and the illness of the man's wife after they consumed fish tank cleaner because it contained chloroquine.  And they react to Liberty University welcoming students and faculty back to campus while the rest of Virginia and the nation increasingly shut down.
24/03/2024m 17s

Pelosi's Partisan Ploy, Cuomo's Depressing Forecast, WHO Bows to China

Good news is scarce once again today, but your Monday martinis dissect three critical stories.  Join Jim and Greg as they slam House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for blowing up Senate progress towards a coronavirus relief bill, making it far less likely that individuals and businesses will have financial assistance in hand when their next rent or mortgage payments are due.  They also cringe as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo suggests the COVID-19 restrictions may be in place as long as nine months and up to 80 percent of the population will contract the virus anyway.  So is the damage to jobs and businesses worth it if the restrictions won't stop the virus from spreading?  And Jim unloads on the World Health Organization for accepting China's coronavirus lies as fact and failing to confront the regime in an effort to make sure the virus was contained.
23/03/2025m 26s

National Lockdown Coming? Senators Squirm on Investments, Liberty vs. Security

It always feels good to make it to Friday, but this week it's especially welcome.  Join Jim and Greg as they discuss reports that we may be days away from a national lockdown that closes airlines, the markets, and forbids millions from commuting to work. They also groan as a number of U.S. senators face lots of questions after selling off stocks before the market plummeted over coronavirus fears. And as three New Hampshire residents sue Gov. Chris Sununu over his allegedly unconstitutional order banning gatherings of more than 50 people,they discuss the tensions between freedom and safety.This episode is sponsored by Acre Gold.  Go to getacregold.com/martini. Acre is giving away a gold bar for the month of March. Tweet why you should win and mention @get_acre for a chance to win the free gold.
20/03/2023m 19s

Promising Treatments, 2020 Afterthoughts Drop Out, Shallow Spring Breakers

We have two good martinis for you today as America continues to go through the COVID-19 challenge. Join Jim and Greg as they welcome news of two different drugs that that seem to be effective in treating and even preventing coronavirus. They also wave goodbye to Republican William Weld and Democrat Tulsi Gabbard as they exit the 2020 presidential race with a whopping three delegates between them. And they have some choice words for the college kids on Spring Break showing little regard for their fellow citizens.This episode is sponsored by Acre Gold.  Go to getacregold.com/martini. Acre is giving away a gold bar for the month of March. Tweet why you should win and mention @get_acre for a chance to win the free gold.
19/03/2014m 28s

China Exposed, Coronavirus & Criminals, Sanders Stays In

Good news is a bit scarce today but the Three Martini Lunch is discussing three big stories. Join Jim and Greg as they document the latest evidence that China covered up the COVID-19 outbreak and refused to admit person-to-person transmission until late January. They also bang their heads on their desks as Philadelphia police make it known they are not going to arrest people for a wide variety of crimes while New York City and other major metropolitan areas look to empty their jails to reduce the risk of the virus spreading. And they wonder why Bernie Sanders continues his presidential when he's hopelessly behind in the delegate count after another major shellacking on Tuesday.This episode is sponsored by Acre Gold.  Go to getacregold.com/martini. Acre is giving away a gold bar for the month of March. Tweet why you should win and mention @get_acre for a chance to win the free gold.
18/03/2022m 59s

Vaccine Progress, The Shutdown Debate, Ohio Election Drama

The home version of the Three Martini Lunch is now up and running but there is always a stool for you! After Jim revels in the news that Tom Brady's 20-year run with the New England Patriots is over, he and Greg tackle the good, bad, and crazy martinis of the day. First, they welcome the news from Dr. Anthony Fauci that a possible coronavirus vaccine is already in the first stages of testing. They also wonder just how restrictive government officials are going to get as they down society in an effort to confront coronavirus now that San Francisco is ordering residents to shelter in place, groups larger than 10 people are discouraged, and New Jersey is dabbling with curfews. Finally, they weight both sides of the furious political and legal fight in Ohio after Gov. Mike DeWine ordered Tuesday's primary to be postponed.
17/03/2022m 19s

Businesses Ordered Closed, Bernie Forces Biden Left, Gillum's Great Fall

The physical bars and restaurants and being ordered to close in many places but the Three Martini Lunch remains open.  Come in and join us! Today, Jim and Greg react to the CDC urging Americans to avoid gatherings of more than 50 people for the next eight weeks and mayor and governors forcing bars and restaurants to close.  They also discuss the awkwardness of the Biden-Sanders debate in the midst of the coronavirus crisis and highlight how Bernie Sanders and other Democrats have pushed Biden into extreme liberal positions on energy, immigration, guns, abortion and more. And they discuss the stunning political fall of Andrew Gillum, who came less than a percentage point from becoming Florida's governor in 2018.
16/03/2026m 1s

Greatness of the Free Market, China's Ugly Threat, Pelosi's Partisan Ploy

As Jim says, this week has been a very long year.  But it is Friday, and while so much is closed, the Three Martini Lunch is open!  Join Jim and Greg as they praise the innovation in the private sector (and at universities) to produce new coronavirus tests that are accurate, can be produced in mass quantities, and can deliver results much more quickly.  They also love the entrepreneurial instinct in a British teenager who sold his classmates squirts of hand sanitizer.  They also unload on communist China for brazen lies like the U.S. military launched the coronavirus in China and for threatening to cut off supplies of much needed medications to the U.S. at our time of need.  And they hammer House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for trying to cram a billion dollars for taxpayer-funded abortions into the coronavirus relief legislation.
13/03/2020m 4s

Trump's Sloppy Speech, Coronavirus Cancellation Culture, Hanks Hunkers Down

It's all-crazy and all coronavirus today on the Three Martini Lunch.  Join Jim and Greg as they go through the three key points from President Trump's Oval Office address that were not consistent with administration policy and needed later clarification.  They also dive into the rapidly growing list of college and professional sports events being cancelled or radically altered, most prominently the NBA suspending its season after Utah Jazz star Rudy Gobert tests positive for coronavirus.  Finally, they comment on movie star Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson testing positive in Australia while feeling slightly under the weather and wonder how much patience Americans will have for a long-term quarantine when many patients don't feel that crummy and a lot of economic livelihoods are on the line.
12/03/2020m 13s

Weinstein's Sentence, Clyburn's DNC Demand, 'Betrayed' By A Bernie Vote

After a brief discussion of the media and the markets and convenient coronavirus excuses, we dive into Wednesday's Three Martini Lunch. Join Jim and Greg as they are gratified to see convicted rapist and former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein sentenced to 23 years in prison. They also discuss what this episode says about our justice system. They also have different reactions to South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn suggesting Joe Biden's big wins on Tuesday suggest the Democratic National Committee should "shut this primary down" and "cancel the rest of these debates." And they get a kick out of the writer for "The Atlantic" who feels betrayed because her husband voted for Bernie Sanders for strategic reasons in the California primary while she stuck with Elizabeth Warren.
11/03/2021m 54s

Newsom Plays Nice, Biden's Gun Fight, Dem Race Suddenly A Yawner

Things are a bit more subdued Tuesday after Monday's Wall Street carnage. So join Jim and Greg as they get a kick out experts having to spend time telling people not to snort cocaine or drink bleach to prevent coronavirus, no matter what they see on social media. As for the actual martinis, they actually applaud California Gov. Gavin Newsom for being one of the few Democratic governors to discuss the extensive cooperation he's getting from the Trump administration and refusing to entertain media efforts to get him to slam Trump. Jim and Greg also assess Joe Biden's dust up with an auto worker over the second amendment - from the facts to his verbal flubs to his insults. And they marvel that less than two weeks after Joe Biden was a political afterthought, few people are glued to today's six presidential contests because a Biden nomination is a foregone conclusion.
10/03/2025m 16s

Monday Market Plunge, Montana Senate Showdown, CPAC's Coronavirus Caper

There's not a lot of good news Monday, so let's just tackle the bad stuff on Three Martini Lunch.  Join Jim and Greg as they react to the massive Wall Street sell-off as investors are spooked by coronavirus, oil prices, and the bond market, and once again they call out irresponsible figures either whipping up panic or openly cheering for the virus to spell Donald Trump's political doom.  They also wince a bit as Montana Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock launches a challenge to GOP Sen. Steve Daines, adding another race where Republicans will have to work hard to keep a seat.  And they react to the news that a CPAC attendee has tested positive for coronavirus, prompting Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Paul Gosar to self-quarantine themselves after interacting with that person.
09/03/2023m 2s

Fantastic Jobs Report, Media & Coronavirus, MSNBC's Really Bad Math

Join us for some end of the week fun on the Friday Three Martini Lunch. Today, Jim and Greg cheer a really strong February jobs report and are hopeful the strong economy can ward off any coronavirus-related slump. Speaking of which, they also vent about the media's inability to cover the coronavirus story in a non-hysterical manner, which may be helping to fuel the Wall Street volatility. And they get a lot of laughs from MSNBC anchor Brian Williams and New York Times Editorial Board member Mara Gay concluding that Mike Bloomberg spent enough money in his failed campaign to give each person in America a million dollars.
06/03/2018m 57s

Warren Persists No Longer, Schumer's SCOTUS Meltdown, March Madness Germophobes

The Three Martini Lunch has you covered as the presidential race narrows yet again. Join Jim and Greg as they react to Elizabeth Warren dropping out of the 2020 field and chronicling how this top-tier candidate turned into an electoral dud. They also dissect Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer's bizarre threats against Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh outside the Supreme Court on Wednesday and his pathetic response to the rebuke from Chief Justice John Roberts. And they sigh as the coronavirus panic leads the National College Players Association to suggest the NCAA play its March Madness games with no audiences in the arenas.
05/03/2019m 57s

Bloomberg Bites the Dust, Sad Night for Socialists, Trump Trolls Sessions

It's a wild Wednesday Three Martini Lunch as we recap the events of Super Tuesday.  Join Jim and Greg as they relish the very expensive implosion of Michael Bloomberg, who spent hundreds of millions of dollars for one win in American Samoa while getting creamed in all 14 states before dropping out of the race on Wednesday. While they have plenty of concerns about Joe Biden, they are glad to see socialism take one on the chin Tuesday, as Bernie Sanders fell far below expectations and won just four states. They also detail how the past week and a half proves Sanders is actually a really bad politician. And they cringe as President Trump trolls former Attorney General Jeff Sessions upon the news Sessions is headed to a runoff for the nomination.
04/03/2023m 34s

Biden's Beto Blunder, 'Hardball' Strikes Out, Brazile's Bogus Rant

There are no good martinis but it's still a Super Tuesday on the Three Martini Lunch! Join Jim and Greg as they discuss Joe Biden vowing that he wants Beto O'Rourke to be leading the charge on the gun issue - meaning Biden appears on board with Beto's gun confiscation agenda. They also walk through the sudden departure of longtime MSNBC host Chris Matthews and how his "retirement" is part #MeToo and partly because of his politics. And they remind former DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile of some very inconvenient facts after Brazile angrily told RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel to "go to hell" for suggesting the Democratic nominating process was rigged against Bernie Sanders.
03/03/2022m 27s

Pete & Steyer Bow Out, All-In For Biden, Few Answers in Afghanistan

It's a day of fast-moving headlines!  Amy Klobuchar dropped out after we recorded but it's just the latest move to rally the non-Bernie Dems around Joe Biden.  And we talk about that a lot! Join Jim and Greg as they chronicle the curiously hasty exit of Pete Buttigieg from the Democratic race and they also have some choice thoughts as Tom Steyer hits the bricks too. Then, they marvel at how the Democratic establishment, the media (but we repeat ourselves), and Never Trumpers sound the clarion call to support Joe Biden because he won one state.  And they step away from politics to discuss the resumption of violence in Afghanistan just days after the U.S. signed a deal with the Taliban, reminding us that region may never be stable. But will it pose another major national security threat to the U.S. sometime soon?
02/03/2026m 39s

Barr Blasts Progressivism, Columnists Condemn Bernie, Garth Brooks & Sanders

Happy Friday! We've all earned three martinis after this crazy week.  Join Jim and Greg as they applaud Attorney General Bill Barr for noting in clear language how liberals have given way to progressives and how the militant drive for a dependency society is a serious threat to our nation. They also welcome opinion columns from non-conservatives like Fareed Zakaria and David Brooks who are both unloading on Bernie Sanders and his socialist agenda, but they also assess whether the media freakout over Bernie is because they're scared of his agenda or they're just scared he would lose to President Trump. In addition, they get a lot of laughs over country music star Garth Brooks wearing the jersey of NFL legend Barry Sanders at a concert in Detroit (where Sanders played) and getting online hate because his fans thought it meant he supported Bernie Sanders. Finally, Jim and Greg welcome Hillary Clinton to the podcasting world.
28/02/2022m 58s

Dem Hopefuls Won't Quit, Coronavirus Turns Political, Trump's Carolina Calculation

It's an all-crazy Thursday on the Three Martini Lunch! Join Jim and Greg as they get a kick out of Democratic presidential hopefuls already explaining why they're going to keep running regardless of how badly they do in South Carolina and on Super Tuesday. They also shake their heads as the mainstream media all suddenly make the coronavirus a political issue to hammer the Trump administration. And they wince as the Trump campaign urges South Carolina Republicans to cross over and support Bernie Sanders in Saturday's Democratic primary.
27/02/2023m 56s

Debate Disarray, Very Pricey Debate Tickets, Bernie Targets Warren

Pull up a stool!  There's lots to discuss following Tuesday's poorly run debate in South Carolina. First, Jim and Greg discuss how CBS allowed the debate to descend into an incoherent mess with multiple candidates talking over one another on multiple occasions, but they also highlight Elizabeth Warren's latest howitzer aimed at Mike Bloomberg, Joe Biden's latest statistical fiction, and Pete Buttigieg's attempt to claim the anti-socialist high ground.  In addition, they slam the Charleston Democratic Party for charging outrageous prices for tickets to the debate.  And they analyze Sanders' decision to leave South Carolina early in order to campaign for two days in Elizabeth Warren's home state of Massachusetts, which votes on Super Tuesday.
26/02/2023m 33s

Weinstein Headed to Prison, Coronavirus Chaos, Fight Night in Carolina

Join Jim and Greg as they tackle a wide variety of martinis today.  First, they are gratified to see a sexual predator like Harvey Weinstein headed to prison for rape and sexual assault although they're disappointed to see him acquitted on the most serious charges.  They also cringe as the spread of coronavirus in South Korea, China, and Italy send global markets sharply lower.  And they shake their heads as they walk through all the massive tax hikes Bernie Sanders wants to inflict in order to pay for has laundry list of new entitlement programs. And they preview what should be a feisty debate among the Democrats in South Carolina tonight.
25/02/2024m 29s

Weekend at Bernie's

Start your week with the Three Martini Lunch as we dissect the good, the bad, and the crazy concerning the Nevada Democratic Caucuses. Join Jim and Greg as they experience more than a little bit of schadenfreude as Democrats thoroughly freak out over Bernie Sanders dominating the vote on Saturday. But they get more serious as '60 Minutes' and even CNN remind everyone how radical Sanders is and how he praised Fidel Castro and Marxists in Nicaragua and the Soviet Union. And they unload on Nevada Democrats for running terrible caucuses plagued by having too few officials to run some precincts effectively and still not finishing the vote totals by Monday morning.
24/02/2025m 55s

Will Nevada Pull an Iowa? Bloomberg's Crickets, Newsom's Nonsense

Your Friday treat is three crazy martinis, but only after basking in the glow of the 40th anniversary of the Miracle on Ice and the national morale boost a bunch of unheralded college kids gave us by defeating the supposedly unbeatable Soviet Union in the 1980 Winter Olympics.  Then, join Jim and Greg and as they bang their heads against the table after Nevada Democrats say they can't promise results of Saturday's caucuses on the same day they're held. They also weigh in on Michael Bloomberg's video of crickets chirping and his fellow Democrats shifting uncomfortably when he asked if any of them had ever started a business - was it deception or just a candidate making a point? And as California Gov. Gavin Newsom says doctors should be able to prescribe housing just like they prescribe insulin and antibiotics, Jim offers Newsom a devastating reminder of which party led California into the homelessness crisis and many other problems.
21/02/2020m 14s

Dem Debate Brawl, Economic Satisfaction Soars, Should Billionaires Exist?

The Democrats debated in Las Vegas last night and they put on quite the show. Join Jim and Greg as they walk through the major dust-ups between Bloomberg and Warren, Bloomberg and Sanders, and Klobuchar and Buttigieg and try to figure out what the impact will be on the race for the nomination. They're also thrilled to see a new poll from Gallup showing Americans with the highest satisfaction in the state of the U.S. since 2005 and lopsided numbers of citizens optimistic about the economy and where it is headed. And they go back to the debate to focus on NBC's Chuck Todd asking Michael Bloomberg whether billionaires should exist.
20/02/2026m 9s

Barr's New Warning, Trump Pardons Blago, Elites to the Rescue

Threats of resignation, controversial pardons, libs wanting the elite to have more power in choosing presidents - we've got a full menu for you on Wednesday's Three Martini Lunch. Join Jim and Greg as they welcome Attorney General Bill Barr's latest plea for President Trump to stop making his job so difficult. They also bang their heads against the table as Trump commutes the sentence of a thoroughly unrepentant Rod Blagojevich. And they hammer away at a Washington Post opinion piece arguing that the Democratic primary process is not working well so the proper answer is to give more power to elites to reach a consensus on a nominee.
19/02/2024m 12s

Gun Ban Shot Down, Bloomberg's Arrogance Piles Up, Arrivederci Avenatti

After a fun Presidents Day special, Jim and Greg are once serving up good, bad, and crazy martinis.  Join them today as they celebrate Virginia Democrats failing to pass a ban on so-called "assault weapons," suppressors, and magazines holding more than 12 rounds. They also dive into more offensive comments from former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, this time contending that people need a more gray matter to work in the information economy than in farming and that old people diagnosed with cancer shouldn't receive treatment because it costs too much money. And they react to the criminal convictions for attorney Michael Avenatti and again scold the liberal media for turning Avenatti into the media just because he was an adversary of President Trump.
18/02/2026m 31s

America's Underappreciated Presidents

As America pauses for Presidents Day - or at least the federal government does - Jim and Greg take some time to evaluate a few recent presidents who deserve a closer look at their legacies.  They're presidents many of you remember well but for some reason are rarely mentioned as leaders Americans remember most fondly.
17/02/2017m 33s

Barr Discourages Trump Tweets, Bernie's Big Problem, Bloomberg's Billions

Finish your work week with Friday's Three Martini Lunch. Join Jim and Greg as they applaud Attorney General Bill Barr for telling President Trump that his tweets on prosecutions and more make it hard to do his job and they discuss why Democrats are so determined to discredit Barr. They also welcome news that Bernie Sanders is not doing well among voters who have private health insurance and that New Hampshire might be winnable for Republicans for the first time in 20 years if Sanders is the Democratic nominee. And they get a kick out of the news that Michael Bloomberg has hired the same PR firm behind the Fyre Fest debacle, but Jim also dives into the significance of Bloomberg's bottomless campaign war chest.
14/02/2025m 1s

Bernie's Labor Problem, Matthews Fears Bernie & Bloomberg, Is Nevada Ready?

Lots of political oddities today as the presidential race shifts to Nevada, so settle in for your Thursday Three Martini Lunch. Join Jim and Greg as they get a big kick out of the large culinary workers union turning on the supposed candidate of the workers because they want to keep their health plan and Bernie Sanders wouldn't let them do it under his plan.   They also enjoy listening to MSNBC's Chris Matthews fret that the Democrats could nominate Sanders or Michael Bloomberg when neither of them are actually Democrats. And they cringe as reports from Nevada emerge suggesting Democrats there are technologically unprepared for next week's caucuses. Will it be a repeat of Iowa?
13/02/2023m 37s

Warren's New Hampshire Nightmare, Yang Hangs It Up, Bloomberg's Bad Spin

Now that New Hampshire  completed the amazing task of counting votes on the same day people voted, join Wednesday's Three Martini Lunch for a full breakdown of the results. Today, Jim and Greg not only enjoy the distant fourth place finish for Elizabeth Warren in her own backyard but also appreciate that Warren refuses to drop out, meaning a crowded field will continue to produce muddled results for a few more weeks. Three Democrats did end their campaigns Tuesday night and while Jim and Greg don't agree with Andrew Yang on much of anything, they explain why they'll miss his presence on the debate stage and beyond. And they hammer Michael Bloomberg for claiming he worked hard to end the "stop and frisk" policy while mayor of New York City when he is on the record praising the approach years after leaving office.
12/02/2026m 17s

RBG & ERA, Bernie & Big Spending, Steyer & the Minimum Wage

It's New Hampshire primary day! Get prepared with your Tuesday installment of the Three Martini Lunch. Join Jim and Greg as they applaud Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for telling her fellow supporters of the Equal Rights Amendment that the effort died in 1982 and they need to start over again if they want to see it succeed. They also cringe as CNBC reminds us that Bernie Sanders would more than double federal spending every year due to his big government plans for health care, education, climate change and more. Meanwhile, Jim discusses the calculation from many on the right calculation that a Sanders nomination means an easy win for President Trump. And they roll their eyes as Tom Steyer tries to one-up the Democratic field by calling for a $22-per-hour minimum wage.
11/02/2023m 14s

Mayor Pete Faces the Heat, China Charged with Equifax Hack, Biden's Nonstop Blunders

Prepare for another busy political week by starting with Monday's Three Martini Lunch. Join Jim and Greg as they enjoy watching Pete Buttigieg flail for an answer after ABC's Linsey Davis calls him out for black people being four times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than whites while Buttigieg was mayor of South Bend. They also hammer the Chinese government after the Justice Department indicts four Chinese military figures for the 2017 Equifax hack that compromised the information of more than 145 million people. And they react to more bizarre statements from Joe Biden over this past weekend and wonder whether his campaign is just stumbling right now or whether it's on the brink of imploding.
10/02/2022m 31s

Wolf vs. Mazie, Another Top Terrorist Dead, Walsh Prepared to Back Bernie

Wrap up this crazy, eventful week with the Friday Three Martini Lunch. Jim and Greg start with a quick cheer for the January jobs report before moving on to the three main discussions of the day. First, they get a kick out of Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono telling CNN's Wolf Blitzer that President Trump wasn't really acquitted and Blitzer pointing out in detail that, in fact,  Trump really was found not guilty. They also celebrate the intelligence and military precision that combined to target and kill Qassim al-Rimi, the leader of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. And Jim unleashes a devastating rant against now former Republican presidential candidate Joe Walsh, who has now flip-flopped to the point where he vows to vote for whoever wins the Democratic nomination, even if it's an avowed socialist.
07/02/2026m 0s

Mitch Gets Back to Business, Media Suddenly Love Mitt, Iowa's Still Not Done

Another wild day in a very busy week! So grab a stool and join Jim and Greg as they break down the latest headlines. First, they get a kick out of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell immediately following up the impeachment trial by filing cloture on five more judicial nominees. They also feel like wretching as mainstream media figures who savaged Mitt Romney during the 2012 campaign suddenly extol him as a man of faith and principle because he voted the way they wanted him to. But they also spend time highlighting figures on the right who were way over the top in their condemnation of Romney. And they try to make sense out of the latest scraps of conflicting information coming from Democrats in Iowa while also looking ahead to New Hampshire.
06/02/2021m 16s

Trump's Strong Speech, Pelosi's Protest, Iowa Dems Still Clueless

State of the Union, Pelosi ripping up the speech, the Senate impeachment vote, and the ongoing incompetence of Iowa Democrats. We've got it all for you today on Wednesday's Three Martini Lunch. Join Jim and Greg as they applaud the amazing number of record-low unemployment statistics cited by President Trump in his State of the Union address Tuesday night. They're also big fans of conservative policy ideas espoused in the speech and note the impressive guests Trump invited and highlighted in his address. In contrast, they also assess House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ripping up her copy of the speech right after Trump finished and what is says about Democrats nine months before Election Day. Finally, they have plenty more to say as Iowa Democrats release more than two-thirds of the caucus results but aren't sure when or if the rest of the votes will be announced.
05/02/2029m 6s

The Iowa Caucus Debacle

Is it really that hard to find out who won? Grab a stool as Jim and Greg unload on the Iowa Democratic Party for insisting on a maddeningly convoluted process and failing to ensure that the technology used to transmit results was actually working.  As a result, by midday Tuesday, no one knew who won or what the delegate totals look like.  After hammering the Democrats for the lousy process and general incompetence, they explain how the Republican caucuses look clear and simple by comparison while noting that President Trump's GOP challengers are barely even noticeable.  Finally, with conspiracy theories already flying about how Democrats are out to deny Bernie or protect Biden or that the failed app may have artificially boosted Pete Buttigieg, Jim and Greg fear Iowa's debacle will further erode confidence that election results can be taken at face value.
04/02/2025m 46s

Another Impeachment? Yang's Superior Instincts, Kerry's Mysterious Call

With impeachment, the Iowa Caucuses, the State of the Union, and a Democratic debate on tap this week, grab a stool and join us for the fun. Today, Jim and Greg quickly sum up the Super Bowl and then dive into three crazy martinis. First, with closing arguments coming today in the impeachment trail of President Trump, they groan as reports emerge that House Democrats may be poised to pursue another impeachment effort this year depending upon what type of testimony they might get from John Bolton. They also point out that Andrew Yang might have the best political instincts in the Democratic presidential field after admitting he'd seriously consider pardoning Trump if that were ever an issue. And they have fun with reports that former Secretary of State John Kerry was overheard discussing what it would take for him to mount a serious candidacy at this point.
03/02/2025m 9s

Brexit Day, Dems Cry Foul on Witnesses, Delaney's Odd Departure

The weekend is almost here! Kick it off right with the Friday Three Martini Lunch. Join Jim and Greg as they celebrate the United Kingdom finally exiting the European Union Friday. They also discuss the latest impeachment news and how Democratic senators have already decided that Trump won't really be acquitted unless they get to call new witnesses at the trial. They're left scratching their heads as Democrat John Delaney ends a two-and-a-half year presidential campaign just three days before people finally start voting. And in a Super Bowl pitting the 49'ers and the Chiefs, Jim still finds a way to root against the Patriots.
31/01/2024m 49s

Mitch Has the Votes, Warren's Speech Police, PETA vs. Punxsutawney

We're talking impeachment, criminalizing speech, and fake groundhogs on Thursday's Three Martini Lunch. Join Jim and Greg as they roll their eyes at most questions being asked by senators in the impeachment trial and then discuss how Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell suddenly seems to have the votes needed to end the push for more witnesses and end the trial soon. Even though it'll never happen, they also cringe as Elizabeth Warren panders for more votes by promising to impose civil and criminal penalties for online platforms that publish what she considers to be disinformation. And they have a lot of fun with PETA's absurd demands that famed groundhog Punxsutawney Phil be freed from the cruelty of his annual duties and be replaced with an animatronic groundhog equipped with artificial intelligence. But despite the lunacy, Jim sees some room for common ground!
30/01/2017m 28s

Undecided Dems, Bankrolling China's Aggression, Scott Prepping for 2024?

Big votes are coming soon on impeachment and in Iowa. Join Jim and Greg as they dive into reports suggesting three Senate Democrats are torn between convicting and acquitting President Trump. But will any of them actually buck their party? They also shudder at reports that the head of the Harvard chemistry department took taxpayer-funded research grants, only to pass his discoveries along to the Chinese for a very handsome sum of money - and he's not alone. And while Jim generally gives high marks to Florida Sen. Rick Scott, he is exasperated to see Scott launching ads in Iowa which most analysts see as a thinly veiled preview of a 2024 White House bid.
29/01/2022m 59s

Dems Suddenly Fear Bernie, Bogus Bolton Takes, CNN Mocks Trump Voters

Jim is back and shares the highly entertaining albeit frustrating tale of the high-maintenance passenger on his return trip from California.  After detailing that saga, Jim and Greg are immensely entertained by national Democrats realizing only now what a train wreck of a nominee Bernie Sanders would be and scrambling to make sure he's not the nominee.  They also weigh in on the latest political and media reaction to John Bolton allegedly confirming a quid pro quo with Ukraine, and while they admit there are grounds for debating Bolton's tactics in recent months, the accusations he was never a conservative are ludicrous. And they unload on CNN, Don Lemon, and former Republican strategist Rick Wilson for their sneering mockery of Trump voters.
28/01/2029m 37s

Bolton's Big Moment, Do Endorsements Matter? D.C Yawns at Impeachment

Chad Benson, host of "The Chad Benson Show," fills in for Jim, who will be back on Tuesday.  Today, Chad explains what the loss of Kobe Bryant means to the people of southern California before he and Greg dive into three crazy martinis.  First, they react to the news that former National Security Adviser John Bolton apparently wrote in his forthcoming book that President Trump ordered him to hold off on releasing military aid to Ukraine until Ukraine launched the investigations he wanted.  Is this a major wrinkle in the impeachment saga, a book-selling gimmick, or something in between?  They also discuss the Des Moines Register endorsing Elizabeth Warren and the Union Leader in New Hampshire backing Amy Klobuchar and ask whether endorsements really matter anymore. While on the topic they also explore whether Warren still has a chance or whether her campaign is out of gas but media insist on propping her up. Finally, they get a kick out of a Fox 5 poll in Washington, showing the nation's capital is either bored by the impeachment trial or just not interested in it.
27/01/2017m 38s

Dems Make Murkowski Mad, Warren Called Out on Debt, Knives Out for Bernie

Chad Benson grabs a stool for today's Three Martini Lunch while Jim is away. Today, Chad and Greg briefly discuss the significance of President Trump becoming the first sitting president to address the March for Life. Then they get a kick out of learning that the House impeachment managers are successfully alienating the group of senators they can least afford to lose - GOP moderates. They also richly enjoy watching a dad who scrimped and saved to pay for his daughter's college education dissect the progressive lunacy of Elizabeth Warren's college debt forgiveness plan right to her face. And as Democrats and their media allies dig for dirt on a strengthening Bernie Sanders, they brace for a riveting fight over whether Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders was more racially insensitive in the 1970's.
24/01/2018m 31s

Big Brexit Win, Bernie Surging, Lockhart's Impeachment Fiction

Rob Long of National Review Online is here in Jim's absence.  Join Rob and Greg as they cheer a major step in the Brexit process in the UK and apply the lessons of that odyssey to American politics this election year. They're also a bit stunned to see Bernie Sanders not only leading in a nationwide poll but also jumping out to a double-digit lead in New Hampshire. And they have a field day with former Clinton Press Secretary Joe Lockhart tweeting out a conversation he overheard of GOP senators panicked over the impeachment case presented by Democrats, only to admit many retweets later that he just made it up.
23/01/2023m 32s

Tulsi Sues Hillary, Biden & Drunk Driving Illegals, Dems' Odd Impeachment Tactics

More Democratic infighting means more popcorn on today's Three Martini Lunch. Join Jim and Greg as they get a kick out of Tulsi Gabbard suing Hillary Clinton for defamation after Hillary indirectly accused Gabbard of being a Russian asset. They're also very puzzled as to why Joe Biden would insist on not deporting illegal immigrants guilty of drunk driving, especially given his own family's story. And they discuss the House impeachment managers' odd tactic of accusing the jurors in the Senate of assisting President Trump in a cover-up if they reject any efforts by Democrats to subpoena documents or witnesses.Today's Three Martini Lunch is brought to you by Booknotes.  Start your seven-day free trial at https://booknotes.page.link/3martini
22/01/2019m 41s

Great Pro-Gun Protest, Hillary Slams Bernie, Impeachment Rules Fight

Grab a stool and have some martinis with us! Today, Jim and Greg applaud the powerful and peaceful protest for second amendment rights in Richmond and wonder if Gov. Northam's fears of chaos were way overblown to try to portray responsible gun owners as extremists.  They also get a kick out of Hillary Clinton attacking Bernie Sanders and marvel that this may be one of those rare instances where she appears to be telling the truth. And they roll their eyes as Washington becomes transfixed on a debate over the rules for the Senate impeachment trial.
21/01/2026m 19s

The Absurd Obstruction Charge, Media's Blatant Anti-Gun Bias, NYT's Double Endorsement

Back to the usual format day with good, bad, and crazy martinis. Join Jim and Greg as they applaud Sen. Perdue for pointing out how stunningly weak the Democrats' charge of obstruction of Congress against President Trump truly is. They also hammer the media for horribly biased coverage of Monday's pro-second amendment rally in Virginia, including CNN's assertion that gun rallies are fertile ground for white supremacists to recruit new members. And they have fun with the New York Times ending its insanely hyped endorsement process by backing two different candidates before Jim explains why they probably did it.
20/01/2026m 17s

Trump's Starr-Studded Legal Team, Manu vs. McSally, Biden Beats Expectations

Finish the week strong with your Friday martinis! Join Jim and Greg as they discuss the roster of President Trump's impeachment defense team, including former independent counsel Ken Starr and famed defense attorney Alan Dershowitz. They also roll their eyes as Arizona Sen. Martha McSally tries to fundraise off of calling CNN reporter Manu Raju a "liberal hack" and CNN goes into full martyr mode to pretend McSally committed some sort of grave assault on the first amendment. And they get a kick out of Politico reporting that many Democrats are just now realizing that Joe Biden is not going to implode before the caucuses and primaries begin.
17/01/2025m 4s

Rudy's Bumbling Agents, Iowa's Confusing Caucuses, West Virginia's Wild Proposal

Nothing but crazy martinis today and the last one is a lot of fun!  Join Jim and Greg today as they try to understand how bumbling figures like Lev Parnas ended up as Rudy Giuliani's key operatives in Ukraine.  They also shake their heads as Iowa Democrats plan to release three separate results from the caucuses next month, possibly giving multiple candidates the chance to claim victory. And they examine West Virginia's offer for second amendment friendly counties in Virginia to switch states, leading Jim and Greg to wonder how the map would look if counties could jump to other states they find more ideologically similar.
16/01/2027m 9s

Biden's Bogus Argument, CNN vs. Bernie, 'Bern' Down Milwaukee?

Pull up a stool for another busy day on the Three Martini Lunch.  Join Jim and Greg as they call out Joe Biden for falsely insisting the Obama-Biden administration never used military action apart from congressional authorization.  They also hammer CNN for blatantly siding with Elizabeth Warren in her accusation that Bernie Sanders told her a woman could not get elected president - a charge Sanders strongly denies.  And they unload on the radical Bernie Sanders campaign field organizer caught on tape threatening to burn down Milwaukee and other cities if Sanders does not win the Democratic nomination at the convention this summer.
15/01/2022m 1s

Liz vs. Bernie, Warren's Proposed Power Grab, Debates & Diversity

Who knew you could have so much fun talking about Elizabeth Warren? Join Jim and Greg as they wade into Warren's accusation that Bernie Sanders told her two years ago that a woman couldn't get elected president.  They also shake their heads as Warren promises to cancel a lot of student loan debt on her first day in office without ever involving Congress. And they preview tonight's final Democratic debate before the voting in Iowa and address the liberal concerns that there isn't enough diversity on stage.
14/01/2023m 34s

Iranians Denounce Regime, Bye Bye Booker, Pelosi's Impeachment Charade

Grab a stool and join us for the start of another crazy week in Washington. Today, Jim and Greg salute the Iranian protesters risking life and limb to protest the regime they despise and applaud President Trump's very appropriate tweets in support of the demonstrators. They also welcome the news that Sen. Cory Booker is ending his 2020 presidential campaign and discuss why he never took off. And they slam House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her exceptionally weak answers as to why she pushed impeachment forward rather than fighting the Trump administrations over subpoenas in court.
13/01/2022m 29s

Dow Hits 29,000, Buttigieg Blame Game, Steyer's Sudden Strength

Lots of Friday fun on today's Three Martini Lunch! Join Jim and Greg as they celebrate the Dow Jones crossing 29,000 for the first time on Friday and enjoy an economy that is staying stronger than many experts predicted. They also slam Pete Buttigieg for suggesting the doomed Ukrainian airliner was "caught in the middle of an unnecessary and unwanted military tit for tat" instead of simply stating that it was shot down by Iran. And they dissect the stunning news that Tom Steyer is suddenly in second place among Democrats in South Carolina.
10/01/2022m 49s

Cliffhanger in Kansas? Mike Lee Rips Lame Iran Briefing, Pelosi's Power on Display

No good martinis but plenty to talk about today!  Join Jim and Greg as they dissect Republican fears that the open U.S. Senate seat in Kansas could be at risk this year if primary voters nominated Kris Kobach, who lost the 2018 governor's race there.  They serve up a double-barreled crazy martini as Utah Sen. Mike Lee fumes that Wednesday's Iran briefing offered few specifics and that national security officials told lawmakers not to debate the issue in public. But they're also surprised to see Lee planning to channel that frustration into support for the War Powers Act revisions restricting the ability of a president to order time-sensitive military action.  And they have a lot of fun as House Armed Services Committee Chairman Adam Smith tells CNN that its time for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to deliver the articles of impeachment to the Senate only to go on Twitter a short time later to say he "misspoke" and whatever Pelosi wants to do is fine with him.
09/01/2022m 15s

Iran's Symbolic Strike, Sandmann's CNN Settlement, MSNBC's Soleimani Slobbering

Join us for a busy news day on the Three Martini Lunch. Today, Jim and Greg discuss Iran's missile strike injuring no one in Iraq, leading President Trump to announce new sanctions but no new military action. They also discuss whether the Ukrainian airliner crash in Iran was a coincidence or something more sinister. In addition, they're glad to see Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann receiving a settlement from CNN after the network attacked over his encounter with an American Indian near the Lincoln Memorial last year - all because Sandmann was wearing a MAGA hat. And they try not to lose their breakfast as MSNBC not only carries the Soleimani funeral live but fawns all over the legacy of a man known for killing hundreds of American service members and slaughtering innocents at home and abroad.
08/01/2026m 13s

Iran Stands Alone, Iraq Withdrawal Confusion, Impeachment Over Iran?

Join us for three Iran-related martinis for you today. First, Jim and Greg are glad to see the likes of Russia and China offering nothing but word salad as no nation commits arms or manpower to Iran in the wake of the Soleimani strike. They also cringe as the Pentagon has to walk back a letter stating the U.S. Army would leave Iraq, only to have Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley explain the letter was just a poorly worded draft that doesn't accurately express our policy and was never intended to go public. And they unload on California Rep. Ro Khanna for suggesting that Pres. Trump retaliating against Iran could warrant another article of impeachment, with Jim wondering if the Democrats are starting an impeachment of the month club.
07/01/2021m 57s

Gervais Hammers Hollywood, Trump's Cultural Targets, Castro's Awkward Endorsement

We've got three compelling martinis to help you ease back into that first day back at work or school.  Join Jim and Greg as they applaud comedian Ricky Gervais for hammering Hollywood for its hypocrisy and self-importance at the Golden Globe Awards Sunday evening on topics ranging from Harvey Weinstein to Jeffrey Epstein to Chinese sweat shops.  Jim also urges President Trump to stop threatening to strike cultural sites in Iran because military targets make much more sense and discussing cultural sites could turn other nations against us.  And they cringe as the video of Julian Castro endorsing Elizabeth Warren comes across as inauthentic, with Castro coming to Warren's house, telling Warren how wonderful she is, and Warren agreeing with him.
06/01/2023m 17s

Suleimani's Airport Surprise, What Comes Next, Williamson Won't Quit

Well, 2020 is certainly off to an explosive start.  Join Jim and Greg as they cheer the demise of Iranian Quds Force Commander Qassem Suleimani and recount the evil carnage he perpetrated against U.S. forces and many others over the past two decades. They also realize that the targeting of Suleimani may well result in an Iranian response and wonder what the reality will soon be in the Middle East and beyond. And they analyze Marianne Williamson's curious decision to lay off her entire national campaign staff but insist she's still in the race.
03/01/2019m 26s

Iranian Aggression, Castro Quits, Trump's War Chest

Happy New Year! Grab a stool, as Jim and Greg return to their normal format for 2020. Today, they're grateful that the attack on the U.S. embassy in Baghdad was successfully stopped and no one was hurt and they also hope there are severe repercussions for the attack's Iranian sponsors. They're happy to see Julian Castro exit the campaign trail after a campaign that was rich in pandering but never found much support. And they discuss President Trump's $102 million cash on hand and the impact that could make in the campaign.
02/01/2021m 14s

Martini Awards Part 6: Person of the Year, Turncoat of the Year, Predictions

Jim and Greg conclude the Three Martini Lunch Award season by announcing their choices for person of the year and turncoat of the year. They also make their fearless predictions for 2020.
31/12/1924m 32s

Martini Awards Part 5: Most Overreported Story, Most Underreported Story, Best Story of 2019

Oh man, it's media day in our year-end Three Martini Lunch awards and Jim and Greg are holding nothing back.  Specifically, they look at the stories the mainstream media covered far too much, the ones they conveniently ignored because they didn't fit their narrative, and what they saw as the best stories of 2019.
30/12/1925m 15s

Martini Awards Part 4: Best Idea, Worst Idea, Boldest Tactic

More year-end awards today!  Jim and Greg embark on the second half of their six-episode saga known as the 2019 Three Martini Lunch Awards. Today, they offer up their selections for the best political idea, worst political idea, and boldest political tactics for the year.
27/12/1919m 3s

Martini Awards Part 3: Worst Scandal, Best Political Theater, Worst Political Theater

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and we're glad to have you back as we return to our prestigious Three Martini Lunch Awards. Today, Jim and Greg discuss the worst scandals of 2019, which Jim choosing a foreign policy mess and Greg opting for a domestic one. Next, we sift through a ton of possibilities for the best and worst political theater of 2019, with a pretty heavy emphasis on the 2020 campaign.
26/12/1926m 11s

Martini Awards Part 2: Sorry to See You Go, Rising Star, Fading Into Oblivion

Join Jim and Greg as they offer the second installment of their prestigious year-end awards. Today they remark on the political figures they're most sorry to see pass away in 2019. They also share their choices for rising political stars and the political figures who appear to be fading into oblivion - rarely to be heard from again.
24/12/1924m 44s

Martini Awards Part 1: Most Overrated, Underrated, Honest Political Figures

To say it's been an eventful year in politics would be a massive understatement.  So it's time to start deciding the best and worst of 2019 and today, Jim and Greg begin handing out the their Three Martini Lunch Awards. In this first installment, they offer their individual selections for Most Overrated Political Figure, Most Underrated Political Figure, and Most Honest Political Figure.
23/12/1921m 3s

Dems' Impeachment Ultimatum, Biden's Bad Energy Gamble, Wine Caves & Selfies

It's finally Friday of a very busy week! Jim and Greg have plenty to say about a member of the House Democratic leadership admitting to CNN that the Democrats may never send the articles of impeachment to the U.S. Senate unless Mitch McConnell agrees to the demands of Democrats for how the trial of President Trump ought to be structured.  They also hammer Joe Biden, who admitted that he's willing to kill thousands - possibly hundreds of thousands of jobs in the energy sector - because he's supremely confident the green economy will offer just as many opportunities for great jobs.  And they are the glad the holidays are right around the corner as Thursday's Democratic presidential debate descends into discussions of wine caves and selfies.Starting Monday, Jim and Greg will begin their six-episode Three Martini Lunch Awards for 2019.  They each hand out 18 awards in categories ranging from overrated and underrated political figures to rising and fading political figures to the best and worst political ideas of the year, eventually working up to their choices for person of the year.  Enjoy these special episodes and let us know what you think of our choices and share who you would choose!
20/12/1923m 10s

Impeachment Trial Standoff, Tulsi Votes Present, Another Obamacare Showdown

Join Jim and Greg as they comment on the moments from Wednesday's impeachment votes that stand out to them, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi having to enforce her no gloating policy. Then they dive into three crazy martinis, starting with Pelosi saying she won't pass the impeachment articles along to the Senate unless she's convinced it will be a fair process. They scratch their heads as Tulsi Gabbard votes present on both articles of impeachment and wonder what her political future holds. And they dissect the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals declaring the individual mandate unconstitutional and Jim wonders whether Republicans would have any legislation ready to go if the Supreme Court were to strike down all of Obamacare.
19/12/1923m 55s

Pelosi Says No Gloating, Dems' Amazing Plan B, Obama Wants Women Leaders

It's impeachment day and Jim and Greg aren't exactly riveted to the debate when the outcome was predetermined long ago.  But join them as they take aim at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi telling House Democrats not to gloat once the final impeachment votes are taken.  They also get a good laugh at Democrats suggesting the House not send impeachment articles to the Senate until Republicans agree to their demands for witnesses, wondering where the downside could possibly be for Republicans in this strategy.  And they have some choice thoughts as Barack Obama openly wishes that women could lead everywhere in the world for two years because everything would supposedly be better.
18/12/1922m 50s

Trump Leads All Dems, Clueless or Craven Kamala? Hate Trump, Inc.

One good martini and two crazies for you today!  Join Jim and Greg as they note a new USA Today poll showing President Trump winning national head-to-head polls against five different Democratic hopefuls.  Kamala Harris contends a new Fox News poll showing more support for impeachment means that Fox News viewers are turning on Trump, and Jim and Greg try to decide whether Kamala doesn't know how polling works or if she's just being dishonest.  And they have plenty to say as longtime GOP political operatives launch a new venture supposedly committed to rescuing the Constitution by helping Democrats defeat Trump and other Republicans.
17/12/1922m 34s

Comey Gets Cornered, What to Do About Van Drew, Weinstein Plays the Victim

It's only nine days 'til Christmas but the news keeps coming and the Three Martini Lunch is ready!  Join Jim and Greg today as they thoroughly enjoy watching Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace call out former FBI Director James Comey for a long string of statements that have been contradicted by the inspector general's report on the Justice Department and FBI abusing the FISA process.  They also roll their eyes as Democratic Rep. Jeff Van Drew looks for a political lifeline by switching to the Republican Party after announcing he will not vote to impeach President Trump, and the GOP appears ready to accept the man they recently branded a socialist.  And Jim is actually rendered speechless for a moment as disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein insists he isn't getting enough credit for all he's done for women.
16/12/1918m 22s

Tories Crush Corbyn, Tentative Trade Optimism, Biden's Big Problem

It's finally Friday!  Yes, we are fully aware of the impeachment votes in the House Judiciary Committee but Jim sums up his analysis in roughly two seconds as we begin today's podcast.  After that Jim and Greg celebrate the big win for the Conservative Party in the UK and are thrilled to report the political demise of Jeremy Corbyn.  They are also hoping that the substance matches the excitement as Congress prepares to pass the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement to replace NAFTA and President Trump announces agreement on "phase one" of trade negotiations with China.  And Jim details why Joe Biden's campaign could face serious turbulence after reports that Hunter Biden had a 1988 drug arrest expunged at the same time Sen. Biden was advocating for very tough drug crime sentencing.
13/12/1917m 41s

AOC Endorses Corbyn, Tlaib's Rush to Judgment, Virginia's Radical Dems

Another fruitless search for good news today but we have plenty to say about our bad and crazy martini!  Join Jim and Greg as they react to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez openly cheering on anti-Semitic, America-hating Jeremy Corbyn to be the next prime minister in the United Kingdom.  They fume as Rep. Rashida Tlaib falsely assumes the race of the people responsible for targeting and killing of Jewish people in Jersey City.  They also slam the media for losing interest in the murders when the facts of the case don't support their preferred narrative.  And while Democrats haven't even taken over the Virginia General Assembly yet, they're already talking about deploying the National Guard to counties that refuse to enforce their upcoming gun control legislation.
12/12/1922m 47s

Dems in Disarray, Trump vs. Mitch, One-Term Joe?

Another full serving of impeachment and 2020 campaign martinis Wednesday.  Join Jim and Greg as they enjoy watching moderate House Democrats float a censure resolution instead of impeachment while progressive Democrats and groups blast Speaker Pelosi for only filing two articles of impeachment.  They also weigh in on the disagreement between President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, as McConnell prefers an impeachment trial that wraps up as quickly as possible and President Trump wants to call lots of witnesses like Joe and Hunter Biden and the whistleblower behind the Ukraine complaint.  And they dig into reports that, if elected, Joe Biden is only planning to serve one term as president.
11/12/1921m 29s

Trump's Impeachment Bump, IG Report Hammers FBI, Dems' Curious Messaging

Lots of big news to break down on Tuesday's Three Martini Lunch!  Join Jim and Greg as they marvel at how much better President Trump is doing against all top-tier Democrats in three key battleground states than he was before impeachment began.  They also discuss the IG report savaging the FBI and Justice Department for it's sloppy, error-ridden FISA warrant requests aimed at the Trump campaign, and since the inspector general could not definitively find proof of  political motivation, they're left to shudder at the conclusion that the FBI is just thoroughly reckless and incompetent at its job.  And Jim finds it awfully curious that Democrats would announce two articles of impeachment this morning and then immediately announce a series of legislative compromises with President Trump.
10/12/1923m 15s

Afghan Con Job, Pensacola Terrorism, Injecting Kids Into Politics

It's a bleak search for good news on the Three Martini Lunch.  Today, Jim and Greg cringe as reports show the federal government has been flailing unsuccessfully for a sound policy in Afghanistan, lying to the public about what's been achieved, and wasting an obscene amount of taxpayer dollars.  They also react to the mass shooting committed by a Saudi military officer at Pensacola Naval Air Station Friday, in what increasingly appears to be an act of Islamic terrorism.  And they roll their eyes hard as the Democratic counsel for the House Judiciary Committee claims his young son asked him a deep and probing question about the character of the president.
09/12/1921m 4s

Jobs Report to Shout About, Impeachment Vote Counting, Plan B: Impeach Again!

We send you into the weekend with two good and martinis and a crazy one! Join Jim and Greg as they cheer another jobs report that beats expectations. They also get a kick out of reports that no minds have changed in the House after the impeachment hearings, and while impeachment is still very likely, we're still looking at a couple of Democrats voting against it and no Republicans voting for it. And a former Obama deputy solicitor general says if Trump is not removed by the Senate, Democrats should plan to impeach Trump again if he is re-elected.
06/12/1924m 43s

Pelosi Presses Impeachment, Blowup Over Barron, Washington Post's Impeachment Imperative

Chad Benson fills in for Jim Geraghty today. Grab a stool as we serve up three impeachment-related martinis. Chad and Greg respond to Nancy Pelosi demanding articles of impeachment to be drafted against President Trump. They also wade into the firestorm over a constitutional law professor invoking Trump's 13-year-old son Barron during her pro-impeachment testimony. And they react to a Washington Post columnist wringing her hands about what the media can still do to gin up more support for impeachment.
05/12/1923m 14s

Kamala Calls It Quits, Mayor Pete Plays the Race Card, Sanctuary Cities & Double Standards

After a brief mention of today's impeachment hearings, Jim and Greg launch into Wednesday's real martinis.  First, they take deep satisfaction in watching the end of the Kamala Harris presidential campaign and chronicle the many things that went wrong for her.  They also slam Pete Buttigieg for saying that anyone who supports President Trump is "looking the other way on racism, at best."  And they note that after three years of liberals cheering on sanctuary cities and counties over immigration policy, they suddenly have the vapors as conservative counties in Virginia adopt sanctuary policies against upcoming gun control legislation from the incoming Democratic majorities.
04/12/1923m 0s

Trump Backs Iran Protesters, GOP's Georgia Senate Spat, Bloomberg's Bounce

Recording of Tuesday's Three Martini Lunch concluded before the news of Kamala Harris abandoning her presidential campaign. Rest assured we will have plenty to say about that on Wednesday. In the meantime, grab a stool and join Jim and Greg as serve up Tuesday's martinis. First, they're grateful to see President Trump siding with the Iranian protesters despite earlier indications to the contrary. They also facepalm as Trump allies attack Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp for not following Trump's advice on a U.S. Senate appointment and Kemp proceeds to pick someone who makes the pro-life community very nervous. And they notice that Michael Bloomberg's spending barrage already has him in fifth place among voters in the first four primary and caucus states.
03/12/1926m 5s

Pro-Life Football Story, Bloomberg Knows Better Than You, SJW's Target Hallmark

Welcome back from Thanksgiving break! Grab a stool as Jim and Greg dissect good, bad, and crazy martinis today. First, while Greg laments another Ohio State win over Michigan, they love the powerful pro-life story involving OSU's star running back. They also slam Michael Bloomberg for saying taxes on poor people are good because then poor people won't make as many bad choices for themselves. And they roll their eyes as LGBT activists complain about the absence of same-sex romances in Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movies. You'll also enjoy their unvarnished analysis of the Hallmark movies as they currently exist.
02/12/1925m 46s

Jim and Greg Give Out Their Black Friday Political Gifts

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with your family and friends. As shoppers rush the malls and flood the internet, join Jim and Greg as they hand out their political gifts for 2019. Jim has carefully selected items for Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, and the Washington Redskins. Greg finds just the right items for President Trump, the failed 2020 presidential candidates, and the Democrats who are still running but often ignored.
29/11/1910m 23s

What We're Politically Thankful For

As America pauses for Thanksgiving Day this week, join Jim and Greg as they each list three things for which they are politically thankful.  They both start out discussing encouraging signs in the judicial world.  Then Jim explains which Democratic presidential candidates he's thankful for and which figure he's thankful for doing just about everything the wrong way. Greg discusses the political figure he thinks is setting a good example for conservatives to follow while in office and which groups he finds encouraging in a time of great cynicism and polarization.
27/11/1922m 38s

House Dem Opposes Impeachment, Obama Dings Biden, Ivy League Idiocy

One good and two crazy martinis await today. Jim and Greg react to House Democrat Brenda Lawrence backing away from impeachment and now saying censuring President Trump would be more appropriate in an election year. They also try to figure out what Barack Obama's 2020 approach is as he not only doesn't endorse Joe Biden but in private is apparently slamming Biden's inability to connect with voters. And they roll their eyes as Harvard and Yale students disrupt the annual football game between the two schools to protest both schools for investing in fossil fuels.
26/11/1917m 11s

Hong Kong Rocks the Vote, The Political Messiah Complex, Kamala's Craven Politics

Glad you've joined us for the Monday martinis! Today, Jim and Greg cheer the people of Hong Kong for leaving no doubt in local elections that they are on the side of freedom and the protesters. They also cringe as figures on the right speak of Trump is near messianic terms, a tactic the left engaged in over President Obama for eight years prior to Trump. They're both way off base. And as Kamala Harris suddenly declares herself a champion of marijuana decriminalization because it leads to mass incarceration, Jim and Greg inconveniently point out her record and her painfully obvious political calculations.
25/11/1920m 33s

Hurd's Crucial Conclusion, Yang Slams MSNBC Bias, Bolton Breaks His Silence

Happy Friday!  We've got good, bad, and crazy martinis to finish the week.  Join Jim and Greg as they discuss Texas Rep. Will Hurd saying he sees nothing that rises to the level of impeachment, because if Will Hurd isn't flipping the odds of many Republicans in the Senate flipping are very low.  They also sympathize with Andrew Yang, who is ripping MSNBC for not giving him much time to speak in Wednesday's debate.  And they're intrigued by John Bolton returning to Twitter and promising more to come - only to find liberals who hate him now begging him to testify in the impeachment inquiry.
22/11/1920m 34s

Trump's Improving Polls, Biden's Bungled Words, Patrick's Empty Event

It's all electoral politics for your Thursday martinis! Today, Jim and Greg discuss President Trump doing much better in Wisconsin than he was just a month ago and offer ideas for why those numbers are changing.  We also discuss the latest Democratic presidential debate and take a closer look at Joe Biden's difficulty at clearly expressing himself in many responses.  And we note that new 2020 Democratic hopeful Deval Patrick is off to a bit of a rough start in drawing support.
21/11/1925m 18s

Help for Hong Kong? Sondland Claims Quid Pro Quo, Media Still Protect Obama

Back to our usual format with three big stories today!  Jim and Greg applaud the Senate for passing legislation designed to sanction anyone found targeting the human rights of people in Hong Kong, but they still wish the demonstrators could get some public support from President Trump.  They also react to U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland contending that the Trump administration did demand Ukraine open an investigation into Burisma and the 2016 elections in exchange for President Zelensky to receive an invitation to the White House, and that he believes the suspension of military aid was linked to those demands as well.  And they marvel at the media deleting a story about the numbers of migrant children in U.S. detention when they learn the figure is actually from the Obama years.
20/11/1923m 15s

Chafee the Libertarian, DNC Demands Media Purity, South Dakota On Meth

Nothing but crazy martinis today! First, Jim and Greg react to news that former Republican, Democrat, and independent Lincoln Chafee is now a Libertarian and thinking about running for president with his new party in 2020. They also slam the Democratic National Committee for recoiling at the idea of Politico's Tim Alberta asking questions at the December presidential debate because he spent a year writing for National Review. And they examine South Dakota's attention-grabbing drug prevention campaign entitled, "Meth. I'm On It."
19/11/1923m 18s

FedEx Fights Back, Prince Andrew's Assinine Excuses, Mayor Pete's Major Mistake

Happy Monday!  Jim is in a good mood after a Jets win on Sunday and he's fired up for all three martinis.  First, Jim and Greg applaud FedEx CEO Fred Smith for fighting back against smears from the New York Times that accused his company of evading taxes thanks to the recent tax reforms.  They also shred Prince Andrew for his absurd defenses against accusations he was connected to Jeffrey Epstein's pedophile ring, including Andrew's explanation that he stayed at Epstein's house against his better judgment because he is "too honorable."  And they break down the sloppy, clueless effort of the Pete Buttigieg campaign to connect with black voters in the 2020 campaign.
18/11/1921m 57s

Trump's Yovonovitch Tweets, Bloomberg and Patrick Skeletons, Avenatti Forgotten

It's a no-filter Friday on the Three Martini Lunch.  Jim and Greg start by reacting to the Roger Stone convictions before even starting their martinis.  Then they shake their heads as President Trump goes on a Twitter rant against former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovonovitch while she's testifying on Capitol Hill and Adam Schiff immediately overplays his hand by calling it witness intimidation.  Then Jim details the disturbing backgrounds of new Democratic presidential candidates Michael Bloomberg and Deval Patrick, including Bloomberg's mistreatment of women and Patrick abusing his office to help a relative avoid registering as a sex offender.  And they get some satisfaction knowing that even the finalists in the "Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions" have already forgotten who Michael Avenatti is.
15/11/1922m 22s

Patrick's Presidential Push, Anti-Climactic Impeachment, Bloomberg's Curious Strategy

Is there any Democrat who won't run for president at some point this year?  Today, Jim and Greg dissect the eleventh hour campaign of former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and the message he's sending to the other Dems in the race by launching a campaign now.  They also sigh as they realize the impeachment process is going to play out for months and it appears highly unlikely that anyone in Congress is likely to change their mind about anything.  And they laugh as Michael Bloomberg apparently settle upon the strategy of skipping the first four Democratic presidential contests and putting all of his chips on winning in the South on Super Tuesday.
14/11/1924m 54s

Pathetic Impeachment Dreams, Trump Hosts Erdogan, Georgia Slipping Away?

As the impeachment drama kicks off, Jim and Greg nearly injure themselves rolling their eyes as a longtime Republican aide who is pro-impeachment suggests allowing a secret ballot vote in the Senate to improve the odds of President Trump being removed from office.  They also slam Trump for warmly welcoming Turkish President Erdogan despite his atrocities towards the Kurds and other antagonism towards the U.S.  And they cringe a bit when looking at numbers suggesting Democrats might have a chance at winning Georgia this year, although they do find a deeply satisfying silver lining.
13/11/1921m 33s

Losing Dems Play Victim Cards, Impeachment Tears, More Dems to Run?

Jim is back! Join us for the Tuesday edition of the Three Martini Lunch as he and Greg get a kick out of candidates like Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar playing the race and gender cards against Democratic primary voters to explain why their campaigns are struggling. They also roll their eyes at reports that Democrats are trying to get witnesses to cry in the open impeachment hearings in order to build emotional support for President Trump's impeachment. And they discuss why even more Democrats - like Eric Holder and Deval Patrick - are seriously looking at late entries into the 2020 campaign.
12/11/1924m 48s

Adios Morales, GOP's Suburban Swoon, ABC's Epstein Fiasco

Thanks for joining the Three Martini Lunch today.  Once again, Rob Long of National Review and Ricochet is sitting in for Jim.  Today, we celebrate the resignation of socialist Bolivian dictator Evo Morales and notice how very sad the mainstream media and far left politicians are that Morales is no longer in power.  They also note the retirement of New York GOP Rep. Peter King, and while they don't really care if King retires. they see it as further evidence that things look bleak for Republicans in the suburbs in 2020.  And they chronicle ABC and CBS acting like the Keystone Cops in apparently firing the wrong person for leaking the Amy Robach rant against ABC for spiking the Epstein story for three years.  Rob is also shaking his head at the producer tearfully insisting she would never make public something as compelling as Robach's comments.
11/11/1924m 19s

Extra Sessions, Dems Tack Far Left, Bloomberg's Big Adventure

Rob Long takes over Jim's stool for the day to discuss a big day in political announcements.  First, they size of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions running for his old U.S. Senate seat and starting his campaign by praising the president who fired him, a move Rob describes as brilliant.  They also watch Virginia Democrats talking about gun confiscation and Bernie Sanders proposing the end of illegal immigrant deportations and the abolition of agencies like ICE and Customs and Border Protection, and marvel at how the left just can't help embracing extreme positions when it seems to have some momentum.  And they dissect former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's decision to begin filing paperwork to seek the Democratic nomination in 2020, with Rob wondering how Bloomberg thought his record in the Big Apple could be attractive to rank and file Democrats.
08/11/1917m 19s

Gates vs. Warren, Government & Your DNA, Libs Push Population Control

Jim is on vacation but there's still plenty of fireworks on Thursday's Three Martini Lunch. Greg is joined by Chad Benson, host of "The Chad Benson Show."  Today, they get a kick out Bill Gates wondering just how much of his money Elizabeth Warren wants and concluding a conversation with Warren might not be worth his time because he's not sure how open-minded she is.  They also recoil as a judge allows police to demand DNA from one of those outfits that tracks your heritage as part of an investigation, although Chad reminds us we all have pretty much voluntarily given up our privacy. And they fire back at 11,000 "scientists" who now say the Green New Deal is not enough, but we have to engage in population control too.
07/11/1923m 10s

Rough Night for Republicans, Conservative Proposals Win, Kamala's Crazy School Plan

It was a long night, but we're here and we're glad you could join us!  Today, Jim and Greg unpack disappointing election results as Democrats win control of the Virginia legislature and Kentucky GOP Gov. Matt Bevin appears headed to defeat.  But they perk up as they see conservative policy ideas like protecting taxpayers, rejecting sanctuary city status, and tapping the brakes on affirmative action winning in moderate to liberal parts of the country. And they have zero use for a Kamala Harris proposal that would keep create a 10-hour school day (8 a.m.-6 p.m.) so it lines up with the work schedule of parents.
06/11/1923m 35s

ABC's Epstein Disgrace, Cartels Killing Americans, Nats Annoy Libs

All good martinis yesterday, and none today.  But we have three doozies for you.  First, Jim and Greg discuss the new Project Veritas expose, clearly showing reporter/anchor Amy Robach blasting her bosses off air for refusing to air her story exposing Jeffrey Epstein and his powerful connections for the past three years.  They blast ABC for engaging in the same kind of cover-up NBC did for Harvey Weinstein.  They also shudder at reports that as many as ten Americans were killed by drug cartels in Mexico, the latest evidence that cartels clearly control key parts of Mexico and may even be more powerful than the Mexican military.  And they laugh at the painfully predictable reaction from liberals on Twitter and far-left columnists like USA Today's Christine Brennan after some of the Washington Nationals said nice things about President Trump and one even wore a MAGA hat.
05/11/1926m 53s

Warren's Weak Polling, Beto Bails on 2020, Durham's Determination

After a surprisingly brief venting about how bad their football teams are, Jim and Greg serve up three good martinis.  They welcome New York Times polling showing Warren as the weakest major Democratic candidate against President Trump and an NYT editorial blasting Warren for falsely claiming that only billionaires would see higher taxes in her plan to pay for single-payer health care.  Then they relish the exit of Beto O'Rourke from the 2020 Democratic field and also hammer the media for building up Beto as some sort of transformational figure in 2018 when he was always an empty suit.  And Jim highlights his extensive profile of U.S. Attorney John Durham, the tight-lipped prosecutor tapped to investigate how the Trump-Russia investigation began in the first place.
04/11/1926m 8s

Good Jobs Report, Warren's Fiscal Fantasy, Katie Hill's Blame Game

Back to the normal format today, but plenty of good Friday fodder awaits.  Today, Jim and Greg are happy to see better-than-expected numbers in the October jobs report.  They shred Elizabeth Warren's ludicrous plan to pay for government-run health care, explaining why it's a fiscal pipe dream and a health policy nightmare for everyone.  And they roll their eyes as Katie Hill and all of her liberal and media apologists ignore the actual reason she is resigning from Congress today.
01/11/1922m 50s

Kamala Cratering, Floridians Love DeSantis, Swing States Skeptical on Impeachment

Another day, another round of all good martinis.  After a brief analysis of the Washington Nationals winning the World Series, Jim and Greg enjoy watching the Kamala Harris presidential campaign suffer its worst poll numbers yet and shrink the campaign staff to save its dwindling resources.  They also marvel at the stratospheric approval numbers of Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis, who enjoys a 72 percent approval rating and gets thumbs up from a majority of every major demographic, including Democrats.  And they're fascinated by poll numbers showing the possibility of impeaching President Trump is far less popular in the swing states than it is in national polls.
31/10/1922m 8s

Obama vs. Woke Culture, Turkey & Genocide, Collins Catches A Break

It's all good martinis today! Join Jim and Greg as they stunningly applaud former President Obama for telling liberals that just blasting people for not being sufficiently woke actually accomplishes nothing. They're also glad to see the House of Representatives vote overwhelmingly to blame Turkey for the Armenian genocide committed over a century ago and discuss why that matters now. And they discuss the financial and ethical headaches facing the likely Democratic challenger to Maine GOP Sen. Susan Collins.
30/10/1919m 52s

Another ISIS Leader Killed, Sinema Defies Dems, Sen. Sessions 2.0?

Another day with two good martinis!  Join Jim and Greg as they celebrate U.S. forces killing another top ISIS official who may have been the successor to al-Baghdadi.  They're also pleasantly surprised to see Arizona Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema frustrating party leaders for taking a moderate approach on several issues and opposing an end to the legislative filibuster no matter which party is in control.  And while Jeff Sessions was a solid senator, they're not too excited to hear Sessions is seriously considering joining a crowded field to win the seat again.
29/10/1919m 38s

Baghdadi Bites the Dust, Rahm Is Right Again, Throuple Trouble

Start the week off right by joining us for the Three Martini Lunch.  Today, Jim and Greg celebrate the U.S. forces who tracked down and eliminated Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the ISIS leader responsible for some of the most heinous and grisly murders, rapes, and oppression we've seen in recent times.  They also pile on the Washington Post for offering a much softer headline and obituary for al-Baghdadi than was appropriate.  Jim and Greg are pleasantly surprised to see liberal political street fighter Rahm Emanuel begging Democrats to stop pushing Medicare for All.  And as California Democratic Rep. Katie Hill announces her upcoming resignation, they explain why this story is disturbing on virtually every level.
28/10/1925m 0s

Russia Investigation, Blue Collar Workers, and The Conways

In today's Friday edition of the 3 Martini Lunch Jim Geraghty from National Review and Radio America's Rich McFadden look at the latest turn in the Russia investigation, why the Democrats are ignoring blue collar workers and the newest episode of the hit reality show "The Conways".
25/10/1917m 29s

Florida Sidelines Scott Israel, Free Speech Fading, House Impeachment Drama

Join Jim and Greg as they serve up three new martinis Thursday!  First, they applaud the Florida State Senate for permanently removing former Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel after his horrific leadership before, during, and after the Parkland high school shooting.  They also shudder as a majority of Americans favor rewriting the first amendment and nearly half want to ban hate speech without ever defining what it is.  And they discuss the high drama on Capitol Hill as Democrats conduct impeachment-related depositions in secret and Republicans hold a sit-in to protest what they see as a lack of transparency.
24/10/1922m 15s

GOP Hope in Michigan, Voters Clueless on Single-Payer, Seattle's Bad Math

Good polls, confusing polls and politicizing math are the focus of our martinis on Wednesday.  Jim and Greg are glad to see Republican U.S. Senate challenger John James already in a virtual dead heat with Democratic Sen. Gary Peters in Michigan.  They also shake their heads as a new Kaiser Family Foundation survey shows a majority of Americans support Medicare for All but oppose it by large margins when they actually understand it means the end of private insurance.  And they throw up their hands as school officials in Seattle consider adding an emphasis on ethnic studies into all subjects, including taking time in math class to explain how math is oppressive to people of color and is used to exploit natural resources.
23/10/1920m 39s

Mexico's Border Wall, Trudeau Squeaks By, Dem Donors Want Someone Else

Join Jim and Greg as they appreciate a more stable southern border thanks to Mexico holding up its end of the bargain on border security.  They also shudder at the news that Justin Trudeau will continue as Prime Minister of Canada, even though Conservative Party candidates won more votes nationwide.  And they enjoy watching Democratic insiders wring their hands because they're worried none of the many Democrats running for president may be able to defeat President Trump and dream of new candidates jumping into the race.
22/10/1919m 16s

Tulsi Torches Hillary, Trump Backtracks on Doral, Castro's Ultimatum

It's all good martinis for us today!  Join Jim and Greg as they find endless entertainment in Hillary accusing Tulsi Gabbard of being a Russian asset and Gabbard going nuclear in response.  They're also glad to see President Trump listening to those begging him to take one controversy off the table and scrapping the 2020 G-7 summit at Trump's Doral resort in Florida.  And they have a lot of fun with Julian Castro becoming the latest Democrat to insist they are leaving the race unless they raise a large sum of money by the end of the month.
21/10/1923m 3s

From Tulsi with Love? Gardner on the Ropes, Nine Years of Three Martinis

It's a festive Friday as Jim is back to finish out the week. He and Greg wonder just how far Hillary Clinton is removed from reality as she claims voter suppression cost her key states in 2016 and that Russia will run Tulsi Gabbard as a third party candidate this year to help President Trump get re-elected. They also cringe as new polling shows incumbent Colorado GOP Sen. Cory Gardner with just 42 percent and losing to Democrat John Hickenlooper by double digits. And they close the week out by celebrating nine fun years of the Three Martini Lunch and looking forward to many more!
18/10/1925m 10s

Real NBA Courage, Trump's Letter, Beto Embraces Gun Confiscation

David French joins us for a drink today in place of Jim, who will be back on Friday.  Today, David and Greg discuss the courage of Enes Kanter, a Turkish player for the Boston Celtics.  In the wake of widespread NBA cowardice on China, Kanter continues to defy the repressive Turkish government even though it persecutes his family members and he faces threats against his life.  They also wince at President Trump's Twitter-esque letter urging Turkish President Erdogan to seek a cease-fire with the Kurds and blast Trump for pulling back so suddenly in Syria that our own military is scrambling to get out of there.  They work in a much-needed laugh as Beto O'Rourke now admits he would have law enforcement come and take away your AR-15 and any other weapons he would ban.  At the conclusion of today's episode, they pay tribute to the late Rep. Elijah Cummings and then remark on David's upcoming departure from National Review to join a new venture known as The Dispatch.
17/10/1925m 39s

Dem Debate: Warren Gets Whacked, New Tax Nightmare, Tulsi's Impeachment Twist

Chad Benson, host of "The Chad Benson Show," borrows Jim's stool again today.  In this episode, Chad and Greg break down the latest Democratic presidential debate.  First, they get a kick out of watching Elizabeth Warren squirm out of answering whether she would raise taxes on the middle class to pay for government-run health care and watching mild-mannered Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg hammer her for not answering.  They also groan and protect their wallets as Warren pitches her wealth tax yet again and Andrew Yang counters by touting the horrendous value-added tax.  They note how Tulsi Gabbard was the only Democrat on stage who admits President Trump won in 2016 and thinks impeachment will only help Trump in 2020.  And they have fun with some of the really bad answers candidates gave when asked to name people who think differently than them but have had a profound impact on their lives.
16/10/1918m 3s

LeBron's China Choke, Chris Hayes Calls out NBC, Steyer's Hysteria

Jim Geraghty is back and firing on all cylinders for three big stories today!  First, he and Greg poster dunk on LeBron James for calling Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey "uneducated" for his tweet urging people to stand up for freedom in Hong Kong and suggesting such speech can be very harmful - to the Chinese government and NBA profits apparently.  In complete contrast to LeBron's cowardice, MSNBC's Chris Hayes is loudly applauded for hammering his own employer for following the path of least resistance in spiking Ronan Farrow's story on Harvey Weinstein.  And they roll eyes before ripping Tom Steyer for telling supporters a win for the Democrats in 2020 means the end of the Republican Party forever and a Republican win "literally" means the end of the world.
15/10/1928m 38s

Bernie Drags Dems Further Left, China's Ugly Threats, Trump Meme Mania

Chad Benson, host of "The Chad Benson Show," and Greg Corombos of Radio America serve up your Columbus Day martinis while Jim is away basking in a New York Jets victory. They start by getting a kick out of Bernie Sanders once again trying to drag Democrats to the left by telling ABC News the big difference between him and Elizabeth Warren is that she's a capitalist and he is not. And of course, Bernie once again calls for a political revolution. They also shudder as Chinese President Xi Jinping warns that anyone trying to create divisions in China "will end in crushed bodies and shattered bones" and Chad warns that the U.S. and the rest of the world need to realize that the future will either be dominated by China or the U.S. And they react to the violent video meme depicting Trump mowing down media entities and political opponents and the furor that inevitable followed.
14/10/1918m 45s

Pence Has A Point, Kerr's Equivocation, Gabbard's Gimmick

Happy Friday!   We're finally back to our usual format today, so join Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America to wrap up the week in style.  First, they nod along as Vice President Mike Pence asks the media why they suddenly don't care about foreign meddling in the 2016 campaign now that President Trump wants some answers.  They also feel ill as Golden State Coach Steve Kerr suggests an absurd moral equivalence between the U.S. and China.  And they have fun with Rep. Tulsi Gabbard threatening to boycott the Democratic presidential debate she just qualified for.
11/10/1924m 5s

Bipartisan Backlash, Biden Campaign Berates Media Again, Trump's ISIS Shrug

Hey, we finally we have a good martini and it only took us until Thursday!  Today, Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America appreciate a bipartisan group of lawmakers blasting the NBA for kowtowing to China. They also slam the Biden campaign for whining that the New York Times is making common cause with Breitbart.com by covering Hunter Biden's overseas activities. And they hammer President Trump for not worrying if thousands of ISIS prisoners go free because of Turkey's attack on the Kurds because most would only wind up in Europe again.
10/10/1922m 27s

Turks Attack Kurds, NBC's Negligence, Free Speech Infringement

The search is still on for a good martini this week.  Today, Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America react to the Turkish military striking Kurdish targets just two days after the U.S. announced it would move forces out of the area so Turkey could attack one of our closest allies in the fight against ISIS. They also shudder at rape allegations against former "Today" show host Matt Lauer and at new revelations about the steps NBC executives took to downplay Lauer's actions and stop journalist Ronan Farrow from releasing his Harvey Weinstein story that started the #MeToo movement. And they recoil as two NBA fans are removed from an NBA game in the U.S. for bringing signs and voicing support for Hong Kong.
09/10/1925m 13s

Steve Kerr's Sudden Silence, The Comey Show, Sanford vs. Walsh

No bad martinis in sight today. Nope, we've got all crazy ones for you!  Today, Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America shake their heads as outspoken liberal Golden State Warriors Coach Steve Kerr suddenly has no opinion on China throwing a fit over one pro-Hong Kong tweet from a general manager in the league.  They also roll their eyes as CBS announces it will be making a miniseries out of former FBI Director James Comey's book about his career.  And they react to the very different opinions of GOP Trump challengers Joe Walsh and Mark Sanford, as Walsh demands impeachment and Sanford says he will probably vote for Trump if the president wins the GOP nomination next year.
08/10/1926m 28s

Trump Abandons Kurds, NBA Grovels to China, Bleak Prospects in Virginia

We've got nothing but bad martinis today.  Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are frustrated by President Trump ordering the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria, even as Turkey specifically says it wants us gone so it can attack our Kurdish allies who did more than anyone else in the region to confront ISIS.  Jim and Greg also swat away the NBA's pathetic apology to China after the general manager of the Houston Rockets tweeted out that people should stand with Hong Kong.  And they groan as they see polls for the upcoming legislative races in Virginia looking very rough for Republicans.
07/10/1924m 41s

Bullish Jobs Report, The Ukraine Texts, AOC Bored with Impeachment

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America welcome a solid September jobs report, including a lower unemployment rate and a reduction in people leaving the labor force. They also break down the text messages among U.S. diplomats about President Trump's approach to Ukraine, with one clearly seeing a quid pro quo and one saying it's definitely not. And they comment on AOC declaring she's bored with impeachment and just wants to get it done so she can keep her eyes "on the prize of social and economic and racial justice."
04/10/1918m 25s

The Lessons of Richard Jewell, Schiff's Latest Lie, Trump Wants China Looking at Bidens

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America look forward to Clint Eastwood's new film about how the FBI and media convinced America Richard Jewell was the Olympic Park bomber back in 1996, ruined the man's life, and obviously learned very little from this debacle.  They're hopeful the movie will tell the truth about an ugly chapter in American history.  They also unload on House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, who was caught lying about his office having contact with the whistleblower before the complaint was filed.  And they react to President Trump not only doubling down on his urging of Ukraine to investigates Joe and Hunter Biden but for China to start investigating them as well.
03/10/1923m 25s

Trump's Re-election Funds; Sanders-Warren Truce Under Strain; Novel Border Security Ideas

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Rich McFadden of Radio America tackle two good martinis and one crazy as Rich sits in for Greg Corombos. First, they marvel at President Trump's $125 million fundraising haul in the third quarter of 2019. They also notice brewing tensions on the far left as Bernie Sanders starts criticizing Elizabeth Warren for refusing to admit she will have to raise taxes to pay for her progressive agenda. And they shake their heads as Trump reportedly advocated a snake-filled moat at the border and for border agents to shoot people in the legs if they were coming in illegally.
03/10/1912m 59s

Warren vs. Zuckerberg, Trump's Terrible China Tweet, The President Pelosi Pipe Dream

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America get a kick out of watching Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Sen. Elizabeth Warren battle over whether the government ought to break up big tech.  With little appetite for Warren's big government intrusion or Zuckerberg's pathetic efforts to protect user privacy and free speech, Jim and Greg plan to enjoy watching these two liberals devour each other.  They also slam President Trump for cheerfully congratulating China on it's 70th anniversary since the communists took hold in 1949, making no reference to China's brutal repression of people and freedom that continues to this very day.  And they hammer the Washington Post for running an op-ed fantasizing about impeaching both Trump and Vice President Mike Pence so Nancy Pelosi can become president.
01/10/1920m 48s

Trump's Tantrums, Biden's Bullying, Hillary's Hallucinations

We're off to an all-crazy start in what promises to be a crazy week!  Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America throw up their hands as President Trump goes on a Twitter rant demanding House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff be investigated for treason and quoting allies suggesting that impeachment could lead to another civil war.  They also unload on Joe Biden and his campaign for demanding that the media stop interviewing Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani.  And they almost start to feel sorry for Hillary Clinton as she keeps talking about winning the popular vote and accusing Trump of being "an illegitimate president" almost three years after the election.
30/09/1921m 12s

Unlikely Impeachment Foes, Protecting Hunter, Prince Harry's Climate Hysteria

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are surprised to see prominent Trump critics David Brooks and John Kasich saying Democrats are moving way too quickly on impeachment. They also get a big laugh out of New York Times podcast host Michael Barbaro demanding that people leave the children of political candidates alone - while specifically referring to 49-year-old Hunter Biden. And they roll their eyes hard as Prince Harry says he has trouble getting out of bed some days because he is so concerned about the future of the planet.
27/09/1923m 53s

Schiff's Circus, Whistleblower's Revelations, Warren's Flip-Flop

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America take note of how it took less than 48 hours for Democrats to turn the impeachment process into a farce as House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff opened Thursday's hearing with a stunningly twisted version of the transcript documenting the Trump-Zelensky phone call in July.  They also walk through the declassified whistleblower report and point out what is likely to matter most as this process moves along.  And they get a kick out of Elizabeth Warren changing her mind on whether it's OK for the children of vice presidents to sit on the boards of foreign companies.
26/09/1927m 18s

Impeachment Impasse, Trump's Transcript Problem, Evan's McFantasy

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America go through the transcript of the Trump phone call with Ukrainian Pres. Volodymyr Zelensky and conclude virtually no minds will be changed by it when it comes to impeachment.  They also explain why the transcript is still bad for President Trump and possibly Joe Biden.  And they get a good laugh at 2016 presidential afterthought and fake conservative Evan McMullin taking credit for the launch of the House impeachment inquiry.
25/09/1918m 52s

Allies Blame Iran Too, Impeachment Insanity Looms, Bernie's Wealth Tax

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are glad to see France, Germany, and the UK conclude that Iran attacked Saudi Arabia earlier this month and that there is no other plausible explanation.  They also groan over the political circus about to begin as House Democrats appear to be moving en masse towards impeachment and even President Trump seems to like the idea of getting impeached because it would help him win re-election.  And they discuss the dystopian world Bernie Sanders wants us all to live in as he proposes a ludicrous wealth tax to pay for the massive expansion of government that he envisions.
24/09/1923m 49s

Booker on the Brink, House GOP Exodus, 'Shut Down DC' Stupidity

Join Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America as they serve up some strong martinis to start the week.  First, they find an odd appreciation for Sen. Cory Booker's campaign admitting it needs to raise $1.7 million by the end of the month to have any chance at being competitive for the Democratic nomination - and it makes Jim wonder why several other weak candidates haven't already closed up shop.  They also shake their heads as a lot of House Republicans don't want to be there anymore.  Many of them understandably hate being in the minority but Jim offers another, more serious reason for why a lot of conservatives want out of Washington.  And they have no patience for the Shut Down DC climate protesters who snarled traffic in Washington this morning by demonstrating on several critical roads and intersections.
23/09/1920m 6s

De Blasio Drops Out, Beto vs. Schumer, Untangling the Ukraine Story

Join Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America as they serve up the final martinis of the week.  First, they welcome the whimpering conclusion of the pointless presidential campaign of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.  They also pop the popcorn as as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says no senators support Beto O'Rourke's mandatory buyback program for AR-15's and other weapons and O'Rourke fires back by saying that Schumer has accomplished nothing on guns.  And as the whistleblower story offers a few more details and now seems to feature Joe Biden, Jim expertly peels back the layers to discuss what Trump did, what Biden did and what it all means.
20/09/1925m 57s

Trudeau in Trouble, Trump & the Whistleblower, House GOP's Tired 2020 Agenda

It's all crazy martinis today!  Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America start with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau found to have used blackface on at least three occasions but the maddening part is how the left is urging everyone to calm down with respect to Trudeau when they would have cast a non-leftist to the wolves and even Trudeau himself says these sorts of stories ought to be judges on a case by case basis.  They also wait for more information after reports say an intelligence whistleblower is accusing Trump of making a shocking promise to a world leader.  Is this a major scandal in the making or just more media hyperventilation?  And let's just say they're severely underwhelmed as House Republicans make repealing Obamacare and reducing the national debt their priorities if voters return to the majority - particularly when they did neither when they had the chance in the first two years of the Trump administration.
19/09/1924m 28s

The Real Kavanaugh Bombshell, Harris Polls Implode, SJW's Target Yang

The laughs are even more abundant than usual today on the Three Martini Lunch!  Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America begin by applauding CBS for reporting the real headline from the new books on the Kavanuagh fight - that one of Christine Blasey Ford's supposed witnesses was pressured to lie to support Ford's story.  They also enjoy seeing poll after poll showing Sen. Kamala Harris is slipping badly from her position as a top tier candidate.  And as liberal critics wring their hands over Andrew Yang joking that he knows a lot of doctors because he's Asian, Jim and Greg suggest everyone lighten up and have some fun with their own ethnicities.
18/09/1922m 26s

Indiana Abortion Investigation, Kamala's Kavanaugh Hysteria, NYT Damage Control

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America welcome word that a federal investigation will be opened into how a prominent Indiana abortion provider allied with Pete Buttigieg ended up with more than 2,000 fetal remains in his home.  They also shake their heads as Kamala Harris not only calls for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to be impeached but also contends that Christine Blasey Ford was "treated like a criminal" and that the Kavanaugh confirmation created a "crisis of confidence" in the Supreme Court.  And Jim has plenty to say as the two New York Times reporters behind the latest Kavanaugh allegation insist their original article included the fact the supposed victim has no memory of the incident but their editors took it out of the story.
17/09/1924m 11s

Beto Foils Dem Gun Narrative, Iran Gets Aggressive, More Kavanaugh Craziness

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America enjoy watching some Democrats fret that Beto O'Rourke's vow to take everyone's AR-15 and AK-47 might convince voters that Democrats are after our guns.  They also shudder as Iranian-funded and armed rebels in Yemen attack Saudi oil production facilities, leading to much higher tensions in the region.  And they hammer the New York Times for publishing a new, salacious allegation against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh while omitting the fact the alleged victim has no memory of the incident.
16/09/1921m 21s

McCabe Appeal Rejected, Castro vs. Biden, Yang's Gimmick

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are pleased to see a high-ranking government official actually moving closer to facing the same type of prosecution most Americans would face for allegedly divulging sensitive information and then lying about it.  Jim also hilariously shreds CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin for acting like the allegations in the case are incredibly complicated.  They also size up the third Democratic presidential debate and hammer Julian Castro for his obvious suggestion that Joe Biden is too mentally fuzzy to be president.  And they roll their eyes as Andrew Yang vows to give ten Americans a thousand dollars a month over the next year.
13/09/1919m 31s

Condi Crushes NBC, Supremes Side with Trump, Dems Duke it Out

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America cheer Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for utterly rejecting the suggestion from NBC's Savannah Guthrie that Russian meddling may have tipped the 2016 election to President Trump - and explaining what really did happen.  They also welcome the U.S. Supreme Court siding with the Trump administration in requiring asylum seekers to apply for asylum in any country they enter on the way to the U.S.  And they pop the popcorn as the Biden campaign takes a swing at Elizabeth Warren and Marianne Williamson complains that the Democrats are meaner to her than conservatives.  Finally, they figure out ways to tolerate a three-hour Democratic presidential debate tonight.
12/09/1926m 43s

GOP Wins in Carolina, Iran Loves Bolton Exit, Trump Dynasty?

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are glad to see Republicans hold on to a pair of North Carolina congressional seats, including one that Democrats were hoping would be a harbinger of 2020.  They also shudder as Iranian President Hassan Rouhani cheers the exit of National Security Adviser John Bolton and now urges President Trump to end the maximum pressure campaign.  And they groan as Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale openly forecasts a Trump political dynasty.
11/09/1920m 55s

Dem Popularity Plunge, Ross Should be Tossed, Ossoff Mania 2.0, Bolton Bolts

Breaking news makes this a four martini lunch!  Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America start by noting the Democrats have lost every bit of the approval advantage they enjoyed over the GOP a year ago and Jim offers an analysis that both parties would be wise to heed but never will.  They also slam Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross for reportedly threatening to fire high-ranking officials at NOAA if there was not a statement released defending President Trump's outdated forecast for Hurricane Dorian.  Jim says if the reports are true, Ross should lose his job.  They brace them themselves for the media to fall in love with Democrat Jon Ossoff all over again as the special election golden boy from 2017 (who lost) is now running for U.S. Senate in Georgia.  And they react to the breaking news that John Bolton is out as National Security Adviser in the Trump administration.
10/09/1923m 50s

Steyer Set to Debate, Camp David Disaster, GOP Shies from Primaries

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are glad to see billionaire impeachment activist Tom Steyer lock in a spot in the October Democratic presidential debate - both to watch him push impeachment when the party wants none of it and to see better debates. They also react to President Trump planning a meeting with Taliban leaders at Camp David before abruptly cancelling at the last minute. Find out why Jim sees the Camp David invite as the "most morally abhorrent" mistake made by the Trump administration. And they scold Republican Party leaders in four states for planning to skip primaries and caucuses in 2020.
09/09/1918m 51s

Mugabe Dies, Schultz Won't Run, Sharpie-Gate Stupidity

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America shed no tears at the death of former Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe, who repressed and sometimes killed his people and ruthlessly clung to power for decades.  They also react to the new that former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz will not be mounting a 2020 independent presidential bid and also remember the unrelenting venom that Democrats and the media allies directed at Schultz for even thinking about an independent campaign.  And they slam both President Trump and the media for being unable to admit mistakes and turning literally anything - including a Sharpie sketch on a hurricane map - into grist for yet another controversy.
06/09/1922m 9s

Olson Re-Hired, Pompeo Pans Taliban Deal, NRA Branded Terrorists, Fantasy Draft!

It's a big day on the Three Martini Lunch!  Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America start by welcoming the news that Leif Olson has been re-hired at the Labor Department just one day after he was falsely accused of anti-Semitism by Bloomberg Law.  Then they are encouraged that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is also quite leery of any peace deal with the Taliban.  And they unload on politicians in San Francisco for labeling the National Rifle Association.Then, as the NFL begins it's 100th season, Jim and Greg put a political twist on the occasion and have a lot of fun by holding a fantasy football draft involving the Democratic presidential candidates!
05/09/1929m 16s

Score One for Freedom, Bloomberg's Brazen Lie, Trusting the Taliban

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America welcome the news that Hong Kong - at the direction of Communist China - has withdrawn the extradition bill that sparked massive protests, but they're still not sure this story will have a happy ending.  They also pummel Bloomberg News and reporter Ben Penn for forcing the resignation of a Department of Labor appointee over an "anti-Semitic" social media post that wasn't anti-Semitic at all.  And Jim is not at all impressed with the apparent peace plan in Afghanistan, which seems to amount to little more than trusting the Taliban not to commit terrorism or harbor terrorist groups.
04/09/1918m 23s

Manchin Stays in Senate, Red Flags Rampant in Texas Shootings, Beto's Desperate Gun Grab

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America have mixed reactions to the news that West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin is not going to run for governor of his state in 2020 and will remain in the Senate until 2024.  They also shudder at the obvious warning signs surrounding the latest mass shooter in Texas and wonder why so few people did anything about them.  And they roll their eyes as Beto O'Rourke insists he would ban AR-15's and similar weapons and force gun owners to sell them to the government.
03/09/1919m 27s

Cavuto Corrects Trump, Dems More Extreme on Abortion, Callous Canadian

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America cheer Fox News host Neil Cavuto for rebutting President Trump's claim that "Fox News is no longer working for us" and for reminding politicians and media outlets what the job of the press should be. They also cringe as new Pew poll numbers show 82 percent of Democrats believe abortion should be legal in most or all circumstances - a huge jump from last decade. And Jim has a lot of say after former Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell states that she hopes Hurricane Dorian hits Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort.
30/08/1923m 18s

Kirsten Calls It Quits, Comey's Comeuppance, O'Donnell's Dumb Decision

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are glad to see New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand exit the 2020 Democratic presidential race, both because she had no chance and because she may have been the most obvious at pandering in the entire field - which is saying something since she was running against Beto. They also welcome the scathing report from the Justice Department's inspector general which hammer former FBI Director James Comey for his mishandling of evidence and leaking private information to achieve a political outcome. Even more, Comey responds to the verbal beatdown by claiming he is somehow exonerated. And they're glad to hear an apology from MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell a day after O'Donnell made allegations against President Trump on air without anyone at NBC News or O'Donnell's source ever seeing the evidence in question.
29/08/1923m 56s

Mattis Pleads for Unity, Political Jockeying in Georgia, Omar's Affair

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America welcome former Defense Secretary Gen. James Mattis making an urgent plea to end political tribalism because a unified America is a stronger America.  They're also sad to learn that health problems are forcing the retirement of Georgia GOP Sen. Johnny Isakson and they're also not thrilled that there's another Republican-held seat headed to the ballot in 2020.  And they discuss why the allegations of Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar may raise legal issues and possibly complicate her political future.
28/08/1921m 9s

Gillibrand Just Needs to Go, Why Walsh Is Going Nowhere, Bedbug Brawl

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America enjoy watching Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's own staffers begging her to get out of the Democratic presidential race and blast her debate performances as "obnoxious."  They also roll their eyes as Joe Walsh presents himself as the mature, high character alternative to Trump because he stopped acting like Trump a year ago.  And they dissect New York Times columnist Bret Stephens taking umbrage at being called a "bedbug" by a university professor and bringing the comment to the provost of the school.  Jim caps off that final martini with a plea for everyone to stop bugging each other.
27/08/1922m 54s

Freedom of Conscience Win, Media Fret Trump Attacks, Stelter's Circus, Indy Out of Luck

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America welcome a decision from the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that strongly boosts the freedom of conscience in a culture that often wants to crush any departure from liberal groupthink. They also take a wait and see approach as media outlets fret about Trump allies compiling dossiers to confront journalists in the 2020 cycle. They unload on CNN's Brian Stelter for failing to confront a "Reliable Sources" guest who claims President Trump is responsible for more deaths than Hitler, Stalin, or Mao. And Jim has some strong opinions about those Indianapolis Colts fans who booed quarterback Andrew Luck for retiring on Saturday night.
26/08/1925m 39s

Trump's Orders, Conspiracy or Lunacy? McCabe Joins CNN, Remembering David Koch

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America close the week with three crazy martinis and a champagne toast. They sigh as President Trump tweets that he is ordering U.S. companies to scale back in China in response to the very real practice of China ripping us off. They also evaluate former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne's claims that he was ordered to conduct political espionage on four presidential candidates in 2015-2016 on orders from the FBI and Justice Department. They react to CNN hiring disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe as an analyst. And Jim offers a toast to the late David Koch for his tireless efforts to expand freedom and opportunity to Americans.
23/08/1926m 46s

Inslee Exits, Hickenlooper Runs for Senate, Walsh 2020?

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America enjoy a fun episode by discussing three presidential hopefuls who never had a chance. They start by applauding Washington Gov. Jay Inslee for recognizing he wasn't going to win and getting out of the Democratic presidential race. They also sigh as former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper starts running for U.S. Senate just days after dropping out of the presidential field, and admit he's got a pretty good chance of winning. And they wonder why one-term former Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh is seriously considering a GOP primary challenge to President Trump.
22/08/1922m 32s

Devastating Debt, Trump's Disloyalty' Problem, Dr. Biden's Blunder

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America have no good martinis today. They wince as the national deficit creeps closer to $1 trillion again and lament that neither party has any intention of seriously addressing the problem before disaster strikes next decade. They also cringe as President Trump rightly slams Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and other far left lawmakers fpr pushing the anti-Semitic BDS movement but then says says any Jews who vote for Democrats are being disloyal. And they get a kick out of Jill Biden telling Democrats that her husband might not be the best candidate but voters should get on board because he has the best chance to beat Trump.
21/08/1921m 57s

Planned Parenthood Reveals Priorities, Sanctuary Stupidity, Mooch Madness

Jim Geraghty of National Review unleashes an epic rant about the re-emergence of Anthony Scaramucci - this time as an anti-Trump figure suddenly loved and respected by the press - and the Trump culture that created the Mooch. But first, he and Greg Corombos of Radio America celebrate Planned Parenthood withdrawing as an applicant for Title X funding for refusing to stop advocating for patients to get abortions - and saving taxpayers $60 million.  And they unload on sanctuary counties in North Carolina and Maryland for letting illegal immigrants go despite them being accused of heinous sexual offenses.
20/08/1923m 55s

Kennedy vs. Markey? SJW's vs. Jay-Z, Kamala's Latest Canard

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are back!  Today, they enjoy watching Democrats wasting time and money in pushing Rep. Joseph Kennedy III to launch a primary challenge against incumbent Democratic Sen. Ed Markey, but Jim also explains why it's long past time to stop fawning over the Kennedys.  Jim also dives into his latest piece, in which he slams the social justice warriors for refusing to accept many goodwill gestures from the NFL so long as Colin Kaepernick remains without a team.  And they roll their eyes as Sen. Kamala Harris tells donors she is not comfortable with the Medicare for All legislation pushed by 2020 rival Sen. Bernie Sanders, even though Harris co-sponsored the legislation.
19/08/1918m 46s

Buying Greenland, Banned from Israel, and an Amicus Brief

Filling in for Greg Corombos of Radio America, guest host Greg Knapp is joined by David French of National Review. Up first, David offers three reasons why he likes the Greenland purchase idea followed by a chaser on the ethics of leaking to the press. Next, Greg and David reflect on Israel's decision to ban two members of Congress from visiting the country, and argue that the media has provided inadequate coverage of the backstory. Finally, David discusses a case that is up for review in the Supreme Court which has caused several Democratic senators to file an amicus brief that David describes as "one of the most astonishing things I have ever read."
16/08/1923m 8s

Backing Away from Blago, Trump Tepid on Hong Kong, The Stacey Abrams Charade

David French of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America welcome reports that members of the Illinois congressional delegation have at temporarily convinced President Trump not to commute the prison sentence of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich. They're also frustrated that President Trump is not speaking out more forcefully in favor of the pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong, and is instead just saying he hopes it works out well for everyone. And they roll their eyes once again as Stacey Abrams - who lost the 2018 Georgia governor's race fair and square - is now accusing the Republicans of planning to intimidate voters of color in 2020 and also making herself available to be the vice presidential nominee for the Democrats next year.
14/08/1921m 2s

Hong Kong Protests, Cuomo & Fredo, A Tribe Called Crazy

Alexandra DeSanctis of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss the growing discord in Hong Kong, as demonstrators demand their freedom but also fear Chinese intervention. They also discuss CNN host Chris Cuomo’s rant at a heckler for calling him “Fredo.” And Alexandra unloads on Harvard Prof. Laurence Tribe for alleging that white supremacy and the pro-life movement are intertwined.
13/08/1915m 37s

Epstein Explanations, Tarring Trump Voters, Biden's Wokeness

Alexandra DeSanctis of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America kick off the week with three crazy martinis. They begin with the death of Jeffrey Epstein, the protocols that officials admit weren't followed, and the blizzard of conspiracy theories that immediately erupted. They also roll their eyes as media and political figures on the left declare that voting for President Trump makes those voters racists by association. And Alexandra gets a kick out of Joe Biden stating there are "at least three" genders while pointing out Biden can never win the "Woke Olympics" and shouldn't be trying to.
12/08/1913m 4s

Mitch to Move on Guns, Hickenlooper Heading for Senate Race? Another Biden Bungle

Daniel Foster of National Review Online and Greg Corombos of Radio America are still searching for those elusive good martinis.  Today, they wonder why Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is suddenly insisting the Senate "can't fail to pass" gun-related legislation in an effort to stop mass shootings.  They also see the news former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper may soon jump from the presidential race to his state's 2020 U.S. Senate race as bad for both campaigns.  And they take a deeper look at the latest Joe Biden stumble on the campaign trail and what it tells us about his bid for the White House.
09/08/1919m 59s

Guns & the Constitution, Trump & Blago, Bernie & Aliens

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America marvel at the civic illiteracy in the gun debate, as Fox Business Network host Trish Regan asserts that President Trump could simply issue an executive order to ban assault weapons. They also discuss Trump’s bizarre fascination with possibly commuting the prison sentence of disgraced former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich. And they have a lot of fun with Bernie Sanders and Joe Rogan discussing whether a President Sanders would reveal everything the government knows about aliens and UFO’s.
08/08/1924m 20s

Dissing De Blasio, Rep. Castro Doxxes Trump Donors, MSNBC Madness

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America welcome new polling showing that even in our bitterly divided, a strong majority of New Yorkers have a strongly negative opinion of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.  They also slam Texas Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro for publicizing the names of San Antonio residents who have given the maximum contribution to President Trump's re-election campaign and declaring they are funding a campaign of hate against Hispanic immigrants.  And they roll their eyes as an MSNBC analyst insists President Trump is doing Neo-Nazis a huge favor by raising the American flag from half-staff on Thursday.
07/08/1921m 53s

Gravel Gets Out, Biden's Big Exaggeration, Mayor Pete Targets Filibuster

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America welcome the exit of Democratic presidential candidate Mike Gravel, revealing he was never really running in the first place. They also push back strongly against Joe Biden's assertion that white supremacists are winning the culture war. And they have plenty to say after Pete Buttigieg claims the Senate filibuster must be scrapped because it stopped a background check bill from passing in 2013.
06/08/1918m 13s

Mass Shooting Madness, Pathetic Political Responses, Remembering Greg's Dad

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America wade through a very somber day on the Three Martini Lunch. They recoil at two horrific weekend mass shootings - one in Texas and another in Ohio - and where we stand as nation. They also evaluate how President Trump is responding and not responding to the heinous killings and how Democrats are pointing the finger of blame squarely at Trump. And, after being away last week, Greg comments on the passing of his father and the legacy his dad leaves behind.
05/08/1922m 4s

Another Good Jobs Report, The Marianne Factor, Michelle 2020?

Jim Geraghty of National Review and guest host Greg Knapp discuss the recent jobs report and the impact on Trump’s reelection chances. They debate the David Brooks’ op-ed in The New York Times arguing Marianne Williamson has the best chance of defeating Trump. And they react to Michael Moore’s plea for Michelle Obama to enter the Democratic primary. (Gregory Knapp is a Speaker, Coach, and Talk Show Host. You can learn more about him and get a free gift at gregorybknapp.com. His podcast, Find Your Purpose-Live Your Passion is available on Apple Podcasts/iTunes.)
02/08/1923m 36s

Post Debate 2.0: Tulsi Roasts Kamala, Booker Serves Kool-Aid, Gilibrand’s Desperation

Jim Geraghty of National Review and guest host Greg Knapp react to Wednesday night’s debate and Tulsi Gabbard’s blistering attack on Kamala Harris. They discuss Cory Booker’s “Kool-Aid” response to Joe Biden’s criticism of his mayoral tenure. And they weigh in on Kirsten Gillibrand bringing up an op-ed from 1981 to attack Joe Biden.(Gregory Knapp is a Speaker, Coach, and Talk Show Host. You can learn more about him and get a free gift at gregorybknapp.com. His podcast, Find Your Purpose-Live Your Passion is available on Apple Podcasts/iTunes.)
01/08/1923m 36s

Post Debate: Blue Dogs Bark, Moderators Control Time, Marianne’s “Dark Psychic Forces”

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Rich McFadden of Radio America react to the first night of CNN Democratic presidential debates. They discuss the moderate candidates challenging Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren on the feasibility of their left-wing agendas. They lament the structure of presidential debates and the time constraints placed on candidates. And they respond to Marianne Williamson’s performance with her warnings of “dark psychic forces.”
31/07/1912m 46s

Democratic Debates Round 2, FBI Botches Nassar Scandal, Beto’s Mom Breaks Silence

Jim Geraghty of National Review and guest host Greg Knapp break down the next round of Democratic debates beginning tonight. They shake their heads at the FBI and other agencies being implicated in the Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal. And they discuss Beto O’Rourke’s mother publicly offering campaign advice for her son(Gregory Knapp is a Speaker, Coach, and Talk Show Host. You can learn more about him and get a free gift at gregorybknapp.com. His podcast, Find Your Purpose-Live Your Passion is available on Apple Podcasts/iTunes.)
30/07/1918m 34s

Biden’s Age-Old Dilemma, Rahm Sounds 2020 Alarm, Schiff’s Mueller Madness

Jim Geraghty of National Review and guest host Gregory Knapp discuss growing concerns in the Democratic Party over Joe Biden’s age with the second round of debates incoming. They analyze Rahm Emanuel’s editorial piece warning Democratic presidential candidates to unite the party in the primary or risk losing the general election. And they share a laugh over Adam Schiff’s sudden criticism of Robert Mueller’s recent testimony lacking an adequate ‘narrative.’ (Gregory Knapp is a Speaker, Coach, and Talk Show Host. You can learn more about him and get a free gift at gregorybknapp.com. His podcast, Find Your Purpose-Live Your Passion is available on Apple Podcasts/iTunes.)
29/07/1914m 55s

RBG Praises Trump Justices, Wall Street Loves 2020 Dems, POTUS Seal Snafu

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s surprising praise of conservative justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. They debate the news of Wall Street donors backing Biden, Buttigieg, and Kamala in the Democratic primary. And they cover the growing controversy of the doctored presidential seal displayed behind President Trump at a recent event.
26/07/1917m 26s

Mueller Disappoints Democrats, Rossello Resigns, Kamala Fervor Fading

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America recap the Mueller hearings, including Democrat Hakeem Jeffries’ embarrassing exchange with the former special counsel. They react to the resignation of Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Rossello. And they discuss Kamala Harris declining in the polls after her post-debate bounce last month.
25/07/1922m 21s

RBG Rebukes Court Packing, Dems Scold Steyer, Missing Mueller’s Point

After sharing some initial thoughts on the Mueller hearings, Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America applaud Ruth Bader Ginsburg for criticizing Democratic calls to pack the Supreme Court with more justices. They share a chuckle over the growing angst among Democrats over progressive donor Tom Steyer’s presidential bid. And they roll their eyes as hardly any members of Congress ignore the main point of the Mueller report - that Russia is intent on meddling with our elections.
24/07/1920m 9s

Boris Wins Big, Trump Taxes Divide Dems, Gabbard Slams Harris

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America serve up three more delicious martinis. First, they cautiously applaud the selection of Boris Johnson as the new British prime minister in hopes the UK can finally deal with Brexit in a good way and they eagerly await the Trump-Johnson press conferences. They also commend Democratic House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal for not bowing to the progressive whims to demand Trump's New York state tax returns immediately. And they enjoy hearing 2020 hopeful and Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard insist that Sen. Kamala Harris is not qualified to be Commander-in-Chief.
23/07/1917m 32s

Crooked Comey? Reality Bites Bernie, Wendy Davis Returns

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss reports that the Justice Department’s Inspector General plans to allege former FBI Director James Comey lied to Trump about the Russia investigation and even spied on him. They also relish Bernie Sanders acknowledging reality as he bumps up staffers’ hourly pay by cutting back on their hours. And they debate Wendy Davis’ electoral prospects in Texas as she launches a run for Congress.
22/07/1918m 10s

Sanders Staffers Berned, Exit Delaney? CNN Debate “Draw-ma”

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America chuckle at Bernie Sanders reportedly underpaying his unionized staffers while promising to raise the federal minimum wage. They discuss reports that John Delaney is facing pressure from his own team to withdraw from the presidential race. And they share a laugh at CNN and Wolf Blitzer for their over the top handling of the draw for the July 30 and July 31 Democratic debates.
19/07/1915m 27s

Majority Backs ICE Raids, ‘Send Her Back’, SJW’s Attack Moon Landing

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss polling revealing 51 percent of Americans support ICE deportation raids compared to just 35 percent who are opposed. They once again dive into the controversy involving Donald Trump, Ilhan Omar and theTrump rally chants of “send her back.” And they shake their heads as the Washington Post and The New York Times suggest the Apollo 11 moon landing was a giant leap for only white men.
18/07/1923m 3s

Blue Dog vs. The Squad, T-Shirt Tantrums, Planned Parenthood Aborts Wen

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America highly enjoy the return of infighting among Democrats, as progressive House members target moderate Rep. Henry Cuellar and Cuellar slams them in return. They also unload on Yahoo! for running a story accusing actor Chris Pratt of white supremacy for wearing a t-shirt featuring the U.S. flag and the Gadsden Flag, and for labeling mainstream conservative groups as elements of the far right fringe. And they roll their eyes as Planned Parenthood removes its president after just eight months, in part because she refused to use trans-friendly language when discussing pregnancy.
17/07/1916m 58s

Omar’s Overreach, Biden and ObamaCare 2.0, Sanford 2020?

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America scrutinize Ilhan Omar’s call to impeach President Trump in the aftermath of his racially-charged Twitter tirade. They discuss Joe Biden recycling an old Obamacare sales pitch for his new healthcare reform plan. And they try to figure out why former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford is considering a challenge to Trump in the 2020 Republican primary.
16/07/1922m 55s

AOC Slips on ICE, Trump’s Twitter Flop, Storming Area 51

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America cover Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s disastrous questioning of acting ICE Director Thomas Homan. They discuss President Trump’s controversial Twitter rants against progressive Democratic congresswomen. And they get a kick out of a social media campaign among UFO enthusiasts to storm Area 51.
15/07/1918m 9s

Acosta Resigns, Red Alert in Texas, Truth about Green New Deal

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America break down the news of Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta resigning over the Epstein scandal. They discuss concern amongst Texas Republicans that the Lone Star State may be in play for Democrats in 2020. And they cover AOC’s Chief of Staff admitting the Green New Deal’s true purpose.
12/07/1921m 19s

AOC vs. Pelosi, Iran Attacks British Tanker, McGrath’s Kavanaugh Flip-Flop

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of National Review discuss the brewing Democratic civil war with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez choosing to play the race card on Nancy Pelosi. They react to Iran’s failed attempt to storm a British tanker and the escalating situation in the Middle East. And they chuckle at Kentucky Democratic Senate candidate Amy McGrath’s quick flip-flop on Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.
11/07/1918m 54s

Is McGrath Beto 2.0? Acosta Under Fire, Manchin Plays Hardball

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America cover Amy McGrath’s campaign to unseat Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky and hope that Democrats spend a lot of money on a candidate who has very little chance of winning. They also discuss the controversy brewing over Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta’s involvement in the plea deal with billionaire and alleged child sex trafficker and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. And they debate Senator Joe Manchin’s threat to remove federal funding for the 2026 World Cup unless the members of the women’s national team are paid as much as the men.
10/07/1921m 22s

Freedom Wins in Hong Kong, Clinton & Epstein, Kobach Worries GOP, Toasting Perot

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America praise Hong Kong for ditching the Chinese extradition bill thanks to millions demanding the preservation of their freedom. They discuss Bill Clinton claiming ignorance of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking and pedophilia. They scrutinize Kris Kobach’s chances to win the Senate seat in Kansas as well as the potential impact upon the Republican majority. And Jim and Greg close the show by raising a toast to the legacy of the late Ross Perot.
09/07/1922m 44s

Epstein Charged, Farewell Swalwell, Steyer 2020

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America cover the indictment of billionaire political operative Jeffrey Epstein on child sex trafficking charges. They discuss Eric Swalwell’s possible withdrawal from the Democratic presidential primary. And they share a chuckle about pro-impeachment, billionaire Tom Steyer’s impending presidential run.
08/07/1919m 7s

Border Crisis and Confusion, Political Fireworks for July 4th; Mr. Pence Returns to Washington

Jim Geraghty of National Review and guest host Greg Knapp cover the border crisis and the Democrats’ radical ‘open borders’ proposal. They discuss the RNC distributing VIP tickets to Trump’s Fourth of July address from the Lincoln Memorial. And they address the speculation concerning Vice President Pence’s abrupt return to Washington D.C. following the cancellation of a campaign event.
03/07/1921m 14s

Nike Caves to Kaepernick, Democrats’ Field of Zeroes, Waiting on Biden’s Collapse

Jim Geraghty of National Review and guest host Greg Knapp criticize Nike’s decision to yank Betsy Ross themed sneakers over objections from Colin Kaepernick. They discuss the dilemma facing Democrats with multiple candidates polling less than 1%. And they talk about Joe Biden’s most recent gaffe concerning gay waiters. (Greg is a Speaker, Coach, and Talk Show Host. You can learn more about him and get a free gift at gregorybknapp.com. His podcast, Find Your Purpose-Live Your Passion is available on Apple Podcasts/iTunes.)
02/07/1917m 55s

Grisham Fights for Free Press, Iran Violates Deal, Dems Bringing Busing Back 7-01-19

Jim Geraghty of National Review and guest host Gregory Knapp praise White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham’s actions to protect the press from North Korean interference. They cover the announcement from Iran that they have resumed enriching uranium. And they discuss the Democratic Party’s sudden embrace of busing to resolve racial disparities.
02/07/1914m 59s

GOP Border Bill Passes, Kamala Shines, The Mystery of Marianne

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America celebrate the passage of the Republican border aid bill and pop the popcorn as Nancy Pelosi and AOC butt heads again. They go over last night’s second Democratic presidential debate and the standout performance from Sen. Kamala Harris. And they chuckle at the presence of Marianne Williamson in the Democratic primary.\(Greg Knapp is a Speaker, Coach, and Talk Show Host. You can learn more about him and get a free gift at gregorybknapp.com. His podcast, Find Your Purpose-Live Your Passion is available on Apple Podcasts/iTunes. )
28/06/1921m 1s

Beto’s Bilingual Bomb, SCOTUS Blocks Census Question, Tulsi & Ryan Clash

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America relish watching Beto O’Rourke get exposed yet again as an empty suit who only knows platitudes and pandering. They also cover the Supreme Court’s decision that will likely keep the citizenship question off the 2020 census. And they discuss Tim Ryan and Tulsi Gabbard clashing on the Afghan War while summing up the rest of the candidates in the first Democratic debate.
27/06/1925m 36s

GOP Voters Want No Moore, NRATV Signs Off, Mayor Pete Feels the Heat

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are glad to see Roy Moore a distant third in the GOP race for U.S. Senate in Alabama.. They also cover the National Rifle Association’s decision to shut down NRATV. And they discuss Pete Buttigieg facing new criticism for his handling of police and race issues as mayor of South Bend.
26/06/1920m 14s

Mexico Sends Troops to Border, Chinese Concentration Camps, Bernie Proposes Student Loan Plan

Jim Geraghty of National Review and guest host Gregory Knapp discuss the Mexican government deploying 10,000 troops to the border to crack down on illegal immigration to the U.S. They cover the real concentration camps that the Chinese have constructed. And they discuss Bernie Sanders’ plan to wipe out all student loans.
25/06/1922m 3s

Istanbul Elects New Mayor, Sestak Joins Democratic Race, Founding Fandoms

Jim Geraghty and Gregory Knapp of National Review discuss the impact of the Istanbul mayoral results on Recep Erdoğan, President of Turkey, and his party. They cover the entrance of Joe Sestak, former congressman from Pennsylvania, into the Democratic presidential primary. And they discuss the emerging rivalries between fans of different Founding Fathers in response to Alexander Hamilton’s exploding popularity.
24/06/1916m 59s

Trump Calls Off Iran Attack, Dem Infighting Heats Up, Cuba in Dire Straits

Rob Long of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss President Trump’s last-minute decision to hold off on striking Iran. They also cover the intensifying Democratic presidential campaign, as Joe Biden and Cory Booker scuffle over race and Bernie Sanders explains why he’s now neck-and-neck with Elizabeth Warren in the polls. And they talk about the desperate poverty facing many Cubans as socialism fails yet again..
21/06/1920m 5s

Doxing Dems in Trouble, Iran Shoots Down U.S. Drone, Roy Moore Returns

Rob Long of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are pleasantly surprised to see actual consequences for former Democratic staffer Jackson Cosko over his doxing of Republican senators during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. In addition, Cosko’s alleged collaborator is now facing charges as well. They also react to Iran shooting down a U.S. drone and the escalating tensions between the two countries. And they discuss Roy Moore’s expected announcement that he is once again running for the U.S. Senate in Alabama.
20/06/1915m 1s

Trans-Athlete Debate, Fluff NYT Questions for Dems, Biden’s Bygone Era

Alexandra DeSanctis of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss female Connecticut athletes in Connecticut filing a federal discrimination complaint against their state’s policy on allowing biological males who identify as females to compete against biological females. They also talk about The New York Times excluding questions concerning abortion in favor of fluff questions for the Democratic presidential candidates. And they discuss Joe Biden boasting about his past work relationships with segregationist colleagues in the Senate.
19/06/1916m 7s

Harvard Boots Kashuv, Medicare-for-All Confusion, O.J. Makes Twitter Worse

David French of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss Harvard’s decision to rescind the admittance of Kyle Kashuv, a Parkland shooting survivor and conservative, for controversial past statements. They analyze the general misinformation and public ignorance about Medicare-for-All. And for today’s crazy martini, they discuss O.J. Simpson joining the Twittersphere.
18/06/1921m 39s

Hong Kong Protests Succeed, SCOTUS & Cake Bakers, Iranian Uranium, Trump Fires Pollsters

David French of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss Hong Kong hitting pause on an extradition agreement with the Chinese government following massive protests. They also examine the Supreme Court’s approach to Christian vendors vs. the LGBT agenda. They consider what comes next after Iran’s decision to exceed the low-grade uranium limit set by the 2015 nuclear deal. And they also discuss the Trump campaign’s decision to fire its pollsters after unfavorable leaks of bad numbers.
17/06/1927m 8s

Warren's Kiddie Table, Biden’s Cancer Cure, de Blasio & Sharpton Up in Smoke

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss the lineup of the two Democratic debates. They also evaluate Joe Biden’s vow that cancer will be cured if he’s elected president and Joy Behar of ‘The View’ suggesting climate change makes a cure much tougher. And they break down the political battle between New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Rev. Al Sharpton over a proposed ban on menthol cigarettes in the Big Apple.
14/06/1917m 2s

Young Dems Turn on Biden, Tankers Attacked in Gulf, Acosta’s Ego Trip

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss Beto O’Rourke and other Democratic presidential candidates attacking Joe Biden for his age and ties to the Obama administration. They also discuss the attack on two oil tankers in the Persian Gulf as tensions escalate. And they get a good laugh as CNN’s Jim Acosta and Don Lemon offer a comical defense of their organization’s coverage of the Trump administration.
13/06/1919m 32s

AMA Rejects Single-Payer, Tax Jeopardy, Shameless Virginia Dems

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss the American Medical Association rejecting call for single-payer healthcare system. They’re also disgusted as prolific “Jeopardy!” winner James Holzhauer faces a massive tax hit courtesy of the state of California. And Jim and Greg discuss how Democratic voters in Virginia are returning a scandal-tarred candidate to the state legislature and how Democratic politicians are cozying up to Gov. Ralph Northam and his campaign money again.
12/06/1923m 43s

Between Two Scorpions, Biden Flips on China, ‘Not Sure’ Beating Most Dems

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss what readers can expect in Jim’s new book, Between Two Scorpions. Joe Biden flip-flops on trade and calls President Trump “an existential threat” to the United States. Meanwhile, Democrats in Iowa grow more uncertain as to who they will support from the busload of presidential candidates.
11/06/1918m 41s

Abbott Shines, YouTube’s “Borderline” Censorship, AOC on the Run

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America praise Texas Governor Greg Abbott for a series of conservative legislative victories. They also react as YouTube admits it is suppressing what it deems “borderline” content. And in a double crazy martini, they discuss Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (literally) running from Republican competition while reportedly entertaining a future primary challenge to either Sen. Chuck Schumer or Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.
10/06/1919m 50s

Tariff Talk Sparks Progress, Hyde & Biden, Baldwin's SNL Exit

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss ongoing negotiations between the United States and Mexico concerning border security and tariffs. They also roll their eyes as Joe Biden flip-flops a third time on his longtime support for the Hyde Amendment, which bans federal funding for abortion. And they get a kick out of Alec Baldwin sounding like a politician as he steps away from his Trump impression on “Saturday Night Live” and discuss why Baldwin’s performance never matched the impressions other cast members did of previous presidents.
07/06/1918m 3s

Honoring D-Day Heroes, Biden’s Abortion Flip-Flop, Pelosi Prefers Prison for Trump

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America reflect on the 75th anniversary of D-Day and applaud President Trump’s address at Normandy. They also discuss Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden walking back his position change on the Hyde Amendment and facing criticism from his rivals for not backing taxpayer-funded abortions. And they get a kick out of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reportedly telling allies she would rather defeat President Trump and then see him prosecuted than have the House launch impeachment proceedings.
06/06/1923m 38s

Senate GOP Balks at Tariffs, Parkland Officer Faces Charges, NBA Owners Go PC

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are glad to see Senate Republicans expressing major reservations over the Trump administration's proposed tariffs against Mexico. They also discuss Parkland Officer Scot Peterson facing criminal charges for his non-response to the Stoneman-Douglas High School shooting and wonder whether the charges are appropriate for his dereliction of duty.  And they have some fun with the news that some NBA owners no longer want to be called "owners" because the term is racially insensitive.
05/06/1923m 26s

Constitutionally Content States, Avenatti on the Ropes, Boxing vs. Bullets

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America break down the news of Maine and Nevada refusing to join the popular vote pact to change presidential elections. Michael Avenatti is on his way to losing his license to practice law. And Baltimore's Mayor wants criminals to swap bullets for boxing gloves.
04/06/1920m 20s

Hogan Passes on 2020 Bid, GOP’s Massive Grifter Problem, Hickenlooper Booed for Rejecting Socialism

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan deciding not to launch a GOP challenge to President Trump in 2020. They also examine Jim’s research into the staggering amount of corruption non-profit groups on the right are committing in the name of supposedly helping conservative candidates. Finally, Democratic presidential candidate John Hickenlooper slams socialism and takes on a chorus of boos at the Democratic convention in California.
03/06/1925m 17s

Bravo Bel Edwards, Illinois Abortion Agenda, Trump's New Tariffs

Alexandra DeSanctis of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America cheer Democratic Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards for making good on his promise to sign pro-life "heartbeat" legislation that was also sponsored by a Democrat.  They also shudder as a pro-life lawmaker in Illinois explains just how expansive pro-choice lawmakers there want to make their abortion laws.  And they groan as President Trump threatens to address the very real and very serious problem at the border by imposing tariffs on Mexican imports.
31/05/1915m 1s

Bernie Promises Tax Hikes, ‘Molecules of Freedom,’ McConnell & the Supremes

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America oppose pretty much every big government plan being pushed by Bernie Sanders but they welcome his honesty that big tax hikes will be required to pay for his agenda. They also cringe as Department of Energy tarnishes a wonderful program to become a more prominent supplier of natural gas to other nations by referring to the gas as “molecules of freedom.” And Jim and Greg discuss Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s promise to confirm a Supreme Court nominee if a vacancy opens up in 2020.
30/05/1919m 18s

Mueller Speaks, No Moore for Trump, Dems Tighten Debate Rules

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s public statement that is only going to inflame the political tensions in Washington. President Trump and Don Jr. are both throwing cold water on another possible Roy Moore run for U.S. Senate. And Jim and Greg examine the Democratic Party’s tightening of the rules for presidential candidates to qualify for the primary debates.
29/05/1922m 8s

Private Sector Builds Wall, Economy & 2020, Michael Cries Wolff Again

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss how the private sector is picking up the slack for the bureaucrats when it comes to border security. They also discuss the New York Times revealing their economic models predict President Trump winning re-election next year. And they laugh as Michael Wolff’s new book on the Trump White House already has it’s most salacious claim shot down by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.
28/05/1922m 4s

Julian Assange vs. Justice, Mayday in in the UK, 'Sheep in Wolf's Clothing'

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss the recent charges brought against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and dismiss his claim of being a journalist. They also cross the pond to the UK, where Prime Minister Theresa May is resigning over the Brexit debacle and size up the race to replace her. Finally, they collectively cringe at what may be the most embarrassing book interview of all time, as a British host politely points out feminist Naomi Wolf based a major portion of her book on an incorrect assumption about historical records.
24/05/1921m 52s

GOP's 2020 Optimism, ‘American Taliban’ Freed Early, Avenatti Faces Storm of Charges

Jim Geraghty of the National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America break down the Republican Party’s special election victory in Pennsylvania’s 12th District. They also grumble about the early release of ‘American Taliban’ John Walker Lindh and use the discussion of terrorism to highlight Jim’s brand new book, “Between Two Scorpions.” And they’re not exactly shocked to learn about Michael Avenatti getting indicted on a new series of criminal charges for allegedly defrauding his former client, Stormy Daniels. However, they do use it as yet another example of the media lavishing praise on an obviously disturbed figure just because it helps their political narrative.
23/05/1925m 22s

Mueller Might Not Testify, No Answers on Northam Photo, Washington Welcomes Human Composting

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss former special counsel Robert Mueller reportedly hesitating at testifying before the Democratic-controlled House Judiciary Committee. They also break down a recently released investigation into the blackface/KKK photograph found in the medical school yearbook of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam. And for today’s crazy martini, Jim and Greg share thoughts on Washington’s new human composting law.
22/05/1914m 44s

ESPN Strikes Out Politics, Babies Safe with Bel Edwards, Frisco’s Feces Fiasco

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America tackle ESPN’s decision to stop with the politics and stick with the sports. They also cheer Democratic Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards for vowing to sign a heartbeat bill if it reaches his desk. And they step carefully while discussing San Francisco spending more than $70 million to remove human waste from the streets - and it isn't solving the problem.
21/05/1919m 42s

Aussie Voters Stun Lefties, Media’s Buttigieg Baloney, Ill-Annoyed GOP Targets Chicago

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America toast the conservative upset in the Australian elections. They also note Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg keeps taking far left positions on issues, disproving the media myth of him being a moderate. And they react to Illinois conservatives wanting to separate Chicago from the rest of the state.
20/05/1920m 40s

Trump Derails California Train Project, Gillibrand Slams Federalism, SAT Overhaul: Adversity or Diversity?

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America have a lively discussion of the Trump administration’s withdrawal of federal funding for California’s high-speed rail project. Democratic presidential hopeful Kirsten Gillibrand says states would no longer be able to legislate on abortion if she gets elected. And Jim offers a radical counter-proposal after learning an adversity score was added to the SAT.
17/05/1913m 42s

New Yorkers Diss de Blasio, FCC to the Robocall Rescue, PETA vs. Jimmy Carter

Jim is back!  Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America get a kick out of New Yorkers bluntly rejecting Mayor Bill de Blasio's 2020 presidential bid but it does give Greg an idea of how to thin the 24-candidate field.  They also applaud Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai for giving AT&T, Verizon and other carriers more latitude to block the robocalls flooding our cell phones.  And they have a lot of fun with PETA's ridiculous denunciation of former President Jimmy Carter of speciesism and a human-supremacist worldview because  he likes to go turkey hunting.
16/05/1919m 28s

Alabama Abortion Ban, Beto Panders to Abrams, Warren's War on Fox News

Alexandra DeSanctis of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America applaud Alabama legislators for passing a sweeping abortion ban but Alexandra wonders how well it will stand up to legal challenges.  They also shake their heads as Beto O'Rourke relaunches his presidential campaign by apologizing for his privilege, calling Stacey Abrams his hero, and vowing to choose a female running mate if he's the nominee.  And they're underwhelmed as Sen. Elizabeth Warren supposedly takes a principled stand by refusing to take part in a Fox News town hall, calling Fox News "hate-for-profit racket that gives a megaphone to racists and conspiracists."
15/05/1915m 23s

Durham Probing Investigators, Tlaib's Revisionist History, Bullock's Bad Move

Alexandra DeSanctis of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America applaud Attorney General Bill Barr for appointing U.S. Attorney John Dunham to look into how the FBI's Trump-Russia probe started and that all sides of the 2016 allegations will get investigated.  They also shudder as Rep. Rashida Tlaib doubles down on her suggestion that Palestinians willingly sacrificed to accommodate the modern state of Israel after World War II and then accuses her critics of being "racist idiots."  And they note the presidential campaign of Montana Gov. Steve Bullock and how this supposed moderate vetoed the Born Alive Infant Protection Act just days before jumping in the race.
14/05/1916m 33s

Booker vs. Buttigieg, Code Pink Sides with Maduro, Feminist Sex Strike

Alexandra DeSanctis of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America grab some popcorn as supporters of Sen. Cory Booker blast the media for giving far more attention to Pete Buttigieg, calling the coverage gap the epitome of privilege.  They also slam Code Pink for commandeering the Venezuelan embassy in Washington in solidarity with dictator Nicholas Maduro and but get a kick out of Code Pink howling in protest when the water and power are cut off - some of the very same conditions Maduro is inflicting on the people of Venezuela.  And Alexandra highly enjoys the irony as Alyssa Milano and other modern feminists protest state laws banning abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected by refusing to have sex so they don't get pregnant.
13/05/1916m 11s

How the Tariffs Impact Your Wallet

On Friday, President Trump announced tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese imports, a move he says will help push China to a freer, fairer trade relationship but which a leading taxpayer advocate says will make life more expensive for all Americans. The trade partnership estimates that tariffs implemented in 2018 costs families an average of $767 per year.  Another estimate suggests an additional $500 per year in costs from the new tariffs. "I think it's pretty safe to say that a household could face several hundred dollars if not a thousand dollars worth of increased prices for goods or services over a year, depending on what they buy," said National Taxpayers Union President Pete Sepp. Sepp also points to research from the Tax Foundation suggesting that if the U.S. implemented all of the tariffs Trump has threatened to impose, the U.S. economy would lose a quarter of one percent in gross domestic product and lose half of the long-term impact of the 2017 tax cuts. "Unfortunately, U.S. taxpayers are the ones who are immediately feeling the pain here.  If the president successfully negotiates a better deal with China, in the long run we may all be better off, but right now it's almost unquestionable that citizens here in the United States are the ones feeling the most economic pain," said Sepp. Listen to the full podcast to hear Sepp explain what other approaches could protect taxpayers while forging a more balanced trade deal with China.
10/05/198m 26s

Crenshaw's Clarity, The Ninja Bomb, Bad Numbers for Beto

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America cheer Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw for exhibiting the rare ability to make lots of good points in a short period of time in language anyone can understand.  Crenshaw took to social media to explain why he opposes a bill from House Democrats and what ideas he prefers, and Jim and Greg hope more conservatives follow Crenshaw's lead.  They also marvel at the new Ninja Bomb, which packs six lethal blades instead of explosives, allowing terrorists and other enemies to be targeted while greatly reducing the risk of collateral damage.  And they enjoy watching Beto O'Rourke's poll numbers crater in New Hampshire now that the media are no longer fawning over him.
10/05/1920m 8s

Confrontation in Camelot, Nadler's Pathetic 'Crisis,' Mile High Mushrooms

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America applaud three members of the Kennedy family for publicly rebuking Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and others for their roles in discouraging parents from vaccinating their kids.  They also roll their eyes as House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler leads a vote to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress and declares the U.S. to be in a constitutional crisis.  And they react to Denver voters narrowly approving a referendum protecting consumers of psychedelic mushrooms.
09/05/1919m 8s

Public Rejects Felons Voting, Cohen & Falwell, Humanity & Insanity

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America cheer new poll numbers showing Americans overwhelming reject the idea of felons voting from behind bars, an idea promoted by Sen. Bernie Sanders.  They also shudder at reports - apparently from Michael Cohen - that Cohen helped Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr. squash the possible release of highly embarrassing photos, and that eventually triggered Falwell's endorsement of Trump in early 2016.  And Jim unleashes a terrific rant in response to the pro-choice CNN guest who says a pregnant woman does not have a human being inside of her.
08/05/1917m 26s

The Medicare for All Myth, Booker's Bogus Gun Grab, Who's the Hateful One?

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America applaud the USA Today editorial writers for pointing out Medicare for All would rip more than 100 million Americans away from coverage they like and run up a cost that even government economists can't figure out.  They also slam Cory Booker for demanding a ban on "assault weapons" and refusing to say whether he would jail gun owners who refuse to give up their weapons.  And they unload on Pennsylvania Democratic State Rep. Brian Sims for filming himself harassing people peacefully praying outside a Philadelphia Planned Parenthood abortion clinic and even offering rewards for his followers to identify the people he's intimidating.
07/05/1922m 46s

Iran Threat Rises, Dems Can't Accept Losing, Bill de Blasio 2020?

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America react to the U.S. shifting military resources  to the Middle East to address an apparent threat against American forces by Iran.  They're also getting tired of Democrats refusing to accept the results of elections they obviously didn't win, as Sen. Kamala Harris tells the NAACP that voter suppression is the only reason Democrats didn't win governors' races in Georgia and Florida and Joe Biden suggests states are bringing back Jim Crow laws to suppress the minority vote.  And Jim walks through multiple reasons why virtually no one wants New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to run for president in 2020.
06/05/1920m 51s

Strong Jobs Report, More Spying on Trump, Media Dump Beto

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America cheer a much stronger than expected April unemployment report, showing the addition of 263,000 jobs and the lowest unemployment rate since December 1969.  They also react to a New York Times report detailing how a second person tried to get George Papadopoulos to admit the Trump campaign was conspiring with the Russians during the 2016 campaign - a revelation that sure sounds a lot like spying.  They get a kick out of the media deciding it's time to break up with Beto O'Rourke, and they pay tribute to Peter Mayhew, the actor who brought Star Wars favorite Chewbacca to life.
03/05/1924m 19s

Dems Fail the Barr, Hillary Still Thinks She Won, Biden Stumbles Badly

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America pour three crazy martinis.  They marvel at the pathetic attacks on Attorney General Bill Barr from Senate Democrats - from ad hominem attacks to slamming legal positions they held strongly until the past few weeks.  They also groan as Hillary Clinton continues to insist the Russians actually changed votes to cost her the 2016 election.  And they scratch their heads as Joe Biden insists China is not really a competitor to the U.S.
02/05/1918m 37s

Media's Mueller Madness, Freedom On Hold in Venezuela, MSNBC & the 2nd Amendment

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are exasperated as Democrats and the media breathlessly report that Robert Mueller disagrees with Attorney General Bill Barr's summary of the report since the very same story confirms that Mueller did not find the summary inaccurate.  They're also disappointed as Juan Guaido's effort to remove Nicholas Maduro from power in Venezuela appears to be a failure.  And they applaud MSNBC for inadvertently explaining the purpose of our second amendment while watching Venezuela's military crush protesters in the streets.
01/05/1921m 32s

Venezuelan Coup Attempt, Abrams Rejects Senate Bid, Mayor Pete Conspiracy Flops

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America pray for the best in Venezuela as opposition leader Juan Guaido urges the military to rise up against the corrupt, socialist Maduro regime.  They also roll their eyes as Stacey Abrams still plays the victim card of voter suppression while announcing she will not be running for U.S. Senate in 2020.  And they condemn the attempt to cook up a fake sex scandal targeting Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg.
30/04/1920m 25s

Synagogue Shooting Heroes, NRA Disarray, NYT's Anti-Semitic Cartoons

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America recoil at the synagogue shooting in southern California but also honor the heroes who made sure the attack was not far deadlier.  They also wince as the annual meeting of the National Rifle Association ends in a very public dispute between two top officials, foreshadowing what may be a very difficult year to come.  They slam the New York Times for publishing two anti-Semitic cartoons within just a couple of days.  And they remember the late Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar.
29/04/1922m 34s

Great First Quarter Growth, The Anita Hill Delusion, Libs Behaving Badly

David French of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America celebrate stronger than expected economic growth of 3.2 percent in the first quarter of 2019.  They also pour cold water on the absurd notions that Anita Hill was treated unfairly by the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1991 and that Clarence Thomas is somehow assumed guilty of doing what she accused him of doing.  And they react to a judge in Massachusetts and the mayor of Baltimore finding themselves in heaps of legal trouble.
26/04/1924m 1s

Biden Finally Runs, Anti-Vaccine Insanity, New Free Speech Threat

David French of Radio America and Greg Corombos of Radio America groan as Joe Biden enters the 2020 presidential race vowing to return the nation to the Obama-Biden era and they break down the advantages and disadvantages Biden brings to the campaign.  They also discuss the measles outbreaks and how they seem to be entirely linked to parents refusing to vaccinate their children.  And David exposes the latest progressive assault on free speech - shutting down traditional views on race, sex, and gender because they are "dehumanizing."
25/04/1925m 38s

Bernie Doubles Down, Hogan Mulls 2020, Politics & the NFL Draft

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are finally back together.  Today they relish Bernie Sanders doubling down on his push for incarcerated felons to have the right to vote, with Jim explaining how the issue could really damage Bernie if he becomes the nominee.  They also roll their eyes as Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan seriously mulls a primary challenge to President Trump while still lagging badly behind juggernauts like John Kasich and William Weld.  And Jim surprisingly agrees with the woke USA Today columnist who is slamming the likely No. 2 overall pick in this week's NFL Draft for shying away from his conservative politics on social media - although Jim's motivation for agreeing remains a tad suspicious
24/04/1919m 20s

On Voting Rights for Felons, Free Public College, and Herman Cain's Withdrawal from Federal Reserve Nomination

Jim Geraghty of National Review and talk show host Greg Knapp bring you three crazy martinis today. Jim and Greg differ with Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders on the issue of reinstating the voting rights of people with felony records. They also raise some concerns with Elizabeth Warren's proposal to make public colleges tuition free and forgive $50,000 in student loans for Americans in households earning less than $100,000 a year. Lastly, they discuss Herman Cain's withdrawal from consideration for a seat at the Federal Reserve.
23/04/1915m 34s

Supply-Side Economics in the Trump White House; Terrorism Returns to Sri Lanka; No More Glass and Steel Skyscrapers in NYC?

Jim Geraghty of National Review and talk show host Greg Knapp are encouraged that several key players from the Reagan-era economic team seem to be ascendant in the Trump White House. Terrorism returns to Sri Lanka in the most well-planned attack we have seen in a while. The mayor of NYC wants to ban glass and steel skyscrapers.
22/04/1918m 17s

On Criminal Conspiracy and Obstruction; Reflections on Character; WaPo Smears Ben Shapiro Again

David French of National Review and talk show host Greg Knapp reflect on the Mueller report 24 hours after its release to the public. They feel good that Trump is not guilty of a criminal conspiracy with the Russian government but David is struck by the vivid and deeply disturbing picture the report creates of a president who is not only an absolute, relentless serial liar surrounded in turn by thoroughly untruthful people, but also a president who is highly disorganized and profoundly weak. They are also perplexed that the Washington Post continues to malign Ben Shapiro.
19/04/1926m 33s

The Mueller Report Is Released

David French of National Review and talk show host Greg Knapp offer some first impressions as the Mueller report is released to the public.
18/04/1915m 37s

What To Look For In The Mueller Report; WaPo Op-Ed Says Insane Things About Ben Shapiro; Can We Trust The French To Rebuild Notre Dame?

David French of National Review and talk show host Greg Knapp discuss potential redactions in the Mueller report. What should and what should not be included? Then they critique an opinion piece published in the Washington Post. What does it mean to say that Notre Dame is a monument to Western civilization? With the final martini of the day they turn to a question posed in The Rolling Stone magazine: can the French be trusted to rebuild Notre Dame? David and Greg discuss whether this a legitimate concern and why.
17/04/1924m 11s

Fire Ravages Notre Dame, Hope Amid the Ashes, Bernie's Big Problem

David French of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss the devastating fire that destroyed much of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris and how the event struck a deep chord with many people around the world.  They also are encouraged by how much of the 800-year-old cathedral was saved and discuss what it will take to rebuild the structure and revitalize the church in western Europe.  Finally, they pivot back to politics to discuss the Bernie Sanders town hall on the Fox News Channel, and David explains why Bernie - or who whoever the Democrats nominate - will have a very tough time defending Medicare for All once a few simple facts are known.
16/04/1926m 9s

Tiger Roars Again, Pelosi vs. Socialists, Omar & 9/11

David French of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America have a strong difference of opinion about Tiger Woods, but both are impressed by the comeback Woods pulled off to recover from debilitating injuries and win a fifth Masters green jacket.  They also enjoy watching House Speaker Nancy Pelosi try to downplay how socialists and socialists policies are surging among Democrats but David warns conservatives not to pop too much popcorn as they watch.  And David explains why we may have hit "peak stupid" on Twitter as the left tries to pretend Ilhan Omar's comments were something other than a flippant diminishing of 9/11 and that any criticism of her comments amounts to incitement.
15/04/1925m 16s

Rosenstein Backs Barr, Mitch Rejects Cuccinelli, Comey's Lame Spying Response

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America welcome Deputy Attorney Rod Rosenstein confirming that Attorney General Bill Barr is conducting due diligence in redacting classified information and grand jury information before releasing the Mueller report and that Barr's letter to Congress accurately captured the conclusions in the report.  They also scold Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for letting his personal animosity against former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli obstruct President Trump from possibly making a great choice to lead the Department of Homeland Security.  And they react to former FBI Director Jim Comey's pathetic claim that conducting electronic surveillance isn't really spying.
12/04/1918m 36s

Assange Arrested, Massive Avenatti Indictment, Virginia Dems Apologize to Northam

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America celebrate the arrest of the founder of Wikileaks leader Julian Assange, the man responsible for the largest publication of classified material in history that risked compromising American troops and operations. They also remember all the times the media pushed disgraced attorney Michael Avenatti as a serious candidate for 2020 after Avenatti was indicted on 36 charges of tax dodging, perjury, and theft from clients. And they wonder what lessons have really been learned in Virginia after Democrats in the state apologize for rushing to judgment on Ralph Northam.
11/04/1921m 30s

Victory for Bibi, Barr to Probe Russia Probe, America’s Tax Illiteracy

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America congratulate Benjamin Netanyahu on winning his fifth election for Prime Minister of Israel and hope the warm relations between the country and the US will continue. They also look forward to the investigation into how the Russian probe began after Attorney General William Barr promised an inquiry into the matter while testifying before Congress. And they worry about poor Republican messaging after most of the country thinks the tax cuts hurt them because they got a small refund this year, despite the significant decrease in money being withheld from paychecks in the first place.
10/04/1924m 58s

Terror Attack Foiled, Good Polls for Bad Virginians, Reid Suit Rejected

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America breathe a sigh of relief after an ISIS-inspired terror plot targeting Maryland’s National Harbor was stopped. They also take a look at the recent polls in Virginia and speculate as to how state Democrats are mired in horrible scandals yet the voters want none of them out of office. And they not exactly surprised to learn that former Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid was caught in multiple falsehoods in claiming a fitness company's negligence was responsible for his bizarre facial injury four years ago.  Reid's case has been thrown out.
09/04/1923m 49s

Pompeo Punishes Iran, Nielsen Leaves DHS, Can Alabama Vote for An Auburn Guy?

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America applaud the Trump Administration for finally designating the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps a “foreign terrorist organization” after the group has for years sponsored and participated in terrorism throughout the Middle East. They also worry that the revolving door of cabinet officials in the Trump administration is causing too much instability as Kirstjen Nielsen resigns as secretary of the Department Homeland Security. And they wonder if former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville has a chance to overcome one of the nation's fiercest college football rivalries and win the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate race in Alabama.
08/04/1920m 7s

Tough Love Boosts NATO, Jobs Bounce Back, Manchin Eyes the Exits

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are happy to see Vice President Pence laud our NATO partners for contributing more to the common defense and building greater cohesion while also calling out Turkey for its troubling embrace of Russia and a more Islamist outlook on the world.  They also welcome the March jobs report, which shows greater gains than expected and is a major improvement from February.  And they discuss West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin openly longing to run for governor in 2020.
05/04/1920m 34s

Dems' 2020 Clown Car, Biden’s Apology, Anonymous Sources Dispute Barr

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America try to keep up as 21 Democrats are now either running for president or seriously thinking about it.  They also break down Joe Biden's apology for making several women feel uncomfortable over the years and discuss how both Republicans and Democrats are approaching this controversy with respect to 2020.  And they get a kick out of anonymous sources breathlessly telling the New York Times and Washington Post that Attorney General Bill Barr badly distorted the findings of the Mueller report.
04/04/1923m 26s

Bernie Rakes in Cash, Castro Calls for Open Borders, Left vs. Free Speech

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America worry that Republicans and Democrats are underestimating Sen. Bernie Sanders' chances in 2020 after the 77-year-old socialist from Vermont blew his competition out of the water by raising $18 million in his first six weeks. They also remember that Julian Castro is running after the former DNC darling from Texas called for decriminalizing illegal border crossings. And they unload on CNN's Christiane Amanpour after she asks former FBI Director James Comey whether the federal government should have clamped down on chants of "lock her up" against Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign.
03/04/1925m 23s

Trump Waits on Health Bill, Beto Bashes Electoral College, Bloomberg Reconsiders

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America admit that it's good politics for President Trump and Republicans to postpone another effort to dismantle Obamacare until after the 2020 election but are frustrated that the GOP still doesn't have a coherent plan almost a decade after Obamacare as passed.  They also blast Beto O'Rourke as he calls for the abolishing of the electoral college because it goes all the way back to the founding and claims that it somehow perpetuates racial discrimination.  And they get a kick out of reports that former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is reconsidering a 2020 presidential bid if Joe Biden decides not to run or becomes too damaged to have a decent shot at winning.
02/04/1922m 45s

Dems Bailing on Biden? Nadler Threatens Mueller Report Subpoena, Fairfax Accuser Speaks

After a review of Greg's harrowing trip to the DMV, Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos ask whether the the Democratic Party is trying to kick Joe Biden to the curb as women now accuse the former vice president of unwanted physical contact in recent years.  They also groan as House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler threatens to subpoena the unredacted Mueller report since Attorney General Bill Barr isn't expected to release the edited version for a couple of weeks.  And they examine the curious double standard of Democrats moving on from scandals facing Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax now that one of the Fairfax accusers is telling her story on national television.
01/04/1926m 36s

Rahm Bills Smollett, 'Economist' Clueless on Conservatism, Foxx's 'Colloquial' Recusal

Rob Long of National Review Online and Greg Corombos of Radio America applaud Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel for sending Jussie Smollett a bill for more than $130,000 to cover the costs of the police to investigate his hate crime hoax.  They also shake their heads as the supposedly moderate "Economist" magazine labels Ben Shapiro a "sage of the alt-right" but then changes it to call him a "radical conservative."  And they have a lot of fun with the news that Illinois State's Attorney Kim Foxx didn't really recuse herself from the Smollett case in the legal sense, just in the "colloquial" sense.
29/03/1917m 7s

Trump Warns Russia, GOP Still Without Health Plan, McAuliffe 2020?

Rob Long of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America applaud President Trump for telling the Russians to get out of Venezuela but worry about what might happen if they don't.  They also groan as congressional Republicans still don't have a strategy on health care if Obamacare gets struck down in the courts.  And they ask if even politics is becoming a 1990's rerun after longtime DNC chairman and former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe hints he will run in 2020.
28/03/1917m 35s

Lee Roasts Green New Deal, Smollett Charges Dropped, Biden Panders to Progressives

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America laugh as Utah Sen. Mike Lee hilariously demonstrates the absurdity of the Green New Deal with a picture of Ronald Reagan riding a velociraptor and Star Wars references during a floor speech. They also dig into what happened in Chicago after state prosecutors abruptly dropped all charges against "Empire" actor Jussie Smollett. And they also rip Biden for attempting to win over progressives by condemning “white man’s culture” and saying he wish he could have done something more during the Anita Hill hearing.
27/03/1928m 47s

Avenatti Arrested, Impeachment Off the Table, Bad Week for Brennan

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America settle in for three schadenfreude martinis today, kicking things off with the news that attention-seeking lawyer Michael Avenatti is charged with attempting to extort Nike for $20 million and stealing the damages awarded to his clients. They also welcome the news that House Democrats will not be pursuing the impeachment of President Trump. And they blast former CIA director John Brennan for joining “the resistance” and damaging not only his reputation, but also the reputation of the intelligence community, by perpetuating the Russia collusion conspiracy.
26/03/1921m 27s

It's Mueller Time

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are glad to see the Mueller report conclude that neither Donald Trump not anyone else in his campaign conspired with Russia to influence the 2016 elections. They also get a kick out of Trump critics frantically moving the goalposts to claim the new attorney general is doing Trump's bidding or that the real action is in Congress or with the federal prosecutors in New York. And they shake their heads at the overall performance of the mainstream media in covering this story since the last presidential campaign.
25/03/1927m 37s

No More Mueller Indictments? Trump Embraces Kraft, Why 2020 Dems Are Weird

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America welcome the news that the Mueller probe will likely end soon with no further indictments.  They wonder why President Trump is so insistent upon inviting New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft to the White House with his team and whether he would be smarter to keep a distance after Kraft's arrest for solicitation.  And they have fun with a recent column wondering why so many of the Democrats running for president seem really weird.
22/03/1919m 0s

Koppel Calls Out Media, Trump Keeps Bashing McCain, Biden-Abrams 2020?

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America applaud former ABC News anchor Ted Koppel’s critique of the media and appreciate that at least one veteran journalist has the courage to speak out on liberal bias in the news. They also take President Trump to task for attacking the late Sen. John McCain in a series of immature tweets and public statements. And they predict former Vice President Joe Biden won't endear himself to progressives if reports are true that he's planning to name former Georgia Rep. Stacey Abrams his running mate in 2020.
21/03/1926m 5s

Clyburn Likens Trump to Hitler, CNN Awarded for Parkland Spectacle, 'Husband from Hell'

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America blast House Majority Whip James Clyburn after the congressman likens President Trump to Adolf Hitler and says the Trump family is the greatest threat to democracy in his lifetime. They're also aghast as CNN receives a Cronkite award for their disastrous Parkland Town Hall from 2018. And they wonder what is going on as George Conway, husband of White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway, engages in a very public Twitter spat with President Trump.
20/03/1921m 57s

AOC vs. New York Polls, Covering Up Beto's Crimes, DeBlasio’s Dismal Turnout

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are glad to see New Yorkers souring on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez despite her glowing media coverage and roll their eyes at her explanation for her dip in popularity.  They also question the journalistic integrity at Reuters after reporter Joseph Menn held on to a story about Beto O’Rourke’ being a member of the hacker group "The Cult of the Dead Cow" until after his loss to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.  And they argue that long shot candidates like New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who attracted a measly six supporters to his last event, should quit crowding the field and let more experienced and recognizable candidates fight it out.
19/03/1924m 9s

Bennet Blasts Court Packing, Libs vs. 2nd Amendment, Chelsea Blamed for Mosque Massacre

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are glad to see not all Democrats have lost their minds after Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet begs 2020 candidates not to campaign on expanding the Supreme Court. They also hammer Beto O’Rourke and other liberals for using the New Zealand mosque massacre to push a ban on the AR-15. And they defend Chelsea Clinton after progressives accuse her of facilitating the New Zealand massacre with her critique of Rep. Ilhan Omar.
19/03/1920m 1s

New Zealand Terrorism, AOC's Illogical Response, Schultz vs. Washington Reality

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America recoil at the mass murder of 49 Muslims in New Zealand, the radical manifesto that came with it, and the aggravating tendency of politicians and activists to claim instantly that an attack vindicates their existing political positions.  They also slam Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for mocking the idea of "thoughts and prayers" in the wake of these horrible events and then claiming she really said it to attack the NRA for carnage in New Zealand. And they have fun with Howard Schultz suggesting he would not sign any legislation as president that did not have bipartisan support or nominate any Supreme Court justice who couldn't get two-thirds support in the Senate.
15/03/1920m 38s

Beto Mania, Social Media and Depression, Warren Waffles on Capitalism

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America argue that Beto O’Rourke running for president is actually a good thing because it will either show media infatuation can get you elected or burst O'Rourke's hype bubble. They are also concerned by the alarming rise in mental health disorders in teens that is linked to social media use. And they also give Elizabeth Warren a molecule of credit for defending capitalism, only to watch her then say markets don't work for health care or education.
14/03/1920m 52s

Liberal Agenda vs. Basic Math, Page Exposes DOJ on Hillary, Climate Activists Go on Birth Strike

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America welcome a Politico report showing that even if liberals soaked "the rich" they wouldn't come anywhere close to paying for single-payer health care or the Green New Deal.  They also shake their heads as testimony from former FBI attorney Lisa Page suggests the FBI was considering whether to recommend a federal charge against Hillary Clinton over her mishandling of classified emails but the Justice Department made it clear it had no intention of pursuing the case.  And Jim offers his hilarious assessment of climate change activists refusing to have children until the world gets serious about climate change.
13/03/1920m 49s

Pelosi Backs Off Impeachment, NYC on the Brink, Celebrity College Cheats

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are a bit surprised by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff signaling they don't plan to pursue impeachment of President Trump unless there's a bipartisan consensus for it. They also look on sadly as New York City’s exorbitant taxes and hard left policies leave the city careening towards bankruptcy. And they crack a few pop-culture jokes but also weigh in on the serious issues as celebrities and elites around the country are charged with bribing colleges and universities to admit their kids under false pretenses.
12/03/1923m 36s

Bravo DeSantis, Dems & Illegal Voters, Millennials & Socialism

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America enthusiastically cheer the first two months of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and point out that good things can happen when a leader hits the ground running on the things they promised to do. They also wince as just six House Democrats agree that illegal immigrants shouldn't be voting. And they wonder if millennials are really far to the left or whether they embrace labels they don't quite understand as 73 percent favor the government instituting universal health care but 79 percent want to keep private insurance.
11/03/1920m 35s

Sherrod Brown will not be president; Death threats are for everyone; Conservatives agree with Elizabeth Warren?

Jim Geraghty of National Review and author and speaker Greg Knapp wonder why Sherrod Brown is not running for president. Is it because he is too "rumpled" or is it because he is an old white man? Either way, Jim and Greg are enjoying today's good martini. Democrats vote to condemn bigotry, stirring up controversy in today's bad martini. Sure, Ilhan Omar receives death threats, but who doesn't? In the crazy martini, Elizabeth Warren wants to break up Amazon, Google, and Facebook. Meanwhile, conservatives... agree?
08/03/1920m 55s

Gillibrand's Strange Defense, Ilhan's Israel Issue, The Left Loves Teen Voters

Jim Geraghty of National Review and author and speaker Greg Knapp puzzle over Senator Kirstin Gillibrand's campaign strategy after she dismissed criticism of her shifting policy positions by accusing Rachel Maddow of MSNBC of using Republican talking-points. They also note the Democrat's virtual inaction in response to Congresswoman Ilhan Omar's controversial comments on Israel and ask if this reveals a significant change in the party. And they also determine that Rep. Ayanna Pressley's plan to lower the legal voting age for federal elections to 16 is a bad idea and would contribute to the ongoing infantilization of America.
07/03/1916m 47s

Bloomberg Bails on 2020, Hillary's New Excuse, America in Deficit Denial

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are glad to see former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg decide not to run for president in 2020 but groan as he vows to spend huge sums of money to move the world "beyond carbon" in the next decade.  They also fume as Hillary Clinton finds yet another pathetic excuse for losing to Donald Trump in 2016.  And they react with disgust as the federal budget deficit jumps 77 percent in the first four months of Fiscal 2019 compared to last year - and because neither party and most Americans have no interest in addressing our debt and deficit crisis.
06/03/1919m 44s

Merkley Accepts Reality, Crenshaw's Clear Conservatism, Hillary Rules Out 2020

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America applaud Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley's decision to not run in 2020 but ask if his announcement was really necessary since very few Americans have any idea who he is. They also take a deep breath of fresh air as Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw gives a clear and calm defense of conservative principles that is often missing from our public dialogue. And Jim notes the Clinton era ends in a whimper as Hillary officially states that she will not run for president in 2020.
05/03/1915m 30s

Reassessing the Refunds, Hickenlooper 2020, Gillibrand Denies Flip-Flopping

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America welcome the news that tax refunds are now slightly outpacing the amounts issued last year by the IRS.  They also examine the record of the latest Democrat to run for president - former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper - and whether he has any path to victory.  And they get a kick out of New York Sen. Gillbrand insisting she's not a flip-flopper after running for Congress as a moderate Democrat and now running for president as a ardent progressive.
04/03/1919m 7s

Trudeau in Trouble, Pelosi Rips Moderate Dems, Roy Moore Running Again?

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss the sudden political turmoil for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after his former attorney general says Trudeau told her go easy on a major business that was under investigation and then removed her as attorney general when she refused.  They also have fun as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi berates moderate House Democrats for siding with Republicans on multiple motions to recommit and warns that they'll get less help from the party in 2020 if they don't vote the way she wants.  And they slam their heads against their desks as Roy Moore considers another run for the Senate seat he lost in 2017.
01/03/1917m 49s

No Deal at Hanoi, Trump Weak on Warmbier, Beto’s Bid for 2020

Daniel Foster of National Review Online and Greg Corombos of Radio America are pleased to see President Trump walk away with no deal with Kim Jong-Un rather than give in to Kim's thoroughly unacceptable demands. They also slam Trump for taking Kim "at his word" that he knew nothing about the horrific treatment of American Otto Warmbier in a North Korean prison and that Trump made some nuclear concessions even before beginning talks. And they have fun with the news that media darling Beto O'Rourke is likely to run for president.
28/02/1916m 21s

Cohen Before Congress, India-Pakistan Tension, Dems Miss Own Climate Hearing

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America recoil at the Trump world sleaze revealed by former Trump attorney Michael Cohen in his testimony to Congress, but also realize he's the least credible witness Congress could have called on the subject. They also worry about escalating tension between nuclear powers India and Pakistan after Pakistan claims to shoot down two Indian military planes. And they get a kick out of the House Democrats having to adjourn their own hearing on climate change denial because not enough of them attended.
27/02/1920m 10s

Dems Defend Infanticide, Maduro Detains Media, Sanders Soft on Venezuela

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America lament the Democratic derailing of the Born Alive Act that would have required doctors to provide care for babies who survive failed abortions. They also defend Univison's Jorge Ramos as he is detained in Venezuela after confronting Venezuelan Dictator Nicolas Maduro over his violent and corrupt record. And they are frustrated by Bernie Sanders offering very weak criticism of the Maduro regime while he often passionately condemns American business.
26/02/1920m 36s

Equal Opportunity Draft, Children as Political Pawns, Reid Misses Pres. Bush

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America fume after a federal judge decides the debate over whether women should have to register for the draft has gone on long enough and rules the all-male draft is unconstitutional.  They also defend California Sen. Dianne Feinstein after supporters of the Green New Deal send small children to beg Feinstein to join their cause.  Then Jim unleashes a powerful response as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez questions whether the planet is in such peril that young people should no longer have children.  And they have their favorite catch phrase ready as former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid bashes Pres. Trump and says he misses President George W. Bush, whom Reid derided as a loser and a liar a decade ago.
25/02/1925m 24s

SCOTUS Smacks Down Asset Seizures, Acosta Under Fire, House Race Do-Over

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America welcome a unanimous Supreme Court decision forbidding states from seizing assets in excess of the penalties a convicted person faces.  They also unload on Labor Secretary Alex Acosta as a judge rips the former U.S. Attorney for striking a 2007 plea bargain with Jeffrey Epstein and not sharing those deliberations with the accusers at the request of Epstein's lawyers.  They react to North Carolina officials ordering a do-over in a North Carolina congressional race after a shady absentee ballot strategy by the Republican campaign.  And they react to the Robert Kraft news, which broke as they were recording.
22/02/1918m 58s

Chicago Cops Blast Smollett, Coast Guardsman's Terror Plot, MSNBC Whiffs on Washington

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are grateful to see Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson rebuke Jussie Smollett for perpetrating a hate crime hoax and damaging the reputation of the city. Johnson also blasted the media for ignoring serious issues while providing wall to wall coverage of Smollett. They're also horrified by reports of a active duty military officer who plotted to kill many people with bombings, shootings, and outbreaks of disease. And they correct MSNBC hosts Katy Tur and Ari Melber for claiming that George Washington was a "native son of New York".
21/02/1921m 11s

Trump Wants California Refund, Big Brother in Arizona, American in ISIS Misses Home

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America applaud President Trump for demanding that California return the $2.5 billion it received from the federal government for its high-speed railway after the project was dramatically scaled back. They also raise their eyebrows at Arizona’s plans to collect the DNA of state residents and charge them a fee to do so. And they explain that while our society is very forgiving, it might be asking a bit much to welcome back an ISIS propagandist with open arms.
20/02/1919m 7s

Logan Slams Media 'Activists,' Berned Again, Kamala Stumbles on Smollett

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America appreciate the comments former CBS reporter Lara Logan made on media bias turning into media activism. They also discuss Bernie Sanders launching another presidential campaign and wonder if the 77-year-old democratic socialist will be able to make waves in 2020. And they also chuckle as California Sen. Kamala Harris stumbles badly over her response to the Jussie Smollett hoax.
19/02/1923m 28s

Media Messes: Smollet Hoax, Coverage of Kamala, NY Times vs. the Facts

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America walk through three major media embarrassments in recent days.  They react as CNN's Brian Stelter suggests everyone but the mainstream media is responsible for lavish coverage of the alleged assault of actor Jussie Smollett, which now appears to have been fabricated.  They also shake their heads as the reporters covering Kamala Harris ooh and ah over the clothes she tries on at a campaign stop in South Carolina.  And they push back hard as the New York Times suggests Republicans are "painting" Democrats as socialists, baby-killers, and anti-Semitic in advance of the 2020 campaign.
18/02/1925m 12s

Trump's Emergency, AOC's Economics, Weld 2020

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America criticize President Trump's unusual press conference decision to declare a national emergency to work around Congress and free up $8 billion for a border wall - although they appreciate his desire to confront illegal immigration and smuggling. They also react to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez cheering Amazon's decision to scrap plans for a new headquarters in New York, agreeing that crony capitalism is bad but marveling at how little she seems to understand about basic economics. And they yawn and laugh as former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld launches a GOP primary challenge to President Trump.
15/02/1926m 27s

Simple Math Taxes Harris, Omar vs. Abrams, Cocaine Mitch Confounds Dems

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America applaud the Washington Post for calling out California Sen. Kamala Harris for her absurd contention that smaller tax refunds mean you're paying more in taxes.  They also play the entire insane questioning of longtime foreign policy official Elliott Abrams by Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar and marvel at her ignorance of U.S. history and bizarre badgering of the witness.  And they get a kick both out of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell planning a floor vote on the Green New Deal and bill sponsor Ed Markey fuming that Republicans are going to hold a vote on his legislation.
14/02/1922m 58s

California's $77 Billion Blunder, What’s so Bad about DUI’s? Booker's War on Meat

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America react to California Gov. Gavin Newsom greatly scaling back high-speed rail in the state, proving once again that the concept is not the dream solution that liberals think it is.  They also slam New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez for being outraged that people entering the U.S. illegally and illegal immigrants caught driving drunk are treated like criminals.  And they have fun with New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker declaring that meat consumption is destroying the planet and that he wants to make the existing model of the food system obsolete.
13/02/1920m 16s

Senate Says No Collusion, McSally...We Have A Problem, Fake Apologies

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America welcome reports that Senate Intelligence Committee Republicans and Democrats agree that there is no direct evident showing a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia in 2016.  They also shudder for GOP Senate prospects in 2020 as astronaut Mark Kelly, husband of former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, announces he will run against Arizona Sen. Martha McSally next year.  And Jim sounds off on the insincere apologies offered by the likes of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar.
12/02/1915m 17s

Northam's Weak Defense, Omar's Anti-Semitism, Booker's Climate Comparison

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America blast Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam for suggesting that all of Virginia was as behind on race relations as he is and that only he can heal the divisions there because he's a doctor.  They also explain why Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar is morally and factually bankrupt for suggesting that the only reason many lawmakers support Israel is because they get money from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.  And they patiently try to tell 2020 presidential candidate and New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker that debating climate change is not the same as fighting the Nazis.
11/02/1926m 25s

Northam Caves on Taxes, Green New Deal Nonsense, Gabbard's Unwanted Admirers

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are still shaking their heads over the political chaos in Virginia, but they are happy to see a weakened Gov. Ralph Northam give Republicans most of what they want on tax relief.  They also point out some of the most insane provisions included in the Green New Deal, proving how out of touch the socialists in the Democratic Party really are.  And they shudder as former KKK official David Duke endorses Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard for president because he thinks Gabbard is least likely to send troops to die on behalf of Israel in the Middle East.  Gabbard has denounced Duke and rejected the endorsement.
08/02/1920m 16s

Scott's Secret, Minnesota Mean? What Next in Virginia?

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss the news that Virginia Democratic Rep. Bobby Scott knew about the allegation against now-Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax before Fairfax took office.  They also react to former staffers unloading on 2020 Democratic hopeful and Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar over her alleged cruelty and constant criticism.  And they marvel at how slowly many Democrats are reacting to the political chaos in Virginia and conclude that none of the officials embroiled in controversy will actually resign.
07/02/1922m 31s

Trump's High Notes, Foreign Policy Fumbles, Herring Admits to Blackface

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are pleasantly surprised at President Trump's State of the Union address, in which he extolled the greatness of America, condemned socialism and late term abortion and found several issues where bipartisan cooperation seems plausible.  They also cringe at some other moments in the speech including Trump's contentions that investigations of him will hurt the economy, that you can negotiate peace with the Taliban, and that another summit with Kim Jong-Un is a good idea.  And their jaws hit the floor as Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring admits to dressing up in blackface while in college, just days after calling on Gov. Ralph Northam to resign.
06/02/1925m 0s

Cuomo Blames Trump for Lost Revenue, Dem Voters Sticking with Northam, Fairfax Accuser Hires Ford's Lawyers

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America see a teachable moment as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo blames President Trump and the GOP tax reform for many wealthy people leaving his state over high taxes, but the solution would seem to be pretty simple.  They're also surprised to see 50 percent of Democratic voters in Virginia approving of Ralph Northam as governor - even after the yearbook controversy.  And they react to the accuser of Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax hiring Christine Blasey Ford's legal team.
05/02/1918m 4s

World Rejects Maduro's Madness, Virginia's Northam Nightmare, Superbowl Ads Flop

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America welcome news that military and police are starting to defy President Maduro and that more influential nations are recognizing Juan Guiado as the interim president. They also wade through Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam's shifting explanations for the racist photo in in his medical school yearbook and Northam defying both parties by refusing to resign. And they give thumbs down to most of the Superbowl ads for being too serious and too obvious in their efforts to be woke, saving their biggest eye roll for the Washington Post.
04/02/1931m 18s

Strong January Jobs Report, Kaine's Lame Abortion Response, Booker 2020

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are thrilled to see over 300,000 jobs created in January, easily surpassing expectations.  They also smack Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine for the wimpiest possible opposition to the controversial abortion bill in Virginia and break down the logical problem in Kaine's official position that he's personally opposed to abortion but would never impose that view on others.  And they dissect the launch of New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker's 2020 presidential campaign - with Jim offering an extensive review of Booker's time as mayor of Newark.
01/02/1922m 39s

Dems Exposed on Abortion, Left Savages Schultz, Banish the Billionaires

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are glad America is seeing just how radical Democrats are getting on abortion, with Virginia's governor even appearing to endorse infanticide.  They're also happy to see one Democrat in the Virginia legislature change her mind on an abortion bill after the intense public opposition.  They also shake their heads as Democrats and their friends in the media launch a relentless mission to destroy former Starbucks Chairman and CEO Howard Schultz for considering an independent presidential run.  And they react to a Huffington Post column arguing that billionaires are bad for America so we shouldn't have any.
31/01/1925m 28s

Inside the Koch Confab, We're Not Getting A Wall, Covering Up Kamala's Cronyism

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America review Jim's trip to the Koch Seminar Network and how the billionaire brothers that Democrats and the media like to describe as evil are pouring money into charities so struggling Americans don't have to depend solely on the government.  They also sigh as reports make clear that Senate Republicans have no intention of allowing another government shutdown, meaning they aren't prepared to play hardball over border wall funding.  And they take aim at a Washington Post opinion column arguing that it's somehow sexist to question whether Kamala Harris got help in launching her political career due to prominent appointments she received from a man she was having an affair with at the time.
30/01/1923m 45s

Schultz vs. Warren, Harris Goes Hard Left, California's Pronoun Politics

Alexandra DeSanctis of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America enjoy watching Howard Schultz and Elizabeth Warren trade insults over Warren's proposed wealth tax and shudder to think that Schultz might be the most sensible liberal considering a 2020 presidential run.  They also slam Kamala Harris for suggesting that lawmakers who don't support gun control don't care about the victims of mass shootings and contending that if Republicans saw photos of murdered children that they would vote differently.  And they laugh and cringe as the chairwoman of a California State Senate committee bans the use of gendered pronouns in committee - and then proceeds to violate her own rule over and over again.
29/01/1915m 3s

The Left's Venti-Sized Freakout, Mayor Pete's Prospects, Hillary 2020?

Alexandra DeSanctis of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America enjoy watching liberals freak out over the possibility of an independent presidential bid by former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, who is much more closely aligned with Democrats than Republicans.  A Notre Dame graduate, Alexandra also shares her insights into the presidential campaign of South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and why his message could resonate with Midwest voters.  And they roll their eyes as CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny says the Mueller indictments have Hillary Clinton once again thinking about running in 2020.
28/01/1913m 39s

Sinking Stone, Trump's 'Austin Powers Villains', NYT vs. Christian Schools

David French of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America dissect the Mueller indictments of Trump ally Roger Stone and how the latest revelations should concern the president.  They also comb through the indictment and marvel at Stone's intimidation tactics, which David likens to a rejected script for a mobster film.  And they slam the New York Times for trying to pile on Christian education by begging young people to #exposeChristianschools.
25/01/1922m 38s

Trump & Venezuela, Media's Love of Outrage, Dems Pack 2020 Primary

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America cheer President Trump and other leaders in the western hemisphere for recognizing a new leader in Venezuela as the corrupt, socialist regime crumbles there.  Jim unloads on the media for often being more interested in generating outrage - and more clicks - than getting a story correct.  And they get a kick out of another obscure Democrat running for president and the DNC trying to plan for debates with 20 or more candidates.
24/01/1927m 9s

Behar's Honest Moment, Cuomo's Ugly Taunt, Another Extreme House Dem

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are pleasantly surprised to hear liberal Joy Behar admit that the left launches online outrage mobs because they're "desperate" to be rid of Trump.  They also slam New York lawmakers for legalizing abortion up to the moment of birth and Jim unloads on New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for lighting the Freedom Tower pink to celebrate passage of the law.  And they roll their eyes as freshman Colorado Rep. Joe Neguse wants to pursue the impeachment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
23/01/1919m 58s

Trump's Latest Offer, Dems Grovel to the Base, Hogan vs. Trump?

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss President Trump's latest offer to secure the border and end the partial government shutdown and how the tide is turning against Democrats for refusing to negotiate.  They also roll their eyes as Kirsten Gillibrand and Joe Biden are profusely apologizing for holding positions years ago that anger the progressive base of the Democratic Party now.  And they react to signs that Maryland GOP Gov. Larry Hogan may be positioning himself for a primary challenge against President Trump.
22/01/1923m 11s

Stunning Media Failures, Planned Parenthood's Con Job, Hirono Doubles Down

Alexandra DeSanctis of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America unload on the media for running with the Buzzfeed story on the Mueller investigation that the Mueller team itself has now debunked, and for piling on a group of high school students over the incident at the Lincoln Memorial before almost any of the facts were in.  Alexandra also explains how Planned Parenthood's own report for fiscal year 2017-2018 debunks four of it's most oft-parroted talking points.  And they shake their heads as Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono questions whether a member of the Knights of Columbus can be trusted to hold public office and then suggests a resolution condemning religious tests for nominees addresses a problem that does not exist.
21/01/1916m 33s
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