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By The Lean Machines

TLM Radio is here to help you, wether that's to help you understand principles of exercise & nutrition, the inner workings of social media and it's affects on us, the way we think or simply to make your commute WAY more fun! So join us John & Leon aka The Lean Machines & a whole host of awesome guests as we chew the fat on just about everything that makes us feel GOOD!


#68 Exercising WIth Diabetes - Toby Buckland

Diabetes is something that many people deal with in fact type 2 diabetes is more prevalent now than ever before often due to our lifestyles of inactivity and poor food choices.  In this podcast we're joined by our good friend Toby who has had type 1 diabetes since he was 15, we talk about the trials and errors of dealing with and thriving with diabetes.
29/05/2045m 57s

#67 Squat University Dr Aaron Horschig - Recovery Knowledge Bombs

We're joined by Dr Aaron Horschig, you may know him as Squat University. He's a doctor of physical therapy, a Strength & conditioning coach, olympic weightlifter and has worked with many professional sports persons you know and love as well as the general public. Aaron shares some absolute knowledge bombs with us as we fire both our and your questions at him. Get ready to re think how you look at recovery!
22/05/2051m 54s

#66 Zack George - CrossFit Removing His Games Spot

This week were joined by our buddy and CrossFit Games qualifier Zack George, as well as a catch up we're discussing CrossFit and the changes they are having to make to this years games due to covid. As it stands Zack has lost his games invite despite qualifying top in the UK.
15/05/2055m 0s

#65 Paul Olima Omega

Our guest is Paul Olima @olima_omega on instagram, Paul is hilarious, loud and unapologetically himself. Growing a massive following on instagram with parodies and funny skits he also used to play professional football. 
30/04/2047m 46s

#64 Gaining Weight During Isolation

We cover a lot in this podcast from gaining weight, to Vit D and immunity and why those with darker skin may struggle more in our climate. Get ready for some caffeine fuelled laughs and knowledge bombs!
22/04/2043m 48s

Tom Daley - Olympics, Isolation & Fatherhood.

This week we are joined by 3 x world champion, 4 x European champ, 4 x common wealth champ & all round legend Tom Daley. We're talking about Leons embarrassing moment when he met Tom, Fatherhood, Training during isolation, the olympics & much MORE!
14/04/2034m 1s

#62 Puberty - My Penis & Me

It's an embarrassing time for all of us, but man does it bring some funny stories when you look back. Here enjoy a laugh at our expense during isolation.
09/04/2031m 59s

#61 How Are You Coping?

We're 2 weeks into isolation here in the UK and many of us are still working out how to best deal with & work around this situation. We're going to share with you our thoughts and coping strategies to make sure you're feeling good during isolation.
01/04/2044m 31s

#60 Dealing with Isolation

It's a challenging time for all of us, so what do we need to do to stop ourselves feeling down or isolated from our friends and hobbies?
24/03/2036m 33s

#59 Health & Fitness Q&A

Ok you asked the questions and we answered everything from calories, energy systems to injuries, Oh and of course our usual tangents and of topic rambles.
16/03/2038m 49s

#58 Fatherhood One Year On

So much has changed for us over the past year with the birth of our kids & we have had to make changes to EVERY aspect of our lives, from exercise to social life, to work & more. Here's what we've learnt!
09/03/2041m 10s

#57 Covid, Strippers & Entropy....I Know Right!

The human mind is a funny things especially when faced with crisis or something that question one of our primary needs or motivations like shelter, income and safety. They way react to these situations often makes me wonder how much of this reaction is primal and more of an animalistic response.
04/03/2043m 38s

#56 Mo Farah - Performance Enhancing Aids

It certainly feels like the media is making it out that Mo Farah is hiding something because apparently he forgot to mention that he was taking a perfectly allowed & readily used supplement in L-carnitine.
25/02/2034m 41s

What's The Best Way To Build Muscle Fast?

It seem almost everyone not just gym goers & athletes are wanting to change their bodies and build more muscle for performance, aesthetics, confidence and more. So what do we really know about building muscle and what' the bet way to do so?
20/02/2035m 36s

#54 Don't Be Afraid To Make Changes

Look our circumstances, life and general routine change & we have to adapt our training and health around that. It may feel like we're taking a step back or not completing our goals but in fact it's important to change and adapt goals if they are no longer suiting you.
11/02/2028m 59s

Are You Healthy?

What is healthy? It's far more than just physical health and we feel the World Health Organizations 1986 description of health or out dated for our current lifestyles when you take into account how much it's change in the last 30-40 years.
06/02/2046m 8s

#52 BIG Zack George - What It Takes To Be A Crossfit Games Athlete

What does it take to be a professional athlete? We're joined by our good friend and Crossfit athlete Zack George fresh off the back of competing at Strength In Depth competition in London this weekend.
29/01/2047m 23s

#51 Body Fat Percentages Why, How & Should We Care?

I used to be so focused on being below 10% body fat and if i'm being honest there was no reason for that other than my own insecurities. Not to say having a body fat percentage goal is not relevant or a good goal it may however be better suited to some more than others. In this podcast we're discussing different methods of BF testing, their pros and cons as well as do we need to know our BF%
22/01/2035m 15s

#50 Find Your Reason Why

Leon is back from a month away in New Zealand, as well as a catch up we're talking about why it's important to find your reason why for being fit and healthy, for exercising and well for anything of importance to you.
16/01/2031m 20s

#49 Can Meat Be Part Of A Healthy Diet? With Ben Coomber

It's a sprawling subject charged with emotion and sometimes agenda, it's also very confusing & often hard to get a point of view or opinion you trust. This is by no means a subject that i'm decided on or finished with, i'm still exploring & now I need to encompass what is the right choice for my family both ethically and nutritionally. I hope you find this episode helpful and can take away some points for yourself.
09/01/2049m 15s

#48 My Secret To .... Get Your Money

Don't fall for the "secret to my abs" or "Secrets to my gains" the fact is you probably already know their secrets and if not you can get them without paying for it.
04/01/2021m 57s

#47 Stop Feeling Guilty About Your Eating

So many of us feel guilty after over eating/drinking or not exercises during Christmas. To me this is madness this time of the year is to be enjoyed, one day of eating is not going to ruin your diet or training. How ever beating yourself up is going to ruin your day!
26/12/1911m 55s

#46 Our Most Embarrassing Moments

Sometimes it's just nice to laugh at others peoples expense and forget your woes haha Well today you're going to be laughing at our expense... well mostly Leon's as it turns out he has some absolutely FANTASTIC stories. ENJOY!
17/12/1933m 53s

#45 Body, Business & Brain with Jamie Alderton

From running backwards for 24 hours to box jumping the height of Everest! Jamie has also been a top tier physique competitor all while being dad who enjoys a good gin a runs successful business. I think we can all learn a lot from Jamie whether it's motivation, knowledge or you just get some positive vibes, we think you will enjoy this one a lot.
10/12/1954m 18s

#44 - How To Avoid Gaining Weight Over Christmas

We're back with a Q&A and a lot of your questions this week were about the Christmas period and staying in control of your diet and weight during all the parties.
02/12/1936m 43s

#43 The I'm A Celeb Diet

With I'm A Celebrity Get me Out Of Here back on our TV's people are talking about the weight contestants are losing on their restricted diets. But how does this type of diet affect us both physically and mentally.
27/11/1938m 14s

#42 - How To We Deal With Feeling Sad

We ALL get down it's a natural part of life but that doesn't make it any more enjoyable or easier to deal with or get out of. We wanted to share our experiences of feeling sad and how we combat, accept and deal with these feeling.
21/11/1929m 14s

#41 Faisal Mr PMA - The power of positivity & injury mindset

Mr PMA himself Faisal is on the podcast this week, talking about his journey from working at Barry's to becoming a dad an author & an inspirational figure for many. He's also just had surgery on an bicep injury so this heat for those of you overcoming injury. Enjoy guys! As always please leave a review & share with your friends.
12/11/1939m 55s

#40 - Can You Build Muscle & Lose Fat At the Same Time?

This weeks Q&A we cover everything from hating your body to Losing fat and building muscle at the same time.
06/11/1932m 35s

#39 The Game Changers - Our Opinions

As many of you may know there's a new documentary/information based short film about being optimally healthy and performing at your best via a plant based diet. It's called The Game Changers and it has massively split opinions, often these opinions belong to people in either camp. Pro meat or pro plant based. So what are our findings and opinions if we look at this movie with an open and impartial as possible outlook.
29/10/1937m 5s

#38 Sonny Webster The Rise Of Weightlifting

We're joined by our good friend Sonny Webster to talk the rise in popularity of weightlifting, common faults in technique as well as his plans & dreams to help those who are less fortunate in South Africa to have a place to learn and practice weightlifting.
22/10/1937m 19s

#37 - How To Stay Motivated During The Winter

With the winter closing in here in the UK many people are already getting nervous about staying motivated during the winter months. So how do we bullet proof ourselves against the colder days and less sunlight hours
15/10/1938m 58s

#36 I Lost 12 Stone Eating Chicken Nuggets & Chips!

"I Lost 12 Stone Eating Chicken Nuggets & Chips" that was a real newspaper headline this week! Let's break this down.
01/10/1928m 35s

#35 Q&A & Gaining Muscle For Hard Gainers

We have a bunch of great fitness related questions from you this week & we spend a little time talking about the mental aspects of being a skinny guy or girl and finding it very hard to build muscle.
24/09/1937m 56s

#34 Your First Competition & How To Approach It.

We often get messages from you guys saying you have your first fun run, OCR or CrossFit competition & aren't sure how to approach it. Well let's break it down Before, During & after.
17/09/1930m 30s

#33 CBD A Life Saver?

Wow what a story, in this podcast we're talking to a friend of ours Matt Hughes as he tells us his family's story and their battle to get CBD oil prescribed on the NHS after seeing the results with his son Charlie who has infantile spasms. FIND MATT HERE CHARLIES GO FUND ME PAGE HERE CHARLIES HOPE -
10/09/1958m 11s

#32 NEAT Your Not So Secret Fat Loss Weapon

Your not so secret fat loss weapon Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis but why is it so valuable? Let's find out!
04/09/1923m 20s

#31 Stop Being A P*&%y & Help More People!

You're awesome at what you do but there's many things that hold you and I back from being able to help more people and draw more people in to work with you.
28/08/1932m 47s

#30 - Mr Battle Cancer - Scott Brits

Some people just go the extra distance to make a positive impact on peoples lives, never is that more important than when it's helping those in need. This weeks podcast is with our buddy Scott Britton who is one of the founders of fitness competition Battle Cancer, it's a good one!
21/08/1957m 4s

#29 Harry Potter's Fittest Fan - Will Kane

Xendurance Training Camp - In this weeks podcast we're joined by fellow Harry Potter fan, dad and one of the UK's Fittest men Will Kane. We're discussing training with a child and how to best focus your training if you are doing it
16/08/1942m 25s

#28 Our Story & How Social Media Has Changed.

Let's go back, back to the start of our journey as personal trainers, authors and all the rest that came with our brand TheLeanMachines. What's next where do we go from here?
09/08/1938m 58s

#27 Q&A - Why Carbs make you weigh more

In this weeks podcast we're up to our usual antics as well as answering your questions for a Q&A on everything from carb cycling, to personal training to our favourite netflix shows of all time!
31/07/1947m 23s

#26 Josh Bridges - Coffee, Crossfit & Kids

Our guest this week is 6x CrossFit games competitor and all round good dude Josh Bridges. We get talking about his injury recovery and his mental state during it, coffee and training as an athlete while being a father.
26/07/1934m 53s

#25 10 Reasons Why You're Not Getting The Results You Deserve!

Getting in shape can be a mine field and very confusing here's our top reasons why you're not seeing the results you deserve.
16/07/1948m 13s

#24 Our Fitness Mistakes

We all make silly mistakes & we're no different, what's important is we learn from them. In this podcast we want to share some of our mistakes that we learnt from so you don't have to make the same mistakes.
10/07/1942m 54s

#23 Knowledge Bomb Q&A

We're back with another Q&A let's do this! We're talking everything from fat loss, hypertrophy to PED's in sports and much more!
01/07/1941m 40s

#22 PT VS Online Coaching

In this podcast we are discussing the difference and pro and cons of personal training versus online coaching from both a clients and coaches perspective.
27/06/1933m 40s


WOW the questions you guys asked us on this podcast are incredible we are positive they will interest and help lots of people. As well as the Q&A we talk about the whole Nike mannequin fiasco and winning the Under Armour Turf Games! Strap in it's a good one!!!
18/06/1942m 8s

#20 Avoid These Social Media Pitfalls

With social media it's created to create a response and that can be good or bad to different people. There's lots in place to make sure creators post authentic and transparent content but do we need to be more vigilant with these "bad" posts and make effort to protect ourselves from them.
10/06/1924m 30s

#19 Food Relationships & How They Ruin Your Progress

We all have a different relationship with food some are perfectly "normal" & others can stop us from reaching the body goals we want. Unfortunately most of these thought processes that stop us achieving are goals are subconscious and we do them without realising. So how do we recognise the signs and help fix this.
31/05/1929m 29s

#18 Sleep, CBD Oil, A Game Of Moans

We're back! Answering your questions from how to be a better online coach, sleep & CBD oil. As always expect some weird and wonderful random tangents.
23/05/1945m 39s

#17 Fitness & Nutrition Q&A

In this weeks podcast we're answering your questions that you sent in and there are some truly great ones from all aspect of health and fitness.
17/05/1946m 21s

#16 What's Your Excuse? With Adaptive Athlete Oly Grinsell

Wow this guy is an inspiration! In this podcast we're joined by Oly Grinsel, Oly is an adaptive athlete he's double amputee & quite frankly a bloody inspiration. We talk to Oly about his life growing up, his training and his outlook on life and how people
09/05/1926m 35s

#15 Racism Should We Talk About It? With Zack George

Racism is a subject we've never spoken about before, for many reasons from being scared, to not feeling we have the right to have an opinion on certain aspects of racism. For all these reason we thought it was important to talk about this subject.
30/04/1940m 9s

#14 CrossFit Or Cross***t?

Everyone has an opinion on CrossFit wether it's the pull ups, the diet, womens bodies or injuries, well let's talk about it from both sides of the fence. Pros & cons
25/04/1942m 51s

#13 I Wish I Knew This When I was Younger

We all have things we would change if we could do it again, in this weeks podcast we're sharing our biggest learnings about ourselves and things we wish we knew when we were younger.
18/04/1936m 41s

#12 - Mental Health & Exercise

In this weeks caffeine fuelled podcast we're discussing the benefits of exercise on your mental health from both our experiences.
12/04/1924m 20s

#11 Hidden Reasons Why You're Not Getting Results - With Ben Coomber

I this weeks podcast we're joined by our good buddy Ben Coomber & we're talking about all the hidden reasons that are often over looked that stop you processing towards your goals.
04/04/1944m 1s

#10 How Men Feel About Pregnancy & Labour

We think this is a really special podcast not so much because we share our feelings and personal birth and pregnancy stories but more because no one talks about how men often feel during these times. It's very common to feel like you should be feeling different.
27/03/1937m 32s

#9 James Smith NEVER Judge A Book By It's Cover

We have another guest this week in the form of straight talking personal trainer James Smith, those who only know James from social media maybe quite surprised by what you hear.
20/03/1944m 35s

#8 Why Losers Are Awesome!

In this weeks podcast we're talking how to find time to improve yourself, why we need to start supporting each other more as well as ourselves & finally who being a LOSER is sometimes far better than being a winner.
13/03/1929m 6s


This is by far the most awesome podcast we've done, we drop so many knowledge bombs about the gut and how it affects the body. We also go on a LOT of tangents, get ready it's a fun one!
04/03/1929m 53s

#6 Fat Loss

Let's talk fat loss, what it really takes and why we so often get it wrong and end up in this perpetual motion of yo yo dieting.
01/03/1933m 4s

#5 Becoming a Beast With Zack George

In this podcast we're joined by our good friend and CrossFit athlete Zack George, we're talking all things training as an athlete & how it differs for us mere mortals. We also discuss injuries in CrossFit, the new set up, Zack's goals and how he deals with negative comments suggesting he takes steroids.
01/03/1940m 33s

#4 Building Muscle For Skinny Guys & Girls

In this episode we're talking about building muscle as a skinny guy or girl, how to do it & how to overcome the mental battles. As well as our usual tangents.
01/03/1936m 52s

#2 Nutriton & Kids

In this episode we're discussing nutrition in kids and who's responsible for teaching them how to eat right. Is it schools, parents, the governments? To make sure children group up with a good understanding of how to eat well.
01/03/1929m 23s

#3 Positivity, Motivation and Anxiety

Hell YEAH, Episode 3 is our favourite so far & we're confident you're going to love it. We're talking and sharing our experiences on all thing Motivation, Happiness & Anxiety.
01/03/1943m 51s

#1 Your Questions Answered

Welcome to our first ever podcast! We've been bombarded by requests to start a podcast & we've finally given in. We wanted to hit the ground running & offer you lots of useful information from the word go, so in this episode we're answering your questions that you sent to us via social media. Grab a coffee & get ready!
01/03/1934m 56s
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