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TLM Radio is here to help you, whether that's to help you understand principles of exercise & nutrition, the inner workings of social media and it's affects on us, the way we think & mental health or simply to make your commute WAY more fun! So join us John & Leon aka The Lean Machines & a whole host of awesome guests as we chew the fat on just about everything that makes us feel GOOD!


A Journey Of A Lifetime - Running The Length Of The UK In 13 Days

Want to work with us for personal coaching? Find out more Here Leon is back from his epic 13 day run from John O Groats to Lands End the whole length of the UK is obe of the fastest time achieved by a runner. Needless to say he went through it on this run, 3 days of walking/running back to back with 3 hours sleep, having to be dressed and put to sleep and much more as you will find out on this podcast, we hope you enjoy it!  Want to support REORG by donating? Click here
21/08/23·1h 31m

Running The Length Of The Uk, 2.5 Marathons a Day.

Want to be coached by us? Find out more Here It's time we're off to John O Groats as Leon starts his run from the top of the UK to the bottom covering 2.5 marathons a day to start with!
21/07/23·45m 17s

Should We Be Worried About Artificial Sweetners?

Want to be coached by us? Find out more Here Layne Norton Youtube Video - There's often a back on forth on whether artificial sweetners are bad for you and if they pose more benefits than risks to everyone, or more specifically to individuals who maybe overweight. As diet drinks may go a long way to helping them reduce caloric intake and lose body fat.  
16/07/23·47m 9s

It's Finally Happened - The Steroid Olympics

Want to be coached by us? Find out more Here There's a new kid on the block & it goes completely against the grain, it's called Enhanced and it's the anti olympics where steriods are encouraged..... this is going to be an interesting chat. We also catch up post John's first marathon!
07/07/23·57m 13s

Neuroplascitiy & Our Ability To Learn

Get Coached By Us Here Let's Neuroplasticity especially in kids, it's the remarkable ability of the brain to reorganize and adapt, plays a crucial role in the development of children. During childhood, the brain undergoes rapid changes and is highly responsive to the environment and experiences. Neuroplasticity allows the brain to form and strengthen neural connections based on these experiences. It enables children to learn new skills, acquire knowledge, and develop cognitive, emotional, and social capacities. Through exposure to stimulating environments, enriched learning experiences, and positive relationships, children's brains can create new neural pathways and enhance their overall cognitive abilities. This plasticity highlights the importance of providing children with a nurturing and stimulating environment that fosters their curiosity, creativity, and intellectual growth, ultimately shaping their future potential and well-being.
23/06/23·52m 33s

Food For Thought - What Goes Through Your Head When Making Food choices & Why?

TLM Radio is a health and fitness-themed podcast that breaks down current topics and information about living a happier healthier life. Join John & Leon AKA The Lean Machines as they navigate the often confusing and contensted world of health, exercise & happiness. In this weeks podcast we are spending a modest amount of time talking about food choices and why we make them. We'll even take you on a mental walk through of our weekly supermarket food shop 😂 As well as all the usual tangents and rambles  Want to be coached by us? Find out more Here
14/06/23·1h 3m

Why Do Peoples Challenges Seem To Be Getting More Extreme? Is This A Problem For CrossFit?

TLM Radio is a health and fitness-themed podcast that breaks down current topics and information about living a happier healthier life. Join John & Leon AKA The Lean Machines as they navigate the often confusing and contensted world of health, exercise & happiness. In this weeks podcast we are discussing LOTS, from controversy around the CrossFit semi finals and discrepancies with assualt runners seeming to give people an unfair advantage to the pressures of social media for us to do BIGGER & more outrageous challenges to feel seen or raise awareness. Want to be coached by us? Find out more Here
10/06/23·1h 14m

Airline Making You Weigh In With Your Baggage Before Flying!

TLM Radio is a health and fitness-themed podcast that breaks down current topics and information about living a happier healthier life. Join John & Leon AKA The Lean Machines as they navigate the often confusing and contensted world of health, exercise & happiness. In this weeks podcast we are discussing whether airlines should be allowed to weigh you before flying, discussing a new study showing the effectiveness of excercise on treating depression and anxiety when compared to medicine. STUDY LINK As well as answering your questions regarding injuries and programming. Want to be coached by us? Find out more Here
31/05/23·1h 1m

Where Does Fat Go When You Lose it?

I got asked the question of where fat goes when you lose it, would be suprised if I told you that you breathe it out? Want to be coached by us? Youtube - Instagram -
26/05/23·11m 46s

AI creates images of the 'perfect' man and woman

Have you seen this AI interpretation of the ideal man and women? It's ridiculous for so many reasons. Want to be coached by us? Youtube - Instagram -
19/05/23·53m 7s

A Trip Down Memory Lane & Fat Doctor Says "Diets Don't Work"

This weeks podcast is a real mixed bag, we're going down memeory lane talking about our internet journey being some of the earliet creators on Youtube in specific. We also discuss the fat doctor who says diets simple don't work! Want to be coached by us, find out more here
02/05/23·1h 1m

How Dare You Talk To Yourself That Way - Monitoring your inner monologue.

How we talk to ourselves is beyond important, in the words of Henry Ford "whether you think you can, or think you can't, you're right" In this podcast as well as talking about Leon's recent 75km run & new nutrition protocols with clients we talk about dealing with your inner monologue and how to break the negative chain. Find out more about our online coaching below
21/04/23·1h 5m

Recovery, Avoiding running injuries & Dealing with Loneliness

How often should you change your shoes when running? What's the best way to recover after exercise? How do I combat loneliness?  These are just some of the topics in this weeks podcast. Find out more about our coaching here.
31/03/23·54m 43s

Blood Work, Blue Belts & Bitching

Just two friends talk shop & putting the world to rights. This week we've had out full bloodwork back so we're discussing this & what to look out for as well as John getting his BJJ blue belt. Find out more about us & our coaching -
22/03/23·1h 15m

Are Low Carb Diets The Future For Performance? What Makes A Good Coach?

Want to be coached by us, find out more here For a long time it's been the thinking that high carb diets are adventagous for performance especially endurance races with people taking on carb formulas during long distance race for example.  There does seem to be a few studies that are starting to challenge this & even show health benefits, now while we don't think you should ditch the carbs it certainly is challenging the current beliefs avout human performance, fueling and adaptions that can be made while performing exercise while on a Low carb high fat diet.
18/03/23·1h 9m

Ben Coomber - Building Resilience & Self Belief

We're joined by Nutritionist, Supplement brand creator & brand new author Ben Coomber! Ben is a good friend of ours and some what of a pioneer in health & fitness, especially in the podcast game. Ben has a new book out now!  How To Live An Awesome Life Find out more about us & our online coaching here 
10/03/23·1h 8m

Does it matter when we eat for muscle growth? - Breathing - The balance of omega 3 & 6

There's a lot to talk about in this podcast from Leon's good news regarding his knee injury as well as a proper NERD off on things we are listening to, reading & learning about atm.  Want to be coached by us? Youtube - Instagram -
02/03/23·42m 44s

Can You Be Obese & Healthy? - Body Positivity

It's a tricky subject this one & I think you have to split it into two factions. One being the mental & emotional side & the other the scientific data approach on what's healthy. Find out more about us & our coaching here -
17/02/23·48m 57s

The POWER Of Language + Leon's BIG Mistake

Find out more about us & our oonline coaching here -
10/02/23·41m 7s

Why Am I Getting Injured?

Want to work with us personally?
03/02/23·34m 43s

A Recipe For Success - How To Smash Your Goals.

Hey guys! It's frustrating when I see people starting off with great intentions but due to poor execution, lack of knowledge or the wrong mind set they fall short of their goals.  Now as we talk about in this podcast you don't actually fail until you quit but if we can nail these endeavours first try I think we'd all be pretty happy! So let's jump into way in which you can really break through & finally capture your goals big or small.
26/01/23·1h 4m

Advanced Cold Water Therpay Techniques & How To Test Fitness?

With so many people now partaking in cold water therapy it's only natural that new protocols will emerge in a bid to increase the benefits & we will discuss some of these today. We also discuss the constant need for progression and is it really healthy to be doing all these things we see on social media, you know the "wake up at 4am" "the grind" etc We also touch on some points from teh fantastic Andrew Huberman podcast and we encourage you to go listen to the lastest episode.
20/01/23·55m 58s

The POWER Of Therapy with Alexis Main

This podcast is possibly the most important and informative that we have done, it's with my Therapist Alexis Main. Alexis is an incredible Therapist and has worked as a private therapist for many years. In this podcast we talk about Time lines The Identity Life Boats The Subconcious Belief Patterns Suicide As well as some of your questions, so thank you for having the courage to send them in as I'm sure they will help others too. Alexis Main Website LIFEBOATS Part 1 - LIFEBOATS Part 2 -
25/11/22·56m 27s

TikTok Diet Advice & How "Good" Is Your Diet?

In this weeks podcast we have several topics to discuss from TikTok diet advice & is it safe to managing your time effectively. Find our Online Nutrition & Training Coaching -
03/11/22·1h 6m

Dealing With Injury Set Backs & Keeping Your Cool When Talking To People You Don't Agree With

This Podcast covers a LOT of subjects & some of them are very sensitive so I do hope we did a good job & it reflected our opinions correctly. Find out more about us & our coaching here 
28/10/22·41m 1s

Protests, Social Media & Eating Disorders & RANTING!

This week we both bring a subject to the table one being the cause of current eating disorder rises & the other human behaviour in regards to protests. Find out about our coaching here 
21/10/22·1h 2m

The Race of a Lifetime - Dessert Ultra Marathon

Watch Leons Race Vlog here Find out more about our online coachining here
13/10/22·1h 18m

250KM Ultra Marathon In The Dessert + Training In Winter Months

Leon's back on the podcast and back in the UK for 24hours before heading off to Jordan to run a 250KM Ultra marathon in the dessert!
05/10/22·29m 42s

Dealing With Multiple Sclerosis & Facing It Head On - Nicola Chapman

This podcast is a special one for me as it's with my sister & her story is something I am emotionaly & physically a part of.  The way Nic has dealt with & challenged her MS is nothing short of inspirational to me & I think her positivity shines through all of this. I hope you enjoy this one & it helps some of you. Thanks John 
22/09/22·1h 14m

Can You Ever Truely Lose Fat?

Want to be coached by us? Online Coaching Did you know once you create a fat cell you never get rid of it? You next question is probably "does that mean it's easier to gain fat back? Well let's discuss!  
09/09/22·48m 59s

Owning Your Shit & Doing What You Said You Would!

Leon had the unfortunate news that the 250km Ultra marathon he has been training for had been cancelled. So he took a few days to feel angry & now he's creating new plans! TLM Training TLM Coaching 
25/08/22·41m 10s

Owning Your Sh*t & One Small Hack To Increase Your Endurance & Performance

We're back answering a bunch of your personal questions in detail! We cover- Training & motivation around alcohol. Taking owner ship & not playing the 'i'm a parent card, for poor personal choices. Leon shares a simple hack to improve your endurance & performance. To contact us about the podcast or coaching email us here  
11/08/22·45m 51s

How One Positive Change Can Change Your Life!

Be coached by us here This episode is jam packed with ideas on how one change can change your life to what to say to someone when they ask for your help.
29/07/22·53m 59s

Fears Of Training Again After Injury & How To Beat Them.

In this podcast were dicussing things YOU hate most about exercise, this opened a multitude of answers & questions from you guys from injury to not seeing results fast enough. We're going to do our best to reduce the anxiety from these feelings to get you performing optimaly in the gym or your sport.
22/07/22·41m 27s

More Drug Bans, Is This Hurting CrossFit?

With more drug bans coming out this week how will it affect CrossFit. Could it create a divide between Crossfit & The CrossFit Games? Why are so many people taking Steroids?
15/07/22·43m 17s

Athletes Fail Crossfit Drugs Test - Social Media & Kids + Tangents

Want to be coached by us personally? Find out training plans here - TLM TRAINING Contact us at

Finding A Reason To Comit To A Diet & Discovering i'm Dyslexic

Want to be coached by us personally? Find out training plans here - TLM TRAINING Contact us at
01/07/22·52m 1s

Antibiotics & Gut Health + Keep Or Kill

Find out what we got up to on our Training retreat in Spain - Finally We're Back! Want to be coached by us? Email
19/05/22·40m 44s

Keep Or Kill?

A bit like room 101! We have the BEST current topics to bring to the table on subjects for health & nutriton to doctors facing action over misleading social media posts.
28/04/22·39m 44s

Best Life Changining Advice We Were Given

Best Life Changining Advice We Were Given - S3 EP12 Find out more about our online coaching & possibly work with us here - Find our training plans here
21/04/22·43m 58s

What I Learned From Running A 250km Ultra Marathon

WOW Leon is back after the adventure of a lifetime & he has one hell of a story to share with you guys! TLM Running plan -
29/03/22·1h 18m

What's Your Purpose? With Professor Braulio Estima - S3 EP10

What gives your life purpose? What makes you feel good & appreciated? This episode we are joined by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu great, 4th degree black belt & head Professor of Gracie Barra. Braulio apart from being one of the all time greats in BJJ also has a great philosophy & outlook on life & that it what we spend plenty of time talking about today.
03/03/22·47m 25s

Does Sorness Dictate The Effectiveness Of A Workout? S3 EP9

Find out more about our retreat here TLM X Silver Back Retreat
18/02/22·51m 52s

Could This Save The Planet? S3 EP8

Work with us 1-2-1 with Online Coaching - HERE Find our AWSEOME Training Plans - HERE
10/02/22·51m 42s

Doc Recommends 800 Calorie Diet WTF?

Tlm Training Plans Here Online coaching
27/01/22·47m 53s

Strawberries To Lose Fat? The Power Of CrossFit - S3 EP6

Find out more about our retreat here -
15/01/22·44m 18s

Weightlifting & Boxing CANCELLED From The Olympics - Rick Garrad winning Dubai? S3 EP5

Weightlifting & Boxing CANCELLED From The Olympics - Rick Garrad winning Dubai? Dieting at Christmas.
17/12/21·40m 45s

Iron Man Josh - S3 Ep4

This week we're joined by Iron Man Josh, he's an endurance athlete competeting at the highest level in Iron Man races and much more! Want to contact the podcast or find out more about our conaching & training plans then email or visit 
07/12/21·46m 55s

Gorka Marquez - Dancing Makes You Crazy Fit! S3 Ep3

He's an amazing dancer, a great dad & he's also extremely FIT! Gorka is most known in the UK for being on the biggest TV show in the UK Strictly Come Dancing (I can hear my mum cheering). We talk to Gorks about everything from growing up in Spain to playing football, discovering dancing & later Crossfit. Of course we all talk about family life and the dynamics of being a father.
02/12/21·46m 27s

What Makes You Want To Run 250KM? What Are You Searching For? - S3 Ep1

More & more people seem to be doing these amazing physical feats & often it's hard for us "normal" people to understand the logic behind why they are doing these challenges. What are you looking to get from it? Is it worth the pain, the sacrafice & the hours of training? Well today we pose these questions to one of our very own as Leon has embarked on a MASSIVE challenge of his own!
22/11/21·51m 35s

WE'RE BACK! Nutrition & Training Q&AS2 Ep10

It's been a while since we last came to you guys with a podcast, we've been working on things behind the scenes.  In this weeks podcast we have some updates for you as well as answering your questions from hydration to training after covid. Find out more about our coaching and training plans here Find our training programmes here TLM TRAINING -
09/09/21·27m 52s

Am I Training Too Much? Q&A S2 Ep9

Find out more about us, our coaching & Training programmes here
29/07/21·44m 59s

Influencers Banned From Editing Photos & A Jaw Magnet To Stop You Eating WTF! S2 Ep8

Find out more about TLM and how we can help you at
08/07/21·35m 2s

Is The UK Banning Junk Food Adverts Good? S2 EP7

Find out more about us here So the UK is planning on banning junk food adverts before the 9pm water shed, is this a good idea and how will it affect us. As always we come with our own opinions as well as a shed load of tangents.
24/06/21·27m 2s

Why More Exercise & Less Food Is NOT The Answer - My PT Helpline S2 Ep6

Find out more about our AWESOME coaching & Training plans here TheLeanMachines Check out our Opus Coffee here 
15/06/21·36m 58s

Expectation VS Reality The Problem With Fitness - S2 Ep5

Check out OPUS COFFEE HERE  Join our Training progamming family here
04/06/21·24m 47s

Smart Watches, Vaccines & The Bull Shit Hierachy Of Life - S2 Ep4

Find out more about our coaching here Join our Awesome traning community here
27/05/21·38m 5s

The Fittest Man In Comedy - Joel Dommett - S2 EP3

Get your opus coffee here - This week we're joined by comedian, Crossfitter and all round gem of a human being Joel Dommett
19/05/21·46m 34s

Is It Fair To Be Transgender In Weightlifting? S2 Ep2 In this podcast we've both brought a subject to talk about each, a bit like good old school show and tell. One of these talking points is about being transgender and competeing is strength based sports such as weightlifting. There's been quite a bit in the new lately about Laurel Hubbard a New Zealand women who has just been picked to compete in the Olympics, this makes her the first transgender person to do so.
11/05/21·49m 16s

Women's Health with DR Hazel Wallace - The Food Medic - S2 E1

Get your Opus Coffee here! Email us at We're BACK for season 2 & this seasons guests are AMAZING! Today we are joined by the wonderful and extremely knowledgeable DR Hazel Wallace, many of you may know Hazel as the Food Medic from her social media.  In this podcast we are taking extra care to talk about womens health and particularly the menstrual cycle.
03/05/21·46m 45s

The Reality Of Dieting - S1 Ep8

Want to be coached by us email
11/03/21·30m 18s

How Nutrition Differs For Athletes - Luke Hall S1 Ep7

This week we're joined by sports nutritionist and Leon's nutrition coach Luke Hall to talk how nutrition differs from Athletes to the general population.
26/02/21·50m 2s

Why You Shouldn't Track Calories, Use Scales or Meaure BF% - S1 Ep6

Become part of the TLM Training Team
18/02/21·35m 58s

Mat Fraser Retires - Our Thoughts - S1 Ep5

Last night CrossFit games champion & GOAT annouced his retirement and gave some insight as to why on morningchalkup. Here's our thoughts & why we think it's a good thing for The CrossFit games as a spectator.
03/02/21·27m 15s

Periodisation For Training - S1 Ep4

TLM Training -
28/01/21·25m 42s

The UK's Fittest Man - S1 EP3

Find out more about TLM Training programming here - Back with the biggest man in Crossfit who's doing even bigger things outside of the competition floor. 
22/01/21·47m 55s

I Can't Stop YoYo Dieting - My PT Helpline S1 EP2

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15/01/21·37m 5s

Are You Making The Most Of 2021? - S1 Ep-1

Want to know more about TLM Training?
07/01/21·37m 47s

My PT Helpline - How To Eat Well Around Restrictions & Family

How do you approach changing your diet when family memebers or loved ones aren't on board? Or changing you diet and they are on board but it has a negative impact on them. That's what we're breaking down in this weeks podcast with one of your emails, this week it's from Jake.   
16/12/20·42m 13s

Paul Mort - Bi Polar, Business & Being a Badass

This week we're joined by the man, the myth, the legend Mr Paul Mort.  Pauls story is super interesting and valuable he's a man that has experienced many things & more highs and lows than most of us. From making a fortune to attempted suicide. As always Paul doesn't hold back so buckle up!
09/12/20·49m 39s

Eating Disorders - How Much Are The Actually About Food?

Eating disorders are so multi faceted and unique to each individual male or female. In this podcast we're joined by Julie, Lisa & Sarah who run Eating Disorder Support a new way to seek support. The ladies are very well educated as a ocupational therapist, councillor or therapist & registered nurse. This gives them the ability to help people without having to have a "minimum" requirment for support. We hope this helps some of you directly, and the rest of us can get more of an understanding of eating disorders. Enjoy.
30/11/20·47m 55s

Why This Lockdown Will Be Different.

Tunnel vision, that’s exactly what I’m using going into another lockdown. I learnt a lot from the last lock down & this time I’m having tunnel vision, focusing only on the stuff I can control & keeping more of the stuff I can’t out of my sight. I only need news updates anytime there’s change I need to know about, otherwise I don’t need that negative repetition in my life. I know a lot of people have & are struggling with anxiety atm, anxiety is largely future based & often people feel fearful of what’s to come. Well to me the news ain’t helping here, it just seems to speculate over every potential negative situation, creating a new plot line of fear for our clever minds to make a movie out of..... You know like the one you make up before most flights you get on, but it never actually happens. Now of course this is a serious situation I’m not playing that down at all I’m just saying I don’t need to be reminded of it every min of every day, and if it’s all starting to get to you then maybe seeing/hearing less is a good option.
03/11/20·28m 47s

My PT Helpline - Gaining Strength While Being Vegan & The Worlds Coolest Job

What's the coolest job you can think of? Well we think our guest Sam has the coolest job we can think of, he's a wildlife photographer. Like David Attenborough kind of work! He's also lost a ton of weight & on his journey he's navigated embracing a vegan diet and he's often living in a tent for weeks on end in the middle of papa new guinea. This can make training and eating a challenge, we also talk the best way to build strength for Sam.
27/10/20·45m 2s

Less is More - Hard Gainers, Muscle Growth & Training Routine

In this podcast we're answering one of your emails, this one is from Ollie Lee, he has a fast metabolism and struggles to eat enough food around training and university.
15/10/20·33m 13s

My PT Helpline - Weight Watchers, Realistic Expectations & Feeling Self Conscious

We're super excited to say that we're joined on the podcast by one of our listeners Jeremy Cooper. First of massive shout out to Jeremy for coming on with us and discussing his feelings and situation so openly. We talk through a lot of things in this podcast, from hitting a turning point and making change, to feeling self conscious or having low confidence.
08/10/20·39m 46s

My PT Helpline Ep 01 - Social Pressures To Look "good"

In this the first of our PT helpline we take your questions or problems and give you answers from a coaches perspective. In this episode we're answering Scotts email regarding injury, farther hood, overtraining, not having a real goal set and dealing with the pressures of having to look good due to your job.
30/09/20·28m 46s

Want To Be Coached For Free?

We want to coach you for free either as a guest on our podcast or as a podcast subject send us your emails to
24/09/20·9m 19s

How To Beat Rich Froning - Work Capacity

In this podcast we're talking about work capacity, why it's so important and how most people get it wrong.
10/09/20·25m 34s

Fitness Q&A - Coffee Club

In this podcast we took our weekly coffee club questions and answered them in more detail on the podcast. Questions ranging from training frequency to struggling to stick to a diet.
07/09/20·34m 59s

#77 From Depression To Setting Standards of Human Performance

I love this podcast, this weeks guest is Fergus Crawley a man who has become just the second man to complete a sub 5 min mile and squat over 500lb in the same day..... oh he also tagged a marathon on the end too. Fergus has so far raise over £52,000 for Movember and has been doing man incredible challenges in a bid to raise funds and awareness for mental health, something Fergus openly struggled with during university. In this podcast we discuss everything from depression to elite performance and everything between.
14/08/20·50m 11s

#76 Alex Crockford - How To Create & Maintain The Body Of A Fitness Model

Alex Crockford is a Personal trainer, fitness model and owner of the Crockfit app. Alex is known for always being in great shape, we wanted to ask him how he manages this as well as our usual tangents.
06/08/20·42m 19s

Do We Like The Governments War On Obesity?

The government have just announced new changes to tackle the levels of obesity in our country, in a bid to reduce mortality risks and pressure on the NHS especially when it comes to Covid -19
29/07/20·22m 42s

#71 How To Be An Online Personal Trainer & Thrive With A Busy Schedule - Feat Sarah Holden

This episode we're joined by Sarah Holden, Sarah's a mum, a personal trainer as well as an online coach. So she has a lot to juggle while still looking after her son. We talk about finding time and how to stay ahead as well as the pathways to becoming an online coach.
30/06/20·42m 50s

#70 We are Back! Q&A, Business & Life Lessons

In this podcast we're talking a lot of real stuff from business and why some won't survive covid to nutrition to realising that one of us is actually an introverted.
19/06/20·55m 4s

#69 When Life Hands You Lemons - Anthony Ogogo

This podcast is for those who have or feel beaten down, for those who are wondering when they will get a break. Remember a diamond can't be formed without extreme pressure. This week we're joined by Anthony Ogogo a man who has overcome more challenges and set back than most. Anthony is an olympic Bronze medalist as well as junior world and olympic champion. To say his boxing career was smooth however is anything but the case. From almost losing his mum during the Olympics to more injuries than you can count.    
13/06/20·1h 2m

#68 Exercising WIth Diabetes - Toby Buckland

Diabetes is something that many people deal with in fact type 2 diabetes is more prevalent now than ever before often due to our lifestyles of inactivity and poor food choices.  In this podcast we're joined by our good friend Toby who has had type 1 diabetes since he was 15, we talk about the trials and errors of dealing with and thriving with diabetes.
29/05/20·45m 57s

#67 Squat University Dr Aaron Horschig - Recovery Knowledge Bombs

We're joined by Dr Aaron Horschig, you may know him as Squat University. He's a doctor of physical therapy, a Strength & conditioning coach, olympic weightlifter and has worked with many professional sports persons you know and love as well as the general public. Aaron shares some absolute knowledge bombs with us as we fire both our and your questions at him. Get ready to re think how you look at recovery!
22/05/20·51m 54s

#66 Zack George - CrossFit Removing His Games Spot

This week were joined by our buddy and CrossFit Games qualifier Zack George, as well as a catch up we're discussing CrossFit and the changes they are having to make to this years games due to covid. As it stands Zack has lost his games invite despite qualifying top in the UK.
15/05/20·55m 0s

#65 Paul Olima Omega

Our guest is Paul Olima @olima_omega on instagram, Paul is hilarious, loud and unapologetically himself. Growing a massive following on instagram with parodies and funny skits he also used to play professional football. 
30/04/20·47m 46s

#64 Gaining Weight During Isolation

We cover a lot in this podcast from gaining weight, to Vit D and immunity and why those with darker skin may struggle more in our climate. Get ready for some caffeine fuelled laughs and knowledge bombs!
22/04/20·43m 48s

Tom Daley - Olympics, Isolation & Fatherhood.

This week we are joined by 3 x world champion, 4 x European champ, 4 x common wealth champ & all round legend Tom Daley. We're talking about Leons embarrassing moment when he met Tom, Fatherhood, Training during isolation, the olympics & much MORE!
14/04/20·34m 1s

#62 Puberty - My Penis & Me

It's an embarrassing time for all of us, but man does it bring some funny stories when you look back. Here enjoy a laugh at our expense during isolation.
09/04/20·31m 59s

#61 How Are You Coping?

We're 2 weeks into isolation here in the UK and many of us are still working out how to best deal with & work around this situation. We're going to share with you our thoughts and coping strategies to make sure you're feeling good during isolation.
01/04/20·44m 31s

#60 Dealing with Isolation

It's a challenging time for all of us, so what do we need to do to stop ourselves feeling down or isolated from our friends and hobbies?
24/03/20·36m 33s

#59 Health & Fitness Q&A

Ok you asked the questions and we answered everything from calories, energy systems to injuries, Oh and of course our usual tangents and of topic rambles.
16/03/20·38m 49s
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