1Xtra Talks with Richie Brave

1Xtra Talks with Richie Brave

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Richie Brave hosts the biggest group chat of the week.



Richie Brave is touching down in Belfast, chatting about being black and Irish
20/04/2154m 45s


Richie hears from Glasgow's black movers and shakers. Who are the most exciting new music artists taking the city by storm? Which creative figures are shaking up poetry and art? And do we know enough about black histories in Scotland?
07/04/2159m 1s

How To Make A Man

Richie and guests explore masculinity and all the different ways people express it. Richie’s chatting to Guvna B and Alex Holmes about masculinity as a tool for survival, to Melz Owusu about decolonising gender and to Ben Hurst from the Good Lad Initiative about new ways to imagine masculinity. We also hear from Marc Thompson about the Black and Gay Back in the Day Archive and play ‘Toxic, Or Not?' with Kelechi Okafor.
30/03/2158m 1s

Africa Week Special

Richie is joined by activists from across the African continent.
23/03/2153m 44s

Meghan and Harry

Richie discusses the Oprah interview with Meghan and Prince Harry
16/03/2154m 29s

Deportation: Osime Brown's story

This week, Osime Brown's story has been in the news. Osime has just been released from prison, after a five year sentence. He doesn't have legal British citizenship, so he's been told he's going to be deported to Jamaica - a country where he last lived age 4. Reece and Shahlaa are taking a look at this policy of automatic deportation. Is it working? They hear from Osime's mum, Joan, about her fears for her son. Osime is autistic, has heart problems and poor mental health. Joan worries that if he's sent to Jamaica alone, he won't survive. We're talking to Bella Sankey from Detention Action about the impact of deportations on families and communities, and Ellie Green from the think tank Policy Exchange about whether this law is working. Plus we'll hear from Luke de Noronha, who's written a book about people deported to Jamaica, and from some of the young people he's interviewed about their experiences.
11/03/2153m 10s

Mohamud Mohammed Hassan

Richie and Shahlaa tell Mohamud's story
11/03/2156m 57s

Black People's Day of Action

Richie is talking about the legacy of the Black People's Day of Action 40 years since
10/03/2148m 21s

US inauguration

What have the last four years been like for black communities in America? What will President Biden bring? And why does all this matter to listeners on this side of the pond?
09/03/2156m 19s

Women in Music

Richie talks to Drew Dixon about her allegations of harassment in the music industry
09/03/2155m 34s

Year Ahead 2021

Richie and Shahlaa reflect on the year ahead.
09/03/2153m 36s

Silver Lining

Richie and Shahlaa reflect on the Silver Lining moments of 2020.
09/03/2155m 16s

The MOBO's

With the MOBOs coming up, Richie and Shahlaa look back at 24 years of the awards.
09/03/2156m 33s

Racism in football

Richie and Shahlaa chat to Anton Ferdinand, who's got a new documentary coming out in which he looks back at his own highly publicised 2011 incident with the former England captain John Terry and asks what's changed in football since then. We'll hear from other people involved in the game and look at whether the far right is creeping back into British football.
09/03/2157m 5s

Covid and mental health

Richie and Shahlaa chat to guests about their experiences with mental health.
02/03/2157m 5s

Loved Up Valentine's

Richie and Shahlaa are getting their cupid on, celebrating all things love with the help of Love Island’s Priscilla Anyabu and answering your Valentine’s day dilemmas with Agony Aunty, comedian Lola Jagun.
16/02/2154m 38s

Covid 19 Vaccine

Richie and Shahlaa find out why some people are unsure about taking the vaccine. Plus we're answering your questions and concerns about the jab.
09/02/2157m 22s

Mohamud Mohammed Hassan

Richie and Shahlaa tell the story of Mohamud. He died the day after being arrested in Cardiff. His family say he said he was assaulted in custody. They want answers. We hear from Mohamud's aunt about what he was like. We talk to his family's legal representative, Hilary Brown, about what they want to happen next. Plus we talk to activists from Black Lives Matter Cardiff & Vale about the history of racism in Cardiff, and to Baz Narbad from South Wales Police and campaigner Dr Adam Elliot Cooper about whether the relationship between the police and the black community in the city can be healed.
02/02/2155m 59s

Black women in music

What do we lose when black women are pushed out of music? Richie talks to Drew Dixon about her allegations of harassment and rape in the music industry, and about 'On the Record', the documentary she's made with director Amy Ziering about her experiences. And we're broadening out the conversation: across the industry, black women aren't able to take their seats at the table, or they feel they can't shine they way they should. Richie chats to journalist Chi Chi Izundu and Loretta Andrews from Safe Management about how music suffers when black women don't have a voice. And we hear from music manager Amanda Maxwell and DJ Ruby Savage about the ways they're hoping to create some real change. If you have been affected by sexual abuse or violence, help and support is available. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/22VVM5LPrf3pjYdKqctmMXn/information-and-support-sexual-abuse-and-violence
19/01/2151m 23s

What's in store for 2021?

Richie Brave hears from those in the know about what to expect in 2021. He's kicking off the new year by asking what news stories from around the world we should keep an eye on, how we can look after ourselves and what music and culture we can look forward to. We hear from radio presenter Shay Sade, who also hosts Ubunifu Space, a YouTube channel that celebrates African music and youth culture. Shay talks about how she’s been adapting to the pandemic as a creative and what she’s excited about in 2021. Lanre Bakare is Arts and Culture correspondent at the Guardian. He shares the big new releases coming up this year across music and film - from Kendrick Lamar’s highly anticipated new album (and one from Rhi Rhi, maybe!) to Judas and the Black Messiah, a film about the life of the African-American Black Panther Fred Hampton starring Daniel Kaluuya. Looking ahead to current affairs, De’Graft Mensah from Newsbeat joins to help us make sense of the latest COVID news and what we can expect from Brexit. Journalist Amandla Thomas Johnson takes us around the world to look at big headlines - from the farmers' strike in India, to youth uprisings in Nigeria and Uganda and how people around the world are mobilising in new ways against the climate crisis. Finally, 2020 was a rough year - leaving many of us asking about how we live, work and look after ourselves. Psychotherapist Sital Panesar joins us to give some tips to stay grounded and connected, and build joy into our days.
05/01/2153m 23s

2020's Silver Linings

Richie & Shahlaa look back at the moments that brought us joy in this tough year. They're joined by guests from the worlds of entertainment, news and community to chat through some of the high points of 2020. Broadcaster Chanté Joseph enjoyed seeing strong black couples in Love Island and Love Is Blind. And we're excited to see an entirely black management team at the brand new 0207 Def Jam label. Guardian journalist Damien Gayle's been finding the light in a pretty awful year of news. The global Black Lives Matter protests were incredible to see, and we're chatting about the mixed opinions of Kamala Harris, the first black woman vice president of the USA. And IIzin Akhabau, online editor at The Voice newspaper, is celebrating moments when the community has come together - from providing free school meals in October half term to Black Pound Day.
15/12/2053m 6s


With the MOBOs coming up next week, Richie and Shahlaa are joined by artists and music lovers to look back at 24 years of these iconic awards. The legendary Trevor Nelson, four-time MOBO winner, is giving us some history as he looks back to the first awards night back in 1996 and plays tribute to their founder, Kanya King. He's joined by Mykaell Riley, Director of the Black Music Research Unit, to talk about the huge impact the MOBOs have had. And Wardah Sempah from Link Up TV is here to tell us what the awards mean for underground artists. Also, previous MOBO winners Shakka and Graft chat about their experiences, and punk duo Nova Twins make their case for an alternative music category.
10/12/2058m 5s

Abusive relationships

Richie & Shahlaa talk to survivors of abusive relationships and find out what you should do if you or a friend is in a dangerous situation. Plus we ask Gal Dem's Tara Joshi is the music industry perpetuating abusive behaviour? Details of organisations offering information and support with domestic violence are available at bbc.co.uk/actionline Or you can call for free, at any time to hear recorded information on 0800 888 809.
26/11/2057m 33s

Small Axe

With Small Axe on our screens, we’re celebrating black British art and storytelling as a form of resistance. Richie and Shahlaa are chatting to poets, musicians, writers and actors about the way they tell their stories, and the importance of hearing from past generations.
18/11/2053m 42s

Lockdown, shielding and me

Lockdown 2.0 has begun, but as we all get used to staying in again, some of us have to be extra careful. Richie and Shahlaa are chatting to people who spent the first lockdown shielding because they’re at a higher risk if they catch Covid. What was it like staying indoors for nearly five whole months? How did they cope? How are they feeling as we head into winter? We get some top tips from therapist Dawn Estefan, and we hear from Aviah Day, who’s been organising mutual aid networks about how we can all help each other in these tough times. And Richie’s been seeing some disturbing takes about Covid on his timeline: some people seem to think that it only affects old people or people who have medical conditions, so it doesn’t matter. Nubi Jones and Katouche Goll tell us how that makes them feel as people who are at high risk. Is it a sign of discrimination in favour of non-disabled people? Kamran Mallick, CEO of Disability Rights UK, tells us what he’s seeing. And it’s 25 years since the Disability Discrimination Act was passed. Before that, it was totally legal to discriminate against disabled people. Campaigner Simone Aspis, who back in the day chained herself to buses to demand change, tells us why the DDA was so important.
10/11/2054m 41s

Food Poverty: Who Gets Free School Meals?

Richie Brave and Shahlaa Tahira about access to free school meals in the UK, the wider context of child food insecurity in the UK. We hear from Christina Adane, the 17-year-old campaigner who, at the start of the COVID pandemic, launched the petition to ask the government to enable access to free school meals during school holidays. It was this campaign that caught the attention of celebrities such as Marcus Rashford. Syed Kamall, research director at the Institute of Economic Affairs, explains why there is a debate about around access to free school meals in the holidays. The Food Foundation is an organisation campaigning for healthy, sustainable food systems. Shahlaa speaks to some of their youth ambassadors from their Children’s Right 2 Food campaign to hear more about their manifesto for change. Finally, Dee Woods, food educator, activist and founder of the Granville Community Kitchen, in Kilburn. She shares her thoughts about long term change for child food poverty and the importance of community power in tackling hunger this Christmas with COVID.
02/11/2053m 12s

Policing in the UK

Reece Parkinson and Shahlaa Tahira explore future possibilities of policing in the UK. Members of the UFFC, a coalition of families in the UK whose loved ones have died in police custody, share their stories ahead of their annual memorial service. We hear from Yasmin Forbes, cousin of Edson Da Costa; Janet Alder, sister to Christopher Alder; and Marcia Rigg, sister to Sean Rigg. Deborah Coles from Inquest talks about deaths in police custody in the UK and structural racism in policing. And in England and Wales, black people are nine times more likely to be stopped and searched by the police than white people. Black people are eight times more likely to be tasered than white people. Black people are six times more likely to be handcuffed than white people. And black people are three times as likely as white people to be arrested. Melissa from the Network for Police Monitoring shares her top tips on what to do if you are stopped and searched or arrested. Former police officer Bami Jolaoso, from the Centre for Justice Innovation, shares her thoughts on reforming the criminal justice system, and Dr Adam Elliot Cooper talks through what defunding the police in the UK could look like. We also hear from a protestor in Nigeria, following the shooting of demonstrators in Lagos.
28/10/2053m 27s

How To Take Action!

This week Reece Parkinson and Shahlaa Tahira discuss the different ways people have taken action to make a change. We speak to the author of 'How To Change It?' and member of the BLMUK movement Joshua Virasami about the work he's doing in his community and recent protests. Director of Charity Runnymede Dr Halima Begum, shares her lifelong fight for equality and civil rights. Student Radio Association's 'Black Voices Matter' campaigner Nels Hylton, discusses his first steps into campaigning and why he felt the time was now. Sour Lemon's founder Sade Banks discusses why she founded the company and decided to create her own infrastructure. And finally, we speak to student Nico from the Advocacy Academy about his journey into politics and what it has meant for himself and his school friends. Their common interest in using their voice to make a change and we unpick the different ways in which they've gone about it.
28/10/2052m 25s

The Black Experience: NEXGEN

Richie Brave talks to a range of 16-20 year olds about life as a black British youngster and how recent events have had a bearing on their view of the world.
26/08/201h 0m

The Black Experience: Mirror on Ourselves

Richie Brave hosts a special six part series reflecting the black experience in the UK. This week's episode places a "mirror on ourselves", with contributions from Professor Kehinde Andrews from Birmingham City University, social commentators Mary Mandefield and Busy Twins, founder of Black Lawyers Network Isaac Eloi, and founder of United To Change And Inspire Jamaine Facey. The conversation is a self analytical look at the black experience in the UK and how black people critique themselves and the race across the country.
19/08/2056m 59s

The Black Experience: Black Men United

Richie Brave hosts a special six part series reflecting the black experience. An open invitation for a Zoom call with a difference - a collection of black men from around the UK teaming up to discuss their stories and share experiences. With a special focus on how things were, how they are, and what can improve looking forward, this is an opportunity to share, learn and discuss.
13/08/201h 0m

The Black Experience: Black People and The System

Richie Brave hosts a special six part series reflecting the black experience in the UK. We all know the stats – More likely to be stopped, more likely to be searched, More likely to be arrested, less likely to get job interviews, Or university places. But what are we actually doing about all of this? What does it all mean and how do we empower those in the system to make the playing field a more level place. With special guests psychotherapist Keeley Taverner, rapper and activist Che Lingo, councillor Eartha Pond, film maker Leon Oldstrong, therapeutic diversion practitioner Ebinehita Iyere.
07/08/2041m 21s

The Black Experience: Mothers, Daughters, Sisters

Richie Brave presents Brave Conversations – This third episode is a focus on the black female experience. with a neglectful lack of spotlight on their journey, this show will look at some of the stories we have encountered from black women including having to change their names for jobs to sound more anglicised, and feeling threatened by speaking out in case this marginalises them. with special female guests from across the UK representing their experiences.
05/08/201h 0m

The Black Experience: Mothers, Daughters, Sisters

Richie Brave hosts a special six part series reflecting the black experience in the UK. This week he looks at the black female experience in the UK, with special guests from around the UK sharing their reflections, thoughts and ideas on what it is like to be a black woman in the UK in 2020.
29/07/201h 0m

The Black Experience: Can You be Black and British

This is an in-depth look at identity. Do people see themselves as British, Black, Black British, Caribbean, African, all of the above, or none of the above? Presented by Richie Brave, this episode is the first in a six-part series of discussions which look at the black experience in the UK. This episode focuses on how black people are viewed and represent to each other and how we are accepted by other races. It also looks at the importance of heritage as part of how you are viewed, and looks at the notion of “privilege”, particularly based on colourism and light vs dark skinned opportunities. There is also a key conversation regarding the impact of the history of a race in a location, and how that affects the present day. Guests include Professor Robert Beckford, photographer Ronan McKenzie, social worker Maleeka Roby, writer Rianna Jade Parker, and actress and writer Michelle Gayle.
22/07/2059m 55s

The Black Experience: Can You Be Black And British?

Is the ideology that your heritage dictates your future valid? Is the 'but where are you really from' syndrome a barrier that can never be overcome from mainstream society? This is an in-depth look at identity - do people see themselves as British, Black, Black British, Caribbean, African, all of the above or none of the above? Presented by Richie Brave, this episode is the first of a six part series of discussions which looks at the black experience in the UK. This episode focuses on how black people are viewed and represent to each other, and how we are accepted by other races. It also looks at the importance of heritage as part of how you are viewed, and looks at the notion of “privilege”, particularly based on colourism and light vs dark skinned opportunities.There is also a key conversation regarding the impact of the history of a race in a location, and how that affects the present day. Guests include Professor Robert Beckford, Photographer Ronan McKenzie, Social Worker Maleeka Roby, writer Rianna Jade Parker and actress and writer Michelle Gayle.
20/07/2059m 55s

Global Blackout Day Special

Reece and Ace look back over the events of the last month in response to Black Lives Matter and ask: What changes have been made? Is it enough? Is there more to come? And was it moment or is it now a movement? Guests include Ghetts, Carina White, Laura Stylez, Swiss, Kathryn Lilliana, the Black Music Coalition, and United to Change and Inspire reflect on 'that’ moment from the Black Lives Matters marches and protests in London.
08/07/201h 37m

1Xtra Talks Special - George Floyd and Black Lives Matter

Maurice (Seani B), Ashley (DJ Ace) and guests host a two-hour 1Xtra Talks special where we’ll hear the views and opinions of our listeners on George Floyd's tragic death, the recent events in the US and the broader topic of racial injustice and the Black community. The two share their frank and honest experiences as black men in the UK, their concerns when raising young black sons during this time and how this most recent US death has given communities and industries a big wake up call. Maurice & Ashley are joined by Nadine White (HuffPost UK), Siana Bangura (Black Lives Matter UK), Donovan Thompson (GrapeVine TV), June Sarpong (BBC Director of Creative Diversity), Che Lingo (Hip Hop artist), Jeremiah Asiamah (1Xtra DJ) and more...
03/06/201h 49m

Mental Health Awareness Week - 'Be Kind' with Reece Parkinson and guests

Entertainer, Plus-Size Advocate & Dancer Queen Mojo joins Reece Parkinson to discuss her IG video 'Being Kind' during the lockdown and gives some tips for your well-being. Also, she reflects on being a dancer for Lizzo at Glastonbury 2019. Maureen Wilkes (Maureen's Caribbean Takeaway) talks about her free food delivery to Key Workers and the Elderly communities in Chapeltown, Leeds.
22/05/2011m 19s

Representation on screen

Reece is talking representation on screen with Zack Morris aka Keegan Baker from EastEnders, 'Noughts + Crosses' actors Masali Baduza (Sephy) and Jack Rowan (Callum) plus theatre and short film actress Julene Robinson. This year’s Bafta Awards called for changes to make the nominations more inclusive, after no actors of colour were included in any of the major acting categories. However the Creative Diversity Network’s Diamond Survey suggests that ethnic minorities and gay people are significantly over represented on British television. Do we need to call for a BAME awards night? Is being type cast bad? Is there still room for improvement and whose responsibility is it anyway?
09/03/2050m 22s

Generation Rent, Social Housing and Grenfell

Roughly 8.4 million people are living in unaffordable, insecure or unsuitable homes, with house prices skyrocketing around the world and incomes simply not. In this episode Reece delves into the UK’s housing crisis. Henrie (Reprezent radio) and Kay Ani (aka Uncle K) discuss what it’s like living at home with their parents, trying to get on to the property ladder and gentrification. Katherine Hibbert the founder of Dot Dot Dot (a property guardianship company) and Kate Henderson the Chief Executive of the National Housing Federation talk to Reece about social housing and different housing options. Plus we will be joined by joined by Nicholas Burton who survived the Grenfell Fire after losing his wife and dog. He tells his story and talks about how his life has changed since.
02/03/201h 6m

Kenny Allstar on UK Black Music

Reece Parkinson and DJ/Producer Kenny Allstar talk UK Black music - from celebrating the success of Dave and Stormzy at this year’s BRITs to the challenges of a competitive industry. And they talk about the late Pop Smoke's influence on UK music.
24/02/2051m 55s

Dating Different Cultures

Reece breaks down the good, the bad and the ugly of what it’s like to date outside of your culture. And to help him he will be talking to: Naomi, a Zambian who has been married to a White British man since July last year. Bella, who is Burundian and who you may know as Only Bells from YouTube. She’s been with her Nigerian boyfriend for 3 years. And Eli, who is Angolan, has dated outside of his race but prefers to date Caribbean women. And we will hear from Sadia from the BBC’s No Country for Young Women Podcast about the challenges that come with dating when you’re of South Asian descent. Following Caroline Flack’s tragic death this weekend, Reece talks to journalist Victoria Sanusi about whether cancel culture has gone too far.
16/02/2057m 53s

Valentines v Galentines

Reece Parkinson is joined by Tolly (The Receipts), Georgette (Just The Tip podcast) and Trina Nicole (Curve Catwalk) to talk Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day, their plans for the 14th and the most important bit - how to love yourself! Sex blogger Scotty Unfamous shares her Top 5 Sex Tips to spice up your V-Day and Love Island's Yewande shares her Galentine's Day plans.
09/02/2047m 49s

1Xtra Talks visits The Sex Clinic

Reece Parkinson and guests talk STIs, confidence and sexual health myths. Gay and bisexual men have seen the most significant decline in new infections of HIV, with rates falling by 71%. But we don't see the same effect in straight communities. There are over 100,000 people living with HIV in the UK and 41% of straight people diagnosed were black African men and women. Phil Samba, Derek Owusu and Dr Michael Brady join Reece to discuss the stigmas in the black community and the benefits of Prep. Sarah Mulindwa, a nurse and TV Presenter known for Channel 4’s The Sex Clinic, opens up about the impact of sexual health on your self-confidence and debunks some sexual health myths.
03/02/2050m 29s

No Right To Remain?

Reece speaks to Lizzie and Rubie, who have lived all their adult lives caught in the limbo of the British immigration system. He also speaks to Dami Makinde, CEO of the We Belong charity, and Anita Hurrell, head of the Migrant Children's Project, about the ways the law could change for undocumented migrants.
26/01/2054m 38s

Prison and Death Row

Reece is joined by death row lawyer Bryan Stevenson, subject of the film ‘Just Mercy', to discuss the American justice system and death row. And Lady Unchained and Bouncer from Play Dirty talk about life in British prisons, the challenges of returning to society and alternatives to prison.
19/01/2057m 16s

How To Become A Successful Artist

On Monday, 1Xtra will be announcing its hot for 2020 list. It’s our pick of artists that we think are going to spend a lot of time in your headphones over the next year. But how do you get to this point? How does the music industry actually work? How do you go from rapping in your bedroom to selling out shows? Today we’re going to find out how you become a successful artist. Reece is joined by a panel of music industry experts whose job it is to make artists household names. Patrick Lubega, from 2k management and A&R at Black Butter Records who works with the likes of Young T & Bugzy and J Hus. Ella Bonai, who manages a roster of talent including Hamzaa who we named Hot for 2019. Maurice from Heartless Crew, but who also makes a few bob on the side as a radio plugger. And the head of content for 1Xtra and member of Punjabi Hitsquad – Mark Strippel. Reece is then joined by Mr Strange – the gay rapper who blew up Instagram this week with his frank freestyle about growing up gay in the streets to talk about why there are still so few openly gay rappers. (29.40) We also talk about making it outside of London. Aberdeen’s finest Ransom FA and touring expert Harry Parslow join Reece (41.36) Finally, Reece digs into how to make money from music by speaking to his brother, Daryl Parkinson, who works in publishing. (52.15)
12/01/2057m 24s

New Year New You

It’s 2020 – does this mean new year new you? Reece looks at the way you can take advantage of that new year energy to make some changes in your life. Maybe you’re tempted to go Vegan? Or maybe you’ve decided to get active and join the gym? Either way we have experts on the show that can help you make some healthy choices. Daryl Parker is a personal trainer and nutrition coach. Ciara Madden is a personal trainer to celebrities, who is meat and dairy free. Hope Virgo is an author who leads the campaign Dump The Scales and advocate for people with eating disorders around the world. And Martin Macdonald is a nutritionist who will be able to dispel some of the myths around superfoods and fad diets.
05/01/2055m 50s

Life As a Black Footballer

Reece Parkinson talks to Jermaine Pennant about playing with an ankle tag and playing in a champions league final. Renee Hector opens up about racism in the women's game. Reece is also joined by footballer turned rapper Kokar, who explains why he fell out of love with football, and Anthony Aluko gives insight into the role agents and coaches play in a young player's development.
15/12/191h 13m

Review of 2019

Pilar (The Reality Tea), Henrie (Reprezent) and Ayo Disu (Disunomics) review the biggest stories of 2019 from Fyre Festival and Glasto to Ban Drill and the Hot Girl Summer.
08/12/1949m 5s

Cuffing Season

Dating can be difficult at the best of times - but it can be even harder during the winter months. Cuffing season is defined as a time period between autumn and winter when "people who would normally rather be single or promiscuous find themselves, along with the rest of the world, desiring to be 'cuffed' or tied down by a serious relationship". Is this true? And if so, what are the ups and downs that coming with dating during the Christmas period? Fred Santana is a co-host on the 90's Baby Show podcast. Kaylee Golding is a radio host and DJ. Esther Immanuel is a podcaster and YouTuber.
01/12/1926m 26s

Women In Music

The nominees for the 2020 Grammy's have been released. And for the first time, women have dominated the 'big four' categories - Best New Artist, Song Of The Year, Record Of The Year and Album Of The Year. Is the music industry becoming a more equal playing field for both men and women? According to the UK Music Taskforce, women make up just 30% of senior executive positions in the music industry. Why is this the case? Nadia Khan is the CEO of CTRL Management and has been working in the music industry for 18 years. Nadia is also Lethal Bizzle’s artist manager and runs his label - Stay Dench. Br3nya has been writing music since she was 15 - and her latest track is on the 1Xtra Playlist. Remi Burgz is a radio presenter, DJ and MC.
25/11/1953m 2s

Blue Story Special: Featuring Rapman

Andrew Onwubolu - or Rapman - is best known for his three-part online drama series Shiro's Story, and he has since received a cult following for his unique approach to film and music. Now Rapman's work is coming to the big screen. Blue Story is Rapman's first feature length film. Blue Story is about two young friends who become rivals in a postcode war set in South London. Reece Parkinson meets Rapman, as well as Karla-Simone Spence and Stevie Gambles - who all star in Blue Story.
19/11/1921m 19s

The Men's Health Crisis

November is also known as Movember - an annual and global movement, where men are encouraged to grow a moustache to raise awareness of men’s health issues. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK - but we rarely talk about it. Prostate cancer is particularly common in the black community. 1 in 4 black men will be diagnosed in their lifetime. And the number of blood, stem cell and organ donations coming from the BAME community is really low. In 2018, 69% of Northern Europeans got the best possible match. That falls to just 20% for black, Asian and minority ethnic groups. Luke Williams and Kierran Jarrett have both survived cancer. Luke was diagnosed with Prostate cancer at 49. Kierran has been diagnosed with Leukemia twice - and he’s only 26. They're both now in remission. Suicide is the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45 - so let's talk about young men and mental health. Leon Lewis is co-founder of The Man Talk. Nathaniel Cole is a workshop facilitator who focuses on masculinity.
11/11/1945m 1s

How To Be Smart With Money

Finance affects everything around us – from our personal well-being to our social status. But for a lot of us, financial literacy isn’t something that’s taught. It’s something we learn from watching our parents or sometimes even from making mistakes. Reece Parkinson is joined by this week's panel to discuss money, housing, spending and saving. Kae Commodore has a podcast called 'Pennies to Pounds' and is known as 'Twitter’s Fave Finance Guru'. Samuel Brooksworth is an account director at the Guardian. He was also a contestant on The Apprentice in 2016. Dayna Byfield is a financial educator. Her company organises a range of mentoring and coaching programmes.
04/11/1947m 16s

Being Black, Brown and British

October is Black History Month - a time of the year which celebrates and acknowledges black British history and identity. But in the UK today, South Asians are the largest ethnic minority demographic. Should there be a South Asian History Month too? Or - as it what suggested last year - should October be Diversity History Month? What about the term 'people of colour'? How often do all ethnic minorities fit into the same group? Mobeen Azhar and Reece Parkinson join forces with a panel of guests to explore the relationship between the South Asian and black community. Tobi Kyeremateng is a producer and theatre director. She identifies as Ghanaian and Nigerian. Leanne Levers is a Sri Lankan and Cuban political scientist. Blazer Boccle is a rapper. His heritage is Jamaican and Pakistani. Faima Bakar is British-Bangladeshi journalist.
27/10/1955m 28s

1Xtra x Panorama: Exploring Pick Up Artists

In October 2019, BBC One’s Panorama investigated the multimillion-pound industry that sells men pick-up techniques to get women from the street and into bed as quickly as possible. The men who teach these techniques - who call themselves Pick Up Artists - have raised a lot of controversy. 1Xtra Talks explores what we can learn and take away from Panorama’s documentary. Myles Bonnar is a BBC reporter and journalist who features in the Panorama programme. He has been researching the Seduction industry for months. Hayley Quinn is an international dating expert who works with both male and female clients. Ben Hurst is an activist, public speaker and Head of Facilitation at the Good Lad Initiative - which engages young men and boys in gender equality workshops.
24/10/1929m 42s

Black Health

Throughout October, 1Xtra Talks is exploring black identity. There are a number of health issues, conditions and experiences which are affecting the black community more than any other demographic. Reece Parkinson and a range of guests discuss why this is and the impact it’s having. The UK Confidential Enquiry into Maternal Deaths has found that black women are five times more likely to die in childbirth than white women. Black babies are 50% more likely to die in the first 28 days of birth than a baby from any other race. Candice Brathwaite is a blogger and the founder of Make Motherhood Diverse - a platform encouraging a more representative and accurate depiction of motherhood in the media. Agnes Mtunga is also a blogger and founder of the GloMama Awards - which celebrates and recognises motherhood online and in the media. In general, people from black and minority ethnic groups living in the UK are more likely to be diagnosed with mental health problems and more likely to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Black men are ten times more likely to develop a psychotic disorder. Dr Samara Linton is a junior doctor and editor of The Colour of Madness - a new book exploring mental health in the BAME community. Eche Egbuonu is a mental health advocate. In 2015 Eche was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Sickle Cell disease is an inherited health condition that affects the red blood cells. Sickle Cell is a serious and lifelong health condition. Black people are far more likely to be diagnosed with Sickle Cell than any other demographic. In 90% of British patients, the individual was someone of African heritage. Chris Abdullahi and Esther Gbogboade tell us how Sickle Cell has impacted their lives.
20/10/1944m 45s

What Does It Mean To Be Black?

Throughout October, 1Xtra Talks is exploring black identity. And to kick off Blacktober, we look at what it means to be black. Can it ever really be defined? How damaging are phrases like "you act white" or "you talk black"? Can your music taste, the food you eat, or your dialect have an impact on "how black" you are? Chi Chi Amuzu-Monlaw is a Birmingham University student, who is conscious of how she is received in different spaces and often results to conforming. Rakeem Omar is a journalist and radio presenter on BBC West Midlands who thinks being black is by definition a result of our race and heritage. Aliyah Hasinah is a poet and public speaker. Her work often touches on social issues and the experiences of black people worldwide.
13/10/1932m 50s


Warning: This episode contains references to sexual abuse. Porn is one of the most controversial aspects of the 21st century and the internet. Around 53% of teenagers have seen explicit material online - and nearly all of them by the age of 14. BBC Three suggests that almost a quarter of people aged 18 - 25 who watch porn think they might be addicted. The NSPCC has raised concerns that porn is 'desensitising' young people. What impact is porn having on the way we see sex, relationships and gender? 1Xtra Talks explores. Jackie Adedeji is a blogger and podcaster. Nariece Jordan is an actress and model and took part in a BBC Three series called 'Porn Laid Bare'. Anthony Brathwaite specialises in youth well-being and personal development. He is interested in educating young people about the ethics surrounding porn. And we hear from 1Xtra's very own Jeremiah Asiamah on his brand new documentary exploring virginity.
30/09/1946m 30s

Money and Relationships

Should you be saving independently when you're married or in a serious relationship? How much should you expect from a partner when it comes to money? And how important is it to talk about cash with your other half? Reece Parkinson and guests explore how to tackle the complicated world of money and relationships. Toni Tone is a content creator and public speaker. Kay Ani (aka Uncle K) is a DJ. Bolu Babalola is a pop culture writer and commentator. Plus we discuss the latest controversy following a H&M children's clothing campaign and a young black model with natural hair.
22/09/1953m 40s

Top Boy Special: Ashley Walters, Little Simz and Ronan Bennett

Actors Ashley Walters, Little Simz and writer Ronan Bennett are here! The trio join Reece Parkinson to discuss the brand new season of Top Boy, youth violence, black representation on screen and what role a show like Top Boy plays in the current political climate.
16/09/1931m 35s

What Is Trauma?

Warning: This episode contains references to self-harm and suicide. Mental health problems affect 1 in 10 children and young people. The Mental Health Foundation has found that 70% of children and young people who experience a mental health problem have not had appropriate interventions at an early age. And the trauma from this can have a lifelong impact. What is trauma and how does it manifest? And how can someone recognise trauma and overcome it? Stephanie Yeboah is body positivity blogger. She has spoken out about the trauma relationships and heartbreak can bring. Ebinehita Iyere is a therapeutic youth practitioner who works with young, vulnerable people dealing with trauma. Daniel Oluwatobi is a photographer and blogger who writes and speaks about his mental health and depression. Plus we visit the Pathwaze Mentoring Programme - a summer workshop for young men in South London.
08/09/1953m 29s

Drugs and Music

Drugs and music have always had a complicated relationship - from lyric references, to club culture, to the overdose of various musicians. Does something need to change? The rise of drug-related deaths amongst young people is higher than ever. How much responsibility does the music industry carry? Should artists and DJs be more aware of drug references in music? And when does this become censorship? Jesse Bernard is a music and culture writer. Alexandra Ampofo is the co-founder at Acoustic Live UK and a junior promoter at Metropolis Music. DJ Eaasy E works across different events and venues.
02/09/1953m 13s

Should We All Be Activists?

Every week it feels like there is a new social issue to get behind. Social media is filled with hashtags regarding political campaigns and disasters happening around the world on a daily basis. But if the point is to raise awareness, do we all have a responsibility to get involved? And if so, what makes someone an activist? Marci Phonix is a rapper who uses his lyrics to talk about inequality and racism. Kenny Ethan Jones is a transgender activist. Chante Joseph is a digital content producer for the UK Parliament. Plus, in a brand new feature - called Talks On The Timeline - we explore one big news story from the past week. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised police stop and search powers to be extended. A pilot scheme making it easier for police to search people without reasonable suspicion is being extended to all 43 forces across England and Wales. What does this week's panel make of the news?
19/08/1952m 47s

Online and Black: Living In A Digital World

Technology affects everything around us - from the legal system to the dating scene. The majority of the tech industry is run by white men - with ethnic minorities making up just 5% of the workforce. Online, black women are 84% more likely to be mentioned in abusive or problematic tweets. In a world that is becoming more and more reliant on digital technology, how is this likely to impact people from a marginalised background? Izzy Obeng is the founder of Foundervine - which helps young and diverse people to grow business ideas. Alex Lathbridge is a science and tech journalist, and co-founder of Minority STEM - a community promoting BAME individuals in science, technology, engineering and maths. Seyi Akiwowo is the founder of Glitch UK - an organisation that exists to end online abuse. Timi Ofarn is the co-founder of the Nerd Council - a content platform on online gaming. Stephanie Ijoma is the founder of NNESAGA - a platform celebrating diversity in gaming, comics and anime. Plus we hear from Yewande Biala - a contestant on Love Island 2019 - on her experience of trolling and building a brand online.
11/08/1950m 44s

Love Island 2019: What Did We Learn?

What counts as cheating? What does gaslighting mean? And when does 'being true yourself' really mean just being a bully? As this year's season comes to an end, Reece joins a panel of guests to explore the most shocking, relatable and thought-provoking storylines from Love Island 2019. Josh Denzel is a presenter and was a contestant on Love Island Season 4 in 2018. Tolly T is a journalist and podcaster. Manny Andrew is a YouTuber and content creator.
04/08/1949m 24s

Black Hair: Why Is It So Political?

The history of black hair and why it matters is long, complicated and controversial. From weaves and wigs, to afros, to cornrows and braids - black hair can be a political minefield to understand. Reece joins this week’s guests to explore. Emma Dabiri is a television and radio presenter and author of 'Don’t Touch My Hair'. Christala Fletcher is a professional wig maker and was diagnosed with Alopecia at 10 years old. Kevin Morosky is a director, photographer and the creator of a short series of films called 'Wool' exploring black hair.
28/07/1952m 8s

Let's Talk About Sex

Are you rampant rabbit in the bedroom? Or would you describe yourself as a bit of a prude? Reece has an unfiltered chat about the highs and lows of sex - and asks all the questions you want to know but might be too shy to ask. From one night stands and faking an orgasm, to weird fetishes and sex playlists - we get frank, honest and filthy. Scotty Unfamous is an award winning romance author, sexual wellness blogger and 1/3 of the Laidbare podcast. Annie Drea is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. Mickael Bolenge is a sex blogger, YouTuber and radio host.
21/07/1950m 14s

Body Image and Social Media: Health, Beauty and Lifestyle

For years now, there has been a lot of concern around the impact social media is having on body image. But are things getting worse? By 2020, it’s expected that almost 1.5 million people in the UK will have had a non-surgical treatment such as Botox or fillers. More serious treatments like the Brazilian Butt Lift or Liposuction are becoming common practice too. How much of this is actually safe and where should young people be turning to for the right information? Diren Kartal is an online personal trainer. Ewoma Ukeleghe is a medical and cosmetic doctor. MoJo is a plus size and mental health blogger.
14/07/1948m 47s

Hustle Culture

We often hear about how a growing number of students are struggling to get the right grades whilst keeping up with hobbies, a social life and sleep. But now this attitude towards ‘hustle harder’ is becoming a lifestyle. Almost 2/5 of UK workers have a “side hustle” - the majority young people. Welcome to hustle culture - it is obsessed with striving, positivity and hard work. But is the grind always worth it? Three young entrepreneurs share their experiences. Bolade Banjo is a photographer and videographer. Amina Habeeb is a fashion and media creative, and one of the hosts of the ‘Heels Off’ UK show. Harry Pinero is a presenter.
10/07/1950m 0s

LGBT and Black

June is International Pride Month - a time of celebration and awareness of LGBT+ history. Pride 2019 is especially important because it marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots - a series of demonstrations which marked the start of the gay rights liberation movement in New York City. We explore how the intersection of race and sexuality is impacting young people. Tanya Compas is a youth worker and youth engagement officer at UK Black Pride. Gary Thompson is a beauty and lifestyle content creator. He is also one of the first black, male, gay make-up artists to work with a major cosmetics label. Steffan Zachiyah identifies as transmasculine. In 2016 Steffan featured in a BBC Newsbeat documentary where he and a friend travelled to Jamaica to reveal their new identities to their families. Munroe Bergdorf is a model and activist passionate about race, diversity, gender and LGBTQ+ topics.
10/07/1951m 26s

Skin: Living With A Visible Difference

Research by the British Skin Foundation has found that 60% of people currently suffer from or have suffered from a skin disease. The charity Changing Faces has found that 1 in 3 people feel depressed, sad or anxious as a result of having a visible difference. Reece Parkinson meets three young people who all have a skin condition or skin difference. Alec King is a model and has the autoimmune disorder Vitiligo. Cheryl Shaw was born with Congenital Malanocytic Naevus, a rare condition which causes large moles to grow all over the body. Raiche Mederick is a burns survivor.
09/07/1951m 48s
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