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Welcome to RunPod, the weekly run club you can join simply by listening. In this series Jenni Falconer welcomes special guests who share that passion for running. Together they’ll discuss the challenge, reward and sometimes obsession of pounding the pavement whilst asking what drives us to run, why some catch the bug more than others, and how it can transform the lives of those who do it. Along the way, you'll hear top training tips, monumental mistakes and some inspirational stories. So, whether you’re a seasoned marathoner, treadmill trainer, fitness guru or simply putting off that Sunday jog, RunPod is here for you.


Danny Bent

Every guest on RunPod has an amazing story to tell along with the ability to inspire and motivate you to run further, faster and for longer. They might even get you to try running for the first time. In this episode, Jenni is joined by someone who will achieve all these. Danny Bent is one of Britain’s happiest people. It’s official, he made the top 100. Why is he so happy? Because he runs. It’s that simple. Danny loves running and his passion will fire you up too. He’s achieved amazing things and when you listen, there’s a chance you will cry, you may also laugh, you will without doubt be inspired, but most of all, you will most certainly want to run. Enjoy. X
25/09/2048m 53s

Paula Radcliffe MBE

Paula Radcliffe is back! She joined the RunPod run club earlier this summer and now she’s returned with a ton of advice especially for you. Tips on staying fit as winter approaches, suggestions on how to stay on top of good nutrition and a general great all-round motivational chat about all things running! Stick your headphones in, press play, run... Coach Paula will keep you going! Happy running. X
18/09/2032m 2s

Tom Grennan

This week joining the Runpod Run Club is a man you will know far more for his music, rather than his fitness. It’s the brilliant Tom Grennan. Tom and Jenni bonded over their inability to do a pull up in the gym, and now you can find Tom mastering the handstand press up on his social media. Tom chats through how he started his fitness journey, finding running after his brother dragged him out during lockdown and starting crossfit, how it affects his mind, improves his performances and work output, and how he’s building fitness into his new on-the-road routine. Give it a listen!
11/09/2029m 19s

Jessica Robson

We have all heard time and time again that running isn’t just good for your body, it’s good for your mind too. And this week on RunPod, we hear from a someone who has worked out how to combine talking about your mental health with doing something about it. Jessica Robson set up Run Talk Run three years ago in a bid to make both running and mental health support more accessible. It’s a weekly 5k with a difference - the focus isn’t on setting a PB or racing against your neighbour, but listening to them. In this episode Jessica discusses why and how she set up Run Talk Run, how it helps her mental health and how you can get involved. An inspirational listen that might just prompt you to head out and talk. Enjoy!
04/09/2030m 10s

Alex Crockford

We’ve all heard how running can help you feel good, well this week on RunPod, we hear how it can get you looking good. Alex Crockford is a personal trainer and creator of workout plans that will help you look your best. In this episode he discusses the advantages of running and how your body could be in the best shape. He also suggests other exercises which, combined with running, will produce the ultimate results. An episode crammed with top tips, great advice and motivational words that will absolutely get you reaching for your trainers. Happy running!
28/08/2041m 15s

Rich Edmonds

Ever since launching RunPod, Jenni has been inundated with suggestions for episodes from you. Well she has listened! This episode is one that has been requested because we all are desperate to find the dream sports undies.... As nice as it is to look good when we run, it's crucial that you feel good and the right underwear can help - for instance for women it really is important to have the right sports bra, for fellas, the undergarments are equally key to help avoid irritations like chafing. So see this episode as a public service! Jenni is joined by Rich Edmonds from Runderwear, a running brand that specialises in underwear! They chat about all things running whilst Rich also shares some great tips for everyone on underwear and how to make your run more comfortable. It's fun, you'll smile, you'll feel motivated, you'll definitely think about your current undies and there's a high likelihood that immediately after listening, you'll be googling Runderwear! Happy running.
21/08/2045m 46s

Liz Earle

This week on RunPod, joining the RunPod Run Club is business woman, author, and wellbeing expert Liz Earle! At this time, we’re being encouraged to think about our health and wellbeing and to take a more healthy approach to our lives so for this episode Liz talks to Jenni all about the moment she decided she wanted to start her fitness journey, how she was tricked by her trainer into running and then loved it, her key to a well balanced diet, the importance of sleep and we couldn’t have Liz Earle on the podcast without talking of course about taking care of your skin. A really interesting listen with loads of tips to take away! Enjoy!
14/08/2049m 24s

Tony Audenshaw

Tony Audenshaw is best known for playing Emmerdale’s Bob Hope and it’s fair to say he loves running. In fact he’s loves running so much, he’s run more marathons than he’s had wives (in the show obviously) - and that’s a lot!!! This week he gets his RunPod Run Club membership and chats about why he loves getting out there in his trainers, rain or shine. We discuss fitting running in around your work schedule, an issue many of us have to deal with, and also give an insight into racing in fancy dress. Tony has run in costume multiple times and shares the joys and the challenges of doing so. It’s a great listen, and might even encourage you to sign up for a run dressed as a rhino... Enjoy and happy running! X
07/08/2044m 22s

Suzanne Shaw

This week on RunPod, joining Jenni down the line is actress and singer and new runner Suzanne Shaw. It’s hard to believe that Suzanne only started running in 2020 and truly caught the running bug by changing the way she thought about exercise. She’s went from wondering whether she could run 5k to running 17k within a month and has really leapt trainer first into the sport. Suzanne talks about how running has helped her to know herself, the benefits that swapping to a plat-based lifestyle has given her, her desire to run a marathon - AND an ultra marathon and her mission to virtually run and cycle from John O’Groats to Lands End. A hugely inspiring and uplifting listen from someone who matches Jenni’s passion for running.
31/07/2048m 29s

Ben Price, Colson Smith and Jack P Shepherd

This week we're initiating not one, not two, but three new members to the Runpod Run Club! From the cobbles of Coronation Street and their brilliant podcast 'Sofa Cinema Club' it's Ben Price, Colson Smith and Jack P Shepherd. The guys chat to Jenni about Colson's running journey- from running for just a few minutes to a weekly 26 miles, how running has helped Ben through lockdown and how he uses running as a kind of meditation and about the time when Jack signed up for the gym, went to the gym and cancelled his gym membership all in the same day. A very funny listen with three very different viewpoints!
24/07/2040m 54s

Charlotte Purdue

This week on RunPod, Jenni is joined by one of Britain’s best long-distance runners, Charlotte Purdue. Charlotte is incredibly down to earth and so easy to chat to, she is also a truly fast runner. Her specialties are half-marathon and marathon distances and her sights are set on Tokyo 2020. In this episode we talk about her intense training schedule and what life is like for a professional runner. We also discuss speeds you have to hit on the treadmill if you’d like to match Charlotte when she runs, could you do it? It’s a brilliant, motivating listen with someone who is clearly passionate about running which will have the knock-on effect of motivating you to reach for your trainers and possibly even run a little further. What’s more it’s full of tips for us to improve our own running game. Enjoy. X
17/07/2057m 57s

Matt Johnson

In this week’s edition of your favourite audio Run club, Runpod is presenter, mental health advocate and fellow podcaster Matt Johnson. Matt started his running journey from quite a dark place in his life and since then has used running as a big help for his mental health. Matt shares with us the importance of exercise for his health, his marathon running experiences, his affinity for sprint training and he swaps supplement tips with Jenni. An inspirational listen that will have you reaching for your trainers!
10/07/2042m 55s

Anna Williamson

Joining Jenni for Runpod this week is author, life coach, dating expert and podcaster Anna Williamson! Anna talks to Jenni about falling in and out of love with running through her life, how running has changed for her since childbirth, her London Marathon tale, the dreaded joggers' log, the emotions you feel whilst running a race, the mental health benefits of running and how it helped her come back from a mental health fall out. A very relatable and upbeat listen, Anna's not shy to speak her truth.
03/07/2039m 3s

Katie Piper

Being initiated into the Runpod run club this week is author, presenter and fellow podcaster Katie Piper! Katie talks us through her running journey, how she ran away from unhealthy coping mechanisms (literally), building up to running a half marathon and finding a new love for it. Katie tells us how running has become almost a form of therapy for her, never failing to help her in unexpected ways, whether it’s improving her confidence or just giving her the space to work things out in her head. An incredibly worthwhile and inspiring listen, you’ll be reaching for your trainers after this, that’s for sure!
26/06/2040m 7s

Ollie Ollerton

In this gathering of the RunPod Run Club, Jenni chats with someone who is former Special Forces and one of the stars of SAS: Who Dares Wins...Ollie Ollerton. Warning: You will absolutely be desperate to get out for a run after hearing this highly inspiring episode. Ollie very openly discusses a life-defining near-death experience at the age of just 10, resisting his ‘break point’ in the SAS selection process, as well as why running is so important to his mental health now. A fascinating listen, with a man who is one of the tough guys on the telly. But as you’ll see, he’s actually got a very nice side too that will definitely motivate you to get off the sofa!
19/06/2052m 39s

Paula Radcliffe MBE

Joining Jenni on this episode of RunPod is someone whose name is synonymous with running. She’s run countless marathons and she held the Women’s World Marathon Record for 16 years. Oh yes, it’s Paula Radcliffe MBE! Even though Paula has now retired from official racing, she has by no means stopped running, it very much plays a part of her life and the reasons are entirely relatable. She opens up on what running means to her now, why she loves it so much, whether (or maybe when) she’d run the London Marathon again and shares some brilliant top tips to keep you going if you’re heading out soon. A hugely inspiring listen. Happy running!
12/06/2048m 34s

Bryony Gordon

In this episode of RunPod, Jenni is joined by Author, Journalist and Podcaster, Bryony Gordon! Bryony tells us about running the marathon in her underwear, how running helps her mental health, competing in an unexpectedly competitive triathlon, the beauty of the universality of running, and how to change your mindset around running - how to run for the gains not the losses. A truly inspiring listen.
05/06/2040m 51s

Happy Global Running Day!

Today is Global Running Day and RunPod couldn’t claim to be the Run Club of the podcast world if we didn’t acknowledge such an event! So this is just a reminder why you run, or why you should run. Perhaps it’ll spur you to pop your trainers on and get out there. If there’s one day to pound the pavement, to have a go for the first time or to remind yourself about that amazing feelgood effect running has, then today’s the day!
03/06/206m 28s

James Smith

We're heading down under for this edition of RunPod to talk to best-selling author, podcaster and outspoken PT, James Smith. James has always been fit, he played rugby when he was younger and his job as a PT certainly keeps him in shape, but since lockdown, much to everyone’s surprise-most of all his own- he has caught the running bug! In a short space of time, he’s become hooked...he’s got all the gear, running regularly and is obsessed with PBs... and by the way, he's only been running for 5 weeks! Whether you're a new runner too, or someone who’s been pounding the pavement for years, you'll definitely find common ground with James. This episode of RunPod is definitely worth a listen on your next run....he’s a man who talks a lot of sense and will certainly inspire you to think about the way you approach your own fitness in future. Happy running.
29/05/2049m 16s

Michelle Mone

This week in RunPod, Jenni has to watch her Ps and Qs as she is joined by a Baroness. Michelle Mone is best known for founding Ultimo, a lingerie company that launched the Ultimo bra and in the process she developed a reputation as one of the UK's most successful women in business. However working relentlessly on her company took its toll and Michelle certainly felt that she neglected her health. Consequently when she sold Ultimo several years ago, she also took the opportunity to treat her body as a new business and started focusing on a healthier lifestyle which resulted in her going from a size 22 to a size 10! Michelle lost over 8 stone by assessing many factors and making changes which had a positive impact on her lifestyle, her body, her attitude to fitness and her happiness. She also started running. By taking up the latter, she recognises how her approach to fitness has changed everything for her - and has given her a more positive outlook on life which in turn has boosted her self-confidence. Michelle credits running as one of the key reasons to her being stress-free, happy and healthy in body and mind. Michelle talks about couples workouts, how you can fit running in when you are running an international business and the importance of prioritising fitness. If you are struggling to find the motivation - well Michelle might just give you the boost you need...happy running!
22/05/2028m 33s

Calum Best

In this edition of RunPod, Jenni is joined by Calum Best! Calum's a nifty footballer, a regular in the gym but hasn’t been running in quite a while....until now. At the start of lockdown, he started running and he is loving it. He loves the challenge, that feeling you get afterwards and what's more, he's got the mindset down. Jenni and Calum discuss setting goals, running in lockdown, the importance of preparation, getting in the right mentality to run, Calum's health journey since arriving in the UK and what keeps him heading out again and again....and again. A hugely motivational listen and totally relatable to anyone else whose running journey has just started. Enjoy.
15/05/2034m 45s

Amy Lane

Ever heard yourself or someone else saying 'I can't run'? Well this week's guest is here to tell you that you can. Amy Lane has written a book described as 'the must have running book for anyone who's experienced a moment of defeatism' and made that very excuse - I can't run. It's called 'I can run'. And not only has she written a book on the matter, she hosts her own running podcast Well Far. She's also the digital editor of Women's Health Magazine, and has an exciting addition to her family joining her on her runs at the moment. Yes, Amy's pregnant. Amy talks all about fitness through pregnancy, when she became a runner, her change in mentality around running, gives up some top tips to engage the right muscles pre-run and of course takes on the Run Pod Quick fire Questions.
08/05/2045m 43s

Jay Morton

This week on RunPod in Lockdown, Jenni is joined by possibly one of the most hardcore, fittest people to have joined the RunPod run club, ex-Special Forces, SAS Who Dares Wins DS and 2 x Everest summiteer Jay Morton! In this episode, he reveals what SAS training is really like, talks us through some hardcore endurance challenges he's had to face and continues to set himself, what it was like climbing Everest, and of course how running has been a common theme throughout his life, whilst in the forces and having left.
01/05/2049m 39s

Shareefa J

In this edition of RunPod, Jenni is joined by model, mental health advocate and this month's face of Women's Running Magazine, Shareefa J! Shareefa joined another lockdown edition of RunPod from the comfort of her own home to chat to Jenni all about how running is helping her at this time, how running affects her mental health, how her marathon training was (and is) going, running the Vitality 10k in her pants, and she lets us in on what cryotherapy is really like. Listen in to find out!
24/04/2041m 7s

Hugh Brasher

Every April since 1981, the London Marathon has seen people pound the streets of the capital. However this year, on account of Coronavirus, the marathon has been postponed till the Autumn. In this episode of RunPod, Jenni speaks with Race Director, Hugh Brasher about the task of changing dates, the challenges of an October London Marathon and what we can do on April 26th instead. They talk about the new 2.6 Challenge which has been set up to help save the nation's charities. They also discuss the incredible sub-2 hour marathon achievement of Eliud Kipchoge and whether it might be possible to match that time in London. A great, insightful listen that will absolutely encourage you to get your trainers on and do something active!
17/04/2030m 33s

Chris Baber

This week on another special episode of ‘RunPod in Lockdown’ we hear from someone who spends all day in self-isolation either running or cooking. Not a bad way to spend the time. Chef Chris Baber is THE man when it comes to inspiring you with a nice post-run meal...he is best known for being that fella on the TV ads, as he is the chef and face of M&S, and in this episode he will whet your appetite for some seriously tasty grub. So we will be talking running and eating - it’s like a dream combo for many of us…..perfect to listen to on your one run or walk of the day, or whilst at home to get some great ideas for what to cook up in the kitchen!
10/04/2035m 59s

Derek Redmond

This week on RunPod, Jenni is joined by a man who has quite a tale to tell. Derek Redmond is an athlete who has excelled at many sports, one of which was sprinting. He went to the Olympics, twice, representing GB but alas both experiences did not go to plan. In this episode, we discuss how in sport, anything can happen and how you deal with the consequences. As a motivational speaker, Derek also shares some great tips and food for thought if you want to run but you’re struggling to get yourself up and out the house.... An inspiring listen with a man who always gets back up again. Enjoy.
03/04/2044m 40s

Sally Gunnell OBE

This week on RunPod, it’s all about staying active throughout this period of self-isolation and who better to turn to for guidance at this unsettling time than Olympic gold medal winner, Sally Gunnell OBE! Now Sally might not compete on the track any more but she still loves running and the way it makes her feel. Whilst we are limited to going outside to exercise once a day, in this episode of RunPod, both Sally and Jenni champion running as your activity of choice and discuss the impact of the strict new regulations on exercising. Sally also introduces the new ‘Sally Gunnell Run Club’, which she’s launched to help anyone get started out running at this time, to encourage everyone off the sofa and get out there, so that we can all benefit from fresh air, vitamin D, a healthier outlook and a fresh mindset. Enjoy. Happy running
27/03/2024m 55s

The Scummy Mummies

Disclaimer: This episode was recorded before the announcement that the London Marathon had been postponed. We all know it's hard to run while you're laughing, so you'll have to forgive us for this episode. Helen and Ellie, a.k.a fellow podcasters, comedians, authors, mothers and runners, The Scummy Mummies join Jenni to chat all about their running journeys. They started running not too long ago, but have definitely been hooked, now boasting a full wardrobe of lycra and a running team to boot. The ladies chat about their scummiest running experiences, training for the marathon, the joys of getting out the house for a run, training on tour and grabbing a sneaky Gregg's Steak Bake mid-run. Enjoy!
20/03/2046m 55s

Dick and Dom

This week Dick and Dom are in Da Studio. The TV double act have left the bungalow and joined the RunPod Run Club to chat all things running. Their approach to running couldn’t be more different. One follows a programme and has all the gear, the other just runs and has no idea.... With this in mind, in this episode you’ll get tips of what to do...and perhaps some idea of what NOT to do when prepping for a race. The boys are currently in marathon training mode-it’s the first time in 10 years they’ve entered the London Marathon and you can hear how they’re feeling ahead of the big day. A truly fun, relatable episode that will have you laughing whilst you run. (just don’t mention BOGIES....) Enjoy.
13/03/2047m 34s

Anna Harding

RunPod is the run club of the podcast world. And, in this episode, Jenni catches up with someone who helped set up the run club of the YouTube world. 2 years ago Anna Harding quit her role as a radio journalist to turn her passion for pounding the pavement into her job. The most incredible thing of all, she’d only just started running the previous year. This is a story of how running can truly change your life, for the better. Anna’s world has changed in the last 2 years and is now full of adventure, excitement, trainers and lycra. This is an inspiring listen about how someone decided to make a brave change to do what they love most and it has paid off.
06/03/2044m 48s

Emma Kirk-Odunubi

In this episode of RunPod, we discuss a part of the body that is often neglected or taken for granted by runners, whilst also being one of the key and most important parts we have when it comes to pounding the pavement....yes this week it's all about the feet! In order to sustain an entire episode about feet, Jenni has called in one of the best shoe and foot experts around - Emma Kirk-Odunubi. Not only is she an incredible 'fitness machine' but she knows her stuff. Emma's specialist knowledge is movement analysis for runners and running footwear. So, are you wearing the correct trainers? How do you know which ones are right for you? Why do you get blisters? Which socks should you wear? How do you know if you are a neutral runner? Do you pronate? How should you tie laces? Any foot related question you may have will be answered in this fascinating episode of RunPod. And if you listen while you actually run - you never know, you might even find you pick up some tips to improve your technique....and that will keep you running longer. Enjoy and happy running!
28/02/2046m 14s

Chemmy Alcott

In this week's episode of RunPod Jenni speaks to Olympic skier Chemmy Alcott. Now after 13 years competing across the globe this woman is one powerful athlete but her pace slows ever so slightly where running's concerned. In fact Chemmy's a self-proclaimed plodder! But that may not be surprising given how many injuries she's had: spinal breaks, femur fractures, bumps and bruises Chemmy's had them all. She runs despite all of this because of that incredible feel good factor - the runner's high. This conversation will remind you what you love about running and why we're so lucky we're able to do it, so what are you waiting for? Get listening!
21/02/2028m 50s


So this is it, the final episode of the RunPod 5K Challenge. If you've made it through all 5 Blocks of training, well done you! And remember if you've found these last few tricky, just take it as slow. This YOUR running journey. But if you're feeling ready to take the plunge, congratulations because weeks of heavy breathing and red cheeks are about to pay off - you're going to run 5K today! Now that you've built strength, stamina and endurance, we want you to run 3.1 miles without stopping. This has been an incredible adventure and you're about to take that final step. As always think positive, visualise that finish and know that you have got this. Good luck, and happy running!
16/02/2053m 4s

Gustavo Váz Tostes

As you’ll know by now, RunPod is for runners at all levels from beginner to marathoner, but this week we’re going to be helping those of you who are looking to push yourselves and your 5K times just that little bit further. In this episode Jenni meets CrossFit trainer Gustavo Vaz Tostes who’ll tell us how varying your runs and adding weights to your workout can increase power, balance, coordination and speed. It’s all about strength conditioning, stretching and varying the muscle groups we use as runners. In fact, CrossFit works so well that just one session a week could help you shave 5 minutes off your 5K! Gus is a serious professional who knows it all and makes it fun! So if you’re looking to impress your mates at parkrun, this is the episode for you.
14/02/2025m 7s


So today we're going to really test your progress and put all the things you've learned about pacing and endurance to the test! Now remember you can repeat all of these runs as many times as you like, so just take your time and do what's right for you. As always, good luck, smile and happy running.
13/02/2032m 20s

RUNPOD 5K CHALLENGE: So SO Close to the End!

Following on from your first run of the week we're focusing on pacing. That's right we want to get you going that little bit harder with confidence! Yet again think about lengthening those legs, keeping your arms nice and relaxed and don't forget to breathe! Happy running!
11/02/2030m 3s

RUNPOD 5K CHALLENGE: So Close to the End!

This is it, you're so nearly there! And what a long way you've come. Now that you've built strength and stamina, in this session we're going to look at your pacing and yet again we're mixing things up with a little bit of interval training! As always think postive, visualise that finish line - you've got this!
10/02/2030m 24s

Mimi Anderson

Some people love running so much that they want to run everywhere! This is Mimi Anderson. Nicknamed Marvellous Mimi, she quite honestly has a ton of marvellous tales to tell. Mimi has been described as one of the most inspirational female distance runners - in fact, I’d say she is the queen of running a long way! In this episode of RunPod, Mimi describes some of the world’s most exciting and gruelling ultramarathons and endurance races. Whether or not you aspire to ever take part is irrelevant, it’s absolutely fascinating to hear about the different races that are out there and Mimi has firsthand experience of them all! She also took on the ultimate challenge-running coast to coast across the USA. Her experiences and achievements are incredible to hear and the fact that she, in her words, was simply a stay at home mum who took up running is hugely inspiring. In fact, Mimi is not just a mum, she's also a grandma...Probably the fittest granny out there! Sadly her extreme running has also had a serious impact on her body-the consequences are severe but of course this won’t stop her. Believe me, listening to this episode will absolutely make you desperate to go for a run yourself....even if it’s not quite as far as Mimi!
07/02/2043m 7s


Well done, you've made it block 4 of 6 in your 5K challenge! This one's all about building mental endurance - but nothing too scary, you've done this before. As always think positive, visualise that finish and take it slow - you've got this!
02/02/2027m 45s

Jamie East

This week Jenni sits down with radio and telly broadcaster, Jamie East, who only started running a couple of years ago and has somehow got himself signed up to now take on the big 26.2 miler round the capital. Yup, he’s running the London Marathon! It’s the biggest challenge for him yet. Jamie has surprised himself and fallen in love with running, appreciating more than anything the way it’s helped him through some darker times. In this episode, he reveals how gadgets helped him run that very first kilometre and why running a little slower has been the key to his success. Prepare to thoroughly enjoy the chat but also be warned-you‘ll soon want to go for a run yourself!
31/01/2044m 7s

RUNPOD 5K CHALLENGE: Keep on Keeping On!

Now, this one's a biggie so take a deep breath and repeat after me: "You Can Do Hard Things". You are about to embark on the third run of your week, the final run of block three and your first twenty-minute run. Think positive, visualise that finish line and take it slow - you've got this!
30/01/2028m 16s

RUNPOD 5K CHALLENGE: Keep Keeping It Up!

Welcome to the second run of your week and the second in Block 3. In this run we're going to be pushing you a little bit futher than you've been before but we are here with you encouraging you all the way. You’ll get a break as per usual and by the end of this episode, you’ll truly feel proud of your achievement. We want to test the endurance you've built so far, and take it just one step further. You’ve got this. Happy running.
28/01/2028m 17s


Congratulations! You've made it to the THIRD BLOCK of the RunPod 5K Challenge! You are well and truly on your way to running 5k. This episode is the first of three different runs you’ll be doing this week where we’ll be combining short runs and active walking, so get those trainers on and have your kit to the ready! Now, as always, feel free to repeat the block as often as you’d like before heading on to Block 4 next week. It’s about building your confidence, your endurance, your stamina and most importantly maintaining the enjoyment factor. As always relax have fun, SMILE and enjoy that post-workout feel-good!
26/01/2030m 38s

Nick Butter

Nick Butter is the first man to run a marathon in every country in the world. It’s an incredible achievement and he has many a tale to tell. So in this episode of RunPod, Jenni catches up with him and they have a post trip debrief. Broken bones, muggings at gunpoint, being locked up, attacked by dogs, shot at, the list continues...The endless tales of perseverance and resilience led this man to accomplish a dream. And it all started with his love for running. Such an incredible listen. You’ll want to hear more...
24/01/2042m 13s

RUNPOD 5K CHALLENGE: You're Doing Well!

Well done you! You've made it BLOCK 2 of the RunPod 5K Challenge! You are well and truly on your journey to run 5k! Now today you'll be doing a varied session combining short runs and active walking and believe you me, you'll have done half an hour before you know it. As you know, we want you to run a few times this week, so repeat this episode three times before moving onto block 3 or as many times as you would like, the next step will be there when you feel ready! As always relax and have fun, and SMILE!
19/01/2028m 52s

Charlie Dark

Charlie Dark is one of those people who makes a difference - he is on a mission to unite and inspire people and he is doing it through running. In 2007, Charlie started a group which unbeknown to him would become a respected running community on a global platform. Run Dem Crew promotes well-being through running together and talking, it truly is a game-changer, and life changing, for many of its members. In this episode of RunPod, Jenni and Charlie discuss the benefits of pounding the pavement, running at 2am and brainstorm an exciting running this space. An episode of RunPod that will absolutely inspire you and without doubt make you want to get up and get your trainers on.
17/01/2047m 10s


The time has come. The time has come to run. The 5k challenge is now officially on and this is your first session. Jenni and Faisal have a programme tailored to getting you started, building up and achieving that 5k. There is no time limit, there is no pressure to run fast, they are here to encourage, motivate and keep you company on your first run. Follow the instructions, don’t be scared and enjoy the banter. It’s no more that half an hour if your time. You’re expected to repeat this episode 3 times before proceeding onto block 2. However repeat as many times as you would like, block 2 will be there when you feel ready. Good luck. Smile. And....Happy running!
12/01/2030m 27s

Anna McNuff

This week, real life adventurer Anna McNuff joins the RunPod Run Club. Anna is someone who has many a tale to tell - and they’re all fascinating! She started out as an elite rower and then once she decided to move on, she started setting herself new challenges in which running featured heavily. In the last year, she faced one of her biggest yet. She wanted to make sure it was something that felt impossible and so when running from the top of the British Isles to the bottom didn’t seem hard enough, she had to add some jeopardy.....she thought, ‘Why not do it barefoot?’ So that’s exactly what she did. We hear about Anna’s incredible journey right here. You won’t want this episode to stop and you certainly won’t notice the miles clocking up if you run while you listen! Enjoy
10/01/2039m 33s


Welcome to the RunPod 5k challenge. This is a series that will get you running 5K! That's right, over the coming weeks, with the help of RunPod you will gradually build up to running that 5k, 5000m, 3.1miles. In this ‘warm-up’ episode, Jenni is joined by celeb trainer Mr. Positive Mental Attitude himself, Faisal Abdalla, to kick-start your 5k fitness journey. Expect top tips, a lot of laughs and some infectious motivation. So what are you waiting for? Get your trainers on, head to the park and hit play.
05/01/2010m 37s

Izzy Judd

Izzy Judd is a musician, mum, author and runner! The latter is something she’s turned to in recent years to give her quality ‘me time’ and in her words ‘has been a saviour’. In this episode, Izzy and jenni discuss mindfulness through running, why keeping fit can have a positive impact on your mental health and how as parents, we shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting to head out on a run. Izzy has written a book on mindfulness and listening to this episode will instantly make you feel calmer, at ease and entirely motivated to get your trainers on and get some 2020 miles under your belt!
02/01/2028m 27s


Hello there! Not only is it a new year, but a new decade too! So, why not start a new running journey. We’ve had so many messages asking how to get started, so we’ve teamed up with celebrity coach and beloved Barry’s Bootcamp trainer Faisal Abdalla to bring you a no-nonsense 5K challenge designed to get anyone (including Jenni’s Mum) from non-runner to 5K champ. Over the next few months we’ll be bringing you weekly instalments which will ramp up until you are running 5000 meters. So, tell your friends, tell your family, and join us for the first instalment on the 6th of January.
01/01/201m 36s

RED January: Hannah Beecham

It’s that time when we are all full of healthy plans and good intentions, we set fitness goals and hope that we can start the new year on a fresh note. With that in mind, in this episode of RunPod, Jenni chats to Hannah Beecham, founder and creative mind behind the brilliant campaign RED January. Hannah set up the initiative in the hope that she’d inspire the nation to get out there, go running and just simply be active throughout the first month of the year and perhaps lay foundations for a healthy outlook beyond January. You have 31 days to kickstart your 2020 on a positive note, this is an episode which will absolutely inspire you to sign up and motivate you off the sofa through the darker, colder months. New year. New start. Become a Redder! If you want to find out more about RED January follow this link:
26/12/1929m 56s

James Cracknell

In this episode of RunPod, Jenni chats with someone who is the ultimate endurance athlete. He’s fit, fast and focused. Running is also not his first sport. James Cracknell is known best for rowing however his skills as a runner are mighty impressive. He chats about festive fitness and running on Christmas Day as well as revealing which other non-runner Olympian is a pretty nifty sprinter. James also has some top tips for anyone keen to start out on a running journey, or improve and last the distance....although there is one interesting piece of advice that he dishes out which actually you may never have the guts to try!!! What is it?! Listen to find out. It’s a fascinating episode-and you’ll be completely in awe of James’ commitment to training. Enjoy.
19/12/1936m 43s

George Mathias

There are some people who are very special indeed and in this episode of RunPod, we hear from one of them. George Mathias wanted to give back after his younger brother was admitted to hospital as a little boy. He has now raised a very impressive £800,000 for the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital to show his gratitude and he’s managed it through running. The most remarkable part is that George is only 13 years old. He tells us how a surprise from Simon Cowell kicked off the craziest year of his life and how running is now a Matthias family activity! George has not only raised an unbelievable amount of money, he’s also won more awards than he can count and after listening to this episode, you’ll be so motivated, you’ll want to get out there and run a mile...or maybe a lot more. Never one to sit still, George is hoping that other children and young people will get involved in a challenge he’s currently doing with the Prince’s Trust. Are you up for it? You’ll get all the details right here. Happy running!
17/12/1922m 22s

Denise Lewis

The guest in this episode is someone RunPod has been trying to pin down for a while. She’s a busy lady! You see, yes, Denise Lewis OBE is a truly inspiring Olympian, but she’s also a working mum who somehow manages to fit running into her hectic schedule. So why does she enjoy running so much? How does it differ now to when she was competing? And how easy is it to get back into it after having a 46?! Denise is a true sporting legend, with a shiny gold medal collection to her name and she will absolutely motivate you to get up and get out there.....listen and you’ll hear how!
12/12/1934m 20s

Tina Muir

This week, Jenni sits down with Tina Muir, a hardcore pavement pounder and host of the podcast, ‘Running for Real’. Once an elite runner, Tina was at the peak of her career when she made the snap decision to quit running, to improve her health. She had just achieved a 2:36 marathon PB and had been representing Great Britain doing the sport she why on earth did she want to stop? You’ll have to listen to find out. An episode that will absolutely keep you going if you listen whilst you run!
05/12/1935m 18s

Josh Cuthbert

In this episode of RunPod, Jenni catches up with singer, model and radio presenter, Josh Cuthbert. Jenni and Josh discuss how they have sporting highs and lows. The low was their major sporting fail on national television - their high is their love of running. They also discuss the etiquette of running on holiday and how Josh managed to fit training into his busy schedule when he was on the road with Union J. He also gives us a peak into his favourite treadmill workouts for improved fitness and burning the calories, as well as the secrets to good post-run food from the Masterchef kitchen AND how a run can be ruined by raccoons and pigeons! A fun episode that will keep you perfect company on your run, on your commute or whilst you try to find the motivation to get up off the sofa. Enjoy.
28/11/1932m 41s

Anya Lahiri

Not all people who like running like running outside. Treadmill training is hugely popular, especially this time of year when there are colder, shorter days - but can you get a decent workout simply by pounding that machine? Well in this episode of RunPod, you will be convinced yes! Jenni is joined by 'Queen of the Tread', Barry’s Bootcamp trainer extraordinaire, Anya Lahiri. Anya is someone who loves running on the treadmill, and not outside. In this episode, you hear what it is that gives her the same buzz others get sprinting along the pavement. She also suggests some clever drills for you to try next time you’re in the gym, whilst sharing the very personal journey of training through pregnancy and how returning to fitness after giving birth is never as easy as we anticipate. Be warned, this episode will absolutely make you want to get on the treadmill and see if you can hit that 12.5!
21/11/1933m 55s

Adam Gemili

There are some people who are natural born runners, Adam Gemili is one of them. He switched football for sprinting in early 2008 and by that summer was representing GB at the Olympics! His medal collection is growing and he’s currently getting ready for Tokyo 2020 but managed to find some time out to come and join the RunPod fold. Jenni and Adam chat about what it’s like to run alongside the world's greatest sprinters - including Usain Bolt. They discuss the excitement, the nerves, and the relentless training schedule as well as what kind of running he does in his free time. Alongside insider tips, you'll get some brilliant recommendations for other podcast to listen to whilst you run!
14/11/1941m 45s

Mother & Papa Pukka

This week, Jenni is joined by Anna Whitehouse and Matt Farquharson AKA Mother and Papa Pukka. They explore two very different running journeys. From slow starts and 5k's for Matt and early morning sprints and marathon training for Anna. They also talk about keeping fit when you have two kids, overcoming body shame, and buying the gear when you have no idea. Finally, Anna shares some running challenges you can try at home - ever beaten a bus before? You'll want to after this episode!
07/11/1933m 12s

Faisal Abdalla AKA Mr PMA

We’ve heard from some incredible guests on RunPod who really know how to inspire and motivate. Well now it’s time for the ultimate motivator. MR Positive Mental Attitude himself, Faisal Abdalla. Faisal knows a thing or two about fitness and he has got the physique to prove it. With abs of steel, he’s a former Barry’s Bootcamp and Nike master trainer, who has graced the floors of a fair few celebrity homes too-and there's a good reason for it: Faisal's positivity has earned him the name Mr PMA. Together Faisal and Jenni talk about the negative bias we all have, losing the excuses and how to create a lasting, positive mindset. They also discuss battling the clock by putting workouts in the diary and the best way to set (and stick to!) your fitness goals! If this episode doesn't get you reaching for those trainers, nothing will! Keep this episode in your inbox, you will return to it repeatedly when you need a little motivational boost.
31/10/1928m 53s

At the Movies: 'Brittany Runs A Marathon'

What kind of runner are you? The enthusiast; the Forrest Gump; or the reluctant jogger who feels obliged to exercise (and maybe ditch a pound or two along the way). If you're the latter you're in the right place, because that echoes the (true!) story told in 'Brittany Runs a Marathon’, a film that's won over critics and audiences alike. In this episode Jenni chats with the star, Jillian Bell, and director, Paul Downs Colaizzo. Jillian plays Brittany, a chaotic New Yorker who sets herself an improbable goal and struggles to achieve it. As runners know well, pounding the pavement can be addictive, but seems an impossible feat for the unfit and ill-prepared. The film documents Brittany’s inspiring journey from non-runner to marathoner. The film is hugely relatable, and so is this episode, as together they reveal a novel way to keep focused whilst jogging, what it’s like to be filmed when running as well as the actors guide to making your running style look truly 'believable’. This bonus episode of is well worth a listen.
29/10/1928m 25s

Chris Baber

Every runner looks forward to that moment after time out pounding the pavement when they can refuel and enjoy a decent post-run meal. Well this episode with chef Chris Baber will definitely whet your appetite. As an ex-track athlete, Chris is pretty nifty in a pair of trainers, and is desperate to get back to it after an injury took him off course. In this episode of RunPod, he talks about the joys of running, the sheer intensity of those track sessions and the pleasure of seeing in Christmas Day with a run at sunrise. He also dishes up some incredible meal ideas for us all to try the minute we get home and offers up the ultimate post-run recovery fuel. Chris delivers some brilliant recipes during the interview which will only make you run that little bit faster so you can get home sooner, start cooking one of his recommended meals and get a taste of the Baber Flavour!
24/10/1928m 7s

Iwan Thomas MBE

This week joining the RunPod run club is a man who is faster than most...he has an enviable medal collection and has held the UK 400m record for an incredible 22 years! It is of course the one and only, Olympic medallist and blonde bombshell, Iwan Thomas. In this episode, Iwan gives us an insight into that Olympic mind set, reveals how to psyche out the competition and tells us what really happens in the pre-race holding room. We also learn what a “lactic acid bullet” feels like and Iwan shares some amazing tips that you can try on your next run! Did he love his time competing? Would he do it all again? And during the 400m, when does it really hurt the most? You’ll have to listen to find out!
17/10/1939m 40s

Nell McAndrew

In this episode Jenni sits down with a true running machine. An uber gorgeous and mega fit one at that! After becoming Britain's 34th fastest woman in 2012, there's not much Nell McAndrew doesn't know about running. Nell ran 12 miles to get to the studio for this one, braving torrential downpours and traffic. But when they sat down, Nell talked Jenni through her journey from casual jogger to running champ, finding the sport later in life, as well as the food we need to fuel our bodies, and fitting it all in. Expect tips galore and some seriously infectious motivation in this one!
11/10/1940m 11s

Sally Gunnell

In this episode of RunPod, Jenni joins Olympic legend Sally Gunnell at the Great Scottish Run where they explore the rush of crossing that finish line knowing you’re the best in the world! Sally also reveals how it felt when her Olympic career came to a heart-breaking end and Jenni asks what Sally gets out of running nowadays. All of this happens whilst walking through Glasgow city centre, a tricky enough challenge when you’re a highly recognisable Olympic gold medallist!
03/10/1925m 56s

Happy International Podcast Day!

In this special episode, RunPod takes a little detour to celebrate of the power of podcasts for International Podcast Day. Jenni puts down the trainers to instead tell you about a few podcasts which entertain and encourage her to just keep running! Who knows, you might find you want to give them a go yourself.
30/09/199m 45s

Mark Wright

In this edition of RunPod, Jenni is joined by a man who is fit - in every sense of the word!! Mark Wright has a reputation as a nifty footballer, he’s proved himself on the Strictly dance floor and he’s a regular in the weights section of the gym but what's more important is that he is also a keen runner. His competitive streak means he can nail an explosive 5k but where does he go from here? What’s the next step in his running journey? Jenni and Mark discuss how running makes him feel, why he prioritises fitness and how he’d approach a potentially huge challenge in 2020. What is it? You'll have to listen to find out!
26/09/1926m 12s

BONUS EPISODE - RunPod at the Disneyland Paris Half

In this special episode, we actually go running instead of just talking about it! Last week we took RunPod across The Channel to France for a magical few days at the Disneyland Paris Run Weekend. Hear what it’s like to be a part of this exciting event, by going on the journey with Jenni and her family. Each of them takes on a running challenge over the course of this episode-how do they get on? You’ll have to listen to find out! If you’ve ever fancied entering a race but the prospect is daunting, perhaps this is the perfect place to try for the first time. Quite possibly one of the most fun and definitely one of the most unique running experiences out never know, perhaps after listening, you’ll be tempted to sign up for next year! Sign Up Here:
25/09/1926m 59s

Laura Crane

Laura Crane is a former professional surfer and model but is probably best known for her time on ‘Love Island’ 2018. What you may not have known is that she is also an avid runner. Like many of us, Laura finds that running helps to clear her head. In this episode, she gives Jenni a very honest account of living with bulimia and explains how fitness aided recovery by helping her regain control. Laura exudes a passion for running, fitness and sport in general as she talks about the joy of pushing yourself, whilst also filling us in on how to stay toned in the Love Island villa. She also sheds light on which is harder - running or surfing. The positive message powering this episode will inspire you to just keep going, so listen whilst you’re out pounding the pavement yourself!
19/09/1931m 40s

Giovanna Fletcher

When it comes to running, everybody has to start somewhere and in this episode of RunPod, Jenni meets with fellow podcaster, blogger, author and mother of three, Giovanna Fletcher to talk about her running journey. She only started running this year and has already become hooked. Together they explore how one run changed her life forever, altering the way she thinks about sport and her physical limits. They also discuss how running encourages good mental health and body positivity, all while providing some much needed me time. Running's opened up a whole new world for Giovanna, but will she take on the ultimate running challenge? What is it? You'll have to listen to find out!
13/09/1932m 11s

Rob Rinder

RunPod is back – did you miss us? One guest who’s been on our wish list has finally made it to the RunPod run club. Now you might be surprised to hear he’s a running mega-fan as we are more used to hear him discuss justice rather than fitness but criminal barrister Judge Robert Rinder is a proud and passionate runner. Rob explains how running has completely changed his life forever: From over worked comfort eater to sub 3 hour marathoner - just wait till you hear his 5k time!!! - this is a journey you’ll definitely want to hear more about. Jenni and Rob discuss having a competitive edge, how being kind to yourself can go a long way, and the most famous judge on telly has his gavel at the ready and will declare you guilty if he thinks you're committing ‘crimes against running’. Are you? You’ll have to listen to find out!
05/09/1940m 4s

RunPod Summer Break 2019 - Gone Running - Back Soon!

Hello! I'm having a small summer break, but don't worry, RunPod will be back really soon. Don't forget to listen back to the rest of the episodes, where you can get inspirational advice and motivation from guests including Kelly Holmes, Amanda Holden, Jo Pavey and Park-Run founder Paul Sinton-Hewitt! I'll be back very soon with more amazing interviews, In the meantime, chuck your headphones on, listen to your favourite episode of RunPod on Global Player and get running!

Georgie Lambert

In this episode of RunPod, we meet Georgie and Ben who introduce us to a sport that is huge across mainland Europe, very much on the rise at a competitive level and as a social, fun activity for all ages. Georgie Lambert decided 'canicross' sounded fun and wanted to give it a go so persuaded Ben to go along with her...let’s just be clear, Ben is her dog! Canicross is a sport that involves humans and their four-legged friends, where dogs run alongside their owners, which in turn can massively improve your running PB, help you get fitter than you could be through regular running whilst creating an even closer bond with that family member who wags their tail every time you come through the door. Seriously, even ardent, non-dog loving, cat fans will be fascinated to hear details of this sport! You never know, after listening to this episode of RunPod, you might even find yourself heading out with a pooch to give it a go yourself!!
15/08/1932m 44s

Jason Vale

In this episode of RunPod, Jenni meets someone whose life has completely U-turned in the last 20 years. Jason Vale, aka The Juicemaster, is a man whose habits have changed entirely. When he was younger, he struggled with extreme psoriasis, as well as giving into various vices...he was certainly not the picture of health. However, he made some key changes and is now at his healthiest with running playing a huge part in his new-found regime! This episode is full of tips and suggestions that worked for Jason and could well work for you too. If you listen whilst you run, you will absolutely be spurred on! If you listen on the commute, you might find you want to grab your trainers the minute you get home and head out for a 10k! Happy running!
08/08/1934m 4s

Lee Latchford-Evans

5, 6, 7, 8! I'm sure we’re delighting pop fans everywhere with this week's episode as we recruit Lee Latchford-Evans into the RunPod fold. Lee is not just part of the hugely successful band Steps, he’s also a massive fitness fan - and more importantly a keen runner. Jenni and Lee talk about getting back into training, whether working out with your other half ever works out, and he proposes a fitness challenge that we should all try -- if we're brave enough! You’ll just have to listen to find out if you're tough enough...!
01/08/1936m 46s

Susie Chan

This week Jenni sits down with one of the most recognisable faces in the British running community, and someone whose life has changed entirely since she found running 10 years ago. Susie Chan is an absolute inspiration, she never planned to be a runner but since she started, she’s never looked back. Some are happy to run a marathon just once, she runs them regularly! How would you feel about a 12 hour treadmill challenge? Cause Susie broke the world record in 2016, running 68 miles in 12 hours without stopping once. She’s essentially a female (and far more glamorous) Forrest Gump! Together they discuss human endurance, racing in the world’s harshest landscapes and how her life has changed for the better. She also gives us as a peak into the one of most extreme races on the planet – and it’s one Susie has her heart set on. What is it? Listen in to find out. If you enjoyed the episode don’t forget to rate and subscribe. You can also connect with me on Instagram and Twitter: @jennifalconer and use #RunPod to share your own stories and tips.
26/07/1942m 51s

Keith Lemon

Every runner has a friend who struggles to see the joy of jogging and it soon becomes a challenge to try to convert them. In this episode of RunPod, Jenni’s mission is to convince one of her running friends that there are benefits of running and her ultimate goal is to persuade them to join her out pounding the pavement. The friend in question is TV star and ‘bang tidy, sex god’, Keith Lemon! Along the way Keith describes his first running experience, his reasons to run and he shares tips for a happy, healthy life. However the big challenge remains - will Jenni succeed in getting Keith to pop his trainers on and join her for a jog? You’ll have to listen to RunPod to find out!
18/07/1919m 22s

Amanda Holden

In this episode of RunPod, Jenni catches up with someone who can often be found out running - on those rare occasions when she’s not acting, sitting on the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ judging panel or waking up the nation on breakfast radio. Amanda Holden is one of the busiest women about but found time to have a chat about the joys of jogging, her favourite running tunes and sweaty Walkmans! She also shares the secret to staying in great shape, reveals her running motivation and spills the beans on fellow BGT judges. What’s Simon Cowell’s fitness secret?! Find out right here!
11/07/1936m 1s

Lorraine Kelly

This week Jenni chats with the Queen of breakfast telly, multi-marathoner and fellow Scot, Lorraine Kelly! They chat about hoodwinking friends into marathons, the joys of keeping fit and the Love Island effect. They also share top tips on how to get active and ask what Lorraine’s next big challenge will be. Well you’ll find out right here!
04/07/1930m 19s

Bella Mackie

This week Jenni is joined by journalist and bestselling author, Bella Mackie, who reveals how running can help overcome anxiety, conquer heartbreak and be a contributing factor to true happiness. Topics for discussion include exploring a city, running with dogs and the question on everyone's lips: to smile or not to smile at other runners?! As Bella says; "Running gives you the opportunity to run away from your life, but also gives you the ability to come back" This emotive and inspiring episode will make you want to pop your trainers on and get out the door, no matter your mood.
27/06/1930m 0s

Adrienne Herbert

Get ready to be truly inspired because this week Jenni sits down with Adrienne Herbert, a fitness influencer with abs of steel and a positive mental attitude to match. Adrienne found running after her husband had a spontaneous brain annerysm and never looked back. She's since run races around the world and is now a global brand ambassador for Adidas, all while hosting her hugely successful 'Power Hour' podcast. Together they discuss falling down the running 'Rabbit Hole', fitting it all in when you're a busy mum, and the motto to motivate: "You can do hard things". This is one for those early morning runs when you simply can't be bothered! Instagram:
20/06/1924m 47s

Col. Dame Kelly Holmes MBE

In this episode of RunPod, Jenni is joined by a true running legend. Colonel Dame Kelly Holmes MBE is a runner with more winner’s bling than you can count on both hands. She’s a two time Olympic, and Commonwealth, gold medal winner, as well as a European and World Championships medalist. In addition to her track success, she has served an impressive military career climbing the ranks to Colonel status, she has ‘HGV driver’ down as a skill on her CV and for the last 10 years, she has held the 800m British record. In this podcast, Kelly gives you a taster of what it feels like to stand on the winner’s podium, how running ‘just for fun’ compares to competing (is it even possible?!) and she fills us in on her rather unusual pets. A hugely motivational and inspiring episode that will definitely have you reaching for your trainers!
12/06/1937m 32s

Jason Flemyng

In this episode of RunPod, ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’, ‘X-Men’ and ‘Jamestown’ star , Jason Flemyng joins Jenni to discuss the feelgood of running. Jason also gives a fascinating insight into life as an actor in the movie industry and why running is a huge relief when he is filming away from home. He also chats about the time he ran the London Marathon with fellow actor Jason Statham and want to know what director Guy Ritchie gets his cast doing on set in between scenes? You’ll have to listen to find out!!
06/06/1931m 52s

Aimee Fuller

This week on RunPod, Olympic snowboarder Aimee Fuller talks to Jenni about switching her board for trainers and taking on her first ever 26.2 mile race in one of the most reclusive places on the planet - Pyongyang, North Korea. Not necessarily everyone’s first choice! Aimee reveals what it’s like to run this unique event under the watchful eye of government officials, giving rare insight into a country that remains closed to the Western world. Aimee and Jenni also discuss unique marathons from across the globe that anyone is free to enter....should they be up for the challenge!
30/05/1929m 53s

Jo Pavey MBE

In this episode, Jenni takes RunPod on the road to meet 5-time Olympian and European Championship gold medalist, Jo Pavey. They discuss how to train in a hallway cupboard, what it's like to have your husband as your coach, juggling elite sport with two young children and competing against athletes who are half your age. Also -- can Jo match the British record by making it to her 6th Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020? You’ll have to listen to find out!
23/05/1936m 16s

George Lamb

This week on RunPod, Jenni is joined by TV and radio presenter, George Lamb to discuss what it’s like to train with Olympic athletes. He recruited the best trainers about - Sir Mo Farah, Dame Kelly Holmes and Joe Wicks - to see if he had what it takes. George shares elite training tricks, talks about what it’s like to run with Mo and gives great advice to all aspiring runners. Did it work for him?! You’ll have to listen to find out!
16/05/1936m 40s

Richard Whitehead MBE

In this episode of RunPod, Jenni chats with double Paralympic champion, Richard Whitehead. Rich is a double through-knee congenital amputee, and runs with prosthetics, yet he claims to be someone who ‘just puts one foot in front of the other’. We hear how Rich sees no obstacles in between him and his running goals. He talks about how a double amputee decides to take up running, what it’s like to run in blades and has a load of top training tips. His story is hugely inspiring and what he says is incredibly motivational. After listening to this episode of RunPod, you’ll be reaching for your trainers!
10/05/1936m 47s

parkrun with Paul Sinton-Hewitt

This week on RunPod, Jenni’s joined by the man who gave 3 million of us in 23 countries, across 5 continents the gift that is parkrun. Paul Sinton Hewitt CBE tells us how he turned a simple get-together into a global phenomenon, and how it’s transformed so many lives around the world – including his own! They also chat parkrun challenges, Paul’s favourite running spots and the power of community spirit. He might even persuade you to give up that Saturday morning in bed for a 5k run instead!
02/05/1932m 44s

Post-Marathon Cooldown with Lewis Moses

That's it for another year, so whether you're nursing those blisters or eager to get your trainers for the first time, this episode is the perfect companion for your post-marathon cooldown. Join Jenni as she chats to GB champion and top running coach Lewis Moses, who answers that all important question: How do you recover after the big race? We also bust some of the biggest myths out there, talking trainers, stretches, warm-ups, protein shakes and discuss some of the most common injuries for new starters.
28/04/1931m 33s

The London Marathon with Hugh Brasher, David Weir & Kirsty Gallacher

In this episode of RunPod, Jenni learns all about the London Marathon and chats to special guests about taking on a 26.2 mile challenge. Marathon big boss, Hugh Brasher, shares how it all started and what you can expect on race day. Jenni also chats with 8-time marathon winner David Weir, celeb runners Kirsty Gallagher, Nell Mcandrew and Matt Wilkinson whilst Celebrity chef, Marcus Bean, gives you the lowdown on what to eat before and after; We also learn what it’s like to run as a rhino and hear interesting facts on Britain’s biggest race. As a listener you‘ll get top tips for preparing for a marathon and experience the excitement of the buildup to race day itself.
25/04/1947m 58s

EastEnders Special

In this week's episode of RunPod, Jenni is joined by two soap icons who are leaving Albert Square to go and run around the capital. EastEnders stars Natalie Cassidy and Jake Wood are taking on their biggest running challenge yet and for a truly worthy cause. Jenni chats with them about training, running for Barbara Windsor and whether Dot will be cheering them on from the Queen Vic.
18/04/1944m 36s

Sophie Raworth

In this episode of RunPod Jenni is joined by BBC news anchor, TV presenter, ultra marathoner and running buddy, Sophie Raworth. Sophie was bitten by the running bug at 37 and has never looked back! She discusses her rather eventful first marathon, running adventures in the Sahara and what it's like to race a horse! There are plenty of marathon tips as well as a fun debate between Jenni and Sophie about losing friends to get a PB.
11/04/1930m 50s

Bonus: Race for Life Special

In this very special bonus episode of RunPod Jenni discovers how being active can change your outlook for the better, even when your body is in the worst shape it's ever been. She sits down with Gemma Hillier-Moses, founder of MOVE Charity, Mike Beeson from Cancer Research UK, and Alex King, ten-time Race For Lifer and cancer survivor to talk about the big C that is Cancer - expect to be inspired by the power of positivity! To discover your local event, go to
07/04/1931m 42s

Ben Shephard

Join Jenni in this episode as she welcomes multi-marathoner, close friend and television presenter Ben Shephard to the RunPod Run Club. Together they talk hitting the wall, losing to a carrot and why you should always carry 20p on a run. Ben also shares his top tips for getting out that door, staying on track and when to wear lycra.
04/04/1933m 17s

Peter Andre

In this first episode of RunPod Jenni is joined by Peter Andre as he charts a rocky road from gym bunny to daily jogger. Together they discuss the feel-good-factor that hooked him in and how running changed his life for the better. Pete also shares some top tips for first timers, couch potatoes and rookie runners.
31/03/1930m 31s

RunPod Trailer

Launching on Monday the 1st of April, join Heart presenter and passionate runner Jenni Falconer as she discovers what it is that we love about pounding the pavement. She talks all things running with some of Britain's favourite personalities and elite athletes, including Peter Andre, Ben Shephard, Natalie Cassidy, Richard Whitehead, George Lamb and many more.
29/03/191m 48s
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