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Does the Government's response to coronavirus make sense?

So far, ten people in the UK have died with the virus, and almost 6-hundred have been diagnosed. But government experts believe between 5 and 10-thousand people here might have it. The PM's also asking all foreign school trips to be cancelled - while people over 70 shouldn't go on cruises. He says the most dangerous period is still weeks away.
12/03/20·42m 29s

Are you reassured by the budget measures today?

The Treasury said hundreds of billions of pounds will be pledged on Wednesday to invest in infrastructure including roads, railways, broadband and housing. However, the Government has faced criticism for delaying its key National Infrastructure Strategy to tackle the climate crisis and boost transport connectivity.
11/03/20·41m 37s

Is the UK prepared for an Italian style lockdown?

Dr Jenny Harries defended the Government's decision to delay closing schools and the introduction of other stringent tactics, saying experts are assessing new cases on an hourly basis to achieve a "balanced response".
10/03/20·42m 18s

Are you satisfied with the Government's response?

319 people in the UK have so far been diagnosed with the disease. The Prime Minister says 'preparations' are being made for the UK to move to the next phase of tackling it.
09/03/20·41m 15s

Are we getting leadership during the Coronavirus outbreak?

Here - the Government's expected to say workers will get protection if they take time off to look after anyone who's sick. Some court proceedings could be heard via video link.
08/03/20·1h 28m

Would you have liked to have seen a travel ban from high risk areas?

The total number of cases in the UK's gone up to at least 115. The Prime Minister's expressed his concern but insists the outbreak is under control and being well managed:
05/03/20·42m 47s

Are you reassured by what you heard today?

The 27-page document sets out the UK-wide response to Covid-19 amid widespread concerns about the impact the virus will have on people's wellbeing, the economy and public services. Measures aimed at delaying the spread of the virus could include school closures, "reducing the number of large-scale gatherings" and encouraging greater home working.
03/03/20·41m 59s

Have you changed your daily habits due to Coronavirus?

Four new cases - among people from Hertfordshire, south Devon and Kent - were announced on Monday. All had travelled recently to Italy, which is experiencing the biggest outbreak in Europe. The Prime Minister warned earlier that more cases in the UK are likely as he urged people to wash their hands to the tune of Happy Birthday. Speaking after an emergency Cobra meeting where ministers discussed a "battle plan" to be published on Tuesday, Mr Johnson said the spread of Covid-19 was likely to become "more significant" for the UK in coming days.
02/03/20·42m 39s

Is this Government accident prone?

Sir Philip Rutnam, the department's most senior civil servant, quit on Saturday after accusing Ms Patel of orchestrating a "vicious" campaign against him, of lying about her involvement in it and of creating a climate of fear among her officials. Plus do you know the news tax rules around IR35?
01/03/20·1h 31m

Are you happy no deal is back on the table?

The UK's guidelines for the negotiations, which cover trade and other aspects of the future relationship with Brussels, sets the deadline for progress against a backdrop of deep divisions between the two sides over issues including fish, state subsidies and standards. The Government has set out its plans for the talks ahead of the first round of negotiations on Monday, making clear that it "will not negotiate any arrangements in which the UK does not have control of its own laws and political life".
27/02/20·42m 14s

Who should pay for Harry and Meghan's security?

This according to an exclusive report on the front page of the Daily Mirror
25/02/20·42m 34s

Has Sir Keir Starmer made himself eletable or unelectable?

The frontrunner in the race to replace Jeremy Corbyn also vowed to scrap salary thresholds for migrants coming to Britain if he becomes Labour leader. He said salary thresholds - which are set to be introduced under the Government's post-Brexit immigration system - were not the "right measure for the worth of an individual coming to this country".
24/02/20·42m 26s

How would you renew the Labour Party?

But he has vowed to keep his own preferred candidate close to his chest out of fear of doing them "damage", he told a central London audience on Thursday. In his strongest intervention yet in the race to succeed Mr Corbyn, the former leader said the party would need a "head to toe renewal" to win power again.
20/02/20·42m 39s

Does this new immigration system deliver on the Brexit vote?

A policy statement published on Wednesday said free movement would end, laws surrounding this would be repealed and a new Immigration Bill would be introduced for a "firm and fair" system which would "attract the high-skilled workers" to create a "high wage, high skill, high productivity economy".
19/02/20·42m 24s

Where's Boris?

The country will need to adapt to "more frequent extreme weather events" brought on by climate change, a Government minister has said. Rebecca Pow, a minister at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), said the "top priority" at the moment was responding to flooding, and keeping people safe.
18/02/20·41m 44s

Should we listen to President Trump?

The US President told one of his ambassadors that "any nation who chooses to use an untrustworthy 5G vendor will jeopardise our ability to share intelligence and information at the highest level". The Chinese telecoms firm is regarded as a high-risk vendor by the UK but is being allowed to play a limited role in the country's 5G infrastructure.
17/02/20·41m 40s

Storm Dennis, Labour Leadership & Concerns over Huawei

Plus Boris Johnson is coming under renewed pressure from key British allies over his controversial decision to give Chinese tech giant Huawei a role in building the UK's 5G network. A delegation of senior US officials - including Donald Trump's acting chief of staff - are set to fly to London to raise their concerns directly with Number 10, according to the Daily Telegraph.
16/02/20·1h 27m

Is the honeymoon period over for Boris?

Mr Javid, the first British Asian to hold one of the great offices of state, was the first name announced when Mr Johnson unveiled his new Cabinet after taking office in the heady days of July. The appointment was seen as a reward for a strong performance in the early stages of the Tory leadership contest to succeed Theresa May before he was eliminated.
13/02/20·41m 44s

Who is right on the deportation row? Jeremy Corbyn or the PM?

The Labour leader challenged the prime minister to say if he would treat a white boy the same way as one of those being forcibly removed from the UK back to Jamaica. Speaking at Prime Minister's Questions in the Commons, Mr Corbyn said an intervention from the courts blocking several people from being deported proved "the government has learnt absolutely nothing from the Windrush scandal".
12/02/20·42m 10s

Is ANYONE in favour of HS2?

The Prime Minister acknowledged that "cost forecasts have exploded" and criticised the company responsible for developing the high-speed railway. "I cannot say that HS2 Ltd has distinguished itself in the handling of local communities," he told the Commons.
11/02/20·42m 26s

Has Boris got this right on HS2?

A high speed rail line linking London to Birmingham first proposed 13 years ago. The cost back then: £7.1 billion. Gordon Brown was Prime Minister when the Labour government extended High Speed 2 with spurs to Manchester and Leeds. But the idea at that stage was already facing widespread opposition amongst Conservatives as the proposed route went through the Chilterns, to the north west of London, where many backbenchers had safe seats. Nevertheless, when a decision was needed back in 2013, and despite the cost put at £30 billion, David Cameron pressed ahead.
10/02/20·42m 42s

Tories could raise taxes & Smart Motorways

And Nigel reveals what happened when he was invited to the oval office this week
09/02/20·1h 28m

Do you want to congratulate the President?

Mr Trump says it should never happen to another American leader - and blamed the rival Democratic party, who he says are "horrible".
06/02/20·41m 30s

Is Donald Trump good for the world?

Before the speech he refused to shake the hand of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi - and she later ripped up her copy of the text.
05/02/20·42m 18s

Terror Sentencing: Has the Government got this right?

Both the London Bridge and Streatham attackers had just been let out of prison. An independent reviewer thinks the Goverment's plans could be illegal - but Mr Gove says something needs to be done.
04/02/20·41m 38s

Did Boris impress you today?

The UK and European Union are on collision course for a Brexit trade battle as Boris Johnson and Michel Barnier set out competing visions of the future relationship. Major stumbling blocks are already obvious, just days after the UK left the European Union, with battles over fishing and the application of a "level playing field" on issues including state subsidies, environmental standards and workers' rights.
03/02/20·42m 55s

Should we forgive Tony Blair?

The Cabinet minister re-iterated Boris Johnson's tough stance on the upcoming trade talks with Brussels, after Government sources confirmed the Prime Minister would use a speech in London on Monday to warn that the UK will accept no alignment and no jurisdiction from the European courts.
02/02/20·1h 31m

The Final Countdown

The UK is entering its final few hours of being a member of the European Union. At 11 o'clock tonight, Britain will officially leave the bloc before a transition period.
31/01/20·42m 26s

Do you side with the US or UK on Huawei?

Speaking ahead of talks in Downing Street with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Mr Pompeo made clear that Washington still has deep reservations about the involvement of Chinese firms in Western telecoms systems.
30/01/20·41m 48s

The EU passes the withdrawal agreement, do you think this paves the way for a brighter future?

The EU passes the withdrawal agreement, do you think this paves the way for a brighter future?
29/01/20·41m 40s

What should Boris do about Huawei?

The United States warned that British sovereignty would be put at risk by allowing the firm to play a role in the UK's 5G infrastructure, while senior Tories have also raised concerns about the looming decision on whether to allow Huawei equipment to be used.
27/01/20·42m 3s

Is there a quick fix to bring down crime?

Police-recorded offences involving a knife or sharp instrument rose to 44,771, figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on Thursday show.
23/01/20·40m 51s

Who has the better approach to Climate Change? Prince Charles or Donald Trump?

In a keynote address at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Charles urged government and business chiefs to help the private sector lead "the world out of the approaching catastrophe".
22/01/20·42m 56s

Is Trump succeeding as President?

It's highly unlikely Mr Trump will be removed from office - because his party has a majority in the Senate, where the trial is being heard. The two sides are rowing over the rules of the hearing - which Democrats say are unfair.
21/01/20·42m 37s

Should Boris scrap HS2?

A leaked government-commissioned review says its costs continue to spiral, with the bill likely to run beyond £100 billion pounds.
20/01/20·42m 6s

Who are the winners and losers from the Royal settlement?

Harry and Meghan had wanted to remain as working royals, although not prominent members, and become financially independent - a dual role many commentators said was fraught with problems.
19/01/20·1h 32m

Will the Royal Crisis be sorted tomorrow?

It will be the first time the four will have met since the issue engulfed the royal family, and it is thought William will be travelling from his Kensington Palace apartment and Harry from Frogmore Cottage near Windsor Castle.
12/01/20·1h 33m

Has Harry let the side down?

A Buckingham Palace Source said the senior royals have asked aides to work "at pace" with governments and The Sussex Household and an outcome was expected to take "days, not weeks".
09/01/20·43m 1s

Has President Trump done enough to alleviate fears about a world war?

Also Nigel hears about the breaking news regarding the Duke and Duchess of Sussex who have announced they are to "step back" as senior members of the royal family and will now divide their time between the UK and North America. Harry and Meghan's groundbreaking decision came in a statement, and the couple said they will work to become financially independent, while continuing to "fully support" the Queen.
08/01/20·44m 7s

Do you care about the Labour leadership?

Ms Long-Bailey - favourite of the Labour left - said she could be trusted to maintain "our socialist agenda", comments that will be seen as a thinly veiled swipe at shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer. He has been keen to stress his left-wing credentials despite being seen to come from a more centrist tradition.
07/01/20·44m 14s

Do you fear terrorist reprisals in response to Soleimani's death?

The US president has refused to back down after raising the prospect of targeting such sites over the weekend, following his decision to assassinate the Iranian military chief Qassem Soleimani. Number 10 pointed to laws preventing the destruction of cultural heritage when asked if Boris Johnson supported Mr Trump's comments.
06/01/20·44m 38s

Should Boris side with America, or Europe?

Nearly 3 months have passed since Nigel has been on the airwaves. What does he make of the election result? And how will Brexit play out hereon...
05/01/20·1h 38m

What type of MP's do you want?

Some of the high profile names include Ken Clarke, Kate Hoey, Amber Rudd and Rory Stewart.
30/10/19·41m 49s

The 12th or the 9th?

The Prime Minister wants to go to the polls on December 12 - declaring the need for a "new and revitalised" Parliament which is able to deliver Brexit. The Lib Dem's have suggested their preferred date of 9th December
29/10/19·41m 13s

Should Boris apologise that we're not leaving on Thursday?

The Prime Minister had urged the Commons to back his plan for a poll on December 12 - which would have provided time to pass the Withdrawal Agreement Bill before the campaign starts.
28/10/19·43m 41s

What's the solution to the illegal migrant crisis?

Truck driver Maurice Robinson, 25, who is known as Mo, is due to appear at Chelmsford Magistrates' Court on Monday after he was charged with 39 counts of manslaughter, conspiracy to traffic people, conspiracy to assist unlawful immigration and money laundering.
27/10/19·1h 21m

Are you ready for a General Election on December 12?

The Prime Minister will ask the Commons to vote on a motion for a December 12 poll on Monday, and would attempt to pass his deal by November 6 before dissolving Parliament for the campaign.
27/10/19·41m 21s

How will you feel if Boris fails on his promise?

The Prime Minister spoke to the European Council president on Wednesday morning after his plans to fast-track his deal through the Commons by the end of the month hit the buffers.
23/10/19·42m 31s

What is the ideal outcome tomorrow?

Boris Johnson is running out of time to get an agreement in place so it can be approved by European leaders at the Brussels summit starting on Thursday.
16/10/19·42m 17s

Extinction Rebellion join Nigel in the studio

British and EU officials will continue Brexit talks over the weekend amid rising speculation a deal is on the cards which could break the deadlock over the Irish border. The EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier gave the green light on Friday for intensive discussions between officials to start.
13/10/19·1h 30m

Are you behind Extinction Rebellion?

They blocked traffic from entering the roundabout at Trafalgar Square, and horns beeped as protesters chanted Extinction Rebellion through megaphones.
07/10/19·40m 58s

Do you believe Boris?

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick said delivering Brexit on October 31 was the "sole focus" of ministers, who he said would do "absolutely everything in our power" to meet the deadline.
06/10/19·1h 21m

Is this an acceptable compromise?

The Prime Minister has said he wants to get an agreement in place for the EU summit on October 17, paving the way for Britain to leave with a deal at the end of the month.
03/10/19·43m 0s

Are you content with a border in the Irish Sea?

Under his proposal, the arrangements would have to be approved by the currently suspended Northern Ireland Assembly, which would then vote every four years on whether to keep them.
02/10/19·43m 25s

What's going to happen in 30 days?

He says it’s a big compromise for the UK to offer to make the rules on farming and food the same in Northern Ireland as they are in the EU. The arrangements over the Irish border remain the big sticking point in withdrawal talks.
01/10/19·41m 47s

Do you care about the allegations against Boris?

It follows claims that former model Jennifer Arcuri received public money and was afforded privileged access to foreign trade missions while Mr Johnson was London mayor.
30/09/19·42m 26s

Who is running the country?

This week also saw John Bercow resume Parliament for MP’s to debate Brexit. And we also had this week Dominic Cummings saying that being in Government is a ‘walk in the park’
29/09/19·1h 28m

Should Boris Johnson apologise?

MPs have urged the prime minister to apologise after he said the best way to honour Jo Cox, the MP murdered during the EU referendum campaign, was to get "Brexit done". This afternoon Mr Johnson defended his description of a law seeking to block a no-deal Brexit as "the surrender bill".
26/09/19·41m 37s

Are you happy with how Parliament is behaving?

Mr Johnson accused Parliament of being "paralysed" and claimed its members were "sabotaging" Brexit negotiations by seeking to thwart his commitment to taking the UK out of the European Union on October 31, with or without a deal.
25/09/19·32m 49s

Is today's a verdict a resignation matter for Boris Johnson?

The Prime Minister said he would abide by the finding of the Supreme Court that the five-week prorogation was "void and of no effect" - even though he disagreed with its conclusion.
24/09/19·42m 8s

Are you happy with Labour's new Brexit stance?

The Labour leader has promised that a government he leads will negotiate a new Brexit deal and put it to a referendum but he has resisted calls to say how the party should campaign in that public vote.
23/09/19·41m 15s

Has David Cameron broken his 2016 referendum promise?

The former Prime Minister says he became convinced that he wouldn't get a different answer. You can hear more from his interview with Nick Ferrari throughout the morning on LBC.
19/09/19·42m 50s

Did the Luxembourg PM humiliate Boris today?

Mr Johnson and the European Commission president sat down for their first face-to-face talks in a restaurant in Mr Juncker's native Luxembourg.
16/09/19·41m 20s

Are David Cameron's comments on Boris, fair?

The Conservative former prime minister said Mr Johnson privately claimed there could be a "fresh renegotiation, followed by a second referendum" - which he now says he opposes. In extracts of his long-awaited memoir serialised in the Sunday Times, Mr Cameron also labelled Brexiteer Michael Gove, who was once a close friend, a "foam-flecked Faragist".
15/09/19·1h 15m

Does Yellowhammer change your view?

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said documents relating to the Government's no-deal Brexit contingency planning, named Operation Yellowhammer, represent a "worst case scenario" plan, and that the Government is working "every day" to mitigate the potential effects.
12/09/19·42m 48s

Boris loses his majority

Phillip Lee crossed the floor in the Commons on Tuesday as the prime minister made a statement to MPs following parliament's return from its summer break.
03/09/19·39m 36s

Boris says you don't want an election, do you?

The source said if the group succeed in forcing him to ask Brussels to stop no-deal on 31 October, he will push for the country to go to the polls on Monday 14 October.
02/09/19·39m 13s

Is Ruth Davidson right to urge MP's to vote for a deal?

But as she formally resigned as leader, Ms Davidson - who had campaigned for Remain in the 2016 European referendum - cited the "conflict" she had felt over Brexit. She also said that "work has always come first" over the past eight years, but the arrival of her son Finn last October meant she now wants to make a "different choice".
29/08/19·42m 24s

Who is being more undemocratic?

The Prime Minister said it was "completely untrue" that Brexit was the motivation for the move, insisting it was time for a new session of Parliament to set out his "exciting agenda".
28/08/19·40m 50s

Do you back the no deal opponents?

After cross-party talks led by Labour's Jeremy Corbyn, a co-ordinated effort to thwart Mr Johnson's plans has been promised based on passing new legislation when the Commons returns from its summer break on September 3.
27/08/19·41m 2s

Do you share the enthusiasm?

The Prime Minister's also told reporters - it's the job of 'everybody in Parliament' to get Brexit done.
26/08/19·41m 54s

Former Head of UK Border Force takes calls on Alternative Arrangements

Tony Smith, Former head of the UK Border Force, currently an expert member of the panel advising the Alternative Arrangements Commission (The report highlighted by the the Prime Minister). He takes listener's calls
25/08/19·1h 30m

Is Boris any closer to a Withdrawal Agreement?

He backed the 30-day timescale suggested by German leader Angela Merkel on Wednesday for the UK to come forward with its proposals but warned the Irish backstop - the major stumbling block - was indispensable.
22/08/19·41m 48s

Would keep or scrap HS2?

Former HS2 Ltd chairman Douglas Oakervee will lead the inquiry, with Lord Berkeley - a long-term critic of the high-speed railway scheme - acting as his deputy. The DfT said the review will consider a number of factors relating to HS2, including its benefits, impacts, affordability, efficiency, deliverability, scope and phasing.
21/08/19·41m 42s

Is Boris going soft on Brexit?

The Prime Minister said that the backstop - the contingency plan to avoid a hard border with Ireland - should be removed from the divorce deal ahead of the October 31 Brexit deadline.
20/08/19·43m 26s

Would you like a Government of national unity?

The Labour leader hopes to form a unity government and has mmade a plea to opposition MP's for their support.
18/08/19·1h 30m

Should there be a referendum on Irish reunification in the event of a no-deal?

Speaking after a meeting with the Prime Minister in Northern Ireland, Sinn Fein ((pron: shin fain)) insisted leaving without an agreement would be "catastrophic". Their leader Mary Lou McDonald also dismissed his claim about being impartial - after the PM had dinner with a rival party, the DUP.
31/07/19·45m 6s

Is Alastair Campbell saying what you're thinking?

He's now written to Jeremy Corbyn claiming he's destroying the party. Mr Campbell says that following the last general election, the leader's failed to impress.
30/07/19·44m 51s

Is the £300m a gesture or a bribe?

Mr Johnson is making his first official visit north of the border since becoming Prime Minister to announce the expansion of regional Growth Deals in parts of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Conservative leader said he wants to ensure that no corner of the UK is left behind.
29/07/19·1h 33m

Has Prime Minister Johnson attracted you back to the Tories?

Since Boris Johnson became Prime Minister after being declared party chief by Tory members, the Conservatives have gained 10 points to stand at 30%, a survey by Deltapoll for the Mail on Sunday showed. That puts them five points ahead of Labour at 25%, with the Liberal Democrats on 18% and the Brexit Party on 14%. But if Labour was to drop Jeremy Corbyn as leader, the poll says the party would shoot into the lead at 34%, with the Tories on 28%, the Brexit Party on 14% and the Lib Dems on 13%.
28/07/19·1h 33m

Do you see Boris as Britain’s Trump?

Where have we heard this before? Oh yeah, Donald Trump has said the same thing about America. Do you see Boris as Britain’s Trump?
25/07/19·42m 32s

Do you believe in the optimism from Boris?

He's also made a number of other pledges on the steps of Downing Street.
24/07/19·42m 31s

Would a General Election give Boris a mandate?

He'll be officially in the job by this time tomorrow - after twice as many Conservative members backed him in a ballot than his rival Jeremy Hunt. In his victory speech he vowed to deliver Brexit, unite the country and defeat Labour's Jeremy Corbyn.
23/07/19·43m 57s

Why hasn't Boris convinced you?

Johnson’s pitch throughout the Conservative leadership election has been that October 31st is a hard deadline for Brexit. Having already seen two deadlines come and go, the former Foreign Secretary declared delivering on this third date will be “do or die”. The public doesn’t buy it, however.
22/07/19·43m 21s

Was it right for the Met to criticise the Press?

In the latest batch, Sir Kim Darroch claims Donald Trump pullred out of the Iran nuclear deal just to spite his predecessor, Barack Obama. They've been published despite a warning not to from Scotland Yard.
14/07/19·1h 30m

Is Jeremy Corbyn the right person to sort out antisemitism in the party?

Tom Watson told the party's general secretary Jennie Formby the document produced for the Equality and Human Rights Commission should be made public because "only sunlight can disinfect Labour of anti-Semitism now".
11/07/19·42m 52s

Labour to back a Second Referendum; do you?

Listen to Nigel Farage Monday to Thursdays at 6PM and Sundays at 10AM
09/07/19·43m 30s

Is this an insult to President Trump or is Sir Kim Darroch just doing his job?

The Foreign Office defended the comments saying "The British public would expect our ambassadors to provide ministers with an honest, unvarnished assessment of the politics in their country.
07/07/19·1h 31m

Has Hunt shot himself in the foot?

The Conservative leadership hopeful told the Daily Telegraph that he would support a vote in Parliament when there was a majority in the Commons likely to back the move.
04/07/19·41m 42s

Betrayal of the many by the few?

Mrs May came back with: "There's another question for the Labour Party on this with all this talk about no-deal. The question really is: where does the Labour Party stand on Brexit? "The shadow Brexit secretary (Sir Keir Starmer) doesn't support Brexit, the shadow foreign secretary (Emily Thornberry), the shadow chancellor (John McDonnell) doesn't support Brexit, the Labour deputy leader (Tom Watson) doesn't support Brexit. "Labour wants to block Brexit and that would be a betrayal of the many by the few."
03/07/19·42m 20s

Has Labour lost it's way?

Also Diane Abbott has become the latest senior Labour figure to express concerns about the party's policy on Brexit. The shadow home secretary - one of Jeremy Corbyn's closest allies - said she was "beginning to worry" whether the party had got its strategy right.
27/06/19·42m 41s

Has Bojo got his mojo back?

After days avoiding journalists' questions, the former foreign secretary sought to get his campaign back on track, declaring he would deliver Brexit by the Halloween deadline "do or die".
25/06/19·42m 31s

Is Boris 'slinking' his way to Number 10?

Sky News invited the leadership rivals to take part in the head-to-head debate on Tuesday night hosted by Kay Burley but said it would be cancelled due to Mr Johnson's decision not to attend. The broadcaster has now invited both men to take part in a debate on July 1.
24/06/19·42m 6s

Should Boris have answered the question?

Listen to Nigel Farage, Weekdays at 6PM and Sundays 10AM-12PM, Exclusively on LBC
23/06/19·1h 34m

Then there were two

Michael Gove was eliminated from the race by just two votes as Conservative MPs balked at the possibility of a bitter contest due to the "personal psychodrama" involving the Environment Secretary and his rival Mr Johnson. Allies of Mr Hunt had urged MPs to choose the Foreign Secretary to help keep the party together rather than risk a ferocious row between Mr Johnson and Mr Gove.
20/06/19·40m 51s

Five become four

Mr Johnson received 143 votes, up from 126 on Tuesday, with Mr Hunt on 54, up from 46.
19/06/19·40m 32s

Are you happy about who is left in the Tory race?

Former Brexit secretary Dominic Raab was eliminated from the race, while Home Secretary Sajid Javid survived by a single vote. But there was another overwhelming victory for Mr Johnson, who secured 126 votes - 80 ahead of his nearest rival Jeremy Hunt on 46. Michael Gove was in third place on 41 votes, while Rory Stewart was on 37.
18/06/19·42m 37s

Is Boris being cowardly or wise?

Today the leadership hopeful failed to turn up to a hustings of journalists. During a television debate last night, one of the six lecterns stood vacant to mark Boris Johnson's absence. It is thought that the MP's team will not yet allow him out to debate why he should be the next Prime Minister.
17/06/19·41m 53s

Rory Stewart joins Nigel Farage

Conservative leadership contender Rory Stewart tells Nigel Farage: "We need to find a way, as a party, of reaching out to you and bring you in to try to work out how we crack this, how do we get this (Brexit) through parliament."
16/06/19·1h 33m

Jo Brand's Comments

The comedian made the joke on Victoria Coren Mitchell's Heresy radio programme on Tuesday night, and was criticised by Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage among others.
13/06/19·41m 34s

Is the 31st October important to you?

So today we had Andrea Leadsom launch her leadership bid by insisting that leaving the EU on 31 October is, for her, "a hard red line" Also launching his campaign, Mark Harper (Who you ask?) well he said Brexit could not be solved by "threatening no deal" and promising to leave on 31 October was "not credible"
11/06/19·40m 4s

Do any of the tory hopefuls inspire you?

MPs will vote for the first time on Thursday - whoever gets the lowest vote will be eliminated.
10/06/19·41m 49s

Nigel's meeting with President Trump

Nigel Farage has revealed to LBC what he discussed with US President Donald Trump when he met just before the show. Nigel also ask should we welcome with open arms Trump's potential trade deal?
04/06/19·41m 21s

Welcome Mr President

A long-running personal feud between US President Donald Trump and London Mayor Sadiq Khan appears to be far from over. The pair publicly clashed in the latest round of exchanges as the US head of state began a three-day state visit to the UK. On Sunday, Mr Khan described the president as "just one of the most egregious examples of a growing global threat".
03/06/19·40m 57s

President Trump on the brexit debate

Donald Trump today calls on Britain to send Nigel Farage to negotiate with Brussels and pursue a no-deal Brexit if the EU refuses to give Britain what it wants. In an interview with The Sunday Times ahead of his state visit to the UK this week, the American president said the next prime minister should refuse to pay the £39bn Brexit divorce bill and “walk away” if Brussels does not bow to Britain’s demands.
02/06/19·1h 31m

General Election or Second Referendum?

This comes after Jeremy Corbyn said: "The referendum would be on a negotiated deal or alternatives to that. It's not a rerun of 2016."
30/05/19·40m 34s

Nigel's first show back after EU Election

Nigel asks listeners what they learnt last night from the EU election results?
27/05/19·43m 30s

Confirmatory Referendum

Is there an appetite from you for a confirmatory referendum this follows Keir Starmer's comments that is has been raised in discussions with the PM
27/05/19·41m 36s

Trick or Treaty?

Nigel gives his first view on Mrs May's second extension and asks what do you want to happen over the next six months?
25/05/19·41m 1s

My deal or no Brexit

So In a video statement released on Twitter yesterday, Mrs May tired to reassure us yesterday about her commitment to delivering brexit However there was one thing Mrs May said that made me think that she would revoke article 50
04/04/19·41m 58s

Theresa May wants a further extension

Nigel Farage gives is an instant reaction to Theresa May's speech after a marathon cabinet meeting to sort out brexit
03/04/19·41m 56s

Labour opts for freedom of movement

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01/04/19·41m 52s

Alastair Campbell joins Nigel Farage

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31/03/19·1h 23m

The Nigel Farage Show - 29 Mar 19

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29/03/19·41m 1s

The Nigel Farage Show - 28 Mar 19

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28/03/19·41m 23s

The Nigel Farage Show - 25 Mar 19

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25/03/19·41m 13s

Should May go now to save Brexit?

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24/03/19·1h 29m

Are you ready for no deal brexit?

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21/03/19·39m 47s

The Nigel Farage Show - 20 Mar 19

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20/03/19·39m 47s

Do you welcome Trump Jnr's intervention?

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19/03/19·40m 8s

Has John Bercow made a no deal Brexit more likely?

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18/03/19·40m 3s

Are Brexit Mp?s selling out?

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17/03/19·1h 30m

Tom Watson stands in for Jacob Rees Mogg

The Deputy Labour Leader looks at what role social media played in the New Zealand incident
15/03/19·40m 24s

The Nigel Farage Show - 14 Mar 19

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14/03/19·39m 30s

Why does a 'no deal brexit' need to remain on the negotiation table?

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14/03/19·38m 55s

Has the revised Brexit deal changed how you would vote if you were an MP?

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12/03/19·38m 38s

If you were Theresa May, what would you say to Juncker?

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11/03/19·40m 6s

Was the Home Sec right on Shamima Begum?

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10/03/19·1h 30m

Stop and search without reasonable grounds

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06/03/19·39m 6s
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