Not Another Nutrition Podcast

Not Another Nutrition Podcast

By Martin MacDonald

Welcome to Not Another Nutrition Podcast! This is not just another nutrition and fitness podcast; I will be discussing a wide variety of topics including business, careers, parenting and self-improvement, alongside plenty of discussion on a range of nutrition topics! I try to communicate in such a way that is easy for anyone to understand, and with more of a 'coffee shop chat' vibe than a lecture so don't expect it to be academic fact after fact!! You can also reach out to me on social media via @MartinNutrition and I keep most of my important links here:


#118: GUEST APPEARANCE - How to Tackle a Big Weight Loss Goal and My Approach to an Aggressive Diet: Interviewed by Body Smart Fitness.

Part Two with Body Smart Fitness on how to set realistic attainable goals and the best approach to take when undergoing an aggressive diet. The references and links for the study discussed can be found at ⁠⁠ Interested in getting my updated aggressive dieting calculator? Join the interest list HERE! (⁠⁠) Want to come to my new aggressive dieting seminar? Join the interest list HERE! (⁠⁠) TIMEPOINTS 03:48 - Is slow and steady the best approach to a big weight loss goal? 09:23 - The difference between an Aggressive Diet & a crash diet 11:47 - How you should change your habits in preparation for an aggressive diet 15:00 - The theory behind fat loss and how my aggressive calculator can help you 19:32 - Is an aggressive diet harder for some people compared to others?  23:22 - The side effects of an aggressive diet that you think are true but they just aren't. 28:34 - Mindset shift before starting an aggressive diet - The multiphasic approach 47:10 - Why skipping breakfast during an aggressive diet may be beneficial 49:50 - The truth about the 'body positive' circle, are they shaming people when they shouldn’t be?   52:46 - The best approach for setting dieting goals
28/05/2456m 0s

#117: GUEST APPEARANCE - The 'Fat Gene', Metabolic Adaptation and The BS Regarding Personalised Nutrition: Interview with Body Smart Fitness

In this week's episode, I am interviewed by Body Smart Fitness, regarding the myths around personalised nutrition, the phenomenon of metabolic adaptation and how menopause is the next “money grab”. We also discuss how genetics impact your fat loss journey and ways to tackle this.  The references and links for the study discussed can be found at ⁠ Here’s the link you need for most things!  TIMEPOINTS 05:52 - The under under-discussed placebo effect of personalised nutrition  07:42 - Is it harder for some people to lose weight than others? 11:54 - Should ANYONE be using a continuous glucose monitor to improve their health? 16:34 - Is weight loss good or bad for the gut microbiome?  17:08 - Are your gut bacteria working against your weight loss efforts 28:08 - Is Davina McCall a sell-out for working with ZOE? 32:54 - The study that killed the insulin hypothesis 42:27 - Are programs catering towards Menopause worth it? 59:54 - Do food intolerance tests actually work? 01:02:32 - Does alcohol shut down your metabolic pathways, and stop you from losing fat?
23/05/241h 21m

#116: GUEST APPEARANCE - How Aggressive Dieting can Reduce Hunger, How to Diet Around Your Menstrual Cycle & Much More

In this week's episode, I discuss how women can diet around their menstrual cycle and the importance of building healthy weight maintenance habits. I also explain why hunger is reduced on aggressive deficits when compared with moderate deficits and how aggressive diets impact an individual’s relationship with food.  If you're interested in joining my MacMail, join the list HERE: ⁠⁠ Interested in getting my updated aggressive dieting calculator? Join the interest list HERE! (⁠⁠) Want to come to my new aggressive dieting seminar? Join the interest list HERE! (⁠⁠) TIMEPOINTS 05:52 - How women should diet around their menstrual cycle 15:39 - Why aggressive deficits are better than moderate deficits for fat loss 21:37 - When you shouldn’t diet 28:24 - Does aggressive dieting negatively impact an individual’s relationship with food? 31:36 - How aggressive diets can actually reduce hunger! 37:15 - Why diets don’t have to be sustainable to be effective
27/04/2443m 49s

#115: GUEST APPEARANCE - Is it Harder For Women to Lose Weight Than Men & Are Food Intolerance Tests BS?

In this week's episode, I am interviewed on how to become a qualified nutritionist without a degree, the science behind the efficacy of food intolerance tests, why quick-fix diets are so popular & why it can be harder for women to lose weight than men! If you're interested in joining my MacMail, join the list here: Interested in getting my updated aggressive dieting calculator? Join the interest list HERE! ( Want to come to my new aggressive dieting seminar? Join the interest list HERE! ( If you are interested in becoming a qualified nutritionist in as little as 13 months check out the MNU prospectus HERE!  ( TIMEPOINTS 10:30 - Why you don't have to go to university to become a nutritionist 16:40 - Are food intolerance tests all BS? 35:16 - How the fitness and nutrition industry is failing and how MNU is solving this! 40:50 - Why are quick-fix diets so appealing to people? 45:07 - Why it's much harder for women to lose weight than men?
25/04/2449m 56s

#114: NUTRITION - Why Eddie Abbew’s Take on Insulin & Fat Loss is SH*T

In this episode, I give my take on Eddie Abbew’s rise in popularity and discuss the research around his demonisation of insulin & various other things. The link to the two Kevin Hall papers and the podcast I discuss in the episode can be found at  TIMEPOINTS 00:20 - Is Eddie Abbew the new Tim Spector? 06:29 - What is the insulin hypothesis & why Eddie Abbew thinks you have to control insulin 15:05 - The two studies that disprove most low-carb thinking! 27:42 - Why some people lose more weight on a low-carb diet 34:51 - The fastest way to lose body fat that is ACTUALLY backed by science!
14/03/2440m 52s

#113: GUEST APPEARANCE - Jeff Hoehn Interviews me on: What Everyone Should Consider Before Bulking

On the second part of the Mind Muscle Connection podcast, I am interviewed by Jeff Hoehn on the things everyone should consider before starting a bulk!  We discuss the factors that affect how someone adapts to bulking including gender, NEAT & genetics.  References for the studies discussed can be found at  TOPICS 03:04 - Why bulking is not the way to reach your ideal physique 21:54 - How to train for muscle gain & eat for fat loss 25:24 - Why people respond to bulking so differently 30:44 - The importance of understanding natural muscle gain when setting physique goals
13/02/2436m 48s

#112: GUEST APPEARANCE - Jeff Hoehn Interviews me on: The Reason Many People Gain Weight & Why Tracking is Unsustainable

On this week’s episode, I am interviewed by Jeff Hoehn on the Mind Muscle Connection podcast. We discussed what my current nutrition and training goals are and my daily eating behaviours. We also talk about the importance of learning healthy eating habits and why tracking should be considered a tool but not a panacea for sustainable fat loss. TOPICS10:52 - What is different about MNU & why we regulate our graduates 23:47 - How I eat 95% of the time 37:25 - Why most people gain weight over time 41:44 - Why tracking is unsustainable in the long term
08/02/2444m 19s

#111: NUTRITION - NEW Protein Study! The Most Significant Nutrition Knowledge Update in The Last Nine Years

A new seminal paper has just been published and it has HUGELY changed/added to our current understanding of how we should be viewing protein intake!! This is big! References for the studies discussed can be found at ⁠ TOPICS 00:00 - The paper 9 years ago that finally answered a question once & for all! 04:32 - Have we been wrong in the past about "optimal" protein intake? 16:55 - How should we use this new information going forward? Aggressive Diet Coaching Seminars
25/01/2427m 49s

#110: NUTRITION - When & How to Refeed During an Aggressive Diet

In this episode, I discuss what needs to be considered when implementing refeeds during an aggressive diet.  The link to receive my aggressive dieting resource can be found at: TIMEPOINTS 02:23 - What is the optimal deficit during an aggressive diet 05:53 - When and how often are refeeds needed during an aggressive diet 09:40 - The negative impacts of refeeds during an aggressive diet  16:15 - Why it's important to maintain muscle during an aggressive diet
05/06/2320m 7s

#109: WISDOM - Training to Get Big Arms! Or Something Like That.

This short episode covers a few insights into the topic of training, more specifically how I took my arms from being my worst body part to arguably my best. The references and links for the study discussed can be found at TOPICS 1:46 - Dealing with the External & Internal Negativity 3:33 - The key things I changed in my Training to make my worst body part, my best 6:04 - The interaction between Training Frequency & Training Volume 10:10 - An area of research *some* trainers might start to obsess about too much..
28/05/2313m 17s

#108: NUTRITION - Weight Loss Injections, Insulin Sensitivity and Weight Loss

This is a quick fire episode after I was 'challenged' about the importance of insulin sensitivity for weight loss over simply being concerned with energy balance. I discuss weight loss injections like semaglutide and the diabetes medication, metformin. TOPICS 00:40 - Can certain 'insulin sensitivity' medications increase fat loss? 04:30 - The unknown impacts of increasing your insulin sensitivity 06:40 - The role of leptin and appetite hormones in weight loss maintenance 08:57 - What advice doctors should be giving alongside the prescription of "weight loss" drugs
22/05/2313m 2s

#107: GUEST APPEARANCE - Anna Skinner from Body Smart Fitness Interviews me on: PCOS, Reducing Cravings & Sugar Addiction

In this episode, I am interviewed by Anna Skinner from Body Smart Fitness. We discuss myths and dietary changes regarding PCOS, the efficacy of supplements, sugar addiction, cravings & much more! As mentioned in this episode, you can use code 'NANPDublin' to get £50 off tickets to my Tour Talk in Dublin on 3rd June! TOPICS 11:23 - Nutritional myths that mislead women with PCOS 18:51 - The three dietary changes to improve symptoms of PCOS 25:38 - The one supplement you should consider taking for PCOS 27:41 - Should you be supplementing with collagen 34:52 - The three supplements most people should be taking  44:21 - Is sugar addiction real & how to combat cravings 52:01 - How unconditional permission to eat can lead to weight loss 56:56 - The importance of learning how to eat when you aren’t dieting
15/05/231h 3m

#106: NUTRITION - Aggressive Dieting: Non-tracking & Transitioning to Maintenance

In this week’s episode, I discuss key considerations and strategies for aggressive dieting & cover how to transition from a dieting phase to eating at maintenance! TOPICS 05:50 - How I aggressive diet with minimal tracking 09:44 - How often to weigh yourself whilst on an aggressive diet 10:30 - Two key factors to consider before starting an aggressive diet 15:45 - Should you be training whilst on an aggressive diet? 19:19 - How to eat to maintain your body fat after dieting 24:15 - The importance of understanding sacrifice If you enjoyed this, you might benefit from: Episode #12 - Two Facts to Know About Aggressive Dieting Before You Attempt It Yourself Episode #8 - What Foods Can You Eat on an Aggressive Diet? Episode #3 - Fasting & Aggressive Calorie Deficits
08/05/2328m 16s

#105: NUTRITION - An Intro in to Understanding The Lack of Evidence Behind ‘Personalised Nutrition’ Technology

In this episode I start what will likely be a longer journey into dispelling the misinformation that is going to fill the health, fitness & wellness industries for years to come with regards to PERSONALISED NUTRITION. During this short episode, I cover a few quick points in relation to research into the topic, past and current, and what still needs to be covered and considered in this broad field.  References for the studies discussed can be found at TOPICS 1:34 - The not so new craze of personalised nutrition 11:28 - Why many degree qualified nutritionists will end up going down this route too 19:07 - My “Personalised Nutrition” lol 26:03 - My Dublin Tour Talk
02/05/2327m 55s

#104: This was supposed to be a WISDOM episode...

I had an idea for this episode but didn't record it for a couple of weeks so I kinda failed you. Instead, it turned into a Dublin Tour date announcement!! 3rd June. Save the Date! You can register your interest here! - TOPICS 00:00 - Don't come to my Dublin Tour date if you're a snowflake... 03:52 - Something about nutritional evangelists 07:30 - Don't shoot the messenger...
20/03/2312m 21s

#103: NUTRITION - A Lack of Sleep Does Not Stop Fat Loss

In this week’s episode, I discuss the evidence on the importance of sleep and whether a lack of it can impact fat loss and muscle retention. As mentioned, I'm going to be speaking in Dublin in June!! You can register your interest here! - References for the studies discussed can be found at TOPICS 05:23 - Why the findings of sleep research might not apply to you/your client 12:58 - Does sleeping less than 8 hours reduce fat loss? 21:18 - Does sleep deprivation limit muscle gain? 24:14 - Why sleeping more could help you lose weight 32:07 - When to consider prioritising sleep over dieting 
13/03/2345m 47s

#102: NUTRITION/PARENTING - Why Children Shouldn’t Drink Sweet Drinks - Addendum

This episode is a quick addendum to my last episodes, further clarifying why it might not be a good to give children sweet drinks but also emphasising that this is the scientific discussion & we then need to apply it to our REAL world situations properly & appropriately. TOPICS 01:02 - Why completely restricting sweet drinks for children is unrealistic 02:24 - The importance of reducing all sweet drinks for children 03:33 - Considerations to improve food environment for children
24/02/237m 59s

#101: NUTRITION/PARENTING - Why Children Shouldn’t Drink Squash/Cordial

In this week’s episode, I discuss the evidence on whether young children should be consuming sweet drinks like squash/cordial/diluting juice.  I explain where the research is up to and give some practical advice that parents can use to help improve their children’s dietary variety.  References for the studies discussed can be found at  TOPICS  01:14 - My stance on whether children should have artificially sweetened drinks  05:55 - Should we be controlling childrens’ diets  07:26 - Why children crave sweetness  10:30 - Why sweetness can be more damaging to behaviour in children compared to adults
20/02/2322m 13s

#100 - I'm Back! Where I've been & what to expect in 2023! Guests podcasts? OnlyFans?

I felt like Episode 100 was a perfect time to 1) explain my recent absence a LITTLE, without it being TMI! But also a look at what to expect in 2023 and let you in on a little new venture I'm starting. TOPICS 00:00 - I owe you a little explanation for where I've been... 02:53 - "What good shall I do this day" is back!  04:37 - What to expect from NANP in 2023! 08:40 - Starting an OnlyFans?
13/02/2311m 1s

#99: NUTRITION - Is Consuming 16% Protein Optimal for a Diet?

A certain podcast clip went viral this week of a leading geneticist claiming that we should all be aiming to consume 16% of our Calories from protein and that eating above this ’sweet-spot’ would have adverse effects. In this week’s episode, I give my take on the statement by covering what the science tells us and give my perspective on what amount of protein we should be consuming to improve or maintain our health.  References for the studies discussed can be found at  TOPICS  01:19 - Why recommendations based on %ages are just plain wrong!  11:00 - What the research tells us the optimal protein intake for health is  17:40 - Are high protein intakes safe for your kidneys?  21:40 - Why experts need to stay in their lane  25:00 - How the fitness industry needs to improve by stopping the attacks on peoples’ appearance.
09/02/2328m 30s

#98: NUTRITION - Research on the Hormonal Responses to Organic vs Fast Food Consumption

Are you putting the 'wrong fuel in your Ferrari'.... lol. This analogy is dumb when it comes to Fat Loss... and we have the research on humans we can look at. High 'quality' organic food vs Fast Food. In this week’s episode I explain what the body of evidence in this area is actually saying and clear up any confusion surrounding whether the type of foods we are consuming is more significant than the Calorie content when it comes to losing weight! As mentioned in this podcast you can get your ticket for the next Mac-Nutrition LIVE Day on Saturday 19th November 2022 here! - References for the studies and links discussed can be found at TOPICS 04:44 - Should we be avoiding saturated fat? 10:18 - How demonising foods helps zealots to make money 14:05 - Do processed foods stop us losing weight? 22:37 - How to eat for health instead of weight loss 29:15 - The main determinant of our metabolism (metabolic rate)
04/10/2232m 36s

#97: NUTRITION - Why Adults & Children Can Healthily Consume the Same Number of Calories

This episode is a brisk conversation around the topic of Calories. I discuss why it is utterly ridiculous to compare the calorie deficits of an adult to the calorific needs of a growing child, and, as always, the importance of critical thinking! References and links discussed can be found at TOPICS 00:00 - Calling out the anti-diet gimps  06:00 - If you apply the energy needs of a child to yourself, you’ll double your body weight in the next 10 years… 11:05 - Fat Loss requires a calorie deficit, we have plenty of stored energy to live
27/09/2213m 58s

#96: NUTRITION/PARENTING - Protein for Children - Requirements, Shakes, Vegetarian Children & more!

Following my last episode on the protein needs of young children, lots of you had specific queries regarding your child’s protein needs. So this week’s episode I have responded to your questions regarding protein and the requirements for your children. Check out the time points below to see if there’s a question you’ve got that I have answered! As mentioned in this podcast you can register your interest for the next Mac-Nutrition LIVE Day on Saturday 19th November 2022 here at Reference for the study discussed can be found at TOPICS 04:00 - Should children be having protein with every meal? 07:33 - Has the evidence/my opinion on protein for children, changed in recent years? 09:00 - Can children have protein powder? 12:40 - Is there a safe upper limit on protein intake for a child? 14:43 - Do protein needs change when children reach puberty? 16:45 - Do plant-based diets include enough protein for a child? 17:40 - What are the protein needs of active/sports playing children & adolescents?
24/09/2222m 13s

#95: NUTRITION/PARENTING - How Much Protein Your Young Child Needs

Many of you have been asking me about nutrition for children recently and specifically about their protein needs. So this week I have recorded an episode not only on how much protein your child needs but why your anxieties on the topic are likely unwarranted!  I also cover some really important advice on how to approach your child's nutrition without causing them harm. Lots to take away from a parenting perspective in this one…..Enjoy! References for the studies discussed can be found at TOPICS 01:32 - Considerations to improve your child’s appetite 06:02 - Do children need to have visible protein at each meal? 09:12 - The issue with blanket protein recommendations 14:00 - Why talking to your child about nutrition can be harmful 17:33 - ROUGHLY, how much protein to give your child
13/09/2230m 26s

#94: GUEST APPEARANCE - LTB Interview on: Rapid Fat Loss, Health at Every Size, BMI as a Determinant of Health & More!

This week’s episode is an interview I did with Stu Aitken from Lift The Bar. We discussed why I first became interested in rapid fat loss, BMI as an indicator of health and why I am interested in discussing other topics outside of nutrition. I also give my opinion on how new practitioners in the industry should be focusing their time! References for the studies and links discussed can be found at TOPICS 07:18 - How I first got into rapid fat loss & myths surrounding its use 17:37 - Where to find more about rapid fat loss 20:20 - Why I talk about wisdom and parenting as well as nutrition 34:23 - My advice to new practitioners entering the nutrition industry 44:48 - My view on the use of BMI in determining health 55:13 - Can you be healthy at any size?
07/09/221h 9m

#93: NUTRITION - Critical Thinking, Slut Shaming & How Diet Drinks Are Affecting Your Health

In this episode, I talk about the importance of using critical thinking in all aspects of life & explain, with examples, that correlation does NOT equal causation! References and links discussed can be found at TOPICS 00:00 - The importance of critical thinking when observing correlations! 04:38 - The sex "fact" that triggered me to record this episode 07:55 - Do artificial sweeteners cause cancer? 10:56 - Correlation does not equal causation
31/08/2212m 54s

#92: WISDOM - The Importance of Prioritising the Process over the Outcome

This episode was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend where I found myself wishing away time. I talk about how important it is to enjoy the process in life, rather than just rushing to tick off achievements and milestones! Hopefully it helps you in some way to go away and enjoy the rest of your 2022! References and links discussed can be found at TOPICS 01:56 - The problem with the “I’ll be happy when….” mentality 08:02 - Framing your diet attempts for success 10:31 -  The importance of not just trying to tick off achievements and milestones
23/08/2214m 30s

#91: NUTRITION - An Intro to the Lie That is Personalised Nutrition & Blood Glucose Testing

In this episode I discuss the truth about inter-individual variances in our responses to food & exercise & how these are being mis-used to sell personalised nutrition interventions/bio-technology. References and links discussed can be found at TOPICS 00:00 - Individual variances in responses to food and exercise 04:20 - Tim Spector seems to be selling out 08:21 - The mis-representation of study findings to promote personalised nutrition for fat loss
16/08/2212m 47s

#90: NUTRITION - Cardio Vs. Resistance Training - If You Only Have 1hr Spare, What Should You Do?

In this episode I talk about the benefits of resistance training, the realistic effects walking is having on your body and how sleep is absolutely vital if you want to make any progress. References and links discussed can be found at  TOPICS  02:37 - Walking Vs. Resistance training - Is there a better method of exercise for weight loss?  05:38 - The myth of personalised nutrition  10:51 - Does too much walking make you lazier?  13:38 - Steps or sleep - Are you making the right sacrifices?
10/08/2217m 18s

#89: WISDOM - Stoicism & How to Feel Less Vulnerable to Online Negativity

On this week’s episode, I discuss why I have started talking about stoicism to my children and how it can help when dealing with negativity online. I also talk about how it can be empowering to understand why people become zealots and why personal experience will always be more important to people than the science. TOPICS  00:56 - Stoicism for Children 04:59 - Dealing with negative comments online 08:00 - Why people turn to non evidence-based practice
02/08/2210m 49s

#88: GUEST APPEARANCE - Steve Hall Interviews me on: Out-training Your Genetics, The Practical Use of Refeeds & How to Retain Muscle When Aggressively Dieting

This is part 2 of the guest podcast that I recorded with Steve Hall from Revive Stronger, we continue to discuss the role of genetics in fat loss & muscle gain, the effect dieting and bulking has on digestion and the intricacies of using refeeds as a tool during dieting. I also discuss my plans to make a NEW aggressive fat loss calculator! References and links discussed can be found at TOPICS 01:49 - Why you might be spending more time on the toilet when bulking 08:45 - Does everyone have the potential to get bodybuilder lean 19:19 - Why an individualised approach should be taken regarding refeeds and diet breaks 44:35 - Plans for my NEW aggressive fat loss calculator
27/07/2253m 44s

#87: GUEST APPEARANCE - Steve Hall Interviews me on: How Significant Genetics are for Fat Loss & Muscle Gain

This is a guest podcast that I recorded with Steve Hall from Revive Stronger. We discuss some really cool topics including bodybuilding, physique goals and genetics. TOPICS 11:29 - The difference between MNU and university degrees 22:19 - What my training currently looks like 25:03 - The difference between wanting to look good and competitive bodybuilding 33:29 - How much do genetics play into losing fat and building muscle
20/07/221h 4m

#86: NUTRITION - Tracking Calories & Macros: Should You Weigh Food Raw or Cooked?

In this episode, I talk about the best ways to weigh food when tracking calories or macros. I give some top tips that I’ve learnt from my years of experience with tracking & touch on some myths from my bodybuilding days that are still around today. References and links discussed can be found at  TOPICS 01:38 -  Why I’m choosing to only track my protein intake loosely 05:48 - The most important factor when dieting & tracking  08:34 - Occasions when you should track cooked weights 10:34 - My pro food weighing tip 14:48 -  The myths from my bodybuilding days that are still around today
13/07/2223m 51s

#85: BUSINESS - Can Nutritionists Give Meal Plans, How to Get a Discount on MNU & How To Get Free Fat Loss Lectures

In this episode, I answer a commonly misunderstood topic - Meal Plans. Likewise, I discuss some key content relating to MNU enrolments opening tomorrow! 13th July 2022! References and links discussed can be found at TOPICS  02:34 - Can Nutritionists legally do meal plans? 03:51 - How to get free MNU lecture content & download the new MNU Prospectus 07:31 - Check if you are eligible for a discounted place on MNU
12/07/2212m 29s

#84: PARENTING - The Importance of Clear & Transparent Communication with Children

A super quick parenting podcast this week! This episode is about clear and transparent communication with children & how you can communicate even before your baby can talk! TOPICS 00:38 - YouTube insults & being authentic on social media 02:22 - The importance of clear & honest communication about time with children 07:45 - Baby Sign Language
06/07/2211m 33s

#83: WISDOM - Don’t Listen to This Podcast…Unless You Love Me/Seneca

This week’s episode is one for those of you who just can’t get enough of my voice. You’ve been warned. There’s a little ray of wisdom in here from Seneca & some chat about the trials and tribulations of motivation! TOPICS 02:08 - Why I am feeling uninspired plus a quote from Seneca 10:30 - How acceptance can lead to motivation 17:02 - Brilliance, the best motivator
28/06/2222m 7s

#82: GUEST APPEARANCE - Cody McBroom Interviews me on: Hormones, Business Coaches, MNU & More

This week's episode was recorded on Cody McBroom’s podcast ’The Tailored Life Podcast’. Cody is an MNU graduate and successful business owner so it was great to hear his take on life after MNU! Was also good to share some thoughts on ‘hormone coaches’ & ‘business coaches’ that plague the industry. TOPICS 08:16 - How misinformation pushed the creation of MNU 18:32 - Why MNU only has one intake a year 24:02 - What annoys me most about the nutrition industry - Hormone Coaches 29:29 - Why energy balance should always be prioritised regardless of hormones, when it comes to fat loss 39:42 - Why MNU will help you with business more than the PTs turned “business coaches" 52:45 - What separates MNU from all other nutrition qualifications
22/06/221h 13m

#81: PARENTING - Is Using Food As a Tool for Punishment Appropriate for Your Children?

In this podcast I discuss two key themes: Teaching your children using 'appropriate consequences' and how short term sacrifices for long term gain will benefit your parenting. TOPICS 02:26 - Why I’m not ‘lucky’ with my children 03:55 - How to exercise appropriate punishments with your children 05:40 - Being consistent with your discipline 08:40 - 'Consequences' as punishments need to MAKE SENSE for them to work! 15:00 - How sacrifices can be real learning curves in parenting 
08/06/2224m 57s

#80: PARENTING - What to Do When Your Children Refuse to Eat Their Dinner

In this episode I share some of my key parenting tips I use with my babies. Some of these have had a really profound affect and as they are growing older I can see just how much of an impact it has had on them in the long term! Parenting has become so much easier because I ‘parented on purpose’ and I would love to continue to spread some of this knowledge! Please do keep sending your feedback, it’s SO cool to see messages from those who have implemented some of these parenting tips! TOPICS 01:22 - Self-determination theory & how this can relate to parenting 05:15 - Your child is a genius 07:31 - Giving children options = autonomy 14:00 - Why I have such a good relationship with my children 15:19 - What to do when your children refuse to eat their dinner? 16:15 - Why trying to control your children will fail eventually
31/05/2218m 57s

#79: NUTRITION - The 'Hormones & Food Quality vs Food Quantity’ Fat Loss Debate

People often get confused about the role hormones play when concerning fat loss. Although they are relevant in the discussion, people are often misled by zealots looking to make money selling their latest product and has led to thinking of ‘calories don’t matter’…. References for the studies discussed can be found at  TOPICS 05:01 - The false dichotomy of food quality vs food quantity 08:42 - Are hormones important when it comes to fat loss? 12:20 - Why energy balance is always the most significant factor when it comes to weight loss 15:40 - Can you lose weight eating processed foods? 23:16 - Misleading weight loss information you need to AVOID 28:29 - How an MNU Certified Nutritionist could actually help you without the fads
24/05/2231m 16s

#78: NUTRITION - Carbohydrates After Training for Fat Loss & Muscle Gain

I was recently asked if there was some benefit to eating carbs (coco pops in particular!) after training and after my podcast on meal timing I thought I should cover the topic of carbs around training to prevent any confusion. References for the studies discussed can be found at  TOPICS 03:36 - Does eating carbs after training increase muscle gains 11:45 - Who may benefit from consuming carbs after training? 15:45 - Are you less likely to gain fat if you have carbs after training? 18:45 - How exercise undermines the negative effects of insulin resistance 23:34 - The toxic undertones of why people eat coco pops after training 26:37 - Do chrononutrition and metabolic flexibility play a part in carb timing
17/05/2232m 58s

#77: PARENTING - Parenting on Purpose - Conscious Parenting for Teaching Boundaries & Consent

This is my very first non-nutrition related Parenting podcast!   I've always tried to 'parent on purpose’ & I like to encourage some deeper thinking & offer my insights when it comes to topics like this.   In this episode, I discuss one particular technique I use with my babies to teach them about boundaries & consent.   References for the studies discussed can be found at   TOPICS 00:30 - Why I feel ‘qualified’ to talk about this... 02:08 - What I mean by ‘parenting on purpose’ 07:50 - Teaching children to express their boundaries  15:05 - The importance of wording and providing autonomy
10/05/2219m 22s

#76: WISDOM - Sexual Organ Ownership & Expertise on Gender Physiology

This episode is mainly a rant, so please don’t listen if you’re purely here for nutrition information or ‘feel good’ wisdom. I talk about a topic that many people are currently shying away from. As I do. The widespread acceptance of sexism only when it is directed at men. TOPICS 01:42 - My current guilty pleasure - the Amber Heard false accusation trial 04:06 - The Instagram comment that triggered this episode  08:43 - Do your genitals affect your ability to be an expert? 13:19 - The influencers/‘experts' jumping on the anti men bandwagon 19:47 - Why we chose not to get MNU accredited
04/05/2222m 15s

#75: NUTRITION - Vitamins and Minerals - Listener Questions

This is a whole episode of listener questions on Micronutrient supplementation! References for the studies discussed can be found at  Get FREE content from Mac-Nutrition Uni here You can also join the Mac-Nutrition Uni priority list for the Sep '22 intake here: TOPICS 03:35 - Is fruit/Vitamin C killing your gains? 13:03 - Does when or what you take your vitamins with matter? 15:15 - Do the tannins in Tea/Coffee reduce the absorption of iron? 24:10 - Does taking vitamins before bed reduce their absorption?
26/04/2232m 0s

#74: NUTRITION - Fat Loss & When We Eat - What Does the Research Say?

'Does when I eat matter when it comes to fat loss?’……. 'Should I avoid carbs after 6pm?’  I am often asked questions about meal timing and its impact on fat loss. In this episode, I discuss where these myths originated from & the fairly conclusive findings from the literature in this area.  References for the studies discussed can be found at  TOPICS 02:54 - Does when you eat matter for fat loss? 06:50 - Why people think meal timing matters 10:20 - Who could benefit from reducing their carb intake at one meal a day?
20/04/2214m 33s

#73: WISDOM - Accepting You Can’t Help Others Until They Want to Help Themselves

In this podcast I discuss words of encouragement for those who feel that they have barriers when helping others & themselves. The importance of keeping an open door and realising that things don’t happen overnight, and you shouldn't try to force it. I mention ways you can make positive changes to help others and help yourself.  TOPICS 01:08 - Accepting there’s a problem before you can be helped  02:46 - How to improve someone’s body image issues 07:35 - Positive affirmations - are they worth it? 10:59 - How to stay happy on social media 
13/04/2216m 4s

#72: WISDOM - A Compassionate Approach When Discussing Nutrition With Misinformed People

With nutrition communication it’s important what you say but also the way you communicate. Within this episode, I explain how having a compassionate approach with misinformed clients is not only important for them, but also for you, as a practitioner!   TOPICS 01:36 - How to use science to dismantle misinformed biases 09:09 - The art of compassionate communication with clients 13:54 - The importance of being able to laugh at yourself 15:55 - The mistakes I made as a young practitioner 
29/03/2218m 56s

#71: WISDOM - There is ZERO Correlation Between Someone's Knowledge and Their Appearance

In this episode, I reflect on the reactions and comments on my recent posts regarding the fact that appearance does NOT correlate to knowledge.  Throughout the episode, I discuss why appearance should be taken out of the equation and what qualities actually matter when looking for a coach to help you.  It can be tricky to know who’s advice to follow in the fitness industry and it often leads to people blindly following coaches or influencers solely based on what they look like, so hopefully, this episode will guide you in the right direction!  TOPICS 01:04 - Why it is idiotic to blindly follow someone's advice based solely on their appearance 07:30 - How I am trying to stop you from being misled! 14:12 - What you should be looking for when hiring a coach 21:15 - The level of knowledge and application I do expect from coaches 23:35 - What is more important - Qualifications or Experience?
22/03/2232m 9s

#70: WISDOM - Are Anti Diet Coaches/Influencers Misleading Their Followers?

In this episode I talk about coaches who are now anti diet but are still, in the eyes of societal norms, in amazing shape; following years of restriction & disordered eating. I often see the anti diet movement being pedalled without any critical thinking, so hopefully this stimulates some deeper thoughts for you & helps prevent more people from being misled! References and links discussed in the podcast can be found at TOPICS 02:43 - Feminism & social justice warriors (tangent) 05:51 - Why it's important to consider someones journey to becoming anti diet 10:33 - The long term physiological effects of extreme dieting 12:52 - Are the anti diet crowd narrow-minded when it comes to weight stigma? 17:54 - Weighing up the mental and physiological consequences of intuitive eating
15/03/2220m 27s

#69: NUTRITION - Is Salt Bad for You?

In this episode, I discuss some of the problems caused by the mantra that 'salt is bad' and highlight which people may actually benefit from increasing their salt intake. References and links discussed in the podcast can be found at  TOPICS 00:48 - Has my opinion on salt changed in the last 10 years? 04:02 - Is salt really bad for your health? 11:29 - Who should consider increasing their salt intake 13:58 - How relevant is salt consumption in determining health
08/03/2221m 5s

#68: WISDOM - Why Science is So Important for Emotion & Observation Driven Idiots (aka Humans)

In this episode, I explain how as emotional and irrational humans we can benefit from the scientific method! I discuss the relevance of scientific findings to everyday life and how they can help us to make more informed decisions while avoiding whatever the latest nutrition zealots are shouting about! I also shed some light on my experience of the unsurprising biases in the food industry and why my opinion didn’t always suit their priorities. The links to the studies referenced in the podcast can be found at TOPICS 01:32 - How science can help you not be an idiot 09:16 - What my dream physique would be….. 11:05 - Why science is the only way to debunk myths 13:26 - My experience of the biases that exist in the food industry 16:12 - My take on artificial sweeteners, sugar & more
01/03/2223m 33s

#67: GUEST APPEARANCE - Flex Success interview me on: Hormones, Calorie Deficits and How To Be Less Sh**

This new episode is recorded with the 'Flex Success' team & is packed full of valuable content.  We discuss hormones (and the myths that need to die!), whether anybody should personalise their diets based on their DNA, and establish the FACTS behind whether diets are damaging. I also share how to can make better, more informed decisions and give my valuable advice on 'how to be less sh**!’ TOPICS 13:04 -  Can you control your hormones? 24:00 -  Should we ALWAYS believe in calorie deficits? 31:08 - What our DNA can tell us about how to eat 43:17 - Should we ever intentionally lose weight? 49:35 -  The things most people don't realise about dieting 57:48 - My advice on how to live & do better
22/02/221h 11m

#66: WISDOM - Motivational Interviewing, Diet Flexibility and Adherence

Motivational interviewing (MI) is a valuable tool for health-care practitioners, but could you apply it to your own life? In this episode I discuss what MI is and how it could help you. TOPICS 01:35 - True dietary flexibility for guaranteed adherence  03:25 - Using motivational interviewing for your own benefit 07:28 - Accepting your shortfalls 10:02 - Should we aim to change everything at once? 
15/02/2217m 44s

#65: NUTRITION - Aggressive Dieting Personalisation & Why Rapid Fat Loss Doesn’t Always Look Rapid

After the release of my aggressive diet calculator I have received some questions on how best to use it and some issues (not actually issues) with the calorie outputs, so I have recorded this podcast to help solve these problems. In the episode I explain what to do if the calculator output is giving you negative daily calories and also why your suggested daily calories may be more than you were expecting for an aggressive fat loss diet! References and links discussed in the podcast can be found at TOPICS 00:36 - The relevance of having an individualised fat loss calculator 04:00 - What to do if the calculator is giving you ‘negative' calories 06:00 - Why your calories may be higher than you expected for an aggressive diet LINK:  Get my Aggressive Diet Calculator here⁠ ⁠ Mac-Nutrition LIVE Talks including my talk on 'A Compassionate Approach to Rapid Fat Loss’
08/02/229m 47s

#64: NUTRITION - The Type of Personal Trainer You Must Avoid

Personal trainers are positioned to give us nutrition advice - but often that advice isn’t as helpful, or in perspective, as it should be. In this episode I explore the common pitfalls that PT’s make when advising clients, and discuss what action you should take if you find yourself receiving bad advice TOPICS 00:16 -  What makes a BAD practitioner?  05:21 - How to spot a good PT amongst the bad 07:23 - What you should do if your PT gives bad advice? 11:15 - Applying a sense of perspective to your practice
01/02/2215m 7s

#63: NUTRITION - Exercise for Health vs Exercise for Fat Loss

In this episode I reveal why I have taken up jogging…… believe it or not the reason is not for fat loss! I discuss exercise beyond fat loss and why as a society we often overlook the "non sexy” health benefits that come with exercising and generally being more active. I also talk on how societal weight stigma has led us to be constantly striving for fat loss and how anything less is labelled as a failure. References for the studies discussed can be found at TOPICS 01:02 - Why I have started jogging… 04:45 - What are the benefits of exercise beyond fat loss 07:00 - How societal weight stigma is manipulating our exercise goals
25/01/228m 47s

#62: NUTRITION - Collagen Supplements for Wrinkles, Gut Health & Tendon Repair

In this episode I answer some listener questions on very popular topic, Collagen Supplements. I discuss muscle gain, tendon repair, hair, skin & nail health!  I also talk on whether collagen supplements are really worth the expense and some cheaper alternatives that have the same effect! The links to the studies referenced in the podcast and the recipe discussed within the episode can be found at  TOPICS 01:46 - Are collagen supplements just expensive jelly? 06:10 - How jelly cubes could help your joint health... 09:55 - Collagen supplements for wrinkles & skin health 14:34 - How to increase your collagen intake the Martin MacDonald way…
18/01/2216m 41s

#61: NUTRITION - The Keto Diet, Blood Sugar and Metabolism

In this episode, I discuss a new study that questions the idea that ‘Keto’ is special for weight loss maintenance. I also discuss whether some diets are better than others for fat loss, share some advice on how you should choose the diet that’s right for you, and why you may need to re-think your long-term dieting strategy.  References for the studies discussed can be found at TOPICS 03:10 - Is there a superior diet for fat loss? 06:15 - What new research has uncovered about the Keto diet 08:36 -  Should you eat carbs without exercise? 13:22 - Unique benefits of the Keto diet 17:15 - The long-term effects of Keto
11/01/2219m 51s

#60: GUEST APPEARANCE - Adam Martin Interviews me on: Almost Everything You Need To Know About PCOS

In this jam-packed guest appearance podcast, I discuss PCOS Nutrition with Adam Martin. I share up to date research on supplements, along with revealing the TRUTH behind fat loss with PCOS. Whether you’re living with PCOS yourself, or a nutrition professional, you will benefit greatly from the information I share in this one! References for the studies discussed can be found at TOPICS 22:44 - Martin’s experience with PCOS 26:39 - The sexiest nutrition advice you’ll ever get for PCOS 43:34 - The truth behind weight loss in PCOS 48:56 - Why your mindset could be as important as your nutrition with PCOS 01:01:32 - How to own your own unique PCOS situation 01:07:49 - The top 3 nutrition tips women with PCOS should know 01:22:25 - A quick fire Q&A with Martin
28/12/211h 35m

#59: NUTRITION - Fat Loss, Health and 'The Insulin Spike'

In this episode, I'll unravel the truth behind the insulin lies, share some exciting new research & clarify the parts that even 'experts' can get wrong on insulin! I also share some evidence-backed tips to help yourself, friends or family members this Christmas. Have a good one! References for the studies discussed can be found at TOPICS 03:05 - The things that even experts get wrong about carbs and insulin 10:51 - What the insulin fairy never told you about processed foods 19:07 - Carbs vs Keto - insulin spikes and fat loss 24:39 - The unknown hormonal benefits of protein 26:53 - Are there any carbs that we should avoid?
23/12/2134m 47s

#58: NUTRITION - The Nuance of Flexible Dieting for Fat Loss

In this episode, I talk on why the methods used in flexible and rigid dieting research have some obvious flaws and what questions we should be asking ourselves and our clients to build a better relationship with dieting. I also talk practically on the conversations we can have with ourselves to approach dieting in a much more flexible, sustainable and healthy way!  References and links discussed can be found at TOPICS 00:52 - Why the research on rigid and flexible dieting is flawed 08:37 - Practical advice on how to be a flexible dieter 17:10 - What questions should we be asking and how can we learn from them 23:45 - How to view dieting in a positive and healthy way
11/12/2127m 39s

#57: NUTRITION - Does WHEN You Eat Matter for Fat Loss, Health or Muscle Gain?

"Does it matter when I eat?” is a very common question I am asked. So in this episode, I demystify the evidence behind the timing of your food intake, and give an overview of the impact of timing on fat loss, health, muscle gain and performance. The podcast mentioned in this episode is titled #49: NUTRITION - Fat Loss Methods: Understanding The Magnitude of Effect. References and links discussed can be found at TOPICS 02:17 - How your goals dictate the importance of nutrient timing 05:09 - What people get wrong about nutrient timing 07:28 - When nutrient timing really DOES matter 09:21 - Why considering your individuality is crucial
17/11/2113m 36s

#56: GUEST APPEARANCE - The Mind Muscle Project Interview on: Aggressive Fat Loss, Supplements & much much more!

This episode is from my guest appearance on 'The Mind Muscle Project'. We discuss the factors that are causing the obesity epidemic, the use of aggressive dieting as a fast fat loss method and which supplement I think people should be taking, the answer may surprise you.... it's not Creatine. I am also asked some nonspecialist questions on my daily routine, who I would most like to interview on my podcast and my one positive from the pandemic. References for the studies discussed can be found at As per the podcast, enter your email address here and I’ll email you a coupon for £80 OFF Mac-Nutrition LIVE! - TOPICS 04:41 - What is the cause of the obesity epidemic? 19:31 - Nutritional strategies for those that are motivated yet busy 33:08 - What people don't understand about aggressive dieting 45:30 - How to train when on an aggressive diet 50:15 - Practical advice on how to implement aggressive dieting and what results to expect 01:05:26 - What supplement people should start taking 01:12:01 - My ‘dream' podcast guest... 01:20:01 - Is routine the key to success? 01:31:08 - My 'silver lining' of the pandemic
12/11/211h 37m

#55: WISDOM - Imposter Syndrome, Happiness & Improving Self Esteem

In this episode, I explain why, even though I have a lot of knowledge and experience, I still sometimes have imposter syndrome. I also give some practical tips on how you can overcome imposter syndrome and low self esteem.  References and links discussed can be found at As per the podcast, enter your email address here and I’ll email you a coupon for £80 OFF Mac-Nutrition LIVE! -  TOPICS 07:14 - At what point are you qualified to give words of Wisdom? 19:05 - Practical tips to improve self-esteem  23:20 - How you can help more people than you think  26:09 - The importance of perspective for happiness 
29/10/2133m 49s

#54: NUTRITION - The 'Eat As Little As You Can Diet' For Fat Loss

Don’t worry, I’m not selling out to some Very Low Calorie shake diet. I talk about how to aggressively diet i.e. lose fat as fast as possible, without having to count Calories. I also share some fool-proof strategies that might make it work for you.  References for the studies discussed can be found at  As per the podcast, enter your email address here and I’ll email you a coupon for £80 OFF Mac-Nutrition LIVE! -  TOPICS 00:37 - Why aggressive dieting is misunderstood 04:28 - How the 'Eat As Little As You Can Diet' could benefit you 07:30 - What you need to achieve BEFORE dieting  10:36 - Is there ever a bad time to diet?   12:35 -  My recent experiences on the 'Eat As Little As You Can Diet' 19:08 - Can you stay healthy whilst aggressive dieting?
25/10/2126m 28s

#53: NUTRITION - What Does ‘Maintenance Calories’ Really Mean?

In this episode, I talk on why so many people get confused with what ‘Maintenance Calories’ means & how gaining fat whilst eating maintenance Calories is almost an impossible phenomenon. A list of the references and links discussed can be found at As per the podcast, enter your email address here and I’ll email you a coupon for £80 OFF Mac-Nutrition LIVE! -  TOPICS 04:00 - What idiots don’t understand about maintenance Calories 06:05 - The difference between actual and predicted maintenance Calories 09:48 - Why focusing on weight loss can be damaging to your goals 12:29 - How to actually eat at maintenance
20/10/2116m 17s

#52: NUTRITION - What Calorie Deficit Should You Choose For Fat Loss?

An episode prompted by listener questions! In this episode, it’s a question or variation of a question I get ALL the time. What is the best deficit for fat loss?   A list of the references and links discussed can be found at As per the podcast, enter your email address here and I’ll email you a coupon for £80 OFF Mac-Nutrition LIVE! -  TOPICS 06:10 -  What to consider when choosing your Calorie deficit 10:36 - How much fat can you actually lose per week? 17:41 - Preventing muscle loss when dieting  21:10 - Important advice before starting an aggressive fat loss phase
08/10/2129m 21s

#51: WISDOM - Dealing with Criticism & Imposter Syndrome

In this episode I discuss the inevitability of criticism & some thoughts around handling it. “To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” Elbert Hubbard A list of all the quotes discussed can be found at TOPICS 02:11 - Which people suffer from Imposter Syndrome the most? 05:15 - Why you’ll always be criticised & what to do about it 10:37 - Why you can act in the best possible way & still have enemies  13:10 - The inevitability of criticism 18:58 - Why you should care less about what other people think    
04/10/2126m 42s

#50: NUTRITION - How Carbohydrates Literally Can’t Make You Fat

De Novo Lipogenesis - The reason carbohydrates don’t directly make you fat. In this episode I explain the real reason as to why the overconsumption of carbohydrate can lead to fat gain. A list of the references discussed can be found at  TOPICS 02:10 -  Is it even possible to turn carbohydrates into fat? 04:03 - What happens in the body when you over eat carbs 07:50 - The worlds best analogy on why over feeding carbohydrates leads to fat storage 12:00 - Are carbs turning into fat actually relevant to fat gain? 16:00 - What to actually consider when consuming carbs...
01/10/2121m 36s

#49: NUTRITION - Fat Loss Methods: Understanding The Magnitude of Effect

In this episode, I share how you can have the biggest chance of success in your fat-loss endeavours & explain the importance of considering the magnitude of effect in your strategies. I also reveal a few details about the upcoming Mac-Nutrition event MNU LIVE and why you need to be there this year!  References for the studies discussed can be found at TOPICS 00:27 - The science of losing fat in a specific area - aka Spot Reduction 04:43 - What not to do if you want smaller legs 11:16 - What is the ‘be all and end all’ of fat loss? 12:48 - PCOS, Carbs and calories: An adherence case study 18:17 - Targeted strategies for any goal work best 22:14 - Adherence must be specific but it is the most important factor
23/09/2128m 41s

#48: NUTRITION - Carb Cycling For Fat Loss

In this episode, I discuss whether there are people more suited to carb cycling, reveal the unique benefits carb cycling could offer you and discuss whether there are physiological advances of eucaloric carb cycling with regards to longitudinal fat loss. TOPICS 3:03 - Why the truth behind carb cycling could hurt your feelings 6:30 - Could carb cycling override the law of thermodynamics? 7:44 - Who is carb cycling suitable for? 9:05 - Psychological and training benefits of carb cycling 11:39 - How to achieve your goals without carb cycling 16:22 - The future of carb cycling
11/09/2117m 35s

#47: NUTRITION - PCOS, Fertility & Dairy Consumption

As part of #PCOSAwarenessMonth, I recorded this episode to dispel some of the common myths around Dairy & PCOS that are disempowering women! I discuss whether dairy actually causes inflammation, the impact of dairy on fertility and high protein diets for PCOS.  References for the studies discussed can be found at  Keep an eye out for my PCOS Awareness Month posts by following me on Instagram @MartinNutrition TOPICS 02:56 - The scientific data on dairy and inflammation 07:33 - The IG account that is misleading everyone on PCOS 09:58 - Can dairy improve fertility in women with PCOS? 13:19 - High protein diets in women with PCOS 22:29 - Are the hormones in milk harmful? 24:02 - Could cutting out dairy improve your acne? 
04/09/2128m 5s

#46: NUTRITION - Breastfeeding, Calorie Deficits & Fat Loss

In this episode I talk about whether or not you can be in a Calorie Deficit whilst breastfeeding & if it will impact breastmilk supply. I also touch on other factors that may impact breastmilk production & my own experiences in this area. A list of the references discussed can be found at  TOPICS 00:55 - Common poor advice around nutrition & breastfeeding 04:30 - How many Calories do you need to maintain milk supply 11:31 - The safety of a Calorie deficit whilst breastfeeding? 14:59 - The origins of breastfeeding nutrition misinformation 18:20 - New research on sleep & milk supply 23:40 - Practical nutritional advice for breastfeeding women 34:28 - Other factors that may impact lactation
19/08/2137m 37s

#45: WISDOM - Wisdom & Quotes to Improve Your Life

This episode is for anybody who is feeling a little ‘stuck’ in life! I give you some of my favourite life quotes & discuss that changing how you talk to yourself can alter your perspective. I also discuss whether you can choose happiness, the importance of having your own DIY positivity toolkit, & share my experiences of accepting the things which can’t be controlled. A list of the quotes discussed can be found at  TOPICS 03:42 - The difference between Positive Self Talk & Toxic Positivity 07:38 - How Comparison does not always have to be the ‘thief of joy’ 11:57 - The perils of being on Cloud 9 12:51 - Is it easier for rich, famous & successful people to be happy? 15:05 - The importance of being understood 18:45 - How to accept the things you can’t control 22:36 - The importance of knowing what fills your cup
05/08/2126m 16s

#44: GUEST APPEARANCE - Steven Cuthbert Interviews me on: Normal Eating, Flexible Dieting, Aggressive Dieting and More!

In this episode, I am interviewed by Steven Cuthbert on his podcast: ’Strength Chat’. We discuss Normal Eating, Flexible Dieting, Aggressive Dieting as well as how important laughter and camaraderie has been during the pandemic & how I discovered my passion for public speaking! TOPICS 05:32 - The importance of mindset in tough situations 18:48 - A background to my career 26:05 - How I discovered my passion for public speaking 33:33 - What is ’normal eating’? 45:58 - Why science will never overcome personal experience 48:24 - The value of flexibility when dieting 57:22 - How small nutritional changes can have big impacts 01:07:20 - How decreasing your calories can make you less hungry! 01:22:26 - How to use critical thinking to improve your ideas
31/07/211h 30m

#43: NUTRITION - Will White Monsters Mess Up Your Insides?

As someone who is very fond of having a White Monster in my hand at all times, I get a LOT of messages about the dangers of them and other 'Energy Drinks'. In this episode, I answer some of the common questions I get asked about these types of drinks, their impact on health, body fat levels and and whether it’s safe to consume large amounts of caffeine.  References for the studies discussed can be found at  TOPICS 00:43 - Coffee vs high caffeine energy drinks 03:50 - Should children be consuming energy drinks? 06:14 - Why do sugar free energy drinks have such a bad reputation? 09:40 - Is there an issue with consuming large amounts of caffeine?  12:54 - Are energy drinks addictive?  13:34 - Are artificial sweeteners ‘bad’ for you? 
26/07/2116m 22s

#42: BUSINESS - How to Become a Fully Qualified and Insurable Nutritionist

In this episode, I answer several listener questions relating to becoming or developing as a Nutritionist. I drop some real hard hitting industry truths that I think will shock many & discuss why the advice of ‘You must go to university to work in nutrition’ is a myth. TOPICS 00:46 - The listener questions that will all be answered directly or indirectly 03:00 - Different laws by country & state around use of ’Nutritionist’  05:00 - Martin forgets the word ‘threatened’ - Which is something MNU makes many degree qualified nutritionists feel 09:10 - Why the title ‘Registered Nutritionist’ holds very little weight 11:45 - An interesting story about some of the work Registered Nutritionists do 17:15 - Examples of jobs, contracts & business successes MNU graduates are having as a direct result of their qualification 26:40 - How to approach work experience and self-improvement 28:42 - Details on Mac-Nutrition LIVE on 27th November!
17/07/2131m 46s

#41: WISDOM - How To Approach Giving Nutrition Advice to Your Friends and Family

In this episode, I talk about an often frustrating and difficult to navigate topic, giving nutrition advice to friends and family. I delve into the problems you may come across as a practitioner, or just someone that wants to help someone close to you and how to tackle these in a non judgemental and empathetic way. You can buy my PCOS talk on my website, use the coupon code FUPCOS to get the talk for £10 -  TOPICS  02:46 - Should you work with friends and family members in a professional capacity 04:39 - How to change your or someone you know's life for just £10 06:46 - How to get your friends and family to buy into your advice 13:56 - "People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care" 24:30 - Why empathy is the highest form of intelligence 29:23 - Should I talk to my children about nutrition?
10/07/2134m 14s

#40: NUTRITION - BCAAs: What They Are, What They Do & When to Take Them

One big episode with all you need to know about BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids). I discuss what they are, what they do, when it might be worth taking them & all the situations it is NOT worth taking them in! References for the studies discussed can be found at TOPICS 01:41 - What are BCAAs and why do we need them in our diet? 06:18 - Busting the common BCAA myths 14:07 - What is the optimal amount of leucine? 16:30 - Why BCAAs are the new viagra 22:40 - The truth about BCAAs and DOMS 26:38 - Do vegans need BCAAs? 29:24 - Could BCAAs help the elderly?  
03/07/2134m 26s

#39: GUEST APPEARANCE - Paul Dermody Interviews me on: Hate on Social Media, Critical Thinking, Aggressive Dieting and Much Much More!

This episode is from my guest appearance on Paul Dermody's podcast: ’The Paul Dermody Podcast’.  We discuss how MNU and MN School of Nutrition are filling gaps in the world of nutrition, the necessity of critical thinking, extreme nutrition cult followings, social justice, aggressive dieting & more! A mammoth episode! Enjoy!! TOPICS 05:14 - How MNU filled a gap in the world of nutrition 13:29 - The importance of having a fundamental understanding of nutrition 19:50 - How to improve critical thinking through accepting your own bias 36:40 - Why the anti-diet movement has become extremist 01:1:23 - How 'cancel culture’ is affecting society 01:15:16 - My experience with hate on social media and how I overcome it 01:34:40 - The benefits of and misconceptions around aggressive dieting
18/06/211h 47m

#38: GUEST APPEARANCE - Kate Neudecker Interviews me on: Fat Loss, PCOS, Stress & Gratitude

This episode is from my guest appearance on Kate Neudeckers Podcast: ’The Fitness Mindset Podcast’. We discuss how the pandemic has affected peoples attitude to nutrition. It gets pretty deep at times! We delve into guilt, stress, gratitude, stoicism & more. We also discuss PCOS, when to begin a fat loss phase and how to avoid misinformation and charlatans on social media. TOPICS 01:55 - When is it right to use tough love? 11:05 - The story behind the creation of the MN School of Nutrition 22:13 - Strategies for coping with stress and dealing with guilt 42:10 - How to assess if it's the right time for you to start a fat loss phase 47:50 - PCOS and how to differentiate between the good and bad information 01:04:12 - Stoicism & Gratitude as tools for happiness
14/06/211h 11m

#37: NUTRITION - Creatine: Listener Questions

The final episode! 20+ quick fire listener questions all answered! More than ever I hope the timepoints below will prove useful for you! TOPICS  01:18 - Why does creatine have such a bad reputation? 06:05 - What can I take creatine with to increase absorption? 07:04 - Should I avoid creatine and glutamine together? 07:18 - If I take creatine with sodium, will it increase intracellular uptake? 09:04 - I've heard great things about CreGAAtin! What's your opinion? 10:40 - Creatine and Libido 11:55 - Does creatine have an impact on your mood? 13:22 - Is there a difference between men and women for water retention? 14:10 - Does water retention last for the whole duration of supplementing? 14:17 - How much weight will I gain when using creatine? 14:54 - Why are my clients getting headaches? 15:39 - Can I take creatine if I have Type 2 Diabetes? 16:19 - Should I use creatine during Ramadan? 16:58 - Can creatine help with fatigue and the effects of long Covid? 17:38 - I get really bloated and gassy taking creatine and inositol, am I taking too much? 18:19 - What effect does creatine have on PCOS? 19:47 - Are there any benefits to taking creatine during the menopause? 20:26 - Can it make your skin tingle? 20:41 - Is creatine an anabolic steroid? 20:45 - Can vegans get the same benefits from creatine as vegetarians do? 21:26 - Should you take creatine when on an aggressive cut?
04/06/2124m 30s

#36: NUTRITION - Creatine: How Much To Take, When To Take It & What To Take It With

In this episode, we reach the pinnacle of the creatine series! I discuss exactly how to work out HOW MUCH creatine YOU need. I tell you exactly WHEN you need to take it. I also discuss a couple of things to avoid! References for the studies discussed can be found at TOPICS 00:50 - How exactly I put creatine in my mouth 03:40 - How to work out exactly HOW MUCH creatine YOU need 06:37  - The two effective strategies for Creatine loading 14:40 - The optimal time to take creatine  19:21 - The truth about taking creatine & caffeine together 24:10 - Should you cycle your creatine 27:20 - Responders vs Non responders
28/05/2131m 10s

#35: NUTRITION - Creatine: Hair Loss, Acne, Gut Side Effects, Pregnancy & Breastfeeding!

In this episode I give you the final word on the hot topics of hair loss & acne. I also discuss all of the evidence & nuance around using creatine during pregnancy & whilst breastfeeding. I also give some interesting insights into how to stop creatine upsetting your stomach & how it might actually help gut health!! This is a good one not to be missed! References for the studies discussed can be found at Time points: 01:09 - Does creatine lead to hair loss? 06:53 - Creatine, skin health and acne 09:08 - How to optimise your creatine dose for a happy gut 16:34 - What you should know about taking creatine in pregnancy 24:09 - Can you take creatine whilst breastfeeding?  26:31 - Can children benefit from creatine?
22/05/2128m 59s

#34: NUTRITION - Creatine: Water Retention, Dehydration & Kidney Health

In this episode, I respond to three of the most common questions/concerns surrounding creatine. I discuss the issue/stigma around creatine & water retention plus address concerns relating to dehydration, injury, cramping & the big one - kidney damage! References for the studies discussed can be found at TOPICS  02:43 - Does creatine cause water retention? 11:16 - Should you be consuming more water? 15:05 - Creatine, dehydration and muscle cramps 19:43 - Will supplementing with creatine damage your kidneys? 28:54 - Creatine and Type 2 Diabetes
20/05/2131m 21s

#33: NUTRITION - Creatine & Sports Performance (Endurance, Team & Weight Making)

Hopefully you've realised by now, creatine is not just for gym-goers. It's an evidence-based supplement for athletes, young and old. Not only can it help with endurance (especially in the heat!) and team sports performance it can also be beneficial around rehabilitation from injury! Is there anything it can't do!?   References for the studies discussed can be found at TOPICS 04:38  - What creatine ACTUALLY does! 07:49 - Can creatine actually make you last longer? 14:14 - Creatine stops the detriments associated with a lack of sleep! 20:11 - Creatine and weight gain 27:30 - Creatine, endurance performance & rectal thermometers 37:39 - Is there any point in creatine when you’re injured? 
14/05/2143m 57s

#32: NUTRITION - Creatine, The Missing Ingredient For Older People?

In this episode, I talk about how taking creatine affects the health of older people and the concept of ‘life is the training stimulus’. I discuss the amazing effects it can have on the older brain but reveal whether it is even safe for them to take.    References for the studies discussed can be found at TOPICS 02:25 - Is creatine ageist?  06:08 - The use of 'relative' dosing with creatine 06:54 - You don't even have to exercise for creatine to make you stronger 11:55 - The safety of creatine in older populations 13:10 - Creatine can benefit the ageing brain
06/05/2118m 8s

#31: NUTRITION - Creatine & the Brain (Intelligence, Memory & Sleep Deprivation)

In this episode, I discuss how creatine can improve or benefit the human brain! I discuss several studies that have shown improvements in various domains of cognition specifically in vegetarians, children & during periods of sleep deprivation.   References for the studies discussed can be found at TOPICS 01:40 - Why vegetarians should be taking creatine 03:34 - The potential of creatine in promoting healthy brain function in older adults 09:00 - Is creatine safe for children?  10:00 - Creatine & sleep deprivation
02/05/2116m 24s

#30: NUTRITION - Intro to Creatine & Its Use For Fat Loss & Muscle Gain

In this episode, I begin a series, that many of you have been asking for, on creatine!   My main focus of this episode is to introduce the areas I’m going to cover then focus on just how effective creatine is for building muscle! All the references I mention can be found at TOPICS 03:33 - Introducing the wide range of domains that creatine may benefit! 09:25 - Creatine in the treatment of brain injury 14:21 - How creatine can increase muscle mass 20:01 - Does creatine make you fat? 23:31 - How creatine can improve your training 28:12 - What to consider when taking creatine during a fat loss phase
01/05/2131m 11s

#29: WISDOM - Snowflakes, Cancel Culture & The Fickleness of Social Media

While it will take an astute listener to realise it. The purpose of this episode was and is to encourage my GOOD listeners to act with compassion. To encourage my students and mentees to seek to truly understand those with differing views, before reacting to their perhaps skewed viewpoints. I also go on a little rant about people CHOOSING to be offended. Sorry not sorry. TOPICS 00:38 - The post I did this week that triggered the Karens & the Zanoons 07:00 - Before you get offended, consider this... 12:01 - The importance of compassion, always 16:06 - Cancel culture & social justice warriors playing the IG game... 22:57 - BMI and Oppression  28:48 - Having a bigger body isn't a free pass to discriminate  31:53 - Evidence-based practitioners must be the ‘bigger people’ in online debates 39:14 - The downside of having success on social media
25/04/2144m 43s

#28: NUTRITION - Why Women Should Never Bulk!

“I’m female, my fat loss has stalled, I want to focus on muscle gain. How big should my surplus be for a bulking phase?”   I’ve received this questions in dozens of different forms over the last year. More so than ever before so I wanted to record a full podcast to ‘call out’ this erroneous trend. There’s a little hardcore physiology in here for the geeks too, see for the references. TOPICS 01:43 - Why women should never bulk 04:49 - There’s only one group of people who should consider bulking 08:10 - The different principles that govern fat loss vs muscle gain 15:13 - If you do bulk, this is what you should consider first 23:45 - My advice to women thinking about bulking 26:23 - Why bulking is not a one size fits all strategy
15/04/2137m 33s

#27: NUTRITION WISDOM - Habits Aren’t Everything. Overcoming the ‘All or Nothing’ Mentality

In this episode, I talk about why habits aren’t everything and why it might be time for you to STOP tracking calories! TOPICS 02:36 - The reason you might not feel motivated right now 07:15 - The problem with having an ‘all or nothing’ mentality 15:02 - How to start living your life without tracking calories 21:53 - Intuitive eating & how it could help you
08/04/2128m 2s

#26: NUTRITION - What To Do If You’re Feeling Tired and Bloated

This episode was inspired by a DM I got on Instagram from a lady asking for advice for her husband who is always tired and bloated. These are two symptoms that could have hugely wide ranging causes so I go into where to start and what to do about them if you're suffering. TOPICS 03:08 - Hair Mineral and Food Intolerance Testing - What you need to know 05:39 - The vitamin that you’re probably deficient in 11:51 - The one action that will definitely make you less tired 16:20 - Factors that can cause bloating and how you can control them 24:56 - Low FODMAP Diets for IBS 
01/04/2128m 27s

#25: WISDOM - The Optimal Body Size for Body Confidence & Happiness

Admit it, that title piqued your interest didn’t it. This podcast has come off the back of an Instagram DM I regarding happiness & weight loss. I only scratch the surface here for what could be many hours of discussion! TOPICS 00:55 - The reason you’re not happy with your body 06:38 - How to detach happiness from the way you look  12:43 - My message to the anti-diet crowd 19:52 - BMI is stupid on an individual level
25/03/2126m 28s

#24: NUTRITION - The Sugar Podcast Part 3 - How to Overcome Cravings

In the third and final part of the series on sugar, I talk about sugar cravings and give some practical tips for how you can reduce your cravings.  TOPICS 02:29 - Why do people crave sugar? 10:02 - Factors that increase cravings 20:40 - 2 things you might be unknowingly doing that are increasing your cravings 29:08 - Practical tips to reduce cravings All references for my podcast can be found on the episode page on my website:
20/03/2145m 18s

#23: NUTRITION - The Sugar Podcast Part 2 - Sugar Addiction

Part 2 - I've dedicated this whole episode to Sugar Addiction which means there will be a part 3! TOPICS 00:36 - Is sugar addictive? 06:20 - Sugar Addiction vs Eating Addiction 09:27 - Foods that definitely don't promote good health 13:35 - Approaching addictive-like behaviours 24:36 - Setting up your food environment  31:00 - Is it possible to control cravings? All references for my podcast can be found on the episode page on my website:
11/03/2133m 53s

#22: NUTRITION - The Sugar Podcast Part 1 - Listener Questions

In this 2 part episode I respond to listener questions all related to SUGAR! Check out the time points below to see if there’s a questions you’ve got that I’ve answered! TOPICS & TIMEPOINTS 06:30 - What is sugar & are there different types? 10:05 - Is sugar bad for us? 14:45 - The foods that we really SHOULD be avoiding 22:27 - Should we avoid 'reduced fat' products because they contain more sugar? 27:47 - Are 'added sugars’ the devil? 36:40 - How sugar is broken down and stored in the body  38:45 - Does sugar cause obesity?
04/03/2141m 18s

#21: NUTRITION - Food Quality Vs Food Quantity - What Matters More?

In this episode, I talk about an inane discussion that has been going on for my whole career: food quality vs food quantity and the fact that people always feel the need to create a dichotomy between the two!! Lots of cool research linked in the show notes of this one! TOPICS 06:11 - The role of ultra-processed food in our diets 14:50 - 'Clean Eating' and fat loss 20:09 - How you can set up your environment for fat loss 29:29 - The food choices you can make to make fat loss easier All references for my podcast can be found on the episode page on my website:
25/02/2137m 55s

#20: WISDOM - Inspiring Words for Difficult Times

In this episode, I talk about the first book I have read in 21 years and how it has motivated me. I also talk about how we perceive our circumstances and how, no matter how bad your day has been, you can always choose to help others. Victor Frankl, a Psychologist and Holocaust survivor, is famously quoted as saying, "Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms — to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way.”  TOPICS 03:29 - The first book I’ve (almost) read in 21 years 07:44 - Why the words of a concentration camp survivor are so relevant right now 15:54 - Changing your outlook on life 24:18 - The daily choices that could make you happier  
19/02/2128m 41s

#19: NUTRITION - The Anti-Diet movement, Weight Stigma & Do 95% of Diets Really Fail?

This episode is probably going to ruffle some feathers. As Plato said: "No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth." I talk about some big topics in this episode & very few people will be able to see past their bias & actually understand the truths I am speaking. There are nuanced topics and I really want BOTH sides to hear this and be challenged to THINK more! "I don't think I'm smarter than anyone, I just see things others don't see. I'm not here to judge, I'm here to point out things you may or may not understand and make you think." TIME POINTS 03:45 - The real problem with anti-diet culture that nobody is talking about 12:01 - Why it’s dumb to say that BMI isn’t correlated with health 23:12 - The finer detail of BMI: What you need to know. 28:20 - Why prevention really is better than a cure 37:01 - Why crazy nutritional zealots actually help us understand nutrition (It’s not what you think) 41:58 - Do 95% of diets really fail & the truth about intuitive eating 48:08 - How we might be able to use our diets to set ourselves up for long-term weight loss maintenance
12/02/2157m 19s

#18: NUTRITION - Rapid Fat Loss - Maintaining Your Weight Loss

In today’s episode, I talk about aggressive fat loss, how to maintain your weight loss and why many cookie cutter plans have such a high failure rate. TOPICS 02:10 - The reason I hate cookie cutter programs 07:53 - Why Joe Wicks has a 95% failure rate on his diet plans 11:50 - How to know if you are really ready for an aggressive diet
05/02/2122m 57s

#17: WISDOM - What I Wish I Could Have Told My Younger Self About Male Pattern Baldness

This podcast is something I wish my younger self could have heard. I talk about my real life experience of losing hair at a young age, all that I tried to do to put off the inevitable and why strangers don’t judge you as much as you think. ⠀ TOPICS ⠀ 02:13 - Male pattern baldness ⠀ 06:19 - The impact of hair loss being involuntary 09:11 - My Hair Loss Story 20:32 - My experience with internet Trolls! ⠀ 23:40 - My tip on how to look good after you've shaved your head (#menwithbeardsdoitbetter) ⠀ 25:06 - Hair loss products that do & don’t work ⠀ 33:59 - You’re like wine, you get better with age! 38:44 - Why you should take the plunge & shave your head sooner rather than later!
29/01/2146m 0s

#16: NUTRITION - The Unintended Consequences of Keto… & Other Nutrition Recommendations

A big discussion of the ketogenic diet / keto diet. ⠀ I also explain the types of scientific research that should be avoided when it comes to guiding your food choices and why I think the NHS nutrition recommendations need some improvement! ⠀ TOPICS ⠀⠀ 03:55 - Why the NHS needs to re-think their nutrition guidelines 05:12 - Population vs individualised nutrition recommendations ⠀ 08:06 - Perils of petri dish science 11:31 - Doctors who become “nutrition (religion) experts” overnight  15:22 - The unintended consequences of nutritional recommendations 16:36 - The keto diet… it’s not special for fat loss ⠀ 24:16 - Why it should be obvious to all nutrition zealots they have NOT found the answer 31:29 - The insulin hypothesis is DEAD  
23/01/2137m 56s

#15: WISDOM - Changing Your Behaviour Through Changing Your Thoughts

In this episode, I talk about how many of the key principles of Stoic philosophy can help to change the way you think and in changing out thoughts it can lead to changing our behaviours. The world renowned performance psychologist, Jamil Qureshi, is famous for saying "The precursor to all of our actions is what we think." TOPICS 02:10 - The book on Stoicism that I'd recommend to anyone 03:24 - How Stoicism can help you ⠀ 06:44 - Toxic positivity & false assurances 10:53 - Changing the way you think but not dismissing your feelings ⠀ 17:35 - My Imposter Syndrome around 'Wisdom' episodes ⠀ 19:21 - My words of encouragement to you
16/01/2122m 48s

#14: NUTRITION - What I Wish I Knew About Fat Loss When I Was Competing In Natural Bodybuilding

In this episode I'll explain to you how I have great workouts after eating only very few Calories. I'll also describe the sweet-spot between food demonisation and a junk food-filled diet. This episode is what I wish I could tell my former competitive bodybuilder-self? ⠀ TOPICS ⠀ 01:23 - Find out how I had a great training session despite eating almost no Calories ⠀ 05:11 - How to eat junk food for better fat loss ⠀ 06:29 - Things people focus on that steering them away from achieving their goals ⠀ 08:14 - A summary of what I wish I knew when I was a competitive bodybuilder
08/01/2112m 6s

#13: NUTRITION - The Practical Tips and Mindset Tools You Need to Make Your Next Diet a Success

In this episode, I discuss the ins and outs of why you should be more flexible with your food choices, diet and lifestyle, if you want to achieve dieting success. You will also discover the importance of a mindset shift towards gratitude in times of adversity and why you need to get more comfortable talking about the uncomfortable! TOPICS ⠀ 0:00 - The reason you should NOT eat the same amount of Calories every single day ⠀ 01:37 - This is how long your aggressive diet should (or shouldn't) be ⠀ 04:13 - Why strict timelines undermine the success of a fat loss diet ⠀ 05:55 - The optimal length of dieting phases and how to pace your diets ⠀ 06:50 - Why you should be taking note of your bowel movements  10:17 - How the composition of your gut microbiome can change with fat loss ⠀ 15:02 - Why you should be consuming all of the content I put out 19:25 - Dispelling a common myth about aggressive dieting 21:03 - Bowel movements, menstruation & libido ⠀ 24:09 - Exercise: How much during an aggressive diet ⠀ 27:28 - How much impact can your lifestyle have on your hormones ⠀ 31:03 - How many times do you have to undermine your dieting attempts before you commit to the pursuit of simple, long-term consistency?
01/01/2137m 18s

#12: NUTRITION - Two Facts to Know About Aggressive Dieting Before you Attempt It Yourself

In this episode I get into the nitty gritty details of aggressive dieting and how my style of aggressive dieting is nothing like those you see in detoxes, cleanses, bootcamps and weight loss retreats!⠀ TOPICS 05:14 - Why your PERCEPTION of dietary restriction is more important than your ACTUAL degree of dietary restriction.. ⠀ 06:27 - The truth about me losing 10 pounds in 10 days ⠀ 08:09 - Detoxing, cleansing and weight-loss retreats 09:57 - Why eating less Calories may actually lead to less hunger and greater long-term weight loss maintenance ⠀ 11:01 - The beliefs you need before you embark on an aggressive fat loss phase ⠀ 12:40 - Why binges are capable of undermining ALL of your weight-loss efforts ⠀ 14:17 - What to do if you've failed at dieting 15:34 - Unconditional permission to eat in the real world ⠀ 18:50 - Why you might want to avoid high intensity exercise ⠀ 20:38 - How & why to weight train during an aggressive diet ⠀ All references for my podcast can be found on the episode page on my website:
27/12/2027m 4s

#11: WISDOM - Happiness isn’t a Destination. It is a Gratitude Themed Journey.

I recorded a whole episode on happiness and forgot to mention gratitude! So this is Part 2 of yesterdays podcast on one of the most important topics you should practice in the pursuit of happiness. "Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others." - Cicero ⠀⠀ "If you want to find happiness, find gratitude" - S. Maraboli ⠀ TOPICS 00:00 - A super long, scene setting and insightful introduction! 08:10 - Asking myself if it was worth being here anymore 16:32 - Where gratitude fits into happiness ⠀ 17:17 - Practising gratitude ⠀ 17:58 - Having an inherent attitude of gratitude ⠀ 19:10 - What I say to people who say they have nothing to be grateful for
26/12/2020m 35s

#10: WISDOM - Pursuing Happiness & Finding Your Purpose in Life

In this episode, I discuss happiness. I'm perceived as a 'happy all the time' kind of person despite trying to be as transparent as possible about my ups and downs on social media. ⠀ This year has been tough mentally for many people, with lockdowns; I hope some of the stuff I share here can help you in 2021. ⠀ TOPICS ⠀ 00:00 - Introduction ⠀ 20:38 - Perceptions of my online persona & fake happiness 22:43 - Why I think I am genuinely happy ⠀ 23:24 - Finding your purpose & how this can be key to happiness 24:52 - Lockdown broke me but hard times can help you grow 25:42 - Helping others & the difference between pleasure and happiness 28:10 - Cutting out people who bring you down ⠀ 29:52 - You need to stop caring so much about what other people think ⠀ 31:58 - Sleep, Drugs & Alcohol ⠀ 33:45 - Drinking for fun or drinking to numb ⠀ 35:46 - Self esteem & understanding how much you can help others
25/12/2040m 0s

#9: NUTRITION - DNA & Food Intolerance Testing & Why Some Practitioners Choose to Use Them

In this episode I talk about DNA food intolerance tests and why using a DNA test to decide macro splits and exercise types is not worth your time or money! I will also go into why some people use these tests, what to do if someone offers you a diet based off a DNA test & how some practitioners get away with putting out such bad information. TOPICS ⠀ 0:00 - What led me to recording this episode ⠀ 02:35 - Why specific, personalised DNA diets are not a thing & my previous research in the area of genetics ⠀ 08:51 - How genetic testing could be used & what to do if someone tries to sell you a DNA intolerance test when it comes to dieting ⠀ 12:30 - References & why you should check them ⠀ 14:32 - The reason some practitioners sell out and start using DNA tests ⠀ 21:18 - Why some people get benefits when they cut out certain food groups ⠀ 29:55 - Tangents & why they are actually useful ⠀ 31:48 - Calorie deficit health benefits & the one thing that Slimming World does well ⠀ 34:13 - What leads people to joining MLM schemes ⠀ 38:44 - Making claims online & conspiracy theories ⠀
20/12/2044m 15s

#8: NUTRITION - What Foods Can You Eat on an Aggressive Diet?

This episode is a nice bitesized episode covering a really important concept. I use my aggressive diet to teach you about having Unconditional Permission to Eat…. Anything! I can not stress enough how important this is to ensure your own fat loss success. TOPICS ⠀ 00:00 - Introduction & why I wanted to make this episode ⠀ 01:47 - You really can eat ANY food on any diet! - Almost. ⠀ 03:07 - Find out what my new aggressive diet looks like ⠀ 05:20 - How to improve your relationship with food. Here’s a clue: don’t be too harsh on yourself! ⠀ 06:54 - Enjoying the occasional mastication on my diet (I hope you read that right!) ⠀ 10:35 - Why I give myself unconditional permission to eat anything, even food with virtually zero nutritional value ⠀ 11:35 -How to find your own low-hanging fruit… And it’s probably not where you think it is! ⠀ 15:53 - One final piece of advice to remember
14/12/2017m 6s

#7: WISDOM - Judgmental people, Social Justice & the ‘I’m Offended’ crowd

Another ‘WISDOM’ category podcast. I felt compelled to speak on these topics as I get judged A LOT by people who don't actually know me. For those following in my footsteps, I think hearing some of this could help you. ⠀ Some people just see me as an arrogant, confident male who drives a fast car & instantly they jump to conclusions. Likewise, there is a lot of materialism & ‘fakeness’ online so I do GET why people think the way they do. I no longer get offended by judgment, as I know good people will eventually see the truth. I hope by hearing this some of you can care less about what others think & say about you. ⠀ TOPICS ⠀ 00:41 - Why the term 'social justice warrior’ has become so tainted 01:32 - The importance of understanding that morality is an individual concept ⠀ 02:36 - My take on being a positive role model & doing my little bit of good for the world ⠀ 04:34 - Why getting offended is just so ridiculous & the judgmental nature of humans ⠀ 08:11 - How small acts can challenge the larger issues ⠀ 09:20 - Why sometimes caring a little about others' opinions is better than not caring at all ⠀ 11:04 - Why you should only really be offended by the things that matter in the world ⠀ 13:51 - Disparity between the rich & the poor in the UK ⠀ 14:35 - Raising awareness & how you can literally save someone's life  Visit the DKMS website to find out more about becoming a blood stem cell donor and to sign up to request a swab kit:
13/12/2017m 13s

#6: NUTRITION - Dieting Mindset - The Paradigm Shift That Could Change Your Dieting Success

In this episode, I cover perhaps the most important thing to remember when you are starting a fat loss endeavour: Your mindset. ⠀ I'll share with you why you should adopt a flexible approach when dieting, why you shouldn’t set an exact deadline to reach your goals and what the definition of 'normal' eating is (the answer might surprise you). ⠀ I hope you enjoy this nutrition psychology focussed episode! Let me know what you think! ⠀ TOPICS ⠀ 01:06 - Dieting success is hugely dependant on mindset ⠀ 01:55 - The concept behind my latest aggressive dieting phase ⠀ 02:33 - Why you don’t need to eat the same amount of Calories every day ⠀ 02:54 - Unconditional permission to eat and the core idea of dietary flexibility ⠀ 04:09 - An evidence-based definition of “Normal” eating ⠀ 06:53 - Why you keep falling off the wagon when it comes to your diets ⠀ 07:20 - Is your diet negatively affecting your social life? Does eating certain foods make you feel guilty or sad? ⠀ 10:53 - The common pitfall of setting an exact deadline for your diets ⠀ 11:45 - Why you can eat whatever you want & enjoy the process! ⠀ 13:28 - A quick mention of HAES, non-dieting and intuitive eating movements ⠀ 15:55 - If you can learn to change and be adaptable, you will be successful ⠀ 16:50 - Why black & white thinking is ruining your dieting journey 
07/12/2019m 28s

#5: NUTRITION- Finding YOUR Fat Loss Magic in the Absence of Magical Fat Loss Foods and Macro Splits

I cover a LOT in this episode, so writing the title was tough.  It came off the back of people being so interested in what my 7 days of 1000kcals/day food shop looked like. When you are ‘in the know’ it’s not sexy, it’s not interesting. But that’s what I wanted to talk about here, what IS sexy, or magical i.e. what DOES make for a successful fat loss diet.  Amazon Alexa also makes a guest appearance with some nutrition advice of her own… LMAO! Enjoy.  TOPICS  02:33 - Fat loss ‘sucks’ compared to maintenance. Therefore it should never be done from a place of guilt or hating yourself 03:14 - How I’m surprisingly inspiring others on my aggressive fat loss phase 06:37 - Why I can’t do a protein sparing modified fast & how I feel BETTER on very low calories 10:20 - Fat loss isn’t sexy, there really is no magic foods or macronutrients 13:34 - Hunger is not just physiological! 15:22 - What comes after my aggressive fat loss phase ⠀ 17:35 - The charlatans of the industry & the rubbish they say... 22:38 - How mentality is so much more important to fat loss success than the mathematics of it 26:44 - Alexa chimes in on the conversation, offering me some advice on nutrition…. WTF 33:32 - The importance of getting a good variety within an aggressive diet 
06/12/2041m 21s

#4: WISDOM - A Confident Males' Perspective on Complexion

My first ever podcast in the WISDOM category! In this epsiode, I give a my ‘confident male’ perspective on complexion. I talk about my previous struggles & experiences with bad skin as a teenager & how that’s come into adulthood with me. I also talk about one of my favourite topics: Confidence & how that ties into self-acceptance. TOPICS ⠀ 00:00 - The longest introduction ever, but hopefully very insightful  12:01 - My previous struggles with bad skin and why it was a big deal for me 13:02 - How antibiotics impact the gut and the topical antibiotic I found useful 15:55 - Why a particular body size or shape 'gives’ you confidence  18:12 - Filters on social media and embracing who you are 19:59 - My take on self-acceptance
04/12/2020m 58s

#3: NUTRITION - Fasting & Aggressive Calorie Deficits

In this episode, I share with you some insights into the technique I have often discussed of starting any fat loss phase with some sort of 24 - 36 hour fast. ⠀ I also give some insight into nutrition/dieting psychology & hopefully some pearls of wisdom that will serve you well in your own body composition manipulation pursuits. TOPICS 00:00 - Introduction 06:05 - Caffeine or no caffeine when undertaking a fast? 07:29 - Will I get too hungry fasting for 36 hours? 09:05 - An important note on exercise whilst using aggressive dieting strategies 11:53 - Understanding that both nutrition and exercise should always be multiphasic 15:48 - Fasting isn’t a magic bullet. Why the speed at which you lose fat is dependant on the calorie deficit 18:10 - Are you ready for a dieting phase? If it’s not a £$%^ YES!,Why it should be a Hell NO! 20:55 - How, for me & others, reducing calories can sometimes decrease hunger! 22:14 - The difference between flexible vs rigid restraint and understanding unconditional permission to eat 24:28 - Is it okay to skip breakfast? 
02/12/2027m 17s

#2: PARENTING - Food Demonisation & How To Talk To Children About 'bad' Foods

In this episode, I talk about the first time my 4 year old son came home from school and told me that chocolate was a 'bad food'. It really took me by surprise and I did my very best to guide the conversation positively. ⠀ It was difficult with my 5 year old also chiming in to the discussion with her thoughts! I hope through hearing me discuss this topic, you can be better prepared than I was. TOPICS ⠀ 0:00 – What led me to recording this episode 07:04 – Food demonisation and how it can create shame and guilt around foods 09:48 – How I talk to my children about food & letting lifestyle dictate how a child eats 12:25 - Setting up a good food environment for children 13:47 – Why moderation is a stupid word when used with nutrition 15:47 – Being considered in your thoughts and words when talking to children about food 18:24 – Parenting guilt and how you can persuade children to eat foods they don’t like
30/11/2021m 40s

#1: INTRODUCTION - Who is Martin 'Nutrition' MacDonald & What is 'Not Another Nutrition Podcast'?

Hey Everyone! Welcome to 'Not Another Nutrition Podcast'! In this introductory episode I guide you through what you can expect from me and Not Another Nutrition Podcast, how it came about, exactly how you can use it and also give you a few unique insights into the life and career milestones that led to some of what I am going to be talking about! TOPICS 00:00 - Welcome! 03:20 - The purpose of Not Another Nutrition Podcast 06:07 - What to expect from me here 18:17 - What drives me in my career 26:32 - Early Career - Trying to juggle my studies with multiple jobs 28:58 - A defining point in my life - Losing my Dad 29:05 - Getting my first weight set & Arnold's Encyclopaedia of Bodybuilding at 12 years old 31:48 - Working illegally at 15, stacking shelves for Asda and being a minimum wage Gym Instructor 34:03 - Holding babies and where I got my passion for parenting 35:39 - Lecturing at University, where I developed my love for public speaking 37:20 - My supplement company & why you shouldn’t start one 38:58 - The origins of the Mac-Nutrition Consultancy & working with British Weightlifting 43:17 - The weight-making workshop & teaching Connor McGregor’s team 44:22 - Working with TV Celebrities, getting hate from the Dietetics world and developing a thick-skin 48:06 - The first ever Mac-Nutrition Mentorship had the start of my friendship with the one and only Danny Lennon 54:05 - The birth of MNU (Mac-Nutrition Uni)
18/11/201h 4m
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