By Dr Alex George

Our mind and body can be transformed through the simple act of walking. That’s why Dr Alex George has made this new, ambient podcast. It supports his mission to get us all out stomping, so whether you’re taking the dog out, hiking up a mountain or maybe you simply need some fresh air, Dr Alex and his guests will be here every week as your loyal stomping companions. In every episode, you’ll hear Dr Alex George out on a stomp with an exciting guest, in a location of their choice, to take a meander into their lives. You’ll wind through uplifting and thought-provoking conversations with a soothing backdrop of birdsong, crashing waves or the breeze gently rustling through leaves. Each episode is split into three parts, designed to be listened to on three short stomps, or one long one. So put on your headphones, follow @thestompcast and join us on a good old stomp.


Pt 1: Elizabeth Day in Kennington Park

Author, journalist and podcaster Elizabeth Day is joining Dr Alex on an honest stomp about true friendships and how to handle failure.  In part 1, after they reminisce about their first meeting during a wholesome Love Island interview, Elizabeth and Alex deep dive into failure. Elizabeth explains how she learnt the definition through her own failures, and shares what she considers to be her biggest failure and how it’s shaped the rest of her life to date. Follow Elizabeth @elizabday and order her new book Friendaholic: Confessions of a Friendship Addict.
20/03/23·31m 20s

Pt 2: Elizabeth Day’s confessions of a friendship addict

Elizabeth Day’s friends have been one of the most meaningful loves of her life, and in part 2 of this stomp with Dr Alex, they discuss the journey of writing her new book, ‘Friendaholic: Confessions of a Friendship Addict’. Elizabeth discusses why her friendships have greater meaning since the pandemic, the cost of having too many friends and how to identify if a friendship is good or bad for you. Follow Elizabeth @elizabday and order her new book Friendaholic: Confessions of a Friendship Addict.
20/03/23·27m 6s

Pt 3: Elizabeth Day on how to deal with failure

In the final part of this walk with Elizabeth Day and Dr Alex, Elizabeth explains how the first steps to dealing with failure is realising that everyone fails at some point.  Elizabeth and Alex compare their failures in relation to their grief, plus Elizabeth offers advice on how you can start today with making new connections.  Follow Elizabeth @elizabday and order her new book Friendaholic: Confessions of a Friendship Addict.
20/03/23·13m 22s

Pt 1: Ellie Dixon in Regent’s Park

Musician Ellie Dixon can often be found running around in wild and whacky costumes to promote her self-produced, alt-pop songs for her 1.2 million followers on TikTok.  In part 1, Dr Alex and Ellie discuss how she grew such a huge audience with her music, where she learned to produce music and why she’s been running around dressed as a lizard… They also discuss Ellie’s fears around losing her privacy when finding fame, how she’s managing to avoid the commercialisation that sometimes happens when an artist signs to a record label, and why in her opinion, social media has completely changed the music industry. Follow Ellie @elliedixonmusic and listen to Big Lizard Energy. 
13/03/23·23m 8s

Pt 2: Ellie Dixon on the reality of signing a record deal

As Dr Alex continues his stomp with Ellie Dixon, she shares the slow motion moment she signed her record deal - dressed as an astronaut no less. They also discuss how she came to sign a contract with one of the world's biggest record labels and how she’s kept control of how she writes and produces.  Ellie also dives into how she harbours her creativity, why it’s a muscle that needs to be exercised and the importance of embracing mistakes you make.  Follow Ellie @elliedixonmusic and listen to Big Lizard Energy. 
13/03/23·14m 25s

Pt 3: Ellie Dixon on dealing with ‘red alert’ anxiety

In the final part of this Stomp, Ellie opens up about her performance anxiety which left her unable to speak, and how she overcame it. Ellie and Dr Alex discuss learning when to reason with anxiety, how to acknowledge when you’re in ‘red alert’ mode and why acknowledging your fears can help you think more logically. Plus, Ellie reveals her bonkers ideas - which includes why she throws biscuits out to the crowd at her gigs! Follow Ellie @elliedixonmusic and listen to Big Lizard Energy. 
13/03/23·23m 7s

Pt 1: Johann Hari on the Parkland Walk

Johann Hari has authored books about depression and addiction but now, the 3-times New York Times best-seller has released Stolen Focus, about the shrinking of our attention spans. As Johann and Dr Alex stomp across the discontinued railway tracks of North London, Johann discusses experiments that have changed long-held beliefs about addiction such as Rat Park (aka heaven for rats) and he also shares the groundbreaking idea that the opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety, but connection.  Johann tells Dr Alex tales from his research trips that allowed him to shape his theories. While travelling across the world, Johann learned about the societal effect of the Portuguese decriminalisation of drugs and why you should never eat unwashed fruit in Vietnam… If you suffer with mental health issues, you may find Johann’s approach to disorder, failure and breakdowns, somewhat refreshing.   Follow Johann @johann.hari and buy his new book, Stolen Focus.
06/03/23·25m 56s

Pt 2: Johann Hari on why your focus is being stolen

In part 2 of this stomp, Johann Hari shares the science behind why, much to many people’s disbelief, our focus isn’t getting worse – it’s being stolen. From the tech you use to the food you eat, Johann explains the surprising factors behind why you may not be able to pay attention like you used to. He also shares how a trip to Elvis’ house in Graceland with his godson showed him how difficult it is to escape the problem of distraction.  Follow Johann @johann.hari and buy his new book, Stolen Focus.
06/03/23·16m 57s

Pt 3: Johann Hari on how distraction damages our IQ

In the final part of this stomp with Johann Hari and Dr Alex offer advice if you’re wanting to take back your focus and attention.  Johann shares a shocking study about the damaging effects of being constantly distracted in the way many of us are every day, and the solutions that are being undertaken internationally to combat it.  Follow Johann @johann.hari and buy his new book, Stolen Focus.
06/03/23·19m 28s

Pt 1: Roxie Nafousi in Hurlingham Park

In an incredibly vulnerable conversation, Roxie Nafousi joins Dr Alex on this week's stomp. Roxie opens up about her experience with Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) and how she’s constantly working hard to not let it define her. She also shares why self awareness is integral to anyone’s healing journey, and steps you can take to begin reframing how you see the world. Follow Roxie and pick up her new book, Manifest: Dive Deeper. 
27/02/23·19m 39s

Pt 2: Roxie Nafousi on how you can make manifesting work for you

Roxie Nafousi owes everything she has to manifesting, so in part 2 she breaks down the 7 steps of manifestation.  Roxie explains the misconceptions of manifesting and why it’s more achievable than it seems.  She also shares how manifesting helped her come through her addiction and battle with self loathing. Follow Roxie and pick up her new book, Manifest: Dive Deeper. 
27/02/23·20m 49s

Pt 3: Roxie Nafousi on “self help honeymoons”

In the final part of this walk with Dr Alex and Roxie Nafousi, they dive into their views on hedonism, and whether you need to have ‘partied hard’ in your 20s in order to settle into a wellbeing focussed life.  Plus, Roxie shares her biggest life lessons around self reflection, and not worrying about being liked by everyone you meet.  Follow Roxie and pick up her new book, Manifest: Dive Deeper. 
27/02/23·19m 10s

Pt 1: Kitty Scott-Claus in Regents Park

Drag Queen Kitty Scott-Claus is ditching the heels for some more stomp friendly shoes to join Dr Alex on this week's episode.  Kitty, or as less people may know them, Louis Westwood, shares how getting out for walks was vital in her preparation for RuPaul’s Drag Race UK and her experience of first stepping into drag as a Girls Aloud tribute act. Kitty also dives into the differences of personality being in and out of drag, and how Kitty can often get away with much more than Louis can...  Follow Kitty Scott-Claus @kittyscottclaus
20/02/23·19m 34s

Pt 2: Kitty Scott-Claus on behind the scenes of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK

In the second part of this stomp, Kitty Scott-Claus reminisces and shares behind the scenes details of her time competing on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK.  She takes us through why it took a month to film her audition tape, the long shoot days, and the discovery that despite being a runner-up she’s not actually that competitive.  Follow Kitty Scott-Claus @kittyscottclaus For support with suicide, speak to the Samaritans 
20/02/23·22m 3s

Pt 3: Kitty Scott-Claus on how to embrace your identity

As the walk comes to a close, Kitty Scott-Claus reflects on life after Drag Race, and the highs and lows that come after being on the biggest drag show in the world.   Kitty and Alex also discuss the societal view of the gender spectrum, as well as embracing your identity and why it’s important to take your time when discovering who you truly are.   Follow Kitty Scott-Claus @kittyscottclaus
20/02/23·20m 43s

Pt 1: Michael Aldag in Sefton Park

Dr Alex is up north this week with rising musician Michael Aldag, in the beautiful Sefton Park in Liverpool. Michael shares how he accidentally rose to TikTok fame with his hilarious observations, how he’s been able to share his music through this new found audience, and how it eventually led to him signing to Universal Music. Alex and Michael also discuss how personality and social media has become a massive part of promoting music, and why it’s difficult to split the two. Follow Michael @michaelaldag and listen to his new EP Socializing. 
13/02/23·26m 21s

Pt 2: Michael Aldag on breaking down on stage and understanding impact

Continuing the stomp with a soggy foot, Dr Alex dives deeper into the stories behind Michael Aldag’s music, and how he turns life experience into hit records.  Michael explains how he can’t take his work too personally once it’s released, including how it led to getting very emotional on stage. Michael also shares his thoughts on never fully knowing how to handle  the impact he has with his work. Follow Michael @michaelaldag and listen to his new EP Socializing. 
13/02/23·25m 7s

Pt 3: Michael Aldag on why he dropped out of uni to make music

On the final part of this walk in Sefton Park, Michael Aldag tells us how he made the “massive decision” to drop out of university to pursue music full time.  Michael explains the benefits he found from structure at school, compared to the unpredictability of the music industry – and how he still prefers early nights compared to the traditional rock star lifestyle. Follow Michael @michaelaldag and listen to his new EP Socializing.
13/02/23·20m 9s

Pt 1: Angela Scanlon in Highgate Wood

Dr Alex is joined by beloved broadcaster, Angela Scanlon, on another crisp winter walk. Angela shares how she always resisted routine before lockdown forced her into it. An interruption from a little nearby stomper brings up a conversation about ‘snow plough’ parenting, how being a parent helps you reflect on your own upbringing, and how, no matter how hard you try, you won’t get everything right. Follow Angela @angelascanlon and pick up a copy of Joyrider here.
06/02/23·24m 46s

Pt 2: Angela Scanlon on not being defined by her eating disorder

Trigger warning: this episode discusses eating disorders In part 2, Angela opens up about the eating disorder she developed in her teens, the shocking response when she sought help at her local GP, and why she was afraid to talk about it publicly.  She also shares the coping techniques that have helped her come to terms with the difficult times, and how to look for hope.  Follow Angela @angelascanlon and pick up a copy of Joyrider here. Links:
06/02/23·28m 25s

Pt 3: Angela Scanlon on how to be grateful for something every day

In the final part of this stomp with Angela Scanlon, she takes us through her compelling career journey – from starting in fashion, to hosting a documentary exploring gingerism. Angela also shares the inspiration behind her book ‘Joyrider’, why gratitude is integral to her mental wellbeing, and the mantras and reminders she loves, that you can start practising today. Follow Angela @angelascanlon and pick up a copy of Joyrider here.
06/02/23·22m 30s

Pt 1: Spencer Matthews in Battersea Park

Even though Dry Jan is nearly over, we’re exploring soberness all year round, so Dr Alex is on a stomp in Battersea Park with Spencer Matthews. In part one, Spencer opens up about his struggle with alcohol, the signs of it becoming a problem and the turning point that led him to going sober.  Spencer and Alex also discuss their thoughts on the terms ‘alcoholic’ and ‘sober’ and their inclusivity, and how to consider your relationship with alcohol. Follow Spencer @spencermatthews LINKS: Alcohol Support from the NHS Brits spend a whole year of their life being hungover
30/01/23·28m 55s

Pt 2: Spencer Matthews on navigating a sober life

In the second part of this week's stomp, Dr Alex and Spencer Matthews discuss what it’s like living sober, and how it’s often easier than it seems.  Spencer shares how he built a brand around sobriety - his alcohol free spirit brand Clean Co.; as well as his thoughts on how his public perception has evolved from his Made in Chelsea days, with an insight into his time on the show.  Follow Spencer @spencermatthews
30/01/23·27m 16s

Pt 3: Spencer Matthews on why comfort is killer

If you’re looking to create habits that you want to stick to, Dr Alex and Spencer Matthews dive into how getting outside of your comfort zone may be the key in the final part of this week's stomp. Spencer also shares his thoughts on fatherhood, and what concerns him about raising a child in 2023; and of course, our health fact of the week which is from the British Liver Trust.  Follow Spencer @spencermatthews
30/01/23·23m 12s

EXCLUSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT: Ellie Downie, Team GB gymnast “I don't regret my decision to speak out“

To make this shock announcement, Team GB Gymnast, Ellie Downie, is speaking to Dr Alex exclusively, on a stomp in Battersea Park. Ellie won her first national gymnastics competition at 9 years old and has gone on to dedicate her life to the sport.  In 2017, after competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics, Ellie became the first British gymnast to win the all-round title at the European Championships. Becoming a gymnast as decorated as Ellie takes immense time, dedication and support however in 2020, alongside her sister Becky who is also a Team GB gymnast, Ellie released a statement that described ‘abusive behaviours’ that became part of their daily life. This statement went on to change the course of Ellie’s career forever. In a bid to tell her side of the story, Ellie has chosen to speak exclusively on the Stompcast, to break the news of her major announcement. @elliedownie. Links to support: Samaritans Mind Rethink Mental Illness SANE Mental Health Foundation
23/01/23·1h 9m

Pt 1: Ella Mills (aka Deliciously Ella) in Hyde Park

Best known as the co-founder of wellness and feel-good-food brand ‘Deliciously Ella’, Ella Mills joins Dr Alex in Hyde Park on this week's episode.  In part one, Ella and Alex dive right into their shared passion for wellbeing and the pressures of everyday life that often make it hard to look after ourselves.  Ella shares the small achievable changes we can make to improve our mental and physical health, and why getting out in nature is so important to her.  Follow Ella @ella.mills__
16/01/23·24m 0s

Pt 2: Ella Mills’ chronic illness and emotional numbness

Trigger warning: there are mentions of suicidal thoughts in this episode, if you’d prefer not to listen please skip 22:45 - 23:25 In part 2 of Ella Mills and Dr Alex’s stomp, Ella explains the story behind her health journey which led her to founding Deliciously Ella.  Ella discusses the difficult times in her 20s when she was navigating her poor health, and how she eventually found food to be a huge game changer.  She also shares the moments where she felt her lowest, and why accepting your illness can help your mindset. Head over to the Samaritans if you or someone you love needs help. Follow Ella @ella.mills__
16/01/23·28m 32s

Pt 3: Ella Mills on the importance of discipline

As this walk in Hyde Park comes to an end, Ella Mills and Dr Alex explain why you shouldn’t be afraid of discipline when it comes to your mental health. Ella talks about simple ways to form positive habits, how she wants to impart as much self confidence onto her children as possible, and the importance of self affirmations (even when they feel silly).  Follow Ella @ella.mills__
16/01/23·28m 15s

Pt 1: David Gandy in Richmond Park

David Gandy, the model who is best known for being the face of iconic campaigns for the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, is joining Dr Alex on this week’s stomp in Richmond Park. In the first part, David shares how he managed to stand out in the crowded world of modelling, and how he’s learnt to not take rejection personally.  They also discuss navigating food and nutrition as a model, and David reveals what’s in his stomping toolkit.  You can follow David here.
09/01/23·27m 45s

Pt 2: David Gandy on how he became the most successful male supermodel

As Dr Alex continues his stomp with David Gandy, David shares the story of how he landed the Dolce & Gabbana job that changed his career – and how a haircut almost stood in his way.  David also explains the decision to start his own brand, how he stays true to his values, and the ethos behind his clothing brand: David Gandy Wellwear. You can follow David here.
09/01/23·27m 43s

Pt 3: David Gandy on fatherhood and body image

In the final part, Dr Alex and David Gandy wrap up this stomp by discussing fatherhood, and David’s thoughts on his children being on social media.  They also discuss body confidence, and the differences between what is attainable for each individual person.  You can follow David here.
09/01/23·15m 52s

Pt 1: Gemma Bird (aka Money Mum) in Lake Meadows Park

Happy new year, Stompers! The start of the year often coincides with anxiety and stress about money – even without the cost of living crisis. So this week Dr Alex is joined by Gemma Bird, who is better known as ‘Money Mum’, for some frugal advice to start the year right.  In this part, Gemma shares how she became mortgage free before reaching 40, why financial education is important, especially at school, and advice on where to start if you’re wanting to save.  Follow Gemma @moneymumofficial Links: National Debtline Citizens Advice - Debt & Money
02/01/23·23m 13s

Pt 2: Gemma Bird on how to stop stressing about money

In part 2 of our walk, Dr Alex asks the Money Mum herself for her best tips on approaching financial health. Gemma offers advice for if you’re sick with worry when checking your bank balance, how to be more considerate with your spending, and why when you stop comparing yourself to others you can be much happier with what you already have. Follow Gemma @moneymumofficial Links: Does money buy happiness study
02/01/23·16m 20s

Pt 3: Gemma Bird on financial planning through hard times

In the final part of Dr Alex and Gemma’s stomp, they discuss why it’s integral to always be putting money away if you can afford to.  Gemma also talks about diverse places to put your money and all the different pots you can have; plus shares her view on whether young people should care about pensions.  Follow Gemma @moneymumofficial
02/01/23·16m 53s

Pt 1: All On The Board in Greenwich Park

On our Christmas stomp this week, Dr Alex is joined by the two people behind All On The Board, Ian Redpath and Jeremy Chopra. In part one, Ian and Jeremy share the story behind how All On The Board began by a manager putting them together on shift, and the famous faces who have featured.  They also explain their love and passion behind their boards, and how it’s reached people far beyond the London tubes.  Follow @allontheboard and buy their new book here.
26/12/22·20m 10s

Pt 2: All On The Board on the powerful responses to their messages

As the rain starts to come down in part 2, Ian and Jeremy share how they use their platform to shed light on mental and invisible illness, and why it’s important to them.  They also discuss their experiences of counselling and why talking about problems is crucial to begin healing. Finally, they share their most powerful messages they’ve received in response to their boards. Follow @allontheboard and buy their new book here.
26/12/22·15m 43s

Pt 3: All On The Board on navigating grief during Christmas

In the final part of this stomp with Ian and Jeremy, Dr Alex asks why Christmas isn’t easy for everyone, and how we can navigate it if it’s a difficult time.  Ian and Jeremy also share moments of kindness they’ve seen whilst working on the tube, and how they try to bring a little weirdness into their work.  Follow @allontheboard and buy their new book here.
26/12/22·21m 10s

Pt 1: Dr Karan Rajan in Greenwich Park

Surgeon, lecturer and educator to 5 million people on TikTok, Dr Karan Rajan is joining Dr Alex for a beautiful snowy stomp in Greenwich Park. In part one, Karan and Alex share stories from long hours working in the hospital, the pressures and struggles Doctors and Nurses are constantly facing, and their thoughts on what needs to change in the NHS. You can follow Dr Karan on Instagram and TikTok. 
19/12/22·31m 50s

Pt 2: Dr Karan Rajan on becoming a viral surgeon on TikTok

In this second part walking through the snowy grass of Greenwich Park, Dr Karan shares the story of how he decided to become a doctor, and how his social media career manifested through his love of educating and teaching.  Dr Karan also talks about how doing drama at school helped him in both of his careers; and the difficulties of balancing his work as a doctor, social media and home life. You can follow Dr Karan on Instagram and TikTok. 
19/12/22·27m 37s

Pt 3: Dr Karan’s advice on processing trauma

In the final part of this week’s ‘Snowcast’ in Greenwich Park, Dr Alex and Dr Karan discuss the stresses and pressures doctors often face at work, and how they manage them.  They also talk about facing the fragility of life whilst at work and why it’s important to always be kind on social media.  Dr Karan also brings his own health fact of the week!  You can follow Dr Karan on Instagram and TikTok. 
19/12/22·22m 36s

Pt 1: Lauren Mahon in Walthamstow Marshes

After being diagnosed with breast cancer at 31, Lauren Mahon was determined to use her story and voice to support others living with cancer. Lauren founded the charity GIRLvsCANCER, and co-hosted ‘You, Me and the Big C’ with her best friends, the late Deborah James, and Rachael Bland. In this first part, you’ll hear Lauren and Dr. Alex stomping around Walthamstow Marshes, talking about Laurens's diagnosis, how her new dog Raymond has given her a refreshed perspective on the world and how she copes with loss and grief. You can follow Lauren here and GIRLvsCANCER here.
12/12/22·28m 50s

Pt 2: Lauren Mahon on supporting women with cancer

In this second part of this week's stomp, you’ll hear Lauren share how she’s made it her mission to be a support to those with cancer. Lauren shares her diagnosis and recovery story, explaining the impact cancer had on both her mind and body, as well as how her outlook on life has changed. She also shares why she set up GIRLvsCANCER and what it was like for her, Deborah James, and Rachael Bland to have been awarded a doctorate from the Institute of Cancer Research. You can follow Lauren here and GIRLvsCANCER here.
12/12/22·20m 26s

Pt 3: Lauren Mahon on her lessons from burnout and trauma

As the sun started to set in Walthamstow Marshes, Dr. Alex and Lauren Mahon wrap up this week's episode by talking about mental health and cancer. Lauren discusses her life before cancer and how she mentally dealt with receiving her diagnosis and chemotherapy, her decision to restart taking the antidepressant Sertraline, and how her cancer journey has reshaped the way she now approaches life. You can follow Lauren here and GIRLvsCANCER here.
12/12/22·17m 30s

Pt 1: Max Whitlock in Thorndon Country Park

Three-time gold medal gymnast, Max Whitlock, is joining Dr Alex on this week’s stomp in Thorndon Country Park. In part one, you’ll hear Max sharing how his life as a father has given him purpose and grounding, why having a routine is paramount to his mental wellness and how he prepares for the Olympics. You can follow Max here.
05/12/22·23m 35s

Pt 2: Max Whitlock on depression after winning gold

In this second part, you’ll hear Max and Dr Alex speaking about how Max became the most successful male gymnast in Olympic history on the pommel horse. Max discusses the journey of his career to date and how his mindset has shifted with each competition. He also opens up about how he suffered and dealt with depression after his gold medal in 2020. You can follow Max here.
05/12/22·28m 4s

Pt 3: Max Whitlock's winning mentality and reframed mindset

In this final part of Max and Dr Alex’s walk, you’ll hear them discussing how Max is preparing for the Paris Olympics. Max opens up about how he overcame his low mood and negative mindset, how he’s changing his habits in order to go for gold again and what he’s doing to ensure his mind and body are at their best ahead of Paris. You can follow Max here.
05/12/22·25m 9s

Pt 1: Joe Sugg in Sussex

Joe Sugg, author, actor, business owner, musician and strictly finalist, is out stomping in the beautiful, and very hilly, Sussex countryside with Dr Alex this week. Since rising to fame with his YouTube channel, Joe has lived a very public life which was exacerbated by coming second in Strictly Come Dancing, with his dance partner and now girlfriend, Dianne Buswell. In this episode, Joe opens up about the difficulties that come with living a life in the public eye, why nature has become imperative to his health and wellness and the reason for him and Dianne making the move out of the city, and into the countryside. You can pick up a copy of Joe’s new book Grow here and Dr Alex’s A Better Day here.
28/11/22·28m 18s

Pt 2: Joe Sugg on his ‘doom scrolling’ and phone addiction

While stomping around Sussex, Joe Sugg and Dr Alex discuss the importance of finding a balance in our personal and professional lives.  Joe shares the variation in his career to date and how he’s changed throughout the last 10 years, how to make it big on YouTube and how his new book, Grow, was born out of his phone addiction. You can pick up a copy of Joe’s new book Grow here and Dr Alex’s A Better Day here.
28/11/22·33m 48s

Pt 3: Joe Sugg on his Strictly 'blessing’

As the stomp draws to a close, Dr Alex and Joe Sugg reflect on Joes time on Strictly Come Dancing. In part 3, Joe speaks about how he was approached for the hit show, how he dealt with nerves and being outside of his comfort zone and why for him strictly was a blessing and not a curse. Joe also shares his advice on making a career change and why he lives by ‘your tribe being your vibe’. You can pick up a copy of Joe’s new book Grow here and Dr Alex’s A Better Day here.
28/11/22·28m 43s

Pt 1: Billy Billingham in Malvern

SAS: Who Dares Wins team member and Sunday Times best-selling author, Mark ‘Billy’ Billingham, is putting Dr Alex through his paces on a stomp through the hills of Malvern this week. Billy had an 18 year career in the military and is a highly decorated SAS soldier. He’s completed missions in both the UK and some of the most hostile countries in the world, which has earned him an MBE and the Queens commendation for Bravery. Billy shares with Dr Alex how he coped with fear while on tour; what it’s really like to serve and survive in environments like the jungle; how a soldier's sixth sense becomes finetuned while in survival mode and why you should never take the easy route…. You can follow Billy here and pick up a copy of ‘Survive to Fight’, his new novel that’s based on his life and career.
21/11/22·27m 31s

Pt 2: Billy Billingham, on being an SAS Soldier

In part 2 of this stomp, Dr Alex asks Billy about life as a soldier in the armed forces and the challenges he faced when readjusting back to civilian life. Billy shares with Dr Alex how his family had to deal with the uncertainty of his tours - recalling the time when a 10 day tour became a 9 month tour without any form of contact or communication, and why his daughter felt like she didn’t ‘know’ her dad until she read his books. Billy also discusses the treatment of veterans of the British Armed Forces and how we can better support those who have served and their families.  You can follow Billy here and pick up a copy of ‘Survive to Fight’, his new fiction book that’s based on his life and career.
21/11/22·28m 32s

Pt 3: Billy Billingham’s life as a Bodyguard to Hollywood A-Listers

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Sir Michael Caine, Jude Law, Kate Moss and Tom Cruise are just a handful of names who have employed this week’s guest, Billy Billingham, as their bodyguard.  In part 3 of this stomp in Malvern, Billy shares how his career pivoted from being an SAS soldier to a bodyguard, and then from being a bodyguard to being a member of Channel 4’s hit show SAS: Who Dares Wins. Dr Alex also asks Billy about his childhood and upbringing as well as his literary work as the author of 2 novels, based on his life in the military, and his autobiography. You can follow Billy here and pick up a copy of ‘Survive to Fight’, his new fiction book that’s based on his life and career.
21/11/22·28m 34s

Pt 1: Tom Kerridge in Marlow

Michelin-star chef, Tom Kerridge is stomping with Dr Alex this week in Marlow, home to many of his restaurants, namely The Hand and Flowers, the only pub in the UK to be awarded two Michelin stars. During part one of this stomp, Tom and Dr Alex talk about why he thrives in environments he describes as ‘controlled chaos’; how he continued to serve the local community during lockdowns as well as the impact Covid had on his businesses and how he overcomes the hurdles that come his way in both life and business. Follow Tom here and grab a copy of his new cookbook, Real Life Recipes, here.
14/11/22·26m 54s

Pt 2: Tom Kerridge on Why He Became Sober

After coming to the realisation that drinking was taking up too much space in his life, Tom decided to become sober - a subject Tom openly speaks about in this part of the stomp. Tom opens up about how he's managed his battle with alcohol and his sobriety, as well as how, regardless of how much weight he has lost or gained, he’s always remained comfortable with his body image - an important mindset he is instilling into his son, Acey. Follow Tom here and grab a copy of his new cookbook, Real Life Recipes, here.
14/11/22·30m 32s

Pt 3: Tom Kerridge on His Success and Michelin Stars

When Tom Kerridge received a call from one of his chef’s, known as one of his ‘pirates’, he never expected it to be news of his first Michelin star - which went on to become two. But what was Tom's route to success? How did he become such a talented chef and what does it take to earn the prestige of a Michelin star? And how does he deal with all the pressure and stress his job comes with? As Tom Kerridge’s stomp with Dr Alex draws to a close, their conversation focuses on Tom’s career, how he manages his restaurants and TV work as well as, of course, his personal and family life. Follow Tom here and grab a copy of his new cookbook, Real Life Recipes, here.
14/11/22·17m 7s

Pt 1: Tasha Ghouri in Greenwich Park

Love Island star, Tasha Ghouri, joins Dr Alex for a stomp around London’s Greenwich Park. Until Tasha had her cochlear implant fitted when she was 5, she was completely deaf and therefore unable to hear or speak.  In part 1 of this week’s stomp, you’ll hear Tasha share how she’s been feeling since leaving the villa and why she believes her deafness is a gift. You can follow Tasha here. Find the transcript for this episode here.
07/11/22·27m 19s

Pt 2: Tasha Ghouri on accepting her deafness

Born completely deaf, Tasha Ghouri, had her cochlear implant fitted when she was a child and until going on Love Island, she had never faced Ableism for her deafness. Tasha shares with Dr Alex what life with a cochlear implant is like, how she found her confidence through her passion for music and dance and how it felt to be trolled and bullied for the way she speaks. You can follow Tasha here. Find the transcript for the episode here.
07/11/22·26m 54s

Pt 3: Tasha Ghouri on life after Love Island

As we round up the stomp this week, Tasha speaks to Dr Alex about how she’s finding life after leaving the villa and her relationship with Andrew as well as what she hopes her legacy will be. Tasha also talks about why she went on the show, her impact as a disabled model after one of her photoshoots went viral as well as how she still views herself as the girl from Thirsk, despite her new found fame. You can follow Tasha here. Find the transcript for this episode here.
07/11/22·18m 56s

Pt 1: Esther Abrami in Hyde Park

Esther Abrami moved to the UK when she was 14 and couldn’t speak a word of English. Despite the language barrier, she studied music in an English-speaking school and has gone on to become a well-respected violinist, as well as a popular online personality on social media and her YouTube channel.  This week, Esther joins Dr Alex for a wander around London’s Hyde Park where they talk about: Esther’s journey of leaving Marseille and being accepted as a student at Manchester's prestigious Chethams School of Music; how she was approached by and signed exclusively to record lable, Sony Classical, and what it truly takes to become a world-class violinist. Follow Esther here and watch her YouTube videos here.
31/10/22·30m 26s

Pt 2: Esther Abrami on being told she’d "never make it"

As a teen, Esther Abrami was told she was ‘too ambitious’ and aiming ‘too high’ in her dream of becoming a world-class violinist; however by the age of 25, she was performing her debut solo at the Royal Albert Hall, proving her professors wrong. In part 2 of this conversation, you’ll hear Esther reflecting on her childhood in the south of France, learning to play the violin; how she dealt with negativity from her peers and what it’s like to be a young person building a career that intersects her online, modern-day work with the more traditional classical music industry. Follow Esther here and watch her YouTube videos here.
31/10/22·29m 49s

Pt 3: Esther Abrami on why failure made her world-class talent

Despite months of setting 5am alarms for practice, and endless amounts of grit and determination, Esther shares how when she was 17, her preparation for a prestigious competition simply wasn’t enough however her failure to win has led her to some of her greatest successes today. In the final part of Dr Alex and Esther's stomp, you’ll hear them chat about how Esther dealt with self-doubt after failure, the importance of having her family as her support network and how she now prepares for important performances. The Mozart Effect Health Fact of the Week. Follow Esther here and watch her YouTube videos here.
31/10/22·22m 24s

Pt 1: Joe Wicks in Virginia Water Lake

This week, the nation's favourite PE teacher, Joe Wicks, takes Dr Alex on a stomp around the beautiful Virginia Water Lake. Having recently had baby number three, Joe shares how he and his wife, Rosie, hope to grow their family, why getting outdoors is paramount to his happiness and mental health and why he’s calling for a change in the narrative around fitness.   Follow Joe Wicks here and pick up a copy of Dr Alex’s new book A Better Day here.
23/10/22·27m 47s

Pt 2: Joe Wicks on Success and Emotional Vulnerability

Whilst meandering around Virginia Water Lake, conversation between Joe and Dr Alex flows through the highs and lows of Joe’s career and how his purpose drives every decision he makes. Joe opens up about the importance of being emotionally vulnerable with his team and the working relationship he has with his brother, what it meant for him to receive his MBE and why his gratitude comes from his focus on the small things in life. Follow Joe Wicks here and pick up a copy of Dr Alex’s new book A Better Day here.
23/10/22·32m 11s

Pt 3: Joe Wicks on Fatherhood and Family Life

In part 3 of this week’s stomp, Dr Alex and Joe Wicks take their conversation into Joe’s toolkit for life and the mindsets he adopts in order to keep his mental and physical health in check. While approaching the end of the stomp, you’ll hear Joe also sharing how he approaches fatherhood and keeps watch of his children's mental health as well as how he and Rosie still find time to unwind amongst the chaos of raising their three young children. Follow Joe Wicks here and pick up a copy of Dr Alex’s new book A Better Day here.
23/10/22·21m 0s

Pt 1: Susannah Constantine in High Beeches

This week fashion-guru and Author, Susannah Constantine, is stomping with Dr Alex through the beautiful woodland of High Beeches. Famed for being one half of the trendy duo, ‘Trinny and Susannah’, Susannah has spent a large part of her life on screen, helping turn people’s confidence, and wardrobe, from drab to fab. But what happens off screen is where the story lies in this episode.  You’ll hear Susannah open up about her alcoholism, her mothers bipolar and her time spent having intimate, royal dinners with none other than Princess Margaret. You can follow Susannah here and order her book ‘Ready For Absolutely Nothing’ here.
16/10/22·22m 14s

Pt 2: Susannah Constantine on Royal friendships, bipolar and loss

Welcome to part 2 of this stomp with Susannah Constantine. The conversation flows into vibrant anecdotes from Susannah’s book, Ready For Absolutely Nothing, her story of alcoholism and her path to recovery. She also shares incredible anecdotes about her close friendship with Princess Margaret and her time spent with the Queen and Margaret Thatcher at Balmoral. If you can relate to Susannah’s story of loss and bipolar, you can find support from Bipolar UK here. You can follow Susannah here and order her book ‘Ready For Absolutley Nothing’ here.
16/10/22·34m 43s

Pt 3: Susannah Constantine’s negative experience of boarding school

Welcome to the final part of this week's stomp with Susannah Constantine and Dr Alex. Susannah shares how boarding school isn’t quite what it may seem, how her school life impacted her mental health and why her book, Ready For Absolutely Nothing, was dictated by her memories of food… Susannah also shares her toolkit for life, her coping mechanisms, why her mother’s bipolar was constructive for her and why she has a zest for a joyful, humorous life. You can follow Susannah here and order her book ‘Ready For Absolutley Nothing’ here. Health Fact of the week source.
16/10/22·20m 5s

World Mental Health Day and My ADHD Diagnosis

It’s World Mental Health Day today so things are a little different this week!  It’s one, longer episode this week where you’ll hear Dr Alex stomping around Battersea Park with his therapist, Dr Tarynne Quirk. Dr Tarynne is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist and following Dr Alex’s ADHD diagnosis announcement last week, it felt right to mark World Mental Health Day with an episode that is centred around therapy. This episode invites you along to Dr Alex’s therapy session to give you an insight into Alex’s ADHD diagnosis, what therapy is truly like and Dr Tarynne’s advice for finding the right counsellor and counselling style for you. If you’re looking to find a therapist in your area, head to this link and follow Dr Tarynne here.
09/10/22·59m 46s

Pt 1: Adam Henson at Cotswold Park Farm

Countryfile presenter and farmer, Adam Henson, invited Dr Alex for a stomp around his farm, Cotswold Park Farm this week. In the first part of this conversation, you’ll hear how Adam got started with his Park Farm, why the outdoors is paramount to his wellbeing as well as why he believes that sometimes stopping is just as important as walking while out stomping. You’ll also hear one of the most incredibly descriptive grounding exercises on the podcast so far! Follow Adam Henson here.
02/10/22·26m 20s

Pt 2: Adam Henson on the dark side of farming

In part 2 of Adam and Dr Alex’s stomp, you’ll hear them discussing the crisis amongst farmers that is causing them to be 3 times more likely to take their own lives. Adam discusses the problems that British farmers are facing that are contributing to such a disturbing statistic, as well as what needs to change in order to see a positive change.  Adam also shares how he found himself on the Countryfile presenting team and how he navigates life as a presenter and a farmer. Follow Adam Henson here.
02/10/22·29m 40s

Pt 3: Adam Henson on finding joy outdoors

Join Adam Henson and Dr Alex in the final part of this stomp around Cotsworld Farm Park. You’ll hear Adam discussing why he received death threats, how being brought up on a farm taught him how to deal with loss and grief, and the reasons for writing his new book, Two for Joy. Follow Adam Henson here and pick up his new book Two for Joy here.
02/10/22·16m 53s

Pt 1: First Dates barman, Merlin Griffiths in Badby Woods

The nation's favourite barman, Merlin Griffiths, joins Dr Alex this week for a stomp through Badby Woods in Northamptonshire. Merlin speaks to Dr Alex about his Bowel Cancer Diagnosis, his journey back to fitness, his Stoic mindset towards health and why it’s so important for his focus to be on the future. Make sure you know the signs of Bowel Cancer. Follow Merlin on @merlinfdc4
25/09/22·27m 19s

Pt 2: Merlin Griffiths on becoming the ‘First Dates Barman’

Welcome to part 2 of this week's stomp with Merlin Griffiths and Dr Alex. You’ll hear Merlin discuss how he landed the First Dates job, why it’s important that we stop asking “why aren’t you drinking?” as well as hearing about one of Merlin's most amusing encounters on First Dates… Follow Merlin on @merlinfdc4
25/09/22·19m 3s

Pt 3: Merlin Griffiths on life without regret

In the final part of Merlin and Dr Alex’s stomp, you’ll hear them discuss why a life without regret and judgement is the only way to truly be happy, the ways Merlin has coped with receiving tough news and the mindsets he’s adopted while going through treatment. Health Fact Source Make sure you know the signs of Bowel Cancer. Follow Merlin on @merlinfdc4
25/09/22·19m 52s

Pt 1: Adam Kay in the Oxfordshire countryside

This week, Dr Alex is joined by author, comedian and ex-Obs and Gynae registrar Adam Kay. Adam became a well known author after he released his utterly hilarious and candid book, This Is Going To Hurt. In part one of this conversation, you’ll hear Dr Alex and Adam discussing his decision to leave London, how he wrote his painfully funny (and sometimes just painful) books, and how he has seen the pandemic impact our healthcare system. You can pick up a copy of Dr Alex’s new book A Better Day here.
19/09/22·28m 27s

Pt 2: Adam Kay’s hospital and med-school anecdotes

In part 2 of Adam and Dr Alex’s conversation, you’ll hear them both sharing why they left medicine, their med-school anecdotes and discussing why the mental health of our Doctors and Nurses must be prioritised. Adam also talks about his new book, UNDOCTORED, which follows his life before and life after being a Doctor - of course with his signature comedic twist. You can buy Adam Kays new book here. SUPPORT LINKS: Hub of hope Practitioner Health Programme Doctors in Distress Laura Hyde Foundation
19/09/22·28m 14s

Pt 3: Adam Kay on using comedy to cope

Welcome to the final part of Adam and Dr Alex’s stomp in Oxfordshire. It doesn’t take long for you to notice how Adam looks for the humour in almost every situation, however you’ll hear Dr Alex and Adam discuss why his humorous side can be both a strength and a weakness. They also touch on how he made such a drastic career change, and what that experience was like. You can pick up a copy of UNDOCTORED, Adam’s new book, here. Health Fact Source
19/09/22·17m 52s

Pt 1: Lucy Edwards in South Loughton Valley Park

This week blind TikTok star, Lucy Edwards and her guide dog Molly, joins Dr Alex on the Stompcast. After losing her sight at 17 years old to the rare genetic disease Incontinentia Pigmenti, Lucy Edwards began sharing TikTok’s that educate her viewers on what it’s like to be blind.  Her most popular video on how she does her make-up as a blind person, amassed an incredible 19 million views. She is now a Pantene Ambassador and disability activist who has had an incredible impact on changing the lives of blind and visually impaired individuals. Follow Lucy on TikTok here.
11/09/22·23m 20s

Pt 2: Lucy Edwards on accepting being blind

Welcome to part 2 of Lucy and Dr Alex’s conversation this week in South Loughton Valley Park. You’ll hear Lucy open up about the grieving process she experienced when she lost her sight, how she re-discovered her independence and why it’s so important for her to be present in making life easier for those who are blind and visually impaired. Follow Lucy on TikTok here.
11/09/22·31m 14s

Pt 3: Lucy Edwards on banishing toxic mindsets

In this final part of the conversation with Lucy Edwards and Dr Alex, you’ll hear them discuss Lucy’s motto on why she’s ‘blind, not broken’, how important her depression and anxiety medication is and how the mindsets she adopted have helped her to recover from becoming blind. She shares how she banished her ‘toxic mindset’ which has allowed her to show up to create content to de-stigmatise disability. Lucy also explains how her role as Pantene Ambassador has allowed her to introduce global corporations to the latest NaviLens technology - an app which assists blind and visually impaired people while shopping. You can find out more about NaviLens and download the app here and watch Dr Alex’s anti-stigma video here.
11/09/22·25m 23s

Pt 1: Toddla T in Queens Park

This week, it’s DJ and music producer Toddla T who’s on a stomp with Dr Alex. While walking around Queens Park in London, Toddla reflects on how his priorities around work and his family have changed over the last few years. LINKS: Check out Toddla’s single from his new EP
04/09/22·23m 51s

Pt 2: Toddla T on ADHD in adulthood and addiction

In part 2, Toddla T opens up to Dr Alex about how ADHD is his superpower and how during one of the most successful parts of his career, he was going through the darkest part of his life. After a lifetime of not understanding where his lack of focus was coming from, Toddla was diagnosed with ADHD in adulthood. You’ll hear T speak about his general anxiety disorder, known as GAD, the ADHD symptoms he’s experienced throughout his life, as well as his diagnosis experience and his journey in finding the right medication balance for him. Toddla also shares how his self-soothing with alcohol was in fact the depths of addiction and how he subsequently became sober in order to improve both his health and lifestyle, especially as a father. LINKS: Toddla T’s new single: Bad From Mi Born The Unexpected Joy of being Sober by Catherine Gray
04/09/22·31m 3s

Pt 3: Toddla T on the value of developing good habits

In the third and final part of Toddla T’s stomp with Dr Alex in Queen’s Park, you’ll hear them both discuss what’s in T’s toolkit for life. You’ll hear Toddla talk about how his mindset has changed with the support and knowledge he’s gathered throughout his diagnosis as well as what makes him truly content and happy and his relationship with his wife, Annie MacManus and their two children. Check out Toddla’s single from his new EP
04/09/22·17m 7s

Pt 1: Rhys Stephenson in Peel Park

This week Dr Alex is out stomping with TV presenter and Strictly Come Dancing semi-finalist, Rhys Stephenson. Over the next three episodes, you’ll hear Dr Alex and Rhys on a stomp in Salford’s Peel Park.  In part one, you’ll hear Rhys discuss his ambassadorship with children's mental health charity, Place2Be, and how his passion for acting has gone on to shape his career as a CBBC presenter today.  Find out more about Place2Be and follow Rhys on socials over @rocketrhys
28/08/22·29m 38s

Pt 2: Rhys Stephenson on finding belonging in spirituality

In part 2, Dr Alex and Rhys continue their stomp around Peel Park.  Rhys shares how he found his sense of belonging through his faith, and how growing up in a christian household doesn’t always make you religious.  Plus, he shares how finding a new community supported him after moving to Manchester alone.  Follow Rhys on socials over @rocketrhys
28/08/22·26m 56s

Pt 3: Rhys Stephenson on coping with Strictly nerves

In the final part of our stomp with Rhys Stephenson, he chats to Dr Alex about his time dancing in the ballroom of Strictly Come Dancing.   Rhys shares the surprising call that got him onto Strictly, his biggest fears while competing on the show, and how he managed to deal with the intense nerves.   Plus, Dr Alex shares his health fact of the week which is a great one to test out while you listen. (Source)
28/08/22·31m 37s

Pt 1: Rhian Sugden at Entwhistle Reservoir

Trigger warning: Emetophobia/Being sick. This week, Dr Alex is stomping with OnlyFans creator and longest-standing page 3 model, Rhian Sugden. Over the next three episodes, Rhian opens up about her fertility and IVF struggles, her mental health journey with Emetophobia, her phobia of being sick as well as the judgement and stigma surrounding OnlyFans. Find Rhian on Instagram, @rhiansuggers.  Check out our sponsor, Harrogate Spring Water’s, Mindful Drinking Hub here. * A partner of your life moments since 1571  ** Please drink responsibly.  *** water contributes to the maintenance of normal physical and cognitive functions (at least 2.0L of water, from all sources, should be consumed per day)
21/08/22·23m 19s

Pt 2: Rhian Sugden on OnlyFans, her Phobia and Hypnotherapy

Trigger warning: Emetophobia/Being sick. In part 2 of the podcast, Dr Alex and Rhian Sugden continue their stomp around Entwhistle Reservoir. Rhian speaks more about being hospitalised by her phobia of being sick and the types of therapy she has tried to overcome it, including her success with hypnotherapy and why being an OnlyFans creator allows her to regain control of her career. Find Rhian on Instagram, @rhiansuggers.  Check out our sponsor, Harrogate Spring Water’s, Mindful Drinking Hub here. * A partner of your life moments since 1571  ** Please drink responsibly.  *** water contributes to the maintenance of normal physical and cognitive functions (at least 2.0L of water, from all sources, should be consumed per day)
21/08/22·25m 20s

Pt 3: Rhian Sugden on her Fertility and IVF journey

In the third and final part of this week's episode, you’ll hear Dr Alex and Rhian Sugden bringing their stomp to an end while touching upon topics Rhian hasn’t previously opened up about. Rhian shares her IVF and fertility journey and what the ups and downs look like, her mum's cancer journey and how its changed her outlook on life as well as what’s in her toolkit for life. You can buy The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle here. Health fact source here. For IVF support and information, please head to the NHS website here. Check out our sponsor, Harrogate Spring Water’s, Mindful Drinking Hub here. * A partner of your life moments since 1571  ** Please drink responsibly.  *** water contributes to the maintenance of normal physical and cognitive functions (at least 2.0L of water, from all sources, should be consumed per day)
21/08/22·19m 15s

Pt 1: Scarlett Moffatt in Regents Park

This week TV personality and Samaritans ambassador, Scarlett Moffatt is joining Dr Alex on a walk around Regents Park. Listen out for the London Park backdrop of running water, the Regent's Park Open Air Theatre rehearsals and…the occasional siren. Scarlett opens up about what's in her stomping toolkit, how she made her move back up North after her life living in London left her feeling lonely and her advice for anybody feeling the same way. Head over to the Samaritans if you or someone you love needs help.
14/08/22·19m 36s

Pt 2: Scarlett Moffatt on Tourettes and her facial tics

In part 2 of this episode Scarlett Moffatt and Dr Alex continue their walk around Regents Park. They both open up about their experiences with facial tics before talking about Scarlett’s Bells Palsy and how it affected her. They also discuss Scarlett's new documentary ‘Britain's Tourette's Mystery’ and how she dealt with making such a sensitive TV show. SUPPORT LINKS: Stroke Support & Information Bells Palsy Support & Information Facial Tics
14/08/22·20m 37s

Pt 3: Scarlett Moffatt on combatting her loneliness

In this final part of this week's episode, Scarlett Moffatt and Dr Alex chat about what Scarlett relies on getting her through tough times, known on the podcast as the ‘Toolkit for Life’. Dr Alex also shares more advice and support on Facial Tics and what to do if you or somebody you know is in need of support. And of course, the Health Fact of the week is a surprising one! (Source)
14/08/22·12m 36s

Pt 1: Sam Warburton in Cefn Onn Park

Sam Warburton is a well-loved, former professional rugby player who led as captain on both the Welsh national team and the British & Irish Lions. In this episode, you’ll be joining Dr Alex, Sam Warburton (and Sam’s dog Ledley!) on a stomp at Cefn Onn Park in Cardiff. You’ll hear them discussing Sam’s retirement from professional rugby, his BBC documentary and how he never doubted that he would play for the Lions. Follow Sam on socials @samwarbs.
07/08/22·25m 36s

Pt 2: Sam Warburton on leadership, ambition and mental resilience

Being a professional rugby player and the team captain is a mentally and physically demanding job. In part two of this episode, you’ll hear Alex talk to Sam about his Sunday Times Bestselling Autobiography Open Side, where his ambition derives from and how he grew such high levels of mental resilience. Sam also opens up about his time as the Lion’s captain and shares his 4 P’s of leadership how he approached leadership to make the team the very best it could be and lead them to victory. You can purchase Sam’s Autobiography Open Side here and follow him on socials over at @samwarbs.
07/08/22·32m 57s

Pt 3: Sam Warburton ‘don’t believe the tough rugby exterior’

In this final part of the episode with Sam Warburton walking in Cefn Onn Park, you’ll hear Sam reflect on the false alpha exterior and share what it’s really like before games and in the changing rooms. You’ll also hear how Sam’s young family have changed his perception on life and how he found purpose after retirement.  Check out Sam’s fitness academy page over on Instagram @sw7academy.
07/08/22·24m 56s

Pt 3: How psychologist, Dr Julie, resets her mind

Listen to Part 1 and 2 before clicking play here! In this final part, you’ll discover how clinical psychologist, Dr Julie, copes when the going gets tough as well as what she’s found useful in reframing her mindset.  Dr Julie’s book ‘Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?’ can be purchased here and her brilliant TikTok is here.
31/07/22·21m 18s

Pt 2: Dr Julie’s methods for managing anxiety

The feeling of anxiety ranges from person to person and no two cases are the same however, there are things we can all do manage those rising moments of panic and worry, of which are outlined by Dr Julie and Dr Alex in this episode. You’ll also hear Dr Julie talk about damaging mindsets and how mapping what is important to us can help us to make more mindful decisions. Make sure you check out Pt 1 before clicking play on part 2 as you’ll be missing some incredible advice and coping mechanisms from Dr Julie! Purchase Dr Julie’s book ‘Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?’ here and check out her TikTok here. Here is the source of this week’s Health Fact!
31/07/22·23m 9s

Pt 1: Dr Julie on therapy misconceptions

Clinical psychologist and TikTok creator, Dr Julie Smith, joins Dr Alex stomping on the beach in Bournemouth this week. Dr Julie’s mission is to make therapy and mental health advice more accessible for the masses which has led her to amassing a huge following online.  This part of the conversation delves into what Dr Julie believes are misconceptions of therapy, the importance of understanding the difference between self indulgence and self compassion and why we need to reframe our ‘people have it worse than me’ mentality. You can buy Dr Julie’s book ‘Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?’ here and follow her TikTok here.
31/07/22·14m 40s

Pt 3: Vicky Pattison on grief and her toolkit for life

In this final part, Vicky and Dr Alex have a moving and candid conversation about the grief they’re experiencing, after having lost significant people in their lives. The episode focuses on the coping mechanisms they’ve adopted to manage their grief and what’s in Vicky’s ‘toolkit for life’ - the mindsets and motto’s that have carried her through tough times and kept her smiling. Make sure to follow @dralexgeorge and @stompcast across socials as well as this weeks guest, @vickypattison! Links and Sources: Health fact of the week source Helplines: Links to bereavement support via Mind, here For support with suicide, speak to the Samaritans  To find help around drug and alcohol bereavement, head to Bead 
24/07/22·18m 25s

Pt 2: Vicky Pattison on alcoholism

In part two, as Dr Alex and Vicky continue to stroll through Waltham Abbey, Vicky candidly opens up about her dad’s alcoholism, a topic she has only recently begun speaking publicly about. They also discuss her book ‘The Secret to Happy’ and how her ‘day numbering’ method helps her achieve balance. Remember to check out the @stompcast socials to take a look at the stomp in Waltham Abbey and head over to part 3 on your next stomp! Helplines, Links and Sources: ‘My Dad, Alcohol and Me’ documentary airs on Channel 4 on Tuesday 2nd August. Vicky's book ‘Secret to Happy’ can be purchased here. Helpline links: Find local alcohol addiction support services via the NHS here.
24/07/22·22m 19s

Pt 1: Vicky Pattison in Waltham Abbey

For our first episode, we’re welcoming author and TV personality, Vicky Pattison onto Stompcast! In this first part, Vicky shares anecdotes and take-home advice about how she drowns out her inner critic, the value she gets from her life coach and what she can’t leave the house without - known on Stompcast as her ‘stomping toolkit’. For more updates on Vicky’s puppy Milo, follow her @vickypattison on Instagram and to see the beautiful stomp they did at Waltham Abbey, head to @stompcast across socials. Don’t forget to head over to part 2 once you’ve finished this episode!
24/07/22·18m 34s

What is the Stompcast?

Welcome to Dr Alex George’s new podcast with a mission to get us all out stomping for the health of our mind and body. Join Dr Alex and his manager, Harry Grenville, to understand more about what the Stompcast is, why it’s split into three parts and what you can expect from the conversations. Make sure to hit follow so you’re reminded when a new episode goes live, and follow the podcast’s socials: Instagram: @thestompcast  TikTok: @stompcast The first episode goes live on Monday 25th July!
21/07/22·24m 39s
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